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The games would not begin for hours yet, but already the coliseum was nearly full. Today, a special event would take place. Athena and her sisters,, the daughters of a conquered barbarian king, were to be slowly tortured to death in the arena. The bloodthirsty crowd would decide the manner of torture the sisters would endure.

A stone-mason had won the first lottery. The crowd cheered as Athena screamed and pleaded for her life as the crop welted her tender pale skin and the red-hot iron seared into her most intimate flesh.

"GHAAAAAAH!!...P-PLEASE NO MORE I beg of you! AAAAAAAIIIEEEE!!!" She shrieked as the iron burned a nipple away.

"I've got 30 minutes to do whatever I wish to your heathen body whore," growled the stone-mason, "I lost a wife to your soldier's when they raided the northern outpost. She screamed as they tortured and ravaged her naked body. And now I will avenge her!"

He savagely wrenched her legs apart and with one well aimed thrust her clitoris was burned away. Still not satisfied, he pushed the burning iron deeper into her vagina, Her screams turned into the horrible sounds of an animal as the iron burned into her cervix and beyond. He thrust the hot sword in and out repeatedly.

"UUUNGH! Kill me please sir! Have Mercy," she begged as the iron was withdrawn from her smouldering singed nether lips and returned to the fire to be reheated.

"No mercy shall you find here whore! Today before you are allowed to die. You will learn the true meaning of suffering and loss!"

The last thing Athena saw was the tip of the iron as her eyes were burned away. Athena lost control of her bladder and bowels as the tip of the glowing metal found it's way into her desperately clenching anal passage. Her insane shrieking was heard above the cheering of the crowd as the burning meal cooked her bowels climbing high into her madly flailing body.

The next lottery winner, a butcher by trade, impaled Athena on a spear without piercing any vital organs. She gurgled and shook madly when the spear-tip emerged from her mouth. She lived for three hours before her head was finally severed and placed on a spike next to her body...

The Ccenturion was given a young slave girl as a reward for bravery in battle. He wasted no time in crucifying the slave and beating her with a heavily knobbed round wooden mallet.

She thought that the beating was the completion of the torture she was to endure, but when she screamed loudly after an especially hard strike to the knee, the round head of the mallet was shoved deep into her throat and into her stomach. Her eyes fluttered open wide as her air was cut off and her gag reflex did it's work

"G-G-HUGRRGLE" the girl gagged as the mallet was coated with the slime of the slave's bile.. Pulling the foul wooden implement from her drooling moth mouth, the Centurion found the center of her virgin womanhood and with a mighty shove, thrust the slime-coated wooden phallus deep into the young girls womb.

"You will learn to please me with your mouth as well as your cunt and ass, sweet whore, but you will never bear me children," the Centurion proclaimed as he destroyed her reproductive organs, "Your position, should you live through this, will be as a pleasure whore. You will be less than a woman; equal only to the animals. A mere fuck toy that crawls on four legs like any other beast of burden..."


Taming the Mare

Claudius' wife, Appolonia, had ruled his house for too long. She embarrassed him at parties, spent his hard earned money on frivolity and younger men. The final blow was her reluctance to bear him an heir to his house. Claudius, angry and proud, lay in wait one day for her arrival. Eventually Appolonia came home. Claudius confronted her naked and fully erect as she crossed the threshold. Grabbing her by the hair and striking her across the face the dazed Appolonia soon found herself naked and bound to their marital bed.

"Too long have I tolerated your insolence and brash remarks," Claudios scolded the struggling woman,. "Today and hence-forth I shall keep you bound here until you concieve my children."

Claudius fucked her mouth until her saliva and his pre-cum turned into a frothy mixture. Then roughly parting her labia, he thrust himself deeply and savagely into her body. After a few savage thrusts, Appolonia felt her body filled with the seed of her angry husband.

"You are a tamed woman now bitch, no more parties, no more young men, indeed no freedom of any sort until you bear me three sons. You are nothing more that a brood mare with no purpose other than to take of my seed and bear up the fruit of my loins!"

"Let's take her down and fuck her again Flavius," said Agost. "We were assigned to guard her. I will guard her even better with her supple body crushed and struggling beneath my own!"

Flavius agreed. The two sadistic men pulled the girl down from the cross and broke her legs so that she could not run. Her screams and grunts echoed through the valley as she was savagely raped.

Soon she hung on the cross with pitiful moans and copious seed flowing from her holes and down her inner thighs. The guards began to whip her and beat her young body for their own pleasure rather than justified punishment. Her screams and pleas for mercy only filled them with lust as they took her down and raped her again.

"What of her mouth Flavius? Should we pleaure ouselves there?"

"She might try to bite Agost. and her teeth are straight and strong!"

"Not for long," he replied.

Once again her young body was pulled down, Flavuis savagely wound his hand into her thick hair and wedged her mouth open with the tip of his spear while Agost broke out her teeth with the hammer they had used to make the crosses. Her screams redoubled as her teeth were sheared away.

Soon blood and semen flowed from her mouth and her bruised and broken body was once again hung from the cross.

"Come Flavuis, this little whore no longer interests me. She nears death and no longer screams. There are many beautiful women hanging here today. Their flesh is there for the taking. It seems such a waste not to hear their screams and watch their agony. Besides, my prick grows hard and I need to empty my balls in fresh barbarian cunt...".

Caligula watched as his Inquisitors made sport of the freshly captured virgin girls. His sister Julia, knelt by his side. She would watch the girls thrash and fight for awhile since she shared her brother's sadistic trait. Soon though, her upper body would disappear beneath her brother's robes as her lips, tongue and fingers expertly milked his balls. She knew not to make her insane brother cum too quickly though, for he loved to see fresh meat tortured and raped.

Isabela had been too frightened and confused to put up much of a fight and now hung by her wrists. Her fear soon turned to screams as the iron rod of her Inquisitor began to swat across her flawless olive skin. Her sister Madea, however, had fought hard not wanting to so easily share Isabela's fate. But soon both sisters were suspended and being beaten by the heavy iron rods. Their breasts, belly and buttocks were soon criss-crossed with angry red and bleeding welts left by the rod's carress

Julia's head bobbed up and down more enthusiastically now as the rods rent the air and the two young women began to scream and plead in earnest.

At a sign from Caligula, the rods were dropped. The girls legs were spread and tied widely apart. Their sex was fully open and unprotected now as the Inquisitor's began to grind rugged, relentless fists into each girl's vaginal opening. Their struggles and screams were redoubled as the intrusive hands slowly forced themselves inside their bodies. Julia licked her middle finger and worked it up into Caligula's ass in order to massage his prostate. Caligula grunted with pleasure as Julia slathered his cock with saliva.

The two fists were inexorable as they slowly forced their way inside the unwilling bodies of the two suspended virgins, Amidst bitterly wept tears and screams of torment, the girls were breached and fully penetrated. As the Inquisitor's began to pummel the newly deflowered women. Caligula placed his hands on the back of Julia's head and forced her further down on his prick. As soon as he saw the blood of virginity flow down the arms of the Inquisitors, Caligula began to cum. Julia pumped furiously now with her mouth over the head of her brother's penis. He grunted twice and jerked his hips as he shot thick streams of smen against Julia's throat. She swallowed everything keeping the cock in her mouth until it began to grow flaccid.

Julia, still naked, her hair dishevelled, stood and approached Isabela, the youngest of the two women. Julia knelt down and began to slurp noisily at the tortured girl's distended labia. The fists were still pumping furiously in and out as Julia centered on Isabela's clitoris. In spite of the pain Isabela experienced from the brutal fist that invaded her body, she slowly became aroused by the expert lips and tongue that had so recently been wrapped around the Emperor's manhood. Julia paid close attention to her unwilling young lover as Caligula parted his robes and began to stroke himself back to a full erection. Isabela began to grunt now with each thrust of the fist she grew closer to orgasm. Suddenly her stomach contracted and Isabela thrust her hips and pelis against Julia's face.

She moaned heavily as her first and last orgasm swirled and slammed into her body. At thr height of Isabela's orgasm. Julia bared her incisors, captured the thick nubbin of flesh and bit down. Isabela's shriek of pain was deafening. Julia's sadistic streak had taken Isabela from the pinnacle of unwanted pleasure to the depths of horrific torment.

Julia, blood dripping from the severed clitoris still clasped between her front teeth, kissed Caligula, He sallowed the proferred morsel as they kissed. Swinging one leg over. Julia straddled Caligula now. Amid the tortured screams of anguish and pain the royal siblings climaxed as one.
Posted on June 10th, 2008

SWACK! the crop cut through the air and landed squarely across the slave's exposed ass. "N-NOOO more, please Master!! What have I done to offend you?" Donna cried out.

"My dinner guests were not pleased with the food tonight," Rashad explained to the miserable white girl, "so someone must be made to pay,"

Donna knew that the brutal Rashad was lying; the food was always excellent, but she dared not argue. Besides, his guests hadn't come for the dinner; what they really wanted was Donna for dessert.

They all gathered around laughing and pointing as Rashad whipped the screaming girl. Soon the whip was passed around as each man and woman was allowed 25 strokes to any portion of Donna's sensitive flesh. Then the real fun began...

"Dear guests," Rashsd said to his friends, "this american whore has displeased me and needs stern Masters and Mistresses to break her will . Do whatever you must. She is very stubborn, even for a white whore!"

Immediately Donna was set upon by the crowd. She was forced to her hands and knees. One man began pumping into her ass from the rear as another rammed his thick cock down her throat. All the while the laughing women took turns whipping and slapping the american girl's back and shoulders, One laughing woman reached underneath and began digging her sharp nails into Donna's ample breasts.

Donna had been with Rashad for over a month now. She had been raped and humiliated many times. .She knew the night would be long as she swallowed the first load of semen. Soon a woman's cunt replaced the cock at her mouth. Donna sucked and licked while a man squirted his seed across her whip marked ass. The salty cum was spread out across her ass and back stinging her welts. The whip landed again and again until, choking and gagging, her mouth overflowing with cum, Donna fainted. She sprawling headlong onto the slime-covered floor.

"So sorry my friends," Rashsd said, "but these american whores are so weak and difficult to train. However, when she awakes you shall hear her greatest screams as my mark is branded onto her ass!"

Ancient Rome offered many delights and diversions to it's wealthy citizens. Claudio was always ready to replinish and add to his large stable of female flesh.

The Roman army had just came back from battle with spoils of war and today the marketplace was crowded as buyers from all over the city came to bid on the new slaves.

Claudio had previewed the new stock and knew which girl he wanted. He waited patiently until his favorite was dragged struggling onto the auction floor. Soon Claudio had his newest acquisition collared and roped behind the back of his wagon.

Her arms and elbows were bound tightly behind her back. Her chest stuck out and her young breasts were displayed prominently swaying and bouncing back and forth as she struggled to keep up with the cart.

Upon arrivlng at home, the dirty sweating girl was bathed and perfumed. Then, tied naked in the garden where Claudio waited..

He always insisted on breaking and training the new ones himself.

The girl's foriegn language was unfamiliar to Claudio but the sound of fear is universal. Claudio only smiled as he watched the spirited slave's hands roped and pulled above her head. Her incoherent babbling turned to screams as the crop began to land over and over across her innocent young flesh. Soon Claudio could contain himself no longer. Parting his robes he revealed himself to the girl. Her eyes grew wide when she saw the size of his fully erect cock. Lubricating pre-cm dripped freely from it's center.

Grabbing her from behind, He wrapped one arm around her slender waist as he guided his prick up against her rear hole. The girl fought hard but this only excited Claudio even more. Soon he had lodged the crown of his penis firmly against her tightly clenched sphincter muscle. Now he grabbed her hip bones and thrust.

"GHAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" Her words melted into screams as her body was invaded by the brutal thrusting of Claudio's massive member. She struggled like a fish impaled on a hook as he withdrew and thrust into her young bodyover and over again.

After a few moments of savage rutting, Claudio began to cum. The slave felt her bowels begin to fill with his hot seed. He thrust even deeper one last time as he emptied himself inside her. As his cock began to wilt, he still remained inside her. Her tears flowed freely down her young cheeks. Her sobs were music to Claudio's ears. Finally he released his grip on her hips and pulled himself out. Cum mixed with blood trickled down the inside of her legs and began to pool on the marble floor beneath her feet.

He commanded that she be bathed again and her wounds tended.

"Tie the whore to my bed when you are finished with her," Claudio commanded his servants, "Her virgin cunt and her mouth still need training. Light the brazier and be sure to bring my needles and rings. I will pierce her tits and clit before I fuck her again...".

Ungh, ungh.... P-Please No more," Agatha grunted as her new owner, Abu, roughly took her virginity, "you're splitting me apart!!"

Grabbing a handful of her hair, Abu jerked her head back pulling her even further onto his raging cock,

"Slaves are for fucking you stupid western cow. If you speak out of turn again I will pull your tongue out by it's roots and feed it to the crows. I keep you alive for your red hair and pale skin and because your holes are still so tight. Your life belongs to me now. Your body is for pleasure and to hold my cock whenever I command..So scream if you must western bitch, but my fuck animals do not speak until spoken to!"

He began to slam into her ever harder and deeper burying his full ten inches of rigid cock into her clenching cunt.

"Please me and live," he warned, "anger me and die in the brothel where they torture western whores to death. After I give your body the gift of my seed you will turn and cleanse my cock with your mouth. Is that understood whore?!"

"Y-yes... ungh! Yes sir" Agatha cried, she'd heard of the torture brothel in the heart of the old city and knew that Abu would not hesitate to send her there. "please allow...uungh...this whore to take your seed and...uungh!... lick you clean!"

Smiling cruelly now, Abu withdrew his cock from her violated cunt only to reposition it and thrust into her anus.

"AAAIIIEEEE!!!" she shrieked and bucked wildly as he tore into her rectum.

"We will see if you are truly ready to please me slut, when you taste my cum and your own shit on my prick!!!"

Nancy was a nurse from Chicago who had come to the middle east to help heal the sick and wounded. Everyting had been going fine until one day she heard a loud explosion that rocked the building followed by gunfire and screams. Armed men rushed into the hospital room, stripped her naked, bound her hands and feet then tied a smelly burlap sack over her head.

Now, days later, Nancy and twelve other women captured at the hospital were delivered to the Sultan Asmael.

With an appetite for fair-skinned american blonds, Asneal chose Nancy to be his first. With her hands still bound behind her, she was forced to straddle Asmael's cock. He grabbed a slender hip and handful of firm breast meat and pulled her down onto his raging cock.

Nancy screamed and fought but the Sultan was far too strong.

Soon she was being bounced up and down on the full length of his huge dark shaft.

"You might as well try to enjoy my company while you can my pretty western pig," Asmael said jovially, "if you become pregnant I will keep you as a breeder and a concubine. But if your womb proves barren, I will sell your worthless white ass to the bedoins. They hate western women. You will live a terrible life of pain and misery serving their entire tribe as a cum bag. Even their women will be allowed to use your body to satisfy their twisted desires. So fuck me hard you western pig and hope that your belly swells with the fruit of my royal seed...Ha...Ha...Ha!"

Christina had learned obediance quickly aided by the screams of her tortured sister Angelina. With an iron weight tied to her feet, Angelina hung from her arms. Her shoulders threatened to wrench loose as the pain mounted. Her screams echoed throughout the marbled halls of the senator's estate

"If you make me cum with your mouth Christina," the senator told her, "you can save your sister. We will only add more weight if you hesitate."

"UUUUUUNGH!!" Angelina wailed,:"Please suck his cock Christina! Make him cum! Please!! I can't take this much longer!! GHAAAAA!!!".

Christina quickly leaned forward and pulled the sadistic man's robes apart with her teeth. Then, after a few vain attempts, managed to get his flaccid penis into her mouth. Careful not to bite, and spurred on by her sister's agony, she managed to stroke the man's cock to a full erection with her moist lips and tongue. Frantically her head bobbed up and down along the length of the senator's large member. Christina willed herself not to throw-up when she tasted the slimey pre-cum that leaked from it's tip.

"That's good Christina," he told her, "but I don't think you're giving it your best. Inquisitor. add another weight to the feet of our honored guest."

"NOOOOOOO PLEASE NO MORE" Angelina begged. but to no avail. Another iron ball was added to the first as Angelina's body sagged further. She felt something pop in her shoulders as they began to tear.

Christina sucked and bobbed frantically now. She wasn't concerned about getting a mouthful of the man's spunk. She just wanted to save her poor sister.

Soon her wish was granted as the Senator grabbed the back of her head and forced her to take the entire length of his shaft into her throat. With her breath cut off, Christina gagged, and spluttered as the warm semen shot into the back of her throat. When he finally let her go, she coughed up a mouthful of cum and bile but managed to swallow it back down.

"Good job dear Christina," the senator smirked as he caught his breath. "I always live up to my end of a bargain. Inquisitor, lower the cum swallowing cocksucker's sister to the ground."

Angelina soon lay of her side on the cool tile floor, Her shoulders still throbbing painfully.

"Now let's see how well Christina licks pussy Inquisitor," laughed the senator, "please bind and hang dear sister by her tits. and add a third rope around her neck.

Christina, with your talented tongue, you have 2 minutes to make your sister cum in your mouth or the Inquisitor will take the weight off her breasts and transfer it to her pretty neck.......

Posted on July 5th, 2008
She was known only as The Desert Rose. A former slave to a brutal slave merchant, she had become a confirmed Fema-Nazi and lesbian. After killing her master she had escaped under the cover of night into the wilds of the desert mountains. She became the leader of a paramilitary strike force whose only objective was to break the back of the white-slave trade in the middle east. Caravans were hit; soldiers killed; slaves were freed. Her army grew until one morning a surprise attack by the combined forces of three Sultans brought her campaign to a quick bloody end. The slaves who were not killed in the battle were returned to their owners to be punished. The bodies of the dead and badly wounded were impaled on stakes. They were skewered from end to end upside down on The vultures began to circle.

The Desert Rose had been captured trying to flee the melee dressed as a common slave girl.

The three Sultans decided to torture her in public as an example to all the slaves. Before this however, they would spend a little quality time with their vanquished foe.

She was hung from the ceiling suspended by her wrists, Her feet did not quite touch the ground. Rose was stripped and fully exposed to the three men. They drew lots to see who would begin the torture first. The Black Sultan won the draw. After a few swings at her pale body with the cane the first Sultan grabbed one firm breast and slowly began to squeeze. Soon the pressure built until Rose let out a whimper... "Not so tough any more I think," said the Sultan. He then grabbed each nipple and twisted them until she elicited a muffled shriek.

He paused long enough to clap his hands twice. Three chained white slaves were ushered into the room. Rose recognized them at once. They were her top lieutenants. They had been pierced most cruelly with large chains running through their breasts. Rose saw that their bodies were covered with open welts from a bull-whips. Special attention had been given to their cunts and breasts. Their mouths were wedged wide open by huge O-ring gags, They drooled heavily down across their full ripe breasts. Two of the girls were forced to their knees before the remaining Sultans who parted their robes and pulled the girls closer by the leashes attached to the iron collars around their slender necks. Another knelt before the Sultan who stood before Rose. The sound of sucking and gagging followed as their mouths were filled with Sultan cock.

The first Sultan wasted no time. He'd been hardest hit by the Desert Rose and had lost over half of his slaves to her army of slaves. He ordered her legs spread wide and tied open. A large ring-gag was forced into her mouth. The Sultans all eyed her helplessness greedily. A long cruel whip with sharp iron nails knotted into it's length whistled through the air and landed inside her left thigh. Then another to her right inner thigh. Closer and closer the blows came to her cunt. Rose finally began screaming When the Sultan struck her fully between the labia. Her clitoris was torn away by the stroke and her labia were shredded. She danced in her chains her body bucking and heaving from the exquisitely sharp pain.

Soon the Sultans began to come into the slave girl's mouths. Each girl was forced to hold the sperm. No spitting or swallowing was permitted. Broken and in fear for their lives they obeyed without question. One by one they were ordered to pour contents of their cum filled mouths into that of their lesbian leader. The black Sultan pulled her head back sharply.

"If you vomit bitch, you will service all my camels with your mouth."

Disgusted by the taste of the men's semen in her mouth but fearful of the whip, Rose managed to swallow. Her stomach rolled but she managed to keep it down. Her ring gag was removed .The Sultan wanted to talk with his prisoner. He wanted to hear her beg...

"Speak your mind bitch. How does the Desert Rose feel now?"

"Please just kill me," Rose pleaded, "just get it over with."

"Oh, not so fast sweet American whore," laughed the Black Sultan, "our entire army awaits their turn with your bloody cunt, your ass and your sweet cocksucking mouth. What's left of your soldiers are all slaves again. They will watch as you are raped by over 3,000 men. They will see their fearless lesbian leader drenched in cum; then hung by her heels and beaten. They will eventually see your tongue torn out and your eyes blinded by hot irons. You will be a slave dog for many years to come. All the new slaves will see you and hear your story, None will ever dare revolt again !!"

Myra and Elise, her mother, had been sold as a set to the old sheik. After a short perfunctory beating, Myra's mother, Elise, had taken to training very well. She would drop to her knees and service any man or woman with great enthusiasm. She learned quickly that it was voluntary sexual servitude or torture and rape..

Myra, her beautiful young daughter, hadn't quite figured this out. She had tried to bite the sheik when he placed his hard cock against her mouth.

Hanging from the cross in the courtyard, Myra quickly came to realize the gravity of her mistake.

The old sheik sat and watched from the shade of his balcony as Myra's pale flesh burned under the blaring desert sun. A black slave-trainer alternated between whipping her with a cane and scorching her tender flesh with a smoking brand of wood. Elise wept as she listened her daughter's pitiful pleas for mercy.

"O.K. Yes...I'll do it... I'll do anything please I will... AAAAAAIIIIIEEEE!!!" she screamed louder than ever as the burning end of the wooden brand brushed across one tender pink nipple.

"We shall see if she is truly willing to please me." shouted the old Sheik, "bring her down and have her stand before you!"

The trainer pulled her down and Myra stood very still. She did not want to suck the black man's cock but she would if it kept her safe from the sheik's torture master. 'I'll suck this black man's cock to stay alive' Myra thought to herself, but her penance was not to be quite so easily earned,.

Moments later Myra saw the old Sheik come out into the courtyard with Myra's mother, Elise in tow. He led her by a leash around her long slender neck. Her mother crawled on her hands and knees like a mongrel dog. She, like her daughter, was completely naked. Her large breasts swung luridly from side to side as she crawled across the hot sand.

"Your mother has managed to keep her youthful beauty quite nicely," said the Sheik as he stood before Myra, "Your mother's body is still quite firm and, most importantly, she has the sexual prowess that younger whores do not .Today you shall learn from her. Crawl to your daughter Elise, eat her cunt until she cums."

Elise hesitated for one second but swallowed her pride and buried her face in her daughter's shaved cunt. Elise let out a muffled yelp when she felt the black man's huge cock press against her ass. She relaxed her sphincter as the black eased himself into her.. She grunted as the black cock began to thrust deeply into her bowels.

Myra, horrified and revolted, dared not resist. She stood there as her mother brought her to the brink of orgasm. But the black man came sooner that Myra could and filled Elise's ass full of hot cum.

"Now we test your willingness to please me young white whore," growled the Sheik. "Down on your hands and knees like the dog you are and suck the cum from your mother's ass!!"

Myra tried to back away but the black trainer was too quick. He grabbed her hair with one hand and began whipping her naked bottom with the riding crop.

Hurled to the ground, Myra looked up and saw her mother's semen filled ass only inches from her face.

"Go ahead" Elise told her daughter, "suck it all into your mouth, dear. This is your last chance to obey the great Sheik. He owns us now. Just do as he says..."

Myra looked up into the eyes of the old man and knew that her mother spoke the truth.

Sobbing openly, tears running down her cheeks, Myra leaned in and began to suckle at her mother's asshole. The noxious liquid flowed from into her mouth as her mother helped by pushing. As she complied, the black reached down and began to stimulate Myra's clitoris. Myra jerked once when she felt the hand stroke her pussy but she never took her lips from Elise's ass. Moments later Myra began to shake and had her orgasm just as she slurped out the last drop of cum from her mother's ass.

"Very good my young bitch," laughed the sheik, "you are learning. Now you will join your mother in my harem. My 35 wives are always horny and they have been looking forward to meeting my newest white whores. If you satisfy them all, I may decide to let you both keep your clits. Now crawl bitches!!"

"AAAAIIIIUUUNGH" Lindsay screamed at the wedge spread the lips of her cunt.

"What's the problem Slut? Does this hurt your tender white pussy?'

"Yes sir, Lindsay begged, "please take me off this thing, I'll never disobey my master again!"

"As you wish" said her master, "Just to show you what a kind and generous man I can be, I will grant your wish whore. I will take you off the wedge."

But to Lindsay's horror she felt a noose slip around her neck. It hung from a pulley above her head.

The black man slowly pulled the rope and, true to his word, Lindsay was taken off the wedge. Her face turned purple and her tongue and eyes bulged as she began to pass out, but before she had the chance, her trainer let go of the rope.

The pain as her cunt meat slammed back down and spread out around the wedge was so great that she couldn't scream. Her mouth opened wide but there was no sound. Then the noose tightened again as the process began anew.

Lindsay's tits flopped back and forth; her body bucked and twisted as she hung from the noose.

Up and down she went like a ride at some demented carnival

When he finally took her down off the wedge, Lindsay fell onto her side sobbing hoarsely; chest heaving. "You're forgetting to say 'Thanks'", her trainer told her. Lindsay looked up and saw the huge thick black cock that dangled from his pants. Without a word, she struggled to her knees and tried to take the swollen penis into her mouth.

"What's wrong whore? Doesn't fit? Then turn around on your face with your ass in the air. We will see if the wedge loosened your cunt enough to accommodate me.".

Although, her pussy was a swollen mass of pain, she managed not to scream as the leviathan prick split her open and slammed into her cervix...

"I'm sorry, so sorry!" Karen pleaded as the red-hot needles seared the defenseless flesh of her ass and inner thigh. "I promise to do whatever I'm told. I promise to eat my Mistress's shit I'll drink her piss, I'll do anything... iAiiiieeeee!"

Her useless pleas were cut short by a scream of pain as another thin smoking rod cooked her skin.

"You should have thought of that when you had the chance. Mistress has many western slaves that will satisfy her carnal desires. They learned their place quickly. Just because you were rich and powerful in your old country means nothing now. Here you are just a pleasure puppet..."

Again the re-heated rod sizzled into her tender skin, each one closer to the most tender flesh of all.

"Your Mistress takes great pleasure in your pain and your beautiful screams" said the black slavemaster, "but your pleasure will end forever now."

The black man slowly lowered the smoking rod of iron directly between the legs of the screaming girl's legs. All Karen could do was watch as it slowly burnt through the exposed hood that hid her clitoris. Her pleas turned into horrible shrieks. Every sweat-soaked muscle strained and flexed as the tiny nub of flesh was slowly burnt away.

"Now my brother and I are allowed to fuck and torture you any way we please. I think I will take your asshole first since it is already spread open. Perhaps tomorrow, when the Mistress gives you an order, you will obey without hesitation!"

"AAAAAAGHH! Please!" shrieked Elizabeth, "NO MORE!!"

"You claimed to be a real 'pain-slut' on the torture porn sites back in the U.S. This should be everything you've always wanted. So why do you wail and scream for mercy. Is this too real for you ?"

"PLEASE!! I always use a 'safe-word' for when the pain gets too harsh."

"How can you use a safe word with your mouth stuffed with cock you stupid cow. I think I will burn my name across the fresh flesh above your pink ass. This way all my friends can see who you belong to while they pump their cum into your tight American pussy!"


Posted on July 22th, 2008

Miriam Captured.

The White man's army had been driven back. They left many guns and food in their haste to escape. They also left behind a white American reporter. The rebel army had found her hiding behind a large box of ammunition.

The terrified girl was immediately stripped of her western clothes and dragged naked before the Emir.

"Spread her out" said the Emir, "this bitch needs to feel the size of her new Master's cock."

Miriam was thrown struggling to the rocky ground. Two men held her feet and two held her wrists. They stretched her naked body wide for the Emir as he knelt between her thighs and parted his robes.

Miriam screamed as her hairless cunt was roughly fingered and inspected by the Emir. "This western slut still has her clit and her virginity! She will soon be virgin no more!"

The Emir lay down on her naked spread body crushing her against the rocky ground. Then he arched his back and slowly began to push his massive prick into her body. Miriam shrieked like a banshee as the huge member tore past her maiden-head and into her tightly stretched cunt.

All the men laughed as she bucked and fought; her hips rising and falling in a vain attempt to dislodge her attacker. The Emir began to grunt heavily as the girl's cunt sucked at his throbbing cock. Seconds later, Miriam felt her pussy fill with the seed of the man raping her. The Emir thrust hard into her violated body one last time before he pulled out. A mixed stream of blood and cum oozed from between the weeping girl's legs.

"Home now men, and bring the girl. The rest of the village will witness her crucifixion..."

Miriam Crucified

"GHAAAAAHHHH!!," Miriam screamed, "Please don't hit me any more. What have I done? Why do you torture me so? Please take me down from here!!"

"Hit the bitch again Moh'mar," one man yelled. "She is an infidel whore and deserves nothing more than pain and a good fuck when our balls need milking."

"Yes, hit her harder", shouted another man, "just look at the whore's red hair. A sure sign that she must be punished."

Miriam hung from the cross in the middle of the village square. Her young, muscular body was on display. The women walked by laughing and pointing at her writhing beaten body. The Emir and many of his top lieutenants had repeatedly raped the girl. She knew now that any hope of rescue was just wishful thinking.

"Don't worry whore, you will only be with me for a few more days. You've already been sold to a lesbian brothel in Germany. You'll be eating out the wealthiest women in Europe. I hope you will like the taste of old wet pussy. Just in case you need instruction in licking cunt, my first wife and her daughters await your infidel mouth. You will learn all that you need to know while you satisfy their lust you American cow!"

Julia was dangling from the ceiling like a fly trapped in a spider's web. She'd lost track of time, drifting in and out of consciousness when suddenly the whir of an electric motor caught her attention. Her body was being lowered into the darkness of the room.

Suddenly the lights came on revealing a naked man wearing nothing but a turbine and a raging hard-on.

"So, you are my new slave-whore," he said smiling, "I've a pretty one this time. Let's see how you feel inside, white whore!"

"Uuuuummfff!" Julia screamed as Omar shoved his hips forward and buried his cock into the young virgin's pussy "It's too big PLEEEASE take it out!!"

"I will take it out after I cum inside your worthless cunt," he sneered back at her,

"You are only a play-toy now. Your three holes are nothing more than warm places for me to satiate my lust when I have a few moments to spare. You will remain bound because you white women cannot be trusted. And also because it pleases me to see you struggle and fight when I rape your pale young body."

Omar fucked Julie for what seemed like hours but just before he came he pulled out and, grunting loudly, spewed his seed all over her face and mouth. Julia screamed, her tears mingled with the copious amount of sperm covering her pretty face.

"Now for your beating," Omar said as he stood and picked up his crop. "I can always get hard again when I hear a woman scream from the sting of the rod!"

A few moments later Julia was covered with dozens of huge welts from Omar's savage beating. Her voice was hoarse from screaming and, true to his word, Omar was sporting another huge erection. It's tip dripped with anticipation.

"It will probably go easier the next time I fuck your cunt since I've pierced your flower, " Omar said to the frantic girl, "you might even feel pleasure. That's why your asshole will feel my cock next. After I cum inside your bowels you will gently lick your feces and my cum from the length of my cock or I will cut out your eyes and hang you by your breasts from the castle walls. It will take you days to die as the crows feed on your young flesh."

Before the day was done, Julia's ass and cunt dripped thickly with cum and she was well acquainted with the taste of sperm and her own shit.

Amanda and Allanah, two sisters from California, were drugged and taken from their hotel in the middle of the night. Their tour of the middle-east was taking a turn for the worst. They would carry on the sexual pleasuring of their masters as countless thousands of women have been forced to do since time immemorial. Their most difficult decisions no longer dealt with which dresses and shoes to wear to the discotheque; they would never worry about new cars or new boy toys. They were now the toys and their new master loved to play...

"Which of you two whores will taste my cock first?' Rahim shouted as he slammed his fist into Amanda's stomach. "Answer or you will be given to my soldiers. Instead of pleasuring just one man, you will have to suck the pricks of a thousand men.

Amanda was still out of breath from the hard punch to her stomach, so Allanah crawled forward, mouth open to accept the rigid member. She was no stranger to the art of fellatio. The only difference now was the very real threat of violence that spurred her on (as the whip marks across her flesh attested).

She took the dripping head of the throbbing monster into her mouth and began to suckle and stroke it with her tongue. Then she forced her self to allow it's entire length to slide down the back of her throat. Rahim smiled cruelly as he felt his cock disappear into the slave's mouth.

"Your sister proves that she is more willing to pleasure her master," Rahim said to Amanda as Allanah moved her head up and down the length of his shaft. "She will be given favor while you will be given pain!"

With this, Rahim raised the long crop and began to beat Amanda harder than ever. The crop bit into her tender white flesh making her bleed in fine trickles down her shapely back and thighs. Amanda begged at first but as the severity of the beating increased, her pleas for mercy turned into screams and shrieks of pain.

The harder he beat her, the closer he came to orgasm. Then with a final furious slap across Amanda's face, Rahim began to ejaculate into Allanah's mouth. Daring not to spilll a drop Allanah managed to take his entire load. Rahim, covered with sweat, was breathing hard as he pulled his cock from Allanah's willing mouth. Still kneeling, she kept her mouth open to display it's slimy pearl-white contents. Rahim smiled when he saw how compliant Allanah had become.

"Into your sister's mouth little dove," he told her, "let her taste your bitter harvest."

Amanda opened her mouth immediately as Allanah dribbled the thick white seed between her lips. "Now swallow what your sister has given you!"

Gagging slightly, Amanda managed to swallow everything.

"Guard," Rahim shouted, "I have a gift for you and your army," motioning to Amanda he said, "Take this western whore and enjoy her any way you and your men choose. If she lives to see tomorrow bring her back to me. If not then feed her carcass to the lions."

Rahim lead Allanah away as Amanda, screaming and pleading, was pulled out into the courtyard where the soldiers eagerly awaited.

As the night wore on Allanah pleasured Rahim many times over, never stopping until she was sure he'd had enough.

Finally, Allanah lay quietly next to the the sleeping Rashad while outside she could hear her sister's animalistic screams and grunts throughout the night as her body was raped and tortured over and over again.

Rachmed and his men had raided the desert caravan of another group of Arabs. Rachmed had stolen all their goods and taken captive all the women after dispatching the men. The smoke from the burning caravan could be seen for miles. After arriving back at his village with the women chained and trailing close behind, Rachmed had taken Gina as his own. His men laughed for they knew how savage their leader was.

"My arms...PLEASE!! UUUUNGHHH!! MY ARMS!!" Gina screamed as she felt her shoulders dislocate one after the other. Still the whipping went on. "Please let me fuck you... I'll suck your cock... You'll like that... UUUNGH!!... I'll swallow every drop... PLEASE!!! Fuck me... JUST FUCK ME!!"

Rachmed understood nothing of what she said but Gina's constant screams and shrieks for mercy were easily understood in any language.

The rope cut into her pussy lips and rubbed painfully against her clit. Rachmed, an accomplished sadist, stepped on the rope forcing Gina's hips forward. Her arms were drawn even tighter and her ravaged cunt began to bleed onto the rope. "GHHAAAAA... N-NOOO... PLEEEASE AAAAUUUUGH!!" Still the whip rained down blow after blow.

Eventually Rachmed decided it was time to relieve his straining cock and balls of their liquid cargo. Without preamble or foreplay, he cut the bloody rope and pushed the glistening purple head of his cock against her bruised pussy lips. Gina's desire to satisfy him sexually was soon replaced by a fear greater than the whip. His Cock was enormous...

Gina felt her twat begin to stretch wide to accommodate the leviathan penis that struggled for entry. She stopped screaming and just gritted her teeth. Her breath came in short shallow gasps as Rachmed's cock began to force it's way inside. One violent shove after another followed and soon Rachmed's gargantuan prick was wrapped up tightly inside Gina's trembling body.

He pulled her body against his own and began pummeling her pussy. Gina wrapped her legs around his back in an attempt to relieve the pressure on her shoulders.

"Ung... ugh... uh... uh... uh!" Gina began to grunt with each thrust. Her legs squeezing his waist and muscular black ass. In her efforts to hold herself up she only succeeded him in pulling him in deeper. Both Gina and Rachmed were covered in sweat.

Then with one final violent thrust, Rachmed emptied himself deep inside Gina's tortured pussy. She could feel her cunt filling with her rapist's vile seed. When he pulled out, Gina felt twin streams of blood and cum spilling down the inside of both thighs.

Rachmed took her down and hogtied her limp body. He arched her back and tied her wrists to her ankles. With one final savage slap to her face he turned to leave her in the slimy puddle of bloody cum.

Gina lay there wondering what would happen to her next. She didn't have to wait long. Soon she heard giggling and the shuffling of feminine feet. Rachmed's harem made up of black, brown, and even a few white women filed into the room. Rachmed paused for a moment in the courtyard and smiled as Gina's screams began all over again...

The old Shiek watched the naked white girl squirm in the stocks that held her. The old black slave trader wanted to sell the white bitch to the Shiek but the old Shiek wanted to see her perform first.

"If she puts on a good show then I'll take her," he told the trader, "the ones you sold me last time were nearly used up by the time they got to me."

"Not this one, oh great Shiek," replied the trader, "she has not been touched since her capture last week. I've guarded her myself." With this the trader pushed a needle between the girl's toes and into the tender webbing there. The ensuing screams from the bound beauty made the old Shiek laugh and applaud.

"Very good but I think she can do better than that. "

"As you wish great Shiek..."

The girl was babbling incoherently in her western tongue. 'No doubt begging for mercy' thought the Shiek to himself, 'the stupid white bitch will get none here.'

Another needle was pushed underneath a toenail. The begging stopped as the screams began again. Then, moving higher, another needle found a light brown nipple. It was pierced at it's base and pushed neatly through. Then the other as well. The struggles and screaming were nonstop now.

Then the trader pulled her head back by the hair and held a needle beside her nose. He looked to the Shiek, who nodded his assent. The trader pushed the needle cleanly through from one side of her nose and out the other. Her eyes and mouth were open wide as the screams were redoubled. Now the old slave trader produced a pair of pliars. He held them so that the shiek could see them but the tortured girl could not. He wiggled the needle that was embedded through her nose to make her scream again. The white girl responded well; when her mouth flew open to scream once again the trader's skilled hand shot up and before the girl was even aware of what was happening, the tip of her tongue had been grabbed by the pliars. As her tongue was pulled and stretched a long sharp needle came up and was pressed straight through. The old trader let go and stood back to watch. The girl tried to close her mouth but the needle was too long. She couldn't pull her tongue back into her mouth.

The Shiek laughed and clapped. The young girl's screams, although higher and louder than ever, were now gagging and garbled without the full use of her tongue to help the whore articulate.

"I will take this one old friend," said the Shiek to the slave trader, "please do me the honor of piercing her clit and labia before you leave. The meat is sweetest and most tender there. We are sure to hear her sweetest song at last..."

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Riktov was once a slave captured by the Roman army. He did not speak their language but he knew how to fight. As a gladiator he vanquished all foes. As a new Roman citizen he began to acquire wealth and slaves of his own.

One day fate stepped in....

The last of his nation had been brought to it's knees and swept away by sword, fire and pillage but Riktov, now a fully accepted Roman citizen, regularly attended the market slave auctions for fresh slaves.

There before him, chained to the auction block stood a beautiful young woman. She was naked, her pale skin glistening in the hot Roman sun.

Riktov's eyes grew wide in recognition. It was Vala, the last queen of his germanic nation. He had always wanted her. Many other's within his now vanquished nation had felt the same. The bidding was over almost as soon as it began. Few had the courage to bid against Riktov.

With a leash around her neck and her wrists bound tightly behind her back, Vala was pulled fighting through the Roman streets toward her new home. If she slowed, Riktov, would slap her face, whip her with the crop and tug furiously at her leash. The people they passed on their long walk home cheered and laughed as the conquered queen was whipped and dragged to Riktov's Villa.

No sooner had the doors closed behind him did Riktov throw his new prize to the floor on her hands and knees and pry her legs apart. His gladiator's cock stood up hard and proud as he prepared to fuck her like a dog.

"AAAAAAIIIIIGH! Please this is all a mistake, I'll suck you if you like just ..Unngh!.. Please don't hurt me... Ghaaa!"

"This is not pain, you stupid whore. You will look back and wish for this moment as you experience what lies in wait for you, bitch! But don't worry Vala," he said as he strained to penetrate her virgin cunt, "you are still royalty. You are the queen of my cock! Tonight you will hold royal court with my new roman friends who will fuck you 'til you are raw and bloody. You will become well acquainted with pain and the taste of cock and cunt!"

With the head of his prick inside her now, Riktov paused to savor the moment. Here he was, a man of germanic blood, now a wealthy Roman citizen, who had once bowed before this woman. Now she was his slave and bowed before him.

Smiling, Riktov launched himself into her. Vala screamed as he tore through her maidenhead. She felt the huge cock slam in and out her wriggling body. Vala's shrieks of pain and fear echoed through the marble halls of her new home.

Riktov's goal was to cause the screaming queen as much hurt and humiliation as possible without killing her, so after he had brutally taken her virginity and ravaged her cunt, he decided to take things up a notch. He pulled his thick cock from her body watching as her virgin's blood flowed from her cunt. Then, spitting into the crack of her ass for lubrication, he pressed the tip of his prick against her asshole. Her eyes grew wide as saucers as her body surged forward. Riktov grabbed a handful of her thick red hair and hauled her back onto his thrusting crotch. Her screams were momentarily choked off by the pain of her impalement. She had never dreamed that such pain was possible. When she batted her beautiful blue eyes, tears flowed like a river down her pretty face.

Riktov slammed past her broken sphincter and deep into her bowels over and over again. "Your ass is even tighter than your royal cunt, Highness!"

Soon her screams and the excitement of fucking his former queen overcame his senses and he began to flood her bowels with spurting streams of thick hot seed. Thrusting deeper than ever, his orgasm finally began to fade."

"Jada, Janice," he called to two of his female slaves who waited in an alcove, "clean this bitch up and get her ready for tonight's party. Make sure to shave her cunt well. We will need clear access to her whore's hole. All of Rome's elite will watch this Queen scream when her legs are spread and her clit is pierced!"

In the middle of the night the house of Licinia was raided. The soldiers took her away in her bedclothes. The charge was treason against the Roman Empire.

Titus was the high inquisitor. When charges were crimes against the state, or when the defendant was young and lovely, he always took charge of the questioning.

Strapped to the "Chair of Atonement", Licinia's bedclothes were roughly torn away. Her young breasts jiggled from side to side, her chest rose and fell from her rapid fearful breathing. The Roman sergeant smiled appreciatively cupping one firm breast in his hand. "Maybe you will see me again traitorous bitch, if you live long enough." His fingers sank into the tender flesh as he both pulled her tit and twisted at the same time. Licinia yelped and twisted away as the Roman laughed. "Yes, perhaps later you can entertain my soldiers and me." The soldiers left her with legs spread wide and her tender naked flesh gleaming in the half-light of the chamber.

Licinia jerked against her bonds but the leather straps were expertly placed. She knew she wasn't the first to sit here. She glanced around the room fearfully, listening intently for any sound or any possible means of escape.

Suddenly, from a dark corner of the room, a shadow moved, a spark to tinder was struck and torches in the wall were lit. Standing there was Titus. Licinia had seen him before. The mere mention of his name was the stuff of hopeless hooded nightmares, and Licinia faced him now alone and naked.

"Treason is a terrible offense sweet one," Titus said as he slowly approached the trembling girl, "but I know that you did not act alone, you don't look smart enough."

"Please kind sir" Licinia started to speak but the quick whistle of the crop cut her off. AIIIIEEEEE!!"

"You will speak only when I ask you a question, stupid whore!" The crop came down again and again across her bouncing tits and over her widely spread thighs.

"Now who helped you bitch?" Titus yelled at the struggling girl , "Let's see if we can pin you down to a truthful answer." Titus chuckled at his pun as Licinia tried defiantly to hold back her tears. Titus delighted at Licinia's horror as her labia was tugged roughly to one side. Her shrieks made Titus' cock grow and weep as she watched the first red-hot needle pressed slowly through her tender flesh.

"No Please AAAAGHIIIII!! I am not a traitor!" another needle was pushed through. "GHAAA!" Licinia screamed, "Please no one helped meee...AAAARRGH!!" another needle...

After the tenth needle had been pressed through her labia, Licinia had confessed to the false charges of treason. When an eleventh was pressed into the singed flesh of her clitoris, the girl, nearly mad from the pain, began to name names. Her innocent friends would shortly take her place in the Chair of Atonement. Titus would give her to the guards to enjoy after they'd gathered up all the other "traitors", but first the young Licinia would taste the Grand Inquisitor's seed. He parted his robes and grabbed the girl by the hair. "one tooth on my cock you dumb cunt, and my sword will slide down you gullet instead." Licinia, being inexperienced as she was, licked and sucked the man's cock as best she could.

"You're a natural cocksucker, bitch" Titus grunted as he began to skull fuck Licinia's face.

Eventually, Licinia felt the man's penis slide completely into her mouth and down her throat as his balls slapped wetly against her chin. Suddenly hot cum spurted into her throat and lungs. She fought for breath gagging as the cock and sperm choked her. Titus pulled out as the poor girl sputtered and gasped for air.

"Guards", shouted Titus, "we have other suspects to interrogate. As soon as you are back, Licinia will be quite ready to entertain you and your men."

Titus seed spilled from the coughing girl's mouth and ran down her chest and stomach. Titus began to grow hard again as he watched her struggles. "Let's see if your ass and cunt are as inexperienced as your mouth. Don't worry, we'll make a good little slut out of you before we send you to the prison brothels!"

Rowena was the wife of a senator who dared speak out against Caeser publicly.

She was first taken slave and fucked by the executioner while he beheaded her husband in front of a crowd of cheering spectators.

Now she lives because of her beauty and the perverted lusts of the romans who her husband had once imprisoned. These criminals, once freed, were each granted one hour with Rowena. These criminals were brutal beyond compare as they took turns beating and fucking the dead senator's wife. There were over 250 men who waited their chance at vengeance for the days they's spent in the darkness of the Roman dungeons.

For 12 days Rowena had no sleep as the line of cruel men waited to have at the beautiful woman.

Twice a day she was hung upsidedown and spread-eagle with her wrists and ankles spread wide.

She would then be sprayed and cleaned of the copious streams of cum that covered her slender body. Her cunt and ass were given special attention as the hoses were inserted.

The waiting men cheered as Rowena screamed from the pressure filling her battered bowels. Once cleaned, it was back to work as the men abused the exhausted woman.

She received no food as ordered by the brothel master. "The cum this bitch swallows will keep her alive until these men are finished with her. If she survives this ordeal she'll spend the rest of her young life here. We'll profit well by having a senator's wife to offer the men and women who remember her when she felt herself so high and mighty. Cock and cunt will be her constant companions. Go ahead and fuck her well gentlemen! Spare her no cruelty, administer your hearts desire. Teach this bitch what it means to serve!"

The questions kept coming as the rack stretched the captured girl from Britania. "Where are your troops? How many in the army? What weapons will they use?" The girls knew nothing but the Romans had to be sure. Her back arched further and further as the rack was ratcheted tighter. A blonde sat bound and gagged watching in horror as her screaming sister was slowly being torn apart. No matter what they asked, the girls only screamed and babbled in their uncouth tongue. After hours of interrogating the two women, it became apparent to the romans that they didn't speak latin. That was when the questions stopped and the fucking began.

"They might as well be good for something, and I haven't emptied my balls in weeks!"

The girl stretched nearly to the breaking point on the rack was particularly vulnerable. Her hairless pubic mound protruded up invitingly. The lips of her pussy were exposed and ready for any man heartless enough to take advantage. The blonde sister was dragged over and forced to lick her sister's cunt until it glistened wetly and the clit stood full and engorged. The blonde wept openly; her tears mixing with the musky wetness of her sister's cunt.

"That's enough bitch! You've made your sister wet enough" one man ordered gruffly. He grabbed the blonde by her pony-tail and hurled her across the room where she landed in a moaning heap. Two men took turns at the girl on the rack. Her virgin pussy lips were parted for the first time as one man forced himself inside the body of the screaming girl. The other man bent the blond sister over, pushed her face into a corner and with no lubrication at all, slammed his huge hard cock against her cunt repeatedly until his dripping cock eventually supplied enough lubrication to part her tight lips and gain entry.

"They're both virgins," laughed the man as the struggling blond tried vainly to dislodge the pumping prick that had torn open her open.

Hours later, after the men had tired of fucking the two girls, one of the men had a bold idea. "hey, let's tie their hands behind their backs and give them each a dozen well hung black slaves to suck. The first one to taste the full load of all of them stays with us. The loser will get her clit burned off and sold to the brothels, Ha, Ha, Ha!"

Valeria, screamed in shame and humiliation as men and women gathered to watch. Her father owed taxes he could not pay, so his youngest daughter, Valeria, was taken away to Rome and tied in a public square. As the charges against her father were read, it became apparent to those gathered around, that another young woman was to pay for the debt of her family. Watching was free but for a nominal fee you could fuck her, whip her, tie her in any position you wanted, or even buy her. She was the property of the Roman Government now and her fate had been decided. The first man took her anally as she stood on one foot. The initial penetration was so painful that Valeria tried jumping with her other foot, but this only served to slide her body up and down the impaling shaft that fucked her. The crowd laughed at her predicament as she screamed and begged for mercy.

After an hour of servicing both men and women, a noblewoman approached. Two slave girls followed behind her with a coal brazier and a long handled branding iron. The noblewoman explained to the Roman guard that Valeria was to purchased and become her personal property. They haggled over the price as the two slave girls disrobed. Then they lit the brazier and heated the branding iron. The crowd murmered and pointed at the two slaves. Their hips bore the mark of the brand that lay heating in the fire.

After a price had been reached and the money paid, Valeria was stretched out spread-eagle on her stomach in the village square. She was so dazed from all the sexual abuse to which she'd been exposed that she just assumed that another cock was about to grind it's way into her ass. She never saw the iron.

One of the patrician's slaves sat down on Valeria's back while the other sat on her legs. With Valeria completely immobilized the noblewoman withdrew the iron from the smoldering red coals of the brazier.

The crowd grew hushed now as the smoking hot iron neared the upturned ass. Valeria was still waiting for another cock; she knew nothing of the iron. Then it hit her. The pain was so deep and searing that it almost made her faint. She screamed and began to buck as the symbol was forever burned into her hip. The Romans gasped as they watched the girl thrash and cry out for mercy. Eventually the brand was removed and a salve was rubbed onto the place where the brand had been.

She was pulled roughly to her feet. Her wrists and elbows tied together tightly behind her back. This forced out her chest and displayed her large tits even more prominently. Next a leash was attached to a collar around her long slender neck.

"Now listen cunt," said the noblewoman to the terrified girl, "You are mine from now on. You will do exactly as you are told, and you will do it immediately and without hesitation. Otherwise I will give you to the gladiators in the coliseum who will fuck you then feed your worthless ass to the lions while you are still screaming! Do You understand?"

Valeria, her lower lip trembling, teary eyed, nodded and replied, "yes mistress, I will do anything you ask. Anything at all."

The noblewoman whispered in Valeria's ear. Immediately Valeria dropped to her knees. The two slaves lifted and parted the noblewoman's robes and exposed her cunt. Valeria crawled forward on her knees, ignoring the crowd, ignoring to the older woman's smell and pushed her nose and mouth fully upon the proferred pussy. So eager to please was Valeria, and so fervent were her attentions to her work, that her Mistress came after only a few moments. Her cum flooding into Valeria's mouth who swallowed everything.

The noblewoman, Valeria's new owner, breathed heavily as the two girls replaced her robes. Valeria was pulled again to her feet, her face wet and dripping with her Mistress' juice. "Not bad for your first try, when we get home you will be welcomed into my stable by doing the exact same thing to all the other girls in my harem. You may not be a lesbian by nature Valeria, but you will learn to lick cunt like one..."

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Alyssa struggled on the cross trying desperately to breath. Dhuman, the servant, twisted her from one side to another maximizing her discomfort and humiliation.

'Surely he will let me fuck this unruly white bitch after the red-haired western cunt has satisfied him with her mouth', thought the servant to himself, 'I will fuck her long and deep before I cum inside her whore's body. I will let everyone watch her large tits flop back and forth as I fuck her ass like a dog.'

The Master, Ahmad smiled as Anita carefully took the growing cock into her mouth."Your friend decided to say no when I so graciously offered her my seed. All the women of my harem say that my seed is the best they've ever tasted. You are about to get your first taste of royal cum sweet western slut." Anita could hear Alyssa grunt and gasp as she struggled for breath. Anita had noticed another cross a few feet away and knew that she could be hung there as well. So she obeyed Ahmad when he bid her kneel. She had opened her mouth when the penis was shoved in her face. She licked and suckled lovingly when it entered her mouth, and she had swallowed all of Ahmad's sperm when it spurted against the back of her throat.

"Aaahhh!" Very good slave," Ahmad said to Anita, "If your lovely friend survives getting beaten and fucked by my servant Dhuman, then you will be rewarded. Your friend will lick your cunt until she makes you cum onto her bitch's face. If she fails to please you then we will all watch as her nipples and clit are sliced away!"

With legs splayed wide in the village square, Melissa, the newest slave began her training. The first stage in her training was to feel the intense humiliation of being completely vulnerable and on display to all who might pass her by. Both men and women would often stop and stare at their master's latest acquisition. After a few hours in this painful bondage, spread lewdly before all the villagers, her new owner finally approached with the slave trader at his side.

"I still think you ask too much for this one," said the Sheik, "true that she is pretty and her beauty has not even begun to fade, but she is no virgin. She has given her first flower to some western cock."

Even though she did not understand their language, Melissa was aware that she was being haggled over the way she had once haggled over the price of a new car.

"Please your highness," responded the slave trader, "see how she screams and struggles with the lightest stroke of the rod."

The long leather cane swooped down across Melissa's stomach and into the open cleft of her vagina.

"AAAAIIIIGH" Melissa screamed struggling to close her legs.

"Please..LET ME GO!!" You can't keep me here. My family is rich. I can get you plenty of money! Please don't hurt me!"

"Ha Ha! I do not understand her western infidel's tongue but I do like the sound of her voice when she screams," said the Sheik merrily, "If you throw in a camel I will agree to your price."

Soon Melissa found herself being dipped into a hot scented bath as five arabic women scrubbed her pale white skin. Suddenly a tall shapely woman entered the room and stood before Melissa as she was pulled dripping and naked from the steaming water. She wore a sheer blue garment and veil that matched her eyes.

"Listen and do not speak unless you desire severe punishment. My name was Bianca before I came here", said the tall woman, "now I am only known as Kalba, it means 'dog'. I eat on my hands and knees and lay at my master's feet until he desires use of my body."

Melissa listened wide-eyed as the beautiful woman continued. "You and I live because the Shiek desires white women to service his perverse sexual needs. His hareem bear his children while you and I bear his darker desires. We will perform for him in many ways. When he is away we are given into the keeping of his wives who are his hareem. They are, in many ways, more brutal than the Shiek. You will be punished for refusing to obey, you will be punished for moving too slowly, and you will be punished simply because our Master desires it." The blond known as Kalba removed her veil revealing high cheekbones and full pouting lips. Then she opened her see-through robe and let in fall to the ground. Melissa gawked in horror at what she now saw.

Kalba was slender, slightly tan and fully nude. She turned slowly, Her left hip had been branded, her labia and nipples were pierced with many rings. Her upturned nose also bore a ring in the fashion a bull or pig might wear. When she extended her tongue another four piercings revealed themselves.

"We are here only to pleasure our Master and anyone else to whom he may lend us."

Melissa, still dripping and slippery from the soap and oils was forced to to her knees on the tile floor of the bathhouse. "Melissa and all that you were is no more. I am told that your name will be Zaniya; this word means whore. You will fuck as though your life depends on it - and believe me; it does!"

Kalba, approached the newly named Zaniya, and spread her labia just inches from her face. "You will learn just enough of our Master's language to understand the commands that concern your functions here. The first word is Lada'a, it means to lick, the next word is Massa, to suck, and the last word for now is Bala'a which means swallow. I suggest you begin to do all three."

"Please," Zaniya pleaded, her voice breaking, desperate, as her eyes flooded over with tears,"you must understand, I'm not a lesbian, I don't do this sort of... Uungh!" Kalba's knee had lashed out and landed firlmy in Zaniya's gut. The other women laughed as the western girl doubled over grunting.

"Now you see, " said Kalba, "there is no pity here, only obediance. You will learn to comply, you have no other choice."

Zaniya slowly gathered her breath and rose back up onto her knees. The other woman's labia were still spread. With lips trembling and heart racing, Zaniya leaned in and slowly began to lick between the shaven labia. Then as the pungent aroma of the girl's vagina filled her lungs and her taste flooded across her tongue, the new slave girl pressed deeper into the slit and began to suck the moist meat that awaited her there. Her spirit was breaking and her training as a Sheik's pleasure whore had begun...

Victoria - The Drug Smuggler

The dogs had begun to bark as Victoria hurried by to catch her flight back to America. Suddenly a strong hand closed around her wrist. She was spun around to see two men and a pretty middle-eastern woman. They all wore uniforms. "Step this way please, it will only take a moment," said the woman in perfect english.

Trying to sound cool and collected, she said "What's this all about? My name is Victoria Jordan. I am an important journalist. If you detain me I'll miss my flight."

"Our apologies miss", replied the woman, "but our dogs seem to smell something unusual. It's just a formality and if you miss your flight we will upgrade you to first class on the next plane out. I am Officer Kalila. I would really rather not resort to force Miss Jordan."

"Very well," replied Victoria, "but my embassy will hear about this!"

Victoria was escorted into a small room with thick soundproofing on the doors and walls. Suddenly she was afraid. She had good reason to be...

"Disrobe please", Officer Kalila instructed, "everything must come off, and do not hesitate or we will strip you ourselves."

Victoria slowly began to unbutton her blouse then unzip her skirt, all the while threatening about the dire consequences that this sort of treatment would incur. Next came the hi-heels and her bra. Victoria's breasts bobbed freely as the male guards chuckled appreciatively at their size and firmness. All that was left now were a pair of lace panties. Victoria crossed her hands across her breasts to shield them from the lecherous gazes of the men. "Everything Miss Jordan," Kalila instructed. Her tone had changed now. It was harsh and threatening. Victoria noticed that cameras were installed in every corner of the room. The red lights were on; everything was being recorded.

"No!" Victoria shouted, I won't do it!" she bolted for the door and almost made it when Kalila grabbed a handful of Victoria's long red hair and hauled her back. "Bend her over the table men. It's time for the cavity search." Kalila then whispered quietly in Victoria's ear, "Don't worry Vicky, I'll be so gentle that you may actually enjoy this."

Victoria found herself bent over at the waist as her panties were torn away. Cuffs were applied to her wrists and ankles. She was spread open wide and locked to the table legs. She was fully nude now and splayed open for all to see. That was when she heard the snap of a latex glove and the squishing sound of a lubricant being applied. With her arms held outstretched and her breasts smashed down onto the cold metal table, Victoria had no way of defending herself. "First your rectum I think,"Kalila cooed softly as she inserted two fingers in past Victoria's clenching sphincter. Soon a third and a fourth forced their way painfully inside. "Such a sweet firm ass you have dear Victoria. Hmmm. First hole is clear," Kalila mused after rooting around for over a full minute, "maybe the dogs were wrong." But now the american girl began to struggle in earnest as the gloved hand began to push it's way in between the walls of her vagina. True to her word, Kalila was first. She even paused to stroke the american woman's clitoris Victoria's eyes grew round with amazement and shame. "Typical american whore," Kalila remarked sarcastically, "just the slightest touch and they are wet and ready to fuck." Then, to Victoria's horror, Kalila's hand turned into a fist and shoved it's way fully into her stretching cunt.

"Ahhh, what have we here?" Kalila said as she slowly withdrew a plastic baggy. There were five bags in all. They were tied together. They were full of opium. Victoria was fucked, in more ways than one. She began to cry and babble as they cuffed her hands and feet together and dragged her out of the room, still naked, down a hall to another door that led outside. She was thrown into a van, a leather gag pushed into her mouth and tied in place, a crude leather hood placed over her head. The drawstring was pulled tightly around her throat. The van drove off. Officer Kalila had come along for the ride, "You arrogant foreign cunts," Kalila said with disdain, "you think you own the world, but you don't own us. Instead we now own you, bitch!" She absently pinched and twisted Victoria's light brown nipples just to hear her squeal and watch her squirm.

Victoria - Interrogated

Victoria Jordan's interrogation lasted much longer and was much more painful and shameful than the strip search had been, For now Victoria found herself in the hands of an old world inquisitor. "Who is your source?" Ali asked her calmly as the rod landed again across one widely spread thigh.

"AAIIIIIEEEE!!" Victoria screamed again, "I don't know his name, He's just some man I met in the Bazaar...Please I don't know!!"

The rod landed over and over. She bucked and screamed. Ali knew that the beautiful American girl was telling the truth. But her pain was the only real thing of importance. Breaking her will was the real objective. He watched her breasts flail back and forth as he struck them. She broke out in a fine sweat from struggling against the bonds that so expertly held her in place. Every finely tuned muscle tightened and contracted seductively beneath her skin.

And such perfect skin; Creamy and smooth with the slightest tan. Ali loved watching the welts rise as he further "interrogated" the American criminal.

Finally Ali could no longer restrain himself. He'd had a leaking hard-on since the girl was brought to him and tied here naked with her long legs spread wide. Her nearly bald pussy was open to all who wished to partake. And Ali wished...then he acted.

Standing before Victoria now, he parted his tunic and exposed himself to the terrified girl. His huge hard-on bobbed freely leaking copious streams of pre-cum as he guided it to her body's most private opening. As Ali pushed himself inside, he began to use the rod again across her breasts and face. Her hips thrust out trying to push him away but this only served to fully impale herself on the rutting cock that was struggling to gain full access to her fleshy wet tunnel.

Her frenzied shrieks and grunts only made Ali thrust and strike her harder. His excitement grew so great that he eventually dropped the rod and grabbed Victoria's perfect breasts with both hands. Each time he thrust into her he would sink his strong fingers in and pull her breasts hard. He used them like handles to help ensure that each stroke would impale the girl firmly upon his bloated penis. Victoria, almost mad from the pain, has just enough presence of mind to realize that she could feel his huge balls slapping against her ass cheeks with each stroke.

Suddenly Ali pulled himself out of her pussy and climbed up onto the wooden bench. He positioned himself over her face and after just a few strokes began to spew hot cum all over her face. She opened her mouth to scream but only succeeded in getting a mouthful of his sperm. She choked and sputtered for breath, her violated body racked with pain. But at least the man had cum. Now maybe he'd leave her alone for a little while.

Victoria Rides the Lightening

Suddenly a door slammed open and Officer Kalila stormed in. "What is the meaning of this?" she shouted at Ali. A ray of hope! Perhaps Victoria would be taken away from this awful man. But then her hopes were dashed more quickly than they'd been raised when she heard Officer Kalila say: "I thought we agreed that you would wait for me before the sexual torment began. Now you've stretched her cunt all out and she's covered with your slimy cum."

Victorai's chest began to heave, racked with uncontrollable sobs as she realized that her ordeal was just beginning. She watched as Kalila emptied her bag on the bench next to Victoria's battered body. The alligator clips came first. One for each nipple, one on each earlobe, and of course, one on her clitoris. The last clip was especially hard to fasten since it was so wet from Ali's fucking spree. But finally Kalila clamped it on around the tiny sensitive bud of flesh. Victoria screamed as the teeth bit into her most tender flesh.

"Save it dear," Kalila said with a smile, the fun hasn't even started yet." That was when Victoria noticed wires that were being attached to the clips. Then to a black box with a handle.

"Just a litlle at first Vicky, just enough to warm you up." Kalila said as she slowly began to turn the crank on the generator. Victoria jumped as the electricity hit the clips and leaped into her flesh. She looked around desperately as her muscles began to twitch. She saw the camera hanging above her; it's single red light on recording her misery. Following the direction of her gaze, Officer Kalila, smiled even wider. "You are about to be sold dear, The bidders are watching your every move, listening to every scream and moan. Do you have any idea how much sweet American meat like you will fetch on the black market?" Then, grasping the handle on the black box more firmly, Kalila said, "Let's give them a good show!" Victoria's mouth was suddenly wrenched open in a silent scream and her back arched as she flailed about violently. Officer Kalila breathed heavily cranking the handle wildly around and around. She was enraptured by her victim's agony. The bidders were too. "Sing for our guests," Kalila shouted as she cranked the handle, "SING!" Victoria found her voice and did as she was told...

Vanessa 1 - Defiant

Just a week to go before the auction and there were still 15 young women to break and train. Azzis and Abdul started with the newest girls. Julie was tied spread-eagle in the doorway so that she could have a good view of Vanessa. Julie had already shown signs of compliance. She had already taken cock into her mouth and had done a good job of swallowing Azzis' cum. She followed orders well. But Vanessa was another story...

She had shown signs of extreme arrogance and even though severely punished she refused to obey even the slightest orders. Then, last night she had spit on Azzis when he tried to kiss her. This had been her last mistake. She would now serve as example to the others.

Bound painfully to the T-cross she was whipped repeatedly while Azzis yelled at her. "You arrogant worthless piece of shit," he told her, "You refuse to follow orders. Your cell-mate is watching your punishment. She will only receive a few strokes of the cane because she has learned to obey."

The T-cross caused her chest and breasts to protrude and wrenched her shoulders back painfully. Her arms were supporting all of her weight. Azzis squeezed one firm ripe breast as he whipped her savagely.

"If you don't start doing as you are told, you will not sell. No one will want you. But even then you can serve a purpose. I will use you to set an example for the next batch of western whores that come in for sale. When they see your mutilated body next to the picture of how beautiful you were when first captured, they will all fall to their knees and beg to suck my cock." with this he began to beat Vanessa even harder than before.

"Aaauuuugh! Let me go you sick fuck" Vanessa screamed between the cane strokes, "I'd rather die than suck your filthy prick. If it goes in my mouth and I'll bite it off like a polish sausage! Ooowwch! Let me down. I'm an American. You can't treat me this way!!"

"Yes, I suppose that you are right" Azzis, said, "I can't treat you this way, my mistake. I apologize!"

Vanessa could hardly believe her ears. Was she having an auditory hallucination? "What the fuck?" she said aloud as Azzis walked into the building. Vanessa waited a few minutes, still hanging on the T-cross. What was he going to do? Just leave her here to die of thirst? The relentless sun beat down on her as she awaited her fate.

Vanessa 2 - Hayawan Saghir Lends a Hand

Eventually she heard Azzis walking up behind her. He was humming a little tune. He sounded happy. Vanessa really began to worry now. He stepped around in front of her with one of his personal slave-girls in tow. She carried a small wooden table and a black leather bag over one shoulder. She was about 5 feet tall with waist length auburn hair and couldn't have weighed more than 105 pounds. She was completely nude except for a black leather collar and the brand she wore on her left buttock. Her breasts were small but very firm; her flawless skin was well tanned but her Caucasian features were unmistakeable. She was beautiful. Vanessa understood why Azzis had kept this georgeous girl for his own.

"I'd like you to meet Hayawan Saghir, in your language it means 'small animal', but this animal is trained well. She gives me great pleasure and I favor her among all my other women. In America she was a nurse's aid. She helps me with the more difficult cases. Hayawan," he said to the girl, "if you please..."

Hayawan set the table down and emptied the contents of the bag. Vanessa, saw the pliers, the dental gag, the scalpel, clamps, scissors, studs and 5 thick silver hoops. She tried hard not to react or show her the fear that began to grow in her belly.

With no warning at all, Hayawan grabbed a handful of Vanessa's cunt meat and squeezed,pulling and twisting as hard as she could. Vanessa screamed loudly her mouth open wide. She realized her mistake too late. Hayawan slammed the dental gag into the screaming girl's mouth before she could react. Vanessa tried to clamp down but Hayawan was too fast. Two teeth were chipped as the dam was screwed open.

Vanessa 3 - Fuck Doll

Vanessa tried to expell the dam that held her mouth open so widely, but despite her best efforts it stayed firmly in place. Hayawan calmly picked up the scissors and inserted them into Vanessa's mouth. Azzis held her head still as the scissors went under the tongue and neatly sliced through the small flap of skin there. "Now you will be able to stick the tongue out much further and give greater pleasure to whoever decides to use you." Hayawan said to Vanessa, "and since you vowed to bite off any cock that tries to find pleasure into your mouth, my Master has asked me to relieve you of your teeth." Hayawan smiled as she looked into the panicked eyes of her victim. She liked her place as Azzis' most favored slave and assistant. She was extremely bisexual and found that abusing and training young slave girls for market was just her cup of tea.

In went the pliars and, one by one Vanessa's teeth were pulled. She could actually hear the roots grinding against jawbone as they were twisted from their moorings. Her screams echoed around the walled courtyard. All the other women heard Vanessa's garbled shrieks of pain. Blood poured out of her toothless mouth and flowed down between the valley of her breasts, over her belly and then from the shaven mound of her cunt into a crimson puddle that was grew in the sand between her hogtied legs. Vanessa had learned the hard way that Azzis was a businessman. He viewed Vanessa to be a defective product unfit for sale. The pain in her mouth, though was, nothing compared to what was coming next.

Hawayan, now on her knees before Vanessa's cunt, leaned in and began to lick and suck the hood and clit of her prisoner. Vanessa felt her body betray her as the tiny nub of female flesh grew thick and rigid. Grasping the wet meat of her prisoner's cunt between the two fingernails, Hayawan pressed the sharp end of a silver ring through one side of the the hood, impaling the clitoris and out the other side of the hood. The stark humiliation and sizzling pain had been enough to break the weeping girl, but Hayawan was not quite through. Six tongue studs, three per side, and another large silver ring at it's tip, coupled with similar rings in her nipples and one completely through Vanessa's nose came next. And then the finishing touch, a sizzling brand burned deeply into into her left ass cheek.

Azziz smiled and said "What a great example she will set for the others who deem themselves too good for service. Good job Hayawan, Vanessa will be your whore now as a reward for your willingness to serve and effective methods of completely breaking her down." Vanessa, trembling as though with a fever, was let down from the T-cross, leashed and led around the compound holding areas for all the other girls to see. Hayawan took great pleasure in making her new servant kneel and suckle at her crotch until Vanessa's bloody mouth also tasted the creamy cum from Hayawan's grinding cunt.

"I say that mine will scream louder and longer" Yazan claimed to his brother.

"No, surely you joke," Samir laughed, "there is only one way to know for certain!".

The inevitable contest was soon arranged. Both of the brother's most recently acquired western women were bound in the courtyard in such a manner that would allow each of them to be whipped. The usual wager was placed: whoever lost would gain the other's woman and perpetual bragging rights.

Yazan tied his woman to a column that allowed her front side only to be exposed to the rod and the whips. But Samir, being much wiser than his brother, tied his woman so that all of her body was exposed to the thrashing. Adding to Yazan's embarrassment, he suddenly realized that he had neglected to feed his new girl for over two days. After tying her to the column and whipping her for only a few moments , the girl fainted away and hung limply in her bonds while Samir's the horrible energetic screams of his latest slave mingled with his laughter.

"After I care for the new girl I just won from you , oh foolish brother," Samir laughed, "I will show you how much better a well fed slave sings to the tune of the whip.

Samir, always horny after whipping his women, decided to mark his new unconscious slave. He pulled her hips away from the pillar and, parting his robes, pressed his fully erect cock against the girl's vaginal opening. Suddenly the girl awoke when she felt something thrusting into her young body and began to scream loudly.

"This is how you make a virgin scream Yazan", said Samir to his brother, "listen to her shriek as I take her flower. Yet another of your women will wear my brand, Ha, Ha, Ha!"

Posted on September 26th, 2008

Epona, A captured Celtic queen is sold to the brothels. After three days of sleep deprivation, no food or water and constant beatings from the female Mistresses of the house, Epona takes the first man's cock into her mouth. She performs with such vigor and skill that women have asked for her lithe tongue as well but Epona refuses to satisfy female customers, so Flora, the head Mistress of the house, decides to break the Celtic queen herself.


"Really Flora, must she take on so?" Aemilia said sounding a bit testy, "Her incessant screaming hurts my ears! And where is this new whore that eats cock so well? I want to feel her mouth and tongue on my cunt!"

"This is her," answered Flora gesturing to the writhing beauty bound to the pain rack.

"It took three days to make her suck the cocks of our customers, and now her talented tongue and lips are spoken of in the baths, the market and even the senate floor. The only problem is that she refuses to pleasure women. So it has fallen to me to break her for cunt lapping. Do you hear that you stupid bitch?" Flora yelled at Epona, "You will eat cunt as well as you milk the cum from our men's balls!"

Eventually Flora grew tired of whipping the Celtic beauty. Epona had stopped screaming and thrashing when struck by Flora's rod. Flora decided it was time to try another tactic. She could not afford to allow a mere slave-girl to dictate what was or wasn't acceptable. She knelt between the spread legs of her prisoner and gazed at the girl's perfect cunt. Completely shaven, pink, and vulnerable; very vulnerable. Flora worked her hand slowly up and down Epona's cunt, Aemilia watched with a smile on her face. Epona moaned once as Flora's fingers found the clitoris.

Epona was a mass of conflicting emotions. A woman was arousing her, a foreign woman, an enemy, her conqueror. Flora's hands knew all the secret places no fumbling man had ever found. Aemelia's smile broadened as Epona began to revolve on the rack, her hips thrusting toward the hands that explored and caressed. Soon Epona's eyes began to glaze over and roll back in her head. Flora knew her subject was nearing an orgasm. Flora stood up and tasting the wetness of Epona's cunt, watched as Epona, on the brink of a mind numbing orgasm, was denied release at the last possible second.

"Flora you dirty bitch," Amelia laughed, "I see that there is more than one way to torture a slave. May I give it a try?"

Aemilia began to massage the still damp slit of Epona's slit. Almost immediately she began to turn her hips and buck against the ropes for just a little more access to the fingers that so knowingly stroked her secret female places. Then, as before, on the edge of orgasm, the fingers pulled away. Epona experienced this over and over again. Flora and Aemilia took turns tormenting the sweating body that lay stretched and panting before them.

Finally Flora said, "Epona, I will make you cum this time. I will use my mouth, my tongue, and my lips. You will cum like you've never cum before. Would you like that?"

"Yes, damn you," Epona begged nearly in tears, "You know I want it! PLEASE let me cum!"

You must make a promise though," Flora said, "that everything that I do to you, you will do to Aemilia as she straddles your face."

Yes, alright, alright," Epona responded, now weeping openly, "I'll do whatever you tell me just let me cum, please let me cum!"

Aemilia took off her robe and gingerly sat on Epona's mouth. Looking down into her face Aemilia smiled and said, "See? It's not so bad."

Move for move Epona copied what Flora did, Soon Aemilia and Epona were both nearly on the edge. Epona tried even harder to please lest Flora's skilled tongue draw away to leave her on the unfulfilled edge once more. Aemilia began to grunt and thrust her hips over Epona's mouth and nose as a wave of orgasmic pleasure swept her out to a sexually charged sea. And then, as promised, Epona felt her own orgasm gush onto Flora's face. Her body bucked and squirmed, her wet face still buried in Aemilia's wet cunt.

Epona and Aemilia were breathing hard as their twin orgasms began to fade.

"Now Epona," Flora said, "I promise that I will make you cum like that at least once a day if you will promise to satisfy the needs of my female clientele. If you go back on your word you will be crucified, branded, castrated, and fucked by anyone who wishes to use your body. Is it a deal?"

"Y-yes, alright I'll do it," Epona said. "You have my solemn oath."

"Good," Flora said smiling, "Let's see just how much you remember."

Flora took Aemilia's place on the slave's cum soaked face as Epona, broken for service, proved her worth...

The great Roman army had brought over one-fourth of the known world to its knees. But the wars that had built this empire had been costly. The mightiest army in the world was suffering from a shortage of soldiers. The Emperor and the senate decided on two courses of action. The first was to round up peasants from outlying towns loyal to Rome and train them to fight. The second was a forced breeding program to provide for the next generation of Rome's fighting force.

The mightiest men were chosen for stud. They were given healthy beautiful women to impregnate. Women were collected from all over the Empire, loaded onto wagons and rolled into Rome where the soldiers awaited.

Felona was one of the first to endure the lines of mighty warriors that awaited a turn at her body. She had fought and scratched the men who stripped and tied her in such a manner so as to allow greatest access to her fertile young body. With legs tied and splayed open, she had no way of avoiding their onslaught.

She saw the line of men gathering. At the sight of her the men dropped their tunics and waited their turn. Female slaves knelt before the waiting men, oiled their cocks and kept them hard so that they would be ready when it became their turn to fuck.

Amid cheers from the awaiting soldiers, Felona wailed loudly when the first Centurion tore past her hymen and toward her womb. But after the first two assaults she simply wept and grunted ever so often when a man was particularly rough with her.

"She's just laying here like a dead fish," complained one soldier. "I get better movement from the back-alley whore's than from this dazed bitch! Give me that cane!"

Felona squeezed her eyes shut as the first blow whistled through the air toward her upturned ass. Shrieking loudly now she began to struggle against the ropes jerking and twisting. Her body made a much more alluring target as her muscles pulled and strained beneath her creamy young skin. Soon her sore cunt was leaking with semen from over twenty-five soldiers.

Her tits, mauled and twisted, were soon bruised purple and blue.

"Okay guys," Said the Centurion who had taken Felona's flower, "it's time to give this baby-maker a break. We don't want to stretch out her pussy too badly. But if you're still horny she's still got a couple of other free holes!"

What had, at first sounded like a respite from the line of hard cocks that invaded her body turned to utter horror as she was untied and forced onto her hands and knees. When the first prick began to push against her ass. Her struggles began anew. By flailing and trying desperately to wriggle away, Felona, only spurred on the perverted lust of the men. After a brief struggle her protesting sphincter gave way and an oil-soaked hard-on slammed into her bowels. Her screams were drowned out as the men waiting in line began to laugh, cheer and bet on how many men she could withstand before she passed out. Her breasts bounced forward and back with each brutal stroke that pounded into her ass. Then a cock appeared bobbing and full before her face.

"One tooth whore," warned the Soldier as he pushed his monstrous member between her reluctant lips, "And I'll make tear your face off. You don't have to be pretty to breed soldiers. Any wet cunt will do! Ha, Ha, Ha!"

"UUUUUNNGGH!! NO PLEASE. Stop it p-please!!" She desperately screamed as the pain of her owner's ravaging cock tore into her body for the first time.

"Shut-up whore. You knew this day was coming. Your father owes more to me than you can imagine. Lucky for me he is a degenerate gambler. Finally both of you cunts have come of age," grunted the patrician as the tore through the tightly clenched sphincter of the screaming sister, "I've been waiting to sample your body for quite some time." The pain of the man's cock tunneling forcefully into her tender ass was nearly unbearable. She felt like she was being ripped in two.

The two girls were taken from their families upon their 18tth birthdays. The older sister, now almost twenty, had already been here for over a year. She was broken and had become an expert in sexual service to her master the patrician. But this time she was only allowed to watch while her sister screamed out in pain at the violation. Who knew what could happen, even with a well-broken slave girl, when she witnesses the brutal taking of her own younger sister.

"Bear it sister with honor," said the bound one kneeling, "it will not last too long. Afterwards the master will reward me by allowing me to tend your wounds with my tongue. He has told me that I am to first lick your feces from his great ram, and then to suck his mighty sperm from your broken hole. It is a kindness. Also you may find this pleasurable. All the other slaves do..."

"There," you hear, "your sister has accepted her place in my house. You will too. But not too quickly I hope. I love it when the new ones struggle. I have developed a taste for their suffering and pitiful pleas for mercy. I do you another honor even greater than taking your ass with my cock, for after your sister sucks the last drop of my royal cum from your rear channel, she will share it with you. You will, either on your own or by force, open your mouth and swallow what she gives you!"

"Noooo, oh please noooo..."

"Don't take on so you dumb fuck-beast." he told her, "your other sister will be eighteen in only another year. Then I will have all three of you to train. And just think! If you father keeps gambling, I may even take you mother as a slave. She's still quite beautiful for a woman her age! Ungh, Ungh, UNGH!"

With one final deep thrust the patrician ejaculated thick streams of cum into her bowels. The oldest sister crawled in and quickly took her master's filthy penis gently into her mouth...

Two pairs of hidden eyes watched the beautiful women shopping in the market one morning. They waited for Appolonia. At last she came into view strolling leisurely from one stall to another. Her father was rich, but the people who had hired the two men were even richer and they wanted Appolonia for their own. She strayed into the shop; lured there by the new and exotic oriental rugs she loved so much. Suddenly, silently and with no warning, four strong hands pulled her toward the back of the shop, out the back door and into an awaiting wagon. She was quickly rolled into a large carpet. Although she struggled, she was no match for the strength and experience of the men who had taken her.

After a bumpy ride in the wagon, she felt herself being carried, then she heard muffled voices giving directions. Next the carpet was unrolled and she found herself lying on a cool marble floor surrounded by the two men and a host of other men and women. "Yes, she is as beautiful as you said", a tall black woman said, "your fee as agreed." Appolonia saw a leather bag trade hands. One of the men looked inside. It was full of gold coins. She realized that she'd just been sold! "My father is rich, you can ransom me," she stammered, "please, he will pay you well for my safe return. You simply can't..UUUUNGH!" A hand reached out and slapped her upturned face knocking her senseless. One soft white cheek began to redden immediately.

"We can do whatever we wish and we don't want your father's money", the tall exotic black woman said harshly, "and since it seems that you need to learn your place here, I believe you should be taught a lesson before tonight's party begins. Gentlemen, if you please..."

Her abductors dropped their tunics and, to Appolonia's horror, saw that their man parts were already swollen and oozing some sort of clear liquid with the consistency of syrup. She had never seen a man's cock before and she'd had no idea they were so large. The two men set upon her and ripped her clothes away. "You won't need these anymore bitch" one of the men said with a sneer.

She was thrown onto a nearby sofa as the people watched. "Remember boys," the black woman admonished, "mouth and ass only. We save her virgin pussy for tonight's orgy."

Appolonia was on her hands and knees now with a man in front and another in back. One man split open her ripe ass almost immediately pistoning deeply inside her rectum. When she opened her mouth to scream, the other man grabbed a handful of her dark hair and rammed his rod into her mouth. She gagged as the cock slammed into the back of her throat. She tried to bite down but the man hit her hard with a fist that felt like iron. "No biting little whore," he told her, "lips and tongue only!" Fearing now for her very life and fully aware of every painful thrust coming at her from each end, she did as the men told her. Appolonia was dimly aware of comments coming from those who watched but she was too busy grunting and trying to breath to pay much attention. She did hear the words "...great new slave..." and "...good cocksucker...". She was just meat to these people. She felt like a cow or a pig at market. Except cows and pigs didn't get fucked as far as she knew. Suddenly the man who had torn into her ass began to grunt and jerk as he emptied his cum into her tight virgin ass. She felt the hot liquid filling her. Then the man in her mouth soon did the same. "Swallow you slut, swallow it all!" he yelled at her. In fear for her life, Appolonia managed to gulp down the vile tasting fluid that pumped into her throat. Finally, exhausted and bruised, she was left lying of the sofa. The black woman approached, grabbed her by the hair and looked into Appollonia's tear-filled eyes. "You belong to us now! Do as you're told and you may live in comparative comfort. Disobey, and you will know pain unlike any you can possibly imagine. Do you understand me bitch?"

Still naked with cum on her lips and oozing from her bleeding ass, she nodded and said "Yes, I...I understand. Please don't hurt me anymore. I'll do whatever you say."

"Good," replied the dark woman, "take her and bathe her; prepare her for the orgy. Before her virginity is taken she will be branded with the mark of the house. Heat the coals!!"

Vidrona dealt in livestock. She bought, sold, bred and traded horses, cattle and all manner of exotic creatures. But her passion was in human flesh. She always oversaw the breeding of her human brood-mares personally. She only purchased the finest slaves from the market. Some were kept as servants, some as lovers, while others were strictly for breeding. She had two young stud slaves that looked like roman gods. She kept them well-fed and well-sexed. These two young men would not escape even if they could have. They had what they wanted; a kind and gentle Mistress who constantly supplied them with beautiful young virgins to fuck. With canes at the ready and often used, the studs positioned the new girls according to Vidrona's wishes. The blonde was taken first while the other two girls watched.

"Present your cunt whore," Vidrona ordered the blond, " your stallion is ready to breed."

First one then the other of the two men fucked the blond. Her virginity was regarded as a mere obstruction. It was only viewed as a means of knowing that the livestock was pure and untouched. Once verified, it was roughly destroyed by the two studs who always stood ready to follow their Mistress' orders.

A thrust and a grunt and the maidenhead was breached. Ten minutes later it was done. The blond was filled with the seed of Vidrona's two young male slaves. Watching the blond resist then actually begin to enjoy herself always made the lesbian Mistress Vidrona very wet. She would often part her robes and pleasure herself during the event. Other times one of her other female slaves would kneel and please Vidrona orally. Always one stood nearby at the ready if Vidrona so desired.

"Take the blond to the stables and feed her. After lunch when my two studs have filled their balls again, we shall watch the two dark-haired sisters lose their virginity as well. Hopefully they will all three bear children in the early fall..."

Posted on October 28th, 2008

Hunted Whore

Alena had been arrested on false charges and sent to the old crumbling prison only a week ago. The conditions had been brutal. The other women prisoners, the male guards, and even the female warden had forced Alena to perform perverted sexual favors. If she refused, she was beaten and used anyway. She quickly learned that obeying even the most disgusting and humiliating order was the only way to survive in this place.

"If I can just hold on, if I can just survive," she'd said to herself, "these pigs will discover that they have the wrong person and I will be freed."

Then came a day when Alena was greeted by one of the guards who had often brutalized her. She slipped out of her flimsy prison robes and knelt naked on the floor of her cell. She awaited his rough advances absently wondering how he would fuck her today. She was startled when a paper wrapped package landed on the floor beside her.

"Open and wear," the guard said in his broken english.

Alena pulled open the package. Her eyes grew wide. Inside, cleaned and pressed was the bright red dress she'd been wearing when they had arrested her. There were new stockings, her hi-heel shoes, a bra, panties and even western make-up and perfume.

"Hurry dress now," the guard said, "fifteen minutes you go free."

Alena's day had turned from one of despair and fear to unbridled hope and thoughts of home. Quickly she bathed and and got into her clothes.

"They must have figured out their mistake," she thought, "when I get home to the states, I'm going to expose these assholes to the whole world!"

She slapped on the make-up and added a little perfume. The guard awaited her outside the bath house and escorted her to the prison gates. The female warden awaited her there. Alena also saw a large number of men, horses and camels in groups of three. Transportation to the airport she assumed but she felt a twinge of unease crawling in her belly.

The warden pointed to the forest. "There is freedom," she said, "you have fifteen minutes to run before these men begin the chase. You get to the main road, you go free. No one has ever made it to the main road. These men all pay good to chase white bitches like you through forest. You give them good chase or else!" The warden slapped the horrified Alena across the face and yelled "Run Bitch!!"

Alena did as she was told. She ran for the edge of the forest. "Think, think!" she told herself. "The main road; which direction? Fifteen minutes before the chase begins." She kicked off her hi-heeled shoes and ran in her stocking feet into the woods. "Dirty pigs," she thought as her mind struggled to come to grips with her new and horrible predicament.

As soon as she got into the undergrowth that hid her from the eyes of the hunters, Alena veered left hoping to throw her pursuers off track. She picked out a landmark in the distance, a tall tree, and ran straight toward it. "Can't afford to run in circles," she thought. The seconds ticked by. Soon her lungs were burning and her heart was pumping madly from the adrenalin. Her clean dress caught on brambles and began to tear; her stockings were soon in tatters but she wouldn't slowdown, she mustn't slow down!

Then she heard it. Hoofbeats bearing down on her from behind. They were still far away but getting closer. She wasn't caught yet. She ran into a thick copse of trees to better hide her flight. She knew that once they saw her it would be all over except for the beating and brutal fucking. Then it happened. She tripped a snare. She stepped into the rope noose that quickly wrapped around her left ankle and jerked her skyward. The world turned upside down. She struggled madly now trying to free her foot. The hoofbeats grew closer. Off in the other direction about a thousand yards away she saw the top of a semi-truck go speeding down the main road. She'd almost made it. "Oh fuck!" she said, "fuck fuck fuck! I'm caught!!"

She heard shouts as the hoof beats grew closer. A group of hunters had spotted her. It was all over now. Even if she could get down she'd never make it to the road. They were too close...

The three men, laughing and celebrating their catch stared up at the terrified sweating american girl. "You run good white bitch," one man said. He rode up to her and grabbed a handfull of her thick brown hair, "now we see how you scream, we see how you fuck! Guard and warden say you good whore. We find out for sure!"

They cut her down and tore off her dress. All her clothes were soon lying in a torn heap around her as the men stripped her bare. It was as though she were back in the prison. She serviced the men, offering her holes to them, not struggling, not resisting, not hoping for mercy. She already knew that her life depended only on how well she satisfied the lusts of her captors.

Although the men might begin by fucking her ass or her cunt, they always wound up shoving their cocks between her lips and shooting their cum either into her mouth or across her face. She knelt on hands and knees, naked and bruised on the forest floor enduring their sadistic lust. Her face dripped with the seed of their passion, her make-up smeared and running down her face was a thick mixture of drool, tears and cum.

Afterwards they suspended Alena from the tree again with her arms back and her ankles bound. The thick leather crops that had spurred their horses to greater speed were now used on tender white woman flesh.

"AAAIIIIEEEEE!" Alena screamed, "Please stop! Let me fuck you again, I'll do anything! Please stop beating me!" Laughter and leather was their only reply. She didn't know that her frantic shrieks and pleas for mercy were meant to attract the other hunters and proclaim the hunt completed.

The others, heard her screams, and rode up to watch the western woman struggle and fight as she was whipped.

"This whore is now a prostitute bound for my brothel," said one of the men who had captured her, "she will start working immediately. Any of you who wish to partake of her charming body need only pay a small pittance for 20 minutes with this my newest western whore."

A line formed as money changed hands for a chance to fuck the beautiful white woman. Three hours later the men were finished with the girl. Even the warden had shown up for the fun. The men all watched as Alena's skilled tongue had brought the fat lesbian warden to a gut clenching orgasm. Afterwards, Alena's hands and elbows were tied tightly together behind her back and a noose was fastened around Alena's neck. The other end of the rope was tied to a saddle. Alena, naked, barefooted, and covered in the drying cum of over 40 men, was pulled limping and weeping toward her new home.

Woman to Woman

Teresa, a specially trained pleasure slave, had been ordered to stay under the dinner table and give oral sex to the men and women during dessert. At one point a beautiful Arabian princess had summoned Teresa. She crawled over to the princess and spread her robes. The princess grabbed the back of Teresa's head and pulled her face roughly into her lap.

"Find my clit and make me cum, western whore," the princess snarled at Teresa, "Mmmmm yes, white slut, your tongue knows it's way well."

The other men and women watched the princess' face as Teresa licked and suckled the sensitive bud. After a few moments the princess was gritting her teeth and moaning as she began to cum onto Teresa's face and in her mouth. She pulled the girl's face hard into her vagina and began to grind her hips up and down on Teresa's face spreading her wetness from forehead to chin. When finished the princess roughly pushed Teresa away and, although thoroughly satisfied by the strength of her orgasm, decided that she wanted to see the little western girl suffer a little more.

"She's not bad Ahmbed," the princess said to her host, "but I believe I felt one of the infidel's teeth scrape my clit just before I came."

Immediately Teresa was dragged screaming out from under the table and out into the courtyard. Dessert was adjourned as the guests all went out to watch prince Ahmbed punish the western pleasure whore.

"Did my wives not train you well?" asked the prince as servants tied Teresa to the rough wood of the whipping post. "My honored guests expect the only the best food, the best accommodations, and the best sex that this house has to offer.

Why have you shamed me in this fashion?"

Teresa began to speak, "Master I ...UUUUUUNGH!! AAAIIIEEE!!" Her plea was replaced by screams as the iron rod began to slam down across her tender flesh. The sadistic princess began to grow wet again as she watched and listened to the writhing girl who was spread wide and so tightly to the post.

"Ahmed, you work too hard," said the princess, "After all, it was I who was offended by this pale skinned slut. May I relieve you of the burden of her punishment?"

"Of course," Ahmed responded, "do with this unworthy little whore as you will." Ahmed knew that the princess was enjoying Teresa's pain and, seeing the razor sharp dinner knife still clasped in one slender brown hand, he readily suspected what the beautiful but very cruel princess had in mind. He smiled and nodded as the young princess approached the trembling girl.

Slowly the princess brought the knife up before the eyes of the terrified slave. "You are spread painfully wide," the princess said, "your bondage must hurt you so. Are your shoulders sore yet?" All the while the princess spoke, the knife glittered in one hand before Teresa'a eyes while the Princess' other hand was softly stroking the open cleft between Teresa's legs. "Please Mistress," Teresa begged, "allow me to smother myself in the wetness of your fragrant cunt once more. Ungh! Th-this unworty slave swears to please you... Ummm... Ungh!"

"Hush child," the princess said with mock sincerity, "let me pleasure you so that you may more fully understand your own body. Just you and I; woman to woman."

The princess knelt and began to lick Teresa's cunt fom top to bottom and side to side. Her tongue darted and flicked expertly between the moist folds of Teresa's sex always rising up to suckle and stimulate the rigid bud of Teresa's clitoris.

Teresa soon forgot about the knife as waves of pleasure washed over her body. Soon the helpless girl began to twitch and writhe helplessly as her need rose. The princess looked up into the face of the straining girl as Teresa's orgasm grew near. Suddenly Teresa's cum began to flood into the Princess' sucking mouth as Teresa began to orgasm. The knife flashed quickly as the princess neatly sliced away Teresa's clit. The ensuing howls of pleasure/pain rang through the castle walls as the Princess rose to stare at the pain-wracked face of the 18 year old slave.

"Perhaps you now understand your place a little better you filthy bitch," said the princess heavily as she licked her lips. "You are a female eunich now. Fit only to give pleasure but never to receive."

With this the Princess, cruel beyond words but beautiful beyond dreams, held the tiny bulb of flesh up into Teresa's line of sight as she licked it slowly, then drew it into her mouth and swallowed.

Turning away as though bored, the princess said to prince Ahmed, "that reminds me, the Japanese have a very similar dish. Have you ever tried sushi Ahmed?"

Spring Break

Eve, Linda and Lexi, three college girls from Texas, decided that they should spend their spring break doing something more worthwhile than drinking and getting laid at some beach somewhere in Florida. That's when they heard about an extra credit project their Political Science teacher was offering.

"I'll give you all a 4.0 for the entire semester," Professor Gloria Smith told the girls, "if you co-author a thesis about the socio-political state of Afganistan while occupied by a foriegn army. I even have a friend that will take you in while you are there. The only catch is that you must promise to tell no one about this until you get back."

The girls all gave their solemn oath that no one would know until spring break was over and the girls were back in school. The next day the three friends were on a plane and on their way. When they landed a very pretty girl in the airport was holding up a sign that bore their names. "Hello, I am Khadija, please come with me. Your baggage will be sent to my house. Please hurry."

The three girls were rushed outside to a waiting car. They jumped into the back seat while Khadija sat up front. As the driver pulled away from the airport, a window rose from a slot behind the driver's seat and cut the front off from the girls in the back. The door locks went down and before the girls knew what was happening a grey mist began to issue from the air vents. Eve watched as her two companions began to pass out. The last thing she saw before blacking out herself was a cruel smile from Khadija who sat on the other side of the airtight glass barrier. "Have sweet dreams while you can western girl," Khadija said, "for soon you will see real nightmares come to life."

Eve woke up slowly. She was groggy and disoriented. Her shoulders and wrists hurt and although she could tell that she was upright, she could not touch the floor. Suddenly a feminine hand delivered a harsh slap across her face. "Ouch, what the Fuck!" Eve yelled.

