SolarPlexusFilms – COUNTDOWN

SolarPlexusFilms – COUNTDOWN

Categories: Belly Punching, FLV, LQ, BDSM, Lesbian Domunation, Brasil Slut, MFX, Belly Fetish

Description: Latifa is lying on the couch reading a magazine when her roommate Isadora Nunes enters the room. She is a big woman, strong legs, white skin and a smooth soft belly. She wears a bikini that Latifa has bought for another friend. Latifa is indignant at the attitude of Isadora. She asks to take the bikini, it does not belong to Isadora. But the big woman does not obey the request of Latifa, who is furious and decides to give a lesson to the arrogant girl. Latifa gives Isadora many hard punches in her white belly. Isadora is a big woman but she cant resist the force of the punches of Latifa. Isadora is surprised because the big woman has never been pounded in her soft smooth white belly before. She takes a hard lesson, Isadora will never forget these breathless


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