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Raiders [HINES]


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It was always dangerous for settlers traveling the vast distances to their various destinations in the Wild West. There were many groups of armed outlaw gangs who specialized in stopping wagon trains, robbing and killing those unfortunate travelers. And it was always an added treat when there were attractive females amongst those that they waylaid along the main wagon routes.

"Yeah, we'll keep these two. Mother and daughter pairs sells good."

"Come here my precious, let's have a good fuck you and me. You soon will forget about your husband. Plenty on new cock for you from this very moment… Ha Ha Ha!"

Captured white females were worth their weight in gold. After providing their captors with many days and nights of pleasure, they were herded together and kept locked in a shack, each of them awaiting their turn at being sold or bartered and taken away to spend the rest of their lives as some outlaw's fuckmeat or forced to whore inside some cattle town brothel.

"Yeah… You'll be mine for the night, my pretty. Start wetting this piece of fine cunt for me, it's going to be a long night and we don't want this lithe pussy of yours to get raw, uh?"

Poor Penny, ever headstrong and self-willed, had made the mistake of trying to escape from Jake, the wandering never-do-well who had purchased her. Jake was angry, but he wouldn't kill Penny for her dishonorable attempt to run away - Penny's pussy was so tight and she fucked him pretty good whenever he mounted her - so he made sure that his new slavewhore would have trouble running away again. Subjecting Penny's feet to the fire served to make her quite a compliant and obedient lady.

"You don't need your feet to suck and fuck your owners!"

Beatrice had been re-sold twice since being captured. Now she was being again offered up for sale to help pay off her latest owner's gambling debt. Beatrice's tall, strong body and her youthful good looks attracted many prospective buyers who were willing to bid against each other for the chance to own her. She would be bought by a big-time rancher who would keep her chained in a corner of his bedroom and fucked almost every night.

"Look at this lithe tongue… I certainly trained the little whore to use it! No matter the place, your prick, your balls or your asshole it'll give you hours of pleasure. Non-stop!"

Maria had immediately rushed to meet the new Gringa bitch that her boyfriend Jose had taken when he and his gang had robbed another bank on the american side of the border.

"Now, look here, puta. I'm Jose's main woman around here - and you better not forget it! After you give Jose the best fuck that you can, I expect you to eat my Mexican pussy, too! That's along with doing all the washing and cleaning around here!"

Jose, being the active sort of man that he was, managed to acquire quite a few Gringas during his forays across the Rio Grande. That made life back in his otherwise quaint little village very enjoyable.

"Look at your owner face when you suck him, gringa. I love your face… this' why a fuck it. C'mon now, take it again down your throat and don't dare to close your eyes for a second!"

'Get on your knees, blondie… ever licked a smelly pussy before? No? You'll do now and you'll keep doing until I cum a dozen times and until my it's clean and shiny!"

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Prostitutes [HINES]


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The lives of the lowly street prostitutes were dreary and stressful. Demanding pimps, dangerous clients and poverty-level earnings made for a less than idyllic existence.

Then, somewhere along the way, one of the veteran streetwalkers ventured the idea that 'Why can't we have our own girls to service our needs for a change?' And that idea immediately became popular amongst her fellow prostitutes.

And an alert street hoodlum listened and saw a chance to make some quick money by giving those street-whores what they wanted. Within a few weeks, he held the first of many flesh auctions featuring a bevy of pretty college girls that he and his crew had kidnapped. These girls were naive, fresh and unspoiled - just the ideal kind of slave that a jaded and hardened streetwalker found most attractive as a sexual slave.

Also, there was the practical aspect of this arrangement; these pleasure - giving captives could be valuable as an additional resource. After being thoroughly broken in, a slave girl could be put to work on the street or in a whorehouse to earn money for her Whore-Mistress or sold off to a pimp.

Miss Berta's large basement was the perfect location for the first Pleasure Party staged to let the just-purchased slave-sluts and their new Whore-Mistress owners be acquainted with each other.

There was so much these novice slaves had to learn about just what a veteran, experienced prostitute needed and demanded to make it all so good between them. At first, most of them resisted eating and licking whore pussy, but Miss Berta's timely and time-consuming applications of her trusty paddle - done back in a private room in the basement - usually was enough to ease a slave past her reservations or hesitations.....

The whores were so grateful to Miss Berta for her kindly help and guidance that they not only paid her handsomely, but also chipped in together to buy her a slave for her own use

Miss Berta was touched by their gift; such a wonderful group of girls! She accepted and thoroughly used her slave-bitch for a while, then made a nice bit of profit by reselling her to a couple, old friends of hers, who were in need of yet another sweet girl for their fun. This man and wife had such special needs. And it seems that all of their slaves tended to not last very long....

Back at the latest auction, a virgin had been bought at a high price. Her cries and pleadings caused the wetting of many a pussy of the prostitutes who attended the sale there. Her purchaser, a just -retired streetwalker named Gloria, carved her mark on the new girl and then soothed her brow with soft kisses and murmurings of love.

"There, there, my little pet. I understand your crying - but I promise that after a few weeks of being trained, you will such a happy and contented little bitch. It's gonna be just me and you, baby. Your sweet Gloria is gonna be your owner and your Mistress and will she's gonna teach you so many new things and you will beg to service her for the rest of your life..."

Being a prostitute often meant sharing everything that you had, and Charlene was no different. Although she was the owner of this cute slave-ho, she didn't hesitate to share the use of her with her friends.

Betty Lo enjoyed this part of her slave purchase the most; overseeing the breaking-in of a new girl just kidnapped off the street. Pretty, slim, 19. And there was an added treat with this one - the girl's mother had been bought along with her!

The possibilities were so exciting to consider after she had used and trained the both of them. Perhaps special 'Mother and daughter' rape shows or special higher rates for the both of them in one room or maybe forcing them to sex each other in front of audiences....So many choices.

But right now, BettyLo would control this first training fuck. Her boyfriend, kind heart that he was, was happy to help her.

Now, if you don't want me to give you the whip again, you will listen closely and do exactly what I say.

Slide your panties down - slowly. Slowly! And keep your eyes on his. If you look away, you'll get punished"

"Yeah, mmmmmm...see how he's looking back at you? You can see it in his eyes, can't you? How much he's going to fuck you? Really fuck you!"

"And your Mother is right behind you and she's going to watch you taking some big dick. She knows if she looks away, I'll punish you both all damn night. Your mommy's gonna watch her little girl get made into a money-makin' whore...."


Posted 02/03/2004

All characters are 18 years old or older

BettyLo liked how the daughter trembled as she obeyed her orders. Yes, this was going to be good, a real turn-on session, one that she wet herself when remembering. The captive girl was naked now, standing before BettyLo's boyfriend, Herb, her pale body with it's shaved pink pussy displayed for his approval. Her eyes were tearing even more as she, as ordered, kept them firmly looking into the hard eyes of the big man who would be raping her in front of her mother.

"Down on your knees, girl. Now look at my man's cock. Examine it closely because you won't be seeing too many cocks like Herb's; he's got one that's really super - as you'll soon find out.

"Now, lick his balls. Slowly! Wet them up! Mmmmmm...yeah, gal... now gently start suckin' on 'em. Yeah, girl, I can see that you've got a real talent. Look how his dick is growin' even bigger 'cause of what you're doin'...."

The daughter gasped, her eyes widened as she indeed saw Herbs cock swelling and hardening to a huge proportion, flopping against her face as she continued to slurp and suck on the heavy balls.

"I can see that you can appreciate Herb's equipment. 11 damn inches of rock-hard meat - and it's all yours, my cute bitch. After he's gotten through with you, you won't have much trouble takin' cocks from other guys - well, maybe just a few other guys that I might pair you up with....

"Now lick his shaft, baby, lick the entire length of it... worship it... Keep looking into his eyes!"

BettyLo watched intently as the girl worshiped the huge cock and then as she obediently began to suck it, bringing the first groans of lust from Herb. And BettyLo also begin to make her own sounds as Herb threw the girl down on the mattress and began fucking her. It was so good to hear the girl's quivering and sobbing voice, following BettyLo's instructions, beg the boyfriend to 'fuck me hard'... 'hurt me... make it hurt', still with her wet eyes locked unto his. And Herb showed his appreciation by ramming her, making her young body shake from his powerful thrusts...

BettyLo's voice was low with desire as she moved over to the girl's mother. Mouth taped over. A beautiful woman. Fine body, still...

"Let's watch them together, you and me. Ohhhh, your little girlie's becoming a whore real fast, right in front of your eyes. Look how they're movin' together on the bed? I assure you that she'll know all the tricks in a few days. Herb and I will be takin' turns showing her just what we want her to be and how to do it...

BettyLo hands began to roughly pinch the mother's nipples and explore her pussy. She was hot now, as she saw how the daughter was now crying uncontrollably as Herb's balls slapped against her ass. Ol' Herb would be fucking her non-stop for at least another half-hour before taking a brief rest and then raping her again, this time most probably attacking the girl's virgin asshole.

"You know, I think that you and your daughter are gonna be real popular. And don't you worry none - you are gonna be learnin' just like her. I know you're more experienced, but you ain't never had anything like what I have in mind for you!"

And BettyLo's wet tongue began to lather the mother's face and ears as she started to slowly force a fist up the mother's asshole...

Loud muffled screams through the gag.

"Oh, yeah, mommy....Ohhhh....Yeah...!"

But BettyLo and her captives were not the only story involving unfortunate family members. Among the many other kidnapped slaves were two sisters, Susan and Ruthie. 25 year-old Susan and 18 year-old Ruthie, the pampered daughters of a prominent businessman, were extremely close and moral. And Susan had been especially resistant and arrogant, needing to be subdued into slavery only after the most intense punishments.

The two sisters had been purchased by a group of hookers primarily as sex slaves, but Susan had caused so much effort and trouble that the prostitutes decided that they would use her up by putting her to work servicing the low-paying creeps who inhabited the run-down waterfront section of the city. Those homeless, addicts and criminals couldn't pay much, but there were a lot of them and Susan would earn money by fucking endless numbers of them throughout the night and day.

The bums really jumped at the chance to screw a beautiful blonde like Susan. And her hooker escorts made it clear that she could be used in any way and as roughly as the men wanted. And they did just that. Susan's distress only make her an even more attractive piece of fuck-meat.

Stick those buttocks well up for my meat, girl! And wriggle this ass of yours!

Her hooker owners speculated that she would only last for a week at that pace that she was being used. After that, they had already decided to sell her off to some people who ran "underground" sex and death shows.

The younger sister, having being informed of Susan's planned fate, begged for her sister's life. But what did she have to offer the hooker Mistresses that already owned her and broken her and were quite fond of using her?

Her only hope was to appeal to Big Rhonda, the tough black dyke who seemed to be the ranking bitch of the house and who had exhibited a strong preference for the petite Ruthie's services in bed.

"Please, Miss Rhonda, don't let them hurt and kill my sister! Please! I'll do anything! She's learned her lesson and she'll be nice and obedient just like me - just give her another chance! Please, Miss Rhonda! I'll be your girl - your special girl! Whatever you want me to do, I'll do. I'll belong to you forever! I'll never hesitate or resist you in any way! Please!"

Big Rhonda liked what she heard from this petite cutie. "You promise that you'll totally belong to me? That you'll be my loyal little slut? You'll beg me to punish you? That you'll think of nothing but making me cum whenever I want it? That you'll ask to swallow my piss and eat the shit from my asshole? And thank me afterwards? Tell me!"

"Yes," Ruthie sobbed. "Yes, I will do all those things and more. I promise to think of nothing but making you happy."

The black dyke-Mistress took her submissive property into her arms, her excitement building rapidly as she pinched Ruthie's pert tits and shoved her big fingers inside her slave's tight, shaven pussy.

"Then I'll make sure that your sister is kept here - that's if she's truly learned her lesson and will be a good girl like you. Now gimme that sweet little tongue of yours to seal our marriage with a kiss."

The loyal younger sister obeyed - as she would obey for the rest of her life - as Big Rhonda's strong, aggressive tongue intertwined with hers, forcing Ruthie's mouth wide as it jammed into every corner.

"Mmmmmmm.....", Big Rhonda grunted as her saliva flowed into, then overflowed from Ruthie's stretched and hurting mouth. "Girl, you makin' me so hot! My pussy's leakin' down my legs! C'mon, baby, let's go into my bedroom and consummate! Your Mistress is gonna be needing a lot of your sweet lovin' from now on..."

Susan had indeed learned her lesson. From then on, she was as good a house and sex slave as her hooker Mistresses could want.

And her younger, loyal sister, to spare Susan's life, kept her word. She dedicated herself to servicing every whim and need that Big Rhoda would think of...

CТmon slave, lick it clean No wait some more is coming keep your pretty mouth open wide this one is for you!

Of course, most of the kidnapped females who resisted their training and new fate were not so lucky to have a loving sister to save them from the wrath of their new owners. The prostitutes had spent hard-earned money on these spoiled wrenches, and if they were now going to get the pleasuring and submissive companionship that they had expected upon buying them, they would get their money back in some fashion. A slave-bitch couldn't be returned, so the preferred method was re-selling a slave to people who had more extreme ideas for their usage. After all, these hookers were businesswomen in a way...

But some disappointed whore Mistresses opted to get their pleasure by disposing of a troublesome slave-bitch themselves. Maybe there was the loss of the money spent on a disobedient slave, but such an incidence could also be used for extreme pleasure.

Nothing brought over the guests like a 'slave disposal' party. Good times had by all in a long night of using, abusing, torture, and finally, the dispatching of the foolish and unfortunate slave.

Look at your friend, my pretty slave you wonТt like to be in her place, huh? So better do a good job to your mistressТ puss

And there were also alternative solutions - like reselling a bad slave to one of the Pleasure Matrons like Madam Consuelo who lived and operated in the Chinatown area of the city.

A Pleasure Matron made her money catering to a small, horny clientele who liked the services of a more submissive, subservient type of girl instead of the regular paid whore.

Madame Consuelo kept her slave-whores in line by shooting them up with heroin. The formally- troublesome slave's forced addiction to the drug made them compliant, even eager to service the Madam's close circle of jaded male and female customers and friends.

Shit the slutТs going to faint again I want you to refund me!

Young Carla was ready now to show this pack of black homegirls that she was what they all wanted her to be. She could no longer bear the hard whipping and abuse that she had endured since the first night she had be snatched from the parking lot of her favorite shopping mall. The prospect of eating pussies and assholes was a blessed relief compared with what she had been subjected to and what she suspected might be her fate if she didn't please these black streetwalkers...

For those prostitutes who had tired of their slaves, or who had concluded that they could no longer afford to keep them, there was always the option of re-selling them.

Tonight, there was a South American trio who was interested in taking a used slave or two back with them to work in their own fledgling bordello.


Posted January 19th, 2005

Rosita was pleased as she took possession of the last of the last two slaves that had been ordered for the Big Party.

They both were fresh and innocent-looking; just the type that would appeal to the hardened streetwalking bitches and their pimp and thug boyfriends.

"Yeah, this would be one of the best parties of the year!"

"Okay, here ya are, boys. Five hundred bucks for the both of them. Keep in touch - I've got a feelin' that we'll be lookin' to get more of these kinda bitches in the near future."

The Big Party was a special get-together of the city's veteran street-whores and their friends and allies who kept the business going. Given twice a year, it was the most eagerly-awaited social event in the Prostitute Underground. Usually hosted at a well-guarded abandoned warehouse, there would plenty of drink, drugs and sexual excess.

And Rosita had always been in charge of procuring a supply of freshly-kidnapped slave girls to be used - and used up completely - by those in attendance. Now she would indulge herself tonight with some of these new girls before transporting them to the still- secret location of the Party.

She particularly liked that tall, lanky blond modeling student who had been snatched from her posh uptown apartment. Rosita fingered herself as she watched her brother, Tomas, entertain himself by ramming his fist up the blonde's virgin asshole. She liked how the blond looked as she cried in agony and how she arched her lovely back. Rosita would let Tomas abuse the white girl for some time - after that, Rosita knew that the blond would be grateful to get the chance to be taught the fine art of eating pussy and ass....

At the underground warehouse, the Party guests were arriving and already enjoying the sights as they marveled at the unique displays of captured slave meat that would be available. Of course, all the slave meat was also for sale; and it was common for a whore of her pimp to immediately pick out one for purchase - either to be used there at the Party or to be tucked away for taking home after the party

"Mmmm… I like you, honey. I think I'm gonna buy you. Oh… don't cry. I'll take care of you every night after your 20 hours shift. Those remaining 4 hours will be your busiest but the more rewarding too. No more brutish male pounding in your cunt, only you and me…"

The Party was usually broken up into various rooms or separated areas in which the whores could wander from place to place, taking in the different sights or taking part in the different activities occurring in them.

In one room, for instance, the whores and their guests were treated to the services of a sweet, red-haired captive; a former (and reported missing) teaching assistant named Patricia. Patricia was now in the midst of a learning process, herself - Patricia was learning that an experienced, big whore like Sholonda was easily pleased by having Patricia's tasty little tongue buried up her anus.

" Uggghh...that's the way, girlfriend. You're getting the hang of it now," groaned Sholanda as she started to move her huge ass in a rhythm.

"Now push some more spit in with that tongue and come in deeper......Ohh, yes, girl....You like Sholanda's taste, don't ya? Now suck on it a bit....Yeah ...just like that..."

The other guests in the room were squirming and fidgeting with horny excitement. Such a show! Some were already shedding their clothes, waiting their turn with Patricia's talented ever-learning tongue.

For an event involving close to a hundred people, the Party was amazing low-key in terms of noise. There was no deejay or band - only soft jazz music wafted from the discreet sound system.

The loudest noises were the cries and screams from the slave girls as their bodies provided the pleasure and entertainment for the guests.

After the Party, those slaves who were lucky enough to be bought by a prostitute (the others would be sold off quickly to South American crime gangs) were taken home to begin their service as a whore's whore and housemaid. The streetwalkers usually lived in substandard surroundings, but that didn't mean that they didn't want their floors scrubbed or their toilets licked clean.

"C'mon, little one… start scrubbing faster than that and finish your job. Mammy needs those pouting lips of yours sucking on her clit..."

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Pimps [HINES]


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Sometimes fate takes an unexpectedly cruel turn. Charlotte's sudden departure from her relatively normal, safe life to the sordid life of a prostitute began by something so simple as her being rude to the rather menacing-looking black man when he politely ordered a cup of coffee at her assigned table in the restaurant that she worked as a waitress. She just couldn't help herself; the man dressed and looked like one of those street thugs that she always saw on TV. Charlotte had merely decided to give him less-than-cordial treatment in the hopes that he would get the message and leave quickly. Charlotte had gotten her wish as the black man, clearly stung by her rudeness, quietly got up and left without waiting for his order. But unfortunately for Charlotte, this man was indeed someone who she really didn't want to be around. His name was Max. More commonly known to law-enforcement and other area criminals as "Mean Max", bodyguard and feared enforcer-for-hire for the many black underworld factions who had need of his services.

Charlotte's first shock was as she walked towards her car after finishing her shift for the night. Max's strong forearm was tight and crushing around her neck, cutting off her air and any scream that she might make. "You better take it easy now, bitch," Max whispered in her ear. "You start givin' me trouble and I'm gonna put a bullet in that pretty head of yours." The hardness of his voice and that of the pistol pressed against her temple quickly gave the impression he meant what he said.

Another black man emerged from the darkness. "This her? This the cunt you tellin' me about," the man asked.

"Yeah, this the one. Real arrogant shit, she is. Gotta attitude that needs changin'. What do ya think? Can ya use her?"

"Sure can. I mean, she ain't no glamour doll, but she pretty enough. Seem like she got a nice body on her. Why don't ya tear some of dress apart so I can get a better look that them tits."

Max's big hand reached around and ripped most of Charlotte's thin dress away with two effortless swipes. Charlotte's firm breasts were in full view.

"Well, she sure got a pair on her, I'll give ya that. Yeah, she'll do alright, Max. What do ya want for her?"

"I ain't in this one for the money. You give me twenty-five dollars for my trouble and she yours - that's after I drag her white ass back in the back alley there and spend some time fuckin' that pussy raw while she tells me how sorry she is for disrespectin' me...."

Charlotte wasn't the only new white meat that was being introduced to the world of black pimps and their hoes. After her hour of being savagely fucked on the hard dirty surface of the alley by Mean Max, she was hustled off and re-sold, this time for one hundred dollars, to Little Marcus, one of the three pimps who ran a whoring operation known as Bella's House. Charlotte's fellow inductee was a blond named Milly. Milly's journey to Bella's House had began with her accepting an invitation from another white girl whom she had befriended on the bus a few days ago. The new friend has seemed so much more worldly and experienced with her tales of attending wild parties and meeting entertaining men; it was so easy to say 'yes' when the new friend had asked if she wanted to come with her.

"Don't tell anybody about this", the 'friend' had cautioned. "These parties are so exclusive, we don't want a bunch of hangers-on to crash them, know what I mean?" That made so much sense to Milly at the time.

Charlotte's buttocks were painfully raw from being the first to get a long, hard belt-whipping from Little Marcus. Now it was Milly turn to feel the leather as Little Marcus brusquely pushed her quivering pale body down across Charlotte's on the bed.

Let this here be the first lesson for you bitches about how things go on 'round here," huffed Marcus as he lifted his arm and let the first blow whack solidly against Milly's upturned ass. Go'head, make as much noise as ya want - no one 'round here is gonna pay no attention. And the louder ya scream, the longer and harder I'm gonna whip ya. Ya better learn fast to take whatever I give ya real quiet. Ya keep on makin' noise, then I keep on beatin' ya. And I don't care if I take all the damn skin off your hide, either...."

