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Our friends of allowed us to post these two lovely comic pages of this wonderful comic. Thanks!


Monica and Susan, twins, are eighteen today. They are already beautiful, sensual and desirable young women. They have invited all their friends. Other guests arrive too, less welcome, friends and sinister associates of their parents, General Mendez and his wife Rosario. Unknown to the twins, the Mendez are not their real parents.

The party goes reasonably well, but the atmosphere is strained. Both the twins and their parents have secret plans for the following day…

The girls are planning to run away from home. They want to go to Europe where they will be free of the rigid family discipline and the sexual harassment they suffer from their adoptive parents. They want to be free too from the constant and lewd intentions of their stepbrother Bernardo.

The General’s plans are very different. He and his wife have been preparing for this day for years. They have a basement room waiting for the girls. In it there are cages: cramped, uncomfortable, humiliating cages which themselves constitute an instrument of humiliating sexual abuse. In the cages and on the walls around hang heavy iron chains, collars, handcuffs and other instruments of depraved sexual torture.

A large bed is waiting for them, with a variety of ankle and wrist fetters ready to hold the girls’ bodies in the most offered and degrading postures

The room is equipped with mouth gags and flogging instruments, whips and flails, paddles, bamboo canes with cruel cutting ribs, punishment vibrators with powerful batteries, and the leather body harnesses which Mrs Mendoza is especially fond of – harnesses to lift soft young breasts or highlight the most intimate parts of female bodies.

There are clothes, too, mostly chosen by the General – especially high-heeled shoes to emphasize the calves and give a jerking, vertical movement to firm young buttocks.

There is also a cattle prod to deliver excruciating electric shocks. Mrs Mendoza became expert in its use at the time of the Dictatorship.

It is here, in this terrible room several meters below the streets of the capital city, that the twins wake up. A hood prevents them from seeing, but they can feel the rope around their necks and the leather armbinder that holds their elbows together behind their backs, painfully. They know too that they have been stripped naked except for uncomfortable high-heeled shoes. And that someone is watching them. They can hear him breathing, an unhealthy, sick sound heavy with desire and unspent semen.

The twins do not know it, but the General and his wife have already made their choice.

He will have Monica, the fresher, more rebellious one. She was always difficult, especially as an adolescent, and always questioned his authority. He put up with her insults for years. He put up too with what he conceived as her constant sexual provocations. But that is over now. It is time to give and receive punishment. Time for his dark sexual fantasies, repressed since the fall of the Dictator, to become real. Punishment time. Punishment time for large, firm and defenseless young breasts, well-rounded provocative bottoms and cruelly exhibited private parts…

Mrs Mendoza will have Susan, shyer than her sister but no less difficult. Susan and her mother hate each other. The mother’s sadistic lesbianism was always hanging in the air, threatening… Mrs Mendez too has had plenty of time to think what to do with Susan. She knows exactly how she will train her into a lesbian sex slave regardless of the girl’s natural repulsion. She knows how to humiliate her, how to break her in, how to make her grovel on her knees to her hated stepmother…

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!


All characters are 18 years old or older
Story by SATO

posted 01/01/2003

The Sultan had always had money, but greed had sharpened his appetite for more wealth; more power; and especially power over women. His friends had begun to acquire western women for their harems. They were beautiful and exotic in the eyes of the old sultan. Smooth, pale skin, long shapely bodies, and how they screamed under torture. Not at all like the strong women of his own people. He must have some of these soft weak western girls. The younger the better. They would be trained to serve his every pleasure. His men were sent to the West with orders to bring back only the most beautiful women to spend the rest of their lives in the harem of the Sultan.

The three college girls had been too easy to capture. Amir pulled up next to them in his shiny black limousine and pretended to be lost. He rolled down his window and beckoned to the girls as he pointed to a map. They had walked right over to the car never expecting a thing. The back doors opened suddenly as three other men jumped out and grabbed the girls, throwing them roughly into the back of the limo. They screamed and fought of course, but the men were very strong and there was no one too hear their pitiful cries for help along this deserted stretch of highway.

More raiding parties and kidnappings took place across the western continents. Finally 30 beautiful girls, hidden in a secret hold on one of the Sultan's oil freighters, were on the open sea. Eventually the ship docked in a private port in the Indian Ocean where the women were unloaded and delivered to the Sultan's palace. This was where the real journey would begin...

Each girl was presented to the Sultan wearing the clothes they'd been captured in. "Strip them all and use the whip if they hesitate," laughed the Sultan as he drooled over his new slaves. The girls tried to beg but the sting of the whip reminded them of the task at hand. "Before you can pleasure me with your pale western bodies, you must learn your place. Whip them hard until all clothing has been torn away!" With tear filled eyes the gagged girls removed their clothing while the whip tore their tender flesh. They whimpered and screamed each time the whip fell. Finally they stood fully revealed to their master. "Take these pitiful weak bitches to be pierced and branded. They won't forget who they belong to when they marked by their master's brand!"

Achmed, the harem overseer, was very busy today. "Thirty fresh western whores to compliment the Sultan's harem! What an honor for me to prepare you for his service. You are very lucky sluts indeed for the Sultan has graciously allowed me to choose four of you for my own pleasure. I am allowed none of the virgins, but I can chose from any of the others. I can keep you for four days then you will join the rest of his harem". One by one Achmed examined the cringing humiliated girls. Each cunt was thoroughly fingered until he found the girls who had lost their virginity. Each of these he marked with the whip mark across their tits and then he moved them to the front of the line. "Ah yes my beauties!" he exclaimed, "when I am done with you, it will be an honor for you to eat the Sultan's shit rather than serve him as sex slaves. The screams of the girls echoed through the dungeon as the whip landed over and over again. Achmed invited the guards to enjoy the girls bodies. In all, twenty men raped and tortured the four until each were sticky with cum and nearly senseless from pain.

While the dungeon guards were busy with the four girls, Achmed went about peircing the cunts, nipples, and tongues of all the other girls. "AAAIIIIEEEEEEE! NOOOOOO!!!" a pretty blonde screamed as the golden ring was pushed into her labia and out the other side. "Sorry slaves," Achmed remarked with an evil leer, "but you must learn the pain that comes with the honor of being a virgin in the service of the Sultan. He will send for you soon then you will learn all about his depraved sexual appetites. He loves his women tight and young. It hurts the tight ones so much more when his fist is buried in their virgin cunts. But enough of that for now," he said as he used pliers to pull a screaming young woman's tongue out for piercing. Finally all the girls were pierced as the Sultan had commanded and Achmed returned to his four chosen slaves. Brutally he shoved a spiked dildo deeply into the ass of one struggling girl as he settled down to pierce another. His cock grew hard yet again as the screams of the piercing echoed against the hard dungeon walls.

Daria and Kim were chosen by the Sultan to entertain his guests. "You will run with my stallion," he told them, "if you win you will be bathed, fed, and allowed to rest. But if you lose we will watch as the stallion gets to ride one of you. Each girl was attached to the stallion's bridle by one chain that ran through a single tender swollen nipple. The horse was whipped hard on one muscled flank and jerked ahead leaving the two helpless girls struggling to keep up. Blood began to pour as their nipples stretched. The horse was reigned in before their tits were torn apart. "Stupid western girls, you lose! Take the blond to the rack first. Make sure to stretch her wide and have the other watch while the beast pleasures her friend." The Sultan laughed as Kim sobbed around the gag. She was tied face down onto a device that was raised in the middle. Her legs were open with her ass raised up. Naomi, a dark-skinned slave girl, was rubbing grease into her lewdly exposed back passage. Next the stallion was led behind the panicked teenager where Naomi began to stroke the horse's cock. The arabian stallion snorted and shook. Soon he had reached full erection and was pulled up onto the rack with Kim. She screamed as Naomi guided the huge phallus against her tiny anal passage. The stallion reared and lunged forward impaling the unfortunate girl on his immense member. Kim's gag had been removed so she could scream more effectively as the horse lunged in and out of her torn and bleeding hole. "You are very adept at entertaining your guests." one man remarked to the Sultan. "These western sluts deserve it, they're natural born sinners..." He replied smiling.

Finally, after a month of arduous training, the day for the wedding of the slaves to their master the Sultan had come. Three at a time the girls were led before the Sultan. All of the white western girls had pierced nipples and cunts. Their fate was decided; they would spend the rest of their lives at the mercy of this man and others he would lend them to. Marissa, a tall beautiful auburn-haired girl was just this morning back from a hellish night of rape and torture. The Sultan had lent her to a neighboring Sheik who, in turn, gave Marissa to his three favorite wives. He watched and video-taped the entire evening while the three dark-haired women brutalized the screaming girl. When the Sultan's driver arrived to bring Marissa back for the wedding, the eldest wife of the Sheik grabbed Marissa's tits and whispered, "we will send you back with special decorations for your wedding you white whore!" The other two girls rammed two short needle-sharp arrows through each of Marissa's tits just behind the nipple. "MMMMMMMPPPHHHHH!!" Marissa screamed from behind the gag. Her eyes filled with tears again as she watched her beautiful breasts impaled along the length of the silver shafts. "Give our regards to your Husband the Sultan, but remember us when he fucks your tits."

After the initial assault when Kelly and Vanessa were tied and raped by the Sultan's guests, the three men decided to get inventive. They made the girls play pool. "This game is a satanic western invention," remarked Abdul to his friends. "I don't think it's ever been played quite like this before." Each girl was instructed to take turns aiming at the other girl's pussy. The men would jerk ropes tied to the shooter's tits to distract her into missing. It was Vanessa's turn on the table and Kelly's turn to shoot. Even though the pain in her nipples was intense, Kelly still managed to slam the ball directly against Vanessa's exposed mound. Kelly's reward was to watch as the men greased the ball and pushed it into Vanessa's pussy. "GHHAAAAAMMMPH," was all the gagged girl could say as the ball joined the five others already buried inside her crowded womb. "Remember ladies, whoever loses the match gets a stomach full of camel cum for lunch, ha, ha, ha!!"

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

The Galley Oar.
Oliver David. All rights reserved.


The ride had been hard and they had almost reached safety. Prague was but a league away when the archers cut down her eight man escort. Those damned Turkish archers with their short bows and ferocious accuracy.

It was they who were responsible for this undignified flight. It was they who had determined the outcome of the battle against her husband's forces. Their swift horses and their marksmanship had proved too much for the heavily armed mounted knights and their accompanying foot soldiers with their pikes.

Seeing their lords toppled so swiftly and in such numbers had sent a wave of terror through the foot who turned and ran in panic. It took but little time then for the Turks to turn rout into massacre. Her husband; the Lord Baltek, dear God she didn't even know if he was alive or not. She prayed he was not a captive of the Turks. Their cruelty to their prisoners was legendary throughout the region. It had all been so different that morning.

The army of four thousand men at arms and eight hundred knights had ridden and marched from the city in a mood of confidence and carnival. With the warrior lord Baltek, her Baltek, at their head, how could they feel differently? His battle skills and leadership were without peer. Defeat at the hands of a few miserable Turks was an impossibility! That was why she and her attendant ladies had accompanied the army, had taken a vantage point on a hill overlooking the field, in confident anticipation of the spectacle of the defeat of their enemies.

The wagon in which the women had travelled was curtained with rich tapestry in her husband's colours. Clearly visible from the battle field, they had not realised their danger until suddenly, a group of some thirty mounted Turks broke away from the main melee and began to gallop towards them. Her escort reacted swiftly, the wagon driver whipping his two horses mercilessly to get the heavy vehicle over it's inertia and into motion. They drove hard, accompanied by the mounted escort and it was twenty minutes before their pursuers closed into bow-shot range.

Two volleys of arrows had ended the chase. The wagon halted. It's driver dead. The horses exhausted. She stood now, with her ladies who were weeping in terror, in front of the wagon surrounded by grinning Turkish soldiers. Although she felt mounting dread she was determined not to show fear. Her position demanded no other demeanour.

She was Tatiana, the wife of the Lord Baltek, protector of the city of Prague. She was nineteen years old and in her prime of womanhood. Her long black hair had been braided and rolled, framing a face both arrogant and beautiful. Her eyes were dark and enticing, her nose aquiline above a sensual mouth that hinted of both passion and cruelty. She had led a pampered existence from the day of her birth in 1148. Her fathers estates were tended by thousands of indentured serfs who's toils produced the crops that provided her family's wealth. She wanted for nothing, her clothing was of the finest brocades from Flanders and Verona. The wide skirted gown she was wearing now cost enough to feed ten peasant families for ten years! She had known nothing but luxury and prestige all her life and her marriage to the famed Baltek had only served to heighten her sense of position and self-esteem. Her pride gave her courage and she glared defiantly at her captors.

Surely they would not harm someone of her obvious wealth and breeding. They would ransom her, of course! She felt a wave of relief roll over her and she raised her chin slightly higher.

A barked command brought the soldiers to silence and they parted to allow passage to a tall man who's rich clothing identified him as a noble.A further command saw Tatiana and her women bundled into the wagon. Fresh horses were hitched and the wagon moved off accompanied and surrounded by the remounted and jubilant Turks.

They reached the castle as night fell and halted in the courtyard. Looking through the gap in the wagon's curtains Tatiana saw the Turkish noble dismount and speak to a sentry at the great door.

The noble waited by the door until another man, clearly of equal or superior rank emerged and entered into conversation with the first who pointed at the wagon. The two men approached the wagon and Tatiana drew back away from the curtain which was suddenly torn aside. The second noble stared at the group of women and then centred his concentration on Tatiana, staring into her eyes as his face broke into a smile of such pure evil, that she felt as if her very soul had frozen. More orders were barked. The women were hauled roughly from the wagon each accompanied by two soldiers restraining them by the arms.

They were taken to a descending flight of stone steps to the right of the main entrance which led to the main hall of the castle. The steps ended at an iron studded wooden door. They entered a plain stone room about 20 feet long and 16 feet wide with a rising flight of stairs leading to a trap door at it's farthest end. The door slammed behind them and the five women were alone in complete darkness. Tatiana felt her way in the darkness to the steps leading to the trapdoor and mounted them.

She tested the door with her hand. It was solid and immovable. If she had known what awaited beyond it she would have been less eager to try to open it. This close to the trapdoor she could hear the distinct sound of merrymaking. It sounded very much as if a banquet was in progress. She could hear the ringing laughter of excited women.

Time passed. Maybe an hour. In the darkness one of the ladies in waiting sobbed quietly. Tatiana sensed, rather than heard, a change of atmosphere and rushed to the trap door. The sounds of merriment had been replaced by a buzz of anticipation.

A sudden loud rattling of whatever mechanism secured the trap door startled her and she fell back as the door crashed open. A lighted torch was thrust into the room, blinding them for a moment after the darkness. An order was shouted, repeated. They were to come out. Were they to be freed? Yes that must be it. A ransom has been demanded and paid! They mounted the steps, Tatiana leading and found themselves being pushed through a doorway Leading to a short vaulted stone corridor.

She could see figures waiting at the end of the corridor with light behind them and she could hear the murmuring of what sounded like many people. As she reached the end of the corridor she was grasped firmly by the arms and brought forwards into what was she realised, the great hall of the castle but she had never seen a castle decked out in the style of a moorish palace. She was amazed at the opulence of the silk wall hangings, the cushions, the divans And the people! The exotic Turkish clothing of the men! The scandalously brief and flimsy apparel of the women!

She turned her attention to the two men who held her, one on either side, by her wrists. They were dressed identically in short black leather kilts secured with a wide belt. they wore no other clothing. They were lean and extremely muscular. And she noticed, they were not Turks! They both had fair hair! A voice broke into her disorientation.

"You are the woman of Baltek?"

She had never heard a voice like it. A great rush of raw fear focussed her attention. The voice was soft, sibilant and knowing. It's sound had a quality that sent something trembling in her belly and heightened all of her senses to a level beyond her experience. She was standing in front of raised dais topped with an ornate throne. The speaker was seated in the throne.

"You are the woman of Baltek".

Not a question this time. An affirmation, tinged with a note of satisfaction. He was dressed in an ornate light blue silk robe secured at the waist by a crimson sash. On his head he wore a turban that matched the robe. A massive diamond surrounded by pearls adorned the turban. His feet were encased in soft crimson and tan leather slippers with pointed toes that curled up and over, ending in gold tassles. His finery was lost on Tatiana. She could not tear her eyes away from his face. His skin was dark, almost black but not as black as the two ringlets of his hair that had been carefully arranged on his forehead below the jewel in his turban and the waxed pointed beard on his chin nor as black as the glittering pupils of his almond shaped eyes which held her transfixed.

To her horror she could see that this man was capable of any level of cruelty and evil. He broke eye contact with her, to casually select a candied date from a tray of sweetmeats by his throne. She slumped suddenly in shock as she realised that when he had held her gaze she had strained up on tip-toe, every muscle in her body rigid. She looked round frantically twisting in the grasp of the men who held her. She saw her attendants at the back of the hall, their wrists roped together, like a string of slaves. Looking down she saw that the floor beneath her feat had been laid out like a giant chess board with black and white slabs of polished marble. At the four corners of each square, strong iron hooks each about four inches long had been let into the floor. She could not see a purpose for the hooks. He spoke again

"Baltek has caused me insult and inconvenience. He has fled like a coward. When he is caught. I will have him brought before me, stripped and flayed alive. My torturers are very, very skilled. They can make the process last a day and a night. He will die a million deaths and still beg for death."

Tatiana was again transfixed by his terrible eyes. The word 'Satan' pounded through her mind.

"However" he continued "Baltek is not available. So how shall I provide amusement and diversion for my guests this night?"

The horror of her situation was dawning on Tatiana; she tried to struggle but to no avail. He spoke again. "Prepare her!" A sound above her made her look up. On a gantry just below the vaulted ceiling of the hall, two men, identically dressed as the first two, who still held her, were dropping four hemp ropes, two on either side of her, the ends of which just touched the chess board.

Twenty feet above at the ceiling they were attached to four pulleys. The ceiling vault was criss-crossed by iron rods mirroring the pattern of the chess board below. On each rod ran a wheel attached to a hook to hang a pulley block. The rods running across the roof were at a higher level that those running from end to end allowing free passage of the wheels to any point of the roof. Tatiana was still staring upwards uncomprehending when she became aware of the two inner ropes being tied tightly round her wrists by the two men either side of her on the chess board. The man on her right looked up to the men on the gantry and spoke one word "Los."

She gasped in surprise as the ropes attached to her wrists tightened under weight applied to the rope through the pulley system by the men on the gantry, lifting her arms high over her head and to the side like the letter 'Y'. A buzz of excitement was now running through the hall which had been eerily silent while the terrible man in the throne had spoken his chilling words. What happened next shook Tatiana out of her shocked state even if she found it difficult to believe what they were going to do to her.

One of the two men with her on the chess board produced a short, curved knife which he inserted into the square neckline of her heavy gown and began to draw it steadily down in one long cut that sheared her clothing from neck to hem. Then, inserting the point of the knife between wrist and cuff, he slit her sleeves along the backs of her arms and the shoulders of the gown leaving just a few shreds of neck-band on either side.

He stepped back from her, looked at the crowd, then with one swift motion ripped the entire gown, under garments included, from her body leaving her so suddenly, shockingly naked apart from her silk hose that the entire audience let out a gasp of astonishment at his skill and also at her beauty! For beautiful indeed she was; her skin as white as alabaster, her waist slender, its curve running delightfully into smoothly rounded buttocks. Her breasts, surprisingly large for her slim frame but firm, high and beautifully formed with large dark and protruding aureola, now straining upwards as her arms were pulled by the ropes.

Quickly removing her stockings so she was completely naked they then attached the remaining two ropes to her ankles leaving plenty of slack. Finally looping each rope under a hook on the chess board two squares directly to her left and the other two squares to her right. The two then joined their companions on the gantry. At a signal all four men simultaneously took up slack and she was lifted clear of the floor in one fluid movement into a spread-eagled position facing the demon who sat on the throne.

He leaned forwards, scrutinising her naked, exposed body. A silence enveloped the hall. He spoke.

"You are about to experience pain beyond the capability of your mind to imagine. The man who will inflict this pain is a master, the master, of his craft. So great is his skill, his fame has spread beyond his native Prussia. I had him brought here, at great expense, for just such an occasion as this. The gentlemen who have secured you so beautifully displayed before me, are his assistants. He is called 'Whipmeister'. Soon you will know why".

He made a gesture with his right hand and Tatiana felt a fear, like no other, rise into her breast. Two more 'assistants', dressed like the others in short leather kilts, entered the hall . Between them they carried a large wooden chest which they placed before the throne where Tatiana could see it. They opened the chest. Tatiana's eyes widened as she beheld a collection of what looked like dozens of whips of every conceivable type. One by one, the instruments of her forthcoming torment, were withdrawn from the chest and shown to her, close to her face. There were short whips, long whips, Many stranded whips, flat straps of tanned leather in many different widths, one in particular was ten inches wide and as long as the blade of a galley oar, it's tan leather gleamed with a high polish. There were whips of many different materials. Plaited leather, cordage, fine bamboo, even silk. The now empty chest was removed from her sight. The whips were now arranged on a hanging rack that had been brought forward from somewhere out of her sight.

At an unseen signal the two assistants moved to either side of the chessboard. She could no longer see them. There was an excited shout in the hall and a mounting of tension.

From the rear of the room entered a tall figure wearing a full length, black, hooded cloak. He made his way to the dais and bowed before the seated figure who acknowledged the bow and spoke a single command, " Begin".

The Whipmeister raised his arms to the side and his two assistants came forwards to remove his cloak. As they removed it from sight he turned to face the bound, trembling Tatiana. He was huge. Almost seven feet tall with a huge barrel chest and the broadest shoulders Tatiana had ever seen. His massive arms were corded with muscle. He was dressed as his assistants but with the addition of a traditional executioners mask of fine black leather which covered his head and face, his skin gleamed with oil.

The crowd roared their appreciation. With a lithe motion he stepped to the whip rack and selected a whip. He turned. She saw that he had selected the broadest strap, the one that reminded her of an oar blade. He swished the strap before her a few times, checking it's feel, adjusting his grip on the plaited handle. The strap was four feet long and almost one third of an inch thick. She noticed how supple it was. He stepped to her left and behind her out of her line of sight. He looked to his assistants, the two on the chess board, the four others overhead in the gantry, checking their readiness. They nodded their acknowledgements. As the Whipmeister drew back the mighty strap for his first blow the assistants in the gantry increased their pull on the ropes.

Tatiana felt herself stretched to complete immobility. The blow, when it landed, was delivered with such force that she was driven forwards almost twelve inches in spite of the tension in the ropes. Landing clean across both buttocks, with a report like a cannon shot, it drove every breath of air from her lungs. She emitted an inhuman bellow combining shock, pain, outrage and disbelief at what was being done to her. She hung limply in her bonds which had slackened slightly. She gasped for air, unable yet to scream, her body gleamed with her sweat, her hair which had come unbound was sticking to her back and forehead.

One of the assistants stepped forward with a knife and cut her hair off at the nape of her neck. Nothing could be allowed to impede the course of the whip. Now feeling the full pain from her tortured buttocks she dropped her head back only managing the beginning of a scream when the ropes tightened once more and the second blow arrived, again across her buttocks with equal force to the first. The pain she experienced from this second blow landing on her already outraged crimson flesh of her buttocks made her eyes bulge and the world exploded into white lights.

She could hear someone faraway screaming. The next two blows were to the small of her back and across her shoulders. Now she was shrieking uncontrollably, crying, begging them to stop. They had only just begun. She had no way of knowing that the agony she was suffering under the 'galley oar' strap was nothing compared to what was to come. The blows continued until ever inch of her back from neck to ankles had received two strokes from the strap and was a uniform shade of red. She had fainted twice, but bitter herbs were burnt under her nose to revive her. When they started on the front of her body she thought she would go mad.

The pain caused by this monstrous strap to her sensitive breasts and belly sent her into paroxysms of shrieking, raving and praying to God to let her die. Her tormentors were far too clever to let her die. Now that back and front had received equal treatment, the purpose of the hooks on the chess board and the movable pulley connections in the ceiling became clear. Moving with the trained precision of experienced sailors, letting out and pulling in rope, altering rope anchorage points in floor and ceiling they were able to suspend Tatiana in a great variety of positions designed to allow the strap access to every square inch of her body. Thus the insides of her thighs and the tender flesh of her under arms was subjected to the same savage treatment as the rest of her reddened body. They had her now on her back on the chess board, the ropes on her wrists looped through hooks in the floor above her head.

Her feet were raised steadily until she was stretched rigidly at an angle of forty five degrees to the floor. The blocks her ankle ropes were attached to were then pulled to new anchorage points at opposite sides of the ceiling. This drew her legs as far apart as was anatomically possible, forming a 'T' with her torso.

The Whipmeister stepped between her legs. Using a knotted cord he carefully measured the external dimensions of her vagina. Stepping to the whip rack he selected a strap that matched his measurements exactly. The strap was three feet long and four inches wide and of the same material as the 'galley oar' She was whimpering and semi-conscious.

The vicious stroke he applied downward to her helpless and most tender part of her body brought her to full consciousness immediately. She screamed with a volume and with such anguish that people in the room were forced to cover their ears. He applied a further two strokes, with equally satisfying results. When she regained consciousness, she had been returned to the 'X' position.

Bitter herbs were once again being burnt under her nose. Wine was poured into her throat to revive her. She groaned as waves of pain washed over her. Every part of her skin felt on fire. The Whipmeister stood before her very close to her. He was looking deep into her eyes as though looking for a sign. H e nodded, satisfied with what he had seen in her eyes. Turning to the throne he spoke for the first time.

"She is prepared." She could not comprehend the meaning of the words. She felt as if she had been beaten to within an inch of death. " Prepared for what? To die? Oh please, God let it be so. " Her confusion must have been evident. The man in the throne spoke again " Did you think that was all? Did you really think that in the presence of the Whipmeister you only receive a few blows from the broad strap? Let me explain. The broad strap is merely a means of preparing your flesh for the more subtle and exact techniques in the use of the other whips. This is where the Whipmeister made his name. He can produce more varieties of pain from your nerve endings than there are stars in the heavens. He can raise you to peaks of agony that will have you teetering on the edge of madness. He can bring you levels of sexual sensation you never dreamed existed, spending your fluids again and again.

Then quickly to another level of torment worse than the last. Ah, we have an interesting night ahead of us. Don't you think so" She looked over to where the Whipmeister was selecting his first whip. She began to scream uncontrollably as the enormity of what was to come filled her mind with primal terror. His selection is made. He nods to his assistants. The ropes tighten. Her journey into the depths of hell begins

PART TWO. The wooden fruit.

He whipped her mercilessly, with fiendish method and precision. The beautiful and proud Tatiana, 19 year old bride of Baltek, the Protector of Prague. Captured following the defeat of her husband's forces by the Turks and now a captive of his cruellest enemies. She had been stripped, bound at wrists and ankles and spread-eagled upright by ropes suspended from pulley blocks on the ceiling and looped through iron hooks embedded in the paved marble floor of the main hall of this captured stronghold. Her humiliation, in being displayed naked before the gathering in the hall, was in itself a torture. No man, save her husband, had ever beheld her naked before. Yet here she was, being devoured by the eyes of at least a hundred men. And women! For the eyes of the women were full of predatory greed and lascivious pleasure in the anticipation of what was to come.

Her torturer. The 'Whipmeister'; a giant of a man, hugely muscled, had 'prepared' her body for the torment by systematically beating her all over with a ten inch wide leather strap shaped like the blade of a galley oar. The pain he had inflicted with this instrument had almost driven her into total insanity and she had screamed time and again for merciful death to overtake her, to release her from her agony; in vain. The 'Galley Oar' had left her flesh crimson, her every nerve ending on fire, horrifyingly sensitised. From neck to feet, no square inch of her was untouched. The torturer's assistants had skilfully rearranged her posture for each stroke of the massive whip by taking in and releasing the ropes that bound her so securely, so helplessly.

