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Psycho-Thrillers – Office Party

Office Party.0016

Psycho-Thrillers – Office Party

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay Snuff

Description: Contains: Set-up, Dialogue, Shoe Fetish, Body Worship, Public Attack, Suspense, Stalking, Voyeur, Business Outfit, Two Male Attack On Woman, Kidnapping, Vehicle Sexual Assault, Carrying, Fondling, Rope Bondage, Handcuff Bondage, Forced Undressing, Clothing Tearing, Begging & Pleading, Terrorizing, Taunting, Humiliation, Extensive Live Rape, Extensive Multiple Rape Positions, Breast Views, Vaginal Views, Ass Views, Breast Worship, Vaginal Worship, Vaginal Fingering, Vaginal Penetration With Stick, Vaginal Penetration With Bottle, Vaginal Penetration With Fingers, Body Dragging, Near Escape Attempts, Gagging, Nose & Mouth Suffocation, Death by Torture Rope Strangulation, Death Stare, Drool, Ligature Marks, Death Twitches
Editor’s Notes: If you love very long explicit torture rape scenarios of glamourous women reduced to a heaping pile of sweaty flesh then you’ll love this one. Filmed in FULL COLOR HD! Description: She is walking across a desolate parking lot in the direction of her vehicle. She has just left the office’s yearly anniversary party. She is dressed in a very nice office outfit.

When she gets about halfway to her car; she pauses and fumbles through her purse, looking for her keys (she wants to make sure she did not leave them back at the office). She finally finds her keys, and continues on her way. She walks over to the driver side of the vehicle, then flips through her key chain looking for the key to the lock. She pauses and looks up, just for a second. Standing about 30-40 feet away from the car, she see’s a man … just standing there staring at her. She now flips even faster through the keys on her key chain … and finally finds the ignition key. She once again looks up … the man is still standing there! She places the key in the lock and unlocks and opens the door. She then climbs into the vehicle. She leaves her left heel on the ground for several seconds, then pivots onto the car seat. As she looks once again in the direction where the man was, she now sees a second man standing next to the first!

She closes the door and accidentally drops the keys on the seat. She picks them up frantically tries to find the key so that she can start the car. She pauses just for a second and looks up The two men are still there! … just staring at her in her vehicle. She is now panicking. She fumbles the key chain and the keys slip out of her hands and drop to the floor of the vehicle. She looks up once more … the men are still there… and then she bends down and tries to grab the fallen keys.
Because of her panicked condition, she is finding it difficult to grab onto the keys. Finally she succeeds in grabbing a hold of them. She sits up … and peers out the window … the men are gone! She gives a sigh of relief … she must have just been over reacting. She pushes the key into the ignition. But before she can turn the key … boom! There is a big bang on the driver side. She turns to see the face of a man peering through the driver side glass. With her left hand, she tries to find the auto-lock but instead ends up hitting the wrong button, which causes passenger side window to roll partway down. She then gives up on the auto lock and manually locks the driver side door. Just as she does that there is a big bang on the passenger side; the other man is now peering through the partially-open passenger side window.

She turns her attention to the key; another bang on the driver side … then man has his tongue out and is licking the window. In her fright, the key comes out of the ignition and once again falls on the floor. The man on the driver side is now trying to pull open the driver side door. She yells, “Go away!”, to the man on the driver side. Just then the passenger door swings open. The man on that side of the vehicle reaches in and grabs her under her armpits. Meanwhile the other man runs around the car from the driver side to the passenger side. As the victim is being slowly slid across the car seat on her back, she is flailing her arms and legs and is frantically trying to grab onto “anything”: seat belts, dash board, etc.; in order to prevent being dragged out of the car. The male perp finally succeeds in dragging her out and drags her a few feet from the car; at which point the second male perp reaches down and wraps his arms around her knees. Together, the two men lift her up; carry her over to their nearby van; and, throw her into the van.

Once they have her inside the van, the two men work quickly: using a pair of metal small chain police style handcuffs, they force her hands behind her back, then snap the handcuffs around her wrists. They then push her down onto her back. Each male perp then grabs one of her legs by the ankle. Using some rope, each of them wraps the rope around the ankle, ties a knot; then ties the loose ends of the rope to a side rail within the van. One of the men produces a large handkerchief. He rolls up the handkerchief and places it in her mouth; then he wraps it around her head and under her hair; finally tying it securing behind her head. One of the men then climbs into the vans driver seat; the other perp remains in the back of the van, as he has “special” plans for the victim.

