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Peachy Keen Films – Alex Begins

Peachy Keen Films – Alex Begins

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Soleil is a model. She is a clothed model. Alex likes to get models naked. When Soleil decides she is tired of being asked to get naked she try’s to leave. Alex chokes her out & ***** her buy her wrists & leves her for a day.
When he returns, He torments her with a knife, punches her & licks her face. Then he stuffs his cock down her throat. She gags & drools.

Next, Alex rapes Soleil, hard while pulling her hair. Once he is tired of rapping her he ***** her by her wrists & beats her in the stomach & face.

The next day Alex whips Soleil bloody. Then her promises to let her go if she sucks him off. Alex blows his load in Soleils mouth. Time to ******** this “model” before he has to feed her.

Alex Begins

Alex Begins.wmv

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Peachy Keen Films – Cuffed Together

Peachy Keen Films – Cuffed Together

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Two young girls, abducted from a local college, wake up in a dingy shower, cuffed together, nude, cold and wet. An unknown man takes the first girl out and viciously ********* her. She struggles intensely — kicking, spreading her legs, hitting him, mouth wide open, struggling to catch a breath. Then it happens, he releases his grip and she is able to breathe for a moment and thinks she might live through this. But the moment passes and an instant later he is back on her with even more intensity. She bucks, but it soon turns to spasms and random muscle reactions. She slows to just a few quivers, then she is dead. He touches her warm corpse then poses her on the bed. Next, he takes the other scared girl out to the same room and, without mercy and after showing her her dead friend, he ********* her next to and on top of the other dead girl. She is a fighter too and it takes a long, long time to kill her. It starts with fierce intensity, her legs spread apart and flopping about in crazy chaos. She beats him and tries to pull his hands off. But he is as strong and determined to kill her as she is to live. But, her life is not meant to continue and soon the struggle subsides and she is left jerking, quivering, spasming until, with a couple more barely visible movements, she is dead. Her mouth is open along with her lifeless staring eyes. He then spends a while slowly posing them and finally cuffs their wrists and ankles together.

Cuffed Together

Cuffed Together.mpeg

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Peachy Keen Films – Dick Killed Her 3

Peachy Keen Films – Dick Killed Her 3

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: –

Dick Killed Her 3

Dick Killed Her 3.wmv

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Peachy Keen Films – Crime Scene Morgue

Peachy Keen Films – Crime Scene Morgue

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: This starts out at the crime scene. Views of the body as she was found. The coroner comes in and examines the body, including rolling her then bagging her.
At the morgue, she is examined by a morgue attendant that is very taken by her beauty. He does a cursory exam, first removing and bagging her clothing, then checking her body all over.

Eventually, he take some liberties with her, feeling her breasts, tasting her pussy, having sex with her.

Crime Scene Morgue

Crime Scene Morgue.wmv

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Peachy Keen Films – Concealed Information

Peachy Keen Films – Concealed Information

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: A hitman surprises a lovely spy and chloroforms her — letting her unconscious body flop to the bed then waking her up later to extract information. Thinking she has caught a lucky break, the girl finds a gun and turns it on her kidnapper. Unfortunately for her, it was a trap. Her gun is empty. But his is not. He pumps two slugs into her full breasts — she looks at him stunned and clutches her breasts, but soon her head lulls forward. He pushes her head back with the tip of the silencer and finishes her off with a head shot between her wide eyes. He strips her down and meticulously searches for her the hidden vial, eventually finding it where expected.

Concealed Information

Concealed Information.mpg

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Peachy Keen Films – After School Dad

Peachy Keen Films – After School Dad

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Two teenagers mess around after school. Her parents aren’t home and she is horny as fuck. This is her second boyfriend this week and he was going to get the treatment. After making out, she quickly has his cock out and is sucking him off–one of her best skills. She could not wait to get this guys cock in her tight pussy.

But, dad walks in, sees his daughter sucking some punks cock and is pissed off. He interrupts the action and confronts and new boyfriend. He makes the mistake of trying to stand up to her dad and gets his neck broke.

Now dad is really pissed, but with his daughter in this fragile state, he does what he thinks any father should do as punishment. He forces her to suck his cock.

Ashly laps and suck his cock like a good girl, but he is not satisfied. He wants to see more. He makes her take out her dead boyfriends cock and suck his still rigid boner. Then, he moves behind her, and fucks his daughter doggy style.

She is a good little fuck with a tight teenage pussy. He is loving it, but at the same time, he needs to fix this situation.

He uses her dead boyfriends belt to ******** her. She is in shock as he yanks her back, then fighting in bucking like crazy to try to get free.

He keeps the belt tight on her neck as he watches her gag and ***** with horrible sounds of survival emanating from her throat. But it wond me enough because he has a death grip on her. Her legs kick out, her sock foot rubbing on her dead boyfriend still stiff cock.