When the true whipping began, the very first stroke threw her mind to a new level of disbelief at the intensity of pain that can be inflicted on a human body. She did not see the blow coming. She could not, she was still in a spread-eagled position held by the four ropes but now angled forward at an angle of 45%. The Whipmeister stood behind her, between her spread legs, holding a multi-tailed whip of flat leather strips. He drew the whip back behind him, paused momentarily, then brought it down in a ferocious overhand strike, at the same time, stepping forward with his left leg to increase the speed of the impact. As the pointed tips of the multiple strands made contact high on her shoulders, he drew his arm down and back quickly, delivering the devilish lash equally across her entire back and buttocks. Then, with the dexterity born of years of practice, he sent an equally powerful, under arm stroke, up between her legs, thrashing her breasts, belly and vagina. So swift and flowing was his action, the sound of the two lashes almost blended into one. The gasp and subsequent roar of approval from the assembly in the hall was almost drowned out by the inhuman screaming of Tatiana. He waited until her screaming had subsided to mewling sobs before he delivered the next double stroke as skilfully as the last. A great spray of sweat flew from her body as the blow landed, her lips were drawn fully back from her teeth. Her eyes bulged in sheer dementia and the sound she emitted was the snarling of a crazed, wild animal, driven past the bounds of reason. Again he waited for the screaming to subside. A longer wait, this time. The third stroke. Tatiana went into a paroxysm of convulsion, her tortured body quivering and twitching within the confines of her bonds, her eyes rolled up into their sockets so that only the whites could be seen, as her mind frantically fought to escape from this hell.

They revived her again, poured wine into her drooling mouth, repositioned her in her bonds and the 'Whipmeister' resumed his work. Now was the time for his speciality. The small whips. The subtle whips. The whips of strange and exotic materials. Of silk, bamboo, ivory and hessian. Whips applied with cunning and an intimate knowledge of human anatomy. Whips to produce a range of sensations; from the ultimate of physical and mental pain to the most acute sensual pleasures.

For the next hour a complex ballet was played out before the fascinated and increasingly aroused spectators. The assistants sprang about like acrobats, working their cunning rope webs, twisting Tatiana into an endless series of strange and complicated bodily positions that presented different parts of her anatomy to their master, who administered carefully judged blows and strokes of various intensity, drawing from his victim an eerie music of shrieks, groans and moans of pleasure. He knew all the secret places of her body better than she did.

He used his knowledge to control her totally, both physically and mentally, for Tatiana, as a person, had ceased to exist. She had become someone, or something else. She was in a maelstrom of sensual experience, totally disorientated by the violent and swift changes to her body posture, not knowing where the next sensation would assault her or whether it would be pain or pleasure or both. At one point he had drawn a silken cord flail across her back and it had felt like the caress of an angel's wing but when it was drawn away it left fingers of molten lava on her flesh that drove her into shrieking hysteria. He had used a short springy rattan cane, topped with a small ivory ball, to deliver sharp blows to the nerve centre located within the small triangular muscle just above the cleft of her buttocks, creating agonising muscle cramps in various parts of her torso, according to where exactly he struck and with how much force. He used the same instrument on the soles of her feet, again with surgical precision, that threw her into a series of intense convulsions. He moved about with a lithe grace that belied his bulk. He was tireless in the pursuit of his art. He was doing what he was born to do.

Tatiana had no notion of time. Her identity had gone, but as the beating continued another doorway within her mind was being dragged open. Something was happening to her that was outside her experience. A lassitude and acceptance of her pain was transcending all else. She started to feel an unfamiliar but not unpleasant tingling that seemed to begin somewhere low down in the small of her back. Suddenly, as a firm whip strike coursed across her swollen buttocks, the tingling rushed, like a bolt of lightning, in both directions along her spine, simultaneously bursting into her brain and her loins, causing her to release a moan of desperate need unlike any sound she had so far emitted. As the next stroke struck, her buttocks involuntarily rose to meet it and her shriek had an edge to it that her torturer had been waiting to hear.

The 'Whipmeister' took a step back and motioned to his assistants. They quickly brought her to the forward leaning spread position. Moving swiftly he removed a coil of silk cord from his whip rack and held it up to be seen. The fifteen feet of cord terminated in four carved wooden fruit at six inch intervals on the last two feet of line. The largest, at the extreme end was a lemon. Six inches back was a clementine, followed by a plum and finally a large grape. The fruit were smooth and highly polished. He lowered the fruit into a jar of oil held by one of his assistants and approached the now limp and gasping figure of Tatiana hanging from her ropes. Stepping behind her, he used one hand to spread her buttocks and with the other he steadily worked the oiled wooden lemon past her sphincter and into her anus. Using an inch thick ivory rod he pushed the fruit deep into her rectum and then fed the other fruit inside her one by one, finally forcing the last, the grape, deep into her. Finally he produced a ball of bees' wax mixed with alum which he also pushed firmly into her rectum. The powerful astringent effect of the alum immediately caused her rectum and sphincter to tighten dramatically so that she could not possibly expel the invaders within her bowels. Stepping round to face her, he now drew the line between her widespread legs and carefully led it between the now dripping lips of her labia. She moaned as his fingers opened her to place the line. He allowed a half-smile to cross his face as he pulled the line up over her belly, through between her sweat soaked and swollen breasts and tossed the remaining length over her left shoulder, allowing the last few feet to drop behind her. Reaching beneath her suspended body, he retrieved the end of the line, once more drawing it towards him again between her labial lips. He slowly drew the cord tight, causing it to force it's way higher into her vagina and exerting a downward pull on the smallest of the wooden fruit in her rectum. At this new internal sensation, Tatiana's eyes bulged wide open and she uttered a strangled cry. The 'Whipmeister' nodded to his assistants who stood behind her. They began to beat her buttocks and back in a slow, measured rhythm, using short leather floggers. With a similar instrument, the 'Whipmeister' began to beat her breasts, alternating his strokes between left and right, in time with the whipping of her back. Then he began to increase his pull on the silken cord causing the first wooden fruit, the grape, to begin its slow, inexorable journey down her anal canal towards her tight, tight sphincter.

Tatiana had never experienced orgasm. Her strict Catholic up-bringing had left her totally unaware of the concept of female sexual climax. She enjoyed love-making with her husband but Baltek was skilled in the arts of war, not in the arts of the bed chamber. Their brief, frantic, couplings had always left her feeling unfulfilled and confused. She had never masturbated, believing as she did that such acts were a mortal sin. She was therefore totally unprepared for the feelings that began to wash over her as the whips and the slowly travelling grape began to drive her to the brink. As the wooden grape began to spread her sphincter and emerge she passed the point of no return. She began to buck and writhe wildly in her bonds, thrusting her buttocks and breasts to meet the whip blows, savouring the sweet, sweet agony they brought, welcoming each blow as the unbelievable pleasure in her loins increased. The steady pull on the cord was now bringing the wooden grape upwards, parting the swollen lips of her vagina which was now flooding with her lubricating juices. The measurement of cord between the wooden fruits had been carefully contrived. Just as the next fruit, the plum, emerged through her sphincter, the grape touched her clitoris and began to travel up and over the sensitive organ. With a wail of anguish and triumph that shook the rafters of the hall, Tatiana reached orgasm, a spectacular spray of liquid bursting from her convulsing vulva. Wave after wave of the most intense pleasure swept through her lust maddened sex as she rode her first climax like a wild horse. Now the third fruit was emerging from her arsehole, which was in a state of uncontrollable spasm, as the second fruit broached the entrance to her vagina. Her uterine walls began a series of rapid contractions causing waves of rippling convulsions to run up and down her vulva. Her vaginal lips were frantically trying to capture the tantalising plum, to pull it inside her, to devour it, but it refused to be captured and rode steadily across her protruding erect clitoris driving her into an orgasm that eclipsed the first in it's intensity. Her demented shrieks rent the air as a further gout of fluid erupted from her loins and her writhing within her bonds became maniacal. She had reached a multiple orgasmic plateau, thrusting her pelvis forward madly as climax after climax flowed through her. Her heart was racing at a rate that would surely kill her as the final fruit, the lemon, left her anal canal and the clementine approached her clitoris, now purple and protruding. She was frantically gasping for air, her face and neck almost black, her blood vessels and sinews swollen like ships' cables as the multiple orgasms no longer came in sequence but flowed together like a tidal wave. She went rigid in her rope prison and her entire body began to quiver like a plucked bow string. They had stopped whipping her now, the entire company in the room fascinated by the sight of this beautiful young woman, driven to insanity and to the edge of death by orgasm, suspended in an increasing convulsion, her face a mask of tension and ecstasy, her love juices still running from her tortured sex.

The torturer turned to face the Turk in the throne. "Sire?" The Turk pondered for a moment then he spoke, "Save her. A woman who can climax like that will make an interesting contribution to my harem."

The 'Whipmeister' signalled to his men. They brought the still convulsing, twitching Tatiana's legs forwards and he stepped between them. The wooden lemon still dangled from it's cord, level with her gaping vagina. He inserted the lemon into her and, using his ivory rod pushed it slowly into her uterus. As the fruit went deep inside her Tatiana's head fell back and she uttered a long, drawn out, deep throated roar that no one in the room would ever be able to forget. As the lemon reached her cervix and pushed insistently at the entrance to her womb she collapsed limp and unconscious, hanging from her wrist and ankle ropes.

They lowered her gently to the floor and untied her. At a command, female attendants rushed forward, bearing her up and wrapping her in a soft towelling robe. "See that she is well cared for." The Turk ordered. As they made to carry her away she came to semi-consciousness and spoke a word. The Turk was too far away to hear what she said although he knew she had spoken. The 'Whipmeister' however, was close enough to hear. "What did she say?" demanded the Turk.

The 'Whipmeister' shook his head in perplexity. "She said, more, Sire. MORE!"…….

To be continued………

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

Anne walked past the construction yard every day on her way to work, wearing a blouse that revealed her ample cleavage and a skirt so short you catch the occasional glance at her black lace panties. Her black high heels clicking against the sidewalk were like the call of a siren to the construction workers. For weeks she enjoyed tormenting the hapless men as they stared sweating and grunting from the scaffolding.

Until Dave took matters into his own hands

So you like to show off you little cocktease? Dave grunted, slipping the rough leather work gloves onto his calloused hands.

Please! Let me go Anne whimpered, shivering as her naked body twitched against the rough steel girders. You canТt do this!

And whoТs going to stop me, cunt? Dave asked with a laugh, running his hands down her thighs until his fingers were brushing against her fat cunt lips.

Oh God! Anne shrieked as Dave thrust a finger deep into her hot hole. The rough leather felt like sandpaper scraping across the sensitive flesh of her fuck tunnel, and Dave was already starting to squeeze his middle finger into her tight box.

Yeah, letТs see how deep this cunt of yours goes, pretty lady! Dave hooted as three fingers speared into her. The already huge fingers were made even larger by the rough leather gloves covering them, and Anne was shrieking with pain as they began to stretch and tear her cunt open in their relentless drive to find her bottom.

Aha! Found it! Dave roared with triumph, using his middle finger to painfully probe her cervix. Now letТs see how you enjoy getting punched in the cunt!

Anne began screaming as Dave began forcing his entire gloved hand into her snatch. Anne kept screaming as Dave began to ram his fist in her cunt, driving into her cervix like a punching bag, and forcing her entire body to convulse with each powerful blow


Man, get a look at these tits! Greg laughed, crushing MaryТs breasts between his rough hands. What dТya think, Carl? Double D?

Who the fuck cares what cup size she is! Carl spat. LetТs get Сem tied and swollen!

Carl brought out his retractable measuring tape, pulling out the aluminum ribbon and showing it to Mary.

Wh-What are you going to do with that!? Mary shrieked, struggling against the tight metal wires pinning her to the steel beam.

Carl gave her a vicious slap across the cheek, the back of his hand sending her head whipping and drawing a ragged scream from her now bloody lips.

Shut up! Carl roared, running the metal tab of the measuring tape across her erect red nipples. No one wants to hear anything out of your whore mouth Сcept screaminТ!

Carl began wrapping the aluminum metal tape around MaryТs heaving breasts, the metallic shuttering of the tape as it folded and kinked providing eerie accompaniment to MaryТs screaming.

Fuck man, that ainТt never gonna work! Greg said, watching Carl struggle with the uncooperative tape measure.

Fuck you, itТll work fine! Carl snapped, handing the yellow plastic case to Greg. Just hold that tight!

Mary looked down at her breasts, yards of the shimmering yellow tape ribbon were now circling her tits, but most of it was too kinked and unwieldy to do any real damage. She sighed with relief, and didnТt even notice Carl taking the small metal pull tab in his hands. She didnТt notice until he heaved with every muscle in his body, forcing Greg to kick in his heels to avoid toppling over.

The aluminum tape collapsed in on itself under the pressure, crumpling inward and biting into MaryТs mammary flesh like barbed wire. Some of it folded in on itself lengthwise, turning the broad flat metal into a long knife as the fold cut into yielding flesh. Some near the base of her breasts became so crumpled and compact they began to look like piano wire, slicing into her so deeply that Mary felt sure it would severe her precious breasts from her chest. Every kink, bend, and fold were now cutting, pricking and crushing the two captive orbs.

MaryТs screams were almost loud enough to drown out the jackhammers and steam shovels working just outside the building

Ralph had been an industrial plumber for twenty years. Twenty years skulking around in the dark undergrounds of countless construction jobs. Twenty years of crawling through mud and fighting off rats all to lay down some pipes that were destined to stream shit out of the building for the rest of their existence. Fortunately, his hard work was soon to be rewarded:

ArenТt you just a pretty little whore? Ralph muttered, running a calloused, filth covered hands across the captive girlТs pert tits. The girl had been stupid enough to wander into the dark labyrinth of the construction site on a drunken dare by one of her friends after their girlТs night out. Now, electrical tape strapped across her mouth and her lithe, nude body strapped against the maze of metal tubes, her drunken haze was gone. Replaced by cold, unyielding fear.

Bet a fuckinТ tramp like you donТt much care for workinТ class fellas like myself, right? Ralph spat, pinching her soft pink nipples between his fingers, rolling them like the hand-rolled cigarettes he smoked. Yeah, always the same story with trollops like you

The girl whimpered as Ralph began turning a series of knobs on the nearby junction, she could feel liquid begin flooding through the pipes behind her. The cold pipes were made infinitely colder by the water now flowing through them, her ass cheeks tightening as they pressed against the pipes.

In about ten minutes, the water runninТ through them pipes is going to be at the boiling point. The pipes will heat up and your pretty little ass will melt off you like wax off a lit candle. Ralph said, casually rolling a cigarette in his hands. Now IТm liking the sight of that taut ass myself. I donТt wanna see it all ruined. So hereТs what IТm goinТ to do for yayou wrap them nice warm legs around my hips and fuck yourself on my cock. ThatТll take you off the pipes and if you fuck me real good, milk the cum out of me, IТll let you down and we can go somewhere real privateaway from any more god damn pipes.

The girl refusedat first. When her ass began to blister against searing hot metal, however, she flung her legs around old RalphТs hips and fucked him like a nymphomaniac, ramming her dry, tight cunt onto his old thick cock. Ralph came after only a few minutes, pouring his hot jism deep into the girlТs fuckbox, but he didnТt let her down. Instead, he decided to use her tits as an ashtray until his cock got hard again. At his age that meant at least half an hourluckily heТd rolled himself two packs of cigarettes that morning.


Anne was screaming...that was all she seemed to do now. ItТd been a week since Dave had grabbed her. A week of vicious cunt busting, ass ripping, tit crushing agony. At least a dozen men had fucked her so far, and thatТs if they were feeling generous. More often they did things to her that involved far more than normal fucking

No! Not again! Anne shrieked as EdТs fat cock began tearing open her swollen, bleeding rectum yet again. The men were cruel, they had given her ass a couple days to heal, but only so that it could scab up and really begin to swell. They wanted to rip her open all over again, and thatТs exactly what they were doing now.

To Anne it felt like a thick butchers knife was cutting into her, splitting open from anus to cunt, maybe even splitting up along her spine. She stared over her shoulder, staring at the men with her tear-streaked eyes, silently begging them to show her some mercy.

There was none forthcoming


HankТs shrewish ex-wife had been dragging him through the courts for months, trying to bleed him of more alimony payments. The wretched woman was fucking a high priced attorney, who was now of course working for her pro-bono. Of course what could Hank do, he was barely making his current alimony payments, he couldnТt afford a lawyer on top of it? Luckily for him, his ex-wife was stupid enough to bring her victorious court ruling down to him in person.

I donТt know why they always deliver these things in blue envelopes? Hank muttered, watching the documents burn. He stared at his pretty ex-wife, tied taut as a bowstring on the metal work table, her titflesh jiggling and bouncing as she sobbed and struggled against her bonds.

Patience honey! Hank said. I know you like those big udders of yours to get the attention they deserve! Just give the soldering iron here a chance to warm up.

Greg laughed as his ex-wife began shrieking even louder behind the gag.

What, not the soldering iron? Greg asked, laying down the instrument and picking up a big sledgehammer leaning against the wall. How Сbout this? You just lay those big floppy tits down on the table and IТll give them a good pounding?

His ex-wifeТs gurgling told him she didnТt like this idea any better.

How about this? Greg asked, picking up a nail gun. Couple dozen good shots through each? Maybe one right down the center of each nipple?

Hank laughed at his own little joke; it wasnТt like she had a choice.

He would use all of them on her tits eventually...

Countless crates and shipping containers flow into the factory every day, and of course there’s always so much noise no one can ever hear the screaming and thumping of the girls inside.

“Let’s see…Crate 15 C-7, this is it!” Mike said excitedly, quickly peeling off the lid with his crowbar.

“MMMM! HLLLLPPPPHHHH!” The girl inside immediately started shrieking. Mike’s cock immediately went hard in his pants as he stared down at the terrified girl. Tied and gagged, the smell of her sweat gave her an intoxicating aroma, and he couldn’t wait to take her out and play with his new toy.

“Yeah, you and me girl, we’re gonna have a lot of fun! Me and the boys have been needing some fresh pussy around here, and I bet your tight twat will make a real good fuck. You ever been fisted before? Dave likes to fist the girls, it really makes them scream and squirm! Too bad they’re usually too torn up afterward to be a good fuck.” Mike said, casually stroking the girl’s tangled black locks as he detailed his plans for her.

The girl shook and sobbed, closing her eyes and hoping she would wake up from this horrible nightmare.


“Yeah, I think that’ll do real nice!” Dave said, cinching the knot around Melissa’s ankles.

Melissa was tied to a hard wooden rod, which was tied to a metal pipe, making a kind of upside down crucifix. Her ankles were spread apart and her quivering cunt was spreading open from the extreme angle, as if her pussy was reaching out to find a cock to fill it. As if it hadn’t had its fill from the last three days of constant gangbangs and threesomes.

“Please…not again! Not again…!” Melissa blubbered pathetically as Dave began stroking her sore labia, the glove’s coarse leather scraping across her tender flesh like sandpaper.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Melissa had felt the harsh, tearing pain of Dave’s gloved fist up her twat. She could still see the dried blood on the glove from the last time he’d fisted her, the memory of the nauseating pain flooding back into her mind.

“Please, just fuck me! Please! I’ll ride you good! Please, I’m your little whore! Your slut!” Melissa babbled desperately as Dave’s first and middle finger began tearing into her hole. Dave smiled to himself. Even after fisting her for nearly an hour last week, her cunt was still as tight as ever. He wondered just how much punishment it would take before it split open.

He was eager to find out!

“Pleeeaasseee! NOOOOOOO!” Melissa screamed as four fingers began tearing and scraping through her cunt, ripping open old wounds and ramming into the bruised walls of her birth canal. “You’re killing me! Mercy master! MERCY! HELP ME SOMEONE!”

Despite the heartbreaking cries, Dave roughly forced his thumb into her tight hole and balled his hand into a fist. He loved the feeling of her tight cunt walls clamping down on his hand. The angle of her restrained body meant he could start pounding her cunt at a new angle.

“UUGGGHHHH! UURRRRRKKKKK!” Melissa coughed and gagged as Dave punched the back of her cunt, as if he were trying to pound his way right through her cunt and into her colon.

“I love the way you scream!” Dave laughed as he once again rammed his fist into her cunt.


“Come on, honey, let’s get to know each other!” Larry laughed, dragging the gagged naked brunette by the hair.

“Mmmgghhh!” The brunette shrieked as she tried desperately to free her hair from his cruel grasp.

Just a few short hours ago Trisha had just been another college student, studying architecture at the local university. She had asked one of the workers if she could have a look around, eager to see a building being constructed.

Ten minutes later she was screaming as the construction worker began pawing at her body and ripping her clothes off.

“Come on, honey, sit on daddy’s lap!” Larry said, slapping Trisha on her pale, round ass.

Trisha made one last desperate attempt to flee, but Larry’s huge muscular arms wrapped around her hips like iron braces before she’d made two steps.

“NNGGGHHH! PLLSSSHHH!” Trisha begged behind the gag as Larry began probing the soft folds of her pussy.

“Down we go, honey!” Larry said, pulling Trisha down onto his cock.

ThatТs it you fucking bitch! Mike roared as he pulled the rope taut so that his newest slave was dangling by her wrists. When heТd first taken this girl out of the box, heТd expected, and even enjoyed, her resistance. After two weeks of fucking her cunt and busting her ass though, he was growing tired of constantly wrestling with her.

So you donТt like to screw cocks, huh? Mike said, slapping her across the face. Well by the time IТm done, youТll be begging to fuck every cock within a ten mile radius!

Mike held up the wicked looking drill bit, meant for forcing industrial size screws into metal girders.

This is going up your cunt bitch! At twenty RPM youТre gonna feel like IТm burning your insides! At fifty youТre going to feel the walls of your cunt get torn apart like fucking wrapping paper. If I turn this baby all the way up, IТll be screwing you right in your fucking womb!

The girl was staring in uncomprehending horror at both Mike and the vicious torture instrument he wielded. She didnТt truly understand what was happening until she felt the hard metal head of the screw bit cutting across her labia.

No! NO! Please! IТll do it! IТll fuck you! Please, let me make love to you! Please sir, I love you! I love you master! NO! NOOOAARRRGGHHH!

The girlТs screams as the drill began to screw her cunt could have woken the dead


Meghan was suffering like sheТd never suffered before. SheТd screamed as her cunt was ripped open by the factory workers thick cock, the burning tearing pain ripping through her body. SheТd begged and pleaded when he forced his cock up her ass and fucked her so hard that she shat blood for a week. Yet all of it paled in comparison to her current situation.

Thick leather cables were cinched around her belly and crotch, attached to a pulley that was pulling it so tight that it felt like it would split her pussy open at any moment. Another pulley was pulling on the vicious steel clip that was crushing her nipple between its teeth. Her entire body was shaking with agony.

So how does it feel cunt? IТm really surprised your nip is still attached! Tyler laughed, plucking the string like a guitar player

Please Meghan whispered, too afraid to speak any louder in case it would shake the pulleys and cause her even more pain.

Please what darling? Tyler smiled, gently stroking her tear stained face.

Please...take the clip off. Meghan begged.

Tyler began plucking the pulleyТs rope even harder.

Meghan screamed.


Come on honey, gimme a kiss! Peter moaned in AnneТs ear.

Anne leaned her head back and ran her smooth pink tongue into PeterТs mouth, the taste of alcohol and tobacco making her gag. After a month with these horrific men though sheТd become an expert at suppressing the urge to vomit.

AnneТs body was covered in bruises, welts, cuts and scrapes. Most of the men had grown tired of her now, her broken spirit and loose, sloppy cunt meant she was used as a fuckslave for the new hires. Every worker with less than five years experience had to use Anne for their whore, and they used her plenty.

Yeah, you kiss real good, honey. Peter moaned, thrusting his cock up into her ass and reaching around to finger her red, sore clit. YouТre the best whore IТve ever had!

Poor broken and hopeless Anne began sobbing, thinking of the happy life she would never get to live. She was just a whore now. Her life would only be filled with dicks, semen and pain

It was useless to try and suppress the feelings she was having now. Stripped of all her clothes and bound bent over and exposed, she was reliving every second of what had happened to her as a teenager. Her mind raced back to the beatings she received as a young girl from her daddy. The workers had used a different instrument to inflict pain, wire, but she was instantly transported back to her bedroom and her daddy’s belt biting into her soft firm flesh.

“When I get through banging you baby, my friend here has a leather strap that was made for your ass bitch, and if you don’t make all the nice noises we want, some nipple torture should loosen up that tongue”.


How could she have been so foolish? All she wanted directions and now she was being subjected to the most vile forms of degradation.

The workers had seen her before and would not pass up this chance to satisfy their desires. She was alone and helpless and the knife that had cut off her bra was slowly caressing her smooth white stomach on its way down to her panties. She closed her eyes and emitted a low moaning scream.

“Now you be a good daddy’s girl for us honey and suck our cocks or next time you get to watch your teen daughter get her holes stretched”


She had followed the instructions on the note to the letter. Be at this address at the time specified and dress in all black lingerie with the high heel boots that had been provided.

She had no way of knowing the degrading acts that were waiting to be perpetrated on her once she was inside. She was to be the main treat tonight, a night that would send her down the path to complete submission to her desires.

“Hold still cunt. Tonight you get to pay off you hubbies debt and we’re taking our payment in ass sweet thing and just so you know, this is only the first installment, so we’ll be back”.

Sarah began slowly moving her head up and down, each plunge taking more and more of his swollen cock into her throat. Her tormentor began thrusting his hips up to meet the captives bobbing head. He pulled her hair to raise her face to him so he could see her full lips surround his hard manhood.

His grip tightened on her hair as he jerked the helpless sluts head up and down harder and harder...

“Open your mouth slut. Daddy needs his cock worshipped tonight and make it last this time or I’ll have to take the rod to your ass again”.


When John had informed her that a couple of his friends were coming over for beers she thought nothing of it. That is until she realized that she was the evening’s entertainment.

The drunken men had stripped her naked and strapped her firm young ass down over a bench and were now penetrating her from the front and back. She had been double teamed before but it had been her choice then. This time was different.

“When I get through fucking your ass bitch you’re sucking my cock clean and if I’m not satisfied I’m going to beat you until I can’t swing the whip anymore”.


Naked and shaking she could feel the hot liquid from the man’s balls dripping down her face and running into her mouth. She had already drained his cock once and she thought that would be the end of it but now she realized that the beating and humiliation were just the beginning.

One of her tormentors pulled a knife and pressed it against her smooth white throat as he grabbed a handful of her long black hair and roughly jerked her head back.

“Listen you fucking bitch”, the man with knife said, “when we’re through with you baby doll you’re gonna wish you were never born, and if you breathe a word of this to anybody, well let’s just say that we know where your daughter goes to school”.

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

A Slave's Story
by Castor. All rights reserved.

Chapter 1

"Move it slave!" Susan could not believe what was happening to her as she felt her leash pulled hard and felt the sting of a riding crop across her ass cheeks. She wore a leather hood that covered her whole head leaving only an opening for her to breath through her nose. Her eyes were covered, leaving her only to guess that she was being led down a long corridor. A gag shaped like a penis with a small hole drilled lengthwise that allowed some of her breath to escape, was fasted into her mouth so far back that it almost made her gag. Her hands were cuffed from behind her back and attached painfully to a leather collar at her neck. Other than the hood, collar and cuffs she was naked, her pubic patch being the only indication that she was a natural blond. Her well proportioned 36 b tits jiggled and bounced and her muscular ass cheeks rippled as her bare feet plodded along on the cold floor. She had been told she was being led to a punishment chamber to start her training as a sex slave. She could not believe what was happening to her! She thought this type of thing only happens in the fantasies of little dicked perverts who trade their stories on the internet!