"Shut your filthy American mouth and remain silent, stupid cunt!" Eve recognized the voice of Khadija. Her vision began to clear. She saw Linda bound naked and kneeling on the dirt floor. Lexi, also nude, was behind her on the floor surrounded by men who were attaching leather cuffs and an iron collar. Eve looked down at herself and realized she too had been stripped bare. She became desperate and began to struggle against the ropes that held her suspended from the ceiling.

"Look at her fine muscles," Khadija remarked to the other woman as they watched Eve's futile struggle, "and how large and firm are her young breasts. They will look very nice indeed with rings through her large nipples." The other woman stood and approached Eve. "I am Nashim, ruler of this house." Eve noticed that, even though Nashim was in her early thirties, that she was very beautiful. She had large brown eyes and beautiful brown skin. Even though dressed in many layers of clothes Eve could also see that she was quite slender. She moved with a flowing grace toward her hanging western captive.

"Remember not to speak" Nashim warned her, "I know you have many questions and all will be answered in time. For now, suffice it to say that you are not going back to college after spring break and that your teacher, Miss Smith, has suddenly become a very wealthy woman. You are all even more beautiful than she said. I will enjoy your company immensely." She reached out and cupped one of Eve's ripe young breasts in her right hand and squeezed tightly. "Remember...Silence young one!" Eve bit her tongue trying hard not to scream. Another woman was molesting her. She was tied and naked in a filthy dungeon in a foreign country, chains and hooks hung from the ceiling, there was no extra credit assignment, she and her friends had been sold like cattle. Eve began to weep bitter tears not from pain but from the hopelessness of betrayal and utter humiliation.

"Spread her open please Khadija," said Nashim, "I have modifications to make." Khadija jumped to her feet and began speaking in a tongue that Eve did not understand. Soon her ankles were tied widely apart exposing her sex completely. Nashim cupped the soft hairless expanse of Eve's pussy and rubbed gently from side to side...back and forth. Eve's lower lip began to quiver as the desperation of her situation sank in. She also felt something else. Moisture began to form where the dark hand massaged her. "N-No! p-please stop. I'm not a lesbian! EEEEEAAAAARGH!" Eve screamed as an electrical current ripped through her body. "My mistress told you to remain silent," Khadija said scowling. She held up the cattle prod. "Next time you disobey, I will shove this up your whore's cunt and press the trigger until the battery runs down. We will watch your body convulse and listen to your screams as the modified current of my training stick tears through your cunt meat.

Horror, humiliation, and sexual arousal combined forces in Eve's jumbled brain as she struggled to cope with the ghastly predicament she was in. She felt two of Nashim's fingers slide effortlessly into her moist cunt. Her hips shook from side to side in a vain effort to dislodge the violating digits. Nashim only giggled as she felt Eve's clit rise and fill with desire. After a few more strokes with her skilled right hand, Nashim nodded to Khadija. A large golden ring was produced and the needle-fine tip was pressed through the nub of Eve's large clit. Eve remained silent although her muscles struggled madly to close her legs. Her eyes were wide as silver dollars, her mouth open wide in a rictus of pain. The ring was snapped shut.

Nashim gave it a slight tug just to see Eve's reaction. "Don't worry," Nashim told her as she gently carressed one of Eve's finely muscled thighs, "I won't tear it off unless you fail to please me. And then, I will tear off more than your worthless rosebud. Now open your mouth and stick out your tongue!"

Eve obeyed immediately. The mere threat of having her clitoris ripped away was enough to make her comply to any demand this insane woman might order. A rusty pair of pliars grabbed the tip of Eve's tongue and pulled it straight out in front of her face. Another golden hoop was pressed through the top of her tongue and out the bottom. Eve's hands were clenched as the ring was snapped shut. Khadija stepped up in front of Eve's pain-wracked face and snapped a chain to the ring through her tongue. She licked a little of the blood from one corner of Eve's mouth and swallowed. Khadija licked her lips like a vampire. "

"We have to make sure that your tongue can satisfy my desires," said Nashim, "after all, my pleasure is all you live for now." With this, Nashim attached a large weight to the chain. Eve felt that her tongue would surely be pulled out by the roots as Nashim let go of the weight and let it hang. "The weight will be increased until your tongue is a full four inches longer," remarked Nashim casually, "or until it is torn out of your mouth." Eve began to drool heavily down the golden chain, and onto the weight. A puddle of saliva soon began to darken the dirt between her widely spread legs.

Nashim walked around behind Eve and parted her nether cheeks. "What a nice asshole you have," said Nashim in a complimentary tone. "I hear that you American girls like the feel of a man's cock in your ass. I hope that I am correct. My men need to be satisfied; and so do I."

Once again Khadija spoke a few words in the language that Eve had heard before. Eve felt her ass being spread and a thick lubricant applied liberally both around her rear entrance and into the hole itself. The men lined up as first one cock then another savagely rutted into her battered bowels. Nashim and Khadija busied themselves with Eve's large breasts. While the men took turns fucking the hapless American girl. The two women began to press an iron rod through one of Eve's breasts. one end was sharp and it slid through easily, Eve's head was pulled down by the weight attached to her tongue and could only whimper as she watched the rod being pressed through the second breast and out the other side. Both of her tits were fully impaled from side to side. There was a hole in the middle of the rod between her breasts. A thin chain was fitted through this hole and attached to another that hung from a pulley in the ceiling. Khadija pulled a rope attached to the wall and Eve's breasts were drawn up toward the dark ceiling, Eve' agony was so profound that she was now only partially human. Her mind had been utterly consumed by her pain.

Nashin turned to Lexi and Linda who knelt naked and in terror as they watched Eve's body being pummelled by the men. "Your friend is the example, you will both face even worse horrors if you do not obey my every command. Do you understand?" Both girls nodded quickly and emphatically their assent. Nashin simply walked a step closer and took off her robes. Beautiful, graceful, and dark she stood naked before the two terrified American girls. They wasted no time. Both girls buried their faces and tongues in the cleft of Nashim's cunt and ass. Khadija whipped the two as Nashim began to cum...

After the enemy had sacked the city and dispatched the men, they began to look for the women. Some would be for sale but all of the beautiful ones would be used as warm meat and wet holes to satisfy the army's lust. The invaders search lasted for over a day. Some women were caught outright and herded together but only a few were accounted for.

"These bitches have a hiding place," said Achnur, "bring me one of the whores we captured. I'll make her tell us where the others are!"

Lucia was a tall fragile beauty with firm ample breasts, full pouting lips, and long Auburn hair. She was one of the only truly beautiful women taken when the gates were smashed and the city defenders defeated. Cringing and almost in tears, she was brought before Achnur. "Tell me where the other women are hiding and I may spare you," he told her, "refuse and you will endure a night of pain and suffering your weak mind cannot begin to imagine. But rest assured, one way or the other, you will tell me where the rest of the women and girls have gone."

"Good Sir," Lucia said trembling with fear, "I know nothing of these other women you speak of. You have already captured all the women our city had to offer."

"Lying whore," Achnur retorted angrily, "we had scouts enter your city before we invaded. They looked for weak areas of defense, the richest houses to pillage and especially for your women. All of my scouts reported that there were more cunts here than any other city yet. But since you have decided not to talk, you leave me no choice.

Lucia's hands were tied behind her back and three nooses were lowered from the ceiling. Two were fitted and tightened around her tits while the third went around her neck.

She was immediately lifted off the floor. The men would alternately lift her by stretching one breast then the other. Sometimes she was lifted up by the rope around her neck. Soon her eyes bulged out and her tongue protruded from her purple face. Lucia's tits were almost black from supporting her weight. The laughter and jeering of the men as she kicked and struggled was drowned out by Lucia's choking screams.

"Now bitch," Achnur growled in her ear, "will you tell me now?"

Lucia, gasping and drooling, nodded her head. She was dropped to the floor with a thud. The her tits were untied but the noose around her neck became a leash as Lucia, naked and still gasping for breath led the way. Soon Achnur found himself in a mansion that stood against a cliff wall. "We've already been here slut," Achnur said as he slapped Lucia, "you'd better not be wrong!"

Lucia, eyes full of tears for her treason against her own friends, led the men into the house and to a wall. She pressed on a single blue tile and the heavy wall slid aside revealing a huge cavern filled with literally hundreds of girls. Achnur and his soldiers attacked the female flesh with unbridled passion and fury. Soon all the women were stripped bare and roped together at the neck with their hands bound behind their backs. Many were fucked immediately. The soldiers were unable to contain their savage desire. Eventually the women were led back to the town square where they would be divided up among the soldiers.

Achnur turned to Lucia and smiled cruelly, "as a reward for your loyalty, you will spend the night with me!"

Lucia struggled desperately as her breasts were bound once again. Her legs were drawn up to her purple tits and tied to them by the ropes around her ankles. With her legs now spread painfully wide apart, Achnur threw himself on her and split open her tight cunt spearing through her virgin maidenhood.

The women heard Lucia screaming as Achnur pounded into her innocent young body over and over again. He finally came in her mouth after ripping open her ass and virgin pussy.

"You'd better swallow it bitch and then lick my cock clean of your shit. I've decided to keep you for myself. You looked great hanging from your tits earlier. I think that's how I'll fuck you next. Then I'll lend your spent body to my Stallion. He well appreciates the cunt of female prisoners when he can get it, Ha ha ha!!"

Alayah had been chosen for the mission because of her knowledge of the language and the customs of the country of Kandahar. She had planned for every eventuality. Nothing had been overlooked, or so she thought. A maid came into Alayah's hotel room to clean while she was in the shower. Her digital camera, stolen documents and intelligence reports about enemy numbers and troop movement were all lying on the table next to the bed. The maid rushed out quietly to the Kandafarian authorities. Alayah was just stepping out of the shower when her door slammed open and four men rushed in.

"What's the meaning of this outrage," she screamed, as the men tackled her and bore her to the ground. The maid came in last and pointed out the evidence. Alayah stared in horror as one of the men poured over the evidence. No trial, no due process, no civil rights. Alayah was dragged from her room naked, still dripping from the shower. Just as Alayah was being led through the door the maid stopped in front of her. With her hands and arms held tightly behind her, Aliyah could not defend herself from the maid's fury. She slapped Aliyah hard across the face and spat a thick wad of mucous into Aliyah's face.

"You western spies think you can steal our secrets," said the maid, "but now you will learn how we treat captured agents."

Aliyah was dragged out into the street and into a waiting car that sped off toward the heart of the city. She knew where they were taking her. In the central town square there was a place where the public punishments and executions took place. Soon the car was parked.

A crowd started to gather to watch the festivities when her naked young body was pulled from the car and carried to the Square of Pain and Atonement.

Alayah soon found herself tied spread-eagle between two posts in full view of the townspeople who were gathering to watch. The rough rope chaffed her skin as she tried to break free. Her feet didn't even touch the ground. As Aliyah listened the grand inquisitor read the charges to the gathering crowd.

"Good people," he shouted, "this western whore has been caught stealing top secret papers and privileged information about your great country. Her plan was to deliver this information to the west so that we might be more readily invaded. She is believed to be an American spy. First she will be whipped 50 times. Afterward the woman who discovered this bitches' treachery, a maid at the Kandahar Grand Hotel, will be given the instruments of pain and allowed to exact revenge upon this western dog on behalf of you all. Gather closer and see how she will suffer for her actions."

The whip rose and fell across every inch of Alayah's tender flesh. She did not scream out but only hung there jerking slightly with each sting of the savage leather. A single tear trickled down her cheek. She wept not for the horrible pain of the whip nor for the sheer humiliation of being strung up naked in front of a huge crowd of people, but for the shame of the carelessness that had gotten her in this mess.

Then the whipping ended leaving Alayah hanging in misery before the jeering crowd. That was when she saw the maid...

The maid was dressed now in a long black executioner's robe. A thin black veil barely hid her plain features. She approached Alayah while the crowd, suddenly quiet as though hypnotised, watched. She carried a long sharp gleaming stainless steel scalpel and a pair of pliars. She stood before Alayah, a look of disgust in her eyes.

"You used your pretty body and velvet tongue to bribe our men to get what you wanted," said the maid, "the executioner has given me the honor of making sure that you are never able to use your whore's body for this purpose again."

The pliars fastened painfully around Alayah's right nipple and yanked it out stretching her breast painfully. "First just the your titties miss american bitch." Slowly the scalpel began to slice through the breast at the base of the aureolae. Alayah had withstood the whipping as a matter of course, but this pain was not in her playbook. This sadistic little maid turned executioner meant to dissasemble Alayah a piece at a time. "

N-NOOOOOO...AAAAUUUGH" Alayah screamed as the scalpel sliced off the tip of her breast. Blood squirted from her mutilated tit as the nipple was casually tossed onto the broken concrete. "GHHHAAAAAA" Alayah screamed again as the other nipple was stretched then severed. The maid, licking her lips, seemed to intensely enjoy watching her victim writhe in agony. She watched as twin streams of blood flowed down her prisoner's body.

Next Alayah's labia flesh was pulled and sliced away followed by her tender clitoris in the traditional style of female mutilation. Alayah's screams echoed through the square as the pain escalated. With eyes shut and her mouth open she never saw the hands reach for her jaws until it was too late. The large male executioner had twisted Aliyah's head sideways and was wrenching her jaws wide apart. The maid, carefully reached into Alayah's mouth with the pliars and grabbed the tip of Alayah's tongue and pulled.

"And now," yelled the maid over the gurgling screams of the tormented Alayah, "I will make sure that you never speak so sweetly or suck a man's cock so well again, bitch!" The tongue was pulled out much further than nature had ever intended, and then was ever so slowly sliced away. Gouts of blood erupted from her mouth as Alayah choked and screamed, "GHHHAAAAGGH...AAAHHHGHAAA!!"

"In two days," pronounced the maid, "you will be impaled on a 12 foot spike and carried through the city. We will make sure that we miss your heart so that you are still alive for all to see. You will be a great example to any other spies or would-be traitors. The sight of your mutilated and impaled body will make them all think again rather than share a similar fate. For the next two nights, however, you are to be placed on display with your ass high on the central alter. You will be fucked by all who wish to access to the cunt and ass that you used so well. The spike that you will ride is dull and rusty and the gallons of cum will make great lubrication."

When Alayah was laid out and tied spread-eagle to the alter an endless line of men began to form....

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She was being punished for talking back to her master. Isolde, an French slave, captured and sold to her master, had been a good whore for over two years never hesitating to pleasure her master's perverse desires at the slightest command.

She had endured the branding of her ass, the whip and other men to whom she was lent.

Then came the day when he had acquired another western woman. He ordered that the two perform oral sex on one another.

Isolde, revolted at the idea of pleasuring a woman, made the mistake of denying her master's command.

Her master's body guards were summoned and Isolde soon found herself collared and bound to a bench. Word was sent out throughout the small town that a slave girl was to be used orally by every man and woman. As long as they were at least 18 years of age, all were commanded to make use of her mouth. An old woman started the punishment. She lifted her skirts and straddled the face of the bound Italian beauty.

"I've been watching you," said the old woman who roughly slapped the slave-girl's face, "And I've wanted to do just this since the first time I saw you."

She began to grind her old fleshy cunt back and forth across Isolde's nose and mouth until she came gushing. Whenever Isolde failed to lick and suck the next gentiles that was offered up, she would be whipped across the legs and crotch until it was deemed that her efforts had improved.

The new slave Janice, was made to watch as a part of her training.

"There you see young one," said the master, "I am a fair man but I am swift to anger and to judge on those who would disobey my commands."

After all the village had used Isolde for their pleasure, Janice was ordered to bring Isolde oral pleasure.

Janice knelt between the whip beaten legs and began to lick and suck as best she knew how. Isolde eventually began to moan softly as her orgasm approached. Then when she was only a matter of seconds away, the master pulled Janice away denying Isolde any release.

"Now Janice," commanded the master, "ride this insolent bitch as you would a horse and let us see how she fulfills her master's wishes. Perhaps next time she will be quicker to obey"

Mounted on the "Y" frame Anita screeched as the queen's stud entered her virgin cunt. The queen watched from a nearby throne where another young woman kneels and laps away hungrily at the royal vagina. The queen moans softly, stroking her slave's hair as she listens to Anita's unrepentant threats and screams of humiliation and pain.

"You should be honored to be so chosen." said the queen loudly so as to be heard over Anita's screams, "after all, you are in season and you are my slave. When Donitus has given you his seed, another nine will take his place and your tight passage as well. This should ensure me a child by the harvest. Fuck her hard Donitus. If the bitch wants to scream we might as well oblige her and give her a reason."

Anita's cunt was being pounded viciously by the queen's perfect male's studs. Her body was slammed back and forth in the straps that held her in place on the rape rack. Her firm breasts jiggled wildly both from the hard and prolonged gang-fuck she received and from her ceaseless struggles against the bonds that held her open and defenseless.

The queen began to cum onto the face of her young slave woman as the fifth man emptied himself into Anita's dripping cunt. The girl slave looked up at her Queen questioning.

"No you're not through yet my pet," said the queen softly, "there are another five men yet to fill her cunt, therefore your tongue must continue to fill mine."

Queen Mira and her hand-maidens from the conquered city were stripped and hung up on crosses.

Their naked gleaming bodies struggled in their bondage as the city was consumed in flames behind them. The men had already been killed or marched off in chains bound for the slave labor camps to the north. Now all that could be heard were the screams of the women as they were captured and forced to join the others.

As the women and girls were stripped and chained, they were forced to walk past the crosses where the beautiful queen writhed in agony. She sagged against the rough wood struggling to breath. Her groans were barely audible against the laughter and celebration of the men who now owned all the flesh and spoils from the ruined city.

The females were set upon as soon as they were brought into the clearing. Both virgin and well-fucked wives alike were treated like whores as first one soldier then another would leisurely take his turn at fucking any defenseless chained female body they fancied.

"Warm flesh for all my men," shouted the General Montus above the turmoil, "no woman shall refuse giving the pleasure that belongs to the conquerors!"

The queen, stared around as her loyal subjects were raped and tortured at her feet. 'At least I will soon die here on this cross,' she thought to herself, 'and though my agony may last a few days, at least I will not share their fate as pleasure-slaves to be sold in the flesh markets of Rome.' She thought that as a member of the royal family that she would be left here to die. She couldn't have been more wrong.

When, later that evening, the men lay around leisurely with their stomachs full and their balls drained. General Montus stood regarding the magnificent body of queen Mira stretched out on the cross. He licked his lips once and barked out an order; "Take the bitch down, her royal ass now belongs to me! She will be the least of my wives and the first to be used and fucked when I have a need. Chain her ankles and tie her hands to my horse. Pierce her tits and attach bells to her nipples. It's a long ride home and I wish to hear her ring as she walks and when I stop along the way to fuck her royal ass bloody!"

Queen Mira, born into royalty, once pampered and loved by all, now walked naked and chained behind the horse of her master. Her nipple bells tinkling and ringing as she was led away into the growing gloom of a blood-red sky...

"Welcome to the royal brothel you stupid whore. They say that you refuse to fuck willingly. I hear that you have tried to bite the few cocks that have been pressed against your haughty lips."

Kira heard the man talking but refused to respond. She had promised herself that she would taste the blood of any male flesh that came too close to her mouth.

The man's name was Jaden, he was the whoremaster. It was his job to break the new girls to service. Many had expressed a desire to feel Kira's lips wrapped around their cocks as they fucked her mouth. They wanted to feel her throat work hard as she swallowed their cum. But Kira refused violently. Jaden had her bound. He threw her onto a sofa next to one of the royal baths.

Face down on the sofa, Kira tried to kick Jaden as he mounted her. He wasted no time now with banter or foreplay. He rudely pressed his engorged member against her ass and pushed himself inside.

"GHAAAYYAAAIIIEEE!" She screeched like a banshee as the dry walls of her rectum were painfully stretched by his violent intrusion. The pre-cum leaking from the tip of his cock supplied enough lubrication to allow him to slam into her until his balls rested against her pussy.

"As whoremaster here at the king's brothel," Jaden said between grunts, "I am allowed access to any and all the prostitutes I wish. So I will be the first among countless men and women who will use you from now on. Look around, this place is not so bad. The whores here frolic and play in the pools with the customers, they are well-fed and pampered. Bondage night is held only one night per week. But not in cases like yours. We simply cannot allow one of our slut's to injure one of our clients!"

He pushed her head down into the feather down of the sofa as he pumped away at her ass. Soon his grunts turned harsh as he began to pump cum into her hard firm body.

When Jaden had caught his breath and wiped his cock in Kira's hair, he jerked the girl roughly to her feet and marched her into a room in a far corner of the brothel. There, naked and bound to a chair with her mouth tied open painfully wide, sat a girl who's face was covered in blood. Two men stood next to her with crude pliars and dental tools. Kira saw that the girl was only about 18. She was beautiful. Her firm breasts bounced wildly as she struggled to escape the ropes and the pain. But she was bound expertly with her head secured by an iron vice and her mouth held open by ropes and a huge iron ring.

"See Kira," Jaden said calmly, "this girl is new like you. She also refused to suck cock. One of our clients who'd had a bit too much to drink failed to get out of reach in time. She gave him quite a nasty wound with her teeth. You're lucky that you never actually bit anyone or you'd be in the chair next. Instead, you get to watch as her teeth are removed one at a time."

The wordless screams coming from the wide-eyed slender girl in the chair were horrific. Each time the pliars went into her mouth, it would come out with another bloody tooth. The girl cried and shrieked from the mind numbing pain as her mouth was emptied one tooth at a time.

"Her teeth will be made into a necklace that she must wear at all times," Jaden continued, "this let's people know that she can give a smooth pleasurable blow job with her gums. It's quite nice I assure you. Many of our clients like their cocks and cunts serviced by a toothless girl. So How will you enter the brothel Kira? With or without your ivory?"

Kira, no longer so proud or bold and terrified by the tortured girl's screams of desperate pain, turned to Jaden and knelt before him. "P-please master, allow this lowly whore to suck your cock."

"If I feel even one tooth" Jaden warned, "you will lose them all and wear the ivory necklace like this haughty screaming bitch in the chair!"

Kira nodded and crawled forward on her knees until Jaden's soft prick rested against her lips. She could smell her own shit on his member from her earlier ass-rape but did not hesitate. He grew hard again in Kira's mouth as she carefully suckled and massaged him with her tongue. When he spewed his cum into her mouth she did not pull back. Kira almost gladly swallowed Jaden's cum to the sounds of twisting roots wordless screams...

The senator was going to the coliseum to watch the games. But first he had business to attend to.

"The lions are hungry," he said to the two girls who knelt before him, "they will eagerly devour any slave thrown before them. The crowd cheers wildly when they see a slave torn apart and eaten while they are still alive."

The two girls were from Gaul. They were sisters and only 18 and 19 years old. They'd been captured when their city was overrun. The senator had purchased them for a good price but would gladly sacrifice them both to the beasts of the arena if they failed to please him.

"So decide young bitches," he continued, "will you suck the meat or will you be the meat?"

He dropped his robe. The girls knew that their very lives depended on the next few moments and their performance. They glanced at each other.

The older girl walked around behind her sister and began to remove her robes. When the young one was nude the older sister dropped her own clothing and knelt before the man.

The senator had seen them naked when he bought them from the auction block. But still he whistled softly in appreciation. They were indeed perfect specimens and the most beautiful girls the senator had ever seen. Now they were both on their knees before his raging cock.

Soon both girls were licking and sucking. One girl gently took his balls into her mouth rolling them carefully around with her tongue while her sister stroked along the length of the cock using her saliva as lubrication. So enthusiastic was their performance (and so strong was their desire stay out of the arena), that the senator lasted only a few moments before his cock began to bounce and spasm. He spewed a huge load into the older sister's mouth. She did not swallow but held onto the head of the jerking prick until it began to wilt. Even then she milked it hungrily seeking every salty drop of his seed. Now with her mouth filled nearly to overflowing, the older sister took the other girl's head between her hands. She positioned herself over the other's mouth and began to drool the white load of cum between her parted lips. The younger sister showed the white milky load to the senator, who watched in wonder the perversely wanton display before him, then she closed her mouth and swallowed.

"Safe from the arena floor you are. I am well pleased," said the senator as he donned his robes. "you two sluts will attend the games today but you will not feed the ravenous beasts. Naked you shall accompany me, for I may feel the urge to empty my balls again as I watch other, less worthy women fed screaming to the beasts.

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Oppius, the old slaver, knew what Domnina liked to see when she was ready to purchase new meat for her stable of young girls. They had to be no older or younger than 18, fair-skinned, blond-haired and they had to have a low toleration for pain. The slaver had found the perfect candidate for the dominatrix.

Her name was Primilla. Oppius had lured her into his tent one night with a promise of money if she would pose for him. He pretended to be a sculptor. He offered her cheese, bread and wine; she accepted. In fifteen minutes the girl was unconscious from the strong narcotic contained in the wine. She would remain so until the slaver had Primilla safely back on his boat and bound for the Roman sea port of Ostia.

Primilla began to awake just as Oppius the slaver, was tying the final knot which drew her elbows together and brought her arms up sharply and painfully high behind her. She looked around groggily until her vision focused on the cruel face of Domnina.

"Please kind woman," Primilla pleaded, "where am I? where are my clothes? Why am I tied..AAAUUUUUGH!"

Oppius had given her an introductory swat with the leather rod across her exposed buttocks. "Shut your mouth young pig," Oppius threatened, "or you will find yourself flayed alive. I could use new leather on my Captain's chair and your fair flesh will do just fine!"

"My," laughed Domnina, "she does scream at the slightest provocation, doesn't she Oppius?"

"Indeed she does," he answered, "just the way you like them to."

Domnina rose and approached the terrified girl. Inspecting first one breast then the other for firmness then grabbing her shapely ass and finally forcing her mouth open to count teeth.

"I will take this one, Oppius," said Domnina, "you have indeed found me another superior product for my collection. This little cunt should provide me with many years of pleasure before I finally sell her to one of the local brothels. I assume we will settle for the usual price?"

Money changed hands as Primilla discovered, much to her horror, that she had been sold to this cruel woman and that she would never see her home again.

"Make her dance for me please Oppius," said Domnina smiling.

The old slaver smiled and began to slash the defenseless blond across her ass and backsides. Primilla's screamed and thrashed around in her painful bondage. Her young full breasts swung and bobbed lewdly from side to side and she leapt about wildly trying to avoid the next swing of the rod.

Domnina laughed and clapped at the frantic reaction of the young girl she had just purchased. Oppius, although he had sold hundreds of young girls into the hands of owners both kind and cruel, was particularly fond of Primilla's youthful beauty. This fact was evinced by the full thick bulge against the front of his robes.

"I see your desire for this young bitch," Domnina said with a little smile, "please satisfy yourself dear friend. Consider it a bonus for your years of good service. But only take her ass. I will break her maidenhead with my burrowing fist later this evening."

Oppius wasted no time with foreplay. He tore open his robes and exposed his huge blood engorged cock to the young slave Primilla. She saw thick drops of slime oozing from it's tip as it grew larger and closer.

Oppius grabbed her around the hips as Domnina approached and spat heavily onto his cock. Next Domnina held Primilla still with one strong arm and guided Oppius' prick against her nether hole with the other. The crown forced it's way against her tightened sphincter as Oppius pressed forward with all his might. Primilla screamed now as never before when the full length of Oppius' penis broke through the ring of muscle and into her tight virgin's ass. A few quick brutal thrusts was all Oppius could manage as Primilla's bowels tightened and surged around his throbbing prick. He came in a flood inside the tortured young girl, grunting and thrusting ever deeper until his balls slapped against the wet meat of her cunt. Softening now, Oppius pulled out of her ass-hole with a popping sound and wiped his cock off onto Primilla's sumptuous ass.

"Ahhh! Thank you Mistress! Her round ass was made for milking man meat" said Oppius, breathing hard and sweating from his efforts, "I will bring you more like this whore in a month if you wish. I've already located others like her."

"Yes please," Domnina responded, "young Primilla here, with your cum leaking from her split asshole, will need a playmate as soon as possible. I love to make them fight for the honor of licking my cunt. The bitch who loses is whipped and fucked in the ass by my guests and then forced to lick them clean. You really must attend one of my orgies when you return..."

The city is sacked and now soldiers begin to argue over the spoils. General Faustus watched as the women were stripped in the hot sun. He soon called a halt to the quarreling.

"I will take these five whores to my tent to see which of them I will keep for myself. Then my Captians will choose one each. There are hundreds of these young bitches waiting to spread their legs and open their mouths. Capture the ones you like and do with them as you will. Just make sure that they scream. Their pain is penalty for your brave comrades who spilled blood to win the walls of this city."

Feminine shrieks and screams echoed throughout the day and far into the night as women were raped and beaten. In the center of the city, ten women were raised on long spikes that impaled them from ass to mouth. The other women fell to their knees at the spectacle of their friends, mothers and daughters who writhed in agony high up on the long wooden poles. Any thought of resisting the crude advances of the battle worn conquerors was quickly forgotten. One woman who had fought and tried to flee was impaled on a spit and being turned slowly over a fire. She had been tied like a pig at roast. She was continuously being basted by the cum that the submissive women sucked from the cocks of their new masters. When a woman's mouth was filled with the vile seed, she would stand over the roasting woman and drool her mouthful of cum onto the girl's body. Then she would spread it evenly over her. The woman, though impaled, was still very much alive. She felt every licking flame and every hand that spread the thick oozing seed over every rounded curve and into every tender fold.

The city was fully aflame as the remaining woman were tied to the wagons that held the city's treasure. Naked, dirty and smeared with cum, the women were marched off to market and an unknown fate.

Gargilius grabbed a handful of hair and pulled the mother's mouth down over his cock. He slammed in and out of her as her red-haired daughter knelt nearby and wept. Suddenly, Gargilius drove his prick so deep into the mother's mouth that his balls slapped wetly against her chin. She gagged hard and vomited over the length of Gargilius' pummeling member.

"You'll have to do better than that you stupid bitch," Gargilius roared, "unless you want your pretty daughter to see her mother fed to my crocodiles. They will rip your flesh and break your bones. The last thing you'll ever see besides their gaping mouths and countless teeth, will be the sight of your daughter swallowing my cum."

Gargulius grabbed the red headed daughter and forced her into his crotch.

"Lick up the puke your mother spewed on my cock" Gargilius ordered as he slapped the daughter roughly across the face, "clean it well slut, for the next place it goes is in your tight cunt. We will see if you are able to bear me sons."

Gargulius lifted the mother up by the hair and punched her hard across the face sending her sprawling and rendering her unconscious. "I'll get back to you soon enough," Gargilius said to the naked woman lying inert upon his marble bed, "but for now your services are not needed."

With this Gargilius spun the red-haired youth around and, kneeling behind her, slammed his drooling cock into her virgin cunt.

"GHHHAAAAAH! P-Please Master! You're tearing me to pieces! Ungh...Ungh...Ungh!"

"Go ahead and scream if you wish," Gargilius laughed, "it only makes it sweeter to hear your song of pain."

He glanced to his right; "Look, your stupid pig of a mother stirs. When I am finished giving you the cock's pride, I will let you feel the velvety softness of your mother's tongue against your pink cunt until you cum onto her face."

N-Nooo" the daughter begged as he violently slammed into her tight body again and again, "Ungh...Umf...Please nooo!"

Three sisters, Arria, Julia and Isidora had been riding in the caravan bound for Capizzi to be reunited with their family when the Nomads attacked. All the animals and goods were taken as were the three sisters. Once free women on an exciting journey, now slaves bound for auction. These sisters were all very beautiful and would bring a high price so the nomads only showed them to a few very select, very rich selection of clientele.

All eyes were upon the sisters as they were stripped and presented to the waiting audience. The girls blushed as their nipples grew hard in the cool air of the marble slave market. Arria wept silently in shame. Each girl was forced to walk through the small crowd of rich slave owners. Hilara, a dark-skinned patrician's wife, stopped Julia and inspected her closely.

"I need a chamber maid and a sex-toy," she said to the eunich who led Julia by the rope around her neck, "I think this one might do nicely." She pinched one pert nipple causing Julia to draw back quickly. "She will have to be trained though," Hilara remarked, "no slave of mine will be allowed to refuse my attentions. Take this little bitch to the block first. I think I want her."

After the other two sisters had been previewed by the crowd of onlookers, Julia was led onto the cold marble auction block. Her fetters and bonds were removed. She turned slowly as she was told. She saw her two sisters, naked and still bound, heads hung in shame.

"Make her jump up and down" commanded Hilara, "I want to see her tits bounce!" Julia looked around for an end to this nightmare but all she saw were the greedy lustful eyes of the bidders.

"You heard The Mistress," shouted one old nomad, "bounce or I will hang you by your ankles and whip your pale skin while you scream and beg for mercy!"

Julia, began to jump as commanded. Hilara watched, licking her lips as Julia's young firm body rose and fell.

The bidding began. Each time a prospective owner gave an amount, Hilara would raise her bid. Eventually Julia was sold, Hilara watched as Julia's bonds were replaced. The collar and leash were back around her neck. "Say goodbye to your two sisters bitch," Hilara said to her new property, "You won't see them unless some other local buys them. If you do see them again however, it won't be the loving reunion you will hope for. Slave girls, especially sisters, are always called upon to fight. The winner is forced to eat the loser's pussy. The loser hangs from her tits until she cums. Speaking of which; let's see just how well that little pink tongue of yours works on a woman's flesh."

Julia was forced to her knees in front of Hilara who parted her robes. At first Julia resisted when she smelled the woman's cunt. The whip that fell across her ass however, gave her newly found inspiration. She leaned in and began to lick up and down the length of Hilara's moist cunt.

"Drago," Hilara said to the heavily muscled Nubian gladiator who stood watching nearby, "break in this little bitche's cunt while she milks mine with her mouth. I just love to see a huge black cock tearing into a sweet white ass like Julia's. The auction was put on hold until Julia's abuse was complete. Everyone watched as Drago fucked her from behind like a dog while Hilara pulled her face into her running cunt. Finally, back on her feet with cum leaking down her thighs and her face dripping from Hilara's squirting orgasm, Julia was led away. Tears and laughter flowed as the auction continued...

"AAAAUUUGH!! NO MORE... GHAAAA!" Porcia screamed and pleaded as the crop smacked sweetly across her raised ass another time. Grachus loved the way his women howled when they first arrived in his villa. Later on they grew a higher toleration for pain and only cried out when the punishment was extreme. At first though, when the female was fresh, just stripping her down and tying her up was enough to make them shriek from shame and humiliation.

Porcia's legs were spread wide as Grachus practiced his dark art. He would, with huge cock fully erect, beat and punish his new slaves from end to end. With arm fully raised, he cracked the leather crop down hard into the center of Porcia's defenseless pussy. At first the pain was so huge that she could summon no sound. But when she caught her breath though, the resulting scream was the loudest yet. The handsome but evil Grachus smiled almost sweetly when he heard her enthusiastic bellowing. This was his music and Porcia was his muse.

"GHHAAAEEEEEEE!" Another brutal thwack of the crop across her clitoris and an even louder scream escaped her lips.

Finally, Porcia's powerful performance proved to be to much for Grachus and he could resist no longer.

"Supper time sweet slut," Grachus told his latest charge, "but I must apologize, I have only soup for your meal. Ha, ha, ha!"

He positioned himself near her face and began to masturbate over her mouth. Porcia, was new to the perversions of men but had heard stories about the thick streams of slime that erupted from a man's prick. She closed her eyes and mouth tightly. Grachus knew just how to deal with this though. He reached out and grabbed one rosy nipple and savagely pulled and twisted the tender bud. Porcia opened her eyes and mouth to scream just as Grachus began to pump his thick semen into her mouth and face. The taste made her gag and choke as the inhaled the noxious fluid.

Coughing and weeping with the taste of cum on her tongue, Porcia was left alone for the moment.

"I'll be back later with a few of my wives sweet Porcia," said Grachus as he walked away, "they are very jealous and they like to play rough too. I'm sure your wonderful shrieking has made them all quite wet and ready. Rest while you can. The night is always longest for the fresh girl..."

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"Auuugh!" Cecily screamed as Al-zarid slammed his cock into her slippery cunt. "Please let me down. I'll fuck you master! P-please; my wrists hurt. You don't need to be so rough. I'll do anything you ask. Unngh! ANYTHING!!"

"You are already doing everything I want you to do you stupid western cunt!" Al-zarid laughed as he buried his prick all the way up to the balls, "you are screaming for mercy, you are struggling, you are in great pain, your fake tits bounce and flop stiffly from side to side, but most of all, you are providing me with a warm moist place to empty my cock."

"ARRRRGH !!" Please let me suck you Master. Let me taste your cum. Just let me down before my wrists break."

"You will taste my cum soon enough," Al-Zarid told the sweating girl, "when I hang you by your ankles and shove my cock down your throat. I've waited a long time for your arrival, but the nomads who stole you from your hotel used you for a long time before they finally brought you to me. It seems they also liked the way you scream any time a cock comes near your shaven american cunt."

Cecily, weeping openly, tears running down her face, tried to lessen the weight on her bruised wrists by wrapping her legs around her new master's back and squeezing hard.

"See whore, I knew you would start to enjoy having your whore hole plugged! Now move your hips and squeeze my cock with your cunt muscles. If you fuck me well enough I may keep you to myself. If you disappoint me however, I'm sure my fifteen wives will find a good use for you!"

Cecily knew that Al-Zarid was not joking. She had been brought in to Al-Zarid's chambers through the harem. There she had seen another beautiful western girl surrounded by the brown bodies of his wives. Her screams were almost too horrible to bear. Each orifice was being pierced along with her nipples, nose and tongue. Her asshole and pussy was stuffed full of thrusting fists or wooden dildos. Her face was covered by the gyrating hips of one naked cunt after another. Her face glistened with the pungent goo of their ejaculate.

They had paused to lick their lips and admire her body when her master had first stripped her and hung her from the columns. Cecily did not want to endure the tortures of the other western girl so she began to grind her hips hard and squeeze Al-Zarid's huge cock even though the constant stabbing motion felt as though it was tearing the walls of her vagina apart.

"Yes master fuck me harder, please yes harder," Cecily screamed trying to pretend as though she liked his clumsy animal rutting. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" She'd say or do anything to keep herself away from the horrible wives.

What Cecily didn't know was that she would wind up there anyway. Al-Zarid loved to watch as his wives trained and tortured his collection of western bitches...

Shamir had never owned white women before. Teresa and Devon had been kidnapped from their college campus especially for Shamir. He had seen videos of them walking from class to class in their short dresses. He had seen them playing volley ball watching as their shapely toned bodies sweated in the sun. He had watched them as they stripped for the shower after the game. He had even seen them kiss and make soft tender love when they were sure that they were alone. But the video camera didn't lie. 10 days later they were in the middle-east and the property of shiek Shamir.

"Suck it well Devon," Shamir ordered the blond, "each time I feel a tooth, I will whip your lover's spread pussy. You will learn how to fulfill a man's desires even if it is the juice of a cunt that you prefer across your tongue."

Devon tried to turn aside as the cock in her mouth leaked pre-cum onto her tongue. "AAAAIIIIEEEEE!" Teresa shrieked as the long crop rent the air and slapped squarely between her spread labia. "Please Devon," Teresa begged, "It fucking hurts you bitch! If you really care about me you'll make him cum. Suck his cock, please! Do it right!!"

"Best to listen to your friend Devon," Shamir insisted, "If you do not please me, you will take her place. I will make you the one who screams in pain while I fuck the three holes of your friend. Picture her kneeling before me while you hand spread-eagle and upside-down. She will milk my cock to the music of your screams as I whip the flesh off your fine golden body one piece at a time. Now SUCK!"

Devon tried to be more enthusiastic but failed miserably in the end. Shamir had grabbed her by the hair as he began to cum in her mouth. His sperm shot down the back of her throat as the head of his cock struck her gag reflex. Devon threw-up in Shamir's lap. Shamir roughly threw the gagging Devon to one side. Then, clapping his hands, he made his earlier threat come true.

After he had cleaned up, he reentered the room. Shamir's man-servants had indeed hung Devon upside down. She was widely stretched and spread in the shape of an X. Her blond hair was also knotted and tied to an I-bolt in the floor. In her mouth was a huge O-gag which distended her jaws and left her fully open to an oral assault if Shamir so chose.

Kneeling unbound and holding a large bull-whip was Teresa. Shamir smiled as he saw that friend had turned against friend. Shamir, still naked, pressed his crotch against Teresa's face. She took the limp member into her mouth and licked it skillfully as it grew hard once again. She actually took it's swollen length and girth fully into her mouth as she pleasured her master. On her knees and with her back to Devon, she could only listen to the savage crack of the bull-whip and the yowling shrieks of pain as Devon felt the wrath of her master. Eventually, Shamir emptied himself into Teresa's eager mouth. She swallowed all that he gave her. She gently squeezed the wilting shaft until every drop went down her throat.

"See Devon," Shamir said to the drooling blonde who hung covered with angry red welts, "All you need is a little determination. Your lover Teresa is apparently more bi-sexual than you are. She will teach you how to suck a man's milk. You will get one more chance to please me. I will be back tomorrow with Teresa. In the meantime, my black manservants have been eyeing your western body and open mouth hungrily." Teresa looked back over her shoulder once as the tall black negroes began to slap and punch Devon's bucking struggling body while one of the men knelt before her O-gagged mouth and began to fuck the beautiful yet helpless face of the girl.

"You did well," Shamir said to Teresa, "tonight you will share my bed. Tomorrow after you demonstrate fellatio to your lesbian lover, you will watch her suck my stallion. If she succeeds in swallowing the contents of his balls, I may decide to try her again. But if she fails to please my horse, she will feel it mount her worthless ass and ride her like a mare."

"AAAEEERRGGH!" Another scream was torn from the throat of the tortured beauty. The deposed and captured royal daughter, Aquilla, struggled madly against the bonds that held her so open and defenseless.

"Prepare her well for me inquisitor," remarked the dark queen, Brisa as she removed her robes to expose her deeply tanned breasts, "she must be made to experience pain before she learns to give pleasure. All her life, sweet little Aquilla has been pampered and given everything her pouting lips requested. Spoiled little whore! Now your lips will beg for mercy, they will open wide to scream, to lick my cunt and suck the cock of any man I say!"

Aquilla barely heard the words above the sound of her own screams. The hot iron rod burned her thigh once again sending her into another fit of shrieking and madly fighting the unyielding bonds that held her in place.

Brisa, now fully aroused by the screams of her newest slave, untied the last vestige of royal raiment and stepped closer to the shaking weeping girl on the torture rack. A royal entourage attended to watch as a new slave was so ruthlessly broken to serve. Aquilla glanced over as Brisa approached. Even in her advanced state of pain and humiliation, she saw why so many would fight and die for this evil dark queen. Her beauty was unparalleled. Her cruelty was etched over every inch of her perfectly sculpted face and Aquilla now knew that all the horrific stories were true.

"One side if you please," Brisa said to the inquisitor, "I think such renowned royal guest should be welcomed in an appropriate manner." Near the base of the brazier where the iron rods were heated, was a small vat of thick grease. Brisa knelt between the legs of her prisoner and dipped one elegant hand into the slimy ooze. "Now, my love," Brisa whispered to the terrified youth, "you will truly feel the arm that rules this mighty kingdom."

Slowly, with one finger, Brisa, carefully watching Aquilla's face, began to massage the grease around the tender flesh between the girl's legs. Then two fingers slowly, erotically, began to snake around the entrance. Soon a third and fourth finger began to explore the girl's body from the inside. "You virginity is intact sweet royal bitch," Brisa whispered, "this is a good thing. It means that you will feel your tight pussy rent asunder by your Mistress's fist all the more. Welcome to the rest of your life whore!" Brisa's face contorted into a mask of hatred and pleasure at once as she began to slowly press her fist into the straining quivering body of the 18 year-old princess. Her hand rested against the maiden-head for a moment as Brisa watched the girl's face. Aquilla's lip began to quiver as the tears dripped off her pale cheeks, she knew that begging would do no good. This evil queen would give no quarter and mercy was not an option.

Then, after only a moment's pause, Brisa tore past the membrane and breached the young virgin's most closely guarded treasure. Aquilla's mouth opened wide as another helpless shriek of pain and humiliation rent her young mind. Brisa smiled cruelly at her young slave's reaction as she began to pump her fist more quickly and more deeply with each thrust. With her free hand Brisa began to stroke her own body, but slowly and with infinite care. Finding her aroused clitoris she began to stroke it between two fingers. Her rampant lust was evinced by her dripping cunt.

"Now we will see if my young bitch princess has learned enough about pain to grant another pleasure", Brisa said as she slowly withdrew her slick arm from Aquilla's tight vaginal passage. She lapped at a trickle of the blood from her arm with a soft moan and a long sharp tongue as she rose. Licking her lips, Brisa climbed up onto the rack and, with a foot on either side of the young girl's wide-spread hips, leaned in pushing her hips forward until Aquilla could smell her antagonist's musky scent.

"Give her incentive please Inquisitor," Brisa instructed. As Brisa pressed her oozing pussy against Aquilla's face, the inquisitor raised an iron and placed it only a fraction of an inch from Aquilla's clitoris. She could feel the heat and knew what she must do.

"Lick mine and swallow my royal honey," Brisa said softly, "or feel your's burned away." Aquilla pushed her pink tongue against the clean shaven cleft and into her owner's pussy. Aquilla was a woman and knew what felt good. When she had been free and living a life of leisure, she had often found pleasure from the caresses of tender lips and tongues of her hand maidens. So, with the threat of the iron held so near her tender clit. Aquilla began to lick...and suck...and swallow.

Soon Brisa began to grind her hips against the young slave's face as her orgasm rose up. Aquilla's face, from forehead to chin was soon covered by Brisa's cum. And by her moans Aquilla knew that she had satisfied her captor.

"Put away your iron inquisitor," Brisa said. She carefully dismounted the rack, still tingling and drunk from the pleasure of raping the face of her rival. "We will not burn your little bud away today Aquilla. Instead it will be your lead."

"No..NOOOOAAAAAUUUUUGH!!" Aquilla screamed as the ring came up and pierced through the hood skewering through the fleshy clitoris and out the other side. A chain was attached to this. Aquilla was carefully unbound and lowered from the rack. Still naked, she was gagged with her hands and elbows tied behind her back pushing her chest and small tits out. Then gently grasping the other end of the chain, Brisa lead Aquilla away toward palace gates and the rest of her life as another royal pleasure slave. Brisa smiled as she passed through the gates and toward her boudoir. The night would be long for her new slave. By morning the once proud and pampered Aquilla would be just another wanton slut eager to lick suck and swallow anything shoved into her face...

"YEEEARRRGH" Belinda yowled as the pincers grasped her tender flesh again twisting and squeezing."Since you were found guilty of sedition," said the dungeon master Sergich, "and especially since you are a western foriegner, you have been sentenced to death."

"GHAAAAAHH!" another pinch another twist and another shriek.

"But," Sergich continued, "I have been granted a special favor. You belong to me now. They have given you to be my pleasure whore for as long as I wish. You are my reward for the many years of work I have spent in the service of the Sheik.

Sergich grasped the pert nipples and twisted them cruelly. He loved to hear his prisoners scream. "The sheik will come later to see how you fare. He may also take pleasure from you. I suggest that you do all you can to please him. If you embarrass me before my master I will tear out your whore's tongue and make you eat it."

Next Sergich decided it was time to introduce Belinda to one of his favorite toys. It was a simple car jack. But there was no flat tire here that needed mending. On the end of the jack was mounted a huge black ebony dildo. It was at least a foot long and nearly four inches across. The end was slightly tapered to help grant access into a prisoner's orifice. Belinda fell into dark despair when she realized it's purpose. The jack cranked higher and higher until the monstrosity pressed against Belinda's cunt.

"See the holes all along the sides?" Sergich said with a smile, "When this finally, and very painfully I might add, forces it's entire length and girth into your western cunt, I will press this button and one hundred sharp needles will bury themselves into the walls of your vagina. I have never tried it myself, of course, but judging by the excited responses it has recieved in the past, I can only assume that it is quite painful. Try to remain conscious during the process little slut. I am most interested in hearing your opinion."

No lubrication, just a huge dry smooth ebony shaft. Slowly and with great pleasure, Sergich began to crank the handle with one hand as he guided the shaft into Belinda's crotch with the other.

Belinda grunted as the tip began to press inexorably into her body. She tried to free herself from the iron manacles that held her so securely in place. She tried to lift herself higher. With every pump of the jack handle, the ebony cock slid deeper into her cunt. It went in very slowly giving it's victim plenty of time to contemplate each tiny fraction of an inch that it rose. Spreading her straining pussy lips around it's tip, the dlido continued to climb. Sergich no longer had to guide the shaft now since it was a full three inches into her tightly stretched passage. He just watched her pained reaction and listened to her frantic grunts, yelps, and pleas for mercy. Belinda's breathing was harsh and uneven, her body was covered with a fine shimmer of perspiration as she endured this foul insertion into her most private of flesh.

After she was impaled upon the entire 12 inches of ebony shaft, Sergich stopped pumping the jack handle. Belinda, nearly in shock from the pain, watched helplessly as the smiling maniac reached for the dreaded button which would release the spring loaded needles into the walls of her cunt. "10-9-8-7," Sergich counted slowly, "6-5-4, don't worry my sweet, you won't like this I am sure, but it won't kill you. I have many more toys to share with you dearest... 3-2-1"

A heavy thwak sounded as a dole in the hollow shaft pushed the needles into the walls of the pussy that so tightly hugged the girth of the dildo.

Belinda could not shriek. Sergich intently searched the rictus of pain that was her face; the gaping drooling mouth, the eyes as wide as saucers. She shook madly like a very small dog trying to shit a peach seed. When she finally found her voice, it began to build slowly like a train whistling in a tunnel growing closer and closer. Soon her mad shriek of agony filled the halls of the dungeon. Every prisoner heard her insane animal wail of agony and trembled. Sergich began to dance and caper about as she played out her agony with all the strength she could muster. No words; just primal howls of pain.

Sergich removed the jack from under her cunt leaving the ebony cock firmly imbedded in her cunt. Blood leaked from her a drop at a time into a steadily growing pool on the cold stone floor. Madly, through a miasma of pain, Belinda wondered why she could still hear the clicking of the jack. It wasn't until she felt another ebony shaft press against her asshole that she knew what was happening.

When the shiek finally made his entrance to check on the prisoner's progress under Sergik's expert hand, he barely recognized the formerly beautiful girl. "Don't worry master," Sergich said as he bowed deeply before the shiek, "The western bitch is very strong, she will last for months. She will be completely insane of course, but she will be a great addition to your international brothel. When she leaves my care she will know how to copulate on command. And she will welcome pain. It will become her constant friend and companion..."

Sa`bir was a rich man. He had owned many slaves in the past but none could endure the strict positions he so relished. He needed a new, very limber slave who could bend like clay. A western girl he could shape and twist.

He made the call. His contacts began their search in America.

Andrea had just finished teaching her gymnastics class. She needed to be at work in less than an hour. She showered quickly at the gym, did her hair and make-up and headed across the parking-lot toward her car. Andrea never made it to work. Her car was found abandoned the next day near a small private airport.

Two weeks later when Andrea was brought before Sa`bir she wore a hood and a long flowing robe of blue silk. She was gagged; her tanned shapely feet were bare. She could not see or speak but she could hear men talking in the language she had grown to hate and fear. She could tell that they were haggling. Suddenly the silk robe was pulled up over her head and she stood there naked except for the hood. Her nipples grew rigid as cool air caressed her body. Her well toned slender body that she had spent so many years to build, brought appreciative remarks from the new voice. Next the hood came off and she could see. She saw the men who had initially kidnapped her. She saw the large dimly-lit tiled room that surrounded her. She saw about fifteen women kneeling naked with heads bowed, and she saw Sa`bir.

Andrea's huge gag was removed and her mouth was freed but she knew better than to speak. The men who had brought her here had already broken her for service. She was only private property now. Freedom was no longer a right or a consideration. Sa`bir inspected her carefully. Smiling broadly he motioned to a dark slave who waited nearby. She approached and handed the men a breif case. Andrea knew that inside was the money that had been used to buy ber.

"Touch the floor," Sa`bir told her. Obediently, Andrea bent at the waist and placed her hands flat upon the floor. Sa`bir was impressed by her flexibility. He ran a hand across the small of her back and down between the cleft of her buttocks. Her skin was lightly tanned and flawless. Her muscle tone was well above average. This one would fulfill all his dark desires.

The other men bowed and departed. Andrea was left alone with Sa`bir and his female slaves. He clapped his hands and four women rushed to Andrea. They pushed her to the ground and began to bind her wrists and ankles in a complicated hogtie. Then the center of the ropes was tied to another rope that hung from a pulley in the ceiling. Soon Andrea had been drawn up to waist level, her spine was nearly bent in two.

"Any other slave would break her back if tied as you are, my beautiful whore," Sa`bir told her. "You were chosen because of your skill as a gymnast and your ability to teach others." Wrapping a meaty hand in Andrea's hair, Sa`bir pulled her head up. He had parted his robes an held his erect penis in front of her mouth. At first she turned away. The men who had stolen her from her life in America had never forced her to perform sexually. Although they trained her, she was reserved only for her new owner Sa`bir to plunder her fruits. He jerked her head violently causing her to let out a small squeal. One of the other slaves who had tied her stood by with a riding crop. Sa`bir nodded and the crop landed hard across one well toned cheek. Andrea bucked once when she felt the explosion of pain across her ass. Then, with tear-filled eyes, she turned back to the engorged penis before her. She knew how to suck cock. She'd done it before. She had her gag reflex under control, so when Sa`bir shoved his cock into the back of her throat, Andrea did not choke. Instead she took his entire length inside until his balls rested against her chin. She extended her tongue and licked his testicles expertly. She knew that her only chance of survival here was to go above and beyond the slave's call of duty. Sa`bir was so excited by his new limber and beautiful american slave, that he came almost immediately. He shot off thick streams of cum across her face. Andrea simply hung there, face covered in dripping goo, waiting for the sperm spasm to end.

"Ahhh, very good slut, "Sa`bir said to Andrea, "I am well pleased. Next you will begin teaching these other useless cunts how to stretch and be as limber as you are. This is your life now. You are still a teacher, but instead of american dollars, your life will be your payment now.

He pushed her violently around while Andrea spun around and around. Cum dripped off her face in long sticky streams.

"Take her down and feed her," Sa`bir said to his number 1 slave. Gymnastics classes will begin immediately..."

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"We can do whatever we want you frigid cunt!" said the Centurion as he lashed her tender flesh again.

"Beat her well Centurion," Percival remarked, "she is Joslyn, my step-daughter and she will service my cock or I will sell her. As yet she is proud and refuses to comply. I suppose I could simply rape her but I want to feel her tongue tickling along the underside of my cock."

Two more times across her stomach the lash landed. Joslyn fought and struggled against the iron straps that held her to the rack.

"Her tits centurion," said Percival, "Lash her precious tits. The little tramp likes to tease me with them at home. Let's see how she likes them with nasty red welts!"

"AAAUUUUGH!" Joslyn screamed. One stripe beneath her tits then one stripe appeared above. The last slashing blow of the whip landed fully across her nipples. Her screams were music to the ears of her step-father. When Joslyn turned 18 she had come into her inheritance. Percival intended to get his hands on her money and her young body.

The Centurion knew how to turn proud little bitches into service animals, he'd made a career out of it. Little Joslyn would fare no better than the rest of the fine young women he'd taught to serve. Over and over the lash landed on Joslyn's naked flesh, yet still she refused to suck. "If it goes in my mouth," she said between tears, "It will come back out a bloody stump! Now let me go you evil bastards!"

"Very well," said centurion, "but remember that you brought this on yourself..."

Joslyn didn't like the sound of this. She glanced at her step-father and saw that he was smiling down at her. "I'd hoped you would hold out 'til now," he said, "I've watched the centurion do this to other young girls and it always works wonders."

The centurion bent to the ground and brought up thick chains and manacles which he attached to her ankles. Then going back to the head of the table, he began to turn the winch. Joslyn felt her arms beginning to stretch as the manacles grew tight around her ankles. Still the winch clicked. Soon she was stretched out as tight as a bow string. The pain in her wrists, shoulders and ankles was almost unbearable. This was when she saw the huge bull-whip in the centurion's hand. It's dark well-oiled coils stood out and shimmered in the partial light.

"Start at her feet and work your way up," Percival instructed the centurion, "Let's see how high it will go before she breaks."

Slash-Crack whistled the whip as it landed across Joslyn's instep. Her scream was unnerving in the still air. She jumped and bucked from the pain. The centurion added another three clicks of tension to the taught young body struggling before him. Another crack of the whip across her shins and Joslyn's screams were even louder. Then two more on her shapely thighs. Her shrieks of pain were now constant. Another three clicks of the winch drew her tighter still.

"Now one on your cunt missy," said the centurion. The massive whip came down directly between Joslyn's labia and bore into the soft and sensitive flesh there.

"GHAAAAAAAAAIIIEEEEE!!!" this scream was the loudest yet. "Yes! Yes! PLEEEEASE!" beautiful Joslyn screamed, "Please, Let me suck you. I'll suck you BOTH!!"

"Not yet whore," laughed the centurion, "You need one more just to prove your worth!" Another smashing blow landed across her labia this time leaving her bloody.


Joslyn quickly found herself on the ground on her hands and knees with the whip wrapped around her neck. Her step-father tearing through her cherry as the centurion felt the broken Joslyn's tongue wrapped around his throbbing cock. "I'm glad you promised to eat pussy too Joslyn," said her step-father as he slammed into her young tight cunt. "I've sent word. Your step-mother will be arriving shortly. She rather fancies you too. Ha! Ha! Ha!"


"GHAAAAAAA!!" Alyssa threw back her head and screamed as the thick wooden baton landed across her ass once more. Her sister Anna, knelt nearby watching with pity as Alyssa's body flailed about wildly in a vain attempt to avoid the beating meted out by the cruel slave-trader. Anna watched also with fear. She would be next to endure the old trader's painful attentions. With their caravan plundered and sacked in the middle of the night, the girls stood little hope for more than the life of a slave. And these four were all beautiful western women. Female flesh such as these brought a high price. They would draw the sexual desires of the man who bought them and the jealous anger of his dark-skinned wives. So, innocent though they might be, the life of a white girl taken as a slave was one of humiliation and constant abuse.

Jophur and Maa`ud, two wealthy men from nearby villages, had been told of the caravan raid and about the beautiful warm cargo liberated from the short battle. Jophur had already purchased Angelina. Her nude body, hung suspended from a chain. He loved to watch his slaves dangle with their bodies stretched and defenseless. Maa`ud had purchased Margo. who stood nearby trying to hide behind her hands.

"I will purchase another of these two western bitches," Maa`ud told Margo, "so that you will have a playmate. But I need one to hurt and another to fuck. Which one will you be?"

Margo took one more look at Alyssa as the wooden baton slammed down hard against the small of her back. Her hoarse shriek rent the air. She knew that her new role depended on her next actions. She turned to her left and dropped to her knees before the man. Opening his robes, Maa`ud revealed his huge erection. Without hesitation, Margo took it into her hands and began to milk it ever so gently. She knew how to make a man cum. She'd dated back in the states and kept her boyfriend happy by stroking and sucking him off. In doing so she had preserved herself. The realization that the man who bought her would soon take by force the virginity she had long protected mattered little as long as she could avoid the pain and bondage endured by her poor friend Alyssa.

"Take me into your western whore's mouth slave. I will decide which of your friends will accompany us while you busy yourself with swallowing my seed."

Margo began to lick and suck along the tip and length of the monstrous cock being careful not to scrape it with a tooth. It was much larger than she'd ever seen. Kent, her boyfriend back home (the all-american jock), actually had a very small penis compared to the purple-veined erection that now pushed between her lips. Margo was hard put to take it between her straining jaws.

Maa`ud grabbed the back of Margo's head and pulled her slowly toward him. Margo's eyes grew wide and she almost panicked as the monstrous cock began to slide down her throat, but the thwaking sound of wood against flesh and another desperate scream from Alyssa brought her to her senses. She willed herself not to gag and, to her own amazement, managed to take it's entire length and girth past her widely spread lips.

"We've heard enough noise from this one," Jophur said, "let her sister sing to us now." The old slave-trader brought Alyssa's battered body down from the block and cast her to one side after hogtying her as though she were a calf. Next it was Anna's turn. She began to beg and cry before he even touched her. As the slaver approached, Anna tried to stand and move away but with her hands and feet tethered she only managed to fall over onto the rough gravel.

After a quick inspection and a verification of her virginity, Anna's beating began. Her breasts were slightly larger than her sister Alyssa's and her ass was larger and rounder. Well toned from endless hours at the gym back home, she flailed and bucked harder and her screams were louder and more beautiful to the ears of the sadistic men who watched.

Maa`ud, being older and of higher rank than the young Jophur, decided to take Anna. "She will entertain me for many years."

Margo sensed than Maa`ud was nearing his orgasm and began to stroke his balls as she felt his cock strain. When the eventual flood gates opened and he began to spew into her mouth, Margo pressed a finger gently into his ass to find and stroke his prostate gland. Maa'ud shot great hot gouts of cum into Margo's mouth which she sucked down almost greedily. When the sticky flood finally subsided, Margo slid the finger back out of her master's ass and licked it clean with her tongue. Then without any prompting, she knelt at Maa`ud's feet with her forehead on the ground. The old man smiled and said, "rise my sweet white whore. Your friend awaits you." Margo stood and turned. Anna, tears streaming down her face, saw Margo approach licking a little cum from her lips. She stood up on the block and kissed Anna on the lips. While she smeared Anna's face with what was left of Maa`ud's cum she reached out to the old slaver who handed her the thick wooden baton.

Margo, now truly the slave of Maa`ud, bit down on Anna's lower lip hard enough to make it bleed. Then she jumped back with the rod in her hand and struck Anna hard in the stomach. Anna was stunned, confused and unable to breath. Maa`ud, Jophur and the old slaver laughed and gestured as Margo began to beat her friend even harder than the slaver had. Then Margo dropped to her knees once again, but this time between the legs of her spread-eagled friend Anna. Margo began to lick and suck Anna's cunt. Anna groaned around the reverberating pain of Margo's beating and now, in shame, for the way Margo was putting on a show for the men who stood nearby.

"You will be my favorite pet," Maa`ud said to Margo as she suckled fervently at Anna's moist cunt. "You will hold a place of honor in my house while other women, both white and brown, grovel at your feet."

Then, with a finely crafted ornate leather collar fastened around Margo's neck, and an iron ring around Anna's, the two were led away toward the camels that would bear them to their new homes. Anna glanced back once to see her sister one last time. Alyssa was too busy to return her sister's glance. Jophur's robes were open and the grunting blond was on her back....


It would have been just as easy to perform the operation in the slave's quarters. But what was the point of having a pair of beautiful slave's if you couldn't show them off. Drucella and Venusia had been seen pleasuring each other by the jealous Trista, another of the female slaves. Eager to gain favor with the master of the house, Trista gained audience with him and told him of Drucella and Venusia's grave transgression.

The master quietly went to the slave quarters where the girls were held. The door was slightly ajar and the master watched to see Drucella caught up in the throes of orgasmic delight. Her back was arched, her mouth open wide in a silent scream of delight. She was pinching the nipples of her full firm breasts while Venusia's face was buried between her widely spread legs. Because of all the slurping and moaning, the two lovers never heard the door open silently on well-oiled hinges.

"I hope you enjoyed it you bitches, because it was the last one either of you shall ever have!" The master gave a sign and five of the castle guards ran into the room and bound the whimpering girls. "Take them to the Hall of Traitors," he instructed the guards, "there we shall deal with these whores as the law of my house requires."

Trista stood at the door smiling into the terrified eyes of each girl as they were carried past.

Barely ten minutes later, Drucella was tied suspended from the ceiling. Her body was stretched over backwards with her shapely legs widely spread. Venusia was bound on the floor nearby awaiting her turn.

The crop landed on Drucella's tender flesh over and over. The whimpers had turned into shrieks of pain and pleas for forgiveness. The doctor finally put the lash away and proceeded on about his business. Out came the razor. The ropes holding Drucella were cinched up even tighter bringing the arch in her back to the breaking point. Her cunt was now completely exposed and spread. The doctor placed two fingers at the base of her labia and slowly spread them apart until, near the top of her cunt, the still moist clitoris was exposed. Relishing his job, the doctor, took a few moments to stimulate the harshly bound girl thus bringing the clitoris up more prominently and assuring a better target for the razor.

Next he placed a small pair of pliars around the stub of female pleasure and pulled it sharply away from her body. Now with the girl and her clit completely defenseless, the doctor very slowly began to sever the ultra-sensitive pleasure bud away from Drucella's pussy.


It was done. The doctor used a red-hot iron to cauterize the wound and stop the bleeding. This caused another series of wailing and pitiful shrieks. Venusia had witnessed the entire horrid event from her vantage point on the floor.

"I believe this is what you were after sweet Venusia," said the master as he held the severed nub of flesh up before her face. "You were eating it earlier, now you will east it once again, but this time for real!"

Venusia's mouth was forced open and Drucella's severed clit was dropped onto her tongue. "Now swallow you treacherous bitch!"

Gagging slightly at the taste of her lover's blood, Venusia swallowed the tiny morsel of flesh.

Then her master addressed the girls and the assembled men who were there to witness the debacle.

"And now a special treat," smiled the master, "Trista, my loyal slave who caught these two whores in the heat of forbidden love, has come up with a final form of punishment. I will grant her wish and reward her for her service and originality. Doctor; if you please..."

The doctor produced a very large golden ring and held it up for all to see. The sharp end was pressed into the base of Drucella's cunt and through the flesh until it came out of her ass. The girl's screams were now more desperate than ever before. No words were evident, only animal shrieks and unintelligible babbling could she manage through the haze of pain.

To this golden hoop a thick chain was attached then the golden ring was snapped shut.

"This will be your leash from now on," the master told her, "You will be led by your cunt henceforth since this was the source of your betrayal to me." Drucella, broken, weeping and castrated was taken down from the back-breaking suspension. Her hands were drawn up painfully high behind her back and tied there. The short length of chain attached to the golden cunt/ass ring was fastened to an iron loop on a nearby pillar. She could not stand fully since the chain was so short, nor could she sit or even kneel. Soon the muscles in her legs began to cramp as she half-squatted in her bondage. Soon though her mind was taken off her own pain when the doctor looked down at the harshly bound form of Venusia and smiling cruelly simply said, "Who's next?"


"Just a little softening up before bed my dear" said the old roman nobleman. Adalgisa did not know his name nor did she understand his words. She was captured in germania during a roman campaign there. He purchased her at the slave market and had owned her for over a month now, and though he had many other slave-girls, he never seemed to tire of torturing or raping his latest acquisition. Adalgisa gritted her teeth as the horse crop rained down blows upon her naked flesh.

Soon he would summon his eunuchs who would take the whipped girl to his bedchamber. Each night she was tied either spread-eagle or with her ass high in the air to allow for maximum penetration. A large O-gag was inserted into her mouth so that he could safely take her orally without the danger of being bitten.

"All your holes are only places for me to spew my seed," he said later as he pressed his gnarled but very hard cock into her ass. "Your entire being exists only for my pleasure." He rose then and pulled his shit-stained cock from her ass and moved around to face her. Adalgisa wept as she smelled her shit on the old man's dick but with the huge O-gag distending her jaws, there was nothing she could do except to accept the humiliation as he slid the filthy member into her mouth. He had done this to her before and she had thrown up all over him and the bedspread.

She had been hung upside down and given 20 lashes with a bull-whip as punishment.

So she endured the smell and the taste of the feces and the cum that always wound up in her mouth and on her face. Afterwards the old man would fall asleep with her lying next to him still bound and covered in perspiration while the sticky sperm dried to a milky crust on her lovely face.


Gustinian had finally won enough money gambling to buy himself a pleasure slave. He went to the market where, to his amazement, he found a mother and daughter who were both for sale at a discount rate.

Later at his villa with both girls kneeling on the floor he tried to decide which he would take first.

"Your whore of a mother looks like she's sucked more than her share of man-meat in her day," he said to the younger daughter, "so you hang right here and watch how it's done. The women were stripped bare and the daughter was hung by her wrists as her mother was forced to her knees.

"If I feel one tooth you old bitch, your 18 year old daughter will never see 19. understand?"

The mother nodded and went to work. She took the semi-erect penis into her mouth and massaged it carefully with her tongue and lips. Soon he was fully erect and pumping his cock in and out of her mouth furiously. Whenever the daughter closed her eyes or looked away, Gustinian would kick her in the stomach.

"Keep your eyes open young cunt," he scolded her. "You've got to be taught how to suck a man's cock properly and your mother is a great teacher. She's so good that I'm ready to cum! NNNNGH!! Don't swallow it old whore. It goes to your daughter!"

Gustinian gripped her by the hair as the sperm pumped into her mouth, and as ordered, she did not swallow or allow any of the hot goo to leak out.

Now grabbing the mother by her arms he hauled her to a standing position on the bed next to her daughter.

"Open your mouth little cunt," he ordered, "you're going to taste a lot of my cum around here, so you might as well get used to it."

At first she turned away but Gustinian would not be denied, so grabbing both of the mother's breasts, he shouted at the daughter. "OPEN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH OR I'LL RIP YOUR MOTHER"S TITS OFF!!"

Weeping now more than ever, the young girl looked up into her mother's eyes. She nodded at her daughter who opened her mouth. "Wider" she heard him say and so she did.

The older woman now began to drool the copious white seed into the daughter's open mouth. "Swallow it all or you will both be whipped!"

Trying not to gag, the youngster managed to swallow it all down. "Now share a long deep sticky kiss!"

After watching his two slaves perform this perverted act for his pleasure and against their will, Gustinian, to the horror of both mother and daughter, had already grown hard again.

"Okay mother," he smiled, "start licking your daughter's cunt. Get her nice and wet. Your virgin off-spring is about to find out what a man's cock feels like from the inside!!"

Posted on January 9th, 2009

"Brutus was too strong for Flavia. His latest slave, bought unspoiled from the nomad who raided her caravan, screamed as Brutus pushed himself into her wriggling body. The louder Flavia screamed the harder Brutus fucked her. He watched her tits bounce back and forth as he pummeled her torn ass. He grinned as her face wrinkled in pain. Her mouth opened wide enough to accommodate his cock and balls.


"Well," scoffed Brutus, "those days are over bitch. You're gonna learn all about life as a sex-slave, a pleasure whore. A cum bucket is all you are now; just a warm place to shove a cock!" As he said this he could feel his balls beginning to boil. He knew he would cum soon and he wanted her to taste his seed. He pulled out of her asshole and stepped up above her face. Flavia turned her head and shut her eyes and mouth tightly.

"Now now, there'll be none of that," Brutus said almost as though he were scolding an errant child, "Open that slut mouth wide or I will hang you by your feet in the village square where the people will stone you to death while you scream and beg for their mercy. Now OPEN YOUR MOUTH!!"

Flavia, once the daughter of a wealthy merchant, rich and pampered, now turned her face and opened her mouth to accept the vile fluid from her kidnapper's prick. Smelling of her ass the man's huge member dangled only inches over her face. Brutus smiled and began to grunt as he jerked off into the awaiting orifice.

"Ungh! Ungh! UNGH! Swallow my cum you CUNT!!" With this Brutus began to spew thick bursts of sperm into the terrified girl's mouth. At first she started to gag but managed to control her bile. Breathing hard and weeping, she swallowed all that Brutus gave her. Even when he spat into her mouth she did not resist but only kept swallowing.

Breathing heavily Brutus congratulated his new slave Flavia on a job-well-done. "You nearly threw up. That would have been bad for you unless, of course, you like licking your vomit up off the floor!"

"Now you get a little time to rest an eat as soon as you do one last thing for me..." Brutus lowered his wilting cock into the girl's still open mouth.

"No, not that. Please don't make me," Flavia begged.

"Once it took a woman two days to die," Brutus said, "as she hung by her feet in the square. The villagers around here like to hear a woman scream and jerk around as long as possible. They start by throwing the little rocks first. The big ones don't come 'til later."

Another threat and Flavia believed the savage man. She opened her mouth and took the filthy cock into her mouth sucking and licking until it was pink and shiny again.

"I'll send another slave in to bath you and feed you," Brutus remarked casually, "then you can rest for a few hours. You'll need your energy for tonight's orgy. I hope you like licking cunt as much as you like sucking cock, Ha Ha HA!"

Gina's tits were too small for the Sultan's taste but she did have naturally blond hair and long muscular legs so he decided to purchase her. "Her legs are strong and she is a good runner," the slave seller had promised, "she is champion in the long-distance race at her college. This western whore has just entered into her 18th year and will bring you many victories!"

The Sultan had a long standing rivalry with his cousin, the Emir of Padashay. He needed his new white whore to run faster and longer than his cousin's slaves. He wanted a winner.

"My cousin has won the games for ten years now," the Sultan told Gina, "I have searched long for a champion who can win the 4 day footrace between his palace and mine. This year I must win. A loss to me is even a greater loss to you. This I promise!"

Gina, who had been broken and trained for service, was kneeling before the Sultan with her head bowed, "Yes Master," she responded, "this lowly slave will win a victory for you."

"See that you do slut," he said in no uncertain terms, "or by my shame in losing shall bring you learn unending pain! You begin training tomorrow, but for now I desire your mouth." Gina crawled forward on her hands and knees as her Master opened his trousers. The soft cock quickly grew in size as Gina struggled to take it all between her lips. Today the Sultan was unusually gentle as his huge penis slid slowly in and out of Gina's mouth. Her tongue played along the underside of her master's prick where it was most sensitive. Usually her master was brutal and vicious. Gina was aware fully of this kindness. She was to be his champion and would win favor in the house of her master. Lovingly and long she serviced his member until at last he filled her mouth with his seed. Swallowing what he had given her, she knelt even lower with her head upon the plush carpet until her master had left the room. She would win, she must win. Great favor with victory. Complete and utter cruelty with failure.

The training began as scheduled. Always naked, darkly tanned and sweating in the hot desert sun she wore nothing but the finest running shoes. She could run hard for long hours without fatigue. If she slowed the Sultan, from his horse, would swat her across her muscular ass just hard enough to keep her at full speed. "Remember, there will be no one to spur you on once you are in the desert between our two kingdoms. The champion of my cousin will be your only companion. My spies tell me she is slow and stupid. Weak and white like most western whores. You can beat her. Victory will be mine and first wife you shall become!" Gina's heart raced with pride at his words.

Race day finally arrived. The Emir arrived with many slaves riding in the wagon behind his main entourage. After greetings and much ceremony, Gina was brought before her master and the emir. Her robes were removed and she stood naked before the two men and all of the slaves and spectators. Then the Emir's slave was brought forth. She was fully veiled in her black burka. Taller than Gina was this slave. She carried herself with pride and a self assurance that was not typically the custom of a slave. The woman raised her arms and a servant from behind pulled the burka from the up and off the body of Gina's competitor. Gina gasped. This was no weak white woman. This was a Nubian. Dark-skinned and heavily muscled in the shape of a champion runner. Her master's spies had been wrong. The Nubian looked at Gina. As their eyes met, the Nubian smiled.

The race began with the rifle shot. Gina paced herself allowing the Nubian to set the speed. Soon both girls were bathed in sweat as the morning turned into noon. Water and food had been placed along the way. Flags marked the route. After three days into the journey, the Nubian beauty began to lag. Gina tentatively took the lead for the first time. Her body ached all over, but she knew that this would be nothing compared to the pain she would feel if she lost. On day four, after a short nap, Gina rose in a panic; The Nubian was nowhere to be seen. The Emir's palace was within site on the horizon. As Gina redoubled her pace she saw the black runner rise up from behind a low outcropping of rock. Gina passed the other girl and never even saw the stone that struck her on the back of the head. The last thing she saw before she passed out was the Nubian squatting over her face. Gina tasted the salty urine and felt it coating her face and chest. Then merciful darkness.

But the darkness did not last. Gina had lost. The Nubian crossed the finish line with Gina nowhere in sight. Searchers backtracked the route and found the nude unconscious white girl lying in a heap. When Gina awoke, she felt the dull throbbing ache in the back of her head then realized her plight. The race was lost. All was lost. She was lost...

"You stupid cow," growled the Sultan when he saw her eyes open, "the Nubian tricked you. You bring disgrace upon my house and torture upon yourself!"

She stood now with neck and wrists bound in the upright pillory. The Nubian runner knelt at the feet of the emir, a collar around her neck with a dog leash in the hands of her master; they watched Gina's punishment unfold. The crop began to rain down upon the unprotected flesh of the white girl. Gina tried to remain as still as possible. She stood on a small table that threatened to topple. This would leave her hanging from her hands and neck. Gina begged her master for mercy that would not come. Eventually, the Sultan grew tired of Gina's half-screams and meaningless words. He gave a signal to a nearby servant who began to crank the pillory higher until Gina stood upon the very tips of her toes. The sultan led the servile Nubian over to Gina. "Service the white whore my black bitch," he told her. The Nubian pressed her lips and tongue into Gina's pussy. Gina grunted as the pleasure immediately began to spread through her loins. The pain of the crop rained down upon her back and ass. All the while the strain of not choking from the upright pillory made her calves and arms ache. The sultan watched Gina, and, knowing she was about to cum, kicked the stool from underneath her straining feet.

"Gukkk!" Gina grunted as her air was shut off. She was now in the full throes of a forced orgasm. She fought hard to hold herself up by her arms as the Nubian sucked and nipped at the white girl's engorged clit. An explosion of white-hot pleasure was pulled from Gina's jerking body as the strength in her arms began to fail her. Her neck bore more and more of the weight of her slender body.

"Look at my western slut cousin," said the sultan, "even in the throes of death she finds pleasure in the lathered tongue of your negress!"

Gina began to kick and jerk as the strength in her arms failed. Her eyes bulged and her face began to turn blue as more and more of her weight was transferred from her hands to her neck. Her mouth gaped wide and her tongue protruded. Her small tits bounced and jerked back and forth as she struggled. Next her bladder let go and she peed into the face of the kneeling Nubian. Her forced orgasm began to fade only when the darkness took her.

When she awoke again, she found herself with an iron collar around her neck attached to a short chain. She could not fully sit up, so short was the chain. Lying in a strange new dungeon with only a little light coming from a hole high above in the ceiling.

"Oh good," said a familiar voice, "you're not dead after all. I thought my master would have to feed your worthless body to the boars. Your master, the sultan was so angry with your poor performance in the race that he gave you to my master, who, in turn, gave you to me. I've always wanted a whore of my own."

Gina recognized the profile and voice now; it was the Nubian woman. "You are the lowest of all here, the slave of a slave. And all my pain and anger shall be taken out on you my western yellow hair slut."

Straddling Gina's face, the Nubian began to grind her shaven cunt against Gina's mouth and nose. Already having been broken to serve at the palace of her old master, Gina knew what was expected. She began to work her lips and tongue into the frothy crack of her new owner. The negress, with both hands, began to pull Gina's hair drawing the willing tongue even deeper into her oozing cunt.

The negress started to slam her groin into Gina's face and to squirt thick warm goo covering her slimy face with cum.

Climbing off the dripping face of her new slave, the black beauty informed Gina of her master's horse fetish. "Tonight you will ride the rack with your ass offered up high while the master's horses ride you. It will be a long night for you little cunt. My master owns over 100 Arabian stallions and when they have finished with you and you are covered in their slime, you will be the first to wear my brand"...

Debra was overdue back on campus. Everyone was worried. Especially Debra...

After spending a spring break with friends overseas, Debra was heading back to school. She was looking forward to plunging back into her studies at her college. Just one semester more and the nineteen year-old brunette would be graduating. She already had job offers streaming in. Her future was in the bag.

Her friends dropped her off at the airport with hugs, kisses and lots of presents but Debra had one extra present that she didn't know about.

Debra was standing at the check-in counter when a large black airport guard and a slender well-built female security officer grabbed her roughly and pulled her aside.

"What the fuck..." Debra said with confusion just before the tazer slammed into her rib-cage and knocked her down. Barely conscious she was dragged away to the customs office. When she got there her baggage was already being opened and pilfered by another larger fatter female guard. "Dyke" was the thought Debra had. The guards that had grabbed her cuffed her hands in front and raised them up high above her head to an awaiting hook. The slender woman pushed a button and a winch in the ceiling began to draw Debra up off the ground. The metal cuffs dug painfully into the flesh of her wrists as her feet left the floor. Debra's mouth was forced open and was filled with a huge hard rubber ball that was tied off around her head.

"We got a tip on you bitch," said the Dyke security guard, "Probably just a false alarm, but we can't be too careful these days now can we?"

They opened all of Debra's presents. She recognized the wrapping, the notes...but there was a new package Debra didn't remember seeing before. It was wrapped in plain brown paper and tied with a string.

Searched and Tried

"Hmmm...This one looks interesting," said slender-female-guard. "Let's see what's inside," Said dyke-guard.

Powder, lots of powder in plastic bags. Debra shook her head and protested around the huge gag.

"Yeah we know," said the slender female, "we hear it all the time...'It's not mine...don't know how that got in my bag'. All bullshit! Strip this American bitch! It's time for a cavity search." The dyke guard wasted no time at all making Debra completely naked. There were whistles and grunts of approval when her huge tits popped out of the bra that had barely contained them. Then the panties were ripped off by the dyke's meaty arm. "Look at this," she laughed, "this bitch shaves her slut's snatch! Well better start plugging up these holes. It's a dirty job but somebody's gotta have the honor!"

Debra's frantically kicking legs were grabbed at each ankle and spread wide apart; They were tied off to 0-rings fastened to the brick walls.

Greased hands and fists filled with pain pushed their way into Debra; The slender guard did her ass while the meaty fisted dyke slammed into her shaven cunt. Debra screamed around the gag, tears streaming down her face smearing her make-up.

The huge male guard pushed the two other guards aside and said "this cunt needs to get used to what she's gonna get a lot of when she gets to prison. I'll do my own type of cavity search!""

He moved in fast and grabbed two handfuls of perfect tit. Debra let out another muted scream as the slender female guard guided his immense cock into her greased pussy. He slammed into her hard making her back bounce off the wall over and over. Debra was so pretty, and the guard so horny, that he only fucked her for about a minute before he grunted and shot off into her bruised pussy. Dripping, naked and delirious, Debra was pulled down off the chain wall and carted off to jail. "Be a good girl " laughed the dyke, "and maybe they'll let me have conjugal visits."

The trial was over in less than an hour. Debra was not allowed to testify. They had gagged her this time with a thick leather bit. The judge just pronounced sentence and away she went. As she was bundled out of the courtroom, she saw three other white women awaiting their turn with this country's version of justice. They were cuffed and gagged just like she was. They all shot each other desperate looks but could do nothing to help each other.

Debra Makes New Friends

That night Debra was tossed into a crumbling jail cell with fifteen other women; six of which were white. What she saw now horrified her more than anything else she'd seen thus far. The white women were all on their knees licking and sucking other darker women. They were bruised and had obviously been beaten. The cell door slammed shut behind her as two other women approached. "Hey baby, got a girlfriend yet?" said a slender duskily complected woman with long black braided hair, "we will welcome you right and make you feel right at home."

Debra was forced to her knees as the tall slender prisoner hiked up her dress. "Suck me white slut!" she ordered. "We gotta give you American lesbians something to keep your mouths busy since we can't stand the sound of your whining." Debra looked around in horror. The sounds of licking and suckling as the dark women moaned coupled with the sight of the woman's cunt directly in front of her nearly drove Debra over the edge. She wanted to survive so, tentatively, she leaned forward began to lick. "Ahhh...that's right," said the woman, "we probably won't have to kick your white ass. Looks like you're already trained."

After a little while the woman began to cum. She grabbed the back of Debra's head ground her hips painfully against the pretty white face as the orgasm overtook her. That was when Debra snapped. She had been subjected to the most inhumane treatment imaginable ever since she'd walked into the airport. Her outrage had built and built until it overflowed like the cunt pressed against her face. Debra simply bared her teeth and bit down...

The resulting shriek of pain brought the guards running. The woman was collapsed cupping her bleeding labia. Debra, still kneeling, turned toward the guard. She looked like a vampire. Blood leaked from the corners of her mouth. Debra watched complacently as the guard brought his club down against the side of her head.

Debra: Punished, Broken, Sold

When Debra awoke, she found herself upside down and suspended from the ceiling like a fly in a spider's web. She was naked again and her legs were spread painfully wide. She became aware of someone standing behind her. "Ah yes, I see you have decided to join us." said a man's voice, "It's so much more effective for the people who watch when the prisoner is awake. The reactions to the procedure you are about to experience will be much more entertaining."

A loudspeaker sprang to life "prisoner 3998612, for violence and corporal injury to another prisoner of a sexual nature you are to be punished. You are sentenced to 30 lashes on and about your vagina and followed by genital mutilation and castration. Jailer, carry out the prisoner's sentence"

Debra began to panic. This wasn't just a strip search and a case of rape, this wasn't lesbian forced cunnilingus, Debra was about to get a slice and dice procedure in a fucked up prison halfway around the world from home. She twisted around just as the whip landed for the first time. The inside of one thigh was the target. The pain shot through her like a freight train. She bucked and jerked madly as the whip landed over and over again. Each stroke was harder than the last and each came closer to her most tender flesh of all. Soon her screams echoed around the chamber as the whip landed fully across her exposed cunt for the last ten strokes.

"P-please, please, no more, please sir," Debra begged as tears poured down over her forehead, "I'll be good, I promise, I'll be the best prisoner ever. I'll lick cunt and cock. J-just don't cut me please. I'll eat your shit PLEASE!!"

The jailer looked up into the galley. "She sounds sincere," he told the unseen onlookers. A slight pause ensued; Debra held her breath.

Once again the voice came on over the loudspeaker. "After much consideration and being the supreme justice of this prison, we have decided to continue with the procedure."

"N-NOOOO!" Debra screamed as she looked up and saw the blade drawn from the jailer’s robes. No anesthesia, no sterilization, just a thin smile on the jailer's lips as the prisoner twisted violently in her bondage. He kicked Debra hard in the stomach just to settle her down as he prepared to slice away her labia. The blood flowed down across her belly as slices of meat struck the floor. Debra, still out of breath and without voice from the brutal kick to her abdomen, cried silently as the final cut was about to be made. Spreading her clitoral hood, the jailer exposed the tenderest of all female flesh. Pinching it between the fingernails of thumb and fore-finger, he stretched the tiny morsel of flesh then neatly but very slowly sliced it away. Smiling now the jailer gave Debra a push on one shapely thigh causing her to swing back and forth. The cameras captured her look of horror and pain along with something else; a look of complete lunacy. Debra. hanging bleeding and mutilated had gone mad.

Once more the loudspeaker echoed "bundle her up nicely jailer, this white girl has been purchased by a local brothel. She will spend the rest of her young years tortured and fucked by clients who possess plenty of money and the most sadistic of desires."

Ahmad, the whipmaster, would spend his entire day interrogating the captured American spy. Already this week four other female spies had been captured and interrogated. Each of the women had betrayed the others. Each of the other girls were now for sale on the black market.

Cindy Whittaker, was the latest girl to be captured. She was supposedly a nurse, but she never visited the hospital. She was too busy bribing the city officials. If they didn't want money, Cindy was all too willing to give up her body for a little favorable information. First she would make sure the door was locked so they wouldn't be disturbed. Then she would slowly disrobe while her target watched. Now she would drop to her knees and slowly crawl to the man, opening his trousers to free his growing cock. Taking it into her mouth, she would work the man up to the point of orgasm. That's when the questions began and the information she needed was gained. She knew well the taste of middle-eastern cock and semen. She swallowed every time. never spilling a drop, disposing of the evidence one might say. She had even tasted the cunts of an older woman and her secretary in order to gain access to a file room where the records of all secret military activity were kept.

But her occupation came to a sudden end one day. She'd been given up by one of the other girls. She was brought before Ahmad for a little interrogation of her own. Ahmad loved his job. He was very good at it and had a 100% success rate.

"GHAAAAAHHHH!!" Cindy screamed as the strap landed over and over again, "PLEASE, I'm just a nurse here in your country for humanitarian purposes. AAAIIIEEEE! PLEASE! NO MORE!!"

"Then, western whore," Ahmad whispered in her ear, "I suppose you answer what I ask of you, yes?"

"I don't know anything, please I'm innocent," she responded. She’d heard rumors about the treatment the other girls had received at the hands of this terrible man and she wondered how long she could hold out.

"You are the most beautiful of all the spies I've been dealing as yet," Ahmad told her, "I think I will sample the pleasures of your body. Your screams and your pale western skin make it hard for me to concentrate."

'Finally', Cindy thought, 'here is something I can control. I'll have this prick eating out of my hand in no time.'

What Cindy didn't know was that Ahmad didn't just want to fuck her. He wanted to hurt her so that her screams would help him to enjoy the fucking so much more. Ahmad was a sadist in the truest sense of the word.

Suddenly to Cindy's surprise and everlasting dismay, she felt the handle of the whip pressed and shoved brutally into her ass.

"GHAAA!" she screeched, "What are you doing sir? I thought you wanted to make love now. Please take it out IT HURTS!"

Deep the whip handle had penetrated but still he pushed. She felt like it was tearing her up inside and whenever she screamed she could sense Ahmad enjoying her pain.

Next came the rings. Both nipples were pierced and fastened to a short chain that wrapped around the post to which she was tied. She had to hug the wooden whipping post to keep from tearing the light brown flesh of her nipples. Cindy begged and pleaded; she even tried threatening at one point but Ahmad only giggled softly.

Next, Ahmad the whipmaster, her interrogator, her master, reached up between her legs from behind and began searching between the cleft of her vagina for that most tender morsel of female flesh, the very center of a woman's physical sexuality. Cindy couldn't move around too much to avoid his probing fingers unless she wanted to tear the rings from her nipples.

Ahmad parted the hood and found her clitoris. He slowly began to work it gently between his fingers. He stroked her back and ass softly and Cindy found that in spite of the revulsion she felt for this man; in spite of the utter humiliation of being naked and abused by this man in full view of the city, in spite of it all; she was getting turned on by his expert hands.

"Yes my pretty American cunt," he whispered to his prisoner, "Ahmad brings pain and pleasure. Pleasure for a moment and then more pain!" The ring he held in his other hand tore through the nub of Cindy's clitoris.

"ARRRRRRGH...GHAAA!" her screams were heard for blocks throughout the nearby streets of the quiet city. "Please take it out...TAKE IT OUT!"

Ahmad only laughed as he ran another silver chain back between her legs and behind her from the new ring in her clitoris. He fastened it to the rear support beam of the whipping post. Cindy couldn't pull back because of the nipple rings, she couldn't pull down because of wrist restraints and she couldn't pull up unless she wanted to tear off her precious clit.

Ahmad grabbed the whip that was dangling from her violated asshole like some obscene monkey's tail and pulled. The whip came out as did another shriek of pain from the tortured girl. Ahmad lowered his trousers and stepped out of them. His cock, larger than any Cindy had ever taken into her mouth or cunt, now aimed at her inflamed anus.

Ahmad spat into his hand and rubbed his saliva all over and into her anal opening. His drooling hard-on now pressed against her protesting sphincter.

"No, No, Please NOOOOAAAAAIIEEEE!" The huge cock flew past the opening and deep into her rectum as Ahmad thrust forward. It began to stab at her colon as he slammed into her over and over again. He pushed and pulled her just enough to cause maximum pain to her newly pierced flesh.

He grunted loudly as he slapped her face and listened to her pitiful moans.

"We know there are others," Ahmad screamed into her ear, "I have you for as long as I wish. I will find them because you will tell me who they are and exactly where they are!" As Ahmad fucked her ass he periodically stretched the chain attached to her nipples or would step lightly on the chain stretching her clitoris. He slammed into her over and over going deeper with each thrust, stretching her ass out wider and wider

'He'll never cum' thought Cindy through her red-orange haze of pain. He'll just keep on fucking me 'til he kills me!'

She could smell his fetid breath feeling it' heat on her neck and back. His hands gripped her hips as he raped her. Faster and faster he pumped into her bowels. Her firm young body shook and trembled under the brutal assault.

"Please PLEASE YES! I'LL TELL YOU WHATEVER YOU WANT. Just please STOP!!" Ahmad smiled as he allowed himself to release and came deeply into her battered bowels. Cindy felt his hot cum filling her as she heard her voice. "Diana Edgewater, room 308, Sofia Davis room 217.....

The list was quite inclusive. In all Cindy gave exact names and room numbers of six other female operatives. All of the western beauties were purchased by a brothel only a few blocks from where they had been captured. Ahmad decided to keep Cindy for himself. He broke her in to be his personal sex-slave. She was rented out to both men and women who all sang praises to Ahmad for training her so well.

Eventually, when he had become bored with her, Ahmad sold her to the private brothel where she was reunited with the girls who were once partners in espionage, but now were only expensive cock lickers and cunt lappers to be used in any way a wealthy client might desire. Their days of pain and degradation had just begun...

“OK, let’s stop the whipping for a while and let’s make some love again… My arm needs a rest and I’m sure you’d like it better this time, you western slut!”


Erica thought she was going to the middle-east to be a model. At least that's what the ad had said. All she became was a model prisoner.

The sheik had wanted a white woman to make into a private pain-whore ever since he'd seen these American women on the websites. They would scream and writhe as they endured such soft contrived bondage. So he decided he wanted to see what western women screamed like when the torture was real.

"AAAAAAH!" she shrieked each time the crop landed across her ass. her painful restrictive bondage only added to her complete fear and humiliation. And with her ass so high and inviting it didn't take long for the sheik to climb aboard the contraption in order to sample her virgin cunt.

Erica's shrieks of agony sounded nothing like the women on the websites he had visited, so, in the interests of authenticity, and a huge sadistic streak, the sheik began filming Erica's torment on a daily basis and distributing it on the net to a very small ring of close friends. He wasn't in it for the money. It was just a hobby used to while away his idle hours. Soon Erica was joined by other pretty and naive white women who answered ads in the papers for gainful employment. All they gained was a place beside Erica. The torture they endured was real, their screams were authentic and the sheik was happy.

As he watched Erica lick the cunt of Vanessa, bringing the new bound girl to an unwanted orgasm, he began to wonder how these girls would look straining under the hard cocks of his camels. Tonight, he decided, he would find out...

Posted on December 14th, 2009

Maria, kneeling near the crowd of jeering drunken men, awaited her turn as her two sisters were first stripped naked, put on display and then rented to the highest bidders. Tina was already whored out for the night. The men who owned her for the next 24 hours wasted no time in hauling the slender struggling redhead off into a dark corner of the room where her muffled screams bore testimony to the pain and humiliation they were putting her through.

Racquel, with her hands tied and pulled crossways over her chest, had a more ample body. Her large breasts jutted out proudly from underneath her bound arms, slender waist, long amber hair and perfect ass and legs made her a prime target for the lust-filled men. The bidding started where Tina's had left off, so desirable was Racquel's struggling body.

She soon found herself buried beneath the naked bulk of the first warrior that would take her during this long savage night.

"GHAAAIIIEEE!" Racquel screamed as he bore his huge purple-veined cock into her virgin hole. "That's it girl," said her attacker, "scream and fight all you like. It's from conquest you were taken and your whore's holes should be a conquest as well. Ha, Ha, Ha!"

Then it was Maria's turn. She had hoped that the men had forgotten about her but they had saved the best for last. Although just 18 years old and the youngest of her sisters, she appeared even younger. Her slender body, small-firm breasts, bare hairless pussy, and angelic face was more desirable than both her sisters combined. To deflower this tiny virgin would draw a high price indeed.

With a savagely strong hand wrapped up in her thick hair, Maria was drawn rudely to her feet before the remainder of the crowd who weren't already busy fucking one of the other two screaming girls.

"The flower of her father's palace," cried out the auctioneer lustily, "the last and youngest virgin his line shall ever produce."

Earlier that same day, Maria and her sisters had been made to witness their mother and father as they were beheaded. Their heads were jammed onto pikes in front of the ransacked and burning palace.

"Who will enjoy her young body and take away her innocence forever?" Shouts swelled out over her sisters screams as the bidders were worked up into a frenzy for the honor of making Maria's body their own.