Another of the pimps who ran Bella's House was Far Eye, a man whose frightening appearance sometimes didn't accurately reflect his nature - sometimes. Far Eye could be quite dangerous if provoked, especially if it was anything to do with that eye of his that permanently looked to the right. Many a reckless thug had died from being so stupid as to not mind his manners when confronted with that strange eye. and many a woman had been beaten senseless or worse for the same offense. So it was no surprise when the crying BettyLou flinched when Far Eye entered the room.

BettyLou 18 year-old cute blond looks and body would earn Bella's House some good money. As a rule, white girls were considered as somewhat exotic down here in the black ghettos, so the price of fucking one was a bit higher than for the regular black whores who worked there. BettyLou journey to this shabby den of vice had began when she had refused to help obtain drug money for her heroin-addicted mother by being "real nice" to some of the mother's "friends".

"You ungrateful little bitch!" her mother had yelled. "Here I am needing a fix to make myself feel decent and you won't even help me out by spreading your legs for an hour!" Her mother had gotten mad - then had gotten even; putting some knock-out drops in BettyLou's glass of milk the very next morning. While her unconscious daughter lay on the tattered living room couch, Dear Mom had indeed brokered a deal that got her the drug money that she needed and got rid of this troublesome girl. The Bella's House operation had bought itself a new talent, a previously unsullied talent. Fresh and untried. And now Far Eye would have the first turn at breaking this young talent in.

"Don't you let his looks fool ya, girl," one of the House's girls cooed to BettyLou. " He might not be as handsome as some, but he sure know how to lay a woman right! Now I'd wouldn't fight it if I was you. That'd only get him all steamed up and maybe get ya hurt up a bit. Better you just give all the pussy ya got and make him happy with ya."

Through tearful eyes, BettyLou noted the big black cock that sprang into view as Far Eye slowly began unzipping his pants.

"Yeah, you is gonna be my little girl tonight," Far Eye said. " We gonna take our time so that ya get used how this dick be diggin' and stretchin' that cunt. You gonna be screamin' and beggin' at first, but I promise that you is gonna be a full-fledged whore by the time we're done....."

Far Eye spent the night educating BettyLou pussy with that huge cock of his. BettyLou tried her best to submit to his every demand, but it seemed that he never needed to stop or rest. Just when she thought that she would have a moment to recover, Far Eye would be ready to begin yet another assault; that hard, cum-coated cockhead pressing against one of her holes, then forcing it's way inside.

"You wants it again, don't ya, gal? Yah, I knows ya do. You wants your old Far Eye to open ya up again and make ya call his name. C'mon, give me some of that sweet little tongue. girl. Kiss me and get me all worked up again so's my cock's is as big as it can get. Mmmmm... that's nice. real nice. Just like a good little whore...Mmmmmmmmm. Now turn over and stick that asshole up and then ya gonna beg me shove this big thing in deep and hard..."

Not all the white slave-whores were to be broken in so thoughtfully as BettyLou. After all, time was a valuable commodity in itself; the longer it took to train a girl for her duties, the less money was being earned.

With this in mind, most often the training of new whores was quite straightforward and harsh. The House's basement was the place in which most new girls got their first taste of House education and discipline. A couple weeks of painful bondage and even more painful flogging was usually enough to ensure a deep appreciation of a new girl's place in the order of things and of what was expected of her. After her stay in the basement, the pain and humiliation from all those customers' cocks would not seem as bad.

It was Jalonda's turn to oversee the training of new girls this week. Jalonda didn't mind; in fact, she rather enjoyed 're-educating' these white girls. It was fun to see these bitches beg for mercy as they suffered through the various trials that had be especially designed to rid them of their will and dignity - especially when one knew that most of them come from backgrounds of relative privilege when compared to Jalonda's hard ghetto life. She enjoyed directing and implementing their abuse.

It was especially enjoyable when one of them would try in ingratiate herself to Jalonda in a vain attempt to avoid more punishment. This time it was the petite school teacher named Alexis who was seeking to somehow try and not be suspended by ropes throughout the night.

"Please Miss Jalonda, your breasts are so big and firm. They're so beautiful. I just have to ask, Miss Jalonda - will you please let me suckle them? I'd be so honored if you'd let me."

Jalonda smiled to herself. She knew that Alexis was hoping that she could pleasure Jalonda enough to that she might take this white pussy up to her bed for the night instead of rope-suspending her along with the other new whores; anything to avoid the constant agony of the cramps that would attack every muscle in their bodies throughout the night. " Well, since you ask so nicely, if course you can, baby. C'mere and wrap those pretty pink lips around these big 'ol nipples of mine. You do a good enough job, I'll let ya suck of my toes and suck my asshole, too. Ohhhhhh, yeah, that's the way, makin' Jalonda feel good..."

But of course, even after Alexis had sucked Jalonda's asshole and cleaned out her anus with her tongue - she would still suffer through the night down in the basement with the others.

Willy G., another of the House's pimps, was somewhat taken aback when he arrived to check up on how things were going; not that he didn't trust his partners or the black whores, he was just careful. When the door opened, there stood Big Bella. Big Bella was more that Willy G's girlfriend; she was also the one who had initially provided the start-up money that went to purchase the House, it's upgrading and it's furniture. In fact, it was also Bella's family contacts in the underworld that had helped make sure that Bella's House had protection from the police and other criminal rivals. But Bella had always preferred to be a silent partner. So why was she here?

"Hey, Bella, what you doin' here? Thought ya didn't like to hang around this place," Willy asked cautiosly. Then he spotted the white girl on the lease being held by Bella. "You comin' down here to play with some of these white gals or somethin'?"

"Well, yeah, I is here to play while work, I guess you can say. You see, Willy, I decided to take over. Take over runnin' this house."

"You crazy, women! This is our place, Far Eye, Little Marcus and me! We ain't about to let nobody take this from us. Especially no woman!"

" Now Willy, don't you go makin' it worse than it has to be, hear? Far Eye's already decided to go along with what I have in mind."

" What? I can't believe it! What about Marcus. I know he'd never agree..."

" Sorry to have to tell ya this, Willy.......Poor Little Marcus is dead."

"Now don't you go gettin' all worried about anything, Willy," Big Bella said. " Way it's gonna be is me and my sistas is gonna be running things here day to day. And you mens is gonna be in charge of making sure we keep gettin' new white girls. Way, I see it the more of 'em you snatch, the more I can break in and train and then put 'em to work.

"You see, Willy, I'm gonna also start whorin' these white gals out to our womenfolk, too. Lots of the black sistas 'round here is gonna be willin' to pay some good bucks to get their pussies and asses licked by a cute little thing. They is gonna love knowin' that they can have some white girl do nasty things that other people won't do. We is gonna train the prettiest gals to be real good at everything." Bella tugged on the lease attached to the white slavegirl's collar, pulling her close, between her legs.

"Now Willy, you just stand there and see how this little bitch is learnin' to please a black woman." To the girl, she said, " C'mon, baby, get under there and put that cute mouth to work on Bella's clit. Show the man how you is gonna make Bella all kinds of money..."

Big Bella, the new owner and madam of the inner-city brothel known as 'Bella's House', had directed her male underlings to find -by any means- more white girls to work there. She didn't want white whores or prostitutes. She wanted regular, innocent-types; those would appeal more to her customers, most of whom were the black and brown men and women who lived down there in the ghetto that Bella served. There was also the added benefit that these new white slave-whores, unlike the regular whores who worked there, would be not be collecting any portion of the monies that they brought in to the House. The only thing that they would get was the privilege of living and not being badly beaten. For Big Bella, this was a most attractive and financially beneficial arrangement.

Quite a bit of effort and care was put into the scouting out and selection of particularly winsome young white ladies for abduction. Big Bella had wanted them between 18 and 21, pretty, with good bodies and she wanted them captured and taken with as little damage to them as possible.

Tanya, an office clerk, had been spotted some five days before they came for her. They came for her just as she was getting ready for bed. From having observed her routine, that Tanya would be alone and it was only a matter of using a ruse to get her to open her cottage door. Her flight into her bedroom only resulted in a broken door. They weren't about to harm her in any way, but that didn't mean that they couldn't take a little time with her, see for themselves just how tight Tanya's pussy and asshole was.

Tanya would spend the last hour in her own bed being introduced to the rigors of three long cocks. This was not to be at all like the kind, considerate love-making that she experienced with her boyfriend. These cocks were rude and brutal and only the threat of her captors' guns kept her from crying out in pain as her holes were repeatedly explored and fucked raw.

Bella's regular girls were always curious about the newest white slaves to be brought in and interned down in the spacious cellar complex beneath the whorehouse. And somewhat resentful of these pale beauties who had previously enjoyed - in comparison to their own lives - a relatively normal and unscathed existence. But not for long. There was was also the occasional opportunity to exact some additional pleasure in helping tame an overly reluctant slave-whore-to-be by inflicting a little serious pain on them.

Veronda had been sent down to the basement with orders to show the recently-arrived Annette the penalties to be paid for her continued refusal to accept her new situation. Annette had to be given night's lesson on being agreeable and Veronda was very agreeable in her teaching duties. Veronda especially liked to use tack-nails to test a girl's breasts; she so loved watching and hearing them scream every time she slowly pushed the sharp little pieces of metal into the flesh.

Annette did not disappoint Veronda. " Noooooo! Arghhhhh...!!!!" The white girl's voice was loud and shrill, but it was music to Veronda's ears.

Big Bella was a big believer in the power of marketing and word-of-mouth advertising. Her idea of expanding her brothel's customer base by offering beautiful white slave-whores to service female customers was a good one but could only succeed if she was able to make the existence this novel service known to it's potential customers. And there was nothing like a free sample to get the juices flowing and the word out.

The group of Latinas from the 'hood were the first to be invited to try out Big Bella's girl-girl slave-whores. Skeptical when they first arrived, they soon warmed up to the idea of letting slave Nancy show them just how much pleasin' a compliant slave-whore could manage to give them within the 90 minutes of free time allotted.

Juanita was the woman who took the the lead, asking, " Hey, girl, my name's Juanita. Damn, you are a cute thing. Got a cute-lookin' mouth, too. Bella says you are gonna tongue-fuck me and my friends in any way we tell ya. That true, gringa gal?"

Nancy shuddered as she answered, " Yes."

Juanita's hard slap turned Nancy's face. "Bitch! Puta! You say, 'Yes, Miss Juanita' when you address me, get it? You need me and my homegirls to kick your ass a little to remaind ya?"

"N-No, Miss Juanita. Please! I'm so sorry, Miss Jaunita. Please forgive me!"

" that's the proper way to talk, baby. Of course, I'll forgive ya. But first, get a closer look at my pussy. You like it, don't ya? Why don't ya taste it and let the girls see if you can get me feelin' all good and shit....."

While Bella House's Female/female whore service was being launched, it would still be the good ol' dick-in-pussy business that would continue to bring in the most profit. It was true that the hard and severe ghetto-style fuckin' would break down the more fragile white slave-whores within a couple of months, but if Big Bella's boys were able to continue their current rate of kidnappings and abductions of fresh white bodies, there should not be that much of a problem. For those slave-whores who eventually got used up by the unrelenting ghetto slam-fuckin', Big Bella always had the option of putin' 'em to work out on the streets. Once they were forcibly addicted to crack, it would be no trouble sendin' 'em out to fuck 'n suck those low-life ten-dollar customers who would use them in the back alleys on filthy mattresses or just on the hard, unforgivin' asphalt.

Bella House's first 'Friday Night Special' was quite a profitable hit with the dudes from the 'hood. They practically flooded into the place to see the newest supply of exotic white cunts, judge 'em and then pay some of their hard-earned money to fuck 'em. Again, Big Bella excelled at bringin' attention to all the House had to offer. The most effective was the outside advertising ploy of stationing the dark-haired slave-whore named Charlotte outside the front entrance, exhibiting an example of what was being offered inside. A discount rate for a short-fuck time also attracted even more attention.

Big, lanky Bubba was the first to step up and take advantage of the discount. Bubba's clothes were dirty, his breath stank and he had already been gulpin' on his third bottle of cheap whisky, but goddamnit, his motherfuckin' dick was hard and he wanted to ram those 11 inches some pussy. The white gal looked good and he had an extra twenty dollars on him, so why not? Didn't bother him no never-mind that they were out in the open. fuckin' was fuckin'.

Charlotte caught her breath as Bubba started pushin' that big dick inside her already-sore pussy. She winched from the pain, trying to shift away from this huge black shaft that was being digging into her. But there was no escape to be had as Bubba fully impaled her, then pulled back and slammed himself in up to the hilt.

"Hey, look at Bubba usin' that big 'ol thing", someone in the crowd laughed. "Go on, Bubba, tear that pussy up!".

Bubba grinned as he began poundin' that hole. Poundin' it real good. Charlotte's moans only served to spur him on, make him fuck her harder. Showin' her what a man Bubba could be. "Shit, I is lovin' puttin' my meat to this bitch. Gotta fuckin' tight little pussy......!"

The other men started cheering Bubba as he rocked Charlotte's captive body back agains the wall with his violent fuckin'.

"Bubba! Bubba! Bubba!"

The men weren't the only ones to get to take advantage of a Bella House's special introductory offering. Saturday night featured a 'Ladies' Night Special' that brought in quite a few of women from the 'hood

After all, who could resist the chance to having their cunts and ass obediently eaten by some really pretty and totally accommodating white girls? And just 20 dollars for an hour? In fact, it was such a hit that Big Bella had to schedule Sunday and Monday 'Ladies' Night' just to placate all those homegirls who flocked in.

The female customers ran the gamut from the chunky Latin bartender Castina to the old black lady called Miss Inez who gladly used some of the money that she kept hidden in a kitchen drawer to experience some fun. The gals certainly were havin' their fun. And they'd certainly be back, this time payin' a higher rate - but still very reasonable in regards to their somewhat restricted budgets.

Cindy, twenty-one, sweet and petite, had been given extensive training in the arts of pleasurin' a woman. Big Bella and the whores of the House had certainly made sure that she, along with all the other captives, was given plenty of practice time on the subject. Now it was time for Cindy to perform those duties for paying customers.

"Now, girl, listen here," Big Bella had instructed Cindy before pushing her into the room in which the women customers waited for more slave-whores to join those already being used. " I'm gonna only tell ya once - you better lick some serious cunt and asshole when you're in there, understand? I better not get any complaints from any customers, sayin' you ain't been doin' the job just the way they want it."

Cindy would immediately have the chance to do the job right as both Miss Inez and Castina grabbed at her as soon as she stumbled into the Orgy Room.

"C'mere, sweetie," cackled Miss Inez, her opened dress revealing her sagging old tilts and ancient cunt. "Ain't you a pretty thing! You reminds of a gal I used to own when I was in prison a long time ago. Damn, that bitch could eat some pussy! Hopes you is gonna be as good as her....."

It's good to know that certain activities work to bring together people of differing lifestyles and social-economic backgrounds. And even better when doing so turns a neat little profit for business concerns like Bella's House. The slave-whores pressed into service at the House got to experience an entirely different world. Of course they tended not to enjoy it nearly as much as their customers - but that was the nature of the business.

It would be safe to say that Tanya did not enjoy her new life as a slave-whore at Bella's House. But at least she could consider herself as gainfully employed, the gains going to Big Bella, the very successful female pimp. She certainly didn't have to worry about being lonely, as she definitely got to meet new people all the time. And she also could count on a good meal, plenty of dark meat around. A lot of it.

At the moment, Tanya was tasting and swallowing some thick protein issued up by a grateful, paying customer. She tried her best to lick it all up as fast as she could, but the black cock just kept on pulsing and pumping out it's salty reward for all her hard work. Not to worry, her customer was the sort who would patiently let her the chance to tongue up every last thick, slimy drop.

And he was also the type to voice his appreciation as Tanya used her captive mouth to milk the remaining cum from his throbbing dick.

" fuckin' bitch, you! You sure knows how to suck cock, I'll tell ya that! You is way better than them street whores. Ohhhhhhhh, my balls are still twitchin'. Still working up some more sperm for ya! Don't you stop, ya cunt. Just keep on workin' those lips! When I'm done, I'm gonna wash your throat clean with my piss. You the kind who wants that, I knows you is.

"Here it comes, bitch. Here comes the last load! Take it, you no-good whore, swallow it all! UHHhhhhhhhh....!"

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Psycho-Thrillers – Severance

Psycho-Thrillers - Severance

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay

Description: Contains: Surprise, Tazer Torture, Fondling, Undressing, Blackmail R, Live R, Asphyxiation w/red cord, death by tazer torture, twitching, limp Body Positioning, Drooling, urination. Description: A young woman and mother of three mst choose between accepting a blackmail situation to sleep with the boss’ client to make more money or be fired. She chooses to sleep with the client and travels to a remote country home of her boss. She is partially dressed and lying on the bed waiting for the strange European man to undress. He doesn’t know her, know does he care. The only thing he knows is he wanted to fuck a Black woman and her boss had offered her up as incentive to close a lucrative deal. Shaken and feeling low about herself, she dressed loosely as she calls her kids for the last time to say their mom is coming home. That promise would be short-lived as a man surprises her and tazers her brutally until she is a twitching pile of dark flesh on the floor. He drags her over to the couch and tazers her again to ensure she’s allow him to undress her. The man is masked and does not care about who she is nor her feelings and he has sex with her as drool pours from the corner of her mouth. Unable to stop him, he shows her the asphyxiation cord. Her eyes follow it but her body is unable to react to defend her. She endures the pain of the cord tightening around her throat and she kicks and thrashes for his pleasure. When she is about ready to be taken out, he lets her go, allowing her a few more breaths before tazering her for long periods of time. He tazers her until her heart overloads with electric shock and fails to pump. She dies thinking of never seeing her kids again, of wanting to say good-bye, of trying to do the right thing which turned deadly and fatal. The killer tazers her once more but her body does not react…she is gone. He lifts her and throws her body onto the couch and leaves her there to urinate all over the couch and the floor.



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Miscellaneous [HINES]


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The Pirate Claims Lady Merideth.

The Pirate leader's name was Red Charlie; not because of his red hair - but because his raids upon merchant ships usually ended in rivers of blood. This last capture of the British ship HSS Voltaire had been no different; the ship's crew had been wiped out to the very last man. But besides the gold and other loot, there had been an added surprise on board: The young Lady Merideth and her equally beautiful cousin, Lady Anita. Both had been in transit to visit their powerful Uncle who was in charge of one of England's largest Caribbean outposts, but Red Charlie and crew had definitely changed those plans.

Being the unchallenged leader, Red had claimed Lady Merideth for himself and given Lady Anita to his first-in-command, Joe Gruff for his use. There was plenty of use that first night as both Ladies' carefully-guard virginity was so rudely and crudely ended by the intrusion of two hefty-sized pirate cocks. Red's crew could only grouse and complain and jack off as they listen to the night-long sounds of both of the women being fuck over and over throughout the late hours and into the morning.

Lady Merideth was the loudest of the two. Her cries were shrill as Red's cock stretched her tight pussy and painfully fuck it raw. Her royal upbringing could not help her as she was forced to spread her legs wider and wider in order to try and relieve the intense discomfort of that big shaft of pirate meat that seemed to be able to stay hard for hours. Lady Anita, usually getting raped right beside Merideth at the time, seemed to have accepted her fate, seemed to have been broken; her moans were quiet and she only quietly sobbed now as Joe Gruff fucked her from behind.

Gruff was rough as he cock-slammed Lady Anita, putting the force of his body weight behind each thrust. "Ugghh.... Ohhhhhhh..... You're a good fuck, Me Lady, takin' all I give ya just like a good whore should...... such a nice little bitch," he grunted in her ear. "You don't need worry 'bout all that 'Royal' stuff no more, Me Lady. Ol' Joe's gonna make you his wife as soon as we make land. You gonna spend the rest of your life cookin' and puttin' out babies - 'cause you can be sure that you're gonna be gettin' this big dick of mine every chance I get"

"Uhhhhhhhhhggg.... Here it comes, Me Lady, I'm gettin' ready to cum in ya again! Ahhhhhhhhh , you're feelin' that, ain't ya? Feelin' my cum floodin' your belly, ain't ya? Keep that butt of yours up so you can take it, or I'll whip ya again! Now rotate your ass so that you help milk all the stuff my balls is makin' just for you. Uhhhhh... yes, you know how to do as you get told, don't ya? Gonna be a nice little wife, ain't ya?"

As Anita softy cried as Gruff was filling her up with his latest cum-load, Lady Merideth panicked even more now as she saw the big killing-knife in Red Charlie's hand. His eyes were intense as he approached her, his dick erect, swollen...

"No! Please don't kill me! Please!" Her voice was high with fear.

"Don't you worry," Red assured her. "I ain't gonna kill ya if you do as I say. You gotta stop resistin' and give yourself to me just like your cousin is doin' with my man Gruff there. Gettin' tired of you not appreciatin' all the good lovin' I been givin' ya. Gettin' tired of your attitude...!"

Merideth gulp. "Please don't cut me! I'll be good, I'll be nice....Please.."

"You better be," Red muttered as he climbed on top of Lady Merideth, his cock already forcing it's head into her pained cunt. "Kiss me back good and keep tellin' me how much you want me fuckin' ya and how much you wanna be my whore - and you better keep sayin' it....."

"Ohhhhhhh..... God..." Lady Merideth gasped as Red's cock began another assault on her pussy. It hurt so much... But she had no choice....

"Uhhggghhh... Fuck me, Master.... I'm your woman now, I'm nothing but your whore now. Let me give it to you like you want it, Master....."

The Biker and the Captured Cheerleaders

When Tally and his biker gang had spotted the local community college bus carrying the cheerleading squad on their way to the college's football game, he had an idea right away on how to have some fun and make some money at the same time. Lots of immoral old men out there willing to hand over some big money for a cute cheerleader in her young prime, yessir.... And Tally wasn't one to waste time!