How could she have been so stupid to end up in this situation?, she wondered. It was only a few days ago she was an average 22 year old college student at a major state university. She had just one semester to go before she would have graduated with a degree in psychology and then move on to graduate school. Her dreams had come to an abrupt end that day when she was running late for an evening class.

In an attempt to cut down on the number of students commuting to class by car, university officials had closed down parking lots that were close to campus, and the few that remained were located on the outskirts of campus near the agricultural fields. By the time Susan arrived on campus all the good parking spaces had been taken. She parked her car near the outer edge of the parking lot. Little did she know she was being watched, as she hurried off to class in her sexy tight grey skirt and white top, her shoulder length blond hair bouncing over her backpack as she trotted towards campus in her platform heeled sandals.

It was a boring Wednesday night class as usual but to maintain her 3.5 average she felt she had to make it to every class. As usual, the class let out a half hour early so she hurried back to her car just as it was starting to get dark. She did not pay much attention to her surroundings because her mind was on the weekend. She had been asked out on a date by a cute psychology graduate student, and she could not wait for Friday to come. She did not notice the white van with the sliding side door that had parked next to her car. She came up in between her car and the van and as she fumbled in her backpack for her keys, a man wearing a ski mask came around the back side of the van, grabbing her from behind and touching a stun gun to her side. Susan did not have time to react when she felt the sudden pain of the current from the stun gun. She collapsed as her muscles began to twitch and spasm uselessly. Susan had worked out regularly with tai-bo and would have been able to fend off an attacker had it not been for the stun gun. She was totally helpless, unable to move her arms, legs or even scream. The man quickly slid open the side door of the van and pulled the 5' 6'' 120 lb woman inside the van. He proceeded to wrap her arms behind her back with duct tape after taping her mouth closed. He then wrapped up her ankles and then placed her in a large trunk and padlocked it closed.

Susan was fully conscious but totally helpless during the one hour ride that followed. She was unable to make more than a grunting sound and the duct tape held her wrists and ankles together so all she could do was wiggle her body inside the trunk. After what seemed an eternity the van came to a stop and she heard the doors open and felt the trunk being lifted and then placed on a cart and rolled to an unknown destination. Finally the cart came to a rest and the trunk was opened. The ski- masked man grabbed susan by the hair and pulled her out of the trunk onto the floor. Susan fought back as best she could by trashing wildly about but the man was able to pin her down and pull up her skirt. She felt the prick of a needle as the masked man injected a sedative into her behind. Susan still trashed about for a few minutes but began to slow down as she began to feel sleepy. Soon she was unable to fight anymore and the darkness closed in.

When Susan awoke she found that her hands and feet were unbound but she was locked in a small cage about 2 feet by two feet and four feet tall allowing her enough room to sit up inside but not to stand. The bars of the cage were far enough apart the she could put her hand outside the cage to test the door, which she found to be padlocked. The cage was hanging from the ceiling and swung gently as she moved her position within the cage to keep her circulation flowing. She was still fully clothed although somewhat disheveled. Susan had no idea how long she had been in the cage but she did know that she had to pee. She looked around the room but saw nothing other than a door. Above the door was a video camera pointed at her and the red light on the front indicated that it was running. Above the video camera was a small light bulb, hanging from a cord, the only source of light in the room. The room was small, about ten feet by ten feet, and appeared to be in a basement of some sort, the walls being made of old cinder block masonry. After assessing the hopelessness of the situation she was in, Susan began to cry, her sobs were only absorbed by the cinder block walls around her and whoever was on the other side of the video camera.

Several hours had passed when Susan heard the clanking sound of locks being opened and the door swung open. Susan saw the outline of a man, about six feet tall with a muscular build, step into the room. The man was totally naked except for a leather hood that hid the upper porion of his face revealing only a strong jaw line. In one hand he carried a long odd looking rod, and in the other hand he carried a riding crop. Susan guessed correctly that this was the same man that had abducted her in the parking lot. The man let the door slam shut behind him and approached the terrified girl in the hanging cage. Susan was so scared that she released her bladder, letting a yellow stream pour out onto the floor. The man became enraged and yelled "how dare you piss without permission Slave!" as he slid the rod through the bars of the cage, touching Susan's side. She screamed as the jolt of electricity sent pain flowing from her rib cage to her brain. "Stop it, let me go" she screamed, earning her another jolt from the rod. She felt sick to her stomach and crouched down into the cage sobbing with her arms holding her stomach.

"You will learn to speak only when you have permission, slave" the man said as he casually leaned against the wall. Susan wanted to scream again and ask why this man was doing this to her but the rod was still pointing at her from the man's hand. The man then said "I have inspected your belongings and found your wallet Susan Hoffman". "From this point on Susan Hoffman does not exist. Your name is slave until we give you our own name". " You will refer to yourself as the slave girl" The man moved close to the bars of the cage and the slave girl stared into the dark brown eyes coming from behind the mask. "You will call me Master" he yelled, causing the slave girl to jump. "You are now no more than an animal to us" the man continued. "You will remain here until you become the perfect slave girl, at which time you will be sold to one of my many clients around the world. You will fetch a good price as the highest priced slave girls are between 25 to 30 years old. That leaves you with at least 3 to 8 years of training." The slave girl trembled at the thought of three years at the hands of this man!. The master walked up to the cage and poked the slave girl under her skirt with the riding crop. "you will be trained as a sex slave" he stated matter-of-factley. " Your pussy will be fucked many times a day by many different people and with many different objects, but not as much as both ends of your digestive tract" as he nudged the crop against her asshole. This comment made the slave girl's big blue eyes widen. "You will perform any act that is asked of you, no matter how degrading or humiliating that act is. You will do this without resistance because if you do not obey then you will be punished by some form of torture. Sometimes you will be tortured just for the pleasure of your Masters, and there will be nothing you can do about it. But, when asked to do an act, full obedience is your best strategy as you will not be tortured much if you complete the task. If you refuse you will be tortured and you will still perform the original act. Torture will be concentrated on your sex parts and will be both painful and humiliating. So you have no choice except full obedience". The slave girl quietly sobbed in her cage as she listened to these terrifying words.

The Master then said "You have already earned yourself 30 days of punishment for pissing without permission. During each day of that punishment, total obedience must be accomplished or another day will be added to your sentence. During your training you will learn to fuck with your pussy, fuck with your asshole, suck with your mouth, serve as you master's toilet, and fuck numerous animals. You will also learn to eat your Mistresses' pussy and basically cater to every whim and desire of your betters. You must ask permission of your Master or Mistress to piss or shit. If you piss or shit without permission you will suffer the consequences. You will now take off all your clothes and drop them onto the floor from your cage, that is an order from your Master! I will check back with you via the video camera in 15 minutes. If you are not totally naked by then every minute you disobey will equal one day of extreme torture for you. Good - bye slave girl". The man then turned and walked out the door and the slave girl heard the clanking of locks after the door shut.

The slave girl sat in her cage, her tears were almost gone as she sat thinking about what the Master had just said. She felt so alone as she slipped off her shoes and let them drop to the floor. The words "total obedience" echoed in her head as she slipped the pee stained skirt from her hips and let them fall through the bars of the cage. The thought of someone torturing her sex parts while she was totally helpless overcame her as she pulled off the top and let it fall to the ground. That was as far as she could go. The door to the cell opened 45 minutes later and the master informed her she would now spend 60 days in the torture chamber for disobeying her Master's order. He also told her that she would get no food or water until she was completely naked. In reality it had been almost 36 hours since her capture and she was already hungry and thirsty. She began to undo her bra and as she let it fall revealing her pert white breasts, she realized that they were trying to make her submit to her situation by having her surrender her clothes. A defiant streak overcame her and she refused to remove her pee stained panties.

Her defiance only lasted another 12 hours before she became so thirsty she was willing to do anything for a drink of water. She had removed her panties two hours before, and now she was totally naked inside the hanging cage. The door to the cell opened and the Master walked in. "Please give me some water" , the slave girl managed to say through her parched lips. The Master laughed and said "ask me like a good slave girl" The slave girl thought for a moment and then said " please give the slave girl some water". The master produced a pitcher of an orange colored liquid. He poured it into a glass with a straw and held it up to the slave girl's cage. The slave girl greedily drank down the orange flavored liquid. The Master then said "would the slave girl like some more". To which she responded "please Master the slave girl would like some more". The master then proceeded to pour four more glasses of the orange flavored liquid that in reality was an overnight fiber laxative. The Master then asked "would the slave girl like some thing to eat? The slave girl responded "please Master the slave girl is very hungry" The master then stepped out of the room returning with a metal bowl that was meant to feed dogs. "This is the slave girl's food bowl" the Master said. The slave girl will eat anything that is in her food bowl. Is that understood"? "Yes Master " the slave girl responded. The bowl contained oatmeal and prunes, which the slave girl devoured in 5 minutes. She was then left alone in her hanging cage for another 12 hours.

The door to the slave girl's cell flew open, and the Master approached the cage and placed a set of handcuffs on the slave before she was totally awake. A hose was brought into the cell and cold water was sprayed over the slave girl, the shock giving her goose bumps over her whole body. She was then pulled from the cage and forced to stand while a wide leather collar was placed around her neck and locked with a padlock. As she stiffly straitened up from her cramped quarters she felt her bowels gurgling and realized that she had to take a dump. Her cuffed hands were attached to the leather collar and pulled painfully close to her neck . As she stood there the Master explained that the collar she wore had a smaller version of the stun gun embedded in the collar and that it could be set off at any time the Master wanted to by pressing a remote control button. The master then informed her that she would spend a minimum of the next two years in the punishment chamber if she displayed good behavior. She would now start her training as a sex slave. A leather hood was placed over her head and locked into place with a pad lock. "Please don't hurt me" the slave girl said. "Silence" the Master yelled as he brought the riding crop slashing down across the slave girl's ass. The force and the pain caused the slave girl to scream. "you will now be gagged" said the Master as he produced a gag shaped like a penis. He showed the gag to the slave girl whose blue eyes peered through the leather hood. " It is adjustable" said the master as he fasted the gag around the slave girl's head and fastened it into place. He then was able to push the artificial penis into the slave girl's mouth until she began to gag. "Now you can see why it is called a penis gag" the Master laughed. "Soon you will be able to take a cock or a dildo all the way down your throat as part of your training. Sucking cock will become second nature to you. Consider this the first step to achieving that goal. " He pulled the gag back out only a few centimeters and then fastened it into place.

The slave girl realized that her situation was hopeless and that she would have to minimize her discomfort by playing along with the Master. The Master then applied a leather blindfold to the hood leaving the slave girl in total darkness. A leash was attached to her collar and with another slash across her naked bottom she was ordered to follow the Master to the punishment room. She obediently followed the Master down what seemed like a hallway until she heard the clanking of locks and a door opening . She was led in by a sharp tug on her leash.

Chapter 2

The slave girl could not see anything inside of the room due to the leather blindfold but she was pulled by her leash until she felt a table of some sort touch her just above her knees. She then heard the master behind her order her up onto the table. As she climbed up on the table she felt the strong hands of the Master help her by lifting her feet. The table was about two and a half feet high and three feet long. At each end were a set of stocks. The Master grasped the slave girls head and placed it between two wooden stocks. She then heard the snap of a padlock as the Master made sure her head would remain there until he decided to release her. At the other end of the table was another set of stocks with two small holes close together near the center and two more holes, one on each opposite end. The Master released the slave girl's cuffed hands from her collar and pulled them under her body, re-cuffed them and set them in the stocks at the foot of the table. He then took each of the slave girls feet and placed them in the outer holes of the stocks. The Master chuckled as he locked the stocks into place. This left the slave girl in the most undignified, uncomfortable and humiliating position with her big white ass perched and spread helplessly on top of the wooden stocks, exposing her pussy and her winking nether eye. She was unable to move, see or speak and she had to clench her asshole shut because she had to take a shit and it was getting urgent. She shook and made small grunting sounds both in anger and frustration because she was unable to even ask the Master for permission to defecate.

Through the leather hood she heard the Master say " you will get 50 lashes with the leather strap. You will get 50 lashes every day during your training. Today it will be concentrated on that fat ass of yours but other days we will whip and spank your tits and your cunt and use a variety of instruments like the bullwhip, cat of nine tails, riding crops, leather studded paddles etc. " The Master then said "let's begin your training" with that he lashed out with all his strength, bringing the leather strap down across the slave's ass with a sickening thud. The pain caused the slave girl to exhale into her gag making a grunting sound and forcing a strand of mucus to fly out of her nose. By the twentieth lash the slave girl had broken out in a cold sweat and her skin appeared pale except for the black and blue marks on her bottom. At some point between the thirtieth and the fiftieth stroke the slave girl had released her anal sphincter and with a loud farting noise the contents of her rectum were expelled. The Master had expected this and had placed her doggy food bowl beneath her tortured ass. Two long turds and a couple of small ones fell into the bowl as the ass beating continued.

When the beating subsided the slave girl was sobbing into her penis gag. She had never been so humiliated in her life and she had just shit without permission while being beaten and totally helpless. The Master removed the slave girl's blindfold and placed her food bowl under her head. The slave girl's nostrils flared at the smell of the contents and tears fell from her eyes mixing with the contents of the bowl. She heard the Master say " remember that the slave girl eats everything in her food bowl". The Master laughed as he removed the penis gag from the slave girl's mouth. The slave girl's jaw ached from the gag but she managed to say "please don't make me do that" The Master raised the leather strap and brought it down hard across the slave's ass with a "Thwack". "Pleeease!" the slave girl screamed "Thwack" "Thwack" "Thwack" the sound of leather against flesh and the screams of a slave girl filled the chamber. The slave girls stomach was turning as she thought about the task ahead of her and smelled the contents of her food bowl. The Master had walked across the chamber and now returned with something in his hands. "I think the slave girl needs some more incentive" the Master said as he revealed a one quart enema bag attached to a long hose with a small butt plug and a closing valve on the end. The Master then pushed the butt plug into the slave's anus without the convenience of a lubricant. The slave girl screamed with pain as the outer ring of her asshole clamped around the plug. The Master then detached the bag and walked across the chamber to a faucet in the wall and filled the bag up halfway with cold water. He then produced a bottle of vodka and filled the rest of the bag with the clear fluid. He attached the bag to the hose and opened the valve. The slave girl grunted and squealed as the cold enema entered her intestines. Again she felt the urge to shit out the contents of her bowels but the Master closed off the valve near where the hose entered the butt plug. "Arrrghh" gurgled the slave girl as the Master announced that she would be able to release as soon as she ate the contents of her food bowl. She already was feeling cramps and her skin was crawling with goose bumps. The Master unlocked the slave girl's head from the stocks and folded them down, placing the food bowl under her face allowing her to move her head enough to accomplish the revolting task ahead of her. "Pleease" the slave girl pleaded and with that the Master announced "looks like another quart is needed" as he proceeded to refill the bag, this time with only water and attach it to the hose. When the bag was empty the Master closed off the valve and the slave girl cried and sobbed as she took a bite of one of the turds in her bowl.

The slave girl took several bites of the turds and forced herself to swallow each one. With each swallow she suppressed the urge to vomit. After several more swallows she could not hold back and she puked her stomach contents into her food bowl. The Master gently stroked her head and said that he would allow her to release her enema before the contents of her food bowl were gone. The slave girl thanked the Master as her brutally pulled the plug from her anus and she emptied the contents of her guts into a bucket. Her hands and ankles were still enclosed in the wooden stocks when the Master announced that he needed to be serviced. The Master moved to the other side of the room and returned with a bottle of lubricant. He applied a generous amount to his fingers and then approached the hapless slave girl in the stocks with her bottom thrust up in the air.

The slave girl's head began to spin from her alcohol enema, as the Master put his finger up to her asshole an slipped it inside. The Master watched as the wrinkles smoothed out around the little hole and began to grasp his finger. The slave girl responded with "eeeeh" prompting the Master to insert another finger. "Arrrrgh" came the sound from the slave girl. The Master then lubricated his cock and placed it at the entrance, formerly exit, of the slave girls bowels. With a push from the Master and a scream from the slave girl the Master's cock slid into the asshole. The Master pushed and the cock slid inside up to the hilt. The slave girl's former exit had now become an entrance and was stretched around the shaft of her Master's cock. He then began pumping in and out, slowly picking up speed until he was pounding the slave girl in the ass. She had only had sex with three men before now and it was always in her pussy . Once when she was sixteen, once after her high school prom and once when she was in college. She had never been fucked in the ass before and had always considered her asshole off limits to her boy friends. Now the Master was raping her up the ass and there was nothing she could do about it. It felt worse than shitting in reverse. Her asshole was stretching with every hard stroke and the food bowl was still inches away from her face and it smelled terrible. She was feeling used and humiliated as the Master shot his hot load of sperm into her intestines.

The Master laughed out load as he announced to the slave girl " you will now meet your trainer". He walked to the left and the slave girl noticed for the first time there was a door there. The Master unlocked and opened the door and out crawled a beautiful Asian woman who was also totally naked. The woman placed her head on the ground with her ass in the air in a subservient position. "I have named this slave girl Pun-Tang but you will call her Mistress. She will show you by example and also teach you to be an obedient slave girl. She will be in charge and administer most of the punishment you will receive during your training. If you should slip up by disobeying me , I will hold her responsible and both of you will get equal punishment from me. Your Mistress will then determine your personal punishment". "Pun -Tang greet your Master". With that command the Asian slave girl crawled towards the Master as he turned around and bent over slightly. The asian slave girl reached up and spread the Master's ass cheeks and buried her tongue in the Master' s asshole as if she was french kissing. After several minutes the Master announced "Pun Tang will finish the task of the slave girl" and he then placed the food bowl on the floor. The asian slave gazed up at the blond slave with a look of hatred in her brown eyes before she turned on her knees, and with her ass high in the air, began to lap up the contents of the food bowl.

Chapter 3

The blond slave girl's head spun from the alcohol enema as she watched with horror as the asian slave swallowed the contents of the bowl. The asian slave raised her head with one of the long turds in her mouth and glared again at the blond slave girl as she tilted her head up and swallowed it whole. The blond slave noticed that the Asian girl also wore a collar with some sort of capacitor at the base of her neck . Pun-Tang appeared to be in her early thirties, about 5'1'' with a petite frame characteristic of asain women. Her long straight hair hung down and now had pieces of vomit dangling near the ends. She had some scars on her ass cheeks and her small, but well proportioned tits, but no obvious wounds that were recent. Her pubic patch had been removed and she wore two gold rings in her pierced nipples.

The Master explained, as the asian slave foraged, that Pun -Tang was one of the first slave girls the Master had trained. The Master had owned her for almost ten years and she was very obedient. She had been taken from a local junior college in a similar way as the blond slave girl. The only difference was he used chloroform on a handkerchief instead of the stun gun. She was very easy to train but the Master was unable to sell her at a high price. I seems that asian slave girls from southeast Asia had flooded the market driving the price of asian slaves down world wide, even American born slaves like Pun-Tang . The only offer the Master received was for $10,000 from a producer of snuff films. The Master felt that would be a waste of a well trained and beautiful slave girl, so he decided to keep her to help with his small business. Pun -Tang turned out to be a very cruel trainer and the Master kept up her ferocity with small incentives. Her slave pen behind the door was larger than the small cages the trainees were kept in, just big enough for a comfortable full size bed. She was allowed to eat her choice of food and each day after her 12 hour training session with the new slave girls, she was allowed to have her trainees service her in her pen. She also had her own toilet in her pen and was allowed to use it during her 12 hours off. Even though she herself was obedient, she was still severely punished when her trainees disobeyed the Master, only she did not let this happen often.

When Pun-Tang had finished her task, licking the bowl clean, the Master ordered her to clean herself up. Letting out a small belch, she crawled to the far side of the room and sprayed herself down and rinsed her mouth out with the hose that was attached to the faucet. The Master then announced "I will now leave you two to get acquainted with each other". The Master walked out of the chamber chuckling to himself. He thought back to the beginning of his slave training operation about 10 years before. He had been a construction worker and had been through a full cycle of good times and bad. When the building industry was booming he was able to save up and purchase some land about 45 minutes from the city. The property was isolated at the end of a long dirt road and was surrounded by forest service land. What intrigued him the most about the property was the abandoned mine. He had no idea what had been mined, but the resulting adit was long and narrow and opened up into numerous wide "rooms".

He remembered that fateful day when he was working on a building project that was owned by some middle eastern prince. As he was taking a break the prince's limousine pulled up and the prince got out to survey the progress of the construction. He saw the prince walk away leaving the chauffeur with the limo. As they stood there in the heat a beautiful Hispanic woman walked past wearing a short skirt and high heels clicking on the sidewalk. Both men turned and watched her pass. She clicked down the walkway in between the bordered up sidewalk next to the project. The chauffeur commented with a thick accent "the prince would pay a high price for a harem slave like her". The construction worker commented "she would be easy to grab because she walks by here every day at the same time, her routine is like clockwork" "Ahh" said the chauffeur "but the prince would only purchase an obedient slave" The construction worker asked "what if someone could train her to be obedient, how much would the prince pay" The chauffeur responded "between $50,000 and $100,000 depending on her looks and her level of obedience" "How do you know that" the construction worker asked. "Because aside from driving I make all the purchases for the prince and his royal family's harem" the other man said with a grin. The construction worker went home that night thinking and dreaming. He had placed a mobile home on his property just in front of the mine so the entrance was no longer visible. He thought about the possibilities $100,000 was more than he could ever make in a year.

He had begun to "borrow" construction materials from the building sites and with a little work with a rented backhoe he was able to construct a cinder block corridor dow the horizontal adit of the mine to a block house in one of the cavernous openings. He could walk out the back door of the Mobile home and down the long corridor to the block chamber. He purchased some equipment like a small dog cage from a pet store along with a food bowl, a collar and a leash. He also purchased a hand gun at a gun show. That gun had been the easiest piece of equipment to acquire, since there were no background checks and they would sell guns to anyone. He then began to plan out an abduction. At first he was not sure he could do it but as the days went by and the woman appeared regularly at the site 1:30, when there were not many people around since most took their lunch break at the noon hour and also tried to avoid the construction mess. He began to get up his nerve. Finally his chance came.

That day it had started to rain heavily, halting almost all construction work due to weather. He parked his covered pickup truck at the end of the walkway and waited. Just like clock work the woman trotted up under plywood over head to escape the rain. He pulled the small hand gun from his pocket and walked up behind her and grabbed her with his hand over her mouth. He showed her the gun and she stopped struggling enough for him to push her into the back of his truck. It wasn't until then that she began to scream so he grabbed her by the hair and stuck her face down into a jacket on the bed of the truck. He then took duct tape and wound it round and round over her mouth and eyes leaving only her nose exposed. He then secured her arms behind her back and her feet and legs at the ankles and knees. He glanced at his watch, not more than five minutes had passed as he jumped out, closed the back of the truck, and drove away. He had captured the first of many slaves to train. That particular slave brought him $75,000 when he approached the chauffer on the next inspection almost one year later, when the building project was almost complete.

As the Master walked down the corridor he shook his head saying "sloppy , I can't believe no one saw that first one and I didn't get caught" He opened the door to his house and sat down in the living room fixed himself a drink and flipped on video of the new slave's training session that was currently being recorded. He picked up a remote control and aimed it at a box on the other side of the room. The door on the box opened and another naked blond slave girl crawled out. Her hands were handcuffed in the front and her ankles were also handcuffed together. The Master said "my cock needs sucking" and the slave girl said "yes Master" as she crawled to him, skillfully opened his pants with her mouth and set to work. The master laughed while he watched the screen while getting his pole smoked "those arabs are so silly wanting trained slaves, the best part is the breaking and training of the slave girls!" he thought.

Pun-Tang stood up and grabbed a vicious looking braided leather whip from the wall beside her. "What is you name?" she screamed as she lashed the whip across the blond slave's already black and blue derriere. "Aarrghgh! it is slave girl" the blond slave managed to choke out. Another blow slashed her across the back as Pun -Tang yelled " You will address me as Mistress Tang! Now what is you name?" "Mmy nname is slave girl Mmistress Tang" the slave girl whimpered. "How dare you force me to eat your shit!" screamed the Mistress as another lash cracked down on the slave girl's ass. The slave girl screamed and then meekly said "I'm sorry I couldn't help it Mistress Tang ". The Mistress stood in front of the slave girl with the whip raised above her head. "Will it ever happen again?" the Mistress said in a taunting manner. "No" the slave girl said just seconds before the mistress brought the whip down along the crack of the slave girls upturned ass. " No what!!" screamed the Mistress. "No it won't happen again Mistress Tang" the slave girl sobbed. "Lets make sure that it won't anytime soon" the Mistress said as she pulled a medium sized butt plug from the wall to her left. She walked to the front of the helpless slave girl and placed it into her mouth. "Get this butt plug nice and wet because that is all the lubrication you will get" the Mistress said as she shoved the plug into the slave girls mouth stretching her jaws while the pointed end of the plug went so far back it made her gag. " Well I see that we will have to work on that gag reflex when you start your first day of training all over again tomorrow".

The Mistress then walked in back of the slave girl and placed the butt plug against her already stretched out and sore poop chute. With a twist of her wrist she brutally forced the plug all the way past the slavegirl's sphincter, almost causing the slave girl to pass out from the pain. The Mistress then attached a leather belt that went around the slavegirl's waist and a small chain that passed between her legs holding the butt plug securely in place. "There, that should keep you potty trained" the Mistress taunted. "Now lets get you ready for nite-nite". The Mistress moved to the other side of the room and returned with a set of barber shears. "The buyers tend to like slave girls with blond hair the best" said the Mistress with a touch of jealousy in her voice. "But I don't" and with that she began to shear off the slavegirl's long blond hair. The slavegirl cried as the last of her golden locks hit the floor.

The Mistress returned with a bowl of water and a razor and proceeded to shave the slave girls head until she was totally bald. The Mistress then held up a mirror and as the slave girl saw her tear streaked image she softly said "oh my god". The slavegirl's face was very attractive and the lack of hair did not detract from that beauty but the slave girl still felt totally degraded as she hung head and cried. "Feel lucky you get to keep your blond badge between your legs, the Master removes pubic hair from any other slave, even blonds with dark pubic hair". The Mistress picked up the leather hood and stated " don't worry, by the time this hood comes off again most of your hair will have grown back". Before pulling the hood over the slavegirl's head the mistress placed a set of earphones over the slave's ears. The Mistress then placed the leather blind fold tightly over the slavegirl's eyes and locked everything into place.

The slave girl was then released from the stocks that held her hands and feet, she was forced to stand up, which was difficult due to her stiff limbs and the butt plug impaling her ass. Her hands were re-cuffed behind her back and she was led across the room to a small cage. She could not see that it was smaller than the first cage, only 3 feet long 3 feet wide and 2 feet high. She was forced to enter the cage head first leaving her in a very uncomfortable position, all balled up on her knees.

The Mistress had to push the door to the cage hard against the slave's ass to close and lock the cage. "Can you hear me slave?" the mistress asked. "Yes Mistress Tang" the slave girl responded. " Good, then you will repeat after me and repeat the exact words I say is that understood?" "Yes Mistress Tang". The Mistress took a small cassette tape recorder and put it up to the slave's mouth. "Now repeat after me" the Mistress said. " I am a Slave girl" the Mistress hit the record button as the slave repeated the phrase. " I will do anything anyone tells me to do, even other slaves". " I will be a sex slave for the rest of my life" " The slave girl will surrender the slave girl's asshole to any one who wants it". " The slave girl will surrender her pussy to anyone who wants it". "The slave girl will surrender her mouth and tongue to anyone who wants it". "The slave girl will take a cock all the way down her throat when giving head". "The slave girl will be executed if the Master or Mistress feels teeth while being serviced by the slave girl". "The slave girl will eat any bodily secretion she is asked to eat". "The slave girl will serve as toilet slave for anyone who asks". "The slave girl will be whipped and beaten if she does not preform any act asked of her". "The slave girl will eat anything in her food bowl". "The slave girl will fuck animals and enjoy it". "The slave girl will preform all acts with enthusiasm or the slave will be punished". The Mistress then hit the repeat play button and attached the recorder to the earphones inside the slave girl's hood. Before she turned on the recorder she announce to the slave girl "We found this mace canister in your backpack and we would like to see if it works" The Mistress turned on the tape recorder and as she walked a few feet away aimed a stream of mace that hit the slave girl in the cunt. The slave girl screamed in pain as her cunt felt like it was on fire. As the Mistress walked towards the door of her pen she could hear the slave girl squealing and shaking the cage. "Goodnight slave and sweet dreams" the Mistress said as she entered her pen and closed the door.