Finally the auctioneer shouted "Sold" and Maria found herself bent over the bidding table with her arms tied and stretched out in front and her ankles tied painfully wide apart. She began to weep bitter tears she but swore proudly to herself that she would not cry aloud; that she would not give these scum the pleasure of hearing her pointless pleas for mercy or screams of misery, shame and pain. But this was a promise she was unprepared to keep as, from behind her, she heard the whistle of a large whip and, a split second later, felt in tear across the her back. At first no scream, true to her word she tried to remain, but after the third blow landed squarely into the exposed teen's ass, striking both holes hard enough to draw blood, Maria's vow was immediately forgotten. Her screams of desperation were the shrieks of a madwoman. She had never experienced true pain in her brief life, so such a brutal and savage initiation into her new life held horror like she had never imagined in her darkest nightmares.

The whip-man moved to the side but still rained blows down on her back as her "owner" stepped up behind. Jerking and pulling frantically against the ropes that held her there, Maria could not see the leviathan monster that bobbed freely and fully erect mere inches from her hairless royal cunt. Positioning it's dripping purple head against her virginity, the man grabbed Maria by her slender hips and, with one brutal savage thrust impaled, the girl up to his balls.

No scream this time. Not at first. Her eyes, round and streaming, stared ahead seeing nothing. Her mouth, open wide and fixed in a rictus of unspeakable pain, made no sound. Then, when the man drew back out with only the head still buried inside her widely stretched vagina, Maria finally found her voice. The screams she had promised not to make were nothing when compared to the wild, insane shrieks that tore from her throat. A throat that would soon know the taste of many men, a face that would soon be glazed with their seed. As the man pummelled the small 18 year old body of the princess Maria, a line began to form. Other bidders were qualifying for a turn with the bucking heaving body of the unfortunate girl tied to the auction table...

"Higher, lift the cow higher," shouted the Earl. "She must be flawless if she is to enter into my service!"

As Lita's feet left the ground, the pain in her wrists and shoulders became almost unbearable. But she made no protest as she struggled to breath. The marks on her tender white flesh had been laid there to train her to hold her tongue.

She wept bitter tears as the old man's fingers poked and prodded her body.

"A wonderful specimen." he remarked casually, "She even has all of her teeth. Very rare among her class."

When he spread the folded lips of her sex to check the status of her virginity, he spent more time than was necessary. Lita sobbed openly as he softly massaged her clitoris. She was ashamed that the old man could make her wet so quickly.

"There, there my sweet," the Earl said with mocking sincerity, "your soft skin and beautiful curves will make you the most sought after girl at this weekend's party. And that useless thing called 'virginity' that you have protected for so long, will make you even more popular since your sweet young pussy will be so fucking tight!"

Then, turning to the old slaver, "wrap her up and deliver her no later than 5:00 pm on friday. and see that she arrives bathed, fed and unsullied. This little pig must be in excellent shape and ready to entertain my guests with her body and her screams. By Saturday evening her cunt and ass will both be wide enough to accomodate a country ham. Listening to her shrieks as we take turns using her pale flesh as a canvas of pain will entertain my guests fully."

The horrified Lita still said nothing as she listened to the old man's description of the rest of her young life. The Earl reached up and, grasping a nipple in each hand, pinched hard and pulled.

"YAAAAAAAAARRRGH!" Lita screamed as twin fireballs of pain shot through her sensitive breasts.

"Yes indeed you pretty peasant slut," he said to Lita as she swayed back and forth, "you will be well received and warmly welcomed by the sadistic rulers of your county. You will find out that all the terrible rumours you've been told all your life are not even half the story.

Placing guards around the crucified prisoners was commonplace in ancient Rome lest they be freed by family or friends. But Amelia had no friends and her family was all dying on the crosses around her. The short time she had left in this world was to be spent in the company of a drunken roman sentry and eventually carrion fowl.

"Please sir" Amelia begged from the cross, "please, I'm so thirsty, just a little to drink kind sir."

The drunken roman soldier, staggered over to Amelia, "Absolutely, dear lady," he told her, "I have just the thing." Then, glancing around to be certain he wasn't being watched, he grasped the base of the cross and, grunting, lifted it out of the ground. With a final push, he allowed it to fall backwards. Amelia bounced with the wood banging her head painfully. She lay flat on her back still attached to the wooden beams staring straight up into the cloudless Roman sky. The guard, muttering to himself about the stupidity in wasting such a beautiful piece of ass, began untying her ankles. He drove his spear and his sword into the ground on either side of Amelia and, stretching her legs painfully wide, secured her ankles to them.

"Before you drink, I think I'll think I barter for a little taste of what your whore's body has to offer." The soldier removed his belt and with the buckle end began to slam it down across Amelia's young firm tits and belly.

"AAAUUUUGH!" she screamed as the belt buckle bit into her left nipple, "P-please stop please, AAAIIIEEE!!"

Laughing and sweating the roman soldier finally decided it was time to feel his prisoner from the inside. Kneeling between her widely spread legs he opened his tunic to reveal his large erect cock. Amelia saw the dripping tip of the huge penis and it's huge length and girth. It was the first time she'd ever seen one. "N-No! Please don't. Let me die with dignity please," she begged although she knew it would do no good. The body of her mother hung across the road from her and Amelia had seen her body ravaged twice by this pig of a roman before he finally let her die.

Pressing himself forward now he parted her labia and began to force himself into her cunt. She screamed again at the violation as she felt herself being split slowly in two. He took his time, inch by inch he pressed himself inside her revelling in the way she shook and bucked in a vain effort to dislodge him.

"You're much more entertaining than your whore of a mother. Her cunt was wide and sloppy from birthing you and your sisters but she still moved well enough. Did you hear her moan like a whore when I made her cum?"

Amelia didn't answer. Yes, she'd heard her mother moaning when the soldier took her. But she knew it was from disgust and utter hopelessness and not from sexual arousal. And now it was Amelia's turn. She moaned as well as tears streamed down her face.

After a few moments the roman pulled out of Amelia's ruined flower and stood over her head. "Now for that drink I promised you bitch!" he laughed.

Jacking off violently, he began to spew his seed all over her face. Amelia blinked too late as huge ropes of the slimy goo splattered stinging into her open eyes.

Then, all of a sudden, the soldier lost his smile and stood up straight grasping at his back. He stared up at the sky for a moment then fell next to Amelia with a single black-feathered arrow in his back.

Along the rim of the hill she saw nomads on horses and camels. They swiftly untied Amelia and bore her back over the hill.

'I'm saved' she thought wildly, 'I'm free!' But from the frying pan into the fire she had been delivered. She was bound againand tossed into a skin-covered wagon. Other women, all naked and beautiful glanced over at her as the caravan began to roll off once again.

"You look confused," one pretty dark-haired girl said to Amelia, "Maybe you thought you were rescued? No. Better to have died on the cross than to have been taken by these people. You're very pretty, unlucky for you. We're bound for the brothels far to the east of here. You'll have years to spend beneath one man or another before you're just another worn out whore trying to sell herself on the street..."

"UUUNGH! Please take me down," Ariel begged her master, "I'll do anything you wish! The sharp edge is splitting me in two!"

"Well, you do seem repentant but are you serious?" asked Ariel's master, "or is this just a ploy? You suck cock readily enough and quite well I must admit. I've rarely seen a whore who goes after a man's seed with such wanton abandon. But you embarrassed me quite badly when I asked you to eat the cunt of the senator's wife. You refused a direct order and insulted not only myself but also the wife of that very powerful roman official. The entire orgy came to a standstill when you disobeyed my command."

Ariel had been punished astride the wedge now for over 12 hours. Her tightly clipped nipples, which had only hurt a little at first now throbbed incessantly with every beat of her heart. "Alright master, I'll give her oral pleasure, I'll lick and suck every inch of her body, just please let me down from here!"

"I intend to do just that sweet Ariel," master told her, "but first you must be punished in front of the senator's wife. Given, she is a fat pig of a woman, but a woman of power must never be denied. Incidentally, she is quite taken by you. Everyone who comes to enjoy my house always wants a turn with you.

"In another six hours she will come by to visit. At that time she will take this crop and make you sing a concert of pain. She will also give you my brand across your left buttock. Then I will lend you to her for a full month. What could have been a fifteen minute sexual encounter last night has now turned into a prison sentence in hell.

"By the time I get you back, you will know how to to suck a camel's cock and take a horse's prick up your ass. The senator's wife has trained many slaves in the past and practices the most debased and depraved forms of punishment. Think about that while you wait for her arrival.

"No, master please no!" Ariel begged, "Please don't give me to that woman."

"Sorry Ariel," master responded, "but all whores like yourself must learn their places. You will be with her 24 hours a day for a full month. She will lead you about like a dog on a leash. Your tongue will grow sore from licking. Your ass and pussy will be quite larger than they are now. But take heart, you'll see me often enough. I wouldn't want to miss your first encounter with the senator's horses. They are specially trained you see. You will be mounted from behind by each of his 24 arabian stallions. One right after the other. Your grunts and screams as you pull against the ropes that fasten your sweat-soaked body to the rack will entertain all who attend the orgy at the senator's house. I wonder what it feels like to have a horse's cock rutting around savagely in a woman's pussy. You must remember as much as you can so that you can describe it to me from your point of view. Oh Yes, I almost forgot the best part; after all the horses have cum inside your body, a huge bowl catches all that leaks out. You are forced to drink this while the crowd toasts your performance and drinks champagne. Goodbye Ariel. I only hope that when you return to me you are still sane..."


His wife was busy in the stables with a new girl who seemed reluctant to eat pussy. The senator, hearing the girl's screams became quite horny and decided to take a little time with his latest acquisition; a beautiful 18 year old girl named Evangeline. Her father owed millions in taxes and had been forced to sell his daughters. He'd purchased this one at market only the previous week and this was the first time his busy schedule allowed him a little playtime.

Servants had dragged her from her cell and tied her to a pillar in the courtyard. When the senator eventually showed up she tried begging and pleading, but not a word did he utter.

"EEEYYYYYAAARRRGH!" was the response that the senator was after. The crop was his instrument and her screams were the lyrics to the song he had come to love so well. 'Sweet naked child' thought the senator, 'so innocent, and still a virgin. How beautifully the crop marks your pale flesh. How wonderfully you sing and dance.'

He would eventually fuck her. His maid-servant stood nearby with scented oils and a ready hand to help the old man gain an erection. But not yet. Not quite yet. Evangeline's thrashing and struggling was quite refreshing after making love to so many jaded sluts and trained whores at the orgies he an his wife attended. This was special. Training a fresh girl. So very special indeed.

A strong flick across one nipple, then a quick stroke across an inner thigh followed by a swift expert slash up between her legs that splashed wetly into the cleft that almost hid the opening to her womanhood. Her screams rose in power and desperation. Yes, he would fuck her soon enough, she would be trained to service men and women alike (his wife would see to that) but just watching her dance about, hearing her sing; this was enough for now...

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Harem Whore part 1. Miriam betrothed

Miriam had been promised to Al Hakam since birth but had been raised in the west where women are allowed to choose their mate. As Miriam grew up she became aware of a lust she had for women. At an early age she couldn't wait for gym class to be over so that she could see the other girls naked in the shower. Later, when at home in her room, she would masturbate imagining that some of these other girls were her slaves. In her fantasies, they would all kneel before and obey her very inventive and cruel commands (all of which were sexual in nature).

She'd become less and less interested in having a "rutting beast of a man shoving his cock up" her cunt. She'd been talking like this to her girlfriend Janet one day in her room and about how she would never marry Al Hakam.

Her father, who had come home early that day, was listening on the other side of her closed bedroom door and heard every word. He also listened intently as Miriam and Janet made love a few moments later. He even heard the sound of Janet's pert naked ass being spanked by his daughter.

"They will pay for this." the father swore quietly to himself, "They will both pay dearly!"

Miriam disappeared one week after her 18th birthday and was never heard from again. Her father would not be disgraced by his insolent daughter or her whore of a girlfriend. Whenever anyone asked, they were told that Miriam had been sent to a private school back east. In truth, it was a school of sorts and it was back east but no one dreamed just how far east.

Soon people forgot about the beautiful Miriam. Everyone except her lover Janet and, of course, her new husband Al Hakam.

She was married by force to Al Hakam but refused to allow him to touch her.

"I am a liberated woman and a lesbian. I do not like men," she declared, "You have forced me into a false marriage and you keep me as prisoner but you will never know the pleasures of my body!"

Miriam wept at the thought of never seeing her beautiful sweet Janet again.

Al Hakam only smiled. "As you wish my little dove," he told her, "You shall be treated according to your desire."

This puzzled Miriam as Al Hakam turned and left the room. He'd waited for her all his life and now he would allow her to refuse him sex without even an argument?

But soon Miriam came to understand the meaning of his words. The doors to her chamber burst open and ten women of Al Hakam's harem burst in. They quickly brought Miriam to her knees and stripped her of all her western attire, then tied her nude body in such a manner as to make her very accessible from behind. Al Hakam walked back in the room now with another woman whose form was bound and concealed beneath a white sheet.

"I have decided to allow you to reconsider your decision to deny me your flesh," he told her, "otherwise I will take my pleasure from the woman you see behind me." At first Miriam suspected that the woman under the sheet was just another of his wives. She soon learned the horrible truth when Al Hakam's harem tore the sheet away from the woman's slender body and revealed the identity of the person held captive beneath.

"Nooo!" Miriam gasped when she saw her blond lover Janet. She stood bound, gagged, naked and terrified before her. She had been whipped and branded with a mark that meant 'Slave to the Harem'. She'd been given to Al Hakam's women!

Welts, still an angry red from the very recent whipping, stood out vividly against the light tan of her skin. Two strokes of the whip had landed squarely across the precious light brown nipples Miriam had licked and sucked so often.

Weeping with wracking sobs, Miriam turned toward Al Hakam. "Take me master, my body is yours. Please do not my Janet any more."

Al Hakam laughed as he approached his bound bride. "You have chosen wisely my little lesbian whore. Know that Janet, although our prisoner, will be safe and unharmed as long as you continue to fulfill your wifely duties."

With this he spat upon the cleft of Miriam's firm ass and spread the thick saliva around her hole. "First you will learn pain for your punishment before your bitch cunt will be broken and honored with my manhood."

Positioning the head of his cock against Miriam's anus, he grabbed her hip and a handful of hair and jerked forward brutally. With one savage thrust, he rammed past Miriam's clenched sphincter and impaled her on the full length of his huge cock.

"GGHHAAAAIIIEEEEE!" The wracking sobs turned into loud shrieks of pain as her tight rectal passage was violated and stretched. Janet, still bound and helpless to intervene, cried bitter tears as she watched Miriam's body jerked back and forth as the man slammed into her over and over again. Finally Al Hakam grunted as he emptied his balls into her bowels.

"Remember this day you stupid bitch," said Al Hakam to his bleeding bride, "here you have no liberties or rights unless I give them to you. Tonight after you have been cleaned and bathed I will take you in a manner befitting a man of my stature. I will tie your rebellious ass to our wedding bed and break open your cunt. Your friend Janet will stand bound, blindfolded and heavily gagged next to the bed. She will hear your screams and your eventual forced pleasures at my hand. The sight of her naked whipped flesh so near to you will remind you of what you have lost and what you must do to keep her safe. You will never lick her soft white hairless cunt again. You will both grow old here but will never enjoy each other's company. So close you will be but never again will you feel her embrace. That, I think, would be punishment enough, but I love to see you bound and to hear your screams."

Al Hakam noticed that his thick cum was leaking from Miriam's ass and puddling on the marble floor. With a single motion, three of the dark women from the harem untied Miriam and forced her onto the floor pushing her face next to the white goo.

"From my balls to your bowels; from your ass to the floor; from the floor into your whore's mouth," Al Hakam said with a grim smile, "Lick with gusto bitch or your western lesbian bitch loses her clit!"

Miriam and Janet exchanged horrified glances. After only a moments hesitation, Miriam lowered her face and extended her tongue. With her lips she sucked up the noxious liquid. She noticed flecks of brown and red in the cum. Pieces of her own feces and a few drops of blood from her torn and brutalized ass. She managed to swallow it all down without vomiting. She even had to lick the floor to capture any she might have missed.

"Clean up my new wife," he commanded the women of his harem, "bathe and perfume her. Then chain her spread-eagle to my bed. She and I will properly consummate our marriage in a few hours after I get to know the blond lesbian Janet a little better..."

Harem Whore part 2. Janet enslaved

Al Hakam surveyed the 18 year old Janet, who had been left naked but for the ropes that bound her wrists to her knees. She knelt on hands and knees too afraid to move, the American beauty only trembled slightly. Something was coming. Something bad was about to happen. The waiting was almost enough to drive her mad with dread anticipation.

There were two of the dark harem women standing on either side of Janet awaiting orders from their master. These were older, more mature women. They were trusted and experienced in dealing with new slavegirls.

Finally the silence was broken. Janet did not understand the language but she understood the intent soon enough. She saw the large golden hoops and knew their purpose all too well.

Once in a happier time and place, Janet had asked if Miriam thought that peircings would be a good idea. "Married people only get one wedding ring," Janet had told Miriam, "We can have as many as you like. My nipples, my tongue, my cunt, even my clit." Miriam had always been the dominant one and that was the way Janet liked it. The thought of turning herself literally into Miriam's slave had always made Janet more than just a little wet.

But now the slavery was real. One women grasped a large breast and pulled it painfully to one side. The other woman found the nipple and inserted the sharp end of the hoop through it's base and out the other side.

"NOOOO-AAAAGH!" Janet's scream was met with laughter as the ring was snapped shut. Next the other breast was pulled roughly to one side and the process was repeated.

"You will experience many such things." Al Hakam told Janet, "the brand you've been given and the many rings you will wear signify that you are a gift to my harem. They will use you at their discretion and you will please them in any manner they require at any time day or night. But that shouldn't bother you too much. After all the time you spent with my Miriam, you should be most experienced in giving pleasure to your own sex."

Al Hakam roughly slapped the large and freshly pierced breasts that hung from Janet's chest. She grunted, the women giggled and Al Hakam began to undress. He licked his lips as they swung back and forth. then he tested the rings by pulling them sharply in opposite directions.

"GHAA!" Janet felt one tear slide down her cheek as she yelped in pain and fear. Then she heard her master's voice whisper in her ear. "Ask me to fuck you...beg for it you bitch! Let me know that you want it or I'll rip these new rings free of their moorings!"

Janet, decided not to call his bluff and began to beg for his sexual attention.

"P...please fu...fuck me Master. Please honor this unworthy slave with your c...cock." A white girl, so easily taken, branded and enslaved begging for his cock. Al Hakam's hard-on raged; long drops of pre-cum leaked from it's tip.

Then, pushing Janet roughly onto her side, he began to force himself into her virgin cunt. This was the first time in her life that a man had fucked her and it hurt. Al Hakam was very large and he liked to fuck rough. Especially this one. This white whore who had tried to steal his woman, his betrothed, his Miriam!

"AAAAAIIIIEEEEEAAAUUUGH!!" Janet screamed as the monstrous ram of Al Hakam breached her maiden-head. Her flower was taken as the cock pressed forward until his balls rested against her ass. He paused there long enough to savor the moment. The first brutal thrust into a haughty American virgin and a lesbian at that! Al Hakam gyrated around, probing her insides, prolonging her humiliation and shame before he pulled his cock back to the tight entrance of the white slave's pussy. Then, with the dark purple head still inside her, Al Hakam slammed into her even more roughly then before. Janet screamed again, shrieking with pain. She began to struggle but the rough hemp ropes held her still as she was impaled over and again on her master's rutting prick. She felt as though she were being torn apart; hammered in two by the monstrous onslaught.

Soon Al Kakam felt his urge rising. He thrust into her more quickly; more brutally than ever. Then, with one final thrust, Al Hakam grasped her right hip and gave her everything he had. This nearly knocked her off the bed but Al Hakam held on tight bruising Janet's ass as he emptied his load into her. He wrapped her thick blond hair into one beefy fist and pulled her head back until Janet faced him. He slapped her once brutally across the side of her head.

"G-GGUUUNGH!" She saw stars and was only dimly aware of the thick wad of saliva that he spat into her blankly staring eyes. When he pulled out of the hapless teenager, he pushed her roughly onto the floor. With his penis no longer inside her to act as a plug, Janet felt the sticky warmth of his seed spill from her cunt along with the blood of her ruined virginity. As with Miriam, Janet was forced to lap it up and suck it down her throat.

When she was finished she heard a Al Hakam ask ; "Who is you master? Who will fuck you anytime he pleases? Who owns you, sorry excuse for a whore?!"

"Al Hakam," Janet replied weakly but clearly as she knelt with her forehead on the ground toward her master. 'Al Hakam is m-master of my body, and is always w-welcome to use this slut in anyway he p-pleases." Janet wept openly as she stuttered out her fearful allegiance to this brutal man.

"You will be in the care of my trusted harem from this point forward. Please them well and do exactly as you are instructed. Failure to comply to even the slightest command and I will personally slice off your clit. If you speak out of turn you may well loose your tongue. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master, I understand," Janet replied still bowing low.

With a few curt words to the two dark harem women he turned and left the room. The two females who had pierced Janet's nipples, carried her gently out of the room and into the harem quarters where they tended her wounds and bruises.

In years to come, Janet would learn their language starting with a few rudimentary commands such as lick, suck, swallow, crawl, kneel, etc.

She quickly began to enjoy her position as harem slave. Here she was in constant demand and spent her time in the company of multiple women. She was made to serve but was also forced to cum. This was meant to humiliate her, and Janet pretended that it did, but her secret wish had been granted. She had always wanted to be bitch to a Dominatrix and here she was owned by all. Janet was happy here even without her Miriam and although they never saw each other again they did, on occasion hear each other scream...

Beloved Betrayal

Nicole, bound naked and vulnerable to the pillar of the punishment room, screamed loud and without shame as the hot iron burnt into her flesh.

"You know the penalty for disobedience and for treason to your owner," said Rashad to his once favorite slave, "and even though I have given you great favor in my house you still speak out against me. Why have you betrayed me thus?"

In truth, Nicole was innocent and had always done her best to serve and obey her master's every command. This made Rashad's other native wives jealous and so they conspired against her. Nicole had denied all charges fervently but Rashad had even found a roughly drawn floor-plan of the palace with all the exits circled. It was folded and secreted in her bedding. A perfect thing to have if a slave were planning to attempt an escape. Nicole had never seen this before. It was another part of the plan the other wives had hatched to snare and depose the white western whore.

"I have three new white girls not yet broken for service. Your screams and the modifications you are about to endure should bring them more readily to their knees." Nicole held her breath as the iron neared one defenseless nipple. Her body quivered and shook as she anticipated the pain.

"AAAAAEEEEE!!" All the slaves heard her wail of pain from the next chamber where they waited. The new white girl-slaves trembled and clung to each other at the sound, but the conspirators only smiled grimly.

A moment later and the awful shrieking was repeated as the other tender pink nipple was burned away. Nicole smelled her own flesh burning. The other burns along her legs and torso had merely been foreplay. And now the most tender flesh had been left for last.

Almost as all over, Rashad parted the lips of her sex and began to massage the soft morsel of flesh that was her clitoris. The iron was back in the coal brazier, the room still stank with the scent of her burnt breasts.

"P-Please master," Nicole stammered, "I would never betray you. You are my beloved master. I live for and love only you!"

"Silence whore!" Rashad said raising his voice above her begging, "If you truly love only me and wish to remain here in my service, then you know that these modifications, which should have been performed long ago, will not keep you from serving me with your body. The only difference is that you will not benefit from the sensual pleasure you have been so graciously given."

Rashad took up the iron rod from the coals and brought it near to the now damp cleft between Nicole's legs. He had been massaging the tiny button of flesh and, inspite of herself, her body betrayed her. Nicole's large clitoris was now standing full and proud. Slowly the iron was brought forward. Babbling pleas for mercy and promises of love and loyalty spilled fast and desperate from her lips but still the iron approached; it's tip glowed white-orange in the dim light of the punishment chamber.

"No, Please Master pleeeee - AAAAAUUUUUGHH!" the tip of the rod pressed against the nubbin of damp flesh and burned it away. Shrieking and convulsing, Nicole's entire body thrummed and bucked against the ropes. The wound was cauterized immediately by the heat from the iron as a small tendril of smoke drifted up in front of Nicole's eyes. It was the vaporized remains of her clit, the last she would ever see of it.

Her bladder let go and she urinated down her legs and onto the cold concrete floor. She was fully castrated now. All of her major pleasure centers burned away. She was less than a slave now. Simply a whore; a warm place to place one's cock or cunt.

Nicole would still greet guests that came to call. But she would bow at their feet instead of sitting next to them as near equals. At dinner she would sit on the floor waiting to be fed scraps or crawling under the table cloth to answer the sexual needs of any man or woman who might feel a craving for a naked broken western whore with a talented tongue, nimble fingers and a mouth eagerly waiting to swallow anything that came inside...

Eastern Bazaar. Western Women

The Eastern Bazaar is a very popular place for the richest people to meet and sample the latest captured flesh. It's a special event. It only taking place 4 times a year and in a different place each time. A real social gathering for the richest men and women with special needs. Whether you want a black male for labor or a white woman for sexual service, you can find it all here. Lucy and Sarah are the first to be purchased. They kneel on the rattan mat, their asses aglow from a recent caning; a warning of what is to come if they try to escape (and no one ever escapes). The fear among the white women is so thick you can taste it.

More than 6,000 people go missing every year in New York City alone. Who would miss these girls. They were all runaways. They hate the place where they come from. They run to escape abuse from a father who took liberties that were not his to plunder. Sometimes they run just out of boredom from a small town that held no real future. They all wind up in New York or Los Angeles looking for the plastic life that they see on TV.

The pimps and exporters wait at the bus stops in the Big City for their prey to show. Some will end up walking the streets for the pimps bringing in money that their "Johns" supply for a quick blow-job in his car. But when the "Exporters", the dark men from the middle-east, approach a girl, the pimps fall back. The pimps are tough but the exporters are tougher.

"Riches, glamour and a life of excitement await you in the middle-east where white women are extremely popular." They tell the most beautiful girls how they could easily be in the movies there and, after only a few years, come back to America with enough money to retire and live a pampered life of ease and opulence. These men are slick, well-groomed and very good at convincing a young naive woman that the world can be her oyster if she will just come to the airport and board the charter jet that waits there just for her. Once on board and in the air things change dramatically. The small towns they'd run from seemed like heaven compared to the beatings that commence immediately as their crash course to slavery begins.

Lisa stands in manacles before the crowd. Even after a week with a hard trainer, she is still defiant. This will appeal to some buyers who like a challenge. She is purchased by Sadur the black Sheik from Africa. Mutilation is his preferred method of dealing with defiance, especially when it comes to white western women. Breaking them down is a passion of his. Lisa will be seated high on a metal chair in the middle of his village. Through a hole in the seat a pointed metal rod slowly rises as the metal chair is lowered. The defiant girl feels the greased and pointed rod enter her ass. Soon Lisa is be defiant no longer. All the other female slaves, white, black and tan all sit and watch as Lisa begs for mercy. Lisa learns to suck cock and cunt almost immediately when the pole begins to bite into her bowels. Further incentive is supplied by the girl in the next seat over. The pole protrudes from her mouth as her sightless eyes stare into the blaring desert sun. She is one who would not give in or perhaps just a plaything the Black Sheik has grown tired of.

Ann Marie modest and virginal is inspected by her new owner. "This one has wide hips and will bear you many strong sons," the slaver proclaims, "and even if she proves infertile, just think of all the fun you can have with her tight young body for years to come! Her screams are most exciting!"

There are other slaves here who are not for sale. Jessica and Vanessa kneel in classic slave position awaiting a man (or perhaps even a woman as the case may be) who requires oral servicing.

"Never shop for food when you are hungry," shouts their owner, "and never shop for a whore when you are horny!" Laughter is the first response but after a good look at these waiting oral slaves, a short line begins to form as the girls are put to work. The buyers will think more clearly when their balls are thoroughly milked and their lust has been sated. Soon the girls, both very pretty and well trained, are covered by running trails of semen. Their faces are glazed and their stomachs are full. Their day has just begun. Gallons yet have they to drain.

Come, there is much more to see! A public whipping takes place at noon where Omar, the whip-maker will display his wares and demonstrate a variety of his whips on the naked flesh of another western girl. And Look! A slave-girl is being mounted and bound to a rack with her ass to the sky. Her savage screams resonate throughout the village square as the trained stallion climbs aboard for a ride of his own.

The Bazaar really comes alive after dark when white prostitutes are rented away for the night.

But around midnight is when the screams and shrieks of the women will begin in earnest. Rayada the rich and brutal dominatrix is in town. No white woman is safe when she walks the streets of the Eastern Bazaar...

Her step-parents and legal guardians Donna and her new husband Ronnnie played the part of the grief-stricken relatives very well when little Shelbi turned up missing. She had just turned 18 and had so much to live for. Why, oh why would someone take her?

"Please release her," Donna said to the watching TV cameras, "We'll pay anything for her safe return." Her tear-filled eyes were very convincing. But Donna and Ronnie had made out like the bandits they were. They now were the beneficiaries of Shelbi's life insurance policies, and a very large trust fund. On top of that, they'd made quite a bundle when they'd delivered her, drugged and unconscious, to the dark middle eastern man waiting at the ship-yards. People searched for months, Donna and Ronnie put up posters and were seen everywhere Shelbi could possibly have gone. They handed out photographs and begged people to help. The news cameras followed them everywhere. They were great actors and the police cleared them of any suspicion of wrong-doing.

Little Shelbi was everything that Imbab the Shiek wanted. He liked little tits and skinny white girls. She was perfect. He had seen the pictures. Imbab's spokes-person, made Donna an offer. Ronnie told her to ask for double the amount. Imbab's spokesperson agreed. Donna and Ronnie were now extremely rich and Shelbi was a slave sucking cock in the deserts of the middle east.

She hung naked now by one wrist. Her shoulder dislocated. One leg hung free. Her left wrist was tied to her right ankle behind her back.

Pain was all that registered now. But things were about to get a lot worse.

The shiek spun her around slowly until the rope that held her suspended was knotted and wound up tight. He then let her go. As the tiny pale body began to spin faster and faster, Imbab began to beat her hard with the crop. It was hard to believe this tiny little fireball was truly his slave. Shelbi, although she'd already had her 18th birthday, appeared to be a mere adolescent. She was short with small budding breasts and a slender frame. Imbab was a pervert, no doubt, and liked his girls to look young.

"GHAAAAA. NO P-PLEASE STOP!!" little Shelbi begged. Of course this meant nothing to Imbab. Hearing her pitiful screams and pleas for mercy was exactly what he wanted. Why, other than to fuck her tiny tight body, would he even consider ending her torment?

Next, as the desert sun began to set, she was hung by her ankles with her legs spread wide with hands tied tight behind. Now the pain really began to escalate as Imbab started to bring the crop down hard across her inner thighs and eventually into the fleshy cleft of her cunt.

"GHAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEE!...NOOOOOO!" Her shrieks redoubled as one particularly vicious blow landed directly between the lips of her sex with the full force of the strike landing fully on the poor girl's clitoris. Shelbi whimpered

Her face, and in particular her mouth, was at the exact level as Imbab's crotch.

"You will suck cock for Imbab and Imbab stop whipping American whore, yes?" Shelbi nodded her head emphatically. At this point she would gladly eat shit if it meant an end to the pain. Imbab dropped his whip and his trousers. His huge cock was bobbing directly in front of Shelbi's mouth. Still hanging upside-down with her hands and elbows tied behind her back, she took his dripping member into her mouth. She tried to suck him using her tongue and all the skills she'd learned from the horny boys back home, but he had other plans in mind. Grabbing her ears he began to fuck her head. Slamming his black cock into her throat like a battering ram. Over and over he crammed his salty prick into her mouth. With each thrust his balls slapped against Shelbi's nose. She began to suffocate as the combination of saliva and pre-cum was pumped up into her throat blocking her air supply. She tried madly to push out the slimy mixture. It oozed from her mouth and down into her eyes. It shot out through her nose. Her frantic struggles became weaker. She was dying and Imbab knew it. He kept skull-fucking his little slave until he came into her throat.

By now Shelbi was unconscious. She hung there, not breathing with streams of cum and spit drooling out of her still open mouth, off her face and into the dirt.

Imbab checked for a pulse on her neck and felt a light one. He punched her hard in the stomach and caused her to cough up the cum that was strangling her. She gasped in air as her eyes fluttered open. Screaming and coughing at the same time, Shelbi fought for breath.

Imbab cut her down allowing her to slam onto the rough ground.

"Now Imbab fuck new slave-whore." He rolled Shelbi over onto her hands and knees. She glanced over her shoulder and was aghast to discover that the old bastard was already hard again. His cock was still slimy and dripping from the brutal throat-fucking he had given her and he used this as lubrication to plow easily into he virgin pussy. Again he brutalized the poor girl as he plunged his huge cock repeatedly into her hot depths. Her small tits and tiny ass bounced firmly back and forth as he

finally he came again. Shelbi could feel his hard-on spasm deep inside her body. Imbab pushed her roughly to one side then, grabbing her by her hair, dragged her into a nearby horse stall where he manacled her ankle to a large post.

"Here my little bitch, rest while Imbab sleeps," he told her. "Soon I break open your ass and tomorrow we start all over again!"

Shelbi waited until the old man was out of sight then tried to free her ankle from the manacle. It was very old and made of rusty iron. But it was thick and strong and so were the chain and wooden post. Shelbi fell back in the dirt weeping. How long would the old prick sleep. Would he feed her anything besides cum? Would she even live to see the sunset again over the desert dunes?

Imbab sent four messengers out before he fell asleep. Four other shieks were invited to share in tormenting his newest western slave. Early the next morning Shelbi saw them coming. Each of the four shieks had a naked and manacled white girl. They were leashed and collared. Their eyes were downcast. Imbab appeared smiling.

Kicking her roughly with the bottom of his sandaled foot he said "Time to rise cunt. You have new friends to meet..."

Wednesday snatched from a college campus on her 18th birthday, then a ride on a private jet. Friday the most popular whore in the infamous Pain Brothel in the sun scorched valley of Gardun somewhere in the middle-east.

"GHAAA! Not my ass! Not there please. Just my cunt Master I beg of you!"

Julia had been instructed and fairly warned that any man who took her was to be called Master and any woman Mistress. The men were all allowed to go first as is the custom.

"Poor little bitch," the nameless man told her as he pounded her nether hole, "You're just a whore now. Tonight you are being trained by the best customers. You will learn to do as you're told or you will be punished. And if you think the men are cruel, just wait until the women get hold of you. They've been holding a raffle upstairs, $100 a ticket, to see which of them will have the honor of castrating you. Whore's are not allowed to feel pleasure here at the Pain Brothel. You serve and you scream. Learn now how to shut your whore's mouth until I need you to clean my shit-stained cock with your tongue."

"UNGH! Why am I here what have I done?" Belinda gasped between staggered breaths, "Please, you've got to let me go!"

"UUUUNGH!!" The crop landed hard across her sensitive nipples once more. Her small firm breasts shook from side to side as the crop swatted them ruthlessly.

Belinda had been spotted in the bazaar by the local warlord. He decided he would have her for his own. His master trainer Deraun now saw to her instruction.

"Shut your whore's mouth stupid white cunt. You are property now like a car, a carpet or a goat. You will hang from this cross for two days for training. You will be taken down long enough for a quick fuck whenever I desire it. Then you will be washed and presented to the Warlord who now owns your filthy body. You will be whipped and beaten continuously while you hang here. This will teach you your place. The cross and the dungeon will always be ready and waiting if you should fail to please your Master. Now scream if you wish bitch! Your Master listens from yonder window and he loves the sound of white whores in pain."

Again the crop landed, "GHAAA!" Again Belinda screamed. "AAAIIEEEEE!!" and again and again...

The next day Belinda was hung upside down with her legs spread wide. Deraun made sure that her screams were louder than ever as the crop rained blows onto her defenseless thighs and cunt. Before she was finally taken down and bathed, she was given the warlord's brand with a hot iron. When presented to him she fell to her knees and awaited his command. Another slave broken to serve.

Privas, A famous hotel heiress made the mistake of not observing the traditional dress code of all women when she visited the middle eastern city of Irad. She laughed when presented the Burkah and threw it back in the face of the concierge. When Privas walked out the front door of the hotel lobby in her short dress and breast high halter top, she was spotted at once. Thirty minutes later she was in the city's notorious prison, serving what would become a life sentence.

First she was stripped, tied, whipped and beaten. Her screams were heard throughout the prison. She soon became well acquainted with the taste of cunt and cock since she was frequently taken and used by other female prisoners and any guard on duty. Each day she was stripped and beaten in a variety of ways in full view of the other prisoners and guards. She was kept naked and was always either being used or spending what little time she had alone to heal until the next orgy or punishment session came again.

“You’ll feel better in this place, western whore. Here you won’t be required to wear the Burhah... or any other clothes... you’ll be stark naked until the day your miserable life ends!!!”

After three months, she was fattened and placed in solitary confinement so that she would be in shape for the market. She was brought out once a day for conditioning. She was made to jog the prison perimeter, do push-ups and sit-ups. Afterward she was tied spread-eagled, still sweaty and wet for 30 minutes on her back and 30 on her stomach. They wanted her skin tan and her muscles fit yet feminine. After a month of this, she was sold to a sheik from a neighboring country.

Upon arriving at her new home, Privas received a celebrity greeting. She was tied standing spread-eagled in front of all, the Sheik, his wives, palace staff and guards. She was used to this from life at the prison but was not ready for what came next. Privas saw the rings and started to panic. She was tied most tightly though and no amount of struggling could loosen the knots that held her spread between the two posts. With alcohol to sterilize her (but no anesthetic), Privas was pierced through both nipples, her nose, her tongue, her clitoris and her navel. Finally one large ring was pressed through the back of her cunt until it came out of her ass. Her shrieks of pain were considered great entertainment to all who watched eliciting great laughter and mocking catcalls. To this large cunt2ass ring, was attached a huge spiked iron ball which she was made to wear for her first full day as palace whore.

A chain was attached to her nose ring and she was lead like a dog from the Sheik (who made good use of her recently acquired oral skills) to his wives who took turns beating her, pulling her rings to make her yelp, or simply forcing Privas to eat their cunts or asses.

Privas still lives with the sheik and his wives. If you go on vacation to the middle east and pass by an old palace in the desert, listen closely. If you hear shrieks and screams followed by cruel laughter, you'll know you have found her. If you pay tribute to the old sheik and become his friend, perhaps you'll be invited to use her as well...

Mary was back in front of the sultan. Her previous welts from the crop had all healed and her skin was unmarred. She was bound and made ready for another session.

"This time we start with her cunt M`huar," said the old sultan, "And make it hard, she is still new and screams with the lightest touch to her feet or her delicate white ass. She must become accustomed to the rigors of her new life as a slave. No more 'equal rights' no more 'civil liberties'. Not even clothes unless she first earns them. Begin the punishment!"

Mary screamed before the crop even began it's savage arc toward the precious sensitive flesh between her spread legs. She jumped and struggled trying to twist and shield her pussy, but M`huar was an expert at immobilizing a victim as well as striking exactly what he aimed for.


Mary screamed almost continuously as twenty-five strokes slapped viciously against her unprotected cunt.

At ten she had stopped begging; at fifteen her bladder let go and she urinated on the tile floor of the chamber. Finally at twenty five, Mary fainted; her head lolling back with her eyes closed, her mouth open wide, with tears drying on her cheeks.

She awoke kneeling with her elbows tied to her knees and her head pulled up and back. Her hair had been braided and tied to a thick metal ass-hook buried deep inside her rectum. The bondage was painful but she dared not complain.

The sultan knelt before her with his robes open and his huge erection bobbing in front of her open mouth.

"Say the words," the old man commanded, "and spare yourself further pain. Just say the words..."

Mary could see M`huar standing beside the sultan this time armed with a cat-o-nine tails. To the end of each strand was attached a sharp metal barb. Mary wanted no part of that and so she disappointed M`huar but pleased her owner the Sultan.

"Please Master," Mary began to recite the words she'd been taught, "Please allow this humble whore to pleasure you with my body in any way you desire. I live only for your pleasure and I am only fulfilled when you are pleased with me. Honor me with your cum please master."

A single tear fell from her eyes as Mary finished saying these words. Another tear fell when the huge cock slid into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged a little at one point but the Sultan did not mind. Soon he began to fuck her head in earnest.

Mary was rocked back and forth as her mouth and throat were jammed full of her master's cock. Mary worked her tongue frantically along the underside of the marauding throbbing meat that slammed into her mouth.

Eventually the old man groaned, then grunted as he pulled out and shot his cum across her face.

Mary was then required to say the same words to each of the other eight men in the room. Last of all was M`huar still carrying his cat-o-nine. He lay it across her back while Mary sucked his dark veined cock. The leather strands with the metal barbs dangled between the cheeks of her heart-shaped ass. M`haur was the cruelest of all as he throat-fucked Mary viciously stabbing his thick prick into her mouth. He made her gag and drool heavily with each thrust. When he finally pulled out and shot across her face as the others had done, he slapped her across the ass hard enough to make her gasp.

After all nine men were finished with her, Mary's was left alone in her bondage with her face and hair completely covered in sperm from her forehead to her chin. The thick cum slowly rolled and dripped onto the floor with the consistency of white honey.

Left alone and broken for service now, Mary would never deny her master, the sultan, any pleasure or service.

"YAAARRGH!" Celine shrieked as the hot iron singed into the tender white flesh near her navel.

"You slouch when you walk bitch," Ahmad shouted at the terrified American girl, "You don' t sell because every one thinks you are crippled!. We shall see if a day with your spine tied nearly to breaking can improve your posture!"

Celine felt another stroke of the iron touch high on her inner thigh.

"AAAAAAUUGH!" All the other slaves trembled as they heard Celine's primordial shrieks of pain.

"Yes, that's it you stupid spoiled cunt!" Ahmed said laughing, "Scream as loudly as you wish. Together we can teach all the slaves a lesson without having to beat them at all. This way I can spend more time with you."

Celine's chest heaved with racking sobs of terror, humiliation and pain. Her wrists felt as though they were being torn apart, her hands has lost all feeling and she was thought that her back would surely break. Her once lustrous wavy blond hair hung lank with sweat behind her.

"You are beautiful like this with the burn marks on your tits and so near to your cunt. Would you like to feel the iron slide up your whore's hole?"

Celine screamed at the question. The mere suggestion terrified her. She knew Ahmed would stop at nothing to punish unruly slaves.

Only one week before, during the last auction, his entire slave galley had been assembled to watch the punishment of an Italian slave girl who had been returned by a dissatisfied buyer.

"She absolutely refuses to lick the cunts of my other white slaves," the man had complained, "she embarrassed me badly before my dinner guests. Please train this bitch or give me a new one!"

The girl, Natalia, was tied to this same post and her tits were pierced. But not just her nipples; both breasts were impaled from side to side at their base next to her chest. Next, a large iron rod was pushed through. The screams of the tanned European beauty had made Celine's blood curdle.

The men and women who had come to the auction laughed and cheered as Natalia was lifted off the ground by chains attached to each side of the thick rod through her breasts. The entire auction was held while the girl was suspended with her feet at least six feet off the ground. Periodically she was whipped and spun. All the while she hung from her tits by the iron rod. Celine estimated that the slender girl only weighed about 105 pounds and that if she'd weighed much more, her tits would probably have split in half as she tumbled back to the ground. But Ahmad was a professional and would never waste slave meat unless he absolutely had to.

"These burns will heal in two weeks," he said to Celine, "they are light and not deep. You will stand straight and proud and you will earn your way into the household of the man or woman who buys you. If you are returned to me for bad behavior, I will remove your skin for the entertainment of my guests. You will still be alive to see your own flesh made into a pretty wall hanging. Celine knew that he was serious. Before she was sent back (walking tall with perfect posture) to the holding cells, she had knelt and licked another female slave to orgasm and swallowed Ahmed's copious load of sperm after he had fucked her mouth.

"There see my pretty white whore," Ahmed told her as the cell door closed, "no more pain today and you've even been fed with a special protein blend of slave cunt cum and my own precious seed. Your burns will heal and you will make one of my clients very happy. Just think of little Natalia as she was led away by the leash attached to the rod that impaled her small breasts. Yours are the same size as hers were. Do not disappoint me..."

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Run From You No More

Porcia was a pleasure slave. Although treated fairly and given considerable liberties she had decided to run from her rightful owners. Once captured she had been punished and all her liberties suspended. Then one dark stormy night, she slipped past the palace guards vanishing into the stormy darkness.

Three weeks later Porcia was captured once again. Her owner knew she would need special treatment. A slave was a valuable commodity, especially one as young and beautiful as Porcia.

Aggripina was contacted and agreed to take on Porcia's tutelage.

Aggripina was a patrician's daughter who had earned the reputation of knowing how to train even the most stubborn slaves. Whether man or woman, she took great pleasure, both professional and sexual, from beating them into submission and then teaching them how to perform.

"You belong to me for the next month little slave," Aggripina said to the semi-conscious Porcia who hung tightly spread eagle from the veranda. "I enjoy whipping your firm young body. You scream well. It excites me to watch you jerk and struggle against the chains. But I know a few beatings will not be enough to accomplish your training. I have special plans for you."

Porcia had been given no food or water for the last two days. This was a partial punishment. A weak slave was more compliant than one strong and well fed.

Aggripina rested in comfort now regarding her suspended slave as she wielded the long crop. Porcia knew how completely vulnerable she was and this was how Aggripina wanted it.

Just taking pleasure from a slave like Porcia is just what they expect. This they can endure and recover from. It makes them tough; it makes them rebellious. But to instill utter humiliation makes for a more obedient slave. Aggripina believed that forcing one such as Porcia to cum was the way to train her. Periodic beatings, constant confinement, little food, and multiple orgasms would do the trick.

Aggripina untied her robes and walked naked to stand before Porcia's hanging body. Porcia looked down at the roman woman in all her decadent glorious splendor. She saw the evil smile and despaired.

"There, there sweet Porcia," Aggripina cooed softly, "don't worry. I have a very pleasant surprise for you."

Aggripina began to rub Porcia's inner thighs. She shuddered from the sudden soft and sensual touch.

'It's a trick,' Porcia thought, "The bitch will start hurting me again any second!'

But she was wrong. Aggripina's long fingernails softly stroked the girl's satin flesh coming closer and closer to her vagina. She leaned in and blew her hot breath against Porcia's cunt just before she extended her tongue and began to lick. Porcia was certain that Aggripina would bite her clit or do something equally cruel but only soft skilled sensuality continued. Aggripina knelt and began to suck Porcia's cunt with wild abandon. Her hands now ranged up over the slave's belly and to her full breasts. They wound like snakes around the hardening nipples and began to twist and squeeze just enough to make Porcia moan with pleasure. Porcia had never been pleasured by her other owner. He just fucked her and then put her away sore and leaking his cum. This was something unexpected. Her hips pushed forward almost involuntarily as a smoldering fire there erupted into flame. Porcia began to cum in waves. Her fluids cascading onto the beautiful upturned face of Aggripina. She dragged over a chair and stood on it. Now face to face with the weak girl, Aggripina kissed her full on the mouth. Porcia smelled the woman's heady perfume as she tasted her cum flow from Aggripina's mouth into her own.

"Not done yet sweet dove," Aggripina whispered into Porcia's ear. Her hand found the sopping cunt once more and began to work her fingers there again.

"No More," Porcia begged, "not so soon. Please let me rest" But she received no rest. For a full hour Aggripina stimulated the slave girl forcing at least 20 orgasms from her exhausted body, The final time Porcia came, Aggripina forced her hand deep into the slave's cunt and touched nerves Porcia did not know she had.

"GHHAAAAAHHH!" Fluid shot out of Porcia's vagina like a fountain as she orgasmed and passed out.

"Ah good, This one squirts! Take her down," Aggripina said as she dried herself off with a towel from the chair. Two male slaves waiting nearby helped bring the unconscious slave girl the the floor.

"Bathe her and fit her for an iron collar and chain leash. Then take her to my bedroom. Fasten her leash to the bed and chain her down well. Tonight I will feed her, give her drink, and then make her cum until she passes out again. Then you two will relieve me while I rest. This pleasure slave must become a slut; a whore who craves nothing in life other than the touch, taste, and smell of sex."

For the next 30 days, Porcia knew only a few whippings or beatings. She was the main attraction in a continuous orgasmic orgy. When she returned to her old master, Porcia fell to the ground and kissed his feet.

"I will drop by once in a while to see that Porcia is doing well," said Aggripina, "keep her chained and well sexed. She's a whore now and craves nothing but the basest of sexual desires. Porcia, your slut, will run from you no more..."

Sins of the Father Passed On . . .

The deposed senator who had spoken openly against great Caeser now suffered a grave penalty. He lived just long enough to see his wife hung by her breasts and fucked by the marauding pretorian guards. He witnessed his daughters dragged from their beds and stripped naked of their gowns just before their virginity was shredded by the largest cocks in the roman army.

Begging did no good. By Caeser's orders the women endured this treatment in front of their father as punishment for his remarks on the senate floor.

After the women had been fully dishonored and lay shamed and weeping on the floor, a scroll was unrolled and a soldier read: "for the high crime of treason against Caeser and the people of Rome, the senator Marcus Augustinius will lose all the assets of his estate and possessions, including but not limited to all live stock. His horses, cattle and his wife and daughters are part and parcel under the the list of said livestock. After witnessing the dissolution and siezure of the estate, and the dishonour of his women, he is to be executed immediately."

The blade slashed and crimson flowed as another life passed into a dark chapter of Roman history. But not so for the women. The wife and mother Antonia, was left hanging by her ample breasts (which had now turned a dark purple) for two days. She was visited often by any who wished to exact a grievance or perhaps just wanted to fuck the once proud and still beautiful woman. After she was brought down from her bondage and cleaned, she was sold to a germanic trader who took her north to an uncertain fate. At last sighting she was being led behind the caravan on foot by a chain around her neck. She had been given the slaver's personal cattle brand. She was naked, whipped and wailing.

The daughters would earn their way in the homes of the senators still deemed loyal to Caeser. Appointments were set up and the girls were busy every day and night.

Nina the dark haired sister, youngest of the two, quickly learned her place and how to use her body to please even the most perverted request. Although it grieved her to be poked and prodded by the old men, and humiliated her to wallow in their seed, she still preferred it to the feel of the whip.

Andromeda the blond, however was a different story. She refused to comply with any order. She still believed that she was entitled to the royal treatment of a senator's daughter.

"You witnessed your traitorous father's execution you stupid cow," senator Auralieous sneered, "that was the end of your special life. Now you are just a whore to be used as we see fit. Watch as your sister services our needs. She knows her place. She wears no bonds and earns her way as a palace slut. You will earn your way too whether willingly or not. Spread her out!"

"AAAAAUUUUUUGH!" Andromeda screamed as the crops began to land across her tender flesh from both front and rear.

"Bring the sister. It's time she showed this rebellious cunt what she's learned." Nina crawled between the spread legs of her sister and began to suckle at her ravaged pussy.

"Nina, please don't do this," Andromeda wailed, "please stop...Ungh...p-please don't make my this. It's sick and perverted. This''s...Ungh...Oh... oooohhh!"

Andromeda, rebellious to the end, had finally succumbed not to the threats, torment or the total degradation brought on by the injustice of her sexual enslavement, but instead to the lips of her own sister who sucked in all the juice her blond sister could produce. Nina felt a man press his cock clumsily against her ass as her mouth flooded with her sister's cum. Without a moments thought she reached back between her parted legs and guided the monstrous phallus into her slimed and oozing ass. He slid in smoothly although painfully and began fucking her roughly as Nina continued to service Andromeda's throbbing gushing cunt.

"Make her swallow her own juice," shouted one man laughing, "That should humble the haughty whore."

Immediately Andromeda was pulled to the ground by three men who forced her to open her mouth beneath the face of her sister Nina.

Slowly, deliberately, Nina drooled the collected cum from Andromeda's forced orgasm into her open mouth. Andromeda's first reaction to the taste was to struggle and close her mouth. A fist against her cunt and a word of warning and she gave up all sense of pride and hope.

Doing now as she was told, Andromeda swallowed all that her sister gave her. She looked up dejectedly into the eyes of her beloved sibling and saw that the bright joyous light of young womanhood had been replaced by something else.

Was it lust that she saw there? Nina licked her lips a the last few thick drops flowed into her sister's mouth and then, to the cheers of the watching men, she leaned down over the still open mouth of her horrified sister, and spat a thick mucous filled glob of saliva. Andromeda wept openly now but willed herself to swallow even this. Nina then pressed her moist lips against those of her sister.

Andromeda returned the kiss. The two embraced each other as lovers. Andromeda had accepted her place as a slave and a whore and another cog in the wheel that was ancient Rome.

No Pity to the Vanquished Goes

"Please", Julia whimpered, "Please use your spear and end my suffering."

"Oh yes pretty little bitch," said the first soldier, "we'll all use our spears, but not the ones you beg for. Death you may encounter but not today. It's not often we see a beauty like you strung up here. You're gonna get to feel the warm meaty spears of at least 50 men."

Julia knew the kind of "spear" to which the jocular roman soldier referred.

Taken slave by the roman's from her village and sentenced to die here, Julia had also been given to the soldier's who'd fought to defeat the enemy. They would use her until they tired of her.

"More are getting in line," said one soldier glancing over his shoulder, "apparently word about our pretty little cum-whore has gotten out. She's gonna get to know at least a hundred centurions before we mount her back up there to drain. And then tomorrow, who can say?"

"There's more than fuckin' that can be done to a condemned whore like you dear Julia. We'll see just how well you beg after we've ripped out your tongue. You'll scream plenty and bleed more than a little before you finally feel the tip of my metal spear cut a swath from your jism filled ass out your whore's mouth. But don't worry, I know how to miss your heart. You'll live for hours impaled on the stick of roman supremacy. Your dead rotting body will stand as mute testimony to all who would defy Rome!"

Julia screamed as the first men ravaged her young body. The rocky ground cut her tender flesh as she was pummelled by the seemingly endless line of sweating soldiers. Soon the screams turned to grunts then just harsh gasping breaths as she endured the first night of debasement at the hands of 128 Roman soldiers.

With the dawn she saw more lining up in an endless queue that vanished over the hill.

Before it started again, Julia was watered and fed. "Can't have you passing out now can we cunt? We like to feel our fish wiggle a bit as we sink in our hooks. And who knows, if you live through another day or two as a meat puppet, I might just buy you myself. I'll take you home to entertain my dogs and horses. Ha, ha!"

The Artist's Hand

"AIIIIEEEEEUUUUUGH!" Rowena screamed as Nero's staff slammed into the meaty part of her thigh.

"My, how entertaining you are," he remarked casually, "the last girl I had in your position was most disappointing. She screamed once and fainted dead away. But you are quite resilient. You've remained conscious during all the torment I've put you through. And I haven't even begun to mark your perfect breasts or the very inviting cleft of cunt spread open before me like a tin of caviar.

Rowena had given up on begging three days ago. This had only inflammed the passions of the mad Emperor. It only resulted in more serious and spirited beatings. But even then he took his time. He stopped often like a painter before a canvas considering where the next stroke of his brush should land.

"Just think dear Rowena, I haven't even fucked you yet, and although I am tempted, I will restrain myself until every inch of your perfect body has been marked."

With this Nero brought the thin end of the sceptre down in a mighty arc across her face.

"GHAAAAAAIIIIIEEEEE!" wailed the girl. Never had she felt such pain. At least not until the next strike fell against her exposed cunt. She bucked and flailed in her inescapable bonds as the white hot explosion of pain shot into her bran llke a runaway chariot. The third stroke came screaming down across the nipples of her firm flawless breasts.

Again Nero paused watching his slave bounce and swing from side to side in the throes of her torment.

"Such an inspiration you are dear Rowena," he told his slave, "with only a single simple tool, I have transported you into a region of exquisite agony. I think now that the other end of my staff should come into play. Let us see if you scream more loudly from the whipping or from the broad end of my staff as it is drilled deep into your open ass.

"She fought the intrusion with all her might and Nero, never in a hurry, let her maintain her anal privacy for a few moments. Finally though, the contest between metal and flesh reached it's inevitable conclusion. The straining sphincter gave way as the head of Nero's sharp staff pushed it's way deep into Rowena's anal cavity.

He had his answer. Her screams were so loud and frantic now as the jagged metal head of the staff rutted about her bowels that Nero actually had to cover his ears.

He left her there for the night with the end of his staff protruding from her ass like a tail.

"Tomorrow I think I will fuck you as a reward for being such an entertaining slave. Your performance today was the best yet!

Grunting and weeping, beaten whipped and violated, Rowena hung taught in her bonds swinging slowly from side to side as Nero walked casually away. Each second moved by like an hour as Rowena waited for the dawn and another day at the hands of the Sadistic Emperor of Rome.

The Punishment of Isaura ~ the Pleasure of Laelia

"MMMMMMPHHH!" Grunting loudly around the huge gag in her mouth, Isaura endured the first beating of many that were to follow.

"You will learn your place you adulterous whore", her husband had sworn when he caught her in bed with the gardener. He arranged for her to entertain the entire population of his village. And so Isaura was hung suspended by her ankles before the people who had once been her subjects.

"For 20 sheckles," her husband shouted out to the crowd, "any among you will be given five minutes on the platform to use my whore of a wife in any way you choose. The only limit I place, is that you do not kill her. She will live a long and painful life as a paying whore for the betrayal of my love!"

Laelia, one of the few women in attendance, made her way slowly to the front of the crowd. She watched as the first man stripped off her cloak and began whipping her viscously with a long leather crop. The sound as it struck her back and legs was sharp and short as opposed to the sound made when a softer portion of her body was struck.

Laelia watched licking her lips as the man made his way around to her front and began slapping her hard across her beautifully bound breasts. The ropes made them stick straight out full and proud. They became a prime target. Seeing the crop slapping into the flesh of beautiful Isaura's breasts made Laelia quite wet. She wanted to use Isaura's helpless body as well but in more inventive ways. In ways a woman would find most painful and humiliating.

When the man's five minutes were up, other's began vying for a turn at the dangling girl before them. But Laelia could not contain herself, so great was her lust. She pushed past the man in front of her and leapt onto the stage. She tossed her 20 sheckles onto the platform and began to disrobe. Isaura watched the nude woman approach. Even from her upsidedown point of view she could see just how beautiful Laelia was. Slightly full figured, but very shapely with large breasts and wide hips. Muscles rolled beneath her skin as she walked slowly, almost leisurely around the hanging body of her victim. She was obviously a peasant woman from the threadbare robes that she wore, but sadism knows no social rank when presented with such a tempting morsel.

She grabbed a handful of Isaura's thick black hair and pulled the gagged girl's face up against her cunt. Laelia spread her legs as she did this and, to Isaura's horror, her face and head was being squeezed between two strong thighs which held her in place against the fleshy and odorous cunt of the other woman.

Isaura grunted and struggled madly but Laelia only squeezed harder. Then the unthinkable happened. Laelia let her rather full bladder go. Isaura couldn't believe at first what was happening, but the smell was undeniable. Soon her face and thick black hair were drenched with piss. It went up her nose and, since Isaura could not breath around the gag, she began to choke. She was forced to swallow the urine that flowed through her nose and into her throat.

The crowd was absolutely wild with cheering and catcalls. Two beautiful naked women. One defenseless, completely helpless; the other a sadistic woman who was the very embodiment of a true dominatrix

Eventually the flood of piss subsided and Isaura was freed from the vice-like grasp of the other's thighs. Laelia gave her a mighty shove sending Isaura swinging way out over the crowd. Drops of fresh urine pelted people in the first few rows. This also elicited laughter from those who were fortunate enough to have avoided the yellow rain.

But now the crowd fell silent as Laelia caught Isaura like a slab of meat hung in a butcher shop. The girl's legs were spread. She was in no position to defend herself. Laelia brought up a hand and began to rub her victim's cunt. Softly, ever so sweetly and gently the fingers probed and twirled. Woman to woman the hands of an expert brought the humiliated Isaura to the brink of unwanted sexual release. She was very wet. Fully lubricated and ready to gush when Laelia suddenly stopped and removed her hand. She licked her fingers as though tasting a good vintage of wine. Her eyes closed as she savored her victim's taste and scent.

As disgusted as Isaura was to have been manipulated at the hands of another woman, especially while bound, naked, pissed on and in front of at least 100 people, she was also frustrated that the surety of the orgasm had been denied her.

She wanted the hand back to finish what it had so nearly given her. Isaura had never been told to be careful what you wish for...

Now the hand was back. Isaura closed her eyes and waited. Surely this time she would be made to cum.

Mmmmm Yes! The fingers began to twirl and massage the most sensitive flesh once more. Isaura was so wet that the sticky fluid began to leak down her belly and between her breasts where it mingled with the still wet urine on her face and hair.

Laelia's five minutes were long over but the crowd took no notice. They were seemingly hypnotized by the wanton display before them.

Then, just as, Isaura was descending into a mind numbing orgasm, Laelia repositioned her hand so that it was pointing straight down at Isaura's cunt. Then she turned her hand into a fist and plunged it into the warm wet tunnel of Isaura's flesh elbow deep. Isaura bucked and twisted wildly, The intensity of her orgasm juxtaposed with the unbelievable pain of the arm that slammed into her cunt was more than she could bear.

"MMMMMMMPPHHHHHGGGGHHHHAAAAAAMMMMMPH!" Isaura thrashed about wildly like a huge fish caught by a merciless fisherwoman. Dimly she could hear the crowd gasping and cheering madly at this show of extreme sexual abuse. Laelia began to slam her arm in and out of the dripping frothy cunt that sucked almost greedily at her arm. Every finely toned muscle in Isauria's body stood out against the gleaming tanned skin. Twisting and quivering, her eyes open fluttering with shock, pain and pleasure, Isaura finally passed out and hung limp. Involuntary muscle spasms jerked here and there as Laelia with a slick sucking sound, slowly withdrew her cum soaked arm from the unconscious body of the young woman. Fully 15 minutes had gone by. But it wasn't really that long when one considered how completely Laelia had broken Isaura down. As a final act of indignity, Laelia grabbed Isaura's hair again and began to slide her nose and mouth back and forth against her own wet cunt until she managed to cum over the suspended girl's face. Then, donning her clothes and glancing once more at the twitching form of the unconscious Isaura, Laelia stepped from the platform and vanished into the darkness.

The night though was young, and 20 golden sheckles was a small price to pay for 5 minutes with a beautiful, albiet exhausted girl like Isaura. The crowd surged forward as a new successor mounted the stage. Isaura awoke shrieking when the first savage blow of the bull-whip split her clit in two....

Posted on February 27th, 2009

Intimate Betrayal

Angela, a young heiress, had been abducted while on an overseas trip with four of her best girlfriends. Her pretty friends were immediately sold to local warlords and land owners but Angela came from a very wealthy family. Besides being beautiful she was worth more than her own weight in gold.

A note had been delivered to her step-father threatening that the girl would be used as a human toilet in the brutal brothels of the middle east unless he delivered up a sum of 5 million dollars.

Her step-father hired private-eyes and put his contacts in the middle east to work at once to locate the girl.

After a month had gone by without the ransom money, true to their word, the kidnappers delivered Angela to the most savage whorehouse in all the middle east. White women were especially rare and hated, and thus, were abused more than any of the other prostitutes in the house.

What Angela did not know was that her step-father never intended to pay her ransom. Instead his agents had found out which brothel she had been sent to.

On Angela's first night in the brothel, disguised as an Arabian sheik, her stepfather entered and asked for the new American girl. He was shown into her room after agreeing on a price. He paid to have her all to himself all night long.

At first, Angela thought that she had been saved until her step-father leaped onto her and crushed her to the ground.

"Lie still you stupid cunt. You got yourself into this mess so all you'll get from me is the stiff cock I've had since the first time I laid eyes on your tight little piece of ass!"

Using rough hemp ropes Angela was soon tied ankle and wrist. Then, with a handful of hair and a monstrous cock fully erect and dripping, she felt him press his prick against her ass.

"No.. NO.. NOO.. NOOOO.. AAAIIIIGH!!" she screamed as her sphincter gave way. He grunted with the effort of pushing such a large object into such a tiny hole but he was strong and determined. Much to Angela's dismay her step-father's cock pushed into her virgin ass up to the balls. She felt herself impaled on his huge staff as he began to fuck her nether hole. Her firm young tits bobbed and jerked wildly. Her firm buttocks rippled visibly each time he bounced his hips against them.

After what felt hours, he slammed into her one last time as her contracting bowels milked his balls dry. She felt herself being filled with his warm sticky seed.

Amid tears and desperate pleas for mercy, Angela heard her step-father's voice; "I own your pitiful ass for the rest of the night you dumb whore," he told her, "and when I get back to the states, I'll have you declared dead. Your multi-million dollar trust fund will all come to me. Then after the dust dies down and you've had a year or two of severe training by your new owners, I'll buy you from these rag-wearing fuckers and keep you in my basement where you'll live on cum and cunt juice for the rest of your miserable life. Now roll over you spoiled bitch, I feel another hard-on rising up with your name written all over it! This time it goes in your mouth!"

An Invitation to Dinner

"Learn well the true nature of pain my blond western slut, for in one week you will be the centerpiece at the table of my guests."

Alicia barely heard her tormentor as the repeated pain of the stiff crop sent a white-hot bolt of searing pain into her brain with each stroke.

"While the guests eat from the dishes that surround your spread-eagled body, they will be encouraged to use you in any way they see fit. You will be starved but you will not be fed until all the guests have emptied their cum into your white-whore's mouth. You will be slick with their piss and cum."

"AAAIIIIIIGH... ARRRRGHH... GHAAA!!" Alicia screamed in time with the crop as it left a stripe after stripe across some portion of her creamy white flesh.

Her main concern, through her panicked thrashing and struggle for freedom, was that the crop was striking closer and closer to her widely spread cunt.

"Remember this as you await your debut at my table sweet slut." With one mighty thwack the rigid crop landed squarely between the lips of her cunt. Her clitoris bore nearly all the force of this final stroke.

The tears that had already formed a pool on the carpet below her suspended form intermingled with saliva and urine as she lost all control.

The pain was so great from this single final stroke, that at first she couldn't even find her voice. Her eyes and mouth flew open wide as every muscle of her finely tuned body flexed all at once.

The shriek, when it finally came, was louder than even the black sultan expected. He was frankly amazed that so slender a waif of a girl could conjure up such a hideous tortured scream.

When finally she hung silent once again, weeping uncontrollably, the sultan grabbed a handful of blond hair and whispered in her ear, "see to it that your screams are as lovely next week when you lie atop my dining room table. If you fail to entertain my guests with your pain and lovely humiliation, you may find yourself cooked and served up as the main course while you are still alive!"

World Class Hookers to White Trash Whores

To the twin sisters, it was an adventure. In their profession as highly paid hookers, they had become extremely rich and had been in high demand. Trina and Trixie who would do anything for their wealthy clients. Soon they were charging rich men $30,000 for a few hours of unabated lust with beautiful identical twin whores.

Then like Icarus of old, they tried to fly too high...

One day through their website, they received an offer of one million dollars in exchange for a week with an Arabian King. His references were a little sketchy, but he had sent them $250,000 in cash as a good-will deposit. The private plane awaited them at the Airport in Los Angeles. Everything had gone smoothly. The girls had been treated like royalty. But things changed immediately when,15 hours later, the gates into the king's village slammed shut behind their limousine.

Now naked and stripped of all the refinements of wealth and prestige, the twins were strung up by their wrists. The Black King inspected them thoroughly. Every hole every tooth, every inch of their creamy tanned flesh was caressed and fondled.

Then the whipping began. Soon the girls began to beg and plead. This only seemed to spur on the ferocity of the lash that wrapped so lovingly around their bodies.

Then came the "carnival" where the girls were introduced to the King's true nature. They were not going to be paid, they were not going home, they were sex-slaves to a sadistic vicious tyrant.

Trina, hanging by her wrists listened as her twin sister Trixie gagged on the huge cock the black man shoved into her throat.

"Suck me well white whore," he told her, "or your pretty sister will be enthroned on the Chair of Atonement. Do you remember seeing the ordeal my last slave went through don't you? You remember the Carnival yes? Your sister's end will be just as horrible if you fail to please me."

During the "Carnival", both girls, naked, chained and kneeling, had been forced to watch a rebellious slave girl ride the horrible chair. The entire village had turned out for the event. For the king's many slave girls it was a horror show and a warning, but for the villagers it was nothing short of a sex carnival. Slaves were rented out to service men and women alike. The screams and grunts of slaves as they were beaten whipped and fucked echoed loudly through the streets of the walled village. But the main event took place when another western girl had been tied to a metal chair with a slit in the seat beneath her ass and vagina.

The chair and the girl were tied to a rope and raised 15 feet in the air. All activity stopped and people gathered to watch as a huge pole was placed beneath the girl. One end was locked into a hole in the sandy floor of the village square. The other end was inserted into the girl's rectum. Slowly the chair was lowered. With each inch the chair was lowered another inch of the sharp pole was pushed into her bowels. Her horrible screams and shrieks of pain lasted over an hour as the chair was ever so slowly lowered toward the ground. Eventually the sharp end of the pole pressed out through her mouth. A pool of blood formed beneath the chair. The pole towered over her head slathered in crimson.

Next the girl was untied from the chair and made to stand. The true horror of the spectacle was now revealed. The impaled slave girl was still alive! The steel pole had missed her heart. Her hands and feet were untied. She tried feebly to climb the pole and free herself from her predicament but the pole was slick with her blood and she was far too weak. Laughter and jeering was all that she gained from her efforts. She simply stood there now and waited for the inevitable end.

Different men and women took turns beating, whipping or burning her with hot irons. One woman who especially hated white western women, clipped off the poor girl's nipples and clitoris. Her cunt was untouched by the steel pole and was fair game. A seemingly endless stream of semen ran down her inner thighs to pool on the ground amid the blood leaking down the length of the steel rod.

The girl could not scream but only gurgle and thrash about weakly. At one point a black slave girl knelt before the poor lass and began to lick the white slave's cunt. Even though she experienced unimaginable pain from the pole, the expert tongue of the black slave girl brought her to a hard squirting orgasm. She lasted until sundown. Then the dogs were fed...

Yes, Trina and Trixie remembered the "Chair of Atonement" they remembered "Carnival". They had gone from world-class prostitutes to broken slaves in that one short afternoon in the village square.

Trixie, knew well how to please a man and her fear of this cruel king spurred her on to her greatest performance yet. She swallowed his entire cock and managed to lick his balls while his cock was fully inserted in her throat. Soon she felt his cock spasm as thick salty cum filled her mouth and throat. She then, without being told, approached her sister Trina with her mouth filled with the Black King's sperm. Trina opened her mouth. The twins shared a cum-filled kiss.

The king smiled as he watched his new whore-slaves smear his cum across each other's faces. His cock began to grow hard again. They used to fuck for money, now they fuck for their lives...

King's Bitch / Inquisitor's Queen

"Go ahead and scream Lucretia," Gobel told her, "but even a stupid cunt such as yourself should have been able to guess the penalty for spurning the advances of the king. He will be here soon to take the liberty of breaching your virginity. After he's finished with bitches like you, he rewards his chief inquisitor with a gift of flesh. Your flesh to be exact. We will become good friends, you and I. You will learn to play nicely with the other haughty sluts who angered the king. They're all here but they don't look down their noses at people anymore. Even an ugly ogre like me can get laid here anytime I like. You'll learn to love me too Lucretia. They've learned humility; they've learned that a woman's place is to do whatever a man tells her!"

"Please burn me no more. I'm sorry! AAAAIIIIIGH!" Another touch by the iron on tender flesh sent the young girl into hysterics.

"Telling me you're sorry really does you no good," Gobel told her, "I do not pronounce sentence, I merely carry it out."

Cocking his head, Gobel stopped for a moment listening. "Footsteps, Do you hear them? It's the King come to maul your tender young body. His brand of foreplay is a bit rough where a cunt like you is concerned, but don't worry. If his wrath leaves you alive, I'll get to introduce you to the other sluts here. We have many years ahead of us you and I and so many painful games to play. Ahhh yes, Your highness," said Gobel bowing low before the cloaked figure of the king, "your loyal subject Gobel has arranged Lady Lucretia exactly as you have requested. I've left her legs unfettered so that she may wrap them around you in thanks for accepting your royal member, and I've warmed her up nicely. I trust you heard her screams as you approached.

"Yes", the king replied, "and don't worry Gobel, I will leave this one alive to add to your collection. I only ask that you sear away her nipples while I grace her cunt with my royal cock. Just think Lucretia, you could have lived a life of luxury as my willing cock-cleaner. Instead you will live down here now, naked, in the company of Gobel and the other dungeon rats that he has collected."

Then, gesturing to the girl, "spread her open Gobel, I'm ready to lance this pretty pink pussy. Have your iron at the ready. Her nipples are full and simply beg to be branded..."


Vanilla Skin in a Chocolate World

"Ghaaaaaa!!" Yvonne screamed as the pliers squeezed her nipple flat. She jerked and twisted in her bondage trying in vain to dislodge her tender flesh from the merciless attentions of her latest master. The two girls were tied together around the rough wooden post, so when Yvonne lurched forward Cindy began to choke as the thick leather strap cut off her air supply. Dorinda knelt on the sand floor of the stable. "Animals" she thought, "they treat us worse than animals and use us only for the basest of their pleasure. Please just kill me and let it all end!" But so rare a commodity as these three were not to be disposed of so easily.

Their tour bus had taken a planned "wrong turn" and delivered the three girls right into the waiting hands of the brothel owners. Now, barely a month and many thousands of profit dollars later, word had spread throughout the region about the three white whores. Dorinda and Yvonne had both been virgins when they were captured and put up for rent. But that lasted only a few hours. Wealthy businessmen paid well for a chance to ravage the flesh and break the cherry of a proud western bitch. The years stretched on ahead of these three unfortunate young women.

Their agonized screams and endless nights of savage pain is what they live for. Buy your ticket and bring plenty of cash. These well trained whores will beg to eat your shit, drink your piss and swallow your cum but the pain is still fresh. If hearing the shrieking desperation of beautiful western slaves girls is what you desire then buy your ticket today.

Posted on March 10th, 2009

When in Rome...

Stretched and spread, Delilah had no chance of defending herself against the savage onslaught of her tormentors. She saw the mummified heads of other women that adorned the walls in this room of pain and humiliation. "Stretch her a little more," Augusto said, "she looks a little loose to me." Antonio gave the wheel another half turn. Delilah started to beg but too late. "N-NO MOOORE PLEEEEAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEE!!"

Her shoulders were already dislocated. The additional pain of her hips coming apart rendered her unable to speak. Screaming was all she could manage.

"Listen to the bitch beg Augusto. She doesn't sound at all like the protestor at the games who denounced Caesar. She's just a bitch now ripe to fuck. So let's get to it before we pull her apart altogether."

Antonio straddled her face and said "Open bitch and swallow my prick. This better be the best suck I've ever had. Now you will use your lips, tongue and throat for something more useful than speaking out against your emperor. And if I feel one tooth scrape against me I will break all your fingers at every joint very slowly." Delilah knew the bastard wasn't joking. Breaking her apart was what he enjoyed.

She felt Augusto's prick press against the opening to her pussy rutting and prodding for entry. She had no will to try and stop these men. What would be the use? She was helpless. Perhaps if she pleased them, they would loosen the ropes that were tearing her apart.

She was stretched so tightly that her body couldn't shrink away from the cock that broke through her maidenhead and painfully savaged her cunt. Losing her virginity to these men here in the room of torment and pain, unable to even enjoy the experience was more than she could bear. Tears fell from her blue eyes as her body became no more than that of a common street whore. A simple receptacle for man-cum. But not even a whore felt pain like this.

Her entire body sang out to her in protest of the grueling savagery of her anguish.

"G-GGHHARRGGL," Cum splattered against the back of her throat as Antonio released, "MMMGGGHH!" Delilah choked down the vile seed as she felt his cock soften on her tongue. Augusto still pounded away brutally at her cunt.

Smiling, Antonio reached down and began to massage her clit as his partner in punishment pounded into her pussy.

"She becomes wet, Ha ha!" Antonio laughed after a moment, "Look at the whore. Even on the rack her body screams out to cum!"

"N-nooo! Please don't make me," she begged, "not like this, not here, UNGH! please...Please...PLEASE! UNNNNGHAAA!" Delilah came hard while her body still screamed in pain. How could it hurt so bad but feel so good all at once. Her brain shrieked out in revulsion but her cunt shouted back even louder with hedonistic abandon. She twisted as much as possible against the fingers that worked her clit and pushed out to meet the cock that still pounded into her tight sucking twat. She could feel his large testicles slapping against her ass with each thrust.

Soon Augusto began to grunt as he pummeled into the captive cunt deeper and faster.

She heard a voice saying "Yesss! Do it! Hurt me!! Fuck me harder you mother fucking bastard!!" By the time Delilah realized that she was begging her hated captors to make her cum again it was too late. Her pussy began to contract hard around the pounding prick as it buried itself in to the balls. Her orgasm rushed through her like a runaway chariot once more and even more powerful than the first time. She felt her own juices mingling with the seed of Augusto's spurting cock.

"I think the bitch is ready my friend." commented Augusto as he pulled his prick out of her puffy lipped pussy. Delilah heard these words but knew not what they meant. "The brothels will pay well for a slutty pain whore like this. They can nurse her broken body back to health and then put her to work in less than a week."

Delilah had become the one thing she feared most: a common whore of Rome. Used and abused for the pleasure of the republic she hated. But she had given in to her youthful needs and needed to cum more than she wanted justice. Twisted with guilt but covered in cum the whore in her had won out...

Pride Before the Fall

Naked and bound, Darona and Giselle were brought before Jofur, the Nubian king. He was especially fond of white women. They were more difficult to train and responded desperately to pain unlike the stronger darker women who's lives were difficult and filled with painful labor from birth. These white women usually felt that they were privileged and above bending a knee to work much less kneeling before a black man.

The girls had been captured during a nomad's raid on their caravan. Less than six hours later the two young women had been delivered to the king's men. Jofur stared at their perfect naked flesh. His wives sat nearby staring as well. All had grown fond of subjugating and abusing willful haughty white women.

"I am Jofur, King of Nogunda," he said in near-perfect English, "I have purchased you. You belong to me now. Bow low before your new lord and master white whores, or suffer punishment for disobedience."

Without hesitation Darona fell on her knees and laid her head on the carpet at the feet of this man. She'd heard tales of his cruelty, especially when white women were involved, and wanted no part of the "punishment" he spoke of.

Giselle however, spoiled and from a very rich family, simply stared at the man with a set jaw and her hands clenched into fists.

"I will not bow, you black fuck," she said coldly, "I am Giselle Van Holstern. You should bow before me. Untie me now and return my clothes. If you guarantee me safe passage from this country and to my original destination, I will not press charges and you may live to see another day."

Jofur laughed loudly at Giselle's commands and dire warning.

"Stupid little whore," Jofur replied with a smile still on his lips, "I am the law here. I alone decide who lives, who dies, and who will pleasure me. Your friend who kneels at my feet will be bathed, fed, clothed and will attend me in my bed-chamber. Soon she will become a favored wife and bear me children. You, however, proud white dog, will receive none of this. Instead, you will learn how to scream in pain, and how to serve my wives. They will gain much pleasure from your training and your obedience. And you will learn to obey them. After a week with no food or water you will do almost anything and willingly. We will begin with a public whipping before my wives add you to the other white women who were once strong of will. You will be beaten, branded, pierced, and abused sexually by women of your own color. How humiliating this must be for you. I hope you like the taste of female cunt. For you will be tasting plenty of this in the coming years."

Then with a nod, three men rushed forward and bore Giselle to the ground. She fought hard at first but the leather bonds went around her wrists and soon she was lifted of her feet toward the ceiling. One of the men produced a long leather crop.

Giselle heard the whisking leather rod as it cut through the air only a split second before it bit into the flesh of her back. "GHAAAA! Let me down you bastard!"

But the crop landed again then again repeatedly. Jofur's women laughed and cheered as they watched the girl writhe and struggle. At times Giselle would be lowered to the ground and cropped then pulled back off the ground. The crop rent her tender flesh for fifteen minutes. She threatened no longer, she only screamed. Then eventually, after a particularly nasty slice of the crop landed across both nipples. She began to beg and plead for mercy. "P...PLEASE...STOP!...I'LL BOW!!...AAAARRRRRGHH!...I'LL LICK YOUR FEET!...I WAS WRONG...GHAAAAAARR!!!"

Finally she was lowered and Jofur's wives fell on her. She was dragged to the harem rooms. Darona was led away and was fed and bathed. She received robes of white and heavy jeweled necklaces and rings. All the while she was pampered, she could hear Giselle wild shrieking.

Later, after her first rather painful sexual encounter with Jofur, He whispered into her ear, "glad you should be that you decided to give yourself willingly. You would have shared the same fate as your friend. Jofur clapped his hand and one of Jofir's wives entered. She was naked from the waist up. Her thick firm breasts and high cheekbones jutted out proudly. Her dark skin shone like bronze. She had a chain in one hand connected to a figure that followed closely behind. The figure walked with a strange shuffle and was covered with a black silk sheet.

"Behold my love, " said Jofur to Darona, "the fate of those who defy the commands of the king!"

The sheet was pulled away and there, to Darona's horror, stood Giselle. A thick bar had been pressed through both of her breasts from side to side close to the ribs. A large hoop pierced each nipple. Her mouth was spread wide open by a huge spider-gag and her tongue hung out extended and pulled lower by a 10 pound weight. The weight was attached to a chain that had been threaded through a fresh piercing near the tip of her tongue. Four golden studs lined the sides of her tongue placed there obviously to help her perform fellatio on both sexes. Then Darona looked closer and realized that Giselle's teeth had all been pulled. The saliva that she drooled was a reddish pink. Further down, Darona saw a huge golden hoop that had been inserted up into Giselle's vagina and came out just above her pubic bone. Another chain like the one attached to her tongue hung from a smaller ring that pierced her clitoris. A five pound weight hung from this. The small sensitive nub of female flesh was stretched to it's limit. Giselle was made to turn around slowly exposing the intricate brand on the flesh of her inner thigh and left buttock. Then Darona saw the final touch, at least so far. Another set of gold hoops had been pressed between her ankle bones and her Achilles tendons. These were connected by heavy silver chains. This explained the slow shuffle when she had first been led into the room. Every motion, indeed every waking moment, was a study of pain and agony.

At one point Darona caught Giselle's gaze but she saw no recognition there. It almost seemed that Giselle was no longer Giselle but only a broken soulless piece of meat that still remembered how to stand. Darona could only guess at what else had these dusky dominant females had done to her friend. Not only had her spirit been broken but her sanity had been torn loose of it's moorings. Darona could bear the sight of her once beautiful friend no longer. She turned away from the horror and, seeking the king's huge black cock, took it into her mouth and slowly stroked it back to life. She knew she had made the right choice when she decided to swallow both her pride and the black king's cum.

Severa, Princess of Gaul

Hiding in a large vase, Severa, the king's daughter sought safety. She waited there trembling until dark until the sounds of battle had finally faded away. She heard her countrymen executed and heard the clink of chains as women were bound and led away toward Rome and lives of slavery.

Once, she heard rapid footfalls and screams of a fleeing woman. The beat of horses hooves rapidly followed. The rider pushed her roughly to the ground. Severa heard clothes being torn from the woman's body as the Roman rider fucked the screaming woman there in the dust of the market street. Severa cried silent bitter tears for the grunting woman and for her beloved city which was no more.

Later, hungry and cold in the predawn hours Severa, dared to stand from her cramped position in the vase and peer out at her surroundings. Buildings still burned in the distance. The bodies of the fallen lay strewn and akimbo in the street. But all else was quiet. She would try now to leave the city and flee into the mountains and to safety. But as she climbed out of the vase her cramped limbs betrayed her. Severa toppled over and the large ceramic vase tipped and crashed to the ground. Now exposed and vulnerable she heard nearby shouts. She'd been spotted!

Before she could take ten steps a roman soldier bore her roughly to the ground. He saw her royal raiment and the family crest she wore around her neck.

"Hello Princess, we've been looking hours for you. Thought you might have escaped. And all the while you been right here in the center of town. I'll get a pay raise for sure by delivering you to the general.

With one hand in her hair and the other around the handle of the knife that at her back, the roman soldier brought her before General Scipio.

"I was told that the King's daughter was beautiful," he said to Severa, "but I had no idea! String her up. Hang her and spread her legs I want her wide open!"

Struggling did no good against the war hardened soldiers who stripped Severa and hung her by her wrists.

"Please have mercy General," Severa begged, "You have taken my country, killed and enslaved my subjects. Take me as a wife and I will gladly bear you children. Please let me down!"

"Gag this stupid cow. I've heard enough pleading!"

"You will bear children, you bitch from Gaul, but you will never know who's they are for their entire garrison will fuck you until your cunt is raw and bloody."

General Scipio regarded the beauty suspended before him. Her body was that of a goddess; long strong and shapely legs, perfect virgin cunt lips, long waist, and magnificent breasts. These were where the whip landed first.

"MMMMFFF!!" Severa screamed around the gag. She thrashed about as well as she could making her huge breasts bob and flail wildly from side to side.

"Damn bitch," the general said as he watched her wordless struggles, "you alone are reward enough for waging war. So beautiful..."

After whipping her and listening to her screams for the next few minutes, the general positioned the large whip handle at the entrance to her cunt and pushed with all his might.

"GGGGH... GGHHHMMMMPHHHH!" Severa shrieked around her gag as she felt her virginity shredded away by the rough dry leather of the whip handle. Then, with his hand doubled into a fist. the General punched the defenseless woman hard in the stomach. Her breath was taken away and no scream came forth but every well-defined abdominal muscle stood out in sweat-stained relief. Severa bucked struggled in the throes of agony.

"Take her down," General Scipio ordered, "After she has felt my cock up her ass she will be given to the men as a reward for a job well done.

Severa's screams and shrieks of pain were heard throughout the city for hours before she was eventually chained and led off to Rome. But there were other sounds mixed in with the screams. Severa had been made to cum many times thus adding to her shame and humiliation as she was covered inside and out with the seed of over 100 men...

Sold to the old man!

"NO...NO...PLEASE...NO MORE...AAAAAIIIIIGH!" Vanessa screamed once again as the crop landed across her quivering thigh. Her bondage made it hard to breath but she still managed to scream and groan as the crop landed again and again on her lithe young body.

Her punishment began with 15 men tearing into her young body. They ground her into the rough earth or made her kneel on all fours as they fucked her like an animal. Her ass and cunt were raw and bleeding from their savage treatment. She could still taste the sperm and her own shit that she'd been forced to take in her mouth.

Next the coal brazier heated the irons that would brand her a Roman traitor. She would not die here. She was sentenced to hang here between the beatings. She was taken down and fucked at the whim of any passerby who might take a fancy to the pretty young girl.

After 5 days of this horrible treatment, the old black slave trader finally made his rounds. Vanessa was taken down one last time sold to the old man. He forced her onto her knees and shoved his huge cock into her mouth immediately. He came almost immediately flooding her mouth with his copious seed. Next she was loaded into the wagon with four other unfortunate girls who had raised the ire of the powerful roman army....

The Tax Man Cometh...

"Ghaaaa!" Belinda shrieked as the next man slammed his cock into her ass. All the other men had taken her cunt. Their sperm had leaked down across her ass and served as lubricant for the marauding cock that now rutted deeply into her rectum. But she was not ready for the huge girth and length of the prick that ripped into her defenseless body.

"P...PLEASE...Take it out...YOU'RE SPLITTING ME IN TWO!!!"

"I'll take it out when I've dumped my cum into your bowels bitch!" The nameless man said to her. "You've agreed to serve as a fucked pain-slut here in the brothels for a month until your back taxes are paid. So get used to it and maybe you'll even get a little pleasure out of it."

Belinda jerked spasmodically as though in a seizure as she felt her sphincter tear.

"But I won't let you cum you whore," he said as he roughly twisted her nipples, "I just want you to experience as much pain as possible while I get my nuts milked."

He slapped her hard across the face and tits over and over as he slammed into her ass. She shrieked and grunted without ceasing.

Slaves had been stationed at the head of the line to make sure the other men were hard. Belinda's gang-fuck was to be continuous and non-stop. But the men were already hard and ready just by watching her body bounced and by listening to her endless screams...

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Cerebus had been champion at the games yet again and was granted his choice of the emperor's slaves. Cerebus did not want a slave however, he wanted the emperor's own daughter. In front of the crowds at the coliseum Caesar dared not deny Cerebus. He was a favorite of the crowd and he would lose face if Cerebus went away empty handed.

Her name was Miriala. She'd been raised in the company of royalty all her young life. But now things had taken a bad turn. Her father was giving the 18 year old virgin princess away to the slave/gladiator Cerebus. His brutality on the sands of the coliseum were only equaled by his rumored sadism in the dungeons of Rome where he took his dark pleasures. Delivered as a slave, Miriala was handed over to Cerebus.

"First I will fuck you to get that out of the way and clear my head," he said to the cringing girl, "then I will have the patience of mind to take you apart just a little at a time until your royal spirit is broken. Your time with me will be an experience not soon forgotten!"

Miriala had never been to the dungeons before and all the rumored tales she'd heard were not enough to prepare her for the level of human suffering she saw there. Men and women bound and beaten in all forms of torment imaginable. The screams and moans set Miriala near to fainting, but Cerebus kept her on her feet.

"This way princess, our suite awaits us!"

Down a long corridor to a torch-lit chamber Cerebus dragged his prize. Soon Miriala's screams were added to the countless others who populated these gloomy chambers beneath the streets of Rome. Stripped naked and tied to an arched rack, Mirala's legs were splayed open with her young virgin cunt at just the right level. Cerebus wasted no time making good on his threat. Hard and huge stood his cock as he greedily eyed the beautiful and helplessly struggling girl. He rubbed the dripping purple head of his prick against her labia just enough to allow for a little lubrication, then, with a huge forward surge from his muscular hips, he plunged into her the same way he might cast a spear into an opponent's body in the arena.


"Yes Miriala my pet, scream all you want," he said taunting the bucking thrashing Miriala, "It only makes me want you more. And don't worry; this is only the beginning of your pain. I will break you down until you will willingly lick the floors of this damp rat-infested dungeon."

Just before Cerebus came, he pulled his wet, bloody cock from Miriala's spoiled flower and shot a huge gout of cum onto her face and into Miriala's screaming mouth.

"Learn the taste well, my slave. There are many here who will be allowed to use your mouth as a bucket for their seed. And you will swallow all that you are given. But first I must break your royal will until it crumbles into dust. Only then will your pride not stand in the way of the torments you will endure as both cocks and cunts aplenty take their pleasure from the daughter of the Caesar that put them here..."

Now Miriala's hopeless screams turned into the shrieks of a wild animal. Cerebus had begun to wield the steel tipped whip across the chest, stomach and thighs of the princess and slave Miriala.

Your sisters refused to service my royal cock young one. See how they suffer. Your oldest sister wears a barbed hook in her tight barbarian's ass, while your younger sister rides the cross. Her body shakes and sweats. She can barely catch her breath. And even worse she must endure the knotted tawse across her bare body for refusing my advances. Listen to them wail. You are the vanquished foes of Rome and you all belong to me!"

Diana heard well the pain her sisters experienced at the hands of these evil men. But her body was unmarked because she so carefully made love to her new master's surging cock. She knew that her sisters would be bound, beaten, whipped and then used anyway. No hole would be spared and their pride was folly. Diana turned away from her sister's wailing lament putting her mind and mouth to work to please the master.

"The one on the cross," said the senator to the punishment master, "give her twenty-five strokes directly across her nipples, then another twenty-five across her cunt. Cut her down when you're done and you can fuck her yourself whether she's still conscious or not! The feel of a roman cock slamming into her tiny cunt should revive her!"

Diana glanced over at her older sister who knelt trying desperately to ease the hook from her ass. It was shaped like a giant fish-hook and was trapped deep into her bowels. Noticing her gaze the senator snorted and sneered, "Do not worry little one, we will not let you sister injure herself too badly. I will let her struggle awhile longer before I order the hook removed. But when she finds that she is to be given over to a garrison of soldiers, she may look back at the prick of the steel hook with longing. Now squeeze tighter little whore and move that tongue underneath; your master cums now! Unngh! Yesss!"

When the Senator came, Diana swallowed it all, not wasting a drop. He patted her on the head as though she were a faithful dog.The old man's leaking penis wilted slowly in her mouth. She would wait and when the senator wanted her again Diana would be ready. Mouth, ass or cunt she would give freely. Her sister's screams assured Diana's compliance.


"And just to think," Claudius said to Persephone, "all I wanted was to say hello. A kindly smile from a beautiful girl would have been easy enough and all that I had wanted. But when I saw you and your stupid friend here laughing; when I heard your insulting words; you'd sealed your own fates. Now you will smile on command or feel the whip or worse. But there will be no mirth in your false smiles, only cock meat. Now open your mouth and let me see just how wide you can make it. If it is wide enough, then I will use it to clean my prick after I fuck your big-titted friend in her ass."

Claudius roughly inserted four fingers into Persephone's cunt and squeezed hard. "I said open wide bitch! I want to see if your whore's mouth is big enough or if I will need to pull all your teeth to make room for my meat!"

Part from pain and part from terror, Persephone opened her mouth as wide as it would go.

"I think I will fit quite nicely in there dear girl. Now you," Claudius gestured to Ardina, the other naked girl, "wade over to me and turn around. Your ass is about to be stretched out a bit. But not too far; just enough to make you bleed; just enough to make you scream!"

Ardina struggled, trying vainly to pull away as Claudius pushed his massive pole past her straining sphincter and deep into her tight virgin's ass. She bled and she screamed just as Claudius said she would. She begged and pleaded. She tried to apologize for her hateful words but the pain from the tearing of her anal walls made her words unintelligible.

Before he came, he pulled out of Ardina's tiny body and slapping her roughly across the face, pushed her off to one side.

"Your turn Persephone. Time to kiss the mallet!" He grabbed her by the golden locks of hair and hauled her to her knees in the stinking sewer. "Open up wide or I'll drown you in the sewage of Rome."

Persephone parted her pretty lips once again and opened her mouth wide. As Claudius pressed his juggernaut into her mouth, she could see Ardina's blood and streaks of brown that smelled fresh and more pungent than the sewage in which she knelt.

Claudius slammed into the back of the blonde's throat just as he began to cum. The combination of cum, shit and blood was too much for Persephone. She vomited all over Claudius' cock and groin.

"That's the spirit bitch! That's why you two whores are in the sewer. We can't have you making a mess in my villa until you've learned to live like rats. I'll be back tomorrow to fuck you both again. You'll both stay here until you've learned to suck and swallow anything I shovel down your throats. You'll have kind words for me now I'll warrant. So enjoy your night in the shit stream of Rome

as I sleep in my feather bed with girls who have earned the honor of lying at my side."

Persephone and Ardina were left tied and chained to the wall. They huddled together for warmth and protection from the rats as they waited for dawn and the man they had insulted; the man who had broken their haughty spirits; the man they would now call "Master".

"Your parents have failed to pay their taxes again," Caligula announced to the naked girl who hung by her wrists before his throne. "I have decided to be merciful and take their payment from the flesh of their oldest daughter. You will receive a stroke from the whip for every coin they owe me."

Zera only wept silently as she hung naked and ashamed in front of this cruel man.

"Don't worry sweet child," the insane emperor cooed at the 18 year old beauty, "They only owe me a few thousand silver didrachms. You'll only be here a few days as your sentence is carried out. I will also allow you another way to work away part of what you owe on your family's behalf. As you may know, my sister and I are rather fond of pretty girls such as yourself. You will be allowed to service us with your body. It won't be easy though. We are both rather difficult to satisfy. But each time you make one of us cum, I will subtract ten didrachms from the total owed."

Zera stared at Caeser Caligula in utter amazement. Was he suggesting that she be a prostitute in order to pay her family's taxes? She was speechless...

"I think she needs to think about her answer whipman. Give her twenty strokes to help clear her head."

"GHAAAAAIIIEEEEE!" Screams soon echoed through the throne room as Zera felt the harsh whip streak across her back and ass twenty times.


Zera found herself now on her knees before the emperor as she gazed for the first time at a man's penis. "In your mouth child. Just remember; no teeth must brush against it. Only lips, tongue and throat will keep the whip from your back. While you taste my cock, the whipman will sample your ass."

As the men ravaged her young body, there echoed the approach of sandaled feet.

