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SchoolGirlSexPunishment – Schoolgirl Reform School: Paige


SchoolGirlSexPunishment – Schoolgirl Reform School: Paige

Categories: College Sex, Abused, Punishment, BDSM, schoolgirl, Enema, Spanking, Crying Bitch, Pretty Girls, Teen Porn

Description: Featuring : Paige and Andre Chance

Length : 61 minutes

Schoolgirl Paige looks angelic in her coy uniform. But she has a long discipline file, and receives an extreme punishment: multiple enemas (made to expel in bucket), straitjacket & hogtie bondage, spanking and paddling (including upside down), ice cubes, ice popsicle inserted into her pussy and dipped into her asshole, hot wax, lit candle inside butt & pussy, and “drilldo” (sex machine.) She also has to give a blow job to her master and lick his cum.

Paige is a schoolgirl, both cute and slutty with her plaid skirt, bare midriff, long lush hair and frilly white socks. In spite of her angelic appearance, she has a long discipline file: stealing, vandalizing school property, even caught trying butt sex with a boy (to “protect her virginity”, she claims!) She gets sent to my reform school for teens. Because of the seriousness of her offenses, she risks more than just expulsion: possibly, juvenile detention. I drag into the room by her long hair, and explain to her that this is her last chance to avoid a few months in juvenile. Schoolgirl Paige, about to get her first enema With no real choice, Paige accepts the alternative: corporate punishment. I swing her over across my lap and spank her at length. I even hit her with her own shoe! When I lift her skirt, I reveal a nice red butt. I take a drinking bottle. I tear off the label, which I shove in Paige’s mouth. Then I lower Paige’s panties, and administer the water as an enema, straight from the bottle! While her colon is full of water, I spank her again at length. Then I send her off to the toilet. You’ll be able to see her sitting on the toilet, and you’ll get to hear very clearly the water come out. Schoolgirl Paige, just stripped down Afterwards, I make her deep-throat a corn dog! I tell her to strip naked. After some resistance, she takes off all her clothes, just down to her socks, revealing some slutty undergarments. Schoolgirl Paige is grossed out from having to taste her Headmaster’s cum! I make her kneel in front of me, and suck my cock and lick my hairy balls. Then I cum inside her mouth and all over her face. She looks all grossed out! Next, I surprise her with a “drilldo” (sex machine). I make her suck that, too… Afterwards, I position her swung across the back of the sofa, “like a sack of potatoes.” I test her claim that she’s still a virgin by shoving the drilldo up her pussy! Not surprisingly, the little slut was lying. I punish her by spanking her till I leave handprint marks on her butt. Schoolgirl Paige gets paddled upside down Then I lift her and position her completely upside down, holding her by the legs. I spank and paddle her while she’s upside down! Finally, I take off her cute frilly socks. Her next indignity is to be put into a straitjacket. But, since Paige is so petite, I put the straitjacket on her in an unconventional manner: turned around (worn “as a shirt”), which still immobilizes her, with the extra bonus of leaving her breasts exposed! I make her sit on my lap and torment her tender nipples. Schoolgirl Paige in a straitjacket Paige makes the mistake of telling me she’s getting hot in the straitjacket. I torment her with ice cubes, which I run all over her body — and at times I just “lose” inside the straitjacket! If that weren’t bad enough, I switch to a popsicle. After rubbing it over her tender skin, I plunge it “to the hilt” inside her pussy! I also dip the popsicle’s tip inside her butthole… I paddle her with a kitchen spatula. Then it’s back to water — this time in liquid form. I bring out a large douching squeeze bulb, with a hefty nozzle, and use it to give Paige an enema. Schoolgirl Paige’s 2nd round of enemas, using a large douching squeeze bulb that has a long, hard nozzle. Notice the she is in a straitjacket I use additional restraints to hogtie her, in addition to the straitjacket she already has. In her hogtie state, on her back, she gets a second large squeeze bulb enema. Then the ultimate humiliation: I position a bucket under her butt, and make her expel right there. After slapping her face, I make her squirm by dripping hot wax on her, especially on her butt. Then I douse her with baby oil. I shove a lit candle up her pussy, and I spank her, making the candle “dance around”! Afterwards, I stretch out her tight butthole with 2 fingers, and then shove the lit candle there, too. And, yes, I spank her again — at length — making the lit candle dance around some more. By now, Paige’s claims that she will change her ways begin to sound more believable…

Paige screen

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SchoolGirlSexPunishment – Schoolgirl Reform School: Alexis


SchoolGirlSexPunishment – Schoolgirl Reform School: Alexis

Categories: College Sex, Abused, Punishment, BDSM, schoolgirl, Enema, Spanking, Crying Bitch, Pretty Girls, Teen Porn

Description: Featuring : Alexis R. and Andre Chance

Length : 77 minutes

Alexis is a naughty schoolgirl with a bad attitude. But she quickly mends her ways when confronted with harsh discipline in Reform School. She has to endure spanking, caning, bondage, multiple enemas (expelled in full view), including an enema with a colonic tube, suppositories, eggplants in her pussy and ass, 3 cherries and 3 cheese sticks in all her holes, a whole stick of butter up her ass, nipple clamps with an extra clip for her clit, and more. The extremely-long colonic tube goes up Alexis’ ass almost completely – except for about 5″, i.e. a total of some 25″ (63 cm) By the end, sobbing and in tears, she’s fully reformed!