Chapter 4

The slave girl woke up suddenly as the stream of cold water hit her pussy. At least it was soothing as she shivered in her cage. All night long her pussy had felt like it was on fire. The Mistress began to spray her in the face making it difficult for her to breath. "Good morning slave girl! did you sleep well?" the Mistress said as she detached the recorder from the head phones. "Yes Mistress" replied the slave girl even though nothing could have been farther from the truth. Her pussy had burned from the mace for many hours before she had finally passed out from pain and exhaustion. She also had to listen to her own voice over and over again telling her what was in store for her future. The door to her cage swung open and the Mistress order her to get out. She was so stiff that she could barely back out of the tiny cage, but she somehow managed after several swats with a riding crop.

The blindfolded, hooded slave girl crouched on the floor with her wrists still cuffed behind her back. "You will now lick my pussy slave" the Mistress said as she sat on top of the small cage and spread legs revealing her hairless twat. The slave girl trembled when she heard those words. She felt repulsed by the thought of being forced into pleasuring another woman, but a sharp crack of the riding crop and the sharp pain across her butt cheeks convinced her she had no choice. She felt the Mistress position her head by pulling the the ring in the top of her hood. She stuck out her tongue and slowly began licking her Mistress's pussy up and down her slit. "Get that tongue inside!" the Mistress yelled and followed through with three quick lashes with the crop. The slave girl's scream was muffled in the Mistress's crotch as she stuck her tongue up inside the warm wet hole.

The slave girl's tongue moved in and out, up and down, and side to side as the Mistress began to quiver and the slave girl lapped up her discharge. After what seemed like hours and several orgasms later, the Mistress stated matter of factly "I hope you are hungry slave, because I have to take a shit" "You can begin by learning how to greet your Mistress!" Slowly the Mistress positioned herself and then pulled the slave's head towards her asshole. The defeated slave girl knew she had no other options. As she had seen the Mistress greet the Master the day before, the slave slowly stuck out her tongue and licked it up and down until it found the Mistress's asshole. She began to slide her tongue around the rim until she felt the Mistress's riding crop snap down across her back. "Get that tongue inside" screamed the Mistress. With a sigh of despair the slave girl pushed her tongue inside past the tight anal ring. She was greeted by a repulsive taste but she did not want to feel the lash again. She began wiggling her tongue after it had been extended as far as she could go.

After several minutes the slave girl felt the ass muscles of the Mistress contract and something touched the tip of her tongue and began pushing in and opposite direction. She knew what she had to do and feeling utterly degraded she eased back her tongue and opened her mouth. The long turd squirted halfway down the slave's throat as the Mistress's asshole pinched off the other end leaving the slave girl with a turd halfway out of her mouth. "Don't you dare let it fall" the slave heard her Mistress say. As she had observed her Mistress on the previous day, the slave tilted her head up and, fighting the urge to vomit, let the turd slide down her throat. "Not bad slave, but now I have to pee" the Mistress stated, positioning her pee hole over the slave's upturned mouth. Soon the warm acrid taste of urine filled her mouth and she frantically gulped down mouthful after mouthful until finally the Mistress had emptied her bladder. The slave's stomach was churning and she fought down the heaves as the Mistress directed the hose at her mouth and face to rinse off any excrement that may have spilled. The slave drank some of the water and that seemed to settle her stomach. "Don't worry slave it will get easier as you become more used to your morning routine. Did you enjoy your breakfast?" taunted the Mistress. "Yes, Thank you, Mistress Tang" the humiliated slave responded.

"Now let's start with your 50 lashes" The slave heard the Mistress say as she felt cuffs being put on her ankles. Soon she heard the clicking of a winch as her feet were being pulled upwards until she was hanging upside down. Still blindfolded and butt plugged she was unable to see that the Mistress had placed a barrel under her head and was now filling it with water. "I wish I had tits as big as yours" the Mistress said giving the slave girl's nipple a twist and eliciting a shriek from the slave girl. "Since your butt is so bruised today you will get your daily lashes on those big boobs". Tears flowed across the slave girl's hooded forehead as she realized that not only had she gotten off on the wrong foot with her Mistress by having her eat her accident, but the Mistress was also jealous of her looks and she now was going to suffer for both.

When the barrel was filled to the top the Mistress lowered the winch without warning and the slave girl found her head submerged underwater. The Mistress then gave each of the slave girl's tits five vicious strokes with the crop before cranking the winch up until the slavegirl's head was coughing and sputtering above the water. The Mistress waited until the coughing subsided a little bit before plunging the slaves head under water again and applying five more stokes to the underside of each of the slave girls tits. Each stroke made the upside down tits flop up and down, shaking from both from the blow and from the slave girls struggling body . With each stroke the Mistress noticed a set of bubbles breaking the surface of the water as the slave girl's body twitched and shook in its suspension. As the slave girl's head broke out above the surface of the water she gasped for breath and let out a small scream. Her tits felt like they were on fire and she had inhaled water up her nose and into her lungs making her cough and sputter. She felt now she had to concentrate or she would drown as she took in a deep breath when she felt herself being lowered again. When it was finally over the Mistress left the slave girl hanging upside down for the rest of the day with the recorder playing the tape from the night before. Periodically the mistress would approach the slave girl with a 8 inch dildo and have her lick and suck it for several minutes before it was shoved down her throat, cutting off her air for what seemed like an eternity . The fake cock was then pulled out for a few seconds allowing the slave girl to gasp several breaths before it was shoved down her throat again.

When she was finally let down all she could do was lie on the floor panting. The Mistress announced that it was time to eat and when the blindfold was removed the Mistress had three hot dogs in her hand. While the slave girl lay on the floor the Mistress shoved one of the hot dogs up her asshole. Positioning herself over the slave girl's head she let the slave girl eat the hot dog as she expelled it from her ass. This was the first real food the slave girl was able to eat in a long time and despite the humiliation of having to eat hot dogs from her Mistress's ass she enthusiastically ate all three. She was allowed to drink water from her doggie bowl which she did on all fours with her ass in the air. She was then told to position herself over the drain and then she was given permission to pee which she did without hesitation. The blind fold was reapplied and she was forced back into her small cage for the night, the recording playing into her ear phones.

Chapter 5

The next morning it was the Master that woke her up by prodding her privates with a thin bamboo cane. The slave girl could barely move as the Master pulled her from the small cage and released her hands from the cuffs behind her back. Her arms felt like they were paralyzed because they had been cuffed behind her back for almost two days. The Master roughly and without warning pulled the butt plug from her ass making her scream in agony and almost pass out. It had been inside her for so long it did not feel normal to now have it out. "Now you will lick the plug clean" the Master said as he placed the plug under the slave girl's nose. The smell was overpowering and the very tip was stained brown. The slave girl had no other choice than to lick the stained plug clean. "The slave girl may piss and shit" the Master announced as touched the slave girls ass with a bed pan. Under the slave girl's hood she had turned beet red with embarrassment because she knew the Master was watching as she farted loudly and a pile of turds slipped out of her asshole. She then released her bladder taking full advantage of the opportunity to relieve herself and fulfill her bodily functions. "Now lets clean you up, get down on all fours" the Master commanded. She obeyed as she felt a hard stream of cold water from a nozzle on the hose hit her on the asshole. She could only flush with embarrassment as she felt his hands rubbing soap over her body parts, inserting soapy fingers in her anus and vagina. She was the rinsed off with the stinging cold spray from the nozzle.

"Would the slave girl like to stretch out?" she heard her Master say. "Yes Master" said the slave girl. "Good, come this way" as she felt him click a leash to her collar and pull. She was almost dragged by the leash as the Master pulled her across the cold cement floor. She felt the Master pick her up and place her face down on a table. She them felt him attacking cuffs to her out stretched hands and ankles. "In case you have not figured it out, slave, this is the rack. You will be glad to know that this form of torture was sanctioned by the Christian church" The slave girl felt the cuffs tightening as the Master began to tighten the wheel at the head of the table. Soon she was stretched to the point where she could not move an inch. The Master said "I could continue" as he cranked the wheel another notch. "No please!!" screamed the helpless slave girl, "Its pulling my arms out". "Slavegirl's never utter the "N" word. Slave who continue to use that word are punished by having their tongue cut off". The Master gave the wheel another click and said "it must not be that bad because you have not offered to service me yet". "Please let me suck your dick Master!" screamed the slave girl. "What else?" said the Master. "Please fuck me Master" the slave girl pleaded. The Master was busy lighting a candle and heating up a nail pounded into a piece of wood that served as a handle. The nail began to glow red as the Master pulled the slave girls taut ass cheeks apart, spreading the skin between her two holes. He touched the red hot nail to the slave girl's tween, eliciting a series of loud shrieks between pleading of "nooo, please fuck me Master". The Master said " you were just told you are not allowed to use the "N" word". The Master set down the nail and asked "Where would you like me to fuck you?" as her touched her little pink puckered up anus. "In the ass Master, please fuck me in the ass!" the slave girl screamed. "If you insist" the Master taunted as he climbed up onto the table.

As the Master lubed up his dick he laughed to himself "you must be getting old having to use lubricant to fuck a slave girl's ass." There were times when he would shove his dick up a slave girl's bunghole with nothing but friction. "It just feels better this way" he thought as he spread the ass cheeks and plunged into the tight hole before him. "AAacck" screamed the slave girl as he buried his dick in her ass to the hilt. "What do you say when you are being fucked in the ass?" The Master teased. "I don't know Master" the slave choked out between grunts as the Master stroked his cock in and out. Realizing she was much too young to have seen that particular movie he was thinking about, he said "you are supposed to squee like a pig every time you get butt fucked, now let's hear it". "Squeeeeeee, Squeeeeeee, Squeeee" the slave girl said with every downstroke from the Master. "That's it, now tell your Master how much you like to get fucked in the butt pig!" order the Master. "I love getting fucked in the butt" the slave girl said between squeals. "Are you a pig!" demanded the Master. "yes Master I am a pig" she cried as tears rolled down her cheeks under the hood. " I think we have a new name for you slave" the Master said, "Butt Pig! Now what is your name slave?" "My name is Butt Pig Master" the slave girl sobbed.

"Why is your name Butt Pig?" the Master asked. "Because I am a pig and I like getting fucked in the butt" the broken slave girl replied. The Master continued to pound Butt Pig's ass for at least another 45 minutes before he spewed his jizz into the asshole. He then moved to her head which was the only part of her body that she could move and said " lick my dick and my balls clean Butt Pig!. "Yes Master" replied Butt Pig softly as she proceeded to extend her tongue.

The Master pushed a button on his remote control and the door to Pun-Tang's pen opened. Pun-Tang emerged in the door way and stepped into the room. "Have you noticed that Butt Pig our new slave girl, has trouble extending her tongue to service her Masters?" the Master asked Pun -Tang. "I have noticed that she does not lick pussy very well, not only does she not extend but she is too slow and does not flick it around enough. Should we should cut off her tongue, Master? " Pun -Tang said with a twinkle in her eyes "It would mean that I would not have to listen to her pitiful pleas anymore. Butt Pig was horrified when she heard this and immediately began licking her Master's balls faster. The Master began to get hard again and Butt Pig began licking and sliding her tongue along the shaft of the cock. "I will take a day to think about it and we will let Butt Pig here show convince us that her tongue is more useful when attached, in the meantime Butt Pig needs to get her daily lashes". The Mistress picked up a leather strap and began wailing on Butt pig's ass as the Master, now hard again, began sliding his cock in and out of Butt Pig's mouth. Her head was in a bad position to deep throat but the Master kept shoving his cock as far in as it would go. Butt pig slid and flicked her tongue over the Master's shaft, desperately trying to please him. Pun Tang had finished her fifty lashes when the Master exploded has wad into Butt Pig's mouth. Butt Pig swallowed and continued to use her tongue in an effort to convince the Master not to cut Off her tongue. "Prepare her for surgery first thing in the morning and I will decide then, tonight let Butt Pig sleep in cage number two " the Master said as he left the chamber. Butt Pig was visibly trembling now that she was alone with the Mistress.

Pun-Tang re -inserted the now clean butt plug and released Butt Pig from the rack. Butt Pig's hands where handcuffed in front of her this time. She then walked Butt Pig over to another cage. This cage was big enough for a slave to squat or kneel and had an opening for the slave's head in the top of the cage similar to a pillory. Pun-Tang opened the head stock and helped Butt Pig climb into the cage where she was forced to kneel down as Pun-Tang slid the top piece around Butt Pig's neck, trapping her head in place. She then went to a cabinet and took out a can of dog food and fed Butt Pig with a spoon until the whole can was gone. The dog food tasted bad but Butt Pig was hungry so she gulped down the disgusting meal. Pun-Tang then allowed the slave girl to drink the orange flavored laxative. "Good-night Butt Pig, sweet dreams, tomorrow's a big day" she laughed as she returned to her pen. Butt Pig cried herself to sleep thinking about what may be in store for her the following day. How could this be happening to her? How low will she be able to slide in order to survive? Did she even want to survive? Her dreams that night were not sweet.

Chapter 6

Butt Pig woke up with both the Mistress and Master poking at what once had been her privates through the bars of the cage. She could not tell how long she had been asleep because of the blindfold, however there was no way for her to tell the passage of time even if she could see, because there were no windows in the punishment room. The Master announced that she would have a few more chances to prove that her tongue was worth saving. He had set an alarm clock to go off in half an hour, she would keep her tongue if she could get the Master to ejaculate in her mouth before the alarm went off. Her blindfolded hooded head was still locked in the stock at the top of the cage so she could only use her tongue to pleasure her Master. The Master placed his semi-erect cock into Butt Pig's mouth. Butt Pig went to work sliding her tongue over the tip of the dick, down the shaft and moving it along the underside of the dick when the Master pressed forward into her mouth, repeating the process as the Master pulled out. Butt Pig slurped and sucked with all the strength she had, trying to please her Master, for what seemed like an eternity.

Butt pig had no way of knowing that the Master had just fucked another slave girl only moments before she began her frustrating task of sucking him off again. This meant that it would take longer for him to cum. Her heart sank when the alarm went off while the Master was still sliding his pecker in and out of her mouth. "Keep sucking slave and I may have mercy" the Master said. It was another twenty minutes before she felt the Master's hot spooge projectile splatter against her uvula. She swallowed it all and continued her tongue action until the Master pulled his dick away.

"You are failing your tongue test slave!" The Master said as Pun-Tang stepped up and presented Butt Pig with her shaved pussy. "You have another half hour to bring your Mistress to orgasm" he said as Butt Pig began her second task. She concentrated her tongue efforts on the Mistress's love button, with and occasional probe into her pussy hole. She could taste the Mistress getting wet, but the Mistress gave her no clue as to whether she was close to accomplishing her task or not. Blindly, Butt Pig sucked, slurped and licked frantically until she heard the alarm go off. "Continue!" screamed the Mistress as the demoralized slave girl realized she had failed again. Five minutes later she felt the Mistress shake and shimmy and tasted her vaginal discharge. Butt Pig was totally humiliated and frustrated by this point but she continued to frantically lick the pussy juices from her Mistress.

During this time the Master just kicked back and watched the spectacle before him. He knew that a slave girl without a tongue would bring a much lower price. He knew that with only minor tongue modifications, the value of a slave girl could be increased significantly, However, the slave girl did not share this same information and he was enjoying Butt Pig's frustration and terror at not being able to accomplish the impossible tasks being given to her. The Master watched as Pun- Tang positioned her asshole at the slave's mouth and commanded the slave girl to give her a rim job. Desperately hoping they would allow her to keep her tongue, Butt Pig tried to increase her tongue action on her Mistress's bung hole, despite the fatigue she was feeling, having worked her tongue muscles for almost two hours. The slave girl worked her tongue, inside and around the Mistress's anus for another half hour before the Mistress squeezed out a relatively small turd which the slave girl swallowed without hesitation. The Master then stepped up and had the slave girl repeat the tongue reaming for another hour before the Master began to pinch off a steamy curl into the slave girl's mouth. Butt Pig had only eaten from her Mistress's asshole before now. The Master's log was bigger and longer, but it did not taste as bad as the Mistress, due to the better food the Master ate. Butt Pig swallowed the entire length with only one small gag, but it filled her stomach to the maximum. She proceeded to clean her Master's asshole with her precious tongue.

"Lets clean up her mouth, and prepare her for surgery before I make my decision" the Master said. Pun-Tang took the hose and began flushing Butt Pigs mouth with water. The water was spraying all over her face and she could hardly breath, but the horror of loosing her tongue was the worse part. The Mistress then took a tooth brush and began brushing Butt Pig's teeth, keeping her mouth open by squeezing the slave girl's nose. She was not gentle and occasionally stuck the tooth brush down the unfortunate slave's throat casing her to gag repeatedly. Pun-Tang then took a strong mouth wash and had the slave girl rinse her mouth until half the bottle was gone. Butt Pig was then dragged out of her cage and again laid down on the rack. The wrist and ankle restraints were locked into place and the poor slave girl was stretched to the maximum point without dislocating her hips or shoulders. The ring on the top of her hood was cinched down to the table, immobilizing her head. Butt Pig was able to utter a single "please" before the mistress squeezed her nose, which forced her to open her mouth to breathe, allowing the Mistress to grasp the slave's tongue with a pair of tongs. As the Mistress pulled the slave girl's tongue out of her mouth the Master applied a metal clamp to the tongue and screwed it down as tight as he could. The clamp was attach to a small chain which was perpendicular to the horizontal slave girl. The chain was then pulled until Butt Pig's tongue was extended out as far as the slave girl thought possible. Another clamp was applied to her lower jaw and pulled and tightened around Butt Pig's collar. Butt Pig was unable to see the gloved Mistress heating up a heavy duty pair of scissors over a candle flame. When the scissors were glowing red the Master nodded and the Mistress took the scissors and proceeded to cut the membranes under the slave girl's tongue.

Butt Pig emitted a pitiful noise as she felt the membranes under her tongue being cut by the hot snippers. She was unable to move or scream because her tongue was stretched towards the ceiling. She was horrified when she tasted blood in her mouth and felt the tension on her tongue relax. Butt Pig began to cry and her heart raced from stress, because she thought her tongue had been cut off. When she pulled back on her tongue she was surprised to find that her tongue was still there, clamped to the chain that was not as tight as it had been as few seconds before. The Mistress was now placing gauze under her tongue, releasing her tongue from the clamp and stuffing her mouth full of gauze and taping it into place. As Butt Pig's heart rate began to slow she heard the Master explain what had been done to her.

"I first heard of this technique in my youth when I was a fan of a seventies rock band called Smooch. The band was known for its makeup and outrageous appearance. The lead singer was rumored to have had oral surgery on the membrane that attaches his tongue to the floor of the mouth, allowing him to extend his tongue farther outside his mouth for theatrical purposes, making him look more demonic. It was rumored to have some additional side benefits, such as better rug munching . That is what we have done for you Butt Pig. The membrane that attaches your tongue at the mid-point to the floor of your mouth has been removed. When it heals you will be able to extend your tongue farther in order to pleasure your Master or Mistress or whomever your are servicing with your tongue". "To prevent infection, you will not have to serve as a toilet until your tongue is fully healed". With that the Master left the room and Pun- Tang released Butt Pig from the rack and placed her back into her cage with the head stock. Pun- Tang then inserted a feeding tube up the slave girl's nose and then down her throat and into her stomach. Butt Pig remained there for many days, being fed god-knows- what once a day through the feeding tube and being allowed to pee and poop once a day. Her gauze was changed and her mouth washed with mouthwash three times a day. She was left alone the rest of the time, hooded blindfolded and butt plugged for the next ten days.

Chapter 7

Although the cage was larger than the previous one, allowing her to shift around to a limited degree, Butt Pig was still very uncomfortable. The height of the cage was enough so that she could not rest her butt on the floor or on the heels of her feet. Her hands were un-cuffed but that did not help her dilemma because she could not reach the floor of the cage with her hands either. This left her the only two options of a kneeling or a squatting position. She had learned to sleep by resting her chin on the hard wood of the head stock, allowing most of her weight to be supported by her neck. Her tongue had healed quickly, the throbbing pain was gone after the first two days. She had no way of knowing how many days had passed, she was totally bored, only being able to listen to the recording playing over and over. She thought she would go insane at any time. She began to look forward to the one time a day when she was fed and allowed to relieve her bodily functions. The Mistress would sometimes break the routine by pinching the slave girl's tits or rubbing her clit, almost to orgasm, through the bars of the cage. The slave girl was beginning to enjoy these little distractions.

Just when Butt Pig felt she could not stand it anymore, the Master came in and removed her mouth dressing, brutally yanking the feeding tube from her nose, he asked "are you ready to try out your new tongue?". Butt Pig responded "yes please Master, let me suck your cock with my new tongue." She began working her tongue over the head of the Master's dick. She found that she could now wrap her tongue all the way around the shaft, which she did over its entire length. She returned to the head of the dick and licked the smegma oozing from the tip. The Master was impressed and released the slave girl's head from the stock and pulled her from the cage. The slave girl could barely move because she was so stiff, so the Master positioned her on all fours and let her continue her task of fellatio. She was now able to take the cock all the way down her throat which she did between licks. She was not expecting the sharp flash of pain across her butt cheeks as the Master slashed down with a riding crop. "You must have forgotten during your recovery period that you get 50 lashes a day. Now arch your back and hold your position slave!" Butt Pig continued servicing the Master's cock as he continued to crack the riding crop down against her exposed ass. The Master finally shot his wad when his dick was in the slave girls throat causing her to gag and almost throw up. She was able to recover and not anger the Master very much.

The Master then attached a leash to the slave girl's collar and had her walk on all fours around the room. Slowly Butt Pig's stiff limbs began to loosen up. The Master had her bark like a dog as he smacked her butt again with the crop. "Keep that back arched, doggie, and wag your tail." Butt Pig began to shake her ass back and forth which also caused her hanging tits to shake around from side to side. She was given instructions to bark and speed up, each command being accompanied by a lash of the crop. The Master removed her butt plug and after she cleaned it with her tongue, he walked her around the room with her tail shaking and had her lift her leg and pee. He then had her shit on some papers and then had her clean her asshole by dragging it back and forth on the floor. He then stuck out his leg and had Butt Pig hump on it while he lashed her ass until she humped at a good speed. Butt Pig felt her pussy getting wet from the simulation to her clit, which had been receiving less attention than her mouth and anus since she became a slave. Butt Pig accomplished these humiliating tasks and received minimal strokes of the crop by being obedient. She felt at this point anything was better than the monotony of her cage.

After an hour the Master became bored and announced that he had decided that Butt Pig would be the first slave to try out his new "exercise" room. The Master cuffed Butt Pig's hands in back of her, then applied a chain that went snugly around her small waist. He then took a padlock and locked the cuffs and the two ends of the chain . He pulled Butt Pig to her feet and let her stand awhile to adjust her posture, since she had not been able to stand for weeks. He then led the wobbling slave girl out of the room and down the long corridor, with minimum lashes from the crop. He stopped and unlocked a door that entered into his newest room. He told Butt Pig that she would spend several hours a day in this room to keep her body in shape, but that she will be returned to her cramped cage to sleep. Butt Pig was still hooded and blindfolded so she was unable to assess the contraptions the exercise room contained.

The Master chuckled as Butt Pig was led into a small chamber about ten feet by ten feet.

She stood at the center of the chamber, her bare feet feeling some kind of grid making up the floor of the chamber. The Master placed a bar the width of her shoulders under her cuffed arms and attached the ends of the bar to some chains hanging from the ceiling. The chains were loose enough to allow the slave girl to move about the chamber, but short enough that she could not fall to the floor or touch the floor with her knees. The walls of the chamber were transparent plexiglass and the Master could view the slave as he closed and latched the door. He walked to a small room the size of a closet and started a gas powered generator. he then moved to the front of the chamber and sat down in an armchair with a console built into the arm rests.

This was an idea that he had stolen from one of his favorite mainstream authors, Etienne Roi. This author was known for his horror stories, but the Master liked the descriptive and sick tortures that his characters faced. The author had recently been in some sort of car accident and the Master hoped that he was OK because he believed that a sick mind is a terrible thing to waste. Via microphone, the Master asked Butt Pig if she was ready for her aerobics. "Yes Master" she responded nervously. The Master flipped a switch and some 1960's rock and roll music came on over the speakers. "Lets shake it up Baby!" the Master said as he flipped another switch that electrified the grid under the slave girls feet. It worked like a charm, just like in the book, as the hooded slave girl screamed and began trying to lift her feet off the grid. Lifting one foot and then the other, Butt Pig danced around the chamber to the music with sparks flying out from under whichever foot was in contact with the floor. "Please stop!!!" the slave girl screamed and pleaded as she hopped from one end of the chamber to the other. The Master only turned up the music to drown out her pitiful pleas.

He kicked back and enjoyed the sight of his hooded slave girl prancing back and forth, to and fro, spinning around so that he could observe her shaking, rippling ass cheeks one minute then her bouncing boobs, flopping up and down and side to side the next minute. After five minutes the Master turned off the juice and inspected the panting and whimpering slave girl's feet. They appeared red, but not too much damage. Butt Pig was able to catch her breath, but her heart sank when the Master announced "A good aerobic workout lasts half an hour, you just completed the first five minutes". The Master closed the door to the chamber and returned to his chair, continuing the slave girl's workout for another five minutes and allowing her two minutes between sets until she had danced for thirty minutes total. When the Master had turned off the power for the sixth time Butt Pig could only slump and dangle from the bar under her armpits. The Master had to place the exhausted slave girl on a cart and wheeled her back to her cage.

The Master was pleased with the results of his exercise room. He had only tested the first of many contraptions continued therein and he now wanted to try them all out on Butt Pig. He had Pygmailian- like thoughts about the possibility of abducting a fat woman and then molding her to his liking by controlling her diet and a brutal regime of exercise in his new room. Some fat women had enormous tits and cute faces that were washed out by their bloated bodies. He wondered if the big tits could be preserved somehow as the rest of the slaves body were reduced. He hated fake tits, they never responded well to whipping, and they seemed to have decreased sensitivity. His reputation of quality slaves was partly due to the fact that all his slaves had real boobs. He decided that his next slave would be a large woman that he could experiment with.

Before putting Butt Pig to bed, he pet her on the head and told her what a good slave girl she had been. He then filled her food bowl with cold canned chili mixed with a can of corn. Butt Pig, her hands still cuffed behind her back bent over and greedily ate the contents of her bowl, which was the first solid food she had in a long time. She was then allowed to drink several glasses of the orange fiber drink before being led to her cage. The Master said that she would not have to wear the butt plug, however she was expected to control herself. It felt strange not to have her ass filled up, as she had become used to the plug as if it were a part of her. The slave girl nodded in agreement, as the Master locked her head into the top of the cage and released her hands from the cuffs. The Master informed her that she would now have a training routine that would include daily visits to the exercise room among other things. Butt Pig was so tired that she fell asleep as soon as the Master left the room.