That was three week ago. Everyone was still out searching for the hooded criminals wno had ambushed the bus on it's way back from an away game, taking 14 cheerleaders and their young female adviser and killing male driver and his assistant. It was still all over the television and the newspapers. But still no sign of the kidnapped girls , no clue of their whereabouts whatsoever.

Nobody had a clue of how twelve of the fourteen cheerleaders had been subjected to a well-proven program of abuse and punishment throughout the day and night, quickly breaking their spirits and getting them ready for market. The wonderful voices that had entertained the crowds at the games had been transformed into distressed, helpless voices that moaned and groaned as their cunts and assholes were forced to accept the rough assaults of one biker cock after another on the cum-stained mattresses that cover the basement floor of the biker gang's headquarters building some fifty miles from the site of the abductions.

The breaking-in process was almost finished now. Where the rape-rooms had been loud with the pitiful cries and screaming of the cheerleaders as they were fucked, those rooms were quieter now as the girls had been fucked and beaten into submission. Now each girl obediently raised their hips in order to better accept the slamming of the cocks that attacked their pussies and raised their asses to meet the cocks that slammed their assholes ..... Now some of them even demonstrated their total compliance by wrapping their legs around their rapist as he grunted while spewing his load deep inside her while calling her a bitch in her ear.

As for Tally, he and his wife had decided on keeping two of the cheerleaders for themselves. Cuties Nancy and Sharlene were the perfect candidates to become the couple's permanent house/sex slaves for the rest of their lives....

Petite, 18 year-old Charlene squirmed under the pain as Tally sank his teeth into her fine little tit - but she knew better than to make a sound or try and move away. " Yeah, gooddd," Tally chuckled as he noted the girl's submission. " That's more like it. Now I won't have to whip ya as much as I get done fuckin' ya - But you know that I'm gonna whip ya anyway, don't ya?"

Yes, Master Tally, I know," the girl sobbed.

"And you want me to whip ya because it'll make me happy, don't ya?"

"Yes, Master. I want you to whip me. I want to make you happy...."

"That's one suck a little sweetheart, ain't she? Just like this one here is learnin' to be," observed Tally's main Old Lady, Babs, as she continued to beat a crying Nancy with the stiff leather paddle. " Gonna beat ya until you faint again, bitch. Then we'll start all over again when you come to. In a few months, both of ya are gonna be so sweet! Neither of you are gonna remember what your previous lives were like!

"You like this, you want more of it, don't ya? I know you do, I know you want me to hurt you all night. I know you do...."

Young Nun for the Madam.

Why hadn't the Church come to rescue her? Why had her God forsaken her? The young Nun-Apprentice's mind still had trouble coming to terms with what had happened to her, at what was still happening to her. It was only a year ago that her superiors had assigned naive Apprentice Nun Verona to come to serve out her training in this hot, humid, poor and miserable South American hellhole of a country - but again, Verona had indicated that she wanted to serve where the Church decided she could do the best good.... Quite a different place than her native England.....

Two weeks ago she had arrived, getting in the old, barely-working taxi that she had be told to wait for.... A taxi that had taken an unknowing Verona in the opposite direction from the nunnery where she was supposed to check into...

'Sorry, Mother Superior, we have no information on any young nun or any other foreigner arriving here recently. None of the taxi drivers report seeing anyone like you described. Yes, of course we'll investigate further...'

The young would-be nun hadn't realized something was wrong until the big dark-complexed men came up to snatch her out of the cab. Then the funny-smelling rag place over her astonished face. Waking up in that stuffy, windowless room where those dark-skinned, sullen-looking women eventually came to drag her down a long hallway pass closed doors that slightly muffled the screams and crying of anguished females. To that bigger room where a huge-bodied black woman stood waiting for her...

"Ah, so this is the cute nun that they told us about. Hmmmm, nice. Very nice." The big woman's voice was as deep as her body was fat. " Welcome dear, I've been so anxious to meet you. It's not often that they arrange a beautiful nun for me. Si, you'll make me a nice profit, indeed. Not many gringa nuns on the market. I know the sexshow promoters in town will definitely be interested in getting you for their businesses. Their rich patrons would love to see a pretty innocent nun being fucked and ruined by a twelve-inch black cock or seeing her licking lesbian pussy.... Mmmmmmmmmm. I'd pay to see that, myself!"

Verona's voice was quivering when she said, " What's going on? I am a Apprentice Nun sent to this country by the Church for training! You must repent and deliver me to my destination immediately! The Church will..."

The big black woman was quicker than anyone her size should have been; the slap came before Verona had a chance to think about avoiding it. The blow rocked Verona back, the second slap was even harder, knocking her to the floor. Then the big woman was on top of her, slapping her face to and fro until Verona's tears filled her eyes and she begged, " Oh, Please stop! Don't hit me any more!"

"Now that's more like I prefer my girl guests to talk, gringa. Nun or otherwise. You can call me Senora. Now get up; you obviously need to given some special attention by my girls - just to get you in the proper frame of mind, you understand. We must have you ready for your potential buyers...."

The Senora's girls were hard-core women off the streets and they knew just how to make the coming week or so a living hell for Verona with their straps, ropes, paddles and belts. The Senora took an interest in their work - or a delight - dropping by every few hours or so, once cautioning the punishers on being careful to avoid any permanent marking of Verona's pale body.

It was so bad for Verona that she found herself obeying without thought when the Senora visited her that last night. Obeying as the Senora disrobed, exposing her gross fat body and commanded, " Now you will get on your knees and crawl to me and eat my pussy...." That fat, vile-smelling black pussy....

The would-be nun never saw the people who bid for her. Only when the door to her holding cell opened did she beocme aware that something had happened, only when the large, dangerous - looking woman walked in and said, " I am Chita, Madam Chita. - and I own you now..."

"The Senora has told me that she has trained you quite well in eating pussy. That is so good to hear, because I need a lot of attention to my pussy and my other hole."

"And you are a nun! That is real fate - because I worship the lord Satan! He must have appreciated my service to him over all the years and decided to reward me! Si, it is fate! Usually I buy an innocent girl and spend weeks and weeks having her eat my asshole out and then torturing her at my place before I dispose of her body......but now I know that you were sent to me as my special reward.....!"

Madam Chita pulled Verona into her arms. You need to be debased and to be made to accept everything the Church is against. Tomorrow a priest defrocked by your own Church will marry us! Si, si, I like your tears, you look so much better when you cry! You will cry so much, you will please me with your crying....."

"Come to me, my beautiful nun. Here, let me put your hand right there.....Feel how wet my pussy is? It's wet for you, my darling, my little pussy-eating white nun. Mmmmmm....your hands are so soft.......You're making me so horny for you

"Keep you hands on my pussy while you and I kiss with our tongues . Ahhhh, let me give you a glob of my spit . Keep your eyes looking into mine...... Good girl, so afraid, so obedient...

"We will go right after you eat the Senora's pussy one last time. She says she will miss you because she loves the way you eat her pussy. You can lick my pussy when we get home - but I like having my asshole licked even more. You will eat my ass, my big ass, won't you, my pretty nun? Eat my ass, Gringa? You will eat my wonderful ass, suck it out......My ass is so big and wide and you will show your new devotion by keeping it licked clean, cleaner than any toilet paper. My ass, my big black ass, needs you. You will learn to love how it tastes, just like all the other girls did. They all begged me to let them eat my ass out because it pleased me.

You will beg me, too - and you will beg me to let me use your sweet mouth as my personal toilet for the rest of our marriage, for the rest of your life.

"You look so good when you're crying, I like that. I promise to keep you crying....."

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Lesbian Brothel [HINES]


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The arrival of new slavegirls at a Coven Brothel was always clamorous - but carefully so. Miss Coven had planned it so that upon their disembarkation, the already-distressed young abductees were even further disoriented by a suddenly imposed regimen of screamed orders, pulled hair and heavy blows by Miss Coven's skilled 'greetings' crews. The slaves had no time to think or consider their predicament; the determined 'greeters' met them with a savage onslaught that only would only let up when the crying girls began to clearly display signs of total submission.

It was in the first few days and sleepless nights that any will or self respect that these slavegirls had would begin to wilt. They would learn the value of the words, "Yes, Mistress" and "Right away, Mistress" and would start to realize that only by making their Greeters happy would they experience better treatment.

Since the founder of the Coven Lesbian Brothels lived in the States and because of the clearly larger demand for American slavegirls, the Caribbean brothel ( Brothel No. 1 ) was the largest of the three establishments. Strangely immune to discovery or interference, this Island brothel for ladies regularly took in a new shipment of approximately fifty or sixty scared young women almost every week. And Miss Coven's were upon them the moment the slaves landed.

In a moment that illustrated the many individual personal stories amid the controlled mayhem of the Arrival, the petite nineteen year-old girl named Patsy cowered against the wall, closely overshadowed by the big Greeter woman, Nadine. “Please don't hurt me anymore, Mistress," the teary-eyed slave pleaded. "Please! I'll do anything...!”

"Mmmmm... I know you will, honey," Mistress Nadine agreed soothingly as she pressed her fattish, sweating body close against Patsy's. "Just an hour more and I'll unshackle you and you and me can go somewhere private. Then you can show me how cooperative you can be...."


Miss Coven's younger sister, Miss Dolm, was one who was steeped in the Unnatural Arts and being so, immediately recognized the value of enslaving twin sisters. Having a twin as one's personal slave brought with it an unfathomable increase of pleasure that was almost threefold that the normal slavegirl could provide. An enslaved Twin Slavegirl brought with her an ability to obediently bring an enhanced lady like Miss Dolm to orgasms that were tumultuous - almost malevolent - in their nature; sending someone like Miss Dolm or Miss Coven into throes of hours-long orgasms. Clawmarks on the walls. Wild screams and howls. Pleasure that was unimaginable to normal women.

A beautiful English twin had been captured by an alert minion of Miss Dolm in the States and quickly delivered to her under the most extreme secrecy. Taking delivery of this valued girl was quite a chancy and perilous move for Miss Dolm. Her older sister was twice as powerful, having lived for almost two centuries longer, and Miss Dolm had no doubts that Coven would consider this as an offence worthy of Miss Dolm's demise. The English girl was Leanne; Miss Dolm had briefly considered also keeping Leanne's twin sister but the aura of the twins together in one place would reach Miss Coven's alert senses - and there would literally be Hell To Pay. The other twin was now serving in the Eastern European brothel, her memory erased. Still such a chance.....

But this was here and now. Miss Dolm must have this beautiful twin for herself for life. There were spells that would arrest Leanne's aging enough that it would be yet another couple of centuries before the first wrinkle appeared. So much time and pleasure. And danger....

The powerful Miss Dolm held Leanne tightly as the slave, her mind already beginning to cloud, haltingly read out loud from each page of the book of Spells that Dolm had chosen.

"Yes, yes, keep reading. Soon you will remember nothing except your eagerness to do as I say." Miss Dolm's voice was hoarse from all the screaming orgasms that Leanne had given her the previous nights. In fact, her big nipples stilled pulsed and large drops of Miss Dolm's pussyjuice still made audible splattering sounds as they leaked to the floor. "Keep reciting the words chosen just for girls like you and you will belong to me."

Miss Dolm's fingers dug into into the soft yielding flesh of Leanne's breasts and her breathing was harder now. The dripping from her now-demanding cunt was becoming more thick and more rapid as she whispered vile things in the slave's ear.

“Hurry. Hurry..." Miss Dolm urged.


Although she had been born into a quite powerful Latin American family, Manuela Milagros had suffered from insults about her unattractive looks throughout her pre-adult years. Many times she had broken into tears at the catcalls of " Monkey Face " and "Ugly" and all the rest - usually from other females. Her family had tried to console her by lavishing her with money, expensive clothes and trips around the world. But the damage had been done. But Manuela also was one who not only remembered the names that she had been called - but those girls who had called her the names. Imagine their humiliation, Manuela had thought, at being enslaved by the very woman that they had previously ridiculed; at having to service her hairy pussy and rank asshole with their tongues.....

Manuela's thoughts found an eager audience among the other women who had suffered through similar circumstances in their early years. So these women formed a special group that extracted personal revenge upon those females who had had their lives miserable.

For Manuela, a proud, snobbish blond named Leticia Albana would be her first revenge victim. Yes, Leticia had been defiant when she was first brought in and saw Manuela. "I should have know an sorry-looking puta like you would be behind something so childish as this! I demand you release me at once!" were Leticia's first words. But Manuela had wielded her whip and paddle like a real pro, punishing her tormenter's pale body with a quiet fury that soon resulted in Leticia pleading and begging for mercy. Leticia's humiliation was then just beginning.

Yet again, Mistress Manuela had reserved a secluded cell when she came to Brothel No. 2 to visit her personal slave of revenge, Leticia. For the slave, that meant long sessions of Manuela's leather paddle followed by much longer sessions designed to educate her in the duties of a Humiliation Slave. Manuela was careful not to have broken her slave. No, she wanted her personal slave to still be able to experience the shame of being forced to do things like using her tongue to clean out Manuela's asshole at the end of each night of sex and punishment.

Yes, slavegirl Leticia was not so proud now. She was very different from the snob who had made fun of Manuela's less-than-attractive looks throughout their childhood years.....

"Mercy, please, Mistress! Please forgive me for the things I said to you. I was so wrong! I know that now. Please..."

"I know how sorry you are, bitch. Now stick out your tongue for me. You have such a pretty, long tongue. I like it very much". Nothing the slave could say would ever change anything. Ever.

"Hmmmm..." Mistress Manuela's moaned with anticipation and desire and her saliva ran thick as she slurped noisily on Leticia's offered tongue.


In the her native Romania, Aurora had to be very careful at parties or social functions at which alcohol was available or served. Having had just one drink, she was practically guaranteed to have yet another and another until she was roaring drunk. And her kind of drunk was the toppling, falling-down, sick-in-the-stomach kind which served to make her persona non grata: No invitations for Aurora to join the parties; not even from her closest relatives. And the girls, those beautiful girls whom Aurora worshipped and wanted, were repelled by her alcohol-ravaged face and her stupefied manner; landing any of them in bed was out of the question.

But Aurora now had her friendly, welcoming Coven Brothel available at any time she could manage to travel there. They were happy to have her as a customer, even when she drank. Of course they paired Aurora up with any other heavy-drinking customer who happened to be in attendance. Besides, the Brothel made quite a handsome profit providing Aurora with the quality wines and champagnes that she tended to favor.

And there were those beautiful female slaves...

Aurora never had to worry about being judged or turned away by the compliant sex slaves at the Coven Lesbian Brothel of her choice, no matter how obnoxiously drunk she might be. No matter how sickly drunk. She and her almost equally soused drinking partner had chosen an English girl as their overnight pussy-eater - and the English lady had been very pleasuring and earnest in her duties. No, no complaints with this slave so far, no even when Aurora and friend had indulged themselves in several long belt-whipping sessions that had marked and reddened the English girl's pal skin. But now came the part that Aurora really enjoyed...

"Open your mouth wide, pretty English girl," Auroa commanded. "Yes, just like that. This your chance to show your love for me by swallowing all my puke, okay? You will love the taste! You want to do this, yes?

"Good, goooood, you are so obedient. Just the kind I like. Maybe I buy you, keep you in my place with other bitches I own.... Okay, keep mouth open! You are hungry, yes? Here it comes! Ugggggghhhhhh...... Uggggghhhhhhhh...... Swallow quick, here comes more! Yyyuhhhhhh...."


Payback was being a Mistress's bitch. This was especially the case for Celeste, who had no idea that someday she would pay the price of her ill-advised comments at a party that she was invited to while vacationing in Argentina. Slightly under the influence of a few cocktails, Celeste had spotted Paula Alvarez across the room and uttered loudly enough for those around her to hear:

"That's one/ ugly/ bitch over there."

It didn't take long for Miss Alvarez, always very sensitive about her lack of good looks, to be informed of Celeste's rude remarks. Those close to her at the time saw that she was clearly hurt but stoic, refusing to show her reaction to the insult aimed at her. But Paula Alvarez was not one to forget or forgive, as Celeste would soon find out when the masked men abducted her from her hotel room later that night.

Now Celeste would be spending the rest of her life in Coven Brothel No.2 being /Paula's /bitch.

She would crawl across the floor to meet Mistress Paula upon her arrival, kiss her feet and present her buttocks for the Mistress to spank. Her Mistress took great delight at having Celeste constantly telling her how beautiful a Mistress she was. Sometimes the slave had to spend as much as three or four hours lavishing Paula with compliments before Mistress Paula would finally reward her sincere submissiveness by opening her thighs to let Celeste use her lips and tongue. Only by fulfilling her duties at pleasuring would the slavegirl be able to avoid the painful bondage and punishment that Mistress Paula was only too glad to subject her to whenever she felt she wasn't getting all that she wanted.

Paula gently guided Celeste's sobbing mouth to one of her tits. "Ohhh, it's alright, my bonita. Julie here is also from the States and she just doesn't like you for some reason. She wants to beat you so much that it would be impolite for me to give her permission to go at you every once in a while. You understand, don't you? "

"See how she suckles my tits, Julie? I really like how she does it. Always makes my pussy sopping wet, ready for her to take care off. Want her to suck on your tits, Julie?"

"Shit, I'd enjoy whipping on that ass of hers some more; reminds me of someone I hated when I was young. Okay, but can I beat her if she doesn't get me off?"


Within the dulled and darkened walls of Brothel No. 3, there occurred many heartwarming instances of slaves finally giving into and accepting their new roles in life. Roles that were based on the principles of loyalty and service and the time-honored theory of finding solace in providing pleasure for others.

It was not that the slavegirls were forced to do things against their wills. It was rather that they were part of the natural order of Superiors having their special needs and Slavegirls being positioned to service those needs. Of course, the slaves needed to be corrected when first brought into service; the bad habits of independent will and thought were inconvenient barriers to their advancement in their new roles.

Teuta was an example of a young college student who had yet to realize how much happier and content she'd be once she was forced to readjust her thinking. It was her fate to be discovered by one of her university professors, a certain Miss Yllka. The sharp-eyed Miss Yllka had immediately spotted the potential of the petite Teuta's lovely mouth and shapely, compact form. But Teuta had rejected the advances of the somewhat unattractive older instructor and thought that was the end of it. But it was not. Miss Vllka was determined that it would be she who show the girl how perfect she was for service in Miss Coven Lesbian Brothel. A couple of calls and it was done. Miss Yllka, as the discoverer of this new slave, had the right to claim sole rights to Teuta. But although she could easily afford it, Yllka declined the offer - choosing instead the exclusive rights to train the new slavegirl. Yllka was a natural teacher and took to her new duties with an almost ecstatic pleasure.

The Mistress took her time in breaking Teuta. She was an experienced lesbian of over a hundred years and she knew how to slowly inflict the most delicious of agonies upon her slave. At the moment, it was Mistress Yllka's clinched fist that was the cause of Teuta's agony. Yllka herself was nearing her own orgasm as the slavegirl's body bucked and quivered as Yllka worked her fist deep into the slave's asshole.


"Mmmmm,' the Mistress's voice was throaty from her building lust and passion. She worked her fist around, this way and that, as she gradually forced it in further. She would take a full half-hour to work it up to her elbow. And causing Teuta such overwhelming pain and suffering in the meantime....

"Oh my dear, sweet girl...!" Yllka moaned as she began to feel the first of a series of small orgasms run through her body. "Sweet..... Soooooo sweet..."

The Werwitch Season Begins.

Miss Jamecha was one of the Brothel Helpers who enjoyed working with the Werwitches when they arrived for their annual initiations of their just-turned-adult daughters into their first experiences of Werwitch sex and death rituals.

Some helpers had a problem with observing and listening to the extreme pain and suffering of the young virgins who were provided for the Werwitches' pleasure; Jamecha, though, was not one of them. Maybe it was that her own nature and darker desires were similar....

The Werwitches were an isolated lot, feared and resented for their close ties to the Master of All - who looked over them (in his own way) in return for their tireless service of obtaining for his use only the freshest and most beautiful 18 year-old virgins from all over the world. They carried the curse of ugliness; unattractive facial features; bad skin with puss-running sores that dotted their deformed bodies -even around their hair pussies and assholes- and a rotten odor about them that could not be rid of, no matter how well they bathed.

But Despite their physical curse, the Werwitches, born lesbian at birth, were blessed with having access to the most attractive and innocent girls; girls who spent the rest of their lives -however short- doing nothing but giving the most deviant of pleasures to their Werwitch Mistresses. It was said that during their adult lives, which spanned centuries, a Werwitch averaged at least fifty orgasms a day, every day. Their network of Sister Werwitches and their devoted, well-paid informers keep tabs on countless numbers of eighteen year-old virgins; careful selection and planning keeping both them and the Master well-satisfied.....

Now Miss Jamecha smiled broadly as she brought in yet another virgin into one of the reserved Werwitch rooms.

"Hello, Sister Hezola. I see that your roommate there is already having fun with her girlfriend. Well, here's yours, a cute little university freshman from the states. Totally innocent, religious family and upbringing. Just right for all your wants and needs. Does she meet with your approval?"

"Hmmmm, yes, this one is nice. Nice selection, I approve! Bring her in here to my bed."

"You and I are going to get so well acquainted, my sweet girl - I promise that you'll never forget! And don't pay any attention if you start to hear screaming from my Sister's side over there. Just obey and do what you're told. There will be plenty of time later for you to scream when it's your turn...."


Slave Donna's Tongue Makes An Impression.

