Belly Punching Serie – Woman Invites and Beater

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Belly Punching Serie – Woman Invites and Beater

Categories: Cunt Busting, Torture, Belly Punch, BDSM, Beating, Slapping, Pussy Kicking, Gagging, SubMissive, Trample

Description: After roaming the streets, this woman invites a man which she thinks she has captivated. By the time they reached her home, it was then that the guy slowly showed his true colors. After the door gets shut behind her, he immediately releases a punch to the stomach of the lady. Getting caught off guard, she collapses to the ground. Being pulled back up by the tormentor, this lady got standing back again in no time, however, another punch awaits her. Swinging his arm, it strongly hits the crotch of the lady, causing her to screach and fall to the ground again in pain. Though, this did not mark the end of everything as he pulls her up again, pushes her shirt slightly above exposing the stomach, and delivering another strong hit to the area. This routine was to continue and only to end if the man got satisfied of her limping condition.

Woman Invites and Beater
Woman Invites and Beater.wmv

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