Chapter 8

Butt Pig awoke the next morning when she felt her cage being tilted backwards. When it came to a rest Butt Pig's blindfolded and hooded face pointed towards the ceiling, still locked in the stocks. She heard the Master's voice telling Pun-Tang to attach the toilet seat. Pun-Tang took a box, about the size of a slave girl's head and attached it to what was the now the side of Butt Pig's cage, covering the slave girls head. The portion of the box facing up was open with a small toilet seat that folded down. Butt Pig felt someone's ass descend on her face. She knew it was her Master by the smell and by the wiry hair she felt as she obediently worked her long tongue into the Master's anus. The Master was pleased by the depth the slave was able to achieve as he began to defecate. The position of the toilet slave's head allowed her to quickly bite the log into bite size pieces which she was able to quickly swallow as the long turd slid out. With the first log in her stomach she licked the Master's asshole until he pinched off a smaller turd which she swallowed in a similar manner. Butt Pig then licked the asshole clean with her lips and tongue.

She felt the Master stand up and heard him order Pun-Tang to test his asshole with her tongue and tell him if Butt Pig had done a good job. As Butt Pig held her breathe, she was relieved to hear her Mistress say that it was clean. The Master the announced he had to piss and Butt Pig opened her mouth as she took the warm yellow stream into her mouth, skillfully gulping so as not to let her mouth overflow.

Butt Pig's stomach felt full but as she had anticipated she found the Mistress's ass covering her face. Again she inserted her tongue deep into the Mistress's asshole, and pulling it back as the Mistresses bowel movement pushed against the tip. The Mistress's single turd was not as large as the Master's and Butt Pig swallowed it with relative ease. When Butt Pig finished cleaning her asshole, Pun Tang shifted so that her urethra was encircled by to toilet slave's lips and emptied the contents of her bladder into the toilet slave's stomach. When Butt Pig finished her toilet duties, her head was released from the stocks and she was allowed to crawl from her cage. The Master patted her on the head and said "You are a good little toilet and you should be a proud toilet slave". Butt Pig was glad she had pleased the Master but she had trouble feeling any pride in the accomplishment of her chore.

She felt her Mistress place a bed pan under her and she was allowed to piss and shit. She then felt the Mistress cuff her hands in front of her and a bar of soap and the hose was placed in her cuffed hands. "Wash yourself slave and make sure you clean inside your dirty holes". Butt Pig began by rinsing out her mouth, washing her face and then soaped up her body. Her Master and Mistress enjoyed watching her stick soapy fingers up her asshole and her twat and then get goose bumps as she rinsed herself with the cold water coming from the hose. The Mistress then put a tooth brush in her hands and Butt Pig was allowed to brush her teeth. The Master then demanded that she assume the ass fucking position. Butt Pig was unsure what her Master meant, but she got on all fours and held her ass in the air. "Head down!" she heard as she felt the sting of the riding crop across her left ass cheek. She complied with the command as the Master spread her ass cheeks and inserted his lubed shaft into her dainty little hole. The Mistress then positioned herself near the slave girl's head, forcing her crotch against Butt Pig's mouth. Butt Pig serviced her Master and Mistress like this for the next hour. The Master announced as he reamed her asshole that this would be her new morning routine. Butt Pig was not looking forward to her new afternoon routine.

The Master shot his wad into the poor slave girl's ass and then instructed Pun-Tang that Butt Pig was to be bent over in the stocks and administered her fifty lashes with a paddle. Then for the rest of the afternoon Pun-Tang would wear a ten inch black strap on dildo and fuck the slave girl for fifteen minutes in the cunt. The next fifteen minutes would be spent fucking the slave girl's ass and then the slave girl would deep throat and suck the dildo clean for the next fifteen minutes. For the remainder of the hour she was to eat out the Mistress's pussy. The process was to be repeated hour after hour. Then the slave girl's last two hours of her twelve hours of training would be spent with the Master in the exercise room. Finally, her day would end when she was fed and her head was locked into the stocks of her cage for the night.

This routine occurred constantly with some variation over the next year. Some mornings the Master was not present for his morning dump, some days Butt Pig would suck his cock or get fucked in the ass, and on rare occasions, get fucked in the pussy by the Master. She knew that she could always count on serving as her Mistress's toilet throughout the day. When the Master showed up for his morning dump he would play a little game with Butt Pig. If she could guess what he had eaten the day before, she would be relieved of her fifty daily lashes. This required Butt Pig to taste his turds by holding them in her mouth longer than if she had just swallowed them whole. Soon Butt Pig became very good at the tasting game and her beatings decreased. Butt Pig also began to enjoy getting fucked in the cunt by the large strap on dildo because it was the only part of the routine she could derive a little pleasure from, and she found that her enthusiasm not only earned her fewer beatings but also lubed up the dildo enough to ease the penetration of her asshole that always followed.

Her trips to the exercise room were varied. At least once a week she did her "aerobics" in the chamber with the electrified floor. Other times she was led to a large dildo mounted in the floor. The dildo had a sensor near the base and another near the top. Both sensors had to be triggered by her pussy walls every two seconds or a high voltage shock would be sent throughout the shaft of the dildo. This insured that, as she was restrained in a kneeling position over the dildo with the top of her hood clipped to a chain from the ceiling, she would keep moving her hips up and down pumping the dildo in and out of her pussy from the tip to the hilt. Once a week she was left like this for a full two hours, sometimes longer. The Master also commanded her to make chicken noises as she was fucking the dildo. At first she did not understand, but with a little coaxing from a hot poker pressed at several points along her ass crack, she quickly learned to loudly and enthusiastically cluck "bock, brock, brock, brock, becaw !!!" The Master and Mistress constantly laughed as they monitored her noises by video and Butt Pig was severely whipped the few times she stopped clucking. This provided a good deal of entertainment for the Master as he enjoyed watching the hooded slave's ass jiggle and bounce up and down and her titties flop as she bellowed "brock, bock, bock, bockcaw" To increase her humiliation he added some feathers to her hood and had her flap her elbows with her wrists cuffed on her collar under her chin. Of course the Master videotaped this so Butt Pig could watch in the future once her blindfold was removed.

Another exercise machine consisted of a simple treadmill. Butt Pig was forced to trot on it for two hours with her hands cuffed behind her back and attached to her collar. A chain attached from the ceiling to a waist belt kept her from falling. Her tits were clamped to two small chains that attached to the front of the treadmill in such a way that if she slowed down she would pull on her tits causing her to bend at the waist. Behind her a soldering iron was mounted in such a way that as the strain on her tits increased and she bent at the waist, the red hot soldering iron would touch her somewhere on the upraised bottom. This provided enough incentive for her to keep up with the speed of the machine. Other machines included a stationary bicycle with a dildo for a seat that would move up and down as the slave girl pedaled . There was also a weight machine that was attached to a dildo on the seat of the equipment. The dildo was inserted into the slave girl's asshole or pussy and would rise when the weight bar was lowered. The slave girl would have to hold the weights up to avoid being impaled by the dildo.

Another devious and humiliating exercise involved a fifty gallon clear plastic tank, with gallon markings calibrated on the side, elevated on a four foot platform. A small hose led down ending in a hollow dildo positioned below and parallel to a long 12 foot steel rail about three feet off the ground. The rail led to the other side of the chamber where another tank was set into the ground with the top opened. Butt Pig had her knees attached to her collar and her hands cuffed behind her back also attached painfully through rings in her collar and the ends were clamped to her tits. If she moved her hands it would apply tension to her nipples. She was attached to the steel rail by a ring on her waist belt. The swiveling ring slid along the length of the rail and allowed Butt Pig to shuffle back and forth along the rail with her knees to her chest and her ass sticking up in the air. Her task was simple, she needed to empty the fifty gallon tank without spilling any water, into the empty tank at the other end of the rail. In order to carry the water she would have to back up and insert the dildo into her anus. Then with her hands open the valve just above the rail, that would allow water to flow into her intestines. She would then have to close the valve and hobble like a duck to the other side of the rail turn around and position her ass over the lower tank and empty her bowels into the tank. The more water she allowed to flow into her belly the fewer times she would have to travel in her uncomfortable position, but she would have a harder time clenching her asshole closed as she waddled to the other tank. She was given two hours to empty the tank and she was whipped ten times for every gallon remaining in the tank and ten times if she spilled on route. Rarely was she able to empty the whole tank without spilling a drop..

Butt Pig was forced to exercise on at least one of these machines for two hours a day. She did not know which one she preferred, but as time went by they became easier for her to tolerate, except for the electric grid, she always hated that one. At the same time her body was beginning to look tight and firm. After one year, her hood and blindfold was removed. She had not used her eyes for so long that the reaction to light was excruciating. Her hair had grown several inches and Pun-tang would wash and comb it for her before her daily fucking. Her eyes began to function normally after a few days and she was very appreciative of not having to wear the leather hood. She could not believe how she looked when she saw her reflection in one of several mirrors throughout the two rooms she was restricted to. Her face had broken out with severe acne due to the leather hood, but it cleared up after several weeks. After one year of slave training she had very little dignity left and she was accustomed to her daily routine no matter how sickening her tasks were. Her former life was now just a faded memory.

Chapter 9

Butt Pig was still kept in the cage with the head stocks on the top, the difference now was she was no longer blind and she did not have to listen to the same recording over and over again. She now had a T.V. and video player set up in front of her with nothing but blank wall surrounding it. She had videos of her one year of training played for her every time she was locked into her cage for the night. Her food was getting better too. She was still only allowed to eat once a day (except for her toilet service) but she no longer was fed dog food. The Master felt that in order for her to keep her good looks she would have to eat a healthy diet. Butt Pig felt hat her situation was improving as she became more obedient and better skilled in her slave tasks. Pun-Tang was busy with some newer slave girls so sometimes Butt Pig would get a break from her rigorous training. Having the hood removed was a major improvement to her life and she felt much more comfortable. Some nights she was allowed to sleep, tightly bound, in Pun-Tang's bed after servicing her Mistress's pussy and asshole with her tongue. On special occasions she was allowed to eat with the Master and sleep in his bed after being thoroughly fucked.

The Master decided that the totally submissive Butt Pig was ready to service his visitors as his house slave. The guests she would have to service were customers that came to purchase the year's crop of slave girls. His first customers were due that evening so he had Pun-Tang wash and apply makeup to Butt Pigs face. She was given several enemas to make sure she would not soil a guest's dick if he fucked her poop chute. She was then led into the Master's house and ordered to climb up on a table and place her head, wrists and ankles in the stocks at each end. She was locked in and left to wait in anticipation.

That evening's guests were three members of a white supremacy group. They had placed an order, a year and a half ago, for a good looking black slave girl to be tortured and sexually abused by their members. The Master thought that racists were assholes and did not like to deal with them. He knew that racists were inferior white trash that lacked the mental capacity to succeed in life. Having an intelligence quotient only a few notches above a retard, they felt they had to blame another group of people for their own failures. He also felt sorry for them because due to their own stupid ideas of racial purity, there was a high frequency of genetically recessive traits among their ranks, creating a vicious circle of mental incompetence. Racists tended to be the kids that were teased in high school because they were stupid, and picked last for teams in P.E. because they were also physically incompetent, usually fat and ugly and unable to get a prom date unless the girls were also fat and ugly. But business was business and at least they could play a mean banjo and raise enough cash to make a purchase from the Master.

The guests arrived late that night, the Master recognizing the limousine and his friend the chauffer. Three white men, the leader, Leon, was a beer bellied southern good-ole-boy wearing cowboy boots and a hat. The second guy Billy-Bob was thin with big ears that stuck out and buck teeth. The third guy, Jack, was much younger than the other two and appeared to be a normal twenty year old except for his shaved head and swastika tattoos on his arms. "Geez" said Leon, I didn't know we would have to ride with a towel head, where did you find him? At a convenience store register?" The Master ignored the comment and after offering the guests a drink, the Master had Pun-Tang enter and show them to the guest bed rooms. Hot Damn! said Jack as the naked collared Pun-Tang appeared. "Will I be able to fuck the chink girl?" "You may use my house slaves as if they were your own, only you must use a condom if you fuck them in the pussy or ass, you will not need one if the slave girl sucks you off". The Master was well aware of sexually transmitted disease and knew that HIV was rarely transmitted by mouth. "Pun- Tang will hand you condoms and just place the rolled up condom into her mouth and she will put it on your dick". When Pun-Tang returned with the men, she had several bruises on her ass from being brutally pinched as she walked in front of the men. Let me show you to our playroom and introduce you to your new slave.

Pun-Tang moved off ahead of the group and returned to the room where Butt-Pig had been locked in the stocks for over three hours. She led a beautiful black slave by a leash as the slave crawled behind her on her hands and knees. Butt Pig noticed that the slave girl's hands were cuffed in front of her. This was the first time that Butt Pig had seen another slave other that Pun- Tang. The three assholes entered the room with the Master and started to drool at the sight of three slave girls, one black, one asian and a blond white slave locked in stocks with her ass raised in the air. On a table at the far wall were assorted whips and dildos for the guests to play with. "Yee-ha" said Billy Bob as he picked up a cat-of nine tails and lashed down a stroke across Butt Pig's immovable upturn butt. "Have fun" the Master said as he left his guests with the three slaves.

Billy Bob lashed at Butt pigs ass and asked "what is your name blondie?" "Butt Pig" replied the slave girl. "Now how did you get such a cute name?" said the skinny red neck with bad teeth . "Because I'm a pig and I like to be fucked up my butt" the helpless slave girl replied. Billy Bob turned to Pun-Tang and said "Give me a rubber chink!" Pun-Tang handed him a condom which he then stuck in her mouth as he dropped his pants revealing his upright pecker. Pun-Tang dropped to her knees and with her skillful tongue rolled the condom over Billy Bob's dick. Billy Bob gave Butt pig a few more lashes before he spread her muscular ass cheeks and forced his cock into her pretty pink anus. "Squeee" said Butt Pig as she felt the cock thrust deep into her bowels, all the way to the hilt.

Leon had taken a short whip from the table that was the perfect length for whipping a cock sucking slave. He asked the black slave her name and she replied "Black Hole, because my holes swallow up any cocks in the vicinity". "Then swallow this slave" Leon said as he shoved his erect cock down Black Hole's throat. As he stroked his cock in and out of the black slave's throat he synchronized his motion with the stokes of the whip accross her butt cheeks. Black Hole gasped for breath when she could to keep from passing out. Leon did not pull his long cock all the way from her throat on every stroke and almost a minute passed between opportunities to breath. "Get used to it slave there is much worse in store for you when we get you home" Leon taunted.

Jack the skinhead had Pun-Tang put a condom on him the same way she put it on Billy Bob. He then bent her over the table and after thrusting an 8 inch dildo up her cunt, he ordered her to spread her ass cheeks revealing her puckered hairless asshole. "I've never fucked a chink girl up the ass" he said as he proceeded to stretch her sphincter with his big white dick. Pun-Tang continued to hold her butt cheeks wide apart as Jack began to painfully thrust in and out of her tight little hole. She had been well trained to obey even when it felt like she was being split apart at the seams. After almost an hour Jack shot his spunk into the condom and suddenly pulled out of Pun-Tang's asshole. He walked over to Butt Pig who was still being reamed by Billy Bob, and told her to stick out her tongue as he removed the spent condom from his shaft. "Sheeeet! look at that tongue!" he said as he squeezed the jizz from the condom over her extended tongue. "I'm going to have to get me some of that before the nights over!" Billy Bob quivered and shot his wad as Butt Pig swallowed the slimy white excretion. Pulling suddenly from her asshole he walked to her head and said "lets see that tongue". Butt Pig extended her tongue again and Billy Bob emptied the contents of the condom on Butt Pig's tongue. Again Butt Pig swallowed the viscous semen as the boys made comments about the tightness and quality of the butt holes they had just fucked.

The night was long for the three slave girls as they were fucked and dildoed in every hole possible. Butt Pig was forced to eat the cum from all the condoms and Pun-Tang was forced to lick the men's assholes as they had Butt Pig lick and suck with her long tongue. They took turns whipping each of the slave girl's with the numerous whips that were available. By the end of the night Butt Pigs ass was striped with red and her stomach was churning from the spooge she had to swallow. Pun-Tang and Black Hole were not in much better shape. Finally, the guests went to their rooms leaving the exhausted slave girls locked in the playroom.

The next morning the three men exchanged a brief case full of cash, $100,000 worth, for the unfortunate black slave girl. They dragged her on her knees by the leash saying how they were going to pierce her nose, breasts and nipples with hot needles so she would look just like the slaves from Africa. They paddled her ass as she crawled out to the waiting Limousine. A hood with a blindfold was secured over her head and a penis shaped gag was forced into her mouth. The men laughed and pulled her over their laps and spanked her all the way to the airport where she was loaded into a small private plane that would take her to her new owner's home. The Master watched as the Limousine pulled away from his drive. He would miss the slave girl, no doubt, she had been fun to train, but good riddance to those asshole racists. He hoped they would never return.

Chapter 10

Two months later the Master had more guests. Again Butt Pig was prepared as the house slave, washed and given an enema and Pun-Tang applied her makeup. She was led to the playroom and again she was locked into the stocks. This time the guests were members of an inner city gang. They gave the Master the creeps and he made sure they were unarmed as they walked trough a metal detector before being allowed to enter the chauffeur's limousine. Gang members were the lowest form of human life. If ever there was an argument for state funded abortions one only had to point to gang members. These were the offspring of crack whores who grew up with no regard for civilized life. They felt the world owed them something and they could just take what they wanted. In the Master's youth gang members fought each other with knives , chains and martial arts, the type of fighting that required skill. Today's gang members were heavily armed with military assault weapons that required little skill to blow someone away. Even though they were heavily armed they were still cowardly in their attacks, mostly drive by shootings. They were also so inept that they usually missed their intended target and killed children. The Master hated doing business with these baby killing missed opportunity abortions. But they had substantial money from drug dealing that the Master could not ignore. The Master chuckled to himself about the possibility of his loosing clients if drugs were ever legalized. These poor missed abortions would be jobless. They also liked white women and ordered a blond district attorney.

The guests arrived early and after Pun-Tang showed them to their rooms, they assembled in the playroom, where Pun-Tang led in the Master's former blond house slave. She was totally naked except for her collar and leash and her pubic hairs had been removed. So she was not really a district attorney, she had been just a poor law student working an internship with the district attorney's office. She had been with the Master for two years now and fully obedient so she did not need to have her hands cuffed. She was trained to be a dog slave so she wiggled her derriere and made woofing noises as she was led into the room on all fours, her big breasts dangling and shaking as she was led up to the leader and she began sniffing and licking his shoes.

The leader of the trio was named Bo and he looked mean. Six feet tall and a buff body his made his presence known to all in the room. The next guy was named Tyrell and he was also large but a bit more pudgy than the leader. The third guy was a thin latino with a shaved head covered with tattoos his name was Jose. The Master announced that they could use his slavegirls all night with the same rules that applied to all his guests. Bo announced that they would have plenty of time with their slave girl so she would lick the men's assholes as they used the other two slave girls. He walked up to butt Pig's head and dropped his pants revealing a large uncircumcised black cock. Butt Pig had never before seen an uncircumcised dick before, for that matter she had never seen a black man's dick before. She let out gasp but that did not delay putting her long tongue to work on the dick. Jose had taken a butt plug from the table and as Pun-Tang applied his condom with her mouth he rammed the plug up Butt Pigs asshole. He then inserted his cock into her pussy and began to thrust. Tyrell picked up a pair of handcuffs and roughly grabbed Pun-tang and cuffed her hands behind her back. He then took two long strands of rope and strung them over a ceiling beam. He tied the ends to Pun-Tangs nipple rings and forced her to her knees. he ten took more rope and tied her ankles to her handcuffs. He had her apply a condom and then laid down under her as he inserted his cock into her twat. He said " I'm going to make you bounce like a little chinese puppet" as he pulled her tits up and let them down causing her to bounce up and down on his impaling shaft.

That night Butt Pig swallowed the semen from all three men several times, while Pun-Tang was fucked by all three, once in the pussy and once in the ass, while her tits were pulled up and down by the ropes through her nipple rings. The two slave girls also had their asses brutally paddled by the three strong men leaving them sore and exhausted by the time the gang members finally left, dragging their doggy slave by the collar.

Over the next few months Butt Pig and Pun-Tang serviced only two more groups of slave buyers. A japanese couple arrived at the Master's house to purchase a tall brown haired slave girl.

The economic recession in Japan had not yet affected the Master's japanese clients. He liked dealing with them because they were always bowing and being very polite. The Master could not help but feel that the politeness was phony, however, and the Master imagined that either the man or the woman would bow courteously if they ever stabbed him in the back. They were very good at abusing the slave girls and the Master enjoyed watching the devious ways they humiliated and tortured Butt Pig. They mostly used rope, which seemed to be a cultural thing, and had the slaves tied in the most uncomfortable positions as they were forced to lick and suck the couple's genitalia. They also had to drink piss and eat shit, both from the couple and from each other as the couple enjoyed giving them enemas from a large syringe.

The final group of buyers for the year were from Saudi Arabia. They were buying the last two trained slave girl's from the year's crop of five. The buyers were sent by a member of the royal family to purchase slave girls for the prince's harem. The leader was named Waffik, who was tall and thin with dark hair. His servant's name was Mohammed who was very fat with a beard that looked like it was a week old. The third person was a boy of eighteen years old. He was the son of the prince who was at his first slave purchase. The boy took an immediate liking to Butt Pig and he led her around the house and into the yard by a leash. Her hands were cuffed in front of her, allowing her to crawl on all fours. Although she had been in training for about a year and nine months, she was still humiliated at being forced to obey a boy that young. The boy was also quite cruel and would paddle her ass as he led her by the leash, sticking objects up her butt hole as he found them and constantly poking at her cunt and dangling tits with a stick. The boy would laugh as Butt Pig was forced to lick the fat servant Mohammed's asshole and then give him a blow job while the boy watched. The Master sat at a table with Waffik discussing business as the naked Pun-Tang served them drinks. Under the table the two bound slave girls that were being sold were on their knees sucking off the Master and his client. The Master liked dealing with the arabs the best. Money was no object to them and they always appreciated the quality of the Master's slave girls. Despite the cultural differences between the Master and the arabs, the Master felt that the arabs had a deep sense of honor and integrity which he admired.

When the two men had agreed on a price fro the two slave girls, Waffik then pointed to Butt Pig, who was now in the process of licking the fat man's disgusting navel to the delight of the boy. "The young price would enjoy that one for his 19th birthday six months from now" Waffik said. "Should we discuss a price now?" The Master agreed and a price was set. The Master agreed to add any special training the young prince wanted over the next six months. Waffik said he would talk to the prince and give the Master a list after they had returned to their country. The boy had by this time placed Butt Pig's head over a medium sized wash basin and was pissing on the back of her head. The piss running over her face hid the tears of frustration as the wash basin captured the drops. Mohammed then had his turn at pissing on the slave girl's head. When he was done, the boy called the Master and Waffik over to take their turn. The two men both amused by the boy's ideas took turns pissing on the slaves head, followed by Pun-Tang and the two slave girls. Butt Pig, Pun-Tang and the two slave girls were then ordered to shit into the wash basin. The boy hooted as he watched brown turds fall from the pretty asses perched over the rim of the basin. He then filled the tub the rest of the way with water and announced to Butt Pig that she would have to retrieve five rubber balls the size of a tennis ball by bobbing in the waste water and picking them up with her mouth. He then tossed the balls in the water and Butt Pig tried to get them with her mouth. She discovered that they barely fit inside her lips and she had to pin them down against the bottom of the tub as she held her breath and forced the ball into her mouth. Finally she pulled her head up with one of the balls in her mouth. The boy took the ball from her and greased it up with lubricant and then commanded her to present her asshole. Butt Pig got into her butt fucking position, her knees spread, head on the ground, back arched and her ass high in the air. Butt Pig let out a grunt as he then shoved the ball up her asshole. She then had to repeat this until all five balls were lodged in her ass. "Now shit them out" the boy commanded. Butt Pig complied finishing the evil boy's cruel game, as the onlookers clapped and laughed.

The next week Butt Pig head was locked into the top of her cage as usual when the Master approached her with a pint sized jar filled half way with sperm. "You will be sold six months from now and will be a birthday gift to the young prince" the Master's announcement sending a shiver up Butt Pig's spine. The boy wishes you to become accustomed to his seed so he sends a jar every week" the master said. "You will be provided with the boy's sperm which you will drink directly from the jar and it will be put on your food everyday until he takes possession of you". The Master held the jar of spooge up to Butt Pig's lips as she swallowed and began contemplating her future as a child's play toy.

The End

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In a land long torn and ravaged by war and prosecution throughout it's long history, where men ruled and women bowed before their will without question; two naive outspoken ladies from the West came to make a change. There would be changes yes; but only for them as they experienced the wrath and depraved lust of those who still practiced the flesh trade. These powerful men go unquestioned and unchallenged. The two women would disappear like the feeble morning mist into the burning sands of the great Sahara never to be heard from again...


The two American journalists, Jonelle Taylor and Mandy Sexton, had come to the mid-east for a story about human rights violations. After their capture by the renegade slave traders, they found out first hand all they needed to know starting on the auction block and ending in the clutches of the highest bidder. "Look at these two fine white whores my friends," shouts the slave trader, "Make all your dreams come true. Listen to their screams as they beg for your mercy. Feel the heat of their urgent desire to please the man who can bend them to his will! To know the pleasures of their soft scented flesh, you need only outbid your neighbor. Then they will be yours to use any way you desire!"

"Watch their eyes fill with tears as we squeeze their tender breasts. Watch their pale faces redden with shame when we explore their wet cunt flesh. Now who will start the bidding for two of the finest sluts who ever graced the block?" Mandy nearly fainted from shame and horror as the slave trader slipped his finger past the ropes and into her virgin pussy. Her youthfully firm tits swayed violently from side to side as she fought to free herself from the old slave trader's grasp and groping hand. The men were out of their mind...

Amid shouts of laughter and heated bidding, gold was traded for female flesh. Jonelle and Mandy were separated and taken away by their new owners. The girls would never see each other again, but that was the least of their worries. They had each been purchased by two of the most sadistic tribes in the country. "Come along white whore," the dark man said to Jonelle, "we've got plenty of uses for this soft body of yours. You'll be a real woman after tonight, if you survive to see the morning light. You look strong and well fed. We'll see how well you endure your first night of torture."

Jonelle was taken to the palace of the tribal chieftain. He and his brother took turns raping the three holes Jonelle had to offer. "This bitch was born to pleasure a man with her mouth. See how my cock grows hard at the touch of her skilled tongue?" Jonelle, fearful for her life, did what was required of her. After multiple penetrations the two men were about to orgasm. They forced her to her knees and shot off in her mouth and across her face. Thick ropes of cum lay across her face and hung from her chin as she gagged on the rest. "Guard, take this slut to our sister and her dog of a husband. And don't let her clean up, she looks good with my cum dripping off her face, ha, ha, ha!"

With her face and hair sticky with cum, Jonelle was ushered into the chambers of Achmalla and her husband Jazrit. T he poor woman was immediately set upon. Jazrit bound her arms tightly behind her back and pulled her head back by the hair while Achmalla nimbly slid two rings through the flesh of Jonelle's prominent nipples. "GHHAAAAAAA!" she screamed as the cold metal pierced her warm tit-flesh, but the scream was cut short as Jazrit grabbed her by the throat. Achmalla slipped two fine ropes through the piercing rings and handed them to her mate. "Ride this whore," she said, "ride her hard and make her scream. Then when you are finished, I'll ride this bitch's face like a camel in a sandstorm until she's covered with my juices!"