Apprentice Werwitch Tasha's mother and aunts had gathered to witness and celebrate her first slave-induced orgasm. Petite 18 years-by-a-week Donna had endured Tasha's bad-breath, spit-drooling kisses and had obediently kissed her back, forcing herself to accept the big witch's tongue deep within her mouth and to answer back with her own.

Donna had sobbed quietly and thanked the young Werwitch as she rocked Donna's body with heavy, strong-armed swings of that wooden paddle and had raised marked by her relentless spanking of Donna's well-formed little butt. Donna wanted to live. From the hall that housed the various suites, she had heard the pitiful, full-voiced screams and final throes of some of her fellow slavegirls and knew that her only chance to survive would be to show that she could be counted on to be an above-average giver of pleasure. Apprentice Werwitch Tasha was a big, strong young gal and she now enjoyed Donna's suffering as she stood over the pretty girl, whipping her with her favorite belt, muttering, "Yes, yes. yes...!"

But Tasha got much more enjoyment from the slavegirl's determined servicing of her hairy pussy and asshole. Slave Donna caused the fat Tasha's blubbery body to shake and quake as she licked that appreciative huge young clit and cunt to one orgasm after another. The Werwitch's pussy smelled and tasted foul, but the slavegirl forced herself to keep her mouth and lips working feverishly. Tasha's voice was bass as she kept Donna's head smothered against her pussy with those strong hands....


It was all Donna could do to resist the use to flinch or pull away as the big Werwitch's sloppy pussy shot thick streams of rancid, dark cunt-juice into her mouth and to force her tongue to keep licking even as those purple-red boils broke under it's pressure and leaked out their supply of stinking, yellow pus. One by one, the boils popped their pus on Donna's tongue - but she dared not do anything less than lap it all up.

Werwitch Tasha's female relatives had been watching closely and were impressed with the slavegirl's willingness to please her. They came closer, inching in to get a better look.

"This sweet little slave might be worth keeping," one aunt said. "Look at how hard she works on our girl's pussy! If she can keep that up, she might be a good addition to our harem back home."

"Maybe," opinioned another Werwitch. "We'll see. Bitch, you lick good - but now take that tongue of yours and shove it as deep as you up my niece's asshole.... Ummmmm, just like roll it all around and suck it out....... Yes, make that butt-hole all nice and as clean as you can..... Mmmmm, that's it, darling, keep sucking it out..."


A Nice Gift.

Werwitch Mistress Ola was having a fine time. She had been thoroughly enjoying seeing her beloved daughter experiencing her first slave-induced orgasms and had attended pleasure-flushed girl's first

Love Sacrifice - a bit noisy and a little too much needless waste of blood, but still a mother's proud moment. But Ola had gotten even more more thorough pleasure from the young slavegirl she had spotted down at the open auction a few hours before. Usually Ola was content to partake of whatever the Brothel would supply in terms of young girls, no complaints there. But when the crying young 18 year-old virgin slave named Rolanda was marched up on the auction stage............

Most Werwitches valued lust over love. They used up hundreds of young virgin slavegirls every year, content to use them up and then absorb their souls when they became boring or unable to survive further. Love usually came along one or twice in a century or even a Werwitch's entire four-to-five century lifetime; if at all, in some cases. But Mistress Ola's love-time had come as soon as she saw Rolanda.

Her winning bid for the girl was high, but in such cases, money was not a consideration. Such a sweet, lovely girl. And the only daughter of a devout preacher from the Southern part of the States! The Dark Master would probably personally approve! In such cases, He might even honor Ola with a rare personal visit in order to impale Ola's prized slavegirl on His mighty goat-cock. Perhaps even pump her full of His black cum and gift Ola with a powerful Demon Werdaughter, a situation that would elevate Ola into the very top ranks of the Werwitch Sisterhood itself. But she was not thinking of all that when she bid on the petite Rolanda. All she wanted was dragging the girl back to her bed....

And the slavegirl didn't disappoint Ola. Not in any way. So many orgasms. So much pussy juice. That sweet, submissive mouth. Learning fast at licking her insistent clit and at loosening Ola's bowels with that wet, vacuuming-type sucking of Ola's asshole....... especially Ola's asshole. Ola was in ecstasy as she more than once arched her ancient body, pushing her quivering ass back towards the slavegirl's subservient head - and that obedient suckling mouth......... Ola's eyes rolling and her lips slack as she groaned, "Ohhhhh...Huhhhhh....!"

Yes, Rolanda was one who would be kept and trained to excel in the most perverse and deviant sexual arts; one to whom Ola would rush home in order to be serviced for hours...

The other Witches could plainly see that Ola had obtained someone special, not just any slavegirl.

"Sister Ola," asked one. "Do you intend to keep that pretty little bitch or just use her for a long time?"

"No, she will be mine forever. I will make her my sweet bride and she will remain young as she is throughout the rest of my days. See how she is already so devoted to my needs? Open your mouth and bring it closer, slave - show my friend here what a good girl you are. Yesssss.... Ahhhhhh.... See how she drinks my piss? Ahhhhhhhh.....!"

An Unforgettable Lesson

Although the Werwitches were known for their rather extreme practices and tastes, it was the firm policy of the Coven Brothel ownership that all Apprentice-level Werwitches be accompanied and instructed by an experienced Blood Mistress if they carried out their first Love Sacrifice on Brothel grounds. The young witches, their bodies and minds clouded by their first days and nights of non-stop orgasmic ecstasy, would make a mess if not properly guided, instructed and restrained. Past centuries had shown that experienced Werewitches were themselves very poor overseers of their younger Sisters when it came to guiding them through the Sacrifice; an act that would establish them as a blooded and True Sister Werwitch.

A Blood Mistress, an independent witch who specialized in the more extreme forms of lesbian sadism, was the type who kept control of her urges, savoring every last morsel of her subgirls' pain and agonies. Mistress Lilian was a three century-old Blood Witch who had overseen the Love Sacrifice initiations of hundreds of apprentice Werwitches; teaching them how to extract the very last vestiges of life-force from their chosen 'girlfriends'.

It was not easy for a Apprentice Werwitch to control herself once she started to experience the onrush that surged through her entire body as her victim screamed and thrashed in her last throes. If not restrained, the young Sister-to-be would literally tear her suffering girlfriend to pieces within a matter of minutes, allowing shreds of the girl's soul to scatter out into the air around them instead of being able to leisurely absorb every last delicious morsel of her submissive spirit. Mistress Lilian was generously compensated to see to it that

her Apprentice would enjoy every last bit of soul-force possible that her girlfriend had to give her.

Apprentice Sister Mikashia was trembling with anticipation as she held the specialized hand-saw. Restrained below her was her chosen 'girlfriend' Diana; a long-time object of Mikashia's affection since childhood. Diana, who had submitted so thoroughly and who had surrendered her pretty mouth and tongue to Mikashia's

appreciative pussy and asshole all the previous nights.....Lovely Diana......Diana, whose spirit Mikashia would absorb and keep as a trophy of love and lust, captured within her for all the upcoming centuries of her Werwitch life. Yes, there would be so many girls and souls to enjoy in the times to come - but only one Diana...

"Are you ready?" Mistress Lilian asked the Apprentice beside her.

Beneath them, securely restrained, the beautiful, perky, freckle-faced Diana cried and begged, "No, Nooooooo! Don't! Donnnn'ttttt.....!

"Oh, yes! Yes, I'm so ready......", Apprentice Mikashia eyes were glassy with lust; she licked her swollen lips.

"Now, now, my sweet, restrain yourself. Take your time. First, get her hair out of the way, so you can work on that pretty little neck of hers. Touchdown first with a light pressure and then just move it back and forth, okay? Nice and slow. No need to hurry. Your beautiful girl there will start to jerk around, so just concentrate at keeping a slow, steady pace.....

"There you go, that's the way..."

"Noooo! Aghhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh Godddd....!"


A Fateful Reunion

It had been some two years before that Vickie had demonstrated her kind spirit and generous nature when she had firmly admonished her cheerleader friends when they had loudly began making snide remarks about the tall, strange-looking , tattooed waitress who served them breakfast at the restaurant near their high school.

"Ewwwwwww!" muttered one girl. " I don't know if I wanna eat food from a plate that's been near that woman! Look at the sores on her face! She's got godamn pus running from some of them! Ewwwwwww!"

"Looks like somebody from a zombie movie," laughed other.

But Vickie, true to her nature, had silenced them all with her shock at their rude behavior. "Shut up, all of you," she told them. "That woman can't help how her face looks! She's not nearly as ugly as the bunch of you at this moment!"

"Oh, take it easy, Vicky! We were just joking....."

"That's not a joking matter! You all should be ashamed of yourselves."

The waitress had maintained her straight face, acting as if she had not overhead the conversation. When she went back to the counter, she asked, who's that pretty blond cheerleader sitting at the right? She seems so nice."

"Oh, that's Vicky Mathison. Yeah, she's a really decent girl. Goes to Church all the time. Teaches Sunday School. Everybody likes her. They don't get any nicer than that..."

Werwitch Hendrea, smiled as she adjusted her waitress's apron. A couple more years ........

And so it was one day after Vicky Mathison's birthday that she disappeared from her college domitory room. Three days later when she begged for mercy as Merwitch Hendrea took her time with that leather whip, applying it so expertly across every part of Vicky's bound young body.

It was the four day that Hendrea lowered her hungry, needy cuntlips down toward Vicky's beautiful mouth. " This is my pussy, Vicky. See how it's already so wet? It needs you to lick it. Eat my pussy, Vicky...."

"No, please! It's so wrong! I remember you! I was nice to you! Why are you doing this to me? Oh, God, why?"

"Your God's got nothing to do with this," the Witch cooed. "He can't help you now. You belong to me now. I've waited so long for you. Do you want me to string you up and whip you again? Mmmmmmm, I thought not. Now eat my pussy, sweet Vicky........... Uhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhh. Yessss, just like that! You're gonna be such a nasty little girl, nasty...!"

It was a week of humiliation and suffering before Vicky began to exhibit the signs of true submission that her Werwitch Mistress had been looking for. Yes, soon it would be time for Vicky to give her all, to give her Mistress the gift of every last vestige of her body and soul. Soon it would be time for the Love Sacrifice.

"Oh, Vicky, you're so good! Such a good girl," the lesbian Witch Hendrea murmured as she lay atop of her slave. We'll rest for a while, then I'll sit on your pretty face again so you can service my pussy and ass one more time tonight - and then it will be time for me to Sacrifice you and take your soul. You're such a good girl and you don't deserve what's going to happen to you. I'm going to enjoy it so much..

"Oh, I love how you cry, Vicky. I want you screaming and crying when you go, I'll make sure of it, okay? It will make me cum and cum, baby. Yes, girl, you're gonna suffer so much! Yes, Yesss, that's it. Keep crying so I can lick away all those tears! Mmmmm... they taste so good..."


A Werwitch Mother's Pride

Elder Werwitch Geradine sat back watching the scene of her lovely daughter Mikashia having her fun alternating back and forth between paddling and examining the beautiful, well-shaped blond English slavegirl that she had personally selected to take back home with her. Sure, Geradine thought, every young witch should start up her own harem as soon as possible. The nights can get so cold and lonely without the use of several lovely mouths to keep a witch's holes all warm and satisfied. And nothing better to calm you down after a stressful day than a long, hard whipping of a suspended slave-bitch.

And her daughter was now blooded and a full adult member of the Werwitch Sisterhood. Maternal pride flowed through Geradine's veins - and blood flowed toward her cunt as she fingered herself faster and faster.

It was time for her to cum. She needed to cum, she needed to pee.......

"Mikashia, I know you're having a good time playing around with that pretty bitch of yours - but your dear old mother's pussy needs a good tongue workin' on it right now. Bring her over here!"

"Ohhh, Mommmm....Can't you wait? She's got the prettiest, tight little pussy and I was about to see how far my fist...."

"No, I want her now, girl! Don't make me mad! Get her over her fast! I gotta piss real bad!"

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August 25th, 2006

All characters are 18 years old or older

The Regime had eventually hunted down practically everyone on their 'most-wanted' list of political enemies and agitators, but they were smart enough to realize that there were many, many additional traitors and would-be traitors that they didn't yet know about. Therefore, when they finally managed to first infiltrate and then round up the rather naive dozen or so members of the underground group of journalists and journalism students known as ' the Truth Brigade', they wasted no time in employing some very brutal measures in order to obtain more information out of them concerning other possible sympathizers or supporters of the group or their aims. And since these so-called 'Truth Brigadiers' were merely regular citizens and not some hardened ideologues, it usually didn't require more than a few hours of inflicting pain to convince them to talk.

Mr. Edwards was an exception. He was just a newspaper publisher, but he hadn't talked or betrayed any of names of the circle of friends and supporters of his group. He was a man of principle and had held up strongly even under the numerous beatings and electro-tortures that the political police had subjected him to over the 18 hours that they had him in custody.

But his 19 year-old daughter Nancy was another matter. She was just as principled, but not nearly as strong. She had been quickly and thoroughly broken by the hours of whippings, beatings and rape. She had babbled out almost everything they wanted to know and more. But her tormentors weren't done yet - they had one more bit of agony to inflict on Nancy and her father. " We're gonna re-unite you with your bastard of a father," they told her as they led her into a large cell and attached her collar to the heavy chain that hung from the ceiling.

"Ya know, yer little girl here had been real helpful in tellin' us all about how you and the other scumbags in yer group of traitors have been plttin' and plannin' against yer own government," sneered Sgt. Paulson as he regarded Mr. Edwards sitting tied and gagged against the opposite wall. "Yessir, yer daughter's gave you up and a lot of others. I tell ya, when she wasn't suckin' cock and eating cum, she was usin' that mouth of hers tell us everything we wanted to hear. Like the location of that big printin' machine and like where to find that disk with the names and addresses of all the other traitors you've been in contact with."

Sgt. Paulson laughed as he observed Edwards' distressed reaction. "Yeah, that really got ya, huh? Well, we're gonna take ya out in the yard and shoot ya. We don't believe in keeping old farts like you around. But yer daughter here is another matter. We've got all sorts of plans for her, you can be sure."

With that said, the sergeant went over to Nancy, dropped his trousers and lifted her and pinned her against the stonewall. "Be still, bitch, so's I can get my dick fitted all nice and snug in that sweet little pussy you got," he grunted at her. "Ahhhhh, yeahhhh, that's it. Feels good."

Sgt Paulson looked back over his shoulder at Nancy's father. " You're gonna watch me fuck yer whore daughter before you die, asshole. And you're gonna also watch my buddy, Corporal Tiggs fuck her. And if we catch you not watchin', we're gonna cut her open and gut her while she's still alive! So you just sit there and watch the show. Watch how well yer little gal takes a hard cock!"

Nancy was filled with self-loathing and shame. Her inability to withstand the harsh punishments and pain inflicted upon her during her interrogations had result in her betrayal of the other members of her opposition group and even her own father. And the prison guards had forced her father to look on as three of them took turns raping her in all her holes and as they emptied their loads of cum down her throat. She had heard the shots that killed her father; the sharp reports of the guards' pistols mixed with the loud groan of the black guard named Tiggs as he shot another stream of his semen deep up Nancy's raw ass. She no longer had a sense of hope or self-worth.

To the guards, Nancy almost mindless subservience served only to make her a more inviting target. They loved how she dully accepted a fat cock being rammed hard to the back of her throat, even to where the balls were slamming against her chin. How she obediently opened her throat and gulped down the numerous floods of jism that they jacked into her waiting mouth.

And when they turned her over, she knew what they wanted and lifted her captive ass, offering it, opening it to the guards' demanding cock-thrusts. She moved her ass when ordered, moved it like the worthless, betraying whore that she had become.

All throughout the prison, during both day and night, the guards had free reign with their helpless female political prisoners. There was no need to worry about sexual excesses; these women were nothing but a bunch of ungrateful, misguided traitors who had plotted to cause trouble. They deserved no mercy or consideration for their feelings or discomforts. They deserved to be shown their proper place. They deserved to be shown that the Regime now owned their bodies; owned those tight pussies and assholes. The male members of the group were all dead and buried by now; they were of no value or interest to the government. But these prime-age adult females could still be used. With their bodies, they could still repay the Regime for all the trouble that they had caused. They had a choice, of course. A prisoner could refuse and accept a slow, agonizing and gruesome death or she could choose to spend the rest of her young years serving as an unpaid whore, the government reaping either the earnings that she brought in or being able to use her as a tool of pleasure for their various political loyalists. With this as the prison administration's prevailing philosophy, it was only natural that it would be here that the prisoners got their initiation into the world of sexual slavery.

Sgt. Henry Bains came from a family of ardent supporters of the Regime, but he surely hadn't taken this job as a prison guard for the pay. In fact, his pay rate was quite low in comparison to other jobs that he could have taken with the government. His brother, for instance, earned almost five times as much at his government job. The real reason that Henry took and stayed on this job was the other benefits, namely the female political prisoners who filled the special cellblocks designated for them. Captive pussy was so much better. He could do almost anything that he wanted, as much as he wanted.

Tonight Henry was getting ready to enjoy a long night of hard fucking with the blond named Carol. Only two days before, Carol had used her podium as a promising young twenty-three year-old associate professor to lecture against the evils of the Regime and it's programs. Now she cowered against the wall as Sgt. Bains began removing his uniform, his cock steadily swelling in girth and length.

"You and me are gonna get to know each other tonight, girl. Yeah, really, really good. I ain't no college man or anything like that, but I promise ya that I'm gonna teach ya a lot of things before the morning comes. And don't you worry, you'll get plenty of chances to show me how well you're learning."

Nancy's rapid descent to the deepest depths of degradation and humiliation had been keenly noted by her observers; experts at judging when a prisoner had been completely broken and was ready for further shaping and transformation into the complete sexual slave that she is destined to be. The last two weeks of the most savage physical and sexual abuse, Nancy Edwards now longer had a will of her own. Instead, she was one who immediately followed even the most outrageous orders and demands made upon her. Her sore body now responded on it's own to whatever cock that invaded it; moving, bucking and undulating in it's dutiful giving of pleasure to whoever was using it. The men had been come back for more, eager to again mount and ride this petite and thoroughly subservient whore who gave them what they wanted.

Now she had been judged ready to be moulded further by the women, the Mistress Guards, who came for her. Knowledgeable, experienced women who were experts at taking broken lasses like Nancy deeper into the world of life-slavery. She had no defences now, no stubborn ego or moral barriers to overcome. Instead of the rough treatment that she had endured from the male guards, these strange new women explored her with their firm fingers and their calm, but authoritative voices. They did not scream at her to please them, they simply pressed down on her shoulders and she kneeled. They wordlessly grasped her hair with a stern hand and she leaned forward to lick their offered pussies and clits. They would turn and bend over and spread their buttocks and she would rim their assholes.

The other female prisoners would be removed from here and transported to the next stop in their journey into forced whoredom. Nancy Edwards would not be going with them. She had exhibited those rare qualities that these emissaries had been looking for; rare qualities that destined Nancy for service to a more select and discerning elite.

Nancy did not question - or even read - the special document that the visiting Mistress Guards put in front of her to sign. She knew that she was expected to sign it, so that was enough. But the Mistress named Vana, the one with the salty-tasting anus, told her anyway.

"This is your confession of guilt, my lovely. This is your admission and your acceptance of your unworthiness. It clearly states that you wish to commit your body and soul - your life, itself - to nothing else except the pleasure of the Holy Sisters and all those whom they would have you serve. In it, you denounce your former beliefs and your former friends and acknowledge that your government was appointed by God himself. And that you are grateful that it, along with the Holy Sisters, has been so forgiving of your past sins and given you the chance to redeem yourself through a life of subservience. Once inducted, thought, there will no tolerance for even the slightest hesitation or disobedience. The penalty is being put into a pit of dogs to be devoured alive, so beware.

"Sign it now, Nancy. Sign it and deliver yourself to us. The Holy Reverend Nun herself has arrived and awaits you. She is so anxious to give you the honour of eating her Holy cunt in celebration of your new life..."

After Nancy finished signing away her life, Mistress Vana's thick, aggressive, wet tongue invaded Nancy's mouth, thrashing deeply at the back of her throat. The Mistress groaned as Nancy's kissed her back, entwining her own slavish tongue with the older woman's. Mistress Vana's strong fingers pinched and twisted the girl's abused nipples as she said, "After you have spent your time with the Holy Reverend and pleasured her, me and the other ladies will visit you tonight so that we can take turns letting you swallow our piss to help you remember us......"

The Holy Reverend Nun might have appeared as somewhat intimidating with her stern face, large stature and low voice, but with Nancy, at least, she was rather pleasant and cheerful. Upon meeting Nancy, the Reverend Nun had simply smiled, pulled up her habit and leaned back in her big, ornate chair and said, " Come here, my pretty one. I hear that you are one of the special girls whom we always treasure when we find them." She spread her legs, revealing her naked black pussy. " My cunt has been wetting itself while waiting for you to kneel down and service it...."

The Reverend Nun sighed at the first touch of the girl's lips and tongue on her clit. "Now don't you worry, dear. I don't expect you to be experienced enough to be able to satisfy me on the first try, but I'm very understanding and patient. So just stay down there and keep doing the best you can. In the future, your training will enable you to eat the most difficult cunts and suck the most reluctant cocks to orgasm with a few minutes if you want to. But right now, your sincere efforts will be enough for me..."

But Nancy was a quick leaner; the Mistress Guards had taught her some of the basics. It was quite a surprise to the Reverend Nun when Nancy managed to bring her up, then over the edge of a very pleasurable orgasm after about twenty minutes of licking and sucking. The Reverend Nun puffed on a cigarette passed to her by one of her hovering subordinates and grinned down at the girl. "Hmmmmmmm....Well, now, they were right about you; you are a quick study, aren't you? I'm going to love having you service me after you get your training. That was good, but as you can see by the way my pussy is twitching, I'm ready for a lot more of what you just gave me - so get back to work, darling, and see if you're able to give me some bigger cummings over the next hour or so while I interview the bunch of godless bitches to see if all of them are fit to be assigned to our regular training center."