Henry(Driver): “Where too?”
Lucas: “There are those large foreclosed homes over in the Filmore District. Most of them are even furnished. Let’s take her there. We can easily break into one and then do whatever we want.”
Henry starts up the van and then drives off toward their destination.
Lucas positions himself between her legs. He runs his hands up the outside of her legs and slides her pencil skirt up to around her waistline. He grabs the panties near the crotch and slides the crotch off to the side. Then he inserts his finger and begins pumping away. She screams through the rag gag with the first insertion .. but the screaming just make him want to pump even harder. Then Lucas bends her over and begins giving her forced oral.

Lucas pauses for a moment; he is getting bored and wants to try something new. He looks around the van and spots the wooden handle from a plunger lying off to the side. He takes the plunger handle in his right hand. He inserts the end of the handle into her vagina and begins pumping away. She screams loudly with the first thrust .. he only smiles and pumps away faster.

The two men carry her out of the van and over to the front of the residence. Henry is then quickly able to break into the foreclosed home. They carry her into the living room. Its their lucky day … the home is still completely furnished! They lay her down on her back on the floor of the living room. Two 2 men take turns orally assaulting her for nearly 10 minutes. When the two men are done with their forced BJ assaults, Lucas goes behind her and undoes one side of the cuffs and then lets her slide to the ground. She sees this as her big chance: she quickly gets up and makes a dash for the door, screaming “Help Me!” along the way. She manages to get most of the way to the door; when the two men are able to grab and restrain her once again.

The two men then pick her up and carry her into the center of the living room and lie her down on her stomach. Working quickly, they use the metal small chain handcuffs to handcuff her right wrist to her right ankle and her left wrist to her left ankle. They then take the large handkerchief rag gag, place it in her mouth and tie it around her head and under her hair. Next they pick her up and place her on her stomach such that she is draped over one of the arms of the couch with her face on the sofa cushion side of the couch and her feet dangling in the air. Lucas presses her shoulders against the cushion and Henry positions himself between her legs. He grabs the bottom of the back of her pencil and with a quick jerk or two, manages to rip the dress up middle to within a couple of inches of the hemline.

He pushes the torn halves off to the right and left; rubs his hands down the back of her blazer; firmly grabs her panties .. and with a quick jerk rips them clean off. He then inserts himself into her vagina (mounting her from the rear position) and begins pumping wildly away. After about a minute or so of pumping away, the two men then switch positions: With Henry restraining her by pushing her shoulders into the cushion and Lucas inserting himself and pumping away. Every time she tries to raise her head, the perp restraining her shoulder just shoves her head into the cushion. After a minute or so of Lucas pumping away, the two men switch again.

After the two perps are done assaulting her on the arm of the couch. Lucas says:
Lucas: “Let lay her out across the floor and chain one of her legs to the couch .. . just like we did with that other b..tch last month!” They pick her up and lay her on her stomach on the floor. Henry then temporarily removes the handcuffs. The two men unbutton and then slide off her blazer jacket. Note: the high heels remain on and remain on for the entire custom. Henry then handcuffs her hands behind her back. The two men then flip her over onto her back on the living room floor. Lucas applies a handcuff to her left ankle and wraps the other end around one of the legs of the couch. Henry grabs her free right leg by the ankle. Lucas positions himself between her legs.

He firmly grabs the bottom of the front of her partially torn dress and with a quick jerk or two he manages to rip completely off of her. He then mounts her vaginally and begins pumping away. She tries to scream through her gag, but Henry just places his hand over her already gagged mouth. To amuse himself, Henry takes his palm and covers both her mouth and nose, cutting off her air. When he removes his palm, she coughs .. he then repeats it again over and over. After Lucas has been pumping away for a minute or so, the two men switch positions: with Henry inserting himself and pumping away, and Lucas restraining her shoulders.