Mandy's fate was much the same as her companion Jonelle's: torture, rape and submission. Upon arriving at the palace of her new owners she was placed in stocks. Azulla, a slave girl, brought an urn of scented oil to her master, who poured it across Mandy's upturned chest. "This smells nice, sweet slave, but you will forget the smell soon enough. When the whip cuts across your white tits the spices in the oil will fill the cuts and cause the pain to increase a thousand fold." The next thing Mandy heard was the whistle of the whip followed by the crack of leather against flesh. "AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEE, NNNNNOOOOOOMMFFFF!!!" Mandy screeched around the large pole gag that distended her jaw. Azulla was ordered to kneel and lick the white woman's cunt as the whip landed across Mandy's chest. The screams of the innocent tortured girl were heard throughout the castle. The men gathered round and took turns raping and whipping the girl until she passed out from the heat and the pain. "Tend this whore's wounds then take her to the hermit. He deserves a little fun too!"

Mandy awoke to the sound of her own screams as she was lowered onto the meter high polished wooden dildo. Her weight was supported by her raised arms. Try as she might though, she was too weak to lift herself off the stake that impaled her cum soaked pussy. Her oiled flesh glistened in the firelight. Shaking violently each muscle stood out as Mandy tried to pull herself up. When she finally sank fully onto the pole, the old hermit tied her nipples to the stakes that held her legs so widely spread. He pulled brutally on the strings to keep her screaming at a maximum. He tortured her like a musician plays a fine violin. He conducted a concert of horror and anguish for the listening ears in the Palace below. He would fuck her later, but much later indeed. For now, he was content to spend the evening turning this refined western woman into a mindless wretched screaming beast. He would see that Mandy would forget her own name as she came only to know a thousand shades of relentless pain.

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!



Hong Kong, 2010.

For the last couple of years, police authorities have been investigating the activities of the Green Dragon triad, a criminal syndicate specializing in prostitution and white slavery. Lin Pao, the ruthless leader of the triad, was well known as a very clever man, with good political connections, and so far he had done an excellent job at avoiding any legal charge, even though his sex empire was expanding continually. In a desperate attempt at stopping him, the local police had decided to launch a special operation, under the code name Dragon Trap.

One of the many warehouses used by the triad, in Kowloon.

The brunette reporter had just been unloaded from the van with which she had been abducted a couple of hours earlier. Lin PaoТs network of informants had reported a new journalist who was asking too many questions about the triad. Now, she would have to answer a few questions

IТm sure the Boss will be interested in talking to you But first, weТll have to soften you a little bit, dear said Johnny Gant, the first gun for the Boss. And since you seem so interested in our activities, we will give you a precise idea of how we deal with sluts. Zhang, use the crop on this nosy bitch Make sure you hit her tits, will you? A hundred lashes on each boob will make her squeal like the slut pig she is. I want them covered with welts. Make her lactate blood instead of milk, eh eh

A training facility, in Lin PaoТs huge private estate.

Our customers appreciate a nice real redhead We call them hongse in Chinese But more than the color of your pussy hair, what weТre interested in is your obedience And so far, you havenТt shown much good in that respect

The young student had been abducted on the parking lot of the university, a few weeks ago, and her slave training had started immediately. She had been repeatedly raped in all three holes, by men and animals alike, and her tender skin always bore the marks of the constant whippings.

We are going to make an ass whore of you And to make sure that your pussy remains unused during that training, I am going to sew your slit. Seven holes in each cunt lip, a strong surgical catgut and I seal your slit for good Of course, itТs a painful operation, but IТm sure youТll like it after a while

Lin PaoТs mansion, 6pm (hour of the rooster).

Lin Pao was only interested in women if they could be forced into bizarre shapes. He had selected this beautiful redhead to make one of his favorites. But she had to undergo some body modifications before being of any use to him.

One of Lin PaoТs sick penchants was elongated nipples and clit. He was not content until the girlТs nipples were looking like the udders of a goat, which required regular training. Today, the session involves a simultaneous elongation of both nipples and clit. The metal teeth of the clamps bite viciously in the girlТs love button and erect nipples, and the pressure is unbearable while the mechanical device pulls the flesh in a grotesque way. The girlТs screams, instead of moving Lin Pao to pity, are only serving to delight him.

I know this is painful, my dear, Lin Pao jokes while enjoying the show. But you know what they say: you have to suffer if you want to be beautiful!

Johnny GantТs quarters, inside the compound.

How did you like this crop session, slut? Did it make you hot? Let me check

Johnny Gant is having fun with the reporter. The bitch is quite good: not only did she really squeal like a sow while the crop was crisscrossing her entire body, but it also made her wet. This one was going to be a nice painslut recruit Maybe a star for the next snuff movie

YouТre dripping wet, bitch I bet you can take my whole fist in your cunt, and probably even half of my arm. In fact, IТm going to try right away A well stretched cunt is such a nice sight

Cell number five, in the basement of Lin PaoТs mansion.

The reporter has been tied up on a sort of standing stock, in a spread-eagled position, making her genitalia available for torture. A pair of alligator clamps, made in a particularly resistant alloy, has been set on her nipples. But not before having been dipped in acid! Now, not only do the teeth of the vicious jaws press on the tender flesh, but the acid is slowly and painfully making its way inside the delicate buds, burning the skin and the flesh in unbearable torture The girl had to be gagged tightly, or her horrible screams would have kept everyone awake.

Franky Wang has come to check on the reporter. To his complete surprise he realizes that she is no reporter, but an undercover cop, whom he has already met in the courthouse. She must have been trying to infiltrate the Green Dragon triad.

The Boss is not going to like this piece of news

Inside the slaughterhouse, one of many Lin PaoТs front businesses.

Ok, bitch This is a whole new game now We know youТre nothing but a filthy cop, and you are going to tell us what your department knows about our activities, announces the tormentor who has been charged with the interrogation of the fake reporter. This is going to be a long and pleasant session, for sure. The bitch is nice-looking, and apparently resistant

Would you like to know the program? Let me tell you First, IТm going to work on your tits. A few injections of acid in those udders of yours, and then I will pierce them with fishing-hooks that I will heat. If that is not enough to make you talk, I will use the blow-torch on them, until there is nothing left of your beautiful chest but a formless pile of charred flesh In the unlikely event that you remain silent through this treatment, I will rip your clit out with a pair of pliers and you will eat your own love button HowТs that for a start, cunt?



Johnny GantТs quarters, inside the compound

Johnny had had a long day and needed some rest and recreation. Training these whores for Lin Pao was a demanding task at times. From the basement, he had selected a blonde slave trainee, who had a deliciously tight cunt. Much too tight for most consumers in fact. They had to improve her СaccommodationТ capacity

Listen, bitch! IТm too tired for the heavy stuff tonight. I just want a good fuck, and that is exactly what you will give me. Just make me cum fast, and then I will leave you with the ramming machine that will open your slit so much that youТll easily accommodate a horse

In the basement of Lin PaoТs mansion

The Boss said that you are to be sold as an ass whore. And as an ass whore only. Let me have some fun with your little asshole before we start

The gunman was thrusting his fat cock in the poor girlТs rubbery ring, making sure to go out all the way before each thrust. Her sphincter was on fire from the repeated assaults.

To be certain that only your shit hole will be used, the Boss ordered your cunt to be sewn shut. What do you think about that, slut? How many stitches should I make, to have a good seal: four or six on each cunt lip? Ah ha

A cell in the compound

YouТre pissing me off with your constant whining, bitch. YouТd better learn to take some pain without yelling so much. Or we will have to rip your tongue out! Then you will have to learn how to suck cock with the pathetic stub that you will be left with That would be fun to watch, IТm sure

For the last two hours, the girl had been kept in very tight bondage, her knees resting on the crest of a triangular metal bar. The pain in her joints was breathtaking, and her knees were now bleeding.

YouТll take fifty more slaps. If I hear a single sound, IТll make it two hundred lashes of the bullwhip

The menТs toilet in the compound

The brunette did not do well in her piss whore training. Johnny Gant and his man had her clean all the urinals with her tongue. She puked a couple of times when the smell of stale piss filled her nostrils. Her punishment was to deep throat the biggest dick there, or to have her brains blown out.

Crying desperate tears, the girl took the monstrous cock between her lips, and gulped at it trying to take it all until she choked.

Go ahead, piss cunt. DonТt you want me to clean your filthy mouth with my cum?

Interrogation room

ThereТs no need for you to deny that you are here to spy on us. That poor undercover cop we caught told us everything about you. Not willingly of course But we know how to make sluts talk to us

So far, the blonde agent had been strong enough to resist the whip and to deny any involvement.

Remove her panties LetТs see how she takes a good smoke in the cunt You know what the Surgeon General says: smoking is dangerous for your health Let me demonstrate how true that is, fucking spy!

Private quarters of the Sergeant

IТve been quite lenient with you, so far Things could have been much worse for you. But I never said that anything would be free. I need a good whore to unwind a little, and you seem to fit the bill perfectly.

The Sergeant had brought the bound girl up from her cell, still blindfolded and gagged.

Let me remove your gag, but you might think to keep quiet. HereТs my dick to suck. You can only use your tongue and lips. I give you five minutes to make me cum; if you fail, IТll slice those udders of yours and keep them in a jar with the rest of my personal collection

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!


February 14th, 2003
Texts by Sato

Mandy and her two friends Angela and Layla had chosen the wrong country to visit for spring break. Parador was in the grips of a revolution and all foreigners were under suspicion. While staying in the capital city of Santarucas, they were seen drinking and dancing with known members of the resistance at a popular disco club. They were arrested as soon as they left the club. From the back of the police van they were taken to the feared prison in Mazatalpo. The prison population was made up almost entirely of political dissidents.

Once inside the prison the girls were stripped of their expensive clothing and were left naked. Their hands were bound and chained to the ceiling as female guards performed deep and painful cavity searches. The guards, obviously lesbians, were especially cruel to Angela the young blond. One of the women grabbed her nipples and twisted them cruelly as the other woman pushed her greased baton deep into her virgin asshole. Angela's screams were only fuel to the fire. The guards just laughed and abused her more. Another shoved her hand into a can of lard then knelt before the terrified blond. After showing her greasy fist to Angela she began to push her fist slowly into the girl's virgin cunt. The guard was merciless as she forced the fist between the tight lips of Angela's pussy. "EEEEEEAAAAAAAUUUGH!!!" Her screams were immediate and loud. T he guards began stroking in and out; the black baton in her ass and the fist in Angela's twat.

After the dykes were through with the girls they were handed over to the interrogation team....

...They were usual questions like "who do you work for? where is the rebel base? where is the next terrorist attack to take place?" But the girls truly knew nothing, so the tortures began.

Mandy was separated from her friends and raped by two men from the interrogation team. First they brought her arms behind her and chained them to the ceiling. She was forced to bend over to keep from dislocating her shoulders. The men inspected her like a rancher inspects cattle. They caressed her soft pale flesh one moment then roughly beat her the next. One man forced her head down while the other fastened sharp clamps to her tender nipples.


But her captors only smiled. "Silencio gringa!" one of the men shouted as he slapped her roughly across the face, "Maybe you gonna change you story when we finish wid you puta bitch! But for now you talk too much so we gonna give you somethin to shut you up" The guard pulled off his clothes and pushed his cock into her face, "If I feel one tooth touch my root, I will pull them all out. You understand me white slut?" Mandy had begun to cry but hadn't lost her sense of self preservation. She nodded her head and obediently opened her mouth. His cock was thick and long and, judging by the smell, it had been in at least one other pussy already today. It tasted tangy and salty and Mandy nearly gagged and barely managed not to vomit. Mandy heard the sound of a belt buckle and a zipper coming down behind her just before she felt the other guard's stiff prick bump against her pussy. He forced his way into her cunt and began to fuck her. Suddenly she was being pummeled by two men; one on each end. The more excited they became the harder they fucked, hit, and slapped her. The man who was skull-fucking her started to come first. Mandy heard him grunt as his thrusting cock tore deeper into the back of her throat. Then she felt the guard's hot cum spurt into her mouth. She tried to swallow but began to gag again and spilled much of his seed onto the stone floor. The guard behind her was in full rut as he slammed into her wet pussy. Mandy's painfully clamped tits flopped back and forth as the pummeling went on. Finally he began to cum burying the rigid member deeply into her cunt and spraying his cream deep into her womb. But the guards weren't finished with her yet...

"You fuckin’ white whore" said the guard who had just raped Mandy's mouth, "I think you enjoyed that a little too much!" He grabbed Mandy and dragged her over to the rack. They chained her hands to the ceiling again and spread her legs wide chaining them to the sides of the rack. One guard now took a hot iron rod from a nearby fire and began burning her freshly raped body. "AAAAAAAUUUUUGGH! PLEEEEEEEZZZ!! GHHAAAAAA!! NOOOOO!" The other guard stood back and watched her struggling body as it danced and shimmered with sweat each time the hot iron rod came down. Her firm tits swayed from side to side provocatively. It sizzled when it touched her sending a small plume of smoke into the air. Mandy could smell her own flesh cooking.

"You enjoyed that good fuck we gave you didn't you bitch?" laughed the guard. Mandy didn't know how to answer. They had given up any pretense of questioning her about the rebels. They were just torturing her out of sheer enjoyment. He didn't wait to let her consider her answer, instead he pulled a knife out of his trousers and leaned in close to her. "I'm gonna Make sure that you don't enjoy gettin' fucked ever again," he whispered. He reached down between her widely spread thighs and shoved his index finger into her pussy and raised it up until he had found her clit. He squeezed it between his fingernails causing Mandy to forget about the iron and struggle even harder. The look of desperation and fear she wore was just what the guard wanted to see. He felt his cock begin to stir again. Her swaying breasts, her young lightly tanned flesh, the fear she wore on her wide-eyed face, the power and sexual energy he commanded; the moment was perfect and so the knife did it's work as her clit was sliced away. A million tiny nerves sent a dying cry to her brain as the flesh was severed.

"GHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ! ! !" she screamed as the smiling guard held the bloody nubbin of flesh before her eyes. Mandy's sanity had slipped it's moorings as her consciousness drifted out to sea. The girl fainted dead away and hung limply in her cuffs and chains. "Hang her by her ankles and bring her two friends in. I think maybe they are lonely for us! "

Angela and Layla gasped fearfully when they were dragged past their naked unconscious companion. Mandy's inert body swayed gently back and forth as it hung from the ceiling. A small trickle of blood dripped down her torso from where the guard had sliced away her clit. She was still alive and breathing. T he prison warden didn't mind the guards raping and torturing the women but he frowned on killing. There was too much profit to be made by selling them on the black market as trained white sex slaves.

The guards were in a frenzy of intense hard core sexual pleasure. One guard strapped Angela to the rack while the other guard forced Layla onto her knees before his bulging crotch. The white-hot rod of iron began to play across Angela's body. Her pitiful cries were not those of a woman pleading for aid or mercy, but those of a wounded animal howling out of instinct alone. Layla needed no urging. As soon as the guard released his cock from his trousers she took it into her mouth. It made her want to gag as tears of shame and humiliation flowed down her face, but if it could keep her from sharing Mandy's fate then she would give the guard a blow-job he would never forget. Soon the guard was ready to empty his balls into Layla's talented mouth. "Don't swallow my cum puta, hold it in your mouth," he grunted as jets of hot sperm began to fill her mouth. Her cheeks bulged with the load of cock and cum in her mouth. Carefully, the guard pulled his spent cock from her lips. "Now get your ass over here and share my gift with your friend."

Layla crawled over to the rack where Angela was being branded. She stood up and over her friend and slowly drooled the guard's cum into Angela's open, moaning mouth. Angela choked and gagged as the still warm goo oozed down the back of her throat. After her mouth was empty the guard walked up behind Layla and struck her over the head with a baton. She fell like a sack of potatoes across the body of her friend and then onto the cool stone floor. Soon she hung next to Mandy while the guards directed their attention fully toward Angela. "After we're done with you whore, we'll hang you up to dry with your two girlfriends there. But don't worry; you won't be lonely for long. The women who did the strip search earlier get to play with you gringa bitches as soon as their shift is over..."


"NNNOOOOO! NO MOOOORE! NNNOOOAAAAUUUGH!" Melissa screamed as another brand was burned into her tender flesh. "Don't carry on so love" said the torture master. His voice was calm as though he spoke to a frightened child instead of the nude spread-eagled stretched young woman who writhed in pain before him. Melissa had spilled hot tea into the lap of a visiting nobleman who was allowed to prescribe her punishment.

"Only 28 more burn marks are required before your sentence of 50 is carried out" the torture master went on, "Then I will be paid with the use of your body. This will allow me to do some business. Do you see the black man with the crown standing beside the window? He is a great king who paid me a lot of money for you. You’re his now. He won't mind the burns. Your screams will have him quite aroused by now I'm sure. So after he rapes you the first few times he will have you transported to his palace where you will be a gift to the wives of his harem. They love to torture young white women there. They will use you in a contest that the whole kingdom is allowed to witness; each of his thirty wives will have one hour to torture you. The one who makes you scream the loudest and the longest will have the honor of being the king's favored wife for one month. I've seen this contest before dear. You will scream and scream again until your sanity has melted like ice is the desert. Then you are auctioned to the rabble that flock to the kingdom to see the contest. The one who buys your broken body will decide the rest of your life. You could become an in-house sex-slave; quite a desirable position for one such as yourself. You may be tortured to death, probably raped repeatedly. Or you might even be eaten after being tossed alive into a boiling cauldron of olive oil. So enjoy this part of your journey into depravity while it lasts sweet slut. It only gets worse from here. Now, where was I? Damn! I've lost count. I suppose I will have to start over again ... One - AAAAAIIIIEEEEE - two - NNNOOOOOOOO - three - GHAAAAAAAAA.......

Lisa could only watch her two friends being tortured as she hung in the cage. She knew her turn would come soon. "When we're finished warming up on your two trashy friends," one man had said, "we're both gonna make you wish you'd never been born, slut."

Eventually Lisa's friends were raped and beaten senseless and, no longer able to scream, were no fun for the dungeonmasters.

"Your turn whore!"

Lisa was pulled from the cage and chained to a nasty looking hook that hung from the ceiling. She was hoisted up so that her toes just barely scraped the floor. Then the men began to spin her round and round beating her with long cruel bull-whips. "GGGHHHHHAAAAAAAA!!!" Lisa howled in sheer animal pain. Lisa's screams brought her friends back from their fainted swoon. They watched in horror as the men ripped and tore her once perfect flesh. After they had tired of the whips the men made the other two girls bend and lick Lisa's pussy and asshole while the men fucked each of them roughly from behind.

"You've got five minutes to make your friend scream in ecstasy. If we shoot before she does, you'll each take her place. She'll get to watch as we whip all the flesh from your worthless hides. Now LICK!"

The two cried as they were raped but did as they were ordered. Lisa felt her asshole and pussy tongued deeply as she hung there from the ceiling. The two men slammed into the girls and the girls slammed into Lisa. Soon she felt the unwanted orgasm start to build. "Listen to the whore moan," one said, "sounds like our little fuck-sluts are doing a good job with their tongues!"

Lisa began to kick and buck in her suspension as she thrashed in orgasm. Seconds later the men began to cum in the girls asses. "Ahhhh! that was nice bitches. Now just one small chore left for tonight." The doors to the dungeon cell were thrown open wide and at least thirty leather-clad men and women poured in. Screams echoed deep into the next day as the three were used over and over until each twisted fantasy was fulfilled...

"The queen has decreed that you shall be tortured here for 5 days as punishment for the crime of having unlawful carnal knowledge with a royal. You were caught in sexual congress with her young son the Prince and brought here to her Majesty's dungeon so that your sentence can be carried out. You have been sentenced to a Clitorectomy."

She hung there, barely able to breathe, her shoulders and wrists felt like they would surely come apart. Then the pain of the burning irons pressing into her flesh began along with her screams. She had tried to plead and beg, telling any one who would listen of how the Prince had forced himself upon her, that she was innocent of any crime.

"Take her down a bit Mogley," said one torturer to the other, "this pretty bird has got me all worked up. I think we ought to sample what the little whore once before we ruin this pretty cunny of hers." The girl was lowered to the ground and the men fell upon her poking and prodding until each had found a suitably warm hole to fuck. One slammed into her pussy while another skull-fucked our poor innocent kitchen maid. "Enjoy this little whore, it's the last time you'll ever cum."

When they finished with her they raised her sweating cum soaked body back up off the ground and went on with her sentence.

The irons burnt her most sensitive parts. Her breasts and nipples were singed, then the flesh of her inner thighs. Closer the irons caressed her flesh with tongues of heat coming ever closer to her cunt until finally an iron was pressed lightly onto the center of her womanhood. "AAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE" she screamed as her clit was burned away.

"Oh stop your blubberin' you stupid whore. You've been selected from among all the female prisoners for having the tightest cunny" Gerardo told her. "It's really quite an honor being selected like this. You should be thankful. It's not everyday that we get a gift from the Spanish toruremaster's dungeon."

Anna had been tied on her back with her legs widely spread. Her beautiful body was fully displayed and accessible to Gerardo and the others who stood by and waited for a demonstration of the new device from the Spanish. "They call it the 'Pear' and they use it when questioning their female prisoners. Now watch closely folks, how this slides easily into our ladies hole. It's quite thin at first, but after I've gotten it far enough into her bucking pussy, I can open it up." Anna trembled. Ashamed and afraid she listened as the device was explained to the small crowd of observers. She shrieked when the slender instrument of pain first breached her maidenhead but screamed even louder as the tool was slowly extended to it's fullest width. "As you can see ladies and gentlemen, this causes quite a lot of pain and could be used on a male or female to help loosen the tongues of those what knows too much."

Gerardo motioned the others to approach. "Now form a line, everybody will get a turn. It's important that we each use the pear a few times so as to be proficient. Here M'lady" Gerardo motioned to one of the noble women in line, "here's another even larger one for her arshole. Why don't you try putting this one to work in that hole as well. While we're at it, there are nipple clamps on the wall and a few nice riding crops to play with as well. Might as well use this girl well, she's really puttin' on a nice show."

Young Anna was more than happy to answer any question that was put to her. She lasted for over an hour before she passed out from the pain.

"Now, Anna, since you were so kind to help us demonstrate the pear this morning," Gerardo told the poor girl, "we've decided to help you by trying to tighten up your pussy again. Now hold still as we slide these pins into your cunt dear. I'm not really sure if this is how to re-tighten a cunt but it certainly is a lot of fun to watch you flop around. Stretch her out Gregorio, 'til she's as tight as a fiddle string. I don't want to miss what I'm aiming for."

Anna's torture stretched on endlessly as Gerardo pushed pin after pin slowly into her labia. Then he went to work on her nipples. The pain was almost more than she could bear but these men were masters at their art. Each time she was close to fainting they would stop and splash her with hot oil to bring her back around. Finally, after her body was covered like a pin-cushion, they forced a specula into her mouth. They brought a trained sex-slave from her cell. Her name was Elise, and she was always ready to please her masters in any capacity rather than face torture for disobedience. She was made to squat over Anna's face and masturbate. Elise soon came into Anna's open mouth while Gerardo and Gregorio laughed. The pungent taste and aroma of Elise's cunt made Anna gag as the juice from her pussy dripped onto Anna's tongue. Next Elise was ordered to piss into Anna's mouth and onto her face. Anna screamed and gagged as the salty urine drenched her face and stung her eyes. Finally, Elise sucked each man's cock and held them over Anna's mouth and face. She stroked the men into ejaculating onto the upturned face and into Anna's mouth.

"Aahh. Very good Elise. You pleased us as always. For your reward you may play with Anna if you wish. Elise smiled cruelly into the nearly insane eyes of the girl stretched out on the rack. Elise took the bull-whip from the wall and went to work... The next day, Anna was burned at the stake.

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

Day 1 - Orientation

The new girls were all ordered to strip. Only one girl, Annette, refused. She was immediately dragged off struggling and cursing. She was pushed to the ground and gagged. Then one of the guards wrapped one thick impossibly strong hand in Annette's long luxuriant blond hair and continued dragging her away.

The other girls, not wanting to share her fate, began to take off their clothes.

"All of it bitches," commanded a rough looking man in paramilitary garb, "everything comes off!"

After they were naked their hands were tied behind their backs and thick leather gags went into their mouths.

They were led outside and forced to stand at attention.

"You are all either spies, drug smugglers or political dissidents," the man told the naked women, "you have been sent here to be punished for your crimes. You will obey any order, no matter how vile or disgusting. Here you are meat and can be disposed of in any way I see fit. I am the Warden and I hold your lives in my hands! See how the disobedient are dealt with."

Warden gestured to the top of a tower at the center of camp. Annette, naked and bound, stood there on the rooftop with a man on either side. A tight noose had been tied around each of her large breasts and another around her neck. The Warden signaled by waving his arm and the woman was pushed off the roof. The ropes around her tits grew taut and the woman bounced back up.

"Usually bungee jumpers tie the rope around their ankles," said the warden to the women who stood in front of him, "but your disobedient friend here has so kindly volunteered to serve as an example to the rest of you. Keep watching."

The rope around her neck was attached to a wench. The guards began to turn the handle. Soon her neck began to stretch as the weight was taken off her breasts and transferred to the rope around her throat.

Kicking and pissing onto the courtyard below, she was drawn back up. Then the wench lever was tripped and she fell again bouncing up and down as her tits again supported her weight. Her garbled screams were heard all over the prison yard as the process was repeated over and over.

The Warden stepped up to a tall girl. Her name was Jill. She was from the states and had been accused of trying to smuggle drugs across the border inside her vagina and rectum. A painful cavity search at the airport had revealed the illegal contraband.

"You, smuggler cunt," Warden said to Jill as he took out his long thick cock, "on your knees!"

He took off her gag. Jill looked up at Annette who was now being pulled back up by the noose around her neck so that she could be dropped again. She knelt quickly before the Warden and opened wide to take the hard prick into her mouth. Although revolted by the taste and texture of Warden's slimy pre-cum, Jill kept on sucking careful not to scrape the huge member with her teeth.

"There, you see bitches," Warden said to the other naked girls, "one girl hangs by her neck and tits for your entertainment because she thought to refute my authority, while another has the honor of sucking my cock. You will each have many chances to earn trust or earn punishment like your stupid friend. Watch her young body kick and buck. See her shit as her crap dumper empties itself. After another hour or so of continued punishment, the guards will all take her to the barracks where she will be fucked until she can't stand. Afterwards she goes to the stables where my stallions await."

Jill bobbed up and down carefully on Warden's cock. She would lick the sweat from his balls, she would lick his ass, she would clean toilets with her tongue if need be. She vowed to herself that she would do anything at all to avoid Annette's fate. Soon she proved herself to the Warden by swallowing all of his slimy, salty semen...


Imported Pussy - Desert Whore

Perched on the edge of the seat with her ass and cunt at waist level, May Ling awaited the next group of horny soldiers to go off duty.

"Not many whores in this part of the world", Amanda said as she stood guard over the pretty 18 year old girl, "so to keep the men happy, we got to ship a few in once in awhile. Keeps a few of the ladies happy too; ladies like me. You're just one of the many slutty cunts that the Military Prison sends us."

Amanda caressed May Ling's well presented ass. The girl whimpered as tears rolled down her cheeks. Most of the men that "came" and went just wanted a warm hole to fuck, but Amanda wanted that and more.

May Ling's ass and pussy dripped heavily from the last group of soldiers who had stood in line to fuck her. Amanda presses the barrel of her rifle against May Ling's asshole and pushed.

"Cum makes a wonderful lubricant, don't you agree?"

"NNNNGH...GHHMMMMFFFF!!" May ling shrieked loudly as the rifle's metal site was pressed into her anal walls.

"Poor little bitch," Amanda said with a sadistic smile, "does that hurt too much? Well let's try this instead. Some of the men with bigger dicks, have complained that your ass is just too tight. I think I'll try to loosen you up a little."

Amanda set her rifle to one side and rolled up her sleeves. She lathered spent cum all over one hand until it shined and dripped.

