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Couple Therapy [THNDRSHARK]


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Couple Therapy
by Thndrshark. All rights reserved.

I wrote this while on vacation in Fiji. Boy, was I inspired by all the young, nubile vacationing girls there!

Part 1

I found myself rushing home after work for the first time in awhile. I tried to act all nonchalant as I practically burst in the door. “How’s Lisa,” I asked my wife as I sauntered in. She smiled, knowing the truth.

“Uncomfortable, I’m sure,” she replied as she finished the last of the dishes.

“What happened?”

“She dropped another dish. I put her in the box.” I smiled at the thought. My wife was usually the softer one, though I had found that, like with most women, when they wanted to be cruel they could surpass any man’s imagination.

“When did you put her in?”

“About 11:30 this morning,” she said, returning her attentions to the sink. I just whistled to myself and headed down to the dungeon. It was almost 7:00 now, which meant that Lisa had been in one of the most uncomfortable punishments for over six hours. My cock practically jumped at the thought! I was glad I would never feel the wrath of my wife.

We had been married 5 years before, having discovered a mutual love for bondage and various S&M practices. Early on, we would play with each other, with her being the sub usually to me. But we both quickly realized that we cared too much for each other to go to the lengths we both dreamed, and soon after we where married we began venturing out for others. To date I could count 9 young girls, our preference, that we had trained into slavery. It was only the last three that had been unwilling participants. Neither of us had been comfortable with the concept of kidnapping, rape, torture or true slavery, considering the punishments most governments would land upon us if we where caught. But we studied the subject as a exercise and quickly discovered how easy it could be. So many women disappeared yearly without a trace, a statistic that was kept under heavy wraps by most police agencies. There was little or no way of being caught if you where smart. We began hunting our first victim soon after. She was a young stripper in a state halfway across the country. We tried never to recruit, as we called it, from anywhere close to us. Rule number one. We found a girl with few family attachments and not many friends. Her name was Taylor. She was thin, blonde and had large breasts. The typical mid-western girl gone wrong. She took three months to completely break and we kept her around still to this day.

Our house was a rambling old mansion in the woods in Southern California, far from any prying eyes and well protected. I had a whole wing modified into a slave’s training facility, including old stone and heavy iron decorations. It worked wonders for the girls and was hidden from casual guests. I made my way down to the dungeon now, careful to press the tab hidden in the wall and key in the code on the invisible keypad hidden just beneath the paint. The door slid aside quietly and quickly shut after I was through. It took my eyes a few minutes to adjust before I could pick my way through the vast room to where I could hear Lisa crying.

The box was an idea we stole from some book and took a bit of engineering to build. Built like a stubby coffin, the victim was placed inside of it, their legs doubled up and each knee strapped wide to either side. Arms usually where bound at elbow and wrist behind, with a chain connected to the wrists leading up through a hole in the top. The head was fit through a hole at the top, where a very wide steel collar clamped on to the neck and locked the head into an upright position. At this point the slavegirl was arched backward painfully. The head could be left uncovered but I could tell she had really upset my wife. Her head was covered in a heavy steel cage that mimicked the job of the box. A crank at the top of the cage pushed sharp spikes into the face and scalp. I could see that she was wearing the spike gag as well, a large, soft ball that fit between the jaws, then pushed similar spikes into the soft tissues of the tongue and mouth. The crank for the box was at it’s maximum, meaning that the spikes in the box where pressed hard against Lisa’s naked form. The spikes where dense, no one separated by more than a few inches, and had the uncanny ability to cover every inch of the body. The worst part was how she supported herself. Her nose ring was pulled up hard to the ceiling by a piece of chain that fed through a pulley. The chain returned and connected to her wrists. Another, shorter chain attached from her wrists to her clit ring. My wife had pulled Lisa’s arms up hard, increasing the pain in her shoulders and, in turn, pulling up hard on the nose ring. The box was lifted slightly off the floor, pivoting lightly on the bottom edge. To decrease the pain of the spikes, she was forced to lift her arms higher behind her, a difficult prospect at best, which increased the pull on her clit ring. She could only do this for a few minutes before her shoulders gave out and her arms fell back, yanking hard on her nose ring.

She was a vision of medieval torture and I could feel my cock throbbing. She caught sight of me out of the corner of her eye and tried to beg for release. I’m sure this was the worst she had ever felt, even including the hard whippings.

“Sorry, Lisa,” I said, pulling on her arm/nose chain and letting it drop, eliciting new tears from her. “If I where to release you Angela would be very unhappy. I will, however, give you something to take your mind off the spikes.” I moved to the back of the box and turned a new crank. A wide, self-lubricating dildo extended slowly and precisely toward her pussy. She could feel it push inside and she tried to beg for me to stop. “You don’t want to cum, Lisa? How ungrateful,” I cooed as I buried the six inch cock into her. I flipped a switch and the dildo began both vibrating and pumping in and out of her. I watched as she quickly had the first of several orgasms. As her body thrashed in response, she screamed in pain from the spikes rubbing against her. It was designed to feel like her skin was being ripped off and I’m sure it was doing it’s job.

Lisa was number nine of the unwilling guests we had acquired. Just six weeks ago, on some South Seas Island, we had met her on an empty beach. We had gotten good at finding the best candidates and though we where living on a sailboat, we knew she was here and traveling with a few friends. We had secretly arranged to be on that beach when she would be alone. A friendly offer of some wine knocked her out cold. She was a perfect candidate. Only 20 years old, she was practically alone on this trip. Her friends had quickly met guys and left her to her solitude, which she preferred anyway. She was a bit of a loner, of medium height and build, with brown hair, green eyes and long, firm legs. My first comment to Angela was, “She’ll look great in ballet boots.” My wife just grinned and nodded in agreement.

Our sailboat held the crate we would ship her back to the states in. We took her aboard, stripped her naked and injected her with a knockout drug that would last about 10 hours. I knew this wouldn’t last the entire trip, but as another example of her cruelty, Angela wanted it this way so the subject would wake up in complete and utter bondage, in a crate in the dark.

It didn’t take much time to remove her bikini and admire her young body. Angela played with her largish breasts then pinched the nipple. “We can pierce these twice.” I grunted as I prepared to shave her bare, head to toe. Once completely hairless, we rubbed a salve - we had found it in Europe - from the neck down that prevented hair growth completely. Lisa would not grow hair on her body from the neck down for the foreseeable future. We rolled her over and tested her arm flexibility, practically cheering when her elbows could be forced together without too much strain. It was fun when the girls’ arms had to be trained, but we always preferred it this way.

As I fitted her head with a leather hood, I carefully filled her mouth with a wide gag then cranked down hard on the straps under her chin and over her lips. She would be unable to utter anything more than a slight murmur regardless of how hard she screamed. The eyes where covered with a small pad that glued on to her, then covered with a leather strap as part of the hood. Since her arms didn’t need much training, we strapped them together with wide leather straps at wrist and elbow, then fit her hands into a two pouch single glove. Once they where laced down tight, she would be unable to flex her fingers out, nor touch one hand to the other. Angela was lubricating two large dildos attached to a chastity belt and she carefully forced them deep into Lisa’s pussy, then her asshole. She took it slowly as she could tell this young girl had only been with a couple men, and never been fucked in the ass. The dildos would serve two purposes. A timer would turn on their vibrating about 10 hours into the trip, timed to match her waking. The effect would be to not only defeat her, but to humiliate her as well. In addition, her ass would be carefully stretched to accommodate my cock, or others as we saw fit, immediately upon arrival at our home.

Angela locked the belt in place as I retrieved the bar. Designed for us specifically, the bar had a padded four inch collar at one end and two padded three inch restraints at the other. The bar was only two feet long, but split so the restraints where two feet apart. I fit the collar around Lisa’s neck, covering the lacing for the hood and making sure it was both as snug as possible but also allowed for breathing. We then forced her legs back until the pivoting cuffs could be locked around her ankles. In this position she was absolutely immobile, bent back harshly. We lifted her up together and set her down on the padded insides of her crate.

Once snuggly filling the inside, we strapped her knees to the sides, spread wide, then Angela filled the spaces with packing popcorn while I fitted the nostril plugs. Small breathing hoses led to a series of hoses that had unobstructed holes on the outside of the box. The box was actually doubled layered so Lisa lay bound inside a much larger space, which we filled with some item we knew customs would never think twice about. The box was quickly filled with popcorn, obscuring any sight of Lisa and I nailed the lid on firmly. Once the outer container was filled we sealed it up and set sail for a shipping port on the other side of the island chain.

Part 2

As Angela released Lisa from the box after another two hours, I was concerned about the array of harsh red pricks on her soft skin. But upon closer examination, I could see they where only surface marks or slight punctures and would fade quickly. Lisa had experienced a number of violent orgasms that had rocked her against the spikes and yanked hard on her rings. I took a quick look while she lay exhausted on the floor. With Lisa we had perfected the perfect piercing. Rather than a simple hole punched through the soft tissue, we would pierce a type of grommet. The hole would be held open by a small channel of stainless steel through which we could place a number of rings or rods. Her nose was even more advanced. Two small plates of rounded edge steel had been measured and cut for each side of her septum. A larger hole toward the end of the septum, where a ring would normally go, was punched through the steel, it’s edges bent inward. A type of hole punch cut a rather wide hole in the nose and theses steel plates where fit to it. Smaller holes matched left to right, had been cut into the plates and a small rivet gun punched a strong rivet through both sides. After four rivets, the plate was permanently affixed to the septum. The larger hole, lined with steel as well, could be fit with any device, and was strong enough to nearly support her body weight.

I grabbed Lisa’s nose ring now and snapped my fingers for Taylor to clean her up. Taylor had been fully broken two years before and we had kept her as a full time slave since. She was a lovely blond with curly hair and a Midwestern look that seemed to accentuate the collar, chains and rings that adorned her now. As an obedient slave, she had followed Angela in to the dungeon and dropped to her knees. Now, she stepped up and took a hold of the leash I had chosen, snapping it to Lisa’s nose ring and leading her away to the baths. Both Taylor and Lisa teetered on their ballet boots, though unlike Taylor’s grace, Lisa was struggling to stay upright despite the renewed pain in her cramped toes. We had learned two things about Lisa, both when she had been locked into a stringent bondage position all night with Taylor. First, she felt humiliated most by the nose ring. It was the one thing that, when utilized, made her feel like an animal. Secondly, she felt even more abused when we had Taylor or another slave command her. It was for this reason that we made use of her nose ring as much as possible and quite often had Taylor administer her punishment. We certainly didn’t want to disappoint her!

Jennifer was the youngest slave we had recruited. Only 18, she was a dark haired beauty we hoped to sell for a good price. Currently she was enduring a stringent corset training. I yanked Lisa into the room where Jennifer was hanging, pushing her to her knees. Lisa’s wide eyed stare told the story. She was terrified of what she saw before her. Jennifer had been placed into her three layer rubber suit three weeks ago. Her entire body was covered in latex, from the tips of her ballet boots to the top of her head. She had been without sight or sound for the duration. She was hanging from her wrists in the center of the room, her ankles chained together and to the floor beneath her. The winch that held her taught was tightened daily, a running joke with Angela and I was that we would end up with a much taller slave in any case! Her body was like a guitar string and the muffled whimpers that escaped from her blow up gag where evidence of its effectiveness. But the most important device was that which was strapped from just below her breasts to her hips. A heavy rubber and steel boned corset was slowly being tightened around her waist. Original measurements had Jennifer’s waist at a 28. Not bad, but considering her ample 38D breasts, we knew a tiny waist would command a higher price. After the three weeks, we had managed to reduce her to a 19. Almost hourglass now, Angela was determined to get her to a 17. A special weight system was used to maintain constant tension on the steel lacings, while continually adding weight. A series of pulleys attached to a mechanical fulcrum that added about a half a pound of weight at specific intervals. We had started with 100 pounds of pressure, enough to cause her to cry, and I figured in my head the machine was placing about 400 pounds of pressure on her waist now. We were on the final corset so the gap in back represented the last 2 inches.

Lisa was frozen in fear, her eyes wide in terror that this could happen to her. We hadn’t decided if she deserved corset training. She barely noticed as I attached a set of steel cuffs to her ankles, chained her ankles to rings in the floor, then removed her collar and replaced it with a posture collar attached to the cuffs by a short steel bar. Her arms, still bound at wrist and elbow, tried to struggle as I locked the collar on and began turning a crank on the pole that now ran behind her back. Slowly the pole shortened, which pulled her head back, arching her back painfully. Once I felt I had the angle I wanted, I moved to the front and adjusted the collar. Slowly her chin was pushed up until she faced the ceiling. I quickly strapped the special rubber gag on her face, making sure that it was a tight seal over her mouth. I think she started suspecting her fate now as I took a hose attached to her gag and ran it to Jennifer’s catheter. We liked to keep Jennifer full at all times and she had held a full bladder for the entire day. I let the air out of the balloon and watched as her urine ran down the semi-transparent tube and into Lisa’s mouth. Tears began flowing down her face as she understood that she had no choice but to swallow. She had drank my urine before, and thus was accustomed to the vile taste, but I think she was humiliated by drinking another slave’s piss.

Finally, Jennifer was empty. I could see the relief rush across Lisa’s face, to quickly be replaced by fear again. I unhooked her hose and reattached it to Jennifer’s anal plug. Lisa tried to struggle but Taylor was holding her upright and the bondage was far too stiff to allow much escape. I turned the knob on the enema plug and watched as Jennifer’s enema water ran down the tube as well. She was screaming as she watched the brownish liquid run toward her mouth, knowing it would soon be swirling around her tongue and in her stomach. I spent the time ignoring her, making it less than an event, while examining Jennifer’s bound body. The posture collar held her neck completely rigid and the three layers of rubber hood and straps kept the blow up gag and eye pads in place. I set my hands at her new waist, amazed at the small measurement. Her youth made this a perfect time for corset training. Though it would be necessary to keep her in some form of corset for the rest of her life, her body was actually changing, reorienting itself to accommodate the constriction. In no time she would be permanently altered. Her breasts, despite their constriction beneath the rubber, really stood out in their splendor. I looked forward to having some fun with her before the sale.

I turned back to watch the last of the liquid run out of Jennifer. Lisa was crying as I watched her throat reluctantly swallow the final drops of what was most likely a horrible substance. Once I was sure she was finished, I replaced the feeding gag with two rubber wedges at the back of her teeth, holding her mouth open as wide as possible. I think she could tell it wasn’t over, but I don’t think she really knew. I attached a chain to either side of her collar and to the floor, removing any chance of her moving. I snapped my fingers for Taylor to standup. I whispered in her ear and she quickly backed up to Lisa’s bound form and squatted. I could really hear Lisa wail now as Taylor began pressing her ass against her mouth. It was a sight to be seen. A tall blonde slave girl with long shapely legs, rings piercing her body, teetering on ballet boots, squatting over the mouth of another slave. I couldn’t quite see what was happening, but from Lisa’s sounds and expression, I would guess that Taylor had relieved herself well. A mixture of piss and shit filled Lisa’s mouth as Taylor stood up again. I don’t think Lisa knew what to do. But eventually, as I petted Taylor on her knees again and watched, she knew there wasn’t anything she could do. Her tongue swirled the feces and urine around and I watched it slide down her throat.

Part 3

Our guests where to arrive that evening and we hurried to get things set up. Lisa had known that she was to be a special guest for tonight’s festivities, though she was unsure of how she would participate. Very quickly it became evident. The main dungeon space had been cleared, many chairs set up around the center of the room. Lisa was led into the middle. Angela untied her elbows then reattached two wrist cuffs that connected with a small ball joint. Her collar was replaced with a much heavier model and a cable from the ceiling was lowered behind her. As the cable was fed through a ring at the back of Lisa’s collar and connected to her wrists, Taylor was ordered to attach a chain to Lisa’s ballet boots and secure them to the floor. Soon, Angela was turning a crank and pulling the cable up, forcing her wrists to climb up her back. Lisa began crying in pain as her arms where inverted behind her, but Angela had made particular preparations to make sure she was flexible enough for this. As the crank turned, her wrists rose, until the last few clicks brought her wrists level with the back of the collar. A lock was placed through the collar ring and connected to the ball socket on the cuffs, locking Lisa’s arms off. I could see the twinkle in my wife’s eyes as she produced an additional strap, just as Lisa was coming to terms with the pain in her arms. The strap circled Lisa’s elbows and was pulled tight, forcing her lower arms closer together and wrenching her shoulders impossibly back.

Pulling the ball gag from her mouth, I unhooked her nose ring and fit a smaller ring through her septum grommet. Welded to the ring was a short rod that I fed into her mouth and through the grommet an inch from the tip of her tongue. Attaching a plate to the other end, under her tongue, I fit a small wrench onto it, and began to turn. The plate had a threaded attachment that extended up, forcing Lisa’s mouth open wider, using her nose as leverage. As her mouth reached its limit, I was sure the pain in her nose and jaw was excruciating. With another few cranks, I pulled out the key. Her mouth was now held open impossibly wide, while the rod captured her tongue. Luckily we made the grommet through her septum large. I fit another ring through it, then lowered a chain from the ceiling and attached it to the new ring, removing enough slack so it could support her without saving her from standing on her toes. Taylor unlocked the chains holding her ankles down and we backed away to admire our new slave in the light. It was a remarkable sight to behold. Lisa’s body had grown firm in training as we tasked her day and night. Her breasts stood proudly away from her chest as her tortured shoulders forced them out, the dual nipple rings gleaming in the light. She had separated her legs enough to gain balance and the result was a statuesque body with her ass poking out and her chin raised to the ceiling from the tug on the nose ring. If she weren’t crying slightly, she would look almost proud. From the front it looked like she had no arms. Angela had bound them so far back they disappeared behind Lisa’s shoulders.

We left her like this for the time being as we prepared for the party. After 2 hours, when the doorbell chimed in announcement of our first guest, Lisa had begun to whimper slightly from both her arm bondage and the pain in her toes. We ignored her, of course, and went to welcome our guests.

Mistress Madeline was first to arrive. We had the particular pleasure of an underground entrance and valet parking during events like this. So rather than having to hide anything, our guest would often arrive in full form, tugging a young slave behind them. This was no exception. Madeline was fond of animal training, often keeping her slave girls in a cat or dog outfit for as much as a year. She too had become proficient at kidnapping and had brought along two of her victims.

It was difficult to tell who they where. Covered in an impossibly tight rubber body suit, their arms had been doubled up, their wrists locked to shoulders, removing any use of the hands. The suits legs where designed short, so that only a bent arm could fit into it. Wide rubber straps clamped the arms together so they became a seamless limb. Each finger had been fed into a special glove that, when tightened, pulled each finger into a tight ball, removing any ability to flex. Then, the hand had been twisted to fit into the slave’s armpit, thus removing any visible evidence that this was not an animal’s limb. The suit had built in paws that helped create a brilliant illusion of a cat’s feet. Legs where similarly bound, though the length of the lower leg versus the thigh required some modification. The legs where doubled then forced into a single sleeve, but an added modification where wide straps at the end of the toes. The other end of the straps connected to the lower back, yanking the feet into an en pointe position, much like the ballet boots. An additional strap yanked the feet tightly together just around the slave’s ass, then were fitted with a rubber pouch with a length of stranded rubber sticking form it. The illusion was perfect. With the little motion the girls could move their bound feet, they could simulate the swishing of a cats tail. The custom suits fit like skin and had been bonded to their bodies at their asshole and pussy. It was interesting to examine how well the suits had been applied. The rubber was cut to the body so that a long tube fit into the anal canal, creating the illusion of an entire rubber person, while holding each hole wide. The appearance was a totally exposed sex doll, shaped into a cat. The final touch was the harsh hoods that fit snuggly to both girl’s heads. Tiny lenses allowed the slave’s to see, though the image was considerably distorted. Madeline told us it was much like a bug, upside-down and broken into numerous small images. Thin tubes seemed to disappear where the nose would be and the mouth, though harshly gagged with an inflatable rubber ball, seemed to have a feeding gasket fit into its core. Madeline was happy to share the fact that both girls had been hooded for over 6 months now, with only the ability to breath their own. Even the feeding tubes connected to force feeding devices once a day, with the opposite ends buried deep into the slaves’ stomachs.

It was strange to watch these two slaves make their way in. I knew that both had been in training for at least nine months, giving them plenty of time to learn their roles, but it was uncanny how believable they where. If it weren’t for the visible feet being pulled back and the sizable breasts both slaves had dangling beneath them, you would swear you were looking at a large cat.

Other, equally bizarre guests began to arrive, and Angela and I had trouble greeting them all. The usual group was assembling, with a few extras brought along in confidence by trusted members of the club. Doctor Mansa arrived in a flourish, towing his latest prize behind him. If only the A.M.A. knew, he would be burned at the stake. The last time we had seen Justine, she had been a demure 18 year old girl, innocent, young and freckled, just being introduced to the world of bondage and slavery by this wealthy and handsome doctor. She had agreed to let him try a few things on her, and now, after a year of experimentation, I was sure she was regretting it. His first experiment was in hormonal breast enlargement. Justine had been a petite girl, only 5’6” and 118 lbs., with 34B breasts. For the first 3 months of her “adjustments”, Mansa had locked her in a tiny steel box, forcing her to stand upright in ballet boots, with her arms bound severely behind her and large dildos on poles supporting her by way of her ass and pussy. A wide, steel posture collar kept her head immobile and a thick, leather hood blocked out all sight and sound. He had told us he actually tricked her into the box, telling her it was just a short test. His sadism shocked even us at times. For 3 months, Justine stood immobile, screaming in sheer terror into her gag, being fed through feeding tubes and her breathing fully controlled by a machine, while he fed her hormones to enhance her breast size. Upon release, her chest had grown to an amazing 40D, so large that the weight made it difficult to walk upright.

But the doctor wasn’t through. In an effort to reduce her waist, he removed two ribs from her, then fit her with a ratcheting steel corset that pulled her waist into a remarkable 16 inches. The months in ballet boots made it impossible to stand flatfooted any longer, so Mansa shortened Justine’s Achilles tendon permanently, removed her toe nails and fitted her feet with permanent steel ballet slippers. Designed to force the feet into a harsh point, the metal band at the bottom of the foot, extended from the toes to a wide ankle cuff that fit perfectly, then was welded onto Justine. The result was her inability to unflex her foot. And without the aid of any heel, she was forced to learn to walk on her steel covered toes.

Despite her protests, the doctor realized there was no turning back. Justine was already frantic from the major modifications her lover had performed on her. She was beginning to realize she would never return to the demure young girl she had been. Mansa had no intention of stopping, and despite her protests, had continued with his plan.

Now, watching him lead his slave in, I wondered if he could think of anything else to do to her. Her long, lean frame was extended even further by her now permanent ballet stance. Mansa had added a short four inches of chain, welded between her ankle cuffs, to prevent any large strides, as if that were possible. Her waist was impossibly tiny, and now permanently tightened by the steel corset she wore. He had told me how the corset was built with steel tension bands, thus exerting a continual pressure on her waist despite the fact that the corset was now welded onto her waist. The corset could actually close, due to the bands, to a 4 inch waist. Though her body would never conform to that shape, Justine would forever feel the constant and painful pressure against her waist. Her huge breasts were beautiful, especially with the added banding he had put on them. Two inch wide steel bands with sharp metal spikes on the inside had been forced around the base of Justine’s breasts, then riveted shut. The result was to turn her tits a constant shade of red. Not too much to be a danger, but enough to increase sensitivity and provide a unique color to her massive tits. Her arms had been forced into a similar position as Lisa’s, but I could tell Justine’s had been mounted in position permanently. I once asked him why he didn’t just surgically remove her arms. Mansa noted with a smile that he preferred that she know she still had arms, but would never use them again.

Other more traditional guests began to arrive, and I made sure they all had a chance to examine Lisa. With the extreme nature of our friends, even their comments as they argued over her possible modifications caused new tears to flow down her cheeks. But soon everybody had been seated, and served drinks by Taylor. I watches as Angela took a deep breath and marched out in front, smiling at her friends.
“Thank you so much for coming tonight,” she smiled again, then moved to walk around Lisa. “As you can see, we have a new slave with us tonight. As you know, we like to play games at our little gatherings, and this night is no exception. As you enjoy your drinks, a small box will be handed around. Each person is to fill out on a small piece of paper, a particular torture or modification that we can perform on Lisa. Then, we will draw five of these from the hat and actually do them. Remember, it has to be something we can do this evening, and my only requirement is that we don’t remove any limbs!” Angela laughed with the others, but she could see Dr. Mansa almost frown in disappointment.

“So, take a few moments to come up with your worst and we’ll start shortly!” Angela smiled again and turned back to Lisa, fitting her finger through Lisa’s right nipple ring. “You think you’ve felt pain up ‘till now. Wait until tonight.” With a twist that brought a wail from Lisa, Angela moved away, hoping that her sadistic friends would do her proud.

The End

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!



by Stig

The crop in the fields was badly damaged by early storms, and Jan Fohlstrom worked long hours in the fields to save whatever remained undamaged before the next storm would finish off the rest of the harvest. Jan Fohlstrom was a poor but proud farmer. Ever since they moved out to these domains in 1898 he had somehow succeeded to provide for his family. He looked at his wife and firstborn daughter, Anita, who was already in her upper teens, helping him on the field.

"Anita, could you please fetch us some water I think we should finish this part of the fields today and it will be late before we can have any supper," he said to his daughter who was working right beside him.

"Yes of course, father." Anita walked the half mile to the spring water well feeling quite thirsty herself too. As she had left her parents at the far end of the fields, Jan Fohlstrom had looked at his daughter when she walked away, seeing how gracefully she moved across the rough land, the soft, round contours of her hips moving gently back and forth under the gray cotton skirt.

"Yes she had sure grown up to be a real beauty,Ф he thought with warmth in his heart as he turned to continue his work.

Anita had really become quite beautiful and grown-up during the past two years. The farmers daughter had become a young woman, a woman the hard work at the farm had moulded into a strong and well fit, healthy girl. Her blonde, long hair was tied with a ribbon at her neck and she held her head high, breathing in the cool, fresh evening breeze. She had worked hard that afternoon, and feeling quite warm she opened the three top buttons of her blouse to allow the breeze cool down her warm skin.

She was lowering the bucket into the well when she suddenly heard someone approaching on horseback.

"Hello, Anita the storm did quite a damage to your crop too I heard hey, let me help you with that ! The handsome young man jumped off his horse and hoisted up the heavy water filled bucket.

"Here you are...!

"Thank you, Peter " Anita said looking at the most handsome boy smiling at her. This was in fact the first time she had been so close to Peter Crawford, the son of the richest man in the territory.

Although being neighbors, they knew each other by name only, not socially. In those days the wide social gap between the families prevented this - the landlords and the peasants did not have much in common. Anita suddenly realized that the top buttons of her blouse was open, showing slightly the forms of her deliciously rounded bosom.

It was Peters eyes that made her suddenly realize the disorder in her outfit, and feeling suddenly most embarrassed she covered herself with her left arm.

The young, handsome man mounted his horse and waving his hand he rode off just as quickly as he had appeared. Anita watched him disappear and realized that she was blushing and that her heart was beating faster than normally. All the way back across the fields she could think of nothing else but Peter Crawford, her sparkling blue eyes shining bright in the evening sun. Anita Fohlstrom had fallen secretly in love.

The days and weeks passed and Anita had turned 18, when her father announced that during the day he had worked for the Crawford estate, the Baron had promised Anita a position as a maid -if she accepted. The pay would be modest, but in spite of that, this was something her parents had been hoping for. It is easy to bring up children when they are small, but what to do when they become of age? Poor people does not have many options.

Anita wanted to jump into the air, filled with joy over the news. Neither her father nor her mother knew anything about her short meeting with Peter Crawford at the well a few months ago. She had not been near him since, but the afternoons were countless when she had leaned against the fence nearby the Crawfords house - well hidden behind some bushes - hoping to catch a glimpse of Peter. When he sometimes finally showed up, AnitaТs heartbeat became faster and an unexplainable urge of heat in her young body caused her nipples to grow until they were real hard, standing out like ripe, pink berries beneath the rough cotton blouse, whilst the sensational moist feeling between her legs made her cross her thighs and a pulsating restlessness crawl up inside her.

But Anita Fohlstrom knew how to deal with this. Leaning against the sturdy wooden stake of the fence she opened up the top button of her skirt, just enough for her hand to slip underneath her garments and down over the warm skin of her belly, and when her finger finally reached the wetness of her sex she started to shake and sob uncontrollably. Afterwards she felt relieved but at the same time somehow caught eating from the forbidden tree like Eve.

But now she was suddenly given the chance to be close to Peter. She was to report at the estate next Monday morning at eight o'clock sharp, that was the arrangement.

"As she is still under age, under 21 that is, you must as her legal guardian sign this contract, Mr Fohlstrom, which places her completely in our charge for the year the contract is valid. If she proves to be a good maid, the contract can be prolonged for one year at the time until she reaches the age of 21 and can thereafter naturally sign for herself if the contract is to be prolonged after that period. Is this clear and all right with you, Mr. Fohlstrom?"

"Yes, of course, thank you Sir where do I sign, here?"

"Yes... thank you Mr. Fohlstrom", said the Baron, and placed the signed contract in a drawer in his desk. Anita stood behind her father, dressed in her very best clothes, feeling slightly nervous in the expensively furnished, luxurious study of old Baron Crawford.

The total amount of money for the first year of service was given to Jan Fohlstrom, because, as the Baron said, she would not be needing any money there. Everything she personally would be needing could be provided at the estate. And she could always visit her home at her spare time if she wanted to.

"Are you sure you don't want a part of this for yourself?" Her father asked her, ready to give her a part of the money.

"No, father, as the Baron said, I will have everything I need here, you keep it all, please", Anita said. Anita had never had any money of her own and would very much have wanted some, just to have some real money of her own, but she did not want to give the Baron the picture of a greedy and selfish girl, at least not now during their very first meeting.

"You do your very best now, girl..." Jan Fohlstrom said before he left, leaving Anita standing there with her heart beating.

The Baron sat silent behind his desk for a moment and then looked up at her.

"You know, my can consider yourself a gift a gift to my son Peter because it was he who insisted to have you employed as a maid... even if we don't really need any more maids at the estate this time of the year..." he said.

"Oh!" This was the only thing Anita could say, feeling very confused and quite humiliated by the Barons words. She had never thought about herself as! The more she thought about the Barons words, the more humiliated she felt. She was not someoneТs property she was a human being, a fine, young woman! She could feel the heat burning her ears and her face turned slowly scarlet.

"Sir what do you mean by me being a gift to your son?"

"Just what I said, girl...but I also wanted to help your father, who is a good craftsman and a good neighbor, but don't think this is charity from my side, we Crawfords have not become rich by giving our money away to everyone in need, you really have to earn the money, girl! Now go and report to the housekeeper, she is expecting you!"

The happiness and joy Anita Fohlstrom had felt when she arrived to the Crawford Mansion in the morning with her father did slowly turn into a feeling of unrestfulness. In her girlish dreams she had expected to be welcomed by the Crawfords and specially by Peter in a polite and neighborly manner, but she had found out that young master Crawford had gone to the city early in the morning and was not expected back for some days. She had also learned in a crude way the difference between the rich and the poor, the masters and the servants - the facts of life a 18-year old girl like Anita had known nothing about living the sheltered life at the farm and under the loving care of her parents.

The housekeeper, Mrs Brunell, who was a rather fat woman in her late forties, had provided her with a maids uniform, into which Anita had to change in front of her in the small linen room behind the kitchen.

"Don't tell me you are shy!" Anita had an exceptionally well proportioned feminine body she could be proud of, but to undress herself in front of a strange woman made her embarrassed and she was trying to cover herself as well as she could between the shelves in the linen room.

"Well, at least you have a strong, mature body for a 18-year old, ...I am sure young master Crawford will enjoy that! Be sure you fuck him good, because I don't want to break in new girls every second fortnight!"

The absurdity of her words made Anita stop dressing and she stared at the fat, greasy looking woman with disbelief in her wide open blue and with her ears burning hot.

"Madame what do you mean by...that ?"

"You heard me the first time! Don't give me that innocent look and tell me you didn't know! Everyone knows that Peter likes his girls young and fresh and if I am correctly informed, it was he who asked his father to have you here to enjoy. The Baron approves fully because it is much cheaper this way than if Peter would spend their family fortune on the harlots of the town! If you play your cards right you have the possibility to benefit from the situationЕ at least you have the figure for it..."

The words made Anita feel that her value as a human being was even cheaper than a whore's, and found it hard to suppress the growing anger and the extreme humiliation that was building up inside her.

УI am toЕ I was hired to work as a maid! ...Nothing else!" Anita whispered in a hoarse voice, her face turning slowly from pink to red. All this time she had been daydreaming of a romance with the handsome Peter Crawford, where she would surely and willingly submit herself to him when and if he asked her to marry him... but never like this! Not just to be shamefully used! Not the way the housekeeper indicated!

Suddenly she got the feeling that Mrs Brunell was just testing her, testing her morals.

She somehow thought that it was the housekeeperТs duty - being in charge of all the maids and everything - to ensure herself that all servants of the Mansion were both morally and otherwise fit to serve a highly respected household like the Crawfords.

"Mrs Brunell, let me assure you that I am a decent, modest person, and I will serve as a maid to my best ability, and I hope you will be pleased with my work " Anita said, looking the housekeeper straight in the eyes.

"Of course you must carry out the maids duties too, and it is my job to see that you do so I am just telling you that your body is better than many of the previous girls we have had here and that young master Crawford will be very pleased to see that lustful body of yours and hopefully also pleased with your services as a maid. I am just telling you what the future holds in store for you, young lady, and I am also telling you that it is no use to resist the young master, because then you'll just be taken upstairs and punished! And I know that young master Crawford enjoys to tame girlies like you -he even has a room at the attic for this purpose."

Anita swallowed. Mrs Brunell was not testing her. She was simply telling her what she had to prepare herself for! However, the mere thought that if she refused Peter to take liberties with her she would end up in a room in the attic and punished!

Anita found the whole situation so absurd and humiliating that she did not know what to say, and a suppressed laugh filled with shame beyond belief escaped her lips.

"He can't punish me. I am a free woman, it is not right!"

"Your father signed the contract, didn't he? That means that the Crawfords can do anything to you so there is no use to pout your lower lip, girl and take my advise handle your cards right and benefit from it! Now get dressed!"

AnitaТs first days at the Crawford estate were filled with learning a number of work routines and different tasks she had to master if she desired to be a good maid. Beside her work duties she also learned to know the other servants of the Mansion, 14 in all.

She learned quickly - bright in her head as she was -but she did miss a few details here and there mainly because her mind was puzzled with questions and thoughts.

The housekeeper had certainly succeeded in causing her mind a restlessness which was hard to define, and the thoughts about her forthcoming destiny caused her many sleepless hours. She really wanted to ask some of the other maids if these matters told about Peter were true, but she was too ashamed to raise the questions.

The day Peter Crawford was expected home Anita felt restless.

"Why are your hands trembling?" one of the other maids had asked her during the breakfast. Anita did not answer her, because at that moment Peter entered the servants quarters while they were still having their meal. Everyone stood up when he came in. That was the way the servants showed courtesy to the masters of the house. That had always been the way at the Crawford Mansion. As Anita looked at Peter at this close distance he looked even more handsome in his well fitting grey suit than she had remembered. A thousand memories rushed through her head - her secret moments behind the bushes of the fence, her young, hot blood pulsating in her veins -the warnings Mrs Brunell had given her- everything she sensed confused her and she had to take in a deep breath to stay calm.

The fact that every servant, young and old, had stood up as he came in did naturally add something to his authority, and Anita knew that he would not take a "no" for an answer if he gave an order to some of the servants.

"Mrs Brunell, I would like to have a very early breakfast tomorrow, around 6.30..."

"Of course, Master Peter, 6.30 it shall be and do you perhaps like the new maid to bring it up to you?" she added, knowing Peter all too well. She knew for certain that he had not came to the servants quarters just to ask for an early breakfast, he had come to see his new toy, Anita.

Peter gave Mrs Brunell a look, smiling, because he too knew that she had seen him through, knowing all his manners, both good and bad. She always had, ever since he had been a small boy. Despite her fatty and greasy outer appearance he somehow liked the woman, because she did not disapprove with his sometimes questionable habits with the girls at the estate, nor did she ever let him down in tight situations. Peter assumed that Mrs Brunells loyalty was partly based on her calculation that the Baron would soon be gone and he would then be the head of the Crawford family, making all the decisions -also regarding the personnel, but there was also something else...

"Ah, yes the new maid!" Peter said looking at Anita, approaching her. Anita did not know what to do, where to look, she just realized to her embarrassment that she was starting to blush.

"You are Anita -Jan Fohlstroms daughter, right?" he said, as if he did not know.

УYes." Her answer escaped her like a whisper.

"You address him as Master Peter or Sir", said Mrs Brunell.

Anita cleared her throat.

"Yes, Master Peter," she said while her fingers fumbled at the gray cotton material of the side seams of her skirt.

"Ah I remember we have met before and I must really get to know you better. Could you come to the library in 30 minutes so we could have a talk, eh?"

"Yes, Master Peter ", Anita said. She did not dare to look straight at him and her eyes wandered all over the room and the floor.

"Very good ", Peter said and left

AnitaТs hands trembled nervously as she precisely 30 minutes later knocked on the door to the library. During this passed half hour she had stayed in her room, because she was too tense and also too excited to handle any tasks. She had brushed her hair at least three times, wanting to look her very best when she met Peter, on the other hand she walked forward and back in her small room like a captured animal, biting her finger nails. The suspense was almost unbearable...she was soon to be alone with Peter Crawford...

"Come in!" As expected, Peter was alone in the library.

"Ah Anita Fohlstrom come over here let me look at you," he said and pointed at a spot in the floor right in front of him.

Anita did as she was told and walked up in front of him. She did not dare to look him in the eyes. They both stood there in silence for a few seconds before Peter went to the library door and locked it.

"We don't want to be disturbed, do we?" He said with a salacious grin, placing the key into the pocket of his west.

"You are quite a good looking girl, Anita it is all right if I just call you Anita, isn't it?" He said and seated himself in a huge armchair right in front of her.

"Yes it is all right...Sir..." Anita said and swallowed.

She had never felt as nervous as she did now, all her senses tingling alert while Peter eyed her all over as she stood there right in front of him.

"Do you have any boyfriends a fiancй' or something?" He asked suddenly.

"No Sir."

"Then I suppose you have never been naked in front of a young man, have you, Anita?"

"Oh Sir!" Anita wanted to sink down trough the floor or disappear into thin air. She could feel her heart start to beat faster and she could not prevent her face turning scarlet. She finally realized that everything she had been told about Peter could be true, and even if she felt trapped, she could feel sensational shivers running down her spine, feelings that she could not explain...

"As I told you, you are a good looking girl and I want to see you not like this, but in the nude! That's why I locked the door so we can have the privacy. So Anita, please take off your clothes, now!" Peter said slowly, feasting his eyes on the lustful forms of the beautiful girl in front of him.

Anita swallowed and felt a desperate need to escape.

"No...Sir...I cannot bare myself here not in front of you! ItЕ it is not decentЕ it is not right!" AnitaТs voice was trembling.

"If your Master tells you to strip your clothes off, you strip your clothes off, Anita! I hope I have made myself clear!" Peter said with a dark voice

Anita did not move. She just stood there like frozen to the spot, her cheeks turning more and more crimson.

"...I will not strip in front of you " she whispered with a panic-stricken voice.

Peter raised himself up from the chair and approached her.

"You either do as I say or you leave this house now! Tell your father to return the payment he received by tomorrow at nine o'clock in the morning!" There was a moment of silence.

"Please Sir I I can't..." Anita whispered.

"Can't make up your mind, eh?" Peter said and opened the door to the library.

"Get out!"

Anita had flung herself face down on her bed in her room, her eyes filled with tears.

In her troubled mind she knew that her situation was impossible. She knew that her father could not return the money because they had agreed before she left home that he would immediately use her salary advance to pay off the due debts at the local merchant, who had given them extended credit for quite some time.

And Jan Fohlstrom had paid the debts already the same day Anita entered her position at the Crawford Mansion. If she went home now...she knew that her parents would fully accept her decision as soon they learned the reason, but at the same time she would put her father in a terrible situation with the Baron he could even be put in jail! Who would then provide for the whole family? And all only because she refused to remove some garments in her girlish embarrassing modesty !?

Mrs Brunell had just gone to bed when she heard the knock on her door. Irritated by this disturbance at the late hour she wrapped herself in a blanket and opened the door.

"Anita! You look terrible! Have you been crying?"

"Madame please...can I come in?" When Anita had told her story, Mrs Brunell raised from her chair.

"Well in that case I think I must dress and go Peter and tell him about your decision.

That is the only way you may keep your position here, my girl. But he may not want you any more...the Crawfords are not usually changing their minds after a decision has been made" Mrs Brunell told Anita to wait just where she was and went to see Peter Crawford, hoping he still was awake.

AnitaТs face was crimson as she stood stark naked near the corner in the punishment room upstairs. She tried in her desperate embarrassment to cover her breasts and the hairy triangle shaped bush with her hands as well as she could.

After she was ordered to strip herself completely nude in front of Peter and Mrs Brunell she had not been allowed to keep a single thread to cover up her nudity except her knee high stockings and the ankle high laced shoes. From knees up Anita Fohlstrom was bare, showing her young, tall and deliciously rounded body to Peter. The young man eyed her, amused about her visible shyness and modest gestures to cover her trembling white flesh from his lustful gaze.

"So you accept the punishment for disobedience?"

"Yes Sir " Anita whispered, holding her head lowered in submission and her ears burning of shame.

"For a young girl like you it will be the birch rod...just one single rod."

"Yes...Sir "

"Madame please lower the restraint bar," Peter said, and Mrs Brunell released a rope which was attached to a metal pipe hoisted up under the ceiling. The bar came down, hanging from a sturdy metal hinge fastened to the ceiling. The lower end of the pipe was hanging freely at the level of their faces. This lower end had a collar strap and a short crossbar attached to it, like a big T-letter turned upside down.