The Reverend Nun, smoking steadily and her pussy steadily serviced as she conducted her interviews with the scores of frightened female prisoners, was beginning to tire and her darkening mood showed it. Only the frequent orgasms supplied by the girl between her legs kept her from erupting into one of her infamous fits of irrational temper. Luckily, there were only a few more prisoners to be questioned and judged. Unlucky for Janice, the last girl to be interviewed by the Reverend Nun.

"You are the last one - finally!" The Reverend Nun took one last deep puff on her cigarette. "You trouble-making bitches take far too much of my time. It's a good thing for you that the Church and the Regime thinks that you'll eventually be worth something - because if it was up to me......" She stopped herself abruptly, glaring at Janice. " Put out your hand. Now!"

As Janice put out her hand, the Reverend Nun grabbed it, turned the palm up and used it to extinguish her cigarette.

"Aaaaaaa!" Janice's cry of pain at least was able to being a slight smile to the corner of the Reverend Nun's mouth.

"Now that makes me feel a little better," the Nun muttered softly.

The next morning was busy with activity as truck after truck arrived at the loading docks located at the back of the prison. And the air vibrated with the mixture of shouted orders, the crack of whips and canes and the anguished cries of confused and frightened women. The weather was appropriately overcast, matching the gloomy and depressed mood of the female prisoners who lined up, naked and trembling, waiting for their orders to march single-file into the dingy grey cargo trucks with the words, 'Institution for the Rehabilitation of Women' crudely stencilled on the sides. There had been no explanation concerning this place or it's purpose and that further contributed to the sense of hopelessness and panic that gripped the ranks of the prisoners.

But Nancy Edwards would not be accompanying her former friends and the others to whatever a place this "Institution" was. She was at the loading dock area, but away from the others and in the company of the Reverend Nun and another nun who had come to meet them.

C>The Reverend Nun introduced Nancy to the new visitor. Nancy had never before seen such a nun; the heavy tattoos, the piercings, the outlandishly-colored hair. The pale, whitish skin and those hard eyes.

"My girl, this is High Sister Adriana. Sister Adriana is one of the aides to the Holy Mother herself, so you should feel very honoured by her coming her personally to meet you. The Sister has been charged by the Holy Mother with overseeing all the training of special girls like yourself."

" Yes, you should feel honoured that the Holy Mother has sent me to personally fetch you and deliver you to her. You know, we have been constantly informed about you, about every little thing that you have done. I agree with the others that you just might be the right kind of girl that we like - after a good deal of intense training, of course. Tell me, girl, have you ever eaten shit?"

In the aftermath of the nearly - apocalyptic nuclear war called WWIII, the States and it's vast South American colonies was now being ruled by a completely un-democratic elite mostly composed of industrialists, bankers and the military. All facets of civilian life were strictly controlled and the vast majority of citizens toiled along at near poverty when the elite were able to enjoy lives of pleasurable excess.

Of course the elite looked unfavorably upon the slightest bit of dissention from amongst the ranks of the downtrodden or those 'liberal' rabble-rousers who mostly tended to be concentrated in the universities and the 'underground' media.

These people were quickly ferreted put and apprehended without too much trouble; the regime's agents and collaborators were everywhere. It was the policy of those in power to make use of every possible resource and in that vein, the more attractive adult females were given the choice between suffering a torturous death (usually being burned alive or slowly garrotted) or being pressed into sexual servitude.

The Regime, always careful to utilize every ounce of it's human resources, had created a far-flung system of government - owned brothels and 'sex resorts' - and it staffed them with those unfortunate female political prisoners who had fallen within it's foul clutches.

Free-lance prostitutes and whores were a thing of the past; the Regime quickly and brutally disposed of any who would challenge their monopoly on the sex trade.

"These ungrateful renegade bitches have caused the State to expend its time and efforts to battle their treasonous behaviour," went the Regime's rationale. "It is only right that these females be used to repay the State for all the trouble that they have caused."


The Institution for the Rehabilitation of Women was always receiving new female prisoners from all corners of the continent. Most were in the range of 18 to 25 years, but there were a few who were a bit older. The Institution, though, not only trained these former malcontents as sexual slaves, it also maintained it's own system of whorehouses, sex clubs and large 'sex resorts'. The money that the captive sexslaves brought into the coffers of the State was enormous, as it serviced the needs of the lowest common worker, the highest elite and the swarms of well-heeled foreign tourists who flocked to the States in order to indulge even in the most perverted ways - and do it legally.

The Institution preferred the prettiest prisoners available. Here, they would be broken, then retrained to serve the State in any manner that the State thought necessary. There would be no escape except by death and the discipline was strict and unforgiving. Over three thousand women were being interned and 're-educated' here at any one time. Once deemed ready, three-quarters of them would be shipped out to serve in the government-run sexual centers located all across the continent and in its conquered South American territories. The other one-quarter would be retained here at the Institute's vast property to ply their sexual servitude.

But before anything else, the Institute's resident 'Counselors' had to inspect and interview each new prisoner and then designate her to the appropriate Section. The Counselors' decision was based on the level of the prisoners' physical attraction, their social/educational background, age and attitude. There were rarely any unattractive dissidents brought in; those had usually been quickly executed or forced into serving as fuck-pigs-in-residence at military barracks. But the Counselors were still very dedicated to their jobs. Of course there was the perk of being able to fuck any girl who he or she 'interviewed' in order to more accurately assess her potential. It was a tough and demanding job, but someone had to do it.

"Watch your step, child," cooed Right Sister Harriet as she guided the tall brunette up the steps toward the waiting Counselor. "We don't want you getting banged or bruised even before the Counselor's had a chance to inspect that smooth skin of yours, eh? Now remember what we've told you; answer all questions truefully and obey all orders without question. Here, Counselor Bains, she's all yours. Let me know when you're finished interviewing this sweetie and we'll send the new one in."

"Thanks, Sister. This shouldn't be taking long. I can already see that this one will be a good fit for the Senior Officers' Hostel. They tend to like the taller ones with good tits on 'em. I'll probably recommend that she be sent over to Section C for training; they'll have her rounded up into good shape in no time. She'll need to be especially fit to be able to take on those hard-to-please combat colonels and generals who take their leaves there."

"C'mon up here, bitch and let me ask you a few questions and also take a close look at that pussy of yours to see if it's tight enough for what I have in mind for you."

Conselor Bains held his 'interviews' one right after the other - with only two pauses in between; first he just had to spend an half-hour letting a particular sweet-looking redhead prove her willingness to please by letting her give him a wet blowjob. The girl wasn't experienced enough to be able to suck that monster cock of his to a quick cum. But that was okay; he understood that she needed more practice. So after he finally helped things along by jack off a thick wad in her mouth, he made a mental note to have her brought back for daily instructional sessions. The second time-out was taken in order to relieve a little built-up tension by using his oversized schlong to batter the tight cunt of that cute brunette with the ponytail. He loved how he had her crying for mercy under his brutal assault and how he was able to yank on that ponytail while pile-driving her aching vagina. But now it was back to the routine. At least until the journalist named Doreen Post's turn to interview.

Doreen Post had been quite a celebrity in the news world; her hard-hitting expose-type television journalism had mad her famous and rich. Also a little stupid. She just had to stupid, Baines concluded, to think that she could continue to do feature reports that exposed the Regime's deep-seeded corruption, human rights abuses and other less-than-positive doings by the government and the elite that ran it. Even though Post's reports could only be broadcast in some overseas venues, it was only a matter of time before the Regime had stomached enough of her trouble making and came for her.

Baines was impressed; Doreen Post was 37 years old but looked like a young woman in her late 20s. And he could tell that it was all natural, no facelifts or silicon. And Bains was more impresses when Post immediately began beseeching him to please, please not separate her from her 18 year-old daughter who had also been arrested along with her.

"Eighteen years old, eh? Damn, bitch, you really were a whore early on," Bains sneered at her. "Well, it's your fuckin' fault that she's in here with ya. You should have thought about her before you started runnin' off your big mouth. Now she's gonna be an overused whore just like her mother's gonna be. You know, they're probably gonna send ya down to one of our whorehouses down in South America. They're not as choosey about gals with a few miles on 'em like you. Your little girl will probably stay up here. But don't worry, I promise I'll make sure that she gets lots and lots of my personal attention before she gets sent out to work her ass. Or maybe one of our prostitutes will want to keep her as a wife. Get her all strung out on dope and keep her eatin' prostitute asshole and getting her own holes used every night with those huge strapons that the workin' girls like to use. Hah, hah!"

Bains enjoyed the stricken expression on Doreen's face as he described what was probably in store for her and her daughter.

".....Unless..." Conselor Bains let the word hang there, waited for Doreen to jump at the faint sliver of hope.

Doreen fell to her knees, her face pleading up at Bains. " Oh, please! Please! Please don't separate us! She's all I have! It's so unfair for her to suffer because of what I've done! I'll do anything you ask! Anything!"

Bains chuckled, his mind already mulling over the different possibilities.... "I know you will. What's your bitch daughter's name?"

"Kerry. Her name's Kerry! She's outside with the others. Please!"

"Good." Bains signaled over to Right Sister Elaine. "Sister, would you please fetch a Kerry Post from the prisoners outside and bring her in here?"

Miss Doreen Post's first pleas concerning not being separated from her 18 year-old daughters were not quite good enough for Conselor Bains, so he made her beg again and again again. " I want to hear you really beg me, you worthless piece of trash! You can do better than that! You better if you want to see your daughter again after today," Baines had huffed. Yes, this was so much fun!

After a while, he was satisfied and relented - somewhat. He took off his trousers and pulled Doreen close against him. "Look at this super cock of mine," Baines said to Doreen. "You ain't never seen a cock like this before, have ya? Here, put your fingers around it and massage it and make it ready. I make every bitch scream and cry when I fuck 'em with it. You're gonna be screamin' and cryin' too. And your lovely daughter's gonna be screamin' when I ride her, too. Now, we're all gonna go downstairs to a little room where we all can spend some time without being disturbed. If both of you can please me like I want, maybe - just maybe - I'll arrange for you two to stay together...."

Doreen and her daughter had endured the endless gang-rapes from the prison guards when they were first arrested, but none of those fuckings could compared to the ramming that both of them were taking from Conselor Baines. The Conselor had said he would make them cry and scream - and he was right. His megacock was more than a normal pussy and ass would take. He had fucked Doreen first and after finally pumping a big load deep in her protesting cunt, he had made daughter Kerry lick his balls then suck on that monster of a dick until it stiffened and swelled back up to size. Doreen felt so ashamed as she could only watch helplessly as her beloved daughter suffered from Bains' prolonged attack on her painfully stretched butthole. Then it started all over again. Baines' portly stature belied his almost superhuman virility. The man needed very little time between cummings to regain his impressive hardness and length and to be ready for yet another long, hard riding of one of them.

The Conselor had finished his latest screwing of Doreen's daughter only a few minutes ago, flooding her captive cunt with yet another warm deposit of his sperm. Now he was back on top of Doreen and brusquely stuffing that giant sausage meat back into her tortured pussy.

"Thought you both would be able to please me real easy, didn't ya? Heh, heh, they all think that at first. Then they all beg me for mercy. But you better not beg me to take it easy, if you know what's good for ya. I want ya to beg me to hurt ya more with this here cock of mine!" He slapped her face hard. "Beg me, bitch! Tell me you want me to make you suffer! Tell me what a whore you are! Thank me for fuckin' ya raw! Do it!"

And Doreen, knowing that she had no choice, said the things he demanded to hear. "Uhhhhhhh....!! Please hurt me, Sir. Make me suffer. Fuck me hard and make me suffer! I deserve it! I'm just a cheap whore. Fuck me hard.......!!"

"Yeah! Yeahhhhhh!" Her words drove him on to even a harder, deeper fuck-punishment of her cunt. "Buck those hips, whore! Push that pussy up to take everything I give ya! Yeahhhhhhhh.....Mmmmmm..!

The two Post women's had spent three long and torturous hours being ravaged by Conselor Bain and his giant man-meat, the longest three hours of their lives so far. Their holes were all raw and sore and that indeed made the invasions of his cock torture to them. But to Doreen and Kerry, there was no other choice; it was either withstanding his horrific assaults on their bodies or the almost certainty of them being forever separated and no seeing each other ever again.

But both of them wondered how much more of Conselor Bains' attention they could stand. The answer came as a shock....

Conselor Bains pulled his shit-flecked cock, still pulsing out another wad of semen, from Doreen's suffering asshole and pulled Kerry's head downward.

"You better not let a drop of this cum go to waste, whore," he grunted at Kerry. "Be quick! Suck it clean, milk all the juice out of it! Uh-huh, that's a good little bitch....Mmmmmmm. Like the taste of a cock that's been up your mom's ass? I bet you do, you nasty cunt. Ohhhhhhh.... such a good little mouth you got on ya..... And don't you worry, you and your mom are gonna stay together. I've decided that I'm gonna keep ya both. Gonna make ya both my private pieces of pussy. I'm gonna be fuckin' the both of you every night, just like I've been doin'! And my wife's gonna love ya, too! She's a fat, ugly old bitch but she sure likes puttin' whores like you through their paces. Maybe we'll take you to some parties and make ya do a mother-daughter act!"

Sometimes a Conselor's decision on the best placement for a slave turns out to be just right. Conselor Jones had considered the background, temperament and looks of 20 year-old Prisoner Bernice and had concluded that she would be best suited to begin her service as personal 'comfort whore' in one of the Right Sister barracks. The Conselor had noted in Bernice's dossier that she had spent her high school years at a convent school. How fitting that this prisoner would now have an opportunity to atone for her sins against the Church and State by dedicating herself to providing sexual and other personal services to overworked (and horny ) servants of God. A 'Comfort Girl' was always a useful addition to any Sister who didn't wish to venture into the crowded Prisoner Dens to make a sometimes uninformed choice of female flesh or to cause the inevitable hard feelings that often resulted when a Sister used her higher position to pluck an appealing slave away from the clutches of her respective prostitute or guard overseer.

Bernice's introduction to the Right Sisters at Barracks No. 3 was an immediate success and it was enough to bring tears to the Conselor's eyes. Of course there were real tears in Bernice's eyes at the moment - but that was easily understood. After all, Right Sister Ivanna was a rather intimidating woman to behold -especially when she was so up close and personal. At a towering 6 feet, three inches and with her heavy tattooing and piercings, some even called her frightening. Bernice was indeed frightened as Sister Ivanna and her trusty strapon were giving her a most enthusiastic welcome.

"Just relax, baby, and let your sweet Sister Ivanna teach you how she likes to fuck with her hard rubber cock," moaned the tall Right Sister as she held a crying Bernice in place and the long artificial dick repeatedly plunged deep inside her with every forward thrust of the Sister's lean but strong hips.

"All the other Sisters here are going to be loving you, loving you in so many ways - but I promise you that I'm going to love you more and love you harder..."

It was said that nothing ever happened at the Institution without the old woman known as the Reverend Mother Estelle being aware of it. And although very few people had ever personally seen the ultimate power of the Church known as the Holy Mother, it was well known that Reverend Mother Estelle was one of the Holy Mother's first-cousins and a favorite, talking to her almost daily. In her heavily guarded upper suites that topped the Institute's huge Central Administration building, the Reverend Mother's daily routines were a mystery to all except the tight-knit and fiercely loyal inner circle of advisors and personal assistants. Of the Church's four Reverend Mothers, Estelle was also the most feared, for it was said that only the Holy Mother herself was so ruthless and quick to anger if she was not pleased. It was also rumored that she kept a personal harem of at least a dozen of the more beautiful slavegirls especially culled for her from the many female political prisoners arrested by the Regime. The rumors were true.

The Reverend Mother was a woman with great responsibilities and as such, she needed the constant sootings that only the tongues and pussies of the eager-to-please slavegirls could provide. Her energy was more than that of a woman in her 20s and her body, though wrinkled at over 80 years old, glowed with health. The two or so orgasms that she experienced during her every waking hour served to keep her thoroughly robust and fit for her official tasks. Of course, all of this meant that her slaves worked hard at keeping her satisfied. Those who failed to give the Reverend Mother the cummings that she demanded soon were destined to end up as food for the large dogs that the Reverend Mother kept as pets down in the depths of the huge caverns that ran beneath the Central Administration building. The dogs were quite fat.

It was time for the Reverend Mother to examine and judge the latest addition to her harem. The new girl was a very attractive blonde named Fiona. The Reverend Mother needed to fill a vacancy in her harem, a vacancy that had just opened up within the past three hours.

"Your name is Fiona and you were the personal secretary to the recently-departed traitor, Senator Seinsworth, I am told. Is that true, girl? Answer me, there's no need for you to be afraid."

"Yes, Reverend Mother."

"Well, girl, I am one who values personal attention, as you can see. You will be given the honor of helping to keep my clit erect and satisfied. And you will also be allowed to savor the varied tastes of my asshole. Now, I don't expect you to be accomplished right away - after all, pleasuring one so esteemed as myself takes practice. But my patience is not open-ended, girl, so I advise you to devote your every thought as to how you might better your talents and serve me in the manner that I demand.

"Do not fail at your duties, as that little bitch behind me did. As you can see, I am not the type who is very forgiving. Now come here and take this girl's place between my legs and show me what your lips and tongue can do. That way I can judge your shortcomings and decide what you need to improve on..."

For those prisoners designated to serve the Regime as 'whoregirls', the initial first step was being assigned to a Prostitutes' Barrack in order to be more fully trained in the art of sexual service and servitude. Here, each new whoregirl was put under tutelage to her own Whore Mistress, who would teach her the proper attitude needed to survive in her new lifestyle.

The Whore Mistresses were all professionals; they were an important element in the Regime's sex industry. Almost all were drug addicts and thus were never paid in actual monies for their service.

Instead they were supplied with a steady and reliable source of drugs supplied by the Regime; and in this, they were content with their lot and also thoroughly devoted to those who provided them with what they needed.

Given free lodgings in their barracks, these hardened and jaded hookers had a comparably stress-free and enjoyable existence. Furthermore, being given control over a whoregirl was another added benefit; not only for the pleasures that the slave was obligated to provide her, but also for the fact that a whoregirl could be destined to service the Whore Mistress's customers in her place. In other words, each Mistress had the option to put a whoregirl to work in her place - with the Mistress getting full credit for the whoregirl's chores as a fuckpig.

Each Whore Mistress, in essence, could be a 'pimp', with her assigned whoregirl doing the actual work. So it was not surprising that a incoming group of frightened and cowed whoregirls was a very popular occasion at a Prostitutes' Barrack.

The new slaves were fought over, traded and bargained for by the Mistresses. Some individual Mistresses owned as many as a half-dozen or more whoregirls; other Mistresses sometimes for their own cartels and controlled whoregirl harems - consisting of fifty or more slaves who worked for them.

The main consideration was the amount of drug-credits each whoregirl could earn for her Mistress. The secondary factor was, of course, the sexual services that these whoregirls were obligated to provide to their Mistress or Mistresses; with the exception of food, lodgings and drugs, the only other consideration for the Whore Mistresses was sex. And here in these dank and crowed Prostitute Barracks, the air reeked of sex and was constantly filled with the sounds of throaty grunts of the Mistresses' orgasms, the wet smackings of split-ladened kisses and the anguished groans of slaves as their pussies and anuses were stretched and pummeled by fists and forearms.

It was here in the Prostitutes' Barracks that a new slavegirl learned her true place in life; it was here that she was truely taught the proper attitude needed so survive as a whoregirl for the Regime. While her body healed for the rigors of her initial pain sessions with the guards when first arrested and imprisioned, her mind and spirit was now being shaped here by her Whore Mistress. Here there was no priority other than keeping her Mistress happy and satisfied - given the level of jadedness of the experienced Mistresses, that was not always easy or pleasant. But there was no other choice outside the option of an tortured death, so there was no other choice than acceding to whatever demands made upon her by her Mistress.

Janice, a new whoregirl, had been assigned to Barracks No. 321. Whore Mistress 45897, young and somewhat lower-ranking in the Barrack's hierarchy, had traded a full two drug-credits for ownership rights to Janice and was now guiding her new whoregirl through the ends and outs of showing the expected homage and respect demanded by a Whore Mistress.

"Wonderful. That's the way, just concentrate of licking that shoe clean, every inch of it," young Mistress 45897 instructed of Janice, keenly aware of the interested attention on the both of them by the older Mistresses. "Take your time, sweetie. I'm in no hurry. I want you to work your way all the way up to my cunt, but I want you to do it slowly and appreciate every inch of my feet and legs before I let you taste my wonderful pussy and ass, understand?"

The other Whore Mistresses nooded with approval as they watched No. 45897's interaction with her new whoregirl. Yes, that was the way to do it. A whoregirl must learn that learn that being able to service a Prostitute's cunt and asshole and to provide her with her deserved orgasms was a privilege that had to be earned; that to be allowed to give her Whore Mistress pleasure was an honor....

Of course, not all new slaves could be not expected to be as accomplished in the art of pleasuring their Whore Mistress in the efficient and timely manner that was sometimes demanded of them. Those whoregirls who were deemed as 'deficient' in this field were assigned to Pleasuring Classes in order to hone their skills. It was not that the Whore Mistresses were always in a hurry, but sometimes one needed her whoregirl to be able to quickly service her to an orgasm so that she could get on with an essential chore - like sleeping, eating or getting dressed. A Whore Mistress usually was addicted to her orgasms as much as her particular drugs. After all, outside of drugs, there was nothing else than sex.