"Here it comes, bitch", she said as she licked an errant drop of semen from her finger tip, "time for a full scale anal assault."

Making a tight fist, Amanda pressed against May Ling's ass. She screwed it from side to side pushing with all her considerable strength. May Ling's struggles redoubled as she shrieked around her gag once again. Amanda could have made entry much easier by pointing her hand and easing it in a finger at a time, but she was a particularly sadist lesbian and wanted to hurt May Ling. With one hand pushing against her captive's ass and another down her own camouflaged pants, Amanda relished each twitching twisting movement of her struggling victim. The site on the rifle had been sharp and painful but this was much worse. May Ling was certain that she was splitting open as Amanda's fist finally slipped past the protesting sphincter. "There we are bitch!!!"

"NGHAAAANNNGH". May Ling's mad screams echoed across the desert only to be lost in the dry arid winds that blew across the hot sand.

As the next group of soldiers jogged up to fuck the pretty May Ling, they were greeted with the sight of Amanda's arm pistoning elbow deep into the heaving writhing girl.

They watched the tortuous ordeal as they stripped out of their uniforms and formed a line.

Amanda's arm slowly withdrew with a slick sucking sound. "She's all warmed up for another round boys," Amanda smiled, "Fuck her hard and make her scream. I still need to cum..."


Prisonera Politica 1 - Neela's Confession

Neela knew she was in trouble when the panel truck pulled up beside her and stopped with screeching tires. The thick stifling hood was over her head before she was even pulled into the truck. Her business skirt was torn and ripped as hands reached out to tie and bind her.

To her credit, Neela put up a good struggle. But these men were well practiced in the art of abduction. They found the rebel documents in her briefcase. Her life was worthless now. She even knew where they were taking her. Neela felt a hand on her breast and a sultry woman's voice close to her ear. "You're in quite a fix, slut. You sold out your country to the rebels. I hope you enjoyed your freedom while it lasted because you belong to us now. I'm sure you still have a lot of information to give us. And believe me, we'll get it all. You will tell us everything and more!"

A sharp slap across her face, a vicious twist of her left breast and Neela was left weeping and afraid in one corner of the speeding van.

Eventually the truck stopped and she was pulled out. The pain and humiliation began immediately. Her clothes were torn away revealing a perfect body. She was tied to a pole near a tall electric fence.

Neela saw the owner of the female voice she'd heard during her transport here. She was a very tall woman; at least six and a half feet tall with cruel nordic blond features. Her beauty and confident stride made men and women afraid of her even though they wanted to be possessed by her. She sat down in a chair about 6 feet away under a beach umbrella, crossed her long shapely legs and coolly regarded her prisoner.

"My name is Greta, you will call me Mistress. I am the chief inquisitor. Thank you for that pretty briefcase full of secrets. Even as we speak, the rebel locations detailed in your papers are being raided. Those we've captured are either being interrogated or hung. Which for you Neela? Will I stretch your slender neck as you swing from a rope or will you talk? Either way is fine. I love to watch my whores hang slowly; eyes bulging in terror, faces turning red then blue as they twitch and struggle to breath. I revive them only to begin the process anew. Save yourself so much pain. If you do well I may let you lick my cunt until I cum all over your slutty face. Ask the other girls, it's an honor to taste my quim; it means you will live a little longer. So, who is your main contact? Is your slut of a sister involved? When and where is the next arms raid scheduled? Answer me, cunt-face!"

Neela looked away pretending to ignore Greta's steel gray glare.

"I'd rather hoped you'd resist", Greta remarked with a wry smile. Two large soldiers stood nearby listening, "It seems, Neela, that you need encouragement. Ernesto and Manuel shall see that you get it."

Neela felt her ass cheeks spread open by rough hands and a thick lubricant smeared liberally around her rear entry. She wiggled her ass from side to side trying to avoid the tip of the cold steel dildo that pressed against her ass. It was thick and long at it's head but tapered off as it went into her ass so that she would be unable to push it out. Neela felt completely stuffed, but more was yet to come. Greta, now up and out of her seat stood in front of Neela with two large steel clamps. Wires trailed off their ends.

"You know where these are going don't you dear?" Greta said smiling. Neela knew quite well that the clamps were for her nipples. Greta leaned down and licked each of Neela's firm breast flesh enough to get them wet. The sharp metal clamps were applied. Drops of crimson formed and fell to the ground.

"MMMFFF", Neela grunted as the teeth from the clamps bit into and penetrated the the tender flesh of her tits. The wires were twisted together. Manuel, wearing thick rubber gloves, rubbed the naked ends of the copper wires against the electric fence.

"GGGGHH...GGGUUUNNGHHHH..." Neela shook and danced against the metal pole as the electricity arced through her naked body. She fainted dead away after only 15 seconds. When she awoke she found the dildo and nipple clamps were still in place, but another horribly insidious process was being added to the torment of her interrogation. Greta knelt beside Neela, she was shoving the blunt end of a special copper wire into Neela's urethra. She twirled it back and forth pushing it in further inside her prisoner with each twist. It was very hot that day, but Neela shivered like a chihuahua in a snowstorm. Finally, after inserting a full ten inches of the wire into Neela's piss-hole, Greta whispered into the girl's ear; "Well sweet rebel girl, ready to talk?"

Neela turned her head away once more. Maybe she would be lucky and the next shock would kill her. But in her heart, Neela knew they would not let her die; at least not yet. Bitter tears coursed down her cheeks.

The wires brushed the electric fence over and over again. "UUNNGH...GAAAGHH...UUNGHAA..."

Four minutes of this and Neela was ready to implicate everyone she knew. Forty-five minutes later, Neela's sister was tied naked and spread-eagle in the courtyard. Her screams echoed in Neela's ears as she was alternately whipped then fucked then shocked; a black night-stick was wedged in her ass. But Neela, now broken and servile, was too busy to care. Her face was buried between the legs of the nordic dominatrix Greta. Neela, her face slick and wet, swallowed the thick squirting cum of the cruel woman. Greta gritted her teeth and smiled as she ground her hips into Neela's face. "Very good Neela, I may keep you as a personal pet. The only cock you'll ever feel again will be thick, spiked and strapped around my waist."


Prisonera Politica 2 - Air-Mailed Rebel Whore

Shania had arrived at the Military Interrogation camp in a very unique manner. She'd been stripped naked and hung from the landing strut of an assault helicopter. The pilot had radioed ahead and a special reception committee was quickly formed.

The helicopter flew back and forth above the landing strip with Shania only a few feet from the ground. "NNNNGH...NNNNGHAAAAMMMMFFF..."

There were at least twenty men and women who whipped her as she flew past again and again. One woman used a thick electric extension cord for a whip. She took careful aim and managed to strike Shania right between the legs. The terrified girl shrieked loudly as cheers erupted from the crowd.

The helicopter eventually landed and the beautiful girl was cut loose. A chain was attached to the ropes that encircled her breasts. She was led running barefoot across the hot tarmac of the landing strip to a steel X-frame near the electric fence. She saw a girl on her knees, Her face buried between the thighs of a tall blond woman. She saw another girl lying bound and naked on the ground. A man was on top of her plunging his cock into her defenseless pussy. When the man was finished with her cunt, he stood over the girl and spewed his cum onto her upturned face. Another man was pushing a brown-stained nightclub down her throat. The girl looked dazed, barely conscious.

As Shania was being fastened onto the steel frame, she happened to recognize the two women. The one spread out on the ground was Twyla Serona. The other girl who now knelt beside the tall blond was Neela Serona. Someone had talked!

Shania knew she was in real trouble. She watched as a huge double-headed metal dildo was shoved roughly into Twyla's cum filled cunt and ass. Wire leading from it's base was held against the electric fence.

"NNNGHAAAAAAAAAUUUGH" Twyla's screams were horrifying and barely human. Her back arched uncontrollably as every muscle in her finely toned body twisted and contracted wildly. She heard laughter.

After a few seconds the metal dildos were pulled out as another man plunged his thick cock into her tormented body. Soon he mounted her chest and pressed his cock between her thick full breasts. He fucked her tits like a cunt until his thick jets of sperm covered her already glazed face once again.

Shania watched as Neela, her face wet and dripping, was collared and leashed. The big blond walked slowly over to where Shania hung from the X-frame. She was leading Neela like a dog.

"First we broke little Neela here," the blond inquisitor said to Shania, "she turned in her own sister. Then we broke Twyla, her sister, and she told us about you. Little by little we are rooting out the rebels. It is with great pleasure for my soldiers that so many beautiful women are involved. I even have your men to abuse."

Greta motioned to a prison cell across the courtyard where at least twenty men stood staring through the bars as their women were interrogated and abused before their very eyes. Shania recognized a few of them. She saw Rajia, a lieutenant, and Sanchez, a sharpshooter.

"But now that we have you pretty Shania", Greta continued, "we shall get to the very root of this mild gutless rebellion that uses women to fight and to suffer at my hand!"

Greta pushed Neela into the crux of the X-frame where Shania's whipped cunt still throbbed from the earlier beating she'd recieved while hanging from the helicopter's landing sleds.

"Pleasure your friend Neela. Show her how you've learned to love the taste of another woman's twat..."

Neela crawled forward without hesitation and locked her mouth firmly onto Shania's wide-spread cunt. She pushed her tongue deep inside Shania then back out and against her clitoris. Shania fought the feeling as much as she could. She thought of the rebellion and of home in the mountains. But nothing helped. Soon all she could think of was the persistent tongue and lips that lathered and lapped at her cunt.

As her loins began to heat and a forced orgasm drew nigh, Greta approached again with a huge vicious bull-whip that twirled and popped expertly in the air.

"A little pleasure and pain I think for you Shania, and we shall see who you turn in for us to interrogate..."

Neela kept up with her tender cunt lapping as the first blow of the whip landed across Shania's chest.

"NU-NOOOOOAAAAUUUUGH!!" Her small tits flailed provocatively from side to side as an angry red welt appeared across them both. She came five minutes later in spite of the whip that tore her once lovely tits into bloody tatters. They would heal eventually, the Doctors from the nearby Institute would see to that. Shania would serve in the soldier's brothel for the rest of her life. Instead of a glorious revolution she would only know pain, torment, cocks, cunts and cum...

Captured Spy - Trained Slut

Brenda finally spread her legs. The Sergeant smile grimly. Only hours before, this proud beautiful woman had unwisely passed important stolen papers off to a courier. The man she'd met had known all the passwords; all the gestures. But as Brenda turned to go she saw the men with guns drawn. Someone had ratted her out.

There would be no trial, no jury, no lawyer. She was a spy, a prisoner of war. The penalty for spying and espionage in this country was death. Her fate now rested in the hands of the Imperial Guard.

Naked and beaten, Brenda had finally broken and turned on her contacts who, by now, were already languishing in the same dungeon prison where Brenda endured the further unwanted attentions of the brutish Sergeant.

"They've given you to me as a reward for my excellent service," the Sergeant told her, "I am to dispose of you in any way I wish. I might skewer you on a spit and roast you over an open fire. Maybe hang you in view of all the people we've captured from the testimony in your confession. Perhaps I will beat you slowly to death breaking every bone in your worthless body. I could even sell you to slavers in the middle-east. White women of your beauty are very popular there. But for now I think I will keep you. I have a bed to fill and you have a few holes to fill. Keep me happy and you keep your life. Understand, slut?"

So Brenda, proud no longer, naked and bound in the dank dungeon of the Imperial Guard, spread her legs.

"Yes Master, I understand, please allow this humble cum-hole to please her master in any way he wishes." Brenda feared this cruel man who had broken her; she believed and feared his threats even more.

"Good answer bitch. Now let's see see if you really mean it"

The Sergeant spit in his hand and spread it onto his rock hard cock. He stepped between Brenda's spread legs and pressed himself into cleft between her firm ass cheeks.

"UUNNGH...!!!" Brenda whimpered once then grunted as the Sergeant's cock slid into her ass. He pumped her hard. Part of his pleasure was causing her pain. She yelped and sobbed but dared not beg or plead. As the Sargeant continued to spear her with his prick, pre-cum lubricated his cock and allowed him to slam her harder. She felt him pounding deeply into her bowels. His balls slapped wetly against the lips of her pussy.

"Ungh...Ungh...Ungh...AAHHHH!" The Sergeant finally came hard emptying himself into her bowels.

"Squeeze my cock" he yelled at her as he slapped her ass, "Squeeze the cum out of my cock, slut!"

Brenda squeezed her ruined sphincter around his cock as best as she could hoping that her painful efforts would be sufficient to please the cruel man she only knew as Master.

Soon he pulled out of her; his cum leaked slowly out of her ass and ran in a slimy trail down her inner thigh where it pooled on the stone floor beside her foot.

"Not bad whore," the sergeant told her, "now you got just one chore left to perform before I chain you up to my bed for the night."

He untied Brenda and forced her to her knees. With shame and horror she faced the brown-stained cock that had just been up her ass.

"My dogs are always hungry for fresh meat, slut. Make up your dim-witted mind quickly or I'll do it for you."

Brenda bent forward on her hands and knees and swallowed the entire length of her Master's cock. The taste and smell of her bowels nearly made her vomit but she managed to control her bile. She licked and lathered his cock until it was shiny and pink again. But she'd done her job a bit too well; her master's massive prick was growing hard again.

"Looks like bed-time will have to wait awhile, Brenda. You've gone and given me another hard-on and you've got a nice hairless twat that needs a good stuffing. Just stay there on your knees like a bitch in heat and I'll fuck you like the dog you are..."



Janelle was from the west. She was taken as she slept. The gas she breathed kept her out during her trip to the middle east. When she awoke, she was naked, shaved and tied on public display. People walked past her. Some would stop and pose next to her while a friend took their picture. But Janelle was more than just eye candy, she was here to inspire the soldiers to fight. The soldier with the most confirmed kills each week was given the prize. This week Janelle was the prize. Last week it had been Tiffany, next week a girl named Liz would take Janelle's place.

They were all from north America or Europe, they were all beautiful; they were all to become pleasure slaves.

Janelle could not understand the language her captors spoke. She pleaded in English but never got a response. She was placed on display each day from 10:00am until 2:00pm. Sometimes she stood, other times she was laid out and spread. Janelle as yet had not been touched. She had spent her time either on shameful display or locked away in a tiny cell in the prison on base.

Finally, when Friday came, Janelle who'd been on display for six days, was about to meet her new master.

Mubalhan had 32 confirmed enemy kills. Three officers awarded Mubalhan with a medal and the white slave, Janelle.

Her new owner wasted no time. He'd been lusting after this girl for the entire week. Now he owned her and there were no limits placed on how he might use her. He tied her hands and elbows painfully tight behind her back and wrapped a leather collar around her graceful neck. Then added another piece of rawhide for a leash.

He made her run in front of his jeep as he escorted her to a nearby hangar. Her breasts bounced in rhythm to her clumsy strides. They rose and fell, flopping enticingly. She was well developed, healthy and very pleasing to the eye.

Once inside the hangar Mubalhan escorted her to the center of the huge building. There in the middle of the floor, an O-ring had been placed in the concrete. He threaded Janelle's leather leash through this and pulled. Janelle was pulled down until her throat was resting against the metal O-ring. She was still on her knees and very much aware of her ass sticking up in the air.

Mubalhan tied the leash in place and walked around to survey his prize. He'd not seen her from this angle yet. Head down, ass up. Very appealing. She breathed heavily; adrenalin pumping with dread anticipation.

Mubalhan removed his belt and began to beat Janelle with the buckle end.

"STOP...PLEASE...AAAIIIEEE...UUUUNGH". Janelle had been spanked twice with a belt as a child but never with the buckle. Each time Janelle shouted or screamed, the belt came down harder and faster. Soon her ass was red with heavy buckle shaped welts. Janelle sobbed and moaned; her tears dripped onto the greasy gray paint of the hangar floor.

The worse part of all, was that Janelle didn't even understand why she was here. She didn't know about the contest. Except for the humiliation of being displayed naked and jailed, she had been treated well. So why the sudden change. Who was this man and why did he hate her and want to hurt her so badly?

Her lack of information, however, was no concern to Mubalhan. She was just a pretty piece of warm meat where he could take out his frustrations and spend his seed. Janelle was just a toy.

Mubalhan dropped his trousers and poured lube into the crack of Janelle's ass. He rubbed it around making sure to pay particular attention to her holes. Then with a suddenness that shocked Janelle, he plunged his huge hard cock into her tight virgin cunt. He speared past her maidenhead and in toward her womb. Painfully deflowered and fucked, Janelle struggled hard trying to buck him off, but he held on tight pounding into her with sadistic abandon. Soon she felt, for the first time, the warm feeling of semen pumping deep into her body.

Mubalhan had cum fast in the body of his slave/whore to clear his head. He knew that the second time would take much longer. Besides, he had to prepare her for life as his personal slave and meat-puppet.

Janelle had not noticed the coal brazier with the glowing hot irons. Mubalhan grasped the iron without Janelle having the slightest hint of what was about to happen and pressed it hard against one firm ass cheek.

"NNNGHAAAAAAIIIEEEEEEH...!!!!!" Her screams of pain were heard all the way across the airfield. Then another thinner iron was pulled from the fire. Janelle tried to see but her neck was still tied to the floor and so her field of vision was limited. "What's this crazy fucker doing???" She thought desperately.

The thin smoking iron snaked in between her legs and with careful aim, pressed against Janelle's clitoris.

"GHAAAAAAA... NNGHAAAAAANNNGH...!!" Her shrieks of horror and exquisite pain exceeded even those of her branding. Her labia was taken away next. Soon the piercings would begin. Janelle would be the perfect pleasure slave. Altered and trained and to fit Mubalhan's most perverted desires.

Later, Liz, the new girl was on display and he wanted a playmate for Janelle. He walked past her smiling on his way back to the battlefield to take a good close look at the latest white woman on display.

"I own you soon, little white whore," he said in broken English, "you will be a good slave too!"


Maid to Order

Sardib, a rich and powerful warlord, owned a very special sort of Military Prison. He leafed through the pictures in a very special catalogue. After he made his selection, he paid through secure channels and was asked to wait 3 to 6 weeks for delivery.

The catalogue was full of photos and information about young college students and professional girls and women of exceptional beauty and intelligence. An order would be placed and then the subject female would be "acquired". Take the photo's, gather the information, find a buyer, acquire the slave after payment was made, deliver her to her new master. Very efficient; very profitable.

Nicole was Sardib's choice. Smart as she was, Nicole never suspected that she was being watched.

All of Nicole's routines, habits and possible destinations were well documented. So, after the order was placed she was taken quietly after dining at one of her favorite restaurants in the countryside.

Nicole awoke to find herself in a packing crate. Being a valuable commodity, she was in good shape. Nicole and the other "special orders" were fed, forced to exercise, then placed into large fishing nets which were dipped into the frigid ocean waters. This was how the girls were bathed.

Then, it was back in her dark box for another 20 hours to wait for the process to start again the next day.

Finally her voyage was over and the packing crate was opened. Nicole was collared, leashed and led into the dungeon that would be her new home. With her wrists and elbows tied together behind her back, Nicole could do little more than hurry to keep up with the nude black woman who led her into the dark caverns. Once inside, after her eyes had adjusted, Nicole was introduced to a house of horrors. Girls were tied in various forms of bondage. Different colored lights illuminated their suffering in nightmare hues of red, blue and green. One woman, hung by her ankles, was being shocked by a generator attached by wires to her nipples and tongue. Another girl, grunting loudly, was bound onto a fucking machine that pounded rapidly into her ass and vagina. Another girl was hung from the ceiling in a suspended hogtie with a whip pushed into her ass. Five other women were chained to the stone wall; spread wide and fearfully waiting their turn.

Against one dark wall sat a man in a recliner watching the display of feminine agony and humiliation. He idly stroked his hard cock. Nicole was led before the man and forced roughly to her knees.

"These women are all from your country," the man told Nicole, "they are all very intelligent and very beautiful. I like to watch them struggle and hear them scream, but I also enjoy personal attention to enhance my viewing pleasure. Your profile shows that you are quite good at the art of fellatio."

The man held the paper in front of Nicole. There, before her unbelieving eyes, she saw twenty full color pictures of herself with David and Andrew, her most current boyfriends. In the pictures she was busy gobbling cock and swallowing cum. Some of these pictures were six months old; others were new. She also saw pictures of herself on campus, at the grocery store, getting the mail and more. Nicole now realized that she'd been watched, stalked, kidnapped and sold.

"I see that you understand the gravity of your predicament. You are thousands of miles away from your home and kneeling before a man who has gone to great expense and intense research to locate the most beautiful and intelligent women to entertain his idle time."

Nicole saw a thick stream of pre-cum slide down the man's huge prick. He used it to lube his strokes.

"While they shriek and struggle," he gestured to the world-class beauty of the women bound before him, "I wish to have a slave slowly and competently draw the cum from my balls with her mouth and tongue. These other women either refused or were not very good at the task. I see, however, that you are quite good at it."

He looked down at his cock and then back to Nicole, "You have a simple choice; hang next to the girl with the whip in her ass, or swallow the cock you see before you. And if you bite; well, look around you..."

He meant business, Nicole was no fool. Getting out of here was foremost in her mind but that could wait, survival was more important right now. Nicole, hands still tied, leaned in and took the dripping penis fully into her mouth and slowly began to bob up and down. It was sticky with pussy juice.

"Ahhh, Yess...very good Nicole. You are everything that I'd hoped you would be. I fucked Monique just before you arrived. I hope you enjoy the taste. She was on her period. Now take your time. We have all day. M'bana," he said to the black woman who'd led Nicole in by the leash, "please take that nasty whip out of young Brittany's ass and use in on her. She looks far too comfortable."

"Unnngh," Brittany grunted as the whip handle was pulled from her ass. "GHAAAAA....UUUUUNGH" her screams were louder and more desperate as the whip began to arc and descend on her soft young flesh. She wiggled and writhed in the ropes that held her suspended as M'bana whipped her viciously. Nicole was in for a long day, it would take hours for her new aster to cum but she was far better off on her knees gagging and sucking cock than hanging from the ceiling with Brittany...


Elanor Bundled Up ~ Bound for the Front Line

Elanor lay on the camouflage blanket. Except for the ropes and a collar, she was completely naked. She was doubled up, knees drawn up against her chest to save space for the other girls that would share her fate. The bed of the transport truck would hold fifteen women if they were bound tightly enough.

The hard fighting nomads on the front lines would appreciate the sweet young bodies of these captured western girls. They would provide a much needed respite from the constant hardships of war.

These were the wives and daughters of the enemy stolen and shipped from the country of their foe. These women were punished harshly and almost constantly being fucked by at least one soldier whenever there was a slight cessation in the near constant battles.

Elanor was very beautiful and had seen more than her fair share of cock and even a cunt or two while behind the lines. Now she was headed for the front where she would be forced to service up to six men at a time. Typically the fresh meat would have a cock in each hand, one in her ass, another in her cunt, one in her mouth and one more pressed between her firm ample breasts. They would leave her glazed and oozing cum from every orifice before another six men stepped up to work her over again.

After Rugdbah had tied and packed Elanor he stepped over her and began to jack off over her defenseless naked body.

"Just one last sample of the cock that ripped into your virginity for the first time. One last shagfull for the road western slut!"

He spewed thick spurts of semen onto the side of her face. It rolled slowly onto her nose and tightly closed lips. After he'd finished emptying his balls on the unfortunate slave, he emptied his bladder, pissing on her from ass to head. Her hair was sopping wet with the foul urine of her captor.

"It's a twelve hour ride in the hot sun to where you're going, bitch. You'll stink like a pig's ass before you get there," Rugdbah said laughing as he finished pissing on the weeping girl, "say hello to the boys at the front line for me whenever you don't have a fat cock stuffed in your mouth."

Elanor - Life in the Caves

She'd been her for one week now. Every hole was sore and soaked with a near constant supply of sperm. When the men could no longer make her scream by fucking her, they decided to make sport of her in another way.

They tied her in a wide spread-eagle on the cave wall. Whenever a nomad soldier was captured or killed, the commander would give take the whip to her quivering flesh. Soon she was covered with dozens of angry red welts. There had been a fresh shipment of young girls ranging in age from 18 to 25 that day so Elanor was no longer used as a fuck slave. The only company she could expect now was the burning end of a cigarette, a hard fist to the stomach or face, a boot kick to her cunt, or the slashing caress of the whip.

Shahira was one of the few women who fought alongside her nomad master. One night to entertain the men, she had slowly shoved a fat wine bottle up Elanor's ass resulting in horrific howls of pain from the tormented white girl. The men who watched, clapped, laughed and cheered as the nomad woman smiled and bowed. The women were often far more cruel than the men.

"More," shouted a man from the audience, "entertain us Shahira, with your hatred for this western dog!"

A whip was thrown and landed at Shahira's feet.

Shahira started slowly by pinching each of Elanor's pert nipples; squeezing them between her fingernails hard enough to make them bleed.

"MMMFFF...MMMGGH...!!!" Elanor squeeled as she twisted in a vain effort to avoid Shahira's evil attentions.

But the cruel nomad girl had only just begun. Next she reached down between Elanor's legs and softly began to stroke her shaven exposed pussy. Elanor had not cum once during all the insane fucking that she'd endured over the last week here in the cave. But now that her well-used cunt was being touched by another woman, it was somehow even more humiliating. Shahira slowly removed her robes with her free hand while stroking Elanor's damp vagina. Little by little, the spread-eagle American woman began to respond to the nimble fingers of the dark skinned nomad girl.

Naked now, Shahira knelt in front of Elanor and, with tongue and lips, found Elanor's clit. Already it stood up full and proud in spite of Elanor's shame. Shahira began to lick and suck furiously bringing her captive closer and closer to orgasm. Soon Elanor, ashamed and humiliated, shut her eyes and pushed her hips out toward the expert tongue of the dark Shahira.

"UUNGH...UUNGH...OHHH..."Elanor began to grunt as the reached the peak of pleasure and began to cum in Shahira's mouth. But then, as Elanor's body betrayed her completely, the unthinkable happened; Shahira surrounded the engorged clitoris with her incisors and bit down hard.

GHAAAAAAGH... AAAAHHIIIEEEEE!" everyone in the caves heard her ear-splitting shrieks. The new slave girls who were being fucked and tormented, heard Elanor's inhuman howls and shivered in fear.

Shahira stood and looked Elanor in the eye. Through the haze of exquisite burning pain, Elanor saw the bloody morsel of flesh in Shahira's mouth. She rolled it around on her tongue a few times then swallowed.

"Mmmm, white slut taste good," Shahira smiled, "maybe eat more of you later..."

Still naked, the beautiful dark skinned torturer, turned and bowed once more to the men who clapped and cheered at the performance of pain.

Now Shahira bent to pick up the ten foot braided cattle whip that lay at her feet and began to swing. In moments Elanor was barely recognizable. One breast had been split open, an ear hung in tatters, her bloody cunt was a study in pain. Welt marks covered the once perfect flesh of the screaming woman.

Later on, the almost unrecognizable Elanor was led into the other cave where the new girls were being fucked. Shahira pulled the stumbling Elanor along by a handful of hair.

"Look here white bitches," Shahira said to the new slaves, "see what happens when we tire of you. Here you fuck to stay alive. Get lazy and you see what happens."Shahira threw Elanor to the ground and sat heavily on her face breaking her slender nose.

"Eat my pussy bitch or I tie you outside and watch while the hyenas feast on your flesh!"

Elanor lasted three more days before she was sent to one of the desert brothels. She was tied and put in a box in the front room with just her head sticking out. All her teeth had been pulled. The cocks that she sucked slid over her smooth gums like a squeezing pussy. It was her only job. Cum, her only food

Whenever Shahira dropped in in with other western slaves to sell, she'd always visit the broken, beaten and boxed Elanor to have her smelly cum-filled cunt sucked clean. "See how popular you are bitch? Aren't you glad I liberated you from that dull life in the west. Here you have many friends...Now suck me whore!"