Mrs Brunell took a ladder and made some additional ceiling fastenings to the hanging pipe, making it stabile.

"Fasten her," Peter said when the ladder was removed.

Anita had with a glimpse of panic in her eyes watched the preparations with the pipe and the leather collar. They were going to tie her up...restrain her so she could not escape the punishment!

"Come on, girl or do you want to change your mind once again eh?" Mrs Brunell said, taking a firm grip at AnitaТs upper arm and dragging the desperate, naked girl to the pipe.

Standing naked in the middle of the room Anita's head was pushed against the sturdy, vertical pipe and the leather collar placed around her neck. It was a wide collar made of thick leather with three small buckles. During the time it took for Mrs Brunell to fasten the collar properly, Anita continued her desperate efforts to cover her embarrassing nudity with her hands because Peter stood right in front of her.

"Do you think Master Peter have not seen a naked girl before?" Mrs Brunell smirked at her when she went to a cupboard and took out a screwdriver.

"Now you do exactly as I tell you, Anita, or you'll be sorry! At the back of the pipe, right behind your head, there are two small holes, two metal thumb cuffs...lift your arms and place your thumbs into the holes do you understand? Put your hands behind your head! Now!"

AnitaТs red-hot face grew even more crimson.

"Madame...please..." she whimpered, pressing her hands tightly against her bare breasts and the pubis hairs. From the corner of her eye she could see Peter smiling.

"I said NOW!" Mrs Brunell said, now more loudly and with quite some authority in her voice.

Anita closed her eyes and lifted her trembling hands towards her face, then backwards until she felt the metal pipe, hiding her burning, hot cheeks between her upper arms.

"Wrong! You know there is a crossbar at the back of your head, don't you? You raise your arms first sideways so that your elbows goes b e h i n d the bar, then you move your hands behind the pipe! Do you understand now?"

Anita did as she was told. With her neck fastened in the heavy collar, she had to arch her back and push her chest forward stretching her arms way back behind the crossbar. In this position her young, firm breasts were jutted out into full exposure. Anita had big, pink nipples, now standing vigorously out in full erection, partly because of the cold air in the room but mostly because she was every second that passed fully aware that Peter stood right in front of her, looking and her nude body. She could see his eager eyes wandering downwards below her waist, but since she did not dare to lower her hand for protection, she crossed one thigh over the other in a modest but futile attempt to hide her maiden pubis hairs. Crossing her thighs close together she realized that her inner thighs were slippery from the increasing moisture in her crotch. Anita's red-hot blushing spread way down to her upper chest.

" " she moaned and tried to turn her face aside, but the heavy collar prevented her from this relief too.

With a slightly forceful assistance of Mrs Brunell Anita's thumbs were fully inserted into the two small metal holes with a screw mechanism.

"Now hold your hands still!" she said, taking the screwdriver, and the metal rings closed tightly and slowly around AnitaТs upper thumbs until she had no chance to free herself.


"Thank you, the way, did you bring the birch rod?" Peter asked.

"Yes, Sir...I put it in water right here behind the cupboard" Mrs Brunell said, bringing it to Peter. It was a long, freshly cut rod from a young birch tree, halfway thick as a finger and very sturdy, narrowing towards the flexible, tiny tip.

"Thank you...well, it is late, so you can leave us now, Madame, and have your well deserved rest. I can personally deal with the girl quite well."

"Very well, Master Peter good night!" Mrs Brunell said casting a last glance at the voluptuously rounded naked young girl standing helplessly restrained in the middle of the room, she left, closing the door behind her.

"She has quite a well sized ass like a grown up lady...he would have been most disappointed if she really would have left," Mrs Brunell thought as she walked down the stairs to her bedroom.

The darkness of the night covered the Crawford Mansion in its veil except for a tiny beam of light zipping through the curtains from one of the small windows in the attic. Peter had turned on every gaslight in the punishment room to have a better look at Anita.

"You said you would take any punishment from me -or whatever I decide to do to you if you will be allowed to stay, didn't you, Anita?" Peter walked slowly around the naked girl, enjoying the lush, feminine contours of her healthy, young body. The breasts stood firmly and lustfully out with the nipples erecting hard in full size, the white bare flesh of her belly moving with every breath. AnitaТs narrow waist widening downwards into the broadening hips and full sized buttocks certified that she had long ago transformed from a young girl into full womanhood.

"Well, didn't you?" asked Peter again, now standing close in front of her.

"Yesss...ssSirЕ" Anita hissed, her heart beating fast.

When Peter had switched on all the bright lights in the room after Mrs Brunell had gone, displaying her nakedness in full, the embarrassment had caused her goose skin all over her body. And worse, she felt the tingling heat building up between her legs increase when she almost felt Peters eyes focusing on that particular part of her body. She could feel her moisture smearing her inner thighs all the way down to her knees.

Even if Anita had closed her eyes she knew that Peter had moved behind her. The strap around her heck prevented her from twisting her head and look back, but her senses were alert when she suddenly felt Peter touching the bare skin of her waist. A nervous quiver followed by an immediate rising of goose skin soon covering her entire body, she sighed loudly with a hissing sound.

"Anita, ever since I saw you at the water well I have thought about you quite often," Peter confessed while he was moving his hands upwards to AnitaТs chest.

Her reaction was spontaneous, but her desperate effort to escape his obvious intension to touch her bared breasts was useless. Anita tried to free her hands, writhing her upper body like an eel, but she only hurt her thumbs. Realizing that she was not able to prevent him from touching her bared breasts, a series of cold shivers run down her spine and her nipples grew hard as raw, big berries.

"HHHHH...hhhЕ PleaseЕ no SirЕ nooЕ", Anita whispered as his hands cupped her firm breasts, exploring, caressing her gently.

When he started to roll her hard nipples between his forefingers and thumbs, Anita begun to squirm and her fast breathing hissed through her nostrils.

"HHHhhhhiiiiiЕ hhhhhiiЕ" she hissed. Anita had never been touched like that by any boy before, and the deep crimson color in her face showed that in normal circumstances she would never have allowed any boy to fondle her tits the way Peter did now. Anita considered her breasts as a very intimate and sensitive part of her body, but there was nothing she could do to prevent this. In spite of the humiliation and shame to be treated like this, she also realised that other feelings were about to take over. When she squirmed and rugged her thighs together, she could feel the lubrication of her slippery moisture running down her inner thighs, but there was nothing she could do about that either.

"HHHHHH hhhh ЕPlease... nooo " Anita had kept her eyes closed during her ordeal, but now her eyes suddenly opened wide up and her face got an expression of panic as she could feel PeterТs hand traveling gently downwards over her naked skin. She begun to twist and wriggle her body in all directions, crossing and clamping her thighs tightly together when Peter had moved his right hand down over her belly and was touching the harsh, curly pubis hairs. Her legs started to shake when he forced one finger deeper down and felt the pulsating moisture in her clit. In desperation Anita tried once more to free her hands from the restraints when Peter pinched her left nipple with his other hand but there was no escape.

"HhhhhhhoooЕ hhhhhЕ" She panted again when she could feel his finger move inside her slippery, wet clit and all muscles in her body, from her toes to her fingertips, strained into a trembling mass of white flesh. The sensational feeling -a mixture of the ultimate humiliation and the tingling heat between her legs- caused her involuntary memories of the times she had been masturbating behind the fence to the Crawford estate, and those flashbacks of memories just made her juices in her young pussy increase to the point from where there was no return. Peter continued to move his finger inside her, and she could not prevent her thighs from rubbing and pressing together in a most exiting manner.

"Hhhhhhhhhh...hhhhhhЕ", she uttered, feeling the broad leather collar forcing her to keep her head up. With her arms and hands immobilized, Anita's naked body was totally displayed for PeterТs exploring hands, and at the very slightest movement of his finger, long quivering spasms and shivers run constantly through her young flesh.

When Peter suddenly withdrew his finger, letting it glide along the hardened clitoris, AnitaТs whole body started to vibrate uncontrollably. The blood pulsated hot through her veins, and she knew that if Peter would continue to finger her dripping clit, she would have an orgasm within seconds. But he removed his finger.

Oooh, my God...don't stop n o w !, she wanted to cry out in her state of heat as the spasms of her young, hot urge made her flesh writhe within the bonds.

"Hhhhhhhhh...hhhhhhhhhh..." Anita panted, biting her lover lip.

" are quite a hot and wet one, you slut! But I like it", Peter said smiling.

"But you are not here in this room for pleasure, you are here to be punished for disobedience!"

"Hhhhh hhhhЕ", Anita still gasped, left there in a turmoil state of mind on the border zone of a rising orgasm that never was to be culminated.

"I think I must tie you legs so you don't kick me,", Peter said picking up a strap with a buckle. Kneeling down, he passed it twice around AnitaТs ankles, around the high heeled boots she still was wearing. Then Peter rolled down her stockings all the way down to her ankles caressing her long, shapely legsЕ

"Real nice, strong legs you got, girl."

Anita breathed heavily when Peter took the long, flexible birch twig and took position behind her at her right. He stared with fascination at the well proportioned forms of her milk-white buttocks, swelling lustfully out from the small of her back. He noticed that her flesh quivered nervously, and that her buttocks did their best to contract from his gaze. As he had tied her ankles, he had forced her legs slightly backwards and fastened them to a ring in the floor, making her arch her back and present her feminine behind in a most efficient tip-toe position for the rod.

"So, now you will taste a little of the Crawford discipline, which you certainly will be remembering for some time", Peter smirked and raised the rod.

The muscles in AnitaТs calves and thighs tightened and her buttocks vibrated visibly when the rod came whizzing down across her white, unprotected flesh, making a cracking sound.

There was a short smothered gasp of agony as the stinging pain of the lash reached her brain, then her hips suddenly twisted and turned in a violent movement left and right while her buttocks started to quiver, clasping, and open up and closing again under the surprising hard, stinging agony.

"sssSSSS...hhhoooooo...ooh nooo..." she gasped, her eyes wide open, almost choking herself on the collar that held her firmly in position. Anita had never been whipped before.

And is was more terrifying than she ever could have imagined. Her parents had never chastised their children physically, so her white, soft bare skin was virginally tender. A red stripe with a slight swelling lined the white milky flesh of her trembling buttocks.

"No please nooЕ not again", Anita pleaded in a hoarse, whispering voice as she had to thrust her hips backwards again in the tip-toe position in order to avoid the choking effect of the tight collar around her neck. From the corner of her eye she could see Peter raise the rod again, and in despair she shifted her weight from one toe to the other, the white flesh of her violently quivering buttocks pouting out in a perfect position to receive the next swishing sting of the lash.

The whippy, thin rod whistled and landed across the quivering flesh, just below the first, red line.

"AAAAhhhhoooooo ooooooooo noooo!!!Ф

The terrible pain made Anita to once more wriggle and twist her body in all directions and her stinging buttocks bouncing wildly around, she tried in desperation to free her thumbs once more, her elbows drumming onto the cross pipe that held them back and her breasts jutting madly in the air. But soon she realised she was unable to breathe and that her thumbs hurt quite badly, she had to resume her degrading tiptoed position and present her trembling, bare buttocks for the cruel rod.

Peter smirked. Anita would certainly be brought to her knees and submit herself to all his wishes. When he raised the rod again he could see the flesh of her buttocks starting to vibrate in a most uncontrollable manner. He held back the rod to watch the trembling vibration increase and spread all over her body. As Anita suddenly realized that he did not bring down the rod, the shaking stopped and her buttock halves opened suddenly wide up from their hard, contracted condition. Then Peter lashed down the rod ...and watching her reaction made the bulk in his trousers grow bigger.

It was half past two in the morning Anita was lying face down sobbing on her bed in her room. She had rubbed the lineament Peter had given her into her sore, swollen red buttocks.

Her thumbs were swollen too, but the physical discomfort was nothing compared with the degrading humiliation and mental stress she was going through. Her embarrassment and shame during the ordeal had been worse than she could have imagined, and another burst of tears wetted her pillow and her blushing cheeks. How she had wriggled and squirmed her naked body in front of Peter! And he had touched her right there! Anita could not resist to move her hand down to her still hot and juicy, pulsating sex and touch herself where Peter had touched her, and in a few seconds a violent orgasm took all remaining strength out of her body. Still sobbing, Anita fell asleep, lying face down with her hand beneath her and her finger still inside her

She woke up a little bit too late, and rushed down to the kitchen in a hurry. She knew that Mrs Brunell was very strict concerning the working hours for the staff. The other maids were already on duty, and Anita could immediately see their glances and hear their giggling when she entered. In seconds AnitaТs face turned scarlet. News seemed to travel fast in this household. She wanted to sink through the floor and disappear into thin air when Mrs Brunell told her to take her well whipped ass into the linen room and start her work.

The liniment she had got from Peter seemed to work amazingly fast, and in two days the last marks on AnitaТs buttocks disappeared.

"Don't bother yourself to listen to all gossip and giggling, all of the maids have gone through the same as you, and many of them more than once!" Mrs Brunell told her when she found Anita crying in the linen room. Her words did help, and soon she was able to look the staff in the eyes again.

Anita had just accepted her fate and tried to forget her humiliating ordeal, she was even able to serve dinner in front of the Crawfords without turning pining red in her face when she saw Peter. This evening the Crawfords had a guest at the dinner table, a young lady, Miss Hazel Devon.

Miss Devon was the daughter of a wealthy politician, and there had been some talks within the families about a possible marriage between Hazel and Peter. This idea of marriage was brought forward more from Hazels side of the family, and also by Hazel herself - but as Peter did not particularly like the rich, spoiled lady - no date for any marriage had been set.

During her stay at the Crawford estate, while questioning one of the maids about Peter, Hazels suspicion was raised that Peter fancied one of the servant girls, Anita Fohlstrom.

Filled with suppressed rage, she came to the conclusion that this particular little bitch was nothing but a fortune-hunter of easy virtue, a common whore who did not know her place in society! She also came to the conclusion that this peasant concubine was the reason for Peters lack of interest in her! And that she -Miss Hazel Devon - had a rival, and more so, a common service girl - made her furious. She decided to certainly do something about it!

It did take some planning, but Hazel succeeded in convincing the Baron -and Peter- to order Anita Fohlstrom to accompany her to the city, where she was to serve as a maid in the Devon household for some time, because they had just "lost" a maid, and "good maids are so hard to find now-a-days", at least until they found a replacement. Hazel Devon promised that Anita would be back at the Crawford estate in two or three weeks - and she offered a handsome amount of money to the Baron for this kind assistance. And the Crawfords were more than happy to help her, business-minded as they were.

Two days later Hazel Devon was having tea with one of her father's layers, a man whose reputation among the attorneys in the city was at least questionable because of his shrewdness and tendency for operating behind the scene of the law. A lawyer politicians sometimes need for their dirty work.

"So you need this maid to be trapped into some criminal act and sentenced to a correctional institution? Is that what you are saying?" the lawyer asked her.

"Yes. I want this bitch to the very worst kind of penitentiary ! Don't ask me why, it is a personal matter", Hazel said. "And you will naturally be rewarded above the normal fee ".

УAll right as a favor to you, my dear ".

Anita had never been in the big city before, and she enjoyed the streets, the shops and all the people with all her senses alert as she walked down the narrowing street in her new, beautiful dress Hazel had bought her on their day of arrival. The blue satin dress with all the ribbons and frills made her really feel like a lady. The dress was somehow a little too short and revealing in her opinion, but she was told that it was the latest fashion and it made her look very beautiful, and that she certainly had the figure for it.

She looked once again for the address written on the envelope she was supposed to deliver, and found it Hotel Belinda

"There she go!" the lawyer said to two detectives who had been waiting in a carriage on the other side of the street.

Hotel Belinda, well known as a local brothel, was raided now and then by the police, and all the girls arrested for their unlawful conducts. Anita did not really know what was happening, but a few minutes after she had entered the hotel, she found herself forcefully pushed into a barred police carriage together with a number of other women. Some minutes later they were all thrown into the cells of the police station. There, imprisoned together with a number of other young women Anita Fohlstrom finally learned that she had been arrested for prostitution!

"The Judge will just make you pay the fine, and off you go", the other girls enlightened her "pretty dress you got there around here, eh?"

The next morning when all the girls were lined up in the court room listening to the Judge scolding them for their conduct of behavior, Anita was given no chance to explain herself, and without any further examination, because prostitution was just a trivial offence, all the girls were sentenced to pay a fine. Some of the girls paid the fine almost cheerfully, smiling invitingly at the court clerk before they left the court room one by one. But Anita Fohlstrom had no money.

The Judge just smirked at her when she tried to convince him that she was absolutely no girl of "easy virtue" and that her arrest had been a mistake , an unfortunate coincident

The Judge sighed he had heard it all before

"Look, young lady decent young woman wears a dress like that unless her intensions are to lure gentlemen into it. I will have no more of that if you don't pay the fine in full here and now it will be the House of Correction, it is as simple as that, Miss Virtue!"

A lawyer among the crowd in the court room smiled. His task was done.

The woman in the cell was older than Anita, 28 in fact, and she stood there motionless with her forehead resting against the cold bars of the cell. She was a very beautiful lady, fairy tall and exquisitely made. She had the most beautiful, candid eyes of a deep azure blue that Anita had ever seen. They seemed to portray a great depth of character and also a sweet, refined and gentle disposition. Her nose was aquiline and her features delicately chillesed, an attribute which also applied to her ankles, feet, wrists and hands, which were thin, fragile and of aristocratic appearance. By way of contrast, it needed only a casual glance to discern the opulent voluptuous swellings of her exceptionally well-developed bosom and hips beneath the black satin gown that she was wearing.

Anita did not say anything, she just sat down on the wooden bench in the cell and glanced at the woman who seemed to stare into the emptiness of the square, adjoining room. After a moment of total quietness, the young woman seemed to lift her face upwards and closing her eyes she gripped the iron bars with such force that her knuckles whitened.

"They can't...they just can't!" Anita heard her whisper, when the door to the adjoining, main room opened and a tall, sturdy guard came in. The woman in the cell took a few steps back from the bars and glanced at Anita for the first time when he approached them.

"Ah not bad not bad...two of you tonight...and such pretty ones!"

He smirked as he eyed the women from top to toe.

The woman in the black dress lifted her hand and looked at the tall guard grinning behind the bars.

"Please...Sir listen to me I am Pamela Wright and must see the Judge or the Magistrate please...ask someone with authority to see me, and I will reward you please", she said, opening her hand and showing him a golden coin while looking at him with her sparkling, blue eyes, trying to produce a pleading smile.

"A bribe, eh look, Lady...I heard that the Magistrate refused your plea in court to pay any fines...but no money could help you then, eh? And not will it help you now! Someone really wants you birched on your bared ass maybe someone of the four gentlemen that will be attending and witnessing your punishment", the guard grinned and turned away.

Pamela Wrights cheeks turned slowly scarlet and with an absent expression in her face she sat down beside Anita on the rough wooden bench in the cell.

"ThisЕ this is obscene...!" she sighted with an ironic smile on her lips which more revealed her feelings of shame, embarrassment and degradation beyond belief than any joyfulness.

More or less nervous outburst of numerous women had many times taken place in the waiting cell of the adjoining punishment room, and just as often the women had seek ease and comfort to their troubled minds by sharing thoughts and supporting each other.

During the waiting hours in the cell Anita learned that Pamela Wright was born and brought up as a lady, being one of the most attractive and wanted young ladies of the society, until the misfortune of her fathers business and his sudden death. As the sole heir, Pamela found herself in great debt to one of the rich, young men that had fancied her for quite some time.

Unable to pay off her debts, this man, George Phillips, had the nerve to suggest that Pamela could pay him little by little by submitting herself to his most indecent, personal desires. Filled with outrage, Pamela had slapped his face as hard as she could...and now, two weeks later, she was arrested for assaulting a gentleman! A gentleman indeed!

But George Phillips had the best lawyers and all the bribe money needed to have Pamela Wright sentenced to the House of Correction for Women! There was no place on earth women dreaded more than this institution, and the rumors about the punishments inflicted upon the convicted females made many young ladies turn scarlet of shame.

Anita could see PamelaТs hands shaking and did almost forget her own situation as the time for their forthcoming ordeal approached. And they did not have to wait long, because the guard with the grin on his face stepped into the big square room, carrying a heavy leather clad punishment block. He placed it in the middle of the room where the floor had fitted in bolts for the base of the block.

"Oh no ", Pamela sighed, looking through the bars when the guard fastened the block to the floor.

The block consisted of a heavy round piece of timber, padded and covered with black leather and held upright by two square, wooden pillars from the middle of the wide, thick base board.

Both Anita and Pamela stared in dread at the preparations, and PamelaТs face turned crimson once more when the guard brought in four easy chairs, placing them in a half circle around the block at a very close distance. Then four buckets with freshly cut and bundled birches were brought in, well covered with water to keep the twigs supple and fresh. The both young women were standing behind the bars, quiet and in a turmoil state of mind.

"Well, my ladies, we are all set I will inform the bailiff so you don't have to wait any longer", the guard grinned at them and left the room.

The Bailiff, two guards and a clerk boy entered and the iron barred door to the adjoining cell was unlocked and opened. Both Pamela and Anita had moved backwards and stood now panic-stricken and pressing themselves against the back stone wall of their cell when the Bailiff looked over his papers.

"Miss Pamela Wright, step forward!" A hissing sound was heard when Pamela cached her breathe and tried to step forward, looking in panic around her. The Bailiff looked at the two guards, who immediately came forward and gripped the pretty woman roughly, pushing her forcefully before them into the punishment room. The young clerk, probably in the same age as Anita, closed and locked the door to the cell, glancing at Anita with such lustful, eager eyes that it made her want to give him a slap in his face.

In the punishment room Pamela was made to hold out her wrists in front of her while the guard buckled the leather restraints which held her wrists together. Two other leather cuffs were then brought forward, one to each ankle. Held upright by the other guard, Miss Pamela Wright found any physical resistance useless.

The Bailiff eyed the voluptuous forms of the strikingly beautiful woman in front of him and licked his lips.

"Place her in position!" he said to the guards, and Pamela was roughly brought forward to the punishment bock until her front thighs pressed against the round, horizontal piece of the block.

"Now bend over, Miss Wright!" the Bailiff said, and Pamela looked at him with despair and panic in her eyes, but she did obey.

The black satin material of her dress tightened visibly over her widening posterior as she bent over the padded piece of wood, and a suppressed gasp of humiliation left her lips when one of the guards grabbed her wrists forced her further down to secure her wrists to a ring in the base of the punishment block. With her hips held considerably higher than her head, the bent over position was most degrading for any lady, and certainly for a Lady of Quality. The Bailiff however did not take any notice that this young woman was a well educated and upper class Lady, and he added her humiliation by asking the guards to fasten her elbows to the base, which meant that PamelaТs head and shoulders were drawn even lower and her bottom thus forced higher up on the block in an even more shameful manner.

"You can ask the gentlemen waiting in my office to enter now", the Bailiff said to the clerk boy.

"Yes, Sir."

"Oh no Sir please have mercy...whip me if you must but spare me the shame of doing it in front ofЕ of those men", Pamela pleaded in a trembling, hoarse voice, lifting her beautiful face from her degrading position.

The Bailiff did not answer her. He just went to the door and opened it.

"Gentlemen, come in!" H e said a moment later. Pamela seemed to panic, tearing hysterically at the bonds that held her wrists and elbows secured to the base of the block. She hide her flushing, scarlet face between her stretched arms and a few suppressed, hysterical laughs left her lips. For a lady of her rank age and social class it was extremely humiliating to be presented with her posterior held high in the air over the block, ready to be whipped as a common harlot.

In the company of George Phillips three other young men entered the punishment room. Pamela knew all of them from numerous former occasions, and especially one of the men, Mark Fallon, made her knees tremble and her buttocks to cling together in a manner that was clearly visible beneath the tight satin dress.

No-one knew that the reason why Pamela had never married was Mark Fallon, the handsome gentleman she had fallen for in her late teens. The same young man that had occupied her daydreams as well as her fantasies late at nights but the one who had never asked her to marry him. Pamela could not prevent another series of some short, suppressed laughs brought forward in a nervous, hysterical outburst.

"Gentlemen, have a seat...we have arranged all the comfort of the house as you can see," the Bailiff said.

The half circle of chairs were set up behind the punishment block, providing an excellent view over the lustfully swelling bottom forced high up in the air and the long beautifully formed legs beneath the hem of the black dress. The dark silk stockings formed a beautiful harmony with the black dress, bringing forward the muscles in her calves in a most exiting manner.

"Good evening, Miss Wright " George Phillips said with a sarcastic tone in his voice and nodded to the Bailiff to proceed.

"Gentlemen, there is no more effective punishment for a naughty lady than a good sound whipping. Tonight, as you will witness, Miss Pamela Wright shall receive 30 strokes with the birch. The birch will be given - as always - across the bared buttocks of the culprit. Guards, prepare Miss Wright for the birch!"

"Hhhhhh..." Pamela hissed when she felt the hem of her dress lifted, baring her legs and the milk-white skin of her thighs above the stocking tops. The shameful ordeal of being stripped in this manner made the muscles in her legs tighten, especially when the guard had to force the tight satin material higher up over her widened bottom and hips, which took a considerable time to do. But the guard took the time needed, and shortly PamelaТs dress and chemise was neatly rolled down to her armpits and secured there with some needles.

PamelaТs swelling buttocks filled tightly the white batiste knickers which were quite small for a lady of her age. They were high fashion from Paris with rose colored ribbons and strings around the waist and the thighs. When the guard started to undo the strings, the flesh beneath the thin material seemed to come alive in a very curious way and PamelaТs scarlet face flung up, her desperate eyes looking for the Bailiff.

"Please, in the name of decency not...this oh Sir not with the men looking oh... noo!" Pamela was trembling from head to foot when her bottom was bared. The white flesh of her buttocks were quivering involuntarily, and the mere thought that she was now shamefully exposed in front of Mark Fallon and the other men sitting right behind her, made her well spread and swelling buttock cheeks clench violently. The guard removed her knickers completely.

"What a magnificent arse!" In her turmoil state of mind Pamela could hear the comments from the men, and some additional, violent clenching movements of her bared buttocks made the men laugh.

"Oohh it quickly...I cannot bear this shame!" Pamela whined in her desperation.

Meanwhile the guards had fastened the ropes to her ankle straps, one to each ankle.

The base of the block had two iron rings in each corner, and Pamela was to be birched with her legs drawn wide apart so that the sting of the birch twigs could freely bite into the most sensitive areas of a womanТs anatomy. This was the way women were punished by the birch in the House of Corrections.

The fact that when the thighs were parted wide open, the woman had no chance to cover or protect herself against the eager eyes behind her as the most intimate parts were shamelessly exposed in a most indecent manner in front of everyone. Pamela Wright was a tall and strong woman who tried to avoid this ultimate humiliation by clinging and crossing her thighs together in an inhuman effort and state of panic, when she suddenly realized that they were going to spread her legs open.

Even if the guards were strong, they had to use considerable force to have PamelaТs legs parted and her ankles secured to the iron rings.

"HiiiiЕ hhhhiiiii...",Pamela breathed heavily as the muscles in her thighs and calves trembled and twisted in her futile attempts to break loose and hide herself from this ultimate indecency. Despite her almost inhuman efforts to prevent this Pamela's thigh were opened, exposing a very wet clit with the tiny hairs before the eyes of the flush faced spectators. As the ankle ropes were tightened also her tight pussy lips opened up and revealed a rosy and moist portion of a most female, intimate anatomy. In her turmoil state of mind Pamela Wrigth could almost feel Mark Fallon's eyes on her wide open pussy, a fact which made her clitoris to stand vigorously out like a hard pearl and some hysterical, short laughter escaped her lips.

The Bailiff took his time and let the men enjoy the scene, the jutting and quivering bared flesh of the beautiful, lustful woman with her buttocks held high over the punishment block and her long, beautifully shaped legs straddling wide open.

The men were all sitting there staring at the spectacle when the Bailiff gave one of the guards the order to fetch the birch.

In the bucket was several birches, seven or eight long, well selected switches tied together in bundles. The guard selected one of the bundle, an excellently prepared, long swishy birch.

Pamela had from her degrading, frustrating position seen the guard select the birch, and when he approached her, the trembling in her body increased. The trembling in turn affected the inner parts of her thighs, which were slightly fat and as tender as the skin of a baby, for they were quivering involuntarily, the flesh actually shaking like jellies.

Whether it was due to the acute feminine realization of how keenly she would soon feel the sting of the birch or the long period of awaiting in this humiliating position, or her attempts to minimize her position, the men sitting closely behind her could not tell.

However, as the guard swished the long birch-rods through the air, the lady made great effort to squeeze the cheeks of her large well rounded bottom together. She could not, however, succeed very well, held tight and bent over the block, and the great nervous expenditure involved caused her bottom to visible quiver and tremble in a most delicate manner.

"Miss Wright, you will now be birched...Guard, proceed!",
the Bailiff said and stepped aside to give room for the swing of the birch.

The guard raised his birch and brought it down with considerable force. There was a vicious hiss, and the men sitting behind her saw the twigs bite into the delicate white flesh which yielded like melted butter, and follow the voluptuous curves of PamelaТs bottom from hip to hip with a report like a hail-storm.

Stung to the very core of her being, Pamela leaped within her bonds with tremendous energy for such a delicately made woman. Her fingers clawed in the air and her high heeled shoes beat a sort of tattoo against the wooden base of the block. There was no cry of pain except a curious low whistling sound which escaped through her clenched teeth.

The guard adjusted his position somewhat, and gave her a master cut which curled around the base of her posterior. Pamela twisted her hips from side to side and uttered a short little scream then continued to utter three or four suppressed squeals for about fifteen seconds or so.

Her efforts to escape the position over the punishment bock caused her to vigorously raise her bottom up and down, while the deep plump hemispheres opened wide only to sharply knock against each other, which caused the whole of the supple flesh to waggle about in a most exiting manner.

"Perhaps this will teach you to be less arrogant against young gentlemen in the future, Miss Wright", the Bailiff said, and saw that the flush faced, highly exited men silently agreed. One of the chuckled nervously with a curious throat sound. To see Pamela wriggle and bounce her fleshy, bared and jutting buttocks in this most exiting manner had caused all of them strong erections.

"A good sound whipping on a woman's bare bottom is something they usually understand", the Bailiff said and nodded to continue.


Again the birch cut deeply into the soft flesh and made Pamela writhe.

"Ee--ee--ee ", she screamed shrilly. She lifted her body up on tip-toe only to throw herself heavily down over the hump again. Maddened with pain, she tried once again to brake loose from the bonds that held her, twisting her hips violently from side to side, rocking at the round leather clad piece like she was trying to tear it out from the base that held it upright.

She made supreme efforts to stiffen the whole of her muscles to counter the next stroke. Her feet knocked violently against the wooden base and caused the masses of the white flesh constituting her thighs quiver lecherously.

In vain she tried to harden her frail posterior muscles. It was quite a waste of time and effort, for the birch cut deeply into the woman's flesh a forth time. She regained her breath before shrieking with all the power of her melodious voice which made the men laugh.

All this time Anita had stood like frozen against the bars in the waiting cell looking at PamelaТs humiliating ordeal in the punishment room, her face changing colour from pink to crimson, but now, when she heard PamelaТs agonized scream, she turned white.

"Ehr-r-r-r-r-r-r-r- ...Ehr-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-!", she heard her scream and saw Pamela writhing furiously her bared ass like a maniac on the block. Anita also saw the men and how their faces glowed lustfully watching the bizarre scene in front of them.

The stroke had landed with considerable force on the lower parts of her buttocks, and two or three twigs of the swishy thin birch had curved in between her well spread thighs, biting the most sensitive parts of her sex and the inside of her white, trembling soft thighs.

The guard examined the birch and went to the bucket to select a fresh one whilst Pamela wined and continued to clench her well spread, burning red-hot bottom.

"A birch gets a bit frayed at the end during a whipping, loosing the best part of the stinging effect, so we usually change into a fresh one after four or five lashes", the Bailiff informed the men, "and it is our intension to flog this woman soundly", he continued.

Pamela Wright twisted her neck, her beautiful deep blue eyes welling with tears, her sensual mouth wide open in which one could see her even white teeth.

"Stop No more I can't stand any more " she howled loudly.

"Mercy Have Mercy!"...

"Ah Miss you are starting to learn the efficiency of the birch that's good...but I can see that you are pleading for mercy just to get off easy. But that does not work here, lady, there is still a good way to go before we are through with you, my lady!" In desperation Pamela twisted her neck in the other direction, just in time to see the terrible, fresh birch rising.


The new swishy rods caught her at precisely the moment that her dancing buttocks rose in the air, smiting the flesh about an inch below the last stroke. The traces left by the rod were marked hither and thither in fan-like outspreading thin weals, interspersed with violet notches and tiny white spots where the birch rods had blistered the flesh, but so far not a trace of blood.

For fully five seconds the whipped woman remained mute, then she let forth a high pitched jarring howl that resembled nothing human.

The guard was quite calmly measuring his distance for the next stroke, calculating with precision the leaps of the violently dancing posteriors, so as to bring each stroke well on the target.

"Can't hold your big bottom still, can you, Miss Wright? But I am sure the gentlemen appreciates to see such a lively performance, eh?" the Bailiff said mockingly.


"Eeee Eee !! Oh My God...Ah...rrrr I can't bear it

УPlease stop please...please...!"


Her mouth wide open gasping for breath, her fingers clawing in the air and every muscle in her body strained, Pamela felt the unbearable pain across the back of her most sensitive upper thighs were the birch-rods had been applied.

"Ahr...rrrr rrrrrr rrrr !" The white flesh in her thighs vibrated violently and her feet beat the base in a furious tattoo-like manner, the big white buttocks clenching madly, one moment just to spread themselves up into their full size and exposure before the next trembling contraction.

" My God...oh nooo !" Pamela howled.

Even if the pain tormented her body as well as her mind, she was well aware of the fact that her buttocks clenched and opened shamefully in a continuous, slow rhythm, but there was nothing she could do about it. During the whole ordeal she had not for a split second forgot that Mark Fallon was sitting there watching her shame, a fact that only added the involuntary trembling running through her body without any control whatsoever.


"Y ar rr oooooooooo...hh Ahrr rrrr.rrr !" One again Pamela plunged within her bonds with the desperate strength of a maniac. It was indeed a wonder that the straps held firm on account of the heavy strain put upon them.

Anita laid face down weeping on the wooden bench in the cell. The Bailiff had informed her that she would taste the birch later this same night, and his words had caused cold shivers run down her spine.

After Pamela had been released from the punishment block, the guards had taken her to another part of the prison, and Anita was left all alone in the cell with her agonizing fear to the forthcoming punishment. Her brain could not turn off the images of PamelaТs ordeal...and at the end, when she was still restrained on the block, the men had been allowed to examine her striped flesh. Their fondling fingers had examined much more than just her buttocks...

When a man they called Mark had fingered her, Pamela had started to tremble and twist her hips against the block in such a shameful manner that Anita had turned her crimson face against the wall. She had heard Pamela breathing fast and sigh heavily just before some suppressed shrilly short screams mixed with some curious groans had left her throat, making the men laugh...

From time to time Anita looked in dread into the punishment room where they had left the terrifying birching block waiting. AnitaТs unfair destiny tortured her mind and was hard to bear, and her mood changed rapidly forth and back from furious anger to self-pity and repeated outbursts into tears.

The two guards and the clerk boy suddenly entered, and Anita jumped up from the bench with all her senses alert she stepped back against the wall. The door was unlocked and she was ordered out, where the pimple faced young clerk licked his thick lips while he was eyeing Anita with his lustful eyes and with an eager expression in his face, walking forward and back and around her, touching her occasionally in a most irritating way while the two guards remained in the background.

"Please...stop that!" Anita burst out. She was not used to having a young boy who was hardly her own age agitating her in such an indecent manner.

The boy smiled and turned towards the guards.

"Tell her " "Miss, the Bailiff will be occupied elsewhere tonight, so he gave Frankie here the permission to deal with you... he is a trainee here so to speak", the guards coldly told her while the smile on the boys face widened.

"I am going to whip you personally", the boy told her, still smiling..." in a manner that whores are whipped " AnitaТs face had turned scarlet by the mere thought that this boy was given the legal right to chastise her personally. It seemed so very wrong, so unfair and improper that she wanted to scream.

"I whore!" she said as calmly as she could with an anger caused by an extreme feeling of humiliation building up inside her.

"I want to see you naked take your clothes off... everything...!" the boy said.

Anita looked with a kind of defiant stoicism right into his eyes, but seeing him just stand there with his lustful grin on his face she turned towards the guards in a silent call of a chivalrous rescue from their side. But there was none.

"Hold her!" the boy said.

As Anita was gripped firmly by her arms she tried to rip herself loose in rage, but was held steady and pushed forward in front of the grinning boy. He touched her blue dress, letting his hand move up over her breasts in a most humiliating manner.

AnitaТs efforts to free her hands and prevent the boy from touching her just resulted in a tighter grip and her arms were drawn further out.

"Nice tits..." the boy grinned as he started to unbutton her dress slowly, clearly enjoying himself. AnitaТs ears burned red hot and she turned her face away, breathing heavily through her nostrils when her dress was drawn aside in the front and her young, firm breasts with the erecting pink nipples was bared, quivering unprotected in the cold air of the punishment room.

The pimple faced boy licked his lips and his grin widened as he continued to unlace the garments of the young, beautiful girl held in front of him...

Miss Hazel Devon was quite satisfied and lifted her glass with a double portion of sherry with a diabolic look in her eyes.

"Now that little bitch will get what she deserves. I have heard that women prisoners in the House of Correction who are sentenced there on a prostitution charge are flogged in a manner that will keep them from the streets for must certainly be a dreadful place!" "I am pleased to hear that you appreciate my services, Miss Devon", said the lawyer, "and as far as I know, Miss Fohlstrom will not be spared any punishments, because the charge w a s prostitution the plan worked perfectly".

Hazel Devon giggled, visibly effected by the wine and sherry she had been enjoying.

"Is it true that they whip whoresЕdirectly on...their...source of income, so to speak?" she asked, still giggling and sipping more sherry from her glass.


"How awful and it must be very embarrassing heh heh heh glp rr.rrr!"

"Miss Devon, perhaps you'll better leave the wine now and go to is quite late", the lawyer said, anxious to stop the conversation. From his previous experiences Hazel could suddenly get the most crazy ideas when she was drunk, and he felt a strong need to stop whatever could happen before the situation ran out of hands.

"To bed?...All alone?" Hazel pouted her lip and tried to look charming, imitating and attractive. In her condition all men started to look interesting, presenting objects to be conquered.

"Yes, Miss Devon alone it really is for the best"...

"Eeeee oooo noo not there!...Mercy!...I am no whore!" Anita screamed as the unbearable sting of the small leather thong made her plunge within her bonds in her furious attempts to escape the next lash.

The flesh of her inner thighs trembling violently and her breasts bouncing madly in all directions while her uncontrolled screams echoed within the walls of the sparely furnished room. Her entire body was sweating and the white flesh writhed glowing in the bright gaslights of the punishment chamber as the small drops of sweat plunged out of the pores of her skin.


"Eeeeeooooo oh noo...please not any more not like this Mercy!" Anita Fohlstrom was whipped on her pussy by the pimple faced clerk boy, fastened to the punishment block in a manner that had made many harlots blush of shame. She was bent backwards over the padded round bock, her hips and naked cunt held shamelessly high above the floor. Her legs were drawn as far apart as the fastenings allowed, and her wrists were secured on the other side of the block. The wide spread of the thighs had opened her pussylips wide, displaying her young female genitals in a most crude manner. Her rosy pussylips were slightly swollen and the clitoris plunged out hard and shiny in the middle of the moist, pink flesh of her female sex organ.


The single leather thong had whined down again and stung Anita to the very core of her being, biting into the moist, tender flesh between her legs. She had seen the lash coming and the muscles in her widely spread thighs had immediately started to tremble vigorously, but the restraints were tight and there was no escape.

УArrrr rrrrr eeeoooooooo...rrr...noo more no more!!!!"

The shock of the biting whiplash along the crack of her pussy rushed through her body, making her tits jutting violently in a manner that exited the boy to that extent that he went around the punishment block and gave her several master cuts with the thong across her madly bouncing breasts and nipples.

"Whore !" he said, and went back to his position behind the block.

Anita started to cry soundly, like a baby. With tears running all over her face she knew that she could not take any more.

Many girls would have fainted after the first two or three lashes, but Anita was a strong and healthy country girl and able to take more pain than many others without loosing consciousness. But there is a limit even for a strong and and well fit girl - for Anita it had been 18 stinging lashes right along her opened pussyclit, given with a cruel, short one-thonged whip with a wooden handle. Her tear-filled eyes did not see the next lash, she could only feel the extreme biting pain when the tip of the round leather thong lashed into her clitoris and made everything suddenly disappear into darkness. She had been whipped like a whore...something many of the harlots on the street had experienced as freshies in the trade and something they swore never to experience again. Most of them did not ever practice their trade in the neighborhood of the House of Correction because the whole place caused them cold shivers.

Only a few former inmates with specific, masochistic sexual tendencies felt a certain glow inside them every time they walked by the stony walls of the institution.

УWell, how nice to see you, Baron Crawford, please come in!" said Hazel Devon to the unannounced guest.

"Good morning, Hazel, is your father, the Minister in?"

"Yes...I shall tell him you are here. He will certainly be pleased to see you would you care for a cup of tea or some sherry meanwhile?"

"A cup of tea, thank you...and you can ask Anita to bring it in, I am sure she will be surprised to see me here, she has been here almost a month by now", the Baron said cheerfully.

"Well, Baron, there is...a problem. Anita is not here...she...I heard she was arrested some time ago for...prostitution you know how these peasant girls can be ", said Hazel, trying to sound careless but well aware that she was in a serious danger zone.

"Prostitution?! Never! I know that girl, I know her father and her family decent people...I can't believe it I must speak to your father about this, immediately! My God, why didnТt you inform us?!