A typical Prostitute, once she owned a whoregirl (or whoregirls), now only fucked a customer (male or female) if she wanted to, not if she had to. Therefore the immersion of a Prostitute into sex was almost total and the need for pleasure was strong and consuming. Some Whore Mistresses needed as many as three orgasms every waking hour to remain content; others, though only required cumming once every other hour - but those were usually the younger ones; the need increased with experience. As a result of this sexual addiction, outside of their sometimes heavy tattooings, most Prostitutes were also characterized by their perpetually and oversized clits.

Whore Mistress 76489's swollen clit was now beginning it's familar throbbing as she drew Janice's face down towards it. No. 76489 had wangled and maneuvered for some time to get an Instructor's position in one of the daily Pleasuring Classes. She enjoyed the wonderful sense of accomplishment that came from being able to teach new whoregirls the technical skills that they needed to satisfy their Mistresses. In her classes, she deftly instructed them in just how to get their Mistresses pussies to explore their juices within a few minutes. She also provided in-depth training in the art of the more involved and complete forms of sexual servicing of a Mistress's holes when it was appropriate; there were times when Mistresses needed to be slowly serviced so as to experience one of those hip-arching, pussy-grinding, body-spasm orgasms that left them limp and trembling. Mistress 76489 had demonstrated that she possessed the relative patience and aptitude needed to be considered as one of the best Instructors at the Institute.

"Now pay close attention, bitches," commanded Mistress 76489. "I want you to observe how my knob responds as my little student here follows my instructions. If she does it exactly like I tell her to, there is no reason why she won't be able to bring me off within three to four minutes. I don't expect her to get the hang of it the first couple of times - after all, using a tongue properly takes a few practices in order to get it right. But she's gonna be able to give me a nice "O" in just a few tries. After you've seen her do it a few times, you'll try it with the assistant who's sitting behind you. She'll help you to correct what you might be dong wrong and tell you if you're doing it right. Now don't hesitate to ask questions; you want to do well here, I'm sure you don't want to a whip or paddle to punish you for being a bad student, do we? Remember, at the end of class each of you will have to take your turn eating me to a good cum before I mark you as having passed this class."

In the three weeks that she had been assigned as a whoregirl, Janice - or ' whorejanice' - had been traded between Whore Mistresses four times; a testament to her attractiveness looks and attitude. Now she was the property of Whore Mistress 65555, a mid-ranking Prostitute who was determined to make whore Janice a long-range development project; one who would whored with care and forethought and eventually traded up in return for three or four whoregirls.

There was already an undercurrent of interest in the girl that made her a valuable asset for any Mistress who owned her. Better to obtain rights to her now before she became that hot commodity that Mistress 65555 sensed that she was destined to be.

Already 65555 had been approached by one of the older, higher-echelon Prostitutes who had expressed an interest in the whoregirl for purposes of marriage. That in itself was testimony to whore Janice's value; a Prostitute who wished to take a slavegirl as a wife was usually willing to depart with a generous dowry of drug-credits and whoregirls in exchange for a girl she wanted to serve her as a lifeslave.

Most of the ranking Prostitutes kept a couple of the most attractive and desirable whoregirls as slavewives; slaves who were generally taken away from regular duties in the various Sex Houses operated by the Regime and reserved for the exclusive of their particular Whore Mistress.

In a way, being a slavewife could be just as demanding as being whored in a Sex House; a ranking Prostitute Mistress was invariably jaded from her sexual profession, it was not always easy to satisfy her cravings.

The more experienced the Prostitute, the more perverted the forms of sex needed to keep her content and fulfilled. Most often this meant a good deal of the kind of sex rumored to be favored by the Holy Sisters; the kind that featured complete degradation and the more unimaginable perversions. But that was for the possible future; here in the present, Mistress 65555 was readying her whoregirl, whore janice, for her first bit of real customer service......

"Don't you be afraid, honey." Mistress 65555 was feeling so good; the girl's tongue rimmed the inside of her asshole after having had licked and sucked her clitoris to the most wonderful orgasm. "Your first couple of days won't have to be spent being fucked by dozens of cocks inside a Sex House. I've arranged for you to be a kind of 'advertising gal'. You're gonna be making the rounds, putting on displays outside the Houses so that it gets the customers' attention and gets 'em excited and ready to spend their hard-earned credits on the pussy inside. There's gonna be a good-lookin' and very hung stud named Carlos partnered with you, so you and him will be puttin' on a good fuck-show at each stop. Don't you dare fail me girl, okay? Don't make me look bad. Now I had to convince Maria here to let you take her girl's place doing these exhibitions. Maria's the House Matron and she's been watchin' you for a while and says always wanted the chance to see how you would take her strap-on up your ass if she had the chance to use it on you. So I want you to be real nice to Maria and thankful for the opportunity that she's gonna give you today...."

"Si, I'm gonna love you real nice with my rubber cock, whore." Maria's fingers stroked the contours of the huge dildo attached to her strap-on. "Stay right where you are, my lovely piece of tail. Keep that position. It's perfect for us." She began to attach and fastened her trusty strap-on. This slave was so cute, Maria had wondered how the slave's face would look as the huge artificial cock was slowly pressed into her asshole, the expressions on her face as the pain raced to her brain. She had to see it for herself.

"On second thought, let's go into the other room. There's a big mirror behind the couch and I want her looking into it while I'm fuckin' her...."

After enduring the repeated anal assaults from Matron Maria's giant strap-on, taking Carlos' thick cock up her ass was not so much a torture for whore Janice. But it still hurt; Carlos was muscular and strong and he was determined to attract the crowds by showing them the kind of hard fucking he was capable of. The deep, brutal pounding of her rectum caused whore Janice to moan in distress and that lured more onlookers forward to watch the scene that was happening in front of the entrance to Sex House 127H; more potential customers who, after being excited by the fervid sex show put on by Carlos and whore Janice, would decide to step inside the House in relieve their frustrations.

Whore Kanice's Mistress had outfitted her in appropriate ' fuck-slut ' attire in order that she would look the part, but it was clear by her chained collar and the way Carlos roughly slammed her holes and the way she obediently accepted and gyrated her hips against his thrusts that she was a slavewhore.

"Uh, uh, uh, uhhhhhhh...." Whorejanice couldn't help but react vocally to Carlos's continued punishment-fucking. Bent over and braced against the wall, she gasped as he pulled his dick from her ass and jammed it in her pussy and began pounding again.

"Oooooo....Uhhhhhh...Ahhhhhhiiieeee...." More jolting, deep ramming. Her cunt aching, sore....

From the near distance, the smirking, sneering comments and cheering on by the growing sidewalk crowd. Whore Janice's shame was so complete....

"Mmmmm, you no-good little bitch....," Carlos grunted hoarsely as his thick piece of lard continued it's hard probing of her sore bottom. Whore Janice couldn't help but cry out in agony as she felt the man's cock digging deep into her colon with maximum force. The pain in her asshole was excruciating and she wanted it to stop, but she knew Carlos would not stop until his lust was fully satisfied.

The on looking crowd was really into it now, cheering them on.

"Give it to her, man! Tear that ass up! Show the bitch who's the boss!"

Finally, after over a half-hour of non-stop fucking of whore Janice's obliging pussy and anus, a sweating Carlos could hold himself back no longer. "Aaarrrgggh......." His hips slammed forward, his balls firmly against her buttocks as he emptied his warm load of semen up her asshole.

The crowd erupted with glee. Quite a few of them had open their pants and had been jacking off at the sight. "Damn, the buy sure knows how to fuck," someone commented.

"Look at her, look at her face. She loved it! Yeah, she's a real whore, alright."

The day's fifth and last stop on Carlos and whore Janice's outside exhibition tour was at Sex House 1274B. By this time, the girl's pussy and asshole were raw from all the hard fucking from her virile partner. But Carlos was ready for more of what his slave partner had to offer and once again, in front of another crowd of greedy-eyed spectators, he was jolting her body with his cruel assaults. Each Sex House had it's own personality, so for this location, whore Janice was exhibited naked and natural. But the fucking was the same, and so were anguished moans that came from her.

"That's fine, whore. That's fine. Just keep bent over like this so you can take my dick deep every time." Carlos, very aware of the pain that he was inflicting on the slave, was intent on putting just a bit of extra power behind each thrust. His own moans were moans of primitive pleasure and wanton arousal that grew ever louder as he plunged into her captive rectum again and again.

The whoreslave named Janice whimpered now with each slam of Carlos' cock, but from her day's experience with his fucking style, she could sense that he was getting close to the point where he could not resist from shooting his load. She tried her best, given the difficult bent-over position that he commanded her to maintain, to move more in rhythm with the cock thrusting into her from behind, hoping to spur him on to a quicker orgasm. She tried to relax her sphincter muscles, but nothing seemed to help relieve her of the pain being inflicted upon her raw-sore ass.

The crowd, mistaking whore Janice's struggles and squirmings as acts of passion, roared with shouts of encouragements. "Oh yeahhhhh, baby! Move that ass! Show us how hot you are!"

One of the Sex House's big female guards smiled as she observed the exhibition being put on by Carlos and the slavewhore. Yes, the crowd was excited and growing more and more restive watching the stud power-fucking the slave. And after the show was over, the House would get many of them coming inside.....

Given the nature of the Institution and it's varied Sex Houses, it was not surprising that relationships amongst the myriads of restive and scheming Whore Mistresses created an atmosphere in which few things were stable or permanent regarding ownership of whoregirls. This was especially true for whore Janice. Just within a few days of her being traded for by Mistress 65555, she now found herself imprisoned and bound in a strange room in a part of the Institution in which she had never ventured before. And another strange, swarthy-complexed woman who had entered, undressed, and without a word, begun to lashing whore Janice with a short whiplet.

" Just be still and take it," the strange woman said calmly as she continued to whip the girl. " The sooner you are still and accept your punishment, the sooner I will stop hitting you."

The slavegirl forced herself to be still and lay immobile, sobbing quietly as the visitor kept at her whipping, each blow becoming a bit harder than the last one. " Yes darling, yes, yes...Keep still for your Mistress. Show her what a good little girl you can be...."

After another fifty or so hard strokes from her whip, the strange woman finally relented. " There, that wasn't so bad, was it? You don't have to admit that you want more of it, but I know you really do - you just don't realize it yet." The woman waved off the comment that whore Janice was going to make; it was clear that whatever the slave had to say was of no consequence in the scheme of things.

" I was instructed to obtain you from the Prostitute who 'owned' you. I am Miss Sadon and I've come to take charge of you. It's been decided that you have the qualities that my bosses are looking for - whatever that is..... In fact, now now that you've been put in the proper frame of mind, a couple of them are waiting outside - very impatiently, I'll bet - to meet you. Now you just relax while I invite them in..."

Miss Sadon's two bosses were the type who wasted little time in getting right down to the business at hand.

"This her? This the bitch they told us about?" The portly one asked the questions in a harsh hurried manner, much like the manner in which he was getting out of his trousers.

"Yeah, this is the one, Senor Martinez," Miss Sadon answered, a wry smile as she watched him begin stroking his cock.

"Good. I see that you've already let her know how she's expected to act. Good, good." Mr. Martinez stepped in close and roughly flipped the girl's legs and hips so that she was positioned on her side. "Now let's have at that little asshole of yours, girl." He brusquely begin forcing his dick up her anus, hurting her unnecessarily.

"Mmmmm, not bad. Ass is still tight." Senor Martinez turned to the other man who was already massaging his own meat while he watched.

Senor Martinez began his own hard, rapid fucking of whorejanice's tormented anus.

"You're a lucky little puta ," he said. " We're gonna make you a star. Our snuff films are popular all over. People just love watching sweet gringa blondes being ass-fucked by one of our giant-cocked studs before Miss Sadon here cut's their throats....."

In the new sex-based economy of the New Order, the role of the Sex Club was essential in that it served those who felt uncomfortable with the typical crude atmospheres that prevailed in the neighborhood Sex House establishments. The Sex Club was a bit more 'sedate' in its surroundings and the security for it's clients. The level of credit/money might be a little steeper, but the advantages of a more attractive offering of slave-whores and of less crowded accommodations were often the major selling points. Also, the Sex Clubs were more diverse in that they were organized to appeal to different levels of class and specializations. Some Clubs catered to the working class, others were designated for the needs of the middle-class and others still more for the appetites of the upper class and elite customers.

There were Clubs strictly for lesbian sex; some for S&M. In the extreme, the Regime had also sanctioned the creation of a more deadly genre of Club entertainment referred to as ' Finality Clubs'; establishments that offered the opportunity to live out one's fantasy of being able to actually not only enjoy the most extreme sex with the slave-whore of their choice - but also the thrill of taking her life afterwards. In spite of the fees charged, the Finality Clubs suffered no lack of customers; in fact, the main problem was keeping up with the demand for enough slave-whores to service the needs of the clients.

The Morass District Sex Club was always full. Located just adjacent to a major industrial working-class district, it operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The slaves sent there for service duties rarely lasted more than a few months before they were used up and then sent down to serve in the crass Sex Houses.

Former college students Regina and Susan were just into their first day of duty at the Morass Club - a place very different from the upper middle-class surroundings from which they came. Such big mouths they had when they were ranting and demonstrating against the government only a month or so ago. Now those big mouths were being put to good use. Susan's mouth was stretching as much as it could as it struggled to fit around that wide cock that belonged to the steel worker who had saved up enough credits to afford the services of two whores at once.

"Uh-huh..... yeahhhhhh.... feels good, whore - but keep on working that mouth down and see just how much dick you can fit in it. Down worry 'bout throwin' up - your pretty friend here will swallow your vomit for ya."

The Morass Club's 'Orgy Room' afforded a less crowded atmosphere than those offered in the Sex Houses. Limited to no more than a half-dozen couples at a time and overseen by a Matron, the room allowed more a chance for getting a more intimate fuck out of the slaves. A customer often would ask his captive partner her name and background before or during the enjoyment of her holes. After all, knowing that one was fucking a former student or secretary or businesswoman often made using an debasing her all the more enjoyable.

At the moment, Horance was cuddling up with a cute freckled-faced blond with large tits. Horance was in no hurry - he had two hours' time reserved for the Room. The week had been hard; working the huge furnaces that helped produce the Regime's badly needed industrial machinery served to leave a man exhausted at the end of the week. But not too exhausted to take advantage of the delights readily available at the Morass Club. And certainly not too exhausted to give this blond troublemaker the hard fucking that she deserved.

"What's your name, bitch?" Horance grasped the sobbing slave tightly, feeling the nice contrast of her smooth, tender body rubbing against his rough, hairiness.

K - Katherine, sir. M-m-my name's Katherine..."

"Why are you here, Katherine? What'd you do to get your pretty little ass sentenced to being a whore here? Tell me, birch and you better not lie..."

"I passed out pamphlets telling about how the leaders were not concerned with the needs of the people, sir......"

"Then you're as stupid as you are guilty, ain't ya? " Horance's cock was lengthening as it rubbed against Katherine's thigh. He was almost ready now. " Well, your ol' Horance is gonna help ya atone for your, a gal's like you just gotta have a nice, tight little asshole. Why don't we see how much of my dick I can ram in it the very first time, huh?"

Horance chuckled at the girl's whimpering as he shoved his thick, wet tongue in her ear while beginning to shift her on the mattress. His shaft was already leaving a trail of pre-cum on her leg and back as he pressed her down.

"You gonna be a sweet piece of ass, Katherine. I can tell....."

Viewed by status, the Garners District Sex Club was only a little above that of the Morass Sex Club. Its customers were mostly from the ranks of the administrative and office workers who toiled within the vast bureaucratic dens housed in the huge Administration Services office towers nearby. Whereas the Morass Club's mostly catered to males, the Garners Club's customers were almost evenly split between males and females.

It was no surprise that women were just as likely to patronize the club; after all, they needed to release their pent-up tensions as much as their male counterparts did. The drudge-work of overseeing the enormous amount of paperwork that helped keep the Regime's government working and up to date was both hard and pressure-filled. Sometimes only the pleasures provided by a pretty and completely subservient slavewhore was enough to give an overworked civil servant the relief needed to endure yet another long week of relentless bosses and endless forms and mundane documentations demanded by distant, faceless superiors.

A paid session at Garners entitled a client to three hour's access to whatever delectable pieces of slave pussy he or she wanted, assuming that slave was not being used by someone else at the moment.

This was enough time for a client to enjoy a more leisurely pace in extracting whatever pleasures he or she wish to experience; the thinking behind this being that being able to more completely savor what a slavebitch had to offer worked to keep a loyal employee much more happy and content than the brief, momentary and quick-fading glow brought on by a desperate spate of rutting sex caused by a looming time restraint.

This allowed a customer like Mr. Romer to casually take his time getting to know a captive slavewhore like Sophie. Mr. Romer might be only a nondescript sorter in the Administration Mailroom during his working hours, but here at Garners he could be sexually accommodated like royalty.

Sophie's face and body was as exquisite as any magazine model and her hands were soft as she obediently stroked Mr. Romer's rock-hard cock while nervously returning his spit-covered, deep-tongued kisses.

It was so hard for Sophie to keep from flinching as Mr.Romer's insistent fingers began probing, then slowly working their way inside her pussy. She could her the muted giggles that came from a couple of Romer's fellow office workers as they looked on this erotic scene.

"Looks like our boy Romer's gonna be enjoying himself again," observed the female worker. "I swear, the man must spend almost all his credits in this place."

"How would you know?" retorted her male co-worker. "Unless you've been here just as much as he has."

As in most things, the sexual and emotional tastes and demands of the male and female customers of the Garners Club tended to differ. And, also as with most astute businesses, the Club recognized those differences and incorporated it's offerings so as to satisfy the cravings of each group.

The men, as usual, tended to have preferences that were quite simple and basic: tight and willing pussies and assholes to fuck and willing mouths to milk and swallow one's frenzied sperm loads.

The women clients, on the other hand, often had needs that were more subtle - but at the same time, much more perverse and decadent in their nature. Nothing was more indicative of this than the Club's rather unique Women's' Toilet arrangement.

The Women's Toilet at the Garners Club was quite popular with the female patrons. And why not? It took a usually thankless and mindless chore like using the commode and transformed it into something that was a most enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

This was accomplished by the Club's offering of the "Toilet Girls" - in essence, toilet slaves. These Toilet Girls had no other duty except providing their utterly servile mouths and throats for the reception and swallowing of the women customers' esteemed piss and shit. Any reluctance or refusal on their part guaranteed a most horrible death tied and slowly burned at the stake or in one of the big ovens especially built for the task.

It made using the restroom an experience to be looked forward to, indeed.

This was Toilet Girl Marianne's first night of service at the Club and it looked like Miss Colette was going to be her very first customer to service. Restroom Matron Estelle was in charge of matching the toilet slaves up with the different clients who lined up quite patiently to make use of an enjoyable restroom piss and shit session. There were two dozen slaves assigned to work the toilets and Matron Estelle made sure that everything went smoothly.

The Matron made the introductions. " This is our new girl, Marianne. Marianne, you will have the honour of being Miss Colette's toilet. Miss Colette is one of our best customers, so I expect you to do a great job at taking every brown and golden that she provides you, understand? Be a good toilet and make her happy, my dear - just like you've made me happy while training you."

"C'mon, baby. That's our commode right over there." Miss Colette's breathing was rapid as she wet the side of her toilet slave's face with her wet tongue. She always looked forward to using the restroom at the Garners Club and her anticipation was heightened even further by being the first customer to deposit her shit and piss in the throat of this sobbing new slave. Miss Colette had had plenty to drink while having her cunt licked to orgasms by the three slavewhores who had serviced her so far this evening. And the big after-work meal that she had eaten was now ready to work it's way out.

She would take her time and let her urine stream out slowly, enjoying to the sounds made by Marianne's throat as she struggled to catch all the sharp-tasting yellow liquid spurted out by her superior.

After that, the sounds would be different; coarse, halting sounds of gagging and revulsion as the slave's mouth and throat laboured to catch, chew and swallow the thick, putrid turds that Miss Colette would pulse out of her ass.

"Yeah, you're gonna love it, girl. I know you're gonna do a great job with that pretty mouth of yours. Such a pretty mouth. Just made for eating my shit. Now, after you're in position, you make sure that you keep your lips tight against my snatch so you don't spill any of my piss and then fit your mouth right against my asshole when I'm ready to shit, okay? That way, all you have to do is just work your throat and you'll be able to swallow everything just by gulping. Then you'll also be able to stick that tongue inside my ass and clean it so I won't have to use up any of the Club's toilet tissues.

"C'mon, be quick now - you don't want to keep me waiting."

In many ways, a slave's service as a Toilet Girl was an excellent training regime in the ways absolute subservience. Frankly, there were very few other methods that were as effective as toilet service as a tool to assure the stripping away of almost every remaining vestige of foolish pride and self-esteem. The managers of the more extreme Sex Clubs and the producers of the government-sanctioned pornography industry were particularly fond of using ex-Toilet Girls for their operations; these slaves' background of total humiliation served to make them perfect for those popular sex shows and videos in which they would humbled and degraded in the utmost ways. And since the concept of having 'house slaves' was fast becoming fashionable, many potential owners had begun to look upon a slave's duty as a Toilet Girl as a valuable indicator of the kind of servile mentality that made a slavegirl ready for service in the home.

One such case was that of 21 year-old Michele.

Michele's former background as a courier for the anti-Regime underground had initially marked her as someone who to be looked at as a risk when being considered for duties for anything else except as a fuck-whore in one of the lower-class Sex Houses or, worse yet, as a candidate for shipping down to finish her life being used by the crude miners and laborers in one of the many South American colonies.