When the two men are finished assaulting her on the floor, they each grab her under one of her armpits and they drag her off to the bedroom. They throw her face down on top of the bed. Lucas then reaches over and undoes one side of the handcuffs. She responds to this by: quickly turning over; jumping off the bed and running out of the bedroom. She doesn’t get very far, however, before Henry is able to grab her. He grabs her around the waist and lifts her up into the air, then carries her off to the bedroom.
Henry once again throws her onto her stomach on top of the bed and Lucas reattaches the cuffs, handcuffing her hands behind her back. Lucas then slides her so that half her legs are hanging over the side of the bed (so she is lying horizontally on the bed on her stomach and her legs are draping over the edge of the bed. Lucas then positions himself between her legs. He firmly grabs the bottom of her lacy tee top. With a quick jerk or two, he rips it clear up to the neckline. He then pushes the halves off to the left and right, leaving them to dangle. He rubs his hands up and down her back. Lucas then mounts her vaginally from behind and begins pumping away. Meanwhile, Henry positions himself directly behind Lucas. He grabs her legs near to the ankles and holds them up. Lucas keeps pumping away. A minute or so passes and the two men switch positions: with Henry mounting her from behind; and Lucas taking up position behind Henry and holding up her legs.

When the two are down assaulting from the rear position. They flip her over on two her back. They position her vertically on top of the bed so her feet/heels are near the bottom foot posts.
Lucas undoes one side of the small chain handcuffs. He then cuffs her wrists so that they are handcuffed in front of her. He pulls her hands over her head, wraps some rope around the chain, then ties the rope to the head of the bed. Then, using two long metal police style handcuffs, they attach one end of the handcuffs to each of her ankles. They spread her legs wide open. And then they attach the loose ends of the cuffs to the right and left bedposts, making sure the chains are pulled taut so that there is no slack. Some pillows are then placed under her lower back, raising her up slightly. He then goes to work, ripping off what is left of her lacy tee top.

Henry: “I gotta get me some with her … just like this!”
Henry climbs on the bed; climbs between her legs; mounts her and begins pumping away.
Lucas: “You do that, there’s something I gotta go get!”
Lucas walks out the room.
After Henry has been assaulting her for 2-3 minutes , Lucas finally returns to the room. He is carrying a beer bottle in his right hand.
Lucas: “OK Henry, get off of her …”
Henry dismounts and climbs off the bed. Lucas looks at her and says:
Lucas: “I know just what to do with a fancy bitch like you!”
Lucas climbs on top of the bed and kneels down between her legs. He starts by placing the lip of the bottle down on top of her ankle. Then he runs it several times up and down the outside of her leg: from her ankle up to her upper thigh. Next, he places the bottle on her abdomen, and runs it over her belly button down to her crotch. He pretends like he is going to shove it into her anus. But then positions it in front of her vagina and presses it inside.

Henry takes this as his queue, he kneels on the bed besides her head, He takes the rope; leans over her; and presses the rope over her neck … pushing the ends of the rope to the bed and cutting off her air. He then momentarily releases the pressure .. letting her get a little air … then presses again. After Henry has been pumping away with the bottle for about 1-2 minutes .. the two men switch positions: with Henry taking over the slow strangle and Lucas taking over pumping her with the bottle. The two men keep switching off like this and taking turns … until she can finally take no more and expires.

Office Party
Office Party

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Psycho-Thrillers – Mafia Princess

Mafia Princess.0017

Psycho-Thrillers – Mafia Princess

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay Snuff

Description: Contains: Bad Girl, Set-Up, Dialogue, Voyeur, Stalking, Up-Skirt, Gun Play, Forced Undress, Home Invasion, Torture Strangle, Sleepy, Undressing, Fondling, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Pans, Body Posing, Arm Carrying, Escape Attempt, Bondage, Taunting, Humiliation, Begging & Pleading, Terrorizing, Live Rape, Forced Gagging Blow Job, Body Tossing, Death by Slow Hand Strangulation, Drool, Death Stare, Brutal Neck Snap, Necrophilia Couch Urination, Nudity, Breast Views, Vaginal Views, Ass Views, Breast Slapping, Breast Worship, Vaginal Worship, Hand Strangle Neck Marks
Editor’s Notes: If you like to see tough bad gir tied up, raped then served what they deserv, then you’ll love this one. Filmed in FULL COLOR HD! Description: Dressed in the latest fashions, she returns to the family villa after a spree on Rodeo Drive, little realizing that a rival mob’s assassin has come to send a message to the don. He surprises her with a gun and forces her inside. “Shut the fuck up and move inside! “You’re father the mob boss is biting off more than he can chew. They sent me to send a message to him. Now take off your fucking clothes!” She threatens and berates him as he forces her to strip down to her bra and panties. “You and your family are going to fucking pay for this motherfucker!” He spins her around “Turn around!” “You better think twice! Don’t do anything stupid!” she says. He garrotes her from behind until she is unconsciousness. He stands over her and pans her body. He removes her bra and panties and her shoes. He restrains her hands behind her back. He wakes her up. “My boss told me to make you suffer.” Weakened and terrified, she begs for her life. He fucks her in two positions then climaxes. Once finished, he sits and places her head across his thighs. She continues to plead as he chokes her to death with his bare hands. He sits her up and finishes her off with a final neck snap. He lets her body drop to the floor. He arm carries her and throws her lifeless body to the sofa and picks up his phone and calls her father, telling him that he’s left a present for him at his home. “You don’t know me. I’m a CAPO. We left a little present at your home, courtesy of the Genovese family.