She quivers and spasms. Her eyes are wide, her tongue lashes out and her whole body shakes.

When she finally slows down, she twitches and spasms as the last bit of life leaves her. Then she is still.

He murdered his daughter.

Now he wanted to fuck her again. He got her on the bed and after playing with her perfect tits, he slips in and starts pumping her.

He goes and goes, watching her body shake with his motions until he reaches climax and leaves his load of cum deep inside her tight twat.

He leaves with her posed with her last boyfriend, her mouth well placed on his cock.

Good riddance. He hates teenagers anyway!

After School Dad

After School Dad.mp4

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Peachy Keen Films – Bible Tutor

Peachy Keen Films – Bible Tutor

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: –

Bible Tutor

Bible Tutor.wmv

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Peachy Keen Films – Double Delight

Peachy Keen Films – Double Delight

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Two young office girls at a work session in a hotel are stressing over getting their project done by deadline. Snappy banter soon turns into a foot massage. Before long, these pantyhose clad girls are engaging in full on lesbian love-making. But, afterward it’s back to work. Emma takes off for some beer and smokes while Reyja tries to make headway on the project. Noticing her pantyhose has a run, she changes into a new pair–tossing the old on the floor. With her back to the door–which never latched when Emma left, she was unaware of the intruder watching her. He perversely sniffs the hose and moves toward her. Once he attacks there is no mercy. He wraps the hose tightly around her neck and whips her around in the office chair until she falls to the ground, kicking and spreading her pantyhose-clad legs. They struggle hard for a long time and at one point, he loses his hold on her, giving her a brief moment of hope. But then he is back on her–hose digging into her soft flesh. She weakens and eventually is still. He flings her off and examines his work. He carries her to the bed and tucks her in just in time for Emma to arrive. He quickly attacks her from behind–lifting her off the ground in a -hold. He is relentless and she almost passes out. At the last moment she musters strength enough to elbow him and he lets go. She is on the ground crawling feverishly toward the door, but he is on top of her fast. She beats and kicks him–sticking hard blows to her assailant. He tries to pin her down, but she break free again with a hard smack to his face. At the door she is almost free, but he spins her around and slugs her hard in the ribs–dropping her like a sack of potatoes. Then, he has her. Wrapping the same stocking around her neck he goes to work—cutting off her air and watching her struggle. Her pantyhose clad legs whip and kick, but she has no traction on the industrial carpet. She strains for some air, but there is none. Then, she catches a break when the stocking slips. She moves away, but with barely any strength left, he is quick to catch her again. This time, he pulls her right on top of him. He feels her warm young body against him as he finishes her. Slowly she gives in until she is still. He rolls her off hard to the floor. He picks her up–taking her into the bedroom and tossing her on the bed next to her co-worker. He poses them as lovers should be and leaves.

Double Delight

Double Delight.mpg

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Peachy Keen Films – Deadly Interrogation 3

Peachy Keen Films – Deadly Interrogation 3

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: She was in over her head and she would pay the ultimate price. Cute, savvy, Nicole knew there were risks, but the level of risk—what they would actually do to her, was beyond her comprehension. Poor, poor girl.

It was late. The office was closed. There she was, checking desks, looking for the login at Marcys desk so she would be able to get into her her bosses desk and get the folder. Then, she would be out. A done deal and a big pay da
She always felt security at this company was a little extreme, and when Mr. Extreme himself yanked her back, demanding answer, she sputtered out lies as best she could. Unfortunately, her story was flawed and the big security man started beating the shit out of her. First, a pistol whip. Once she was on the cool floor, he cuffed her and commenced with the ass kicking. He brutally kicked and stomped her until she was blubbering and delirious. Then, he stood her up, pistol to her breast demanding she tell him who she worked for. Silence. It was her best defense–or so she was taught.

He pummeled and beat her some more and when she was on the floor he put his 45cal Desert Eagle in her mouth and asked nicely–nice for him at least. She just sobbed and he knocked her out and dragged her off.

Later, her had her over at warehouse building 6. This was his place–no employees, just the crew knew the deal. Tonight, he was alone–except for his guest. He would have some fun with her and she would tell him. They always did.

First, he gave her the shot–a special serum that enhanced stamina. He liked them awake while he was working on them. So, he beat her some more. When she spit out a tooth, he knew it was time to move on. She was a tough, albeit, whinny little bitch. Trained well. But she would break.

The plier were next. he broke 3 of her fingers before deciding she was noisy, but would scream through the 7 left before talking. So, he moved the plier to her nipples. They were poking out through her tight sweater like she was forever cold and a perfect fit between the metal jaws. It was almost as if she was daring him with her look of utter terror. Oh well. He clamped down.