Michele had been spared being dispatched to such an unpleasant fate only because of her unusually petite, girlish looks and that appealing, tight body that was accented by the most appealing perky and upturned breasts. Michele had been manhandled and rape-fucked by the biggest and roughest cocks around, but nothing seemed to completely rob her of her spirit. But it took only a week of toilet duty in the Garners Club Women's' Restroom to begin to strip away the last vestiges of Michele's sense of self-worth.

The special depravity of hour upon hour spent gulping superior women's' piss and foul excrement had gradually left her without any pride, only a vacant and utterly hopeless acceptance of her inferior place in life. Her despair had been noticed; already a discreet inquiry had been tendered to her overseers and quiet talks had been held concerning possible compensation. After all, the wife of a ranking Regime senator was someone who warranted attention when she indicated an interest in something, anything. Like having a cutie like Michele as her own private household toilet....

Michele had no idea that this would be her last day of toilet service at the Club, that she would be taken at the end of her shift and transported away to start her new life as the personal Toilet Girl of the demanding wife of a powerful Regime politician. Right now, she could only tend to her duties, her particular duty at the moment being the using of her obedient tongue to lick and suck a Superior Woman's asshole clean. Another slave had done the actual piss swallowing and dung-eating and it was Michele's turn to function as the Superior's human toilet paper.

"Ummmmm....Oh, yes...," the Superior groaned. " Such a nice, warm tongue you have.....Uhhhhhhh. Don't stop, sweetie. I know I must be clean by now - but why don't you slip that tongue back up my ass just to make me feel good, mmmm? I'll see if I can work some more turd down so you can suck it out. fuckin' good! Here's some more shit for you, I think....yeah, I can feel it moving now........Uhhhhhhhh......can you taste it, sweetie? Uhhhhhhhhh....."

The rates charged at the Medows Sex Club were higher, but then it was an establishment that tended to attract it's membership mostly from the ranks of the Regime's police and other enforcement agencies. Medows membership also was predominately male, although there was a mild sprinkling of females - mostly wives and girlfriends - who attended the goings-on there. There had been some whispers, some vague reports of extreme sadism and other, more lethal forms of entertainment being practiced upon unfortunate slavewhores at Medows, but those rumors had been largely unconfirmed and denounced as dastardly attempts at defiling the fine reputation of the Club's management. "We're in the business of providing a safe and comfortable environment for those numerous antisocial females to have the opportunity to repay society for the time and expense of their incarceration and rehabilitation," said the press release put out by the Club Office. "Any reports of harmful activities being practiced upon our prisoners are nothing but vile slanders being spread by unlawful elements who resent the all the peaceful progress that our wonderful government has brought the people."

Of course, none of the clientele seemed to be bothered by dark rumors concerning any unhealthy behaviour at the Medows. As far as they were concerned, the only thing of note at the Medows Sex Club was sex - and the almost weekly additions of new slavewhores to provide it.

Wednesday afternoons were the usual time that new sex-prisoners were delivered to the Medows Club. Mr. Reagan, the club operations manager, made sure to be there in order to inspect the incoming cargo of fresh fuck-meat and make sure that they were all of quality and up to the standards that the Medows prided itself on. Reagan preferred to put the new pussy out for customer use on Friday evenings, so the two preceding days could be fully utilized by he and his loyal staff in the most intimate inspection and judgement of the incoming talent. Slavewhore No. 12 was one new talent who would surely pass muster in terms of physical attractiveness. But there were other considerations, of course....

"Well, Yolanda certainly seems to approve of No. 12," observed Mr. Reagan, talking to one of his more experienced Club Matrons. "What do you think, Ms. Wilson?"

"Oh, Yolanda just has a weakness for tight, young pussies, Mr. Reagan. The girl looks good - but I think that I'll need a few hours with her in order to give you a more accurate opinion....."

Slavewhore Bernice definitely showed promise while being inspected and assessed by Arturo, the Club's janitor. Arturo might be the man who cleaned and scrubbed, but at Medows, all staff was considered part of the family - and Arturo's opinion would be considered just as much as any of the higher-placed staff members. As it was, Arturo had definitely been right when he deduced that Bernice's long, trim body would naturally be limber and flexible. Acting on his honed instincts, he had taken Bernice down to the small alcove that had the special wall strappings especially placed for the activity that he had in mind. Bernice, as expected, had groaned with distress as Arturo fastened her protesting body in the rather contorted position that the strappings demanded. She started to emit a different kind of distressed groan as Arturo, kind and thoughtful man that he was, slowly began to push that fat dick of his into her very exposed cunt...

"Ohhhhh....Uhhhhhh...." Bernice's moan was anguished. Her pussy was so totally exposed and vulnerable in that contorted position that she was fastened in - and Arturo's fat cockhead was slamming against so many tender walls....hurting.....shocking..... Her back and legs muscles also spasmed in pain....

" Si, puta, si.....such a shallow little pussy you have! I'm gonna keep you just like this so you get every inch of me while I give it to you hard, eh?"

But Arturo wasn't as cruel a man as one would think. An hour and a half of hard-fucking Bernice in that contorted position was quite enough; after all, he had emptied his gonads at least a half dozen times while enjoying digging his raging cock in the very deepest recesses of the girl's pussy and ass. He was patient and did not complain when Bernice collapsed to the floor when he released her from her wall shackles - in fact, being the considerate person that he was, he merely climbed on top of her, spread her legs and fucked her again. Arturo included his opinion to Mr. Reagan, the Club manager, that slavewhore Bernice passed the test as far as he was concerned; that she would definitely give the Medows' customers what they wanted.

"Hmmmmm," replied Mr. Reagan, when informed of how the slave had endured her time shackled in the uncomfortable position against the wall. " Do you think that she could function as well if she was given a bit more pain? You know, the kind that some of our more discreet customers like to inflict on special occasions?"

" Well, sir, she did buck her hips just like I wanted her to when I fucked her on the floor afterwards..."

" That sounds promising, Arturo. Tell you what. Why don't you keep her for the rest of the night down in the far basement and see how she holds up under some of your more 'forceful' attentions? Always good to know if we have a natural painslut on our hands...."

Bernice's body shuddered and winched under Arturo's hard use of the small leather whiplet. Her pitiful cries and pleadings did nothing to make him relent. But she needn't worry - before very long, the insistent urgings of Arturo's cock would become too much and he would be forced take a brief respite in which the pain from his whip would be replaced by the pain inflicted by the cock.

The Medows treasured the patronage of it's clientele; especially those esteemed members of law enforcement whose tireless and dedicated efforts kept the government and it's supporters safe from all those misguided and unrealistic souls who meant harm. There was nothing more that the Club's management liked better that hosting one of the many private receptions given to celebrate a recent promotion or the capture of a particularly important fugitive.

Sergeant Janson's promotion had just been announced two days before and now he and the other members of the Central City Anti-Subversive Activities Squad were in the midst of a fairly raucous party that would last into the early hours of the morning. The Club supplied the booze and the slavewhores; the policemen had only to bring the money and their cocks. And being men who often were forced to use harsh and brutal methods to acquire the information that led them to the political fugitives that they sought, it was only natural that their sexual ways might often tend to be brutish. Sergeant Janson's black cock looked particularly brutal to slavewhore Marlene as he walked her towards the small room containing the bed on which he would be fucking her throughout most of the night; as brutal as the way he had already used his belt on her just an half hour or so earlier. "We gonna have a lot of fun together tonight, bitch… I promise you won't forget it for the rest of your fucking life!"

At the Medows Club, 'customer convenience' was a concept that taken very seriously. In the course of attending an orgy or perhaps just spending time with the slavewhore of one's choice, sometimes the call of nature came quickly; sometimes too quickly for a man to manage to make it to one the the toilets in time. This was not an uncommon problem at the Medows Club, especially given that the preponderance of it's customers tended to consume a larger portion of alcoholic drinks than at most other clubs. As with any society, those involved in law enforcement here often drank as hard as they played. No one begrudged them this; the importance of their service to the Regime was very much appreciated and any way to relieve their stress was well understood and supported.

Mr. Reagan, the Club Manager of Operations, had arranged to place one slavewhore in each of the larger rooms which accommodated a group of people. This particular slavewhore was not placed there for reason of provided sex. Instead, this slave was designated as a "Piss Whore"; put there specifically for the convenience of customers who didn't have the time or the inclination to race to one of the toilets to urinate. The Piss Whores were easy to spot, given their trademark ring gags and their being tightly bound and chained to a wall.

Sergeant Janson was having too good a time to be forced to put on his pants just in order to walk down to the restroom located at the end of the long hall. He had just finishing ass-fucking his third bitch of the night and he was ready for more. Looking around the room and seeing captive Piss Whore Felica sitting chained by the door certainly solved his dilemma.

"Better keep that pretty head still, bitch," the Sergeant ordered. " Remember that you gotta lick up any of my piss that gets on the floor..."

Mr. Reagan was a man who actually lived for his work. While other staff members left for their homes at the end of their shifts, he could usually be found somewhere on the Club grounds attending to this problem or overseeing some improvement to that operation. Although he had been offered the opportunity to be promoted to one of the highly coveted regional or even national-level management positions on several occasions, he was very content to remain here at the Medows Club. Some speculated that Reagan might have some sickly or particularly need some relative in the area and that might be why he preferred to stay in the area. Others hinted that it might be a case of a lack of self confidence . But they were all wrong. Reagan preferred to stay here at the Meadows Sex Club because of the almost absolute freedom it afforded him in the indulgence of one of his more 'unusual' personal interests. Indeed, having some of the Regime's better cops and enforcers as frequent customers - very satisfied customers; Mr Reagan saw to that - had resulted in a certain level of protection.

In his off-hours, Mr. Reagan liked to hear the desperate pleas and then the desperate cries of slaves as they suffered and died. Though the diligent and creative efforts of his longtime lover, the chief auditor of the Bureau of Prisons, the raven - haired Miss Marlen, there had been certain slavegirls delivered to Mr. Reagan at the Club. Slaves whose names somehow had curiously been dropped from the prisoner rolls or had been listed as being shipped down to the South American colonies ( where most slaves simply disappeared).

Miss Marlen seemed to be a frequent guest of Mr. Reagan at the Meadows Club, mostly staying there with him through the weekends. Most observers noted that they made quite a handsome pair, while others also noted that they seemed to share the same interests and have a lot in common. And they were right, even more that they could have known: Miss Marlen certainly liked the same things as her boyfriend.

Miss Marlen leaned close and whispered to Mr. Reagan. " Which one do you want to do first? This cute blond who's working on that cock of yours? That black-haired one over there? Which?"

" I thought it'd be nice to watch you have your fun this time, sweets," Reagan whispered back. "Why don't you kill all of them while I watch? I'd really enjoy seeing them scream and beg you while you make them watch you kill one after the other..."

"Mmmmm. Oh, yes. I'd like that very much. Is that butcher knife still in your desk over there?"

" Yes, but let's wait until this pretty bitch is done sucking me off before you start. Hate to have my dick bitten off.... Heh, heh.."

It was the policy of the Regime to be merciful - at least somewhat merciful - when it came to dealing with the more attractive female political prisoners. Therefore all those condemned ladies who qualified were given the chance to go before an Interviewer to plead her case as to why she should be spared the normal method of execution, of being slowly burned alive. It was not a case of a condemned girl avoiding being executed; it was only a matter of how she would eventually die. Needless to say, most of the prisoners wanted to avoid the hellish end of being roasted. Almost anything would be better. There, in one of the small, dank Interview rooms at the Institution, these girls pleaded to be given the chance to show their sincere appreciation to their captors; to be given the chance to somehow earn whatever mercy that might be bestowed upon them. The Interviewers were always a high-placed female official of the Regime (after all, it was the policy that only females could dispatch another females) and these women Superiors demanded to be convinced of a prisoner's worthiness for mercy and just how that prisoner would demonstrate her thankfulness for that mercy.

Condemned prisoner Miranda wanted to demonstrate her complete remorsefulness for her past antisocial activities and her worthiness of being spared being burned alive. Her earnestness and sincerity had touched the heart of Miss Renderman, the State's Interviewer in this case.

"So, child, you do acknowledge that your Superiors have been right all along and that the things that you did and said against them were crimes that deserved your penalty of death?" Miss Renderman needed to be sure of this girl's repentance.

"Yes, Miss Renderman, I acknowledge all that and beg for the opportunity to show how sorry I am and for the chance to repay all of you for any mercy that I might receive."

Miss Renderman shifted in her chair to lean back and pull up her skirt. She was wearing no panties, of course.

"Then you must be very anxious to demonstrate how much you want to get down on your knees and lick my wet pussy. To show what a good girl you will be for the remaining days of your pitiful life...?"

"Yes, Miss Renderman, I do. I want so much to show you...".

Once a condemned prisoner had shown herself to be contrite for her past wrongs against the Regime, she was labeled a 'Repentant' and her remaining time on earth would be spent at providing her body to be used for pleasure by her Superiors in any way they deemed necessary. A Repentant's services was highly sought after by the Regime's female members; the thought of having one's every sexual demand fulfilled by a prisoner marked for death could be highly intoxicating. A Repentant was considered to be the ultimate sex slave; to be satisfied by a Repentant was also a matter of taking a part of her life force. The Repentant would never know when or how her death would come - or if her abilities at satisfying every sexual whim of her Superior ladies would serve to prolong her life.

But there was usually one constant: The first stop for a new-declared Repentant would be with Right Sister Coleen in that large basement room downstairs at the Institution. It was practically a tradition now that Sister Coleen would start the new Repentant's final life journey with her allotted three hours of the Sister's experienced whip. Then, with her body aching and covered with welts, the Repentant would kneel to service Sister Coleen's sweating pussy and asshole with her repentant tongue. Then there would be the servicing of all those Superior women who had been invited to witness and participate in starting her out in her Final Duties.

Repentant Miranda's time had lasted over four months, quite a long time for a Repentant to stay alive. Whether this was a matter of her earnestness and abilities at giving the most intense and reliable satisfaction to the many Superiors' demanding pussies would never be know. After all, part of the allure of the Repentant program was it's randomness and unpredictability; of the prisoner not knowing when the end would come. Usually a Superior was granted the pleasure of dispatching a Repentant as a reward for merit or some extraordinary service. Such an honor was not one to be wasted in some mundane violent act; instead the dispatching of a Repentant called for it to be done in a memorable, ironic fashion - something that others would remember fondly and talk about.

Miranda had started to think that perhaps she might be able to live indefinitely. Her willingness to do everything asked of her and her demonstrated abilities at giving some many, many orgasms to all those who used her had given her hope that perhaps, just perhaps her fate be moderated somehow. This glimmer of hope on her part had been noticed and that been what Right Sister Vivian had been waiting for.

The Repentant prisoner Miranda's last day was spent with Right Sister Vivian and her two close friends, Sharonda and Sylvia. Miranda's last moments had been spent licking the big black Sharonda cunt to one hell of a quivering orgasm and then Sharonda had pulled the girl's mouth tight against that pulsing, dark pussy and said,

"Here, baby, you done such a good job that you done made your ol' Sharonda have to pee! Fit that pretty mouth around my cunt so you can swallow every bit of it as I let it out, okay? Ahhhhhh.... Here it comes.... Keep gulpin', girl.....That's the way.... So good, baby....So good...!!"

As Miranda opened her throat to accept all of black Sharonda's gushing piss, she was unaware of Right Sister Vivian's silent approach behind her, the big killing knife in her hand.. Sharonda saw what was about to happen and could barely contain her delight; Sylvia realized it too. The end would come so suddenly. With her throat still holding vestiges of black piss in it, it would be abruptly exposed as the Sister grabbed and jerked back her hair. And as the big knife's cold steel sliced deep into her throat, one of last things that Miranda would remember would be the strange guttural sound made by Sister Vivian. The sound of the Sister experiencing an intense, ongoing orgasm.....

At one time, Dorthy Simmons had a lot to offer society; a talent for writing, a quick, strong mind and equally strong convictions. Unfortunately for Dorthy, the new society in which the Regime ruled supreme wasn't one which valued any openly-expressed strong convictions or opinions that ran counter to it's own. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before the authorities came for her. Now Dorthy Simmons, condemned for her refusal to accept the new order and her rather naive public efforts to undermine it, could only cater to the opinions of others. Others such as Right Sister Olivia and her prostitute wife, Evette, two Superiors who would be in judgment of Repentant Dorthy's willingness and ability to please.....

"Mmmmm.. that's a very nice tongue you have there, my little repentant girl. Nicely shaped; not too wide and with a fine taper to it. Very good for slathering a clit or fitting inside an anus. Yes, dear you show a lot of promise. What do you think of our little Repentant Dorthy here, Evette? Think that she prove that she's worthy of our time?"

Evette examined the prisoner up and down. " Well, the body's alright, I guess. And I've had prettier gals do me real good back at the barracks when I was there - but her face's okay, I guess. She looks like a real proud sort of bitch to me, the kind who used to look down on me..."

" Now, now, Evette! Don't be so judgmental! Give the girl a chance! I'm sure she's going to do everything she can to show you that you're wrong about her, won't you dear?"

"My friend is so skeptical of whether you deserve mercy or not, sweet girl," said Sister Oliva as she continued to examine Dorthy's promising tongue. "But I'm sure that you're going to convince her as well as I, that you are the most delectable little pussy-eater. Why don't you get to your knees now so you can start giving my clit the attention it deserves, huh? Now don't make me regret my faith in you, sweetheart. I'd hate to have them come to take you to the ovens to roast you like some piece of beef, wouldn't you? Then after you please me, I'll let you please my wife Evette here. She's harder to satisfy than I am, so it'll be fun to watch you work at it...."

As one of the Regime's veteran state-sponsored prostitutes, Evette was a woman who had practically seen and done it all. And as such, Evette was not an easy woman to please. Her pussy and asshole had been serviced by the tongues of a thousand women, both free and captive. Her toes had been sucked wetly, her eager nipples thrilled and her shit swallowed by the mouths of countless girls who had begged for the chance. So just how was this new Repentant named Dorthy supposed to be able to pleasure those very experienced, jaded openings and erotic locations of Evette's body? It was not a case of Evette being non-feeling and difficult; it merely was a case of her being a very hard woman to please. Sister Olivia could do it, of course, and do it quite easily - but the Sister was one whose sexual experiences had equipped her with a knowledge of women's bodies and how to make them scream in ecstasy and leave trembling lumps of exhausted flesh. But the Sister was the wonderful exception. This young Repentant was not.

Maybe it was plain jealousy that made Evette shift and fidget with frustration and impatience as she watched her esteemed wife put Repentant Dorthy through her paces. Perhaps it was resentment at how this pretty young captive was able to follow Sister Olivia's most perverse instructions. Was that why she looked away when the Sister shook with her third orgasm while squatting heavily on Dorthy's face, her head thrown back as she let out a deep, throaty moan of the most intense animalistic pleasure? Was it how the Sister remained seated with her full weight on the girl's face, smiling, her eyes almost closed as she gently gyrated her hips over Dorthy's mouth as Dorthy produced muted, wet, smacking sounds as she slurped the Sister's still-flowing vaginal juices? Whatever the reason, when it was her turn with the girl, Evette's inclinations were not some much towards getting pleasure as much as it was to inflict the most intense humiliation.

Evette was curt and abrasive with the slave when it was her turn with her. She sapped Dorthy's face hard, knocking her back to the floor. "You little worthless bitch, I didn't give you permission to stand up, did I? Keep your ass down there - that's where you'll be spending a lot of your time!" As the frazzled Dorthy complied with her harsh order, Evette positioned herself over her.

" You think you're something, don't you, bitch? Don't bother to lie, I can spot it a mile away. The Sister might think you're special, but I'm going to show you just how low a piece of garbage you really are! Open that mouth, cunt! Open it wide! The first thing I'm gonna do is piss and you better not miss a drop of it! You understand me? Yeahhhhhh, bitch here it comes..... You like my piss, don't ya? Yeah, all the low-class whores like you like to drink my pee......... Uhhhhhh... Keep drinkin', bitch. You know, I'm gonna make it a point to find you every day and piss down your lovely throat.

"But I'm getting ahead of myself, ain't I? 'Cause soon as I get through peeing, I'm gonna put those filthy lips of yours right up against my asshole and I'm gonna wank myself off while empty my turds into your mouth. And don't worry if you can't eat my shit as fast as I let it out - you'll be allowed to get down on your belly and eat anything that drops to the floor....!"

All good things have to eventually come to an end. Repentant Dorthy's tenure had last almost a month. In that time, she had become very well-known and very popular. For some reason Dorthy had gotten the reputation of being an accomplished shit-eater. Superior throughout the Institution had begun to seek her out - not for the sexual service that she could provide, but to use her as their human toilet. There had even been a couple of Institution-wide lotteries in which hundreds of people placed bets on how many Superiors could squat themselves over Dorthy's captive mouth and feed her the shit from their bowels before she could take no more and fall to the ground retching. The winner was Sister Vandermere, who had a tie-bet of eight shit-loads and a tie-breaking time of twenty - three minutes. Dorthy had become despondent and depressed and that in itself was a signal that the time to dispose of her would be soon in coming. Perhaps that what drove Sister Olivia's wife, the prostitute Evette to seek Dorthy out three to four times a day in order to piss and shit in that accomplished mouth instead of her once or twice-a-day visits.

The end for Dorthy came on early on a Saturday morning. As Dorthy obediently licked Sister Ida's pussy to orgasm and then gulped down the last the Sister's stream of warm piss, a sharp knife wielded expertly by the Institution's head receptionist, Miss McGowen, sliced into her throat. Miss McGowen, who had silently slid in behind the Repentant Dorthy keep a firm, even pressure on the knife as she applied it from left to right in a single motion. Miss McGown had never killed anyone before - but she had always wanted to.