Hazel was pale in her face when she tried to listen through the living room door. Her father, the Minister, had insisted she told where this information about Anita came from, and she had no choice but to give him the name of the lawyer. Now these three men were all gathered in in the living room and Hazel could hear that there was some angry shouting going on. When the door suddenly opened, her father gave her an icy look and all three men walked right out to the Ministers carriage.

"I had to tell them", the lawyer said before they left and left Hazel standing in the hallway with her face turning pale.

Minister Devon and Baron Crawford had the Magistrate office standing on their toes in no time, and the clearly upset Magistrate Chief rushed to their assistance. They found Anita Fohlstrom in less than an hour in one of the dungeon cells beneath the main building of the Correctional Institution. The girl was laying face down on the narrow bench with her skirts folded up over her back and her bottom bared and marked all over hundreds tiny red swellings.

Anita had turned her head towards the door when it opened but did not make a move to cover herself, neither did she close her eyes or react in any way.

"Oh my God !" said the Baron.

"The prisoner was birched on the flogging bench this morning ", the guard said.

The Baron went over to the bench and covered Anita's nakedness with a soft blanket, and striking gently her hair he felt a strong compassion and warmth for the poor girl.

"Anita...this is Baron Crawford I have come to take you home " he said kneeling down beside her and touched her cheeks in a gentle, fatherly way.

Anita looked at him. At first, it seemed that she looked into an endless emptiness but suddenly there was a reaction. Her eyes started to wet when the first teardrops filled the corners of her eyes.

"BaronЕ" she whispered

The whole plot was slowly unfolding.

"My God, Baron, you cannot have my daughter arrested! The family name, and my whole life work will be ruined and the Cabinet will truly feast on this matter!" the Minister said in despair.

"We have been friends for a very, very long time...can't we find a solution to have justice done without having it done in public?"

"Like what?"

"What Hazel did to that young woman cannot be ignored, and I admit that she is a spoiled young lady, but...there must be another way to have her pay for what she has done..." And a way was found.

"No! No! Never! I will never you hear me, father, I will n e v e r accept that! I know I have done wrong and I am sorry, but what you are suggesting is totally out of question!" Hazel raged, standing flush faced in front of him.

"Either that or the even worse alternative, the House of Correction , and believe me, you are getting easy off even if you also have spoiled your chances for a good marriage!" the Minister said.

"I kill myself first you'll see ", Hazel said and left the room.

One hour later she sneaked out of the house, planning to run away, but soon enough she realized that her father had closed down all her accounts and personal assets, and without any money, she was totally stranded.

However, headstrong as she was, Hazel spent two days and two nights in the streets, hungry, thirsty and cold. The third day she came home.

"Father you cannot do this to me ", she pleaded.

The recovery from the physical ordeals Anita Fohlstrom had suffered during the month in the House of Correction took weeks, and the Crawfords had allowed her to stay home with her parents at the farm house for the first two weeks. The mental damage however was so deeply impressed to her mind that her girlish, joyful personality had changed into a somewhat reserved and reticent behavior, polite and normal on the surface but she was definitively not the same Anita that they had seen before. Her parents also noticed that she had nightmares, and clearly worried about her state of mind they tried to question her about the recent past, but Anita did not tell them anything. She had also asked the Baron and Peter not to reveal anything to her parents or anyone else about her experiences in the city.

As she regained her position as a maid at the Crawfords after the short leave, Mrs Brunell as well as the staff could also sense the change in her.

"They think she is better than us now when she has been working in the city", one of the maids said jealously when the Baron had upgraded Anita to his personal maid, a honor usually given only to the girl with the longest service.

"If you were as beautiful and...well equipped as she you would perhaps be married by now", another girl smirked at the jealous spinster.

The lights had gone out for the night when Peter Crawford heard the soft knock on his bedroom door.

"Anita, what? Come inЕ" he said, when he found her behind his door in her small nightie. She looked ravishingly beautiful, smelling fresh and soft.

"I...cannot sleep...Sir ", she whispered, and her moist, blue eyes told Peter she really needed someone.

He took Anita in his arms, feeling the warmth of her soft, warm skin through the thin nightgown. Anita responded to his kiss in a way Peter had never experienced before, clinging herself onto him in a manner that gave him an immediate erection.

When he lowered her onto his bed, he did not know if it was he or she who took the initiative. One thing was clear though, Anita needed a fuck and she needed it badly. And, after all, she was not a virgin any more. No young women who was released from the House of Correction was a virgin any more. For the unwilling and especially for some young suffragettes with an "attitude" they had that humiliating fucking trestle with the adjustable restraintsЕ With her nightgown removed from her voluptuous beautiful body she reached out for Peter in a state of hunger and a pulsating urge for love and relief. Her trembling fingers clawed into his neck drawing him closer. However, she still felt that something was missing.

"I need to be tied " she whispered, biting her lower lip, surprising Peter totally in a way he had not expected. He had been ready to enter her right there and then, but when his dizzy brain finally comprehended her words his first reaction was the disappointment for the interruption but immediately after that his dominant tendencies in his sex life caused his erecting member to swell out into maximum size.

"I don't have any ropes in here " he groaned in despair.

"I left some in the drawer of your night table when I cleaned the room today ", Anita whispered in a state of heat, turning her reddening face away.

This was the first time she could feel her emotions alive in weeks, a good sign of recovery in itself, but the strong need to be restrained in order to have her sexual urges satisfied was something new, something she could not comprehend herself. To be held in a place like the House of Correction can do things to a girl... open up those secret gates into the hidden dark passages of the mind...

Peter had tied her wrists together to the head side of the bed and her ankles to the two bedposts. Doing this, Anita had to spread her legs wide open, exposing her dripping wet slit into full display. Even if she knew she wanted this, she felt suddenly so terribly ashamed that her pink face turned scarlet.

The flesh of her inner thighs quivered as Peter mounted her. He did hold back for some while and kissed her hard, erecting nipples, sucking slowly but hard. AnitaТs soft, trembling thighs clasped against his hips with small smacking sounds of flesh to flesh as much as the loose ropes allowed.

"Hhhhhhhhhhh ..." she moaned.

Then he entered her. They were both more than ready.

Anita was fucked by Peter Crawford in a way she had never experienced. His long fully erecting cock rubbed against her hardened clitoris with every withdrawal and made her pant in a state of ecstasy, twisting and arching her body within the bonds that held her. Without the ropes her nails would have clawed into Peter like a tigress, now she could only thrust her hips violently upwards hoping to receive his wonderful manhood fully and completely in her burning female, young ecstasy.

"Yes...yes...yesss aaaaaa ssssss!Ф

Anita had no control over her body, and the wild orgasm spread with a long tingling sensation through every nerve within her, made her squirm and bounce in the bed like a maniac, hitting her thighs against Peters with smacking sounds.

"Aaaahh aaaaaaahhhh...hhhh...hhh oh Peter...hhh!" she panted, tugging at the ropes that held her pinned down.

Peter was still inside her. He was not finished yet, but he granted Anita the time she needed to calm down.

"I love you", she heard herself saying. Something from her sub consciousness, something from long, long ago made her say those words, and flashbacks from her past, her wet girlish secrets rushed through her mind. In fact, it had not been so long ago...

Her body reacted with a quiver when Peter withdraw his still erecting penis, rubbing it against her clitoris - just to thrust it in again in its full length.

"HhhhhhhhЕ hhhЕ", Anita panted, clamping her quivering thighs against him again, her body shining and slippery of sweat.

She had needed a fuck and she was getting more than bargained for...In the midst of her new, rising orgasm. Peter whispered into her ear.

"Anita, will you marry me?" She was unable to answer him, because her immediate orgasm was so violent, so breathtaking, so wonderful that the only thing she was capable of was to let it out in full...the endless long shivers that never seemed to stop...

"I am waiting for an answer", Peter whispered in her ear when she somehow had regained control over herself.

"YES Peter YES!!!!!" was the only thing she could say, the only thing she wanted to say.

"Well... in that case we can discuss it later", said Peter, still inside her.

"Oh noo!" Anita panted when she felt Peter's member enter her deeper again.

"Oh, yes...", Peter hissed as his hips started to move in a fast, violent manner, feeling his orgasm rising. However, before he came, Anita had her third orgasm, but this time Peter did not stop.

In a life filled with miseries, it can sometimes be so wonderful to be young

Peter did not release her from the ropes afterwards. Anita's position at the bed was quite similar to the fucking trestle at the House of Correction except the adjustable knee straps and the leather pillow under the ass. Peter wanted to enjoy AnitaТs voluptuous, naked feminine forms while he was gently wiping off the sweat off her body with a wetted towel. Working downwards from her neck, over her breasts the wet towel made AnitaТs nipples all erect again, and when he moved downwards over her belly she was biting her lip and turned her face away. At the first touch on her still pulsating clit the muscles in her inner thighs suddenly started to vibrate and she came for the forth time. She simply could not help it but she did not care. She was his, fully and completely.

"My best congratulations to both of you!" the Baron said and meant it. Normally a marriage among people from differing social backgrounds was considered as a violation against the unwritten rules of the community, but in this case it was widely accepted. It was high time for Peter to settle down and it also gave the Baron a kind of satisfaction to see Anita compensated for all the suffering she had gone through. And Anita was very beautiful, a real asset to the family also from that point of view. The glow in her face made her even more beautiful, and he could tell that she was in love and very much so, the way her eyes sparkled as she looked at Peter. In fact, Peter had no other suitable bride in sight at the moment after the incident with Hazel Devon.

Hazel Devon had lost her chance, her freedom and, at the moment, her clothes.

Humiliated deep down to her very soul she stood stark naked in Peters punishment room on the attic of the Crawford house, alone, scared and shamed beyond belief.

Mrs Brunell had had the nerve to use the help of two stable hands, two young lads, to have Miss Hazel Devon stripped stark naked and fastened to a whipping post. Hazel was 23, and certainly a quite beautiful woman, and the young boys had truly feasted their eyes upon her white, female flesh as they bared her bit by bit and her garments came off. She had put on quite a fight, screaming and raging like a maniac, but she had not been a match for the strong, flush faced youths.

Totally nude she was handcuffed with her arse out to a vertical, metal post standing up from a wooden knee high base.

The wood in the base was carved to fit and restrain the legs of the culprit with an additional strap at the back of the knees to hold the legs firmly in place. Hazel could not even cross her thighs to hide her big bush of pubis hairs when the grinning youths focused their eyes on her crotch.

She started to laugh hysterically at the post when a second strap went around her waist, pulling the small of her back against the post and forcing her to thrust her big bottom backwards. When the waist strap was tightened, Hazels fleshy and milk-white buttock globes was separated and swelled out into their enormous size.

Hazel knew all to well that she had broad hips and that her posterior had been oversized since her early puberty years. During the last years of matureness her buttocks had still largened into a quivering mass of flesh which she had tried to conceal by using very tight corsets and garments fitting her well. Everything she had tried to conceal was now displayed in a most crude, shameful manner and her hysterical laughter continued while her crimson blushing spread slowly down to her breasts.

"The celebrations are still going on downstairs, but later tonight Peter and Anita will attend to you, Miss Devon, you just wait where you are a sound whipping across your big bottom is what you need, My Lady", Mrs Brunell told her before they left her there.

More than two hours had passed and Hazel had to stand there waiting, waiting.

Whenever a small sound was heard, her heart leaped and she strained herself against the whipping post with big buttocks clenching violently as she tried to close the shamefully opened crack between her trembling buttock cheeks. But it was always false alarm and Miss Hazel Devon was really getting agitated.

Another hour passed. Her restlessness was not caused only by the fact that Peter would see her in her shame, she feared Anita much more.

"She will do to you what they did to her in the House of Correction", her father had told her "and she has all the right to do so!".

Hazel trembled as she thought of the things those bastards at the institution was doing to all those young women there. She knew that they had whipped Anita between her legs...

Peter and Anita had forgot all about Hazel because they were having a violent private orgy in Peters bedroom. Anita had been so beautiful in her expensive, new evening dress the Baron had bought for her, her glittering diamond earrings framing her sensual face and her golden hair made up in a manner that Peter simply could not resist to suggest a moment alone with her as soon as the guests had left the party.

Well inside his bedroom Anita gave Peter a smile and went straight to his night table.

With a tempting, leading on expression in her face she took out three ropes. Sitting down on the bed she tied the ropes to her ankles, one rope to each, looking at Peter from time to time with that same, tempting smile on her face.

Anita had white, high heeled laced boots and gray silk stockings of the latest fashion.

She had really dressed up for the celebration.

Standing up and turning away from him with a gesture of modesty, she unlaced her knickers from under her evening gown and let them fall.

Peter just stood there, randy and ready, watching Anita gather all the pillows in the room into a high pile in the middle of the bed. Then she approached him with the third rope. Giving it to him she turned and crossed her wrists behind her. She did not have to say anything, and a moment later her hands were corded tightly together.

Anita lowered herself face down with her hips resting on the high pile of pillows with her hands tied behind her back, bending herself crosswise over the bed which left much space at her right as well as at her left. Her hips and bottom raising high in the air she spread her legs as far apart as she could. This made the hem of her pretty dress glide upwards, baring her white, tapering thighs.

"Peter I need to be tied ", Anita whispered, but he was already fastening the ankle ropes to the far bed posts, forcing her straddling legs even further apart until her knees lost the touch and support of the bed.

Peter folded her dress neatly up over her beautifully rounded bare buttocks and could not stop to admire AnitaТs well proportioned, exiting body. Her muscular thighs and calves straining in the widely spread position making her white buttocks move from side to side as he undid her garters and rolled her stockings down. When his hand cupped her sex from behind, he could hear her taking in breathe and the fingers of her tied hands straighten out in a trembling emotional strain. He could see her bite her lip when his hand felt her wide open clit and the hardness of her bared clitoris.

"Hhhhhhh...Peter...the hh drawer..." Anita panted. "The drawer in your night tableЕthere is aЕ" Peter had already looked into the drawer, seeing a small single twig of a young, fresh birch, a tiny rod with a swishy sting.

"So you have been doing my room again, have you?" AnitaТs buttocks started to clench, open up and contract.

The clenching increased and the flesh in her thighs quivered when Peter went behind her, testing the efficient sting of the rod against his palm.

"You have not done my room properly when I find things like this laying around, have you?" Peter asked with a smile on his face and the bulk in his trousers screaming to be released.

Anita buried her face into the linen of the bed, not knowing when and where the rod would make her perform the ass dance of her life in front of her husband to be. "Play your cards right, girl " Mrs Brunells voice echoed in her brain followed by a terrible sting diagonally across her right buttock cheek, making the bedposts squeak as she tried to close her legs but only resulting in that her quivering buttocks bouncing high up in the air when the muscles in her widely straddling legs tightened like strained bows.

The position was perfect for the next stinging lash of the tiny rod.

Her hips leaped upwards again with an indescribable energy by arching her back, and Peter could see her wide open dripping wet clit dancing in front of his eyes.

Anita had not seen Peter remove his trousers and that he had moved closely up behind her with his erecting cock almost touching her moist rosy clit bouncing up and down over the stack of pillows. He gave her a biting sting of the rod across her shapely bottom cheeks at the same time he moved closer to her. AnitaТs wide open clit squirmed suddenly right against his hardened penis and twisting her head back by the surprise she realized what it was.

"Yes PeterЕ. YessssЕ. " she moaned in heat.

But Peter was not willing to give it to her yet even if she tried to thrust her hips backwards in hope for him to enter her. Instead, he gave her another flick with the tiny rod which made her bottom twist in a wild dance and her dripping hot pussy rub against Peter with increased intensity. Teasingly he kept the distance, giving Anita only the tickling sensation of the touch but nothing more.

How she wanted him! How she needed him! being so close so very close, Peter made her wild of desire, burning in heat.

And Anita did perform that ass dance of her life that night. Her shrilly scream of pure sexual desire and joy when Peter finally entered her from behind echoed in the room and caused Mrs Brunell to raise an eyebrow as she happened to pass the bedroom door.

Two hours later they laid on Peters bed, both naked, satisfied and happy. AnitaТs head resting on Peters chest, her beautiful corn colored hair all spread out, her hand caressing the skin of his belly, moving her fingers slowly further down to his softened cock. Rolling his member between her fingers Peters manhood regained some signs of resurrection, just enough for her to move her head towards it.

Anita closed her red, hot lips around his penis, taking it wholly into the wetness of her mouth. She could feel it growing slowly, filling her. Letting it our, her nails caressed the sensitive nerves of his organ until it erected almost into full size. Changing her position and pushing gently Peters thighs far apart, she lowered her face and took the swelling cock into her mouth...

Peter had just given her three wonderful orgasm, and she wanted to give him at least a second one. And she did. She did not let him go even when his hot sperm shot into her mouth, she swallowed it all and continued to suck him until the very last drop. That was the way Anita had learned to do it in the House of Correction...the pimple faced clerk boy being her first teacher...

УHazel !", Anita said one and a half hour later, just waking suddenly up. It was half past three in the morning.

"Mmmm...what?" Peter asked, half asleep.

"We forgot about Hazel she is still up there, is she?"

"That's right...Anita, just tell Mrs Brunell to take her down, we deal with her tomorrow, I'm too tired now

Hazel Devons buttocks quivered uncontrollably when the door was opened. She was crying. She had had a lot of time to think about what they would do to her. She had also pissed, trying at first not to embarrass herself in this way too, but after three hours of agonizing trying it just happened. The evidence was visible on the floor. Not a very suitable thing to happen to a Lady of Quality.

"What a mess I'll take you down now...they didn't have time to deal with you tonight, but tomorrow night they will whip the arrogance out of you, believe me", Mrs Brunell said.

Hazels sobbing cries shifted suddenly to a hysterical laughter when she dressed herself.

"Before we go you clean up that mess of yours! Mrs.Brunell said while she was opening the heavy door to the adjoining prison chamber where Hazel would spend the next two months...

The next evening the two stable hands had stripped her again and attached her nude to the whipping post. This time both Peter and Anita came to see their flush faced prisoner. Anita had a swishy whip in her hand. Hazel clinged herself against the post in utter humiliation.

This was the very first time Peter had seen her naked.

"Peter, could you call for the stable boysЕ I want Miss Devon on the table on her back with her thighs spread wide open as wide as possible so that her pussylips opens. I want to give her a taste of what is it like to be a prisoner in the House of Correction." Anita said and put the switch away. From a drawer in the cupboard she took out a short, single thonged whip that she had prepared for the occasion and a smile of revenge covered her face.

Half an hour later a very crimson Miss Hazel Devon was firmly restrained on her back to the table her thighs were drawn straight outwards and buckled with heavy straps to the table edges. A pillow had been placed under her ass to force her milky white inner thighs and widely open pussy upwards into full exposure.

Anita smiled when Hazel's loud hissings turned into hysterical small laughter. She could see the violent trembling along her inner thighs when Peter tickled her hardened clitoris with a feather. Anita wanted her to be in a state of heat before she applied the stinging thong along the rosy wetness of her most intimate and sensitive anatomy. That was another thing Anita had learned in the Prison. She had seen her former cellmate Pamela Wright's violent reactions when she was straddled on the fucking table and Mark Fallon tickled her pussy and clitoris with a feather prior to her pussy-whippingЕNow she could see those same, hysterical reactions in Hazel Devon.

"Now Peter, I think she is ready. If you don't mind I would like to punish her in private", Anita said.

Peter smiled and nodded.

"Of course she is your prisoner " When the door closed Anita grabbed the thong whip and approached the young panic-stricken woman who laid her so perfectly opened for a pussy-whipping, her pulsating clitoris sticking out like a white pearlЕ. It was payback timeЕ zzzZZZZZZIIIPPP!!!


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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

Under Land
by SATO. All rights reserved.

Chapter I. A Journey Begins

Two girls missing in just one week. Gina thought about this as she walked rapidly to her car. The campus was nearly empty now and the parking lot was deserted. There was no moon tonight and the cold flourescents cast tall ominous shadows behind each tree and bush. An icy wind blew across the parking lot and Gina jumped at the sound of every leaf that skittered across the bone-dry asphalt. She saw her car now way off in the distance at the far end of the lot. It was hard to believe that this had been the best parking spot she could find when she had arrived earlier.

"Damn it, Gina", she said to herself, "why did you stay in the library so long? Studying for finals is one thing but you should have thought about getting someone to walk you to your car!"

When Gina had gotten here the college campus had been teeming with life; people on their way to class, going home for the day, sitting down for a lunch break before the next period began…

Everywhere she heard people talking about Darla and Michelle, the two missing girls. Darla and Gina had two classes together and were pretty good friends. Gina knew who Michelle was by sight but they had never really spoken. She only knew that every heterosexual male on campus wanted to get into Michelle’s pants. She was georgeous; blond hair, blue eyes, boobs to die for, etc. etc. One of those all-American beauty types.

Darla was pretty too. Long auburn hair and a smile that could melt ice. She was on the track team and held the school record in the cross-country event. Both girls were popular, beautiful and missing…

Gina was only a few feet from her car when she heard something shuffle quickly toward her. She let go a frightened little scream as she looked back over her shoulder.

Something small caught her eye. It was just a rat running into one of the open sewer grates.

"Shit girl," she muttered, "you’d better chill out before you pee yourself".

This image made her giggle a little as she reached for her keys.

Just three feet from her car now and Gina was thinking about supper and paying bills. She never heard the eighty-pound manhole cover rise up out of the asphalt behind her. She never saw the thick shadows climb out of the hole and hurry toward her. But she did feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand up as her primordial instincts tried to warn her of the impending danger.

This was all Gina needed to send her already frayed nerves into action. She spun around, her hand already coming out of her purse with the pepper spray.

She depressed the trigger wildly and screamed as the huge shapes closed in.

How many? Three? Four? She heard a bellow of surprise and pain as one of the figures, then another, fell back grasping their faces. Gina jumped to one side in an effort to evade the grasping hands but caught her hip on the mirror of her car and went sprawling onto her back. They were on her before she could move a muscle. She felt a knee land hard in her gut knocking the wind out of her as hands grasped her wrists and twisted the pepper spray from her grasp.

One of the shapes slapped her hard across the face, stunning her. Barely conscious, Gina could only endure as her hands were forced together in front and wrapped tightly with rope.

Seconds later Gina was being lowered through the manhole and into the storm sewer that ran under the parking lot. She kicked feebly only to get slapped across the face again. This time it was hard enough to knock her out. The last thing Gina saw as she slipped into darkness was a handful of stars twinkling indifferently in the night sky as the manhole cover was put back in place.

When Gina awoke, she realized that she was hanging from a pole suspended by her wrists and ankles the same way hunters carried the carcass of a game animal! Her captors were moving at a tremendous rate of speed through subterranean tunnels toward some unknown destination.

Gina was unable to see at all even though her eyes were unbound. She tried to speak, to plead with her strangely silent captors, but the attempt only brought the realization that she was gagged with a thick piece of leather tied off and wrapped around her head. All she could do was make a pitiful muffled sound. Almost immediately she was dropped roughly to the ground and untied from the pole. Gina was pulled abruptly to her feet and her shirt was ripped from her body. Next her bra was stripped away leaving her firm breasts swinging about unprotected in the cold under ground air. Her nipples immediately stood up and grew rigid as the damp air caressed them.

She tried taking a step backwards but slammed into the unseen wall of the tunnel. Immediately she was set upon again by rough hands that grasped her from out of the dark.

Her captors had never made a sound except for the two Gina had managed to douse with the pepper spray while still in the parking lot. But no sound except for their breathing did she now hear.

One incredibly strong hand grasped her by the hair and lifted her screaming off the tunnel floor, while two others wrapped her hands behind her back and tied first her wrists together then brought the rope up and tied her elbows together. This wrenched her shoulders painfully backwards and caused her to thrust her chest forward. This would seem to have been sufficient punishment for any imagined offense but they were not done with her yet.

Gina’s full, ripe breasts were next on the agenda. Each tit was bound tightly around the base by thin coarse rope, which was then pulled so tightly that Gina thought her breasts would surely be torn off. After a couple of experimental tugs on the rope around Gina’s painfully distended tits, another longer rope was looped between them and tied in place. The second rope was a leash. The abductor who was holding her suspended by her hair dropped Gina back onto the ground. Then, with no warning, Gina found herself being pulled forward by her tits while another of the invisible goons produced a whip and cracked it across the back pockets of her designer jeans.

Gina needed no further instruction. She lurched forward and was forced to run as the rope around her tits was jerked forward and the whip sliced across her firm ass.

She stumbled often since she couldn’t see the floor and to make matters worse, she didn’t have the use of her arms for balance.

Gina ran as well as she could. She was in good physical condition – being no stranger to the gym -- and so managed to keep up fairly well. The whip only landed when she tried so slow her pace.

As time went on Gina’s flesh became slick with perspiration in spite of the cold damp air of the tunnels. With a growing feeling of desperation she eventually became aware of the simple fact that she couldn’t keep up this pace much longer. Tears streamed down her face while saliva poured from her gagged mouth and dripped across her leashed tits. They drove her on like a wild animal deeper into the under world she would come to know so well.

Dimly Gina felt wind from time to time and heard the echoes of their relentless footfalls get louder then softer again. This told her that they were passing intersections in the tunnel systems. She was pulled into some these tunnels by the harsh tug of the leash tied around her painfully swollen tits. On and on they went – Guards and prisoner, Masters and slave.

Chapter Two. A Warm Welcome

Then Gina became aware that a faint light was beginning to grow. She could hear sounds up ahead. As the light continued to assert itself, Gina got the first look at those who had turned her pleasant life into such a waking nightmare. The one pulling her tit-leash was totally bald, he stood nearly seven feet tall, and had the body (she could see it all since he was totally nude) of an Olympic athlete. Another one ran in front of him. This one, to Gina’s amazement, was a woman of equal strength and physical proportions to Gina’s leash-master except for her long thick black hair and full ripe breasts. There were at least two more behind her but Gina dared not look back for fear of losing her balance and falling.

The air began to warm as the light grew, and the further they went the more Gina could hear from up ahead. As Gina’s group rounded the next bend she saw a row of torches imbedded in the walls high above her head.

Now she could hear more clearly the voices; laughter, commands, grunts, and screams!

The tunnel curved around and suddenly dumped out into a large cavern. . As Gina was herded into the huge cave, cheers and applause went up.

The one holding the tit-leash gave a mighty jerk and Gina fell to her knees then over onto her face further bruising her breasts.

"Ahh! Fresh meat has arrived ladies and gentlemen!" said one of the partygoers.

Gina gasped in horror as she tried to make sense of the debacle to which she bore witness. The cavern was filled with two kinds of beings. Many were obviously akin to those who had brought her here but the rest were all surface dwellers, all were women like Gina. All the Surface Women were being tortured and ravaged by the huge semi-human under dwellers.

Almost immediately Gina saw Darla and Michelle. Darla was hanging by her ankles from chains suspended from the ceiling. Her legs were spread wide and her sex was fully exposed. Her arms were chained to a large rock that dangled inches above the ground. She was being streched painfully as the weight of the small boulder tried to obey the law of gravity. Their eyes met. And Gina gave up all hope. While Darla hung there one of the under-women smiled at Gina and began grinding her greasy fist into Darla’s cunt while one of the males was whipping her heaving, sweating tits. Her body swayed and twisted as the whip landed and the fist bore its way inside. Darla’s screams were barely human and the look in her eyes was madness as the female’s fist began to grind and twist its way between the fleshy lips of Darla’s labia. Her stomach muscles convulsed wildly as Darla tried vainly to expel the invader. Now the female bore down with all her weight and her fist suddenly slid into Darla nearly up to the elbow. Darla’s whole body convulsed madly with the unwelcome intrusion. Now the fist and arm began to slide in and out like a like a piston violently rocking Darla’s nude body. Gina felt sick and wondered if it would be her turn next as she watched her friend’s pussy being pounded mercilessly by the fist.

Michelle was just a few yards further away. She too was hanging in chains

from the ceiling but at least she was right side up. Her wrists were together but her legs were spread wide on either side of her by more chains bolted to the rocky floor of the cavern. Michelle was pinned between two large males who were raping her savagely front and back. Their erections tunneled in and out of Michelle’s holes without mercy. She jerked and grunted heavily as first one then the other retracted his club-like phallus then rammed it back home. A line had formed as other males waited for their turn at one of her battered slime-smeared holes. They had obviously been at Michelle for quite awhile now. Long streams of copious goo trailed down her inner thighs and a large glistening wet spot lay below her on the ground

Other girls Gina had never seen before adorned the walls and floor of the cave in various forms of torment.

Then Gina was brought back to her own plight as she heard a one of the female’s yell "Strip her and string her up, we must welcome her properly to festival!"

Easily a dozen of the males and females rushed her and tried to shred off her tattered sweat-soaked jeans.

Gina kicked out for all she was worth, and even though her hands were still tied at the wrists and elbows, she managed enough coordination to connect with a male’s groin and the square jaw of a groping female. She bucked and fought with a fury that surprised them all. Gina would have been more amazed than anyone if she’d had time to think about it.

By now three of her assailants had backed out of the fray with fairly substantial bruises and lacerations. A forth lay unmoving, crumpled in a heap. It was only by their superior numbers that Gina was eventually worn down and subdued.

"Hold her still you idiots!" said a different voice, "Don’t you know one of your own when you see her?"

The woman approached and gave instructions that Gina be brought to her feet.

"Let’s get that gag out of your mouth, dear" said the woman, "and your tits must be a trifle sore. Let me untie those as well"

The woman went about the business of liberating Gina’s throbbing breasts

and spoke softly in her ear as her fingers worked the knots.

"I will take your gag out, but first you must promise to keep silent. Do we have a deal?" she said.

Gina nodded in assent

"First let me massage a little life back into your tits, love"

When the ropes came off her wrists, elbows and breasts; the blood began to flow once again. Gina’s guards shifted their positions now, making sure to hold her tightly in check. The woman gently rubbed Gina’s arms and chest until the pain began to subside. Then the gag came out and Gina swallowed hard and moved her tongue and jaw around to relax the muscles there, but, remembering her deal, she uttered no sound. The last thing Gina wanted was to be bound and gagged again.

"You’ll have to forgive the others, Gina", they only do as nature or I instruct them. My name is Lor, and it will be my honor to make your stay here with us as pleasant and instructive as possible"

Gina wondered who would get the "pleasure". It certainly wouldn’t be her if the condition of the other girls in the cavern was any indication. And what was that about "instructive"??

"So many questions," said Lor, "but very little fear do I see. Don’t you find that strange? After all you’ve been through so far this evening, after all you see going on around you."

"Watch them all Gina", said Lor, "this is how we treat most of our new guests, but you will be the exception to the rule".

"Bring her", Lor ordered gesturing to the guards who held Gina.

To the far end of the cavern, past the young women, the rape, the torture, the bondage, Gina was led.

Lor stopped next to a nude girl who was bent double over a horizontal iron rod coming out of the wall. Her hands and feet were manacled and chained to the rocky floor. She was totally bent in half with her long blond hair hanging nearly to the floor. The girl’s ass was the highest part of her body, her legs were spread and her ass-cheeks were wide open and exposed. The girl did not move at all. By now she knew that struggle was not an option.

Gina looked down at the girl’s sweaty, sticky, whip-marked body and felt a strange stirring in her loins.

A large female guard stood next to a coal brassier watching Lor for orders.

"This is Megan," Lor told Gina with the tone of voice a Doctor might use when instructing a group of young interns, "she has been with us almost two days now. She is about to complete the first phase of her training. This is how we give our graduates their diplomas."

Then Lor turned to the guard who stood next to Megan and nodded.

The guard took one end of an iron from the coals and carefully swung the white-hot end near Megan’s rear.

"This is the mark of an owned slave," said Lor, "it is the mark of our people, it is the mark this little cunt will wear for the rest of her life!"

With this the guard pressed the branding iron into the flesh of Megan’s upturned left ass cheek. She screamed and thrashed madly as the brand made its mark.

Lor watched Gina who, in turn, watched Megan writhe in pain while receiving the mark of these Underlanders. Gina, ashamed, realized that she was somehow enjoying this display. In some perverted way, this was making Gina twitch.

Lor smiled as she registered the unmistakable look of lust on Gina’s face.

The guard pulled the heavy iron away quickly and placed it back into the fire.

Runes of some sort were left behind; burned into the quivering, tender flesh of the girl’s left buttock.

Megan, who no longer struggled, simply wept silently; her tears falling onto the rocks of the cold stone floor.

"Now the ring," said Lor.

The guard squatted behind Megan between her lewdly splayed legs. She produced a handful of gleaming golden rings from a pouch on the floor. After sorting through the different sizes, she chose one and put the rest away.

The woman now reached up to Megan’s cunt and began to stroke her softly there. Megan jerked at the first touch then settled down to endure. But this was different for Megan. There was no pain now, no prodding, no violating insertions. Megan looked back between her legs and watched as the female guard massaged her most private part. As the stroking continued Megan, against her will, began to react to it and so did Gina.

Lor reached over and unzipped Gina’s tattered jeans.

Gina flinched. "Don’t resist Gina," said Lor, "just ride with it."

Lor gently slid Gina’s jeans and panties down and Gina stepped out of them. Gina was completely naked now. Lor slid her hand down between Gina’s thighs and parted the lips of her sex.

Gina and Megan both moaned softly in unison as the skilled hands of Lor and the female guard went about their ministrations. The guard leaned in closer and softly licked the inner flesh of Megan’s parted buttocks.

Megan closed her eyes tightly and began to tense up now. The guard was stroking the very center of her sexual being. Megan’s clit swelled between the guard’s wet fingers.

Gina felt so ashamed for allowing this to turn her on, especially since Lor, a woman, was doing this to her. But partly from fear, partly from lust Gina decided to do as Lor had suggested – she "rode".

It was time now. Megan was about to come. But just as her ass and cunt began too shudder with the impending orgasm, the guard grasped Megan’s clit between the nails of her thumb and index finger and pulled sharply. Megan‘s eyes shot open as the guard shoved the sharp end of the ring through the swollen clit.

Megan’s ensuing scream set Gina on fire as her own orgasm coursed through her body.

Once again Megan was thrashing about in her inescapable bondage. But this time the pain was accompanied by the mind warping orgasm given to her by the skilled but sadistic hands of the guard.

The guard sealed the clit ring shut and withdrew, licking Megan’s sweet juices from her fingertips.

Lor leaned over to Gina, kissed her full on the lips and said, "you’re going to get along here just fine, Gina, just fine."

Gina watched as Megan was unchained from her position over the pole. As she stood, her hands were cuffed behind her. Then the female who had administered the branding and the piercing attached a short leather leash to Megan’s new clit ring. Megan seemed to get the picture and followed as the guard began down a corridor into the dark.

Lor barked an order to the guards who held Gina, "take her to Lab 1. It’s time for Gina to remember…"

Chapter Three. The History Lesson

Gina was guided firmly but gently down one of the many tunnels that led away from the cavern of pain where all the girls seemed to begin their journey in Underland.

The tunnel was lined with torches and Lor walked just ahead. The screams, grunts, and moans behind them began to fade as they walked farther into the bowels of Underland.

Presently Lor stopped and turned to face Gina.

"Are you ready to have all your questions answered?" she asked Gina, "Are you ready to assume your intended role among us here in Underland?"

Gina could only think to nod in compliance. The only other choice she could think of was awaiting her in the cavern where "Festival" still raged on unabated.

Lor turned to the wall and touched a rock that was embedded there. To Gina’s surprise a door made from the living rock swung soundlessly open into a completely black interior. Lor reached inside and produced two pair of goggles. They were dark sunglasses for the guards. Lor placed them over their eyes and then, returning to the open door, flicked on the lights.

Gina squinted her eyes as the fluorescent bulbs obliterated the stygian gloom of the tunnel.

Lor walked into the glaring whiteness of "Lab 1" with the two guards and Gina close behind.

Tables, tile floors, gurneys, computers, medical supplies! Gina could easily be in a modern scientific laboratory if not for the many objects and mechanisms whose purpose could only be sadistic in nature.

"More questions with each step my love," said Lor, "but soon enough you will know all."

Then, to the guards Lor said, "Gentlemen, you may proceed."

Gina’s hands were raised over her head and fastened into black leather manacles hanging from chains in the ceiling. Then her ankles were separated and manacled in like fashion to the floor. Lor pushed buttons on a control panel on the wall and Gina felt the chains quartering her. Her feet left the floor and soon Gina was hanging from the ceiling with her arms and legs spread widely apart in the shape of an X. She wore nothing at all since she had stepped out of her jeans back in the cave. Fear began to tickle at the pit of her stomach.

Had this all been an elaborate ruse to make her feel at ease? Would the torture begin now?

Lor pressed another button and a panel in the wall slipped silently away.

"Report!" shouted Lor clapping her hands.

Four beautiful young girls suddenly appeared from behind the panel and hurried over to where Gina hung stretched and spread-eagle from the ceiling.

"There, there now Gina", said Lor, "you are bound only for your own protection; and ours. The effects of "The Learning" are often unpredictable.

Many of our initiates react very violently."

Walking closer and placing a hand on Gina’s thigh Lor continued, "You are a product of selective breeding. You are a splendid specimen, but to be complete, you must experience your heritage first hand – through the eyes of those who lived it."

Two of the girls were carrying buckets which they began to fill with warm water from a nearby sink. The other two girls busied themselves with rounding up sponges, soaps, and towels.

One of the girls, a beautiful latina, slammed into a tray holding medical implements, sending the tray and its contents crashing to the floor.

"Maria, you clumsy cunt!" shouted Lor. "You dare embarrass me in front of our special guest?"

Lor pressed two of the buttons in succession and Maria collapsed onto the floor screaming and clutching her groin.

Gina could see that the girl wore a leather thong with a strip of metal running between her legs and up between the lips of her cunt. It appeared to Gina that this was the source of discomfort. A harsh electric current was being applied to the girl’s privates.

While the girl writhed in agony, Gina noticed that all the girls wore the same type of thong. They also had rings in their nipples, labia, and clit, as well as the brand on their asses. The thongs that the girls wore had been threaded through the clit ring and locked in place behind. Their ensemble was completed with a black dog collar around each tender neck. Gina also noticed that the guards, who stood silently nearby, became aroused at the sight of Maria’s punishment. The size of their cocks was truly frightening when Gina saw them reach a full erection.

"Hear her screams Gina?" said Lor, "She is singing in the language of slaves. Its quite the popular tune down here – always on the top 10 list."

Gina watched Maria writhe in pain, her pretty brown eyes fluttering open wide. Her full pouting lips distorted into a rictus of pain.

Maria, who lay screaming on the floor received a swift kick in the stomach as Lor worked the remote control and shut off the current .

"You are weak Maria," said Lor in an admonishing tone, "you give in to the punishment far too swiftly. Watch how well Sara deals with the pain!"

Sara gently placed the towels and sponges she carried onto the floor below Gina. She knew what was coming and would not beg or resist. Lor pressed the buttons again and Sara tensed noticeably as the current began to flow through her vaginal lips. Slowly she sank to the floor and lay there shaking but never screamed or thrashed around like Maria had.

Lor knelt beside Sara and stroked her soft blond hair. Sara looked up into Lor’s eyes with an almost worshipful gaze. Her expression began to glaze over with pain as Lor increased the voltage. Sara shook even harder now every muscle in her superb body thrumming and tense, but still she would not scream.

Lor shut off the current and Sara slumped onto the floor like a rag doll. Sara immediately pulled herself to a half sitting position and reached for the sponges and towels she had laid at Gina’s feet. Lor stopped her.

"You rest a moment Sara," Lor said to her, "you are a good girl and I will honor you with a special gift. Kneel before Gina." Sara knelt if front of Gina’s crotch staring straight ahead at Gina’s glistening sex.

"Shave her Sara", instructed Lor.

Sara shook the shaving cream and sprayed a thick handful onto Gina’s crotch. Gina began to squirm as Sara massaged the cream onto the soft thatch of pubic hair. Sara closely inspected Gina’s ass and spread more cream there as well.

"Go ahead Sara," Lor instructed, "work in into every crevice. We don’t want to miss anything."

Gina squirmed noticeably as Sara massaged the thick white cream into her ass and cunt. Sara’s deft fingers even spread Gina’s sphincter and pushed inside then quickly pulled back out again. Gina jerked at the intrusion but didn’t object. She discovered that she wanted it to happen again, but deeper this time. Gina glanced over at the guards who stood silently watching the proceedings. Their huge pricks had begun to ooze pre-cum. Was she expected to accommodate these monsters into her virgin cunt and ass?

Next came the blade. Sara skillfully shaved every hair from Gina’s ass and cunt until she was as bare as a baby. Sara toweled Gina off then massaged lotion onto the freshly shaved girl’s privates. This only made Gina squirm more. Ashamedly Gina had to admit to herself that she could come again in no time if Sara kept this up much longer. But Sara completed her task too soon for Gina to orgasm and simply knelt before Gina’s glistening cunt awaiting further instructions.

"Maria", said Lor, "see to the guards, they seem to be at odds with themselves."

Maria’s eyes widened and it appeared as if she were about to protest, but Lor was ready for this and slapped the controls quickly on then off again. Maria let out a yelp as her body jerked momentarily. She hurried over to the guards and knelt before them. The men regarded her nearly naked form then watched for Lor’s consent. When Lor nodded, the guards seized Maria and slammed her body roughly onto the tile floor. Lor smiled and kicked a large box of "toys" over to the guards. Inside were all sorts of clamps, gags, dildos, cuffs, flogs and whips. Maria was quickly gagged and dragged by her hair in front of Gina who watched as the helpless girl was savaged. Maria was cuffed and hung from a chain about three feet directly in front of Gina. Her body swung freely as the guards suspended her there. Alligator clamps were attaced to Maria’s nipples and weights were hung by short chains from the rings in her labia and clitoris. Maria’s thong was removed and Gina saw that a long thin metal rod had been deeply inserted and held in place by the thong. But soon there would be other things, warm things, and much larger things to occupy that space.