What happened next was horrible—for any onlooker—for him, nipple were his breakfast and he ripped this one right off and showed it too her. Oh, oh, don’t pass out–not yet. She didn’t and with glee he moved on to the other one, same trick, different side. As he watched the blood pour out of the meaty hold that once held her subtle woman part, he looked down at his blood pliers. He knew what was next and slide the metal jaws between her legs. The crunch, the streams of blood. She went out this time.

Later, he had her tied on an x-frame. His own design just for this purpose. It was a makeshift rack and using a ratchet, her arms were being pulled tighter and tighter. She was awake and screaming every moment. He was not even asking her questions anymore–just having fun.

Next, the hot iron. Branding her on both breast and pussy. She actually talked–or tried to, but the info was nothing. Nothing. So, he kept it up. Now the metal pipe–working her over, leaving no spot un hit. The best was the one to the side of her head. Every time, blood shot–pouring, spitting out of her mouth. Her eyes rolling up, moans, screams. Guttural sounds of terror. Music to his ears.

The hammer was next. It was tapered at one end, so he used it with precision starting with her ankles–hitting them over and over and over until the flesh was torn chucks and her bones were broken. He moved on to her other ankle, breaking them both. Then, he just hit her randomly all over, making meaty bloody holes in her body. Then, he whacked her on the head. She was almost out when he decided to finish her. He grabbed her throat, strangling her as blood poured out of her mouth and her eyes rolled up. Then, she was still.

He called his boss to report what he learned. Only, in the background, he could not see, she cracked her eyes open–the quickly pretended to be dead as he untiled her and let her flop to the floor. He left.

She pushed herself up, pulling herself forward, sliding on her own blood, legs almost useless–broken ankles. She made it too the table, found his phone, and planned to grab the gun. Making the call, she was in panic mode–help, help. But, then the wood club knocked her out.

He got lucky. He will tell his bosses that he knew she was not dead but wanted her to get to the phone. Now he had the number. Actually, he was not that smart–but it worked out anyhow. He grabbed the barb wire and wrapped it around her neck. She fought vigorously against it. The wire was cutting deep into her neck and blood poured out. She was trying so hard to live–she fought so hard, took so much punishment, it would be a shame to go like this. But he would say, life is not pretty, doll, and this is it for you. He pulled tighter, watching her body go into involuntary spasms before slowing and ultimately she was still.

He left her their. She was a mess. His whole workshop was a mess with her DNA. He would call the cleaners. They always did him right. Fucking bitch…she never had a chance.
Deadly Interrogation 3

Deadly Interrogation 3.wmv

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Peachy Keen Films – Deadly Interrogation 2

Peachy Keen Films – Deadly Interrogation 2

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Agent St. Clair receives her next assignment. She must infiltrate a crime syndicate that is making real snuff films.
She arrives at the office, wearing almost nothing, ready for her interview. They fall for it, and once she restrains the suspect, she is able to extract the needed information. Now, all she has to do, is get back to headquarters.

Unfortunately, she thwarted when a man confronts and attacks her. After a short fight, she is out. Unconscious. They fuck her pussy with a large dildo, a wake up call, but what they don’t expect is she is right back into attack mode. It does not last long. Two large men against one small, though tough, agent girl. They beat her down then one holds her as she is threatened with a knife.

She holds her ground, spitting at her opponent–fearless. So, he stabs her. She passes out after witnessing the fresh blood leaking out of the hole in her breast. They kick her bloody, then take her to: The Warehouse.

Three days they spend torturing her.

First, the hook her up to a shock box. They put a steal dildo in her cunt–550 volts. It burns her flesh as it fries her, streams of sparks like a wielding station drip to the floor and singe in the growing puddle of blood beneath her.

But, that is just the foreplay. These men have no souls. They beat her relentlessly. The burn her with a soldiering iron. They beat her with pipes, wrenches, fists, and sledge hammers. They whip her mercilessly. They mutilate her nipples with instruments of .

All the while, they periodically turn the shock box back on, sparks pour out of her pussy. They record this on video too—so they will have a movie to sell when they are done.

Agent St. Clair is a bloody peace of meat near the end, but after all they do over the 3 days, she still will not talk.

They keep her alive all this time, by injecting her periodically with an adrenaline concoction–right to her chest.

Finally, in the end, pliers on her nipple are what gets her to talk. As a reward, he rips her nipple completely off, feeding it to her, forcing her to swallow it.

Then, her bladder releases–yellow piss all over the floor mixing with the pool of blood. She is done, no more fight. They flip on the shock box and let it go for a long, long time until she is barely twitching. Agent St. Clair is dead.

Deadly Interrogation 2

Deadly Interrogation 2.wmv

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