Spanking, caning, hogtied, suppository, eggplant DP, bag enema, enema expulsion on bed and on the toilet. Butter stick up the ass, DP with cheese sticks, enema with colonic tube, tears, enema expulsion in bucket and on toilet. Alexis is a very cute Asian schoolgirl with a bad attitude. When she gets sent to my Reform School for Teens, she doesn’t appear at all repentant. When I threaten her with the prospect of getting expelled from school, and having to face her conservative parents and being sent to do retail work, she quickly agrees to physical punishment as a better alternative! I surprise her with an long, fold-up tube — and surprise her even more by telling her to crawl into it! Perhaps Alexis assumes it’s just a game, but she finds out otherwise when I straddle the tube and trap her midway thru her crawl, with her butt and legs sticking out; then I start spanking her! Alexis R., half-trapped inside a tunnel. Her butt is still red from the earlier paddling Alexis is a major squirmer, the like of which I hadn’t seen since Jade! For extra measure I tie up Alexis inside the tube with a belt. Then I resume spanking and paddling her. Next, I remove her skirt and her shoes — and douse her in baby oil, which highlights the redness of her butt. I lower her slutty panties, and shove a suppository up her butt, and my finger alongside it. Then I spank and paddle her again. While Alexis is still tied up inside the tube, with only her lower half exposed, I bring out a plastic drinking bottle and tell Alexis that I’m going to give her an enema! First, I stretch out her virginal butt hole with 3 fingers, and then shove the bottle top right in! The bottle does NOT have a drinking spout; the whole bottle’s mouth gets roughly inserted up Alexis’s tight hole. I squeeze the plastic bottle as much as I can, and give Alexis her very first enema. Alexis R., half-trapped inside a tunnel, gets caned Next, without even letting her expel the water, I cane her. It appears that Alexis deals better with spanking than with enema, and even begs me to spank her rather than giving her more enemas. Instead, I do just the opposite. First, though, I remove her stockings and attach her ankles and wrists to the feet of the bed, giving a squirming Alexis some hits with a belt along the way. Eggplants up her pussy and ass! Just when Alexis probably thinks she has seen it all, I surprise her with 2 eggplants! As you can guess, I shove one up her pussy and one up her ass, while she’s spread-eagled in bondage, face down. I leave her two holes stuffed up while I set up the red enema bag. I make her open her mouth by pinching shut her nose, and make her take the large enema nozzle in her mouth first. As an addition “sneak preview”, I also pour some water on her. Finally, I replace the anal eggplant with the nozzle, and start the enema. You’ll be able to see the water invade Alexis’s colon thanks to a flow indicator on the hose. While poor Alexis soaks up the entire bag, I replace the pussy eggplant, which had slipped out. I also raise half of the mattress, which lifts her legs/butt, and also stretches out her bondage. I make Alexis take the water till the bag is as flat as a pancake. Then I make her hold the water for a fair amount of time, while I set up some expulsion buckets. By now, Alexis is begging for relief, and even quivering. But before giving her relief, I surprise her with 3 cherries! What does one do with those?! Yes, you got it — one goes in her mouth, one in her pussy and one (after withdrawing the enema nozzle) up her butt. Alexis is trying hard to hold the water, but a little escapes while I slip in the anal cherry. Finally, I give the poor schoolgirl some relief: and let her expel into a bucket, while still tied, face-down, hands and feet. You’ll enjoy a good view of her jets. I also let her expel more into a towel. Then I free her, and let her finish up at the toilet. You’ll get to hear all the water come out as Alexis sits, bent over, on the toilet — and has to repeatedly say “I’ll be good in school”! After she takes a shower and gets all cleaned up, probably hoping that her ordeal is over, I shock her by telling that, now that she’s “clean inside and out”, I’m going to make her EVEN cleaner with another enema! But first, I put nipple clamps on her: a 3-prong nipple clamp for tits and clit. Next, I make her lie belly down, and to her surprise I bring out a stick of butter and literally “butter up” her buns and rear entrance. More that that, I shove the whole stick of butter up her tight hole! When I pull it out, it’s perfectly rounded, and even looks like a dildo (just as you saw in previous films.) Then I re-insert the butter stick, and pull it out again. After further widening up Alexis’ shy rear entrance with 2 fingers, I surprise Alexis yet again with 3 sticks of string cheese: just when Alexis thought she had “seen it all”! As you can guess, one goes in her mouth, one in her pussy and one up her butt. When I later withdraw in one in her butt, find it more elongated… 25 inches (63 cm) of the 30-inch (76cm) colonic tube gets inserted up Alexis’ butt I bring out a 30″ (76cm) colonic tube! When I lay it down alongside Alexis’s back, it spans from her butthole to the top of her head! I place it on a ruler, so you can see it’s 30″ long. I smear some butter on the tube’s tip, and slip it up Alexis’s trembling rear entrance. Inserting a tube so long is a lengthy process, with many partial in’s-and-out’s. The insertion takes place with a single, uninterrupted camera take (no cuts!), so you can see the tube REALLY slide in. You’ll also see the flow indicator spin and spin and spin. As I insert the endless tube, and go past the first bag, Alexis starts sounding truly repentant! By the time that the tube has gone in almost completely — except for about 5″, i.e. a total of some 25″ (63 cm) — Alexis is in tears and quietly sobbing! After she has soaked in a total of a bag plus about a third, I finally take pity: I withdraw the tube (again with no camera cuts) and let the tearful girl expel into a bucket, in full view. Then I send her to the toilet, with her belly visibly distended. I make her face the toilet seat so that, as she continues expelling the enema water, you’ll enjoy a good view of the water coming out… By now, she appears sincere about changing her ways in school!