Then as the whips began to fall on Maria’s dark skin, Lor approached the "X"-tied Gina.

"It is time to begin Gina", said Lor.

Gina noticed that Lor had a hypodermic needle in one hand. Lor went to Gina’s rear; slapped her ass hard then sunk the needle and its contents into the firm red flank.

"This is just a sedative combined with a neural enhancer," said Lor, "You will need both if you are to survive the ordeal intact. Lor barked orders to the other girls.

Almost immediately Gina began to feel woozy but more aware of her surroundings at the same time.

Everything in the room and its purpose became clear to her. She sensed other things as well. The primitive thoughts of the guards, Maria’s tormented mind, the other girls, and finally Lor’s mind became clear to Gina.

("Pretty amazing stuff isn’t it Gina?") said Lor – without moving her lips!

Gina began to speak but her mind was faster. ("What’s happening to me,

Lor?"). Gina thought this, she did not have to utter a sound yet Lor heard every word.

("Just relax Gina let it wash over you"), Lor thought back, ("Whatever you do, just DON’T FIGHT IT!")

Lor wheeled a machine over and parked it below Gina’s widely spread legs. Gina knew what it was for and began to tense up. When the first electrode was attached to her right temple Gina actually heard the echoes of minds that had been here before. Other women in the same situation. The next electrode was pasted onto her left temple and she heard voices of the other women. Some screamed, some begged, others gibbered incoherently. Yet some were silent and deadly calm in their minds. These were the ones who had come through this intact with their minds whole and in one hugely expanded piece.

Gina groped for Lor’s mind but the mental doorway had been shut. The thoughts of all the others were loud but jumbled and confused with the echoes of past recipients of the "The Learning".

Gina shut them out one by one and tried to clear her mind.

"Sara," said Lor, "please prepare Gina’s rear entrance for the Snake."

Gina knew now about the snake, which wasn’t really a snake at all. Instead it was a product of purification made from stainless steel and moving parts. It was about 45 feet long, most of which would soon be inside Gina’s body. She could envision its long metallic body as it rose up out of the machine and began to seek her ass. Its purpose was to remove all impurities and examine her internally for any possible health problems.

Sara produced a bottle of lubricant from a compartment in the machine parked between Gina’s legs. She popped the top and poured a generous amount of the thick liquid into one cupped hand. After replacing the bottle into its compartment, Sara reached up to Gina’s ass and, with both hands, began the process of "preparing Gina’s rear entrance."

Gina felt Sara’s nimble fingers probe her ass and, finding their target, sliding inside. The first insertions were slow but shallow. But the fingers pushed in deeper as Gina’s tunnel became better lubricated.

Gina had never had any one or anyone do this to her before much less a woman!

She had always been a "Good Girl" – no flirting, no heavy petting, and certainly no sexual contact. Funny how things can change so quickly. Now Gina wanted nothing more than to feel Sara’s fingers slide deeper and deeper into her ass.

Next Gina heard a whir and then a humming sound as a metal plate slid open and the snake began to rise up from the apparatus.

Then she felt the tip of the metal snake touch the back of her ass

and grope for an entrance. Sara grasped the tip of the snake and, parting Gina’s cheeks, guided the "head" of the thing inside.

Vaguely Gina heard Lor instruct Sara to "lick her slit" and immediately felt Sara’s hot breath and warm tongue carressing her newly shaven cunt.

The snake slowly forced its length in as Gina hung there trembling slightly.

Then the two other girls knelt at Lor’s feet. One in front and the other behind. They’d been here before and knew their places. Their tunguoe and lips began to lick and suck Lor’s cunt and ass.

"Let it Begin!!" Lor shouted as the electrodes were activated and Gina’s brain threatened to lose its moorings. The "Learning" had begun.

While Gina was aware of Sara’s soft tongue, of the snake (now at least 3 into its temporary home), of Maria’s garbled screams, of all the things going on around her in the lab (except Lor’s mind) she was also aware that she must clear them away. For Gina was being called by voices in a strange tongue spoken by a race that had all but disappeared nearly 80,000 years ago.

Gina closed her mind and to the physical things happening to her and the others in the lab, and opened it to the voice that called her by name. Now the voices became louder as Gina felt herself swept up in a vortex that yanked her out of her physical self and into the race memory of her ancestors.

She found herself running across a wide grassy plain. Fear beat in her heart for her pursuers were gaining. She could hear their shouts as they closed the distance. But Gina was fast and the cliffs were just ahead. She heard the voice calling her. It was her mother calling her from the caves in the face of the cliff.

Gina’s name here was Dura, and her mother Ladra was pleading for her to hurry.

So close now; the caves were only 200 strides ahead and soon those who pursued her would have to break off and retreat, for the men of Dura’s tribe were very strong and could throw large rocks with deadly accuracy.

Dura could see the lines on her mother’s face now and the men of her tribe lined up on the cliff waiting for "outsiders" to come within range of their stones.

Dura thought she was safe now, she no longer heard the shouts behind her. She risked a glance over her shoulder in time to see three large black outsiders swing the "Lathur" around their heads. Each Lathur consisted of three round stones attached by long leather strips of cowhide. Dura had seen many of her people fall in mid-stride as these things wrapped around their legs tripping them up. Always the women were taken. Always the young; and none were never seen again.

Suddenly Dura heard the whistling as the lathur were thrown.

She heard one whiz close by landing with a thud in the grass to one side. Then, as she leapt instinctively, another flew just below her nimble feet. The rocks of her people began to fill the sky now as the last lathur was thrown. Dura heard it but was too late to dodge. The twisted hide wrapped itself around first one foot then the other and sent her crashing to the earth. The shouts of her people who ran to help were much farther away than those who screamed in victory. The three Outsiders were on her in seconds and trussed her hand and foot. A large rock landed squarely on the head of one of the dark men and crushed his skull. The other two seemed to take no notice as one threw Dura over a muscular shoulder and began to bear her away.

Suddenly, out of the tall grass leapt thirty or forty Outsiders with their long bows and spears. They had been lying there in wait.

Dura saw three of her people fall before the rest retreated to the safety of the cliffs where the caves would hide them from the deadly projectiles.

The rough rawhide strips cut into her wrists and ankles as another was wrapped around her neck and Dura (Gina) was forced to walk leashed like an animal. Their progress was leisurely, after all they had sent the cliff dwellers running to hide.

If when Dura tried to slow or struggle she felt a vigorous tug at her leash or the tip of a spear at her back along with taunts and threats in a language she couldn’t understand.

They met up with other groups of Outsiders along the way and Dura was joined by the neck to other girls who had been taken.

One group had tired of waiting and had begun to take pleasure in their new acquisitions. Dura watched as three girls, all from her tribe, were whipped and raped by twelve Outsiders.

One of the girls was suspended from the branch of a tree. Her feet dangled only inches off the ground. An outsider was behind her raping her ass while one of the women Outsiders whipped her hard across her bare sweating breasts and stomach. Her body twisted and jerked as she tried to free herself. Her sobbing pleas for mercy only fanned the flames of lust.

Another girl had been forced back over a small boulder; her feet and hands were drawn and quartered; held in place by rope tied to wooden stakes in the ground. Three female Outsiders tortured her ruthlessly. They had tightly bound her breasts around their bases. Her tits had turned purple as one of the women beat them with a stick while the other woman squatted over her head and emptied her bowels in the poor girl’s open and screaming mouth. Still another of the female Outsiders was busily trying to shove a thick dildo up the poor girl’s virgin cunt. The dildo seemed to be made of bone or ivory. Dura had arrived just in time to see the head of the massive bone cock slam its way into the abused girl’s pussy. She bucked furiously as it was forced into her hole. The women laughed uproariously as the poor girl’s screams escalated even as she gagged around a mouthful of shit.

The last girl, one of Dura’s best friends named Lor, was being gang-raped by seven of the males. They took turns holding while the others raped her from both ends. Lor’s face and ass was caked with cum.

Eventually they grew tired of their sport and all the girls were collared with wide strips of rawhide. Then each collar was joined together with a three foot length of rope. Their hands and elbows were tied together behind them.

When they finally joined up with the last group, there was a total of 15 girls tied neck to neck. Many of the girls sobbed openly, others just shuffled along quietly in a daze. The three girls who had been tortured shuffled along listlessly at the rear of the column. Two guards, one on each side, walked along on either side with whip in hand to keep the girls moving.

The sun began to set into the great water beyond the plains and the colors were magnificent hues of orange, pink, and gray. Dura’s eyes watered as she remembered an earlier time in her mother’s arms when they would watch the sunset over their world in peace and security before the coming of the Outsiders and the birth of slavery.

A single tear rolled down her cheek as the raiding party of the Outsiders headed back home with their stolen treasure of fresh slaves girls.

Chapter 4 - Hell and Back

Training Begins

They’d been walking for hours now and the noonday sun beat down hard on their naked golden brown flesh. The girls stumbled often now and when one fell, half the line would fall with her since all the slaves were joined by one leash around their necks. This was when the whips fell fast and furious until all the girls were back up and moving.

All during the previous night they had been deprived of sleep. The Outsiders had taken turns at watch as well as whipping, beating or simply raping the girls; anything to keep the captives awake. The moon was full and there was plenty of light. Everything that happened to one prisoner the rest were forced to watch.

Once a particularly sadistic female Outsider was on watch and decided to hang one of the slaves to entertain herself. The woman was trying to decide which girl to torture when she noticed that a young blonde had managed to fall asleep.

She was immediately untied from the rest of the prisoners and dragged over to a tree. Fully awake now she tried in vain to struggle as her wrists and ankles were bound tightly together leaving her in a strict hog-tie. Then the Outsider tossed a rope over a branch and tied the other end around her victim’s neck. She slowly pulled the struggling female into the air by her neck. The girl’s eyes and tongue bulged and she began to jerk spasmodically in mid-air. Her bowels and bladder let go all at once as she began to lose consciousness. The Outsider dropped her back to the ground and loosened the rope. Then she slapped the girl’s face and pinched her nipples until she began to come around. As soon as the girl was awake enough to beg and struggle, the Outsider lifted her off the ground again by the rope around her neck. This process was repeated many times until the guard got bored and decided it was time for a change.

She tied the rope around the young girl’s feet and ankles and raised her back off the ground still hog-tied. Her back bent painfully and each rib stood outlined against her wet skin in the moonlight. The girl was left suspended about three feet off the ground in this position. The Outsider knelt down in front of the girl and yanked her head up by the hair and, without warning shoved a smooth round stone into the poor girl’s mouth. It was so large that it barely fit without dislocating her jaw. Then when the stone was snugly in place, the guard wrapped a short length of leather around the girl’s head to keep the rock in her mouth. Now, still holding the girl by the hair, the woman began to grind her cunt against the girl’s face. She especially used the victim’s nose to part her pussy lips and stimulate her clit. The girl swung back and forth as the guard shoved her sex against the upturned face. Soon the torturess began to climax and, in doing so, completely coated her victim’s face with her gooey cum. With one final shudder the guard completed her climax. She slipped the knot that held the girl suspended from the tree branch and let her free fall the three feet to the ground. The woman walked away leaving the tortured hog-tied girl gasping for breath. The woman’s watch was over but moments later another Outsider was there to take her place.

The torture these Outsiders used was more than just physical. It was also psychological. They knew there would be no resistance if they managed to break their captives’ will. But at the same time they wanted the girl’s to be healthy enough to endure the journey to the homeland of the Outsiders – and especially the festivities to follow their arrival. The girls were given water and strips of dried jerky twice a day. Breaks were rare but even then, the captive girls were made to stay in the sun while the Outsiders lounged in the shade.

By late afternoon the land had begun to get hilly, and the going became even more difficult for the prisoners especially since the Outsiders began to drive them on faster. Soon the girls were forced to jog, the whips landing on tender flesh more and more often. After about half an hour had gone by the girls were sweating heavily and were almost done in. They would not have been able to go on much further if they had not reached their destination, for as they topped a final hill they saw the village of the outsiders in the valley below.

A great horn sounded immediately when the travelers crested the top of the hill that overlooked the Outsider village. Soon other horns joined in from the valley. One of the Outsiders next to Dura took the hollowed horn of a great bull out of his bag and blew into it. This produced a sound much like the horns they all heard in the valley. The huge wooden gates were thrown open and people streamed out. The girls were forced to begin the last part of their march down into the valley and to their destination.

Dura felt a mighty tug on her neck and thought that one of the other girls had fallen again. When she turned she saw that instead of falling, the girl behind her was trying desperately to escape. She was tugging backwards with all her might at the leash that connected her to all the other girls. This only caused them all to fall in a great heap. Escape, at this stage of the game, was impossible.

The Outsiders all acted in concert now. They all set to work on the girls with whips, sticks, and the tips of spears. Soon the girls were back up, in line and jogging down the hill towards the mob that was rushing up to meet them. As the girls neared the village they saw hints of the debauchery already in process there. There seemed to be human forms hanging from trees, staked out on the ground, and draped across frames made of wood. But these had all been abandoned as the villagers came to greet their new arrivals.

Soon the girls were surrounded by the Outsiders from the village. Although Dura couldn’t understand their speech she got the overall meaning of the conversations. She could tell by the appreciative sounds that the new girls were in for less than a hospitable greeting.

Soon they were all within the village and the gates slammed shut behind them.

The girls were sweating from the run they’d been forced to endure. They were tired and hungry and very thirsty and many were only barely conscious.

They were all led stumbling into a large hut where they saw women of their own kind waiting with food and water.

A large Outsider came into the hut followed by a few other villagers. When he entered the girls who had already been in the hut knelt immediately with their heads down. The big Outsider said something in his own language and one of the girls stood and approached the fifteen new arrivals.

"This is Mogu," she said gesturing to the Outsider who had just spoken, "he has ordered me to give you all food and water and while you eat you will be told why you are here."

The other girls busied themselves with tying the new slave’s ankles together and forcing them to kneel around a low wooden table. The smell of bread and the sight of the water made all the hungry slaves ravenous.

"Mogu," said the girl, "is master of this village. There are many other villages near and far. They are all coming here to compete against each other in many events. There will be many prizes awarded to the winners.

You are the prizes."

The girls glanced fearfully at each other but dared not speak.

" There are many others from your caves who have been captured and brought here for these games. I am Arla. I have been taught their language and I am one of Mogu’s personal slaves. I do whatever he wishes whenever he wishes. I speak only when I am spoken to. I do not beg or resist. I have been trained in the ways to pleasure any man or woman."

After saying this, Arla went to Mogu and knelt before him.

Mogu stood with legs apart and stared down at the naked submissive slave awaiting his order. Mogu stared around the room and spoke to the new ones.

Arla began to translate; "Mogu welcomes you and says that you are to feel honored; for you among all your people have been found beautiful enough to be given as gifts to those who will come here to compete. You will be fed and bathed and made ready. Then, when tomorrow’s games begin, you will be given to the winners each day. They will do with you as they please and you will do whatever pleases them without hesitation."

Mogu spoke to Arla. "This is Mogu’s wish that I will now fulfill. Watch, my sisters, and learn your place. "

One of the other girls, approached Arla from behind with a long whip and raised it over her head. Dura recognized the girl with the whip. She had disappeared about six moons ago. Her name was Nor. Arla reached forward and untied Mogu’s loincloth away and took his soft cock into her hands. She began to lick the length of the shaft as Mogu became erect. Then Nor, the girl with the whip, let one lash fall across Arla’s back. She flinched but did not stop licking Mogu. The whip left an angry red mark between her shoulder blades. Mugu’s member was quite large now and Arla began to concentrate of the spot just beneath the head. Then another lash of the whip sliced across Arla’s ass. She flinched again but did not cry out. Instead Arla opened her mouth and took the huge cock fully into her mouth. Mogu grabbed the Arla by both ears and used them for handles to slide her head back and forth along his huge swollen shaft. As Mogu began to skull fuck the girl’s open mouth faster, so too the whip fell. Soon Arla’s back and ass was a mass of red streaks. Then when it became apparent that Mogu was about to come, Nor ran forward and, kneeling between Arla’s legs, forced the handle of the whip up into her cunt, Arla grunted hard as the thick whip handle slid deep inside.

Mogu stiffened and forced his cock all the way into Arla’s mouth as he began to pump streams of hot cum into Arla’s ravaged face. The new prisoners watched on in horror as Arla gagged and choked on the huge cum-spurting member while Nor viciously fucked her with the whip handle.

After Mogu finished raping his slave’s face he slowly withdrew his cock. Arla made sure to keep all his cum in her mouth not spilling a single drop. Nor, leaving the whip’s handle deeply embedded in Arla’s box, quickly went around front and pressed her lips against Arla’s. It was a long deep kiss. Dura could see that Arla’s cheeks were deflating while the other girl’s mouth was being filled with Mogu’s cum.

When the exchange was done and Nor’s mouth was quite full she got up and walked over to the table where Dura and the other fresh girls sat waiting. Then she slowly spit the white gooey cum into a wooden bowl.

Dura glanced back over and saw that Arla was now sucking another of the men’s cocks. Nor went back to Arla’s side and waited. Soon the other man began to come. The kiss was repeated then the bowl was used once again.

This went on again and again until each man had been serviced. Mogu and the other men turned to go and the slave girls, both trained and fresh, were left alone.

Dura and the other girls were all still kneeling with their wrists and ankles tied. The other trained slaves now stood behind them, one to one while Nor poured some of the collected cum into a bowl placed before each kneeling girl.

"You will be fed after you lap the Master’s cum from the bowl", said Arla, "anyone who refuses will be used as entertainment for the entire village and will serve as an example to the others. You must obey, there is no other choice. "

Dura wanted to survive, she wanted to escape, she wanted revenge. So, even though it disgusted her, she immediately leaned over and began to lick and suck the salty goo from the bowl in front of her. At one point she nearly gagged but still managed to suck the slime into her mouth and down her throat. When she sat back up the trained slave behind her patted her on the shoulder and murmered her approval.

Some of the others hadn’t been able to finish their act of submission so easily and were being "helped" by the trainers by having their heads pushed into the bowls.

"Suck it down bitch," Dura heard one trainer say.

"No! No I won’t", said the girl across the table, "how can you want me to do this? You are from the same tribe as me! We were friends before…"

Her words were suddenly cut off by a swift kick to the stomach. The girl flew backwards and landed on her back then doubled up on her side into a fetal position unable to catch her breath. Two of the trainers grabbed the struggling girl by the ankles and dragged her to the door of the hut. They spoke a few words in the Outsider’s tongue and the door opened. Two outsider guards reached inside and grabbed the girl by the hair pulling her out into the hot sunlight.

"Her fate is sealed", said Arla, "she refused an order. Hesitation is not tolerated. Only by strict obedience can you expect to survive!"

They heard shouting and laughing as the girl was dragged away. Next they heard screams from the doomed girl as her torture began.

The other girls were given food and water. Next they were bathed and fitted with thin tunics that came down just below the thigh. Then their hands and feet were tied together in a loose hog-tie and they were allowed to sleep on the rough floor of the hut.

The Games Begin

Dura was shaken awake by Arla and was told that the games were about to start. The gloom inside the hut told Dura that night had fallen and that they’d been asleep for quite a long while.

Each girl was untied and made to stand. They were led single file out of the hut and toward the center of the village. Guards were everywhere, escape was not possible.

All the warriors stood and watched as the girls were led past them. Dura felt many eyes on her. Soon the girls were led into a large pen and were forced inside with at least fifty other women and girls. Some of these were from Dura’s tribe but others were of a different breed. These were darker skinned women. Their lips were fuller and their hair was shorter and kinky. Dura thought they were very beautiful. But, of course all the slave girls here were chosen for their beauty.

All the females in the pen wore the same type of sheer tunic that Dura wore. They were all equal in the eyes of their captors; little more than meat existing solely to serve their masters.

Then Dura heard murmuring and some of the girls gasped while pointing at a large tree a few yards away from the pen. Dura caught her breath as she saw what was happening there.

Three girls were enduring excruciating tortures at the hands of some of the villagers. One girl was hung from the tree by her hair. Her hands drawn up high behind her back and tied to the leather collar around her neck. Her legs were spread wide apart and tied by the ankles to stakes in the ground. Both her nipples had been pierced and were fitted with large golden rings. Her mouth was open wide and her tongue was pulled down toward her chest, it had also been pierced with a golden hoop and was tied to her nipples. Now one of the villagers knelt between her legs and lifted up a large, smooth branch and pressed it against the hanging girl’s mound.

The only sound that came from the hanging girl’s mouth was a strangled moan of terror as the branch was forced inside her cunt. When the branch had been pushed inside a little way, the villager grabbed the base of the branch and pushed up with all his might . The branch was forced an arm’s length into the girl’s body. Cheers went up from around the crowd as the girl screamed and jerked spasmodically in her bondage.

Now a servant and a female Outsider walked over to another beaten and bruised girl and forced her struggling over a rack that left her ass up high, spread, and fully exposed. Her wrists and ankles were tied to the base of the rack on either side. Dura recognized her as the one who had been taken from the hut. The one who had refused to swallow the bowl of cum that she’d been given.

Her body bore whelts and bruises from the multiple beatings she’d endured after since this afternoon. Her upturned ass glistened wetly in the torchlight. She’d been raped more than once in both holes, but that was nothing compared to what was coming next.

The crowd that stood by enjoying the spectacle opened up at one end to make way for a servant girl who led a huge black animal into the circle behind the defenseless girl. It was a leviathan bull. The ring in its nose was all that kept it in check. The animal was led up behind the slave and its nose forced into her pussy. At once the bull’s eyes widened and a deep rumbling came from its throat. A trained slave was now kneeling beside the bull and had begun to stroke its cock and balls. The bull immediately began to try and mount the girl but was held back until the trained-slave had stroked him to a complete erection. Now excited beyond control the bull was released and climbed clumsily onto the rack where the screaming girl struggled futilely beneath its mass. The trained-slave guided the immense cock by hand to the opening of the victim’s pussy. Then the bull was whipped on its flanks once. The animal bucked forward and the huge cock sunk into the warm body of the slave.

The crowd screamed its approval but the slave screamed even louder as the bull began to drive in and out of her cunt. Her eyes and mouth were open wide. She began to drool. Her body glistened with perspiration. Her breasts bounced heavily back and forth with each thrust. Each muscle flexed; pushing and pulling in a panicked attempt to dislodge the massive beast.

Her screams were that of a mindless animal. No trace of rational thought was left in this body that suffered the mad lust-crazes thrusts of the beast.

The bull fucked the girl for what seemed like an eternity. Dura wondered why it did not come and be done with, but what Dura did not know was that the Outsiders had scored the bull’s prick with hot spear tips when it was young. This lowered the animal’s sensitivity and allowed the monster to fuck for hours.

The bull slathered its thick drool onto its fuck puppet’s back as it proceeded to rape her nearly to death.

But just when Dura thought she had seen the worst possible punishment, she gasped in horror at what now assailed her senses.

The third girl was hanging upside down by one foot. Her naked body swayed gently back and forth from the rope that held her in suspension. Her other foot was tied to her hands behind her. She had gone all but unnoticed as the other two girls under went their torments. But now it was her turn.

Dura recognized her as well. Her name was Dagmara. They had also been friends once upon a time before the Outsiders had discovered them.

Two trained slaves untied the knot that held her leg and hands together.

"Please, Oh please!" begged Dagmara, "I will do anything you ask, I will –Uuungghhh!!"

Her pleas were cut short by a hard punch to the stomach and through a haze of pain she heard the servant girl say; "you had your chance and you decided to disobey, you even struck one of the Outsiders! You will suffer more than the other two and for the longest. You are to serve as an example to your sisters who stand in the pen and watch."

Then they tied her other foot to another branch far enough away so that her legs were spread wide apart. Her sex was splayed open and completely exposed to the warm night air. The servant girls now laid a thick stick across her bare back and bent her elbows across this then tied her wrists together in front.

One of the servant girls grabbed a breast and brutally twisted Dagmara’s pert nipple illiciting a short cry of pain.

"Just checking to see that you are still with us, little slut" said the servant, "you are to be the first attraction. The games begin with you."

They left Dagmara hanging in silent misery from the tree branch and went back to the girl and the bull. They laid a large wooden bowl on the ground between her legs so as to catch all the slime from the bull’s ejaculate. Then the girls knelt behind the madly bucking beast and began to stroke its shaft as it thrust in and out of the poor slave’s vagina. They cupped, fondled, and licked its balls as well; anything to hurry the impending orgasm and subsequent ejaculation. Soon the bull roared and shoved itself down upon the slave girl’s body penetrating her deeper than ever. Its balls contracted and its cock began to spasm pumping hot jets of cum into the girl’s fuck tunnel. The creature thrashed against the screaming girl’s hindquarters until it’s load was spent. After pumping its copious load of seed into the ravaged cunt, the bull dismounted and was led away.

Now the bowl between her legs began to fill as the bull’s cum gushed out of the raped girl’s tunnel.

Dura looked at the crowd and noticed that many of the warriors – both male and female – were being serviced orally by other trained servant girls who knelt and bobbed their heads up and down on their owner’s sex.

Still other warriors were preparing their weapons; sharpening spearheads and stringing their bows.

Some girls were bent over and were being fucked from behind. This way the warriors could screw their slaves and still watch the spectacle of torture going on before them.

Soon the bowl was nearly full. One of the servants knelt behind the bound girl and shoved a fist easily into the girl’s lubricated and stretched vagina. The bound girl shuddered only one time then went limp again. The servant girl’s arm went in past her elbow. After one thrust she pulled her arm out coated with slime from the bull’s cum.

Then, with no warning, the servant stood up and shoved the slime-covered fist into the girl’s nether tunnel with all her might. The girl began to thrash and scream all over once again as the fisted arm began to slide into her ass

The crowd cheered as the servant girl began to pump her arm in and out of the slave’s backsides. The gasping cries of pain and humiliation from the racked slave girl only boosted the crowd’s taunting.

But all of this was just a preliminary to the debauchery that was about to take place over the next few days. The games were simply an excuse to rape, torture and exert total sexual dominion over the slave girls.

The girl on the rack and the girl with the pierced tongue and nipples were untied and forced into the pen with the other slaves.

Some of the girls there wept openly, others simply stared in horrified disbelief. Still others stared blankly at nothing at all, but seemed to be in shock. Dura, however, was bent on escape but knew that she would need to learn all there was to know about these Outsiders and their weapons. She would follow any order, she would accept or inflict pain or sexual favor on command. She would be the ideal slave. Then when the time was right, she would flee back to her people. Then there would be war and a time to avenge.

Now she watched as attention was turned back to Dagmara.

The two servant girls began to climb the tree from which Dagmara hung by her heels. They reached a branch just above her widely tied legs and shouted something to the Outsiders. The Outsiders all responded in unison. Then two large warriors, a male and a female, appeared out of the crowd carrying a huge iron rod. It was about 12 feet long and at least four inches wide. One end was tapered to a sharp point.

The two outsiders handed the iron pipe up into the tree to the servant girls who waited there. Then the two warriors turned to the crowd and shouted words that Dura could not understand. The crowd responded shouting in unison once again.

Dura saw, in the first rays of the fast approaching dawn what lay in store for Dagmara. The rod was positioned vertically and was hung from a rope directly over Dagmara’s virgin pussy. The rod was lowered until the sharp tapered end pressed against her cunt lips, spreading them and penetrating her no more than an inch. Dagmara winced as the cold iron touched home but said nothing.

Now the bowl that held the Bull’s cum was raised up into the tree and a portion was poured into the upper end of the rod. As Dura watched she noticed that there were many small holes along the sides of the hollow rod and the cum began to leak out of these holes covering the surface of the rod. Dura saw this for what it was – Lubrication.

Then another rope was tied in place, but this one was had a little slack. Now a third and a fourth rope were attached, each one had more and more slack.

It was fully dawn now as the archers lined up to take aim. The servant girls stayed in the tree but moved off to either side to be out of the way of the archer’s aim.

Dura watched as the first bowman fitted an arrow to his bow. Is arm was steady and his aim was sure. The arrow flew through the air and struck the first rope severing it neatly.

The iron rod dropped a full six inches into Dagmar’s defenseless body. "Aaarggh!" she screamed as her maidenhead was breached and the rod became her lover. She arched her back and struggled knowing there was no escape but unable to hang still without an attempt to dislodge the intruder.

Now another archer knelt and took aim at the second rope. The bowstring thrummed and the shaft dropped another six inches.

Dagmar’s screams and struggles were redoubled as the rod sank a full foot into her tender flesh.

The bright morning sun shone down fully now on the girl hanging from the tree in the middle of the Outsider’s village. Her tanned skin shone with perspiration. Her eyes were wide with fear and panic as she grasped her fate.

Dura watched in horror as rope after rope was severed by the arrows and the rod sank further into Dagmar’s body. Now the two servants were called down from the tree and were bid to hold Dagmar’s body still as the last rope was about to be severed. Dagmar’s eyes were wide in terror. As the last archer fitted arrow to bow.

A female warrior stepped up behind Dagmar. She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled up and back. The arrow flew, the last rope was cut clean, and the iron rod slid neatly out of Dagmar’s mouth and sunk into the soft earth below.

The poor girl was now fully impaled on this huge phallic rod. Three feet of iron stuck out of her body on each end. But the true horror was that Dagmar was not dead. Her eyes flickered and her body twitched and shook around the rod.

Her ropes were cut and her ankles were bound around the rod. The rod was lifted out of the earth and, with two servant girls carrying each end of the rod, Dagmar was carried over to a smoldering fire that had ceased to burn about an hour earlier. Now only hot coals remained. Each end of the rod was placed into awaiting iron receptacles. Each was shaped like a "Y" and held the girl about three feet over the burning coals.

They were going to cook Dagmara alive. Roast her tender young body like a common pig.

Now Dura understood why the other girls of her tribe who had been here awhile were such loyal and willing servants. Dagmar’s fate was obviously not a sought after alternative to submitting to the life of a slave.

Dura watched as another smaller shaft was shoved into Dagmar’s asshole. This was then fixed onto the larger iron rod that impaled her. It would keep her steady as she was turned.

A handle was inserted into the end of the rod, the coals were stirred and a servant began to turn Dagmar’s twitching body slowly over the red hot coals. The bowl of bull’s cum was rubbed onto her body to help baste her flesh.

Dura turned slowly away as her heart turned to stone. Crying was for later and fear was not allowed. She vowed to herself that she would survive, she would learn their ways, learn their crafts, learn to kill...

Chapter 5 -

The games went on for two weeks. Each of the new girls had been raped and tortured again and again. A girl was given to a warrior each time an event was won and a certain amount of points were awarded. The warrior was allowed to use the slave as they saw fit for one day, then the slave was returned to the pens to be cleaned, fed, and nursed back to health.

As the games reached their conclusion, it would be decided which warriors had the most points. The winner would get to keep ten slaves. Second place would get six, and third would leave with four girls in tow. Of the remaining girls; some would be trained to labor and for sexual servitude, or possibly traded for goods.

Dura stood in the pen. They had all been examined like beasts. Hands poking, prodding, an occasional slap followed by a whimper of pain. A female Outlander had forced DuraТs mouth open and examined her teeth, made her spread her legs and then examined her asshole and pussy. Dura and the others endured this treatment. Not one girl resisted. They all remembered too well the fates of the three whoТs torture had officially opened the games.

They remembered the slow cooking of Dagmar over the coals. They had been forced to watch as she was basted in bull cum. They had seen the horrified recognition in her eyes. Still alive, still awake, still twitching on the huge iron spit that impaled her from one end to the other.

They still remembered the feast that followedЕ

The Hunter

The warrior had brought in a huge Plains Beast. It was larger than anyone elseТs, and so, he was awarded the slave of his choice. He approached the holding pen and, after a short inspection of the frightened girls, he saw one who showed no fear. He saw one who would be difficult to break. He saw Dura.

She was pulled out of the pen by her hair. She tripped and fell and was dragged across the ground in front of the small crowd who had gathered to watch. The warrior already owned two other slaves from last yearТs competition and they had been well trained in the art of pleasing their sadistic master. One was tall with dark hair and large pendulous breasts, the other was shorter with sandy blond hair and smaller tits with pert erect nipples. Both girls wore iron rings pierced through their noses, nipples and labia.

Dura was pulled roughly to her feet beneath a rope that hung from a stout tree branch. She was made to raise her hands above her head. Her wrists were fastened together. Next her legs were roughly kicked apart and a branch was tied between her ankles to force her legs to remain spread. The Warrior approached and caressed DuraТs beautiful face like a lover. His fingers traced the outline of her lips. Dura obediently opened her mouth. Two fingers were inserted and Dura wrapped her lips around them and began to lick and suck. The wet fingers were gently pulled out of her mouth and traced their way from DuraТs strong chin down to her throat. The Warrior could see the blood coursing through the veins of her neck. Then, with a cruel smile, he grabbed the front uf DuraТs tunic and shredded it away leaving her full breasts and body exposed to the crowd.

All pretense of kindness was gone as he grabbed a handful of DuraТs left breast and twisted hard. DuraТs only reaction was to turn her head to one side. The warrior smiled. This one was strong. Any other girl would have screamed, but not this one. At least not yetЕ

With a few words in the Outsider tongue, the two slaves wrapped the thin rope tightly around DuraТs breasts. First they turned red then purple as the circulation was cut off. Her nipples stood out swollen and vulnerable in the cool evening air. Now, with her arms tied above her head, her tits tied to the rope, and her legs spread forcibly apart by the branch, she was hoisted three feet off the ground and left suspended there by her breasts.

Although the pain was excruciating, Dura still did not cry out or beg for mercy. She gritted her teeth, determined to hold out as long as she could.

The screams would come, she knew this, but not yetЕ please, not yet.

The two female slaves began to turn Dura around and around until the rope was twisted into knots.

Then they stood back and let her go. She began to spin. Slowly at first, but picking up speed. The slave girls picked up two short raw-hide whips that lay on the ground and began to strap the helpless spinning girl. They left no area unmarked. Across her breasts the blows landed. Across her thighs and ass. Her back, her shins, and calves were all marked by the kiss of the whips. She began to slow down now but the Warrior master ordered her spun again.

Dura was beginning to pick up words in the Outsider tongue. She heard hurt, whip, and cunt. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes as she began to spin once again. Then came the thin little whips again. And as Dura had feared, their target was her open cunt. She jerked spasmodically as the blows found their target. Her first scream slipped out when a whip licked cruelly across her clit.

The crowd applauded and cheered.

More like that, said the Warrior laughing.

Soon Dura was screaming like a mad woman. Her spinning body shined from the perspiration falling from her tortured frame. The salt of her sweat poured into the tiny cuts left by the whips and made each mark sting anew. Her throat hurt from screaming. Her purple breasts had gone numb.

The whips finally stopped thrashing her raw pussy and Dura felt herself being lowered onto the ground. Her hands were now tied behind her back and the rope was removed from around her swollen tits. Dura grunted as the blood streamed back into her tortured melons. Dura was now pushed roughly onto all fours by the two slave girls. One girl was left holding Dura down while the other knelt before her Master and proceeded to suck his huge prick. When his member was fully lubricated with the slave girlТs saliva, he positioned himself behind Dura and wasted no time in shoving his shiny wet cock into her upturned ass.

Dura hadnТt thought that she could scream any more, but the pain of the Warrior tunneling his way mercilessly into her ass introduced her to a whole new dimension of pain. The screams were soon muffled though as the smallest of the two slave girls lay down in front of Dura and shoved her hairless cunt into DuraТs face. Dura licked the little one as well as she could.

The taller slave lay down on her back and slid under the Warrior positioning her face directly beneath the pummeling cock. With each outward thrust she would lick the shit encrusted cock to keep it lubricated. Meanwhile the Warrior had wrapped a fist up in DuraТs hair and was riding her like a horse. The other hand slapped her ass over and over as the ride gained momentum. The crowd began to chant and cheer as the Warrior neared orgasm.

Finally he began to come. The slave girl lying underneath saw this and immediately pulled her MasterТs cock out of DuraТs asshole and pushed it into her own mouth. Her cheeks began to swell as he unloaded into her eager mouth. When his cock had finished jerking spasmodically into the slaves mouth, He stood and backed away. But the show was not quite over.

The two slaves turned Dura over onto her back and forced her to open her mouth. The tallest slave slowly began to drool the brownish/white mixture of shit and cum into DuraТs mouth. Knowing better than to resist, she did not close her mouth but instead forced herself to swallow the vile warm goo as it drained into her mouth. The crowd cheered and DuraТs vision began to double. The cheers of the crowd turned into one solid roar and Dura felt as though her being was being stretched and torn to bits Ц while in a secret underground laboratory 80,000 years in the future a naked, spread-eagle girl jerks violently in her suspension. GinaТs eyes fly open. Cognition lights her face.

Now she knows what she is. Now she what she must doЕ

Chapter 5 - Queen Ascending

Gina slowly became aware of her surroundings. She saw the two guards still pummeling Maria as she hung sweating and grunting, crushed between their massive rutting bodies. She saw Arla with the two slave girls knelt fore and aft as they eagerly tunneled into ArlaТs cunt and ass with their tongues.

Gina felt the metallic snake still pummelingand her insides. She registered all this, yes, but from a distance. Part of her was still far off on an ancient plain with the Outsider slave masters and her own unfortunate friends. She remembered all things now.

She saw DuraТs dogged survival at the hands of her tormentors. She remembered being taught their language and their ways. Planting, harvesting, making bread, curing meat and skins. And most important to Dura, the making of the bows and arrows, the forging of the metals in the primitive smithy Ц the making of weapons of warЕ

Dura had been given a position of high trust among the slaves. The Outsiders came to know her as Lanured: Leader Among Slaves.

The chief of the village had taken her as his own Ganor which means lower than dog. Dura was, for a time, his sexual toy until he decided that she was loyal without question. He then ordered her training to begin. The slave teachers discovered her intelligence and her desire to learn and to please. With her body and her mind she ascended to the highest position an Outsider slave could attain.

As a Lanured, Dura helped to break in the new slaves. The Outsider Chieftian was especially impressed with her brutality and ingenuity for inventing new instruments of torture. He bestowed great praise upon her in front of his tribesmen. Dura was almost a full-fledged member of the tribe. The outsider women even trusted Dura to watch their young.

At some point in her sexual servitude to the Chieftain, Dura had become pregnant. She bore the child to full term. It was the custom in the Outsider villages that a half-breed born to a slave was to be immediately taken to another village and raised as a slave-child. The child was never to know its mother. But the Chieftain had come to love Dura and allowed her to keep the child and raise it as her own. It was a female.

Dura named the girl-child Aduras-tholiel. She told the childТs father that this word in her peopleТs tongue described a flower that grew in the lowland meadows in her homeland. But in the language of the Cliff-people, DuraТs people, Aduras-tholiel means Bringer-of-Storms.


Then a dawn came to the village unlike any other before. The blowing of the morning horn was not heard. The people of the village did not rise and go about their work. No slave was beaten or raped.

Instead the great Outsider Chieftain lay dead in a pool of his own blood. His throat slit. His cock and balls had been sliced off and shoved into his mouth as he lay dying. Inside each hut and around the village men and women of the Outsider clan lay dead. Soon the scavenger animals of the hills would come down to feast on the bodies of the dead.

DuraТs education was complete, her captors had taught her all they knew. And now Dura had a child that would not be raised in slavery.

Far out across the plain, drawing ever nearer to the cliffs was a large group of people. For some, those who now carried spear and bow, the forced exile was ended. Fully 100 slaves had regained their freedom.

Outsiders now wore the ropes and the collars of slaves. If any tried to escape or to struggle, he or she was immediately put to the blade and left for dead.

DuraТs revolt had come off without a hitch. She had secretly passed word among those she most trusted as the perfect moment grew near.

The midsummer harvest festival was an occasion of great celebration. The crops had been exceptionally good this year so the grog flowed freely. The Chieftain, knowing that his people would soon be too drunk to tend to the slaves, placed Dura, his most trusted Lanured, in charge of providing the entertainment and later locking the slaves away for the night.

Dura had put on a show for the village that was most inspired. Dura had tortured her own people. This is how she had gained trust. She had made the girls scream in agony as the whips fell on slaves tied spread-eagled by wrist and ankle. She had elicited cheers from the villagers as she rammed a rape stick into the girlТs cunt who hung from a tree. The tortures were endless and varied, and through it all, the slaves who were not beating or being beaten were keeping the clay cups filled to spilling with the grog.

Without being asked, slaves were dropping to their knees before their masters and begging to be used. Naked bodies sweated in the firelight as the festival neared a fever pitch.

Dura watched, waiting for the moment to come when all would be silent except for the contented snores of the spent revelers.

The moon climbed up silently above the hills to bear silent witness to the carnage that followed. More than 250 Outsiders never awoke from their drunken slumber. The 50 or so who did awake found themselves bound hand and foot.

At first they struggled and bellowed threats at the slaves. Then they saw their fellow villagers lying dead in the predawn light. They watched as slaves loaded up all the weapons and food from the storage huts onto makeshift sleds.

As if this were not enough to illustrate the depth of their plight, Dura had them tied together and brought to the middle of the village where the three girls had been tortured to death before the games three years before. Two Outsiders hung by their wrists from the same branches that had supported the weight of so many slaves. They seemed to be either unconscious or dead.

Dura stepped up and shoved the tip of a spear into the flank of the female. She immediately began to struggle and wail. But she could not talk. Her tongue had been cut out. The male who hung next a few feet was also missing his tongue along with another portion of his anatomy. His cock and balls swayed in the breeze a few feet away.

They were already bloody and bruised but their torment had only just begun.

They are to serve as an example to all slaves, Dura began, so that all among you who are spared will remember this day, and remember your place now in life!

The Outsiders who stood there bound stared in horror, not believing their eyes or ears. This was the speech given to all new slaves when a raiding party returned successfully from across the plains.

Then the torture began.

The male was immediately impaled from ass to mouth with a huge iron rod. Well versed in torture, the former slaves knew just how to place it so that he would not die. The end of the rod was dropped into a hole in the ground and the manТs ropes were cut. He slid down around the pole entirely impaled. He struggled futilely even though he knew there was no hope of escape.