Mafia Princess
Mafia Princess

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Psycho-Thrillers – I Finally Fucked You 3

I Finally Fucked You 3.0016

Psycho-Thrillers – I Finally Fucked You 3

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay Snuff

Description: Contains: Set-Up, Dialogue, Teasing, Voyeur, Entrapment, Home Invasion, Fondling, Fighting, Wrestling, Groping, Forced Undressing, Nudity, Face Hitting, Face Bruising, Blood, Begging & Pleading, Taunting, Insults, 2-Position Live Rape, Breast Views, Vaginal Views, Ass Views, Breast Worship, Vaginal Worship, Ass Worship, Feet Views, Bare Feet, Leggins, Near Escape, Death by Belt Strangulation, Drool, Death Stare, Body Pans, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Extended Necrophilia Blow Job, Extended Necrophilia Urination, Body Kicking, Necrophilia Rape
Editor’s Notes: If you love a young girl torture raped and strangled in an extreme way, then you’ll love this one. Filmed in FULL COLOR HD! Description: She saw him sitting down smoking every day and she never said a word, not one hello. She was either walking her little dog or pretending to wait for her hus band to return home, always showing off those shapely legs and that hot Latin ass or tight leggins with no underwear to cover her pussy. She never said a word, never looked in my direction. One day that cunt went too far.

He was hanging out when she bent over at the waist pretending to adjust her sneakers. Her pussy was clearly showing through her black leggins. What a sexy pose. She was signaling for him to jump in and spear her cunt deep right there. He had made it back early that day, still not being able to shake her out of my mind. His cock was swollen with thoughts of her legs and body so he decided to do something about it. No one was around so he made my way to her house and knocked. She answered through the slide door. He asked if her husband was home and she said no. He asked if he could drop off a bag of dog food that would help their dog’s development and fur. He figured she would trust him that far.

It worked. When she cracked the door open he showed her the bag and asked if he could come in to explain it. She let him in. Good. He explained how to feed it to the dog and that it made dog coats more shiny. He then decided to make a move on her. He was hoping she would give up the pussy easy and that he would get to fuck her. When she put the bag away in the kitchen showing him her ass again, he put a hand on it and gave it a soft squeeze but she spun a batted his hand away. “What you doing?” She said. “You leave now before my husband finds out!” She pointed to the door. “Listen baby, I was hoping when I came here you would wanna fuck. I think you’re hot and just wanted to spend a little time with you. You’re husband doesn’t need to know. I won’t tell.” She pointed again. “You get the fuck out now!” He just stood there.

She made a move to the phone but he grabbed her and they wrestled to the floor. She started crying and trying to reach the phone but he grabbed her leggins and pulled them, exposing her cunt. He grabbed her hips and gave her cunt several big licks which made her cry louder. “You can’t show me your cunt outside and not give any up. Who the fuck do you think you are you little bitch!” She turned and kicked him in the chest but he rebounded, twisted her top in my hand and hit her hard across the face. “Don’t fuck with me bitch! Ever!” She was fucking dazed so he sat her up and quickly removed her top and her bra. He propped her up against the fridge and sucked on her tits strongly and hungrily.

He grabbed her and pulled until she was lying flat on her ass then he reached under and removed her leggins completely. He went down on her, enjoying the taste of her pussy in his mouth and licking her inner thighs. He quickly twisted her legs, rolling her over until she was on her belly. He worked her juicy little ass through his palms then sucked on it hungrily. He spread her ass cheeks and tongued her ass hole then sucked her cunt into his mouth as she groaned and slowly clawed the floor. He twisted her legs until she was face up and spread her legs. “Baby girl I gotta fuck you! I gotta fuck you good!” His cock was already hard and he slipped it in and started fucking the bitch. “You fucking bitch! You little cunt!” She was crying and shutting her eyes. “It hurts,” she said at one point. He fucked her mashing her tits in his hands. He was fucking her passionately, wanting her to feel something too.