"I love the way she grunts, brother," said Caeser's sister as she watched Zera's abuse, "but since you were so rude as to start without me, I need to make up for lost time."

The woman, beautiful but exceeding cruel, pushed the whipman aside and, parting her silken robes, revealed a huge ebony phallus strapped to her loins. She slathered it with butter and, on her knees pressed the horse sized prick against Zera's hairless cunt from behind.

"Remember not to bite my brother little one else you'll lose your tongue. Just hold still while I open you up a bit!"

Zera's screams turned into shrieks of pure animal savagery as the smooth ebony shaft tore through her maidenhead and deep into her womb. Caligula's sister pushed her hips back and forth as Zera's mouth was impaled upon Caligula's straining prick.

"Here I cum young whore," he shouted as he began to spew his noxious sperm into her wide open mouth. Zera's screams were now punctuated with harsh gagging coughs as she choked on the snot-like semen. It spilled out of her mouth and onto the pillow where Caeser's feet rested.

"Ooops!" Caligula giggled. "Had a bit of accident did we? Looks like we forgot to tell you one of the rules. If you don't swallow all of the Emperor's seed, another 100 didrachms are added to your debt. It appears that you will be here longer than anticipated. And there are many more rules that you will only learn about after you've broken them."

Zera, nearly insane from pain and humiliation realized that she would probably never see her family again, but she was wrong.

The next day Zera, hanging by her ankles; whipped, beaten, and covered in the slime of too many men and women to remember, saw a familiar shape walking toward her. It was a beautiful young girl. She was naked but as yet fresh and unmarked. Her hands were tied back and a collar and leash were suspended from her long slender neck. As her eyes cleared momentarily, Zera recognized the horror-filled face of her sister Ofelia.

"I thought you might want a little familiar companionship, Zera," the Emperor whispered in her ear, "now the two of you can shriek in harmony as you work to pay your debt!"

"GHAAAA... NO MORE PLEASE...AAAAIIIIEEEEE!" Dierdre screamed as the rope lifted her once more off the ground. Her breasts were all that supported he weight. The dungeon-master watched from his couch squeezing and pinching his nipples as he Dierdre hung kicking and bucking in mid-air..

"You must tell us where your brother and his troops are hiding, slut!" the inquisitor shouted, "or else we'll keep you hanging from your teats until they tear loose!"


"Yes, let her down," said the dungeon-master as he stood and approached, "we should have pity on the poor girl. Can you see she needs a good fuck?"

“No need to let her down, we can give it to her the way she is...”

Dierdre felt herself being lowered towards the ground. 'Finally' she thought to herself, 'these savage bastards think to learn more from kindness than from cruelty. But I will tell them nothing!'

But suddenly the rope stopped. She was still a foot from the marble floor.

"That's low enough," said the master of the house, "anchor your rope and tie her legs wide apart. If she won't help us stave off the tide of war then she will help distract us from our impending doom."

The inquisitor laughed as he spread the kicking legs of the panicked girl. Rough ropes around her ankles pulled her legs wide leaving her open and fully exposed.

The men dropped their robes and stroked themselves to full erection as they approached her; one in front and one behind.

"You know, I'm glad it's you Dierdre," said the dungeon-master, "I've often dreamed of having you here just as you are, but the time was never quite right until now."

From a vat near the fire the inquisitor began spreading thick oil across and into the body of the now weeping girl. The dungeon -master clapped his hands and a servant entered with something hidden by a dark cloth.

"Dierdre is so concerned about her brother. I think we should allay her fears." He motioned to the servant who removed the cloth and held up the decapitated head of her brother. Dierdre gasped in horror.

"We've known about him for some time now. We never needed your help at all. We just decided to enjoy the sister and traitor in a little game of cat and mouse.

"You fucking murderers," Dierdre screamed through her pain, "you'll pay for this treachery. You will pay with your lives!!"

"Perhaps one day, but not today," remarked the dungeon-master as he pressed his large prick against her heavily lubricated rear-hole, "It is your day to pay, dear, and suffer the fate of all beautiful female conspirators and traitors to Rome. You will be used by any soldier or public official who wishes to use you; starting with the inquisitor and myself."

With this both men slammed into their chosen holes. Dierdre's screams redoubled as her ass and cunt were filled with the rutting pumping meat of the two men.

"Ungh!" grunted the dungeon-master as Diedre's ass clenched and pushed against his relentless invasion, "You won't suffer your brother's fate, bitch! You'll soon be auctioned off as a slave and sent along with anyone rich enough to purchase a traitorous whore like yourself...Ungh!... Who knows? Perhaps I will buy you and keep you for myself. I love to listen to fresh meat like you scream while they hang like a hooked fish with my cock buried deep in their asses."


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Elisa's screams seemed to go on forever. The vicious leather crop landed over and over against her tender pale skin.

"You will be my love slave whether you like it or not, you stupid white cow!" Achmed told her I can stand here and whip your pink flesh all day. If I get tired, I will let my wives take turns whipping you while I watch. If you think I am cruel, wait until you see how my wives treat western women!"

<>"G-GAAAHHHHH... AAAAUUUGH!" Elisa finally broke down after another fifty strokes. "YES," she begged, "YES! I'll do anything you ask! P-please let me be your white whore, Master!"

"Prove yourself to me bitch" Achmed commanded. Her arms were untied, she fell to her knees with her hands on the floor facing the cruel Sultan prince.

When he opened his robes, Elisa crawled forward and, parting her lips, took his long erect cock into her mouth. She'd taken more than a few men into her velvety throat back home in the states. Almost the entire football team had experienced the wonders of her oral talents. But now, kidnapped, stripped, bound and beaten, she was being forced, as a slave, to perform against her will. The Prince gasped as his entire 10 inches disappeared between her lips and down her throat.

"Very good little whore," he said as he fucked her face as though it were a cunt, "you will live long and bear me many children if your pussy feels as good as your throat."


Andrea and Alicia were sisters. They had inherited a fortune from Daddy's oil wells and loved to travel.

"Europe is so boring," Amanda had said, "Let's try the middle east little sis'. Never been there before. Besides, that's where Dad made all of the money we're spending."

The romance and beauty they had seen in the Hollywood movies outweighed the alarmed warnings from family and friends.

Their rental car was found burned and abandoned only 24 hours after they'd left the airport. Now they wished that they's listened to the advice of the loved ones they would never see again...

Andrea's incessant shrieks of pain echoed through the halls of the old castle. Everyone could hear as the Shiek enjoyed his new slave-girl. Andrea hung swaying trying not to move for fear that the rough hemp ropes would tear her breasts away from her body. But each time the rod slashed into her flesh, her body swayed and swung further and further. Almost mad with pain, she was aware that her tits were turning a deep purple. They swelled and felt as though they would burst.

"N-Noo more!" she wailed, "Let me serve you master! Let me suck your cock. UNNGH! Let me eat your shit! I'll do anything you want! Anything at all!"

"Dear girl," the old Shiek smiled, "do you really want to make me happy? Are you sure?"

"Yes, dear Master, yes!" Andrea implored him. "I live only for your pleasure. Your happiness is my one true desire!"

"This is good," the Shiek said to her with a smile on his leathery face, "because to please me, you must shriek and scream in sheer agony! You western bitches have made whores of our women, now you are the whore. And a whore must pay for her crimes!"

Again the rod landed, another 25 times across her light skin. The Shiek paid special attention to her tits, being sure to slash the rod over every inch of their swollen purple flesh. Her nipples swelled to twice their normal size from the beatings and the lack of blood flow.

"Durash," the Shiek shouted to his servant, "bring the sister. I need a fresh woman. And spread her ass with grease. She will feel my cock in her bowels as she watches her sister dangle from her teats!"

Andrea watched in horror as her sister Alicia, chained and manacled, was brought out into the courtyard. The old Shiek wasted no time. He bent her over at the waist and prodded her with the tip of his dribbling cock. At last, finding the entrance to her nether hole, he grasped her tits and thrust into her with all of his considerable might. Alicia's screams surpassed even those of her older sister.

While the Shiek pounded into Alicia's ass, Durash took over Andrea's whipping. Alicia struggled like a fish on a hook as she tried to evade the relentless passion of the cruel Shiek. The two girls shreiked deep into the night as the Shiek, his party guests and finally his wives enjoyed the battered bodies of the two unfortunate slaves.

Just before the Shiek's harem fell upon the two women, the Shiek smiled and said calmly, "Don't worry my sweet western whores. My wives will not kill you. You will be fed and bathed after they've had their fun. You will be well rested for tomorrow night. My trained stallions will be waiting to pleasure you then."

One last vicious slap across each tear stained face and the Shiek's brown skinned women streamed into the courtyard for their turn with the pale western slaves.


Belinda Carlyle was a world class model. She was renowned as one of the 10 most beautiful women on the planet. She had taken an assignment from a reputable firm for a shoot in the small country of Pun-gradin.

Her security team was very tight but they failed to see the snipers waiting atop the building across from the hotel. As Belinda headed out for her appointment with the photographer, shots rang out. The security team fell either killed or wounded. Belinda screamed and tried to flee back into the hotel. Rough hands, a blow to the head and darkness was all she got.

She awoke with a massive head-ache. She had been stripped naked and spread-eagle on a rough wooden table. A man stood by watching her as she cleared her head. She tried the restraints but they were solid. Although filled with fear, Belinda Carlyle was no pushover. At first she tried threats, then offered money, then as the man approached with a heavy iron rod in hand, she started begging. The man only smiled. This was when she realized that the man in the expensive garments did not even speak English.

Then the rod came up Belinda saw this as though in slow motion through wide unbelieving eyes. It came down across her belly taking her breath away. Then across her chest and nipples. next across her thighs with mind-numbing force. She tried to scream but only wheezed raggedly at first. Finally she got her wind back and found her voice. Her tormentor only smiled as he began to stroke his crotch. Belinda watched in horror as he reached into a pocket and pulled out a handful of thick six inch needles. She shook from side to side pulling madly at her restraints. She screamed out for help. But no one answered. She was trapped and in the hands of a sadistic madman.

He grabbed her right nipple and, pulling it up sharply, pressed the first needle completely through her breast. Again the howls and shrieks of pain. The pampered rich girl had never even dreamed that pain like this existed. But this was only the beginning. Soon both breasts were fully impaled by eight of the six inch needles. Then with deliberate slowness, the man traced the sharp tip of the next needle down across her sternum, to her stomach, lower to the groin and eventually to her defenseless shaven vagina.

"NOOO! PLEASE NOT THERE - AAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!" The first needle was pushed through her labia, then another, and another. With great pleasure the man watched his tormented victim writhe in exquisite agony as he slowly inserted one needle after another into her most tender flesh. Finally, still smiling, he held the last needle up before her tear-filled eyes.

"OH SHIT! YOU FUCKING PRICK!! NOOOOOOOAAAAAUUUUUUGH!" He had lifted back the hood that hid her clitoris and pushed the sharp end of the needle into that most sensitive bud of feminine flesh. Twisting and grinding ever so slowly, the needle seemed to take forever to pass through Belinda's clit. This man was a master at causing pain and savored every blood-thirsty second of it.

He was seeing something that no one in the world had ever seen; the famous Belinda Carlyle completely losing her composure. Not in control of anything any longer, Belinda's bladder let go as the wooden table was stained dark with urine. He laughed, most amused with her shame.

Then came one final touch. With her eyes shut and her mouth open in a primal scream, Belinda did not see the pliars that he brought from beside her head. Quick as an adder, the pliars leapt into her mouth and snagged her undulating tongue. He pulled hard. Belinda felt her tongue being torn out by the roots. But removing her tongue was not a part of his plan.

With one hand he held the pliars that gripped the outstretched tongue; with the other hand he pushed a thick golden hoop through her tongue. Belinda let out a strangled yelp of horror and pain as the hoop slid through and snapped shut. Then, calm as a banker (except for the huge bulge in his tunic), he threaded a thin piece of twine through the hoop and down to the needle that impaled her clitoris. He looped the twine around the needle on both sides her clit and pulled tightly. Her head was streched downward at a 90 degree angle. Her violated pubis coming into view. He tied a knot and stood back to survey his work. Belinda had to keep her head puled forward. To allow it to fall backwards meant losing her clit.

"UG-UUGOONG-UUNNGH!" No words of any sort could she make with her tongue so fully stretched. But regardless of their shared language barrier, her thoughts were clear: terrified, pain, humiliation and complete defenselessness. Finally his masterpiece was complete. With a flourish the man tossed his robes aside and revealed his erection. Slowly, as Belinda struggled to keep her head up, he stroked his engorged member over her open mouth. When he came he spouted waves of the noxious white semen into Belinda's open mouth. She strangled and gagged, but managed to swallow while keeping her head up.

Epilogue: Early afternoon; town center auction block. A beautiful girl, tall, tan and obviously caucasian, was lead to the block. Her hands were tied wrist to elbow behind her back. Pierced tongue attached to impaled clitoris; Head bowed to facilitate keeping her cunt intact.

All of the bidders knew who she was. They'd seen her on television in commercials and movies, and now she was within reach. The bidding began and soon Belinda had a new owner. A cruel looking woman took possession of the American super model. Then with absolutely no ceremony whatsoever, she knelt between Belinda's legs, produced a small pair of surgical scissors, and snipped the clitoris off at it's base.

"GHAAAGH-NGGOOO!" Cheers greeted the woman's screams as she straightened up. Her severed clit still hanging from the other end of the twine. She was led away, the twine and hooped tongue was her leash. A small trickle of blood trailed down the inside of one shapely thigh. She was loaded into a caged cart and driven away. Distance and dust obscured her fate as the next white girl was led up onto the block...


To hear his new whore beg and plead, to hear her scream, to feel her perfect body from the outside and from within. And especially to see her bound and helpless. This was his past-time, his hobby, his passion. He would never do this to a woman of his own race. He had far too much respect for them. But this girl was a westerner, a true whore and free to use as he saw fit.

Cynthia was his latest captured white woman. He now had a set of ten. A nice round number. They were all between the ages of 18 to 24. Cynthia had just turned 19 and screamed most beautifully each time the lash struck her body. He loved the way she bucked and fought valiantly in her inescapable bondage while screaming and crying at the same time.

But there would be plenty of time for all this again at another time. He needed to clear his head and get to the business of being a wealthy man. And this could never happen with the vision of his latest beautiful slave dancing so seductively in his mind.

He took the iron brand that bore his mark from the red-hot coal brazier and walked behind Cynthia's suspended body. He positioned himself and thrust. The brand burned his name into her right buttock. This, of course, elicited an ear-shattering shriek of pain from the freshly marked slave. He tossed the brand to the ground a few feet away and parted his robes. The branding always worked him into a sexual fervor. Stepping up on a wooden box behind her, he prepared to fuck her like the animal she was. He spat in his hand and thusly lubricated his massive dripping cock.

"Into your western cunt I come now sweet whore," Cynthia heard him say, "you will be just another fuck-slave for myself and my guests. Your life means no more than to please me in everything you do. Anything less will be dealt with immediately and harshly. Compliance with my wishes, however, will be rewarded with favor and rank among the other white sluts I keep. Your first order is to accept gladly the cock of your master."

Then, pressing his penis against the opening to her womb, he thrust.

"UUNNGH-MMFF!!" Cynthia grunted heavily as her cunt was filled by this hateful evil man. But she did not resist. She was broken and branded. Far from rescue in a strange land, she intended to live, to survive. She swung back against her new master to meet his savage thrusting. Soon, with one last massive push, he came inside her. She felt his hot sperm filling her insides. He paused for a moment still deeply embedded within her, their sweat intermingling, their bodies locked together. "You will do well here my sweet western whore. Learn well the rules of my white harem and obey every command given. Thus you will learn to love your place at my feet."

He re-tied his robes and turning, walked away.

Cynthia was soon surrounded by other white women who lowered her bruised body from it's suspension. They tended her wounds and gently rubbed balm into her new brand. Cynthia pretended to like the other girls. She thanked them for their kindness. She spoke with them in muted tones learning their names and the rules of the master's white harem. But Cynthia was already plotting. She had no intention of remaining lowest of master's white slaves. She would serve, she would obey, she would outshine all these niave girls until she ruled the harem. Cynthia had more than a little kink in her soul. It involved young white women naked and bowing before her. The twist of fate that had taken her here was all she'd ever wanted and more. When master came for her later she danced for him, seduced him and drained his cock twice before he fell asleep in her arms. She caressed him as he lay naked and spent. When morning dawned, the master awoke to find Cynthia gently sucking his stiff cock. He smiled as he came in her mouth. "Anything for you master," she smiled, "anything at all..."


Nancy had been chosen to be a human cum receptacle in the court of a rich Sultan. She had disappeared from her home in west Los Angeles only days before. She'd been bound and shipped in a cargo bin to the Sultan's home. Naked and afraid, she was inspected, graded and assigned to her new life.

"You are to be a whore for the Mighty Sultan," the trainer told her as she hung by her ankles, "but though he will enter your mouth, your ass and your tight american cunt, you will not be allowed to bear his children. You are barely worthy to eat his shit. But he has taken a liking to white western girls like you. So it falls to me to destroy your ability to have children so that the Sultan might fuck you with impunity and without fear of you having a bastard child."

Nancy had screamed when the lash rained down across her young body, but this pain was internal. The man was a trained doctor. He knew his way around a woman's body and saw to the health of the Sultan's wives and female slaves. But with the white sex-slaves, like Nancy, there would be no drugs, no clean sterile operating room. Only pain would she feel as the doctor/trainer tore out her reproductive organs while she hung awake, conscious and in full view of the entire castle.


"Yes...Good! Scream as loud as you can. Your master, the Sultan hears and is pleased. He has many devices that will keep you screaming while he uses your body for his own pleasure. Even I will be allowed to fuck you from time to time. I favor a white slave's ass-hole. It will cause you more pain and grant me more pleasure. Besides, I can use that hole immediately while your barren cunt heals..."


Posted on June 12th, 2009

Careful What You Wish For

Deanna had always thought about how romantic the Middle East must be. She'd read about Ali Baba as a child and grew up learning all she could about the region. Deanna loved to look at pictures of the desert. The windswept sands looked like the tanned thighs of a woman who was slowly being brought to orgasm by the soft insistence of the desert winds.

As she got older her obsession only grew stronger. "I will be a Sultan's wife someday," she told herself, "I will be the white wife of his harem and his favorite whore." Deanna would often masturbate to variations of this fantasy. She would imagine the powerful Sultan overpowering her and taking her love while the dark women of the harem watched and made love to each other. Then she met the new neighbor and it seemed her greatest wishes were now within her grasp.

Andabi, a beautiful woman with jet-black hair and a deep natural tan had recently immigrated from Khasabuhl. She was tall and slender and had a face that looked cruel at first glance but her smile banished the shadows exposing two rows of perfect white teeth. Deanna introduced herself to Andabi and they quickly became good friends. Over the next few years Deanna learned two languages spoken in Andabi's part of the world. She learned it's customs and traditions. When Deanna turned 18, she confided to Andabi her secret desire to meet and marry a Sultan. Andabi smiled and hugged Deanna.

"I was sent here to find the perfect western wife for my Sultan. I thought it might be you, but now I'm sure."

Deanna began a correspondence over the internet at firs with the Sultan, Andabi's master. Then, after 6 months of letters, eventually met the Sultan in the flesh. He came to America on his private jet to meet the beautiful woman who so badly wanted to be a part of his world.

"Remember all that I've taught you, young one," Andabi said to Deanna, Then a knock on the door and the Sultan entered, As he walked inside, Deanna knelt before him with her head bowed. She did not see the look that the Sultan exchanged with Andabi. They both smiled. Evil smiles. Deanna, young and naive, suspected nothing of the nightmare from which she would never awake.

His dark smoldering looks and regal demeanor made Deanna weak. She trembled when he took her face in his strong hands and bid her rise. Later, in Andabi's home after dinner and more than a little wine, the Sultan asked Deanna if she knew what being a Sultan's wife entailed. "Yes," she replied, "Andabi has taught me well. I am to obey all your commands at all times. I will live with your other wives and bear your children. I will please you in every way. Andabi has even taught me how you especially like to be pleasured."

As Deanna spoke, she began to squirm about imperceptibly in her chair.. Her heart raced as she confessed herself to this man. Her cunt grew moist as they talked.

"Well then, perhaps we should introduce you to your first duty as a Sultan's wife," Andabi said, "remove your clothes Deanna, Let our Sultan see all of you."

At first Deanna hesitated. After all, she'd only met the man for the first time today. "Go ahead Deanna," Andabi said nodding.

Deanna slowly began to unbutton her shirt. Soon she stood naked before the Sultan with her clothes lying around her feet. He licked his lips as he took in Deanna's naked body. "Perfect, child, you are perfect."

Deanna slowly turned to show all sides of her perfect body. That's when she noticed that Abdabi has silently slipped out of her own garments and stood nearby.

Andabi smiled again as their eyes met. Deanna began to breathe harder as her heart pounded in her chest. "Let us show the Sultan our devotion to him, Deanna. This is your final test." Deanna stood trembling as Andabi moved in to kiss her. Deanna pulled back at first, until Andabi caressed Danna's hairless cunt and felt the wetness there. Their lips locked as a tear of pure joy fell from Deana's eye; her greatest dream was coming true.

But then something happened. The room began to spin and Deanna felt woozy. A voice; "Don't let her fall. I want her unbruised!" Then Andabi, "Yes Master. I shall prepare her for the procedure." Drugged and defenseless she fell into the traitorous arms of her friend Andabi.

Deanna awoke lying in Andabi's bed. The Sultan stood in front of her. Andabi was kneeling with the Sultan's cock sliding in and out between her full lips. "She wakes," said the Sultan, "It is time to prepare my newest wife for the rest of her life."

Deanna, still dizzy but now awake and aware, tried to sit up. This was when she discovered that she was bound and defenseless. Chains rattled noisily.

"Just relax sweet Deanna," Andabi said as she rose and wiped the corners of her mouth, "the Sultan has taken you for his own and your wish to be a Sultan's whore has been granted. But there's only one thing I neglected to tell you." Andabi stood now before Deanna's questioning eyes, "Look closely now," Andabi said as she parted the lips of her shaven pussy, "do you see anything amiss?"

Deanna saw the pouting lips spread open by the ruby red fingertips. At first thought that she would be asked to lick Andabi's cunt. but then she saw it. Or rather did not see it. Andabi had been circumcised. Her clitoris had been removed. "None of the Sultan's wives are entitled to feel pleasure little white slut," Andabi told the mesmerized girl, "especially not a western whore. You will be the lowest of all Sultan's slaves. You will pleasure him and his guests. You will even get to suck the cum out of your own country's ambassadors when they come to visit."

"Enough Andabi," said the Sultan with a smile, "can't you see that you're frightening the poor girl. It's her pain that I want to see now, and her initiation into my service. Do your job and be silent."

Andabi knelt between the widely spread legs of the frantic girl and began to lick and suckle at Deanna's secret sensitive bud. After a moment, the lithe tongue had brought the clitoris to it's full size as Deanna began to moan. Then, as her orgasm threatened to wash over her brain, Andabi stood to one side and the Sultan stepped forward. He applied a vacuum tube to her wet engorged clit while stroking his large cock all the while.

"Whip young Deanna as soon as finish, Andabi," ordered the Sultan, "I want her to remember this night for the rest of her life."

Then came the screams of horror as the still naked Andabi began to whip down blow after blow across the body of the panic stricken Deanna. Andabi's ample breasts flew from side to side and her muscles slid sensuously beneath her dark golden skin as welts appeared across Deanna's pale flesh.

A private jet left the airport that evening bound for Khasabuhl. Two people dragged a weakly struggling third from the limousine and into the jet just before take-off. Deanna had gotten her wish...

Candace Swallows


Candace was a perfect specimen. She was the most beautiful western whore the Emir had ever captured. He was exceedingly proud of his latest white slave. She had a beautiful face and perfect teeth. Her lips and tongue wrapped around any cock that came near and milked the semen into her waiting mouth.

Her only problem was that she always gagged and spit whenever her owner came across her tongue.

"Yes you will swallow every drop, you stupid cow! You'll happily swallow piss and shit too after I finish training you!"

For over an hour Candace had been held in this position as the Emir leisurely struck her over and again with his leather cane. The waiting was the worst part. At times he would simply whisk the cane within an inch of her lovely western flesh causing her to jerk painfully and cry out. Other times after moments had passed it would strike down across her tight young ass. Her body felt as if it were on fire for the Emir repeatedly dipped the cane's tip into a brass vase that contained the essence off red peppers. Each time a new welt would rise with a scream of pain, it followed soon after with a scorching after-burn as the red pepper juice soaked into her skin.

Candace had been able to stand on the toes of her right foot and alleviate some of the pressure her partial suspension caused to her shoulders and hip. But the muscles in her right calf burned and cramped and could do little after the hour she had been bound in this painful position.

The Emir knew this of course. He had trained many slaves in his life. His grandfather had taught him well in the ways of breaking and training the women of his harem.

The emir reached below her abdomen and gently began to massage Candace's pussy. She moaned and jerked when he touched her there. "Perhaps you have learned your lesson," he said to his slave, "Perhaps you are ready to show me what you can do when a man empties himself into your haughty western mouth."

"Yes, oh yes, Master," she begged, "I can do better, I will do better, I will make you proud of me I swear it! I swear!!"

Elated at the prospect of release from her bondage she would have agreed to anything now, but the Emir had other plans. "Soon perhaps, but not quite yet my pet, not yet!" another blow of the damp cane slapped wetly across her nipples. Candace screeched in reaction to the intense pain. Then, as the pepper juice did it's work, she felt her master gently press the head of his cock between the lips of her splayed open pussy. Then he grasped her by the hips and thrust into her with wild abandon. Her breasts bounced forward and back as Candace's body was used to satisfy the lust of the animal who owned her very life.

After a few moments of painful rut, the Emir pulled out without ejaculating. He clapped his hands twice and a female servant turned a handle. The ropes that held Candace tightened and drew her upward toward the ceiling. Candace's already pain-racked body left the floor entirely. She yelped and grunted as her right foot kicked and flailed to find any purchase upon which to stand. At another clap from the Emir, two more women ran forward and grabbed the girl's kicking leg holding it still as a third girl tied a pallet of bricks around her ankle. Candace's breath came in gasps as the new weight compressed her lungs and restricted her air.

"Will you swallow all that you are given?" whispered the Emir into Candace's ear.

"Yes...UNGH...OH YES!"

With a savage well-aimed blow, the leather cane, freshly dipped in pepper juice, landed squarely between the lips of her cunt.

"GHAAAAAHH!! Pl..please master. YES! This worthless whore will swallow everything...anything!"

The pepper extract sank like fire into her twat. Candace grunted and struggled wildly from the second assault of the pain that now spread through her loins.

Hanging here naked and spread open in front of the Emir and his slave women would have been enough to break Candace. Her shame and humiliation was complete. But the cane broke her will and her spirit completely with it's two-pronged assault. The initial blow hurt horribly but the pepper lasted long after.

Another hour passed. Candace had been left alone hanging suspended from the ceiling. She passed in and out of consciousness. At one point she was awakened by a few sharp slaps across her ass as a man took pictures of her plight. A moment later Candace was sent spinning slowly around as the same man now held a movie camera and captured every lurid detail (from every conceivable angle) of the poor girl's pain-filled bondage..

Eventually Candace was taken down. She was given food and drink. Her wounds were treated and stretched joints were massaged.

"Rest now," thought the broken girl as dark feminine hands massaged oil into every crack and crevasse of her superb body, "surely I will be allowed to rest."

But this, of course, was not to be, The slave women made Candace stand, then pulled her hands back behind her. She was tied wrist to wrist; elbow to elbow. Her firm breasts jutted out proudly as the arch in her back pushed out her chest. With a collar and leash around her long neck, Candace, naked and gleaming from the thick oil, was led into the great hall.

Her lower lip trembled at what she saw. At least 200 men and women waited there for the Emir's broken slave.

Candace was forced to her knees as the Emir spoke aloud. "Here for our enjoyment is my newest white slave. Her oral skills will now be tested. Use her well and enjoy her mouth. She has promised to swallow all that she is given. Let us see if she is truthful or false."

Candace, resigned now to her fate, merely opened her mouth wide and extended her tongue like a wet and warm velvet rug. The Emir and his entourage surrounded the girl. Slave girls knelt beside her to help arouse the many cocks and cunts that awaited a turn at the white girl's open mouth.

Hours later, Candace, covered in slime and belly bloated with cum, was led listlessly away. She was hosed off and forced to vomit out the gallons of semen she carried. Finally she was led to her cell where she was allowed to rest. The Emir's guests ate and drank in anticipation of the evening's festivities. Candace was to be pierced and branded. Then not only her mouth; but also her ass and cunt would be used by all who wished. Every hole Candace had would swallow tonight...

Revenge - The Taking of Lindsay

Lindsay was the daughter of the honorable judge Teela Black. She had recently ordered the execution of seven men. She was very quick to hand out the death penalty. She would order the condemned men tortured while she watched. Then they were hung slowly an inch at a time. All the while a pretty female convict would kneel between Teela's spread legs licking and sucking noisily while the men screamed and choked slowly to death.

One of these men had been the brother of a very rich and powerful man in the Middle East. Judge Teela was about to see things from a different point of view.

Lindsay, the judge's daughter, disappeared one week after the death sentences were carried out. Searches were conducted, inquiries were made, and the usual suspects were picked up and interrogated, but for six months not a scrap of news turned up as to Lindsay's fate. Everyone feared the worst. But it was even worse that that.

A DVD arrived one day at the judge's house in the mail. There was no return address and no mark of postage. It simply said "Lindsay" on the brown wrapping. The judge tore off the wrapping and, with trembling hands, turned on the TV and inserted the disc into the player. There was her daughter.

A hooded man stood by beside the nude girl began to beat her with a thin iron bar as she hung from a cross in the middle of a courtyard. Her screams were immediate and blood curdling. The judge forced herself to watch. Surely this was a ransom tape. The abductor’s demands would surely be stated soon. Four different cameras recorded the girl as she suffered the rod that landed across her stomach, breasts and thighs. Whoever ran the cameras was sure not to show the faces of those who beat the screaming 18 year old youth As the beating continued, Lindsay jerked from side to side in a futile effort to avoid the rod. Eventually she was taken down and pushed into the dirt of the courtyard on her hands and knees. She was forced to look into one camera as another man knelt behind her and forced his huge lubricated cock into her virgin cunt. The other cameras showed the brutal insertion from different angles. Tears streamed from the girl's eyes as her cherry was rent and her body invaded by a man who pummeled her fast, hard and without mercy.

"Mommy!" Lindsay screamed, "Mommy help me! Please Help...AAAUUUGH!"

After a time, the man pulled out of Lindsay's deflowered pussy and a dark skinned woman was seen spreading thick oil around and into Lindsay's asshole. She grunted and lurched forward as the woman's brown fingers probed inside her ass in order to insert the lubrication.

Then the man repositioned himself slightly and grabbed Lindsay's hips. The woman's hand was seen guiding the purple head of the monstrous cock against the entrance to Lindsay's ass. Suddenly, he pushed forward with all his might and impaled the screaming struggling girl on his massive erection. The rod began to land across her back and ass as the man tore into Lindsay's bloody and torn bowels.

Just before he came, the hooded man pulled his prick out of her broken ass and spun the girl around. The cameras showed a close-up of the bloody, shit-smeared cock that hovered an inch in front of Lindsay's tightly closed lips.

"Open and suck, said a woman's voice, "or the rod will be pushed into you like a spear. And take care not to bite, little slut, or all your teeth will be forfeit."

Lindsay felt the first 3 inches of steel rod as it was pushed into her rectum, but refused to open her mouth. It wasn't until a full 10 inches of the relentless iron pressed into the curves of her bowels that she finally opened her mouth and took the cock inside.

"Clean it well, little whore," said the woman's voice, "swallow all that covers it."

Gagging, Lindsay licked and sucked the smelly organ in her mouth until it was shiny and clean. The brown-skinned woman removed the penis from Lindsay's mouth. The iron rod remained imbedded in her ass to insure compliance. Now a camera showed the veiled woman taking the man's cock into her mouth and sucking him. Soon he began to spasm and jerk as the woman took the huge load of cum into her mouth. Her cheeks puffed out as she struggled to take the entire load. Next she hovered over Lindsay with her mouth full of cum. The Iron rod was pushed again once and Lindsay realized what she must do.

Looking up she opened her mouth as the other woman drooled a seemingly endless stream of sperm down Lindsay's throat. Her stomach rolled and Lindsay was sure that she would vomit, but she dared not, she managed to keep it all down.

The view of her daughter faded momentarily as English script rolled across the screen. "Keep watching judge. The answer you seek will soon be revealed."

"Finally the ransom amount," the judge muttered to herself as she sat trembling and weeping in front of the television. If this had been anyone else's daughter, Teela Black would already have frigged herself to at least one orgasm, but this was her own flesh and blood; her beloved Lindsay.

As the film continued, no ransom was yet to be seen. Only her daughter again. Still naked and on her hands and knees. Lindsay was positioned beneath a camel. A woman's hand, presumably the same woman from before, was stroking the camel's huge cock to a full erection.

Still no full facial picture's except that of the tormented Lindsay.

As before, the "open" command was given. Lindsay did not resist. Her mouth gaped open widely as the camel spewed his sperm into her mouth, all over her face and into her hair. Her tears streamed through the cum.

The camera panned off to the right and showed a long line of camels, horses and even a bull and a few pigs. These were all for Lindsay. Their cum soon covered her young 18 year-old body from head to toe. It dripped from her chin and nipples and formed a thick gooey puddle of cum-mud around her body….

Tag Team - part I - Randavi plays with Mother


"Do you hear her screams bitch?" Randavi asked the trembling woman who knelt before him. "It is the voice of your daughter and she screams because of you!"

"She hangs from the ceiling by her wrists; a visiting Roman named Persuis will flay the skin from her bones unless you give yourself to me willingly. She is so beautiful hanging there with her naked flesh crossed with the welts of the Roman's desire. Her legs are spread, do you wonder why? He will shove all manner of things up her tight young virgin's twat dear woman. He will spread her open like a gutted fish. She will scream for days. This mad roman never loses his taste for causing pain. Will you give yourself to me? I promise to make Persius stop after I've filled your ass with my seed. Do you consent?"


Yes please fuck me," begged the naked woman."I can bear her screams no longer. Have your way with me and ease her pain."

"Very well, slut!"

Randavi slammed into the woman's ass as he listened to the young girl in the next room being whipped and beaten by Persius the Roman. Randavi had learned through long years of practice how to pump into the walls of grasping female flesh for great lengths of time before releasing his cum. The woman felt her ass-hole tear as the sphincter was brutally penetrated. She bit her lip, bidding herself not to scream, but she could not hold out for long.

"Will his brutality never end!" she thought in a frenzy of pain. "How long can this beast keep on fucking me?"

Soon she could remain silent no longer. Her harsh breath turned to grunts, her grunting into yelps of pain, and these soon turned into abject screams of torture as Randavi rent and tore the walls of her ass with his seemingly endless thrusts.

Now both women screamed almost in unison. With each thrust of Randavi's cock into the mother, Persius would strike the daughter. Both men grinned cruelly as the symphony of anguish continued.

Finally, grunting loudly and pummeling his slave harder and deeper than ever, he began to cum. The woman could feel her insides filling with his vile seed. After one final massive thrust, Randavi roughly withdrew and pushed the woman to one side. She lay on the floor in a fetal position as sperm leaked from her throbbing ass.

She could still hear her daughter screaming in the other room each tome Persius struck her.

"Please, you said you'd make him stop hurting my precious daughter if I fucked you," she begged, "Please do as you promised!"

"Shut-up cunt," Randavi said with a sneer. He stood and kicked her roughly in the stomach. "Are you really so stupid as to believe that I would deprive my good friend of his one true joy? I will go to him though just to watch him work on your daughter. She does scream so nicely. Later, on we will trade places and he will visit you. You will see why your daughter screams with such gusto! You'll even get to watch as I tear into her ass and cunt for the first time. I always save the virgins for last, especially when the mother is forced to watch, HA, HA, HA!!"

Tag Team - part 2 - Persius Plays with the Daughter

"GHAAAIIIEEEE!! Please...let me go!"

"A life of privilege has not gone far in preparing you for the pain life often has in store, poor child." Persius remarked casually.

This was a good day for both Randavi and Persius. The Arab had captured the two european women only one month earlier and had sent word to Persius immediately. Persius, the roman, and his friend from the Middle East often broke their captive slave women together and this mother/daughter tag team match was too perfect to pass up.

Persius could hear the girl's mother screaming in the next room now as Randavi tore into her ass. Laughing now, he began to beat the young bitch in tempo with her mother's shrieks of pain. After Randavi filled the mother with his jism he dragged her, hogtied and gagged, into this room so that she could watch while both men brutalized the daughter.

Randavi licked his lips when Persius began to slap the leather crop against the firm young tits. The small firm mounds of flesh jiggled and bounced enticingly with each blow of the crop and with her spirited attempts to avoid the slender cane. Her mother could only groan and grunt around the gag with tear-filled eyes as she witnessed her daughter's torment and naked shame.

Soon, to mother's horror, Randavi had grown hard again. His immense prick, purple veined and threatening, bobbed out before him as he stood and approached the girl.

"Let's hoist her up Persius," he told the roman, "It's time we broke this young whore fine and proper!" Together the two men tugged at the rope until the girl's feet barely left the ground. She was hanging just high enough now so that both men could access a warm hole.

Randavi produced a pair of dices and the men gambled to see who would get the ass and who would have the pleasure of breaking her fresh young cunt. In truth, neither man really cared which hole he got, but playing this way added to the misery of the captives. The two finally decided as the tesserae were put away, that Randavi would take her cunt. The men then took a moment to lubricate the dry holes so that they might access her tight passages more easily. Then, with a cock in front and another behind, the fun truly began.

The men positioned themselves, hard and ready, at each hole, and, on the count of three, both men jutted forward with all their considerable strength.


The dual intrusion sent the young girl into shrieking hysterics. Mother could only watch and shed tears of shame and horror as her daughter was deflowered. Once fully inside her ass, Persius climbed up onto the girl and wrapped his legs around her slender waist. Her tiny wrists and shoulders now supported both her weight and that of the brutal roman. Her shoulders quickly dislocated as she hung suspended between the two men.

"UNG...UGH...UNNGH!" Her screams turned into the hoarse grunts of a tortured animal as the men pistoned in unison into her warm grasping flesh. Randavi looked into her eyes as he fucked her. Her body was slick with perspiration and her face was shiny with tears. Randavi slapped her hard across the face repeatedly to keep her awake and aware. "Can't have you going to sleep. Not much fun fucking a dead fish."

Finally both men began to cum inside the girl. Pushing deeper and harder than ever before, they emptied themselves into the shaking girl.

"Okay mum," Randavi said, "time for you to get busy!"

The mother soon found herself on her hands and knees again, but this time her face was buried in the fine thatch of her daughter's cunt hair. She was being forced to suck the men's sticky warm cum from her own daughter's bloody holes.

"Lick her clit while you're at it, Bitch!" Persius said laughing, "I want to hear her cum. And don't worry, she'll be glad to return the favor I'm sure."

He got down on his knees behind her and began to fuck her like an animal. Her nose and face were slammed into the girl's pussy each time Persius pushed into her from behind. Meanwhile, Randavi had picked up the leather cane and began to beat the girl across her muscular back ass and calves. She twitched and bucked as her mother's tongue flicked and sucked her young clitoris and, even though the crop stung, she eventually began to cum.

"NNNGHAAAH!" Involuntarily she began to push her hips into the frothy mouth buried in her crotch as her orgasm rushed through her loins. Mother gagged as she tasted her own daughter's cum but Persius made her keep licking and sucking until he'd spent himself in her cunt.

Both mother and daughter were taken into separate cells and left alone in the dark. There would be a full orgy with both roman and Arabian guests next week. Afterward, both mother and daughter would be the auctioned off to the highest bidder. And as a final act of cruelty, they would be sold to different buyers so that mother would never see daughter again....

Posted on June 22nd, 2009

The Gift - Cosima Takes a Vacation

Cosima was tied hand and foot. The beautiful Italian girl struggled weakly as she was carried through the cold stone halls of the Sultan's palace. She dared not scream or cry out. She had tried begging and pleading with her captors but had only been slapped when she spoke. Once, at first, she had screamed out for help. This was met with a savage fist to her gut. It had taken her breath away leaving her gasping for breath. She kept silent now, wanting to avoid another reason to anger her captors.

The hood over her head was tied closed around her slender neck. She smelled perfume and perspiration, she was not the first to have worn this black hood. She saw no light at all. It might as well have been night.

48 hours ago, Cosima had been heading to her car in the parking garage. The boutique where she worked was closed for the weekend and she had stayed later than usual to mark down inventory for next week's sale. But work was over now, no cares, no worries and a long 2 week vacation to look forward to. She was only a few meters from her car with keys in hand, when she heard a shuffling sound behind her. She turned just in time to see the inside of the hood closing down over her head.

She'd been fed and watered twice during her journey, but the hood still covered her eyes. She'd tasted applesauce, carrots, beef jerky, chewable vitamins and water. She was hand fed and never completely untied. She'd felt a needle pushed into her arm now on three separate occasions. They were keeping her awake but sedated; calm...quiet. The bonds were shifted and retied carefully to allow blood to flow. Someone had even brushed her teeth after each feeding. Someone had even given her a manicure and a pedicure. She was being pampered and well taken care of. Better yet, she was being prepared; but for what...for whom? This was bad enough, but when she had to go to the bathroom it was worse. Still unable to use her hands, someone else wiped and cleaned her.

Almost at once, her clothes had been cut away. Even though lightly sedated, she still fought this, but a tazer kept her still if she got out of hand. After being fully inspected, her cunt and ass had been shaved. She felt a woman's hand at work here. Afterwards, a light soothing lotion was spread over her entire body with special attention being paid to the shorn areas where a sparse patch of dark pubic hair had been. An hour before she was carried through the many turns in Sultan's palace, she was given two enemas and forced to hold them in. Each time a thick rubber bulb had been pushed painfully past her sphincter. Try as she might she couldn't push it out. They made her hold the enemas in for 15 minutes each time. Her bowels were clean. When the plug was pulled out and she was allowed to evacuate, she smelled raspberries. They'd perfumed her intestines. The lotion, the enemas...they were the same items that were sold at the boutique where she had worked.

Cosima knew she was in trouble, but she was still alright. No real physical harm. Just the mental pain at being taken here against her will. Everyone knew she was going on vacation for 2 weeks. No one would be looking for her. She could expect no one to miss her and contact the authorities for probably 3 or 4 weeks. Even worse, Cosima had been travelling for two days solid now. They'd moved her from a van to a ship, and finally onto an airplane. They'd covered their tracks well...

Suddenly the men carrying her stopped. A door swung wide on its thick hinges. Cosima, still naked, was carried through and laid on a thick low sofa at the far end of the room. A woman's voice spoke maybe two words that Cosima did not understand.

She heard the footsteps of those who carried her leaving the room. She lay there listening. She still wore the hood. The room was completely silent... but, no wait... breathing... two people... they were watching her... staring at her naked, bound body... waiting... for what?

Then she heard the woman's voice again; soft and lilting. Someone untied the drawstring that bound the hood to the base of her neck and suddenly there was the shine of lamps and lanterns. Even though the chamber was not brightly lit, it still took a moment for Cosima to adjust to the light. She saw a woman sitting; watching her from across the room. She was about 30 years old. She was slender and very beautiful and there was something very familiar about her.

"Perfume!" Cosima said, remembering, "I sold you a bottle of 'Yolanda's Dream' just last week. It was the most expensive perfume we've ever had. 625 Euros for a 2 milliliter bottle. You bought that and the enemas and the lotion..."

Cosima's sudden recognition and her outburst were cut short as the man who had removed her hood slapped her twice across her face hard enough for her to see stars. "UNNGH! OWW!"

"You'll have to excuse Adami," the woman said, "but he's just doing his job. You have to learn control you see. At first you'll want to speak, then to escape, but eventually you will come to accept your place here. You belong to me now. My name is Yuvraani. It means Princess, and you are a gift from my husband the Sultan. Yes, I bought the items you mentioned. Bought them all for you. You are my pet now and I will train you any way I please. I've even chosen a new name for you: Puttana Cane. It's in Italian and so fitting my beautiful pet." Yuvraani's face turned into a scowl. True cruelty shown through the still present beauty. "It means 'whore dog' if I translate your mongrel language correctly. And that's all you are for now. You will learn to service anyone in any way you are instructed. Unless commanded to stand you will crawl like the dog you are. You will be prepared at all times to serve me or anyone to whom I lend you. For now, though, all you need to do is lay there. Your first lesson in service begins now!"

Then to Adami she spoke a few words in the language Cosima had heard before.

Adami stood and dropped his clothing on the floor. Cosima, now called "puttana cane" began to fight, she began to twist away. She cried out, "No you fucking perverts! Let me go. Get this basted away from me. NOO...AAGGHH!!"

The woman leaned in to watch as Adami's thick full erection forced its way into Cosima's unprotected ass. She wiggled like a fish on a hook when she felt his balls slap against one muscular thigh. His cock had been lubricated with the same lotion Cosima had sold the woman just days before. Now it was being used to facilitate the unwanted and very painful intrusion of a man's cock into her ass.

"Go ahead and scream now if you like. We're home now and no one will come to rescue you here. So beautiful with your face twisting in a grimace of rage, pain and revulsion. So inviting with your young body twisting so seductively in your bonds. Mmmm...I was simply going to watch for awhile but you're really just too beautiful to resist."

Yuvranni stood and dropped her form fitting robes to the floor. Even in her current state of pain, Cosima - Puttana Cane had to appreciate the sheer perfection of the woman who claimed to be her owner. Her skin was perfect, no mark or blemish on the tanned flesh, her breasts rode high and full. Her tapering waist flowed into well-defined stomach muscles and long powerful legs. The slightest patch of black pubic hair covered her pierced clitoral hood.

She climbed onto the sofa where Andami was busily and brutally fucking his mistress' new toy. Then she climbed over Cosima - Puttana Cane's face and said, "lick until I squirt, slave, then swallow. Bite, and I will hang you by those beautiful tits in the palace square and watch you squirm and shriek, as you are whipped and beaten."

The 18 year old Italian girl, weeping in from a mixture of pain, anger, fear and utter humiliation, opened her mouth as Yuvranni's cunt touched her lips. Once again she smelled the perfume called 'Yolanda's Dream' mixed with the subtle scent of the woman's natural musky scent. Her tongue sank deeply between the moist vaginal lips and learned, for the first time of many years to follow, what her owner's cunt tasted like.

When Yuvranni came, violently and with a great flood of cum, Cosima - puttana cane swallowed it all. Not a drop was wasted. Andami had long since filled her ass with his warm semen. When Yuvranni finally stopped rubbing her twat over her slave's face, she sucked the cum out of Cosima - Puttata Cane's ass and drooled it into her mouth. She did what all good whore dog's must do. She swallowed the cum that had just been in her own ass.

"Good dog. Come along," Yuvranni said as she untied her dog and led her by a leash on all fours from the room, "My Husband and the rest of the harem are just dying to see my latest gift..."

Paulina - Princess to Prostitute


"I'll stop when you're filled with my seed, you ungrateful cunt!" Augusto said to Paulina, "the doctors say you are ready to bear children and that your womb is fruitful. Your punishment for trying to escape when you'd already been promised to me will be deep and painful fucking as often as I like."

Paulina had run away when she found out about the arranged marriage to the repulsive and sadistic Augusto.

"Understand daughter," her father had said, "this union will join our two great houses. We will have power and riches beyond the dreams of Avarice. I have given my word and so you will obey!"

When they caught her, she and her two hand maidens, had only made it a few kilometers through the forests outside of Rome. Augusto had ordered her stripped and tied between two trees. With her arms and legs painfully spread, Augusto, in full sight of his men, had taken her virginity. Augusto gave the two maidens that had accompanied Paulina to his men. Clothes were ripped away as the two girls screamed and struggled. But their bodies quickly disappeared beneath a pile of laughing grunting men with only one thing on their minds. Paulina watched in horror as her two hand maidens, both virgins, were rent and laid open by the savage men. When all were sated, the two maidens were bound naked, hand and foot, onto two poles and carried back into Rome like boars caught during a hunt. They would spend many days in the company of the soldiers before being sent to the brothels.

Paulina was not so lucky however. She would spend her life with Augusto until she provided him with a male heir. He had demonstrated his lack of love and respect for her when he had fucked her in the forest while his men watched. But now he was alone with her and with no witnesses. His treatment of her was now brutal beyond belief. Paulina spent a full week on her back or on her hands and knees as Augusto filled her womb with his seed over and over. Eventually she learned to endure Augusto's savagery.Paulina would just lay still and passive while he rutted into her body. She'd accepted her fate.

Soon Augusto grew bored with her since she had stopped screaming and struggling. She stared impassively at the wall or ceiling. She didn't even react when he beat or whipped her. Soon his need for pleasure through a woman's pain drove Augusto back to the newly conquered coastal towns and their nearly endless supply of fresh young virgins who squealed and cried whenever Augusto looked at them. They were much more fun, besides, Augusto's frequent visits to Paulina had proven effective. She was pregnant.

Nine months later, Augusto greeted his son into the world and said goodbye to his wife at the same time. The child was raised by a mid-wife while Paulina was sent to Augusto's brothels. Paulina was reunited with her former hand maidens. They had been turned into whore-slaves and were responsible for breaking in all new women. Late one evening, during a highly publicized event, Paulina found herself standing spread-eagled in the middle of a large room filled with both male and female spectators who'd come to witness the breaking of Paulina Ascalli, the once and former princess now turned whore.

The two handmaidens pulled the sheet away from Paulina's naked body (and the two upright poles between which she was spread) and exposed her fully to the cheering, jeering applauding crowd. Over the course of the next two hours, Paulina was pierced through her nose, tongue, nipples, and clitoris. Then she was branded at the small of her back and just above her full breasts. She screamed when the branding iron sunk into her flesh. Augusto watched and laughed as his ex-wife was made ready for service.

He took her first as others lined up to abuse the newest whore. Paulina lasted 15 years in her new profession before Augusto donated her to the games. It is said that between gladiator bouts, Paulina was used to entertain the crowds as she was tied spread-eagle with long ropes between four oxen and slowly drawn and quartered. Augusto and his new wives were seen cheering as Paulina screamed one last time...

Sans Ivory Slave

Julia hung suspended with her spine painfully arched backward and her shoulders near to dislocation. Her breath came in ragged gasps but she still managed to scream hoarsely with each blow from the crop. Each year 15 young and beautiful virgins were selected to perform in the Orgy of Fertility. Each of these girls must be at the prime age of 18; no older or younger would suffice. Their spoiled virgin's blood was said to make the grapes grow so the vineyards would flourish and be fruitful. Julia had been entrusted to Dimitrius Auralius for induction and training.

"Don't struggle so child, it’s really for your own good," Dimitrius told Julia, "You must be trained and able to suck cock and lick pussy by next week's orgy. Right now you only have to please myself and the female slaves of my house. Be grateful that you're a virgin. This will save your cunt until the orgy."

Seated in front of the weeping girl now, Dimitri grabbed a handful of Julia's hair and yanked her head back. "Open your mouth or I will wrench it open with an iron bar. Either way my cock is going down your throat."

"NNNGGH...GGG...RRRGGGLLLL!" Julia choked and gagged as the long rigid penis burrowed into her mouth and down her gullet.

She already had been threatened with losing all her teeth if she bit. "A young virgin is still a virgin with or without her teeth,," Dimitrius had told her. "Besides I rather fancy a toothless girl. Makes her mouth feel like a cunt with a tongue, plus it allows for more space and removes temptation without all that sharp ivory hanging about. Ha, ha!"

Julia glanced off to her right as Dimitrius girl-slaves entered the room. Smiling and licking their lips, they approached and disrobed. After the master had spewed his cum into the pretty girl's stomach, it would be their turn to teach the little whore how to satisfy a woman's lust. Men were so easy. All they usually wanted was to stick it somewhere soft, wet and warm. But the cruel women of the House of Dimitrius knew how to use a girl for hours before smearing her face with their cum. Julia would be no exception...

"Ungh! Ungh Here it comes you worthless cum-bag. Don't spill any, not one drop or I'll flay you alive !! Ungh! UUMM...GG...AHHH!"

They watched as their master Dimitrius whipped the girl harder than ever as he shot sperm deeply into Julia's throat. She bucked and thrashed, unable to breath with the huge man-meat blocking the path to her lungs. The pain in her back and lungs momentarily forgotten as she struggled for breath.

In an act of desperation, almost to the point of blacking out for want of air, Julia panicked and committed the unthinkable. Even after the stern warning from Dimitrius, Julia bit down...

One week later at the Fertility Orgy, Julia was forced onto the huge marble cock of the wine god. With her hymen broken and her virgin’s blood mixed with the ceremonial wine, Julia was ready for play. Lowered and forced onto hands and knees, Julia became very popular. Yes, her ass and cunt were thoroughly ravaged, but the main attraction was her mouth. She was the only toothless slave at the orgy.

Soon her face and mouth hung thick with cum. It dribbled down her face and pooled on the cold stone floor where she knelt on all fours like a mindless beast while an endless line of flesh waited for a turn. Dimitrius had made good on his promise...

The Black Hoard - Cirta Falls

Everyone fled as the city gates were breached and the black warriors swept through the city. The city of Cirta in North Africa had been under siege before, and while the surrounding villages might burn, the city had full provisions and a full stream running underground to city wells. But this time things were different. King Jugurtha's men attacked quickly and without warning. The city was sacked and the Roman guards were slain.

Lianna, her mother, young sisters and many other women of Cirta were captured as they tried to flee through the rear gates and into the wild countryside. Jugurtha had expected such an escape route and all those who fled this way were either captured or killed.

Lianna's mother was the first to fall. She was netted and captured alive with her 5 daughters. The soldiers brought all the captured females to Jugurtha. He selected Lianna, her sisters and her mother. Lianna and her sisters were forced to their knees and made to watch as their beautiful mother was stripped and tied to four stakes pounded into the ground. Her naked body gleamed in the hot mid-day sun. The king's pet tigers, each chained and held by four strong men, were brought forth and allowed to feed. Her screams lasted only a moment. Death came quick and merciful. Not so for the rest...

Lianna, her sisters and the other captives, were taken as slaves deep into the jungle to Jugartha's huge village. Some were sacrificed, others were put to manual labor; yet others were impaled alive on long spits and slowly cooked. Jugurtha's people found the flesh of vanquished foes to be a delicacy.

Lianna, however, was to suffer a different fate. She and her sisters were brought before the king. Lianna was stripped of her clothes and hung by her wrists from a rope. A witch-doctor examined the girl and pronounced her pure and untouched. He lubricated her ass and cunt with animal fat to make her ready for the king; Lianna was a virgin and Jugurtha thought her beautiful. Sometimes youth and beauty can be a curse.

After Jugurtha had whipped her twisting defenseless dangling body soundly, he pulled her down and onto his huge cock. Lianna saw what was happening and redoubled her efforts to avoid the glistening length of the erect monster that sought her virgin holes, but Jugurtha was very strong and would not be denied. His men laughed as the huge black cock slid slowly into the pink cunt of the shrieking white girl. As she wailed and writhed, Jugurtha thrust into her body. Lianna's loudest scream came when her maidenhead was breached just like the city walls of her beloved Cirta. Her tears and struggles only made him fuck her harder.

"You will make a good slave, roman whore," Jugurtha told her, "your sisters will learn to fuck as well or they will feed my tigers like your bitch of a mother." Jugurtha grunted as he bounced Liana up and down on the full length of his giant black prick.

"You are young. You and your sisters will bear many children here, we will drain the purity of your race and all your children will be raised as half-breed slaves. Here you will learn a new life and be used like animals whenever it pleases us."

Jugurtha groped her firm tits, squeezing and pinching her nipples as they bounced wildly while Lianna was slammed up and down the length of Jugurtha's immense prick. Anything to make her scream and cry. Anything to show her that she was a slave.

Lianna's sisters each were hung and examined by the witch-doctor. All were pronounced virgin and given to the sons and nobles of Jugurtha's tribe. The screams of the roman women were constant throughout the night as black men and women took out their lust and vengeance upon the soft flesh of the captured prisoners. Their punishment was severe and many did not survive to see the morning. Only the most beautiful were spared. These were forced to crawl naked through the streets day and night. A rope was tied around each slender white neck as they were paraded through the village. At any request from man or woman, any white girl was fucked, whipped or forced to perform some vile act.

As Jugurtha paraded Lianna, his private slave, through the streets the next day, she witnesses her sister Lucilla, being fucked from behind while one woman whipped her back and another forced her to eat goat dung. A little further on, Lianna saw Lanilla, hanging upside-down by her ankles in the village center. Her legs were spread lewdly, her hands were tied behind her back. Men and women were rolling bones and gambling to see who would be next to whip the struggling girl between her opened thighs or across her ass or firm tits. Naked and abused roman women were everywhere.

Eventually Lianna saw another sister, named Lavina. She was screaming as her nose, breasts and labia were being pierced with sharp animal bones. Her owner and his wives sought to make her every waking moment a punishment based on pain and humiliation.

The celebration of victory and the spoils of the flower of Rome lasted another few years until Jugurtha was himself defeated and his own women were taken as slaves. Lianna and her sisters were never seen again. Before Jugurtha's eventual defeat by the Roman army, they had all been sold to Barbary pirates, who in turn sold them to brothels along the Ivory Coast...

One Good Turn...

"Please," Medea begged, "I'll give you what you want. I'll suck your cock. You are the victor. You've taken me as a slave. I give myself to you. Why do you tie me thus? Why do you punish me?"

"You stupid cunt," Primus growled, "you really don't know who I am do you? Well, let me tell you a little story while you hang there. You don't have any place to go do you? No, I didn't think so. Once, I have a sister. Her name is Licia. She had just turned 19. I was only 18 we were born one year apart. She has long golden hair which is quite rare for a roman girl. She was beautiful. All the boys wanted her but she had already decided to save herself for marriage. She was pure and true. She was my best friend..."

"What's this all got to do with me. Just untie me and ...YEEEEIAAAEEE!" Medea's entreaty was cut short as the crop cut down across her lower stomach where the flesh is quite tender.

"Allow me the respect of finishing my story bitch, and you'll see everything much more clearly! One day Licia and I were climbing in the hills that surround our village when we heard the sound of horses approaching quickly. Licia made me hide behind an outcropping of rocks that led to a trail back to our village. I heard her scream. When I looked back I saw that she had been netted and was being dragged backwards. Our eyes met. "Run," she said to me, "Save yourself brother!" And so being afraid I ran. Up on the path I could see everything. I should have tried to save her but I had no weapons. They were at least fifty battle-hardened men, I was only one."

They pulled her out of the net and began pushing her from man to man. They tore at her clothing until she was naked. The sun beat down on her and so did the men. They laughed and jeered at her. The leader, a large man from Gaul, pushed forward and grabbed Licia by her long blond hair. With his other hand he squeezed her breast and twisted hard. She screamed and tried to jerk away.

"Hot little bitch aren't you?" he said to her, "Let's see just how hot your cunt is, roman whore!" they threw her to the ground. Four men held her down; one on each wrist and ankle.

Then a fifth man would whip her, beat her and then, finally fuck her. I saw their leader tear into her virginity. I heard her desperate plea for mercy and their brutal denial as the leader, their captain lowered himself onto her and slammed his cock into her womb. I heard her screams as they tied her upside-down to a tree branch by one ankle and surrounded her with belts, crops and whips.

When they finally took her down they threw her beaten and scarred body across the back of a horse and tied her down.

As they rode off with her, I heard the leader once again, "A fine whore you'll make, and a fine slave in the brothels..." I saw my sister raise her head and look in my direction one last time. That was the last time I saw her alive. But how does that involve you? The Gaul leader was named Diviciacos, your father!"

"I followed your father's men on foot and eventually found their stronghold. I snuck inside your city strapped to the bottom of a hay wagon. Once there, I found work in your father's stables cleaning out horse shit. I watched, I spied, and I searched for any word of my sister. Finally I discovered that she had been sold as a whore to an Arab slave trader three days before I arrived. She'd been bound and tied and chained by the neck to his wagon. She'd had to walk barefoot behind the bastard. I was about to leave in pursuit when I saw you. Just barely 18 the same age as my sister. What better way to avenge my sister than to take from your father what he'd taken from me?!"

"So here you are Medea. Your father is looking for you but we're in Rome now and he'll not dare come here. He's a coward and only raids small villages that can't defend themselves."

"And what of my sister Licia? I turned over what I knew to a Roman general. They tracked down the Arab and brought him here along with my sister. As it turns out, poor Licia can no longer have children. The abuse she encountered at the hands of your father has left her barren.

So now the two of us are reunited and have a common goal. We have laid you open and defenseless. You are quite beautiful and I will very much enjoy my revenge. Your body is supple and young and you quiver in fear. You know what lies in store. But you are wrong. What was done to my sister will be meted out 10 fold!"

Licia entered through a door and approached Medea. Her left eye was still black as though from a vicious blow. Even with the fresh scars across her face, she was still a very beautiful girl, but now her once warm heart was bitter and cold.

"My womb is an arid dessert now because of your father. And so shall yours be!" Licia greased her hand and forced her fist into Medea's cunt who twisted in her bondage flailing and screaming.

Licia's arm disappeared up to the elbow then began to thrash around jerking and pulling. Medea shrieked and bucked wildly against the ropes as she felt her womb being torn asunder.

When Licia's first came out it was bloody. She took the cane from Primus and slashed it down across Medea's heaving body. No exposed area was left untouched. Finally she knelt between Medea's bound legs and probed around until she found her clit.

"I've still got mine but you're about to get fucked for the next two days straight and I can't have you enjoying any of it." Lisia pulled a short knife from her waistband and lifted Medea;s clitoris out and off to one side. "Say goodbye to your love button whore," Licia growled as she sliced away the small nubbin of flesh.

Medea shrieked again and wept in great heaving sobs. Licia gave the cane back to her brother. "Do with this worthless bitch as you will brother, I have no further use for her."

Primus smiled down at the whip-marked flesh of the still beautiful Medea. "First I will fuck you, slowly and deeply. You will only feel pain while I feel pleasure both from my cock in your cunt and from the revenge I take from you. When I am done, I will open the doors and over 300 soldiers will take you as you are. You will hang there 'til the last man has finished with you. But don't worry. We won't kill you..."

Medea begged and pleaded as the men fucked her. She choked and gagged, she swallowed an endless amount of cum and piss. She absolutely dripped with sperm from these brutal hateful men. Finally, when the last man had taken his pleasure for the third time Medea was cut loose.

There was only one man left in the room. He was an old Arab. He held rope, a yoke and a collar.

Medea was led behind the slave trader's wagon through the streets of Rome. Everyone saw her shame and the cum that still covered her body. Licia and Primus accompanied the wagon on horseback watching as the brunette Medea with her hands tied to the yoke and her neck in an iron collar tried hard to keep up with the wagon.

"Keep moving little bitch," Primus said to Medea, "this man has been paid well and won't stop if you fall. He'll drag your whore's ass all the way to the brothels..."

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Broken by the Lash

"GHAAAAAA!" Barbarus laughed at their screams as he stood in the doorway to watch his new western brides receive their lashes.

Silvia lay on the ground weeping from the pain of the heavy leather rod. At first, simply being stripped and bound before all these cruel men had been humiliating enough, but she had forgotten about her modesty when the first brutal blow from the rod whistled through the air and tore into the tender flesh of her young ass.

40 times the rod slammed across her skin from high up on her back to her buttocks and down to her shapely calves.

She had thrashed and tried to cover herself but the searing pain of the rod never failed to find an exposed tender spot where the level of pain would be at a premium..

Now, as Silvia lay curled naked on the floor, she listened to the shrieks and screams of her friend Tristan.

With the 20th lash Tristan lost control of her bladder. The warm stream of yellow urine splashed hotly over Silvia's writhing body.

Barbarus laughed again, "Hoist the rope higher so the bitch hangs by her wrists, slave master. Then send them both to my room when you are done with them. I have other, more intimate uses for their pale bodies. We shall soon see how they react to my cock tearing them up from the inside!"

Barberus could still hear Tristan's screams after he reached his bed chamber to await his western brides. He knew that, naked and on their knees, these two new whores would gladly grovel at his feet and swallow his cock into all their tender holes rather than to spend more time in the company of the whip...

Eat or be Eaten

Although stripped naked and brutally whipped, Sara refused to kneel before the Bedouin. Now mounted on the cross, she had plenty of time to suffer and regret her decision. The sun scorched her pale skin as she struggled to breathe.

"Well little one, you see your sister's fate," he said to Sabrina, "will you share it or shall you bow and please your new master?"

With a backward glance at her sister and a sharp thwack of the crop across her pretty ass, Sabrina bowed before the bedouin chief. A single tear fell in memory of her former life as an American college student as she took the massive purple bulb of his penis into her mouth.

"Suck me well little whore and I may let your foolish sister live. Displease me and I will spread her open and leave her to the hunger of wild night animals. Rare indeed do they find such tasty repast that they do not have to chase. All tender and hairless, the vicious hyena or passing lion will smell her fear and her sweat. They will eat her while she is still alive. You will hear your sister's desperate screams as she is torn to shreds and devoured."

Determined to save Sara, Sabrina managed to swallow the entire length of the huge drooling cock. Her mouth and throat was completely stuffed with his meat. Soon he grunted and thrust deeper into her throat. But even though she found the taste of his spurting cum vile and repugnant, Sabrina, gagging heavily, managed to swallow every drop.

"Your stupid whore of a sister will hang a few hours more before I take her down. Then we will see how well she pleases you. She will lick you until she sucks the cum from your cunt. Would you like that little one?"

Sabrina, fully broken, accepted her place at this man's feet. She replied in a small voice. "Yes Master. I live now to please you. My body is yours to use. Command me and I will obey..."

Dinner on the Table

Hillary, tied expertly to the pillar with no chance of escape, watched helplessly as her friend Denise was abused by the naked man. He had as yet spoken not a word, but his intent was clear from the pleasure he took in inflicting terrible pain on his two western captives. His cock stood full and ready as he practiced his hellish hobby.

Almost tenderly, the man stroked the tiny bud of Denise's clitoris until, against her will, it stood aroused and engorged with blood. Then he grabbed it between two fingernails and twisted the sensitive bud with a savage fury.

Denise shook and thrashed about on the table where she lay spread and helpless. The pain so intense that she was sure he would rip the tiny piece of flesh entirely away from her body.

"GHAAAAAIIIIEEEEE!" Denise screamed long and loud as the man laughed. He twisted and pulled her clit as his cock wept pre-cum. A thick sticky stream oozed dripping down Denise's thigh but she took no notice. The massive pain from her cunt was all she knew.

Hillary sobbed openly as she watched him climb onto the table.

With his foreplay of pain nearly complete, the demented man positioned himself on top of Denise with the head of his slippery cock at the entrance to her vagina.


With one massive thrust, and more screams from Denise, he forced his way fully inside her heaving body. This was how Denise lost her virginity and her sanity.

Hillary watched the debauchery in a hypnotic state of terror and loathing. Noticing her gaze as he pumped into the screaming teenager, he said, "You are next sweet one, I will cum quickly inside your whore of a friend. But it will take an hour to cum the second time. Your friend here is the lucky one. Her cunt is fresh and tight, but I'll wager your asshole will be even tighter. I imagine it will hurt more as well. You'll both be slimed inside and out before I finish with you and take you whores to the market.”

Neapolitan Cream

Trying hard to please their master but afraid of his cruel nature, the three girls cowered as he lined them up and started their daily whipping.

"Time to please your master bitches! Show me your asses. And remember to squeeze my cock while I fuck your worthless holes."

It was his custom to cum inside one of the girls, then command the remaining two girls to suck the sperm out and share it between themselves.

Tonight he chose Maria, the petite hispanic girl. She pushed her ass repeatedly against his hips until his cock was buried to the hilt. She felt his balls slapping against the bottom of her wet cunt.

"Yes Master... Ungh... UNGGHHAAAH! Please fuck me harder. Let me feel your seed flood into my worthless pussy."

"As you wish whore," he said as he pumped jets of hot sperm into her cunt.

Elaine, the only white girl, was the master's favorite to beat, abuse and humiliate. He snapped orders to the Asian.

"Sue Lee, push the white whore's face into Maria's cunt. If she doesn't suck out every drop of my cum then whip her until she obeys."

Elaine tried to move away but Sue Lee was stronger, faster and very mean. She took the long leather crop from her master and began to whip Elaine across the neck and face. Sue Lee pushed Elaine roughly to the ground. Maria then squatted over Elaine's face and pushed out all the cum onto her face.

"Open your mouth round-eyed bitch," Sue Lee cried out, "if you don't I will claw out your pretty blue eyes!" Elaine wept as she tasted cum and Maria's pussy.

"Here's a drink for you Puta Gringa!" Maria laughed. Maria began to piss into Elaine's waiting mouth.

Afraid of her master and the hateful Sue Lee, Elaine began to swallow, choking down the white cum and Maria's frothy piss. The two girls both laughed at the white girl who lay writhing on the ground beneath them.

"Very good Sue Lee and Maria. Elaine belongs to you both tonight. Pierce her and brand her. Hurt her all you wish just don't kill her yet. She is the lowest of my whores and lives only because her suffering gives me pleasure.

"N-NOO MASTER," Elaine begged as Sue Lee grabbed a handful of hair. "Please NOOOMMMMFFF!"

Her cries were stifled as Sue Lee sat gyrating on Elaine's face and Maria began to shove her fist into the white girl's cunt. The night was young and the two young lesbians would stop at nothing to please their master...

Feeding Time for Lana

"NNNGHAAA!" Lana screamed when her new master managed to shove his immense cock past the ring of muscle and into her rectum.

"Please master! P-PLEASE! Your cock is too large for this lowly dog's ass. Please master, take it out. Let me suck you instead. This hurts too much!!"

"Bounce on it you stupid white dog." Jofur growled, "hurting you is what I want. You western bitches are weak and soft. My local wives will endure any abuse happily because they know that I am being pleased. Your job is to milk my balls dry and make sure that I like it!"

He jerked roughly on her leash forcing her down on his cock until he felt his balls mashing against the back of her moist pussy.

Lucille knelt in front of the two awaiting her turn.

"Get ready American slut," Jofur said to her, "you know what you must do!"

Lucille leaned forward into Lana's crotch quickly and waited for what was to come. The last time she had hesitated before completing an order, she had been given to Jofur's harem for training. Her screams at the hands of his spiteful wives had been horrendous. They hated Jofur's white girls and abused them without mercy whenever they had the chance.

"Now red-haired whore. In your mouth!!" Jofur pushed Lana roughly to the floor as his cock bobbed freely. Lana lay on her back while Lucille wrapped her lips and tongue around her master's brown-stained meat. She deep throated him to clean off Lana's shit as he began to cum. She pulled out just far enough to catch his huge spurting load in her mouth. He slapped her roughly across the face just to see her in more pain.

"Ahhh...well done whore," he said as he pulled his cock from Lucille's mouth, "feed your slut lover."

Lucille crawled over to Lana who obediently opened her mouth. Slowly Lucille drooled the gooey load into Lana's mouth. After she swallowed the two kissed. Lana could smell and taste her own feces as their lips pressed together and their tongues joined in an unwilling dance.

Jofur clapped his hands. His wives rushed into the room.

"Bath these two whores and train them further. My party is tonight and my guests will want to use my new whores after they are branded."


Posted on October 9th, 2009

The Experiment

"GHAAAIIIIEEEEE...YAAAARRRRGHHH!!" Sariah screamed again and again as the red-hot poker pierced deep into her tender flesh. Her ties with sanity were slipping as yet another day of sexual and psychological horrors began.

"Do they always scream this way?" asked the Court Recorder, "or is she an exceptionally weak candidate for our experiments?"

"They all scream eventually," said the grand-inquisitor, "after they learn that begging will do no good. They offer to do anything, to perform any perverted sexual act or confess to any crime. Watch as I spin the wheel and turn her upside down."

Sariah felt the wheel spin and saw the man's cock approach her face. She opened her mouth wide and took the erect member into her mouth. She opened the back of her throat wide to accommodate it's girth. She felt his huge balls resting against against her nose.

"GHHK...NNK...UUNK!" Gagging for air, she tongued his cock as she struggled for breath.

"There you see," said the inquisitor, "this high society slut would never have glanced my way, but now she suckles my prick like a new-born calf! This talented whore is glad to swallow any amount of cum in order to stop the pain and gain favor from her abusers. Try her yourself. The little bitch is quit compliant..."

The Recorder reached out and began to massage the girl's widespread upturned cunt. Then, with a sadistic move that surprised even himself, he slowly pressed his hand into her vagina. She tightened momentarily. He went in almost to his elbow, twisting and turning as he explored her very core. He grew hard watching her heave and struggle. Covered in perspitation, every muscle tightened and convulsed.

The inquisitor grunted and began to pump cum into her mouth, much of which spilled down her face and into her eyes. She drew in a desperate ragged breath as the Recorder withdrew his wet arm. Standing now, the Inquisitor moved to one side.

"Your turn," he said, "sample her satin tongue..." Sariah opened wide again, her face already streaming with tears and cum, as another rutting cock was pushed past her willing lips.

"Her cunt and ass are at your disposal as well Court Recorder. She is yours for as long as you wish. But afterwards she has many more tender places to explore and exploit. I miss her screams already..."


Broken Blond

The tall negro slave trainer showed off the latest women now for sale. "They will be ready for today's auction ladies and gentlemen," he said. One after another they next crawled forward on command to lick and suck his huge cock.

"You see how well they are trained...They were witness to the crucifixion of an unruly slave. They offer up every hole now with enthusiasm rather than to share her fate. And not a mark on them. They obey well.

"Show us how well the blonde sucks, black slaver," said one young lady, "I rather fancy her and will bid for her if she shows promise."

He pushed one slave roughly to one side as the blond girl fell to her knees and crawled forward. She took the black rod into her mouth and massaged with lips and tongue until it stood tall and proud. She sucked and bobbed upon it's length as prospective bidders laughed and pointed.

"Do not swallow yet whore," the lady commanded, "when he shoots off into your slave's mouth, I want to see it cradled on your tongue first!"

"Uhmmm! I cum now slut," the black said to the blond slave. "Do as you are bid...Ahhh!

Cum jetted into the kneeling girl's mouth. Her cheeks puffed out as it filled her mouth.

Still on her knees, she crawled over to the smiling young woman and opened her mouth.

"Very good little whore," she said applauding, "rest assured that I will own your pretty ass by sundown. You will learn to suck my cunt every bit as well as you swallow cock. Now swallow the black man's pride and get used to it's taste. The orgies at my villa will keep your mouth, ass and cunt quite busy."

Her merry talk and laughter were like a babbling stream as she walked to the next stall to view the males.

"I will need a stiff cock or two as well to breed with the blond. Must keep my slave-stable filled. Hopefully there will be a few pricks large enough to make her scream!"


Better the Lion

"Ungh...P-please...Let me down! The pain is killing me!" Evangeline's arms were stretched wide and would soon pop out of joint. She'd been hanging there for over an hour now and could barely breath. To live as a slave or die in the coliseum would be decided as men entered their bids.

"Shut your mouth slave," said the centurion, "you may beg and scream as the lions chew on your flesh. If none of these men bid high enough, you will die today slowly with great pain; all for the glory of Rome."

Through a blood-red haze of pain, Evangeline listened as her fate was decided.

"Looks like Ardine, the sadist of Pomplona has saved you from the lion's maw. You will wish for death soon enough though. You will be nothing more than a meat puppet for his pleasure. I've been to his orgies. He will pierce and brand you. He will tear you open and penetrate every hole. You may live long enough to bear him a new generation of slaves. But it will be a pain filled existence. Ha, Ha!

I will try to fuck your pretty virgin ass before he ruins you too badly!"

Evangeline whimpered as she was taken down from the display cross. But later that night, her whimpers turned into shrieks of horror and pain when, chained and shackled, Evangeline entered the Villa of Ardine. Women hung from their ankles, from their wrists and from their breasts. They were whipped and stoned. Still others were bent over a long log as they were fucked from behind like animals. One woman was even being fucked by an animal. A huge Stallion pumped into the shrieking woman madly from behind.

"Fresh Meat! Give them a warm welcome!" Ardine shouted as Evangeline and the other new slave girls were ushered into the walled villa. As the party-goers rushed for Evangeline, she jerked madly at her chains and tried desperately to back away. Soon she hung from a rope over a roaring fire with four other young girls. Whips flew and flickered through the flames adding to their pain and anguish. The fire burned away the hair from their young pussies. Then they were taken down and tied over the log or metal fuck-racks. Evangeline, young and beautiful, was very popular. An endless line of cocks and cunts were given for her to service as her new life as a pleasure whore began.

"The lion," she thought as the pain filled night wore on toward dawn, "I feared the lion, but now I would welcome it were I given the choice." But her thoughts were interrupted as two more cocks assaulted her ass and mouth.

"Suck it well pretty bitch," she recognized the voice of the centurion from earlier. "I told you I'd see you here. Lick my cock, bitch! Spit on it! You'll want it nice and wet when I shove it up your tight little ass!"



ARINA Part 1 - Step-Daughter Sold

"AHHHHH! NOOO...PLEASE UNCLES! I AM A VIRGIN! AAAAIIIEEEEE! Arina screamed as her two uncles stripped away her clothes, tied her ankles to her wrists and started to deflower her ass and cunt at the same time.

"Of course you're a virgin. Your step-mother made sure of that. We've been waiting for years now. Waiting until you turned 18 so that you could legally be sold. No more worn out whores and prostitutes for us. You will provide a warm place for our cocks from now on, little bitch!"

"But I'm your neice, how can you...AAAAAUUUUUGH!" Arina screamed even louder than before as the two men pushed into her ass and cunt at the same time.

Bucking and heaving, much to her uncle's pleasure, Arina tried in vain to dislodge the stabbing cocks that bore into her body. Her ass and pussy involuntarily squeezed the marauding pricks trying in vain to expel them from her painfully stretched holes. This only increased her pain and their pleasure.

"Soon you'll learn to enjoy this Arina," one uncle said as he cruelly pinched one pert pink nipple. "This is your job now; this is what you are. You will never wear clothes again. You will always be ready to open an hole for either of us. You will lick our asses and we will fuck yours!"

After what seemed like an eternity of pumping, rutting and random slaps to her ass and face, the two men began to spew seemingly liters of sperm into her two ravaged holes. She felt them flood her insides with their hot sticky seed.

After their orgasms faded, Arina was forced onto the cool stones of the courtyard as first one man then the other pressed his wilting penis into her mouth.

"Lick us clean bitch and no teeth. You are a toilet now."

As she sucked the filthy taste of her own shit, cunt, and virgin's blood from the men, they each began to grow hard again. Arina's screams could be heard far out to sea as she was fucked again and again...


ARINA Part 2 - Step-Daughter Trained

"I'm tired of your pussy and cunt bitch. They're still nice and tight but you don't scream enough when I fuck you there anymore. As a matter of fact I think you actually enjoy it a little too much!"

Arina was naked as usual, and had been tied over the fountain. Her back was painfully arched over the hard marble stones. She gazed up at her Uncles.

"From this angle you can take our cocks all the way down your throat. I'll pump your face 'til I cum so take a deep breath slut, here it comes."

Arina knew better than to resist her Uncle's perverted lust. More than a few whippings had taught her that. They'd even branded her ass and fitted her with a permanent iron collar so everyone would know she was an owned slave.

Arina took a deep breath, closed her eyes and opened her mouth...

The urge to gag took over as the head of Uncle's cock slammed into the back of her throat. Her stomach muscles bulged as she vomited a trail of slime. It trailed down over her face and into her eyes and hair. She coughed and sputtered trying not to choke. Tears flowed. She heard her uncle laugh.

"That's alright sweet Arina. You'll get plenty of practice learning to control that reflex." He fucked her face until Arina began to pass out from lack of oxygen. Her lungs burned for air. She began to heave and struggle. Finally he pulled out and spewed his vile seed across her face.

Arina sucked in a ragged breath when her airway was cleared. Dots swam in her field of vision as she stared up into the face of her other uncle.

"Take a few more breaths little slave. You've got one more cock to suck and it takes me a long time to cum..."

The first uncle climbed into the fountain and began to whip Arina's helplessly exposed breasts and cunt as her mouth was brutally fucked again. This time she passed out before the second uncle's lust was sated.

When she regained consciousness, she had been hogtied. Her face was still covered with vomit and drying sperm. She was surrounded by about twenty men and women.

"Time for you to meet a few friends of the family, whore child. We even invited someone special!"

Arina looked up into the eyes of her step-mother. "Time to eat cunt, you slut," the fat woman said as she settled down in front of Arina's upturned face, "get that tongue moving, bitch. If you don't use it then you don't need it. We'll cut that fucker right out of your mouth."

Arina licked and sucked and swallowed and licked and sucked.....

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Bitch Taken And Tamed

Miranda had spit on Achmed when he first tried to make her acquaintance. He had tried to be pleasant, even endearing but she had disrespected him at every turn. He was angry and ashamed for being laughed at and vowed revenge. Achmed made a few phone calls and soon the groggy blonde american girl awoke from a drug induced slumber to a horror show of pain, humiliation and sexual abuse.

"Wh-what...where am I? AAAAUUUUUUGH!" Achmed had been waiting for the moment when his special guest would awaken. He roughly pressed the prickly end of his whip against her inner thigh breaking the skin in at least a dozen places.

"Let me go you sonofabitch!" Miranda screamed, "You can't keep me here, you filthy fuck! You won't get away with this!"

"Sorry to break the news dear Miranda, but I can 'get away' with this. I already have and, incidentally, you are the filthy fuck! Ha ha ha!"

After an hour under the whip and the cruel prickly pear, stripped and spread wide open on the rack, Miranda began to beg and plead. But all to no avail. Achmed was thoroughly enjoying himself. But the terror Miranda felt had hardly even begun.

"Time for your true initiation into my harem. You are my first white woman so I will give you the royal treatment."

At first Miranda thought that she might now be treated a little better, but this was not to be.

Achmed clapped his hands and his wives, all 24 of them, ran into the room. They began to carry out a variety of tasks.

"GHAAAAAAAHHH...AAAAAIIIEEE...NNOOOOOOOO!" The women giggled at Miranda's helpless screams as they sliced away her labia and pierced her clit, Her nipples, tongue and nose were also pierced and finally Achmed's white-hot brand was pressed into the tender flesh of Miranda's inner thigh.

With eyes streaming with tears and saliva dribbling from her screaming mouth, Miranda realized, through a haze of panicky fear and pain, that she would be going nowhere unless it pleased her new master.

She looked over to him to plead, but knew it would be useless. Three of his wives were on their knees. One licked his balls, one licked his ass while the last was busy deep-throating his huge shaft. He watched his white slave buck and struggle.

"Give her the big ring now," he ordered.

Two of his wives held a huge thick ring up where Miranda could see. It was lowered between her legs as the pointy end was put in place. Miranda arched her back and screamed the mindless scream of the insane as the ring went into the flesh of her lower vagina and was pressed out through her anus. The ring was snapped shut.

"Naked you shall be led with a leash fastened to your cunt-ring. You are a fuck-bitch now and have no rights. Your precious Women's Movement never made it's seditious way into my country. You will be beaten, fucked, whipped or fed to my dogs as it pleases me. And to think, you could have avoided all this unpleasantness with a kind word and a smile...

Centerfold for the Sheik

Kelly had been a centerfold in a prominent men's magazine in the states. She had eagerly accepted the shiek's royal invitation to visit his country. But that was her second big mistake. Her first, was to pose naked for the photographer's lense. She had been unlucky enough to capture the perverted lust of the shiek. He decided that, one way or another, he would possess the sultry beauty.

That had been over a month ago when she was last seen. Then, a few weeks later, a news flash took the society pages by storm. Kelly was shown in royal garb in a wedding ceremony. She had married the shiek and would be his queen, but no one could see the tazer that had been inserted far up into her rectum. It was on remote control. Kelly had experienced it's shockingly painful attributes twice now in preparation for this day. She would rather chew glass than to experience another mind-rending shock deep in her bowels.

She smiled beautifully as she spoke the traditional vows. She seemed quite happy. The tears she shed were mistakenly interpreted to be tears of joy.

"Time for our honeymoon american whore." Kelly was stripped of her wedding garments and pushed onto her knees. The shiek wasted no time. He began to beat her with his cruel leather crop.

"Present your ass bitch," he shouted, "or I will slice off your clitoris!"

Kelly knew he did not make idle threats and pushed her ass up high for her lord and master. He pressed his large cock into her ass backwards making her scream at the unnatural invasion.

"You're asshole is far too tight slut, but we'll fix that!"

"YAAAGGHHH," she screamed as he rent into her virgin ass. Her ass cheeks spread wide as the shiek, her "husband" took his pleasure from her back hole.

"I'll save your cunt for tomorrow night whore," he told her, "but by the time I'm finished with you tonight, your ass will be large enough to drive a truck into. This is your life now little centerfold girl. I hope you like it. You will pose every night for me now. Sometimes in ropes and chains. Or maybe in the chamber of pain far below this room. But however I want you, whatever I wish to do , you will gladly accept."

He pulled his cock out of her ass, "Mouth open slut!" Kelly turned an accepted the cock into her mouth.

"GHHKKKUUUNGH!" she choked.

"It was just up my ass!" she thought to herself as she found out for the first of many times to come, what her ass and the sheik's cum tasted like...

Gift to the Inquisitor

"GAAAAAAAUUUGH!" Laura screamed as the burning tip of the rod singed into her flesh again. She pulled and jerked about madly trying in vain to avoid the Master Inquisitor's intimate attentions.

"What an honor for you my flower," said the inquisitor to Laura, "you were selected among many women of your race to aid me in perfecting my craft. It is my job, you see, to take the confessions and secrets of those who would threaten the emperor of my land. Too often I am forced to question men for the information that they possess. A tedious, although rewarding job. For when I have done well for the emperor, I am rewarded. You are such a reward. So young; so beautiful; so ready to scream."

Laura heaved and bucked wildly in her bondage as the red-hot iron approached her left nipple. Slowly it zeroed in. The inquisitor would not be denied his favorite repast. The iron touched it's goal.

"NNOOOIIIIIAAAAEEEEEEE!" The flesh singed and burnt as Laura shrieked madly from the pain.

"Don't worry love, you've still got another..."

The inquisitor dropped his pants and, finding her tight entrance, thrust his dripping rigid cock into her cunt. Laura was a virgin and wailed now from internal pain as well as the stinging scorch to her once flawless outer flesh.

"You think you'll die down here? Not a chance love. I've got other plans for you. I need an heir to carry on my work and your wide hips and full tits are ripe for breeding."

Laura felt him stiffen as he pumped his seed into her womb. In the months that followed, Laura was taken by the inquisitor many times. Soon it became apparent that she was fertile and growing. The inquisitor, insatiable and always ready for a warm moist place to wrap his cock, took to Laura's ass.

"Can't take a chance on damaging my heir now can we dear heart?" He laughed as her sphincter contracted and her bowels tried to expel him. This only massaged his throbbing prick and caused him to enjoy her all the more as his cum flooded into her body once again.

Laura spent many years with the inquisitor. Broken and dispirited now, she bore him many sons nursing them with the one nipple he hadn't burned away.

Then one day she heard the shrieks of another girl in the dungeons. The emperor had rewarded the grand inquisitor once again...

Caravan Booty Call

"PLEASE! Take me down." Lana begged, "My tits are going to tear off. What value is a slave girl with no tits. Please have mercy master. PLEEEASE!"

A usually quiet night at the oasis was quite lively tonight. The caravan the bedouins raided had yielded up fifteen young girls and women ranging in age from 18 to 24. All were beautiful and would bring a high price at the market. But the bedouins would enjoy them first.

Lana heard screams of pain and pleas for mercy in the near distance as her friends were brutalized, beaten and fucked.

"Your tits won't fall off, little slave. We've hung many a western slut from here before. The pain is strong but your udders are safe. I love the way they turn purple and how the veins stick out. Scream and beg all you like though. Your shrieks of pain jingle like the coins you will bear at the market in Bara-dhum. Soon after I've whipped your fat tits, I'll take a little weight off them when I shove my cock up into your tight white ass. The day is nearly up and the desert sun will guide us closer to market. Your tits should be nicely healed by then and will appear even larger than they do now."

The whip began to rise and fall as Lana stopped begging and just screamed. Soon a large cock forced it's way into her ass as the whip-wielding bedouin made good on his promise. True, her tits bore less of her weight while he pumped her ass, but the splitting pain of his prick in her bowels was even worse then her tits which had begun to grow numb.

At day-break, all the women were tethered together naked and afraid. A single rope stretched from one neck to the other, hands tied behind their backs, as they were forced to march behind the camels in the hot sun. They were stopped and watered often enough so they would survive the trip. But this was a mixed blessing since the men were so attracted to the new western girls. Each watering stop brought screams of pain as the girls were fucked again. Then once more, they would set off across the seeming endless dunes of sand marching toward market with tears in their eyes and cum running down the inside on their long shapely thighs and drying on their lips and faces...

Begging to Please

"Yes, AAAUUUUGH! YES! ALRIGHT. I'll do it! Give me your cock and let me swallow your cum!" the once proud and haughty western girl hung from the cross-bar as the cruel whip tore into her flawless flesh. Her thighs were covered with welts as well but she hadn't broken until the whip began to caress her breasts.

"You see Yusef," said the whipmaster as the newest slave girl was lowered to her knees and carefully took his cock into her mouth. "only twenty lashes from my cat-o-nine, and even the proudest bitches are ready to swallow my cum and lick my ass!"

"Hurry her along," Yusef remarked, "Take your pleasure and then hang her up again. I rather like hearing her scream."

The girl soon tasted cum for the first time as the whipmaster let some splash across her pretty face as well as her tongue. The chains and ropes were pulled taut again, but this time she was suspended by her ankles with her legs spread open wide.

"Back up you go white slut. Our guest loves to hear your pain. He will take your cunt next after I soften it up with the kiss of my whip!"


Posted on November 17th, 2009

Medina's Longest Day

"GHHHAAAAA!" Medina screamed until her throaty shrieks turned hoarse. The fear and humiliation of being naked and crucified in front of so many men turned into a thoughtless horror of pain as the men all took turns whipping her young naked body.

"When we're finished whipping your pretty cunt, we'll take you down and widen you up a bit. No way we'll leave such a prime piece of virgin meat for the crows."


Soon Medina found herself on all fours grunting and gasping as each man took turns filling her holes time and again. Cum glazed her young face and oozed from her cunt and ass as they tied her up once again leaving her to struggle and burn in the afternoon sun.

To the soldiers luck, the beautiful girl will last some days...


Asian Queens to Roman Prostitutes

The forum rang with screams as the two newest slaves, princess heirs to a Mongol throne, were stripped and broken. "Oriental women are just as pretty as our others, but can they suck a roman cock without biting?" Queries Proximo.

Forced to their knees the two young girls were made to open their mouths and prove themselves worthy to swallow roman cum.

They did not speak the tongue of their roman owners, but they understood what was required of them when the first hard cock pressed against their lips. At first they refused clamping their jaws shut and turning their heads away, but after each girl was strapped with the whip, they eagerly complied.

An hour later, after each man had sampled the velvety moist mouths of the Asian girls, they regained their vigor and took their nether holes.

"The cunts and asses of these two exotic sluts are just as tight as any I've had, and they scream well too. I'll buy these cum-sucking whores for my brothel. How much do they cost?"

The bidding went on for half an hour before the sisters were separated, leashed and paraded nude through the streets of Rome to the brothels as whores for the roman empire.

"Get ready to keep that mouth open all the time bitch", Proximo said to his slave, "you're gonna suck enough cock and swallow enough cum to choke a horse!"



The traitors wives and daughters were stripped naked and given to the gladiators to use for the month of July, in honor of Julius Caesar for whom the month is named. At the height of the celebration, after the women had endured unspeakable horrors at the brutal hands of the vicious men, they were bound to the juggernaut and rolled into the arena. The crowd roared with approval as the women’s screams were drowned out.

Romanus, a loyal senator with his house firmly intact quieted the crowd saying, "observe the fate of those who would betray the Roman Empire."

Belinda was mounted on a long leather phallus that impaled her so fully that only the black seat was visible. Fully two feet of thick studded leather cock had torn through her cervix and into her guts. Her weak screams were greeted by laughter and cheers.

Adrianna was hung upside down and stretched. Again screams amid cheering as her bladder let go. Piss flowed down her long lovely body into her face and hair.

Finally Alicia's pain began as the rack slowly, so slowly began to tear her in half. The crowd chanted in unison, counting as the handles of the rack were turned. Her screams, hardly human, were heard above the voices of the crowd who watched transfixed as she was slowly stretched. Her shoulders, then her hips and knees popped out of joint. Her young flesh dripped with perspiration from the exertion of resisting the inexorable pull of the ropes. Finally, after her body had been stretched to it's capacity, one soldier after another climbed onto the rack and ejaculated onto her horror stricken face. The crowd cheered as each man shot off onto her. Then they all returned to the rack. The handles began to turn once again....


Virgin Sisters - Centurion's Pleasure Whores

Sharona saw the men swarm over the kicking body of her sister across the expanse of the small valley that separated them. But she had worries of her own to occupy her immediate attention.

"NNNGHAAA", Sharona pleaded, "Have mercy...the burning of my flesh is more than I can take please no more!"

"No more?" the centurion laughed. "No more? Why dear girl we have only begun. Your pain will last longer than you dare to contemplate; and you will be conscious through it all."

Later her legs were spread wide and tied to the support beams. The guard heard something pop and Sharona scream as her tendons first protested then were torn asunder.

Tears and drool flowed freely as pain rocketed through her young body.

Only a week earlier she had celebrated her 18th birthday at her uncle's villa. Two days later, the roman army invaded and the sisters were taken.

"GHAAAA!... Puh... Please... Please let me down. I can make you happy. I know how to please a man. My sister told me what to do. Please give me a chance to earn my freedom. AAAAIIEEE!"

"Burn her clit away before we let her down. The others will be here soon to fuck this screaming trollop. Afterwards, we'll hang her by her ankles for a few days. If she still clings to life, I'll take her home and give her to my wife. My spouse is always asking for a pleasure whore. Ha, Ha!"

Sharona learned more than her sister had dreamed about when, once upon a time, they had giggled and whispered about the lusts of men. Now Sharona heard her sister screaming across the valley as she was broken and battered. Soon, she hung limp and unconscious as the men followed the path that led to Sharona.

She could see their evil smiles and their pricks bouncing and bobbing. She babbled wildly, begging for mercy as the first man climbed her painfully stretched body using her legs like the rungs on a ladder and slammed his wet cock into her defenseless virgin cunt.



On the cross

Matild had given up any hope of succor since she had been hung here the day before. She spent a cold sleepless hopeless night with only the howling of prowling wolves to accompany her. Then with the morning, stretched taut, in agony and barely awake, the young beauty heard the voices of men. She lifted her head and tried to focus her blurry vision. These were not the soldiers who had left her here. They were dressed in the simple robes of peasants. One man whipped her with a cane to see if she was still alive.

"Nnnnn... Aaugh! Water...please...water..." was all she could manage.

"Take her down, she's no good to us dead!" she heard the oldest man say.

Her hands and feet were untied. Matild was carried to a caged wagon and thrown inside. They gave her water and food, but just enough to keep the beautiful girl alive. They didn't want her too lively.

It was a long lonely trip to market where Matild would make these men quite rich after they sold her to the Sheik.

He loved pretty young pale skinned girls and Matild, barely 18, was more than these men had hoped for. One man climbed into the wagon behind Matild and immediately began a cursory inspection. He opened her mouth. Nice long tongue (the Romans had not yet cut it out) and she had all her teeth. He groped her small but firm breasts. Matild squirmed as the man pinched, poked and prodded.

"This one's a virgin. The Roman's haven't even fucked her yet. So get moving. They will be coming for her before long I can assure you." Then to Matild he remarked, "we are close to the border of our country where the roman dogs dare not enter. From there it is three days to the palace of the sheik. It is a lonely journey and long, but you will have each of us to keep you company."

On her hands and knees like an animal, Matild was sodomized by the man. "Your cunt is safe for now, roman whore, we will sell you unsoiled. But your ass and mouth are fair game!"