Alexis screen

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Her Revenge Strangles

Her Revenge Strangles.0020

[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Her Revenge Strangles

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Belle comes home from work to find her roommates are whispering about some love triangle, and she realizes what she came to talk to Anyanca about is true. She is fucking her boyfriend Chris. The 4 girls live together and met Chris through work, Chris wanted to bang them all and was well into doing #2 when the fiasco happened and Belle found out. Belle is not too happy, so she sneaks downstairs and waits for the blonde Skylee to come to the bathroom. When she shuts the door and sees Belle with a stocking in her hand she freaks, but Belle is so fast, wrapping the stocking around her neck and strangling her to death. The young girl fights but loses the battle to Belle. After the chick is dead, Belle drags her to the main room, looking for a place to hide the body and get Anyanca who is on her headphones writing a song upstairs. As Belle tries to look for a place, the door jiggles, and it is her roommate Steevie, she quickly hides behind the entrance. When Steevie comes in she sees that Skylee is lying dead on the floor, she runs to check her but is met with a stocking around her neck. At this point Steevie is just caught up in the mix of things, and Belle must quiet her. She strangles her hard, she fights to the death, and when Belle sees hos sexy she is, she gets caught up momentarily, but then remembers her goal, to kill the bitch that fucked her man. She heads upstairs where Anyanca sits in the window, listening to her music and writing her song. Belle comes in and says, “hey!” very loud, and then wraps the stocking around Anyanca’s neck. She takes her down to the floor, where Anyanca fights hard, leaving marks from her boots on the floor. After a hard bout she lies still, and dead. Belle wants to see what the fuss is all about so she strips Anyanca. As she starts to check out her pussy, Chris arrives, creeps behind Belle and strangles her hard. He double wraps the stocking and goes hard. She fights but doesn’t win. Chris’ rage takes over and he kills her dead and still. After he kills her he picks her up in a fireman’s carry and takes her downstairs to the couch. He takes Anyanca down too and now all four hot gals are on the couch. Chris strips the titties and pussies bare to see what he had, and what he missed. He fondles them all and we then see long pans of the bodies after they are posed.
Her Revenge Strangles
Her Revenge Strangles.wmv

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Peachy Keen Films – High Class Escort

High Class Escort.0010

Peachy Keen Films – High Class Escort

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Valentina Nappi, Lily LaBeau, and Brad

Brad and Lily are at home sitting on the couch. They both share a dark fetish. They like knocking a woman out and then raping her once sheТs unconscious. In order to fulfill this fantasy, they call an escort to come over for the evening.

When she arrives, Brad invites her in and they have a quick orientation conversation. They inform the escort, Valentina, that she is to have sex with Brad while Lily watches. She agrees, for a high price. They hand her the money and allow her to get ready in the bathroom.

As they couple waits in anticipation, the escort changes into sexy lingerie. Then she comes out and starts to get to work with Brad. Lily sits in a chair behind them, watching and touching herself, her legs splayed and her pussy wide open. Valentina rubs BradТs body and does a sexy striptease, then starts to suck his dick.

She climbs on his cock and starts to fuck him. Lily is getting really turned on watching them and touching herself. Then she stands up quietly and chops the escort in the neck. She passes out immediately. The couple smiles at each other. Finally, their fetish is a reality.

Lily takes off her clothes and the couple rapes the unconscious escort. They do all kinds of fun things with her, they really want to get their moneyТs worth, and this may be one of their only opportunities to really allow their fetish to come to fruition. Lily puts on a strap-on and fucks the unconscious girl, her tits bouncing madly all over the place, while she sucks BradТs cock. They do this for a while, and then Valentina starts to stir.

But they are ready for this. As Brad is fucking her, Lily uses a rope to strangle the partially conscious Valentina. She sputters and gasps weakly until she dies. Brad continues fucking her. But heТs not done yet.

Caught up in the heat of the moment, Brad decides to really see this thing through. He uses the same rope and lashes it around LilyТs throat. She begs with him to stop but he doesnТt. HeТs excited about this and nothing can stop him. She struggles next to the dead girl on the bed, kicking and protesting as well as she can through her crushing windpipe.

Once she is dead, Brad finishes the job by fucking his dead girlfriendТs mouth, and then the corpse of the escort. He cums on her body and leaves them sprawled out on the bed.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Strangle, Garrote Strangle, Fucking, Unconscious, Knocked Out, Rape, Strap-On, Lesbian, Blowjobs, Threesomes, Pussy Eating, Limp Fetish, Lingerie, Strip Tease, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Ball Sucking, Necro, Foot Views, Body Views.

High Class Escort
High Class Escort.mp4

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Sit-Spanking – The Stable Block At Birch Manor

The Stable Block At Birch Manor

Sit-Spanking – The Stable Block At Birch Manor

Categories: Punishment, Spanking, Discipline, Beating, Cane, Whipping, Old Clip


When Lady Sara enters the stable block, she is surprised to find Sally the stable girl there, on what is supposedly her day off. Sally explains that the Lady of the manor, Lady Sara’s aunt had found her in the stables with her boyfriend, in a compromising position. She had also been caught smoking in the stables and had been told to report there to await her fate. Sally asks Lady Sara what may become of her and Sara explains how the stable girl can expect to receive severe corporal punishment from her stern aunt. However, Lady Sara also reveals that she too has been told to report to the stable block, for much the same treatment. Despite being forbidden to do so, she had been caught riding and laming her aunt’s favourite horse! Sally is incredulous that Lady Sara should receive such treatment, but it transpires that corporal punishment is a way of life in this family and that Lady Sara is very familiar with this method of correction. Lady Sara tells the stable girl that her aunt is most severe and that she does not believe in giving a warm-up spanking, preferring to go straight in with crop, strap or cane! In an attempt to cheat her ladyship, the pair decide to warm each other’s bottom by giving each other a good spanking, in preparation for the real punishment to follow. Both girls take turns in pulling down their panties and bending over the straw bales for a hard spanking until their cheeks are glowing and thoroughly warmed up.