He grabbed her hair. “On your feet,” and forced her to bend over the kitchen counter; it exposed her cunt just like it did outside. He stuffed his meaty cock inside her and started fucking it really good. “You should have given it to me!” he said. He pushed her until she fell on her side. As he knelt, she started fighting with him, making him mad. He tilted sideways a bit and carried one of her soft legs, palming and pinching her ass and the undersides of her soft thighs. He rolled off of her. He stood and grabbed his belt and stared at her. “You brought this shit on yourself you fucking cunt!” He went after her and managed to loop the belt around her neck and force her onto her back to take her medicine.

He tightened the straps and watched her die until her arms dropped and a trail of drool and blood fell from her mouth, legs twitching. “All this excitement just makes me want to fuck you again. He drags her into the bedroom and fucks her dead body after she‘d pissed herself in the kitchen. He dropped her on a bed, cocked her juicy legs and fucked her again, trying to damage her. He finished then went back to the kitchen and got his things, taking the can of dog food back in the bag with him to get a refund of his money.

I Finally Fucked You 3
I Finally Fucked You 3

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Choke Chamber – Personal Vendetta

Personal Vendetta.0018

Choke Chamber – Personal Vendetta

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

Starring: “AMANDA MONROE” Plot: A pretty blonde, busty vixen starts her day off the right way… with a healthy jog around the neighborhood in her fitting sports bra, yoga pants and kicks. After her morning routine, she heads back to her apartment to shower and get ready for a date. But the afternoon takes an interesting, and unexpected detour when she finds a tall, mysterious male stranger in her living room pointing a gun at her. What could he possibly want from her? Why is he there with a loaded weapon? The fearful, cautious blonde bombshell is instructed to sit and answer a series of unusual questions. The interrogation seems to go well when the man offers to set her free. But of course, this is just a tease. The busty blonde gets a taste of cold steel in the belly before getting the most torture filled choking in her short-lived life. Again… why is she the victim of this agony? Truth is revealed before her last dying breath.

Fetish Elements:

Super sultry death stares, Point blank shooting, No Blood, Moaning and groaning, body writhing, back arching, belly clutching, crawling, Erotic garrote choke, Bare-hand strangle, FULL NUDITY, necro-stripping and fondling, yoga attire and tennis shoes, OTK high boots, body con dress, eyes wide, tongue out, legs kicking and twitching, body carry, limp play, submission and domination, clear neck views

Personal Vendetta

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Choke Chamber – Serial Slaughter

Serial Slaughter.0009

Choke Chamber – Serial Slaughter

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

When a beauty decides to stop and help a hitchhiker, her simple act of kindness immediately proves to be her last. The stranger she helps turns out to be a serial killer at large, known for the abduction, torment, and brutal murder of innocent, young women. He abducts his unsuspecting victims. When they awaken, they are dressed in a tight, short dress, put in a cat and mouse situation, and forced to run for their lives. However, the chase only prolongs the inevitable… their capture, agonizing torture by knife stabbings leading to a painful demise. Watch gorgeous, and talented AVN awardee and actress Jeanie Marie squirm in horrific pain, as she is endures the torment of this enthusiastic killer.

Fetish Elements:

Super sexy death stares, erotic bloody stabbing, Nudity, multiple blade penetrations, clear knife views and, agony, body-writhing, back arching, erotic pain, submission and domination, pantyhose, high heel pumps, erotic breast and navel stab

Serial Slaughter

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Choke Chamber – Elektra Punished

Elektra Punished.0009

Choke Chamber – Elektra Punished

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging


The gorgeous, young Heather Hollows plays a strong, feisty, super heroine known as Elektra, a decorated villain hunter. What was meant to be a standard mission, to safely apprehend a non earthling evil-doer, and bring back to her mother planet immediately tuns into a fatal project. Obviously her target refused to go back willingly, and without a fight. At first, Elektra seems to have the upper hand. They wrestle, kick, punch and have a heated combat. When the evil lord locates a weakness, the stunning vixen gets distracted and loses her advantage. Immediately the villain jumps at the opportunity to take over and strangles the superhero until all that makes her extraordinary, and her body expires. Alas, she lays there eyes wide and dead.