Fuck-Pet for Dinner

Pretty Caroline was only 18 years old when she decided to study abroad. The middle east had always fascinated her so she chose a college in Darfung. One night, after everyone had gone to sleep, the peaceful quiet of the dorm was shattered by gunfire, screams and crashing doors.

Over a mega-phone Caroline heard these words: "All western students come into the hallways. We will not hurt you. We simply need to ask you questions." The message was repeated. Caroline remembered the gunfire however, so she slid under the bed to hide. Soon she heard screams and other girls pleading.

"No, please...Let go of me," Caroline heard her friend Beth beg, "where are you taking me... please... please don't... UNNGH!" Then the sound of a body hitting the ground.

"Tie the bitch quickly!" voice said, "search for the others... they must be hiding. Round them all up. Be fast."

Her dorm room crashed open and the closet doors were torn from their hinges searching for the American teenagers. That's where they found Micah. They pushed the struggling girl to the floor and gagged her. Her hands and feet were drawn up behind her back and roped together in a hogtie. Then the bunk-beds were pulled over and Caroline was exposed. She always slept naked, the men smiled when they saw her beautiful young nude body. Caroline, Micah, Beth and twelve other female American students were thrown into the back of a military transport truck and quickly spirited away into the desert night.

Now, a year later, Caroline waited in the dark. She was 19 years old now. She'd spent the last year in one one network of caves or another, a victim to the most unspeakable acts of sadistic torment from men and women alike. No perversion was off limits. Piercings, brandings, and ritualistic mutilations were common foreplay to sex. She'd lost her clitoris and labia long ago. She and her friends were treated with less respect than cattle as one militant then another enjoyed their young bodies.

Tonight however, would mark a new chapter in depravity and horror. She could hear the men arguing in the other room: "She's worth more alive, a good hostage"..."I say we keep her and fuck the white bitch. She's one of my favorites"..."Sell her ass. The slave trader says he'll pay good money"...

Then a commanding voice spoke, it was General Marfind. He had always caused Caroline the most pain when he raped her: "Silence. I have decided her fate. Our men are hungry since our supply lines have been cut. These women are animals anyway. We will have the red-haired dog for dinner! Start the fires!!"

Caroline couldn't believe it. "Have me for dinner?" she thought, "They're going to eat me?!"

Three men came into the room and grabbed the struggling girl, "Please," she begged, "Please don't kill me... I'm good... I make you cum... I swallow everything... I do anything... everything you say... PLEEEASE!"

They gagged her quickly and placed her in iron stocks with her hands manacled next to her ankles.

She was pulled outside where a large fire raged. A long spit stood off to one side waiting for the coals to die down. "MMMFFFFF... NNNNGGHFFF" the gagged Caroline protested as they dragged her to the fire-pit.

"Bring the other slaves to watch. I want them all to see what we're having for dinner. After tonight they will be better than ever at sucking cum from our balls! They will gladly eat camel shit rather than share her fate."

Soon the fire was smoldering embers and all the other slaves were naked and on their knees watching the horrible spectacle unfold. Caroline saw Micah and started to weep. Her once beautiful room-mate bore the marks of a full year of captivity and abuse at the hands of these vicious people.

Then Caroline was carried to the fire-pit. The iron spit was placed against her ass. She struggled in a pitiful attempt to break free. They meant to impale the terrified girl and roast her over the coals.

Then, just as the sharp iron point of the metal rod was being pushed into her, Caroline heard the rapid fire of machine guns.

She was dropped on her side, the iron spit fell to the earth. She was saved, it must be her country coming to rescue her. The mujadin scattered.Many, to Caroline's pleasure, fell from the bullets that filled the air.

Not a single slave had been struck, they had all been tied in a kneeling position and couldn't rise. Caroline expected to see white men of European descent coming to untie her and take her home. But her hopes were quickly dashed. The robes and turbans of a different rebel faction soon stood victorious. General Darfind rode the iron rod that night screaming like a woman as he was spitted and left to roast.

The victors were no better. They fell on the girls fucking them savagely. Afterwards the girls were chained neck to neck and marched off into the desert. Caroline had been spared from one fate only to be sold into a sheik's harem in a large city many miles away. More piercings, a new brand and further genital mutilation marked her as a fuck-pet. She would not be eaten, but in the years to come she began to wonder if it would have been better to have died on the spit and have done with it. Her treatment at the hands of the Sheik and his wives only further broke her will to live. Here Caroline was hobbled and made to crawl everywhere she went. She would never walk again. After all, a slave should kneel when sucking her master's cock...


Breaking the War Whore

Three enemy soldiers had won the lottery to use the new slave. Mary, bound and gagged, shrieked like a wild animal as the first man's cock blasted past her sphincter and spread her rectum. The horrid dry-fuck penetrated her deeply as his cock burrowed into her bowels. He wanted to hurt her, not just fuck her. They wanted her to feel the pain of a fresh slave's first day in captivity. They wanted to break her down.

A second man began to jerk off over her face as the third man began to whip her exposed breasts.

"GLURGL...MMMFFF..." Mary screamed around the gag as the whip tore across the delicate flesh of her tits.

Fresh tears formed in her eyes as she looked up at the man who masturbated. He grunted loudly and began to ejaculate. She was just in time to see thick spurts of cum pour all over her face. The warm salty sperm stung both eyes. She blinked madly trying to expel the stinging semen. Her tears could not alleviate the pain.

Soon the man with the whip bent down and began to shove the handle into her spread cunt. He wedged the ten inch wooden grip into her twisting body then pulled a tin from his pocket. To Mary's horror she saw that it was full of long needles. The other rebel soldiers who stood waiting for a turn with the American teen all applauded and hooted loudly as first one needle then another went into her nipples and breasts. Fully twenty needles had been pushed into each quivering tit. Mary's screams were constant now.

Then he moved on to new territory. One long needle went through her nose; in one side and out the other. He did this three times from he lower nostrils up to the bridge of her nose.

Out of needles, the man decided to take the pussy that beckoned to his dripping cock. He slammed her open cunt hard with one knee just to see her writhe in pain. Then he pushed into her.

Tight, so tight. Mary was a virgin for another three seconds as the man forced open her struggling body.

After the three men had spilled their seed, another three took their places, then another three. Mary twisted and grunted in pain as each man brought another unique form of torment to use on her innocent body.

Finally the last three men decided to trust her to use her mouth. They removed her gag.

"If you bite this cock, western dog, we will cut out your green eyes and make you eat them. Understand?"

Mary nodded miserably. She would suck all the prodding pricks dry if it would stop the pain.

There was just one wrinkle that she hadn't anticipated. Mary had pictured herself up on her knees sucking one brown cock after another until they had all cum. She would even swallow their ejaculate thus debasing herself more fully to make them happy. Then maybe they would leave her alone and let her rest for awhile. They might even take the needles out of her bloody swollen tits. But Mary wasn't the first girl to undergo harsh treatment at the hands of these rebel soldiers. They'd just barely begun to use her.

She quickly found herself hanging upside down and swinging from her widely spread ankles. She saw the cocks approach from her inverted view of the world. Her mouth was at perfect crotch level as the first prick slipped between her open lips. She was blinded by the man's body and never had the slightest inkling that the second man who stood behind her wide spread legs, held a thick leather riding crop. The third man knelt beside her cock-stuffed face holding a knife one inch from her left eye.

"Remember slave," he told Mary, "one bite and you are blind. Careful with your teeth!"

That was when the crop slapped wetly across her exposed cunt.

"GGRRRGLLLMMMFFFFF...!!!", panic surged as Mary screamed around the large cock that battered against the back of her throat. Through the haze of pain that rocketed from her crotch into her brain, Mary remembered not to bite. She wept bitter tears as she screamed around the man-meat that filled her mouth. Mary continued to writhe and buck in a vain attempt to avoid the relentless crop. But she never bit down.

Warm cum soon covered her face as each man ejaculated onto their new slave. Then the first three men came at her again. The man with the needles was back with another full box.

She howled wildly as the new needles speared her cum-smeared cunt lips, clit and asshole...


Worse than Hell

Jennifer stood before a desk in the city hall of a small town in Latin America.

The mustached man before her, Sergeant Garcia, sat with his feet up on the desk leering at the pretty American teenager.

"So, you are asking for a permit to assemble. A political rally in front of the president's mansion, eh?"

"That's right," she replied, "women have the same rights as men and we're going to make sure that the world knows how they're treated here. I have three different news channels coming to cover the event. So, please just do your job, give me my permits and stop staring at my tits."

"Maybe you show me your tits first, gringa," replied the man with a slight smile, "then we talk about these permits. Looks like you got a nice pair. What do you say?"

Jennifer had grown up in the United States and didn't quite know how things worked south of the border.

"Fuck you, you sick bastard," replied the foolish teen, "you can kiss my ass if you think I'll ever let you see one inch of my body. Just give me my permits and I'll be on my way!"

Sergeant Garcia sat up and pushed a button on his desk. "That's no way to talk to a man down here, puta," Garcia said, "you gonna find out about that real soon. Now I gonna see more than your tits!"

Jennifer felt the first tingle of fear trickle down her spine when the door burst open and two military police appeared. "Wha's up jefe?" said one man, "you got problems?" Both of the soldiers were looking appreciatively at Jennifer. "I got no problem," Garcia said, "but this little gringita sure does. Take the bitch downstairs and fix her up nice and pretty. Then go tell Adelita we got a live one. She gonna put on a good show for the regular customers."

Jennifer started to struggle when the two soldiers grabbed her but she never stood a chance. Garcia stepped around the desk with a gag, a hypodermic needle and a thick hood. "Sleep for now cunt, you will need your rest." The needle went into Jennifer's neck. As she began to go limp, the gag went in and the hood went on. Another female political prisoner disappeared without a trace.

Jennifer awoke a few hours later in the dark. Groggy but aware, she slowly began to remember the interview with Sergeant Garcia; the soldiers, the needle. Adrenalin shot through her veins and shook her awake.

"MMMFFF...MMMNNFF" Jennifer tried to speak. "Can't move my hands, can't speak, can't see, I can feel the air on my skin, they've taken my clothes" she thought to herself, "Oh Fuck, I've been kidnapped."

"I see our little friend is awake" said a woman's voice, "let's welcome her to the party." Adelita Peron was the woman who now controlled Jennifer's fate. She was a very beautiful yet sadistic woman of about 35. She could torment men but she preferred women. And she was quite ready to get started on pretty Jennifer.

Jennifer's hood came off. A single light hung above her and shone down in her eyes. She could hear other people in the dark room. They surrounded her. There were at least fifty, maybe more. They were all watching her. Adelita started by squatting down next to the nude girl and slapping her hard across the face.

"You American cunts need to learn your place. And this is where you'll find it!"Adelita leaned in and sat heavily on Jennifer's face. "MMFF... GGHUURGGLLMMMFFF," Jennifer grunted and tried to struggle away but Adelita was too strong. Her nose was trapped between Adelita's thighs. Jennifer could smell her cunt and her ass. Her stomach rolled. Adelita rode Jennifer's face until it shined wetly with dripping cunt juice.

"Who's gonna be first to tap this little bitch?" Adelita called out. Many voices responded and a line began to form. Jennifer, who generally liked sex, on her own terms, had no control here. She soon found herself swimming in cum. She was turned over onto her face as a man with belt in hand, forced his cock into her pussy from behind. He whipped her hard while he rode her. Jennifer screamed and tried to beg for mercy. This just seemed to drive the crowd into a frenzy. The man who fucked Jennifer grabbed the rope harness that held her and rammed himself into her as far and as hard as he could.

"UNGH... UNGG... GGGHUUGG...!!!" Jennifer grunted hard as the man fucked her and whipped her with the belt.

Adelita got back into the game with an electric cattle prod. She shocked Jennifer's naked ass over and over to make her heave and buck. The crowd clapped and shouted. The prod hit Jennifer on the face and neck now and then her firm tits were targeted. Jennifer was a live wire twisting and flailing uselessly as she tried to get to her feet and make a run for it. She never had a chance.

"Crowd in people" Adelita shouted, "I have a private session planned for her later after her tight cunt and ass have squeezed all the cum out of your filthy cocks. So get in here and get started!"

Hands grabbed Jennifer everywhere. Her hair was pulled, her tits were a mass of pain as they were twisted and squeezed. One man even used them for punching bags. The people were spurred on by her pitiful shrieks and screams. Her ass and cunt were soon dripping with sperm. Her face was also a target for those who wanted to mar her looks with slime. It took over two hours for the crowd to finish with Jennifer. She lay there in a pool of cum breathing hard covered with sweat, when one last man strode up and stood next to Adelita.

"Hello Gringa bitch. Remember me?" It was Garcia from the city hall. "I got the permit you wanted. I gonna permit you to suck my cock. I'll even permit you to swallow my cum for a few days before you go to the military brothel. Your big mouth got you in trouble, and your big mouth gonna make me rich. Start sucking cunt!"


The Road to Auction

Private Susan Hiromoto was beyond tired; she was exhausted. Every bare-footed step was almost impossible. She stumbled along barely able to stay on her feet. She was filthy and thirsty. Her breasts throbbed painfully from their stringent and constant bondage. She'd been tied to 70 tons of rolling death, forced to keep up or be dragged. When the company finally stopped, she knew what would happen to her. The men would take her again, brutally, with no concern other than their own pleasure. These desert warriors who had captured and enslaved Susan, had no honor. These men saw her as a commodity for the future and a fuck-pet for the here and now...

"No more walking, bitch... Time for fun! Got sore legs? Start wetting that tight cunt of yours if you don't want a sore cunt too!"

It made no difference. Sue was glad to have stopped walking even if it meant being fucked and tormented by the seventy-five men in the company.

First they made dinner. The scraps they threw to her landed in the dirt. Susan, like a dog, bent and picked up the food with her mouth. The men wanted her healthy and presentable when they got to the next town. There, they could trade the captured Private for supplies and petrol. But until they arrived, Susan Hiromoto would unwillingly provide the entertainment.

After dinner, they came at her leisurely, two and three at a time. They were in no rush, they were ahead of schedule and there was no sign of the enemy. Beaten, bruised and broken, Susan took any cock that approached into her mouth and sucked until hot seed rushed down her throat. Others bent her over and took her ass or pussy. She had been tight; almost a virgin when this journey of pain began. She'd only let one man make love to her. It had happened the week before she'd been deployed. But now, after three days with these filthy unwashed animals, her holes were well worn.

She could taste her own cunt on some of the cock-meat that now took pleasure in her mouth. They'd fucked her pussy at the last stop and never washed. This was bad enough, but others had fucked her ass. These brown stained peckers now stuffed her mouth full with their terrible taste and foul stench.

Most of the men just wanted a warm moist place to rut. For these Susan was almost grateful. They would cum quickly and wander off to sleep. But there were the others who took great pleasure in beating Susan.

They couldn't bruise her too much for it would affect her value. But they knew how to hurt her without showing the damage. This almost invariably involved shoving impossibly large object into her body.

One of these hateful cruel men crawled out of the tank to play with Susan. At the last stop he'd pushed his fist into her puffy lipped cunt all the way to his elbow, pumping hard while she screamed and cried.

But now his fevered brain had come up with something even worse. He carried one of the missiles that the tank kept as long range ammunition.

Susan knew immediately what he meant to do. She tried to rise to her feet, maybe to run, but certainly to resist. No use. Her legs were too weak. She fell to one side and the man was on her in a second.

He set the missile upright and, after tying Susan's knees to her chest, began to push her down onto the tip of the huge metal missile.

"NO...PLEASE NOOAAAAAUUUUUUGHH!" Her fresh screams gathered the attention of the other men.

They crowded around to witness her torment. Her cunt was spreading open like a woman giving birth in reverse. If not for the copious amounts of cum that acted as a lubricant and the endless line of cocks that had loosened her fuck-hole up so well, the missile would certainly have split her open. He grabbed Susan's hair and her shoulders and continued to push her down until she was fully impaled on the long brass bullet. Wild-eyed and shrieking, Susan could only endure the horrendous intrusion. The man forced himself into her open mouth. Susan knew that her only hope was to placate him. With the missile still inside her, drooling heavily and nearly mad from the pain, she sucked his cock until he came in her mouth. She obediently swallowed. After he'd finished splashing his seed down her throat, he pushed her over and slowly pulled the missile from her cunt. He'd pressed a full fifteen inches into her body. A trickle of blood mingled with the cum that drained from her pussy. She would never bear children.

When they set off again, Susan was unable to walk. They tied her to the Tank's barrel. She hung there bruised both inside and out. The next day near dusk, in the burning desert distance, Susan saw the glimmering lights of the town. The men stopped to wash her up before presenting her for auction. What new horrors waited for Susan in this desert village at the hands of these people she knew not. She was beyond hope; beyond caring.

"Don't worry too much western whore," said one of the men who roughly washed her tits, "there will be plenty of cock for you to suck there. Maybe you will get lucky and get to eat some pussy too..."

Even after all the horror Susan had endured, after all the abuse, she was still pretty. She was sold to a brothel where she works next to a toothless white woman named Elanor, who gives head from a box...


Failed Coup D'etat

Alicia screamed as another strike from the plastic rod seared across her soft flesh.

They'd gotten her to talk almost immediately. She'd given them all the information she had. All the names of the political dissidents, their addresses, where they worked, everything. When they threatened Alicia with more pain, she even came up with the names of people who had nothing at all to do with the failed coup d'etat.

"Now a few smacks across those wonderful firm teats of yours."

The heavy plastic rod split the air with an audible whoosh and swatted fully across both of Alicia's nipples.

She threw her head back and howled; her suspended body twisting from side to side. Her tits bounced and quivered provocatively driving the interrogator mad with lust.

"P-Please," Alicia begged, "I've told you everything I know. There's nothing else...nothing...Please stop hurting me. Let me fuck you...take me...use my ass, my cunt, my mouth. Just please don't hurt me anymore!"

The man pretended to consider her request. "You promise not to try to get away? Do you swear that you will suck my prick and swallow my seed? Well, do you?"

"Yes, oh yes. I promise. I'll do whatever you want. I'm very good, I'll make you cum hard..."

"Ha, ha, ha. You stupid slut," Alicia's interrogator laughed, "You are already doing everything I want you to do. Your beautiful naked body heaves and bucks with each blow. You shriek and scream with wild abandon. You are doing all I want. And there's so much more. I haven't even begun to hurt you. There's Interrogation Room 2 with it's impossibly huge dildos and clamps. They are all attached to a nice generator. When I turn it on, you'll really come to know pain. Your screams will intensify a thousand-fold. Oh, and let's not forget the two electric dildos that go up your cunt and ass when I am done with you each night. I will turn them on full blast and leave you to cum helplessly over and over all night long. Oops, I almost forgot; there's a nice little reception planned for you and the other women you so kindly informed on earlier this evening. The men will be executed right away of course, but there are many uses for you and the other bitches you gave us. They will be presented after dinner tomorrow evening and used for sport. Some will be turned loose on the compound grounds and allowed a head start. Then we will mount the Hunting Party. We're on an island here, they will have no place to go. Others will be used as living art; stretched and twisted into forms of such exquisite agony...And yet others will simply be laid out and spread open for our guests to fuck and torment at will.

So when, you dumb cunt, I decide to fuck you, I will do so without your permission. It will hurt, and you will scream. You gave up all your rights when you plotted against the government. Now you're just a bag of warm meat to use in any way I see fit. Your punishment will last for years. You will never leave here alive."

"NOOO...PLEASE...NOOOOO..." Alicia continued to beg and plead but the pain only got worse.

Interrogation Room 2, with it's racks, clamps, steel dildos, and generator, proved to be everything the man had promised.

"GHAAAAAAAIIEEEEE" Alicia screamed louder than ever when the electricity coursed through her most intimate female flesh. Her inhuman shrieks were heard by the other woman who were, even now, being brought in for questioning. It proved to be a most effective method of extracting the desired information. But eventually, they all wound up with Alicia; screaming and begging for mercy that would never come...

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!


Posted 11/07/2003

The year is 1492. The place: a small village near Valencia in the very South of Europe.

An unusual series of events has taken place during the last few months, alarming the good citizens of the village.

The crops, abundant for many years, were practically non-existent this summer: no wheat, no corn, no grapes, nothing And no explanation: the weather had been good, no crop-destroying insects had been seen anywhere.

And then, during the fall, three women of the village give birth to deformed children, an event unheard of in this part of the country.

A few weeks after the birth of the last baby, the priest of the village, known for his robust constitution, died within a few of days from an unexplained illness.

Raul, innkeeper and village leader, convened the city council and launched an investigation into the strange succession of events that seemed to doom his village. Rapidly, it became obvious that two of the village women must have relations with the Devil. Why else would these strange evils befall? The local church authorities were contacted, and a swift investigation proved their guilt beyond any doubt. The two women were sentenced to death

But the church leaders feared that the situation might in fact be worse than it appeared, and decided to call for the help and support of the Spanish Inquisition. Tomas de Torquemada himself sent his best investigator and trusted friend, Alfonso de Reinas, to lead the inquiry at the village

The team of Inquisitors reaches the village the day after the two women had been executed. The battered and broken bodies are displayed along the main street, to remind everyone of the fate awaiting those who choose to side with the Evil One. ..

Alfonso de Reinas starts the investigation with a young girl, whose name was given during the trial of the two executed witches.

Listen to me, creature of the Devil! Your only chance to live is to reveal the identity of all witches infesting this good community And maybe The Good Lord will have mercy on your soul

Unable to take more pain in her tortured cunt and in order to save her right nipple from being torn off with the hot pincers mercilessly wielded by the Inquisitor, the girl confesses that she knows of at least fifteen women of the village who entertain carnal relations with The Master of the Night, and screams out their names frantically, one after the other, to the holy man.

The confession probes to be useless to the terrified girl. A long night of savage torture and sexual abuse is just beginning...

The first name of the list is held. No need for trial. After raping her, Alfonso de Reinas decides that the poor thing is guilty of using her lovely body to make him sin against God. She will pay dearly for it!

The width of the investigation is such that Alfonso de Reinas has requested the help of the local villagers, lead by cruel Raul. The innkeeper has carefully selected a few deputies, mostly men but also a few good church-going women, women of impeccable morality, deacons of the church to help the men of the cloth in their search for the Evil minions.

Raul, my good friend, the Holy Inquisition will not forget your assistance in this matter. I will see that you are properly rewarded

It is a real pleasure, father, to contribute, even in a small way to the cleansing of the village. My best reward is to keep on punishing these evil whores!

You will not believe how ashamed I feel for not having spotted so many witches inside my community Rest assured that they will pay dearly for their crimes against Our Lord.

RaulТs daughter, Isabel, is one of the few women whose task it is to assist in extracting confessions from the suspected witches. She's a sadist and a lesbian. Everybody on the village knows it...


Inside the village chapel, RaulТs mistress Laura Ц a closet lesbian and sadist Ц is having the time of her life with the alleged witches. At last, she is being given an opportunity to play out those fantasies she has kept secret for many years.

It was so much fun to whip those udders of yours And IТm not done with you yet Wait until I fuck you with my spear IТm going to rip your entrails out But that will have to wait for a while First, your little virgin sister here is going to suck my pussy And sheТd better be good at it IТm in no mood for a botched job!

Stop yelling like that, slut We know you like the bite of the whip Frances, put down that cross, and sit down on the bitchТs face Make her suck you, make her drink your juice At least, this will keep her quiet while I lash her cunt. Open your legs, so that I can flay your filthy hole

BDSMinq0008.jpg (85408 bytes)

Alfonso is interrogating two girls who so far have been far from cooperative. Always blindfolded, the sadistic monk has been raping and abusing the poor things for days. Now he's tired of the m...

Tormentor, these two filthy bitches are yours. Next time I see them, I want a signed confession Use whatever means you deem necessary, and spare no efforts In any case they will end burnt at the stake

The tormentor cannot refrain from smiling sadistically. These two big-breasted beauties are going to suffer for the tormentorТs own pleasure So much flesh, and so little time IТm going to flail their nipples and burn the exposed flesh with a hot iron That will be a good beginning

In the cave of the nearby convent where most of the interrogations take place, a few girls have been rounded up and chained, waiting for their inquest to begin. Driven mad by the screams coming from the adjoining torture chamber, they gather their strength and chant piously, praying for their God to give them the courage to deliver them from the horrendous torments that await them.

These witches have no sense of family ties Would you believe this mother has trained her own daughter to entertain the Devil? comments Alfonso to the tormentor We are going to remind them of the holiness of motherhood.

Strap down the mother on the rack Break her bones one by one, starting with the feet and going up slowly When youТre done with the legs of the mother, I will work on the daughter. Her juvenile flesh will peel easily under the bullwhip LetТs see how the mother reacts to the skinning of her offspring

Raul told me you are a whore You sure have all the right assets But IТm going to fix that

IТll start with these two obscene breasts Fifteen skewers in each boob, to start with Then IТm going to slice them off with this saw, to teach you humility And because I sense that you will not learn your lesson well, I will have your cunt pierced and sewn Yes, pee now while you still can In a little while, your pee hole will be burnt into smoking flesh, whore for the Devil!

Posted 12/11/2003

Turn your eyes from the glory of God, and reap the torments of Hell!.. Your confession was good, little vixen but your ass is even better You may have once been a fine lady, but you will never look down your nose at a Holy Inquisitor again!!! In fact, I shall have your eyes plucked out and fed to the dogs A high-brow bitch like you will never look down on me!

"Look, bitch I am a man of God Your futile attempts at seducing me can only bring more torment onto you. A man of good faith, such as myself, can resist temptation; but not everyone does. Therefore, I am going to make sure that you can never pull that trick again A few hours on this iron horse, with 50 pounds on each ankle, and your filthy cunt will split clear to your belly button As regards your lovely tits, I will pierce them with the white-hot iron, until they are nothing more than disgusting protuberances on your chest"

The women have been brought in front of the Holy Court, to hear their sentence.

After having heard your confessions, the Court in its wisdom has decided the following: five of you, who confessed being the leaders of the ring of witches, will be burnt alive in the town square this afternoon; the rest of you wenches will be placed under the guard of the Church, and will be punished by being committed to life long servitude for the men of the cloth in a special convent There, you will have a chance to redeem your souls by accepting whatever punishments the Church finds appropriate for you.

Tormentor, prepare the witches for the burning

Arms bound outstretched to a wooden log running parallel to their shoulder line, the condemned girls marched as if crucified through the streets of the village as the population watches to see what happens when one sides with the Devil.

Two of the girls, who recanted soon after confessing their crimes, are being dragged on their knees towards the burning stakes.

Your knees will bleed long before you reach the stake, wench Only the fire will put an end to your suffering Praise the Lord!

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I had told you to be careful with your step This will get you one hundred lashes of the whip And since you like the horizontal position, you will crawl to the square I will drag you with a rope if need be We will see how nice your tits are when we reach your execution spot That is, if you still have any boob left, heh heh

While Alfonso and his followers chant prayers for the souls of the witches about to be burnt, the tormentors nail the girls to small wooden bars. The long nails are hammered at the base of the wrists, crushing the fragile bones, and the pain drives the women crazy.

String them up, orders Alfonso. And start the purifying fire at once These bitches are screaming too much

To the assembled crowd of villagers, Alfonso says: Good citizens, keep your eyes wide open Look carefully at the burning witches See the flames engulfing the bodies that these unfortunate girls chose to give to Satan Hear their screams The holiest among you may even catch a glimpse of the Evil while it escapes the tortured envelopes This village is purified at last Praise the Good Lord, and ask for His mercy!

In the crowd, some soft hearted individuals faint while the jerking bodies are progressively transformed into piles of burnt flesh, amidst horrible yells of never-ending pain and the unbearable stench of human barbecue.

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