Pleased with their efforts, the girls just have time to dress again, before her ladyship enters the stable block. Wasting no time and true to form, she intructs her niece to remove her panties, so that her punishment may commence and she is immediately confronted with a pair of well warmed buttocks! Lady Sara is forced to admit that she and Sally had attempted to cheat, by warming their bottoms’ first! The hapless pair are now to be punished even more severely and both girls are soon over the bales again for 12 strokes of the riding crop each, over their jeans and jodphurs. The tightly stretched material making each stroke more painful. Each girl in turn is then instructed to take up a jumping position over her ladyship’s saddle stand and with their bottoms’ high in the air and panties pulled up tight, they are soundly spanked until their cheeks turn crimson. To further humiliate them, lady Sara and Sally are forced to remove their shirts and present themselves wearing only a bra and boots. This time the girls have to bend over side by side, to receive a thorough leathering from her ladyship’s heavy strap, their buttocks trembling under the shockwaves from each stroke. Still not satisfied, the lady of the manor insists that bras are now removed and naked apart from their riding boots, the niece and the stable girl are back over the saddle stand for a very hard caning indeed. Being familiar with this kind of punishment, lady Sara remains stoic throughout, but when it’s Sally’s turn, it’s more apparent that the poor stable girl is not so fortunate.

However, Sally somehow manages to take the canes and both girls breathe a sigh of relief when they believe that it’s all over. Alas for them, her ladyship, still angry with them, has other ideas. She calls for Jorrocks her stable master, who enters carrying two freshly cut birch rods! These girls are to be taught a real lesson. Lady Sara is first to feel the cut of the birch. Twelve heavy swipes land on her already sore, but delicious bare bottom and as before, she takes them all, barely flinching. Sara is dismissed and her ladyship takes a fresh birch from Jorrocks, with which to deal with the stable girl. It is only two stokes before poor Sally cannot take any more and her ladyship is forced to enlist the services of her stable master, who steps forward and hoists the girl over his back, presenting her bottom as an easy target for her ladyship’s birch. Sally is ‘horsed’ for a full twelve strokes!

The Stable Block At Birch Manor screen
The Stable Block At Birch Manor.rm

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Peachy Keen Films – Uncomfortable Mystery

Peachy Keen Films – Uncomfortable Mystery

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: This movie is a masterpiece. It hits everything perfectly. The details of the story, set, and clothing are near perfect, the acting is great, the editing and camera work are fantastic. Great work with the makeup. The quick opening scene, the cut to the body. Great positioning of the body. Eyes closed are great, then opened much later. I like that the body is not gratuitously molested, but everything is played straight in that sense — all business! At the same time, there’s a bit of dark humor injected into it — the goofy guy with the coffee mug, the deadpan line “what’s going on here doc? You into sniffing dead girls’ feet now?” Awesome, made me laugh out loud. If you are a CSI/morgue fan, this one is a must.

Uncomfortable Mystery
Uncomfortable Mystery.wmv

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Peachy Keen Films – Painted Dolls

Peachy Keen Films – Painted Dolls

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: A young nurse arrives home after a long day at work. Soon, a man comes to the door and claims to have a delivery for her. She reluctantly lets him in. He violently attacks her from behind while she is distracted. He lifts her up off the ground and strangles her with one of her white stockings. They fall to the floor and, after a short struggle, he has her in his lap and is strangling her again. She fights hard and long. Once she is dead, he spends plenty of time with her body. Soon, her roommate arrives — also a nurse. He quickly hides. The young nurse finds her roommate’s clothes disheveled on the floor. Nervous, she searches for her through the house. In the bedroom, she finds her friend dead. In a panic, she tries to resuscitate her. While she is distracted, the killer emerges from his hiding place and attacks her, dragging her out of the room. He tries to strangle her with his forearm, but she manages to break free. He is on her again in an instant and wraps her roommate’s stocking around her soft neck. Viciously he strangles her, jamming his knee into her back and forcing her to arch back. She struggles ferociously and for a long time. They change positions again and she is in his lap and slowly she starts to fade away. Once she is dead, he strips her and plays with her body. Then he carries her into the bedroom and poses her next to her roommate. He applies makeup to both of them, making them almost doll-like. He is about to leave when the phone rings and he hears a most interesting message. Soon, another young woman arrives at her sister’s house. When she discovers a nursing uniform on the floor she hurries to the bedroom to find both her sister and her roommate dead on the bed. She runs screaming out of the room and through the house only to fly right into the killer’s arms, waiting for her upstairs. He flips her around and gets her in an forearm choke hold. Pumped up on adrenaline after killing two other young women, he violently falls to the ground with her. She struggles fiercely for a couple minutes, then he is able to crush her windpipe. Barely alive, her body spasms for a few moments then is still. Now, he has a third beautiful girl to play with and he spends plenty of time with her.

Painted Dolls
Painted Dolls.mpg

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Peachy Keen Films – Missy Morgue

Peachy Keen Films – Missy Morgue

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: It’s late night at the morgue and the night janitor is cleaning one of the rooms when he realizes he is not alone. A body bag lies on the exam table. He opens it up and is delighted to see a gorgeous corpse.

He takes off his headphones, sets his mop down and gets to work.

He unzips the body bag and reveals a beautiful girls. Tragically, she died way before her time from violence. Some bruising around her neck indicates some sort of strangling. But, he was not there to determine the cause of death–he was just the janitor. No, he was planning much, much more.

Over the course of the evening, he felt her up and down–through her clothes, then slowly removing them. He paid special attention while he pulled off her boots and looked closely at her adorable little feet. There was much to do and he did it all.

Stripping, fondling, rolling, lifting–there was no part of this girl that was not moved and touched. But that was not all, as his touching was more then mere curiosity, but it was erotic as well. He explored her in ways that only an intimate lover would be able to. She did not seem to mind.

In the end, he slid her head off the table, slipped his cock into her mouth and throat-fucked her until filling her mouth and throat with cum. When he set her back up, cum poured out of her mouth onto her legs and metal table.