Matild screamed as she was forced to take a prick into her ass for the first time. "GHUUUUUNGHAAA... Ungh... ungh... ungh!" she grunted as her ass was pounded repeatedly.

She tried to think of her home and a happier life before the roman soldiers had caught her alone on the open road. But these thoughts were driven from her mind by her own screams and the brutal thrusts that stretched her tiny asshole to it's limit.

Finally she felt the man's seed pump into her bowels as he thrust into her one last time more deeply and viciously than ever. He held her against him, grasping her hips with his strong calloused hands as his hot cum flooded into her.

"Who's next," he shouted as he pulled out of her with a audible pop, "this whore is tighter that a bow-string. Someone needs to teach her how to use her mouth. The sheik expects his bitches broken and trained to serve upon delivery, so don't spare the rod if she fails to perform."

That night, next to the camp's fire, Matild wearing a heavy wooden yoke, was tied kneeling with her legs spread and her ass high and available. Wolves and crucifixion had been her life last night, but tonight and for years to come she would taste cum and cock as a lowly but beautiful sex-slave to a rich sheik who collected young beautiful girls like her...

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Female Spoils Hung For Inspection


"Listen to how the conquered whores howl," said the captain, "They are all so weak; very susceptible to the slightest pain."

"Yes Sir," replied the lieutenant, "you are correct, but that makes them all the more entertaining to fuck."

"Leave her hang another day, then, if she is still alive, we'll take her down and train this little bitch how to suck a soldier's cock. In the meantime, stripe her delicate flesh with the whip. I want to hear exactly how loud this slut can scream."

"Yes sir. With pleasure, sir!"



Reporters They Came - Slaves they Became

In the worst mistake of their lives, the two western journalists had gotten lost and took a wrong turn into a border town that knew no law except it's own. To make matters worse, the town was a way station for the white slave trade on the black market. Rich and powerful men and women came from all over the world to buy white sex-slaves here.

When they stopped to ask directions, Brenda and Marinda were immediately set-upon and pulled out of their vehicle and out of their clothes. Now terrified, naked and bound, they were brought before the Omar who ran the town. Here they were graded and priced. Each girl was inspected meticulously. Every inch of skin was searched for blemish or flaw.

Brenda the most beautiful of the two was brought to her knees. The Omar parted his robes and exposed his massive dark skinned erection.

"Let them see what happens to any bitch who dares use her teeth," he said.

A third woman, obviously terrified and nearly in tears, was pushed into the tent. She was disrobed and fully exposed to Brenda and Miranda. She was beautiful, tanned, toned and from the looks of her, freshly acquired from some college campus somewhere in Europe or the U.S.

"This white bitch thought that she could defy her new owner," remarked the Omar casually, "She bit his cock and drew blood. Now she must either be altered or hung by her pretty neck. We have decided to show her mercy. Since she is pale skinned and beautiful like yourselves she will be customized and sold in tomorrow's sale." The Omar nodded as three men threw the woman to the ground and forced her mouth open. A dark-skinned woman wearing a veil, and nothing else, approached with a pair of pliars. One by one, every tooth was pulled from the struggling girl's bloody mouth.

"Now she will be less apt to bite the cock that feeds her..."

Brenda took this warning for what it was and, not wanting to share a similar fate, leaned in and took the Omar's rigid prick into her mouth. She was a very accomplished cock-sucker. She'd used her sexual skills often in order to get a promotion or a special assignment. Fame had it's price, but here, survival was all that mattered now.

She wrapped her tongue around his cock as she drew it deep into her throat. Gently she tickled and massaged his balls with the long manicured nails of her delicate fingers. When he finally came into her mouth she made sure to swallow every drop of the smelly hot semen.

He patted her head like a favored dog as he withdrew from her mouth. Without being told, Brenda lowered her eyes and knelt on hands and knees with her legs apart and her mouth open. In doing so, Brenda was offering her every orifice to her new owner. Submission was her ticket to survival.

Marinda, had witnessed the entire spectacle; the punished girl gagging and spluttering helplessly as her teeth were torn from her mouth; her friend performing fellatio on their kidnappers. Her mind broke and, without thinking, she ran screaming out of the tent and into the street. Ahead she saw the jeep they'd arrived in. From here she could even see that the keys were still in the ignition. Her feet pounded through the dusty street as she neared the vehicle. She never saw the rope that landed around her neck and drew her to a sudden abrupt stop.

"YARK!" was the only sound that she made as the noose drew tight. She was dragged through the street to a whipping post in the town square.

Lashed to the rough red-stained wooden post, she saw Brenda approach. She wore a collar with a chain held by the Omar. He handed her a massive thickly braided bull-whip. Brenda wasted no time. She was inexperienced with a whip but was a quick study. She worked up a nice sweat as she split the flesh of her defiant friend with the whip. The men laughed. As Brenda grunted with effort her tits flailed from side to side. Marinda screamed mindlessly. After 25 strokes, the whipping stopped.

The Omar announced that Marinda, being an ignorant and defiant bitch, was to be used thoroughly throughout the night.

She was fucked by every man in the town at least once as the desert moon looked down coldly at her torment. More than once she fervently wished, as the cum ran down her thighs and pooled between her legs that she had followed Brenda's example and become a submissive whore, for now she was only the entertainment for these savages and the steady stream of buyers that were coming into town for the next white-slave sale...

Mother & Daughter Sold

"I will take the young one," said Eranita, "She's still young enough to be trained. The mother is too set in her ways and is far too old for my tastes."

Eranita was the favored wife of an old sultan and was often sent to the slave markets when white western women were on hand.

"Send the mother to your brothels," she ordered, "She's still pretty and has a more than a few years of fucking left to her infadel's cunt. You can use her in the horse show. Wrap up the daughter. I'll take her now."

Mother and daughter, weeping and calling out to each other were seperated. The older going to a rat infested whore house where she was fucked and punished by any patron who wished for white skin. She even saw a few white men who took pleasure in beating and whipping her before they finally fucked her.

The daughter, however, had become Erenita's personal toy. She soon learned that obediance and the taste of Erenita's cunt was her only hope of not sharing her mother's fate.

"They would do very well to have you in the brothel, young bitch," Erenita told her one night while the young girl licked and slurped noisily at Erenita's wet cunt. "Very good indeed to have a mother and daughter to rent out to all the horny perverts who travel through our part of the desert. But don't worry little one; you lick pussy better than any other white slut I've ever had. Just don't forget that you are a slave now and your body belongs to me."

Fully pierced and branded, the young daughter only kept licking. Less than two kilometers away, her mother, slathered in sweat and cum, was being fucked in every hole by an entire band of caravan raiders who had rented her for the night...

Emir's New Slave-Girl - Stephanie's New Playmate

Stephanie knelt naked and submissive in the presence of her feared master, the Emir. Eventually he would feel the urge to debase his white whore by commanding her to lick his ass, drink his piss, perhaps swallow his cock until he came deep inside her throat. He might whip her since he liked to hear her scream, or perhaps he would want to do all of this and more. At any rate, Stephanie would not resist. She had accepted her place as his white whore, his dog, his bitch, his slave. No doing it would be much worse...

But then everything changed...

Master had purchased another western whore. Like Stephanie, Melissa spoke English but she was fresh and untrained.

"Spread her out," the Emir commanded, "My dog Stephanie, will show her what her new life has become."

With a meaningful glance from the Emir, Stephanie crawled to the weakly struggling Melissa. She jerked once when she felt Stephanie's tongue slide up between the warm cleft of her cunt lips. Then only lay there complacently as the young blond slave suckled and nibbled at her most intimate flesh.

But soon Melissa's body began to betray her, so skilled were the lips and tongue of the young Stephanie. Her clit soon stood up tall and full.

The Emir chuckled at the scene when Melissa began to quiver and shake as she neared to orgasm. Then, suddenly, Melissa grunted heavily as she ground her hips into Stephanie's face and covered the blond's face with cream. She settled back to the ground as her orgasm began to fade. Stephanie, face wet and gleaming with Melissa's cum, settled back to her original kneeling position awaiting her master's next command.

"That is a taste of the pleasure you may feel if you learn obedience and subservience. And this is what you may expect if you are defiant. The Emir stood and approached Melissa. A hard fist slammed her hard in the stomach. As she grunted and doubled over, the fist struck her again on the back of her head.

Out of breath, trying desperately to fill her lungs, she felt a lubricant of some sort being liberally applied into her ass and pussy.

"Oh Shit!" she thought, "the old bastard is going to fuck me!"

Stephanie watched with a slight twinge of jealousy as the old man knelt behind the new girl and, grabbing her hips, slammed himself into the breathless girl's rectum. Melissa soon found her breath and began to scream as the flesh-covered ram rod pummeled her tender bowels.

After what seemed hours to the tormented Melissa, she felt the old man thrust into her one last time and spurt an endless stream of hot cum into her body.

Back on his feet a moment later, he commanded the submissive Stephanie once again who crawled behind Melissa. She began to suck a huge mouthful of the Emir's seed from her ass. Then cheeks puffing out from the warm sticky load she carried, she flipped Melissa over.

She looked up in horror at the blond whose mouth was filled with her master's semen. Cum freshly sucked from her own ass.

"No...P-please, I can't...I won't...AAAUGH!" She screamed as Stephanie grabbed both of Melissa's nipples and twisted them cruelly. The full load spilled into the screaming girl's mouth.

"I recommend you swallow it all whore," Stephanie told her, "Master hates to see his seed go to waste!"

Nauseated nearly to the point of vomiting, Melissa managed to choke down the noxious goo. Weeping bitter tears at the hand fate had dealt her, Melissa soon crawled over to kneel beside Stephanie. Head down, tears streaming, a new slave awaited her master's command...

Irina Taken - Taxes Paid

"Mother, mother," Irina yelled as she fought madly to escape the clutching hands that tore at her clothes and exposed her perfect 18 year old body.

"Shut up little bitch," the slave trader yelled at the wildly struggling girl, "your whore of a mother will be fine. She'll have a bad headache when she wakes and she'll weep when she realizes that you've been taken to pay her taxes."

"Hei! That bitch's a feisty one; lot's of energy. That's good since she'll need plenty of that where she's going."

The men threw her roughly to the ground and pulled her arms behind her back. They bound her at the wrist and elbow. This pushed her chest out and displayed her pert young breasts prominently. Still she struggled valiantly, but this only brought the lust of her captor's to a boil as they watched her tits jiggle seductively from side to side.

"To hell with this!" said the leader licking his lips, "she's the last one of the day and the best lookin' too. I say we roll the dice to see who fucks her first. Better to avoid her mouth though until she's been trained. This little whore will definitely bite anything we put in that hole, Ha, Ha!"

The black man won the first go at her. So the other men held her down. Irina grew strangely still as the black kneeled behind her with his massive cock at the ready. But it was only the calm before the storm. As soon as the he thrust his black prick against her sphincter, Irina burst into new frantic struggles with renewed energy that surprised even the old experienced slaver.

"AAAAAUUUUUGH!" Irina screamed as the black man slapped her hard across the cheek.

"Hold still whore," he yelled at the wild child that strove to escape, "you're gonna get fucked and that's all there is to it. You might as well learn to like it since the government brothel owns your lily white ass. Ain't taxes a bitch!"

The black recovered his place and thrust hard at the puckered bud of her sphincter once again. Although she screamed and still fought madly, she was soon impaled painfully on the man-spear that tunnelled into her ass.

"Damn slut is tight," grunted the black as his balls slapped across the lips of her cunt, "she for sure a virgin back here. Gonna cum real soon...AAAAHHHHH!"

"NNAAAAIIIEEEEEE!!" Irina shrieked from the intense pain caused when she felt her ass being torn open and filled with the hot cum of the vicious black.

And although she would never admit it, the ravages she experienced over the next two days that it took to get her to the government brothel, did well to prepare her for the five long years her young beautiful body would be used to pay her mother's late taxes.

"Don't worry cunt," whispered the old slaver as he fucked her one last time, "You'll probably see your pretty mother again real soon. Taxes gonna be due again next year too..." He grunted and spewed thick jets of cum in great arcing streams across the weeping face of the beautiful teenaged sex-slave...

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Alyssa and Melissa. One for Pain - One for Pleasure

Sisters, trembling and naked, they arrived at the palace of the RashaDon but they soon became competitors. RashaDon always bought two slaves at a time (preferably sisters).

One, he would train to fulfill his sexual needs, which were often and brutal. The other would live a life of misery as a living statue dedicated to pain.

"Alyssa," Rasha Don said after he came into her mouth, "you suck cock like an old woman and you fuck like one too. You just lie there while I take my pleasure. But you, Melissa, are so much better. You thrust your cunt and ass against me and writhe like a whore. Your mouth is like an oasis for my manhood, always warm, moist and welcoming. You will be my cock-slave while your lazy sister provides our entertainment."

Melissa was forced to watch as her sister Alyssa, was bound and whipped, her back painfully bent, her nipples clipped. Painful rough hemp rope strung through her ass and between the lips of her tender cunt. Her sex was splayed open lewdly and totally exposed.

"Now Melissa," he said as he caressed one rigid nipple with his crop, "kneel and suckle my prick as you once suckled at your mother's breast. Suckle until you taste the milk. Thicker and not so sweet it shall be but sweeter than your sister's pain I can assure you."

Melissa immediately fell to her knees and took the rigid member into her mouth bobbing up and down. She tasted the salty pre-cum that leaked from the monster's tip. She massaged her master's bullocks with her gentle nimble fingers.

"Ahhh, very nice slave. You strive to taste my seed while your grunting sister struggles against her pain. You will keep your clit and your labia will remain intact, but your sister shall experience genital mutiliation in the custom of my land.

Melissa watched while she sucked her master. The eunich approached her sister with steel knives that glinted in the dim light of the slave chamber.

Alyssa's hips were thrust out by her bondage as though to meet the surgeon's knives. First, the exposed clitoris was sliced off. Next, he began to slowly slice through her labial lips.

"GHAAAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEE!" Alyssa screamed as her cunt was "modified". With Alyssa's frantic shrieks of pain, RashaDon spurted his load into Melissa's greedily sucking mouth.

"Yes, I've chosen wisely," he remarked as he closed his robes and rose, "your body for my cock and hers for her screams. Tonight you will learn to punish your sister. Alyssa, whom you love so much, will scream at your hand. I will fuck her ass while you pierce her tits, then you shall finish me off once again with that wonderful mouth of yours."

Virgins Unveiled & Humiliated

"There you see, senator," said the Sirius the slave trader, "I promise you virgins, and virgins you recieve. They are well bred. I stole them from wealthy families in Britania."

The first girl was forced to stand with her her legs widely spread. This allowed greater access to her private sex as the senator verified the claims of the trader.

"Very good," said the senator, "Now bring the blonde and spread her open as well."

The blond was stripped. Naked and weeping, she stood before the senator. His rough old fingers invaded her young body where no man had ever been. She winced as his fingers probed her tight young pussy and fondled her pert breasts. She yelped when he roughly pinched one well-shaped nipple.

"Chain them, brand them and send them to my brothel. I will split these young cunts myself this evening. Tie the dark-haired spread-eagle to my bed face down. She will be first, I will fuck her like a dog while her blond companion watches."

Hours later, all activity in the bar and the rest of the brothel fell quiet for a moment as screams of pain and humiliation filtered down from the senator's private chambers. The first slave was being broken in and trained as a service animal for the rampant hordes of horny men (and more than a few women) who waited below. An hour later, hair disheveled; semen leaking from their cunts and asses, the two were brought chained and limping downstairs. Onto the block they were taken where bidding would take place. Soon a roman general and his wife had rented the two girls for an hour of pleasure.

Now the blond slave lay bound to a straw-filled mattress in a private room with the general's wife riding her face like a horse. "Suck his cock slut," she shouted to the brunette who kneeled before the general with cock-meat in her mouth, "and you, blond whore, keep your lips and tongue firmly clamped onto my cunt. If my husband cums before I do, I will shit into your open mouth!"

Before the night was over, the two shrieking, struggling beautiful young girls would know well the taste of cum and feel at least fifty cocks in every hole.

Mounted Women for Sale or Rent

The ugly ones would hang there for days providing entertainment to the throngs with their weeping, weak struggles and cries for mercy that would not come.

But the pretty ones, the young ones, the virgins, were taken down and rented out to anyone with a few speckles to pay. They were ravaged right out on the street for all to see.

Angina, barely 18, was the most beautiful girl there today. Completely naked she hung in the blazing sun. Until this morning she had been a proud virgin girl from a rich family. But she had been found flirting with the gladiators through the bars of their holding cells. She often fantasized about making love to a barbarian gladiator. Today the lust that burned through her young loins drove away her fear. She crept carefully into the prison yard and stood before the caged men. Teasing them, she showed them her breasts as she masturbated just out of their reach. No woman was ever allowed there except the whores given to the victorious warriors who survived the bloody games of the coliseum. A guard observed her lascivious antics and arrested her.

"You act like a whore and so will be treated as one!" he told her as her costly garments were torn away.

Now, Angina found herself mounted on one of the crosses that surrounded the coliseum. Naked and on display, she wept bitter tears for the life she would only live in dreams and memories.

"You're a lucky whore, girl... someone among the public wants to buy you and made an offer we can't refuse... Take this whore back down Pratorius! We have yet another with shekels enough to sample her young body."

"The bitch is perfect," snarled the horny man who owned her for the next 15 minutes. "Her young body is good enough to fuck, good enough to beat and whip and young enough to breed. First I'll sample your holes, then I'll barter to buy you. You'll learn to submit. Oh Yes! My other wives will teach you well. You will bear me many sons!"

Angina was chained over a nearby iron fence with her legs spread and her ass up high. The man slammed into her cum soaked ass like a ram tearing through an enemy gate. Her body shook and her head flailed about.

"UUUUUNGGHH!" She grunted loudly as yet another man was tearing into her firm young body.

After his load was added to the countless others that leaked copiously from her battered holes, the man began to barter. After a price was agreed to, Angina was unchained from the iron fence. Her hands were tied behind her back. A chain was attached to her wrists and run under her ass and out in front. The chain chaffed and rubbed against her well used sex.

An hour later, after they had passed the outskirts of Rome, Angina began to beg for water.

Instead she found herself on her knees again. The man who now owned her forced her mouth open and his thick cock down her throat.

"This is all you'll eat or drink for the next two days, bitch. I heard all about your slut's desires as you taunted the gladiators. I was a gladiator and won my freedom. I know how to treat little sluts like you. So suck and drink your meal Angina. You're nothing now but warm holes for hot cum!"

Julia at the cross...

Julia gasped for breath as the weight of her body pressed her lungs closed. Dots swam in her vision as she finally began to lose consciousness. "At last..." she thought. But just as she was sinking into darkness, Julia heard a deep voice...

"Not so fast my sweet!"

"NGAAHHH!" She was brought roughly back to her senses as a rigid crop began to stripe her breasts and stomach.

"I'm to make sure that your suffering is long and most painful," the guard told her. "your body is fully in my care for three days. If you survive, I will take you down and give you to my wife, Gabriella. She rather fancies pretty young girls. You'll meet her soon. So beautiful, yet so foolish to spurn the advances of Senator Bracchus. So here you hang until your sentence is paid. Part of your sentence is to keep me well entertained and satisfied."

With this he untied her long slender legs and stood on a large rock that held her cross into the ground.

Spitting on his exposed erect cock he pressed himself against the defenseless body of his young charge.

"NNNNGGHAAAIIIIEEEE!" Julia screamed as he forced himself into her cunt. She flailed and bucked wildly. Every muscle contorted in a vain effort to dislodge this cruel man from his hold on her body. He was relentless; she was helpless.

Her hair hung in her face; sweat streaked her body. She retched from the smell of his hot foul breath against her neck.

"Ungh... Ungh... Ungh!" Julia grunted loudly as her tight pussy was pummeled without mercy. In an effort to alleviate the pain of supporting her weight, she wrapped her legs around the back of the marauding guard.

"That's a good whore. Now you're getting the idea. HaHaHa!"

Soon, with one last deep painful pump, he shot off into her cunt. Breathing hard, he gave her one last slap as he wandered off under a nearby tree to sleep.

"She's all yours Gabriella," the guard shouted. That's when Julia met the wife.

"GHAAAAAAAAAAAAA... AAAAAIIIEEEEEE.. .N-NOOOAAAAAAIIIIGH!!" The guard got little sleep because of Julia's rampant shrieks. His wife, Gabriella was a true sadist and Julia was just her type...

Tamara, Roman Breeder

"AAAAUUUUGH! Tamara shrieked as he lifted her leg and split open her cunt.

"Spread your legs wider whore!" Dionysus shouted. "I've been given the dubious honor of filling your virgin womb with my seed until you produce more true romans to repopulate our army. You don't have to like it, but I can assure you that I will."

Tamara, young and extremely beautiful, had been selected to participate in a desperate bid to breed new soldiers of true roman blood. Unwilling and afraid, she'd been taken from her parents who had been paid well.

"Too many damned barbarians now call themselves roman citizens," he growled as he sank his cock into her musky tunnel to the hilt. Soon his balls began to slap wetly against her clit.

Tamara struggled weakly in Dionysus' iron grip. Faster and harder he pumped into the beautiful girl's cunt.

Even through the pain and humiliation of being fucked against her will, Tamara began to feel her clit grow as she became aroused. "N-NOO" she thought, I... won't... cum... I... won't... cum... I... won't... CUMMM... AAAAUUUGH... AAAHHHH... GHAAAAA!"

Crying aloud at her body's betrayal, Tamara rode wave after shameful wave of mind numbing multiple-orgasms. Her body shuddered wildly as Dionysus fought hard to hold on. Her cunt clenched down hard on his pumping cock as he began to shoot a huge load of cum deep into her body.

Together they collapsed onto the cool marble floor exhausted and spent.

Sobbing openly, Tamara's cunt still spasmed and tingled. Her own cum mixed with Dionysus' oozed out of her cunt down her thigh and onto the floor.

Dionysus managed a cruel smile, "So your just a whore! All your protestations were false. You are no more than a bitch in heat."

Only moments later Dionysus, young and virile, was hard and ready for another go at his beautiful mate. On her hands and knees now, Tamara was fucked from behind like the dog Dionysus had labeled her. Tears of shame streamed down her face as she realized she was just a whore...really was as bad as a bitch in heat...a common slut!

She felt herself letting go as Dionysus' cock splayed her open and scraped against her clit over and over again... soon the waves were back and Tamara, helplessly; shamefully, began to cum again...

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Quote from History: "Whatever their husbands did, female patricians were expected to practice abstinence, sexually and otherwise."

Quintius smiled cruelly at the three helpless patricians.

"While your brave and faithful husbands were away at war," he began in his mocking tone. "You three sluts chose to be unfaithful."

"No!" sobbed Lady Lucia, helplessly tied to the stone column, wrists overhead, breasts and thighs, holding her obscenely exposed. She had been taken in the night, hand clamped on her mouth, stripped, bound, then brought to this spot and leisurely used. "I was raped!"

The other two ladies had suffered a similar fate, and they, too, twisted in their bonds, still stunned, whimpering.

"Do not deny the charges!" he growled. "You must confess!"

He lashed Lucia's breasts with his quirt, several times, leaving red welts on her fair skin.


She sobbed, pleading helplessly: "But if we confess, we will be enslaved! Y...You know the law!"

He just chuckled. "Yes, and then I can buy you fair sluts legally... HAHAHAHA!"

The other beautiful patricians squirmed in their bonds.

"But first we need you to admit your infidelity, wanton whores."

He started lashing Lucia with the quirt again and again.



This was going to be a long day, but at the end, Quintius was going to have their confession and three delectable high-class slavegirls to do as he wish....


Harsh lesson in history: "While gay sex was utterly legal and normal for Roman males of any status, married women could be charged with adultery for lesbian sex."

Here, we encounter Maximus "enlightening" his wife and two "friends" after catching them indulging in lesbian misdemeanors.

Note the welts from the cane on their fair bodies. Note the ritual penetration. Note, too, their sobs and pleas for mercy. Mercy they shall not receive!

"Gonna teach you a fucking lesson you'll never forget, you dykes!

Lady Octavia, his wife (on top), will spend a few sorry weeks under severe correction in his cellar. She will be painfully chained kneeling, and ritually caned and raped each morning.

The other two patricians will not fare so lucky. They will be taken away in chains to be sold on the block, and spend the rest of their slave-lives servicing the harsh demands of sex-starved soldiers in a military brothel.

Maximus slid his fat cock slowly past Lady Octavia's lips; The greasy cock-head pressed against the roof of her mouth, then eased down her throat as she was forced to tilt her head to accommodate his size. She choked, struggling to breathe, and pulled weakly against the manacles holding her wrists securely behind her.

She had been in the cage a few days now. Cramped and bent, her own bodily wastes soiling the floor beneath the cage.

And it was the same ritual, a few times each day.

Maximus would come down to the cellar, and fuck her mouth. Sometimes he would spurt down her throat. Other times spatter her face. Sometimes on her fat breasts.

If he felt any teeth at all, he would savagely cane her.

"I'm gonna keep you here forever, bitch! You suck cock much better since I locked you in this cage..."

Dehydrated and hungry, Octavia had learnt her only sustenance was his cum, so she always made sure to suck him dry, to get every drop she could...


The lady Flavia groaned and tugged weakly at the leather straps obscenely spreading her legs. Already her thigh muscles were afire having been tied so wide for so long.

Yesterday, she was the most sought-after nubile patrician in Rome ; now she's the slave of sadistic Brutus, the worse enemy of her assassinated father.

Brutus smiled grimly, picked up a wicked crop, and moved between her thighs; his swelling cock grazed her intimate lips. She flinched and involuntarily tugged on the restraints that held her so helpless.

"Now, ... slave..," he sneered. "Let's start explaining the rules."

"Please ... sir," she pleaded.

He struck her once, savagely, the crop leaving a nasty welt across her belly and breast. She shrieked, and yanked on the leather straps securing her wrists hurting her even more.

"Shut up, slave, and listen to your Master! You will obey me utterly. You will obey me intimately. You will obey all my orders no matter how disgusting they are. Understand?"

"Aggghhhh... Y... yes...."


"You'll address me as Master, slave!"


"That's better... now let's continue... I will use you as I please. I will fuck your ass, your cunt, your mouth. You are mine. Understand?"

"Y...yes! Yes master! This slave understands!"

"OK slave, don't forget... now I'm going to fuck your virgin asshole raw and you'll thank me for buggering you..." "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! THANK YOU MASTER!!! AAAIIIIEEEEEEE THANK YOU!!!"


Silas and his homely wife arrived at the Slave Market to purchase a new slave.

Off to one side a girl was being inspected by a group of men. Another terrified girl knelt, tightly bound, on a small table.

"What do you think of this one, dear?" Silas whined pointing at the roped girl.

"She's a bit scrawny," the wife observed. "Can you suck cock, girl?"

"Y..yes, Mistress!"

"You will service me too, slut," the wife continued. "You will lick my pussy, and clean my ass with your tongue. Can you do that?"

The girl whimpered, shaking "Please Mistress! I'm.. I'm not a Lesbian!"

Silas struck her with the crop, vicious and hard. A nasty welt raised on her breast.



"How DARE you defy me," growled the wife. "How dare you! Our last slave was killed for disobeying."


The girl sobbed: "AAAAAH!!! Pllleeaase Master and Mistress! G..Girl will obey!"

"Buy her, Silas. I'm going to break her."

"Yes, dear."

Posted on January 16th, 2010


Saladin looked out over the crowds of his Muslim brethren that had assembled for the celebration he had planned. The damned Christians had failed to hold their own against his forces in their “crusade”. Now they would pay the price. He turned back to his bedchamber as he heard his guards enter, holding a beautiful brunette. Upon entering the room, she gasped at the sight of him. She had never seen a nakedness man and the sight terrified and disgusted her. She felt dirty just for seeing such vulgarity. The guards tore her clothing from her body in one swift motion and left.

Saladin pushed her to the bed and fell atop of her. She felt the length and warmth of his cock on her thigh and cringed. She tried to free herself, but he held her wrists above her too strongly. Even so, she struggled futilely, unwittingly adding to his pleasure.

“Please Sir! Don’t do this! I have never been with a man!” He smiled cruelly and forced her legs apart, quickly wiggling between them. The thick length of his cock was resting against her virginal slit. Her soft flesh and body heat filled him with need. Her virtue and dignity was about to be torn from her by this heathen animal. She was filled with such disgust and humiliation she actually found herself wishing they would have dragged her off to her execution instead of to this pig to be used like a cheap whore.

He began sliding his dick back and forth over her pussy. He’d pull back until the head was against her hood and push forward until his scrotum was draped over her snatch. She shuddered as if she were covered in cockroaches. He quickened his pace. Each forward stroke pushed her hood back, revealing her clitoris. Feeling his dry flesh against her there was excruciating, adding to her sobs and screams. Soon her body began defending itself with a weak flow of intimate juices. As the unwanted contact continued, his cock became more and more coated in her wetness. Within a few minutes of the first stroke he was gliding easily back and forth over her hot, wet womanhood.

He looked into her wide, tear-filled eyes and smiled evilly. He grabbed his cock at its base. With one sudden, powerful shove he buried himself completely inside her. Her breath caught in her chest at the agony of the penetration. A scream managed to escape her lips. He began fucking her with brutal strokes, slamming into her repeatedly. The sickening sound of slapping against flesh filled the room.

Suddenly, grabbing her right leg, he flipped her over with his cock still inside her deflowered cunt. He rolled onto his back, with her writhing body on top of him. He sat up, lifting her right leg out with his right hand and mauling her left tit with the other. She winced in pain as he began the final stretch of her ravishment. He was so thick she felt as if he were splitting her in two. She grunted and struggle to get away to no avail. After several violent thrusts into her, he held himself inside her to the hilt, spewing load after load of cum into her battered and abused fuck-tunnel. Once his orgasm had faded, he threw her to the floor and called for the guards. It was time for her final walk.

The guards took her through the dark corridors leading away from the bedchambers she had just lost her virginity in. She was disoriented but managed to walk mostly on her own. After a dizzying maze of hallways, they met up with another set of guards half leading and half dragging another brunette. She noticed this girl also had thick white fluid running down her thighs, though much more thickly than her own. She shuddered to think how many men it would take to produce so much semen. Moving as a bigger group now, they headed for the nearest exit.

When the guards in the lead burst open the door to the street, a burst of sunlight assaulted the girls’ eyes, making them squint hard and turn their heads away. The guards leading them along gripped their arms harder and took them outside. There was a crowd waiting. They exploded into life, yelling insults, vile words or just cheering. Some began throwing rotten food at the girls. One fowl old woman shouted, “Look at the Christian harlots, with the signs of their harlotry dripping down their thighs!” This elicited more shouting from the crowd along with laughter and pointing. The pebbles in the street bit painfully into the bottoms of their feet. It was a difficult walk, but it was over far sooner than either would have preferred. When the stake surrounded by kindling came into full view, both girls went weak in the knees and began wailing in tears. The men carried their struggling forms to the stake and tied their hands to rope hanging from a pin nailed to the top of the stake.

The girls were in a full panic. Their hearts were throbbing, their breathing close to hyperventilating. They frantically tried to free their hands, but to no avail. The crowd continued yelling obscenities. One of the guards approached with a lit torch and the girls screamed anew, begging for mercy. He touched the torch to the kindling and the flames began to spread. Soon the girls were dancing, trying to avoid the flame’s painful kisses.

The fire spread more quickly and soon dancing wasn’t enough to get away from the flames. The fire was flickering as high as their knees in no time. The only break in their screaming was when they brought air into their lungs. Unfortunately for them, the fire wasn’t built big enough to suffocate them as was sometimes the case. The fire made its way to their freshly battered and fucked nether regions, easily doubling the pain they had felt before.

The strong scent of cooking meat was thick in the air, yet the crowd never seemed to mind. The cheers, and the jeers, continued until well after the two women went limp in their bonds. However, this mercy took several more minutes to occur, filled with unimaginable agony.

The people were very pleased with the entertainment Saladin had provided for the celebration so far. But he wasn’t finished. While the crowd continued to cheer at the execution, he was giving Annie Monroe’s pussy its first taste of cock. She screamed and fought like a wild animal, unintentionally giving him a wonderful ride. Annie was the daughter of a high-ranking officer. This fact had tempted him to add her fate to that of the other two Christian bitches down in front of the crowds below. He had decided that her high profile might make her a martyr. He had a much better, more degrading plan for her instead.

Her pussy was driving him wild. He held her hips tightly and pulled them back to him every time he drove into her. She scrambled, trying to crawl away but he kept hold of her with a bruising grip. She breathlessly cried, “You sick bastard! Get out of me! Stop this!” “I’ll stop soon enough, harlot! But not the way you desire!” came his replied followed by maniacal laughter. His balls tightened and cum began spewing into her.

When he finished, he pulled his softening cock out of her as a stream of white dribble out of her and onto the floor. Annie curled into the fetal position, sobbing. Summoning his strength, Saladin called for the guards and had them bring Annie outside. She was led naked in front of the crowd. The shouting, cat calls, cursing and cheering from the crowd came back as loud as before. Annie was surprised how people could be so cruel, even heathens such as these.

Tears continued to stream down her lovely cheeks as she was brought beneath a wooden framework. Her wrists were bound above her by two lengths of rope. Her arms were raise so far above her by the bindings she was forced to stand on her toes. As if she didn’t feel humiliatingly exposed enough already, her legs were pulled apart and tied to the framework at the ankles, lifting her slightly off the ground and hanging her entire weight by the wrists and ankles.

A man brought a wooden block and set it down between her feet. Another man at his heels carried an iron pan filled with brightly glowing coals. An iron rod was sticking out from the coals. He set the pan atop the wooden block. She felt the intense heat on her inner thighs and the lovely parts nested between. She began pleading futilely for them to remove it. Her pussy was already burning from the savage fucking, the heat from the coals only made it worse.

The crowd went silent as another muscular man approached. Annie’s eyes widened in horror as she saw the bullwhip he carried. When everyone heard the crack of the first blow, which landed squarely on her right nipple, there was a loud cheer that almost managed to rival the agonized scream released by Annie. The man continued to whip her, concentrating primarily on her torso and erogenous zones. The crowd was enthralled in her misery, cheering and encouraging harder and more frequent blows. Annie only stopped screaming when she incoherently tried to beg for mercy.

In short order, her breasts, stomach, sides, and upper thighs were marked with angry, red welts. Each welt already showed clear signs of bruising. She was sobbing almost non-stop. As casually as he has approached, the man left her hanging painfully in her bonds. Saladin approached and stood in front of Annie with a superior grin. He shouted for the crowd, “This harlot is nothing but a filthy slut. From this day on she will bear the mark of pleasure slave. Once she bears this mark, the bidding for her flesh will begin!” With that, he took the iron rod out of the coals, revealing a brand on the end. It was glowing bright orange. Her eyes widened in horror...

After the auction, Saladin retired to the dungeon. Before him a beautiful brunette named Bridgette hung upside-down. Welts crossed her otherwise smooth skin from her thighs to her tits. Those gorgeous globes jiggled as she cried silently. He brought the crop down across her firm abs. She yelped but steadied herself for more. More is what she got. Blow after blow rained down across her belly and pert tits. Welts began to show up all over her beautiful skin. Some of the welts were already had signs of bruising. Each time he struck her, her body writhed and shook with pain and sobbing.

His cock was painfully hard. It stood out long, thick and hard. He quickly turned his attention to the doorway as an approaching commotion caught his attention. Soon guards appeared in the doorway with two naked girls. “Sir, two fresh cunts as you ordered.”

One of the sluts had the blondest hair and the fairest skin he had ever even heard of. She was such a unique specimen of femininity for his part of the world. His throbbing cock was screaming to have her. He said jovially, “Good work gentlemen. Tie the blonde whore’s hands behind her and tie the other up over there.” He pointed his thumb over his shoulder. The guards worked quickly and left.

He pushed the blonde girl down on a very low table, trapping her hands behind her and pushed her knees up to her tits. “What’s your name cunt?” With a look of utter contempt and hatred she spat out, “Kate.” He smiled. Then, from out of nowhere, he backhanded her across the face. He growled, “Looks like I have a feisty little Cunt on my hands. You’ll soon be a purring kitten.”

With that, he crammed his dick deep in her pussy with a single thrust. Her pussy had been dry. She screamed and shouted, “Never! Get your filthy thing out of me you heathen swine!” He smiled and fucked her with brutal strokes. Her dry tunnel clung painfully to his member as it savagely tore in and out of her body. She continued to scream in anguish while shouting the occasional curse or empty threat. He was surprised to see a woman with so much venom and gall. He found himself equally aroused and angered by this. He was determined to break her or see her dead, perhaps both.

He was pumping in and out of her like a piston. Her body was beginning to betray her with slight moisture from deep in her sex. But no amount of arousal could dampen her burning hatred or utter disgust. A fresh wave of anger coursed through her and she tried kicking him. He dodged her first kick and grabbed her ankles fiercely. She tried pushing him away with her feet, but his leverage was too great. Frustrated, she began to cry. He smiled victoriously over her, fucking her with sudden, sharp thrusts.

His scrotum slapped noisily against her ass. The other girl kneeling beside him was unable to take her eyes off the obscene act. She had never seen another naked person, male nor female. She was mesmerized. As awful and frightening as it was, she couldn’t help feeling a tickle of stimulation between her legs at seeing such raw sexuality. The small table was beginning to rock from the speed and brutality with which Kate was being used. Soon he thrust deeply into her and let out an animalistic grunt as Kate screamed, “NO! You fucking bastard!” Breathing heavily he pulled out of her with a wet sound.

Saladin called for the guards. Two men appeared quickly, with a third in the corridor. He ordered, “Take this yellow haired harlot to the guard barracks. She needs breaking in. Tell the men to work in shifts if they have to. I want all her holes fucked over and over, day and night. Don’t let the lazy cow sleep either. Keep her working!” Her eyes were as wide as saucers as they dragged her off for the mother of all gangbangs. Once the three were alone, he took the girl at his feet and tied her hands high above her. With that, he picked up the crop and worked her over far worse than he had Bridgette.

He struck her in random spots, from her thighs to her side, to her tits, to the thighs again, then her stomach. Most of his work concentrated on her thighs since they seemed especially sensitive. He wanted to spend extra time on her perfect tits, but restrained himself for fear of damaging two of the most perfect boobs he ever saw. He occasionally stopped to run his hand over her bruised welts. He even slapped and flicked these painful welts. She took it all with silent tears and only occasional whimpers. He couldn’t help feeling impressed and even a little proud of her. She not only took his sadistic abuse well, but kept her eyes submissively downcast.

As he hit her harder and harder, he considered fucking her, perhaps between those perfectly sculpted tits of hers. Ultimately he decided to leave her in her bonds so the pain he had inflicted would have a chance to set in and eat at her. In the meantime he would get his meat in Bridgette’s sweet slit. He began letting her down from where she hung.

As he was doing so an idea struck him. He pushed her over to the table and grabbed some rope. Working with impatient desperation, he quickly tied her hands above her. Then, with his mouth watering, he tied each of her legs wide open. He picked the crop up again and stepped between her legs. Pushing his stiff cock into her tight, resisting, pink gash, he quickly started to build a rhythm. Her crying and hoarse screaming hurt his ears, but he just pressed on harder. Her eyes were clenched shut and she shuddered with the fierceness of her crying.

Suddenly he brought the crop down on her thigh, making her scream. Her vaginal muscles tightened around his cock for several seconds. He smiled widely seeing his idea was working out well. He raised his arm again and let it fall, this time on her calf. Again she cried out and her overstuffed hole squeezed him. He brought it down on her other thigh and she yelped. He discovered she tightened best when he hit her inner thighs. He fucked her faster, harder. The crop caught her inner thigh twice in quick succession. Her pussy not only clenched tightly, but her whole body arched up as she screamed gutturally.

He reached down and began rubbing, squeezing and pinching her tits. Her pussy still squeezed him when he did this, but not as tightly. It didn’t matter, he was in Nirvana. He closed his eyes and breathed heavily. He kept playing with her sensitive breasts, fucking faster. Within moments he was grinding his hips against her with his eyelids fluttering. Bridgette felt spurt after spurt of baby batter filling her womb. As the climax passed, Saladin had a giddy feeling sweep over him, making him chuckle softly. The room, thick with the sounds of slapping flesh, wet licking and guttural grunting and moaning not long before, fell silent. This was going to be a great year...

Posted on January 20th, 2010

Training Day

Dalorene watched as the slave-girl in the pillory was burned over all the most sensitive and private parts of her flesh. She was bent and spread open so that her sex was not only visible, but very accessible. Dalorene listened to her shrieks of pain and humiliation. The nameless girl twisted and struggled, every muscle taut as the flame was now held under her belly.

"GHAAAAAAHH! N-NOOOO! I'll do it... I'll lick your prick... I'll eat your shit...just please... PLEASE! PLEEEEEAAAAAAGH!!"

"This is what happens to slave girls who disobey." snarled the man who held Dalorene's leash. "This bitch tried to resist when ordered to take her master's cock into her mouth. Now she begs to suck the cum from his balls. We are very persuasive here. You are made to see this so that you will understand your place. You are a whore now. A slave acquired to pleasure the most disgusting and perverse pleasures without delay or hope of mercy."

"NNGHAAAAH!" the brunette screamed louder as her cunt meat began to singe. Then with mouth open and drooling, she made no sound at all as she screamed in silent misery. The watching crowd went wild as the girl began bucking up and down rapidly with unendurable pain as the burning torch was ground between the lips of her cunt. She was left there impaled, twitching and shaking with the torch handle protruding from her burned and ruined sex.

The slave master approached Dalorene as the crowd watched impatiently.

"Suck", he said as he opened his robes. Dalorene had been a proud girl who believed herself better than others but now she was just a frightened girl. She dropped immediately to her knees and opened her mouth. The long cock slammed roughly into the back of her throat. She gagged at first, tears leaping into her eyes, but a sharp slap across her face helped her focus on the job at hand.

Minutes of throat fucking later, Dalorene tasted the large spurts of hot sperm that lathered across her inexperienced tongue.

Although revolted, she swallowed as much as she could trying hard not to vomit.

"She'll do fine after a little training," said the slave master as he patted her blond head, "form two lines," he said shouting to the waiting crowd, "we say farewell to one slave while we greet a new and promising talent. The brunette is fully open to all forms of punishment, but this new blonde slut must be taught to pleasure orally before we bust open her cunt and ass tomorrow at the pleasure festival."

Still kneeling as the crowd lined up and surrounded her, Dalorene heard the brunette begin to scream again as her own mouth was filled with hard throbbing meat...


Fresh Slaves Greeted at the Port

Lynnia and Fresia had both been taken at their 18th birthday party. They were cousins who had been born on the same day. But that seemed ages ago after the torturous sea voyage that had brought them hungry and disheveled to this strange faraway seaport.

Now they hung naked by their wrists, toes barely touching the ground as stinging blows from thick leather crops rained down on their tender skin.

"Your screams louder than mine, Arturo," said Pathos, feigning disappointment, "but mine has a much nicer ass. Let us see which fucks the best. Remember, assholes only."

Now behind the untested slave, his cock lubricated with thick oils, Arturo grabbed the Lynnia by the hips and began pushing his overlarge pricks into the tight assholes of the struggling woman.

Lynnia grunted heavily and yelped as the monster head of her assailant pressed her tight rear orifice into service. Soon she was fully impaled upon the monster cock that burrowed painfully into her bowels.

Pathos began whipping Lynnia across the chest and stomach to make her scream. A sure way to attract interested buyers.

People passed by, some stood and watched the public spectacle of the new women being fucked and beaten. They knew this was prelude to the slave sale.

Fresia was next subjected to Pathos dripping erection while Arturo's crop slapped down wetly across her firm breasts. Fresia screamed even louder than her cousin as she was roughly buggered and whipped by the cruel men. Finally, after each had cum into his slave, the girls were brought down and forced to their hands and knees like dogs. One at a time, each girl was forced between the buttocks of the other to suck and lick the still warm cum that leaked from the violated holes. People shouted and applauded. Next they were made to lick clean the cocks that had just fucked them.

"These new whores are for sale at bargain prices and there are more on the ship," Arturo announced to the crowd, "Their asses have just been broken in but their cunts are untouched. Who will start the bidding..."


Princess Gets the Point

Ennia, a new slave with red hair and pale skin was given to the two generals to share publicly.

A princess, she came from the noble blood of a vanquished foe. Many Roman soldiers had lost their lives in the battles that had led to victory, and so now, utterly destroyed, the noble family was enslaved. Her 35 year old mother and younger 18 year old sister watched her torment naked and tied.

Ennia fought admirably as her clothes were torn off and the ropes were lashed around her body. Her red hair was very rare and marked her as a foreigner. But her screams and curses marked her as entertainment.

The ropes that bound her young body were run through pulleys. She could be raised, lowered, upright or head-down in almost any position. She was now just a living puppet where hateful men pulled the strings to make her young naked body perform.

First she was suspended between the two men at crotch level. It was easy to fuck her young cunt, it had no teeth and her legs were splayed wide. But her mouth was another story.

"Arrrgh! Take it out! It's too big!" She screamed.

The general just laughed as he pushed into her spasming cunt.

The other man wanted to feel his cock against the back of Ennia's throat but she'd vowed to bite off anything that came within range of her gnashing teeth.

So, after the black clad General had taken his pleasure by tearing past her hymen and pumping his load into her womb, she was lifted upright and onto the pyramid. Slowly the bloody cum soaked lips of her cunt settled down over the sharp point of the wooden device as the ropes were lowered.

"N-NOOO! NNNGGGHHHAAAAA!" Her bravado and threats soon turned into screams and pleas for mercy as her body weight transferred onto the tip of the spiked pyramid.

"Now, pretty warrior's daughter," said the other general, "are you still so haughty and proud? Or can you accept your fate in your heart and my cock in your throat? We have all day and your pain is quite enjoyable for the rest of us. Besides we still have your beautiful mother and sister to use if you prove too difficult..."

"UNNNGH! YES, DAMN YOU!" Ennia shouted, "YES! I'LL SUCK IT. Please take me down...PLEASE!"

"Not so quickly dear Ennia. You sound still a bit too proud to be trusted."

The whip came out and Ennia soon found herself covered in welts.


Ennia's mother, the beautiful and former Queen Falonia, also nude and recently fucked was brought before the crowd to watch as her daughter crawled toward the General. Ennia took his glistening cock fully and gently into her mouth. Moments passed while the weeping queen watched her daughter struggle and gag to satisfy the lusts of the victor.

Ungh... Ungh... very good little slut... I'm CUMMING...AAAHHH!"

Ennia's first taste of sperm was less than appetizing as evinced by the look on her face as the general pumped her mouth full.

"Do not spit or swallow bitch!" He ordered. "Hold it in your mouth!"

The Queen, Ennia's mother was dragged out into the courtyard and made to lie on her back beneath her daughter's dripping mouth. At the order of the general, the queen opened her mouth as tears coursed down her cheeks. Ennia, threatened with the whip, drooled the general's cum into her mother's mouth.

Now truly, the victor had brought low the vanquished foe. But the day was young and so was Ennia's beautiful blond sister.

Three beautiful women now performed willingly for their lives before the royal court they had once commanded. Next, covered in sweat, cum and marked with the general's fiery brands, came the arduous trek to Rome, to finish their lives under the heel of the general's perverse desires as pleasure slaves. Naked and completely defeated, the three were chained naked behind the general's horse as they were led away...

"Wait 'til I get you whores home" the general smiled wryly, "my wives will be most glad to give you a very warm reception. You will soon learn to like the taste of cunt. Ha ha!"


Fresh Meat for the Mill

Miranda, naked, spread-eagled and screaming, was lifted off her feet and inspected.

"Yes sir, this one's a virgin so we have to leave her for the Emperor," said Graffis to his Captain Auralius. "What about the short haired blond slave, sir. I've already checked her. She's felt a cock or two up her snatch already. We can keep her and use her at will."

"Raise the chains that bind her wrists," Auralius ordered. "She screams well enough when the whip strokes her pale skin. But I'll wager she'll put on a great show when her shoulders support her weight."

Nadia, with her hands behind her back was hoisted up and off her feet as per the Captain's orders.

Her screams redoubled into hoarse cries of pain as her shoulder's threatened to come apart.

"Fuck her ass soldier," Auralius said laughing, "she'll gladly wrap her sturdy legs around you no matter how much it hurts if it means taking a little weight off her shoulders.

Graffis stripped off his tunic while his Captain busied himself with a brunette slave. He spread Nadia's cheeks apart and found her crinkled nether hole. Grabbing her around the hips with one hand, he drew her onto his heavily veined prick, and, just as his Captain had promised, Nadia wrapped her legs around him with eager desperation. Even though the anal intrusion must have hurt horribly, the pain in her back-tied arms was worse. The soldier pumped her furiously for a few minutes until he finally shot jets of semen into her clenching bowels.

By this time the Captain had stripped and tied the brunette and a fresh blonde.

"These whores are going to be required to service cunt as well as cock," remarked the Captain, "so let's get them used to it right away."

All three of the other girls, pleading and begging, were whipped until they crawled under Nadia from both sides and began licking and sucking her genitals.

Miranda and the brunette licked her hairless shaven pussy while the fresh blond, Victiva, sucked and tongued her cum filled asshole.

Auralius knelt down and slowly pushed himself into Victiva from behind as though she were a dog. "Just keep sucking the cum out of her ass you barbarian whore and she'll return the favor as soon as I've filled you up. You bitches ought to thank us. When we get through with you, nothing at Caesar's orgies will be too horrible to bear. Whether it be cunt or cock, you'll learn to love every moment of it. Now swallow that shit-stained cum as you suck it from her freshly fucked ass. you blond slut!"


Caesar's Oriental slave

Soo Lin, a newly captured oriental slave, was left alone with Caesar. He loved the asian women brought before his court. He loved the way they fought and screamed as he forced his way into their proud unwilling bodies.

"Yes, that's it you slant-eyed whore," he laughed, "fight me all you like."

Finally with a fistful of hair and twisting her head painfully to one side, the Emperor tore into her tight cunt. She shrieked like a banshee as he ripped into her young body. Even though fully impaled on his cock, she still fought wildly, wriggling and bucking under Caesar's strong body. If she'd only lain still, he would have quickly grown tired of her and sent her away to the royal brothels. But this new girl was a fighter and would remain his favorite cum-hole as long as she had enough spirit to put up a fight.

"EEEEAAAAGH" Soo Lin shrieked as she felt her body viciously invaded. She heaved violently to one side and nearly threw her attacker off. But he was too strong and wary and would not be denied this pleasure.

"That's the spirit girl!" The emperor said panting and laughing. "Consider yourself... Ungh!... lucky, my little Asian bitch... Unnnghh! Maybe, you'll come up pregnant with my royal bastard children. I'll let you keep them until they're old enough to sell!"

The Emperor looked forward to many days of abusing his new slave before she finally wore out. Tonight he would take her virgin asshole. He relished the thought as he pumped his first load deep into her womb.

Posted on January 30th, 2010

The black-clad magistrate stated coldly "Let me ask again, my dear Frauleins.
You are charged with offenses against public decency. How do you plead?"
Frieda, lying naked and bound, legs tied cruelly wide, on her back on the wooden frame, struggled weakly. Greta squirmed as she knelt, tightly bound. Brunhilda half-hung from the D bolts holding her wrists to the wall, her dress torn around her hips.
"Please sir!!" she wailed, sobbing. "I'm innocent! We are all innocent!"
The other two didn't answer.
The magistrate nodded to his men, and the bailiffs let loose with their
awful canes, lashing and striking the girls.
They screamed and writhed and twisted under the onslaught, as the
sound of meaty blows rang out in the small room.
The blows landed relentlessly leaving nasty welts, red and raw ...
... struck their belly, breasts, thighs, under their arms, their sex...
Sobbing, one by one, they shrieked and screamed.
The magistrate smiled cruelly and waved to the bailiffs.
"Frauleins Frieda, Greta and Brunhilda. Having being found guilty, by due process," he sneered, mockingly. "I therefore pass judgement."
He paused as they wept.
"You are hereby sentenced to be Court Whores. I'll personally initiate you tonight. Take them away."


Eastern Orthodox Presbyter Tahsin had had a tiring day.
Two penitent nuns, Yasmin and Selma , had erred during confession and it was now time for their punishment.
Yasmin had been taken to his chambers; she would be dealt with later.
But first he must deal with this one.
He regarded Novice Selma coldly. Well-tied, half choked, the rope in her mouth
arms tied spread, as she shook with fear.
He brought forth his cane. Selma eyed it in terror, moaned in her rope gag and pleaded
"..EEEEASE!! ..IRRR!!"
"You sinned against the Lord. You sinned against me! Your very body sins! YOU WHORE!"
He struck her savagely, with a meaty blow across her butt
Then he started laying down the blows, leaving fearsome welts. One after the other, in quick succession. On her breasts, inner thighs, butt, her sex, the tender skin under her arms.

Absolution is only achieved

.. through true contrition!


Presbyter Tahsin, having finished with the other penitent, entered his chambers.
He eyed the helpless nun, naked and spread before him.
The leather straps bit in painfully to her fair skin holding her thighs wide,
holding her painfully face down to the wooden frame.
"Ready for your penance, sister Yasmin?" he sneered, yanking her hair.
Yasmin struggled weakly and sobbed. "Pleeeeeease, my... my Grace!"
"Yes!" he laughed, mocking. "You will pleeeeeease me... With your ass!"
He pressed his cockhead against her asshole, yanking back on her hair
to force it harder.
She screamed, a wailing sob, as he entered her ass hard.


"Emir, may we present to you the last of the captives from the raid. A sumptuous piece of white flesh for your delectation. feisty wildcat..."
The seated Emir leered Bring her forward."
The burly Nubian guard and the fifth wife swung the roped girl forward.
Already, her tightly bound breasts were throbbing from the restricting
ropes. She whimpered, helplessly held.
The ropes on her thigh cut in cruelly, half her weight was on them.
"See, my Emir," continued the fifth wife, angling the helpless captive to give him a better look. "her virgin pussy is given for you, her breasts await your touch, her nipples your rings, her skin awaits your whip, your brand."
The Emir's eyes lingered over her form. The irony was obvious in his cruel voice: "Welcome to the camp of Hassim ben Sabbah, infidel whore... as my sex-slave, you must learn that your body is solely for my pleasure, not yours. IТll slowly break your feisty spirit until you are nothing more than my mindless fuck puppet. And who knows?You may even bear me a son as handsome as I am... HAHAHAHA!!!


Lady Flamina had been captured and marched, naked and weeping, through the streets in a wooden yoke, semen dribbling down her inner thighs.
Arriving at the slave market, they had hefted her up onto the "horse" to wait a couple of hours for the slaver.
Slaver Hakim, eyes hard, looked her up and down. They were all the same, these high-class whores. This one would be no different. Defiant at first, but after a few
touches with the brand, compliant as clay.
Flamina cringed and shrunk away from the glowing iron. Already her sex was in agony from the long wait.
"Pleeease!" she sobbed in terror. "PLLLLEEEEASE!!"
Hakim knew she was feigning, like they always did.
He touched her breast, just below the nipple.
There was a sickening hisssssss. The smoke smelled like burnt pork.
He touched her a few more times: belly, inner thigh, the sole of her foot eliciting more hysterical screams and sobs each time. She thrashed and writhed about, the cruel ridge of the horse cutting into her sex to add to her torment.
Hakim just said one word "Beg, infidel!".
Sobbing Flamina screamed: "Master! Pleeease! This infidel slut begs to please you! PLEEEEASE!!"

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Miriam's Playmate - Two Slaves for Maximo

"Young, untouched and untrained," boasted the slave trader, "just as you ordered Maximo. This one should complete your order for two young pretty playmates to warm your bed at night."

Miriam, already having spent three weeks with the sadistic patrician Maximo, knelt on the patio fuck table. Her hair covered the cum that dripped from her beautiful face. Maximo wanted a clear head when buying his new slave and didn't want his balls full of cum when his new "bitch" was brought before him. So Miriam had been brought out, hands tied behind her back and brutally skull-fucked until he'd shot-off onto her face.

Miriam was fully trained now and would obey all commands she was given, but Maximo still wanted her tied. It made her look more submissive, more helpless.

Now Gaia, naked, afraid and sobbing inconsolably was presented to Maximo.

The slave trader grabbed a handful of blonde hair and jerked her head back. "Face your new owner you stupid cunt," he growled at her, "or I'll make you squeal like a gutted pig."

Maximo reached out and opened her mouth inspecting her like a herd animal. He kneaded her breasts and thighs searching for defects, then made her to stand so that Gaia's cunt and ass could be easily accessed. Here he groped and prodded until her virginity was assured.

"Miriam," he growled, "get your useless hide over here and show your new playmate what is to be expected of a slave in the house of Maximo!"

"Yes master, at your command master!" Miriam said as she rushed to Maximo and knelt before him.

Gaia watched as Miriam, face still covered with cum, parted Maximo's robes with her teeth. Then with soft lips and gentle tongue, took the dripping cock into her mouth. Gaia sat trembling as Miriam coaxed her master into a full erection. Gaia had never even seen a man's penis before. It seemed huge. Thick veins stood out along it's entire length and girth. Miriam's mouth opened wide to accept it's full 25 centimeters.

"GHK... UGK... UNGH... KUGH" in and out of Miriam's mouth Maximo fucked her. Miriam gagged and struggled for breath but dared not pull back. She drooled heavily onto the stone floor of the shaded patio a mixture of saliva and pre-cum.

"Ahh... there, see how well she takes all of me down her throat, little Gaia? This is what you'll be expected to provide your master among other things. Now Miriam, turn around and welcome Gaia. Show her how well you suck cunt. I will fuck your ass while you lick your playmate's pussy. If I cum before she does, I'll hang you by your ankles and make Gaia whip your cunt until you bleed!"

Miriam, her face a slimy mess, pressed her face between the shaven lips of Gaia's pussy and began to suck...

Julia - Screams

"AAAAIIIII... NO MORE, PLEASE... PLEEEEEASE!!" Julia screamed as the crop slashed across her pale tender flesh again and again.

Lucius smiled as he speared her with his cock. After thirty minutes of beatings, whipping and hard bondage, he had finally made the haughty bitch scream and beg for mercy. His balls slapped wetly against the lips of her cunt as he fucked her ass.

"Oh.. so you can speak, you ugly cow. Now you shall truly please me before I leave you with my brother!"

Lucius redoubled his efforts now that Julia had found her voice. Her screams rose in volume as the crop landed with all the force Lucius could muster. He pulled her hair and twisted her head around roughly thus adding to her pain then slapped her hard enough to make her see stars.

After another few moments Lucius felt his orgasm rising. He pulled out of Julia's ass roughly and spun her around.

"I don't trust your mouth with my cock yet whore. You might be too tempted to use those pretty teeth. So for this first time, I'll toss off over your face. You will keep your eyes and mouth open or I'll rip out your tongue and feed it to the crows!"

Suddenly boiling bursts of salty sticky semen landed wetly in her mouth, her eyes and across her face.

"Ghaannghuuh" Julia gagged as she tasted the thick ooze that bounced off the back of her throat and across her extended tongue.

"Not bad for your first time," Lucius remarked as he squeezed the last few drops into the humiliated girl's still open mouth, "Come take her Marcus. Finish training this stupid whore. Work her hard, for we sell her tomorrow at the market...

Julia - Sucks

Marcus grabbed a handful of Julia's hair and hauled her over to a sofa bending her over once again.

"My brother goes easy on his bitches. But I much more enjoy their pain. Your utter submission is required to be ready for tomorrow's market. These crop marks will show the buyers that you have been broken in to serve any perverse desire they might have."

Horrified and completely ashamed, Julia bent at the waist and let the sofa support most of her weight. Marcus, already hard from hearing her screams, slammed into her asshole.

"Always from behind like an animal," Julia thought, "they fuck me as wild beasts mate. They are trying to turn me into a simple animal trained to fuck; to scream."

Julia awaited the inevitable slamming that would surely follow. The brutal rutting and pounding as Lucius had done. But, to her surprise, Marcus stayed motionless deep inside her ass, impaling her with a cock even larger than his brother's had been.

"I take one thrust in your whore's body, then I whip you 10 times. This will take at least an hour before I cum. Your screams had better be convincing. Our buyers are very discerning and know when a slut is faking."

Julia needed no coaching, for when the crop arced through the air and began to strike her back and ass, her shrieks were genuine indeed.


"Count for me, bitch, and squeeze my prick with your ass" Marcus shouted over her screams, "If you forget to count we start all over again!"

"One Master... AAAANGHNNN!... Two Master... GHAAAAAA!... Three Master..."

Fifty strikes and five brutal thrusts later, Julia had begun to lose her voice and her grip of reality. Marcus was breaking her down.

"Can I trust your mouth not to bite, dearheart, or should I keep whipping you until I tear the very skin from your bones?"

"I-I'll be good...Please let me suck you Master," Julia begged hoarsely, "I will not bite, you won't feel a single tooth, Please, I will make you feel good."

Her words tumbled out almost too quickly to be discerned. She would do anything to avoid more whipping; anything to get the huge monster cock out of her painfully tight ass.

Lucius and Marcus exchanged glances and smiled.

Marcus went around to Julia's face and sat down in front of her. His cock was stained brown. Julia could smell her own feces.

"Well," Marcus said, "you promised to SUCK!" He struck her expertly across a firm tit once to make his point.

Weeping tears of pain and utter hopelessness, Julia took the shit-stained hard-on into her mouth and tasted her own bowels for the first time. Meanwhile, Lucius moved behind Julia and pressed the tip of his cock against her ass once again.

"UUNGH!" Julia, her mouth now full of cock, could only grunt as Lucius penetrated her battered body once again.

She bobbed up and down on Marcus' prick in time with the ever increasing speed of Lucius' savage anal thrusting.

After several moments, an eternity to Julia, both men started to cum. They were more brutal than ever now, with the urgency of their impending orgasms. The men pounded into her fragile young body. Julia screamed in pain around the cock that forced it's way down her satin lined throat.

When Marcus' sperm flooded her mouth, Julia swallowed all that she could but still managed to spill quite a lot of the steaming load. This got her a savage slap across the face. Then she was spun around and pushed to her knees in front of Lucius.

"Clean it. Clean it all," he said. Yet another cock, stained brown by her bowels, hung inches before her eyes for her to lick and suckle until it shined. When this task had been performed, Marcus squashed her face against the spilled sperm that had puddled on the floor. "Lick it up, whore!"

She began to suck it into her mouth as quickly as she could. A few moments later the floor was clean. She knelt there still weeping and panting.

Next, Julia's hands and elbows were tied together. She was pulled up into a sitting posture on her haunches. A middle-aged, but very attractive woman entered from an alcove pulling another fresh girl. The men took took the new girl while the woman walked over to Julia.

"Now, little slut," the woman said as she dropped her robes around her feet, "we know you can suck a cock. Let's see how well you do with a cunt in your face..."

Boudica - Celtic Queen - Defeated Royalty Auctioned

The auction was fully underway now. All the girls, the queen's handmaidens, had been taken after a long battle at a Celtic region in Britannia. All the women had to be fully bound. They had fought like tigresses to protect their queen. But all had been for naught. A Legion of Roman soldiers had overwhelmed the kingdom and the women were too few to put up a lasting battle .

Amberlina knelt behind Junia, the patrician's wife. She had already been purchased by the cruel woman. Junia wanted a fresh pair of girls, so now she was bidding on.

Elodia the fragile blond girl knelt on the block.

"Make her jump," Junia barked at the slaver, "I want to see her tits bounce like they will when I fuck her ass with my studded ivory cock!"

With a noose around her neck Elodia was hoisted to her feet and whipped across her thighs with a stick.

Junia liked what she saw. Elodia soon knelt beside Amberlina.

Izolde, the girl who had fought hardest, had already been purchased and was tied for transport. The old man who now owned her, had bound her in such a manner that allowed him to fuck her anytime he wished. He had tied her so that she was forced to squat. He pushed her forward onto her face with her ass up high. He parted his robes and spat into the crack of her ass. Izolde struggled futily as her new owner forced his surging cock into her nether channel.

"UUUNGH... NOOOO... YOU OLD BASTARD... NGAAH!" Izolde clamped her cheeks tight but the cock was like a battering ram at a castle's doors. Soon the screeching Izolde felt her sphincter give way. She grunted hard as the man, her owner, impaled the young girl on his long cock. He rode her like a wild mare in front of buyers and slaves alike.

Boudica, the deposed queen, now naked and beaten, wore a heavy wooden yoke. She bent low from exhaustion and the weight of her bondage. She was being saved for last. The Emperor had already spoken for her but wouldn't begin her slave training until she had seen all her loyal subjects cast into the winds and sold away. Soon enough though, this regal defeated queen, would kneel before her new owner and master.

At first she resisted, clinging hard to her haughty royal pride. But after only a few hours of the Emperor's special, and extremely harsh ministrations, this former queen, branded and bound, was licking any asshole, cock or cunt that came near. And, as a final act of breaking her pride, Caesar stood over her and urinated into her upturned face.

Afterward, Boudica was tied hand and foot to a long pole and carried through town by two large black slaves. People jeered and laughed throwing stones and rotten fruit. Nero the Emperor would make great sport of her both in public and in private.

"You are luckier than your handmaidens dear Boudica," Nero told her, "you'll be given my cum to swallow. Royal cum for my royal fuck-slave!!"

Cruel Revenge....


"That's good dear," Commodus said with mock sincerity, "your mother and sisters are in the next room tied and gagged like common slaves. They hear your cries and know now what lays in store when it is their turn. This will teach your father not to play Duodecim Scripta when his family and fortune are at stake. After I've finished filling your exceptionally tight ass with my own cum, I'll turn you over to the general population as a common prostitute. You, your sisters and, yes, even your pretty middle-aged mother will help me to refill the empire's coffers. If it worked for that ass Caligula, it will work for me as well."

Commodus fucked Cecily slowly. After all, he was Emperor. why should he hurry? But Cecily's screams and struggling nubile young body proved too enticing. He soon pumped her bowels full of sperm slapping her supple ass as he came.

"Hmmm" Commodus pondered after he'd pulled out of Cecily's ass, "Can't have you going off to fuck Rome's finest with an arse full of quim. You must be presented clean and fresh to the throng."

Then, to Cecily's utter humiliation, her mother was brought in crawling on hand and knee. An iron collar and leash around her neck guided her between her daughters widely spread legs.

Commodus, with a handful of hair wrapped in one powerful fist, jerked Cecily's head back exposing her creamy white throat. In his other hand he held a long knife against her jugular.

"Hello Edora," he smiled as he took in the mature beauty of Cecily's nude mother. "It seems your daughter has been naughty and has let some nasty old man bugger her ass. Now her asshole is absolutely dripping with cum. Since you are responsible for raising such a nasty perverted trollop, you are the one who must clean her out. You will use your lips and tongue. You will swallow everything. You may choose to do as I ask or not. It's really up to you; but don't take too long to decide. You see where I hold my dagger. You can pull the cum from her ass with your mouth or lick her blood from the floor!"

Edora could see that Commodus was serious. She'd heard too many stories of his perverted lust. So, with eyes brimming with tears, she chose to save Cecily's life by fulfilling Commodus' humiliating ultimatum.

Her large tits hung low and swayed from side to side as she crawled forward.

Commodus then clapped his hands once. A large black slave entered.

He bowed low before the Emperor. "How may I serve you Master?"

"Please keep mother Edora occupied while she tends to her daughter's nasty problem. Fuck her as hard as you can. Spare her no mercy. Sweet Edora has been a very bad mother and must needs punished."

Edora hazarded a glance over her shoulder and saw the black disrobe. To her horror she saw that his partially erect penis was already as thick as her thigh and at least 25 centimeters long.

She turned back to her daughter's dripping ass and started to suck.

"Best to spread those legs wide Edora," advised Commodus as the black settled into place behind her. "You are about to experience the largest human cock in all of the known world.

The black lubricated Edora's vagina with spit and dripping pre-cum just before he forced his way inside. She never managed to suck her daughter's ass clean. Cecily's sisters were eventually employed for this task.

It was far too difficult for Edora to suck in anything but sufficient breath for the next series of screams as the immense black battering ram split open her cunt and slammed savagely against her cervix.

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Bringing Her Around

"UUUUUNNNGH!" Serene shrieked as her maidenhead was speared by the vicious thrusting of the cruel sultan who now owned her.

"Shut your mouth, bitch," sultan told her, "you'll make good use of that hole soon enough."

Serene came from a poor family and had refused to marry. The sultan was ever watchful for the unfortunate waif whose family would sell their daughters cheap. Now Serene would become a brood mare. Her only uses would be to birth strong sons and beautiful slave girls and, of course, to service the sultan's rampant and deviant sexual appetite's.

"Please master," she wailed, "untie me and I will do anything you like. The ropes burn and bite...please."

He only laughed and said, "I'd rather watch you twist and struggle in the rough embrace of the hemp while I take anything I want," he told her, "If you give yourself over too willingly, it makes you a simple whore. Think of it this way; if I take you by force you can pretend you don't like my cock buried deep in your tight young twat. You will have all your orgasms without guilt."

Tears streamed down Serene's face when the sultan grunted hard and came inside her. She felt him empty thick jets of hot cum deep inside her belly.

Soon the sultan pulled his dripping cock from her body and spun her around to face his crotch.

"I promised you'd use your mouth soon, my pretty slave, and that time is now! You can start by sucking my prick clean!"

Humiliated and horrified by the prospect of tasting her own bloody virginal juices and the sperm that dripped from her owner's cock, she turned her head away and refused.

"Proud and stubborn. Just the way I like my fuck-slaves," smiled the sultan. Out came the whip and soon Serene was screaming louder than ever, as her ass and back bore the raised red welts of the sultan's brutal lust.

Now she struggled wildly to reach his sticky cock with her mouth rather than take another lash from the whip. She readily took the thick member between her full ruby lips. The sultan began to grow hard again as Serene licked and sucked. She gagged as he pumped into the back of her inexperienced throat. She felt his balls bouncing off her chin as he choked her with his meat.

"Now we'll sample your young ass and see how well I fit in there, young whore!" he said as he spun her back around, "but don't worry, I won't forget about your pleasure. I will allow the honor of licking me clean again once I've cum in your ass!"

White Twins on Their Knees

"Don't swallow it all white cunt," says Al'tid as he grips Alicia's pony tail and thrust his cock deep into her mouth one last time, "make sure you save some for your sister!"

Alicia and Lucretia are pretty twin sisters brought over from southern California. They'd spent three weeks in a small packing crate deep in the bowels of a freighter headed for the middle east. Naked and afraid they'd clung to each other for comfort and warmth. Once a day they were taken out of their crate, bound into a net and dipped into the cold ocean to bathe while their filthy crate was washed clean. The ship captain loved to watch the naked girls scream and twist as they disappeared beneath the waves. They came up spluttering with desperate pleas for mercy on their lips.

As badly as the captain wanted to sample these lovely young foreigners for himself, he dared not touch. They were a commodity, already bought and paid for.

Now they reside beside the throne of Al'tid naked, kneeling and awaiting his commands. They've been with him for one week and have been allowed little rest and even less food.

"A hungry slave is a compliant slave," Al'tid laughs jovially as he stares into one of the four cameras that record the innocent girls performing yet another perverted task, "and a whipped slave begs for a cock to suck."

Now to Alicia, who's cheeks puff out from the huge load of semen, he says, "You know what I want to see..."

Alicia stands up and leans over her sister who sits bound next to Al'tid. Lucretia obediently opens her mouth as Alicia slowly drools the mouthful of cum and saliva between her full pouting lips.

One of the cameras zoom in on the single tear that slowly makes it's way down Lucretia's lovely face as she tastes her master's sperm once again and remembers the life of privilege now lost to her forever. These films will join countless others in the fortress' library where Al'tid entertains his guests. He is very proud of his harem and especially of the new twins who now live only for his pleasure.

"Tonight," Al'tid tell the girls as they swap the cum back and forth, "my guests will watch this movie then they will make a new one of their own as they help me break your youthful spirits. There are many full cocks waiting to slide into your bodies, so you will eat well tonight pretty whores. Plenty of cum for you both...Ha Ha Ha!"

The Interrogation Games of Di'buhram

Di'buhram knew that the captured nurses had no information. But, as was his pleasure, he interrogated them anyway.

"Listen to your friend choke as she gags on my meat," he said to Linda who hung by her wrists, "hear her grunt like an animal as she writhes in her bonds. Feel the crop as it snaps across your own ripe teats."

"NNGGGUUKK.. .NGGHUUU!" Linda screamed around her gag. She was totally helpless and could only endure the harsh attentions of her captor as Sheila, her best friend and lover, was forced yet again to swallow the thick cock of their master.

For over a month now, the two had been bound and brutalized by this man and his wives. They'd been captured a short distance from the military encampment while they lay on a blanket among the dunes making love.

Now it was always the questions about troop movement, invasion plans, dates, times, places. They would have told him anything but they had nothing to give, except their unwilling subservience and their firm youthful bodies.

"That's it white pig! Suck the cum out of my balls while I raise welts across your lesbian lover's tits!"

Eventually Sheila felt the cock slam firmly into her gullet one last time. It's huge purple head sealing off her airway.

"URKGLE... KHHAGH" She struggled to swallow the thick spurts of warm semen that splashed against the back of her throat.

"Now if you whoring spy's will divulge the information as well as you both fuck," he chided, "we could put an end to all this unpleasantness. Perhaps another session with my wives will help jog your memories."

Di'buhram clapped his hands and his waiting wives descended upon the horrified American girls like locusts. Screams at shrieks of pain echoed off the warm stone walls.

The white women were being pierced and branded. Noses, nipples, clits and cunts would wear the golden hoops of slavery. The smell of cooking human flesh soon filled the air as Linda and Sheila felt the white-hot brand of Di'burham sear into their skin. They were marked on their buttocks and inner thighs where the flesh is most tender. The interrogation game of Di'Buhram would go on until he became tired of the two unfortunate nurses. But he tired very slowly and always seemed to have a new way to elicit screams of pain and horror.

"Maybe in six or eight months I'll put these sluts to work in my brothel," he thought to himself as he watched a particularly thick hoop slide into Sheila's cunt and out of her asshole, "but for now they will keep my cock hard and my wives happy."

Chelsea - Human 'X' and The Dance of Pain

The man never spoke. Not once. He simply stood next to the body of his spread nude captive. He held a crop in one hand and an steel blackjack in the other. A white woman with the beauty of the unfortunate Chelsea, rarely came to this lonely outpost in the far reaches of the desert. Chelsea had wandered too far off the college campus where she'd come as an exchange student. The car stopped and hands grabbed her. Now she lay painfully spread and completely defenseless.

She heard the sound of two hands clapping as music played on a pipe filled the room. She raised her head and looked above her splayed and shaved cunt to see a curtain open. In the dimness of the adjoining room, Chelsea could make out the shape of a man in a turban and the silhouettes of women who knelt at his side. Some of them were dark skinned but many were white. One of the white women with long flowing red hair was kneeling in front of the man in the turban. Her head bobbing slowly up and down in his lap as she serviced her master's cock.

But Chelsea only had a moment to think about this, because things became very bad very fast.

"GHAAAAAIIIIEEEEEEE!" Chelsea screamed as the crop arced through the air and landed squarely between her spread cunt lips. The short steel rod followed suit by slamming across her ribcage.

Her screams were deafening as the silent man began whipping her inner thighs, her tits, belly, her face, the soles of her feet, and even her armpits. The iron rod slammed into knee-caps shins and her skull. The pain was all encompassing as the man played her like a tightly stretched drum.

This was his, dance long rehearsed and choreographed to bring maximum pain and cruelty to the victim and ultimate pleasure to the crowd.

Laughter and applause from the audience resulted when she lost control of her bladder and a long stream of urine flew through the air and onto the floor.

Chelsea was dimly aware of her tormentor's cock, now fully erect and dripping thickly. It bobbed wildly as he continued to brutalize the shrieking girl.

He made his way between her bruised and whip marked thighs, where, with one well aimed thrust, embedded the iron rod into her defenseless cunt.

"NNNNNGHHHHHHAAAAAAA!!" Every muscle in her sweat-soaked body shined taut and full, her mouth open wide in a screaming rictus of pain. Her virginity was torn asunder by the unfeeling girth of the steel rod. After a few quick and especially brutal thrusts, the rod was pulled roughly out and Chelsea felt a warmer but no less hostile host take it's place. The man's cock was now slamming into her cunt. She dripped virgin's blood and urine between each thrust. The rod struck her stomach repeatedly as the man fucked her. The crowd applauded and laughed even harder as she was beaten and violated.

Moments passed as Chelsea struggled in agony in a desperate but futile attempt to dislodge the pummeling intruder.

Finally the man pulled out. Now he stood over her head. Both whip and rod were raised. The shiny, thickly veined cock bobbed next to her mouth. With fresh tears she opened her mouth. His cock slid down her throat while her head leaned back. She felt his scrotum slapping against her nose as he savagely fucked her throat. Gagging and gasping for breath, a mixture of drool, vomit and pre-cum ran down her face into her eyes and hair. A puddle formed on the ground below her.

The pipe music became more intense, more frenetic as the man approached orgasm.

He began whipping Chelsea's tits, especially her nipples, as he began to spew cum down her throat. He ejaculated for what seemed like days. She grunted and screamed weakly around his erupting penis.

When he finally pulled out, he shoved the steel rod all the way into throat. Chelsea grunted hard once more then was left spread and battered, her face glazed with cum.

Then she heard the approach of hooves. She raised her head to venture a look. The red-headed woman was still busy sucking her master's cock. The man had come back. This time he led a stallion toward Chelsea's widely spread legs.

"NOOOO! PLEASE... NOOOOAAAAAUUUUUGH!!" The screams started all over again.

The Thief and The Black-Smith

"Make this one an example for all the thieving western whores who come to my lands," the sheik shouted.

Zoe was forced to bend and the ropes were tightened. Her her full breasts were spread and crushed in the pillory.

During a gala event marking the sheik's reign, Zoe had been captured while pilfering secret papers detailing the sheik's investments complete with bank accounts and routing numbers.

She was immediately stripped of her form-fitting ball gown and brought to the prison.

Now and bound naked, she was surrounded by hundreds of men who listened eagerly as the sheik pronounced sentence.

Zoe, who spoke only English, did not understand his words, but she gleaned his intent soon enough when a black-smith raised a glowing hot iron and approached the pillory where she stood. Her perfect nipples were swollen from the pole that fastened her firm breasts to the pillory. They had turned purple and stood out firm and proud.

Zoe saw the huge bulge in the black-smith's trousers and realized that the man was actually going to enjoy hurting her.

As the glowing rod grew closer and the blacksmith licked his lips, Zoe began to struggle. But with her wrists bound securely behind her back and her tits bound firmly in place, she could not escape.

The rod hovered between her breasts for only a moment then pressed fully into her left nipple.

"GGHHHHAAAAAGH!" She screamed as the sensitive flesh was singed away. The black-smith bit his lip and pulled his cock free of his garments. The other nipple was also burnt off as he began to stroke his immense prick into a full erection before the shrieking terrified girl.

The sheik leaned toward Zoe, "You've betrayed my trust and defiled my home. If you were a man, you would be hanging by your balls it the village square. My wives would whip and stone you to death. But since you are such a beautiful western woman, I have decided to share your body with the officers of my army. And since all western women are whores, I must make certain that you do not enjoy yourself when they fuck you."

He nodded to the black-smith who knelt behind Zoe. She winced as his grubby fingers spread her labia.

"They will fuck me now," she thought to herself miserably, "what a stupid cunt! I almost deserve this for getting caught." Then suddenly, her internal monologue was cut short as she felt the heat of the iron nearing her exposed clit.

Desperate pleas tumbled from her lips, jumbled and tangled in a wild bid for mercy, but all for naught. Yes, the blacksmith would fuck her as would a hundred other men this day. This would be her sentence. But she would not pay it until her clit shared the fate of her burnt and singed nipples.

"NNNNNGGHHAAAAAIIIIEEEEEEEEE!" Zoe screamed well when her world was swallowed up in a blinding flash of pain. The iron had burnt away the most tender and private morsel of her femininity. A thin tendril of smoke curled up into the cool air of the desert morning from where her clitoris had been.

The sheik pushed the blacksmith gently to one side, "you shall have her when I am through. And after my officers have had their fill she will be yours to dispose of as you will. But for now I will feel the cunt that tried to rob from an enemy who would have been a strong friend and ally.

A line formed behind the sheik and the blacksmith. Soon a dark wet stain began to turn into mud in the sand between Zoe's feet.

Her asshole and cunt were sloppy with cum four hours later when the black-smith led her away.

He already had plans to keep his new toy in shrieking pain for months before he grew tired of her. Zoe, collared and chained, staggered along hopelessly behind the blacksmith as the walls of the prison swallowed her alive...

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Selena - Modified

Selena had been purchased by an older man who had a problem; the only thing that exited him enough to have a strong erection was to cause pain. He'd had a few slaves that amused him, but they always seemed to grow used to the abuse. They became listless or, in a few cases, quite insane. They began to perform poorly and, after a time, he would sell them to the brothel in a nearby city.

He'd also grown very wise in his methods of causing anguish. At first he had only whipped or caned his slaves. But after a time his desire to inflict deeper and more psychological pain intensified.

Selena had been abducted and delivered in a wooden crate. She wore only a thick oily cloth hood over her head and a thick wooden gag in her mouth.

The slave trader delivered the box, then as instructed, stripped off the sides of the crate to expose the frantic young 18 year-old. He then tied the frightened girl in a very compromising and uncomfortable position. He accepted his payment. As he left he couldn't help noticing the iron rods that sat glowing in a nearby brassier. The two men exchanged glances and grinned.

The old man was now alone with his latest pain-pig.

Without a sound, and with Selena still wearing her hood and gag, the old man pushed the first white-hot rod into Selena's right nipple.

"MMMMRRRGLL!" Selena had come to believe that she had been captured for the purposes of becoming a pleasure slave to a rich sheik. And, although the thought revolted her, she had decided to do as much as possible to please her new master. Perhaps she would gain favor in his house and maybe, eventually, be set free.

She held onto this flimsy hope until she felt the rod burn completely through her nipple.

"It hurts much more than simply piercing the tit with a needle," said the old man as he breathed in the scent of her burning flesh, "and it cauterizes the wound immediately. You'll look very good wearing your golden hoops."

"AAAUUUGGHMMMFFF" The rods burnt into her flesh a dozen times more before the old man removed her hood and gag. Selena saw her naked tormentor for the first time. She noted his huge and heavily veined erection bobbing wildly between his legs.

"I want you to watch this last one as it reaches it's destination, sweet whore. I want to hear your screams."

He retrieved a fresh rod from the glowing coals. Slowly the old man brought the tip of the rod between Selena's legs.

"It simply won't do for you to experience any pleasure at all when I fuck your American twat." he remarked casually as the glowing tip neared it's intended target. "The only true pleasure I feel is when my whores are in writhing agony."


Guess Who's Cumming to Dinner

"AAUUUGH... NNGHAAAA... PLEASE... GHAAAAAH!" Teresa had been hanging her for hours now. She couldn't feel her hands any longer. She was Alebard's newest slave and his first white girl.

Alebard was completely taken by her beauty. But this was an unfortunate thing for Teresa.

Alebard had eaten a huge dinner only a few feet from the naked girl. Her stomach rolled and grumbled with hunger. The smell of the exotic feast was almost enough to drive her mad. But Alebard wanted her hungry. It would make her more compliant, more submissive, more of a whore willing to sell her body for table scraps.

While Alebard ate, one of his brown skinned harem girls knelt and performed fellatio on the scarred old man.

The feast, the sexual servitude of a slave, and Teresa's rigid bondage was all done to abuse the new slave. Already she felt her resolve crumbling. Then the leather rod came out and she almost forgot about her hunger as the welts criss-crossed her once flawless skin.

"I will fuck you eventually white slut," Alebard told her, "but first I must break you down and turn you into the groveling whore that you must become. Only a woman who is willing to give her entire body and mind to serve her master's desire can stay here. If you cannot be trained, I shall chain you by your neck to my front gate and allow any passer-by to use you in any way they choose."

Teresa screamed well. Her shrieks and moans of pain and humiliation were a good sign. Alebard clapped his hands and two of his beautiful dusky brown-skinned slaves rose. They approached quickly and knelt by her master's side.

"I think our western guest needs to be fed if she is to remain strong enough to scream."

"Food," Teresa thought, "but where is it and how shall I feed myself with my hands bound?"

Then she understood. The first slave rose and reached out for Teresa's head. She pulled her in and gave her a deep kiss. Teresa could taste the spicy food that had already been chewed. Finally the tears came, but she sucked the food out of the slaves mouth greedily. After she had swallowed the mouthful of food and saliva from the first slave's mouth, the other slave rose and repeated the process. This time it was wine that Teresa tasted. Not just swill, but very fine wine that she would have rather tasted over dinner with her friends back in America.

She looked around for Alebard and noticed that he was missing. Then she heard his voice behind her.

Time to pay for your meal infidel dog. A third slave began to spread a lubricant onto Teresa's heart-shaped ass. She instinctively squeezed her cheeks together but knew it would do no good. The slick probing fingers found and penetrated her rectum anyway; sliding neatly past her cringing sphincter and deep inside. She was defenseless now. She knew what was coming...

Alebard positioned himself behind her and eased forward. The slave that had lubed Teresa's ass guided his prick to her rear entrance. She felt the gigantic purple head press against her. She squeezed herself shut with all her strength but lubricated as she was, the battle was lost before it had even began.

Then, with a brutal thrust, designed more to cause pain than just to fuck, Alebard was inside. He listened to his white bitch grunt as he buried his cock in her muscular ass. He lasted about two minutes, so horny and excited was he with his new toy whore. Then he pulled out.

Through her haze of pain and humiliation, Teresa could hear a commotion behind her but couldn't see what was happening. She could tell that Alebard was coming hard, but why hadn't he cum in her ass? Then she saw the third slave walk around to face her from behind and all became obvious. Her mouth was full of Alebard's sperm. Her cheeks were puffed out from trying to hold it all. Some of his load leaked down her chin where it poled and dripped slowly onto the tile floor of the courtyard.

"Dessert in the Desert dear Teresa," Alebard said with all the humor of the Marquis de Sade, "Open wide and accept this gift or the next thing you see will be the entire village population queuing up to have a turn at you."

Teresa weighed her options. She was thousands of miles away from her home; she was naked and bound helplessly; she could not hope for rescue or succor for no one knew where she was...

She wept silently as she opened her mouth. The slave's sticky mouth closed over her own as master's semen squirted from one mouth to another.

Teresa had sucked cock before. Fine proud pricks of sweet smelling white boys back home. So she knew what to expect. She took the entire load and swallowed, managing to cringe only a little.

Night began to fall and Teresa's initiation as a new pain-slut and cum-bucket had barely begun.

She danced all night for Alebard's pleasure in the flickering torchlight as she was pierced and branded and fucked and whipped and...

Tabitha - Prostitute of Pain

"YEEEEAAAAUUUGH" Tighter and tighter the ropes were drawn until her shoulders popped out of their sockets. Her every muscle stood out in stark relief as she shrieked and fought frantically to free herself.

Years of working out in a local gym in her hometown - now so very far away - had turned this once plump and dumpy pear-shaped girl into a very desirable and exquisitely beautiful piece of female flesh. And that was all she was to the men who decided to own and abuse her every fiber - flesh; warm and ripe for the taking.

Her mouth opened wide as she screamed like a hurt animal. Expertly, one of the men thrust a metal dental gag into her mouth and, much to her consternation, spread her jaws apart even further.

The black man then straddled the rack and pressed his already rigid cock into the warm moist tunnel of her throat.

"Your mouth is just a pussy now whore. Get used to it, you're being trained for our brothel. White slaves here are quite rare. You'll thank us later for stretching your mouth since you'll be using it 24 hours a day to satisfy the perverted lusts of hundreds of men and women."

He continued to speak as Tabitha gurgled and gasped around the girth of the huge cock that cut off her air and plunged into her gullet.

"and since your a virgin you're worth even more than a common slut. We'll auction off the honor of tearing through your unspoiled cunt to the highest bidder. Everybody will witness your defloration on the main floor. After that, it's business as usual. We honor the American dollar, the euro dollar, the Japanese yen, we even take credit cards."

The black man's voice became more guttural as he skull fucked Tabitha. He felt the familiar heat in his loins as his sperm called for release. The other man continued to rain blow after stinging blow of the rod down onto her stomach, tits and cunt.

"It will be 50 euros for a blowjob, 75 euros to fuck your cunt or ass, 125 euros to fuck you everywhere for an hour, 350 euros to rent your body for a full day and 1,500 euros to buy your pale whore's ass forever. We have one couple in particular who have been requesting a white beauty like you for quite some time. I hope, for your sake that they don't care for you. The slaves they purchase are never seen again."

With a final huge thrust, the slippery black prick erupted like Vesuvius into Tabitha's throat.

She vomited, spilling the contents of her lunch and the black man's seed down the length of her pretty face. It stung her eyes and filled her hair.

She breathed in ragged gasps as the two men hosed her off.

"So fragile you are," laughed the black man as he closed his robes over his sticky dripping cock, "you are going to be very popular here. You react so violently to so little pain. I can't wait to watch your little cunt torn open for the first time."

Queen of Cum - Forked Tongue

Darlene had angered the Sheik by snubbing a royal invitation to attend his Birthday Ball. She'd also been seen walking through the bazaar in improper western attire.

Now bound spread-eagle to the rack in the punisher's dungeon, Darlene would meet her fate.

"Let me go you sick bastards," she screamed as her shirt was torn open revealing her firm creamy breasts, Her nipples quickly grew rigid in the cool air of the Sheik's vast dungeon.

"You're gonna be so sorry when the embassy comes to set me free!"

"No one is coming for you, white dog, because no one knows where you are. Besides, you insulted our Sheik and broke our laws with your whore's clothing. Now you belong to us. But don't worry, You'll see the Sheik again. But he won't be coming to offer you birthday cake. He'll just come to watch your sentence carried out while his favorite wife sucks his cock."

"No...Let Me Go! Let me...AAAAAIIIEEEEEE"

The rod began to fall relentlessly across her body. It struck her everywhere. They even smacked it across her face marring the beauty that had caused such an uproar in the bazaar this afternoon.

"And now I will clean out your arrogant whore's cunt and ass, infidel slut," giggled the man on her right. She hazarded a look down between whacks of the rod and saw the thick stiff bristled bottle brush he held. She only got a quick glance because it vanished between her legs and into her defenseless pussy almost immediately.

"NNNGGHHHAAAAAH" Darlene felt her sensitive fragile cunt walls tearing as the man pushed the bottle brush all the way into her pussy. She shrieked even louder when he pulled it out.

Now he spread her labia and, with rough probing fingers located her clit. The crimson covered brush scraped over this most sensitive bud of female flesh. Her screams were cut off by the sheer volume of pain that took her breath away.

What she hadn't seen was that the man with the rod had grabbed a pair of rusty pliers from a nearby table. Her eyes were closed as tears gushed down her face. That's when the pliers reached into her mouth and grabbed her tongue. With a mighty tug he pulled it out as far as it would go without being torn out altogether. The bottle brush had now scrubbed away her clit with mind numbing agony, and was pushing against her asshole. Her tongue was being clipped and modified.

The man split her tongue down the middle and cut the thin flap of flesh beneath that attached it to her lower jaw. Both halves of Darlene's tongue were then pierced and golden hoops were attached to both sides. Heavy weights were attached to these hoops and left to dangle against her chest. Her head drooped forward.

The whipping now resumed as blood dripped from every orifice and her tongue began to stretch.

She looked up at one point and saw the Sheik, as promised. He sat calmly in a chair taking in the spectacle before him. A naked white woman was busy devouring his cock and gently fondling his balls. When he came into her mouth, the woman did not swallow. Instead she stood and walked over to Darlene who was frantically twitching and struggling against the relentless bonds with all her considerable strength.

The woman, who Darlene could see through her tears, was very tall and beautiful. She was blond and gifted with beauty that made men tremble. She appeared Nordic or maybe Russian and had a severe hateful look in her eyes.

She spat the Sheik's load into Darlene's face where it slid into her open screaming bloody mouth.

"I am Endira. I am the Sheik's favorite slave. You are mine to train; mine to use. That mouthful of cum is the first sample of what you can expect for the rest of your life you stupid arrogant pig!"

She went on as the Sheik sat and listened intently, "You dare insult my honored Sheik, my master, my very owner. You are lucky that he decided to spare your life, although you may soon wish he had not. Now gentlemen, if you please. Her teeth - tear them out!"

Darlene, soon adapted to her new life. An iron collar surrounded her slender neck. Attached to it was a thick steel chain held by the spiteful slave/dominatrix Endira.

Darlene, now nearly insane from her abuse at the hands of her captors, crawled like a whipped cur from cock to cunt and back again. Her toothless mouth and impossibly long and highly skilled forked tongue were very popular with the Sheik and his guests...

"Years yet to go," Endira whispered as she pulled Darlene's face into her damp shaven pussy once again, "Many, many years you will crawl. The queen of cum with the forked tongue."

Punished Western Lawyer


"Yes please scream" said the nameless man who had rented her for the night, "louder if you want to live!"

Sylvia had arrived escorted on either side by tall, impossibly strong black servants. She wore a bright red silk robe that covered her featured from head to toe.

They were the brothel delivery men and Sylvia was the unwilling prostitute who would spend the night in the hands of this sadistic man.

"Remember the terms of rental," said one black man to the excited customer, "if you kill it, your rental fee is tripled. White whores like this one are hard to find and even harder to bring to our land. Besides, the Emir wants her to live for a long, long time for her crimes."

Sylvia, soon stripped of her robes and tied tightly in a standing spread-eagle, began another horror filled night.

Men and women alike had paid thousands of dollars to spend a night with the hated bitch. A once proud whore with whom there were no limits, only an extra charge if Sylvia were damaged beyond repair.

Sylvia, you see, had been a lawyer in her country and had prosecuted the beloved son of the Emir for smuggling drugs into her land. He was caught at the airport and Sylvia had been responsible for sending him to prison for 15 years.

"Proud bitch," thought the Emir, "enjoy your success while you can. It will not last!" Orders were given, plans were made, Sylvia never knew what hit her...

But that had been in another life. Only a month had passed since she'd been taken as she slept in the imagined security of her Manhattan apartment. She was transported to this land of pain and seemed like a thousand years ago.

"First your ass," whispered the man in her ear, "but not with my cock as you surely wish. You are not worthy of my cock, at least not yet. Instead you'll get my fist."

Sylvia's once tight cunt and even tighter ass, had been stretched considerably during her month of slavery and abuse. But the slick lubricated fist that slammed into her rectum was by far larger than anything she'd been subjected to yet.

"NNNNNNGGHHAAAAA" her shriek of surprise and pain echoed through the empty halls of the man's palatial estate. Eventually he would fuck her of course, covering her bruised and battered body with his hot semen again and again. But for now, inventing new ways of making her scream was all that mattered. After all, he had all night. He reached into a nearby bureau drawer. Out came needles. Hundreds of needles. They were very long and very sharp.

"Before I honor your unworthy cunt with my cock," he said calmly, belying the excitement he felt of having this beautiful western whore, naked and tied before him, "you will dance the dance of a thousand prongs."

The first needle went into one breast close to her chest. She breathed in sharply and gritted her teeth as it penetrated and was pushed through. It went then into her other breast and, slowly, very slowly, came out the other side. He left it there impaling the two firm orbs that glistened with sweat.

Sylvia moaned in anguish as her world sank even deeper into the darkness that swirled around her.

"That's one, my western slut. Only nine hundred and ninety-nine to go."

She knew she had no hope of escape, but simply could not force herself to stand still as the second needle penetrated the side of her face and was pushed out the other cheek.

She shook and twisted but all for nothing. She had never been prone to fainting. It would be as it always had been over the last month. She would be awake for every terror filled moment. Every act of misguided vengeance and abuse would be hers to remember forever.

"That's two, slut. You're not so proud any more are you? Now where shall we put number three?

Oh! Look at that! Are you showing me your cunt? Why yes, you are. As you wish, white slut, through your cunt lips it goes..."

The needle going side to side through her mouth made it impossible for Sylvia to even beg properly. "NUH...NUH...PLEEG...NUH MORE...NUNG MORAAAAAAIIIEEEEEE!"

