Belly Punching Serie – Restrained Pleasure

Restrained Pleasure.0023

Belly Punching Serie – Restrained Pleasure

Categories: Cunt Busting, Torture, Belly Punch, BDSM, Beating, Slapping, Pussy Kicking, Gagging, SubMissive, Trample

Description: Alin prepares a surprise for Maia, taking her into an abandoned warehouse and punches her in the belly while she’s restrained with handcuffs standing against a concrete beam (this is one of Maia’s fantasies). He puts the handcuffs holding her hands over head and punches her in the belly harder and harder. The punches flow precise and deep into all her soft and weak belly (especially in the stomach) till she’s getting dizzy, then releases her for a while but still punching her more and more in the stomach and lower belly till she’s in deep pain. He changes her position, now restraining her against a bar and gives her few painful sucker punches while she’s bent, forcing her to kneel. Then he releases her again from restraints, giving her some belly punches standing in free space, then takes her by his arms and lays her on some pipes, punching her bare belly again as hard as she can take it, but sensually.

Restrained Pleasure
Restrained Pleasure.wmv

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