He layed the beauty back down, said his goodbyes, and left to go finishe his shift.
Missy Morgue
Missy Morgue.wmv

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Hanging from Movies – 104 Clips

Hanging from Movies – 104 Clips

Categories: Hanging, Rape, Abusive Game, Snuff Movies, Punishment, Bondage, Retro, Nude

Description: Wrong Turn Hang Decapitate, Xx Beautiful Target Hang, Ways To Die Belly Dancer Hang, A Blood Pledge Hang, A Haunting In Salem Hang, Altin Gocuk Hang, American Psycho Hang, Asphyxia Hanging, At Midnight Ill Take Your Soul Hang, Backwoods Bloodbath Gore Hang, Bad Girls From Mars Hang Body, Bangkok Haunted Hang, Basement Judge Kodp Hanging, Bed Hang, Bizarro Sex Loops Vol Hang, Blood Sisters Hang, Blue Feather Hang, Boardinghouse Hang, Bodangles Hang, Bondage Makeup Girl Hang, Boogeyman Strangle Hang, Broken Hanging, Change Pas De Main Strangle, Change Pas Demain Strangle, Chiharu Hang, Cord Hanging, Crimes Of The Black Cat Body Find(Hang), Dance Macabre Strangle Hang, Dead Certain Strangle Hang, Detective Story Hang, Detention Hang Strangle, Dial Help Hang Body, Dial Help Hang, Fallen Angels Hang, Fethish Dolls Die Laughing Hang, Graphic Sexual Horror Hang, Hang , Hangman Hang, Haunted Office Body Hang, House Of Bodies Body Hang, House Of Bodies Hang, House Of Whipcord Hang, Japanese Hang , Joe Killionaire Hang, Julias Eyes Hang, Jungle Spirit Hang, Killer Movie Hanged, Killer Movie Hang, Killer Weekend Hang, Killer Workout Hang, Killerjagd-Toete Mich Wenn Du Kannst Hang, Last Kind Words Hang, Last Supper Hang Body, Majorettes Hang, Mandara Hang, Mark Of The Witch Hang, Mars Hang, Meat For Satans Icebox Hang, Meat For Satans Icebox Hang Cannibal Prep, Moonstalker Hang, One Missed Call Hang, Open House Hang, Out Of Body Hang, Prom Night Ii Hang, Psychos In Love Hang Strangle Throat Cut, Real Hanging , Shallow Grave Hang, Silent Scream Hang, Simon Says Hang, Spasmo Dollhang, Stepfather Strangle Hang, Stripped To Kill Hang Body Handle, Suicide Girls Must Die Hang, Supernatural Hell House Hang, Suspira Stab Hang, Tag Init Hanging Body, The Bare Hunt Hang, The Basement Judge Hang, The Crazies Hang, The Grim Reaper Hang, The Hanging Judge Hang, The Hanging Judge Body, The Hanging Woman Strangle, The Majorettes Hang, The Naked Cage Hang, The Sisters Four Hang, Trail Of Death Strangle Hang, Twisted Nightmare Body Find Hang, Twitch Of The Death Nerve Hang, What Have They Done r Daughters Hang Body, Whispers In The Dark Body Hang, White Strangle Hang, White The Melody Of The Curse Hang



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White Surrender [HINES]


Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

The Lady Western Ambassador Becomes a Fuck-Toy.
There was only chaos, violence and confusion in the isolated African country known as Butana and it was only natural that the small population of Westerners who resided there would be as caught up in all the bedlam. Mostly they consisted of the handful of staffers from the two Western embassies along with a few dozen dedicated aid workers.

But now there was no lawful authority in this poor, corrupt mini-nation. The Premier and his cohorts were dead and both the rebels and the rag-tag leftovers from the army roamed wantonly; killing, raping and pillaging at will. The walls and the status of the Western embassies meant nothing to them…

“P-Please, please don’t hurt me any more! I signed the paper just as you wanted!”, Madame Ambassador Patricia Maples begged to the tall African renegade officer named Okuru.

Okuru chuckled. “Yes, my little rich white bitch, you’ve shown that you do what you’re told. I like that. Well, I’ll fill in whatever crime that you’ve just confessed to later. But right now, keep stroking my cock, make it big.”

“They might have made you some kinda Ambassador, but now you’re nothing but Okuru’s personal piece of pussy!”

The Western Ambassador’s 19 year-old Daughter
is Impregnated by Her African Master.

Under cover of all the continuing violence and mass disorder, all the Western males in Butana’s capital were murdered; only the white females were spared. Their pale bodies were considered exotic and they were rumored to the most extraordinary fucks – once they were broken in and put in their place.

Wiona Maples, 19, was the daughter of Ambassador Patricia Maples. She had mostly enjoyed her time in this quaint little African country. It was a bit boring, but the fantastic around-the-clock attentive service from the embassy’s large staff of Butanian cooks, servants and maids had more than made up for it. Wiona had only to clap her hands and a eager black staffer would be there, ready to serve her.

But now it was Wiona who being forced into service. She had been given to one of the renegade army officers. She had resisted at first, but she soon was tamed after a few hours of rude punishment. Wiona was even forced to watch her own mother being fucked like a common whore; Wiona was amazed how her once-proud Mom submitted so thoroughly to that huge African cock that attacked her cunt and asshole. Watching her mother suck the cum from the cock that had just pulled out of her ass brought home the fact final realization

there was nothing for her but to give her Black Master everything and anything he demanded.

Wiona’s pussy never seemed to be able to stretch enough to take all of Colonel Nomvebi’s dick without pain. The big African always liked it rough and hard when he banged her pussy and asshole. And he liked it often.

Wiona cried as Nomvebi grunted in her ear, “They will never find you or your mother. And you will give me many babies!” His large hands cupped her buttocks and arched her slender body up in order take every inch of his dark shaft as he started emptying a particularly heavy load of his thick cum deep in her uterus.