Posted on April 12th, 2010

Screams of the Innocent - Twins on their Knees

First one twin then the other was tied to the stake in the middle of the Senator Petrus' courtyard. Barrabas, the slave master, lead Aesa away to kneel before her new lord and master. Nauma, hanging from the stake, began to shriek from the stripes that were cut into her body by the merciless rod of the slave master. It was a simple diversion to the calloused men who watched the terrified twins twist and struggle as they were stripped, bound, hung and beaten. But for the two eighteen year old virgins, it was a living horror.

Aesa, ankles bound, could only hop as she was led toward the hooting laughing crowd of men. She was pushed to the ground landing full on her face. Momentarily dazed, the teen forgot where she was until she heard the demented screams of her beloved sister writhing under the rod. She turned and looked over her shoulder just in time to see Barrabas uncoil a huge bullwhip from his belt. He swung it around a bit letting everyone hear as it sliced and cut through the warm evening air. It came closer and closer to Nauma who shook violently each time the end of the whip cracked like thunder only inches from her tender flesh.

Aesa was hauled to her knees as Senator Petrus opened his robes. "See your sister suffer, bitch," he said to Aesa, "listen to her pitiful squealing as the whip comes nearer to her body. Where do you think it will strike her first? Her ass, across her ribs? Maybe her firm tits or hard into the cleft of her cunt. Only you can save her from this torment. You know what you must do. Either suck and swallow what you are given or listen to your sister scream as the whip flays the skin from her body." Petrus' cock grew longer and harder as he spoke to the defenseless Aesa.

The whip cracked once more. This time only an inch from Nauma's face. She felt the wind part as the whip flicked past.

Aesa loved her sister more than her own life. She felt her pride melt away as she leaned in and tasted, for the first time, the tip of a man's penis; the salty pre-cum that drooled onto her tongue made her ill, but the whip still cracked and her sister still whimpered and wept.

Opening her mouth wider than ever, Aesa leaned in letting the huge cock slide into her warm mouth.

"Remember this little slut," Petrus told her, "If I feel one tooth scrape my prick, your sister will feel the whip tear through a nipple!"

Another man knelt behind Aesa and began to force his cock into her ass. Aesa squeaked and grunted as her backsides were torn open by the faceless man behind her. Aesa knew now what this was. As disgusted as she was and even with the pain of an overlarge cock in her ass, she still held onto coherent thought. Threat of the whip across her sister's skin was her incentive. Her sister's very life might hang in the balance.

Tears streaked down her cheeks; a result of the pain, humiliation and the cock that choked her.

The man in her as slammed into her with wild animal abandon. With each thrust Aesa felt the huge cock work it's way further into her gagging throat. In spite of herself, Aesa began to heave and buck as the lack of breath made her weak. Just as she began to black out, she felt huge gouts of semen spurting into her throat and airway. After a few seconds Petrus pulled him glistening cock from her mouth. Aesa, coughing and spluttering, gagged and gasped for air. This left only the man in her ass. But he seemed to go on forever.

"Whip master," Petrus shouted, "let the whip fall where you wish!"

"Ungh... Ungh... No... Please... You promised..." Aesa managed to say through the pain of the man that still savagely fucked her from behind..."You... promised that if I... UNGH... sucked your cock that you'd spare her the pain of the whip!"

"So what, bitch," he said as he loudly slapped Aesa's cum-streaked face, "I lied to a slave."

The force of Petrus' slap made Aesa's head ring. She saw spots. The only two things that forced themselves into what remained of her conscious mind was the cock that tore into her bleeding ass and the unbelievably loud shrieks from her sister Nauma as the whip split her cunt open all the way to the pelvic bone.

"Make her scream louder Barrabas," Senator Petrus laughed, "this party will last 'til dawn and our little Aesa has yet to feel a roman cock in her virgin cunt!"

Beauty's Curse

"UUNNGH!" Myrna screamed as the general took her virginity.

"That's a good girl" Marcus told his newest slave, "just lie back and enjoy the gift of my hospitality."

He wrapped his strong fist up in Myrna's hair and pulled it painfully with each savage thrust. Myrna fought back, twisting and heaving like a wild horse, but this only made the perverted roman general more determined to break her will.

Marcus slammed into her young body feeling her tight cunt grip and squeeze him involuntarily as she tried to expel his cock. Her hips twisted this way and that while he was inside her. To Myrna's chagrin, this only seemed to intensify the general's pleasure.

Myrna remembered the day the Roman garrison had invaded her village. The defeated men were chained together and marched off to live under the whip as forced laborers. The women and children fled into the forest but were quickly rounded up and chained.

Down through the ages, beauty has at times been both a blessing and a curse. And so the prettiest girls were made to suffer the most as, one by one, they were introduced to general Marcus. In his tent, he would break them into service one at a time.

Myrna, naked and tied with rough hemp rope had listened all night to the miserable screams and the pleas for mercy from her friends as Marcus roughly, and with all possible cruelty, took their virginity.

One girl named Ramira had displeased Marcus when he discovered that she was not a virgin. Myrna watched in horror as Ramira was lifted onto a long sharp pole that had been inserted in her cunt. A large bag of sand was tossed over a tree limb to serve as a counter weight. From there a long rope was tied tightly around Ramira's tits. A small hole was stabbed into the bag allowing the sand to leak out slowly. As the weight in the bag grew less, Ramira sank lower onto the pole. Screaming became difficult when the sharp pole pushed past her diaphragm and into her stomach. With the help of a roman slaver, the pole eventually popped out of her mouth as the bag of sand was drained. Now the fun really began for the sadistic soldiers to whom she'd been given.

Fully impaled on the stake, the roman soldiers took to whipping her, laughing at the way she twisted and twitched. Finally, they took turns turns buggering the poor girl while her tits, chest, stomach, and cunt were burned with hot irons.

With this horrific vision in her head and the sounds of Ramira's final pathetic gurgling whimpers in her ears, Myrna was finally taken into Marcus tent. He set upon her immediately bearing her to the ground.

"Watching your friend ride the pole has made me quite hard again, pretty whore. Lucky for you that your maidenhead was intact or you would ride a pole of your own."

Myrna's fate was different than that of her pretty friends whose bodies had been used to please general Marcus. He had saved Myrna 'til last because of her uncommon beauty. The other girls were eventually sold to brothels or private owners (after the soldiers had fucked them often and thoroughly). But general Marcus kept Myrna for his own. He liked the way she fought and bucked when he fucked her. He liked the way she fought not to cum and how she wept when her unwanted forced orgasms made her flail about uncontrollably.

"That's it bitch," he breathed into her ear as she once again came wetly around his cock, "you moan like a whore when I fuck you. And you cum like a common slut. When we return to Rome, we'll see how you fare with my other slaves-whores. They love to break-in the new ones, and I love to watch!"

S O L D - The Training of Kristina

"NGHAAAA... Let me down you degenerate son of a whore...LET ME DOWN!" Spread-eagled and hung on the wall, Kristina cursed at the man who stood watching her struggle.

Kristina didn't remember how she'd gotten here. She remembered walking through the forest late in the evening, then a sudden intense pain at the base of her skull.

She awoke here with this man staring at her. She noticed a table off to one side and felt the first twinge of fear; whips, ropes, dildos, pincers, clips and many other cruel looking instruments that she couldn't identify.

"You shouldn't speak so rudely to your trainer," said Gratus calmly as he pondered the items on the table.

Kristina could barely move. It wasn't just her arms and legs that had been spread but even her waist and neck had been tightly fastened to the wall. She was naked for the first time in her life in the company of a man. Naked, spread and totally defenseless...

"Look," Kristina said, "if you let me go, I'll never tell a soul. I'll make no trouble for you I swear!"

Gratus turned back toward her; rod in hand. "Really?" he asked as though considering, "do you promise?"

Kristina opened her mouth to speak but what came out instead was a loud howl of pain. "YEEAAAAGH!"

Gratus had struck her across the stomach with the stiff leather-covered rod.

"You will make no trouble for me at all because I will not let you go. You have buyers. A rich couple wants you for a pet and house-slave. And more importantly, they want you fully trained before the purchase is final. That is where I come in. So scream all you want but don't think for even a moment that I will let you go! Training and selling slaves is how I make my living."

"NOO... NOOAAAAUUUUGH!" Kristina shrieked again and again as the rod struck her repeatedly.

At one point the pain was so intense that she fainted. Her head hung limp, her mouth open slightly drooling. Gratus checked for a pulse then sat down to wait, inspecting the pretty eighteen year old girl with his eyes.

When Kristina awoke she found that she'd been washed. Her hair and make-up was done and she smelled of expensive perfume. She also discovered that Gratus was no longer alone. A very well-dressed couple stood beside him looking up at her. Madelina and Claudius had come to inspect their purchase.

Madelina walked forward and inspected Kristina searching for defects. "Nice to see you awake, dear," she said as she poked and prodded the defenseless girl, "I see you weren't joking Gratus, she really is beautiful and still a virgin."

"Take your hands off me, you old cunt," Kristina shouted angrily.

Madelina didn't miss a beat, "you do seem to have your work cut out for you though. She's quite spirited.

I'm glad we came to see her trained. This should be entertaining." Then with a blinding motion, Madelina shot out with a backhand that caught Kristina hard across her right cheek.

"If we didn't want a virgin slave so badly," Madelina remarked with truly frightening fire in her eyes, "I'd shove my fist up your twat, rip out your guts, and feed them to you! Given time however, you will come to love your new life. Many of our slave-cunts were as you are now; strong-willed and defiant. But now they are meek and obedient. Meet Gisella and Precia."

Two beautiful young girls came into view. One knelt beside Claudius and the other beside Madelina.

"Gisella, perhaps you will be so kind as to greet your new sister properly."

The slave kneeling beside Madelina crawled over to Kristina and, without a second's hesitation began licking Kristina's pussy. She was disgusted. This beautiful submissive girl was nose-deep in her cunt! Kristina tried twisting away but the waist iron kept her firmly in place.

"P-please m-make her stop," Kristina begged. "I'm not a lesbian... please... Madelina, you're a woman like me... Ummmf... how could you... Duhmmf... please make her... Ungh... make her... Ahh... Oh... AAAUUGH....

Gisella was so skilled with her tongue and lips that Kristina never finished her last sentence before she felt her first orgasm begin to build. To this point in her life, Kristina had been chaste and pure. She'd been taught that touching herself was a terrible thing. But now a girl named Giselle, a slave, was giving Kristina a feeling that she'd never had before.

"Gha... Ungh... Ga... MMMMFUCK!" Kristina shouted as the orgasm washed over her and swept her out to sea.

"Pleasure and pain," Madeline said, "You've had the pleasure bitch, so now... Gratus, Kristina's ass is far too narrow for my husband's cock. What can you do about that?"

"Dear lady, I have just the thing." From the table Gratus produced a wooden phallus. First he pressed it against Kristina's wet frothy cunt that dripped from the orgasm that still tingled there. Now with her own juices acting as a lubricant, Kristina felt the wood cock press painfully into her ass. NO... GHAAAIIIEEE... N-NOOO!"

"That's the pain, Kristina" Madelina said, "How much of each that you receive is entirely dependent on you.

Now let me show you what your first job will be when we get your pretty ass home."

Madelina knelt in front of her husband and took out his already erect penis. Both Gisella and Precia hurriedly crawled over to Claudius' cock and opened their mouths...

Mother Daughter - Brothel Bound

Brutus, the wealthy owner of a large brothel, always attended the local slave markets at least once a month to purchase fresh slaves. This time he'd managed to outbid all the competition for a mother and daughter who'd been taken in a raid from Britannia. The daughter was eighteen and very pretty, and though the darker haired mother was thirty-two, she was still very beautiful and would last at least a few more years as a money making whore.

He took them back to his villa to sample their flesh and break them in to serve the rather brutal clientele who frequented his brothel.

The two were stripped of the rags they wore and naked, the mother was bound on her knees with her hands tied back and behind her. She could only beg and watch in horror as her daughter was hoisted onto a wooden wedge. After the blonde daughter was fastened into place with her cunt spread across the peak, Brutus drove tiny nails through the screaming girl's cunt lips and into the wood of the wedge that she rode.

The mother cried along with her daughter. Seeing her only child subjected to this degree of pain and humiliation was almost more than she could bear. Brutus stripped off his own robe and tunic now and stood between the two bound women. He stroked his large prick until it was full and erect. Then, with rod in hand he began to whip his new slave-meat.

First he started with the mother. He paid special attention to her shapely breasts.


After a few moments of working up a sweat beating the mother, he turned his attention to the blond daughter. He struck her not just about the tits, but stomach and thighs as well. He went behind and

swatted her ass until it began to bleed.

The girl tried not to move since her cunt was still nailed to the wedge.

"GHHHAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEE!" But she did scream, her voice was money to Brutus' ears. His customers would pay well for a whore who shrieked like this one. A cruel smile played across his lips.

He stood now in front of the mother; his dripping cock only inches from her face. He raised the rod and slapped the blond daughter low across the belly close to the nails that split her cunt open wide across the wood. Then he held the rod up again. But this time he did not strike. He inched closer to the mother's face. She understood without a word: Suck my cock and I will not beat your daughter.

Shamed and humiliated she opened her mouth and accepted Brutus' cock. He thrust his hips forward and shoved it in all the way. Having been married for sometime, she had learned well the art of fellatio.

She gagged with surprise at the brutality of the oral assault, but soon settled into a steady rhythm milking his balls. She began to drool thick mixture of saliva and pre-cum. When Brutus began to cum. he grasped her ears and pulled her toward him as he thrust his hips forward. The poor woman gagged heavily as some of his cum shot into her lungs choking her.

When he pulled out, the mother coughed and hacked until she could breath regularly again. A thick stream of coughed-up semen drooled from her mouth.

"I hope you like that lungful of cum," Brutus laughed, "for there's an endless supply at my brothel..."

Experiments in Pain

Completely naked, chained and helpless, Sandra struggled in a futile attempt to break free from the cold iron bonds that held her firmly in place. She saw the metal phallus. She knew what it was for and where it was going.

"Do be still young lady," said the chief inquisitor as his assistant began to work over the new slave he had just purchased, "we haven't even touched you yet. You'll want to save some of that wonderful struggling for when the experiments start in earnest. This is the dawn of a new day for Rome. With your help, involuntary though it may be, we will soon learn all there is to know about the levels of pain that female spies react to the most. Feel free to scream if you must, for it rather delights me to hear your pretty feminine voice echoing off my marble walls."

Sandra felt the tip of the thick phallus press against her cunt. She thought that her tight pussy could not possibly accommodate so large an object, but her worst nightmares could not have prepared her for the awful pain the device was designed to provide.

She cried out and twisted from side to side when she felt the cold metal cock slide painfully into her body. But after about 15 centimeters had been inserted, the device was pushed no further. Sandra was grateful for this but it was the calm before the storm.

"Expand the device," said the Inquisitor with a bland clinical tone. Sandra watched in horror as a large wing-nut at the base of the phallus was turned. The phallus began to expand. Wider and wider it grew with each turn of the screw. Her tight channel was soon expanded and dilated to a full ten centimeters. The screeches of pain were incessant now as Sandra felt her young body being split in two.

"Step 1 is complete" the Inquisitor shouted over Sandra's shrieking, "the subject seems to be experiencing moderate to severe pain. Move on to step 2."

A second wing-nut was then twisted. Sandra's reaction was everything the sadistic roman could have hoped for. As the second wing-nut turned, long thin spikes of thin metal were pushed out through tiny holes located on the sides of the cylinder and into the surrounding tissue of Sandra's cunt.

Her eyes flew open and she clenched her jaw shut. Her breath came in short harsh gasps as the needle-like metal shards were fully extended into her body. She shook all over, but couldn't work up the air to scream. Every breath she took in expanded her diaphragm and sent new shockwaves of pain through her pussy and groin as her own movement caused the shards to push further into her body.

"Step-2 is complete," said the inquisitor as he watched Sandra quiver. He reached into his robes and began to stroke his cock.

"Let's move on to step 3 now. Remove the seat from beneath our young lady. We will need full access to her rear hole in order to insert the red-hot phallus into her rectum."

Sandra whimpered and begged, "please... please no..."

The grand inquisitor motioned to another young woman who stood a few feet away. She was a temple prostitute who had been employed for this very purpose. "I will need to keep a clear head in order to continue these experiments," he said to the young lady who now knelt in front of him. She gently fondled his balls and stroked him to a full erection before taking his cock into her skilled mouth.

Sandra found her voice again when the burning red phallus was slowly pushed into her rectum...

"I'm afraid that Sandra won't be any good for fucking after these experiments are concluded," the inquisitor mentioned while the prostitute noisily sucked his throbbing erection, "but I'm sure we can find some way to put her mouth to good use..."

Posted on May 25th, 2010

Lydia Rides the Wood

The three women were the wives of dissident roman citizens senators who had foolishly spoken openly about the abolishment of the senate and the rise of the cruel new Caeser.

These men were quickly imprisoned and then forced to watch as their women were brutalized and fucked by any roman soldier who felt inclined.

After the men were executed, the innocent women were ordered to be crucified. Their beaten cum oozing bodies would serve as example to all others who might dare to defy Caeser.

They would all eventually wind up riding the wood, but the roman guard could decide how long to use them first.

Lydia, wife of the leader of Caeser's opposition was hung up straightaway. She was whipped, fucked and whipped again. Her screams echoed through the forest. But after two shifts of roman soldiers had taken turns with her, Lydia's screams began to decrease in volume until even the harsh blow of the whip only resulted in pitiful whimpering.

"l'll make the traitor scream," promised Ultimus. He had just fucked one of the wives from Germania. A very pretty young blonde woman who had moaned like a whore as he ravaged her mouth and pussy. Her cunt still leaked copious streams of cum from his assault. But already he was horny again and was ready to cause more pain before he sampled the splayed struggling body of the third girl.

He approached Lydia with a smooth wooden dole in his hand.

"I brought this especially for you Lydia. Let's see if this little toy will help you find your voice, bitch!" Then, with a cruel grin he aimed and stabbed the thick wooden cock into her body.


Lydia, convulsed and thrashed about wildly. She had definitely found her voice again. Ultimus rammed the fifteen inch phallus into her over and over listening to her screams change in pitch and watching her body writhe.

Finally, after he was satisfied with Lydia's show of contrition, he shoved the wood into her cunt as far as it would go. Her body instinctively straightened in a vain attempt to accept the full length of the marauding wooden dole without tearing her womb asunder. Ultimus listened to one last pitiful shriek from Lydia as the dole disappeared entirely inside her shuddering convulsing body.

Now Ultimus, fully erect again and ready for another slave to assault, turned his attention to the red-headed traitor's wife who lay screaming under the crop.

"Turn this bitch over," Ultimus ordered, "This traitor's wife looks like she fancies greek. Ha, ha, ha!"

Malina and the Matron

The slavers had fallen on hard times and had little luck capturing fresh women for market, so they had begun frequenting smaller villages rather than the large towns and cities. That was where they saw the sisters.

Lissette, the oldest sister, was 22. Anna was 20 and Malina had just turned 18. All three girls had been captured while picking berries along a rutted roadway. The cloth covered wagon had pulled up. The driver began to ask directions. The three girls never stood a chance. They rarely saw strangers here and the driver seemed so lost that they all wanted to help. Besides, he was handsome and all the girls were of marrying age.

They never saw the other two men who came up from behind. A single large net was thrown and all three were subdued. The thick cloth was pulled off the rear of the wagon revealing a cage large enough for at least ten prisoners. Lissette screamed for help but was too far away for the villagers to hear. She and her two sisters were quickly bound, gagged and thrown into the cage. The wagon was covered again and began to slowly roll away with it's human cargo.

Two depraved days of travel filled with various types of sexual and physical abuse, and the three girls were paraded nude before the female nobles who might buy them.

Lissette and Anna were tied and put through their paces, which consisted of trying vainly to avoid the stinging welts of the crop as is slashed across their tender naked flesh. At the table where the women sat and watched these fresh young beauties, there was laughter and cheers when any particularly vicious swat made one of the sisters shriek more loudly than usual.

In the meantime Malina, the youngest sister, was unbound on her hands and knees. A different crop landed across her young body.

"You'll either be whipped to death," the trainer told her, "or you shall willingly take his cock into your mouth!

If you dare embarrass me in front of these buyers, I will flay the skin off your body and sell what's left to the nearest brothel."

"AUUUGGHH!" Malina screamed and crawled toward the chair where a handsome man waited, "YES... PLEEEESE! I'll do it, UUNGH! I'LL DO IT!"

The young man waited. He belonged to one of the women who wanted a fresh young slave girl who would lick cock and cunt and eventually would be mated and bred. The young man's cock was quite erect from watching the young and beautiful girls being beaten; and especially from the sight of Malina as she crawled slowly over between his spread legs.

Malina had been forced to suck the trainers cocks many times on the trip here. She and her sisters had been well schooled often on the road to market. Malina took the proffered prick into her moist mouth and began to bob slowly up and down. The women watched closely now as the young man was licked and sucked. They hooted loudly when the entire length of the slave-boys large cock disappeared into Malena's mouth.

Then, as he began to cum, Malina pulled the cock out of her mouth and began to stroke the cock quickly and expertly. The man grunted as he began to shoot thick streams of semen into Malina's mouth and onto her face. She thought he would never stop. He seemed to have an unending supply of the hated hot goo.

Finally, her face dripping with sperm, Malina struggled to swallow the cum that had landed in her mouth without retching. Amid the tears of pain and humiliation, she heard the bidding begin.

Then: "Going once...going twice...Sold to the Matron from Rome!"

A pretty mature woman of about 35 came around the table to claim her prize. Malina was bound again. Rough hemp went around her wrists and then around her elbows which were drawn together painfully behind her back. Her large firm breasts were thrust forward. The matron squeezed them appreciatively ending with a vicious twist of each pert nipple.

"Sweet innocent slut," the cruel Matron told her, "you're nothing but a warm body now. You will warm my bed and my cunt. Later on, after I've grown tired of you as a sex toy, you will mate with the young man whose cum is smeared so beautifully on your face. But in the meantime, we'll see how quickly you learn to suck cunt."

Malina felt the matron's whip land across her ass one time as she was pulled on her knees between the mature woman's thighs.

The bidding soon resumed. Melina, face now also covered with her matron's cum, watched helplessly as her sisters were sold off to the other women who bid the highest.

The slavers smiled as they counted their money. The economy was on the rise for these four men. After a warm meal and a night in town, they headed out into the wilderness toward the other small towns where young peasant girls were plentiful and gullible.

"I think I'll take one of the next bitches to be my personal fuck-slave," said the leader to his men, "with just a little training these stupid peasant cunts become first rate cock suckers."

In the distance another town grew slowly closer. More berries to pick, more young whores to train...


Angelina waited for her turn under the harsh ministrations of the livestock inspector. She pulled vainly against the link of chain that held her wrists manacled together behind her slender waist. Angelina listened to Lillian beg and plead to be free as the inspector grabbed her tits and squeezed them roughly. Angelina knew however, that begging would do no good. She'd heard plenty about these places as she grew up. Places where human flesh was sold along with goats, pigs and cows. Livestock, they were just livestock now.

"Open your mouth whore," the inspector ordered, "gotta count your teeth, so open wide or I'll twist off a nipple."

Lillian's mouth was wrenched open as he felt around inside her. "Nice," he said appreciatively, good teeth and a soft velvety tongue. You'll get plenty of use for that I'm sure."

Lillian was left hanging by her wrists as the inspector took a few notes. He then produced a black grease pencil and wrote a number on her chest and again on her left ass cheek.

"Number 37 ready for auction," he shouted.

Two other men, inspectors in training, lowered the young girl to the ground and dragged her off to the pen where she would wait for her time on the block.

"Now I get to you," the trainer said to Angelina, "I saved the best for last."

But he didn't tie her hands to the ring in the ceiling. Instead he pushed her onto her belly on the dusty floor among the piss and shit of the animals that had been there earlier today.

"You've got a sweet cunt bitch, too bad you're worth more as a virgin. But your ass-hole is fair game."

Angelina struggled to get to her feet. All this did was to get her a heavy slap across her raised ass.

"Hold still or fight as you like," the inspector laughed, "either way your ass is taking my cock."

Angelina, tall, tan and only 18, had been considered the most beautiful girl in her town. She had many suitors. Young men from wealthy families who sought her hand. But now she found herself crushed beneath the weight of this vile man amid the smelly waste of a barn and auction yard.

He spit into the crack of her ass and spread it in and around her tight sphincter. Then, for the first time, but certainly not the last, Angelina felt a man's cock pressing against her body fighting hard regardless of her pain, to get inside.

"UNNNGH... GHNNN... PLEASE... NOOOAAAAAIIIEEEE" Angelina screamed as the man grunted and pushed inside her ass. He was forced to fuck her slowly at first. He didn't want to damage her too badly, and certainly didn't want to hurt himself.

Soon though, as pre-cum began to leak from his cock to lubricate Angelina's rectum, he began to fuck her harder and faster. Angelina, lost in the immense pain of the first cock she'd ever experienced, soon felt his balls slapping against her cunt as his hips slammed against her hips. As if simply fucking her wasn't enough, he reached around and grabbed her tits twisting and pulling.

"NGHAAAAAAAAAAA." Angelina felt like her ass was ripping open and that her breasts were being torn from her chest. "GHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH."

Eventually, his thrusts became more frantic; more desperate. He crashed into her very hard one last time as he coated the inside of her bowels with his cum.

"Ahhh," he said still buried deep inside her, "you'll do fine. Pretty whores like you always bring a high price."

Then, it was back to business. Angelina naked, fucked and weeping was hung suspended from the ceiling as the chief inspector readied another piece of livestock for the block. Out came black grease pencil. Angelina's numbers written on her chest and ass, "Number 38 is ready for the pens..."

The Warning

Jessica was innocent. She'd committed no crime, yet here she was naked and crucified as the three centurions watched her struggle just to breath. Caeser regularly ordered that a pretty young girl be hung along a main road as a warning to any who might consider opposing his despotic rule.

"We'll take you down for a little while, whore, but you'd better fuck and suck like your life depends on it. Because, believe me, it does."

The men untied her and let her drop to the hard rocky ground. They crowded around her as she took a cock in her ass, another in her cunt and a third in her mouth. She fucked these brutal men as well as she could, desperate to satiate their perverse desires. The pain of the crucifix was fresh in her terrified mind.

Jessica was from a wealthy family and had been a very proper young lady until they had come for her late last night. Now she was a proper young whore who lived to satisfy the carnal lust of these hateful soldiers.

She gagged around the prick that stabbed into the back of her throat. Trying hard to breath, she began to drool heavily while the other two men pumped her pussy and ass in unison.

Her full tits bobbed wildly as her body was pummeled and pounded.

Then, one after another, the men flooded her with their cum. Sticky with sperm and sweat the girl lay panting in the dust.

"Back to work slut," said one of the centurions, "there's another three soldiers coming on for the evening watch. They may take you back down if they think you're pretty enough. You'd better promise them anything they want or they may just let you hang."

This time they hung her upside down with her legs spread wide and her face at crotch level. As the first men left for the night, the fresh soldiers took their place to guard their pretty young charge.

"Please take me down," Jessica pleaded, "I'm a good slut. I'll fuck you all. I'll swallow all your cum. You can fuck my ass and I'll even suck the shit off your cocks when you're done. I'll be real good, you'll see. Just take me down, please, I beg of you."

"Your mouth is right where it needs to be," remarked one guard, "and you talk too fucking much, slut."

One guard pulled a large O-ring from inside his pouch. They forced this into her mouth and tied it to her head with a braided leather rope.

Her mouth had been forced open painfully wide by the iron O-ring and Jessica still hung upside-down with her legs spread open, her sex glistening in the light of the dying sun.

First one cock then the next rutted around in her velvety mouth until each man had plastered her lips, face and tongue with cum.

Then, out came the whip. Each man would get three strikes. The game was to split her clit in two. Bets were placed. Jessica, still hanging head-down, shrieked like a rabid animal into the cold night as the whip found it's mark...

No Mercy for the Sisters

Layla tried to cover her nakedness as the heavily muscled Brundel tore open the cunt of her sister. Bound and laid cross a table, Diana screamed at first with pain but later, as the man steadily fucked her, she began to moan with lust. Her body betrayed her as she began to feel a huge orgasm beginning to build.

Two other men stood close by watching. They had tied Diana as she was. The rough ropes bit into her tender flesh as she thrashed around on the cold marble.

"You, Layla, get over here and lay your head on your sister's ass. Brundel has a present for you." Afraid to disobey, Layla crawled onto the table with her face only inches from the cock that pistoned in and out of her sister's pussy.

The two men secured her in place with more ropes. Her waist was tied to Diana's neck and her head tied to Diana's right ankle.

"Keep your mouth open, slut, or we'll feed your tits to our dogs."

Layla had seen the dogs and the blood in the courtyard. She believed these men and took their threat seriously. Her only hope was to submit; she opened her mouth wide.

Brundel pulled his cock out of Diana's swollen cunt and slid it immediately into Layla's mouth.

Although disgusted and humiliated, Layla was more motivated by fear as she tasted the tang of her sister's cunt lathering her tongue. After a few frantic thrusts, Brundel pulled out of Layla's mouth. The wet cock slid just above Diana's aching pussy and, without a seconds hesitation, plunged into her ass. Diana forgot all about her impending orgasm as the massive member forced it's way into her rectum.

"GHAAAAAAGH" The searing pain of the brutal anal entry was all-consuming. But it didn't last very long. Layla waited with her mouth still open, even more horrified than before.

Diana's asshole was so tight that Brundel could not hold back any longer. He pulled out and plunged his feces-stained cock into Layla's mouth. Her lips had barely closed around the filthy penis when Brundel began to shoot heavy gouts of sperm against the back of her throat.

As bad as the taste of Diana's pussy had been, this was a thousand times worse. The mixture of cum and shit was more that Layla could stand. She struggled to free herself, forgetting that the rope around her waist was tied to her sister's neck. Layla heard Diana gasp and struggle for breath as the ropes around her throat tightened. Layla realized how the devious tie had been designed to choke the life out of her sister. Diana willed herself to lay still and was rewarded by the sound of Diana drawing in precious air.

She licked clean the cock that lay spurting cum in her mouth. She swallowed everything and even though the urge to vomit was almost overpowering, she managed to keep it all down.

"They'll be lots of fun for the orgy tonight," said one man to the other, "Go get some rest Brundel, you've done well. Tonight we'll need you to whip these whore's a bit before we show the guests how eager they are to swallow each other's shit."

Later as Diana and Layla lay naked in their small cell. They could hear footsteps upstairs and the neighing of horses. The guests were beginning to arrive. The orgy of pain and humiliation was about to begin.

A massive hand turned the metal latch to their cell. Brundel, smiling cruelly, reached in to grab the girl closest to the door. Layla watched as Diana, kicking and struggling pathetically, was dragged away. Moments later, Brundel reappeared.

"Sweet sister Diana is waiting. She's all tied up and ready to lick your cunt while I whip her ass. It's her turn to taste pussy and ass."

Layla, weak with hopeless despair, didn't even struggle as Brundel's hand closed around her ankle and dragged her from the cell...

Posted on June 9th, 2010

Living Art

When the young black trainer twisted and stretched her body, Carey felt like she was being torn in half. At first she thought that the old Emir who had bought her at the slave market, was actually ordering her back to be broken.

"AAAUUUGH! NO MORE...STOP...P-PLEASE STOP!" Carey begged as the pain in her spine mounted. Laughter and a cruel voice was the reply she heard.

"I paid too much just to cripple you, stupid white cow," growled the Emir, "you're to be trained, whore, both body and mind. I need limber slaves for the feast. You have one week to get in shape. You will be one of the pieces of art that adorn the grounds. Consider yourself lucky that you are being trained in the main hall and not out in the scorching heat. Your pretty pink cunt would burn in no time."

At a word from the Emir, the black trainer, brought up the crop and slammed it across Carey's spread and defenseless cunt. She immediately forgot about the grinding pain in her back as a new white hot stream of searing horror raced through her body.

"GHAAAAAAIIIEEEE..." Carey shrieked and struggled madly as the stiff leather rod beat out a steady rhythm between her lewdly spread legs.

Carey's training went on in different positions for the next six days. She was pulled, stretched, twisted, beaten and fucked for 16 hours every day. By the end of the 5th day Carey was so limber she could lick her own pussy.

On the night of the great feast, all of the white slave-girls had been tied in their respective positions of pain as living art for the Emir and his friends.

Carey, naked and tied in stringent bondage, greeted the guests as they entered the banquet hall with open cunt and open mouth. Her hands were tied behind and above her head while her ankles were tied behind her neck. The Emir had pierced her tongue and clit. They were attached one inch apart by an elegant golden chain. One cock after another invaded Carey's ass, cunt and then her warm willing mouth.

She was used to the pain by now, used to the taste of her own ass and cunt. She was used to the smell of cock and the slime of semen; used to the debasement and humiliation of being treated less than a common whore.

The Emir walked past her once during dinner and patted her lightly on her cum soaked head. "You have pleased me well. My guests have all commented on you most favorably. So I will give you a special honor."

Corey's "special honor" was to hang by her ankles in the bathroom. Her hair braided and roped to a hook embedded in her ass. Her head was pulled back this time. Each guest could have used toilet paper if they'd chosen, but Corey's tongue did a much better job.

Face soon stained with shit and more dripping semen, the Emir had her lowered and cleaned.

"The wives of my guests have been asking about you, dear Carey. They wonder if you lick pussy as well as you suck cock and eat shit. I've decided to let them find out for themselves..."

Corey remembered how to scream again as the vicious dark-skinned women descended on her and took their brutal pleasure.

Julia - Punished & Sold Fuck Slave

"Please take me down Master, I promise never to disappoint you again. I will do anything at all. Anything PLEEEASE! It's splitting me in two!"

Julia, a brothel fuck-slave, balanced precariously on the sharp wedge that bit into her well-used cunt. She'd displeased her owner; a very bad thing for a white prostitute to do.

One of his customers, an old fat man who smelled of camel dung and had not bathed in at least six months, had tried to force Julia to suck his cock. She could have endured it if he'd just fucked her and cum in her ass or cunt, but when he shoved his smelly cock in her face, she'd refused to open her mouth.

"You still think of yourself with pride," the brothel owner scolded her, "thinking that someday you will be free again; thinking that you are too good for us. Here is where you will stay until I decide on your true punishment."

Hours later, half crazed from thirst, the heat from the desert sun and the immense pain from riding the wedge, Julia saw the old fat man again. He was accompanied by the brothel owner and a pretty Arabian slave girl. The fat man spoke a word in his language and the pretty dark-haired girl knelt on all fours in front of Julia. The fat man got down onto his knees and slowly pressed his huge erect cock into the dusky slave girl's ass. The girl winced and gritted her teeth as the huge phallus tunneled into her bowels.

After a few painful strokes in the slave's nether hole, the fat man pulled out. The slave was dismissed and Julia was taken off the wedge. She found herself kneeling in front of the old fat man once again. Only this time, she had accepted her place. Six hours on the wedge had changed her forever. Julia opened wide and accepted the soiled cock into her mouth with tender care. The fat man skull-fucked Julia until he shot a large hot load into the back of her throat. Julia swallowed every drop.

The last thing Julia saw before the hood was lowered over her head, was the brothel owner smiling as he counted a few pieces of gold. With wrists and elbows tied tightly behind her back and an Iron collar bolted around her slender neck, Julia vanished into the desert sand. Chained like a common animal, she stumbled along behind the fat man's caravan with the goats and sheep at her side.

"Just fifty miles to go, slave" Julia heard the fat man say, "then you can rest after you swallow my camel's cum. You are just an animal to me now and so you will be treated like one!"

She didn't know if he would make good on his threat, but Julia would obey any order given. In her dreams she still saw herself running free along a sunny beach with her friends at her side, but each day brought a new host of horrors as the old fat man and his friends took their brutal pleasure with the new white slave.

Tanya's Submission

The crop landed across her belly again. "Will accept the gift of your master's cock?" Rajim asked.

"Never, you old fucker, NEVER!" Tammy screamed defiantly, "If he puts it in my mouth I'll bite it off!"

Tammy was even harder to train than she was to capture. She had put two members of the acquisition team in the hospital. One with a broken knee and the other with a dislocated shoulder. Only by the sheer force of their numbers had the remaining five men been able to subdue and bind her for delivery to Rajim the trainer.

"Your master is a patient man and quite in love with you," Rajim remarked casually, "When he saw you fight in the tournament he knew that he had found his first white wife. He knows that you will break. I will teach you to submit to his will. That is why you are here with me. I train only the most proud and willful of slaves. It is my specialty."

the crop landed expertly and painfully across one of Tammy's nipples. Rajim stood back and watched as she twisted and kicked. He loved to watch her firm breasts quiver and shake as Tammy struggled. She was an exquisite specimen. Perfect skin tone and musculature. The face of an angel with the skills of a killer. Rajim wished more than once that she was his. 'Perhaps she has a sister' he thought.

Tammy's wrists and shoulders hurt almost as bad as the constant flogging with the crop, but still she would not scream or beg. Rajim smiled.

Most of the proud petulant slaves brought to him would already be on their knees enthusiastically swallowing cock and cum. Rajim, although satisfied sexually by these weaker slaves, would be somewhat disappointed. He needed a challenge; slaves that had to be to be broken hard. He always looked forward to girls like Tammy.

Rajim smiled as he pulled a few needles from the box in his pocket. With some difficulty, two of his female assistants were able to spread Tammy's strong legs and hold her there.

"Do yo like magic, Tammy?" Rajim said to the haughty young girl who hung before him. "I have a trick for you." Rajim held the first long needle in front of Tammy's face. "It's a vanishing act. Now you see it..." Rajim lowered the needle and positioned it directly against Tammy's labia " you don't."

"UUUUUNNNGHHH!" Tammy screamed as the needle was pushed into her sensitive female flesh.

More thrashing, more threats, but at least Rajim had made the bitch scream ~ progress...

Another needle pierced the left nipple from side to side. "GHAAAAA... BASTARD..." Tammy screamed.

"NNNOOO... AAAAUUUUGH!" As third needle was pushed deeply into her right breast through the nipple.

Then Rajim clapped his hands. Two of his own stock of western slaves ran out and knelt between Tammy's widely spread legs. They had been given their orders before Tammy had even arrived; they knew what to do.

Jesse knelt in front while Sonia took up her position in the rear. Both slaves leaned in immediately and put their tongues to work. Tammy tried to close her legs but the two assistants held them fast.

Tammy couldn't believe how humiliating this was. These four women willing to commit the most debased acts at the behest of a man. Vile and disgusting. But then something else... The tongues that swirled around Tammy's ass and pussy were causing a reaction that she hadn't expected and certainly did not want.

Tammy began to swivel her hips from side to side as beads of sweat broke out on her forehead. She started breathing in short gasps as Sonia and Jesse spread her ass and cunt to wriggle in even deeper. Tammy bit her lower lip as her traitorous body responded to the tongues that were expertly and inexorably bringing her to orgasm.

"UUNGH...MM...NNGGHH...AAHHH! She grunted and began to cum. Just as Jesse felt Tammy's body shake and spasm in the grips of a huge orgasm, she leaned back and spread open Tammy's labia and lifted the hood that hid the clitoris. Another of Rajim's needles went in at the very height of the girl's orgasm. It skewered her clit and pressed on into her pelvis.

"NNGHHAAAAAAAIIIEEEEE" The intense pain that rode alongside the unbelievable pleasure she'd just felt, drove Tammy over the edge.

They let her down and quickly bound her in a kneeling position in front of Rajim.

"If you bite, little whore, the next needles will put out your eyes. A slave can still suck cock and cunt without sight. Do not try my patience." Jesse and Sonia each held a needle close to Tammy's eyes.

Rajim spread his robes and said "Open!" Tammy, tears running from the eyes she could very easily lose, opened her mouth and took the flaccid member into her mouth. She carefully massaged it with her tongue until it was fully erect and throbbing. After a seemingly endless period of bobbing and sucking, Rajim pulled Tammy fully onto his cock and spewed his thick cum down her throat. Tammy was careful not to bite. The though of a straining spasming cock thrust fully into her throat was not the last sight she wanted to see.

"Not bad, whore. And that is what you are now; just a whore. But there is room for improvement. Jesse, Sonia, I think Tammy would like to return a favor. Make my slaves cum Tammy, lick their cunts until you taste their juices running freely. I still have plenty of needles..."

The Sadist and the Maiden


Words failed Porsche as the whip bit into her tits once again. Her pitiful pleading words had turned to shrieks of pain long ago. Her mind was consumed with the horrid intimacy of the wedge she rode and the crop that bit painfully into every exposed nook of exposed flesh.

Kassam had seen Porsche in the market place only two days before. She was with friends. All were western women. All were beautiful. All were extremely naive.

"This way ladies," he'd said with a charming smile, "I have many rare silks that I will sell at a premium."

The five young girls looked at Kassam and then at each other.

"Let's see what you got Mister," Porsche said as he led them into a nearby shop.

"In the back," Kassam gestured, "the fabrics are not yet unpacked."

Porsche and her friends all felt a slight stir of unease but their greed quieted the voice of reason.

Kassam followed them into the dark room. A single shriek was swallowed up by the loud noises of the marketplace as several men leapt out of hiding and bound the women. They wore cheap hemp rope instead of the nonexistent silks. Hoods were draped over their heads and cinched tightly in place around their necks. The women were all spirited quietly to Kassam's Villa.

Kassam paid his trusted henchmen and was soon left alone with five beautiful eighteen year old women.

He started with Porsche. She was only about 5 feet tall and weighed 94 pounds. She grunted loudly when Kassam mounted her on the wedge. Then, with her hands tied above her, she had no place to go. She tried to raise herself off the wedge but the ropes around her ankles were pulled down too tightly.

Finally her hood was taken off and Porsche could see the numerous assorted instruments of pain and torture. She saw the large wooden box that held her four friends. The other girls could hear Porsche's struggles but could do nothing to help. They heard her screams and the wet slap of the crop across her sweating naked body.

Then they heard Kassam's voice: "Who among you will suck my cock to spare your friend and yourselves from further punishment and abuse?"

Brittany, a blond with a willowy figure, blue eyes and a California tan, was a slut at heart. She needed no further prompting. "I will master," she shouted, "allow me the honor of tasting your cum..."

When Brittany was allowed out of the box and her gag was off, she stared at Porsche for a moment taking in the way her cunt was splayed open over the wedge and the harsh welts left by the crop. Kassam smiled when he saw Brittany lick her lips.

"Here blond slut," he said offering her the crop, "I will fuck you standing up while you follow your true hearts desire."

Brittany, who had never really like Porsche, took the crop and bent slightly to allow Kassam to enter her from behind.

She hefted the crop, smacking it across the palm of her hand a few times while Kassam wedged his cock deep into her already moist cunt. Then staring at Porche with a sadistic leer, Brittany reared back and slapped her across the face with the crop.

"AAIIIEEEE, You BITCH", Porsche said staring at Britanny with disbelief. Each time Kassam thrust into Brittany, she would strike the defenseless Porsche once again. Soon Porsche was screaming louder than ever before while Brittany began to cum. She squirted heavily down her leg as Kassam fucked her. She kept hitting her friend even harder now as she felt another orgasm beginning to build.

After she came a second time, Kassam grunted and pulled out. Brittany spun around and knelt taking his cock into her mouth, the tangy taste of her own cunt mixed with that of her master's cum as he shot heavy jets of sperm into her mouth.

Brittany stood and, with cheeks filled with cum, approached Porsche's beaten scarred body. Grabbing her hair, Brittany pulled her head back sharply and drooled the mouthful semen into Porsche's parted lips.

Kassam laughed, "Perhaps you would like another of your young friends to abuse, my pretty sadist?"

"Oh yes master," Brittany pleaded, "anything to please you. Please fuck my ass this time. I want you to hurt me while I hurt them."

Brittany has had many playmates over the last few years. Kassam loves to watch her work the slaves. She has become a major attraction for a few of his closest friends who come to watch the white sadist beat her bitches like dogs. Some of the white-slaves she trains are sold at the bazaar, some she trades for household goods. And Kassam, completely satisfied that Brittany can be trusted, never questions her or her desire to keep submissive Porsche to beat, use and abuse.

Third Generation Whore

Jeanna was a white slave raised in the middle-east; the daughter of slaves. A third generation whore. She knew nothing of her heritage or of the outside world. When she came of age she was purchased by a kindly old man who doted on her and treated her well. He had been very permissive with her, for Jeanna fucked the old man well. She had learned to make his pleasure last and last, slowly bringing him around to orgasm. She could suck his cock exactly the way a man truly enjoys it; unlike some of his other whore-slaves who only wanted to get him to cum and get it over with. Jeanna lived a slave's life but it had been gentle. The old man had been tender with her. But all that was about to change...

When it was heard that the old man wanted to sell his pretty blond slave, the offers rolled in. She was soon traded for two camels, fifteen goats and two young Nubian slavegirls.

Jeanna, who was used to a life of loving gentle slavery was rudely awakened when she fell into the brutal hands of Sheik AlJaz. He wanted to be sure that she would never bear children. She was to be a groveling pain-slut whose only purpose was to service sexually the perverse desires of AlJaz and any guests with whom he might wish to share her.

"Time to make sure that you never have offspring. The seed of my loins will lay dormant in you mouth or womb, for I will only bear children with the chosen wives of my own land."

Jeanna, tightly bound and completely defenseless, felt AlJaz's hand slowly snake into her cunt.

"UNNGG", Jeanna grunted as his huge hand finally reached her womb, "Please master please not this! Please don't... FUUUCKAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEE!"

"That should do it," said AlJaz as he pulled his bloody hand from inside her vagina. "And to make sure there is no infection, I will only fuck your mouth and ass for the next week. The Doctor will come to check on you later today. I suggest you show us both the oral talents we've heard so much about. For now, just push that ass up in the air. "

"Unghhh," Jeanna winced squeezing her eyes tightly shut and grimacing in pain as AlJaz pushed his cock into her rarely used ass.

"That's it whore, now squeeze my cock with your bowels. If you do a good job I may let you lick your shit off my cock when I'm done reaming your lily white ass."

Jeanna, once the favored slave of a kindly old man, was now a barren whore for a brutal and harsh sadist. She would spend her new life bound, beaten and abused; bent low and on her knees before the master who had made a desert of her womb. Such is often the life of a white slave in the far-east....

Posted on June 15th, 2010

The city of Lutetia in the year 277 AD was a major crossroads for the Roman empire. Rome's legions of soldiers regularly passed through the town, bringing cloth, spices, slaves and other items of trade from the far-flung edges of the empire. They also brought ideas foreign to the harsh Roman rule. Ideas such as equality and education for women... Rome decreed that such heretical ideas must be rooted out and eliminated.

Many men believed this "threat" was real, but it was also an excuse for sadistic, sexual deviates to prey upon helpless women; even their own wives and daughters were not safe from ravishment.

Men fought to outdo each other in putting down this latest "threat' to their world. One such man was Danus Maximus.

Danus Maximus had six beautiful stepdaughters, each with ripe, full breasts over shapely hips, firm thighs and long legs. But Cornelia, his third daughter, had long tempted him. By her 20th year, he could no longer keep his hands from her. Under the guise of eradicating the female "threat," he could now vent his sexual urges with no censure...


The men of Lutetia ruled unchecked: no abuse was too much, no sexual humiliation or sadistic depravity was challenged. Forgetting the gentle ways the women in their households had tried to instill in them, Lutetian men became little more than rutting animals. They formed clubs, each challenging the others to bring their virgin daughters to be "tested."

Sacks of gold changed hands for the honor of being the first to "teach" these women. Lessons consisted of whipping, starving, and nude public display where any man could fondle, fuck and torment them in ever-increasingly inventive ways...


Those women not immediately purchased by the wealthiest citizens were often sold to private clubs. Held captive in dark dungeons far below the sunlight of the city, these reluctant sex slaves were subjected to every vile act of humiliation and pervsion that one could imagine... Chains, cuffs and collars... Leather straps and iron rods used for whippings and beatings... Such were but introductions into ceaseless penetrations by men's fingers, fists and always-rigid cocks...


News of the sexual excesses in Lutetia spread across the empire, soon reaching the ears of Aurelius Augustus, the ruler of the province. He sent a messenger to Lutetia, announcing his impending visit. The most beautiful of the "tainted" women was chosen by the Lutetian men. She would be cleansed in a public display held for Aurelius Augustus.

Every man vied to become a part of the "cleansing" ritual. All knew it was but another name for drinking, debauchery and public fornication with a woman who previously would have been sheltered and protected by her family...


The cleansing ceremony of the sacrificial virgin was indeed a site to behold. Her ripe breasts, her satiny stomach, the tender flesh of her inner thighs, even her smooth, sweet forehead - no part of her body avoided the red-hot Ankh brand. Her screams of anguish filled the air, causing most men to grip themselves under their robes and beat their cocks into release...

Aurelius Augustus was given his choice of the remaining Lutetian virgins for his personal use while in the city. He quickly led his prize off to the mayor's villa, where he proved an equal to the men of the city in creating sadistic ways to fuck her. He invaded every one of her openings with every item he could put his hands on... His demands to "suck my balls, slut" or his boasts that he would "fuck you until your tits burst" filled the air, competing with her screams and pleas for mercy...

At the end of his stay, Aurelius Augustus gathered his sex slave, chose forty more of the towns virgins as additional fuck toys, and vowed to return the next year.

"Men of Lutetia, you will offer me even greater entertainment upon my return," he ordered, "or you will feel my wrath. From this day forward, Lutetia is the empire's center for debauchery and sexual excess, and, of course, for training women to take their proper place in our society... HAHAHAHA!!!"

Posted on July 5th, 2010

Travel unsafe for Americans in Libya" warns the U.S. State department.

Laura crumpled the pale blue paper in her hand, then tossed it on the floor. Nothing will stop me from finding father, she silently vowed. Not the desert, not some imaginary band of thieves and pirates, and not the U.S. State department.

Three months ago, Laura's father, Paul White, had disappeared from Tripoli, Libya, where he'd been working for an American petroleum company. He had driven out into the desert and simply failed to return. After weeks of searching, everyone had given him up for dead. Everyone, that is, except Laura.

Although she was only 18, she was determined to find the only family she had. Soon, however, Laura, too, would disappear ... From western eyes... Into the void of sand and heat that was Libya. The men of the desert, however, knew exactly where Laura was.

A group of Libyan patriots, angry at the country's increasing dependence on the western world, broke away from society, determined to destroy everything western they found. They called themselves the new Barbary pirates. But their name was irrelevant... They were, quite simply, vicious, sadistic, predators, intent on living a life of sexual excess and depravity. Laura was not the first westerner to fall into their hands...


Laura was perfect for them. They preferred their sex slaves to be extremely fair skinned, soft and delicate. It made the Harrah Sand Ritual all that more entertaining.

"Tie them tight, spread their bodies out for display. Watch how the sun scorches their decadent Western flesh." Men rushed to obey their leader's orders. "Pour honey into their cunts, force it up their tight assholes, drip it into their eyes, nose and ears. Then let loose the ants and beetles," ordered Mukmulah.

The insects lost no time advancing across the hot desert sands, drawn by the sweet scent of honey. The desert wind also carried the unmistakable odor of fear.

The women twisted in vain to escape the insect hordes. Their breasts heaved and jerked from side to side as the ants marched along their ripe fullness, stopping to nibble at the honey coating the rigid nipples.

They soon realized the futility of screaming... opening their mouths left them vulnerable to the beetles seeking the honeyed moistness of their tongues and throats.

For hours, life for these slaves became nothing more than a human, living and breathing banquet for insatiable biting, stinging and clawing vermin....


After the horror of insects crawling into every opening while men watched, jerking themselves off in excitement, Laura and her fellow slaves thought they had survived the worst.

They were wrong...

They were roughly passed hand to hand... cock to cock... No man had a private harem. All of the women were available at any time, any place... and in any way any of their sadistic captors demanded. As has been proven again and again down through history, when men are given free rein to slake their sexual urges, they soon descend into an orgy of sexual cruelty, debasement and depravity; an unrestricted fuck-fest.

This band was no different...


Every man has his own definition of sexual Nirvana. For Answar, it was watching the thin, bloody welts from his whip march across the tender flesh of his latest fuck-slave. The smallest infraction of his rules caused his cock to engorge like an iron rod. It was an excuse to hoist her up like meat, then use his whip and cane and lash until she was a mass of welts and cuts.

His unwashed and stanching balls swelled as he watched her desperately try to avoid his lash...


The U.S. Consulate in Tripoli soon forgot about the disappearance of Laura White. Just another tourist lost in the uncharted desert. But the number of "lost" women continued to grow until the new Barbary coast pirates held hundreds. Laura and several others were passed from Tripoli into Tunisia, where they were purchased by Mekhi Amar.

"American sluts," he gloated. "You will fuck me and my men when we demand. You will have no life outside these walls. We hold your life in our hands. Do not displease us, as you are easy to replace. We are like the un-traceable wastelands of our deserts... Given time we will over-run everything in our path. In time your western world will cease to exist, just as you have ceased to exist in that world now."

Posted on July 23th, 2010

One to Suck; One to Shriek

Melissa had submitted quickly. Only a few stinging blows from the crop and she was on her knees taking the old Sultan's hard cock into her mouth. After she had swallowed his seed, Melissa was offered to the other men who watched. All five men took turns with her willing mouth. Her ass and pussy, however, were saved for the coming night when the Sultan would bed her and break her young body for full service.

Willa, however, was a different story. She had refused to suck and had even lunged forward toward an extended prick in an attempt to bite. She was quickly trussed and hung a few inches above the cool marble floor.

"NNNNGGHAAAAA!" Willa shrieked as the crop landed viciously across her pale white flesh once more. She swayed violently back and forth in a vain effort to avoid the next blow.

"You should have been like your little friend, yellow-haired bitch, she has found favor and will be trained to pleasure. See how she kneels waiting to please me? See the thick seed that covers her lovely young face?

Willa only wept as she heard the Sultan's words.

"You will serve, bitch. Your screams will suffice for now. But later, I'll personally tame you and you won't like a single second of it. Your foreign cunt will be dealt with as is customary in my country. And if you persist on your stubbornness your teeth will be pulled from your mouth. Then you can try to bite all you want. You will be used as a breeder and pleasure slave for my male slaves. Your body will be spread and fucked in every hole 24 over 7!"

Willa felt the crop fall again as Melissa once again buried her head beneath the Sultan's robes....


Three White Sisters for the Block

Adrianna and Brenda turned their heads away and wept silently as their youngest sister, Charissa was poked and prodded by the slave trader.

"You will bring more than your two sisters," he remarked casually with the practiced tone of one who had dealt in human flesh for many years, "your little cunt has never been speared by the flesh of a man. Your slut sisters, however, have given themselves away and spread their legs more than once. They will still sell, but they are spoiled and sullied. They will be sold to a brothel and fucked by 100 men in a single day. But don't think of yourself as a lucky bitch. You'll be sold to and old, rich and depraved man that will turn your miserable life into a living hell... HAHAHAHA!!!."

The old slaver pushed Charissa to her knees and opened his robes. His partially erect cock rose quickly until it was stiff, thick and full. It bobbed only inches from the young sister's mouth.

"Ahmbad," said the black slaver to one of his friends, "we need insurance to make sure this little dog does not try to bite."

Ahmbad smiled and drew a long dark-stained blade from his waistband. Adrianna yelped once as he grabbed a handful of her thick blond hair and pulled her head back sharply. He held the blade against her throat. A single drop of blood trailed down her long elegant neck.

"Please don't hurt her," Charissa begged, her eyes welling with tears, "I'll do what you want."

She opened her mouth to take the huge dripping tip into her mouth. Her jaws distended to allow the huge penis entry. She could smell the man's unwashed crotch but ignored it. Her full concentration was to please this horrible man so that her wide-eyed sister might be spared.

He periodically gave instructions as he slowly began to fuck her face. "No teeth... use your tongue... open your throat... swallow every drop... Ahhh yes, white slut, you've got a natural talent for sucking a man's balls dry..."

Soon Charissa had succeeded in taking the entire length of the immense member down her throat. It is amazing what desperation and fear can inspire us to accomplish.

The old slaver began to fuck her face faster and harder. Charissa could feel his balls slap wetly against her chin as she drooled uncontrollably onto the hard-packed clay between her knees.

When he finally came, he slammed into her face even harder than ever. He grunted loudly as his semen poured spewing from his cock. As ordered, little Charrisa managed to swallow every pearly drop.

Then before Charissa knew what was happening, she was spun around and felt the slaver's rusty blade pressed painfully against her own throat this time. Her eyes wide with terror, she watched as Ahmbad twisted Adrianna around to face his own throbbing desire. Brenda watched in horror as Charrisa wept and Adrianna struggled to suck Ahmbad's heavily veined cock. All the while Brenda knew that she was next in line to taste a slaver's prick.

"The auction's only three days away," the old slaver remarked, "but you'll all be experts in pleasing both men and women before you are presented for sale..."

The Prize

"GHAAAAAAAAAAAAA...!!!" Leslie shrieked again as the two men took turns whipping her slender body with their heavy leather crops. The last blow had landed across her firm tits. One nipple felt like it was on fire.

The race was over. The man with the fastest camels was been awarded his prize. The winner could take her in any fashion that he desired. She was after all only a white western whore. There were no laws here that protected her.

Stripped bare with her body fully exposed to these barbaric people, Leslie could only pray for deliverance from this horrible torment.

"This is only the beginning for you, slut," one man sneered at her, "the true pain will begin presently."

After a few more air-splitting blows from the crops, Leslie was left hanging by her wrists with her legs spread. Soon the men returned to the naked girl who was covered with red welts and a fine sheen of sweat.

A woman in a burkah trailed along behind them. She was covered from head to toe. Only her eyes could be seen. They were jet blue.

One of the men jerked the heavy cloth garment up and off the woman and exposed the exquisite body of another beautiful white woman. She was maybe twenty-five, perhaps a little less.

"This is Ashira, she was raised here from a child. She understands our ways and is quite the expert in dealing with western whores like yourself. Since you are no virgin, and have been fucked by a western male, you are of no use to us as a breeder. Your ass and mouth however are a different story. We will attend to those two holes as soon as we have dealt with your cunt."

The man motioned to Ashira and she went about her work. Leslie struggled and fought wildly when she saw the glint of cold surgical steel and a thick darning needle. The men managed to hold her quite still as Ashira, with a cruel glint in her pretty blue eyes began the circumcision. Leslie's feels the darning needle lift and stretch the lips of her vulva. In one agonizing minute that seemed to last forever, the job was done..."

"NNNGGGHHHAAAAIIIEEEEE" Leslie, incapable of words, shrieks madly as every muscle flails and contracts in a vain attempt to break free. Then the needle comes out and her cunt is sewn shut. A catheter is inserted into her urethra but her cunt is now useless and inaccessible.

Two weeks later after she is healed, Leslie is brought back before her masters. She wears no clothes; neither does Ashira. Leslie is led by a leash attached to a rather large ring in her nose. Her eyes are vacant and stare at nothing. Along with her nose, Leslie's nipples are also pierced. Small bells that hang from them tinkle and ring. She is made to kneel on her hands and knees.

"You have done well Ashira," one of the men say, "you have broken another proud white bitch to serve."

Leslie, once a homecoming queen with an I.Q. of 162, opens her mouth to accept the cock that approaches her lips. Ashira licks and slathers another prick that enters Leslie's ass from behind. For the first time, she is taken from both ends at once. Leslie's new horrible life as a modified pleasure whore, had begun...

Alazir's Hall of Pain

Each time Alazir managed to obtain a new piece of female flesh to enslave, he always hung her up here in the hall of pain. Her screams would echo quite loudly along the castle walls. As the other slaves listened they were reminded of their places and knew that another sister in sin would soon be among them.

Susan was his first American slave of Asian decent. Her naturally tan body was perfect. Breasts not too large, thin muscular waist, long tapering legs and perfectly formed feet. Her mouth opened wide as she screamed at another blow from the rod that stripped her naked flesh.

"Very good bitch," Alazir laughed, "your mouth opens wide to wail, so it will soon open wide to accept your master's cock!"

He paused long enough to inspect Susan's crotch. She tried to close her legs but the spreader bar at her ankles kept her cunt open wide and accessible. He ran a rough finger slowly along her slit until it was wet and creamy. In spite of her fear and the pain Susan endured, her body betrayed her.

She never saw the tazer. Alazir had an affinity, not only for western woman, but for their technology as well.

Susan had begun to forget the pain of the cruel rod and the shame of her naked bondage as her body started to shiver at the ministrations of Alizar's skilled finger.

"Oh... MMM... GHAAAAAAAAA...!!!" her back arched and her toes left the floor. She felt the familiar tingle of an approaching orgasm. She tried to press her frothy cunt against her hateful master's probing finger as the unwanted orgasm began to ignite her pleasure center. Her thick erect clitoris rode high and hard against Alazir's finger. Alazir slid the metal tips of the tazer tenderly along her flank and up her ribcage until it was located under the soft swell of her right breast.

Then just as she began to grunt and heave under massive throes of a huge orgasm, Alazir pushed the tazer's trigger.

"NNGHAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...!!!" Susan shrieked as the intense pleasure of the finger was replaced by the stinging, mind numbing shock of the tazer's discharge. She flailed and bucked; every muscle in her young body contracting at once.

"Slaves never cum before their masters," Alazir shouted as he punched Susan in the stomach, "this is your first lesson of the day. Your second lesson is to learn how to suck a cock well enough to please your master. Alazir clapped his hands twice. Immediately a young very tan slavegirl came into the chamber pulling a massive black slave, an extremely well hung Mandingo. She dropped to her knees and began stroking the huge man's cock to erection.

"If you can please my stallion, you can please me. Susan saw the length and girth of the Mandingo's cock as it grew and thickened. Alazir lowered Susan until she was on her knees beside the slavegirl who massaged the slave's cock.

"Please him and you will be fed and bathed. But if you refuse, you will feel his cock in your tight ass."

Susan, her face streaming with tears, knew what she must do. She lowered her head and opened her mouth wide. Moments later, the other slaves heard the Mandingo begin to shout in pleasure...


Teresa and Chelsea had been young tourists one day, slaves the next. Arrested and tried for indecent exposure, the two friends were sentenced to life. After a few weeks of in the hands of ruthless and sadistic jailers, the two were sold to nomadic tribesman.

They were used to being naked and abused by now but were glad to be out of the dank rat-infested dungeons where the sun never shined.

"The jailers said you whores are fully trained," Achnar said to Teresa, "show us how you pleasure your friend. And put up a good show if you don't want to feel the camel's whip on your naked white skin!"

Teresa knelt beside her friend, Chelsea, and spread her legs. Chelsea felt her friends moist and skilled tongue begin to suck and twirl inside her cunt while her hands reached up to tweak and twist her stiffening nipples.

"Ooooh... AAAAH... NGHAAAAAH" The girls heard the men laugh as Chelsea, began to heave and buck. Teresa's face was soon covered and dripping with Chelsea's frothy cum.

"Enough," shouted Achnar, as he whipped Teresa with his staff, "you and your slut friend come inside the tents now. A great scirocco blows across the sand and will blind us if we stay outside."

The winds picked up outside as the men lined up. The sands blew hard around the tents as the two slave-girls sucked and fucked the fifty men of Achnar's nomadic tribe.

Finally, their bellies sloshing with the sperm they'd been forced to swallow and their bodies slick and glistening, Teresa and Chelsea were left kneeling on a thick rug. With all the men satisfied, it seemed they would finally be allowed to rest for awhile. But this hope was quickly shattered as Achnar's harem was summoned. The dark dusky women chattered and laughed at the two naked American girls as they descended upon them with staffs, whips and crops.


Outside the screaming winds of the sandstorm could not drown out the desperate shrieks of two innocent girls as the women of Achnar pierced, branded, whipped and fucked their master's new fuck-toys. Teresa and Chelsea were forced to satisfy the base carnal desires of young women and old alike. The men who stood by watching the vicious torment were soon ready for another turn with the white girls.

Hours later, the winds had calmed. Chelsea and Teresa, exhausted, disheveled, dirty and coated with sweat and cum, were chained hand and foot. With thick iron collars the two girls brought up the rear of the caravan. Slack-jawed, stumbling and naked beneath the pitiless sun, Teresa and Chelsea disappeared among the trackless dunes of the great desert.

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Julia's car broke and her cellular phone didn't work. She decided to walk to the isolated house for help... that was a great mistake that changed her life forever...

When old Darryl opened the door, he couldn't believe his eyes. The hottest bombshell he had ever seen was asking him for help! And she was alone!

Old Darryl has kept Julia chained to the floor of his filthy shack in the junkyard for a week. Young Julia is now his fuck-pet. He fucks her constantly and makes her perform the most degrading acts like bathing his filthy body with her tongue...

“Open your eyes and keep looking at me slut! Greasy cum in your eyes might hurt, but not as bad as what will happen if ya make me angry!”

“A sloppy gob of spit in your face while you blow me will remind you of your place. You think that’s degrading? You haven’t even started sucking my ass yet!”

“Empty your blond head of any thoughts and just let it happen. You’re gonna serve me with total loyalty and devotion”

“One of us is the Master, and the other is the helpless piece of fuckmeat. Since my warty knob is banging the back of your throat, that means I’m in charge!”

“I’ve got another snotball to clean your face with. SNORT!! PHOOY!”

“Did that make you cry some more, or is that just my dick-slime running down your cheeks? Guess that means the next wad of cum better go in your mouth!”

“When I fill your slutty mouth with my baby-batter, you better not swallow! Keep it in your mouth like a good pet. Open wide and show me your mouth full of my sticky cum… then let it run down your fat tits and shaved pussy!

“Suck my dick, bitch! Harder! Blow me like the slag you are! You wanna feel my whip on your back again? No? Then face-fuck yourself, slut! Bury your pretty nose in my sweaty pubes. Make my stinking balls bounce off your chin!”

“Once you’re covered with my filthy cum I want you to thank me for all I’ve done for you. I showed you that you’re nothing but a disgusting fuck-bag too stupid to be more than a wet box to hold my spunk!”
The dim greenish light of the clock on the basement wall marks the old bastard's arrival. Heather's sadistic Master is going to be home soon and if she isn't waiting kneeling in her slave position with her bare breasts against the cell bars, there's going to be hell to pay!

The caged girl deeply hates the awfully humiliating posture. She's crying on her knees, legs spread far apart to expose her carefully shaved pussy, her hands laced behind her head thrusting out her breasts thru the bars so the old pig can cruelly squeeze them, pinch on the nips, pull on them brutally....

She feels a wave of sickness take her at the thought, but knows there's nothing she can do. She's his defenseless slave locked in a bird cage in his dark and wet basement, and heТs going to punish her severely if she doesn't follow HIS rules.

The bald, middle-aged man wants a chained fuck-doll. A submissive young slut he can wet his dick in day and night. And heather, his foster daughter, was in the right place at the right moment just after her mother died.

Heather's trembling all over, praying the old SOB is in a good mood. What's he going to do to her tonight?

Then the footsteps, the spine-chilling sound of the locker of the basement trapdoor being unlocked, the light being switched on....

"Hello, fuck-pet... what about a bath to start with tonight's party?"


Stupid slut, have you forgotten how to give a knob-to-balls rough face-fuck? You did good licking my filthy cock clean, but thatТs just one of your duties, fuck-pet!

Work that dick, bitch! Suck it harder! If I feel any teeth, IТll punch them down your stupid throat!

Gulp it down, inch by inch slut! I always though you teen bitches loved big cocks. Well IТve got one that could choke a horse, so make yourself useful for a change!

IТve had a hard day at work, and I come home to seeing you laying around in your cage waiting for me to fuck you. Lazy slut! I know you want my jizz, but youТre gonna have to work for it!

The only reason I even keep you around is for my amusement, remember? Filling your hot snatch with my cum keeps me from having to change the sheets! ThatТs why I feed you! ThatТs why I train you!

So put that mouth to work, disgusting slag! Take your OwnerТs throbbing cock, take it all! Show me how happy you are to be my fuck-pet!


Good God! Why is he so angry? IТm the one caged in that dark basement all day while heТs at work!

HeТs totally out of his mind! What am I doing wrong? I do everything he commands, but he just shouts at me louder.

Ulp! I canТt breathe! I How can he force his disgusting thing so deep inside me? Mmph! It hurts! IТm choking!

IТm going to throw up! I just want to die

and this is just the beginning. HeТll violently take me 5 or 6 times before letting me rest.. I can tell! Just like yesterday, and the day before HeТs sick! The more I cry the harder heТll fuck me!

I just hope he doesnТt invite his drunken friends over tonight, theyТre even worse!

Why is this happening to me? IТve never harmed anyone or been a bad girl how long will this last?
When 20 years old Vicki answered the personnel ad in the paper, she thought she was getting ready for an exciting blind date. The man described himself as wealthy, handsome and shy. She hoped heТd been telling the truth about being good looking, but was mostly interested in the money! She was behind on her rent, and being a waitress at the town diner just didnТt make enough to cover her bills. She hoped this was her big break.

The moment Chuck saw the girl arrive at the fancy restaurant he knew his trap had worked perfectly. She was exactly what he was looking for: a shy but extremely hot piece of ass. Vicki bit her lower lip nervously, her perfect teeth glittering in the candle light. She had tried to dress in an elegant outfit, but it didnТt fit her well. Probably some second-hand dress sheТd picked up at the thrift store. She was hoping to score a rich boyfriend, but was clueless about how the real world worked!

When she walked over to her table, he couldnТt help but admire her deep cleavage. For such a young woman, her full tits proudly thrust out before her. She lowered her big, blue eyes in a sexy manner. Yes, she hadnТt had many boyfriends before. She probably didnТt realize what a hot piece of fuck-meat she was! She gripped her hands before her, her large fuck-bags jutting out between her elbows. Damn, she wasnТt even wearing a bra! She jiggled as she walked, her long blonde ponytails bouncing on her shoulders.

Once heТd gotten her drunk, he drove her back to his place and locked her in his basement prison. He wasnТt rich, but he was clever. HeТd built the tiny cell, actually more a locker than a cell, under his shabby house when heТd first planned training a fuck-slave.

Over the weeks that followed, Vicki quickly learned how quickly he could get angry, and how violently heТd punish any disobedience.

The training was harsh, extremely humiliating and sadistically painful. The guy didnТt want just to fuck her, he wanted to abase her, to make her cry and beg, to make her feel totally miserable. She was forced to perform the most abominable tasks under the threat of the dog whip or the tazer, strict and painful bondage or disgusting and extremely distressing sexual punishments.

SheТd gone from starry-eyed young woman, to helpless, terrorized fuck-slave.

Tonight, in the dark basement, after an especially hard training session ended by a humiliating and brutal face-fuck, Vicki thinks about her life before that horrible СdateТ and sobs in loneliness and despair...

Unknown to her, her Master is not yet done with her and is going to visit her again. WhatТs the point of having such a hot fuck-toy unless you can show her off to your friends?


IТm freezing! ItТs colder than hell in here. My legs are going numb at least I canТt feel the bruises any more

Steps! Is he coming back again?

IТve never been more humiliated in my life. He treats me worse than an animal has me degrade myself for his amusement

but IТd still debase myself for him just to get out of here, even for a minute! I canТt move! The chill is entering my bones. My teeth hurt from chattering.

There! I heard it again!

Someone is speaking! Oh God! There are voices, many voices! Steps are coming closer

Please let them pass by, God, donТt let them come

-Shit oh shit thereТre 6 of them, and theyТre all drunk!

With her doll-like face and large chest, Heidi had always been able to skate by at school. She’d trick her boyfriends into doing her homework. Whenever a teacher had been ready to fail her, a sexy wink with her long lashes would get her out of trouble.

That all stopped when she took Mr. Nash’s class. The old man had caught her cheating on her final exam, and for the first time no amount of flirting was going to save her.

Mr. Nash had his eye on the blonde looker from the start of the semester. The wide-eyed young woman was a knockout. When she walked into class with her long legs and short skirts, he got his first hard-on in years. She looked like a living doll with porcelain skin. Just seeing those tits stretch the fabric of her school uniform was almost enough to make him cum right there in the classroom! They were full and firm, and swayed while she walked. When she got in trouble, her full lips would pout, and she’d lower her eyes bashfully. She’d then thrust out her tits, hoping to distract him from whatever she’d done wrong. Well that might work with her boy-toys, but not him! He was a perverted old man, and he knew how to handle this manipulative cockteaser!

The next day, Heidi mysteriously disappeared...

Old Mr. Nash had decided to home-school the rebellious girl. Personally!

Over the following weeks, he subjected the girl to severe, extremely humiliating training. She had to wear clothes he’d picked out for her, and always call him “Master”. Whenever she seemed to be on the brink of refusing his disgusting demands, he’d savagely punish her.

Somehow it was like at school. The girl had homework to do after the very personal classes and had exams to pass every now and then. Needless to say, the nature of the homework couldn't be more disgusting and humiliating... and the exams were very strict, only A grade performance was accepted!

It wasn’t long before Heidi was the old man's fuck-doll. She quickly learned to avoid her teacher and Master's anger by dropping to her knees and looking up at him with pleading eyes. It was a sight for the old bastard to look at his hot fucktoy as she deep-throated his withered cock, her tears fell down her cheeks, mixing with the sweat and watery jizz coating her face.

Knowing that he owned such a gorgeous little fuck-doll gave him a feeling he hadn’t had in decades. Suddenly he had the stamina of a teenager, and could fuck her in every hole, all night long. If he felt she needed extra punishment, there were always his old friends who were ready to help put the blonde student in her place...


“AEEEGGHHHHH!!! Please Master! I still haven’t finished my homework... I have to practice for my exams next week… OUCH!”

“Shut it! You can do all that later, fuckdoll! Right now you gotta move your sweet ass into the basement before I get angry!”

“N… not the basement again! Please Master!. It’s freezing cold…. I’ve tried to be good and obey… Oh God, what have I done?”

“Nothing yet, bitch! But I don’t need a reason to punish you, do I? Your job is to worship my wrinkled pecker with your mouth and pink cunt. And what better place to hang you up while I fuck you than the basement? Right?”


“ARRRRRRGH!!! Yes, yes, Master. You are right as always, wonderful Master. W… what? I heard someone laughing. Who’s down there?”

“What have I said about talking too much, fuckdoll? Or thinking too much? I think it’s time you get your lips around a fat cock and try doing something useful for once.”

“Y… yes. How... how many men did you invite, Master? Mh!”

“I told you to shut your stupid hole! I’m going to love seeing you suffer. My friends aren’t as kind as me. They know how to put a fuck-slave in her place! By the time they’re done with you, the only thought bouncing inside your empty blonde head will be how much you love getting fucked in all holes!”



“Look at this little cunt!”

“She can’t wait to get stuffed! She’s getting wet just thinking of a tube-steak injection!”

“I’m going to pound her all night. What a body! I’ll be hard for hours!”

“Let’s see how much she can take before she breaks... HAHAHAHA!!!”

After a week locked up in the basement, Gary’s newly captured slavegirl is allowed to have dinner upstairs with her Master.

It’s not a candle light, romantic date…

Hogtied and collared and under the whip, Cindy had to crawl first the stairs attired with the revealing maid uniform Gary ordered her to wear for the occasion.

Of course the slavegirl eats from a bowl on the floor, on her knees, always chained in the humiliating and extremely uncomfortable hogtie. ‘Like the fucking bitch you are’.

After the horrible week downstairs on a cum diet, the girl is extremely hungry. Under the leering grin of her perverted Master, she devourers the dog food messing up everything. Her face, her hair, the apron, the bowl, the floor…

A madly enraged Gary takes the dog-whip…

“I can’t believe this mess! Come here bitch!”

“See that?! Stupid whore, you got your fat tits all messy from your dinner. You’ve even ruined your uniform you cheap cunt!”

“P… please forgive me Master!”

“What the fuck do you intend to do about this, whore!”

“I.. I-I-I….”

“Well? Speak up, slave. Your Master is asking you a question!!!”

“I’ll clean it all Master, please! Don’t get mad at meeeee!!”

“Yeah, you’ll lick the whole floor clean fuck-pet, and polish it with your hair. You better keep that ass in the air when you’re cleaning. I want to see you spreading your cheeks with your hands and keep that crap-hole spread because I’m gonna bugger you while you work!”

“Yes, Master! Anything you say, Master! Thank you Master, thank you….”

“This will be the last time I allow my little fuck-pet to eat inside. I should rub your face in the mess, it’s the only way a naughty fuck-pet learns anything! From now on, you’ll eat on your cage. In fact, you’ll never be allowed out of the basement again! There you’ll eat, shit and get fucked… and punished, of course!”

Crystal and Betty were best friends all through school. They did everything together, so it was only natural that once they graduated they’d have a special night together to celebrate. Although they didn’t like bars, they decided to go to a club on the outskirts of town where the bartender wouldn’t look too closely at their ages.

The moment they walked into the smoky club, all eyes turned to follow them. And with good reason! The pair was extremely sexy. They giggled with excitement and tossed their thick hair around as they laughed and whispered to each other. Their young bodies almost glowed with energy. Hoping they’d find some young men who wanted to dance, they’d worn their sexiest dresses which hugged their curvaceous hips and showed off their tight asses. Both had full busts, and chose outfits which revealed ample cleavage as they walked.

From behind the bar, Rick watched them come up to place their order. He looked around and saw his friends staring at the sexy grads and knew this evening was going to be one to remember. He got hard looking at the blondes hips as she strutted across the floor. He’d brand those hips with his leather whip! He’d mark her silky skin with strips of pain until she’d never be able to sit down again! The blonde leaned over the bar, her full chest resting on the counter. She ordered two beers for her and her friend. He slipped a few knock out drops in the bottles and prepared to grab them when they fainted. It wouldn’t do to harm his new toys!

The girls woke up in agony. The brick room they found themselves in was freezing, and spun around them. Part of the dizziness was a result of the drugs coursing through their veins, but also because of the sadistic way they’d been lashed to the ceiling. Rick was a cruel man, but could be horribly inventive when thinking of ways to inflict pain on a bound, crying woman. The two girls suspended from the rafters gave him his greatest challenge, and greatest thrill ever!

"Welcome to old Rick's fuck-den, bitches... Hope you enjoy the place and the company 'cause you're here to stay until you fucking burst!"

The girls looked around dizzy, their bodies spinning idly... There're were 3 of them, all naked and rampant, all leering at their naked bodies, all holding a whip...

"You're our fuck-pets now, and you know what all bastards like us do to their fuck-pets?"

"Let me tell them Joss, we fucking beat them and we fucking fuck them... HAHAHAHA!!!"

Many hours later the ruthless degradation and abuse continues. The two lovely girls still hung painfully by the ankles, the men surrounding them like hungry wolves, whipping them hard, making them scream like scalded cats. Their hot bodies turn like dead meat on the butcher's shop under the vicious sting of the whips. The men only stop to fuck the girls' lovely faces with brutal rage, their engorged dick-heads well beyond the back of their victims' throats.

"Oh yeah... gag around ma dick, bitch... make me cum!!!"

The girls' faces, their hair, their bodies are covered with smelly, sticky cum... They're a living image of misery and degradation...

“Have you two empty-headed sluts had enough? Maybe one more spin for luck, eh?”

“Better make it 3 more spins, we wanna make sure you bitches are completely submissive fuck-dolls. Cock-hungry whores should learn their place!”

“After this you cum-dumps are going to fuck and suck cock like never before, right? Answer me whores!"

“We already told you we know how to handle conceited teen sluts. But we didn’t tell you that we’re waiting for some of our asshole friends to arrive so we can start filling your holes with jizz! One of our buddies is bringing a movie camera too! Yeah!”

“You fresh fuckable tramps are going to become famous! We’re gonna make tons of movies, and you two sluts will be the stars! You’ll have a long career as porn cum-sluts. A rough gang-bang movie will start your careers!”

“We’ll make you do things even worn out hookers would be too humiliated to do, and we’ll get it all on film!”

“Spin them around again, make 'em beg!”



“AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! FUCK US!!!! It’s all we’re good for!”


“Stop this, please! I’m going to die!”

“Please... pleeeeeease.... You’ve made me throw up already… I can’t see anymore!”

“Everything’s moving, turning around me… What do you want? Please! What do you want me to say? Stop!”

"Don't wanna ya say anything, bitch... I'm feed up with all that fuss and screaming, gonna plug your gullet with ma meat and cum right into your stomach and if you fucking puke again I'm gonna make ya lick it clean... NOW SWING THOSE FAT TITS FOR US!!!



The slave recruiters caught blonde Sloane at night right from her dorm room. Today it's her redhead girlfriend Anne's turn. All they had to do was hang the sexy bombshell Sloan by her tits while giving her a brutal fuck and she was on the phone calling her friend for a date. A date spawned from hell! When Anne showed up, the trap was sprung!

The bastards hunt, train and sell girls to foreign bordellos for a living. And these brutal thugs know their business! In less than a week, a young woman is broken in. She quickly learns the disgusting details of her new life and is shipped away to her new career as a paid cum-dump.

But this time Jerome and Jason are taking it easy. No rush on this one! They plan to keep Sloane and Heather much, much longer than usual. Classy stunners are even more fun to break, and they scream so well!

You whores donТt know anything about rough fucking, or how to take a dick like a true slut?

"Let us go, please... oh please...."

No way, youТll stay down here until you learn all there is to know about hard fucking!

Yeah... all the fucktoys weТve trained break in sooner or later the later the better!

Stop! Pleeeease, leave me alone! It hurts! I IТm begging you please no!

It hurts? ItТs supposed to hurt like hell stupid bitch! Ask blondie what real pain is, we just hung her by her fat tits last night and fucked her raw! IТm just drilling your nasty cunt, the real fun hasnТt even started."

"Yeah... weТre just getting some use out of our property, and youТd better get used to it.

We know how to treat upmarket cockteasing sluts HAHAHAHA!!!

Yeah young clssy cunts who need to be fucked hard all day long. Am I right?

WeТll teach you a slutТs place, I promise!

IТve got another hot load brewing in my balls, just waiting for ya mouth!

Sssstop! I I canТt breathe! IТm chok.

Look at blondie's swollen knockers, do you want to be hung up by your fat tits too?


You got that bitch? If you waste a drop of my baby-batter, youТll be sorry!Ј

No!! DonТt force me to. Please!

Kelly's got lost. Everything seemed out of order: the GPS, the cell phone and now the car was running out of gas. She slowed down, the chances to find a petrol station in that remote road were too slim to take risks...

She felt very relieved when she saw the farm...

And old Joss just felt a rampant hard on the moment he opened the door and saw the girl standing in her party dress and the red Miata just behind...

Before Kelly could say hello, the bulky man was over her, her back on the ground.

She'd never forget her first time with the old pig... it was more than four hours of harsh, repugnant sex. He pounded all her holes hard, he slapped her on the face, on her breasts. He sucked, licked and bit on every inch of her glossy, young skin...

He was extremely rough with the girl, viciously fucking her like a sex starved sadist. A lucky sex starved sadist!

She was utterly revolted, terrorized...

For two days now, Joss has been keeping his sexy catch in a dog cage only to take her out to beat her and to fuck her raw.

The girl is desperate, hungry and freezing cold... and terrified beyond belief. What has the fat bastard in mind for her?

On the third day, Kelly's got all the answers...

Please sir! ItТs cold! IТm freezing and so tired. I havenТt had anything to eat, hunger is killing me ... IТm begging you.

HavenТt I filled your belly with fuckmilk, cunt? That should be enough for you!

You lazy city cunts, all you think about is dancing at bars and having men buy your drinks. You act all slutty just to arouse men, and then get offended when someone tries to use you!

I spit on you slut! Worthless tramp!

HELP... HEEEELP!!!! Someone might see me out here!

ItТs 4 oТclock in the morning and the nearest neighbor is miles away. No fucktoy, weТre all alone. You can scream your fucking head off, and no one would ever know! You want someone to see you, eh? Think someone will come and save your worthless hide?

Rake it slut, IТve got plenty of chores for you!

B but I thought that when you were done taking me youТd let me go.

Stupid whore! Do you want me to put a leash on you as well? Drag you through the cactus like a stubborn mule?

No no please. IТm sorry

Now move your lazy ass, fuck-slut! Rake faster! Show me youТre good for more than just holding my cum!



Once youТre done here, you're gonna clean all the shit out of my stables. I donТt have a shovel, so youТll use your hands! IТll keep you busy, cunt! When I feel the need for a warm hole, IТll bend you over and bury my cock up your whore's ass!

"Please... let me go... I... I'll do all you want... I... I'll be good... I'll be nice to you! But please let me go!

Stupid bitch, you're here to stay. You're cattle now like any of my other steeds. In a couple of weeks IТll have a fully trained fuckslave, an obedient piece of fuckmeat who knows that women are meant to serve men. After that, IТll rent you to some friends, they have work for you too!

Sandra woke up hanging from the ceiling. She was stark naked. A brute of man was leering over her, holding a bamboo cane. Her ankles and wrists hurt but even worse, her nose and her clit screamed pain. The bastard had ringed her!

"Hi sweetie, this is your welcome-to-slavery-party. Hope you enjoy it... HAHAHAHA!!!"

The man started whipping Sandra's unprotected buttocks and legs relentlessly. The whistling of the fishing rod cutting the air and the sound of the blows hitting the flesh were spine chilling...


Sandra's screaming was ear piercing, the blows merciless....

The man threw the cane away and roughly fucked the girl raw. Many times. Viciously. For hours...

"Are you gonna blow ma black meat, whore?" Asked at last.

"AAGGGGGHHHHH... Yes... yes... whatever.... Will you let me go after...argggghhhhh....."

The man stuffed Sandra's throat with his smelly, dirty, blood engorged log. He was still hard like a rock and huge, abnormally huge!
That was just this morning. Since then, the leering bastard has been fucking and whipping the helplessly bound Sandra non-stop. The welcome party seems to have no end...

Not again! No!!! DonТt take me it hurts! I need to see a doctor

HavenТt you hurt me enough? Stop!


You said youТd let me go if I took it in my mouth Please! IТve done everything you asked!

HA HA! I donТt remember saying that. I must have been joking around! Yeah! Your slit is so tight around my cock I canТt wait to fuck this dripping pussy raw!

God, no! P.. Please sir! ItТs just too big.. I canТt take it all. AHH! Not so rough, please!

Does this feel different now? I told you that new clit ring would make you a slut!

My little fuck-doll better stop struggling, or the new piercing will slice a nerve. It would be a shame for you to miss out on feeling my huge dick plow your cunt! You and I are going to have lots of fun together!

"Let me go, pleasee..... let me go!"

Stupid cunt! God gave you huge fuck-bags instead of brains. DonТt think for a moment that IТll let you go, even after IТve stuffed all your holes with my cum. I love the idea of having a white whore serve my cock! I'll keep locked in that old fridge in the corner when I'm not using you... If you turn out to be a good fuck, I'll buy a dog cage for you...

AHH! YouТre sick! YouТre a monster! OWW...SHIT!!! STOP FUCKING ME!!!

Shut your filthy hole, bitch! You're my fuck-slave now. You lost any rights you once had, whore! Including the right to decide who youТll fuck, or how! YouТre nothing but my property now, useful to me and my gang!


Monica woke up with a splitting headache and the world spinning around her. She felt like her head had been cracked open like an egg. The last thing she remembered was walking in the park, and seeing a diseased old bum running up to her. In his grimy hands he wielded a steel pipe!

Gus has a new pet to keep him company in the sewers. His only company had been the rats and cockroaches which crawl over the concrete floor. Now heТs got a sexy woman to satisfy his needs! HeТs kept her chained to the brick walls for days. Feeding her whatever garbage he finds in the dumpsters in the park. Sometimes he forgets, and the young woman is forced to feed only on the slime he shoots down her throat from his throbbing cock while hanging her from the ceiling.

Gus has no plans to let her go. HeТs gone for years without a woman, and is making up for lost time!


"Stupid bitch! YouТre spilling your supper! What the fuck is the matter with you? I go to all the trouble to make a hot meal for you from my itchy balls, and you waste it!

The old pig's angry again! No! HeТll hurt me even worse! -SNIFF- I I have to try harder -GULP!-

YouТre gonna lick it all up off the fucking floor every drop! I wonТt have you messing up my home because youТre a sloppy eater, slut! Then for dessert, you can polish my ass clean with your hot mouth I wanna feel your tongue dive deep into my hairy crack!

Revolting old fart! IТd kill you if I had a chance! -SOB- But IТm so weak the blood is rushing to my head it feels like itТs about to burst! I I just want it to end

Maybe if youТre a good fuck piggy IТll give you a treat. Only 10 lashes across your fat jugs instead of the usual 20! YouТre crying? Those must be tears of joy! See how nice your owner can be, piggy! Now gobble it all up like a good little whore!


Jamal lives in the swamplands of Florida like a hungry alligator ready to tear into any helpless prey that comes his way. His dark face split into a toothy grin when he saw the young blond stranded on the side of the highway. This was the sort of treat his swollen anaconda was always hungry for!

When her car blew a tire, Cheri was left helpless. Her cell phone didn’t work so far from civilization and no one knew where she was. When the hulking black stranger pulled over in his battered truck and offered her a ride, she quickly climbed in. That was the last anyone ever saw of the young woman.

Since then, Jamal has kept Cheri bound in his home deep in the swamp. He fucks the terrified woman morning, noon and night. Her cries of anguish echo through the swamp, but no one is around to hear her. Her screams are only muffled when her mouth is stuffed full of Jamal’s dick-meat.

Right now the burly black thug is washing his fuck-slave raw, while she can only imagine the abuse that’s coming!


“What’s the matter, white bitch?! Is your ass still raw from the scrubbing, or is the bleach enema still burning your shit hole? Scream your fucking head off for all the good it’s gonna do ya! There ain’t nobody but me and a nest of black mambas in these swamps, and I’m the meanest! Now fuck that cock, whore! Take it all!”


“Stupid cunt! Ya think your lilly white ass is too good for my black tube steak? Is that what you think? Fucking tramp! You better get it through your head that you belong to me now. I’m the one who decides if you eat, when you take a shit, and when you are allowed to sleep! Christ! I even decide if you get to live another day as my white cum-dump! What’s it gonna take to get that through your fucking head! I’ve never seen such a dumb blonde whore!”

“Take that cock up the ass bitch, and make it good for me. I don’t give a shit if it feels like it’s killing you. You’ll make me cum or spend the night hanging from the ceiling upside down. Is that what you want? Then fuck that shaft like a good little slut!”


“That’s right fuck-slave. Work it deep inside your tight hole. Filthy cum-sucking slut! I’m gonna clean your mouth out with hot jizz, and ream your pussy with my scrub brush. Gotta make it all tender and pink for my spitting cobra! What’s that? The brush scrapes your clitty raw and feels like I’m gutting you? Too damn bad, bitch! Filthy whores like you have to be cleaned inside and out! No tellin’ how many boyfriends have fucked you before… but I’m your boyfriend now… the last one you’ll ever have!”



Dirk knows a good thing when he sees it. And when the pair of young women wandered into the ghetto, he wasnТt about to let the opportunity go to waste! He called his buddies over to get a party started, with the girls as the main entertainment!

TheyТve been savagely using the young women as their personal cum holders for hours now. The bound and humiliated victims have been tied up and made to do the most disgusting acts on the lust crazed bums.

Old Tim loves fire, and heТs bought the candles for his own brand of sick fun. The hot wax has seared their nipples and scorched their tender puss flesh raw.

Nina and Michelle are now joined by humiliation and suffering. Michelle supports Nina on her back, and is helpless to do anything but listen to her pitiful cries of misery. Burning tears flow from her eyes, when suddenly she feels Dirk grab a handful of her hair. The bum brutally forces her pretty face into his smelly crotch.


Hot wax on a hot cunt! You sluts wanted a long fuck with just me and the boys, eh? Is that why you came to the slums? Well youТll get it, from all of us!

AAHHHH!! The candles are burning me! I can smell my skin burning!! AIIEEEE!!

Open wide, bitch! I got a firehose full of cum thatТs gonna cool down your mouth! I ainТt gonna let you go until I blow a wad in your face. If you want to save whatТs left of your hot tits, you better get sucking! NOW!!

-SOB- P please donТt hurt us any more We didnТt mean to bother you, we just got lost on the street

HA! More like you were streetwalking, and then changed your minds when you saw us! Guess weТre not rich enough to afford taking your ass for a ride. But that donТt bother us none. WeТre gonna poke your pussy for free!

NNOOOO!!! IТm burning up! Somebody, help us!!

Shut the fuck up, bitch! Pauls gotta wad ready to blast all over your face. You only open your mouth to swallow from now on, GOT IT?! White jizz over your titties will look good with the red wax! You two are gonna look sexier than ever when weТre done with you. HA HA HA! IF weТre ever done with ya!

"Yeah man, there's enough room in here to keep the two cunts until they burst. It'd be a shame to let them free, they're so much fun!"


Sally answered the advertisement in the paper offering a room for rent right next to campus. She thought it was a stroke of luck finding a cheap place to stay while she started her first year in college. Actually, it was the worst mistake of her life!

Rex was looking for a college girl for his extra room. A room he made with special equipment in his basement. The walls are soundproofed and a drain in the floor lets him wash his new fuck-toy after heТs coated her hair and face with his sticky jizz. A hook in the ceiling lets him suspend the struggling girl and place her in any position he desires.

Since their last playing session -already 24 hours ago- the young woman has been hanging upside down, her face right in line with Rex aching hard-on. ItТs Friday, and heТs just come home from work. He has 48 hours to play nonstop with his new tenant!

This is the third time you pissed yourself without permission. WhatТs wrong with you dog-bitch?!

I give you the chance to piss once a day, thatТs more than any fuckpet would dare ask of her owner! You must like getting your plump, white tits whipped raw. Why else would make you disobey me like this?!


Even a silly fuckslave-cunt like you knows that actions have consequences

I want my fuckpet to think about everything sheТs learned in school about electricity. Think hard, bitch!

Do you remember anything?


I only know that youТre gonna spend the next few hours screaming your lungs out as long as your mouth isnТt filled with cock!


But for now

You look so pretty hanging there all helpless and ready for face fucking. IТm gonna take a few pictures and post 'em in your fakebook page. Your friends will know what happens to cockteasing sluts like you!

"Now stick out that lithe pink tongue of yours, you gonna lick my heavy balls until full with ooze, gonna wash your face with cum before playing with the tazzer!"



Leon stopped working when he got Cassie. The young secretary moved into the apartment upstairs. Just another girl in town looking to start a new life out on her own. One look at her long legs, and Leon had other plans for the beautiful young woman!

He keeps her in the attic now, and videotapes every humiliating act he inflicts on her. He sells the videos online and uses the cash for beer and drugs. Whatever is left over he uses to buy dog food to feed his money-making slut.

The heavy chains and leather collar are constant reminders of Cassie’s humiliation. He never calls her by her name. To him, she’s less than a dog. She’s a mere object he uses to fuck and then make money to support him.

“My cash-cow had better work harder! The last time I choke-fucked you like that you were a blubbering mess for hours afterward! This time you couldn’t even cry enough to wash my stinking cum out of your eyes!”

“Listen carefully, stupid bitch. I got customers who want to see you scream pathetically when I stuff your shitter with my massive cock. And if you don’t scream loud enough, I’ll just shove my fist up your chute! HAW! You’ll scream then!”

“AH! He’ll kill me! No… I have to try harder… and keep him happy… even if it means becoming a cringing slave to his cock…. Please don’t let anyone I know see those videos! I’d die of shame!!”

“You let your favorite dildo slip out of your cunt, stupid whore! What’s the problem? Didn’t you like the salsa I dipped it in first? You’ll pay for that! You know what I told you…. An empty hole is a wasted hole! Shove that dildo back where it belongs, or I’ll shove it in with my boot!”

“Disgusting fuck-bitch! Your fat udders don’t look sore enough. A few stripes from the crop will get your attention! Now let’s give the guys a good show... count them out with me. We’ll go up to thirty!”

“NOO!! Please don’t use the whip! I can’t stand it! I… it feels like the skin is being torn from my breasts… -SOB- Does he even care? Can’t he see how miserable I am? I….”



For 3 days Linda's been Tyrone sex slave. He stalked her for days, then got her in the campus parking lot. It was late in the evening, he just tazzed the girl and dumped her into the trunk of his junker and drove off. A few hours on the interstate and they were at home. Tyrone's home, now Linda's home too.

The man wasted no time stripping his catch naked and putting her into a good use. The welcome party went on for almost a day. The man was tireless and very rough.