Now it was the womanТs turn. The leviathan bull still lived. It had been well cared for and was still strong.

It was led into the circle of slaves and masters as the woman was lowered from her suspension in the tree. The bull snorted loudly, smelling his mateТs sex. The female Outsider struggled mightily and at one point nearly escaped but Dura was prepared. She leapt over and clubbed the woman neatly over the head nearly rendering her unconscious. The bull was stimulated manually to a full erection as the woman was placed beneath itТs huge body. Two girls worked the huge bull cock into the womanТs cunt while four others tied her securely in place to the body of the bull itself. This was a new twist. Not even the sadistic Outsiders had thought of this. The woman had been tied to the Bull as though in a loverТs embrace. A rope crossed over the BullТs back and joined her wrists together and another rope was slung across again to join her ankles. The girl and the Bull were belly to belly. The only problem was that the bull had nothing to push against. The woman was not tied face down onto an A-frame so that the bull had only to shove itself in and out of itТs unfortunate victim. So it began to buck and slam as the impaled woman was brutally fucked by the wildly thrashing animal. Not totally satisfied with the results he was getting, the Bull lowered its hind-quarters so as to press the woman against the ground. This way the bull could get traction as the woman was slowly crushed with each forward thrust. Dura grabbed a spear and shoved it into the flank of the bull. It rose up and began to buck and kick as it galloped away with the helpless woman still firmly tied in place and impaled on the massive cock.

Dura turned to her people and spoke in her own tongue. They could afford no more fun for now she explained. They must make haste or risk being discovered by someone from another village. The Outsider slaves she promptly renamed Ganor Ц lower-than-dog in the Outsider tongue. The Outsiders understood this word but no others unless they were given direction in their own tongue. Only one Outsider had ever learned the tongue of the cliff dwellers, and she was now riding the belly of the bull with her tongue cut out.

Gina remembered these things with perfect clarity. She remembered the reunion with her people at the cliffs. She remembered the telling of the story of the years Dura had spent in slavery.

She remembered how the newly named Ganor suffered at the hands of the cliff people in vengeance for all the girls who would never come home.

Dura had taught her people how to make weapons how to plant and harvest. And as Dura grew older she knew that her people would survive. They were strong now.

Eventually her people took to the caves more and more. Deeper into the earth they delved until the surface world with the sun and sky were no longer missed. This race grew strong while the outside world knew them not. They learned to steal away the daughters of the surface dwellers to keep their breed strong and their gene pool fresh. But they never forgot the way the surface people had treated their ancestors.

Gina was a direct descendant of DuraТs and would now take her name. She would rule her people with a womanТs fist in an iron glove.

There was only one thing that must now be done. A surface woman had been contacted and offered money to spy on Gina and to learn her routine so that her capture would be more easily facilitated.

This surface womanТs name was Jill Garland. She had made friends with Gina for this express purpose.

Jill had taken extensive notes on GinaТs schedule, had conducted exhaustive research on GinaТs past as an orphan child adopted by the state. Jill had even video-taped Gina as she walked across campus, as she studied, as she showered, even as she lay in bed and masturbated!!

That is why she was so easily kidnapped and brought here. She was, of course, glad that she was here. Among her own people, at home where her existence mattered, where she was welcomed with open arms and her future was sure.

Even if the method of delivery had been painful and frightening it was still the best thing that could have happened to her.

But now it was up to Gina to tie up the loose ends on the surface. Jill must be brought here where she would become part of the breeding stock. Where she could be trained to service the masters Ц both men and women Ц who would decide her fate. Jill would become GinaТs first acquisition. It was the Right of Ascension. And Gina was ready.

The steel snake had done itТs job of removing all impurities from GinaТs body and was now receding back into its box. Gina felt herself being lowered and released from her spread-eagle bondage. Arla gazed into GinaТs eyes as a lover. The slave who had been kneeling between GinaТs legs began to stand.

Immediately Gina slapped her hard across the face, did I tell you to stop licking me, cunt?

Sara, partially stunned, dropped back to her knees before Gina and begged to be forgiven.

Gina grasped the slave by the back of her head and jerked her back into the slimy, warm folds of flesh.

Just lick me until I come you little fuck! Arla, hand me a whip! she said, this one needs a little inspiration!

The whip fell on SaraТs back and ass again and again while Gina began to slide into ecstasy on the tongue of the slave.

IТll show you and your kind how surface dwellers are to be dealt with, Gina yelled as she began to come.

She jerked spasmodically as her orgasm crashed down on her. Hot girl cum began to soak SaraТs face and drip off her chin as her Mistress let go. The whip fell harder now as Gina rode the heights of dominant bliss.

When she was spent, she roughly pushed the slave-girl to the floor.

Lie on your stomach, slave, Gina instructed.

SaraТs back was criss-crossed where the whip had left itТs mark. Gina squatted over the poor girl and began to urinate. Her piss splattered across the bloody whip tracks causing Sara to squirm in pain. Sara did not cry out but endured the pain and humiliation in silence. She was being used as a human toilet by this new and powerful Mistress.

Arla watched approvingly. Gina had reacted most favorably to The Learning.

Gina turned Sara over and lifted her up by the hair until the two women were face to face. You have done well and have honored yourself by your efforts. You belong to me now, bathe quickly and join me in the Receiving Cave.

Then turning to Arla she said, When I am done upstairs, I will want two guards to accompany me back to the surface. I think Jill Garland is about to get the shock of her fucking life.

Arla bowed, Yes my Mistress, it shall be done.

Gina, naked and still buzzing from her orgasm, exited the lab and walked back down the corridor to the cave where she had first witnessed the newly captured girls being broken in.

As she stood watching the revelry, two new girls were dragged into the frey. One was blond. About 5Т5 around 110 pounds. She was begging; pleading for mercy. The other was also blonde but taller, nearly 6 feet, and a fighter. She lashed out and caught a male across the cheek with her nails leaving four crimson trails across his face. The male bellowed and bore her to the ground. The girl screamed in pain as the guard landed on her with all his weight.

Gina smiled as the two girls clothes were shredded away from their nearly perfect bodies. Gina laughed as they were tied to the ropes hanging from the ceiling and hoisted ogg the ground.

Sara joined Gina now and bowing before her Queen, gently kissed GinaТs feet.

Get up and watch closely Sara, Gina instructed. Do you see the big blond they just hung by her wrists?

Yes Mistress, Sara replied rising from the floor I see her.

You and I will break this one together. Would you like that?

Oh yes, Mistress, I am honored by your trust in me.

Gina licked her lips and grabbed Sara by the wrist. SheТs ready for us now Sara, letТs goЕ


Jill Garland was just letting herself back into her house when she heard the phone ring. She had been out shopping. It seems that Jill had just come into a large sum of cash.

What a stupid cunt that Gina, she thought to herself, she sure fell for that Сbe my friendТ bullshit easy enough. Shit, with all the money that Arla chick paid me I can quit college and retire.

The phone insistently rang again. Who in fuck Тs calling me at this late hour? Jill dropped her bags on the kitchen counter and reached for the receiver, but before she could pick it up it stopped in mid-ring.

She stared at the phone for a moment perplexed, waiting for it to ring again. Nothing. Total silence. No; wait there was something. The low sound of a TV somewhere in the house.

I could swear I turned off the set before I left for the mall, she said aloud.

Jill walked softly into the bedroom and, sure enough the television was on.

Oh my God! Jill exclaimed.

One of the tapes she had made of Gina for that weird Arla chick was playing. Jill had made a few copies for herself, especially the shower scenes and the times the hidden cameras had filmed Gina masturbating. This was the one playing now. There were four masturbation sequences in a row in this tape. All of them featured Gina naked on her bed, lying on her back with her hands busy in all the right places. Jill loved these tapes since she preferred women. Jill watched as the video showed Gina lying on her bed with one hand pinching her nipples and the other squeezing her clit between her thumb and index finger.

What the fuck? Jill said to herself, I know I didnТt leave this tape in the VCR. Jill reached out to turn the tape off when suddenly the phone rang again.

She grabbed the extension off the bedside table Hello?

Hi Jill, said a familiar voice, do you want to get together and study for finals tonight?

Jill was thrown completely now. This was Gina talking to her on the phone. The same Gina on the tape, moaning as she masturbated, the same Gina that Jill had seen dragged into a manhole while she had watched safely from behind a thick clump of bushes. The same Gina that Jill had effectively sold to that Arla woman.

Wh-where are you honey? Jill began, trying to sound calm, weТve been worried about you here on campus.

Hey Jill, I can call back later if its not convenient, said the voice on the phone, it sounds like youТve got a party going on over there.

Jill fumbled for the remote control and pushed the mute button.

Why, umЕuhЕn-no party, she stammered, just something on the tube. Where are you Gina?

IТm not far, Gina said, I can be there in no time. Hey Jill, whatТs on TV now?

Jill glanced up just as the tape showed Gina arching her hips soundlessly screaming as she came, but then suddenly, a new image filled the screen.

Horrified, Jill saw herself on the phone. This was live and being filmed right now!

Jill glanced over where the closet door stood slightly ajar and saw the little red light and the lens of the camera.

The door opened up and Gina stepped out holding a camera and a cell phone, Yes, you bitch, I can be over right away. Take her down boys.

Two large Underworld guards flew into the room from the hall. Jill saw them but had no time to react. They smothered her, stifling her startled cry.

In less than 10 seconds the girl was bound struggling on the bed; ankles and wrists tied. One of the guardТs hands muffled any attempt to speak or cry out.

Gina handed the camera to Sara her slave-girl, who stepped out of the closet behind her.

Keep taping Sara, said Gina softly, I donТt want to miss any of this.

Sara, nude except for a leather thong and her usual collar, zoomed in on the girl on the bed.

Spread-eagle, please gentlemen, she said to the guards, I want her wide and accessible.

Gina walked over to the bed where the guards were busy tying JillТs wrists and ankles to the bed posts of her king-size bed.

Gina and Jill glared at each other. Gina face was the very embodiment of calm and control, while JillТs expression alternated between fear, rage, and desperation.

Jill was still fully clothed in her black high heels, jeans, and white blouse.

Here Lotho, said Gina extending her hand to one of the Underworld guards, weТre still upland and canТt afford to let her cry out. Put this in her mouth

Lotho took the ball-gag and pinched JillТs nose shut. Now she had to open her mouth to breathe. ThatТs when the gag slammed home.

Struggling makes it so much worse, love, said Gina softly, so please struggle all you want. You thought you were going to sell me into slavery didnТt you Jill? YouТd done it before. You did it to Gina and Michelle. I saw them tortured as they were introduced to their new homes and masters.

Gina sat down on the bed next to Jill and began to rip the buttons off her shirt one by one.

You thought youТd walk with all that cash. I mean, what the hell right? With Darla, Michelle, and myself out of the way youТd be the hottest looking bitch on campusЕand the richest.

Well baby, Gina said to the spread-eagled girl, things donТt always go like you plan. Look at me for example. A week ago I was going for my major in Communications, this week I rule a kingdom. Last week you were rich as hell, this week youТre dog shit on my heel!

Gina tore off the last button leaving the blouse lying open and exposing JillТs lavender lace bra.

Nice cleavage Jill, remarked Gina. WeТll see more of that in a minute, but first letТs get these pants off.

Gina took off the back-pack sheТd been wearing and began to rummage around inside.

Hmmm, let me see. I just know I put it in here somewhereЕOh, yes. Here it is!

Gina whipped out a rather large knife with serrated edges. JillТs eyes grew round as saucers. She immediately began to struggle and whimper around the large ball-gag.

Oh, donТt take on so, Jill, Gina said with the voice of a mother trying to sooth a frightened child, this is for your jeans, not your tender flesh. Believe me; where youТre headed thereТll be no need for blue jeans.

Gina unbuckled the belt and unzipped the fly to JillТs pants. Then she began to lower the knife to JillТs crotch.

Now here is where youТll want to keep still babe. IТm getting a little excited by all this and you donТt want to make me slip. Gina smiled into JillТs tear-filled eyes, there is no telling where this blade could wind up.

Soon JillТs pants lie in tatters around her on the bed. She wore nothing now but her black hi-heels and her lavender lace panties and bra.

Nice ensemble, Gina remarked, but they donТt leave much to the imagination, now do they? What do you think boys?

The two guards grunted.

They like you Jill, you can tell by the bulge in their pants.

Jill looked over and her eyes widened.

Yes dearest, I made sure to get the two guys with the biggest dicks around. said Gina, because we are gonna have a party tonight. YouТd better enjoy it because this will be the last night you spend on the surface.

Next Gina placed the blade of the knife against the inside-center strap of her captiveТs bra and, after glancing at Jill with a smile, jerked back on the blade cleanly splitting the bra in half. Jill winced as her tits bounced free.

Look how hard your nipples are, Jill, Gina observed, if I didnТt know better, IТd say you were enjoying all this.

Gina leaned down, gently massaging JillТs small but firm tits with both hands. She began to lick the pert nipples. Jill tried to twist away at first but then lay still with closed eyes. Next she actually pushed her chest up pressing her firm tits up toward GinaТs lips and tongue.

I always thought you were a bit of a dyke, Jill, said Gina,but I canТt let you enjoy this too much.

Gina bit down hard on JillТs left nipple.

Mmmmph!! Jill thrashed around and tried to scream through her large gag. Oops, got a little bloody there, Jill. I guess I got a little carried away.

Gina smeared the blood from JillТs injured nipple onto her index finger and licked it clean.

YouТre finger-lickinТ-good so far, babe, Gina smiled, but now letТs see how you are down where the rubber-meets-the road, so to speak.

Gina reached down and lifted the strap of JillТs lavender panties away from the creamy flesh of JillТs thigh. Next the knife flashed and sliced the fabric in half exposing JillТs cunt to the cool night air.

Clean shaven!? Gina feigned shock and surprise. Oh, you nasty little girl. What have you been up to?

Gina pulled the panties out from underneath JillТs firm butt and handed them to the guards who immediately began to smell them. Sara stood nearby still filming every move.

Now Gina sensuously began to trace her fingers down JillТs muscled belly and around the mound of cunt meat. Jill jerked once or twice and began to breathe harder. Gina moved her finger onto the crack where the cunt lips met and parted them slightly. Then Gina licked the middle finger of her other hand making it wet with saliva.

She slowly pushed this finger between JillТs pussy lips and moved her thumb up to the hooded clitoris that had already begun to swell.

GinaТs finger was all the way inside JillТs twat and her thumb had begun to rub JillТs clit from side to side.

HHMMMMFFF! was all Jill could manage to say as her eyes closed to tiny slits and GinaТs hands went to work.

The television set was still on and GinaТs moans as she masturbated on tape only served to make Jill hotter. She began to breath harder now as she neared orgasm. Just a little longer now. Jill could feel her juices oozing down the crack of her ass. Soon, so very soon nowЕ


Suddenly the hands and fingers were withdrawn.

SheТs nice and juicy now boys, have fun. Gina said licking her fingers.

Jill watched in horror as the huge silent males stripped. Sheer panic is the only way to describe her reaction when she saw the immense length and girth of their dripping cocks.

Lotho, you climb on. Gina instructed, Zeirg, let Sara stroke you off onto JillТs pretty face. Give me the camera Sara and get to work.

Sara obediently handed the camera to Gina who kept right on filming as Lotho lay down over the top of the naked girl. He positioned his prick at the entrance to JillТs pussy and parted itТs lips. Then, with a mighty heave, threw all of his weight against the womanТs prone form.

Jill was in too much pain to make a sound as the monster meat thrust inside her cunt to the hilt. Jill arched her back up off the bed as every muscle in her firm body fought against the ropes and against the huge invader. She felt LothoТs thick hot balls slap against her ass at the end of each thrust.

Looking up she saw ZeirgТs cock looming over her head as Sara licked and stroked the beastТs member. A drop of pre-come dribbled out of the tip of ZeirgТs dick and onto the gag.

Gina placed the camera on the chest of drawers making sure that it was angled to catch all the action.

HmmmЕ Gina said walking over, looks like that gag is getting in the way and we canТt have that, Jill. This is as much taste as it is touch, dear Jill.

No way, thought Jill, if they try to stick that thing down my throat, IТll bite it off!

I know what youТre thinking, Jill. Gina told her, thatТs why we gave you a special gag.

Gina grabbed a small metal ring on the surface of the ball gag and pulled. Out came the center of the gag leaving a large hole in itТs place.

There, see? No muss, no fuss, and absolutely no teeth to worry about, bitch. Make him come in her mouth Sara while I tend to the next stage in the evenings festivities.

While Lotho slammed into JillТs cunt and Sara worked on bringing off Zeirg, Gina picked up her back-pack and pulled out two large golden hoops.

Now donТt worry Jill, Gina said, the answer to your next question is СyesТ, this is definitely going to hurt like hell!

Gina knelt on the side of the bed and grabbed JillТs left breast roughly, pulling it sharply toward her. Jill grunted heavily either from the battering ram in her cunt or the pain in her tit.

Gina opened the first hoop and held it up for Jill to see. It was about three inches in diameter with a hinge on one side. The other side of the hoop was open. A needle sharp point that gradually widened was made to fit into the other portion of the open end then would snap solidly shut. Gina demonstrated this once for Jill and then, smiling at the poor girlТs desperate expression of fear, went to work.

Gina pulled the nipple up high between her thumb and index finger, stretching it painfully while Jill watched.

Lotho was fucking Jill so hard that Gina had a difficult time holding JillТs tit still.

Oh well, Gina smiled, if I miss my mark, cunt, IТll just have to try again Сtil I get it right.

Jill screamed as Gina pushed the sharp point of the open hoop into the fleshy part of the breast just beside the nipple.

Perfect, Gina said as the hoop broke the skin and came out on the other side of the nipple, looks like I wonТt have to do this one twice after all!

Blood trickled down both sides of JillТs pierced tit as Gina snapped the ring shut.

One to go, whore, Gina cheerfully informed her, how are you doing there Lotho? Are you about ready Zeirg?

Both males nodded.

Just let me get this pigТs other tit pierced first, then you can come.

Gina repeated the process with the girlТs other breast. She made sure to pierce behind the nipple and not through it. The Nipple alone could not stand the stress of what Gina was planning.

Now she reached up and grabbed Jill hard by both ears to keep her head still.

CanТt have you moving around too much, Jill, said Gina, youТre going to need ZeirgТs load. ItТs the only nourishment you are going to get between here and your new home.

Zierg - Lotho, Gina announced, you may come .

Almost immediately Jill saw thick rpoes of come shoot out the end of the cock that danced directly over mer mouth. Some of the seed went wide of the mark and streaked across JillТs face and into her eyes. For the most part though the massive load of semen went directly into JillТs open mouth.

She began to sputter and choke, tears streaming down her face.

Swallow it all, slut, Gina told her, this is one of the best protein shakes youТll find.

Now Lotho began to come. Jill could feel her insides filling with his seed as he grabbed JillТs new tit rings and pulled.

Jill managed to do as she was told; she swallowed most of ZeirgТs come.

As Lotho pulled out and dismounted, Sara let go of ZeirgТs cock and moved down between JillТs legs. She began to suck as much of LothoТs load as she could from inside and around JillТs battered pussy. Then, with her cheeks puffed out with the volume of her bounty, she positioned her mouth over JillТs and allowed the cum to drain out and ooze down JillТs throat.

Very Good Sara, Gina commented, you show initiative! I am pleased!

Now itТs time to finish and get back, Gina said, Sara, here are your three rings. You know where they go.

Yes my Queen, Sara replied.

Gina turned back to Jill and grabbed her by the nose. Before the stunned girl could respond, Gina had slid another ring through the slice of skin between her nostrils.

Now Sara! Gina shouted.

Sara had opened all three rings and waited for her Masters command. When it was given, Sara had immediately spread JillТs labia deftly pushing one through the skin surrounding JillТs clit. Her reaction was just as Gina had anticipated. Jill stuck her tongue out and screamed. Gina already had the pliers in one hand and the open ring in the other. While Sara was now busy piercing the girlТs labia, one ring to a side, Gina was piercing JillТs tongue.

Almost mad from pain and humiliation, Jill screamed nearly nonstop.

Gina grabbed one more ring and deftly pierced JillТs stomach just above her belly-button She forced the ring inside and down. It came out just below her navel.

Eight heavy golden rings now adorned the beautiful girlТs body.

Stand her up gentlemen, Gina said to the males, itТs time to go.

Soon, Jill found herself standing with her wrists and elbows tied and joined tightly behind her back. The reason for the rings now became evident.

Sara began connecting chains to each of the rings. Each chain was about four feet long. Then Sara gathered the chains and joined them all onto one large golden hoop. Finally the leash was snapped around the large hoop and Sara knelt before her Queen offering her the handle.

Gina tugged roughly on the leash to set the tortured girl in motion, Jill grunted but followed obediently.

There now Jill, donТt put on so! You should be proud! When we get home you will be given to the brood slaves where you will be fucked and tortured by any of our people who should be so inclined. The children you birth will add strength to our nation. We are legion and our time is nearly come. Soon word will be sent to our brothers and sisters around the world and we shall issue forth from the ground like a plague upon your race. And then, every knee shall bend to the Queen of Underland.

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!



Our friends of allowed us to post these two lovely comic pages of this wonderful comic. Thanks!


Monica and Susan, twins, are eighteen today. They are already beautiful, sensual and desirable young women. They have invited all their friends. Other guests arrive too, less welcome, friends and sinister associates of their parents, General Mendez and his wife Rosario. Unknown to the twins, the Mendez are not their real parents.

The party goes reasonably well, but the atmosphere is strained. Both the twins and their parents have secret plans for the following day…

The girls are planning to run away from home. They want to go to Europe where they will be free of the rigid family discipline and the sexual harassment they suffer from their adoptive parents. They want to be free too from the constant and lewd intentions of their stepbrother Bernardo.

The General’s plans are very different. He and his wife have been preparing for this day for years. They have a basement room waiting for the girls. In it there are cages: cramped, uncomfortable, humiliating cages which themselves constitute an instrument of humiliating sexual abuse. In the cages and on the walls around hang heavy iron chains, collars, handcuffs and other instruments of depraved sexual torture.

A large bed is waiting for them, with a variety of ankle and wrist fetters ready to hold the girls’ bodies in the most offered and degrading postures

The room is equipped with mouth gags and flogging instruments, whips and flails, paddles, bamboo canes with cruel cutting ribs, punishment vibrators with powerful batteries, and the leather body harnesses which Mrs Mendoza is especially fond of – harnesses to lift soft young breasts or highlight the most intimate parts of female bodies.

There are clothes, too, mostly chosen by the General – especially high-heeled shoes to emphasize the calves and give a jerking, vertical movement to firm young buttocks.

There is also a cattle prod to deliver excruciating electric shocks. Mrs Mendoza became expert in its use at the time of the Dictatorship.

It is here, in this terrible room several meters below the streets of the capital city, that the twins wake up. A hood prevents them from seeing, but they can feel the rope around their necks and the leather armbinder that holds their elbows together behind their backs, painfully. They know too that they have been stripped naked except for uncomfortable high-heeled shoes. And that someone is watching them. They can hear him breathing, an unhealthy, sick sound heavy with desire and unspent semen.

The twins do not know it, but the General and his wife have already made their choice.

He will have Monica, the fresher, more rebellious one. She was always difficult, especially as an adolescent, and always questioned his authority. He put up with her insults for years. He put up too with what he conceived as her constant sexual provocations. But that is over now. It is time to give and receive punishment. Time for his dark sexual fantasies, repressed since the fall of the Dictator, to become real. Punishment time. Punishment time for large, firm and defenseless young breasts, well-rounded provocative bottoms and cruelly exhibited private parts…

Mrs Mendoza will have Susan, shyer than her sister but no less difficult. Susan and her mother hate each other. The mother’s sadistic lesbianism was always hanging in the air, threatening… Mrs Mendez too has had plenty of time to think what to do with Susan. She knows exactly how she will train her into a lesbian sex slave regardless of the girl’s natural repulsion. She knows how to humiliate her, how to break her in, how to make her grovel on her knees to her hated stepmother…

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!


All characters are 18 years old or older
Story by SATO

posted 01/01/2003

The Sultan had always had money, but greed had sharpened his appetite for more wealth; more power; and especially power over women. His friends had begun to acquire western women for their harems. They were beautiful and exotic in the eyes of the old sultan. Smooth, pale skin, long shapely bodies, and how they screamed under torture. Not at all like the strong women of his own people. He must have some of these soft weak western girls. The younger the better. They would be trained to serve his every pleasure. His men were sent to the West with orders to bring back only the most beautiful women to spend the rest of their lives in the harem of the Sultan.

The three college girls had been too easy to capture. Amir pulled up next to them in his shiny black limousine and pretended to be lost. He rolled down his window and beckoned to the girls as he pointed to a map. They had walked right over to the car never expecting a thing. The back doors opened suddenly as three other men jumped out and grabbed the girls, throwing them roughly into the back of the limo. They screamed and fought of course, but the men were very strong and there was no one too hear their pitiful cries for help along this deserted stretch of highway.

More raiding parties and kidnappings took place across the western continents. Finally 30 beautiful girls, hidden in a secret hold on one of the Sultan's oil freighters, were on the open sea. Eventually the ship docked in a private port in the Indian Ocean where the women were unloaded and delivered to the Sultan's palace. This was where the real journey would begin...

Each girl was presented to the Sultan wearing the clothes they'd been captured in. "Strip them all and use the whip if they hesitate," laughed the Sultan as he drooled over his new slaves. The girls tried to beg but the sting of the whip reminded them of the task at hand. "Before you can pleasure me with your pale western bodies, you must learn your place. Whip them hard until all clothing has been torn away!" With tear filled eyes the gagged girls removed their clothing while the whip tore their tender flesh. They whimpered and screamed each time the whip fell. Finally they stood fully revealed to their master. "Take these pitiful weak bitches to be pierced and branded. They won't forget who they belong to when they marked by their master's brand!"

Achmed, the harem overseer, was very busy today. "Thirty fresh western whores to compliment the Sultan's harem! What an honor for me to prepare you for his service. You are very lucky sluts indeed for the Sultan has graciously allowed me to choose four of you for my own pleasure. I am allowed none of the virgins, but I can chose from any of the others. I can keep you for four days then you will join the rest of his harem". One by one Achmed examined the cringing humiliated girls. Each cunt was thoroughly fingered until he found the girls who had lost their virginity. Each of these he marked with the whip mark across their tits and then he moved them to the front of the line. "Ah yes my beauties!" he exclaimed, "when I am done with you, it will be an honor for you to eat the Sultan's shit rather than serve him as sex slaves. The screams of the girls echoed through the dungeon as the whip landed over and over again. Achmed invited the guards to enjoy the girls bodies. In all, twenty men raped and tortured the four until each were sticky with cum and nearly senseless from pain.

While the dungeon guards were busy with the four girls, Achmed went about peircing the cunts, nipples, and tongues of all the other girls. "AAAIIIIEEEEEEE! NOOOOOO!!!" a pretty blonde screamed as the golden ring was pushed into her labia and out the other side. "Sorry slaves," Achmed remarked with an evil leer, "but you must learn the pain that comes with the honor of being a virgin in the service of the Sultan. He will send for you soon then you will learn all about his depraved sexual appetites. He loves his women tight and young. It hurts the tight ones so much more when his fist is buried in their virgin cunts. But enough of that for now," he said as he used pliers to pull a screaming young woman's tongue out for piercing. Finally all the girls were pierced as the Sultan had commanded and Achmed returned to his four chosen slaves. Brutally he shoved a spiked dildo deeply into the ass of one struggling girl as he settled down to pierce another. His cock grew hard yet again as the screams of the piercing echoed against the hard dungeon walls.

Daria and Kim were chosen by the Sultan to entertain his guests. "You will run with my stallion," he told them, "if you win you will be bathed, fed, and allowed to rest. But if you lose we will watch as the stallion gets to ride one of you. Each girl was attached to the stallion's bridle by one chain that ran through a single tender swollen nipple. The horse was whipped hard on one muscled flank and jerked ahead leaving the two helpless girls struggling to keep up. Blood began to pour as their nipples stretched. The horse was reigned in before their tits were torn apart. "Stupid western girls, you lose! Take the blond to the rack first. Make sure to stretch her wide and have the other watch while the beast pleasures her friend." The Sultan laughed as Kim sobbed around the gag. She was tied face down onto a device that was raised in the middle. Her legs were open with her ass raised up. Naomi, a dark-skinned slave girl, was rubbing grease into her lewdly exposed back passage. Next the stallion was led behind the panicked teenager where Naomi began to stroke the horse's cock. The arabian stallion snorted and shook. Soon he had reached full erection and was pulled up onto the rack with Kim. She screamed as Naomi guided the huge phallus against her tiny anal passage. The stallion reared and lunged forward impaling the unfortunate girl on his immense member. Kim's gag had been removed so she could scream more effectively as the horse lunged in and out of her torn and bleeding hole. "You are very adept at entertaining your guests." one man remarked to the Sultan. "These western sluts deserve it, they're natural born sinners..." He replied smiling.

Finally, after a month of arduous training, the day for the wedding of the slaves to their master the Sultan had come. Three at a time the girls were led before the Sultan. All of the white western girls had pierced nipples and cunts. Their fate was decided; they would spend the rest of their lives at the mercy of this man and others he would lend them to. Marissa, a tall beautiful auburn-haired girl was just this morning back from a hellish night of rape and torture. The Sultan had lent her to a neighboring Sheik who, in turn, gave Marissa to his three favorite wives. He watched and video-taped the entire evening while the three dark-haired women brutalized the screaming girl. When the Sultan's driver arrived to bring Marissa back for the wedding, the eldest wife of the Sheik grabbed Marissa's tits and whispered, "we will send you back with special decorations for your wedding you white whore!" The other two girls rammed two short needle-sharp arrows through each of Marissa's tits just behind the nipple. "MMMMMMMPPPHHHHH!!" Marissa screamed from behind the gag. Her eyes filled with tears again as she watched her beautiful breasts impaled along the length of the silver shafts. "Give our regards to your Husband the Sultan, but remember us when he fucks your tits."

After the initial assault when Kelly and Vanessa were tied and raped by the Sultan's guests, the three men decided to get inventive. They made the girls play pool. "This game is a satanic western invention," remarked Abdul to his friends. "I don't think it's ever been played quite like this before." Each girl was instructed to take turns aiming at the other girl's pussy. The men would jerk ropes tied to the shooter's tits to distract her into missing. It was Vanessa's turn on the table and Kelly's turn to shoot. Even though the pain in her nipples was intense, Kelly still managed to slam the ball directly against Vanessa's exposed mound. Kelly's reward was to watch as the men greased the ball and pushed it into Vanessa's pussy. "GHHAAAAAMMMPH," was all the gagged girl could say as the ball joined the five others already buried inside her crowded womb. "Remember ladies, whoever loses the match gets a stomach full of camel cum for lunch, ha, ha, ha!!"

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The Galley Oar.
Oliver David. All rights reserved.


The ride had been hard and they had almost reached safety. Prague was but a league away when the archers cut down her eight man escort. Those damned Turkish archers with their short bows and ferocious accuracy.

It was they who were responsible for this undignified flight. It was they who had determined the outcome of the battle against her husband's forces. Their swift horses and their marksmanship had proved too much for the heavily armed mounted knights and their accompanying foot soldiers with their pikes.

Seeing their lords toppled so swiftly and in such numbers had sent a wave of terror through the foot who turned and ran in panic. It took but little time then for the Turks to turn rout into massacre. Her husband; the Lord Baltek, dear God she didn't even know if he was alive or not. She prayed he was not a captive of the Turks. Their cruelty to their prisoners was legendary throughout the region. It had all been so different that morning.

The army of four thousand men at arms and eight hundred knights had ridden and marched from the city in a mood of confidence and carnival. With the warrior lord Baltek, her Baltek, at their head, how could they feel differently? His battle skills and leadership were without peer. Defeat at the hands of a few miserable Turks was an impossibility! That was why she and her attendant ladies had accompanied the army, had taken a vantage point on a hill overlooking the field, in confident anticipation of the spectacle of the defeat of their enemies.

The wagon in which the women had travelled was curtained with rich tapestry in her husband's colours. Clearly visible from the battle field, they had not realised their danger until suddenly, a group of some thirty mounted Turks broke away from the main melee and began to gallop towards them. Her escort reacted swiftly, the wagon driver whipping his two horses mercilessly to get the heavy vehicle over it's inertia and into motion. They drove hard, accompanied by the mounted escort and it was twenty minutes before their pursuers closed into bow-shot range.

Two volleys of arrows had ended the chase. The wagon halted. It's driver dead. The horses exhausted. She stood now, with her ladies who were weeping in terror, in front of the wagon surrounded by grinning Turkish soldiers. Although she felt mounting dread she was determined not to show fear. Her position demanded no other demeanour.

She was Tatiana, the wife of the Lord Baltek, protector of the city of Prague. She was nineteen years old and in her prime of womanhood. Her long black hair had been braided and rolled, framing a face both arrogant and beautiful. Her eyes were dark and enticing, her nose aquiline above a sensual mouth that hinted of both passion and cruelty. She had led a pampered existence from the day of her birth in 1148. Her fathers estates were tended by thousands of indentured serfs who's toils produced the crops that provided her family's wealth. She wanted for nothing, her clothing was of the finest brocades from Flanders and Verona. The wide skirted gown she was wearing now cost enough to feed ten peasant families for ten years! She had known nothing but luxury and prestige all her life and her marriage to the famed Baltek had only served to heighten her sense of position and self-esteem. Her pride gave her courage and she glared defiantly at her captors.

Surely they would not harm someone of her obvious wealth and breeding. They would ransom her, of course! She felt a wave of relief roll over her and she raised her chin slightly higher.

A barked command brought the soldiers to silence and they parted to allow passage to a tall man who's rich clothing identified him as a noble.A further command saw Tatiana and her women bundled into the wagon. Fresh horses were hitched and the wagon moved off accompanied and surrounded by the remounted and jubilant Turks.

They reached the castle as night fell and halted in the courtyard. Looking through the gap in the wagon's curtains Tatiana saw the Turkish noble dismount and speak to a sentry at the great door.

The noble waited by the door until another man, clearly of equal or superior rank emerged and entered into conversation with the first who pointed at the wagon. The two men approached the wagon and Tatiana drew back away from the curtain which was suddenly torn aside. The second noble stared at the group of women and then centred his concentration on Tatiana, staring into her eyes as his face broke into a smile of such pure evil, that she felt as if her very soul had frozen. More orders were barked. The women were hauled roughly from the wagon each accompanied by two soldiers restraining them by the arms.

They were taken to a descending flight of stone steps to the right of the main entrance which led to the main hall of the castle. The steps ended at an iron studded wooden door. They entered a plain stone room about 20 feet long and 16 feet wide with a rising flight of stairs leading to a trap door at it's farthest end. The door slammed behind them and the five women were alone in complete darkness. Tatiana felt her way in the darkness to the steps leading to the trapdoor and mounted them.

She tested the door with her hand. It was solid and immovable. If she had known what awaited beyond it she would have been less eager to try to open it. This close to the trapdoor she could hear the distinct sound of merrymaking. It sounded very much as if a banquet was in progress. She could hear the ringing laughter of excited women.

Time passed. Maybe an hour. In the darkness one of the ladies in waiting sobbed quietly. Tatiana sensed, rather than heard, a change of atmosphere and rushed to the trap door. The sounds of merriment had been replaced by a buzz of anticipation.

A sudden loud rattling of whatever mechanism secured the trap door startled her and she fell back as the door crashed open. A lighted torch was thrust into the room, blinding them for a moment after the darkness. An order was shouted, repeated. They were to come out. Were they to be freed? Yes that must be it. A ransom has been demanded and paid! They mounted the steps, Tatiana leading and found themselves being pushed through a doorway Leading to a short vaulted stone corridor.

She could see figures waiting at the end of the corridor with light behind them and she could hear the murmuring of what sounded like many people. As she reached the end of the corridor she was grasped firmly by the arms and brought forwards into what was she realised, the great hall of the castle but she had never seen a castle decked out in the style of a moorish palace. She was amazed at the opulence of the silk wall hangings, the cushions, the divans And the people! The exotic Turkish clothing of the men! The scandalously brief and flimsy apparel of the women!

She turned her attention to the two men who held her, one on either side, by her wrists. They were dressed identically in short black leather kilts secured with a wide belt. they wore no other clothing. They were lean and extremely muscular. And she noticed, they were not Turks! They both had fair hair! A voice broke into her disorientation.

"You are the woman of Baltek?"

She had never heard a voice like it. A great rush of raw fear focussed her attention. The voice was soft, sibilant and knowing. It's sound had a quality that sent something trembling in her belly and heightened all of her senses to a level beyond her experience. She was standing in front of raised dais topped with an ornate throne. The speaker was seated in the throne.

"You are the woman of Baltek".

Not a question this time. An affirmation, tinged with a note of satisfaction. He was dressed in an ornate light blue silk robe secured at the waist by a crimson sash. On his head he wore a turban that matched the robe. A massive diamond surrounded by pearls adorned the turban. His feet were encased in soft crimson and tan leather slippers with pointed toes that curled up and over, ending in gold tassles. His finery was lost on Tatiana. She could not tear her eyes away from his face. His skin was dark, almost black but not as black as the two ringlets of his hair that had been carefully arranged on his forehead below the jewel in his turban and the waxed pointed beard on his chin nor as black as the glittering pupils of his almond shaped eyes which held her transfixed.

To her horror she could see that this man was capable of any level of cruelty and evil. He broke eye contact with her, to casually select a candied date from a tray of sweetmeats by his throne. She slumped suddenly in shock as she realised that when he had held her gaze she had strained up on tip-toe, every muscle in her body rigid. She looked round frantically twisting in the grasp of the men who held her. She saw her attendants at the back of the hall, their wrists roped together, like a string of slaves. Looking down she saw that the floor beneath her feat had been laid out like a giant chess board with black and white slabs of polished marble. At the four corners of each square, strong iron hooks each about four inches long had been let into the floor. She could not see a purpose for the hooks. He spoke again

"Baltek has caused me insult and inconvenience. He has fled like a coward. When he is caught. I will have him brought before me, stripped and flayed alive. My torturers are very, very skilled. They can make the process last a day and a night. He will die a million deaths and still beg for death."

Tatiana was again transfixed by his terrible eyes. The word 'Satan' pounded through her mind.

"However" he continued "Baltek is not available. So how shall I provide amusement and diversion for my guests this night?"

The horror of her situation was dawning on Tatiana; she tried to struggle but to no avail. He spoke again. "Prepare her!" A sound above her made her look up. On a gantry just below the vaulted ceiling of the hall, two men, identically dressed as the first two, who still held her, were dropping four hemp ropes, two on either side of her, the ends of which just touched the chess board.

Twenty feet above at the ceiling they were attached to four pulleys. The ceiling vault was criss-crossed by iron rods mirroring the pattern of the chess board below. On each rod ran a wheel attached to a hook to hang a pulley block. The rods running across the roof were at a higher level that those running from end to end allowing free passage of the wheels to any point of the roof. Tatiana was still staring upwards uncomprehending when she became aware of the two inner ropes being tied tightly round her wrists by the two men either side of her on the chess board. The man on her right looked up to the men on the gantry and spoke one word "Los."

She gasped in surprise as the ropes attached to her wrists tightened under weight applied to the rope through the pulley system by the men on the gantry, lifting her arms high over her head and to the side like the letter 'Y'. A buzz of excitement was now running through the hall which had been eerily silent while the terrible man in the throne had spoken his chilling words. What happened next shook Tatiana out of her shocked state even if she found it difficult to believe what they were going to do to her.

One of the two men with her on the chess board produced a short, curved knife which he inserted into the square neckline of her heavy gown and began to draw it steadily down in one long cut that sheared her clothing from neck to hem. Then, inserting the point of the knife between wrist and cuff, he slit her sleeves along the backs of her arms and the shoulders of the gown leaving just a few shreds of neck-band on either side.

He stepped back from her, looked at the crowd, then with one swift motion ripped the entire gown, under garments included, from her body leaving her so suddenly, shockingly naked apart from her silk hose that the entire audience let out a gasp of astonishment at his skill and also at her beauty! For beautiful indeed she was; her skin as white as alabaster, her waist slender, its curve running delightfully into smoothly rounded buttocks. Her breasts, surprisingly large for her slim frame but firm, high and beautifully formed with large dark and protruding aureola, now straining upwards as her arms were pulled by the ropes.

Quickly removing her stockings so she was completely naked they then attached the remaining two ropes to her ankles leaving plenty of slack. Finally looping each rope under a hook on the chess board two squares directly to her left and the other two squares to her right. The two then joined their companions on the gantry. At a signal all four men simultaneously took up slack and she was lifted clear of the floor in one fluid movement into a spread-eagled position facing the demon who sat on the throne.

He leaned forwards, scrutinising her naked, exposed body. A silence enveloped the hall. He spoke.

"You are about to experience pain beyond the capability of your mind to imagine. The man who will inflict this pain is a master, the master, of his craft. So great is his skill, his fame has spread beyond his native Prussia. I had him brought here, at great expense, for just such an occasion as this. The gentlemen who have secured you so beautifully displayed before me, are his assistants. He is called 'Whipmeister'. Soon you will know why".

He made a gesture with his right hand and Tatiana felt a fear, like no other, rise into her breast. Two more 'assistants', dressed like the others in short leather kilts, entered the hall . Between them they carried a large wooden chest which they placed before the throne where Tatiana could see it. They opened the chest. Tatiana's eyes widened as she beheld a collection of what looked like dozens of whips of every conceivable type. One by one, the instruments of her forthcoming torment, were withdrawn from the chest and shown to her, close to her face. There were short whips, long whips, Many stranded whips, flat straps of tanned leather in many different widths, one in particular was ten inches wide and as long as the blade of a galley oar, it's tan leather gleamed with a high polish. There were whips of many different materials. Plaited leather, cordage, fine bamboo, even silk. The now empty chest was removed from her sight. The whips were now arranged on a hanging rack that had been brought forward from somewhere out of her sight.