“Move your little white ass, bitch! Yeah, that’s it! Keep pumping out my cum! Work for my baby! Ahhhhhh….”

Nomvebi held Wiona’s butt tightly in place, rotating her hips as he continued to impregnate the girl with the virile jism that pumped from his heavy black balls…

Uhura Chooses Young Marcela to be Her Prison Bitch.

But it was not only the African males who got to exploit and enjoy what the stranded Western girls had to offer. In their haste – and desperation – to flee from the marauding gangs of rebels and renegade army thugs, many Western females thought that maybe, just maybe, one of the handful of woman’s jails and prisons might provide some kind of shelter.

But they would instead find, to their dismay, that their fates inside any one of these all-female African institutions would offer only another form of slavery and depravity…

Marcela, an earnest French aid-worker had come to Butana to help organize water and food projects for the benefit of the ordinary rural villagers. She had managed to evade the rape gangs that roamed the countryside and had finally found refuge inside the small woman’s prison located in a rather isolated valley outside the capital.

Yes, they would take Marcela in – but she would have to be put in with the general prison population. The rapists would never think of looking for a white girl there. But Marcela would discover that once there, she would be just another inmate expected to abide by prison rules.

And one prime prison rule was that pretty young foreign white girls were expected to be sexual slaves to any tough African woman who wanted her.

Uhura was the biggest, toughest inmate in the institution. This was no longer an opinion, but a fact, because Uhura had just established herself as the toughest by thoroughly beating her nearest competition into a pulp.

And there was nothing Marcela could do but obediently comply when Uhura sat on top of her and told her, “My nipples need you to suck them, white girl. Suck them now and get them real hard before I start teaching you how to lick my pussy…..”

Brenda Suffers One Last Ass-fucking Before She is Sold.

Brenda had served as the personal secretary to the Ambassador of another Western embassy in Butana’s capital city. Her first shock was see the Ambassador shot dead as he tried to flee the surly crowd of rebels who had forced their way into his office. But that was only the beginning for Brenda. The next three days was a horrible mix of painful spankings, whippings and the most humiliating forced sex as the rebels turned Brenda in a whore.

Brenda could hear the cries of other white females throughout the building as they suffered from the attentions of one African cock after another. Her own snatch was leaking constantly from the mixed overflow of the many different dicks that were using it and her anus was sore from the way they liked to fuck her from behind.

There was no thought of resisting now; Brenda knew her body no longer belonged to her any more. No need to struggle, only the duty to give them what they wanted…

Brenda sobbed quietly as the rebel leader steadily pushed that overly-thick dick of his up her asshole.

“Mmmmm… Gaaa…”, the big African grunted as the interior anal walls of Brenda’s ass tightly gripped his engorged black shaft. He had begun to really enjoy his twice-a-day ass-fuckings with this petite but firm-bodied white girl and how she made him cum so hard. But the offer from the Arab was good money. He knew his Arab client was getting impatient standing there, but he was determined to enjoy Brenda one last time…

“Move that ass, bitch… fuck me back… Big eh? You’ll miss my black sausage up the us, won’t you? A pity they sold you. C’mon now, fuck harder and make me cum! Your new owner is waiting and you don’t want him to get impatient!”

“Ohhhh… Godddd…!” Brenda trembled from the agony of the African’s assault as he started to get his rhythm established, his foot-long cock slamming to the hilt against her captive buttocks.


Regine Obediently Asks to be Whipped.

The American food-aid coordinator in Butana was an attractive 25 year-old brunette by the name of Regine Stewert. Ms. Stewert had seen some disquieting signs of unrest and preparations for violence some weeks ago, but her dedication to her job kept her from taking one of the early flights out of the country. Then it had been too late.

With a few other Westerners, Regine had sought refuge inside the notorious Jumbuti Woman’s Prison at the edge of the city. Regine had a fleeting acquaintance with the middle-aged African woman who served as the prison’s warden. While the woman, Miss Ngata, had made Regine somewhat uncomfortable being around her at times, Regine could only hope that she could provide shelter there.

Miss Ngata was indeed happy to take in Regine and her friends. It was not until Ngata summoned the prison guards to handcuff the other girls did Regine realize that there had been a reason why she felt entirely at ease with Miss Ngata. Ngata gave Regine the choice of being given over to one of the rape gangs – or to follow orders and obey.

“Take off your clothes, girl, and get to your knees so you can eat my pussy. Do it now!” Regine had never licked a pussy before, but Miss Ngata was experienced at teaching new girls. After a few attempts, Regine started to learn how to use her tongue sloppy-wet on that black pussy; how Miss Ngata liked to hold Regine’s head in place by her hair as she climaxed hard. Miss Ngata’s cunt-juice was thick, slimy and foul-tasting and Regine gagged the first time she had to clean out that African cunt with her tongue. But there behind the locked doors of her office, Miss Ngata gave Regine a few more opportunities to get used to it. In fact, it was four times within an hour that Miss Ngata’s body shook as her pussy smothered the girl’s mouth with more of her rancid juices.

With her mouth still tasting of the Prison Warden’s rank pussy juice and musty asshole, the American girl has passed her first test.

Now the Warden tells her, “You must prove to me that you deserve the privilege of eating my pussy and ass every day. Show me why I should keep you as my property.”

“This is Lamuba and Cybara, two of my most trusted guards. I want you to beg them to whip you while I watch. I want you to beg them to whip you hard, so hard that you faint. They’ll do a good job if you ask them nicely. Then I’ll reward you by letting you spend the night with all three of us….”

Missus Lamumba Examines Her White Slaves.

Things are tough and brutal in the Third World. There are mostly places in which there are those who have and those who don’t. There are few controls concerning what is right and wrong; that is mostly a matter of those who have power deciding what is right.