Introductions done, Tyrone indulged in his second favorite hobby after fucking pretty white girls raw: filming!

Tyrone is a frustrated director. Between fuck and shag, the man turns into a most creative artist. Linda is his hot star...

Does this taste good, fuck-whore?

Stupid cunt. I bet you never thought youТd be humiliating yourself like this one day. Probably thought you were gonna marry some rich prick and spend your days shopping.

Now youТre licking a strangers boots, all in front of the camera! This video will make you famous, at least on the Internet!


You look so happy. You look like youТre about to beg me to fuck you, am I right? Speak up you big-titted slut!

Y yes. P please fuck me Sir! IТm all yours Master IТm your big-titted whore

Yeah! Talk dirty fuck-slave! Get me hard again, you know what I like by now!

OOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!! Pleeeeeeease!!!


The new city frightened Halley, but she was determined to be a professional ballerina and this was the only way she could make her dream come true.

Her mother was furious that she was leaving to go live with her father almost 500 miles away. Her mother and stepfather had split up when she was very young. She hadn’t seen him in all this time, but when she had gotten a dancing scholarship in the city where he lived, she called him up and asked to live with him.

To her delight, he said yes!

Ray almost didn’t recognize his stepdaughter when she pulled into the driveway.

She had blossomed into a beautiful young woman!

Her chest had developed until her tits were even larger than her mother’s.

When she ran into his arms and gave him a hug, the warm pillows crushed against his chest. Ray couldn't keep his hands from gripping her ass and squeezing! Her ass was a dream, full and firm, just made for bending over your knee and swatting until it turned cherry red. Her hips made every step she took look like an invitation to fuck.

She may have been a good girl, but she moved like a slut.

He knew any man looking at her would kill to slide their hands over those hips, across that smooth belly and down her legs to cup her soft pubes in their palm. Not only would they kill for the chance, but they’d pay good money for it too!

One call to the college made sure they took back her scholarship. She was on drugs, he said. It was sad, but he thought they should know.

Since her mother disowned her when she moved out, she had to get a job. She had to pay rent, right?

He found her a job dancing at the local nightclub.

The place was a dive, filled with drunks and perverts. Halley refused but a few private sessions with his stepfather in the basement convinced her....

Within a month, the young woman’s dreams were shattered. She’d become one of the hopeless sluts she’d always laughed at and pitied. She’d never be a ballerina. She’d spend the rest of her youth doing live sex shows on stage, trying to hide the disgust she felt for herself as she shook her naked tits and ass, hoping to feel dollars being stuffed into her g-string.

Ray became her manager, teaching her how to be sexier.

The old man had his fun training his stepdaughter with electric prods and clamps and, of course, with his rampant dick.

In a few sessions, Halley was completely broken. A defeated sex-toy in the claws of her perverted stepfather.

During the day she was allowed to rest chained on the soiled mattress of the basement, but the too frequent visits of the old bastard didn't allow her much sleep...

During the night she served in the club.... If she didn’t make enough money from the men he rented her to, she was guaranteed a severe punishment session twitching in pain to electric jolts.

“I’m begging you! Stop it! Stop hurting meeeee!”

“I’ve learned my lesson, Daddy. Please, stop!!!”

“It’s a bit late for that now, don’t you think? My little fuckdoll needs to learn how to be submissive to all her Master’s orders!”

“Your fuck-doll slave will never, ever refuse to suck anyone’s cock again. I swear!”

“OOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!! Pleeeeeeease!!!”

“OWWW!! P… please –sniff- don’t keep me down here for more training. I’ll do anything you say. I’ll always be your obedient little whore!”

"OK, I'm gonna test you, whore.... I'm gonna stuff my dick in your asshole and stay still. You'll do all the job until you make me cum right into your bowels, understood?"

"Yes... yes... whatever! Please, daddy.... drop that tazzer now.... pleeeeease.....


The iron door in the ship’s hold creaks open and Badru steps into the sweating steel cell holding the sobbing captives. His powerful black body is almost invisible in the gloom. Only his hard eyes and white teeth can be seen as he surveys the bound figures before him.

Fuck, this must be my lucky day, he thinks. Old Abdulla places an order for Western slaves to stock his harem, and I’m lucky enough to deliver the goods. And what goods they are! Two young lasses who’ve never felt a leather whip tearing at their flesh, or had a wooden dildo strapped into their asses for a full day. Even the strongest women turns into a howling puddle of misery when they’re clamped into an iron chastity belt with a thick wooden plug jammed up their shitters. These sluts don’t have a clue about what’s going to happen to them when we reach harbor. One day, they’ll look back at this voyage as if it were a pleasure cruise to the Bahamas !

Badru's large, black eyes crawl over the unfortunate girls' bodies, caressing their smooth skin and delicate features with a primal hunger. The girls whimper pitifully and triy to crawl back into the shadows of the cell, but the hemp ropes secure them tightly to the wall, preventing them from hiding.

Oh yes, these girls are lost, he thinks, they might as well have dropped off the face of the Earth! But until we dock, they’re all mine. And I’m not going to let fresh fuck-meat go to waste on some slobbering old Arabian warlord.

He reaches out and grabs a soft, warm tit in his huge black hand, squeezing it painfully.

I’ll wrap these chest melons around my cock. Stroke my African monster hard with these jugs till I’m shooting cum over their pretty faces. I’ll save a load for their freshly shaved spunk-holes too! Look at those tight, pink lips! They’re just made for jamming a huge black dick between their delicate folds!

The image of the milky white skin being split by his black cock makes him chuckle deep in his throat.

Oh yes, we’ve got time little kittens. Plenty of time to train you how to deep throat my black pole…

“Like the taste, bitch? Were you dreaming about slurping a clitty before we took you?”

“Blonde whore! You should know better than to not answer me! Do you like the taste of your friend’s snatch?!”

“Mmm! Y… yes sir! I like it very much… mmm”

“Ha! I knew you were a worthless whore the second I saw you. Fat titties like that marked you as a shameless whore!”

“Gonna milk your titties dry before I hand you over to your new Owner. He’ll whip them black and blue. Probably have you hanging from them in his attic!”

“Fuck! Your ass is tight Red! Never had a boyfriend poke you from behind, eh?”

“Well I’m not your boyfriend, and I’m gonna do more than poke ya! I’ll impale your crap hole with my man-meat till you cry jizz!”

“Fuck yeah! Ride my cock, bitch!”

“I’ve got plenty of dick for you too blondie. You’ll clean her shit off my dick once I’ve shot my load. If you do a good job, I’ll let Red suck your muff as I fuck you hard!”

“If you disobey, well, it’s a long swim home!”

“T… thank you sir.. I’ll do a good job. I promise!”


Tyrell was a loser. He didnТt care who knew it. He collected used condoms and broken sex toys from the dumpster behind the adult novelty shop. He lived in filth, the odor of sweat and stale cum always hovering around him. His life was pathetic and he knew it.

But when a charity worker from the local meals-on-wheels knocked on the door of his grimy house, he knew his life would change forever.

Standing before him was a pert, wide-eyed girl. Her skin had a healthy glow, completely contrasting with the scabs and warts which covered his flabby body. Her smile was wide and inviting, he could already picture his massive cock-head parting those lips. SheТd open her mouth to scream, but heТd shove his meat into her face chocking off any protest. That silky hair was perfect for gripping as he rammed her pretty face into his reeking crotch.

HeТd thrust his cock deeper and deeper down her throat, her huge fuck-melons swaying to the rhythm. God, those tits! HeТd only had glimpses of fuck-bags like those from the prostitutes who worked the alleys, and now heТd have a pair for his own! Big nips to suck and bite. If the little bitch squealed, heТd shove his used underwear in her mouth until she shut up.

With a sick smile, he invited the eager young woman in. Locking the door behind her, he turned to the newest addition to his collection.

Flinging himself on the stunned woman, he dragged her to his basement to try out his collection of filth-encrusted toys. Her world became an unending nightmare of humiliation. She endured, hoping that eventually his perversion would come to an end. It never would.

Get that ass higher, slut! I want to see your brown eye looking up at me!

Two down and one to go! Do you know which ass-trainer is going to split your shitter next? Eh?

ThatТs right, the largest in my collection! HA HA! I can tell you want to stretch your ass, make it easier for me to fuck your craphole with my massive dick! WhatТs that? You want me to drill you first before plugging you with the monster butt plug?

Naughty, little fucktoy. How can I ever say no to you? IТll even do it without lube, because you asked so nicely

This isnТt really happening it canТt be! IТm being forced to offer myself to a psychotic stranger. It must be a nightmare! Nooo!!!

YouТll never walk normally again once IТve pounded this meat into your crack. YouТll waddle like a duck! HA HA!

Any moment now IТll wake up in bed, safe and sound. IТll forget all about this the humiliation

Relax your tight little hole, or my tool will rip you open like an overstuffed bag of shit!

AHH! I I wake up, and get ready for school like always safe in my room ARRRGHH!!

"If I just weren't gagged I would sure convince him not to bugger me again and let me go back home! I would even take his filthy cock in my mouth again..."

Ready, whore? Gonna push it all the way down... and that's gona hurt a lot! Better get used to it, I'm gonna be using your craphole day and night, forever, until you burst!


Asudden noise startled Hal. He was working in the subway tunnels and thought that he was completely alone. The noise came again, much louder than before. Much too loud to be the rats which infested this part of the train line. He’d gotten used to them. But this sounded like footsteps. Someone was walking on the abandoned platform. Someone in high heels.

He put down his tools and walked quietly towards the platform. He touched the knife sheathed in his belt to make sure it was ready if he needed it. It sounded like a woman had walked into the subway, but you never knew what trouble was waiting on this end of town. There was more than once he’d had to use the knife to scare away a thug, or some hopped-up junkie. He looked around the tiled pillar at the end of the platform, and almost fell over backwards. It was a woman all right, and what a woman!

She was young, and clearly out of place. She was facing away from him, but he could see her studying a map of the subway which she held in her hands. She was probably looking for the last train of the evening, stupid bitch! The last train left over an hour ago, and there wouldn’t be another until morning! She must be a tourist. She shuffled uncertainly on her high-heels as she looked at the schedule. Her weight shifting from one long leg to the other as she scanned the map. Her legs were gorgeous, full and firm. Perfect for holding on to when you thrust your dick deep into her wet snatch! He licked his lips at the image. Her skirt was a size too small for her tight ass. He could just make out the start of her tanned cheeks from the bottom… and yes! He could see a pink thong caressing the lush little mound between them! Pink, like her clitty! How perfect!

Moving silently behind her, he grabbed her hair, yanking her head back against him. Before she could scream, she felt the foot-long steel knife pressed against her throat. With eyes wide in horror, she felt herself being dragged off the platform and down the dark subway tunnel.

This was Hal’s domain. He quickly tied the brunette beauty to the electric cage he was working in.

The girl's wrists and toes screamed pain!

He lashed her gorgeous body with thin wire rope. Her wasp waist, her midriff, her voluptuous thighs, even the offered soles... He cummed twice over her white skin.

Now it was the girl who screamed loud. Something had to be done!

With a flash of steel, he cut the thong from her hot snatch. Pressing the silky panties to his nose, he breathed deeply. Yes! Sweet like honey! He stuffed the panties into the struggling girl’s mouth, muffling a scream that was building up in her. He had until morning with the brunette. If she cooperated, he might keep her as a pet, nobody will ever find her there. If she gave him any trouble… well that was a different story.

“Dumb bitch! Who said you could keep your jugs tied hidden? A streetwalking whore like you should have them on display!”


“Keep thrashing around, and I’ll slice them off! Do you want that? If I cut your nipples off, it’s all your fault!”

“Stupid little whore, you’ve pissed yourself! Is your head so full of shit that you don’t even know how to use a toilet?”

“I’m gonna fuck you, fuck you hard! Fill your wet snatch with my jizz. You know you want it. You were probably waiting around hoping a real man would fuck you like the whore you are.”

“Is that what you’re trying to say? That you were hoping I’d fuck you, bitch?”

“Well you’ll get your wish, and more! I need to dip my wick, and your cunt is mine for the taking.”

“Does my huge dick scare you? You’ll get used to it. It might bruise your tonsils when I face fuck you, but you’ll still deep throat me, slut! You better do a good job too. You don’t want to see what else I can do with this knife. You wouldn’t like it!”



Dakari stepped up to the two Americans standing in line at the airport getting ready to board their flight home. They stood out from the normal crowd of peasants and villagers. His eyes traveled up and down their bodies, taking in the sight of their firm tits stuffed into tight t-shirts, the neckline plunging down their chests showing fleshy valleys of pleasure.

He grinned, revealing tobacco stained teeth. “Tourists,” he thought, “Probably college students getting their first look at poverty and squalor. Dumb sluts with more cash than brains.”

He introduced himself as head of airport security and motioned them to follow him into his office. As the confused girls walked before him, he leered at their swaying hips. Obvious sluts! Only whores with tight pussies walk like that! You could tell their cunts hadn’t been stretched by a black dick. A foot long trouser python would have stretched them good. Fill their pink cunnies with fertile African seed, make them know they’ve been fucked for real!

He leaned close, breathing in the faint smell of flowery perfume which wafted off their hot skin. Fucking tramps! Probably spent their entire trip hopping from bar to bar hoping to get laid by a real man! Well he’d show them! His squad hadn’t felt white pussy flesh around their massive peckers in a week, and they were hungry for more!

He led them into his office and shut the door behind him. Seeing this, the other guards grinned at each other, and followed.

Jungle heat builds a raw, primal ache in the men of Africa . A thirst which can only be satisfied by humiliating Western women, making them slaves to their cocks through fear and intimidation.

Dakari’s men were experts in both.

Within moments both women were hustled out of the airport and thrown into an unmarked van to be transferred to the special prison where convicts disappear without a trace. Here is where the men would unleash their hate and scorn for women, cultured white women in particular...

MAN ON LEFT: “Scream louder American slut! My foot-long black mamba knows how to tame your lilly white shitter. It’s a spitting cobra ready to spit hot cum in your dripping snatch, bitch! You ever seen a thick tube of prime African dickmeat? Gonna spoil you for whitey cock from now on. You’re a black cockslut now! Got your dripping box all stretched out now whore! Gulp your food like a jizz-guzzling fuck cow! We done collected a gallon of ball-milk for you, slut! We mix it with watery turds, we call it the “cunt lunch special”! Better keep it down. If you puke, we’ll mop it up with some shit-stained underwear and force it back down your throat!”

MAN ON RIGHT: “Look at the little slut dance to the shocks! Burns like a motherfucker, doesn’t it bitch? Shooting volts through from your clit to your tits… and this is only the first setting! If I crank up the juice, you’ll understand what real pain feels like! Gonna feel like your skin is exploding, might make you break some bones trying to get away from the agony. That’s OK though, the only thing that needs to work is your hot cuntbox! Gonna impale your smooth white ass on my black python. He’s a huge jungle snake, and he’s hungry for cunt juice! You like the lightbulb, stupid cow? Gonna zap you so hard there’s gonna be sparks shooting out your nips! Lemmie know when you want my hard, black cock in your mouth instead. Gonna fill your cheeks with my African crotch sauce!”


When you live in the slums, you have to rely on your neighbors. Dirk knew this better than anybody. You had to be ready to lend a hand when you could. When his neighbor, an old drunk named Sean, needed cash to pay off his gambling debts Dirk was happy to help out. He offered to buy Sean’s daughter.

Dirk had watched the sexy redhead grow up next door. She was always a cutie, but once she’d turned 18 she became a stunning piece of fresh fuck-meat! Her fiery hair fell over her shoulders and playful strands would plunge into her cleavage when she walked. And her cleavage, what tits! Big, soft pillows just made for smearing with sticky cum and hot piss. She had large nipples which poked out on cold days. She was a stubborn young woman, but Dirk had an answer for that. A few slaps to those fluffy tits would keep her in line. Her big tits weren’t even her greatest feature. She had long legs that promised a tight little clit between them. When she wore short skirts, he could just imagine her soft lips hidden behind silky panties. Lips that would stretch around his mammoth cock!

Buying her was easy. When Dirk gave the old drunk a case of beer and some cash, he was happy to hand his daughter over. After all, what did she ever do for him beside eat his food and use his money for clothes?

In two months, Dirk hadn’t allowed his new fuck-pet to leave the house. She stayed caged in the basement, only to be released -heavily chained, of course- to clean his house, prepare his meals and offer herself to her new master. As horrible as his brutal fucking was, it was the only human contact she’d had, and she began to look forward to it. As degrading as it was, it was better than the mind-numbing loneliness of the cage in the dark cellar in pitch darkness.

"What's all that fuss, slave? Can't you breath properly gagged with that clamp on your nose? That's half the fun... looking at your fat knockers gasping for air!"

“I know you’re tired, cunt. But a lazy whore is a worthless whore!”

“You got up early to suck my dick, make my breakfast and clean the house, but you’re still not finished. Not by a long shot!”

“Heh Heh, I never said that serving me would be easy, or fun for you slavegirl. I don’t give a fuck about how hard it is, I expect you the best service!”

“Before you make supper, you’d better scrub my car clean with your fat tits and slippery cunt. I went through some mud on my way home, so there’s plenty of grim for you to wipe up with your hair.”

“I don’t trust a stupid cum-hole like you to do a good job, so I’ll give you a hand. Do you want more freezing water?”

“Look over here, cunt!”

“You didn’t think I forgot all about you while I was at work, did you?”

“It’s not as big as my massive pecker, but it should be big enough to fill your ass when I fuck you tonight!”

“Lucky slave, we know how to make chores fun! Now get those plump fun-bags working. If I don’t see my reflection, I’ll whip your hide until I’m satisfied!”

"Shit... I think you're gonna take break. Can't wait to fuck you, bitch! Gonna use your three holes and give you the beating of your life before you finish cleaning all that mess!"



The slave school wasn’t run out of large building. It was located in a soundproofed brick basement that Chad had built for this very purpose. Chad was a white slaver, and knew that even in Zimbabwe there were some things that couldn’t be done publicly. Forcing captured girls into bondage and training them to submit to their Masters was one of them. It was a job filled with dangers, but the rewards made it worth it!

Right now he was just thinking about the rewards. He’d broken many women before, turned them into sobbing whores who were eager to suck a thick dick or take a huge dildo up their shitters to escape punishment. But this was the first time he’d had two beauties to train! The blonde was a knockout. A high class Westerner, probably never did a days work in her life. She was humiliated to be naked before the towering black man, and blushed with shame when he examined every inch of her hot body. He looked deep into her hot slit, prying the smooth lips apart with his thick fingers. God, she turned him on! The heavenly scent of her cunt made his head spin. He’d enjoy breaking this one. If she sobbed pitifully now, she’d cry with despair when he forced his thick log into her ass!

The brunette was just as sexy. He couldn’t understand a word she said, and didn’t give a fuck. She was hot and had a body that looked even better when chained to the greasy mattress on the floor. He didn’t care what she was trying to say anyway. The only thing her mouth would be used for was sucking his dick. She’d wrap her ruby lips around his man-meat happily by the time her training was complete. She babbled hysterically the first time he smashed her huge fuck-bags around his cock and started thrusting, but a few heavy punches to her face silenced her. He taught her how to say “Yes, Master”. It was the only thing words ever need to know from now on.

He’d fuck these sexy chicks until they learned their place. Their beautiful faces would be covered with his jizz until they’d forget what it was like to be free. He had two weeks, and then he’d sell them on the slave market. He didn’t care where they ended up, as long has he had his fun with them first. He had some ideas about how to train a pair of slaves together, and couldn’t wait to put his ideas into action!

“Your new lesson begins… now! You’ve got five minutes to shove as much of that dildo down your throats.”

“There’s only one winner, the one who swallows the most dildo gets an A!”

“The loser gets an F, and I don’t need to tell you what that means...”

“That’s it sluts, work it down. Try to suck it out of each others mouth.”

“You think it’s hard to breath? The loser will get it even worse! Whoever fails this test will get choke-fucked. I’ll drill my throbbing cock down her throat until she turns blue! “

“Stupid fucking sluts, you look good covered with my sticky jizz. You’re beginning to like the taste, eh? Well as a reward, the winner can clean my cum off the losers face. You can suck it down like a dessert. See, your instructor can be a nice guy as long as you do what you’re told.”

“Suck harder!”

“You might as well give up, blonde bitch! I guess you just needed more encouragement to do better. Before you blow me I’m going to pump your crap-hole with my cock. Get it all nice and stinky for ya! A worthless piece of shit like you will love the taste!”



Any cunt stupid enough to be caught up in a warzone deserves everything that happens to her, thought Umar. It wasn’t like she didn’t know we were here!

Umar and his squad had been raiding the villages valley for months. What started as a criminal gang grew into a hardened fighting force of over 100 men. For each fighter cut down, there were two ready to take his place. Once word came out of how Umar allowed his men to take the villager’s women and keep them as fuck-slaves, he’d never had a problem with deserters. Men were fighting each other just to join his personal army!

This morning, a patrol had snagged a prize which made his cock twitch in anticipation. A fine looking slut claiming to be a UN aid worker. She was a foreign whore!. She said she was part of an International Assistance program, monitoring the war zone. Said she was here to make sure there weren’t any human rights violations. Bullshit! Umar grabbed the front of her blouse and ripped it off the crying girl, exposing her full breasts. Men hooted and cheered at the sight of her heaving tits, large pink nipples quivering in terror as she sobbed. He knew a slut when he saw one, and this hot bitch was ripe for fucking! He grabbed a handful of her thick hair and yanked her head close to his. She opened her mouth to scream, but he spit a large wad of saliva down her throat instead. Tears filled her big, blue eyes and she choked in humiliation.

Another fuck-hole whore! He grinned. Pulling the bound girl closer to him, he roughly grabbed her crotch, squeezing the flesh painfully. She let out a sharp cry of pain. Under the thin material of her skirt, he could feel the warmth of her pussy on his fingertips. Oh yes, this little cocksucker was special! He squeezed tighter and suddenly slapped her heaving tits with his free hand. A screamer too, perfect! He needed a new toilet slave since the last one had chewed off her own tongue to escape her hellish existence. This one would do nicely.

In weeks that followed, Mary experienced degradations she’d never imagined. Nothing had prepared her for the humiliations that Umar demanded on a daily basis. Her breakfast was his morning piss, which he shot directly into her stomach as she deep-throated him. Her warm slit was now puffy and inflamed as a result of the large dildos he constantly kept strapped inside of her. The constant buzzing was driving her crazy, but it wasn’t as bad as the cleaning he demanded. After each stinking turd, he forced her to clean his hairy asshole with her tongue, and look lovingly into his eyes as she licked and kissed his sweaty balls.

“Got a second helping for ya, bitch! I’ve been drinking beer all night, so you better be thirsty!”


“Do you like your new home? Not as nice as your house, but it’s more than a cock-sucking bitch like you deserves. Got everything you need right here. Freezing water to cool your hot cunt, a faucet to bath my toilet-slave when she gets filthy, and a cattle prod to punish you when you disobey!”

“Them titties are looking good enough to eat! The clamps are working, making your nips nice and big. Gonna pierce them later. Have you chained by the nips to the floor.”


“Just because you’re my human toilet, doesn’t mean you can be a stinking mess! I expect the floor to be scrubbed clean with our tongue when I’m done giving you breakfast. If it’s still filthy, I’ll dump bleach into the water. HA HA HA! You’ll be working fast then! Your dripping snatch will be melting!”

“I’m filling a huge turd comin’ down the chute. Hope you saved some room!”


“You say no? Gonna have to punish you then! A disgusting little whore like you should know your place… serving your Master happily! I’ll send in some men later, to make sure you get your daily amount of cock! Some of the men have been waiting to split your ass too, so you should be thankful I’m giving you what you deserve!”



Redheads always turned Jonah on, but being a homely, unemployed black man meant that they’d always look at him with pity. The few he’d approached before had turned him down flat. The last one even laughed in his face!

But when he saw Jessica hitchhiking on the side of the road, he decided he’d had enough. He was driving with 10 friends, and each one leered at the young woman as they drove closer. The sun hit her hair making it look like a sheet of flame cascading down her back. Tiny freckles were scattered across her cheeks making her look even sexier. Pouty nips poked through her blouse, hinting at the delights they offered.

They’d dance for him! He’d pinch those nips till they glowed like her hair.

He’d check to see if she was a natural redhead, rip off her tight jeans and see if her pubes were as red as the hair on her head. He’d shave them off before fucking her, and training her to be an obedient fuck-slave. His friends had all dreamed of having a slave for their cocks, a young woman who couldn’t say ‘no’ to any sick demand. The idea of ordering a sexy woman to her knees whenever they wanted a blowjob was too great an opportunity to pass up.

The moment she climbed into the pick-up truck, they were on her like a pack of wild animals. Her hands were pinned behind her and her cloths ripped from her struggling body. From that moment she was told what was expected of her. She’d call all black men “Masta”, and a slap across her freckled cheeks was the easiest punishment if she hesitated.

If she refused to be their submissive whore, there was always a whip ready to raise welts across her delicate back… or full breasts.

Now a full week has passed and party nights are the worst. She's expected to serve all the men at the same time, and there's no pity to be found if she can't keep up with their demands on her body, her mouth, or sore clit...

“Mm… mercy! Please! I… I’m begging you!”

“Back up on your knees, lazy cunt!”

“I ordered you to suck all our cocks with a big cum-gulping smile! And what did you do? You nearly passed out after just one rough face-fucking! On your knees now! Take that!!!"




“P..please Master! I can’t… it’s too much! There are too many of you!”


“Mercy? Stupid whore, that’s the one thing you won’t get! Sluts only get beating and solid, rough fucking here! You’re starting to piss me off!”

“If I don’t blow a load soon, you’ll wish you’d never been born. I’ll nail your fat fun-bags to the floor and jump on them until they pop!”

“Clueless bitch! You belong to us now! If you’re not sucking, then I’ll make you dance to my whip! Get up!”



“This will cool your puss down! Red headed sluts always get distracted by their throbbing clits! An icy bath will help you concentrate on what’s really important… our throbbing hard-ons!”



Sandy was collecting donations for her church when she knocked on the door of DanТs house. The old pervert snatched the young woman and has been training her to be his toilet slut. Dan has found many uses for the innocent young woman and enjoys making her degrade himself for his sick pleasure....

A crying piece of shit like you should be at home here, eh slut? I canТt see how you stand the stench myself.

Is something wrong whore? Ah silly teen fucktoy

IsnТt this better than being chained to the cold garage floor all day waving your ass in the air for me? Offering your shitter and hot cunt for my raging dick? Hoping that IТve brought some friends home to spit in your face and split your ass wide open? Eh, whore?


ItТs a shame you donТt have a twin. You have so many talents, it seems a waste that you can only do one at a time. Maybe IТm being too nice to you, I bet you could serve me better if you tried!

HA HA! You know whatТs coming next, donТt you? You can tell by the smell! My dripping dick needs some cleaning, the head is oozing piss into the bowl. Get ready for a treat!


ItТs one of your favorite tasks, I can tell. You wouldnТt cry so much if you didnТt love cleaning my crotch with your tongue, lapping up my dribbling piss like a little puppy


Spit out that soap and look me in the eyes! I want to see those big, blue eyes looking up at me when I shove my dick down your raw throat!

DO IT, CUNT !!!!



Vanna knew that she’d screwed up, but it wasn’t fair to make her daughter pay the price! She’d made some bad bets before, but had always been able to get the money to cover the losses. But this time was different. Suddenly she owed money to the city drug lord, and didn’t have a cent in the bank.

She went to explain to Mr. Carlone that she needed time to get the money to pay him back. Her daughter was just supposed to wait in the car where she’d be safe…

Mr. Carlone took everything she had. Her house, her car, even the clothes she was wearing. When he grabbed Conny, the helpless mother could only watch silently as he forced his daughter’s head into his sweaty crotch. "She’d become an expert cocksucker", he explained. She belonged to him now, and Vanna would become a working slut to get his money. He pierced their navel and hung a bell from it, the silvery tinkle a constant reminder of their status as his property.

Now he’s forced the terrified women to perform for him. If one fails to obey his commands, the other suffers. Before Vanna’s eyes, her beautiful daughter has transformed into a brainless bimbo…. a toy for men to use...

“Grind that slutty cunt into her face!” Mr. Carlone commanded. “Make that bitch get you off! I want you cumming on her face… make her cheeks slippery with your nasty pussy juice!”

Connie sobbed in humiliation. It was all her fault….

"Stop crying and fuck that dildo hard!!! Do you want me step on that red button again and fry your clit and that bitch's tits? C'mon, move whore!!! Make that bell sing!!! I wanna see you cumming right on the little slut's face now!!!"


Tommy has been keeping Angel as his personal slave for a week, and every day gets better and better for him.

The snotty blond had made his life a living hell every day at school. She always made sure to bend over to pick up a dropped pencil right where he could see up her short skirt.

HeТd get an eyeful of her pink silk panties, and then sheТd whirl around on him and call him a perverted peeping-tom.

He stammered out apologies, but sheТd just laugh at the bulge in his jeans and make him feel even worse.

But the day she called him a loser in front if his friends was the last straw.

When school closed for summer break, he grabbed the blonde knockout and took her to his fatherТs bar.

His pa always had a craving for young white flesh, and the moment he saw the bound schoolgirl tied up in the truck of his sonТs beat-up car he had a plan.

HeТs been making the girl service the deadbeats and addicts who come into his bar. Every disgusting act is caught on hidden video cameras so he can sell the tapes online. By the time summer comes to an end heТll be a wealthy man!

Gotta scrub all the dried spooge off your nasty cum-chute, bitch! Your filthy hole is slippery with jizz youТd think your puss was crying tears of cum! Ha ha ha! What a disgusting bitch!

AAAAHHH!! Stop!!! It hurts! IТm sorry Tommy! IТm so sorry! Please believe me!

YouТre not sorry at all, tramp! But you will be! WeТve got a happy hour rush coming, and that means this place will be wall-to-wall with grimy cocks for you to swallow. yeah I always knew you were a tramp. Fucking everyone in school but me but youТre my fuck-toy now. I can take your mouth and ass whenever I want and sell your cunt like I was passing out free drinks! This is your summer job, bitch! About time you realized how worthless cum-dumps earned their living around here

"Whip the bitch harder, son, she's not yet understandin' her place around here. Whip those white tits to twice them size!"



"Broken? You kidding? If you don't want them hurting don't squirm that wild and take your punishment as the broken whore you are... Stuff the bitch with your black peeper, son, show her what choking really means!"


Getting a fake ID was easy for Kelly, but she was afraid to sneak into “The Pit” by herself. It was the hottest dance club in the city and if the bouncer discovered the fake ID she didn’t want to think about what would happen. So she talked her best friend Becki into coming along. They were dressed slutty and ready for a good time dancing and drinking. Surely the bouncer wouldn’t turn away two sexy girls just because of a fake ID, right?

Rocko doesn’t give a shit about people sneaking into the club, but the husky black bouncer doesn’t let any opportunity go to waste. He grabbed the two girls out of line and yanked them into the garbage strewn alley behind the club. His gang ran another club across town which provides women to any drunk with five dollars to spend. That club was always looking for fresh young talent…

He’s been keeping them in the club basement locked in cages between shows. Using threats he makes the two friends do each others makeup. Under his watchful eye they apply it heavily so they look like trashy whores. Good girls don’t sell well, he explains. Jizz-thirsty cunts work all night long…. When he’s satisfied with the makeup he explains their new life as bought-and-sold whores for the club.

“Run your tongue on the underside of my cock, bitch. Lick it like a dog slobbering over a thick bone… yeah… cuz that’s what you white cunts are now. Bitches who make money for your Master! Heh heh… stupid white whores who will suck off every bum commin’ into this joint. They’ve got perverted tastes too… They like pissing on girl’s faces… spitting in their eyes and slapping their tits… You’re gonna be submissive little twats and thank them every time they shove a stinking dick in your face.”

Kelly trembled in fear, her blonde hair brushing her swollen breasts. Rocko had whipped them earlier and now they throbbed painfully with each breath. She struggled to get the words out.

“M… Master? I… I can’t… I’ve never done anything like… that… before. Please don’t hurt me any more!” Her voice broke into a wail of despair.

“Stupid blonde bitch! You’re gonna do lots of things you never did before, or I’ll kick your ass until it’s black and blue! You’re gonna eat out your friend and slurp down her cum as your slide your tongue between her tight lips… yeah… you’re gonna put on a good show for the crowd tonight. You’re gonna make me a mint workin’ on your back, jugsy! It’s how you’ll earn your keep around here!”

Brian doesn’t think he’s a bad guy, just someone who expects to be obeyed. Life is nothing but a series of rules, and people who violate the rules get punished. What could be simpler? When his upstairs neighbor wouldn’t turn down her dance music at night, he knew it was his job to lay down the law.

He’s been keeping the single woman in a constant state of arousal and humiliation for two weeks. She was intimidated when the bulky man banged on her door, bellowing at her to turn off the music. She was so scared that she made the worst mistake of her life; she opened the door…

He’s insisted she apologize for her behavior by giving him a blowjob, and then surrendering her supple body to him. She gave in to every disgusting demand. Licking his balls, being slapped in the face with his fleshy dick and begging like a streetwalker to be fucked like a dog. She calls him “Master” now, and sleeps at the foot of his bed. Chained and stark naked. Her tears run down her face as she realizes how completely she’s been dominated by the powerful man.

Now he’s brought over his drinking buddies to fuck the crying blonde. She’s their private stripper. She dances to the blaring stereo now for their pleasure, and shakes as the voltage is cranked up even further.

-GLUB!- P please no more -choke- Master. IТve been a good girl a good fuck slave for your wonderful Цchoke- cock. Please donТt hurt me

Raul gloated over the cowering woman. She looked like a drowned rat on the floor of the shower. HeТd hired the buxom young woman as a СbabysitterТ. She looked like she needed the money and didnТt have a family to support her. What she didnТt know was that when he came home from work sheТd be expected to take care of his needs as well!

HeТs just given her a shower under scalding water until her flesh was bright pink and glowing. He soaped up her tight ass and pressed anal beads one by one into her puckered brown hole. She groaned with pain but kept silent until the pressure building up inside her became too much and she collapsed at his feet.

I work my ass off all day to make sure you get paid, and all you do is lay around the house like a useless piece of shit! Nasty whore! I told you to shave your pussy bald, I want to feel your cunt-lips grip my tool as I fuck you feel that hot pussy grab my dick like a streetwalking skank is that too much to ask? But I found three pubes on your mound. ThatТs going to be 30 lashes across your tits!

No! I IТm so sorry, sir. I I tried to be an obedient fuck-toy for you I tried to shave off all my hair. I must have missed some IТve been so hungry

Ungrateful slut! IsnТt drinking my piss enough for you? You want food too? Fucking greedy bitch After whipping your tits youТll get a hot meal straight from my sweaty asshole! Do you want that? Maybe you want me to throw your ass out on the street so you can suck off bums and junkies to make your money

Nno sir. I thank you IТm your property. I.. Цsob- I want to lick and suck your ass. anything to make you Цsob- happy with me

Shannon didnТt realize that being the teacherТs pet would cost her everything. Her dignity was stripped away along with the rest of her clothes as Mr. Rand inspected the young woman. She cringed under his hungry gaze, and shivered when he pulled open the desk drawer. It was filled with huge, knobby vibrators and strings of anal beads.

The sight of the humiliating toys made her gulp involuntarily.

Did my pet shave her pussy like a good fuck-slave? he asked.

Yes, Mr. Rand . Цsob- I I made sure it was smooth and clean for you like you instructed

She choked back another sob. It was another degrading Сhomework assignmentТ that the old professor had come up with. It was one of many.

Mr. Rand knew that Shannon had to obey. If he failed her, sheТd get kicked out school and lose her home. She stayed on campus at the dorm, which put her directly under his thumb. Every minute of the day was filled with new, disgusting tasks.

Now get up on my desk like an obedient slave thatТs right he ordered. YouТre a shameless slut who needs to work extra hard to get a good grade in my class. If you had any brains, youТd have passed already! But youТre just a cheap piece of ass thatТs is only good for fucking thatТs right. And IТm going to make sure you work your ass off!

HeТs bound the young brunette with thick ropes and shoved the largest of his toys into her ass where it buzzed violently sending waves of pleasure and pain through her body. Her large, plump tits have been clamped. Bolts of pain shoot through her breasts whenever she gasps in agony or with another involuntary orgasm.

Now heТs left her on his desk during the school lunch break with the door unlocked.

SheТll be ready for a hard fuck when he comes back, and in the meantime anyone could walk in at any minute and see her shame.

Emily woke up to total darkness. Where am I? she wondered, before her body started screaming in pain. Her mind whirled and she tried to piece together what had been done to her.

The beautiful 18 year old knew sheТd been stripped naked. The ropes snaked over her body, scraping against her youthful skin with every breath. They bound her in a humiliating posture, and her muscles cramped as she tried to get out of the obscene pose. The ropes were almost inhumanly tight! The loops bit cruelly into her tender flesh with every twist and squirm the blonde made. The pain was agonizing, and she fought down a rapidly rising panic which threatened to overwhelm her.

Something huge, thick and long penetrated her pussy, stretching it painfully. The damn thing itched as though it had been coated with chili sauce or covered with fire ants. She rubbed her thighs together trying to get some relief from the burning, but only succeeded in making the invading probe wet with her juices.

After hours in twisted agony, the light switch suddenly came on. Blinking against the glare, she saw her depressing surroundings. Her heart sank. She was locked in an animalТs cage in a windowless basement. The concrete walls were streaked with rust and grime and ominous pools of crud stained the floor.


Oh NO! Tyrone, the moron from the pizza parlor!

The manТs bulk filled the doorway. Emily recognized him instantly. HeТs a waiter at the small pizza place down the street. Whenever she and her girlfriends went there the old man would try to look down their blouses or up their skirts when he didnТt think they were looking. Now he leered at her with red, lust filled eyes. His blubbery lips parted in stupid glee as a thick string of drool ran down one side of his mouth.

The stench of rotten cheese and rancid sweat broke over her as he stumbled forward.

The old fart is stark naked, and he idly stroked his huge, veiny dick in one flabby hand. Yellowish, thick cum dripped from the distended hole at the end and spattered on the floor.

Welcome home, Emily Hope ya like this cage 'cause you'll spend the rest of your life locked into it. Ol' Tyrone's gonna take care of ya, of all your needs, forever... Nobody's gonna find ya here, ever! Yeah... ol' pa's gonna take good care of his little white slave... Gonna feed ya dog biscuits and ol' man's spooge twice a day and fuck ya raw the rest of the time. Gonna teach ya 'things' too, gonna take good care of your education... Hei! What's up? Why the fuck are you cryin', bitch? What else a dirty slut like you needs in life but a hard boner the size of your arm and the girth of your fist?"

"Please Tyrone... let me go... it... it hurts... you're scaring me..."

"Do ya think ol' Tyron's a moron? No.... I'm gonna keep ya as my little fucktoy until you rot. And call me Sir or Mista or Masta. I'm your owner and a slavegirl owns her Masta respect!"

"But... but... you... you can't!"

"SHUT UP, SLAVE!!! Goona play some hot games before fucking ya first time... Sort of lovers foreplay, ya know? Gonna warm your white skin to get ya on the mood for a raw fuck... A wax shower's gonna do the trick!"

"No... please... don't.... AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Amanda always liked the ‘bad boys’. As tough as they looked, all she had to do was bat her long eyelashes and open her blue eyes wide and they’d be wrapped around her finger. With her hourglass figure, she always had the upper hand in any relationship. Until she met Clive…

Clive couldn’t believe his luck! The blonde hottie walked right up to him and asked him out on a date! He hadn’t much luck with women before. Most of them turned tail and ran when they found out about his unusual appetites. They’d call him “sick” and “perverted” and that would be the last he saw of them. He wouldn’t give this one a chance. She had a firm little ass which swayed beneath her mini skirt, and her tits were made for abuse! He said he’d pick her up at 7:00. That gave him plenty of time to get the old barn ready…

He’s kept Amanda in a filthy stall, bound and helpless. Her arms are lashed behind her, forcing the terrified young woman to crawl through the muck on the floor as she hurries to obey the one bad boy she couldn’t control.

“Nasty whore! You’ve barely touched your slops! I’m going to punish you for that, bitch. Making me waste all that time going through the garbage to find you a good meal…. I think I’ll fire up the cattle prod again. Give your clit a sizzle so you understand who is calling the shots in our relationship! HA HA HA!”

“No! P… Please honey… I… I just wasn’t hungry… I… I’m craving your cum again. Please don’t hurt me! I… I want you to fill me up with your delicious cum… I can’t get enough…. I’m such a filthy slut… I need to suck your dick or I’ll go crazy! Just don’t… don’t do that….”

“Lying cunt!” Clive spat in her face, the spittle blinding her. He ground his mud-crusted boot into her sore breasts. He liked the feeling of the tit-flesh being crushed under his foot. She groaned in pain as her breath was squeezed out of her. The sound of her suffering made him hard again.

Yeah, he thought, he’s give her plenty of spunk, and then fuck her ass as he shoved her head into the slop bucket. That would get his point across!

Robin had never done anything so stupid before! What had come over her? She’d never thought about shoplifting, she never needed to. Even though she was over 18, her parents still gave her a large allowance to get anything that caught her eye. But she’d forgotten her credit cards at home and the store was closing. It was just a tube of lipstick, she’d didn’t think anyone would miss it. Besides, she could come back the next day and pay for it.

But when the two greasy, black security guards grabbed her and threw her into the back of the store her world crashed around her. She nearly went crazy with panic, and tried to plead with them to explain. A swift backhand from one of the black men silenced her and the taste of blood filled her mouth. They stripped the young woman and took turns squeezing her tender breasts and stroking her trimmed mound with their calloused fingers.

She sobbed pathetically but they just laughed and made crude comments. They called her a “cum-dump” and a “cock-teasing bitch”.

She felt nausea rise in her throat as she remembered them forcing her naked body over a garbage can so they could take her from behind like an animal. She opened her mouth to scream but they just shoved her head into the pile of rotting food and stinking filth.

Now as she feels the hot, slimy jizz dripping from her abused snatch she remembered their last words after they’d chained her to a metal bench in the back of the store...

“We’ll be back for your ass later, blondie. We’ve got to round up the posse so they can enjoy your snatch too. We take care of a brother, ya know! Every one of our homies is gonna get a chance to shoot a wad up your cunt, and you’ll lick and suck them clean like a grateful cock-sucking whore. If ya don’t, then we’ve still got that videotape of you stealing…. Be a shame if that ended up at the police! HAR HAR!”

Sara never thought twice about flirting with her classmate’s boyfriends, sometimes even right in front of them. If the girlfriends were so insecure that they couldn’t stand a little competition that was their problem! She wiggled her hips and slit into her shortest miniskirt, grabbing her purse before going out the door. The mall was going to be full of attractive guys, and she wanted to give them something to look at. It was all part of the game. Flirt, tease and then leave them with an aching case of blue-balls!

But when Sara flirted with Shani’s boyfriend, she discovered that some games don’t have any rules. Shani’s brothers belonged to a violent street gang, and were happy to take care of their sis’ problem permanently!

The gang bangers grabbed the young woman and threw her into the trunk of their rusty car. Once back at their clubhouse in the slums, the hulking crew started in on the trembling brunette.

“What you cryin’ for, tramp? You were strutting around like a alley cat in heat, lookin’ for a big black dick to ride! Well you’re gonna get all the dick a ‘ho can stand. You’re our cock-teasin’ bitch now! We share everything around here, including cunts who don’t know any better than to shake their ass around town without expecting the consequences of their slutty behavior!”

“I-I… I didn’t mean anything… I was just having a little fun. I’m sorry if I insulted your sister… I’m sorry….”

Didn’t mean anythin'? Do you think we’re fucking stupid? Any chick who dresses like a hooker is obviously looking to get laid, and we’re the crew to do it!"

"No.... please... I'm sorry... I.... I apologize... I'll talk to Shani... I'll explain her..."

"Too late, whore. You're gonna talk to Shani, yes, with your white face stuck to her cunny, HAW! You wanted cock? You'll get tons here!"

"Get out of those slutty clothes before we tear ‘em offa ya! We gotta make sure you’re clean before we bone you blind. We don’t want to be catchin’ anything a streetwalking tramp like you is carrying!”

Ripping off her clothes, Sara was hustled into the filthy back yard and tied up next to the hose, her right ankle shackled to the wall. Four of the guys started whipping her with willowy fiberglass canes and an evil cat o' nine tails.


"Dance for us, bitch!"

"Gonna keep you here, naked and chained like a fucking dog! Forever! Nobody will ever look for you in this rat infested alley...!"

"Gonna fuck you dumb day and night. There's plenty of hard cock around to get you entertained!"

"Yeah... very entertained and clean! A jism shower and a cold hosing... a jism shower and a cold hosing... All day long... HA HA HA HA!!!

With a grin of triumph, one of the gang members turned the spigot, and blasted a cascade of icy water over her cringing body.

One of the greatest pleasures of having your office at home is having a sex-slave as secretary.

With trembling hands, Cassie poured the coffee into the mug for her boss being careful to add two sugars just the way he liked it. Mr. Anders was very clear about what her responsibilities were as his secretary, and following his instructions exactly was at the top of the list. She bit her lip in worry as she brought the steaming mug to his office. Mr. Anders was in a foul mood that morning and that was never a good sign. Whenever he had a bad day, he was sure to make hers worse!

She gulped and knocked quietly on the door to his office. “Mr. Anders? I… I mean… your slut-slave has brought coffee for her Master.” With a feeling of panic, she realized her knees were shaking. She tried to take a deep breath to relax, but at the sound of his voice they started trembling even more.

“Then get your sweet ass in here! You’ve been keeping me waiting too long as it is. My personal whore must want her ass spanked raw today!”

Her hands shook, almost spilling the coffee she held. She opened the door and went into the expensively furnished office.

“I’m beginning to think I should have fired your dumb ass already, sold you to some old Arab customer of this company. Worthless cow! Didn’t you beg me for this job? Telling me that sob story about how you and your husband were about to be thrown out on the street because you couldn’t pay your bills any more? Crying pitifully when you told me how you’d do anything for a job. I just made you give me a blowjob and swallow my spooge to prove what a whore you were. You passed the test and instead of hiring you I bought you from your husband and the debts were paid!"

Cassie nodded, her eyes filling with tears as she remembered all the things her boss had made her do that first day. And since that day! Lick his feet under his desk, crawl around the office with her panties in her mouth… her ass held high, ready for a painful swat or pinch. All the brutal fucking... She blushed with shame.

Mr. Anders grinned evilly. “Don’t look so sad, fuck-slave. Ever since I saved you from spreading your legs for your sissy husband, I’ve made sure your cunt is filled with my meat. You just need a hard prick up your ass to remember to give your boss a big smile when he comes into the office. Now don’t just stand there like a speechless bimbo. Get on my lap and spread those cheeks! I want to hear how much you love having your boss’ cock pumping your cunny!”

Jenny had barely touched the door knob to the front door when it burst inward, followed by a dozen of the scariest men she’d ever seen. One minute she was getting ready to go hang out at the beach, and the next she was being tossed between one man to another like a beach ball! Each black man grabbed her hair, forcing her to kiss them deeply on their thick lips while they pawed her body, sliding their hands down the bottoms of her bikini and stroking her soft pussy lips hard. She froze in terror, afraid to scream and gagging whenever a slimy, long and thick tongue was forced into her mouth. After each assault, she’d be tossed to another burly man who waited with grasping hands and a hungry leer.

“G-get out! I-I’ll call the cops! My parents are going to be home soon and they’ll get the police! AHHH!!”

“Cherry pie, we’ve been watching this place for weeks! They aren’t gonna be home for weeks and you know it! We got lots of time to have some fun, and stretch your twat wide open! You’ve got a nice package between your legs, bitch. Too bad that you don’t know what to do with it! But we’ll show you how a fuck-hole is meant to be used. We’ve been saving up our spooge to fuck a blond piece of white-trash like you, and when we’re done you’ll be as used up as a box of condoms in a whorehouse!”

“N-NO! Take anything you want, but please leave me alone! I… I know where my parents hide their money…. you can have it all, and anything else you like. B-But don’t do that! AAHH!!”

“Do what, sugartits? Fuck your blonde brains out? Tough luck, bitch! That’s exactly what we’re gonna do day and night for weeks! You’re a blonde, so that means you don’t have that many brains to start, but after some knob-to-balls shafting you’re gonna be so full of dick you’ll never be able to think about anything else!”

They wrapped a noose around her neck and led her around the house like a dog, smashing furniture and taking anything of value. Jenny tried to curl up into a ball on the floor but they swatted her firm ass until she was screaming and crying for mercy. Laughing to each other, they made her crawl out the back door and onto the family picnic table. The gang was going to have a garden party that the sobbing young woman would never forget.

And that was just the beginning of a four weeks non-top fuck action. They were 12 of them...

Her mother always told Samantha that her innocence would get her into trouble. But the beautiful blonde never believed it. When she got a job as a substitute teacher at the inner-city high school she thought her prayers had been answered. She would finally be able to change lives and help the underprivileged students succeed in the world.

But the busty teacher caught the eye of Jake, leader of the worst gang in school. HeТd been held back a few years, and grown tired of the ditzy girls in his class. But the new teacher was different! Her strong legs looked so sexy, especially when she wore the clingy dark panty-hose he loved. They glided on high-heels, clicking over the floor of the classroom, making her cute ass sway hypnotically. He couldnТt take his eyes from that ass! The lines of her thong were visible through her thin slacks, showing the elastic band before it plunged into the smooth cleft of her ass. She didnТt realize the effect she had on him, he could tell. Hell, she probably didnТt even have a boyfriend!

When he asked for some after-school studying, the blonde teacher was thrilled. She thought it was strange when he asked to get together at her apartment instead of the study hall, but she figured it was because he was embarrassed to be seen studying like a geek. She gave him her address.

When he arrived, he had his friends with him. They quickly overpowered the struggling teacher, and violated every part of her firm body. Since then, Jake made copies of her house key and passed them around to his friends. She was told that anyone could go to her apartment at any time, and she was expected to serve them willingly. As long as she cooperated, theyТd never tell about her shameful activities, or show the videos theyТd taken as they plowed her virgin ass and tight pink twat.

AHHHH!! When are they coming back? God, this hurts! My nipples feel like theyТre being torn off!

They promised to hurry, they were just going out to buy more beer

The bastards are always breaking into my house expecting me to be ready to serve them with my mouth my body

I try to cooperate, to give in to every disgusting demand no matter how degrading or humiliating hoping they will be gentle when they use me.

but nothing satisfies them. God! I canТt stand their sick punishments any longer. God, please help me!

The bucket is filling up AHH! Where are they! My breasts will rip off!


Slav peered out from the bushes as the shapely jogger ran past. Damn, what a fine piece of ass! I wonder what she’s getting herself into shape for? Maybe she’s got a boyfriend she’s trying to impress? He snorted, a fat gob of snot running down his face. With a body like that, she shouldn’t be jogging, she should be bobbing on a fat cock. His cock! Her tone legs pumped as she ran, making her fat tits bounce in her sports bra.

She wants to shake her tits, eh? Doesn’t have to run to do that. She can just come over here and bounce them in my face! I’d suck those fuck-bags raw, get them all slobbery. I’d bite them too, make her squeal like a little puppy! Bet she loves getting titty fucked, having a fat cock sliding all over those fat mounds. She probably gets wet knowing how many men want to fuck them, too. Fucking slut! He’d be ready for her tomorrow. He’d make sure he had some nice treats for those tits.

The next morning when Katie jogged past, he jumped out of the bushes and plowed into her, knocking her completely off her feet. The breath was knocked out of her, forcing her to gasp for air. Slav locked his massive arms around her firm body and pulled her into the forest, down into the sewers where he lived. Deeper into the tunnel he dragged her, slapping her head and tits hard when she struggled.

Realizing the danger she was in, Katie opened her mouth to scream but was immediately silenced when a foul taste rubber ball-gag was forced past her lips. She turned to run, but felt a heavy chain lock around her neck. Horrified at what was happening, she felt the bum’s hot, stinking breath inches from her ear. “Don’t fight it fuck-pet. You’re not going anywhere. You’re mine now for as long as I want... and taking into account how old are you, that means 15 or 20 years chained in this gutter!!!”

What follow was pure hell for Katie. The smelly monster tied her legs obscenely and painfully open and her wrists above her head. Then she felt the weight of his fat body crunching her and his rampant member knocking at the door of her virgin pussy... Then a brutal push and shear pain... Then his hands hurting her in the most tender parts of her body; slapping, pinching, twisting, pulling...... But the worst was his lips and his sticky, smelly tongue all over her face and the dirty, menacing, awful words he was saying....

“Does my new little fuck-doll enjoy this as much as I do? Love my toys? Oh man, I loved those those little bells I hung around your ankles clinking when I fucked you raw!"

“Maybe we gotta get to know each other better… See my old, sweaty cock? Why don’t you offer to clean it with your cute little mouth? Put that slippery pink tongue to work, I’m sure you’ll like the taste… nice and stinky for ya!”

“Mmmmm…. My fuck-toy tastes salty. Is it sweat or just tears?”

“Your face is hot, almost as hot as melting wax! I hope I don’t drop the candle, I don’t want to leave permanent marks on your smooth skin… yet!

“Does this hurt you, cunt? You know, your soft titties aren’t the most sensitive part of your slutty body. Let’s see if we can find your most tender spot with the wax! After we both found it, you can thank me by choking on my fat dick! When my hairy balls are resting on your chin, you’ll know your place!”

"Yeah... you're going to have a lot of fun together.... You look no more than 18 or 19, that means you've got at least 15 more years of use!"

Hector didnТt realize that the girl on the beach was nervous. He didnТt realize that sheТd never worn a bikini before, but her breasts had filled out that summer and she was proud of the sexy figure she suddenly had. All he cared about was taking the tan young woman.

She strutted across beach, smiling at the feeling of the hot sand sliding between her toes, tickling her. She tossed her red hair across her smooth shoulders, enjoying the feeling of the long strands caressing her neck and back. He ran his knobby hand down his swimming trunks and slid his fingers across his flaccid cock. She was a beauty all right, a real knockout! Her bikini was a few sizes too small, those lush breasts almost leaping out with every step! They were perfect soft tits too, just made for slapping together. He could see her tears falling down her cleavage as he punched them, bit the soft flesh between his teeth gnawed on her large nipples until she ran out of tears. SheТd be his fuck-toy, her tight clit would grip his wrinkled cock as he fucked her raw!

But heТd need help to help control the fiery babe, and he had the friends to do it. Hector lived with a dozen old perverts in a house by the beach. Normally theyТd spy on the women playing in the dunes or splashing in the ocean. TheyТd be all too happy to help take the beach bunny, and get a piece of ass in the process. TheyТd even talked about seeing if a girlТs honey-pot would attract bees.

When he asked the young woman for help getting home, she happily agreed to assist him. Once he had her at the front door of his house, he placed a flabby arm around her smooth shoulders. With a quick pull, he flung the innocent girl into the arms of the other men who were waiting inside. She was trapped! They quickly hustled her into the bathroom, grabbing her tits and pawing at her smooth slit. With rough hands they smeared honey over her tanned skin. With her mind whirling, she finally calmed down enough to understand what they were saying to her. With a creeping dread she felt the first stinging insect land on her skin. A loud humming filled her ears. She thought it was from panic, but realized with horror it was from a hive placed in the bathroom with her!

Better keep still, slut. One slip and youТll be history, and youТre too big to flush!

Are you telling me you want some prick?

Once those bees get a taste of your honey, youТll get all the pricks you need! HA HA HA!

Keep those knees together and your honey-pot sealed tight. The bees will investigate everywhere I smeared the honey, and I mean EVERYWHERE!

I hope you have good balance. IТm going back to the beach. I might be gone awhile.

IТm looking for another busty, bikini-clad cockteaser to keep you company. IТm having a party this weekend, and youТll need help taking care of all the huge cocks that are coming over for a piece of ass!

Guess it just wasnТt your day, getting taken by 10 old perverts looking for a fucktoy they could torment.

ItТs too late for you now. WeТve taken a bet on how many times youТll get stung by those little bastards. The winner gets to split your tight ass first with his greasy cock!

YouТll be covered with stings before we let you out of there. Gonna have bites glowing redder than your hair! Your smooth skin will feel like itТs been set on fire!

If you last the weekend, weТve got something else planned for you. WeТve been thinking about getting a toilet-slut for the house. Someone to clean our wrinkled asses with their mouth and tongue

Randall snapped his cell phone off and put it back in the pocket of his greasy shirt. Son of a bitch! This was the wrong girl! Someone screwed up royally, and he was sure it wasn’t him. He’d rehearsed the plan down to its last details with his buddies. They knew that the rich-bitch college student was loaded. Her family was wealthy and would cough up a huge ransom for the return of their little angel. All they had to do was wait by the nightclub and grab the little slut when she came out. A few jolts from the Taser to her tits would take the fight out of her. Once she hit the ground, they’d stuff her in the trunk of their beat-up Chevy and get the hell out of there. The gang held their meetings in the old warehouse by the docks. They could keep the stupid cunt chained there for weeks, and no one would ever find out.

And now he’d gotten a call saying they’d grabbed the wrong college bitch! Fuck! He looked down at the dazed young woman lying on the scarred concrete floor. She was a hottie, at least that part of the plan went right! Her long, auburn hair was tied in a sexy ponytail that wound down her back. Her tits were huge, looking even larger because of her narrow waist. “Fuck Bags”, he liked to call them. Tits big enough to fuck, even if the whore you were pounding was so ugly you had to put a bag over her face. Not this one though! She was sexy, with full lips made for giving blowjobs. A bitch this good looking should be spending all her time on her knees, thought Randall. His lust started building as he felt the blood flowing into his swelling cock. Yeah. Kept on her knees and made to serve like all women should. The gang had never had a fuck-whore before. An available slut to spank and fuck whenever they wanted. Some fine looking slut with a hot, wet mouth just waiting to be filled with cock. The thought of it got him even harder. Yeah, a jizz-drinking bitch who would only serve them, and whoever they sold her to. They could rent her out by the hour. A couple of bucks for a blow… maybe a little more to tap that tight ass. Randall started to think their plan hadn’t failed completely after all.

In the months that followed, their captive hadn’t been allowed outside. She stayed chained to the foot of a stinking metal bed. She slept underneath the filthy mattress, and only came out when one of the gang members tugged at her chain. She was their mascot, they’d never even bothered learning her name. When one gang member pointed to his bulging crotch, she’d shuffle forward on her knees, mouth open. She had learned what was expected of her.

“Clean that floor, cum-whore! If you leave any spunk behind, I’ll taze your clit”

“Hell yeah! Make sparks fly from her ears! She likes being punished. All brain-dead whores love abuse.”

“Reminds them of what worthless skanks they are. She’s lucky we found her!”

“You missed a spot, bitch! Are you trying to get me angry? Fucking cunt! We’re nice enough to cover your face with our dick milk, and this is how you repay us?”

“Slurp it all up, fuck-slave! It’s the only dinner you’re getting tonight!”

“You sent out the invitations? The guys know that if they bring their money tonight, they can wet their dicks in our fuck-toy till she screams for more?”

“Damn straight! We’ll get rich off this stupid cunt! She’ll pay for making a mess of her room. We give her shelter and all the cum she can swallow, and she still doesn’t appreciate us.”

“Gobble it up faster, whore! I’ve got a new battery in my electric prod, and it’s aimed at your sweet cheeks. If you don’t hurry up, a few jolts will get your ass moving!”

Getting a good paying job would have been difficult enough for Camila, but for her it was next to impossible. She was in the country illegally, and knew what would happen if she was found out. She’d be deported in a blink of an eye, the law was very clear about that!

She tried to find work in the city, but everyone wanted proof of her citizenship. By the time she was ready to buy a forged ID, she was down to her last few dollars. Then out of the blue, she was given a job offer! She had never been a maid before, but the man was wealthy and didn’t seem to care that she had no experience.

Mr. Jamison was nice, but there was something unsettling about him. She didn’t like the way he looked at her, but couldn’t really blame him. Camila knew she was an exotic beauty. Her figure made other women green with envy, and her tight little butt had men following her down the street with their eyes. She expected men to want her, but Mr. Jamison was old. She imagined she could handle him easily enough.

Mr. Jamison sprung the trap the moment she walked into his house. His eyes bulged out of his head when he got a good look at the Spanish beauty. With that dark skin and full figure she could have been a model! Her dark hair fell down to her tits, almost caressing them in their silky strands. Well, he’d caress them soon enough, and not so gently! He was old, but he was rough with his fucks. If the girl wasn’t screaming by the time he forced his knob into her puss, he’d slap her around until she started making some noise. Hearing a woman pathetical weep while he reamed her ass was heavenly!

And he’d work her ass over, if not with his belt then with his dick!

He wasted no time showing the control he had over the helpless woman. He told her he knew she was in the country illegally, and if she ran he’d have the police on her tail. They wouldn’t just deport her either. He’d say she’d stolen money from him. By the time she was out of prison her fat tits would be drooping around her ankles, and she’d be too old to get a real job!

Knowing that she was defeated, she listened to his demands. She’d still be his maid, but she’d work for him as his fuck-doll. She’d cook his meals in the nude, and suck his bulging cock while he ate. She’d sleep under his bed, coming out only when he wanted to fill her tight ass with his cum, or shoot a load of cream up her Spanish cunt. When he was at work, she would make the house spotless and wait on her knees for his return. If she was lucky, he’d be alone. If she wasn’t, he’d bring home some friends to sample her mouth, her cunt and ass.

Her cheeks burned with shame as she remembered those nights. Men laughing as they coated her face with spunk, laughing at her tears and forcing her to smear the hot jizz over her heaving tits.

“It looks like a pet’s life is nothing more than hard work and pain. The only happy moments are when your Master covers your pretty face with dick sauce!”

“Isn’t that right, cunt?”

“HA HA! I really don’t give a shit. My pleasure is the only thing I care about. You’re only here to milk the spunk from my heavy balls.”

“I’m leaving now fuckpet. Some of the guys are getting together for some drinks and cards.

“Keep your lazy ass busy while I’m gone, and I promise to bring back from dicks for you when I get back. I’m selling you to some friends later on.”

“You’re gonna make some money for your Master before I allow you to crawl back in your cage tonight.”

“One last thing:”

“You better do a good job cleaning, and don’t break anything. If you bust anything, I’ll bust your ass in front of your customers! They like hurting worthless sluts almost as much as me!”

The two beautiful girls were walking home from school when they heard the cries of a puppy. It sounded like it in trouble, or being hurt! The barking came from the abandoned building crumbling in the field next to the slums. They’d been warned not to go there because bums and transients had been known to sleep in its empty rooms. But as the cries turned more pitiful, the girl’s hearts melted. What else could they do but see if they could help the poor puppy?

As they approached the empty shell of the building, they didn’t realize they were being stalked. Vic watched them from the shadows. Hot damn! The stupid bitches were falling for it! He’d seen them walk by before, their hot bodies skipping along in their slutty school uniforms. Of course they would run from him the second they saw his fat, filth covered body. He was loathsome, and knew it. He’d ogled them as they walked along, oblivious to the rising lust that surged through him. Their full breasts swaying as they laughed and gossiped. Their tits looked so good, like fresh melons to be plucked! Their nipples probably looked like cool strawberries on their creamy skin. Cockteasing tramps! They probably enjoy flaunting their sexy bodies, hoping to get a poor guy hard, so they could laugh in his face and run away! He’d show them what real power was. Their silky skin would tremble under his touch; they’d shake with pleasure as he shoved his meaty fingers deep within their tight slits. He dreamed of seeing their cunt-honey dripping from his fingers as he fisted their twats raw.

Overpowering the poor girls, he forced them into the building and down into the basement. He showed them how he baited the trap, playing a tape recording of a puppy barking. Just fucking the girls wouldn’t be enough to satisfy his lust, he’d train them to be his personal cum-crazy sluts. They’d worship his cock! Dressing them like pets, he named the girls “Fuck Pussy” and “Cunt Bunny”. As he tightened the ropes around the frightened young women, he prepared to do more than just violently use their bodies. He got ready to train his pets for a lifetime of submission. A life they would one day end if they could.

“That’s right Pussy, get my sausage all slippery with your drool. I better feel my knob banging on the back of your throat or I’ll rip your clit off and shove it up your ass. Fuck Pussy doesn’t need a clit anyway, it makes her feel good when I stuff my dick into her wet slit! She just needs a dripping hole for her owner’s filthy cock!"

"Fuck Bunny, are you ready to have your fuzzy tail pounded till I shoot my wad up your shitter? Nice, tight ass… perfect for slapping as I drill into ya. Gonna make your dreams come true and give ya a fat prick to bounce on!”

BUNNY: “Ack! Y… Yes wonderful Owner. Fuck Bunny is ready for her treat.. She wants to ride your beautiful cock… …Gasp!… and show her owner how much she loves feeling him inside her ass. She gets wet whenever her owner is around.. AHH! She is a naughty pet… Please fuck your Fuck Bunny! AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

Erin didn’t know what to expect on her first day at her new job, but she was excited! The economy was in the dumpster and any job a high-school graduate could get was a good one. The paper said that the company needed bright young women for a sales position. She didn’t know the details, but she was confident she could learn the ropes. With her friendly smile and big blue eyes she knew she could sell anything!

Joe had her selling her cunt that afternoon. Sure, the stupid bimbo wasn’t happy about it, he thought. Too bad for her! She’d just end up spreading her legs for some limp-dicked boyfriend anyway. What a waste! Better that she made money by riding cocks for anyone who had ten bucks and was willing to shaft a helpless young woman in the basement of his warehouse. He’d been in business for years, and had an extensive list of clients who had a taste for cute chicks who disappeared from home one day and were never seen again. He felt the thick wad of bills in his pocket. Hell, she’d had over thirty clients already and the day wasn’t even half over! At this rate she’d become his star employee! He laughed to himself and thought about giving her a raise. Of course she wouldn’t see any of the money. But a chick with a twat this tight deserves a reward for sinking so many hard cocks in one morning. Maybe he’d let her lick the spent jizz off the grimy floor before drilling her puckered brown ass…

Matt had been training his newest toy every day since he’d taken her from the mall parking lot. The sexy brunette was naturally submissive. He knew it the second he saw her. She kept her eyes downcast as she walked through the dark parking garage, the pink ribbons in her hair bouncing with each step. She was so meek that she didn’t even notice his van pulling up alongside her until it was too late.

In just a few days she obeyed every order without question, no matter how depraved or disgusting it was. And Matt had lots of perverse ways of getting his rocks off! Toilet training was his specialty. Nothing demonstrated to a slut her new status as a fuck-pet like meekly holding a bucket of reeking piss under his nose. Matt wasn’t too careful with his aim either, and burning drops of his urine stung her eyes and splashed in her face as she knelt before him. She was afraid to refuse any order, she knew his violent temper could rage in seconds if she failed to please him in every way possible.

With a trembling voice she called him by the name he ordered his new toy to use… Daddy!

With a sudden bang, Rachael’s car started to shake violently down the freeway. Just great, she thought, miles from home and I get a flat tire! She steered the car off the side of the road and turned off the engine. This was the worst place for her car to break down. The lights of the city were on the horizon and before her were miles of empty road. She sighed and got out of the car. Maybe if she was lucky she could flag down a passing car and get some help. She was a buxom woman with long legs. Finding someone to help here should be very easy!

Unfortunately the first person to find her was the last person a helpless woman wants to run into on a quiet freeway at night.

After being savagely attacked by a filthy day laborer who was driving home after working long hours in the fields, Rachael was bound tightly to the guard rail. A thick, knotted rope bound her firm legs painfully behind her. Her pale skin was covered with ropy strands of dried cum and phleghm where the immigrant had spit in her face after coating her tits with his rank jizz. With a final laugh he cleaned his sweaty cock in her hair and removed her expensive engagement ring. Can’t let this go to waste, he thought. After fucking her ass raw, no one would want her any more. His cousins would be driving down the freeway shortly. Maybe they’d like a piece of the defiled chick now that he was done with her!

With the bouncer in on things there was no way anyone would interrupt this little bachelor party gone horribly wrong. Well, wrong for her but perhaps right for the pack of drunken men ready to pound her pussy raw after she finishes this last dance.

The best man spotted her immediately and pulled out enough cash to ensure he and his friends would have the time of their life without any interruptions. She thought it odd to be given the stage in the private room. It was where the gals earned some extra cash fucking customers after their dances.

She should have known better!

“Jesus, where is the bouncer?!? They’re getting more and more out of control and acting like they are going to rape me! Someone needs to get in here fast or God knows what will happen to me!!! They’ve already shoved this vibrator in my pussy, and they … What?!? Oh God no did he just say that?!? No, please, no this can’t be happening. They can’t be thinking I’m just a toy for them to have sex with!!!”

“Keep fucking dancing you fucking bitch!! We paid good money to watch you wiggle and then fuck you raw until you drain every cock here as dry as a desert! You like our little friend there?!? We call him Mr. Buzzy and although he doesn’t talk much he’ll make sure you are nice and warmed up for the marathon of pounding your pussy is going to be taking after this next song. And before I forget … BOYS! LISTEN UP!!! Three rules. Everyone here fucks her at least once, nobody uses a condom and LAST BUT NOT LEAST: If you fuck her ass make sure she cleans you up with her pretty fucking mouth!”

By week three of her captivity Monica knew what the word "action" meant. The cameras began to film and brutes surrounded her like vultures. Bound, gagged and with two holes available, hungry black cock standing fully erect can only mean it was another hour of being fucked raw! It was never pleasant for her battered and abused asshole when they tied her into a folded position. She could only lay there helpless as they savaged her ass repeatedly. Each man used her pussy to lubricate their thick shafts before squeezing themselves into her tight little pucker hole. When one would reach climax he would pull out and spray his hot load onto her face as her asshole was already filled and being fucked by another.

"Ever play musical chairs you fucking whore?!? This is our version except your tight little asshole is the chair and there's no music, just the sweet sound of you screaming in pain as we fuck your ass raw!"

"You should thank us. Warming your pussy up with that vibrator makes for plenty of natural lubrication. Image your ass getting pounded by all this dick meat totally dry!"

"Lou, stop fucking around and finish messing up her pretty face. I'm about to blow my load, and I don't want to get this tight ass all sticky before Jimmy gets his chance to rip her open!"

A wonderful evening at the cinema was shattered for Keira when several men accosted her while she showered for her date.

They brutally bound and gagged her!

Helpless on the floor, they shoved a vibrator up her ass and plugged her pussy with a dildo coated with hot chili sauce!

The pain was intense and made more painful with hot wax dripped all over her body. In the middle of her torture, her friend Maya appeared at the door.

The men slunk into the shadows and watched the drama unfold!

It was the cruelest torture of all for one noise from the girl would bring her friend inside and into the clutches of the torturous brutes!

They would not accost the girl outside unless Keira betrayed her, and the searing pain in her cunt was about to make sure she would do just that!

Keira hung spinning around slowly like a piece of meat, freshly fucked and forced to orgasm for an hour with a vibrator taped into her raw and ravaged pussy!

Since her abduction weeks ago she had been beaten repeatedly and fucked raw daily in front of a camera. Every bit of her training as a fuck slave would be available for the world to see because she was now a cum-drenched star in the world of being impaled by thick, black cock!

Her latest performance featured her ass and cunt being ripped apart by two massive dicks. She was forced to watch all of it as she came over.

Part of her training required holding the device inside even though the tape, soaked with her juices, had begun to come loose. The price for failure in her new home was always quick and harsh!

It had been five days since Darcy and Deanna woke up to men in masks over their beds.

Bound and gagged they were brought to this location where each underwent training as future sex slaves. In five days you learn a lot about pleasing men sexually, especially when the whip and cane punish your tender flesh when you don’t perform up to the high standards these merchants of flesh have!

Being a sex slave requires obedience and the ability to satisfy the perverted desires of your soon-to-be Masters. Their captors took this training seriously. If they told you to lick your little sister’s pussy and then open wide to suck a black cock dry you did it even though it tasted of piss and your sister’s ass …

You did it or you paid a heavy price!

The parking lot was so dark. Why did that creepy van have to park next to her? She fumbled for her keys as the door to the van slid open and she disappeared inside without out any notice.

The first session took place in the van where he fucked her raw before leaving her bound and gagged for the ride to his own personal version of hell.

He carried her to the basement tearing off clothes along the way. By the time they were all the way downstairs she was already stripped to her heels and having a giant dick rammed down her throat over and over!

She started to puke which angered him. He whipped her ass raw and told her to take it all by herself.

Eyes teared from both the taste and her own gag reflex she slowly impaled her face on his throbbing member. He held her face there as she choked.

She saw stars. Was this the end?

The sensation of hot cum spraying all over face brought her out of her stupor, but it wasn’t over. It was just the beginning!

The girls were told about the movie production assistant jobs and they showed up for the interview at the production site, a rented film studio. A big black man who called himself Melvin brought them into a small room for the interview. When they were inside, two other men stepped in.

“Thanks for coming in, but no movie, girls. Just bondage, punishment, and lots of fun.” Melvin said.

The girls screamed, but there was no one to hear.

The three men had done this before, and they moved quickly to restrain the cute young blonde, Kylie, and her sexy friend, Kayla. The men cut the tiny skirts and tight tops off the 19 year old victims. The girls wore no bras, just thong panties, which the men ripped right off the girls.

Leroy and Abraham used the girls first, forcing them onto their knees and sticking their hard dicks out for sucking.

The shocked, frightened girls did as they were told and soon had drawn huge loads out of their captors’ fucktools.

Melvin took over. Even as jism drooled from the girls’ lips, Melvin told the other two men to stuff the red ball gags in the teens’ mouths, then get Kylie and Kayla on their knees, up on the table, facing away from one another.

Kylie felt fingers on her butt cheeks, felt them pulled open, tried to yell when she felt something cold and slimy touch her anus and push in hard!

Kyra’s new black friend Antoinette invited Kyra to lunch in the city, but Kyra never made it out of the parking garage Antoinette had told her to use. Two big black men had grabbed Kyra on the stairs, handcuffed her, and taken to the sub-basement. They commanded her to strip even as one sprayed her with a hose and another whipped her.

Damn, Antoinette sure earned her hundred bucks by bringing in this sweet piece of ass, didn’t she, Frank? Strip, you!

How can I do it with my hands cuffed?

Figure it out, slut! This whip will help.

Owww, no, stop! Please. Don’t whip me, I’m doing it!

Do it faster, cunt!”

I’m… Owww! I’m trying! Please, turn off the water!

Got to wash you up, bitch, for you to meet all your new friends.

It’s so cold, please… Oww… Ahhh… That fucking hurts! What did I do?

You got nice big white titties. Me and the boys wanna look at ‘em, touch ‘em, whip ‘em.

Stop! Stop it! Oww, ahhww! Stop whipping me!

You got a bald white cunt, and we’re gonna spread that all out and examine it real close.

Help! Someone, help!!

You got a round white ass… and that we will most definitely check out. We’ll beat it red and swollen, then pull those cheeks apart to inspect that butthole on the back of you. I’ll bet it is pink, but I know it’s gonna be tight on my dick.

Noo! No! Just ask for money! Ohhwww, aww! My parents will pay! No!

Damn, you say “no” a lot for a chick in handcuffs. Well, we’ll teach you, no matter what it takes. That is what whips are for and we’ve got years to use them...

Daryl had drawn the high card, so he got the stupid young blonde's back door first, when it was tightest. Even though she was only half conscious because of the roofies, when he rammed his 12 inches home in the girl’s asshole she moaned – which made Lester a real happy man as his prick tingled in Claire's ring-gagged mouth.

“Ahhh, boys, this hottie’s butt hole has got a real nice pinch on my big black dick,” Daryl said. “And were gonna make the money, not her, when we sell this video. Three niggas gang fucking a silly white girl.”

“Then we sell her. She’ll be whored out down the coast, earning some pimp money,” Al said, slamming his fuckstick harder into her pussy hole. “Damn, somehow it gets me even hornier just to think about that.”

“Yes…. That’s it, ho’,” Lester said as his cum boiled off into the helpless girl’s mouth, his huge dick beyond her gagging throat.

“Ain’t roofies great!”

"Yeah... man... next time we stuff 'em up the bitch's craphole! HA!"

The car Taylor and Tory were driving from their all girl college off to their Spring break adventure broke down a mile away from the campus. One of the college janitors – they were all so nice and polite with the girls – was driving by and stopped his van to offer a ride back to campus. When Taylor and Tory got in, they found two more janitors, and they did not act nice at all. The girls were bound, gagged, and hooded for a long ride before they were carried out of the van and down some stairs.

Taylor and Tory had their wrists tied behind their backs, their ankles tied together, and even their elbows were roped until they almost touched. They were bent over the backs of chairs and tied to them, and their clothes cut from their trim, curvy bodies. When the hoods were yanked off, the girls saw a janitor named Dashawn standing in front of them – holding a whip.

“I love lecturing stupid bitches when I whip their asses, so listen:”

Dashawn walked to one side. The whip snapped out twice, cutting into first Tory’s than Taylor ’s fine, round, white bottoms. They yelped, and Dashawn continued talking.

“We have the administration and you girls all fooled. You all think we smile and clean and help you spoiled white cunts for the $ 9 an hour the college pays.”

The whip lashed out again, twice, and the lovely screams of girls in pain filled the room.

“Shit, we would pay the college if we had to for what we get – access. Your dorm is wired for audio video, and I don’t mean cable that you get to watch. It’s cable we get to watch.”

The whipping continued while Dashawn spoke. As they cried out, begged for mercy, the pretty blonde and the raven haired beauty saw men step out of the dark edges of the room. They recognized all the men as college janitors.

And the men knew the girls, their pricks already hard to see the teen coeds bound, exposed, and crying as Dashawn’s whip welted their upturned rumps and hanging tits.

“Every toilet stall, every shower stall, every bedroom. We see you undressing, posing and looking at your nude bodies in the mirror, shaving your snatches in the bathtub, and rubbing your snatches in bed. Even better, we’ve seen you getting it on with each other. Those are our biggest sellers. Yes, of course, we sell it all. Those videos are why we chose you two slitlickers.”

The men closed in. Hands quickly removed the ropes that held them bent over the chairs, but not the others.

They sat Taylor on her rump on the floor, and then bent Tory over Taylor ’s lap. Tears streamed down the faces of both teens.

“We’ll get you girls to put on a nice lez show for us, of course, but first we’ve just got to drain our balls. Having white girls all tied up and crying just turns us on.”

A man stuck his cock into Tory’s face and ordered, “Suck!”

Terrified, Tory opened her lips, stuck out her tongue, and instantly his meat filled her mouth and throat to choking. Another man presented his thick prick to Taylor , and she soon found herself getting a face fucking.

A third man was snapping Polaroid photos of the humiliated, naked cocksuckers.

With a load of goo that left her gagging, the man in Tory’s mouth finished. A steel collar suddenly snapped around Tory’s neck and she felt a chain tugging her head up.

Then Tory felt a strange pressure on her anus.

“No! Nnoooo! Not there! No, don’t do it! You can’t!”

Taylor looked down in horror to see Dashan bracing his huge cock up against Tory’s tiny pink pucker. She felt Tory instinctively

“I can and I will,” Dashawn said, and began sinking his prick into Tory’s narrow asshole.

“No! Ohh, ohh, it hurts! Aaoww, it huuurts!”

“Feels great to me.”

“Aaaiieee! Fuck, it’s killing mee!”

“Nah, bitch, it ain’t killing you. It’s just hurting you real, real bad. But you’re gonna take my whole roll of tarpaper all the way up your ass, and you’re gonna shake and scream for me until I fill your filthy butthole with my cum.”

Jism now dripped from Taylor’s mouth while, right in front of her, she saw Tory’s welted butt cheeks pushed apart by Dashawn’s awful, enormous tool. Taylor sobbed, knowing she would be next.

But Tory shrieked, because her sorry ass was being stretched wide open now.

“Turning spoiled white coeds into ass busted sex slaves,” Dashawn said. “Now that is what college is all about.”

Perhaps one in one hundred end up this way.

Taken when she was 18, she has been a slavegirl for two years. Two years of degrading nakedness while bound in humiliating positions. Two years of cruel lashings with the whip, the strap, the cane. Two years of terrifying sessions with electrodes pumping current through her most sensitive, most private places. Two years of submission to any kind of penetration by dozens of objects and hundreds of cocks, all to the order of the sick man that she called “Master” who kept her.

She often screamed with other girls, cried with other girls, suffered with other girls, and was forced to use her tongue on other girls, but never was she permitted to talk with other girls.

Only men talked to her, and mostly just her Master.

She saw nothing else of life. She was always locked in her quarters or bound, gagged, and blindfolded for a road trip to some savage “party”. She never saw the outside. No friends, no television, no music, no recreation, she knew only the pain of women and the pleasure of men, master’s satisfied expression when her quarters were clean, the occasional “good girl” after she had endured pain and provided a man with an orgasm.

A pat on the head from Master, perhaps even a gentle flick of Master’s thumb across her clitoris when she had served his cock.

With time, she began to desire Master’s approval. She wanted him to hurt and use her, get pleasure from her, be pleased with her. There was nothing in her life except imprisonment and slavery. The thought of pleasing Master, of a moment of approval from him, began to turn her on, allow her to become aroused. One day, after taking a harsh beating that left her tits, belly, thighs, and ass covered with welts, Master told his crying slavegirl that she had been a good girl, rubbed her clit with his fingers, and she came.

Since then…

Mmmaster? Please, Master?

Get your mind off your own filthy fuckhole and please my cock. That’s what your whole body exists for, bitch: My pleasure!

I know, Master. Fuckpet wants to serve Master! Fuckpet loves to serve her Master! Fuckpet will squeeze her cunt on Master’s big, throbbing dick to give Master the best, tightest pussy ever!

Keep sliding up and down on my pole, slut. Do a good job or I’ll whip your ass raw.

Fuckpet will, Master. Even if Fuckpet does the best job, Fuckpet wants Master to tie her down and turn her ass red. It hurts so much, but Fuckpet knows it excites Master and harden’s Master’s wonderful, huge fucktool so that Master will drive it into Fuckpet again. But please, please, Master, please may Fuckpet cum? Please, Master, please?

You have become one horny whore! You abuse Master’s incredible generosity in ever letting you cum at all.

Yes, Master. Fuckpet knows she must be punished for being such a slut. But Master’s hardness feels so good inside Fuckpet! Will Master please take the clamp off Fuckpet’s clit?

The clamp is there for a reason, you jizz rag. The pain is the only thing that keeps you from cumming. You know that I demand you provide me with ten orgasms before I even consider allowing you one! And how many times have I gotten off since your last cum?

Only seven, Master. Fuckpet is sorry, Master. Fuckpet must be punished. After Fuckpet gets Master’s jism in her pussy, will Master please restrain Fuckpet and punish her good with the cane on her bottom until she cries and Master is hard again? And then will Master please drive his cock into Fuckpet’s asshole and cum again while listening to Fuckpet’s screams of pain? And will Master please shame Fuckpet by making Fuckpet clean Master’s dirty tool with Fuckpet’s mouth until it is hard again? Then will Master please allow Fuckpet to suck Master off? That will be ten cums for Master! Then, maybe, Master will please take the clamp off Fuckpet’s clit, and please, please rub Fuckpet’s clit until Fuckpet cums for Master, cruel Master, hard Master, powerful Master? Fuckpet begs her Master!

Fuckpet knows how to talk to Master to get him off, but the clamp stays on. You are an insolent slut who still doesn’t know her place.

Yes, Master, of course, Master. Fuckpet has been bad. I hope Master thinks about how he will punish bad Fuckpet while pounding Master’s big dick into her clutching cunt.

That’s right, Fuckpet. You’re making Master cummm!

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In The Hands Of Colonel Lu [CORTEZ]

In The Hands Of Colonel Lu

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

In the hands of Colonel Lu
by Cortez. All rights reserved
Illustrated by Aries

Posted July 24th, 2003

Twenty six year old Sui Lin Chi sat trembling and silent on a wooden throne-like chair, her expensive designer sandals tidily together and hands clasped tightly in her lap. The wife of a high state official she was perfectly groomed, her silk dress was demure but elegantly revealing; short sleeved yet ankle length... but slit thigh high on each side to show enticing glimpses of the full length of her slim, elegant legs. She was sitting still because she was trying very hard not to shiver with fear, knowing only to well what agonising fate awaited her at the hands of the sinister Colonel Lu and his men.

Her raven black wings of hair, held back by gold and tortoiseshell clasps, gleamed in the light of the lamps as her head moved to and fro, eyes flicking constantly down towards the figure of her maidservant before looking hurriedly away again. This was so horribly different from the rich, decadent and corrupt lifestyle she loved. Oh yes she’d known about the bribes, the kickbacks and the discreet ‘gifts’, all part of the expected and unaccountable river of money that flowed into her elderly husband’s carefully concealed accounts. She’d never thought of the risks as she indulged her own pleasures, insulated from the real world by her husband’s money and influence.

Unfortunately, she too had made powerful enemies, men whose crude sexual advances she’d rejected, lovers she’d betrayed or humiliated once too often. She’d ignored the warnings until it was too late. They had been taken at the same time, her husband at his office - she at home. Now he was dead... a heart attack they’d said. Sui Lin Chi knew that someone had blundered; that his torturers had been too anxious to extract the necessary confession. She also knew that Colonel Lu would not make the same mistake with her.

Not that the colonel was particularly interested in matters of security or political incorrectness. For him, apart from the delicious pleasure of inflicting agony on a beautiful and helpless woman, the only important details were the codes and account numbers of those overseas accounts. After all, even a loyal servant of the Party must be prudent and make provision for the future...

May Tan, her young and beautiful maid, knelt upright on the polished stone floor directly in front of her mistress, elbows touching behind her back and her head bowed. Unlike her mistress it was easy for the men to study the delightfully firm, slim curves of the nineteen year old’s body, the fullness of her breasts and the jutting dark brown stubs of her prominent nipples because she was completely naked. With every hurried breath those high-riding breasts bobbed gently making the tips jiggle enticingly. Of course, May wanted to cover herself and retain a little modesty, but the broad leather strap prevented her.

In fact it exposed her even more... just as Colonel Lu had intended. The strap, cinched so tight that the flesh bulged over the edges, held her elbows and upper arms painfully together behind her body, forcing her shoulders back and lifting and pushing the firm young globes invitingly outwards so her swollen nipples thrust forward, jutting up like little rubbery spikes. She could wriggle and twist her hands as much as she wanted but the futile flapping movements only made her breasts sway and bounce even more obviously.

In two places, the girl’s smooth, tanned skin was marked by the thin red weals left by bamboo rods. The colonel’s men had enjoyed stripping her before hanging her up by the wrists then they’d spent the morning taking turns in caning her with precise, agonising skill; one session working the cane across the smooth curves of her bottom cheeks and then moving up to cane the firm globes of her breasts before the cycle of agony was repeated once again. The signs of their dreadful skill was most evident in the way the weals crossed and recrossed the girl’s dark aureoles, showing how her nipples had been beaten lightly and persistently until they had swollen like taut, shiny fingertips and even breathing on them made her scream with pain...

The room in which the two women waited was used by Colonel Lu for his more intimate and private interrogations. Long ago it had been a small audience chamber deep inside in the fortified palace. The fortress had been appropriated by the People’s Militia as their headquarters very soon after the revolution, its late master having no further use for it. The room’s ancient wooden pillars and beams, still richly gilded and painted, now served another, darker function as the looped ropes, leather cuffs and sturdy metal hooks revealed. Bronze oil lamps and flaring torches had been replaced by strong electric bulbs in white enamel shades; bulbs that cast harsh pools of light yet left the room’s edges and the heavily beamed roof in perpetual gloom.

A lighted brazier and two metal stands holding bowls of glowing charcoal added to the stifling heat and filled the air with a pungent blue haze that nearly obscured the acrid reek of sweat, fear and scorched flesh. Deliberately placed in view of the two terrified women, a wooden bench displayed a collection of sinister rods and probes. The end of each one was dark and discoloured whilst the bench’s heavy timber top was scarred with a jumble of black lines showing where the still hot tools had been thrown down carelessly after use.

Neither woman could prevent themselves stealing fearful glances at the awful copper rods on the bench... or at the carefully shaped punishment post jutting from the floor next to the shivering figure of May Tan. Carved from a single piece of timber and almost black with age, the post flared out at the top to form a thick, rounded horizontal bar about eighteen inches long. The curved, waist-high top of the bar gleamed with an oily, polished sheen from the friction of countless sweating, writhing bodies.

The two women waited; shivering and terrified and neither one daring to cast so much as a glance across to the other side of the room.

Over there, to the left of the soundproofed door, a single lamp shone on the rich green leather top of a wooden desk. Colonel Lu, Chief of Security for the Shanghai Region sat almost unseen in the dimness; only his hands were visible in the circle of light, as he studied the papers in an official folder of cheap, grey card. Every so often the sharp lines of his face would appear in dull red silhouette as he drew on his cigarette.

Next to the desk two guards watched the trembling women with hot, eager eyes. Both were barefoot, squat, powerful men in khaki knee britches and singlets with flat cruel faces and deep olive coloured skin. They grinned at each other every time one of the women twitched or moved but remained in patient silence... waiting for the colonel... and the chance to begin their work.

The colonel laid two photographs side by side on the green leather top; the red glow lit his face more brightly as he leaned over and studied the pictures intently. Taken from above eye level, they both showed the same bedroom scene. Excellent, Colonel Lu thought, these new miniature cameras so recently acquired from the decadent imperialists are amazing. Full colour and so clear it is possible to see every intimate detail. Intimate was exactly the right word for these pictures, in each one the naked alabaster figure of Sui Lin Chi was central and in almost exactly the same odd position.

The late Minister’s beautiful young wife was crouching in a deep squat, body pressed against the end of an elegant wooden table with her arms stretched out flat along the polished surface for balance and support with her fingertips just gripping the edges of the table on either side. A naked girl was lying on the floor behind her... lying so close that her head was between the older woman’s thighs. The girl’s face was half hidden, but it was easy to recognise the beautiful young body of May Tan, arms bent back so she could use her fingers to hold her mistress’s bottom cheeks spread obscenely apart.

Obviously part of a much longer series, the pictures clearly had been taken some minutes apart. In the first, Sui Lin Chi’s head was bowed forwards and turned so her cheek touched the table, her face reflected in the high gloss of the polished wood. Her fingers were at full stretch whilst, in the shadow of her parted thighs, it was possible to see her maid’s open lips, tongue extended as she licked the crinkled rosette of her mistress’s anus.

The second picture must have been taken some minutes later just as her maid’s attentions brought Sui Lin to an orgasm. In this picture her head was lifted, with her neck arched back; her face turned directly towards the hidden camera. Her mouth was wide open; her eyes screwed up with the ecstatic pleasure of coming. This time every muscle of her body was tensed; her fingertips clenched white gripping the edges of the table...

... whilst beneath her, May Tan’s face was now buried deep between the lips of her mistress’s cunt as she licked and nibbled at her clitoris. The maid’s hands had moved too. One still prised her mistress’s bottom cheeks apart... whilst the first two fingers of her other hand were buried deep inside Sui Lin’s anus. From the blurring of her hand in the photo it was obvious that she had been moving those fingers very rapidly indeed as the picture was taken.

The colonel’s hands swept the damning surveillance photos into the folder and slammed it shut...

‘Comrade Chou, Comrade Tang, let us begin with the maid...’

Colonel Lu adjusted the high collar of his green jacket, snapped his fingers at the guards then tapped the ash from his cigarette before walking the short distance from the desk to the throne-like wooden chair. He stood just behind her to one side. ‘Beautiful isn’t she... and so skilled,’ he observed quietly, caressing Sui Lin’s right shoulder with an immaculately manicured hand. ‘But where there is the greatest pleasure there is also the greatest pain... as you will discover...’ His lips curved in a sleek smile as he felt the woman shudder beneath his fingers. ‘A little demonstration is necessary... and this girl will provide it...

‘No... No, she knows nothing. She’s innoc....’

‘Be silent! The lesson is for you... not her... her flesh will respond in the same way to my men’s attentions and she will scream just as loudly whether she knows anything or not...’

Whilst their colonel was speaking the two guards had pulled the quivering girl to her feet and unbuckled the strap. One of them pushed her against the wooden post so she was staring across at her seated mistress.

‘No, no, Comrade Chou... our honoured guest must see everything; turn her the other way...’

Immediately the girl was forced round to the other side of the torture post and turned to face it, looking out into the room so her back was towards her mistress.

The shivering nineteen year old craned her head round, staring over her shoulder at where the colonel and her mistress watched. ‘Do as my men command or it will be the worse for you... and your mistress. They want you standing up... straight up... legs together against that post so they can secure you appropriately...’ the colonel said, his voice soft with implacable menace.

Shuddering with fear the maid brought her legs together, trying desperately to hold back her terror as she obeyed. She gasped and flinched uncontrollably as the men touched her; wrapping a rope around her legs just above the knee before passing it round the post to bind her hard against the blackened wood. She thought the ropes were to keep her upright... the colonel knew they were to keep those long beautiful legs straight and prevent her bending or squatting in any way when the torture began. He allowed himself a nod of satisfaction... she would understand only too well in a moment...

‘Down... hold the post!’

The one called Chou barked the command, his hand thrusting the girl forwards over the curved top rail.

‘More... down more!’ he commanded, leaning his weight on the back of her neck so the girl was bent over, her hands stretching down to hold the post by her knees.

‘Oh, May... darling...’ the woman gasped, turning away as the dark furred oval of her pleasure slave’s cunt and the tight, wrinkled rosette of her anus were obscenely displayed by her doubled posture. The girl’s genitals gaped even wider as the two guards roped her waist down to the post just under the thick round rail, canting her hips up to expose every moist, red fold of her inner lips to her mistress, and the colonel’s approving gaze. Sui Lin heard more muffled gasps of pain as the men used their weight to press her maid down over the torture post even more before tightening the ropes.

To complete her restraint the men tied her wrists together and knotted another, longer, piece of rope around each arm above the elbow forcing them together. The rope was fed round between the post and her thighs then tightened inch by inch to hold her upper body in the position they wanted.

With horrible skill the men now took their time adjusting each set of knots and turns to increase the exposure of the girl’s genitals. With each adjustment the dark pink oval of her sex gaped wider and wider. At last they stepped back, bowing respectfully to the colonel who simply nodded approval. The nineteen year old girl was doubled over, legs straight and her body bound tightly in place over the rail... all she could do was bend over even more... or attempt to arch herself backwards.

The colonel smiled as he watched his men’s expert handiwork, the girl could scream and wriggle as much as she wished... but there was nothing, nothing at all she could do to prevent the slow careful torture of her cunt and the delicate flesh of her anus. Of course they’d left her head free... the colonel liked to watch how each victim reacted to each new sensation... each delicate application of pain... guiding his torturers with quiet commands as to which instruments to use and exactly where they felt the most intense agony

He also knew that the first searing application of torture would make the girl rear up backwards, automatically lifting her head upwards... she would probably then bend forwards. Unfortunately for her, those were exactly the right movements to make the lips of her cunt gape even wider for her torturer’s next agonising attentions.

‘You can see how she has enjoyed a taste of bamboo already...’ Colonel Lu murmured turning Sui Lin’s face towards the gleaming tanned moons of her maid’s upturned bottom so obscenely displayed before her. Sui Lin tried hard not to react but knew the colonel had felt her shudder in shocked response as she saw the lines of thin, purplish weals, each bordered by a fringe of angry red, criss-crossing the golden tan of her maid’s bottom cheeks. ‘It’s a pity that you can’t see the evidence of my men’s skilled attentions to her breasts from this position... but you will be able to see the effect of a bamboo cane on her nipples when they go back to work on them again. Now, before she receives her next lesson... you may comfort her.’

‘No, no I won’t! How dare you suggest such a thing... you, you arrogant, perverted monster!’

He smiled wetly, ‘what, don’t you wish to take this opportunity make her cry with the pleasure of your tongue... in the same way she pleasured you in your house yesterday...’ He smiled as he watched the colour draining from her cheeks. ‘My men reported you cried out quite loudly at the end... you even had to hold onto the table... remember?’

‘You sadist... I can’t, I won’t... not here... not with those animals watching.’ The woman’s voice was strained with shock as she realised just how much this sadistic man knew about her.