At an unseen signal the two assistants moved to either side of the chessboard. She could no longer see them. There was an excited shout in the hall and a mounting of tension.

From the rear of the room entered a tall figure wearing a full length, black, hooded cloak. He made his way to the dais and bowed before the seated figure who acknowledged the bow and spoke a single command, " Begin".

The Whipmeister raised his arms to the side and his two assistants came forwards to remove his cloak. As they removed it from sight he turned to face the bound, trembling Tatiana. He was huge. Almost seven feet tall with a huge barrel chest and the broadest shoulders Tatiana had ever seen. His massive arms were corded with muscle. He was dressed as his assistants but with the addition of a traditional executioners mask of fine black leather which covered his head and face, his skin gleamed with oil.

The crowd roared their appreciation. With a lithe motion he stepped to the whip rack and selected a whip. He turned. She saw that he had selected the broadest strap, the one that reminded her of an oar blade. He swished the strap before her a few times, checking it's feel, adjusting his grip on the plaited handle. The strap was four feet long and almost one third of an inch thick. She noticed how supple it was. He stepped to her left and behind her out of her line of sight. He looked to his assistants, the two on the chess board, the four others overhead in the gantry, checking their readiness. They nodded their acknowledgements. As the Whipmeister drew back the mighty strap for his first blow the assistants in the gantry increased their pull on the ropes.

Tatiana felt herself stretched to complete immobility. The blow, when it landed, was delivered with such force that she was driven forwards almost twelve inches in spite of the tension in the ropes. Landing clean across both buttocks, with a report like a cannon shot, it drove every breath of air from her lungs. She emitted an inhuman bellow combining shock, pain, outrage and disbelief at what was being done to her. She hung limply in her bonds which had slackened slightly. She gasped for air, unable yet to scream, her body gleamed with her sweat, her hair which had come unbound was sticking to her back and forehead.

One of the assistants stepped forward with a knife and cut her hair off at the nape of her neck. Nothing could be allowed to impede the course of the whip. Now feeling the full pain from her tortured buttocks she dropped her head back only managing the beginning of a scream when the ropes tightened once more and the second blow arrived, again across her buttocks with equal force to the first. The pain she experienced from this second blow landing on her already outraged crimson flesh of her buttocks made her eyes bulge and the world exploded into white lights.

She could hear someone faraway screaming. The next two blows were to the small of her back and across her shoulders. Now she was shrieking uncontrollably, crying, begging them to stop. They had only just begun. She had no way of knowing that the agony she was suffering under the 'galley oar' strap was nothing compared to what was to come. The blows continued until ever inch of her back from neck to ankles had received two strokes from the strap and was a uniform shade of red. She had fainted twice, but bitter herbs were burnt under her nose to revive her. When they started on the front of her body she thought she would go mad.

The pain caused by this monstrous strap to her sensitive breasts and belly sent her into paroxysms of shrieking, raving and praying to God to let her die. Her tormentors were far too clever to let her die. Now that back and front had received equal treatment, the purpose of the hooks on the chess board and the movable pulley connections in the ceiling became clear. Moving with the trained precision of experienced sailors, letting out and pulling in rope, altering rope anchorage points in floor and ceiling they were able to suspend Tatiana in a great variety of positions designed to allow the strap access to every square inch of her body. Thus the insides of her thighs and the tender flesh of her under arms was subjected to the same savage treatment as the rest of her reddened body. They had her now on her back on the chess board, the ropes on her wrists looped through hooks in the floor above her head.

Her feet were raised steadily until she was stretched rigidly at an angle of forty five degrees to the floor. The blocks her ankle ropes were attached to were then pulled to new anchorage points at opposite sides of the ceiling. This drew her legs as far apart as was anatomically possible, forming a 'T' with her torso.

The Whipmeister stepped between her legs. Using a knotted cord he carefully measured the external dimensions of her vagina. Stepping to the whip rack he selected a strap that matched his measurements exactly. The strap was three feet long and four inches wide and of the same material as the 'galley oar' She was whimpering and semi-conscious.

The vicious stroke he applied downward to her helpless and most tender part of her body brought her to full consciousness immediately. She screamed with a volume and with such anguish that people in the room were forced to cover their ears. He applied a further two strokes, with equally satisfying results. When she regained consciousness, she had been returned to the 'X' position.

Bitter herbs were once again being burnt under her nose. Wine was poured into her throat to revive her. She groaned as waves of pain washed over her. Every part of her skin felt on fire. The Whipmeister stood before her very close to her. He was looking deep into her eyes as though looking for a sign. H e nodded, satisfied with what he had seen in her eyes. Turning to the throne he spoke for the first time.

"She is prepared." She could not comprehend the meaning of the words. She felt as if she had been beaten to within an inch of death. " Prepared for what? To die? Oh please, God let it be so. " Her confusion must have been evident. The man in the throne spoke again " Did you think that was all? Did you really think that in the presence of the Whipmeister you only receive a few blows from the broad strap? Let me explain. The broad strap is merely a means of preparing your flesh for the more subtle and exact techniques in the use of the other whips. This is where the Whipmeister made his name. He can produce more varieties of pain from your nerve endings than there are stars in the heavens. He can raise you to peaks of agony that will have you teetering on the edge of madness. He can bring you levels of sexual sensation you never dreamed existed, spending your fluids again and again.

Then quickly to another level of torment worse than the last. Ah, we have an interesting night ahead of us. Don't you think so" She looked over to where the Whipmeister was selecting his first whip. She began to scream uncontrollably as the enormity of what was to come filled her mind with primal terror. His selection is made. He nods to his assistants. The ropes tighten. Her journey into the depths of hell begins

PART TWO. The wooden fruit.

He whipped her mercilessly, with fiendish method and precision. The beautiful and proud Tatiana, 19 year old bride of Baltek, the Protector of Prague. Captured following the defeat of her husband's forces by the Turks and now a captive of his cruellest enemies. She had been stripped, bound at wrists and ankles and spread-eagled upright by ropes suspended from pulley blocks on the ceiling and looped through iron hooks embedded in the paved marble floor of the main hall of this captured stronghold. Her humiliation, in being displayed naked before the gathering in the hall, was in itself a torture. No man, save her husband, had ever beheld her naked before. Yet here she was, being devoured by the eyes of at least a hundred men. And women! For the eyes of the women were full of predatory greed and lascivious pleasure in the anticipation of what was to come.

Her torturer. The 'Whipmeister'; a giant of a man, hugely muscled, had 'prepared' her body for the torment by systematically beating her all over with a ten inch wide leather strap shaped like the blade of a galley oar. The pain he had inflicted with this instrument had almost driven her into total insanity and she had screamed time and again for merciful death to overtake her, to release her from her agony; in vain. The 'Galley Oar' had left her flesh crimson, her every nerve ending on fire, horrifyingly sensitised. From neck to feet, no square inch of her was untouched. The torturer's assistants had skilfully rearranged her posture for each stroke of the massive whip by taking in and releasing the ropes that bound her so securely, so helplessly.

When the true whipping began, the very first stroke threw her mind to a new level of disbelief at the intensity of pain that can be inflicted on a human body. She did not see the blow coming. She could not, she was still in a spread-eagled position held by the four ropes but now angled forward at an angle of 45%. The Whipmeister stood behind her, between her spread legs, holding a multi-tailed whip of flat leather strips. He drew the whip back behind him, paused momentarily, then brought it down in a ferocious overhand strike, at the same time, stepping forward with his left leg to increase the speed of the impact. As the pointed tips of the multiple strands made contact high on her shoulders, he drew his arm down and back quickly, delivering the devilish lash equally across her entire back and buttocks. Then, with the dexterity born of years of practice, he sent an equally powerful, under arm stroke, up between her legs, thrashing her breasts, belly and vagina. So swift and flowing was his action, the sound of the two lashes almost blended into one. The gasp and subsequent roar of approval from the assembly in the hall was almost drowned out by the inhuman screaming of Tatiana. He waited until her screaming had subsided to mewling sobs before he delivered the next double stroke as skilfully as the last. A great spray of sweat flew from her body as the blow landed, her lips were drawn fully back from her teeth. Her eyes bulged in sheer dementia and the sound she emitted was the snarling of a crazed, wild animal, driven past the bounds of reason. Again he waited for the screaming to subside. A longer wait, this time. The third stroke. Tatiana went into a paroxysm of convulsion, her tortured body quivering and twitching within the confines of her bonds, her eyes rolled up into their sockets so that only the whites could be seen, as her mind frantically fought to escape from this hell.

They revived her again, poured wine into her drooling mouth, repositioned her in her bonds and the 'Whipmeister' resumed his work. Now was the time for his speciality. The small whips. The subtle whips. The whips of strange and exotic materials. Of silk, bamboo, ivory and hessian. Whips applied with cunning and an intimate knowledge of human anatomy. Whips to produce a range of sensations; from the ultimate of physical and mental pain to the most acute sensual pleasures.

For the next hour a complex ballet was played out before the fascinated and increasingly aroused spectators. The assistants sprang about like acrobats, working their cunning rope webs, twisting Tatiana into an endless series of strange and complicated bodily positions that presented different parts of her anatomy to their master, who administered carefully judged blows and strokes of various intensity, drawing from his victim an eerie music of shrieks, groans and moans of pleasure. He knew all the secret places of her body better than she did.

He used his knowledge to control her totally, both physically and mentally, for Tatiana, as a person, had ceased to exist. She had become someone, or something else. She was in a maelstrom of sensual experience, totally disorientated by the violent and swift changes to her body posture, not knowing where the next sensation would assault her or whether it would be pain or pleasure or both. At one point he had drawn a silken cord flail across her back and it had felt like the caress of an angel's wing but when it was drawn away it left fingers of molten lava on her flesh that drove her into shrieking hysteria. He had used a short springy rattan cane, topped with a small ivory ball, to deliver sharp blows to the nerve centre located within the small triangular muscle just above the cleft of her buttocks, creating agonising muscle cramps in various parts of her torso, according to where exactly he struck and with how much force. He used the same instrument on the soles of her feet, again with surgical precision, that threw her into a series of intense convulsions. He moved about with a lithe grace that belied his bulk. He was tireless in the pursuit of his art. He was doing what he was born to do.

Tatiana had no notion of time. Her identity had gone, but as the beating continued another doorway within her mind was being dragged open. Something was happening to her that was outside her experience. A lassitude and acceptance of her pain was transcending all else. She started to feel an unfamiliar but not unpleasant tingling that seemed to begin somewhere low down in the small of her back. Suddenly, as a firm whip strike coursed across her swollen buttocks, the tingling rushed, like a bolt of lightning, in both directions along her spine, simultaneously bursting into her brain and her loins, causing her to release a moan of desperate need unlike any sound she had so far emitted. As the next stroke struck, her buttocks involuntarily rose to meet it and her shriek had an edge to it that her torturer had been waiting to hear.

The 'Whipmeister' took a step back and motioned to his assistants. They quickly brought her to the forward leaning spread position. Moving swiftly he removed a coil of silk cord from his whip rack and held it up to be seen. The fifteen feet of cord terminated in four carved wooden fruit at six inch intervals on the last two feet of line. The largest, at the extreme end was a lemon. Six inches back was a clementine, followed by a plum and finally a large grape. The fruit were smooth and highly polished. He lowered the fruit into a jar of oil held by one of his assistants and approached the now limp and gasping figure of Tatiana hanging from her ropes. Stepping behind her, he used one hand to spread her buttocks and with the other he steadily worked the oiled wooden lemon past her sphincter and into her anus. Using an inch thick ivory rod he pushed the fruit deep into her rectum and then fed the other fruit inside her one by one, finally forcing the last, the grape, deep into her. Finally he produced a ball of bees' wax mixed with alum which he also pushed firmly into her rectum. The powerful astringent effect of the alum immediately caused her rectum and sphincter to tighten dramatically so that she could not possibly expel the invaders within her bowels. Stepping round to face her, he now drew the line between her widespread legs and carefully led it between the now dripping lips of her labia. She moaned as his fingers opened her to place the line. He allowed a half-smile to cross his face as he pulled the line up over her belly, through between her sweat soaked and swollen breasts and tossed the remaining length over her left shoulder, allowing the last few feet to drop behind her. Reaching beneath her suspended body, he retrieved the end of the line, once more drawing it towards him again between her labial lips. He slowly drew the cord tight, causing it to force it's way higher into her vagina and exerting a downward pull on the smallest of the wooden fruit in her rectum. At this new internal sensation, Tatiana's eyes bulged wide open and she uttered a strangled cry. The 'Whipmeister' nodded to his assistants who stood behind her. They began to beat her buttocks and back in a slow, measured rhythm, using short leather floggers. With a similar instrument, the 'Whipmeister' began to beat her breasts, alternating his strokes between left and right, in time with the whipping of her back. Then he began to increase his pull on the silken cord causing the first wooden fruit, the grape, to begin its slow, inexorable journey down her anal canal towards her tight, tight sphincter.

Tatiana had never experienced orgasm. Her strict Catholic up-bringing had left her totally unaware of the concept of female sexual climax. She enjoyed love-making with her husband but Baltek was skilled in the arts of war, not in the arts of the bed chamber. Their brief, frantic, couplings had always left her feeling unfulfilled and confused. She had never masturbated, believing as she did that such acts were a mortal sin. She was therefore totally unprepared for the feelings that began to wash over her as the whips and the slowly travelling grape began to drive her to the brink. As the wooden grape began to spread her sphincter and emerge she passed the point of no return. She began to buck and writhe wildly in her bonds, thrusting her buttocks and breasts to meet the whip blows, savouring the sweet, sweet agony they brought, welcoming each blow as the unbelievable pleasure in her loins increased. The steady pull on the cord was now bringing the wooden grape upwards, parting the swollen lips of her vagina which was now flooding with her lubricating juices. The measurement of cord between the wooden fruits had been carefully contrived. Just as the next fruit, the plum, emerged through her sphincter, the grape touched her clitoris and began to travel up and over the sensitive organ. With a wail of anguish and triumph that shook the rafters of the hall, Tatiana reached orgasm, a spectacular spray of liquid bursting from her convulsing vulva. Wave after wave of the most intense pleasure swept through her lust maddened sex as she rode her first climax like a wild horse. Now the third fruit was emerging from her arsehole, which was in a state of uncontrollable spasm, as the second fruit broached the entrance to her vagina. Her uterine walls began a series of rapid contractions causing waves of rippling convulsions to run up and down her vulva. Her vaginal lips were frantically trying to capture the tantalising plum, to pull it inside her, to devour it, but it refused to be captured and rode steadily across her protruding erect clitoris driving her into an orgasm that eclipsed the first in it's intensity. Her demented shrieks rent the air as a further gout of fluid erupted from her loins and her writhing within her bonds became maniacal. She had reached a multiple orgasmic plateau, thrusting her pelvis forward madly as climax after climax flowed through her. Her heart was racing at a rate that would surely kill her as the final fruit, the lemon, left her anal canal and the clementine approached her clitoris, now purple and protruding. She was frantically gasping for air, her face and neck almost black, her blood vessels and sinews swollen like ships' cables as the multiple orgasms no longer came in sequence but flowed together like a tidal wave. She went rigid in her rope prison and her entire body began to quiver like a plucked bow string. They had stopped whipping her now, the entire company in the room fascinated by the sight of this beautiful young woman, driven to insanity and to the edge of death by orgasm, suspended in an increasing convulsion, her face a mask of tension and ecstasy, her love juices still running from her tortured sex.

The torturer turned to face the Turk in the throne. "Sire?" The Turk pondered for a moment then he spoke, "Save her. A woman who can climax like that will make an interesting contribution to my harem."

The 'Whipmeister' signalled to his men. They brought the still convulsing, twitching Tatiana's legs forwards and he stepped between them. The wooden lemon still dangled from it's cord, level with her gaping vagina. He inserted the lemon into her and, using his ivory rod pushed it slowly into her uterus. As the fruit went deep inside her Tatiana's head fell back and she uttered a long, drawn out, deep throated roar that no one in the room would ever be able to forget. As the lemon reached her cervix and pushed insistently at the entrance to her womb she collapsed limp and unconscious, hanging from her wrist and ankle ropes.

They lowered her gently to the floor and untied her. At a command, female attendants rushed forward, bearing her up and wrapping her in a soft towelling robe. "See that she is well cared for." The Turk ordered. As they made to carry her away she came to semi-consciousness and spoke a word. The Turk was too far away to hear what she said although he knew she had spoken. The 'Whipmeister' however, was close enough to hear. "What did she say?" demanded the Turk.

The 'Whipmeister' shook his head in perplexity. "She said, more, Sire. MORE!"…….

To be continued………

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

Anne walked past the construction yard every day on her way to work, wearing a blouse that revealed her ample cleavage and a skirt so short you catch the occasional glance at her black lace panties. Her black high heels clicking against the sidewalk were like the call of a siren to the construction workers. For weeks she enjoyed tormenting the hapless men as they stared sweating and grunting from the scaffolding.

Until Dave took matters into his own hands

So you like to show off you little cocktease? Dave grunted, slipping the rough leather work gloves onto his calloused hands.

Please! Let me go Anne whimpered, shivering as her naked body twitched against the rough steel girders. You canТt do this!

And whoТs going to stop me, cunt? Dave asked with a laugh, running his hands down her thighs until his fingers were brushing against her fat cunt lips.

Oh God! Anne shrieked as Dave thrust a finger deep into her hot hole. The rough leather felt like sandpaper scraping across the sensitive flesh of her fuck tunnel, and Dave was already starting to squeeze his middle finger into her tight box.

Yeah, letТs see how deep this cunt of yours goes, pretty lady! Dave hooted as three fingers speared into her. The already huge fingers were made even larger by the rough leather gloves covering them, and Anne was shrieking with pain as they began to stretch and tear her cunt open in their relentless drive to find her bottom.

Aha! Found it! Dave roared with triumph, using his middle finger to painfully probe her cervix. Now letТs see how you enjoy getting punched in the cunt!

Anne began screaming as Dave began forcing his entire gloved hand into her snatch. Anne kept screaming as Dave began to ram his fist in her cunt, driving into her cervix like a punching bag, and forcing her entire body to convulse with each powerful blow


Man, get a look at these tits! Greg laughed, crushing MaryТs breasts between his rough hands. What dТya think, Carl? Double D?

Who the fuck cares what cup size she is! Carl spat. LetТs get Сem tied and swollen!

Carl brought out his retractable measuring tape, pulling out the aluminum ribbon and showing it to Mary.

Wh-What are you going to do with that!? Mary shrieked, struggling against the tight metal wires pinning her to the steel beam.

Carl gave her a vicious slap across the cheek, the back of his hand sending her head whipping and drawing a ragged scream from her now bloody lips.

Shut up! Carl roared, running the metal tab of the measuring tape across her erect red nipples. No one wants to hear anything out of your whore mouth Сcept screaminТ!

Carl began wrapping the aluminum metal tape around MaryТs heaving breasts, the metallic shuttering of the tape as it folded and kinked providing eerie accompaniment to MaryТs screaming.

Fuck man, that ainТt never gonna work! Greg said, watching Carl struggle with the uncooperative tape measure.

Fuck you, itТll work fine! Carl snapped, handing the yellow plastic case to Greg. Just hold that tight!

Mary looked down at her breasts, yards of the shimmering yellow tape ribbon were now circling her tits, but most of it was too kinked and unwieldy to do any real damage. She sighed with relief, and didnТt even notice Carl taking the small metal pull tab in his hands. She didnТt notice until he heaved with every muscle in his body, forcing Greg to kick in his heels to avoid toppling over.

The aluminum tape collapsed in on itself under the pressure, crumpling inward and biting into MaryТs mammary flesh like barbed wire. Some of it folded in on itself lengthwise, turning the broad flat metal into a long knife as the fold cut into yielding flesh. Some near the base of her breasts became so crumpled and compact they began to look like piano wire, slicing into her so deeply that Mary felt sure it would severe her precious breasts from her chest. Every kink, bend, and fold were now cutting, pricking and crushing the two captive orbs.

MaryТs screams were almost loud enough to drown out the jackhammers and steam shovels working just outside the building

Ralph had been an industrial plumber for twenty years. Twenty years skulking around in the dark undergrounds of countless construction jobs. Twenty years of crawling through mud and fighting off rats all to lay down some pipes that were destined to stream shit out of the building for the rest of their existence. Fortunately, his hard work was soon to be rewarded:

ArenТt you just a pretty little whore? Ralph muttered, running a calloused, filth covered hands across the captive girlТs pert tits. The girl had been stupid enough to wander into the dark labyrinth of the construction site on a drunken dare by one of her friends after their girlТs night out. Now, electrical tape strapped across her mouth and her lithe, nude body strapped against the maze of metal tubes, her drunken haze was gone. Replaced by cold, unyielding fear.

Bet a fuckinТ tramp like you donТt much care for workinТ class fellas like myself, right? Ralph spat, pinching her soft pink nipples between his fingers, rolling them like the hand-rolled cigarettes he smoked. Yeah, always the same story with trollops like you

The girl whimpered as Ralph began turning a series of knobs on the nearby junction, she could feel liquid begin flooding through the pipes behind her. The cold pipes were made infinitely colder by the water now flowing through them, her ass cheeks tightening as they pressed against the pipes.

In about ten minutes, the water runninТ through them pipes is going to be at the boiling point. The pipes will heat up and your pretty little ass will melt off you like wax off a lit candle. Ralph said, casually rolling a cigarette in his hands. Now IТm liking the sight of that taut ass myself. I donТt wanna see it all ruined. So hereТs what IТm goinТ to do for yayou wrap them nice warm legs around my hips and fuck yourself on my cock. ThatТll take you off the pipes and if you fuck me real good, milk the cum out of me, IТll let you down and we can go somewhere real privateaway from any more god damn pipes.

The girl refusedat first. When her ass began to blister against searing hot metal, however, she flung her legs around old RalphТs hips and fucked him like a nymphomaniac, ramming her dry, tight cunt onto his old thick cock. Ralph came after only a few minutes, pouring his hot jism deep into the girlТs fuckbox, but he didnТt let her down. Instead, he decided to use her tits as an ashtray until his cock got hard again. At his age that meant at least half an hourluckily heТd rolled himself two packs of cigarettes that morning.


Anne was screaming...that was all she seemed to do now. ItТd been a week since Dave had grabbed her. A week of vicious cunt busting, ass ripping, tit crushing agony. At least a dozen men had fucked her so far, and thatТs if they were feeling generous. More often they did things to her that involved far more than normal fucking

No! Not again! Anne shrieked as EdТs fat cock began tearing open her swollen, bleeding rectum yet again. The men were cruel, they had given her ass a couple days to heal, but only so that it could scab up and really begin to swell. They wanted to rip her open all over again, and thatТs exactly what they were doing now.

To Anne it felt like a thick butchers knife was cutting into her, splitting open from anus to cunt, maybe even splitting up along her spine. She stared over her shoulder, staring at the men with her tear-streaked eyes, silently begging them to show her some mercy.

There was none forthcoming


HankТs shrewish ex-wife had been dragging him through the courts for months, trying to bleed him of more alimony payments. The wretched woman was fucking a high priced attorney, who was now of course working for her pro-bono. Of course what could Hank do, he was barely making his current alimony payments, he couldnТt afford a lawyer on top of it? Luckily for him, his ex-wife was stupid enough to bring her victorious court ruling down to him in person.

I donТt know why they always deliver these things in blue envelopes? Hank muttered, watching the documents burn. He stared at his pretty ex-wife, tied taut as a bowstring on the metal work table, her titflesh jiggling and bouncing as she sobbed and struggled against her bonds.

Patience honey! Hank said. I know you like those big udders of yours to get the attention they deserve! Just give the soldering iron here a chance to warm up.

Greg laughed as his ex-wife began shrieking even louder behind the gag.

What, not the soldering iron? Greg asked, laying down the instrument and picking up a big sledgehammer leaning against the wall. How Сbout this? You just lay those big floppy tits down on the table and IТll give them a good pounding?

His ex-wifeТs gurgling told him she didnТt like this idea any better.

How about this? Greg asked, picking up a nail gun. Couple dozen good shots through each? Maybe one right down the center of each nipple?

Hank laughed at his own little joke; it wasnТt like she had a choice.

He would use all of them on her tits eventually...

Countless crates and shipping containers flow into the factory every day, and of course there’s always so much noise no one can ever hear the screaming and thumping of the girls inside.

“Let’s see…Crate 15 C-7, this is it!” Mike said excitedly, quickly peeling off the lid with his crowbar.

“MMMM! HLLLLPPPPHHHH!” The girl inside immediately started shrieking. Mike’s cock immediately went hard in his pants as he stared down at the terrified girl. Tied and gagged, the smell of her sweat gave her an intoxicating aroma, and he couldn’t wait to take her out and play with his new toy.

“Yeah, you and me girl, we’re gonna have a lot of fun! Me and the boys have been needing some fresh pussy around here, and I bet your tight twat will make a real good fuck. You ever been fisted before? Dave likes to fist the girls, it really makes them scream and squirm! Too bad they’re usually too torn up afterward to be a good fuck.” Mike said, casually stroking the girl’s tangled black locks as he detailed his plans for her.

The girl shook and sobbed, closing her eyes and hoping she would wake up from this horrible nightmare.


“Yeah, I think that’ll do real nice!” Dave said, cinching the knot around Melissa’s ankles.

Melissa was tied to a hard wooden rod, which was tied to a metal pipe, making a kind of upside down crucifix. Her ankles were spread apart and her quivering cunt was spreading open from the extreme angle, as if her pussy was reaching out to find a cock to fill it. As if it hadn’t had its fill from the last three days of constant gangbangs and threesomes.

“Please…not again! Not again…!” Melissa blubbered pathetically as Dave began stroking her sore labia, the glove’s coarse leather scraping across her tender flesh like sandpaper.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Melissa had felt the harsh, tearing pain of Dave’s gloved fist up her twat. She could still see the dried blood on the glove from the last time he’d fisted her, the memory of the nauseating pain flooding back into her mind.

“Please, just fuck me! Please! I’ll ride you good! Please, I’m your little whore! Your slut!” Melissa babbled desperately as Dave’s first and middle finger began tearing into her hole. Dave smiled to himself. Even after fisting her for nearly an hour last week, her cunt was still as tight as ever. He wondered just how much punishment it would take before it split open.

He was eager to find out!

“Pleeeaasseee! NOOOOOOO!” Melissa screamed as four fingers began tearing and scraping through her cunt, ripping open old wounds and ramming into the bruised walls of her birth canal. “You’re killing me! Mercy master! MERCY! HELP ME SOMEONE!”

Despite the heartbreaking cries, Dave roughly forced his thumb into her tight hole and balled his hand into a fist. He loved the feeling of her tight cunt walls clamping down on his hand. The angle of her restrained body meant he could start pounding her cunt at a new angle.

“UUGGGHHHH! UURRRRRKKKKK!” Melissa coughed and gagged as Dave punched the back of her cunt, as if he were trying to pound his way right through her cunt and into her colon.

“I love the way you scream!” Dave laughed as he once again rammed his fist into her cunt.


“Come on, honey, let’s get to know each other!” Larry laughed, dragging the gagged naked brunette by the hair.

“Mmmgghhh!” The brunette shrieked as she tried desperately to free her hair from his cruel grasp.

Just a few short hours ago Trisha had just been another college student, studying architecture at the local university. She had asked one of the workers if she could have a look around, eager to see a building being constructed.

Ten minutes later she was screaming as the construction worker began pawing at her body and ripping her clothes off.

“Come on, honey, sit on daddy’s lap!” Larry said, slapping Trisha on her pale, round ass.

Trisha made one last desperate attempt to flee, but Larry’s huge muscular arms wrapped around her hips like iron braces before she’d made two steps.

“NNGGGHHH! PLLSSSHHH!” Trisha begged behind the gag as Larry began probing the soft folds of her pussy.

“Down we go, honey!” Larry said, pulling Trisha down onto his cock.

ThatТs it you fucking bitch! Mike roared as he pulled the rope taut so that his newest slave was dangling by her wrists. When heТd first taken this girl out of the box, heТd expected, and even enjoyed, her resistance. After two weeks of fucking her cunt and busting her ass though, he was growing tired of constantly wrestling with her.

So you donТt like to screw cocks, huh? Mike said, slapping her across the face. Well by the time IТm done, youТll be begging to fuck every cock within a ten mile radius!

Mike held up the wicked looking drill bit, meant for forcing industrial size screws into metal girders.

This is going up your cunt bitch! At twenty RPM youТre gonna feel like IТm burning your insides! At fifty youТre going to feel the walls of your cunt get torn apart like fucking wrapping paper. If I turn this baby all the way up, IТll be screwing you right in your fucking womb!

The girl was staring in uncomprehending horror at both Mike and the vicious torture instrument he wielded. She didnТt truly understand what was happening until she felt the hard metal head of the screw bit cutting across her labia.

No! NO! Please! IТll do it! IТll fuck you! Please, let me make love to you! Please sir, I love you! I love you master! NO! NOOOAARRRGGHHH!

The girlТs screams as the drill began to screw her cunt could have woken the dead


Meghan was suffering like sheТd never suffered before. SheТd screamed as her cunt was ripped open by the factory workers thick cock, the burning tearing pain ripping through her body. SheТd begged and pleaded when he forced his cock up her ass and fucked her so hard that she shat blood for a week. Yet all of it paled in comparison to her current situation.

Thick leather cables were cinched around her belly and crotch, attached to a pulley that was pulling it so tight that it felt like it would split her pussy open at any moment. Another pulley was pulling on the vicious steel clip that was crushing her nipple between its teeth. Her entire body was shaking with agony.

So how does it feel cunt? IТm really surprised your nip is still attached! Tyler laughed, plucking the string like a guitar player

Please Meghan whispered, too afraid to speak any louder in case it would shake the pulleys and cause her even more pain.

Please what darling? Tyler smiled, gently stroking her tear stained face.

Please...take the clip off. Meghan begged.

Tyler began plucking the pulleyТs rope even harder.

Meghan screamed.


Come on honey, gimme a kiss! Peter moaned in AnneТs ear.

Anne leaned her head back and ran her smooth pink tongue into PeterТs mouth, the taste of alcohol and tobacco making her gag. After a month with these horrific men though sheТd become an expert at suppressing the urge to vomit.

AnneТs body was covered in bruises, welts, cuts and scrapes. Most of the men had grown tired of her now, her broken spirit and loose, sloppy cunt meant she was used as a fuckslave for the new hires. Every worker with less than five years experience had to use Anne for their whore, and they used her plenty.

Yeah, you kiss real good, honey. Peter moaned, thrusting his cock up into her ass and reaching around to finger her red, sore clit. YouТre the best whore IТve ever had!

Poor broken and hopeless Anne began sobbing, thinking of the happy life she would never get to live. She was just a whore now. Her life would only be filled with dicks, semen and pain

It was useless to try and suppress the feelings she was having now. Stripped of all her clothes and bound bent over and exposed, she was reliving every second of what had happened to her as a teenager. Her mind raced back to the beatings she received as a young girl from her daddy. The workers had used a different instrument to inflict pain, wire, but she was instantly transported back to her bedroom and her daddy’s belt biting into her soft firm flesh.

“When I get through banging you baby, my friend here has a leather strap that was made for your ass bitch, and if you don’t make all the nice noises we want, some nipple torture should loosen up that tongue”.


How could she have been so foolish? All she wanted directions and now she was being subjected to the most vile forms of degradation.

The workers had seen her before and would not pass up this chance to satisfy their desires. She was alone and helpless and the knife that had cut off her bra was slowly caressing her smooth white stomach on its way down to her panties. She closed her eyes and emitted a low moaning scream.

“Now you be a good daddy’s girl for us honey and suck our cocks or next time you get to watch your teen daughter get her holes stretched”


She had followed the instructions on the note to the letter. Be at this address at the time specified and dress in all black lingerie with the high heel boots that had been provided.

She had no way of knowing the degrading acts that were waiting to be perpetrated on her once she was inside. She was to be the main treat tonight, a night that would send her down the path to complete submission to her desires.

“Hold still cunt. Tonight you get to pay off you hubbies debt and we’re taking our payment in ass sweet thing and just so you know, this is only the first installment, so we’ll be back”.

Sarah began slowly moving her head up and down, each plunge taking more and more of his swollen cock into her throat. Her tormentor began thrusting his hips up to meet the captives bobbing head. He pulled her hair to raise her face to him so he could see her full lips surround his hard manhood.

His grip tightened on her hair as he jerked the helpless sluts head up and down harder and harder...

“Open your mouth slut. Daddy needs his cock worshipped tonight and make it last this time or I’ll have to take the rod to your ass again”.


When John had informed her that a couple of his friends were coming over for beers she thought nothing of it. That is until she realized that she was the evening’s entertainment.

The drunken men had stripped her naked and strapped her firm young ass down over a bench and were now penetrating her from the front and back. She had been double teamed before but it had been her choice then. This time was different.

“When I get through fucking your ass bitch you’re sucking my cock clean and if I’m not satisfied I’m going to beat you until I can’t swing the whip anymore”.


Naked and shaking she could feel the hot liquid from the man’s balls dripping down her face and running into her mouth. She had already drained his cock once and she thought that would be the end of it but now she realized that the beating and humiliation were just the beginning.

One of her tormentors pulled a knife and pressed it against her smooth white throat as he grabbed a handful of her long black hair and roughly jerked her head back.

“Listen you fucking bitch”, the man with knife said, “when we’re through with you baby doll you’re gonna wish you were never born, and if you breathe a word of this to anybody, well let’s just say that we know where your daughter goes to school”.

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

A Slave's Story
by Castor. All rights reserved.

Chapter 1

"Move it slave!" Susan could not believe what was happening to her as she felt her leash pulled hard and felt the sting of a riding crop across her ass cheeks. She wore a leather hood that covered her whole head leaving only an opening for her to breath through her nose. Her eyes were covered, leaving her only to guess that she was being led down a long corridor. A gag shaped like a penis with a small hole drilled lengthwise that allowed some of her breath to escape, was fasted into her mouth so far back that it almost made her gag. Her hands were cuffed from behind her back and attached painfully to a leather collar at her neck. Other than the hood, collar and cuffs she was naked, her pubic patch being the only indication that she was a natural blond. Her well proportioned 36 b tits jiggled and bounced and her muscular ass cheeks rippled as her bare feet plodded along on the cold floor. She had been told she was being led to a punishment chamber to start her training as a sex slave. She could not believe what was happening to her! She thought this type of thing only happens in the fantasies of little dicked perverts who trade their stories on the internet!

How could she have been so stupid to end up in this situation?, she wondered. It was only a few days ago she was an average 22 year old college student at a major state university. She had just one semester to go before she would have graduated with a degree in psychology and then move on to graduate school. Her dreams had come to an abrupt end that day when she was running late for an evening class.

In an attempt to cut down on the number of students commuting to class by car, university officials had closed down parking lots that were close to campus, and the few that remained were located on the outskirts of campus near the agricultural fields. By the time Susan arrived on campus all the good parking spaces had been taken. She parked her car near the outer edge of the parking lot. Little did she know she was being watched, as she hurried off to class in her sexy tight grey skirt and white top, her shoulder length blond hair bouncing over her backpack as she trotted towards campus in her platform heeled sandals.

It was a boring Wednesday night class as usual but to maintain her 3.5 average she felt she had to make it to every class. As usual, the class let out a half hour early so she hurried back to her car just as it was starting to get dark. She did not pay much attention to her surroundings because her mind was on the weekend. She had been asked out on a date by a cute psychology graduate student, and she could not wait for Friday to come. She did not notice the white van with the sliding side door that had parked next to her car. She came up in between her car and the van and as she fumbled in her backpack for her keys, a man wearing a ski mask came around the back side of the van, grabbing her from behind and touching a stun gun to her side. Susan did not have time to react when she felt the sudden pain of the current from the stun gun. She collapsed as her muscles began to twitch and spasm uselessly. Susan had worked out regularly with tai-bo and would have been able to fend off an attacker had it not been for the stun gun. She was totally helpless, unable to move her arms, legs or even scream. The man quickly slid open the side door of the van and pulled the 5' 6'' 120 lb woman inside the van. He proceeded to wrap her arms behind her back with duct tape after taping her mouth closed. He then wrapped up her ankles and then placed her in a large trunk and padlocked it closed.

Susan was fully conscious but totally helpless during the one hour ride that followed. She was unable to make more than a grunting sound and the duct tape held her wrists and ankles together so all she could do was wiggle her body inside the trunk. After what seemed an eternity the van came to a stop and she heard the doors open and felt the trunk being lifted and then placed on a cart and rolled to an unknown destination. Finally the cart came to a rest and the trunk was opened. The ski- masked man grabbed susan by the hair and pulled her out of the trunk onto the floor. Susan fought back as best she could by trashing wildly about but the man was able to pin her down and pull up her skirt. She felt the prick of a needle as the masked man injected a sedative into her behind. Susan still trashed about for a few minutes but began to slow down as she began to feel sleepy. Soon she was unable to fight anymore and the darkness closed in.

When Susan awoke she found that her hands and feet were unbound but she was locked in a small cage about 2 feet by two feet and four feet tall allowing her enough room to sit up inside but not to stand. The bars of the cage were far enough apart the she could put her hand outside the cage to test the door, which she found to be padlocked. The cage was hanging from the ceiling and swung gently as she moved her position within the cage to keep her circulation flowing. She was still fully clothed although somewhat disheveled. Susan had no idea how long she had been in the cage but she did know that she had to pee. She looked around the room but saw nothing other than a door. Above the door was a video camera pointed at her and the red light on the front indicated that it was running. Above the video camera was a small light bulb, hanging from a cord, the only source of light in the room. The room was small, about ten feet by ten feet, and appeared to be in a basement of some sort, the walls being made of old cinder block masonry. After assessing the hopelessness of the situation she was in, Susan began to cry, her sobs were only absorbed by the cinder block walls around her and whoever was on the other side of the video camera.

Several hours had passed when Susan heard the clanking sound of locks being opened and the door swung open. Susan saw the outline of a man, about six feet tall with a muscular build, step into the room. The man was totally naked except for a leather hood that hid the upper porion of his face revealing only a strong jaw line. In one hand he carried a long odd looking rod, and in the other hand he carried a riding crop. Susan guessed correctly that this was the same man that had abducted her in the parking lot. The man let the door slam shut behind him and approached the terrified girl in the hanging cage. Susan was so scared that she released her bladder, letting a yellow stream pour out onto the floor. The man became enraged and yelled "how dare you piss without permission Slave!" as he slid the rod through the bars of the cage, touching Susan's side. She screamed as the jolt of electricity sent pain flowing from her rib cage to her brain. "Stop it, let me go" she screamed, earning her another jolt from the rod. She felt sick to her stomach and crouched down into the cage sobbing with her arms holding her stomach.

"You will learn to speak only when you have permission, slave" the man said as he casually leaned against the wall. Susan wanted to scream again and ask why this man was doing this to her but the rod was still pointing at her from the man's hand. The man then said "I have inspected your belongings and found your wallet Susan Hoffman". "From this point on Susan Hoffman does not exist. Your name is slave until we give you our own name". " You will refer to yourself as the slave girl" The man moved close to the bars of the cage and the slave girl stared into the dark brown eyes coming from behind the mask. "You will call me Master" he yelled, causing the slave girl to jump. "You are now no more than an animal to us" the man continued. "You will remain here until you become the perfect slave girl, at which time you will be sold to one of my many clients around the world. You will fetch a good price as the highest priced slave girls are between 25 to 30 years old. That leaves you with at least 3 to 8 years of training." The slave girl trembled at the thought of three years at the hands of this man!. The master walked up to the cage and poked the slave girl under her skirt with the riding crop. "you will be trained as a sex slave" he stated matter-of-factley. " Your pussy will be fucked many times a day by many different people and with many different objects, but not as much as both ends of your digestive tract" as he nudged the crop against her asshole. This comment made the slave girl's big blue eyes widen. "You will perform any act that is asked of you, no matter how degrading or humiliating that act is. You will do this without resistance because if you do not obey then you will be punished by some form of torture. Sometimes you will be tortured just for the pleasure of your Masters, and there will be nothing you can do about it. But, when asked to do an act, full obedience is your best strategy as you will not be tortured much if you complete the task. If you refuse you will be tortured and you will still perform the original act. Torture will be concentrated on your sex parts and will be both painful and humiliating. So you have no choice except full obedience". The slave girl quietly sobbed in her cage as she listened to these terrifying words.

The Master then said "You have already earned yourself 30 days of punishment for pissing without permission. During each day of that punishment, total obedience must be accomplished or another day will be added to your sentence. During your training you will learn to fuck with your pussy, fuck with your asshole, suck with your mouth, serve as you master's toilet, and fuck numerous animals. You will also learn to eat your Mistresses' pussy and basically cater to every whim and desire of your betters. You must ask permission of your Master or Mistress to piss or shit. If you piss or shit without permission you will suffer the consequences. You will now take off all your clothes and drop them onto the floor from your cage, that is an order from your Master! I will check back with you via the video camera in 15 minutes. If you are not totally naked by then every minute you disobey will equal one day of extreme torture for you. Good - bye slave girl". The man then turned and walked out the door and the slave girl heard the clanking of locks after the door shut.

The slave girl sat in her cage, her tears were almost gone as she sat thinking about what the Master had just said. She felt so alone as she slipped off her shoes and let them drop to the floor. The words "total obedience" echoed in her head as she slipped the pee stained skirt from her hips and let them fall through the bars of the cage. The thought of someone torturing her sex parts while she was totally helpless overcame her as she pulled off the top and let it fall to the ground. That was as far as she could go. The door to the cell opened 45 minutes later and the master informed her she would now spend 60 days in the torture chamber for disobeying her Master's order. He also told her that she would get no food or water until she was completely naked. In reality it had been almost 36 hours since her capture and she was already hungry and thirsty. She began to undo her bra and as she let it fall revealing her pert white breasts, she realized that they were trying to make her submit to her situation by having her surrender her clothes. A defiant streak overcame her and she refused to remove her pee stained panties.