Fetish Elements:

Super sexy death stares, erotic garrote strangle, skin tight spandex outfit, high heel boots, eyes wide, tongue out, legs kicking and twitching, wrestling, femdom fight, mixed-martial arts combat, super heroine in peril, body writhing, choke torture

Elektra Punished

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – A Burglars Tragedy

A Burglars Tragedy.0015

[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – A Burglars Tragedy

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Starring: Ashley Lane, Mercy West, and Ryanne
Story by: Manoir X

A college dorm burglar and thief(ASHLEY), who has an obsession and ultimate fantasy of being caught, sexually tortured, and disposed of, sneaks into the apartment of two female coeds. The coeds are in a dominant(RYANNE) and submissive(MERCY) relationship and have been know to have loud wild crushing orgasms, so this is the place the burglar figured she would be caught. She sneaks into the apartment, quietly, snooping around in her daisy dukes and tight tee shirt, sneakers, and nylon socks. She goes to a room where she sneaks around, bending over to show ass shots, and eventually finds a computer, she turns it on and sees some revealing pics of the two coeds with another gal, her tied up and them all orgasming. She gets horny and puts her leg up on the chair, unbuttoning her shorts and reaching in for some flicking of the bean. She masturbates with one hand and plays with her tits with the other, getting so into it. She doesn’t notice Ryanne peeking through the doorway, watching closely, letting the burglar get caught up in an orgasm will be the best way to capture her. She grabs a knife and waits for her to cum. As the burglar is cumming Ryanne interrupts her with a knife to the back. She explains how she is doing things wrong, and there is nothing to steal. She leads her back to the room where her sub girlfriend is sleeping in bed. She wakes her up and orders her to help her with the new play toy who needs to be sexually punished for breaking in. The burglar still is masturbating, never stopping even after being captured. This is fine with Ryanne and Mercy who is waking up excited like it is Christmas morning. What a gift! Ryanne orders her to remove the girls shorts, and she takes of f her top, they all get a bit closer together and Ryanne runs the show. She gets her on the bed, getting the gal in position so she is pinned down by her arms over her head, laying down, and her legs are pinned by one of the gals legs, each. They start to torture her with their hands caressing and kissing the burglar, getting her even more wet and bothered. She moans with pleasure and all three gals start to get hot. Ryanne allows Mercy more freedom to play with Ashley, you can see in her eyes she is jealous that Mercy is so infatuated with the new specimen. She lets her finger her and suck her tits, and Ryanne does the same on the other side. As they get going good, Ryanne notices that Ashley is liking what Mercy is doing too much so she decides to switch things up, telling Mercy to shed a stocking to tie around Ashley’s neck, then tie each end to Ashley’s wrists so she can control the tightness and all three can be involved. They start to rub their crotches on her thighs and they both rub the burglars pussy as she really starts to climax a bit. They pull on her arms so she chokes while they rub her and scissor her thighs. All three gals are in a rhythm of sensual passion and as they really get close to orgasming, they forget that the burglar is being choked fully, but they cum shuddering hard orgasms and let go of the stocking just in time as Ashley takes a deep breath when they release the stocking. The burglar pants and regains her breath then smiles. They all bask in the afterglow of the sexual triad of orgasm. Ryanne notices Mercy staring at the Burglar with a love smile then actually saying, “I love you!” to Ashley. This infuriates Ryanne, but she just uses it as her muse when she pulls out a filet knife and sticks it in through the back of Ashley’s heart, leaving the knife in for tampanade. Ryanne explains that the knife is blocking the hole but when she pulls it out her body will fill up with blood and she will die. The burglar is shocked and her eyes are wide. Mercy continues to play with Ashley’s tits and pussy, as Ryanne asks the Burglar if she wants to die now, or cum and die later? Ashley pics “cum”, so Ryanne carefully holds the knife in place and orders Mercy to finger fuck the burglar and when she starts to cum she will pull the knife out. They all get close to climax and when the burglar stats to cum she pulls the knife out. The burglar falls back in convulsions, twitching from the blood filling her body up. She is still cumming when Ryanne tells Mercy to pinch the gals clit so she can finish her cum and die. That is exactly what she does and the burglar’s body erupts as it was being shocked, and then dies, twitching a bit until she goes still, just a faint trickle of blood coming from the mouth. Mercy and Ryanne both have crushing orgasms and collapse next to the dead body. After they glow for a bit they roll the dead body to the edge of the bed. Ryanne immediately goes to Mercy caressing her and wrapping the stocking around Mercy’s neck. Mercy is into it as they usually play with hosiery, but Ryanne gets her up and says to her, “You told her you loved her, arggg” She hoists her up and pulls tight, grabbing the double wrapped stocking in one hand and lifting her like a rag doll. She takes the other hand and directs Mercy’s own hand down her own panties, sending her into a sexual frenzy. Ryanne pulls hard, brutally pulling her by her neck all over the bed. Mercy is fighting and they go down to the bed, but Ryanne is on top and strong. Mercy somehow gets the knife in her hand and bucks Ryanne off for long enough to stab her in her liver and kidney, which pisses the dominant Ryanne off to the point of strangling her harder. It doesn’t take long for the violent strangle to finish. Mercy’s face goes rad, eyes wide, crossing and lolling around as her head does the same in the hands of Ryanne. She gives one final twitch and she is dead. Ryanne goes hard just to make sure, then tosses her to the bed. She knows she too is fading fast, losing blood inside her body, coughing up a bit that got int her lungs. She lays down next to her freshly deceased sub girlfriend and humps her lef, using Mercy’s dead hand to get her off as she dies she jolts and her eyes go wide as she cums and dies at the same time. All three girls are dead on the bed, still, wide eyed and still. Their bodies are panned and viewed. What a Tragedy!
A Burglars Tragedy