Even in the midst of the chaos that was taking place in Butana, those who had real power did not worry. The renegades, the rebels, the Army and the gangs all understood there were those who controlled the gold and the mines; people who should not be bothered in any way.

People whose names were not to be mentioned. People who, if they asked for something, should be given it without hesitation, without question.

Missus Lamumba was such a person. Her husband was a powerful man who controlled the country’s docks, harbors and railways. Her own family controlled 80% of the gold mines in the country and interest in others throughout Africa. When Missus Lamumba made it known to her underlings that she wanted something, she got it.

Missus Lamumba’s instincts had told her that the ongoing violence within the country was the perfect time to arrange for the abduction of the two young Western nuns she had seen working among the villages for the last year. It was she who had made sure that nothing would happen to them, even when they naively traveled within the most dangerous areas to do their work. Both of them so pretty, in their early twenties….Yes, it was time.

It had been almost a week now, the two white nuns were being trained and punished daily. Missus Lamumba was in no hurry. In her experience, it would be best if their suffering went on for at least 6 months.

She wouldn’t would have to wait that long to sample them, of course…

“You poor girl,” Missus whispered to the taller white slave. ” Your eye is beginning to swell shut. I told them not to touch your faces. I promise to punish whoever did this.”

Missus gently moved a finger to the nun’s lips, getting a thrill when the nun opened her mouth, accepting Missus finger at first, then sucking it softly.

“Mmmm..Yes, so nice. You’re going to make such a sweet slave…..

There comes the time when a victim or slave-to-be realizes that there is no hope or anything to be gained by resisting those who own or control her. Any resistance would only make things much worse than what has already been inflicted or is about to be inflicted.

There is only the surrender of her body and soul to whatever desires her Master/Mistress might harbor; the slave can only let herself be used, sold, punished – or worse…..

The American girl, Lacey, had come to such a realization. The journey that began with her kidnapping in the States had now ended in this hot, dingy room somewhere in the Middle East. Her pale body and exotic blonde looks had commanded a very good price.

“Don’t worry, Rehib, this infidel bitch’s whip-marks will fade shortly and her skin will be flawless for your enjoyment,” the Arab slave-seller said reassuringly.

Mr. Rahib was already rubbing his exposed cock up against the white slave’s smooth buttocks, exciting himself for all to see. “You have always sold me the best of flesh, my friend, I’m not worried. But I hope you don’t mind if I bend her over right here and take my first sample of that tight pussy…”

“Of course not, you’re one of my best customers, Rehib…”

“Did you hear the salesman, slave? I’m gonna fuck your white cunt in front of everybody. And you better fuck me back like the white whore you are ’cause I’m gonna buy you anyway and you don’t want me angry with you… understand?”


Rosiline was made to witness the whipping and beating of the other Western slave who had be abducted and transported to Arabia at the same time as she.

Rosiline had not gotten the girl’s name – speaking between slaves was strictly prohibited – she only knew that the other girl had pushed way the probing hand of one of the female “hosts” when the both of them were escorted into the large room where their new owners had gathered to inspect them.

The other girl had started to scream and beg when they started in on her with their bamboo rods, their whipping being done with hard and heavy-handed swings. But her cries only resulted in the whippings becoming heavier and faster.

One of Rosiline’s Arab owners laughed as he and his wife fondled and pinched at Rosiline’s fine young breasts.

“You ‘re going to see your haughty friend there whipped to death. It’s going to take all night before she finally dies, but we’ll all enjoy taking our turns on her. If you try to look away, you’ll suffer the same fate!”

“Yes, my sweet,” the Arab’s wife chimed in. “This is a good way for you to see for yourself what happens to those who forget their place. And your place here is to be our sex-slave, my husband’s and mine. There’s a lot of dick sucking, cunt licking and ass tonguing ahead of you…”


In her own little cell tucked away in the far side of the prison cellar, the lovely British tourist-turn-fucktoy named Katherine fell to her knees as Warden Nukuuma unlocked the door and entered the room.

Katherine was innocent of all the charges brought against her, but that didn’t matter.

Twenty years was the sentence.

And nobody even knew that she was here.

There were only the reports of her having gone missing while traveling deep in the interior of the small African country’s lush, thick rainforest. Of course, the local authorities said they were doing their very best to find Katherine. But there had been other vanishings of other Westerner girls lately – with none being discovered yet; all of them young and beautiful and strong-minded and stubborn enought to risk venturing off by themselves. Their respective families were crazy with grief and fear for their missing daughters…

But Warden Nukuuma knew just where they all had ended up. In the especially-built slave-holding section that he had commissioned for the large cellar of the women’s prison that he oversaw.

Secure and soundproof, where unwanted ears could not hear the sounds that the missing white girls made as Nukuuma assaulted them over and over again.

Nukuuma loved how each light-skinned bitch moaned and cried as he opened and stretched their tight cunts and assholes with his huge African dick.

Katherine had been the latest captive and the Warden had spent the better part of the week visiting her cell at night; abusing her hard and rough.

So many times.

So many ways.

All of her resistance had been fucked out of her now. Now she knew only to please him….

Katherine looked up at the Warden for his approval at the way she so obediently knelt before him and started to massage his huge black cock with her soft hands.

“Mmmmm, you’re learning fast. Just like all the other white bitches down here,” the Warden complimented Katherine as his shaft began to grow in length by her efforts. ” You really want me to fuck you rough, don’t you, bitch? Tell me you want it because you love me…”

“Yes, Master, I love you so much. Please fuck me. Please hurt me when you fuck me…” She lied.


Some girls, like Rhonda, found themselves entering the realms of slavery because they had no choice.