Colonel Lu smiled gently. ‘A refusal would be most unwise. You have a choice, obey... or watch as Comrade Chou flays the skin from her cunt with a whip...’ The thickset Chou grinned as his Master spoke, bobbing his head, his piggy eyes alight with growing excitement. ‘The agony is intense... mind you it will be interesting to see if your servant remains conscious, often they don’t and then...’

‘NO! Please no, no you can’t... no please don’t touch her.’

Colonel Lu said nothing at the frantic, agonised plea, recognising his small victory. He merely pushed gently on the woman’s shoulder and Sui Lin Chi rose unsteadily to her feet and walked with dainty steps across to the post. ‘Kneeling, I think...’ the colonel murmured and the shivering woman obeyed; sinking down until she was staring directly at the girl’s trembling buttocks and the dark fur framing the moist, pink folds of her cunt.

‘One moment!’

Sui Lin jerked in surprise as Tang pulled her wrists back behind her before slipping a knotted cord over them and jerking it tight. She cried out, a single, stifled exclamation of pain as her hands was secured behind her back.

She twisted, looking sideways as the other guard, the evil, grinning Chou, put a small lacquered table down beside the torture post. The colonel carefully placed a tall, ornately caged, sandglass on it. ‘Using one’s hands would be unfair... you have until the sand runs through to make her reach her pleasure three times... or she is Comrade Chou’s.’ Chou leered at her and turned the glass; a thin, golden drizzle of grains began falling.

‘But I...’

‘The sand is falling...’

Admitting defeat, Sui Lin Chi slumped back on her heels and then leaned forwards. Her own breathing became faster as she caught the strong, coppery tang of May Tan’s sex; the engorged, puffy lips and sticky, wet folds telling their own story of unwilling arousal. She pursed her lips and blew gently. The girl’s muscles tensed and she gave a little sigh of pleasure as she felt the familiar sensation of her mistress’s warm breath across her labia.

Using the very tip of her tongue, the woman traced the edge of the outer lips... bringing more sounds and tiny helpless movements as the girl shivered in delight at each tingling caress. As she worked Sui Lin Chi forgot their shared plight. Responding to the girl’s arousal and her own rising sexual excitement, the Minister’s wife licked and tickled the girl’s cunt with greater urgency, her cheeks shining with the glaze of the nineteen year old’s juices as she leaned closer and closer.

‘Aaaah, ah yes, mistress, yes... aaah, aaah please touch my pearl, pleeeese...’

Deliberately teasing her pleasure victim as she had done so often before, Sui Lin ignore her cries... her tongue busy lapping the soft wet opening of the girl’s vagina so she squirmed and tensed with every touch. Minutes passed with only the soft, liquid noises of the woman’s tongue, the creaking of the ropes and the girl’s increasingly rapid panting breaths breaking the silence.

The sounds of her breathing became faster and heavier, the gasps now intermixed with moans and mewing sounds of excitement as she neared her climax. The creaking ropes flexed and twisted as she writhed but they had been tied by experts, deliberately holding her with her cunt wide open so there was no way she could avoid the relentless stimulation.

Colonel Lu smiled gently as he heard the pleas giving way to rhythmic chanting cries of ecstasy. He could see the reports were right, the woman was indeed highly skilled... truly an expert in the arts of pleasure. Now she was using her tongue like a blunt little lance... teasing the dark rosette and then stabbing and probing into the opening of the girl’s anus, driving her over the edge so she jerked and squealed at every reaming thrust, shouting out mindlessly as she was forced over the edge to an unwilling climax.

He flicked his fingers at one of the guards who hurried to bring him a low wooden stool. Colonel Lu seated himself just in front of the pinioned girl and reached out to stroke the wet strands of black hair away from her face. ‘Such delight... but there is still more sand in the glass... and I have said your mistress must bring you to your pleasure twice more if she is to save you from Comrade Chou’s attentions, so...’

The girl stared at him with wide, uncomprehending eyes... then she gasped and shuddered, her mouth gaping fishlike and her chest heaving frantically against the cruel ropes as she felt her mistress’s lips against her so-sensitive inner labia once more.

‘Aaaaaaah, Master, oh p-please, no, please... let me r-rest, p-please I-I-I-I-I c-c-can... aaaaaaaaaaAAAHHH!

The protest merged into a gasping wail of pure, agonised pleasure. May Tan arched back again as her mistress granted her earlier request. Now her tongue moved down to the very top of her slit to flicker tormentingly, wonderfully across the girl’s ‘pearl’... the erect, swollen bulb of her clitoris. Her mouth hung open as she fought for air, gasping in the throes of pleasure. Already so wet and sensitive she could do nothing, nothing at all as the clever, tormenting arousal went on... and on... and on.

‘Aaaah... yes... yes... yes... yeeeessss... YESSSSS!’

Despite the tightness of the ropes, the girl was still able to vibrate frantically as the bucking spasms of coming even harder a second time overtook her. Colonel Lu stroked the slick sweaty skin of one tanned shoulder, drinking in the sights and sounds of her threshing, jerking convulsions as the girl was forced to come for a second time within five minutes.

‘So pretty, such excitement... such ecstasy... but what will you do now as your mistress continues to give you such pleasure...?’ The words were soft, almost caressing as the colonel watched the girl’s expression of ecstasy turning to fear and torment as she realised that she was being given no respite. Now her mistress was using her lips and teeth to nip and nibble the soft folds of her cunt before returning to suck on the tortured little stub of her clitoris even harder.

By now the beautifully groomed and immaculate lady of Shanghai society was a mess. Her hair was plastered against her cheeks, her face covered in the sticky wetness of the girl’s juices and her careful makeup smearing and smudging round her lips and eyes as she shook her head madly from side to side, adding to the avalanche of sensations for the girl.

Her lips worked frantically as she mouthed and tongued the hot wet slot of pink flesh... racing to trigger another outburst of screaming chanting cries and bucking spasms before the final grains fell through the glass beside her. Snatching a glance at the tiny inverted pyramid of sand remaining she redoubled her efforts, breath snorting and bubbling in the slimy wetness as she worked unbearably on the girl’s clitoris... driving her up towards the screaming brink once again.

‘Aaaaarrrgggghh, h-h-hurts... nuh... nuh... nuh... naaaaaaaah, ah, aaah, ah yes... o... o.... oooooh... yuh... yuh yessssss, yessssss... yessssss!’

Moments later with Sui Lin’s lingual muscles on the point of exhaustion, the girl finally squealed and screamed in ecstasy for a third time, babbling mindlessly and jerking spastically against the ropes as she was forced to come yet again. This time, hearing the chanting cries of her maid’s third orgasm, Sui Lin collapsed, bowing forwards so the girl’s thick cream dribbled from her own lips as she twisted her head to the side, staring desperately at the lacquered table only to see the sand glass standing inert, the upper chamber already empty. She wept in fear and frustration knowing with bitter certainty that time had run out before May Tan voiced those last ecstatic squeals.

But she was given no time to plead for mercy at her failure. The two guards jerked her to her feet and slammed her back into the chair, pushing her down but leaving her hands tied behind her back. She heard the rasp of a match over the sobbing, bubbling sounds of her maid’s sexual exhaustion. Colonel Lu walked back toward her, enjoying the relaxing luxury of a cigarette, until he was close enough to lift her chin as he stared into her eyes with cruel anticipation.

‘My informants spoke truly, you are skilled in the arts of pleasure... it will make matters so much more interesting later on.’ He paused, letting the unspoken threat hang, ‘but before that... there is a price for failure which unfortunately the young lady will now have to pay.’ He paused and his voice hardened, ‘watch carefully and observe the agony your mistake has cost her. Comrade Chou, show our honoured guest the implement of correction...’

Chou padded across the worn stones and held out something. ‘Look at it!’ The colonel’s fingers dug into her shoulder like pincers, forcing Sui Lin to look at the horrible little whip being held out for her inspection. It was only about two feet long, a plaited leather handle with five slim leather lashes, each tapering to a fine tip. The oiled, flexible tails curved down, swaying and bobbling with the movement of Chou’s hand as he held it closer. ‘Go on... feel... feel the strands so you will understand why she cries as she does in a minute or two...’

Slowly and reluctantly Sui Lin ran her fingers down one of the thin tails.

‘No, oh no, no... Please spare her, no it’s horrible, horrible!’

She cried out, jerking her hand away as she touched the tiny swollen tip of one lash. Each tail was weighted at the end with a small metal bead sewn inside the leather, a diabolical refinement designed to make it flick against the victim’s flesh with extra, agonising force. Sui Lin buried her face in her hands as she finally realised what they were now going to do to her; why May Tan was tied in front of her in this way... and why she had been forced to make her come repeatedly. They were going to whip her cunt using that awful thing the man, Chou, was holding... and she had helped add to the girl’s agony by masturbating her so relentlessly that her genitals were already engorged and extra sensitive after coming three times...

The colonel leaned close to her, barely whispering as Chou took up position a few feet in front of May Tan’s head. ‘Ah, I see you begin to understand... as you are the one to be punished, we will show you what to expect by using this intimate servant of yours as an example...’

‘Stop it... STOP IT!’

Sui Lin choked and yelled, twisting away until the colonel’s iron grip forced her round again to face the post and the figure mounted over it. Chou grinned showing a filthy hedge of ruined teeth and gently stroked the crests of May Tan’s taut, upturned buttocks with the flexible weighted tails. Sui Lin watched in horrified fascination as her maid’s bottom flexed and clenched, the brown eye of her anus pouting and working like a little mouth as she reacted to the whip’s caress.

‘Twenty strokes to begin with... and you will watch and count each one. If you don’t... or if you close your eyes or look away... I will order Tang to begin all over again... do you understand?’

‘No, no please... let her go, please, please... I don’t want too...’

‘Since you refuse to answer the punishment is now thirty strokes. I’ll ask you again... do you understand?’

‘Oh pity sir, please have pity...’ Sui Lin saw the cruel excitement and arousal in the colonel’s eyes and realised that not only were her pleas useless but she was playing into his hands with every futile word. ‘No, no... I mean yes, yes I understand, yes...’ she gabbled trying frantically to prevent any more being added to the awful sentence.



Sui Lin didn’t see the colonel’s nod... she just heard the whistling whirr of those flexible strands slicing down to land with a crisp, wet noise, the tails spreading out before each one flicked inwards to cut across the pink inner folds of the girl’s labia. The weighted ends bit deep, some catching the tender inner lips whilst the third flicked against the sensitive opening of her vagina The arch of her back deepened and May Tan’s head surged backwards exactly as the colonel had expected.

There was a moment’s pause then a single, animal scream echoed round the room... a scream cut short with another snort of agony as Chou brought the second stroke slashing down so the tails cut even harder into the freshly exposed core of her body. This time, as well as scoring new lines across her labia, one of the beads snapped agonisingly against the fleshy hood guarding her already swollen and tender clitoris.

‘Aaaaarrrgggghh! Nnnnnnnnnnnnnggggghhhh!’

‘As you can hear, Comrade Chou really is a master with the whip... such a pity for her that you failed to count those two strokes aloud...’

‘Noooooooo, oh no please, you can’t... I didn’t think, I wasn’t ready I....



‘O-o-o-one... please, that’s one... I counted it, please....’



The horrible litany went on, the girl’s shrill squeals and screams of agony getting more and more intense as the tails snapped and bit into the soft folds of her labia, each stroke now leaving little beads of blood from places already raw and swollen from earlier strokes of the whip’s slicing strands. Just before Sui Lin managed to count the twentieth stroke aloud, the girl’s control finally broke. Chou grinned broadly, pausing in satisfaction as a thin stream of liquid arched from the May Tan’s cunt to splash on the stones between her and the chair.

‘Commendable, comrade Chou, most commendable... I did not expect you to break her control until after the twenty-fifth stroke at least.’ He leaned a little closer to Sui Lin and smiled sadistically, ‘but add one to the total since her mistress seems to have forgotten her duties...’

‘Nooooooo! You can’t... it’s my fault not hers....’

‘Ah, so you admit it at last... very well... Comrade Chou, please note that we must increase the honourable lady’s punishment for this latest mistake.’ He waited for a few moments, watching the woman’s shoulders slump in relief then said quietly. ‘But still add one to the count, Comrade Chou... we must keep our promises after all...’

Sui Lin’s cry of rage and despair was blotted out by the animal shriek of agony from the girl bent over the post as Chou brought the weighted tails hissing down again. This time he deliberately cut in short so all the tips snapped viciously in the tender cleft and against the crinkled rosette of the girl’s anus... as she bucked and wrenched at the cords holding her down the watchers could see the girl’s sodden buttocks writhing and clenching uselessly as the agony scalded through her body.

‘Thwuck! Thwuck! Thwuck! Thwuck! Thwuck!’

The flat, wet sounds of the strands hitting the exposed lips of May Tan’s cunt lips continued with a horrible, remorseless rhythm. The girl’s piercing squeals became a hoarse, gabbling babble interspersed with single shrieks of mindless agony at each fresh impact. The front of Sui Lin Chi’s silk gown became flecked with a fine mist of blood, sweat and mucus sprayed from the tails of the whip as Chiu thrashed her maid’s sex lips to raw meat. And, almost inaudible amid the screams her mistress continued counting as each stroke fell, the tears trickling down her cheeks as she watched the unbearable torture of the now near-demented young girl tied over the torture post before her.

There was a last, louder ‘Thwock!’ as the brutish Chou brought the tails slamming into the wet, raw cleft of her cunt for the final stroke and then a dreadful silence for a few moments. The only noises were Chou’s heavy breathing and the broken, whimpering moans of the girl as she hung over the post almost unconscious.

‘You... you... monster... you fucking monster... you’ve killed her!’

‘I suggest more thought before speech, my lady... given your own predicament such intemperate words are not advisable. Besides, she will recover in a little while... such treatment will not kill one so young and healthy. My men have much... experience... in these matters, as you will discover for yourself very shortly.’

Colonel Lu stroked the young widow’s cheeks, studying the slim, elegant lines of her body now shown more clearly where the thin silk dress was clinging to her sweat-soaked flesh like a second skin. ‘You can spare yourself what is to come. Just tell my about the accounts... those little things such as the access codes and account numbers... not forgetting the bank’s own details naturally’

‘Such things were my husband’s responsibility... there is nothing I can tell you.’ Sui Lin’s chin lifted in arrogant dismissal. ‘Especially a filthy, perverted animal like you...’

Colonel Lu smiled once more, an unpleasant, sinister smile that silenced Sui Lin’s insults without words. ‘As I expected... a foolish and stubborn attitude. Be assured you will tell me... eventually. He paused and looked at the shivering buttocks of the young maidservant. The furred oval of her cunt gaped even wider, both the outer labia and the wet inner folds pouting outwards; the sensitive flesh showing deep red and now horribly swollen from Chou’s whipping. ‘Before we continue I feel my men have earned some relaxation.’ The cruel, wet smile showed briefly. ‘I’m sure that your maid would wish to provide some comfort to such diligent comrades... don’t you agree?’

Sui Lin had only just begun to realise what he meant when the two guards appeared from the dimness. She gasped in horror as she saw they were now both naked.

Both men had the same muddy olive brown skin that gleamed with a shiny film of oil and perspiration. Their thick, muscular torsos were hairless apart from the black triangle of tightly curled hair at each one’s groin. Their lust and excitement was obscenely obvious as both men were fully erect.

The one called Tang was the taller of the two; he was stroking himself as he came nearer; the fingers of his right hand caressing the long brown shaft. As he saw Sui Lin’s eye’s staring at his groin he deliberately rolled the skin back from the dark purple glans displaying himself so she could see that the domed head was already shining with the oily seepage of his growing excitement.

Chou, the sadistic brute who’d whipped and tortured May was the bigger of the two men. He was older and running to fat, his belly swelling out over his cock. He locked his finger, flexing the joints so they popped in a series of soft cracks and creaks. He put his hands on his hips and bucked his hips so the thick up-curved shaft of his circumcised penis reared back and the heavy, wide helmet slapped against the swell of his lower belly.

He grinned, his lips slack and wet with lust as he saw the stuck up bitch in her smeared make-up and soaked, ruined dress look away in disgust. Colonel Lu waved his hand to where May Tan still hung lashed across the post.

‘The girl is yours; take a few moments to relax and show her the vigour of a true comrade before I need you again.’ He hooked his fingers under Sui Lin’s chin and forced her head round as the two men hurried towards their helpless victim. ‘Of course I would stop them but... in the absence of any information from you...?’

‘Bastard! Animal! You can’t... no it’s... it’s inhuman... it...’

Her words were cut off as Tang, without any warning positioned the head of his cock against the open, swollen rim of May Tan’s abused vagina and rammed himself into her body with a single vicious thrust. The girl’s eye’s bulged open and her head jerked back in agonised shock and disbelief. Her mouth stretched wide but she made no sound for a few moments and it was only as Tang drew back and rammed into her for a second time that a demented scream echoed round the ancient chamber.

Tang slammed against the girl’s upturned buttocks again and again; fucking her in a crude, jackhammer rhythm that gave her no chance to accommodate the tearing thrusts that were scraping and bruising the delicate inner tissues of her vagina.

‘Naaaaaaah! H-h-h-hurts... please... please... pleee... Aaaarrggh! ... Pleeegggg!’

May Tan’s cries ended on a single squeal before being muffled suddenly as Chou twined his finger in her hair, wrenched her head back and forced the wide purple head of his thick, heavily veined cock into her open mouth.

Like Comrade Tang, he wasted no time. He slammed his hips forwards and the massive shaft slid deep into the straining girl’s throat.

Choking and gagging May Tan heaved and surged against the ropes, saliva leaking dribbling in long ropes from the sides of her mouth as she fought for breath. The two men grinned at one another as the girl’s wild muscular contractions squeezed their cocks, heightening their cruel pleasure with each stroke.

For almost five minutes Sui Lin was forced to watch the crude double fucking of her maid whilst the iron fingers of Colonel Lu dug into her shoulder holding her down in the carved chair as the rape went on and on.

Finally, first Tang and then Chou grunted and yelled to a climax, each in turn pulling out so thick, white gobs of semen sprayed over her raw cunt and inner thighs and smeared in a gleaming, sticky coating across her face that pasted tangled strands of black hair to her flushed and sweat-soaked forehead and cheeks.

Bowing to Colonel Lu, the two guards hurried to the side of the room to pull on their britches and singlets... once more ready to do their master’s bidding.

Colonel Lu snapped his fingers. ‘I believe our honoured guest still intend to resist... despite out demonstration.’ He looked at the post for a moment and the raped and quivering figure roped over it. ‘That one can stay there... bring the table... we will arrange something different for this one.

There was a series of scraping noises and then the two guards carried a wooden table into the middle of the chamber. It was clearly heavy from their grunts as they struggled under the awkward load. ‘There... down there in front of the post... let the maid see her mistress’s suffering for a change.’ They put the table down with a thud that made the stone floor vibrate.

To Sui Lin it looked so ordinary, about knee high and with a rectangular top about three feet by four. At first she thought it was only the thickness of the squat legs and wooden top setting it apart from a normal piece of furniture. Then she saw the straps... black, oiled leather ones with strong buckles riveted to the middle of each of the shorter sides; and the base of each of the thick leg posts. It was when one of the guards put his hand on the table top that she realised that it was covered with dark brown leather and padded very thinly.

‘Your file says you trained as a dancer?’

Sui Lin swung round, staring up at her tormentor, showing her incomprehension at the sudden change in questioning. ‘Yes, I trained for two years with the state ballet school before I grew too tall but...’

‘...Then I hope that your old skills have not entirely deserted you... you will need them, come it is time...’

With that Colonel Lu pulled Sui Lin Chi to her feet and led her towards the ominous looking table...

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Agony Of Failure [CORTEZ]

Agony Of Failure

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

The Agony of Failure
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

The Sultan looked at the three captives huddled before him. His eyes narrowed with a cruel delight as he studied the delightfully curved figures of the two native girls and their white companion.

All were good looking, despite the rags they had used to disguise themselves. Now, after the struggle of their arrests, the generous curves and smooth skin of their bodies could be seen through the numerous rips and rents in their shabby clothing. The oldest of them was the Englishwoman, Charlotte Conway, who was twenty-five. Long brown hair and a deep tan from her years abroad set off her slim body perfectly. The Sultan and the men round the throne enjoyed the sight of Charlottes full breasts thrusting against the torn remnants of her costume as she tried to retain some shreds of modesty.

Charlottes maids, Mia and Soo Ann, local girls and both only eighteen, clutched each other, shivering and whimpering in fear. Charlotte tried unsuccessfully to conceal her own rising terror as she looked round at the cruel, eager faces of the guards and courtiers. Then, Charlottes faint hopes of any kind of mercy died as she saw the figure standing at the Sultans shoulder. Her lover, General Chong, the man who had been helping her to collect the information the man who had Сarranged their flight from the city, smiled back at her in triumph. The betrayal was complete and she was about to face the consequences.

As the girls clutched each other, Charlotte trembling at the ruin of her plans, the Sultan smiled, like a cat toying with a mouse. СI see you now understand that your plot has failed. It is only right that you should enjoy the penalties of failure to the full and then you will plead for death. He lifted his hand. СTake them downstairs give them to the Lady Lei Chen and her women. Let them experience everything.

A few minutes later the prisoners were being hurried along a stone corridor, lit by flaring torches and lined on each side by the barred doors of cells and rooms. Finally, the three women were pushed through another archway and into a large open chamber.

After the darkness of the corridor, the glare from white walls and many lamps was quite blinding and the three prisoners blinked furiously at the sudden contrast. Charlotte looked round, knowing as she saw the sinister equipment the hanging ropes and fastenings on the walls, that this was the Sultans torture chamber about which so many awful stories were whispered.

СWelcome to my own special place The voice was soft and quiet. Charlotte jerked round in surprise as a woman walked through another arched doorway She was closely followed by two young girls and three men. About forty but still powerful and attractive, Charlotte thought then she remembered the Sultans words Сgive them to the lady Lei Chen and the women Could these be their torturers? How could such a calm and elegant person wish to do them harm?

The womans body was firm and well muscled, her small conical breasts still high and firm despite her age. Charlotte could see she wasnt completely naked beneath the semi-transparent fabric of her sarong, as shed at first thought. Like the girls she was wearing a little cache sexe, the black triangle of silk emphasising the firm thrust of her mound whilst the g-string cut erotically up between her full buttocks to the narrow waistband. The three men wore white loincloths, their slim bodies hard with muscle and slick with oil that gleamed under the flaring lamps.

Then the woman came near enough for Charlotte to understand the truth, to see the eager heat, the hurried breathing and the cruel excitement in her face as she studied the three prisoners. Charlotte also saw that the womans long dark nipples were already hard and pointed with arousal and excitement.

СI am the Lady Lei Chen. His highness is most generous to send us three such delightful subjects to enjoy so, let us see you properly. The woman said, watching as the two girls with her began to touch and stroke the prisoners bodies. СIt is time to be rid of your clothes. She paused, a sinister smile playing round her lips, СIm afraid they will only be in the way of the things his highness wishes me to do to you Will you remove them, or should I command the eunuchs to undress you? She gestured towards the three men standing in the shadows with their arms folded

Charlotte and her maids looked in panic. СDo not think of escape, the guards are near besides, Lei Chen licked her lips, Сwe are used to dealing with his highnesss reluctant guests here. Charlotte reached up reluctantly for the first button on her dress. Immediately, one of the girls was there, easing the rags away until the beautiful Englishwoman had been stripped of everything. The girls soft hands continued stroking her back and buttocks as Charlotte watched Mia and Soo Ann being stripped naked in the same way.

СOh yes, you are beautiful, so ripe and readyyou, you will be last, Lei Chen whispered to Charlotte, her slim hands cupping the Englishwomans large breasts, fingernails scraping round the wide aureoles before pinching each pink nipple into firm arousal. СBut first, you will watch as your maids scream in agony under their punishments. Her hands moved down Charlottes body, fingers just tracing the outline of her mound and the slit of her sex. СAnd as you hear their cries, my helpers will make your pleasure come again and again, to make you wet and ready for your turn.

She stepped back, looking at Mia and Soo Ann. She pointed at Soo Ann, Сthat one on the bar I think to start with. Put the other two on kneeling frames. The eunuchs seized Charlotte and Soo Ann, hurrying them to one side of the room where two low, СA shaped frames made of polished bamboo were placed facing the middle of the chamber. СKneel down, back against the wood, Lei Chens soft voice commanded.

Shuffling awkwardly, Charlotte turned so her back was to the frame. She could see Mia being positioned against the other frame, her thighs stretched wide apart as she tried to get her knees on the floor outside the wide splay of the front struts. Charlotte could feel the smoothness of the thick bamboo poles against her own thighs as she moved her legs astride to get her knees in position.

Moments later, the young Englishwoman felt the burning tension in her thigh muscles as her feet were dragged backwards and her ankles tied together. Then, a soft rope around each wrist dragged her hands behind her. The eunuchs, working with the skill of long experience, stretched her arms back and downwards before lashing them to the frame. The ropes held her hard against the thick bamboo poles but also dragged her shoulders back, forcing her large breasts to jut out even more.

Just as Charlotte thought theyd finished, another bamboo rod was wedged across between the frame and the small of her back. Ignoring Charlottes gasps of pain, the eunuchs worked it downwards, pushing each end in turn until it was braced across her buttocks. Only then did they lash it to the frame. The agonising refinement of the pole pushing her hips forwards thrust the bulge of her sex out and splayed her body wide open for the torments to come.

Charlotte tried to control her rapid breathing as she looked across at the obscene and helpless spread of Mias body on the other frame. She knew that she must look the same and she shivered, waiting for them to start on Soo Ann who was still standing between the two young women, eyes wide with horror as she watched her friends being prepared for their ordeal.

СYou should be able to see everything from there, and it keeps you so available for us too. Lei Chen let her fingers trace down Charlottes body, watching the involuntary rippling of her muscles as her fingers tickled across the flat, tensed stomach and then slowly dipped in to tease the naked out-thrust lips of her labia. СNow to prepare your other maid for her adventures С She turned to watch as a small wooden frame was placed in the middle of the floor.

It was just a simple stand with two thick uprights, each about three feet tall with a carved, U-shaped hollow in the top. They were set, just over shoulder width apart, on the wooden stand. A short crossbeam at either end kept the frame stable on the floor. No straps, no fixings. Charlotte, fighting against the pain of her own bonds, didnt understand how such an object could be used in the torture of her maid

Suddenly the silence of the chamber was broken. Soo Ann gave a scream then turned and tried to run. There was a rain of slaps and blows as the girls seized her, forcing her back to the central area. Charlotte realised that it was the sight of one of the eunuchs, and what he was carrying, that had caused the girl to panic. Soo Ann obviously knew the evil significance of the soft black glove, leather wrist cuffs and the polished bamboo pole he was holding. She was shivering violently as he stood waiting patiently, looking at his mistress.

СI see you have heard about our ways already well then, lie down and prepareor should I tell them to make you? Lei Chen said softly to the quivering eighteen year old. The girl gave one despairing look towards Charlotte and Mia before slowly lying down on her back. Lei Chen smiled, holding out her hand for the strange, black glove. She spoke softly once more. СPoor thing, she know whats coming next Charlotte watched transfixed as Soo Ann now lifted her legs, bending her thighs back until they were pressed tightly against her breasts. The eunuch placed the bamboo pole centrally across the crooks of Soo Anns knees whilst the other one fastened two straps on the girls wrists, leaving the long ends from each one hanging loose.

Then, before Soo Ann could do anything else, the two eunuchs suddenly leaned heavily on her shins, bending her knees down over the pole and pressing her calves hard against her thighs whilst the third one knelt to tug her hands under the pole. He tied the trailing ends from the cuffs tightly together and, immediately Soo Anns wrists were secured, the other released her, the natural tension of the girls limbs locking her against the bar, unable to do anything, or move any part of her body except her head and feet.

Two of them lifted the pole, the girls body swinging down so her head and shoulders pointed to the floor and her parted buttocks faced upwards. Carrying Soo Ann like some obscenely split parcel, the eunuchs rested the bamboo pole carefully in the U-shaped hollows at the top of the uprights, leaving the young maid hanging, head down and folded tightly round the bar. Her breasts were squashed and concealed by the pressure of her thighs against her chest, but the dark rosette of her anus and the plump, split bulge of her cunt were stretched open unbearably by the dreadful position she was in.

Lei Chen looked at Charlotte and then across at Soo Ann, gently swinging between the uprights. СThe eunuchs call this little treatment the Сgoats kiss, she whispered in Charlottes ear, holding up the black glove... In old times it was a favourite punishment to bind a straying wife like that and then let a goat lick salt from her flesh Just imagine, that tongue, lapping and licking and you not able to move or stretch a muscle Charlotte gasped in shock as the woman ran the palm of the strange black glove over her out-thrust breast. It was like tiny claws against her skin, worse than any sandpaper or bristle! СGoats are so unreliable, Lei Chen purred. СWith this glove the effect is the same but we can control how much she feelsand for how long.

She let the glove drag down Charlottes breast again, this time the little barbs felt like fire and Charlotte cried out aloud, feeling as if the flesh was being stripped from her nipple as the mass of hooked, needle-like barbs caressed her body. СThe palm of the glove is covered with the skin from one of our local fishes, like a shark but rougher, much more stimulating for the victim, I find

The woman smiled, Сremember the story and watch as your maid enjoys the ecstasy of the gloves kiss. One of her helpers, a slim, black-haired girl with a narrow waist and tiny, bud-like breasts took the glove, pulling it carefully on her right hand as she walked back to the cradle holding Soo Ann.

СNow it begins, Lucy will attend to that one and Weh Ma will see to your pleasures with me, Lei Chen murmured softly, watching the struggles of the terrified girl. СIn a moment she will sing for us a song begging for Lucy to go on pleasuring her and then, in a little while why, she will scream and offer us anything anything at all, if only Lucy will stop stroking her cunt. Lei Chen laughed softly, watching the girl shed called Lucy kneeling to face the girls tightly curved buttocks, looking eagerly at the wide cleft of her body lying open and waiting for her attentions.

Charlotte saw the first, delicate caress, just a gently stroking along the soft lips, the fingers trailing over the mouth of Soo Anns vagina and across the crinkled flesh of her anus.

Charlotte winced against her own bonds as she heard Soo Anns muffled gasp, a sound repeated more loudly as Lucy continued to stroke the tiny vicious barbs of the glove across the maid's most secret flesh. Watching the slow, deliberate torture, Charlotte could see Soo Anns head twisting and shaking, her feet working madly as she sought to release the dreadful stimulation of the glove against her exposed sex.

In minutes, the gasps and little cries were louder and more frequent, sounding almost familiar in tone. Charlotte suddenly understood that Soo Ann was already on the brink of orgasm, forced to a peak by her confinement and the rasping friction of the glove. As the cries became wilder the pole rocked and trembled in the stand. Then, Charlotte felt Lei Chens fingers teasing the wet lips of her own sex, bringing her a sudden hot arousal as she watched Soo Ann bucking and straining against her confining straps, trying to ride the spasms of her climax without being able to stretch or move at all.

Now the cries were more intense, more desperate as the gloves scraping, flaying masturbation continued. Charlotte, fighting the remorseless stimulation of her own body, could see the moisture coating the inside of Soo Anns thighs and realised that Lucy had not yet parted the lips of the girls cunt. Charlotte shuddered as she imagined the feeling of that barbed glove rasping against the button of Soo Anns clitoris, as it would surely do so soon.

Lei Chen nodded at the other girl, the one shed called Weh Ma, who was enjoying the sight of her friend working on the maid's body. СBring me a rod, the ivory one with the vine pattern, and help me bring our English guest to her first pleasuring. The girl hurried into the darkness, returning holding a thick, carved phallus. Charlotte, knowing it was for her own impalement, hissed in anticipation and fear as she saw the exaggerated bulb of the helmet and the way the thick curving shaft was covered with a sharply raised decoration of twining vine stems and leaves.

СSlowly, Weh Ma, let us take her slowly Obediently, the girl slid the black shaft along the wet length of Charlottes cunt, wringing more gasps from the Englishwoman as the deliberately raised decorations teased and fretted against the tender flesh. СThe glove will force that one to come again in a few more minutes, Lei Chen said, watching as the gleaming wet phallus slid to and fro along the moist valley of Charlottes body. СNow, make our English guest join her as she comes Obediently, the girl moved the dildo, searching with the rounded crest until Charlotte groaned, arching against her ties, as the flaring bulb pressed into her vagina. The groans increased as the Englishwoman felt the slow, stretching tension building up.


Lei Chen smiled tenderly at the girl working the phallus into Charlottes body. They both knew the sudden cry signalled that the massive bulb had popped fully through the ring of muscle at the entrance to Charlottes vagina and the rest of the thick, carved shaft could now be worked slowly up inside her. Lei Chen watched, her breathing slow and heavy as the black shaft disappeared inch by inch into Charlottes cunt. The girl gently moved and twisted the thick column as she worked, using the raised decoration expertly to stimulate and tease Charlottes most delicate tissues.

СAh, ah, oh yes, yes nЧn-now, p-p-please, ah, Oh God yes, YES! Charlotte gabbled wildly, her cries joining with Soo Anns as the black glove continued to flay the maid's labia and the soft mouth of her vagina.

СNow Charlotte, let your pleasure come for me, Lei Chen whispered. One finger wriggled delicately into the front of the Englishwomans cleft, stroking the little button of her clitoris as the girl moved the ivory phallus with a long deliberate rhythm. Together, the two women slowly forced Charlotte to a shaking, bucking climax, a climax mirrored by the frantic and increasingly desperate cries from the frame where Lucy attentions were bringing Soo Ann to a peak for a second time.

СGo on now, Lucy bring her off again while she can still feel it properly, make her ready for me Lei Chen, hot with her own desire, threw aside the gauzy wrap and let the ties of her cache sexe come loose so that Charlotte could see the wet, shaven lips of her cunt for the first time. СLet the rod take this one again whilst she brings me pleasure. Lei Chen ordered, her voice thick with lust. She straddled Charlottes head, pressing her sex down over the Englishwomans face as the girl began to slide the thick curving phallus in and out of Charlottes body with a long driving motion that pressed the massive bulb right against the mouth of her cervix with each thrust, building her towards her peak once again.

Lei Chen gave a cry of delight as she felt Charlottes tongue begin to wriggle and flicker against her own clitoris The woman was so aroused by the scenes in the chamber that she only needed a few moments of that special, slippery caress to feel the growing excitement of hurrying towards of her own orgasm Clutching at Charlottes long hair she could feel the Englishwomans cries and spasms of uncontrollable sensation as the driving phallus brought her to her second climax in as many minutes.


Soo Anns scream of unbearable pleasure and agony ripped through the chamber. The shrill, desperate sound served to enhance Lei Chens own rising pleasure as she rubbed her body frantically against the Englishwomans face. Below her, Charlottes efforts redoubled as the raised designs along the shaft dragged new and delicious sensations from her body as she rode her own peak.

Lei Chen suddenly broke free of the tethered body below her and hurried across to the bound figure of Soo Ann. Kneeling astride the maidservant's dangling head she looked into the hot cruel eyes of the girl, Lucy. СNow, Lucy, part her lips and make her scream into me, strip her cunt raw so I may feel her agony against my body... she commanded. Lucy grinned in anticipation as she used her free hand to spread Soo Anns red and weeping labia. She paused, waiting for her mistress to lower herself against the young girl's mouth, and then she started stroking the tender, wet groove, letting the fingers of the cruel glove rasp across the little nerve bud at the top of her cleft.


Charlotte, still bucking helplessly as the girl continued to work the ivory dildo within her body, looked across in horror as the squeal of agony erupted from her maid. Lei Chens body half muffled the sound and Charlotte could see the look of ecstasy on the womans face as the girls agony brought new sensations to her cunt. Watching her mistress in a duet of pain, Mia stroked and scraped Soo Anns flesh unbearably so that the wild screams and frantic head movements took Lei Chen remorselessly to a shuddering climax.

Lifting herself from the body of the young girl a few moments later, Lei Chen looked down at her anguished, tear-stained face, now glazed with the moisture of her tormentors orgasm. СThat was the pleasure my little one now feel the Sultans pain as Mia uses the glove inside your body

As she walked back towards the spread-eagled Englishwoman, her, the girl slowly withdrew the shaft from Charlottes heaving, twisting body. Lei Chen replaced her black, silk cache sexe and turned to watch as Mia slowly pushed one gloved finger into Soo Anns body. This time the scream was almost inhuman, the ties creaking wildly as the maid heaved in desperation against her bondage as the glove stripped the skin from the insides of her vagina.

Now Charlotte understood the horror of the punishment Soo Ann faced. The gentle, deliberate stroking would go on and on, first making the skin red and sore, then abrading away the top layer and finally flaying the delicate flesh of the girls cunt into a mass of raw, weeping tissue with every sweeping touch of the devilish glove ripping fresh agony from the tortured nerve endings. Bound as she was, the little maidservant could do nothing to relieve the terrible scratching bite of the glove. The pressure on her body meant that she was also gasping and crying for breath, unable to fill her lungs completely so she face the added torment of slow suffocation as the torture continued.

For the next half an hour Charlotte tried desperately to block the sounds of her maid's agony. At first, Soo Ann had been forced repeatedly through a cycle of pleasure and pain as Mia had worked her to climax after climax. Then the agony had taken over and her voice had cracked and died to a gasping reedy whisper as her throat gave out from the continual screaming. Now, as Mia worked on with the same steady rhythm, the upturned valley of Soo Anns sex was red with blood and each new pass of the glove only brought fresh whimpers from the broken girl.

Lucy looked up, СMistress, she is not responding any more. Should I go on, or shall we try something else?

Lei Chen looked at where Mia knelt, braced like Charlotte against a bamboo frame. СNo, Take that one away we will play with her again later. Bring on the Tiger the other maid can show us her riding skills for a while. Soo Ann screamed just once more as two of the eunuchs carried her out through the archway towards the cells. Charlotte watched her disappear and then heard Mia cry out as she was forced to stand up right, held by Lucy and the other eunuch. The two men returned and quickly removed the wooden uprights leaving the centre of the floor clear once more. At a gesture from Lei Chen they hurried to fetch the next piece of equipment, the СTiger shed requested.

The device they now placed in position was made of brass and red lacquered wood. Below the carving and ornate gold decoration Ann could see the basic design was similar to the frame theyd use to hold Soo Ann, a sturdy base with two metal uprights, but this time a bar joined the uprights. The thin steel bars top edge was wavy, forming a series of small, rounded peaks down its length. As Charlotte studied the ornate device, the eunuchs fiddled with the fastenings on the uprights. The centre bar suddenly dropped until it was low enough to step over. Lei Chen signalled for Mia to be brought forward.

СThis is our own little СTiger, specially designed for girls like you to ride. Go on, step astride the bar Pushed very gently by the two girls, Mia stood as she was told with her feet on either side of the polished steel bar. СNow, we dont want anything interfering with your enjoyment, do we, so At her signal one of the eunuchs began binding Mias arms up behind her back, each wrist pulled hard across to the opposite elbow before he lashed the young maid's forearms carefully together. That done, he knelt, pushing Mias knees apart so he could tie each one to the end of a short bamboo pole. Mia was left helpless, straddled across the bar and unable to close her legs to protect her body

СLift her Charlotte, biting her lip in the knowledge of what they were going to do to her maid, watched the bar being raised until it just touched the lips of Mias sex. Lei Chen leaned over, gently parting the girls labia so the bar slipped up between them. СOn tiptoe now she whispered to the shivering girl as they lifted the bar still higher. Mia was arched up, her toes already white with strain when Lei Chen finally signalled the men to stop raising the bar. She studied the girls pose for a moment, slipped her hands between her legs to check the seating of the ridged blade and then idly pinched one of the maids stubby nipples before moving back to where Charlotte knelt, still strapped to her frame.

СYou can watch her riding as I bring your pleasure on again. This time we do not touch her she will ride all by herself for as long as I wish. Her fingers moved to Charlottes tender cunt and the Englishwoman grunted in pain as Lei Chen stroked the wet lips once again.

СWould you like to ride my ivory man once more? Charlotte, still sore from the Weh Mas long expert masturbation with the dildo, shook her head frantically. СI thought not She turned to the girl, whod been using the ivory phallus on Charlotte, СWeh Ma, fetch me a tongue, one of the little ones The girl giggled as she hurried to do her mistresss bidding. СSomething new for you to try, Lei Chen said softly as Weh Ma handed her a little silk bundle. She unwrapped a small object and held it up for Anna to study. СSee

Charlotte looked at the curious red toy her tormentor was holding. A small handle, dimpled across its surface for a better grip, tapered down to a curving, narrow neck. As Lei Chen turned the object in her hand, Anna could see that the curving neck was flattened from side to side, almost like a blunt blade and the tiny tip ended in a little bulb. Turning the handle so the blade of the tongue curved up Lei Chen looked at her pinioned victim hungrily. СThis will bring your pleasure on despite anything you try to do. It will only search out one place but you will feel an agony of sensation with every touch Weh Ma, attend to our guests breasts while I let the tongue have its first taste of her body

Charlotte braced herself for whatever this fiendish woman was about to do to her but shivered involuntarily as she felt Weh Mas nails scratching lightly over the tender skin of her aureoles. She tried desperately to think of anything, anything at all other than the delicious, maddening arousal of those fingers circling her nipples. Lei Chen waited patiently as her young helper brought the pink tips to full erection, enjoying the sight of Weh Ma holding the creamy globes cupped in her small hands so that she could nibble and lick each stiff bud in turn.

The slow masturbation of the Englishwoman was interrupted by a sudden cry from the girl riding the bar. All of them looked across to the lacquered frame as they heard the sharp outraged squeal of pain. Mias leg muscles had finally tired, letting her to drop down onto the rounded steel edge. The cruel pressure against her cunt was too much and she had forced herself up onto her toes again. СAaah, Lei Chen purred in satisfaction. СNow her ride really begins

СIiiiiiiiih! Mia squealed as she sank down onto the bar again only moments later. Charlotte could see her maid's face screwed up in agony as she tried to balance the pain of the bar and the burning fire in her leg muscles. She gasped at the strain and rose jerkily onto her toes once more. Charlotte finally understood. Mia, trapped on the fiendish device, would be forced to Сride up and down continually on the torturing bar, the pain in her cunt and legs growing and growing until she collapsed.

СNow to introduce you to my little pleasure tongue, look down and watch for yourself as it searches for your most delicate place Charlotte peered down between the sharp peaks of her breasts, watching fixedly as Lei Chen eased the curved blade between her exposed labia, lifting the handle so the tip burrowed up between the soft, wet lips. Already breathing hard from Weh Mas attentions, she stifled a cry as she felt the blades exquisite tickling deep in the sensitive, wet slot of her cunt. Charlotte tensed her muscles; only too aware of the place Lei Chen was seeking as she moved the scarlet blade so delicately between the folds of her sex.


Charlotte couldnt help the cry as she arched back helplessly at the shock of sensation blazing though her. СOh God, ah, ah, p-p-pleas AAAH! She bucked again, unable to control the spasms as Lei Chen found the place she wanted, wriggling the little pointed bulb very slowly under the hood of flesh to nuzzle directly against the hard stub of her clitoris.

The bulb moved again, teasing and twirling so that Charlotte jolted and jerked, the bamboo frame creaking softly as she strained at her bonds. СOh p-please, dont, dont do that, too much n-n-no t-t-too much p-please AAAAHHHH! Charlotte sobbed as the woman gently turned and moved the little tongue within her cunt.

СGive her something else to feel, play with her for me she ordered Weh Ma. The girl moved behind Charlotte, standing against her bound arms so she could reach down to tease and pinch the Englishwomans breasts as she watched her mistress bringing Charlotte remorselessly to another climax. Charlotte wriggled frantically as she felt the girls fingers tormenting her tender breasts once more, but she was also desperate for the wonderful sensations now teasing her clitoris to continue. Her cries became more pleading, more desperate as she felt the tongue tickling her very core, building her up to that delicious peak she now wanted so badly.

She heard Lei Chens voice, Сuse your nails on the tips, hard as you like shes there again already Then the avalanche swept down, a crashing flood of sensation as Charlotte Conway reached her third orgasm in the Sultans torture chamber.

СN-N-N-N-Aaaah! Y-y-yes YES, YES! GO ON! Ah, AH ARRRRGGGGGH! Oh yes, thats it y-yes, Oh, oh, oh, aaaaaah!

The two tormentors smiled at each other as they looked at the sweat soaked figure hanging against the bamboo frame. Two or three more orgasms to come, thought Lei Chen, and then then they could begin to find out the Englishwomans reactions to pain as well as pleasure.

Waiting for Charlotte Conway to recover, Lei Chen looked across at the bar and the gently moving, moaning figure of the young maidservant. Time for something else, something sharper for them to enjoy, she thought.

СLet her dismount, she ordered, gesturing at Mias rocking figure, still fighting to balance the agonies in her sex and the burning muscles of her thighs and calves. СGet rid of that thing and put her on a pole Lucy can try her skill with a cane while she feels the shaft within her.

Mia was lifted off the bar, her arms freed to allow her the luxury of clutching at her aching groin as the richly ornamented frame was removed. One of the eunuchs flipped a rope over a hook set in the vaulted roof then the others carried a heave metal disc, about two feet across, into the middle of the clear area letting it fall with a crash to rest immediately beneath the rope. As it came to rest, Charlotte slowly began to take in what was happening as her breathing came back to normal and the spasms of her orgasm subsided. She watched blankly as the girl called Lucy placed two small boxes on either side of the heavy metal plate then bent down to help the eunuchs fit a metal pole into a socket in the middle of the disc.

СOh no, no you cant, oh poor Mia, it will kill her Charlotte whispered aghast as she saw the ridged shaft and bulbous head that crowned the metal pole. She watched with a horrified fascination as Mias hands were prised away from her groin and tied tightly together before being clipped to the ceiling rope. The eunuchs pushed her up onto the little boxes, forcing her astride and then lifting her onto the rounded bulb of the shaft. As the girl felt the oversized dome of the helmet stretching the opening of her sex she began to babble frantically, twisting and turning against the unyielding hands of her tormentors.

Her sudden gabble of fear was the signal for the rope to be hauled taut, tightening until her upstretched arms were taking most of Mias weight. Charlotte gasped with horror when the eunuchs abruptly pulled the boxes away so her maid was hanging with just the rounded tip of the thick shaft lodged in the entrance to her vagina. СThey will lower her very slowly until she is on tiptoe once more, Lei Chen whispered, stroking the sweat-slick nipple of Charlottes left breast. СThen Lucy will use the cane on her Her hand moved down, stroking and cupping the fullness of Charlottes bottom. СStarting here but not neglecting the fingers returned to tickle Charlottes nipples, Сthese little places also...

Charlotte didnt see the rope move but Mia suddenly started scrabbling madly at the pole with her feet, trying to press them against the polished surface to get some grip, any kind of grip that would support her and stop the slow impalement that was beginning to stretch her vagina so unbearably.

СWatch, Lucy knows how to deal with that little game Lei Chen said, a cruel enjoyment evident in her voice. Charlotte saw the girl running her hands across Mias sweating body before she bent to kneel in front of the pole and the maid's scrabbling legs. Looking back at her mistress she smiled like a big cat with its prey as she rubbed her moist hands up and down the polished pole, leaving it slippery with Mias own sweat. She repeated the process, this time concentrating on the base of the pole just where Mias feet were beginning to find a tiny amount of friction to help support her body.

СAaaaaiiiiiiih, NOOOOoooooooo!

Mia wailed in anguish and tortured frustration as Mia stroked her up stretched body. The girl leaned close to tickle the helpless maid under the arms, forcing her to wriggle even more violently as her feet slithered uselessly against the sweat-slick metal of the pole.

The cries and screams continued for the next five minutes as Mia was lowered very slowly onto the thick phallus crowning the metal pole. Finally, one toe scraped the base of the metal disc, then the other. The eunuchs continued lowering until she was able to rest the balls of her feet on the metal base. Charlotte watched her maidservant's face, the grimaces and contortions as she tried to cope with the thickness of the ribbed shaft within her body. All attempts at trying to grip the pole with her feet were ended and she stood very still, the pole disappearing deep inside her cunt, her arms at full stretch above her head.

СOh Mia, oh my darling, are you all right? Charlotte cried out.

Mia looked across at the bamboo frame where her mistress was still splayed open, Lei Chens hand just tracing over the contours of one creamy breast. СNot so bad now, Mistress, but my legs are still so sor Aaaaah! Lucy wrung the cry from the little maid by simply holding her hips, turning her round on the pole a little way and then swinging her back to face her mistress. Charlotte bit her own lip, realising how the movement must have scraped the sharp ridges on the embedded phallus against Mias flesh.

СNow you can watch as Lucy uses the cane and its time your own cries joined your servant's as you enjoy my little tongue again. Charlotte shuddered uncontrollably as Lei Chens fingers moved over her body. She started panting, desperately trying to prepare herself for the torturing ecstasy of yet another climax, trying to ignore the maddening sensations as the expert fingers tweaked and stroked the soft, sensitive trigger points of her body.

Lei Chen once more concentrated on the tender pink peaks of Charlottes breasts, working them back to rigid stubs that stood proud of the creamy globes. She nodded at Weh Ma who fetched a small, carved box from the side of the chamber. Opening it, she showed the contents to the bound Englishwoman. Charlotte looked blankly at the two small golden serpents heads nestling against the red silk lining. Weh Ma smiled, lifting the finger sized objects out to show her how they were linked by a fine gold chain.

It was only when she pressed a serpents head, and the mouth opened to reveal a line of triangular steel teeth, that Charlotte understood

СNo, no, please, please you cant. Not there, not on me, I cant please theyre too sore, please, p-p-p-please

Lei Chen laughed softly. СBut this is such a little thing and besides, you cannot do anything to stop it, can you? She took the first clip, holding the golden jaws apart so she could place it over the jutting peak of Charlottes left breast. СFeel the serpents sting Charlotte watched as the jaws closed on her nipple. She gasped as she felt the teeth biting into the already tender pink flesh and then gritted her own teeth as the pain of the spring-loaded jaws lanced through her body.

Lei Chen studied the Englishwomans reactions carefully, and then smiled in evil anticipation as she slapped the side of the curving globe very softly. СAaaah! Charlotte gasped as the blow made the fullness of her breast jiggle so that the little clamp on her nipple danced and wiggled, the jaws working into the flesh and sending more stabbing pains through Charlottes already exhausted body.

Lei Chen played with her victim for another five minutes before she held out her hand for Weh Ma to give her the other clip. This time, knowing exactly what was coming, Charlotte managed to control her first gasp of pain as the teeth closed on her right nipple. But, as the two women began to work together, Lei Chen continuing with her rhythm of soft slaps whilst Weh Ma tugged and pulled at the gold linking chain, Charlottes control broke.

СAaaah, please, no, Ah, ahhhh! No, Nooo, Please, please d-d-d-dont. P-please stop, stop, STOP! Her torturers enjoyed the cries, smiling at each other as the Englishwoman surged and pleaded beneath their cruel and busy hands.

On her own in the middle of the whitewashed chamber, Mia was trying to concentrate on two things at once. The sight of her mistress writhing on the bamboo frame and the thin, whippy cane that Lucy was flexing between her hands.

Sated for a moment, Lei Chen stopped the remorseless treatment of Charlottes teats and let the Englishwoman slump down against the polished bamboo frame. Weh Ma gave the gold chain a final tug and then reached across to remove the tiny beads of blood from the serpents jaws. She picked up the empty box and vanished silently into the darkness.

Lei Chen studied the hanging figure for a moment. СBehind, I think, Lucy to start with anyway. Weh Ma will help you. See if the two of you can bring her off with the cane alone. Like you did with that merchants daughter last week. She smiled at the memory. СRemember her fat father babbling where the money was so that wed stop and the daughter pleading for you to go on and on She stopped, replaying the scene as the young woman had screamed in ecstasy under the beating. СAnd if not, she can share the tongue with her mistress in a few minutes

Lucy rubbed her own small breasts, their peaks hard with the excitement of the things she was about to do to the eighteen year old hanging impaled on the thick shaft in front of her. She grinned as Weh Ma, carrying another of the thin, whippy canes, joined her on the other side of their victim. Mias head jerked frantically from side to side, trying unsuccessfully to watch as her two young torturers prepared to begin flogging her buttocks.


Lucys first stroke sliced across the crest of each firm mound with a crisp, sharp sound. The whippy cane curling across the summits to flick agonisingly against the opposite cheek so that Mia cried out, jerking as far as she could on the impaling rod.


The first cut from Weh Ma mirrored the one from Lucy. Hearing Mias second, semi-stifled cry and watching her twitching on the pole that thrust so deeply into her body, Charlotte suddenly noticed that Weh Ma was left handed. Between them, the two girls were able to keep a constant rain of blows coming from either side. No matter how Mia wriggled, every part of her bottom was going to be thrashed unmercifully.

Thwick thock thwick thock thwick thock

The two canes sliced in from either side. Within minutes Mia was gasping and crying aloud in earnest as the rain of blows, none of them really heavy but all hard enough to raise a stinging mark across her soft brown bottom cheeks, began to build up a crescendo of agony as stripe recrossed stripe and the skin of each buttock was slowly brought to a glowing redness.

СARRRGH! Pleeeassse, not, no no, NOOoooooo! Ah, Ah! AH! NOOOOoooooooooo!

Mia began screaming uncontrollably as the incessant stinging pain became too much. In her agony she moved and twisted on the thick phallus lodged in her vagina. Now, the cunningly place ridges did their work, rubbing and stimulating her inner flesh to a frenzy. Gradually, the tone of the screams changed. The two girls exchanged knowing glances as they realised that the young maidservant was going to climax in a few minutes. Brought to an unwilling peak by the flogging, and the incessant movement on the buried dildo Mia was unable to help herself pain and pleasure had joined in her mind and all she wanted was the release of coming.

СYou must join her as she reaches her pleasure Lei Chen whispered, fingers once more reaching for the clips that still gripped the hot, swollen stubs of Charlottes nipples. СAre you ready for another taste of my little Tongue

СAH! God no! No, no, please, no, no more. I cant, please dont touch me, please, leave me alone

СShhh, dont waste your breath. I told you how it must be I will bring your pleasure on until you have no strength even to cry out at the peak of ecstasy. And then then there will be pain She twisted the clips so that Charlotte squealed and surged against the ropes. СPain which will make this feel as nothing Picking up the little red Tongue form the floor, Lei Chen traced the tiny rounded tip over the sweat-slick curves of Charlottes breasts before running it downwards towards the wet, swollen lips of her cunt. The Sultans chief torturer smiled as she watched the Englishwoman struggling against her bonds. СShall I begin?

'Aaah n-n-n-no, no dont p-please d-d-d-d-don. AAAAHHHH! Charlotte gasped and pleaded as she felt the little ivory blade of the Tongue once again slipping gently between her labia. Her words broke off in a breathless cry of protest as the rounded tip quickly returned to nuzzle under the little hood of flesh. Lei Chen paused, waiting for Charlotte to relax, before moving the Tongue again, using the tiny bulb against her clitoris so that she writhed and screamed dementedly at the unbearable sensations created by even the slightest movement of her tormentors hand.

Lei Chen, playing the Englishwomans body with devilish skill, was also listening to the cries of Charlottes maid as her two helpers used the thin bamboos to lash her into a frenzy of lust. She snapped a command to the eunuchs in the darkness at the side of the chamber and they slackened the rope holding her up

Impaled on the thick bronze phallus, the maidservant squealed manically, working her self up and down in a frenzy of release as the caning spurred her over the edge. The screams of her mistress filled her ears as both women were forced to climax at the expert hands of their torturers. It was only as the rain of blows from the canes ceased that Mia discovered the new horror she faced.

Holding her self on tiptoe once again, Mia tried to recover from the effects of her orgasm. Slowly, her breathing eased and she was able to take a little of the strain on her arms. Her respite was short. СMy Lady says to warm these now Lucys voice sounded in her ear and Mia felt the soft, teasing fingers of the two girls caressing and tugging the points of her small, high breasts

Unseen in the dimness of the entrance to the cells, the Sultan watched as the maid screamed and writhed on her metal stake. His gaze moved to where the Englishwoman knelt astride on her bamboo frame. He smiled as he studied the heaving flanks, the shining sweat soaked skin and the gold serpents gripping the pink peaks of her breasts. As usual, the Lady Lei Chen had prepared her victim well.

Now the traitors agony could begin.

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Command Performance [CORTEZ]

Command Performance

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

Command Performance

СLeft, left here for Christs sake! screamed the woman, craning round to see if they could make the turn before the pursuing police car came into view. Instantly, the car slewed across the highway and onto the road leading into an exclusive residential area. A rich, prosperous neighbourhood of large isolated houses, each assured of privacy at the end of long driveways cut back through the stands of mature pines. СWelcome to Placid Hills proclaimed the board, Сplease drive with courtesy at all times.

СKid, slow up and do like the sign says, dont want some snooping biddy reporting a speeder do we

The man, a strong, heavily built figure in his forties, grimaced and grunted but let the cars speed fall back below the limit. СHope you know what youre doin, Glenda turning off aint goin to fool em long. He wiped one hand on his grubby white singlet and patted the stubby automatic on the seat beside him. СBetter to deal with one hick cop than a whol

СShut up moaning a moment, she cut in impatiently. СI told you I had a plan. Look for 3425 red mailbox and a paved drive to a big place almost hidden in the trees thats the one we want. As they drove along the twisting country road, the woman checked the numbers on the mailboxes. She was in her mid thirties, attractive, little make-up and with streaked blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. Deeply tanned, she had an air of hardness and command about her. She looked cool and elegant against the scruffy off-white singlet and well-worn jeans of her companion.

A flush of excitement from the robbery and the frantic getaway heightened her tan against the thin fabric of her cream, halter-neck dress. It was clear from the low cut back and plunging СV of the front that she wore nothing beneath it where the material stretched taut over the firm high curves of her breasts, her long nipples showed as hard, sharp spikes.

A wide belt with a square, gold buckle emphasised her slim waist whilst, adding to the blatant sexual display, her long, slim legs were sheathed in black stockings. Shed kicked off her black patent stilettos and had curled her feet under her, allowing her skirt to ride up on her thighs revealing an edge of stocking top in the process. Her whole figure showed the trim shape and fitness someone who was serious about regular exercise.

Suddenly, Glenda leaned forwards, one long red nail stabbing out towards the roadside. СThere, red box, that one that one, drive in Kid swung the Chevy onto the driveway and idled up to the large house. To one side an attached double garage stood open, the metal up and over door fully raised. СOh yeah, just as she said, wide open. Go on, Kid into the garage then pull the door down behind us. Obedient to her orders the man pulled the white Chevy into the empty garage, scrambling out to pull the long metal door down behind them.

The door had only just closed when they heard the rising wail of a police siren. Kid lifted his automatic, grunting in relaxation as the car raced past without pause. Waiting until the sound of the siren had died away he waved the gun at Glenda in anger. СYou knew about this place? How, how come you didnt tell me? And what are you goin to need those goddam toys of yours for?

The woman smiled at his puzzlement and frustration as she picked up a large black sports bag from the back seat. СBecause theres someone here someone whos going to give us both a lot of fun whilst we wait for the heat to die down didnt you say doin a job always gets you extra horny? She turned away. СCome on, shell be practising out back She laughed at Kids baffled expression СPracticing piano, dummy her names Helene and shes eighteen and shes all ours

The two fugitives made their way carefully though the kitchen and across the wooden floor of the hallway to the back of the house. The woman stopped at a solid door. СDaddys a slob, but a wealthy slob built this big room on the back so dear Helene can practice the piano undisturbed and guess what its sound proof! She eased the door a fraction, the rubber gasket swooshing softly as it opened to let the sound of a piano filter out.

Glenda held the door and looked her companion straight in the eye. СYou let me start things off just wave the gun and do your usual Сdangerous and nasty expression so she gets the idea of co-operatin real quick Ill see you get what you want all nice and tight and wetokay?

Kid nodded she was definitely the boss. At this moment all he was concerned about was the thickening bulge in his jeans and the chance to fuck some unwilling teenager. Especially with the added excitement of watching Glenda use her Сtoys on the girl until she was reduced to being their own private and panting fuck slave. Yeah, trust Glenda to have a new victim all lined up hiding out here was gonna be fun

Glenda pushed the door wide so they could both see the entire studio. It was clear that serious money had been spentA gleaming black grand piano took pride of place at one end. It was standing on a circle of polished wood inset into very expensive fitted carpet in a quiet, deep blue colour. Against the far wall was a couch with other chairs, stools and music stands scattered round the room. Books, music and top of the range audio and video equipment filled the shelves lining either side of the heavy, padded door.

They could see everything. No harsh neon tubes here, just ceiling spots highlighting the piano and softer, warmer wall lights giving the rest of the large room a relaxed, welcoming air. Wooden slatted blinds, together with long drapes whose colour complimented the blue of the carpet, protected the triple glazed windows and allowed either a view of the surrounding pine trees beyond the clearing or complete privacy.

The music stopped with an abrupt discord as the girl swung round, her face wide with shock at the sight of two strangers framed in the doorway. Glenda raised her finger to her lips but the girl still cried out as she caught sight of the automatic in Kids hand.

СSsssh! No silly noises now, Helene. Just sit quite still and you wont get hurt Glenda giggled to herself. That was a lie they were going to spend the rest of the day hurting her in all sorts of delicious ways She pressed her thighs together, feeling the sudden wetness as she looked at eighteen-year-old Helene Scott-Mason with growing excitement.

Like Glenda, Helene was a blonde, but her hair was a fine, shining gold in colour. Pretty rather than beautiful with wide blue eyes, she was dressed for casual comfort. A loose high-necked sweater with short, ruffled sleeves hid much of the girls figure although it was just tight enough to hint that she was certainly all grown up in some vital respects.

Her skirt was sensible rather than flattering. With her blonde hair tied in bunches with red ribbons, long bare legs and trainers and perched on the padded leather music stool, Helene Mason-Scott looked a lot younger than eighteen at that moment. She stared back at the two invaders white-faced with shock and horror.

СW-who are you? Why are you here? H-how d-do you know my n-name?

СTake the couch, Kid, listen and relax while Helene here tells you a little story The man swaggered past the shivering teenager, leering at her before sprawling back on the sofa. Glenda put her hands on the girls shoulders, turning her back to face the keyboard. СAll these questions, Helene such a pity theres no one here no one to help at all. After all dear Daddys away in Paris busy being fucked by Melissa I expect

Her hands stroked the girls shoulders, caressing the soft flesh of her neck as Helene jerked back in shock at the mention of her stepmothers name. Glenda tightened her grip, forcing her to keep facing front as she tried to turn. СM-Melissa? Do you know my stepmother? The girls voice trembled, tears trickling down her soft cheeks

The womans long scarlet nails moved down over the girls shoulders, teasing and stroking the upper swell of her breasts beneath the thin sweater. СLets say that she and I have shared some fun a few times Shes like me The hands moved lower, curving deliberately to cup the firm young bulbs as Glenda pressed herself into the girls trembling back. СEnjoys the taste of fresh young cunt something you know only too welldont you?

Glenda licked her lips as her fingers told her that beneath the expensive cashmere Helene was deliciously naked. СWell, well what do you know she murmured feathering lightly across the tips so the girl surged beneath her hands. СOh yes, she told me all about your naughty little adventures The hands pressed and stroked more firmly. СAnd youre going to tell my friend Kid Look, hes excited already. Glenda blew softly in the lobe of Helenes ear so she jerked round, facing the sofa where Kid was sprawled with legs out spread.

The teenager flushed scarlet, catching her breath with a shocked gasp at the sight of Kids unzipped jeans and the thick, heavily veined shaft of his cock jutting back against his belly. His piggy eyes were fixed on the blushing teenager as he slowly rubbed his fingers up and down the shaft, each stroke making the heavy helmet bob gently, the slit already glistening with the first fluids of his arousal.


СOh yes, youre going to be sucking real deep on that in a moment But first youre going to tell Kid what happened when Melissa first caught you in the bedroom

СYou mean

Glendas fingers found the girls nipples once more, slowly circling each one, feeling them rouse and stiffen, despite her obvious terror, under the scraping stimulation of her long nails through the fabric. СYes that morning when she found you with your fingers in your cunt and a silly expression on your face Tell Kid what happened next

СI cant, I just c.


Glendas hand smacked against Helenes cheek like a pistol shot, rocking the girls head sideways. СYou do what we tell you, you stupid bitch! Now TELL HIM! Or Ill slap you stupid

СAaaahhh! Please, please no

Helene looked straight ahead, trying to ignore the stinging redness in one cheek and the awful, thrilling feeling of the womans fingers teasing her nipples. СS-she made me stand up, stand in front of her while she sat on a chair

СLouder, go on, louderTell Kid what were you wearing, and how you had to stand go on tell him or

СJ-just a tee shirt N-nothing else she made me stand up straight with my hands behind my head and my feet apart then s-she she

СTell him or. Glenda lifted one hand in threat.

СI-I had to stand close; so her knees were between my legs and I couldnt bring them together. Then she lifted my tee shirt over m-my-my-my.

СTits, go on bitch, say it she lifted my tee shirt over my tits

More tears ran down Helenes face as she obeyed in a whisper. As she repeated the words, so Glenda mimicked Melissas actions lifting the front hem of the teenagers top pulling the soft fabric up and up until it scraped over the deliciously tanned curves and her pert, naked breasts popped free.

From the sofa there was a muffed groan as Kid stroked himself more rapidly at the sight of Helenes firm young tits with their hard, pink nipples being exposed and caressed so slowly and deliberately by another woman.

СSee, youre getting Kid all worked up guess youll have to suck him off in a minute before he explodes then we can play a little before you get to ride that cock properly Glenda rolled her fingers, listening to the sudden rapid breaths as Helene reacted to her words and the clever insistent fondling that was shooting sparks of illicit pleasure through her tender pink nubs. СBut, dont forget the rest of the story or do you need another reminder?

The fingers pinched the pink teats in warning, making Helene jerk and gulp air. СShe m-made me stand still, very still as she t-touched me just with the ti t-t-tip of one f-f-finger. She made me Helene squeezed her eyes shut and leaned forwards, overcome with shame.

Glenda pulled her back until she was sitting upright and slowly licked the girls ear, working the tip of her tongue round the delicate whorls so that the teenager shivered and trembled violently with a mixture of delight and fear. Glendas voice was soft with lust, one hand lifting the edge of her own skirt so she could stroke the hot, wet silk of her panties, raising her own excitement as she went on with the girls story to arouse Kid even more.

СShe made you cum didnt she just tickling your clit with her finger while you stood there isnt that right? Just once was it, Helene? Or did she go on tickling your clit make you cum a second time; made you cum so hard you wet yourself with excitement? Well?

СT-twice, I c-c-came twice and I w-w-wet myself The eighteen year old broke off, sobbing and Glenda let her bury her head in her hands as she lifted the big sports bag onto the polished lid of the piano. The sound of the zip opening brought Helenes head up once more, eyes widening as she saw Glendas Сtoys.

Glendas favourite was the first thing she placed on the polished top, a black rubber penis gag attached to a jumble of nylon straps, it had fittings that allowed a second dildo to be fixed to the flat end thus allowing a victim to give Glenda a delicious face fuck whilst still silenced by the thick latex cock.

СOh yes darling, these are my special toys she stroked another latex monstrosity, an evil looking black cone some twelve inches high and nearly three inches across at the base. Even more horrible to Helenes fear-filled eyes was the grape-sized bulb on the top and the series of bulbous rounded ridges at intervals all the way down. She shuddered at the thought of the slow, stretching torment of having such a terrible thing inserted into your body then shuddered even harder knowing that was exactly what was likely to be happening to her very soon indeed.

СBefore we start playing I guess wed better take care of Kid before he squirts all over that nice couch. So, lets get you ready Despite all Helenes gasps and protests of horror and revulsion, Glenda grinned as she noticed the teenager had not made any attempt to pull her top down.

СHands behind your back, my little come slut, Glenda whispered to the girl. СIts time for a different kind of performance. She giggled as she saw Helene clenching her fists against her knees defiantly. СAre you going to do it or should I ask Kid to mash your fingers in this piano lid a couple of times? Youre going to do what we want any way so hard or easy? Your choice! She giggled again, Сsilly to waste all that practice after all you cant play with broken fingers can you?

Helene whimpered as she slowly put her hands behind her. СP-please, please dont hurt me Ill do whatever you want but please dont kill me, pleaaaaaaah!

СThats it, bring your arms up and hold your elbows as she obeyed, the girl gasped in pain as Glenda jerked the loop of thin cord tight around her left wrist before lashing it to her right arm above the elbow. Two more twists around the other wrist and the same cinching tie on the other arm followed by a couple of hitches locked the cords tightly, Glenda made sure by pulling on the knots so that there was no chance of the girl getting free.

She reached round and pinched the teenagers hard, up tilted nipples. СTurn and look at Kid just think of how that cock is going to taste in a moment. Kids fingers stroked his glans, making the curving shaft jerk as he spread the drops of pre cum across the gleaming purplish helmet, eyes totally fixed on the writhing figure on the leather stool.

Glenda grinned at the sight and said quietly. СKid, that cock looks good and ready why not rest a minute and get that round stool over here that little black one that adjusts up and down should be just the right height for some nice wet mouth work from our friend.

Helene sobbed and pleaded in vain as Glenda pulled her to her feet, one hand on her bound wrists, the other keeping an agonising, pinching hold on one nipple that allowed her to control the desperate teenagers every movement. Her sobs became even more intense as she watched Kids thick, upcurving shaft bobbing and slapping against his lower belly as he moved the little round stool into position.

СNow, lets see whats under here Glendas hands pulled the plain sensible skirt into a crumpled ring round Helenes waist and both of them smiled at each other in evil delight. No regulation knickers for this one! Helenes face burned scarlet once again as the shiny silken vee of a minute pair of glossy black thong panties was revealed.

СOh, Kid look at those real slut panties Glendas long skilful fingers skimmed over the taut fabric one nail making a soft Сzzzzzzzzz as it scratched over the silky surface. СAnd shes wet too, so wet arent you, my hot little bitch? A single finger wormed between the eighteen year olds thighs, pressing inwards slightly so the line between her cunt lips showed through the sheer fabric.

СNot t-there, oh please dont t-t-touch me the aaah, ooooh!

СJust for wearing those Im going to give you a little treat whilst you suck Kids cock Im going to play with you Just like Melissa does when daddy goes to work But lets have these lovely panties off first Glenda eased the thin waistband down over the girls hips, paused deliberately to cup the girls genitals before peeling the tiny black triangle away from her mound and gently easing the string free from the deep cleft of the teenagers bottom.

СOh Melissas made you shave too! Oh God youre making me so horny. Her scarlet nails cupped and stroked the plump, naked mound, teasing the pouting lips until they could both see the glistening pink slash of the eighteen year olds cunt gaping as her sex lips swelled and parted. From the glinting wet folds the little fleshy peak of her clitoris jutted out like a tiny finger. The delicate masturbation continued until Glenda heard the girls breathing begin to quicken as she tried to increase the maddening stimulation she was feeling.

Glenda stopped abruptly and pinched Helenes jutting nipple once more; using her other hand to cup the firm curve of one bottom cheek, she pressed the girl back to rest on the little stool whilst giggling at her victims gasping, gurgling noises of frustration.

Without his jeans and pants, Kid planted himself in front of the girls tear-streaked face, the heavy, veined meat of his cock inches from her soft, trembling lips. In one hand he held an evil looking black riding crop hed taken from Glendas bag, the flat leather end tag tapping impatiently against his naked leg.

СDont, dont make me, I dont want to, please!

СYou suck real good and maybe, just maybe, you buy yourself a little peace, bitch! You bite me and Ill strip your skin away in strips and thats just for starters Kid growled, the sweat of excitement gleaming on his hairless skull. To Helene he was a figure of total menace.

СHe means it so, open wide, Helene Glendas hand clasped the thick rod, guiding the shiny domed helmet so it brushed the struggling teenagers lips. СOh yes, thats it, lick it all over use that tongue underneath, touch him underneath there, feel it jerk? Thats because he likes that Coaxing her reluctant pupil with soft words she wormed her other hand between the spread buttocks until she could tease the soft, wrinkled rosette of Helenes anus.

By now eighteen year old Helene Scott-Carpenter had given up any thought of resistance. The rubbery dome of Kids penis was fully inside her mouth and she was dribbling and sucking in turns as she tried to do as shed been told and breathe at the same time. She almost choked as she jerked wildly at the womans touch on her anus

Pleeg, lont glot lare, pleeg, pleeeeeggg!

Kid and Glenda exchanged smiling glances as they heard the familiar gobbling frenzy of muffled pleas. Kid simply thrust harder, driving the wet slippery head of his cock even deeper into the girls throat. Glenda waited until the girl was desperately struggling to breathe without gagging and then pushed one long, slim finger right up into her rectum. Impaled at both ends, Helene was lost despite her anguish, she was feeling those first guilty pleasure twinges as Glenda began to twist and move her finger against the tender tissues deep inside her body.

СStretch that neck, give him a nice straight line Glendas voice was husky with excitement as she held the base of Kids cock, guiding it whilst the girls lips slithered over the hot wet surface. СOh, Kid youll love her arse, so hot and tight As she spoke her fingers tightened on his penis, stroking her partner carefully as she felt the tensing jerks that indicated he was on the brink of coming. СHere it comes darling open wide now!

СOh yes, yes, just there, yes Im coming, suck it, suck it harder bitch! Im coming Im c-c-c-commmminnngggg!

Helene tried to pull away but Glenda was ready, twisting her fingers in the girls hair and holding her in place as Kid bucked and surged, fucking her mouth wildly as he reached his climax. She waited for the frenzy to die away then rubbed her fingers in the mixture of saliva and thick, milky cream dribbling and oozing down Helenes chin, spreading it over the girls pouting lips as her mouth filled to overflowing with Kids spurting ejaculation.

СNow show him how much you like it Glendas fingers rubbed the bubbling eighteen year olds throat, making her swallow the hot thick strands as Kid pulled his softening cock from her mouth. Seeing Helenes expression, Glenda closed one hand on the girls jutting nipple once more, pinching in warning as she whispered, Сdont do anything silly here, let me She leaned forwards, licking and kissing the teenagers shiny cum-soaked lips as she continued to move her other finger deep inside the girls anus.

Glenda allowed herself a few moments longer before she slid her fingers free and stood up, pulling Helene with her. СHold her still for me, Kid its cum time for our fuck slut! She reached into the sports bag and took out another thick, latex cock, this one dark blue with black cords hanging from the base. She rubbed the rubber nodules lining the shaft across Helenes lips. СIt buzzessee! Glenda pressed a button on the base and Helene flinched as a demented buzzing filled the room and she felt the soft latex cock vibrating against her cheeks.

СJust like Melissas favourite, isnt it. Helene? She turned it off. СNow before I slide this rubber cock into that hot wet pussy are you going to get it ready for me or do you want it rough? Helenes answer was obvious she leaned forwards, her mouth a wide СO as she closed her lips round the bulbous head of the vibrator. Glenda moved the nine-inch cylinder in and out ensuring that the girl licked the whole surface to a gleaming wetness.

СKid, open her up for me

Kid grinned, knowing only too well what Glenda wanted. He moved behind the girl, pressing against her back and keeping her bottom on the edge of the little stool. Then he slid his hands round and down the inside of each thigh. In one swift movement that gave Helene no chance to resist he pulled her legs up and back, doubling them so her knees were either side of her breasts to spread her cunt achingly wide open.

СThere! All ready for you, Glenda Helenes feet waved frantically but Kid was just too strong and with her hands tied there was nothing she could do

СNo, no, no, no, Oh dont use that thing, please it tickles so much, it makes me cum, please I dont want to please.

СSilly child of course itll make you cum thats what its meant to do again and again and again. And theres still all the other things to play with too Glenda laughed and ran the oversized dome of the vibrator up and down the splayed gash of Helenes cunt. Suddenly, she stopped and pulled her own panties aside. СLets just oil it up a little more shall we? Helene stared transfixed; watching as the blue latex shaft slowly disappeared between the womans thighs as Glenda worked it deep into her own vagina.

СOh fuck thats soooo goooood Glenda moaned as she pulled the rubber shaft out before thrusting the whole oily length deep inside once more. СSoooo fucking goooood! Helene licked her lips hungrily, pressing back against Kids iron grip as she imagined the wonderful stretching pleasure of being held helpless, watching as Glenda began sliding that thick rubbery cock up into her own body.

The naughty dreams turned to tingling reality as Glenda pressed the warm, oily dome of the vibrator against the trembling eighteen year olds vaginal entrance.

СAaaaaaaah yes, go on, yes push it in, al the way, ih, ih, ih, ah, aaaaah, pleeessee! Oh YES!

Helenes mindless pleasure chant turned into a series of little gasps as she felt the two-inch latex glans stretching her wider and wider. Suddenly, there was a jerk and she almost lifted clear of the stool in reaction as the helmet popped up into her soft wet channel. Now there was only the surging feeling of fullness as Glenda slowly worked the rest of the dildo up into her victims body.

СThat nice slut? Glenda whispered as she slowly moved the latex shaft in and out. No words, only a mindless dribbling groan of pleasure from the teenager as Helene Scott-Mason began to reach the first orgasm of her captivity. СTime to cum, baby

One scarlet-tipped finger pressed the little switch on the base of the vibrator.

The noise was hardly audible, just a muffled hum like a bee outside the window, but the effect was delightful. Helenes body jerked and juddered and her breath hissed and whistled as she felt the vibrator come to life deep in her cunt

СUh! Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, nuuuuuuh Aaah huh, huh huuuh!

No words now, just the snorting grunts of pleasure as all the torments of the last half hour were forgotten under the torturing throb of the vibrator. Glenda twisted the protruding end round slowly and deliberately, making Helene surge back wildly against Kids chest in reaction to feeling the devilish rubber nodules rubbing and tormenting the sensitive inner membranes of her vagina so unbearably.

Knowing that the girl was on the brink of climaxing she changed the movement, pistoning the vibrator in and out like a monstrous cock to push the sex-demented teenager over the edge of ecstasy.

Yyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiihhh! Oh, oh, oh Yes, YES! Im there, Im there IM THEEEEERE!

Kid let the girls legs go but kept his grip on her bound arms. Glenda left the vibrator alone and stood to one side her fingers twisting and teasing those rigid pink nipples once again. Helene bucked and flailed like a mad thing, legs threshing in all directions as the embedded dildo continued to milk her cunt, forcing her on to reach a second climax that she was unable to control or prevent in any way.

СOh, oh OOOOH! Oh no, h-hurts no, s-s-stop, oh, oh, oh yes Oh God, yes! Nuh, nuh, nuh Yeeeeesssss! Ah, ah! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

Glenda flicked the switch to Сoff and Kid let Helene sit back on the stool, legs obscenely splayed with the skirt still hitched up round her waist and her pink, and glistening cunt lips bulging round the thick blue shaft buried in her vagina. СJust so you dont get ideas about trying to force it out dearie Glenda cooed, bending to fasten the black straps attached to the base of the vibrator high up round each thigh like the side ties of a string bikini

СSo, you and Kid here have had some fun guess its my turn. Kid, just steady her for me for the next bit shell need a silencer I reckon Glenda winked at her partner and strolled back to the piano and picked up the penis gag with its jumble of straps.

СUh, uuuh, p-please, please let me r-rest a moment Ulp!

Thats it open wide again! Glenda giggled as she pinched Helenes nose so the teenagers mouth opened in reflex. She licked the wide end of the short, wide latex cock then pushed it into the gaping СO of the girls mouth. Twisting it to and fro quite slowly and gently, she worked it deeper and deeper until the domed head was pressing against the back of the struggling teenagers throat. Helene gasped and choked as it stretched her jaws wide, reducing her protests to a series of wet gobbling noises as she jerked and twisted in the womans iron grip.

Working with the speed of long experience, Glenda wrapped the nylon straps round the girls head, tightening the Velcro fastenings to hold the dildo firmly in place. Already she could see the black latex surface was gleaming wetly as saliva dribbled unchecked from the corners of Helenes mouth. СNow, my little fuck bitch lets exercise those titties too

The sounds from the girl became a frantic liquid babble as Glenda fixed a thin black cord to the round end of the cock shaft sticking out of her mouth. The noises and sudden wriggling were because Helene had suddenly understood what her tormentor intended to do with the pair of shiny screw clips dangling and jingling from each end of the black cord.

СOlgggg! Pleeeg, O, Pleeeg, Ooooooooohhhh!

СThe more you fuss, the tighter they get Glenda made sure that Kid had a clear view of the girls turgid pink nipple held between the stainless steel jaws of the clamp before she started turning the knurled end of the screw. Glendas scarlet-tipped fingers turned the screw fraction by fraction, both of them breathing heavily as they watched the spongy pink tip being pressed white as the jaws closed in a tiny, agonising vice.

Another half turn and the gobbling sounds became even more frantic as Helene heaved and twisted, trying to give some voice to the agonising pain she was feeling. Satisfied, Glenda let the clip go and Helene bent her head down in an attempt to avoid putting any strain on the line connecting her gag with the fierce metal jaws now gripping the peak of her left breast.

СNice, huh? Just wait till I get this other one in place and you can really show off for my friend. Hold still, bitch! Her sudden scream of rage froze Helene to the spot so she sat shuddering and shivering as Glenda put the other clip in place. СRight, lets show Kid some real emotion this time three full turns should do it

The torturing fingers twisted the little screw turn by turn. This time the pain was instant and agonising as Glenda deliberately tightened the clip as quickly as possible. Three full turns as promised so the whole length of the teenagers right nipple was squeezed flat between the jaws. Knowing how the pain would continue to increase for some moments, Glenda held the whimpering teenager down on the stool, rubbing her mound against the girls back and enjoying the sensations as the teenager bucked and writhed with pain under her hands.

СMmmmmff, Oooo, O, Pleeg, Pleeeg PLEEEGGGG!

СStop whining we havent even started yet. Helene almost leapt to her feet as Glenda reached over and tugged the cords attached to the rubber cock embedded deep in her throat. СStand up lets get that bottom of yours all warmed up shall we

Using the line to the clips like reins she walked Helene round the room in a stumbling circle before bringing her back to stand in front of Kid once more. СNow look up, right up really lift those tits. She picked up the slim black riding crop from the couch and gently tapped the underside of Helens breasts.

СOooooo, Pleeeg!

The girl strained back, pulling her nipples agonisingly taut. СThats better; now, Kids going to give you half a dozen stripes. If youre real good stand still and keep that head right up Ill take the clips off when hes done. If not well, lets just say youСd better be real good. She tossed the crop at her companion. СGive Miss Music here six stingers just to remind her of whos in charge.

Glenda cupped her hands under the girls up stretched teats, to hold her in position as Kid scrambled to his feet. СAlways nice when theres nothing in the way when youre switching a neat set of buns like these

He stepped back, swishing the crop up and down so the girl could hear the vicious Сziiippp behind her back. СForward a little, make her push those ass-cheeks out for me, Glenda. The woman smiled at him over Helenes shoulder and pulled down gently on the clips.

СKeep those legs nice and straight now, and bend over

СN-n-nuh, pleeg, nuh, nuuuuuuh!

Panting and drooling so that strings of saliva fell in silvery chains onto the soft, blue carpet, Helen Scott-Mason bent forward at the waist, arching her back and presenting the smooth, taut curves of her bottom cheeks even more delightfully. Glenda pressed the top of the girls head into her belly, hands cupped under the teenagers body to finger the tortured tips and hold her securely for Kids first stroke.



The eighteen year old jerked so violently that she almost pushed Glenda over. Her trainers thumped on the thick carpet as she did a frantic jigging dance to try and relieve the blazing agony the first searing cut had sliced across her bottom cheeks.

СOne careful now, another five yet before were done with this warm-up set. Glendas voice was silky, caressing the girl and calming that first wild frenzy until she stood quiet once more with her bare, tanned legs quivering violently as waited for the next stroke of the riding crop.

Kid sniggered as he listened to Glendas words God, she was good, he thought. Just teasing and stroking the baby bitch bit by bit until she had her tied and ready for anything they wanted to do to her. He eyed the dull red weal bisecting those tender little cheeks and brought the crop slicing across again to land with another crisp Сthwack.

Once more the tortured teenager jerked forwards at the impact with another wordless wail of pain. This time, Kid cut the third stroke slightly upwards whilst Helene was still hopping from foot to foot. The leather crop thwacked viciously into the soft, tender groove at the base of the teenagers buttocks. The shock, and sudden extra blaze of pain, lifted Helene onto her toes and produced a wet gasping squeal of outrage and agony.

СOh yeah, thats it Kid give her the other three right there, same place if you can. Glenda rubbed her thighs together, feeling the delicious heat of arousal as she felt and heard the girls rising desperation. By the time shed had the rest shell be pleading to do anything to avoid another session with the crop, she thought. Silly bitch did she really think that theyd stop after just one caning?




СOg, Pleeeg, slop, slopp! Aaaaaah PLEEEEGGG!



СQuiet now time for a change of position, slut child Glenda pulled up on the torturing nipple-clamps so Helene was forced up onto tiptoe with another bubbling wail of pain. СKid, lets have her wrists tied in front now. She nodded towards the wall, Сthose fixings between the windows look strong enough

Kid reached up, grunting a little as he lifted one of Helenes awards, a metal plaque, off its hook and leaned his weight on it. СYeah, take my weight let alone hers. Helene whimpered as he opened a pocketknife and waved the blade in front of her eyes. The soft Сsnick of the razor edge cutting the girls bonds was muffled by the teenagers dribbling groans as the cramps and thudding agony of returning circulation in her arms provided a new torment to add to the throbbing ache in her clamped teats and the stinging pain of the from the weals across her bottom.

Using a new length of line it was easy for Kid to tie Helenes wrists in front, any resistance from the pain-wracked girl was stilled by Glenda pulling back on her hair bunches so the movement of her head dragged mercilessly on her nipple clamps, tugging the tips up until they pointed at the ceiling. Kid looped the free end of her wrist tie over the fixing hook and pulled her backwards. The two of them forced her head between her arms then dragged her feet out so she was bent back towards the wall, arms stretched and the tender young curve of her body arched out like an obscene offering.

Glenda tapped the circular base of the vibrator protruding from Helenes cunt. СStill needs a little something extra something to make you show us a little more She rummaged in the sports bag. СOh yes just what you need, darling

To Helene, trying to ignore the way Kid was teasing her breasts and outthrust belly with the riding crop, the leather cuffs and the black, steel rod made no sense. Two minutes later, with the cuffs tight below each knee and the steel spreader bar fixed between them, she knew exactly what the device was for as she fought to keep her balance, her legs now held apart in a wide straddle that left the core of her body wide open.

СI reckon that clit need the same attention as those pretty tits are getting Glenda fondled the engorged lips, wringing another desperate wail from the teenager as she rubbed and flicked her fingertips across the jutting stub of Helenes clitoris. СArent you the lucky one The fingers worked the girls pleasure centre so she bucked her hips, Сyour clits long enough to take my little wooden helper here

СOG! Pleeg, looooo, glont, pleeg PLEEEG!

Helene writhed madly as she saw Glenda snapping the jaws of the spring-loaded wooden clothes peg. Her eyes bulged wide, a thin trickle of saliva dribbling onto her left breast, as she stared down in horror to watch her torturer opening the soft lips of her cunt and positioning the wooden jaws very carefully on either side of the roused and slickly erect nerve stub.

Then, Glenda relaxed her grip


СMoves well, dont she, Glenda? Kid chuckled. In front of the two criminals their eighteen-year-old victim was now doing a frantic thrusting, jerking dance of pain. High up between the tanned young outspread thighs the wooden peg danced and bounced gaily at every twitching thrust of Helenes hips. The frenzied tarantella only made things worse as the cruel jaws remained clamped securely on either side of the girls clitoris, every movement making the peg stretch and twist the tender gobbet of flesh even more and sending fresh stabs of agony through the strutted teenagers body.

NilPianoCortez08.jpg (158927 bytes)

СKids going to stripe down your front now help to spread the heat a little. But first lets get you buzzin again Helene had hardly taken in Glendas words when the woman flicked the switch on the vibrator and the muffled, angry buzzing started once more. Helene shivered uncontrollably as the sore and tender membranes of her vagina were tickled and tormented by the maddening little vibrating nodules lining the latex shaft buried deep inside her.

СFlop ic, pleeg, pleeg flop ic PLEEEG!

The arch of the teenagers body flexed and bowed as she thrust her hips in and out, riding her phantom lover. Kid tapped the crop against the tender undersides of her breasts and then slashed the first stroke down to smack into the crease where the soft curves met her ribcage.



Glenda yanked her head back so that the thin flesh was stretched even tighter for the second stroke.


СNnnnnnnnngggggoooooo! Pleeg, PLEEG!

СOh darling, its wonderful, isnt it all that pain and still you know youre going to cum for me, dont you She gently tapped the wooden peg, setting up a steady remorseless rhythm that made Helene jerk in time with each beat of pain. СDown lower now Kid, ladder her all the way to her slit whilst I play with her rubber cock

Kids penis stiffened, the wide glans gleaming wetly with pre-cum as the heavily veined column bounced and swayed as he lashed the crop down again and again. Just as his Mistress had ordered he laid a ladder of weals down the tanned curves of the teenagers arched belly whilst Glenda knelt and twisted the humming vibrator to and fro. Using the girls gobbling pleasure noises and shrieks of pain to guide her she moved the dildo until it was fretting against that one special place inside the young teenagers vagina.

СOh yes, thats the place isnt it Helene juuuust theeeeere! The low teasing words were matched by a spastic convulsion from the straddled girl as she was driven to another explosive climax by the combination of pain and stimulation. СWhip her mound, Kid and well bring her off again.

Kids strokes immediately became sharper and faster as he flicked the crop against the soft bulging vee of the girls mound reddening the lightly tanned skin and causing her labia to swell and pout even more obviously. The frantic surging thrusts became quicker and quicker whilst sticky trickles of moisture accompanied the gurgling shouts of forced excitement.

For the girl pain and pleasure had mingled become one engulfing surge of ecstasy. She came and came again as the vibrator continued to torment that special spot and the black leather crop beat a tattoo against her body.

Finally they freed her arms and let her collapse on the floor, bubbling and moaning and the vibrator kept her on the edge of yet another orgasm. СChrist, Kid, Ive got to come this little fuck sluts so hot shell melt soon I reckon

СWhat about me getting

СAnother turn. Dont worry big boy. Plenty to play with yet. Glenda reached into the bag once more. СTime for our pet to have a lead I think This time it was a high, black leather collar and lead that was buckled round Helenes slim neck. The girl whimpered in relief as the cord from the nipple clamps was detached from the penis gag

Glenda slipped of her own sodden panties and gasped in pleasure as she slid the gags matching black latex dildo into her own dripping cunt. СTime for you to repay the favour, mouth slut. Youre going to fuck me real good and then well, youll see. Kid, can you move her arms behind again? Kinda like the idea of having her kneeling for this

As Kid hurried to obey, Glenda slowly eased the shiny cock free before clipping it to the base of the gag. It now seemed that Helene had a full-sized penis curving out from her mouth. Glenda tugged on the lead so that Helen was forced to shuffle on her knees to where a table rested against the wall. Glenda sat back, resting against the wall and lifted her legs, opening them wide so her cunt gaped wide. She parted the heavy brown lips with the finger so one hand and pulled on the leash with the other.

СCome on doggie, fuck you mistresss arse nicely now. She guided the thick latex shaft until the domed head was nuzzling against the puckered opening. СPush doggie, push aaaaaah! Oh God, yes, go on, push, push... Yeeeees! Kid pulled a battered camera from the case and carefully focussed on the girls bobbing head as it moved to and fro. Glenda pulled her thighs up even more, her fingers strumming the nub of her own clitoris as she felt the ribbed shaft reaming deep into her rectum, building and building that orgasm she had been waiting for.

СOh yes, yes Im coming, Oh God, t-thats soooo goooood! Ah, ah! Aaaaah, Im gonna spray you fuck slut, yes, yes YEEESSSS!

Jolting and crying with ecstasy Glenda held her labia apart so a thin stream of piss sprayed across the girls face. The leash held her in position so she could only close her eyes against the stinging spray as her head continued to rock to and fro, continuing the steady, deliberate mouth fucking she was giving her tormentor.

Eventually Glenda pushed her away so the teenager sprawled across the blue carpet. Kid continued taking photos whilst the two women recovered. Glenda stretched like a big cat and padded across to the shivering girl, СUpsadaisy darling, time to play with that bottom of yours now

She got Helene, trembling and glistening with sweat, to her feet by the simple expedient of pulling on the black cord from the little silver clamps. СNow I guess that we can just hook you up to the same place as before Helene squealed as her breasts were pulled upwards as Glenda hooked the cord over the wall fastening Kid had used half an hour earlier to hold the girls hands. СMummmm need to get you displaying those tits a bit more Kid, theres another spreader and cuffs in the bag Clamp our little playmates arms will you

Kid expertly buckled the cuffs above each elbow and then pulled the struggling teenagers arms backwards to clip the steel spreader between the cuffs. Now her arms, just like her legs, were pinioned helplessly only this time the effect was to compress her shoulder blades and force her breasts into even greater prominence. Glenda unclipped the mouth dildo but left the penis gag and the still-buzzing vibrator in place.

СIg slo tlired, pleeg dont hurlg mlee, pleeg

Glenda stroked the girls jutting globes very delicately. СGuess what its tit for tat time. I let you fuck me in the arse now Kid is going to do the same for you with that cone

Helenes scream was the loudest yet as she threw herself against the wall, ignoring the pain and bruises as she tried to clench her buttocks and arch away from the horrible tapered rubber device that Kid was holding. Glenda rubbed her fingers in the juices coating Helenes thighs before anointing the cone so that the bulb at the top and the widening rings all glistened and gleamed with her cum.

Just like the devilish vibrator, the teenager could see the cone had tie strings dangling from the base. СOkay baby lets see how well Melissa fucked you Kid, try three ring to start with slowly though, dont want to tear her yet

СPleeeeg! Mufff, nuh, nuh, nuh! Gggggggggggggaaalhhhh!

Kid held the cone by its base and touched the grape-sized nodule on the tip against the rosette of the girls anus. Using a slow twisting movement he pushed the bulb inside then waited for Glenda to begin. Just as a few minutes earlier, Glenda began to twist and move the vibrator against the girls wildly sensitive tissues.

This was a familiar and enjoyable game between them. As the girl responded to the vibrator so she relaxed slightly and Kid was able to work the cone a little deeper. Then, as she bucked at the stretching pain in her anus, Glenda flicked the torture peg still gripping her clitoris.

Millimetre by millimetre the evil black cone was worked inside. Helene screamed when her anus popped over the first ring She screamed even more when the second ring went in. The two of them worked her up to a frenzy then, on the peak of cumming once again, Glenda undid the peg and began flicking the swollen bud with her fingertip. As the sensation and the blazing pain of circulation triggered her orgasm, so Kid twisted the cone again and felt the sudden jolt as the third ring slipped up into the girls agonisingly stretched rectum.


The animal scream echoed in the elegant room as pain and pleasure once again forced Helene into realms of feeling shed never imagined. As she jerked and cried, Kid held her so that Glenda could tie the cone in place. Almost as an afterthought she flicked the vibrator off as well. Then, knowing exactly what would happen, they stood back.

Helene, writhing and lost in the throes of passion, finally relaxed and fell, collapsing in a near faint or would have done if shed remembered how she was tied.


This time the cry was a single scream of pure agony as she ripped the two clips from her nipples as she fell to the floor. Still gagged she flopped around like a landed fish trying to do something anything to help soothe the blazing agony in the raw tip of each breast.

СSilly bitch all her own fault too Kid grinned as he watched the flopping figure. He chuckled as Glenda reached down and ripped open the Velcro fastenings and removed the penis gag. СOh yes, my turn again...yes?

СYeah, Kid, kneel up on the table I used whilst I get missy here ready for her next performance Glenda whispered in Helenes ear. СTime for you to suck Kid again Choice is yours. Nice and easy or do you want me to lift you by those tits of yours?

СNooo, dont, no Ill d-do what you w-want

Okay, then, come over to the piano, theres one thing you need. She held two polished rods for the teenager to study. СYou take these or I put those clips back on Whatll it be?

СW-what are they, what are they for?

Glendas hand cupped the full globe of Helenes breast. СTheyre titty clamps hold you firm whilst you deal with Kids excitement.

СOh no, no, no I cant Arrrggghh!

Glenda tweaked the raw peak of the teenagers left