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SchoolGirlSexPunishment – Schoolgirl Reform School: Gypsy

Missy & Gypsy

SchoolGirlSexPunishment – Schoolgirl Reform School: Gypsy

Categories: College Sex, Abused, Punishment, BDSM, schoolgirl, Enema, Spanking, Crying Bitch, Pretty Girls, Teen Porn

Description: Featuring : Gypsy and Andre Chance

Length : 88.5 minutes

Gypsy is a sexy schoolgirl, half Asian. She’s made to suffer extreme corporal punishment, including enemas, caning/paddling/spanking, bondage, large butt plug, anal beads, suppository, face slapping, breast torture, and riding the sybian – with her hands tied up behind her back! She gets grapes up her butt, and is made to expel them in a bucket. She also gets covered up in oil and whipped cream, and gets spanked, paddled and caned at length, including while riding the sybian tied up.

Over-the-lap spanking. Grapes up the butt. Enemas from squeeze bottle. Expulsion into bucket. Nipple clamps. Lead on walk by collar and leash/nipple clamps. Spanking and paddling (including breasts). Walk in “wheelbarrow position”: spanking, paddling and caning. Suppository. Butt plug with pig-tail end. Bondage with 2 spreader bars. Caning. Drenched in baby oil. Covered in whipped cream. Face slapping and spanking. Enemas with large squeeze bulb. Caning, and expulsion in bucket. Spanking. Riding sybian, with hands tied up. Spanking, paddling and caning while on sybian. Anal beads while on sybian.

Missy and Gypsy screen
Missy and Gypsy.mp4

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Belly Punching Serie – Emma 4 Maia

Emma 4 Maia.0020

Belly Punching Serie – Emma 4 Maia

Categories: Cunt Busting, Torture, Belly Punch, BDSM, Beating, Slapping, Pussy Kicking, Gagging, SubMissive, Trample

Description: Maia and Emma are punching each other.

Emma 4 Maia
Emma 4 Maia.wmv

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Belly Punching Serie – Bad Luck On The Road

Bad Luck On The Road.0016

Belly Punching Serie – Bad Luck On The Road

Categories: Cunt Busting, Torture, Belly Punch, BDSM, Beating, Slapping, Pussy Kicking, Gagging, SubMissive, Trample

Description: Maia and Lidia are driving near a forest, Maia feels sick and they stop the car. Alin is the forest owner and he’s watching the girls walking near by. He grabs Lidia, in first place, and takes her into the woods by force. Then takes Maia too and tie the girls together, starting punching them into their bellies for his entertainment. The girls try to escape but Alin is determined to play by punching their bellies all day long.

Bad Luck On The Road
Bad Luck On The Road.wmv

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