Rhonda, a tall, trim beauty from the States, had not been captured or kidnapped into her present situation. Instead she had been forced into offering herself into slavery in order to save family.

Rhonda’s errant brother had cheated the Cartel out of a good-sized chunk of drugs and money. The people that he cheated were not the types to forgive or forget. They hadn’t been able to find him, but they did find his family.

It was only at the last moment that Rhonda has discovered that those Latin gunmen had been sent to kill her, her young sister and her mother. It was only at the last moment that she managed to make a deal that the ruthless men south of the border found acceptable: In return for sparing her mother’s and sister’s lives, Rhonda would offer herself to the debtors; to be used in any way they saw fit.

What the Cartel saw fit was for Rhonda to be the personal slave-for-life to one of their most trusted brothel Madames. After all, Mamacita had served them well and had earned them all at lot of money.

What better a reward that the gift of her own slavegirl?

For Mamacita, the gift could not be better; a nice Anglo puta to be broken and shaped into whatever Mamacita wanted her to be. For sex, domestic service, even for earning some extra money on the side.

Mamacita loved the process of breaking in and breaking down a girl. But since Rhonda had been given to her as her personal property, Mamacita was especially going to enjoy herself.

“Please, please, don’t hurt me so much! I won’t be bad! I promise!”

“I know, sweetie. But I’m still going to hurt you. A lot. No need to beg. It’s going to be every day and night, sweetie. For months and months and months. You’ll know nothing but pain and suffering for months and months. And then you’ll love and adore your Mamacita. Forever.”


It was in Chinatown that sweet Tara gave others so much pleasure by her ultimate surrendering of herself.

The bored, pampered ladies of the Asian Ladies Torture Society had especially ordered the kidnapping of a white college cheerleader for their latest sex and death toy. After all, what else could provide so much joy as the degradation of a perky, yellow-haired college cheerleader?

Just the thought had the older Asian women wetting themselves in anticipation. It took them a few weeks to choose Tara as the one they wanted, but it was all worth it when she arrived all bound and tied and frightened.

They had such a good time with Tara during the month’s time before tonight. Tara might have cried and protested a bit loudly at first – but within a short time she provided such good entertainment with the way she trembled and obeyed orders to be silent as each of the Ladies abused her lovely, well-shaped behind with their various paddles and whips.

The Ladies taught Tara things that she had never thought of doing; using her stout little tongue to stimulate their aged pussies and assholes; how to show one’s devotion by the sucking of toes and underarms; how to properly swallow the yellow streams of pee that the Ladies directed into her offered mouth as a reward for her various efforts to keep them pleased.

Yes, Tara had done well, very well. Now it was time for her to provide the Asian Ladies Torture Society with what they considered to be the best entertainment and service of all….

She could only cry.

“Come over to the sink, pretty Tara. so I position you properly. You such a good girl and we all like how you scream before. We take turns, go slowly, take pieces for souvenirs to remember you by. Make you scream loud. Scream long, long time, okay? Give us big thrill! Make us wet! Every Lady here very, very good….”


Rollo had kept an eye on the white landlord and his daughter for some time.

He followed them from a distance whenever one or the both of them came down into the ‘hood to collect rents from their various properties, usually around the first week of the month.

Rollo was an experienced thug who mostly preyed upon the inhabitants of the ghetto in which they all lived, but Rollo deduced that there was more money to be made by robbing whites than his fellow blacks who were more often than not, as poor as he was. Besides, a lot of the poor black folks carried guns in order to deal with thugs like Rollo.

The white landlord was Mr. Smyles and his 25 year-old daughter’s name was Amy. Rollo liked how good Amy Smyles’ body looked through her tight skirt and blouse. He was determined to have it all if he got the chance.

The chance came the evening that Amy chose to come down by herself to collect the rent from the managers of a few of their old apartment buildings not far from where Rollo was hanging out.

Rollo spotted the large canvas bag Amy was carrying; must be hundreds of dollars, maybe even a thousand.

He also took another look-over of Amy’s body; a nice peice of ass, he thought….

When it happened, Amy never had a chance to resist. Rollo’s gun was pressed against her head and he was ordering her to shut up or he’d kill her, forcing her into the darkened alley, tearing off her clothes……

“If you don’t do exactly like I say, I’m gonna shoot you, bitch, understand?” Amy knew that he meant what he said.

No one else was going come into the area, so Rollo took his time in directing the scared Amy in just how he wanted her to suck the cock that he shoved at her face and how he wanted her to lick his big, low-hanging balls.

Amy’s mouth barely fit around Rollo’s dick but Rollo was patient and fed it to her an inch or so at a time until she could almost take half of it down her gullet.

“Ohhhh, shit! Bitch!” Rollo grunted as he held Amy’s head steady as he flooded her mouth and throat with his cum.

Amy obediently gagged and swallowed every ounce of the jism that Rollo’s balls pumped out – but she thought, Okay, He’s cummed out now. It’s over and he’ll let me go….

But Rollo surprised Amy by lifting her up on top of a full garbage can and spreading her legs, saying, “Don’t you worry, girl. I still gots plenty of cum left and my dick stays hard for hours, bitch!”

“Yeahhh, I told ya I wasn’t through with ya yet,” Rollo chuckled as he slowly started forcing his big cock into the white girl’s exposed pussy. “Uhhhh, tight, nice and tight. You ain’t never had no dick like mine, huh? Hell, I is hitting the back of yo’ cunt and I still only gots half my cock in ya, bitch! Keep quiet, bitch. Just you and me back here and I’m gonna fuck ya as long as I wanna. Gonna fuck ya in your sweet white ass too…”

Amy gasped in pain as Rollo began abusing her pussy.

“Yeahhh… Uhhhh… You takin’ it all now! Maybe I keep ya instead of kill ya. Make ya have my baby… how’d you like that, bitch?”

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