Her defiance only lasted another 12 hours before she became so thirsty she was willing to do anything for a drink of water. She had removed her panties two hours before, and now she was totally naked inside the hanging cage. The door to the cell opened and the Master walked in. "Please give me some water" , the slave girl managed to say through her parched lips. The Master laughed and said "ask me like a good slave girl" The slave girl thought for a moment and then said " please give the slave girl some water". The master produced a pitcher of an orange colored liquid. He poured it into a glass with a straw and held it up to the slave girl's cage. The slave girl greedily drank down the orange flavored liquid. The Master then said "would the slave girl like some more". To which she responded "please Master the slave girl would like some more". The master then proceeded to pour four more glasses of the orange flavored liquid that in reality was an overnight fiber laxative. The Master then asked "would the slave girl like some thing to eat? The slave girl responded "please Master the slave girl is very hungry" The master then stepped out of the room returning with a metal bowl that was meant to feed dogs. "This is the slave girl's food bowl" the Master said. The slave girl will eat anything that is in her food bowl. Is that understood"? "Yes Master " the slave girl responded. The bowl contained oatmeal and prunes, which the slave girl devoured in 5 minutes. She was then left alone in her hanging cage for another 12 hours.

The door to the slave girl's cell flew open, and the Master approached the cage and placed a set of handcuffs on the slave before she was totally awake. A hose was brought into the cell and cold water was sprayed over the slave girl, the shock giving her goose bumps over her whole body. She was then pulled from the cage and forced to stand while a wide leather collar was placed around her neck and locked with a padlock. As she stiffly straitened up from her cramped quarters she felt her bowels gurgling and realized that she had to take a dump. Her cuffed hands were attached to the leather collar and pulled painfully close to her neck . As she stood there the Master explained that the collar she wore had a smaller version of the stun gun embedded in the collar and that it could be set off at any time the Master wanted to by pressing a remote control button. The master then informed her that she would spend a minimum of the next two years in the punishment chamber if she displayed good behavior. She would now start her training as a sex slave. A leather hood was placed over her head and locked into place with a pad lock. "Please don't hurt me" the slave girl said. "Silence" the Master yelled as he brought the riding crop slashing down across the slave girl's ass. The force and the pain caused the slave girl to scream. "you will now be gagged" said the Master as he produced a gag shaped like a penis. He showed the gag to the slave girl whose blue eyes peered through the leather hood. " It is adjustable" said the master as he fasted the gag around the slave girl's head and fastened it into place. He then was able to push the artificial penis into the slave girl's mouth until she began to gag. "Now you can see why it is called a penis gag" the Master laughed. "Soon you will be able to take a cock or a dildo all the way down your throat as part of your training. Sucking cock will become second nature to you. Consider this the first step to achieving that goal. " He pulled the gag back out only a few centimeters and then fastened it into place.

The slave girl realized that her situation was hopeless and that she would have to minimize her discomfort by playing along with the Master. The Master then applied a leather blindfold to the hood leaving the slave girl in total darkness. A leash was attached to her collar and with another slash across her naked bottom she was ordered to follow the Master to the punishment room. She obediently followed the Master down what seemed like a hallway until she heard the clanking of locks and a door opening . She was led in by a sharp tug on her leash.

Chapter 2

The slave girl could not see anything inside of the room due to the leather blindfold but she was pulled by her leash until she felt a table of some sort touch her just above her knees. She then heard the master behind her order her up onto the table. As she climbed up on the table she felt the strong hands of the Master help her by lifting her feet. The table was about two and a half feet high and three feet long. At each end were a set of stocks. The Master grasped the slave girls head and placed it between two wooden stocks. She then heard the snap of a padlock as the Master made sure her head would remain there until he decided to release her. At the other end of the table was another set of stocks with two small holes close together near the center and two more holes, one on each opposite end. The Master released the slave girl's cuffed hands from her collar and pulled them under her body, re-cuffed them and set them in the stocks at the foot of the table. He then took each of the slave girls feet and placed them in the outer holes of the stocks. The Master chuckled as he locked the stocks into place. This left the slave girl in the most undignified, uncomfortable and humiliating position with her big white ass perched and spread helplessly on top of the wooden stocks, exposing her pussy and her winking nether eye. She was unable to move, see or speak and she had to clench her asshole shut because she had to take a shit and it was getting urgent. She shook and made small grunting sounds both in anger and frustration because she was unable to even ask the Master for permission to defecate.

Through the leather hood she heard the Master say " you will get 50 lashes with the leather strap. You will get 50 lashes every day during your training. Today it will be concentrated on that fat ass of yours but other days we will whip and spank your tits and your cunt and use a variety of instruments like the bullwhip, cat of nine tails, riding crops, leather studded paddles etc. " The Master then said "let's begin your training" with that he lashed out with all his strength, bringing the leather strap down across the slave's ass with a sickening thud. The pain caused the slave girl to exhale into her gag making a grunting sound and forcing a strand of mucus to fly out of her nose. By the twentieth lash the slave girl had broken out in a cold sweat and her skin appeared pale except for the black and blue marks on her bottom. At some point between the thirtieth and the fiftieth stroke the slave girl had released her anal sphincter and with a loud farting noise the contents of her rectum were expelled. The Master had expected this and had placed her doggy food bowl beneath her tortured ass. Two long turds and a couple of small ones fell into the bowl as the ass beating continued.

When the beating subsided the slave girl was sobbing into her penis gag. She had never been so humiliated in her life and she had just shit without permission while being beaten and totally helpless. The Master removed the slave girl's blindfold and placed her food bowl under her head. The slave girl's nostrils flared at the smell of the contents and tears fell from her eyes mixing with the contents of the bowl. She heard the Master say " remember that the slave girl eats everything in her food bowl". The Master laughed as he removed the penis gag from the slave girl's mouth. The slave girl's jaw ached from the gag but she managed to say "please don't make me do that" The Master raised the leather strap and brought it down hard across the slave's ass with a "Thwack". "Pleeease!" the slave girl screamed "Thwack" "Thwack" "Thwack" the sound of leather against flesh and the screams of a slave girl filled the chamber. The slave girls stomach was turning as she thought about the task ahead of her and smelled the contents of her food bowl. The Master had walked across the chamber and now returned with something in his hands. "I think the slave girl needs some more incentive" the Master said as he revealed a one quart enema bag attached to a long hose with a small butt plug and a closing valve on the end. The Master then pushed the butt plug into the slave's anus without the convenience of a lubricant. The slave girl screamed with pain as the outer ring of her asshole clamped around the plug. The Master then detached the bag and walked across the chamber to a faucet in the wall and filled the bag up halfway with cold water. He then produced a bottle of vodka and filled the rest of the bag with the clear fluid. He attached the bag to the hose and opened the valve. The slave girl grunted and squealed as the cold enema entered her intestines. Again she felt the urge to shit out the contents of her bowels but the Master closed off the valve near where the hose entered the butt plug. "Arrrghh" gurgled the slave girl as the Master announced that she would be able to release as soon as she ate the contents of her food bowl. She already was feeling cramps and her skin was crawling with goose bumps. The Master unlocked the slave girl's head from the stocks and folded them down, placing the food bowl under her face allowing her to move her head enough to accomplish the revolting task ahead of her. "Pleease" the slave girl pleaded and with that the Master announced "looks like another quart is needed" as he proceeded to refill the bag, this time with only water and attach it to the hose. When the bag was empty the Master closed off the valve and the slave girl cried and sobbed as she took a bite of one of the turds in her bowl.

The slave girl took several bites of the turds and forced herself to swallow each one. With each swallow she suppressed the urge to vomit. After several more swallows she could not hold back and she puked her stomach contents into her food bowl. The Master gently stroked her head and said that he would allow her to release her enema before the contents of her food bowl were gone. The slave girl thanked the Master as her brutally pulled the plug from her anus and she emptied the contents of her guts into a bucket. Her hands and ankles were still enclosed in the wooden stocks when the Master announced that he needed to be serviced. The Master moved to the other side of the room and returned with a bottle of lubricant. He applied a generous amount to his fingers and then approached the hapless slave girl in the stocks with her bottom thrust up in the air.

The slave girl's head began to spin from her alcohol enema, as the Master put his finger up to her asshole an slipped it inside. The Master watched as the wrinkles smoothed out around the little hole and began to grasp his finger. The slave girl responded with "eeeeh" prompting the Master to insert another finger. "Arrrrgh" came the sound from the slave girl. The Master then lubricated his cock and placed it at the entrance, formerly exit, of the slave girls bowels. With a push from the Master and a scream from the slave girl the Master's cock slid into the asshole. The Master pushed and the cock slid inside up to the hilt. The slave girl's former exit had now become an entrance and was stretched around the shaft of her Master's cock. He then began pumping in and out, slowly picking up speed until he was pounding the slave girl in the ass. She had only had sex with three men before now and it was always in her pussy . Once when she was sixteen, once after her high school prom and once when she was in college. She had never been fucked in the ass before and had always considered her asshole off limits to her boy friends. Now the Master was raping her up the ass and there was nothing she could do about it. It felt worse than shitting in reverse. Her asshole was stretching with every hard stroke and the food bowl was still inches away from her face and it smelled terrible. She was feeling used and humiliated as the Master shot his hot load of sperm into her intestines.

The Master laughed out load as he announced to the slave girl " you will now meet your trainer". He walked to the left and the slave girl noticed for the first time there was a door there. The Master unlocked and opened the door and out crawled a beautiful Asian woman who was also totally naked. The woman placed her head on the ground with her ass in the air in a subservient position. "I have named this slave girl Pun-Tang but you will call her Mistress. She will show you by example and also teach you to be an obedient slave girl. She will be in charge and administer most of the punishment you will receive during your training. If you should slip up by disobeying me , I will hold her responsible and both of you will get equal punishment from me. Your Mistress will then determine your personal punishment". "Pun -Tang greet your Master". With that command the Asian slave girl crawled towards the Master as he turned around and bent over slightly. The asian slave girl reached up and spread the Master's ass cheeks and buried her tongue in the Master' s asshole as if she was french kissing. After several minutes the Master announced "Pun Tang will finish the task of the slave girl" and he then placed the food bowl on the floor. The asian slave gazed up at the blond slave with a look of hatred in her brown eyes before she turned on her knees, and with her ass high in the air, began to lap up the contents of the food bowl.

Chapter 3

The blond slave girl's head spun from the alcohol enema as she watched with horror as the asian slave swallowed the contents of the bowl. The asian slave raised her head with one of the long turds in her mouth and glared again at the blond slave girl as she tilted her head up and swallowed it whole. The blond slave noticed that the Asian girl also wore a collar with some sort of capacitor at the base of her neck . Pun-Tang appeared to be in her early thirties, about 5'1'' with a petite frame characteristic of asain women. Her long straight hair hung down and now had pieces of vomit dangling near the ends. She had some scars on her ass cheeks and her small, but well proportioned tits, but no obvious wounds that were recent. Her pubic patch had been removed and she wore two gold rings in her pierced nipples.

The Master explained, as the asian slave foraged, that Pun -Tang was one of the first slave girls the Master had trained. The Master had owned her for almost ten years and she was very obedient. She had been taken from a local junior college in a similar way as the blond slave girl. The only difference was he used chloroform on a handkerchief instead of the stun gun. She was very easy to train but the Master was unable to sell her at a high price. I seems that asian slave girls from southeast Asia had flooded the market driving the price of asian slaves down world wide, even American born slaves like Pun-Tang . The only offer the Master received was for $10,000 from a producer of snuff films. The Master felt that would be a waste of a well trained and beautiful slave girl, so he decided to keep her to help with his small business. Pun -Tang turned out to be a very cruel trainer and the Master kept up her ferocity with small incentives. Her slave pen behind the door was larger than the small cages the trainees were kept in, just big enough for a comfortable full size bed. She was allowed to eat her choice of food and each day after her 12 hour training session with the new slave girls, she was allowed to have her trainees service her in her pen. She also had her own toilet in her pen and was allowed to use it during her 12 hours off. Even though she herself was obedient, she was still severely punished when her trainees disobeyed the Master, only she did not let this happen often.

When Pun-Tang had finished her task, licking the bowl clean, the Master ordered her to clean herself up. Letting out a small belch, she crawled to the far side of the room and sprayed herself down and rinsed her mouth out with the hose that was attached to the faucet. The Master then announced "I will now leave you two to get acquainted with each other". The Master walked out of the chamber chuckling to himself. He thought back to the beginning of his slave training operation about 10 years before. He had been a construction worker and had been through a full cycle of good times and bad. When the building industry was booming he was able to save up and purchase some land about 45 minutes from the city. The property was isolated at the end of a long dirt road and was surrounded by forest service land. What intrigued him the most about the property was the abandoned mine. He had no idea what had been mined, but the resulting adit was long and narrow and opened up into numerous wide "rooms".

He remembered that fateful day when he was working on a building project that was owned by some middle eastern prince. As he was taking a break the prince's limousine pulled up and the prince got out to survey the progress of the construction. He saw the prince walk away leaving the chauffeur with the limo. As they stood there in the heat a beautiful Hispanic woman walked past wearing a short skirt and high heels clicking on the sidewalk. Both men turned and watched her pass. She clicked down the walkway in between the bordered up sidewalk next to the project. The chauffeur commented with a thick accent "the prince would pay a high price for a harem slave like her". The construction worker commented "she would be easy to grab because she walks by here every day at the same time, her routine is like clockwork" "Ahh" said the chauffeur "but the prince would only purchase an obedient slave" The construction worker asked "what if someone could train her to be obedient, how much would the prince pay" The chauffeur responded "between $50,000 and $100,000 depending on her looks and her level of obedience" "How do you know that" the construction worker asked. "Because aside from driving I make all the purchases for the prince and his royal family's harem" the other man said with a grin. The construction worker went home that night thinking and dreaming. He had placed a mobile home on his property just in front of the mine so the entrance was no longer visible. He thought about the possibilities $100,000 was more than he could ever make in a year.

He had begun to "borrow" construction materials from the building sites and with a little work with a rented backhoe he was able to construct a cinder block corridor dow the horizontal adit of the mine to a block house in one of the cavernous openings. He could walk out the back door of the Mobile home and down the long corridor to the block chamber. He purchased some equipment like a small dog cage from a pet store along with a food bowl, a collar and a leash. He also purchased a hand gun at a gun show. That gun had been the easiest piece of equipment to acquire, since there were no background checks and they would sell guns to anyone. He then began to plan out an abduction. At first he was not sure he could do it but as the days went by and the woman appeared regularly at the site 1:30, when there were not many people around since most took their lunch break at the noon hour and also tried to avoid the construction mess. He began to get up his nerve. Finally his chance came.

That day it had started to rain heavily, halting almost all construction work due to weather. He parked his covered pickup truck at the end of the walkway and waited. Just like clock work the woman trotted up under plywood over head to escape the rain. He pulled the small hand gun from his pocket and walked up behind her and grabbed her with his hand over her mouth. He showed her the gun and she stopped struggling enough for him to push her into the back of his truck. It wasn't until then that she began to scream so he grabbed her by the hair and stuck her face down into a jacket on the bed of the truck. He then took duct tape and wound it round and round over her mouth and eyes leaving only her nose exposed. He then secured her arms behind her back and her feet and legs at the ankles and knees. He glanced at his watch, not more than five minutes had passed as he jumped out, closed the back of the truck, and drove away. He had captured the first of many slaves to train. That particular slave brought him $75,000 when he approached the chauffer on the next inspection almost one year later, when the building project was almost complete.

As the Master walked down the corridor he shook his head saying "sloppy , I can't believe no one saw that first one and I didn't get caught" He opened the door to his house and sat down in the living room fixed himself a drink and flipped on video of the new slave's training session that was currently being recorded. He picked up a remote control and aimed it at a box on the other side of the room. The door on the box opened and another naked blond slave girl crawled out. Her hands were handcuffed in the front and her ankles were also handcuffed together. The Master said "my cock needs sucking" and the slave girl said "yes Master" as she crawled to him, skillfully opened his pants with her mouth and set to work. The master laughed while he watched the screen while getting his pole smoked "those arabs are so silly wanting trained slaves, the best part is the breaking and training of the slave girls!" he thought.

Pun-Tang stood up and grabbed a vicious looking braided leather whip from the wall beside her. "What is you name?" she screamed as she lashed the whip across the blond slave's already black and blue derriere. "Aarrghgh! it is slave girl" the blond slave managed to choke out. Another blow slashed her across the back as Pun -Tang yelled " You will address me as Mistress Tang! Now what is you name?" "Mmy nname is slave girl Mmistress Tang" the slave girl whimpered. "How dare you force me to eat your shit!" screamed the Mistress as another lash cracked down on the slave girl's ass. The slave girl screamed and then meekly said "I'm sorry I couldn't help it Mistress Tang ". The Mistress stood in front of the slave girl with the whip raised above her head. "Will it ever happen again?" the Mistress said in a taunting manner. "No" the slave girl said just seconds before the mistress brought the whip down along the crack of the slave girls upturned ass. " No what!!" screamed the Mistress. "No it won't happen again Mistress Tang" the slave girl sobbed. "Lets make sure that it won't anytime soon" the Mistress said as she pulled a medium sized butt plug from the wall to her left. She walked to the front of the helpless slave girl and placed it into her mouth. "Get this butt plug nice and wet because that is all the lubrication you will get" the Mistress said as she shoved the plug into the slave girls mouth stretching her jaws while the pointed end of the plug went so far back it made her gag. " Well I see that we will have to work on that gag reflex when you start your first day of training all over again tomorrow".

The Mistress then walked in back of the slave girl and placed the butt plug against her already stretched out and sore poop chute. With a twist of her wrist she brutally forced the plug all the way past the slavegirl's sphincter, almost causing the slave girl to pass out from the pain. The Mistress then attached a leather belt that went around the slavegirl's waist and a small chain that passed between her legs holding the butt plug securely in place. "There, that should keep you potty trained" the Mistress taunted. "Now lets get you ready for nite-nite". The Mistress moved to the other side of the room and returned with a set of barber shears. "The buyers tend to like slave girls with blond hair the best" said the Mistress with a touch of jealousy in her voice. "But I don't" and with that she began to shear off the slavegirl's long blond hair. The slavegirl cried as the last of her golden locks hit the floor.

The Mistress returned with a bowl of water and a razor and proceeded to shave the slave girls head until she was totally bald. The Mistress then held up a mirror and as the slave girl saw her tear streaked image she softly said "oh my god". The slavegirl's face was very attractive and the lack of hair did not detract from that beauty but the slave girl still felt totally degraded as she hung head and cried. "Feel lucky you get to keep your blond badge between your legs, the Master removes pubic hair from any other slave, even blonds with dark pubic hair". The Mistress picked up the leather hood and stated " don't worry, by the time this hood comes off again most of your hair will have grown back". Before pulling the hood over the slavegirl's head the mistress placed a set of earphones over the slave's ears. The Mistress then placed the leather blind fold tightly over the slavegirl's eyes and locked everything into place.

The slave girl was then released from the stocks that held her hands and feet, she was forced to stand up, which was difficult due to her stiff limbs and the butt plug impaling her ass. Her hands were re-cuffed behind her back and she was led across the room to a small cage. She could not see that it was smaller than the first cage, only 3 feet long 3 feet wide and 2 feet high. She was forced to enter the cage head first leaving her in a very uncomfortable position, all balled up on her knees.

The Mistress had to push the door to the cage hard against the slave's ass to close and lock the cage. "Can you hear me slave?" the mistress asked. "Yes Mistress Tang" the slave girl responded. " Good, then you will repeat after me and repeat the exact words I say is that understood?" "Yes Mistress Tang". The Mistress took a small cassette tape recorder and put it up to the slave's mouth. "Now repeat after me" the Mistress said. " I am a Slave girl" the Mistress hit the record button as the slave repeated the phrase. " I will do anything anyone tells me to do, even other slaves". " I will be a sex slave for the rest of my life" " The slave girl will surrender the slave girl's asshole to any one who wants it". " The slave girl will surrender her pussy to anyone who wants it". "The slave girl will surrender her mouth and tongue to anyone who wants it". "The slave girl will take a cock all the way down her throat when giving head". "The slave girl will be executed if the Master or Mistress feels teeth while being serviced by the slave girl". "The slave girl will eat any bodily secretion she is asked to eat". "The slave girl will serve as toilet slave for anyone who asks". "The slave girl will be whipped and beaten if she does not preform any act asked of her". "The slave girl will eat anything in her food bowl". "The slave girl will fuck animals and enjoy it". "The slave girl will preform all acts with enthusiasm or the slave will be punished". The Mistress then hit the repeat play button and attached the recorder to the earphones inside the slave girl's hood. Before she turned on the recorder she announce to the slave girl "We found this mace canister in your backpack and we would like to see if it works" The Mistress turned on the tape recorder and as she walked a few feet away aimed a stream of mace that hit the slave girl in the cunt. The slave girl screamed in pain as her cunt felt like it was on fire. As the Mistress walked towards the door of her pen she could hear the slave girl squealing and shaking the cage. "Goodnight slave and sweet dreams" the Mistress said as she entered her pen and closed the door.

Chapter 4

The slave girl woke up suddenly as the stream of cold water hit her pussy. At least it was soothing as she shivered in her cage. All night long her pussy had felt like it was on fire. The Mistress began to spray her in the face making it difficult for her to breath. "Good morning slave girl! did you sleep well?" the Mistress said as she detached the recorder from the head phones. "Yes Mistress" replied the slave girl even though nothing could have been farther from the truth. Her pussy had burned from the mace for many hours before she had finally passed out from pain and exhaustion. She also had to listen to her own voice over and over again telling her what was in store for her future. The door to her cage swung open and the Mistress order her to get out. She was so stiff that she could barely back out of the tiny cage, but she somehow managed after several swats with a riding crop.

The blindfolded, hooded slave girl crouched on the floor with her wrists still cuffed behind her back. "You will now lick my pussy slave" the Mistress said as she sat on top of the small cage and spread legs revealing her hairless twat. The slave girl trembled when she heard those words. She felt repulsed by the thought of being forced into pleasuring another woman, but a sharp crack of the riding crop and the sharp pain across her butt cheeks convinced her she had no choice. She felt the Mistress position her head by pulling the the ring in the top of her hood. She stuck out her tongue and slowly began licking her Mistress's pussy up and down her slit. "Get that tongue inside!" the Mistress yelled and followed through with three quick lashes with the crop. The slave girl's scream was muffled in the Mistress's crotch as she stuck her tongue up inside the warm wet hole.

The slave girl's tongue moved in and out, up and down, and side to side as the Mistress began to quiver and the slave girl lapped up her discharge. After what seemed like hours and several orgasms later, the Mistress stated matter of factly "I hope you are hungry slave, because I have to take a shit" "You can begin by learning how to greet your Mistress!" Slowly the Mistress positioned herself and then pulled the slave's head towards her asshole. The defeated slave girl knew she had no other options. As she had seen the Mistress greet the Master the day before, the slave slowly stuck out her tongue and licked it up and down until it found the Mistress's asshole. She began to slide her tongue around the rim until she felt the Mistress's riding crop snap down across her back. "Get that tongue inside" screamed the Mistress. With a sigh of despair the slave girl pushed her tongue inside past the tight anal ring. She was greeted by a repulsive taste but she did not want to feel the lash again. She began wiggling her tongue after it had been extended as far as she could go.

After several minutes the slave girl felt the ass muscles of the Mistress contract and something touched the tip of her tongue and began pushing in and opposite direction. She knew what she had to do and feeling utterly degraded she eased back her tongue and opened her mouth. The long turd squirted halfway down the slave's throat as the Mistress's asshole pinched off the other end leaving the slave girl with a turd halfway out of her mouth. "Don't you dare let it fall" the slave heard her Mistress say. As she had observed her Mistress on the previous day, the slave tilted her head up and, fighting the urge to vomit, let the turd slide down her throat. "Not bad slave, but now I have to pee" the Mistress stated, positioning her pee hole over the slave's upturned mouth. Soon the warm acrid taste of urine filled her mouth and she frantically gulped down mouthful after mouthful until finally the Mistress had emptied her bladder. The slave's stomach was churning and she fought down the heaves as the Mistress directed the hose at her mouth and face to rinse off any excrement that may have spilled. The slave drank some of the water and that seemed to settle her stomach. "Don't worry slave it will get easier as you become more used to your morning routine. Did you enjoy your breakfast?" taunted the Mistress. "Yes, Thank you, Mistress Tang" the humiliated slave responded.

"Now let's start with your 50 lashes" The slave heard the Mistress say as she felt cuffs being put on her ankles. Soon she heard the clicking of a winch as her feet were being pulled upwards until she was hanging upside down. Still blindfolded and butt plugged she was unable to see that the Mistress had placed a barrel under her head and was now filling it with water. "I wish I had tits as big as yours" the Mistress said giving the slave girl's nipple a twist and eliciting a shriek from the slave girl. "Since your butt is so bruised today you will get your daily lashes on those big boobs". Tears flowed across the slave girl's hooded forehead as she realized that not only had she gotten off on the wrong foot with her Mistress by having her eat her accident, but the Mistress was also jealous of her looks and she now was going to suffer for both.

When the barrel was filled to the top the Mistress lowered the winch without warning and the slave girl found her head submerged underwater. The Mistress then gave each of the slave girl's tits five vicious strokes with the crop before cranking the winch up until the slavegirl's head was coughing and sputtering above the water. The Mistress waited until the coughing subsided a little bit before plunging the slaves head under water again and applying five more stokes to the underside of each of the slave girls tits. Each stroke made the upside down tits flop up and down, shaking from both from the blow and from the slave girls struggling body . With each stroke the Mistress noticed a set of bubbles breaking the surface of the water as the slave girl's body twitched and shook in its suspension. As the slave girl's head broke out above the surface of the water she gasped for breath and let out a small scream. Her tits felt like they were on fire and she had inhaled water up her nose and into her lungs making her cough and sputter. She felt now she had to concentrate or she would drown as she took in a deep breath when she felt herself being lowered again. When it was finally over the Mistress left the slave girl hanging upside down for the rest of the day with the recorder playing the tape from the night before. Periodically the mistress would approach the slave girl with a 8 inch dildo and have her lick and suck it for several minutes before it was shoved down her throat, cutting off her air for what seemed like an eternity . The fake cock was then pulled out for a few seconds allowing the slave girl to gasp several breaths before it was shoved down her throat again.

When she was finally let down all she could do was lie on the floor panting. The Mistress announced that it was time to eat and when the blindfold was removed the Mistress had three hot dogs in her hand. While the slave girl lay on the floor the Mistress shoved one of the hot dogs up her asshole. Positioning herself over the slave girl's head she let the slave girl eat the hot dog as she expelled it from her ass. This was the first real food the slave girl was able to eat in a long time and despite the humiliation of having to eat hot dogs from her Mistress's ass she enthusiastically ate all three. She was allowed to drink water from her doggie bowl which she did on all fours with her ass in the air. She was then told to position herself over the drain and then she was given permission to pee which she did without hesitation. The blind fold was reapplied and she was forced back into her small cage for the night, the recording playing into her ear phones.

Chapter 5

The next morning it was the Master that woke her up by prodding her privates with a thin bamboo cane. The slave girl could barely move as the Master pulled her from the small cage and released her hands from the cuffs behind her back. Her arms felt like they were paralyzed because they had been cuffed behind her back for almost two days. The Master roughly and without warning pulled the butt plug from her ass making her scream in agony and almost pass out. It had been inside her for so long it did not feel normal to now have it out. "Now you will lick the plug clean" the Master said as he placed the plug under the slave girl's nose. The smell was overpowering and the very tip was stained brown. The slave girl had no other choice than to lick the stained plug clean. "The slave girl may piss and shit" the Master announced as touched the slave girls ass with a bed pan. Under the slave girl's hood she had turned beet red with embarrassment because she knew the Master was watching as she farted loudly and a pile of turds slipped out of her asshole. She then released her bladder taking full advantage of the opportunity to relieve herself and fulfill her bodily functions. "Now lets clean you up, get down on all fours" the Master commanded. She obeyed as she felt a hard stream of cold water from a nozzle on the hose hit her on the asshole. She could only flush with embarrassment as she felt his hands rubbing soap over her body parts, inserting soapy fingers in her anus and vagina. She was the rinsed off with the stinging cold spray from the nozzle.

"Would the slave girl like to stretch out?" she heard her Master say. "Yes Master" said the slave girl. "Good, come this way" as she felt him click a leash to her collar and pull. She was almost dragged by the leash as the Master pulled her across the cold cement floor. She felt the Master pick her up and place her face down on a table. She them felt him attacking cuffs to her out stretched hands and ankles. "In case you have not figured it out, slave, this is the rack. You will be glad to know that this form of torture was sanctioned by the Christian church" The slave girl felt the cuffs tightening as the Master began to tighten the wheel at the head of the table. Soon she was stretched to the point where she could not move an inch. The Master said "I could continue" as he cranked the wheel another notch. "No please!!" screamed the helpless slave girl, "Its pulling my arms out". "Slavegirl's never utter the "N" word. Slave who continue to use that word are punished by having their tongue cut off". The Master gave the wheel another click and said "it must not be that bad because you have not offered to service me yet". "Please let me suck your dick Master!" screamed the slave girl. "What else?" said the Master. "Please fuck me Master" the slave girl pleaded. The Master was busy lighting a candle and heating up a nail pounded into a piece of wood that served as a handle. The nail began to glow red as the Master pulled the slave girls taut ass cheeks apart, spreading the skin between her two holes. He touched the red hot nail to the slave girl's tween, eliciting a series of loud shrieks between pleading of "nooo, please fuck me Master". The Master said " you were just told you are not allowed to use the "N" word". The Master set down the nail and asked "Where would you like me to fuck you?" as her touched her little pink puckered up anus. "In the ass Master, please fuck me in the ass!" the slave girl screamed. "If you insist" the Master taunted as he climbed up onto the table.

As the Master lubed up his dick he laughed to himself "you must be getting old having to use lubricant to fuck a slave girl's ass." There were times when he would shove his dick up a slave girl's bunghole with nothing but friction. "It just feels better this way" he thought as he spread the ass cheeks and plunged into the tight hole before him. "AAacck" screamed the slave girl as he buried his dick in her ass to the hilt. "What do you say when you are being fucked in the ass?" The Master teased. "I don't know Master" the slave choked out between grunts as the Master stroked his cock in and out. Realizing she was much too young to have seen that particular movie he was thinking about, he said "you are supposed to squee like a pig every time you get butt fucked, now let's hear it". "Squeeeeeee, Squeeeeeee, Squeeee" the slave girl said with every downstroke from the Master. "That's it, now tell your Master how much you like to get fucked in the butt pig!" order the Master. "I love getting fucked in the butt" the slave girl said between squeals. "Are you a pig!" demanded the Master. "yes Master I am a pig" she cried as tears rolled down her cheeks under the hood. " I think we have a new name for you slave" the Master said, "Butt Pig! Now what is your name slave?" "My name is Butt Pig Master" the slave girl sobbed.

"Why is your name Butt Pig?" the Master asked. "Because I am a pig and I like getting fucked in the butt" the broken slave girl replied. The Master continued to pound Butt Pig's ass for at least another 45 minutes before he spewed his jizz into the asshole. He then moved to her head which was the only part of her body that she could move and said " lick my dick and my balls clean Butt Pig!. "Yes Master" replied Butt Pig softly as she proceeded to extend her tongue.

The Master pushed a button on his remote control and the door to Pun-Tang's pen opened. Pun-Tang emerged in the door way and stepped into the room. "Have you noticed that Butt Pig our new slave girl, has trouble extending her tongue to service her Masters?" the Master asked Pun -Tang. "I have noticed that she does not lick pussy very well, not only does she not extend but she is too slow and does not flick it around enough. Should we should cut off her tongue, Master? " Pun -Tang said with a twinkle in her eyes "It would mean that I would not have to listen to her pitiful pleas anymore. Butt Pig was horrified when she heard this and immediately began licking her Master's balls faster. The Master began to get hard again and Butt Pig began licking and sliding her tongue along the shaft of the cock. "I will take a day to think about it and we will let Butt Pig here show convince us that her tongue is more useful when attached, in the meantime Butt Pig needs to get her daily lashes". The Mistress picked up a leather strap and began wailing on Butt pig's ass as the Master, now hard again, began sliding his cock in and out of Butt Pig's mouth. Her head was in a bad position to deep throat but the Master kept shoving his cock as far in as it would go. Butt pig slid and flicked her tongue over the Master's shaft, desperately trying to please him. Pun Tang had finished her fifty lashes when the Master exploded has wad into Butt Pig's mouth. Butt Pig swallowed and continued to use her tongue in an effort to convince the Master not to cut Off her tongue. "Prepare her for surgery first thing in the morning and I will decide then, tonight let Butt Pig sleep in cage number two " the Master said as he left the chamber. Butt Pig was visibly trembling now that she was alone with the Mistress.

Pun-Tang re -inserted the now clean butt plug and released Butt Pig from the rack. Butt Pig's hands where handcuffed in front of her this time. She then walked Butt Pig over to another cage. This cage was big enough for a slave to squat or kneel and had an opening for the slave's head in the top of the cage similar to a pillory. Pun-Tang opened the head stock and helped Butt Pig climb into the cage where she was forced to kneel down as Pun-Tang slid the top piece around Butt Pig's neck, trapping her head in place. She then went to a cabinet and took out a can of dog food and fed Butt Pig with a spoon until the whole can was gone. The dog food tasted bad but Butt Pig was hungry so she gulped down the disgusting meal. Pun-Tang then allowed the slave girl to drink the orange flavored laxative. "Good-night Butt Pig, sweet dreams, tomorrow's a big day" she laughed as she returned to her pen. Butt Pig cried herself to sleep thinking about what may be in store for her the following day. How could this be happening to her? How low will she be able to slide in order to survive? Did she even want to survive? Her dreams that night were not sweet.

Chapter 6

Butt Pig woke up with both the Mistress and Master poking at what once had been her privates through the bars of the cage. She could not tell how long she had been asleep because of the blindfold, however there was no way for her to tell the passage of time even if she could see, because there were no windows in the punishment room. The Master announced that she would have a few more chances to prove that her tongue was worth saving. He had set an alarm clock to go off in half an hour, she would keep her tongue if she could get the Master to ejaculate in her mouth before the alarm went off. Her blindfolded hooded head was still locked in the stock at the top of the cage so she could only use her tongue to pleasure her Master. The Master placed his semi-erect cock into Butt Pig's mouth. Butt Pig went to work sliding her tongue over the tip of the dick, down the shaft and moving it along the underside of the dick when the Master pressed forward into her mouth, repeating the process as the Master pulled out. Butt Pig slurped and sucked with all the strength she had, trying to please her Master, for what seemed like an eternity.

Butt pig had no way of knowing that the Master had just fucked another slave girl only moments before she began her frustrating task of sucking him off again. This meant that it would take longer for him to cum. Her heart sank when the alarm went off while the Master was still sliding his pecker in and out of her mouth. "Keep sucking slave and I may have mercy" the Master said. It was another twenty minutes before she felt the Master's hot spooge projectile splatter against her uvula. She swallowed it all and continued her tongue action until the Master pulled his dick away.

"You are failing your tongue test slave!" The Master said as Pun-Tang stepped up and presented Butt Pig with her shaved pussy. "You have another half hour to bring your Mistress to orgasm" he said as Butt Pig began her second task. She concentrated her tongue efforts on the Mistress's love button, with and occasional probe into her pussy hole. She could taste the Mistress getting wet, but the Mistress gave her no clue as to whether she was close to accomplishing her task or not. Blindly, Butt Pig sucked, slurped and licked frantically until she heard the alarm go off. "Continue!" screamed the Mistress as the demoralized slave girl realized she had failed again. Five minutes later she felt the Mistress shake and shimmy and tasted her vaginal discharge. Butt Pig was totally humiliated and frustrated by this point but she continued to frantically lick the pussy juices from her Mistress.

During this time the Master just kicked back and watched the spectacle before him. He knew that a slave girl without a tongue would bring a much lower price. He knew that with only minor tongue modifications, the value of a slave girl could be increased significantly, However, the slave girl did not share this same information and he was enjoying Butt Pig's frustration and terror at not being able to accomplish the impossible tasks being given to her. The Master watched as Pun- Tang positioned her asshole at the slave's mouth and commanded the slave girl to give her a rim job. Desperately hoping they would allow her to keep her tongue, Butt Pig tried to increase her tongue action on her Mistress's bung hole, despite the fatigue she was feeling, having worked her tongue muscles for almost two hours. The slave girl worked her tongue, inside and around the Mistress's anus for another half hour before the Mistress squeezed out a relatively small turd which the slave girl swallowed without hesitation. The Master then stepped up and had the slave girl repeat the tongue reaming for another hour before the Master began to pinch off a steamy curl into the slave girl's mouth. Butt Pig had only eaten from her Mistress's asshole before now. The Master's log was bigger and longer, but it did not taste as bad as the Mistress, due to the better food the Master ate. Butt Pig swallowed the entire length with only one small gag, but it filled her stomach to the maximum. She proceeded to clean her Master's asshole with her precious tongue.

"Lets clean up her mouth, and prepare her for surgery before I make my decision" the Master said. Pun-Tang took the hose and began flushing Butt Pigs mouth with water. The water was spraying all over her face and she could hardly breath, but the horror of loosing her tongue was the worse part. The Mistress then took a tooth brush and began brushing Butt Pig's teeth, keeping her mouth open by squeezing the slave girl's nose. She was not gentle and occasionally stuck the tooth brush down the unfortunate slave's throat casing her to gag repeatedly. Pun-Tang then took a strong mouth wash and had the slave girl rinse her mouth until half the bottle was gone. Butt Pig was then dragged out of her cage and again laid down on the rack. The wrist and ankle restraints were locked into place and the poor slave girl was stretched to the maximum point without dislocating her hips or shoulders. The ring on the top of her hood was cinched down to the table, immobilizing her head. Butt Pig was able to utter a single "please" before the mistress squeezed her nose, which forced her to open her mouth to breathe, allowing the Mistress to grasp the slave's tongue with a pair of tongs. As the Mistress pulled the slave girl's tongue out of her mouth the Master applied a metal clamp to the tongue and screwed it down as tight as he could. The clamp was attach to a small chain which was perpendicular to the horizontal slave girl. The chain was then pulled until Butt Pig's tongue was extended out as far as the slave girl thought possible. Another clamp was applied to her lower jaw and pulled and tightened around Butt Pig's collar. Butt Pig was unable to see the gloved Mistress heating up a heavy duty pair of scissors over a candle flame. When the scissors were glowing red the Master nodded and the Mistress took the scissors and proceeded to cut the membranes under the slave girl's tongue.

Butt Pig emitted a pitiful noise as she felt the membranes under her tongue being cut by the hot snippers. She was unable to move or scream because her tongue was stretched towards the ceiling. She was horrified when she tasted blood in her mouth and felt the tension on her tongue relax. Butt Pig began to cry and her heart raced from stress, because she thought her tongue had been cut off. When she pulled back on her tongue she was surprised to find that her tongue was still there, clamped to the chain that was not as tight as it had been as few seconds before. The Mistress was now placing gauze under her tongue, releasing her tongue from the clamp and stuffing her mouth full of gauze and taping it into place. As Butt Pig's heart rate began to slow she heard the Master explain what had been done to her.

"I first heard of this technique in my youth when I was a fan of a seventies rock band called Smooch. The band was known for its makeup and outrageous appearance. The lead singer was rumored to have had oral surgery on the membrane that attaches his tongue to the floor of the mouth, allowing him to extend his tongue farther outside his mouth for theatrical purposes, making him look more demonic. It was rumored to have some additional side benefits, such as better rug munching . That is what we have done for you Butt Pig. The membrane that attaches your tongue at the mid-point to the floor of your mouth has been removed. When it heals you will be able to extend your tongue farther in order to pleasure your Master or Mistress or whomever your are servicing with your tongue". "To prevent infection, you will not have to serve as a toilet until your tongue is fully healed". With that the Master left the room and Pun- Tang released Butt Pig from the rack and placed her back into her cage with the head stock. Pun- Tang then inserted a feeding tube up the slave girl's nose and then down her throat and into her stomach. Butt Pig remained there for many days, being fed god-knows- what once a day through the feeding tube and being allowed to pee and poop once a day. Her gauze was changed and her mouth washed with mouthwash three times a day. She was left alone the rest of the time, hooded blindfolded and butt plugged for the next ten days.

Chapter 7

Although the cage was larger than the previous one, allowing her to shift around to a limited degree, Butt Pig was still very uncomfortable. The height of the cage was enough so that she could not rest her butt on the floor or on the heels of her feet. Her hands were un-cuffed but that did not help her dilemma because she could not reach the floor of the cage with her hands either. This left her the only two options of a kneeling or a squatting position. She had learned to sleep by resting her chin on the hard wood of the head stock, allowing most of her weight to be supported by her neck. Her tongue had healed quickly, the throbbing pain was gone after the first two days. She had no way of knowing how many days had passed, she was totally bored, only being able to listen to the recording playing over and over. She thought she would go insane at any time. She began to look forward to the one time a day when she was fed and allowed to relieve her bodily functions. The Mistress would sometimes break the routine by pinching the slave girl's tits or rubbing her clit, almost to orgasm, through the bars of the cage. The slave girl was beginning to enjoy these little distractions.

Just when Butt Pig felt she could not stand it anymore, the Master came in and removed her mouth dressing, brutally yanking the feeding tube from her nose, he asked "are you ready to try out your new tongue?". Butt Pig responded "yes please Master, let me suck your cock with my new tongue." She began working her tongue over the head of the Master's dick. She found that she could now wrap her tongue all the way around the shaft, which she did over its entire length. She returned to the head of the dick and licked the smegma oozing from the tip. The Master was impressed and released the slave girl's head from the stock and pulled her from the cage. The slave girl could barely move because she was so stiff, so the Master positioned her on all fours and let her continue her task of fellatio. She was now able to take the cock all the way down her throat which she did between licks. She was not expecting the sharp flash of pain across her butt cheeks as the Master slashed down with a riding crop. "You must have forgotten during your recovery period that you get 50 lashes a day. Now arch your back and hold your position slave!" Butt Pig continued servicing the Master's cock as he continued to crack the riding crop down against her exposed ass. The Master finally shot his wad when his dick was in the slave girls throat causing her to gag and almost throw up. She was able to recover and not anger the Master very much.

The Master then attached a leash to the slave girl's collar and had her walk on all fours around the room. Slowly Butt Pig's stiff limbs began to loosen up. The Master had her bark like a dog as he smacked her butt again with the crop. "Keep that back arched, doggie, and wag your tail." Butt Pig began to shake her ass back and forth which also caused her hanging tits to shake around from side to side. She was given instructions to bark and speed up, each command being accompanied by a lash of the crop. The Master removed her butt plug and after she cleaned it with her tongue, he walked her around the room with her tail shaking and had her lift her leg and pee. He then had her shit on some papers and then had her clean her asshole by dragging it back and forth on the floor. He then stuck out his leg and had Butt Pig hump on it while he lashed her ass until she humped at a good speed. Butt Pig felt her pussy getting wet from the simulation to her clit, which had been receiving less attention than her mouth and anus since she became a slave. Butt Pig accomplished these humiliating tasks and received minimal strokes of the crop by being obedient. She felt at this point anything was better than the monotony of her cage.

After an hour the Master became bored and announced that he had decided that Butt Pig would be the first slave to try out his new "exercise" room. The Master cuffed Butt Pig's hands in back of her, then applied a chain that went snugly around her small waist. He then took a padlock and locked the cuffs and the two ends of the chain . He pulled Butt Pig to her feet and let her stand awhile to adjust her posture, since she had not been able to stand for weeks. He then led the wobbling slave girl out of the room and down the long corridor, with minimum lashes from the crop. He stopped and unlocked a door that entered into his newest room. He told Butt Pig that she would spend several hours a day in this room to keep her body in shape, but that she will be returned to her cramped cage to sleep. Butt Pig was still hooded and blindfolded so she was unable to assess the contraptions the exercise room contained.

The Master chuckled as Butt Pig was led into a small chamber about ten feet by ten feet.

She stood at the center of the chamber, her bare feet feeling some kind of grid making up the floor of the chamber. The Master placed a bar the width of her shoulders under her cuffed arms and attached the ends of the bar to some chains hanging from the ceiling. The chains were loose enough to allow the slave girl to move about the chamber, but short enough that she could not fall to the floor or touch the floor with her knees. The walls of the chamber were transparent plexiglass and the Master could view the slave as he closed and latched the door. He walked to a small room the size of a closet and started a gas powered generator. he then moved to the front of the chamber and sat down in an armchair with a console built into the arm rests.

This was an idea that he had stolen from one of his favorite mainstream authors, Etienne Roi. This author was known for his horror stories, but the Master liked the descriptive and sick tortures that his characters faced. The author had recently been in some sort of car accident and the Master hoped that he was OK because he believed that a sick mind is a terrible thing to waste. Via microphone, the Master asked Butt Pig if she was ready for her aerobics. "Yes Master" she responded nervously. The Master flipped a switch and some 1960's rock and roll music came on over the speakers. "Lets shake it up Baby!" the Master said as he flipped another switch that electrified the grid under the slave girls feet. It worked like a charm, just like in the book, as the hooded slave girl screamed and began trying to lift her feet off the grid. Lifting one foot and then the other, Butt Pig danced around the chamber to the music with sparks flying out from under whichever foot was in contact with the floor. "Please stop!!!" the slave girl screamed and pleaded as she hopped from one end of the chamber to the other. The Master only turned up the music to drown out her pitiful pleas.

He kicked back and enjoyed the sight of his hooded slave girl prancing back and forth, to and fro, spinning around so that he could observe her shaking, rippling ass cheeks one minute then her bouncing boobs, flopping up and down and side to side the next minute. After five minutes the Master turned off the juice and inspected the panting and whimpering slave girl's feet. They appeared red, but not too much damage. Butt Pig was able to catch her breath, but her heart sank when the Master announced "A good aerobic workout lasts half an hour, you just completed the first five minutes". The Master closed the door to the chamber and returned to his chair, continuing the slave girl's workout for another five minutes and allowing her two minutes between sets until she had danced for thirty minutes total. When the Master had turned off the power for the sixth time Butt Pig could only slump and dangle from the bar under her armpits. The Master had to place the exhausted slave girl on a cart and wheeled her back to her cage.

The Master was pleased with the results of his exercise room. He had only tested the first of many contraptions continued therein and he now wanted to try them all out on Butt Pig. He had Pygmailian- like thoughts about the possibility of abducting a fat woman and then molding her to his liking by controlling her diet and a brutal regime of exercise in his new room. Some fat women had enormous tits and cute faces that were washed out by their bloated bodies. He wondered if the big tits could be preserved somehow as the rest of the slaves body were reduced. He hated fake tits, they never responded well to whipping, and they seemed to have decreased sensitivity. His reputation of quality slaves was partly due to the fact that all his slaves had real boobs. He decided that his next slave would be a large woman that he could experiment with.

Before putting Butt Pig to bed, he pet her on the head and told her what a good slave girl she had been. He then filled her food bowl with cold canned chili mixed with a can of corn. Butt Pig, her hands still cuffed behind her back bent over and greedily ate the contents of her bowl, which was the first solid food she had in a long time. She was then allowed to drink several glasses of the orange fiber drink before being led to her cage. The Master said that she would not have to wear the butt plug, however she was expected to control herself. It felt strange not to have her ass filled up, as she had become used to the plug as if it were a part of her. The slave girl nodded in agreement, as the Master locked her head into the top of the cage and released her hands from the cuffs. The Master informed her that she would now have a training routine that would include daily visits to the exercise room among other things. Butt Pig was so tired that she fell asleep as soon as the Master left the room.

Chapter 8

Butt Pig awoke the next morning when she felt her cage being tilted backwards. When it came to a rest Butt Pig's blindfolded and hooded face pointed towards the ceiling, still locked in the stocks. She heard the Master's voice telling Pun-Tang to attach the toilet seat. Pun-Tang took a box, about the size of a slave girl's head and attached it to what was the now the side of Butt Pig's cage, covering the slave girls head. The portion of the box facing up was open with a small toilet seat that folded down. Butt Pig felt someone's ass descend on her face. She knew it was her Master by the smell and by the wiry hair she felt as she obediently worked her long tongue into the Master's anus. The Master was pleased by the depth the slave was able to achieve as he began to defecate. The position of the toilet slave's head allowed her to quickly bite the log into bite size pieces which she was able to quickly swallow as the long turd slid out. With the first log in her stomach she licked the Master's asshole until he pinched off a smaller turd which she swallowed in a similar manner. Butt Pig then licked the asshole clean with her lips and tongue.

She felt the Master stand up and heard him order Pun-Tang to test his asshole with her tongue and tell him if Butt Pig had done a good job. As Butt Pig held her breathe, she was relieved to hear her Mistress say that it was clean. The Master the announced he had to piss and Butt Pig opened her mouth as she took the warm yellow stream into her mouth, skillfully gulping so as not to let her mouth overflow.

Butt Pig's stomach felt full but as she had anticipated she found the Mistress's ass covering her face. Again she inserted her tongue deep into the Mistress's asshole, and pulling it back as the Mistresses bowel movement pushed against the tip. The Mistress's single turd was not as large as the Master's and Butt Pig swallowed it with relative ease. When Butt Pig finished cleaning her asshole, Pun Tang shifted so that her urethra was encircled by to toilet slave's lips and emptied the contents of her bladder into the toilet slave's stomach. When Butt Pig finished her toilet duties, her head was released from the stocks and she was allowed to crawl from her cage. The Master patted her on the head and said "You are a good little toilet and you should be a proud toilet slave". Butt Pig was glad she had pleased the Master but she had trouble feeling any pride in the accomplishment of her chore.

She felt her Mistress place a bed pan under her and she was allowed to piss and shit. She then felt the Mistress cuff her hands in front of her and a bar of soap and the hose was placed in her cuffed hands. "Wash yourself slave and make sure you clean inside your dirty holes". Butt Pig began by rinsing out her mouth, washing her face and then soaped up her body. Her Master and Mistress enjoyed watching her stick soapy fingers up her asshole and her twat and then get goose bumps as she rinsed herself with the cold water coming from the hose. The Mistress then put a tooth brush in her hands and Butt Pig was allowed to brush her teeth. The Master then demanded that she assume the ass fucking position. Butt Pig was unsure what her Master meant, but she got on all fours and held her ass in the air. "Head down!" she heard as she felt the sting of the riding crop across her left ass cheek. She complied with the command as the Master spread her ass cheeks and inserted his lubed shaft into her dainty little hole. The Mistress then positioned herself near the slave girl's head, forcing her crotch against Butt Pig's mouth. Butt Pig serviced her Master and Mistress like this for the next hour. The Master announced as he reamed her asshole that this would be her new morning routine. Butt Pig was not looking forward to her new afternoon routine.

The Master shot his wad into the poor slave girl's ass and then instructed Pun-Tang that Butt Pig was to be bent over in the stocks and administered her fifty lashes with a paddle. Then for the rest of the afternoon Pun-Tang would wear a ten inch black strap on dildo and fuck the slave girl for fifteen minutes in the cunt. The next fifteen minutes would be spent fucking the slave girl's ass and then the slave girl would deep throat and suck the dildo clean for the next fifteen minutes. For the remainder of the hour she was to eat out the Mistress's pussy. The process was to be repeated hour after hour. Then the slave girl's last two hours of her twelve hours of training would be spent with the Master in the exercise room. Finally, her day would end when she was fed and her head was locked into the stocks of her cage for the night.

This routine occurred constantly with some variation over the next year. Some mornings the Master was not present for his morning dump, some days Butt Pig would suck his cock or get fucked in the ass, and on rare occasions, get fucked in the pussy by the Master. She knew that she could always count on serving as her Mistress's toilet throughout the day. When the Master showed up for his morning dump he would play a little game with Butt Pig. If she could guess what he had eaten the day before, she would be relieved of her fifty daily lashes. This required Butt Pig to taste his turds by holding them in her mouth longer than if she had just swallowed them whole. Soon Butt Pig became very good at the tasting game and her beatings decreased. Butt Pig also began to enjoy getting fucked in the cunt by the large strap on dildo because it was the only part of the routine she could derive a little pleasure from, and she found that her enthusiasm not only earned her fewer beatings but also lubed up the dildo enough to ease the penetration of her asshole that always followed.

Her trips to the exercise room were varied. At least once a week she did her "aerobics" in the chamber with the electrified floor. Other times she was led to a large dildo mounted in the floor. The dildo had a sensor near the base and another near the top. Both sensors had to be triggered by her pussy walls every two seconds or a high voltage shock would be sent throughout the shaft of the dildo. This insured that, as she was restrained in a kneeling position over the dildo with the top of her hood clipped to a chain from the ceiling, she would keep moving her hips up and down pumping the dildo in and out of her pussy from the tip to the hilt. Once a week she was left like this for a full two hours, sometimes longer. The Master also commanded her to make chicken noises as she was fucking the dildo. At first she did not understand, but with a little coaxing from a hot poker pressed at several points along her ass crack, she quickly learned to loudly and enthusiastically cluck "bock, brock, brock, brock, becaw !!!" The Master and Mistress constantly laughed as they monitored her noises by video and Butt Pig was severely whipped the few times she stopped clucking. This provided a good deal of entertainment for the Master as he enjoyed watching the hooded slave's ass jiggle and bounce up and down and her titties flop as she bellowed "brock, bock, bock, bockcaw" To increase her humiliation he added some feathers to her hood and had her flap her elbows with her wrists cuffed on her collar under her chin. Of course the Master videotaped this so Butt Pig could watch in the future once her blindfold was removed.

Another exercise machine consisted of a simple treadmill. Butt Pig was forced to trot on it for two hours with her hands cuffed behind her back and attached to her collar. A chain attached from the ceiling to a waist belt kept her from falling. Her tits were clamped to two small chains that attached to the front of the treadmill in such a way that if she slowed down she would pull on her tits causing her to bend at the waist. Behind her a soldering iron was mounted in such a way that as the strain on her tits increased and she bent at the waist, the red hot soldering iron would touch her somewhere on the upraised bottom. This provided enough incentive for her to keep up with the speed of the machine. Other machines included a stationary bicycle with a dildo for a seat that would move up and down as the slave girl pedaled . There was also a weight machine that was attached to a dildo on the seat of the equipment. The dildo was inserted into the slave girl's asshole or pussy and would rise when the weight bar was lowered. The slave girl would have to hold the weights up to avoid being impaled by the dildo.

Another devious and humiliating exercise involved a fifty gallon clear plastic tank, with gallon markings calibrated on the side, elevated on a four foot platform. A small hose led down ending in a hollow dildo positioned below and parallel to a long 12 foot steel rail about three feet off the ground. The rail led to the other side of the chamber where another tank was set into the ground with the top opened. Butt Pig had her knees attached to her collar and her hands cuffed behind her back also attached painfully through rings in her collar and the ends were clamped to her tits. If she moved her hands it would apply tension to her nipples. She was attached to the steel rail by a ring on her waist belt. The swiveling ring slid along the length of the rail and allowed Butt Pig to shuffle back and forth along the rail with her knees to her chest and her ass sticking up in the air. Her task was simple, she needed to empty the fifty gallon tank without spilling any water, into the empty tank at the other end of the rail. In order to carry the water she would have to back up and insert the dildo into her anus. Then with her hands open the valve just above the rail, that would allow water to flow into her intestines. She would then have to close the valve and hobble like a duck to the other side of the rail turn around and position her ass over the lower tank and empty her bowels into the tank. The more water she allowed to flow into her belly the fewer times she would have to travel in her uncomfortable position, but she would have a harder time clenching her asshole closed as she waddled to the other tank. She was given two hours to empty the tank and she was whipped ten times for every gallon remaining in the tank and ten times if she spilled on route. Rarely was she able to empty the whole tank without spilling a drop..

Butt Pig was forced to exercise on at least one of these machines for two hours a day. She did not know which one she preferred, but as time went by they became easier for her to tolerate, except for the electric grid, she always hated that one. At the same time her body was beginning to look tight and firm. After one year, her hood and blindfold was removed. She had not used her eyes for so long that the reaction to light was excruciating. Her hair had grown several inches and Pun-tang would wash and comb it for her before her daily fucking. Her eyes began to function normally after a few days and she was very appreciative of not having to wear the leather hood. She could not believe how she looked when she saw her reflection in one of several mirrors throughout the two rooms she was restricted to. Her face had broken out with severe acne due to the leather hood, but it cleared up after several weeks. After one year of slave training she had very little dignity left and she was accustomed to her daily routine no matter how sickening her tasks were. Her former life was now just a faded memory.

Chapter 9

Butt Pig was still kept in the cage with the head stocks on the top, the difference now was she was no longer blind and she did not have to listen to the same recording over and over again. She now had a T.V. and video player set up in front of her with nothing but blank wall surrounding it. She had videos of her one year of training played for her every time she was locked into her cage for the night. Her food was getting better too. She was still only allowed to eat once a day (except for her toilet service) but she no longer was fed dog food. The Master felt that in order for her to keep her good looks she would have to eat a healthy diet. Butt Pig felt hat her situation was improving as she became more obedient and better skilled in her slave tasks. Pun-Tang was busy with some newer slave girls so sometimes Butt Pig would get a break from her rigorous training. Having the hood removed was a major improvement to her life and she felt much more comfortable. Some nights she was allowed to sleep, tightly bound, in Pun-Tang's bed after servicing her Mistress's pussy and asshole with her tongue. On special occasions she was allowed to eat with the Master and sleep in his bed after being thoroughly fucked.

The Master decided that the totally submissive Butt Pig was ready to service his visitors as his house slave. The guests she would have to service were customers that came to purchase the year's crop of slave girls. His first customers were due that evening so he had Pun-Tang wash and apply makeup to Butt Pigs face. She was given several enemas to make sure she would not soil a guest's dick if he fucked her poop chute. She was then led into the Master's house and ordered to climb up on a table and place her head, wrists and ankles in the stocks at each end. She was locked in and left to wait in anticipation.

That evening's guests were three members of a white supremacy group. They had placed an order, a year and a half ago, for a good looking black slave girl to be tortured and sexually abused by their members. The Master thought that racists were assholes and did not like to deal with them. He knew that racists were inferior white trash that lacked the mental capacity to succeed in life. Having an intelligence quotient only a few notches above a retard, they felt they had to blame another group of people for their own failures. He also felt sorry for them because due to their own stupid ideas of racial purity, there was a high frequency of genetically recessive traits among their ranks, creating a vicious circle of mental incompetence. Racists tended to be the kids that were teased in high school because they were stupid, and picked last for teams in P.E. because they were also physically incompetent, usually fat and ugly and unable to get a prom date unless the girls were also fat and ugly. But business was business and at least they could play a mean banjo and raise enough cash to make a purchase from the Master.

The guests arrived late that night, the Master recognizing the limousine and his friend the chauffer. Three white men, the leader, Leon, was a beer bellied southern good-ole-boy wearing cowboy boots and a hat. The second guy Billy-Bob was thin with big ears that stuck out and buck teeth. The third guy, Jack, was much younger than the other two and appeared to be a normal twenty year old except for his shaved head and swastika tattoos on his arms. "Geez" said Leon, I didn't know we would have to ride with a towel head, where did you find him? At a convenience store register?" The Master ignored the comment and after offering the guests a drink, the Master had Pun-Tang enter and show them to the guest bed rooms. Hot Damn! said Jack as the naked collared Pun-Tang appeared. "Will I be able to fuck the chink girl?" "You may use my house slaves as if they were your own, only you must use a condom if you fuck them in the pussy or ass, you will not need one if the slave girl sucks you off". The Master was well aware of sexually transmitted disease and knew that HIV was rarely transmitted by mouth. "Pun- Tang will hand you condoms and just place the rolled up condom into her mouth and she will put it on your dick". When Pun-Tang returned with the men, she had several bruises on her ass from being brutally pinched as she walked in front of the men. Let me show you to our playroom and introduce you to your new slave.

Pun-Tang moved off ahead of the group and returned to the room where Butt-Pig had been locked in the stocks for over three hours. She led a beautiful black slave by a leash as the slave crawled behind her on her hands and knees. Butt Pig noticed that the slave girl's hands were cuffed in front of her. This was the first time that Butt Pig had seen another slave other that Pun- Tang. The three assholes entered the room with the Master and started to drool at the sight of three slave girls, one black, one asian and a blond white slave locked in stocks with her ass raised in the air. On a table at the far wall were assorted whips and dildos for the guests to play with. "Yee-ha" said Billy Bob as he picked up a cat-of nine tails and lashed down a stroke across Butt Pig's immovable upturn butt. "Have fun" the Master said as he left his guests with the three slaves.

Billy Bob lashed at Butt pigs ass and asked "what is your name blondie?" "Butt Pig" replied the slave girl. "Now how did you get such a cute name?" said the skinny red neck with bad teeth . "Because I'm a pig and I like to be fucked up my butt" the helpless slave girl replied. Billy Bob turned to Pun-Tang and said "Give me a rubber chink!" Pun-Tang handed him a condom which he then stuck in her mouth as he dropped his pants revealing his upright pecker. Pun-Tang dropped to her knees and with her skillful tongue rolled the condom over Billy Bob's dick. Billy Bob gave Butt pig a few more lashes before he spread her muscular ass cheeks and forced his cock into her pretty pink anus. "Squeee" said Butt Pig as she felt the cock thrust deep into her bowels, all the way to the hilt.

Leon had taken a short whip from the table that was the perfect length for whipping a cock sucking slave. He asked the black slave her name and she replied "Black Hole, because my holes swallow up any cocks in the vicinity". "Then swallow this slave" Leon said as he shoved his erect cock down Black Hole's throat. As he stroked his cock in and out of the black slave's throat he synchronized his motion with the stokes of the whip accross her butt cheeks. Black Hole gasped for breath when she could to keep from passing out. Leon did not pull his long cock all the way from her throat on every stroke and almost a minute passed between opportunities to breath. "Get used to it slave there is much worse in store for you when we get you home" Leon taunted.

Jack the skinhead had Pun-Tang put a condom on him the same way she put it on Billy Bob. He then bent her over the table and after thrusting an 8 inch dildo up her cunt, he ordered her to spread her ass cheeks revealing her puckered hairless asshole. "I've never fucked a chink girl up the ass" he said as he proceeded to stretch her sphincter with his big white dick. Pun-Tang continued to hold her butt cheeks wide apart as Jack began to painfully thrust in and out of her tight little hole. She had been well trained to obey even when it felt like she was being split apart at the seams. After almost an hour Jack shot his spunk into the condom and suddenly pulled out of Pun-Tang's asshole. He walked over to Butt Pig who was still being reamed by Billy Bob, and told her to stick out her tongue as he removed the spent condom from his shaft. "Sheeeet! look at that tongue!" he said as he squeezed the jizz from the condom over her extended tongue. "I'm going to have to get me some of that before the nights over!" Billy Bob quivered and shot his wad as Butt Pig swallowed the slimy white excretion. Pulling suddenly from her asshole he walked to her head and said "lets see that tongue". Butt Pig extended her tongue again and Billy Bob emptied the contents of the condom on Butt Pig's tongue. Again Butt Pig swallowed the viscous semen as the boys made comments about the tightness and quality of the butt holes they had just fucked.

The night was long for the three slave girls as they were fucked and dildoed in every hole possible. Butt Pig was forced to eat the cum from all the condoms and Pun-Tang was forced to lick the men's assholes as they had Butt Pig lick and suck with her long tongue. They took turns whipping each of the slave girl's with the numerous whips that were available. By the end of the night Butt Pigs ass was striped with red and her stomach was churning from the spooge she had to swallow. Pun-Tang and Black Hole were not in much better shape. Finally, the guests went to their rooms leaving the exhausted slave girls locked in the playroom.

The next morning the three men exchanged a brief case full of cash, $100,000 worth, for the unfortunate black slave girl. They dragged her on her knees by the leash saying how they were going to pierce her nose, breasts and nipples with hot needles so she would look just like the slaves from Africa. They paddled her ass as she crawled out to the waiting Limousine. A hood with a blindfold was secured over her head and a penis shaped gag was forced into her mouth. The men laughed and pulled her over their laps and spanked her all the way to the airport where she was loaded into a small private plane that would take her to her new owner's home. The Master watched as the Limousine pulled away from his drive. He would miss the slave girl, no doubt, she had been fun to train, but good riddance to those asshole racists. He hoped they would never return.

Chapter 10

Two months later the Master had more guests. Again Butt Pig was prepared as the house slave, washed and given an enema and Pun-Tang applied her makeup. She was led to the playroom and again she was locked into the stocks. This time the guests were members of an inner city gang. They gave the Master the creeps and he made sure they were unarmed as they walked trough a metal detector before being allowed to enter the chauffeur's limousine. Gang members were the lowest form of human life. If ever there was an argument for state funded abortions one only had to point to gang members. These were the offspring of crack whores who grew up with no regard for civilized life. They felt the world owed them something and they could just take what they wanted. In the Master's youth gang members fought each other with knives , chains and martial arts, the type of fighting that required skill. Today's gang members were heavily armed with military assault weapons that required little skill to blow someone away. Even though they were heavily armed they were still cowardly in their attacks, mostly drive by shootings. They were also so inept that they usually missed their intended target and killed children. The Master hated doing business with these baby killing missed opportunity abortions. But they had substantial money from drug dealing that the Master could not ignore. The Master chuckled to himself about the possibility of his loosing clients if drugs were ever legalized. These poor missed abortions would be jobless. They also liked white women and ordered a blond district attorney.

The guests arrived early and after Pun-Tang showed them to their rooms, they assembled in the playroom, where Pun-Tang led in the Master's former blond house slave. She was totally naked except for her collar and leash and her pubic hairs had been removed. So she was not really a district attorney, she had been just a poor law student working an internship with the district attorney's office. She had been with the Master for two years now and fully obedient so she did not need to have her hands cuffed. She was trained to be a dog slave so she wiggled her derriere and made woofing noises as she was led into the room on all fours, her big breasts dangling and shaking as she was led up to the leader and she began sniffing and licking his shoes.

The leader of the trio was named Bo and he looked mean. Six feet tall and a buff body his made his presence known to all in the room. The next guy was named Tyrell and he was also large but a bit more pudgy than the leader. The third guy was a thin latino with a shaved head covered with tattoos his name was Jose. The Master announced that they could use his slavegirls all night with the same rules that applied to all his guests. Bo announced that they would have plenty of time with their slave girl so she would lick the men's assholes as they used the other two slave girls. He walked up to butt Pig's head and dropped his pants revealing a large uncircumcised black cock. Butt Pig had never before seen an uncircumcised dick before, for that matter she had never seen a black man's dick before. She let out gasp but that did not delay putting her long tongue to work on the dick. Jose had taken a butt plug from the table and as Pun-Tang applied his condom with her mouth he rammed the plug up Butt Pigs asshole. He then inserted his cock into her pussy and began to thrust. Tyrell picked up a pair of handcuffs and roughly grabbed Pun-tang and cuffed her hands behind her back. He then took two long strands of rope and strung them over a ceiling beam. He tied the ends to Pun-Tangs nipple rings and forced her to her knees. he ten took more rope and tied her ankles to her handcuffs. He had her apply a condom and then laid down under her as he inserted his cock into her twat. He said " I'm going to make you bounce like a little chinese puppet" as he pulled her tits up and let them down causing her to bounce up and down on his impaling shaft.

That night Butt Pig swallowed the semen from all three men several times, while Pun-Tang was fucked by all three, once in the pussy and once in the ass, while her tits were pulled up and down by the ropes through her nipple rings. The two slave girls also had their asses brutally paddled by the three strong men leaving them sore and exhausted by the time the gang members finally left, dragging their doggy slave by the collar.

Over the next few months Butt Pig and Pun-Tang serviced only two more groups of slave buyers. A japanese couple arrived at the Master's house to purchase a tall brown haired slave girl.

The economic recession in Japan had not yet affected the Master's japanese clients. He liked dealing with them because they were always bowing and being very polite. The Master could not help but feel that the politeness was phony, however, and the Master imagined that either the man or the woman would bow courteously if they ever stabbed him in the back. They were very good at abusing the slave girls and the Master enjoyed watching the devious ways they humiliated and tortured Butt Pig. They mostly used rope, which seemed to be a cultural thing, and had the slaves tied in the most uncomfortable positions as they were forced to lick and suck the couple's genitalia. They also had to drink piss and eat shit, both from the couple and from each other as the couple enjoyed giving them enemas from a large syringe.

The final group of buyers for the year were from Saudi Arabia. They were buying the last two trained slave girl's from the year's crop of five. The buyers were sent by a member of the royal family to purchase slave girls for the prince's harem. The leader was named Waffik, who was tall and thin with dark hair. His servant's name was Mohammed who was very fat with a beard that looked like it was a week old. The third person was a boy of eighteen years old. He was the son of the prince who was at his first slave purchase. The boy took an immediate liking to Butt Pig and he led her around the house and into the yard by a leash. Her hands were cuffed in front of her, allowing her to crawl on all fours. Although she had been in training for about a year and nine months, she was still humiliated at being forced to obey a boy that young. The boy was also quite cruel and would paddle her ass as he led her by the leash, sticking objects up her butt hole as he found them and constantly poking at her cunt and dangling tits with a stick. The boy would laugh as Butt Pig was forced to lick the fat servant Mohammed's asshole and then give him a blow job while the boy watched. The Master sat at a table with Waffik discussing business as the naked Pun-Tang served them drinks. Under the table the two bound slave girls that were being sold were on their knees sucking off the Master and his client. The Master liked dealing with the arabs the best. Money was no object to them and they always appreciated the quality of the Master's slave girls. Despite the cultural differences between the Master and the arabs, the Master felt that the arabs had a deep sense of honor and integrity which he admired.

When the two men had agreed on a price fro the two slave girls, Waffik then pointed to Butt Pig, who was now in the process of licking the fat man's disgusting navel to the delight of the boy. "The young price would enjoy that one for his 19th birthday six months from now" Waffik said. "Should we discuss a price now?" The Master agreed and a price was set. The Master agreed to add any special training the young prince wanted over the next six months. Waffik said he would talk to the prince and give the Master a list after they had returned to their country. The boy had by this time placed Butt Pig's head over a medium sized wash basin and was pissing on the back of her head. The piss running over her face hid the tears of frustration as the wash basin captured the drops. Mohammed then had his turn at pissing on the slave girl's head. When he was done, the boy called the Master and Waffik over to take their turn. The two men both amused by the boy's ideas took turns pissing on the slaves head, followed by Pun-Tang and the two slave girls. Butt Pig, Pun-Tang and the two slave girls were then ordered to shit into the wash basin. The boy hooted as he watched brown turds fall from the pretty asses perched over the rim of the basin. He then filled the tub the rest of the way with water and announced to Butt Pig that she would have to retrieve five rubber balls the size of a tennis ball by bobbing in the waste water and picking them up with her mouth. He then tossed the balls in the water and Butt Pig tried to get them with her mouth. She discovered that they barely fit inside her lips and she had to pin them down against the bottom of the tub as she held her breath and forced the ball into her mouth. Finally she pulled her head up with one of the balls in her mouth. The boy took the ball from her and greased it up with lubricant and then commanded her to present her asshole. Butt Pig got into her butt fucking position, her knees spread, head on the ground, back arched and her ass high in the air. Butt Pig let out a grunt as he then shoved the ball up her asshole. She then had to repeat this until all five balls were lodged in her ass. "Now shit them out" the boy commanded. Butt Pig complied finishing the evil boy's cruel game, as the onlookers clapped and laughed.

The next week Butt Pig head was locked into the top of her cage as usual when the Master approached her with a pint sized jar filled half way with sperm. "You will be sold six months from now and will be a birthday gift to the young prince" the Master's announcement sending a shiver up Butt Pig's spine. The boy wishes you to become accustomed to his seed so he sends a jar every week" the master said. "You will be provided with the boy's sperm which you will drink directly from the jar and it will be put on your food everyday until he takes possession of you". The Master held the jar of spooge up to Butt Pig's lips as she swallowed and began contemplating her future as a child's play toy.

The End

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!



In a land long torn and ravaged by war and prosecution throughout it's long history, where men ruled and women bowed before their will without question; two naive outspoken ladies from the West came to make a change. There would be changes yes; but only for them as they experienced the wrath and depraved lust of those who still practiced the flesh trade. These powerful men go unquestioned and unchallenged. The two women would disappear like the feeble morning mist into the burning sands of the great Sahara never to be heard from again...


The two American journalists, Jonelle Taylor and Mandy Sexton, had come to the mid-east for a story about human rights violations. After their capture by the renegade slave traders, they found out first hand all they needed to know starting on the auction block and ending in the clutches of the highest bidder. "Look at these two fine white whores my friends," shouts the slave trader, "Make all your dreams come true. Listen to their screams as they beg for your mercy. Feel the heat of their urgent desire to please the man who can bend them to his will! To know the pleasures of their soft scented flesh, you need only outbid your neighbor. Then they will be yours to use any way you desire!"

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Amid shouts of laughter and heated bidding, gold was traded for female flesh. Jonelle and Mandy were separated and taken away by their new owners. The girls would never see each other again, but that was the least of their worries. They had each been purchased by two of the most sadistic tribes in the country. "Come along white whore," the dark man said to Jonelle, "we've got plenty of uses for this soft body of yours. You'll be a real woman after tonight, if you survive to see the morning light. You look strong and well fed. We'll see how well you endure your first night of torture."

Jonelle was taken to the palace of the tribal chieftain. He and his brother took turns raping the three holes Jonelle had to offer. "This bitch was born to pleasure a man with her mouth. See how my cock grows hard at the touch of her skilled tongue?" Jonelle, fearful for her life, did what was required of her. After multiple penetrations the two men were about to orgasm. They forced her to her knees and shot off in her mouth and across her face. Thick ropes of cum lay across her face and hung from her chin as she gagged on the rest. "Guard, take this slut to our sister and her dog of a husband. And don't let her clean up, she looks good with my cum dripping off her face, ha, ha, ha!"

With her face and hair sticky with cum, Jonelle was ushered into the chambers of Achmalla and her husband Jazrit. T he poor woman was immediately set upon. Jazrit bound her arms tightly behind her back and pulled her head back by the hair while Achmalla nimbly slid two rings through the flesh of Jonelle's prominent nipples. "GHHAAAAAAA!" she screamed as the cold metal pierced her warm tit-flesh, but the scream was cut short as Jazrit grabbed her by the throat. Achmalla slipped two fine ropes through the piercing rings and handed them to her mate. "Ride this whore," she said, "ride her hard and make her scream. Then when you are finished, I'll ride this bitch's face like a camel in a sandstorm until she's covered with my juices!"

Mandy's fate was much the same as her companion Jonelle's: torture, rape and submission. Upon arriving at the palace of her new owners she was placed in stocks. Azulla, a slave girl, brought an urn of scented oil to her master, who poured it across Mandy's upturned chest. "This smells nice, sweet slave, but you will forget the smell soon enough. When the whip cuts across your white tits the spices in the oil will fill the cuts and cause the pain to increase a thousand fold." The next thing Mandy heard was the whistle of the whip followed by the crack of leather against flesh. "AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEE, NNNNNOOOOOOMMFFFF!!!" Mandy screeched around the large pole gag that distended her jaw. Azulla was ordered to kneel and lick the white woman's cunt as the whip landed across Mandy's chest. The screams of the innocent tortured girl were heard throughout the castle. The men gathered round and took turns raping and whipping the girl until she passed out from the heat and the pain. "Tend this whore's wounds then take her to the hermit. He deserves a little fun too!"

Mandy awoke to the sound of her own screams as she was lowered onto the meter high polished wooden dildo. Her weight was supported by her raised arms. Try as she might though, she was too weak to lift herself off the stake that impaled her cum soaked pussy. Her oiled flesh glistened in the firelight. Shaking violently each muscle stood out as Mandy tried to pull herself up. When she finally sank fully onto the pole, the old hermit tied her nipples to the stakes that held her legs so widely spread. He pulled brutally on the strings to keep her screaming at a maximum. He tortured her like a musician plays a fine violin. He conducted a concert of horror and anguish for the listening ears in the Palace below. He would fuck her later, but much later indeed. For now, he was content to spend the evening turning this refined western woman into a mindless wretched screaming beast. He would see that Mandy would forget her own name as she came only to know a thousand shades of relentless pain.

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!



Hong Kong, 2010.

For the last couple of years, police authorities have been investigating the activities of the Green Dragon triad, a criminal syndicate specializing in prostitution and white slavery. Lin Pao, the ruthless leader of the triad, was well known as a very clever man, with good political connections, and so far he had done an excellent job at avoiding any legal charge, even though his sex empire was expanding continually. In a desperate attempt at stopping him, the local police had decided to launch a special operation, under the code name Dragon Trap.

One of the many warehouses used by the triad, in Kowloon.

The brunette reporter had just been unloaded from the van with which she had been abducted a couple of hours earlier. Lin PaoТs network of informants had reported a new journalist who was asking too many questions about the triad. Now, she would have to answer a few questions

IТm sure the Boss will be interested in talking to you But first, weТll have to soften you a little bit, dear said Johnny Gant, the first gun for the Boss. And since you seem so interested in our activities, we will give you a precise idea of how we deal with sluts. Zhang, use the crop on this nosy bitch Make sure you hit her tits, will you? A hundred lashes on each boob will make her squeal like the slut pig she is. I want them covered with welts. Make her lactate blood instead of milk, eh eh

A training facility, in Lin PaoТs huge private estate.

Our customers appreciate a nice real redhead We call them hongse in Chinese But more than the color of your pussy hair, what weТre interested in is your obedience And so far, you havenТt shown much good in that respect

The young student had been abducted on the parking lot of the university, a few weeks ago, and her slave training had started immediately. She had been repeatedly raped in all three holes, by men and animals alike, and her tender skin always bore the marks of the constant whippings.

We are going to make an ass whore of you And to make sure that your pussy remains unused during that training, I am going to sew your slit. Seven holes in each cunt lip, a strong surgical catgut and I seal your slit for good Of course, itТs a painful operation, but IТm sure youТll like it after a while

Lin PaoТs mansion, 6pm (hour of the rooster).

Lin Pao was only interested in women if they could be forced into bizarre shapes. He had selected this beautiful redhead to make one of his favorites. But she had to undergo some body modifications before being of any use to him.

One of Lin PaoТs sick penchants was elongated nipples and clit. He was not content until the girlТs nipples were looking like the udders of a goat, which required regular training. Today, the session involves a simultaneous elongation of both nipples and clit. The metal teeth of the clamps bite viciously in the girlТs love button and erect nipples, and the pressure is unbearable while the mechanical device pulls the flesh in a grotesque way. The girlТs screams, instead of moving Lin Pao to pity, are only serving to delight him.

I know this is painful, my dear, Lin Pao jokes while enjoying the show. But you know what they say: you have to suffer if you want to be beautiful!

Johnny GantТs quarters, inside the compound.

How did you like this crop session, slut? Did it make you hot? Let me check

Johnny Gant is having fun with the reporter. The bitch is quite good: not only did she really squeal like a sow while the crop was crisscrossing her entire body, but it also made her wet. This one was going to be a nice painslut recruit Maybe a star for the next snuff movie

YouТre dripping wet, bitch I bet you can take my whole fist in your cunt, and probably even half of my arm. In fact, IТm going to try right away A well stretched cunt is such a nice sight

Cell number five, in the basement of Lin PaoТs mansion.

The reporter has been tied up on a sort of standing stock, in a spread-eagled position, making her genitalia available for torture. A pair of alligator clamps, made in a particularly resistant alloy, has been set on her nipples. But not before having been dipped in acid! Now, not only do the teeth of the vicious jaws press on the tender flesh, but the acid is slowly and painfully making its way inside the delicate buds, burning the skin and the flesh in unbearable torture The girl had to be gagged tightly, or her horrible screams would have kept everyone awake.

Franky Wang has come to check on the reporter. To his complete surprise he realizes that she is no reporter, but an undercover cop, whom he has already met in the courthouse. She must have been trying to infiltrate the Green Dragon triad.

The Boss is not going to like this piece of news

Inside the slaughterhouse, one of many Lin PaoТs front businesses.

Ok, bitch This is a whole new game now We know youТre nothing but a filthy cop, and you are going to tell us what your department knows about our activities, announces the tormentor who has been charged with the interrogation of the fake reporter. This is going to be a long and pleasant session, for sure. The bitch is nice-looking, and apparently resistant

Would you like to know the program? Let me tell you First, IТm going to work on your tits. A few injections of acid in those udders of yours, and then I will pierce them with fishing-hooks that I will heat. If that is not enough to make you talk, I will use the blow-torch on them, until there is nothing left of your beautiful chest but a formless pile of charred flesh In the unlikely event that you remain silent through this treatment, I will rip your clit out with a pair of pliers and you will eat your own love button HowТs that for a start, cunt?



Johnny GantТs quarters, inside the compound

Johnny had had a long day and needed some rest and recreation. Training these whores for Lin Pao was a demanding task at times. From the basement, he had selected a blonde slave trainee, who had a deliciously tight cunt. Much too tight for most consumers in fact. They had to improve her СaccommodationТ capacity

Listen, bitch! IТm too tired for the heavy stuff tonight. I just want a good fuck, and that is exactly what you will give me. Just make me cum fast, and then I will leave you with the ramming machine that will open your slit so much that youТll easily accommodate a horse

In the basement of Lin PaoТs mansion

The Boss said that you are to be sold as an ass whore. And as an ass whore only. Let me have some fun with your little asshole before we start

The gunman was thrusting his fat cock in the poor girlТs rubbery ring, making sure to go out all the way before each thrust. Her sphincter was on fire from the repeated assaults.

To be certain that only your shit hole will be used, the Boss ordered your cunt to be sewn shut. What do you think about that, slut? How many stitches should I make, to have a good seal: four or six on each cunt lip? Ah ha

A cell in the compound

YouТre pissing me off with your constant whining, bitch. YouТd better learn to take some pain without yelling so much. Or we will have to rip your tongue out! Then you will have to learn how to suck cock with the pathetic stub that you will be left with That would be fun to watch, IТm sure

For the last two hours, the girl had been kept in very tight bondage, her knees resting on the crest of a triangular metal bar. The pain in her joints was breathtaking, and her knees were now bleeding.

YouТll take fifty more slaps. If I hear a single sound, IТll make it two hundred lashes of the bullwhip

The menТs toilet in the compound

The brunette did not do well in her piss whore training. Johnny Gant and his man had her clean all the urinals with her tongue. She puked a couple of times when the smell of stale piss filled her nostrils. Her punishment was to deep throat the biggest dick there, or to have her brains blown out.

Crying desperate tears, the girl took the monstrous cock between her lips, and gulped at it trying to take it all until she choked.

Go ahead, piss cunt. DonТt you want me to clean your filthy mouth with my cum?

Interrogation room

ThereТs no need for you to deny that you are here to spy on us. That poor undercover cop we caught told us everything about you. Not willingly of course But we know how to make sluts talk to us

So far, the blonde agent had been strong enough to resist the whip and to deny any involvement.

Remove her panties LetТs see how she takes a good smoke in the cunt You know what the Surgeon General says: smoking is dangerous for your health Let me demonstrate how true that is, fucking spy!

Private quarters of the Sergeant

IТve been quite lenient with you, so far Things could have been much worse for you. But I never said that anything would be free. I need a good whore to unwind a little, and you seem to fit the bill perfectly.

The Sergeant had brought the bound girl up from her cell, still blindfolded and gagged.

Let me remove your gag, but you might think to keep quiet. HereТs my dick to suck. You can only use your tongue and lips. I give you five minutes to make me cum; if you fail, IТll slice those udders of yours and keep them in a jar with the rest of my personal collection

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

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