"Ahhhhh....," Miss McGowen groaned wistfully as she felt the knife cut into Dorthy's windpipe. Very much like cutting through soft butter, she thought. It felt so good.

"Today will bring new tests and provide you with new experiences," High Sister Adriana remarked to Slave Nancy. Although another slavegirl was busily slurping her pussy, the High Sister's demeanor was calm, almost cold. "Of course, it will be likewise for all the other new girls here, but I will be personally attending to your activities - so don't disappoint me, my sweet one. Just because I have a particular interest in you does not mean that I will tolerate anything less than total effort on your part."

The High Sister nodded towards the other older woman who lay in the huge bed on which she sat. "This pretty lady here is Miss Claudia, a very close and long time friend who has heard so much from me concerning my dear, cute Nancy; how her tongue pleases and satisfies all a woman's special places. I must say that I might have gone on about you a bit much, but I'm sure that you'll do me proud and show Miss Claudia that I haven't been exaggerating about you. I'm going to stop my little bitch her and take her into the other chamber so that she can finish up what she's started. You two can be alone in here and just get well acquainted with each other. Don't make me hear that you have provided my good friend with anything less than the fullest pleasures possible. I'd hate to start of the day having to punish you severely!"

For the other slavegirls also under the High Sister's supervision, the day would entail many tasks and tests. Some would be new, others would be very familiar. The Superiors were not unreasonable when it came to what was planned and expected of their captive charges. Abuse for abuse's sake was not at part of the training - except for the normal pain and distress inflicted for the pleasure of the Superiors. These slaves had been selected to be the providers of pleasure and satisfaction to the elite ladies of the Church's Sisterhood. The fact that they were held in the complex that housed the Holy Mother herself was the prime indicator of the importance placed on their duties. Those who could demonstrate their aptitude for their assigned sexual tasks would be well cared-for and given the opportunity to live on there for the rest of their lives, usually as lesbian slavewives taken in marriage by one or more Sisters, High Sisters or some of the highest-placed assistants or staff. Those who would be unfortunate enough to be judged as failures in their duties would be quickly dispatched off as slavewhores in the South American colonies or given to the Prostitutes or worse, taken to the Roasting Ovens where they would suffer a most horrible, slow death.

But despite all it's intricacies, the training of these special slavegirls was designed towards a very basic goal: the giving of sexaul satisfaction. And when all things were considered, it was mostly acquiring and perfecting the ability to lick Superior pussy and clit, to tongue - out Superior anus and to unflinchingly drink gallons of Superior piss and to eat and swallow Superior shitloads. All the other facets of submission; the spanking, canings, bondage and mental abuse, were secondary in importance.

Slave Torry was one of those beginning her day with more practice. Helping her achieve a higher level of proficiency at the art of eating pussy were Miss Patterson and Miss Ortiz, two Administration Staffers who were so kind as to volunteer their off time. Torry's task was to be able to bring a Superior pussy to orgasm within five minutes, an absolutely essential ability when called upon to be the focus of entertainment at any large Superior social gathering, party or orgy.

So far, the slave had been able to eat Miss Ortiz to a quivering orgasm in seven minutes. Not bad, but also not good enough. Now she frantically licked away at the offered clit of Miss Patterson who sat on her chest.

"Now, don't slather around so much, girl," Miss Patterson muttered firmly. "Focus at using the tip of the tongue and keep the pressure up as you move it against my knob. Uhhhhhh.....that's better. Now set a rhythm and keep it unless I tell you to change it

Yes.....Yessss....better. Much better...."

Although she had been repeatedly raped anally when first arrested and imprisoned, slave Dorthy still had some difficulty accommodating a large cock up her ass. Right now, she was suffering under the rude assault of Judge McKeason's long and rather wide cock as he gleefully went about enjoying himself to the fullest. The High Sister regularly arranged small orgies attended by ranking Regime officials. Such intimate gatherings were considered to be essential in maintaining good relations between the mostly secular government and it's allies in the official Church. The almost weekly fuck-fests were eagerly attended by all those officials eligible to be invited. Conducted in the utmost privacy, these parties/orgies usually lasted throughout the night and those Superiors taking part always make full use of those compliant slavegirls provided to them.

This was slave Dorthy's first orgy duty and as a new face, she attracted quite a bit of attention from the guests. The attention that the Judge was giving Dorthy's tight asshole was just in line with his temperament; his dick crassly pushed it's way into her rectal in one

merciless shove and began immediately to pound back and forth. He cared not one bit about the slavegirl's distress; he enjoyed what he was doing and that was that. His ruthless jack hammering against Dorthy's behind was done with the same lack of compassion that he exhibited in his courtroom when sentencing the many helpless political defendants brought before him. And like all those defendants, poor Dorthy had no choice but to stand and take whatever he was giving her.

High Sister Adriana chuckled as she watched Dorthy struggling to maintain herself as the lusty Judge continued to slam his cock up her ass. Yes, the Sister thought to herself, the girl just might make the grade; become an accomplished slavewhore.

"Now, girl, don't just stand there bracing yourself, that won't make it easier on you," the Sister advised. "Give in to it, girl. Let that big shaft of his do it's thing. Move your ass, rotate back against his cock. Oh, yes, Dorthy, that's better. That's going to make him cum in no time...."

For those slavegirls who were judged not quite worthy of service to the Sisterhood's elite, but who had clearly impressed the Sisters with their efforts, there was some measure of relief from the more dire fates of other unsuccessful candidates. After all, a slave who had shown that she was sincere in trying to be what was expected of her and had the mentality of a submissive who would do her best to please was too good a commodity to suffer an inglorious sentencing to a Latin whorehouse, servicing a hundred crude miners or laborers a day or ending her life screaming in agony as the gas-fueled fires of the ovens burned away her flesh. There were quite a few forms of service easily filled by those in-betweeners who just couldn't make the grade.

Slave Beatrice had failed at becoming one of the relatively pampered Sisterhood slavegirls; no matter how hard or how often she tried, Beatrice's tongue just couldn't quite manage to bring a Superior to orgasm in short time. While others had dutifully satisfied at least three Superiors' pussies, Beatrice would be just bringing pleasure to her first. " That girl has an incredibly slow tongue," one judge wrote in her report. " Slave Beatrice is by no means lazy or uncooperative - it's just that, no matter what, she just can't move that tongue any faster. But her heart's definitely in the right place in that she's sincere in realizing her past antisocial behavior and wishes to rectify it by service to the State."

And now slave Beatrice would be allowed the chance to service the Regime. Miss Linda was in if the ranking female guards who were entrusted with the protection of the Institute's Administrative complex. A big, unattractive and hulking woman, Miss Linda had grown tired of getting pleasured by frightened, forced and whipped slavegirls. Miss Linda was ready for a life-partner, someone who would be exclusively hers. Someone who would be there to worship her bloated body; to please her sloppy pussy and ass.

Beatrice, sweet and earnest Beatrice, had been offered to Miss Linda in marriage. The huge woman didn't have to think twice about it. Having a pretty 22 year-old female who maybe took a half hour to eat her to orgasm wasn't so bad a deal; after all, in her personal time, Miss Linda was not one to be hurried, anyway....

The marriage ceremony that united the petite slavegirl Beatrice and the supersized, fat Miss Linda in matrimony was well attended -but brief. Miss Linda had made it known that she was anxious to get down to the business of training her new slavewife in the ways of providing her with the many pleasures and enjoyments of permanent sexual servitude. The Rosewood paddle had been a nice wedding present from all the friends and co-workers. And as she steered her slavebride into her small private bedroom, Miss Linda would be immediately putting her wedding present to good use....

In ways of the Institution, every slavegirl had something to contribute to the new society, no matter what it was.

Slave Nina had originally been deemed unworthy as a sexual servant to the Sisterhood and had been sentenced to die in the Roasting Ovens located in the vast bottom level beneath the Administration complex. Her physical appearance had been admired but the Sisters determined that her attitude showed reluctance to accept authority and an unwillingness to acknowledge her past sins against the Regime. In her panic at learning her fate, Nina had frantically appealed to the judging Sisters to spare her life. She had begged on her knees after crawling across the floor on her stomach; she had opened her throat to swallow down the shit of a dozen Sisters at an impromptu gathering; she had collected a half-gallon of the Sisters' piss in a jar and had drank it all as they watched and jeered. In the end, Nina had debased herself so much that the death sentence was rescinded and she was instead assigned to be shipped off to South America to be a participant in one of the Regime's newest schemes for repopulating the ranks of the workers who were suffering great losses of life from the heat, tropical diseases and toxic sickness from the Regime's many uranium mines.

The Regime experts had estimated that for the economic future of the Latin colonies, an additional ten million workers had to be ready to replenish the ranks with the next twenty years. In response , the Regime had set about implementing a birthing program in which thousands of slavewhores and other female political prisoners would be forced-bred in order to bear children. Each woman would be expected to produce at least five or six children before being granted their relative freedom. It was here that Nina found herself relegated to being fucked by a dozen or so carefully-selected worker studs each day until she was judged to be pregnant.

"What's the matter, gringa? I thought you girls were used to the best up there in the States," sneered one of the brown-skinned attendants who were in charge of overseeing Nina's breeding activities for the day. " Damn, bitch, he only has half his cock up that white cunt and already you're making a fuss! C'mon, Manuel, you might as well just push her back flat and fuck her. Put it to her as hard as you want, just don't injure her like you did that Indian girl last week, okay? Ride this puta like you ride me and we'll have her puttin' out babies like one of those stupid village wives in the country!"

For those slaves who seemed totally unworthy, death in the Ovens was a likely destination. The Ovens didn't care how beautiful a slavegirl was. They all burned the same. They all screamed and cried at the top of their lungs as the flames licked, then began to slowly destroy their flesh. The Ovens didn't care and neither did the women oven workers who were in charge of escorting the condemned slavegirls into the oven and fastening them firmly to the thick, cast-iron posts that would hold them in place for the six flame pipes located around the base.

There were so many touching cries and calls to one's God or even to some non-present parent as the burnings took their toll. To maximize the agony, the flame output had been designed to delay death for twenty minutes or so. Microphones were placed in order to transmit the horrible sounds or the victims throughout the vast complexes of prisoner holding - pens so that they all could hear the fate of those who didn't meet the Institute's standards. A devious method that worked wonders in securing the majority of the prisoners' complete cooperation.

Sometimes a Superior would get permission to take slavegirl down to witness the Ovens' operation for herself. Nothing worked better to guarantee a slavegirl's complete cooperation and devotion than having her see another prisoner suffer and die from the flames.

Madame von Troiss nuzzled her slavegirl's tearful face as they watched the attractive blonde who was bound in place in the Oven chamber start to writhe with pain from the roasting of her lower legs. The condemned girl's amplified screams filled the room; louder , then more loud.....

" Mmmmm....," The Madame murmured against her slave's cheek. "Isn't that your friend, the girl you attended college with, my dear? Claudia, I think, is her name. Am I right? Too bad. Such a pretty girl. But so stubborn and defiant. You and I will stay here and watch her suffering - and then we'll go back to my suite, to my big bed where you'll show me how thankful you are that I have chosen you to be my devoted bride...."

"Enrico Gaspar was the third-oldest sibling of the Gaspar family group that was in charge of one of the Regime's smaller breeding farms located in it's colonial South American territories. As with a lot of other Latins, Enrico secretly resented being just another colonial servant of the North American - centered Regime's far-flung Empire. However, in his capacity as an overseer, Enrico did have a chance to engage in some sort of revenge against all those pale-skinned Anglos who tended to look upon and treat him and his fellow Latinos as inferior and untalented. His duties entailed seeing that the imported white-skinned female slaves were fucked thoroughly and impregnated so as to provide a future supply of laborers to serve the Regime's needs - so Enrico made sure that the first baby-making sperm that the most comely slaves received upon their arrival at his South American camp was his.

" puta, " Enrico groaned as he pumped his first heavy load of cum deep within the pretty American blond's pussy. "You bitch....You going to have your Enrico's baby, I'll make sure of that...."

The Anglo girl's tears only served to spur more convulsing of Enrico's balls and more semen to fill her.

"Move those hips, puta, and make sure that Enrico's sperm is all milked out...."

Raul, Enrico and Ria Gaspar were never at a loss for things to do at the Gaspar Breeding Farm's heavily-guarded and barbed- wired compound. After all, how could things be dull with the presence of over a hundred Anglo female breeding slaves and with more new ones arriving every week? And why should those mostly black breeder studs be the ones having all the pleasure and fun? No, the Gaspar siblings, along with other members of the Gaspar clan, had the right to do whatever they wished here, as long as the monthly pregnancy reports showed that a steady supply of babies would be on the way.

Raul tended to be the most critical examiner of slave flesh. Ria, the oldest and a big, lusty dyke who never could get enough, was not as selective. She just loved pale pussies and those soft pink lips that the slavegirls learned to use so well under her tutelage.

Both were just as obsessed as Enrico with the joys that their positions entitled them to.

"What do you think of this one, Ria?" Raul's hands slid over the slim and perky body of a frightened 19 year-old slave just imported in the last few days. "Haven't had a chance to get at this one, eh, Enrico? Well, she looks line a fine little piece, one who'll put out at least a half-dozen babies in a short time if we keep her busy...."

"I don't give a shit about that," huffed Ria as she rudely pried into the slave's shaved pussy with her big fingers. "I just want to see what she can do for me. Got a nice mouth on her. Think I'll put her with the other pretty thing that I've reserved for myself tonight."

Ria Gaspar preferred her slavegirls to be between 18 and 20, fair-haired with trim bodies and cute faces. She loved handling them roughly and using them roughly. At one time, Ria ran her own small chain of brothels on the outskirts of Lima, but this was far more enjoyable for her. Her younger brothers might resent serving the Regime's Anglo patrons, but Ria thought it was an ideal situation. An ideal situation and an ideal opportunity to be able to fulfill every need and experience even her most extreme, secret fantasies. Not that Ria's fantasies were all that extreme; Ria might be somewhat large in stature and perhaps a bit rough around the edges, but her needs were mostly basic. She loved the feeling of power that came from having a beautiful girl obligated to follow every order that Ria would give and dedicated to satisfying her every sexual whim.

Ria, ever addicted to the heady feeling of power, had a particular fondness for using her harnessed, hard-rubber strap-on. These Yankee slave-bitches were all a bunch of promiscuous sluts, were they not? And being the lowly, nasty little whores that they were, what was more natural than Ria making sure that their pussies got all the attention they could take? Men were so fragile, their cocks tended to so soft after cumming. These poor slave-whores were so deprived! Ria Gaspar's strap-on didn't go soft; it stayed rock-hard and it's slamming was limited only by Ria's endurance - and Ria, despite her hefty size and advanced age, still had a lot of endurance. In fact, there was nothing she enjoyed more than a sweaty, intense forty minutes of fucking a slave's cunt and ass.

These poor slave-whores were so deprived! Ria Gaspar's strap-on didn't go soft; it stayed rock-hard and it's slamming was limited only by Ria's endurance - and Ria, despite her hefty size and advanced age, still had a lot of endurance. In fact, there was nothing she enjoyed more than a sweaty, intense forty minutes of fucking a slave's cunt and ass. The Anglo cunt named Fiona was about to find that out firsthand.

"C'mon, bonita, don't be afraid," Ria cooed to Fiona, firmly steering her to the edge of the mattress. " Your Senora Ria is going to take care of you tonight. I promise you will scream my name as I give you the loving that you deserve...."

The Gaspars were simple and straightforward people; they ran a human breeding farm for profit and pleasure. The Americanas that were shipped down from the North were simply pretty wombs ready and available for fucking and impregnating. The Masters weren't concerned about the treatment of these slave-whores. As long as they were kept healthy enough to bear children, these captive females could be used by whatever Gaspar that wanted them and in any manner that they deemed fit.

Nan, only two days at the Farm, attracted Raul Gaspar's attention. " Damnmit all," Raul exclaimed. " How could I have missed this one? Take her off the waiting line. Who was scheduled to stud her? Oh, Miguel? Shit, that big dick of his can use some other cunt instead of this one. Unhook her and bring her to my cabin..."

Of all the Gaspars, it was Aunt Rosa who had the most unpleasant personality traits. Aunt Rosa's needs and preferences tended to tilt towards the more painful aspects of sexuality. Humiliation of a cute Anglo slave-whore was somewhat enjoyable, of course - but Rosa needed more; in fact, she couldn't quite seem to fathom up one of her body-shuddering orgasms without the shrill and desperate screams of her chosen slave-whore ringing in her ears. She had first been introduced to the sadistic arts while employed by her nephew Raul's drug-running operation. Sometimes one of Raul's business

partners would get a bit greedy and hold back or cut back on the quality or quantity of the cocaine or heroin that was purchased or sold. Aunt Rosa soon demonstrated her knack for extracting every last vestige of information from whatever dishonest scum who had been foolish enough to try and cheat the Gaspars. She had developed the routine of first making the crook watch as she went about applying her torturous techniques on a favorite member of his family. Especially a pretty daughter. Even the toughest men soon cracked and ended their silence and duplicities after being faced with the sights and sounds of a daughter's loud agonies at the hands of Rosa Gaspar.

Now it was this breeding farm's offerings of sweet, pale flesh that allowed Aunt Rosa to continue her adventurous ways of Sade. This was her second trip here this week and along with her long-time girlfriend, Aletta, Rosa finally found a girl that appealed to her. Rosa loved girls with large, full breasts and prominent nipples - especially nipples.....

"Pretty girl, did you enjoy me sucking and biting on those nice pink nipple-buds of yours? I hope you did, because I sure did. Love your nipples, honey. Love 'em so much that I'm going to snip them off and take them home to add to my collection."

So many things for a new Anglo slavegirl to do if relocated to South America. Music and history, for instance. A slave might not appreciate it at first, but sometimes she might have the opportunity to explore the arts.

Slave-whore Jean was given the chance to escape the unpleasant life of a perpetually pregnant brod-whore confined at a breeding farm by a chance visit by Right Sister Jour. Sister Jour was taken by the yellow-haired American girl's innocent looks, tight body and her clear, lilting voice. "I am invoking my right to take this winsome young cutie away from this dreary place," the Sister had intoned. And even the Gaspars knew better than to defy one of the Right Sisters.

At Sister Jour's quarters, Jean soon learned the history of her new surroundings. Indeed, this new place had served as a 17-century Spanish fortress and their old furniture and martial equipment was still displayed there. The Sister had a fondness of the antique "iron maiden" chamber and loved how it never failed to inspire a new captive to aspire to be the best that she could be. At the moment, Jean was certainly inspired to sing that songs that Sister Jour had insisted that she learn from the old, antique songbooks supplied to her.

"Now sing me another song," Right Sister Jour ordered. "Sing it for the ears of me and my friend here. Better not miss a note, girl; you know how much these old songs mean to me. Sing loudly and sing well, my dear. Don't disappoint me and force me to have my friend push the door on you....."

"Life in the Regime's South American colonies was hard, frantic and brutal. The system there was in constant need new female slavewhores to service the vast (and underpaid) ranks of skilled and unskilled workers and laborers who toiled in the mines and fields. The Regime had established a system of officially - sanctioned sex houses throughout the territories so that the system of supplying sex could be done in an orderly and controlled manner. Sanctioned sexhouse operators were usually given wide freedom in how they ran their establishments, as long as they managed to give the workers what they demanded. That meant that almost each sexhouse had it's own way of doing things. Some treated their slavewhores relatively well; others treated theirs as disposable slabs of human meat.

"El Pedro House" intentionally established itself as a sexhouse that catered to the rougher type of customer. Their slavewhores didn't last as long, but their business was booming as it catered to workers who liked to mix a little bit of 'mistreatment' in with the hard fucking of those captive pussies. And to further indicate to potential customers just what kind of sex was being offered inside, the "El Pedro" owners had the novel idea of using a slavewhore as an outside 'living advertisement'.

"You'll get only the finest cunt to fuck and have fun with. You can do what you like with our whores. Nobody will ever complain!"

'El Pedro' House's live-in Madam was an ex-prostitute by the name of Cortina, a woman who took her job very seriously - mainly because she enjoyed it so much. Her pay wasn't all that much but with free lodging and ample food and drink, Cortina was quite content. Part of that contentment was from the fact that she could freely practice her overwhelming lesbian desires to the fullest and practically without limits as long as her compelled slavewhores were not injured or otherwise prevented from their sexual duties. A new arrival at El Pedro Sex House, in Senora Cortina's thinking, would function much better after being subjected to a few days and nights of proper 'reorientation' . The owners knew that this was merely an excuse for Cortina to indulge herself, but they went along with it since she was so good at managing the day-to-day operations of the whorehouse.

Senora Cortina, with her ever-present short riding crop in hand and her pussy practically overflowing it's juices, always made sure that her newest victim would immediately learn to both fear and serve her.

This new slavewhore from the States, Ariel, had been shipped in just a day before - but already she had felt the wrath Cortina's trusty crop and tasted the muskiness of Cortina's offered cunt. Now the Senora was ready to for more....

"Si, sweet bonita, you're showing that you're a fast learner. That's the way, my little puta, kiss my little whip - show your Senora the proper respect that she deserves from you. Kiss it slowly, lick well it with that soft tongue and maybe I will grant you the honor of being allowed to using it on my esteemed pussy again. Hmmmmm...that's the way........

"Now I want you to beg me to let you eat my cunt - and I want you to ask me to whip you afterwards. You must beg me to whip you so hard and so long that you pass out. Do your begging very well, dearest, or your Senora Cortina will be forced to hurt you far worse than you can ever imagine....."

The El Pedro Sex House's reputation of tolerance for a coarser brand of service not only attracted like-minded males, but also aroused the interest of certain females who were quick to take advantage of the rare opportunity to indulge. The women who came to El Pedro hailed from all sectors of the local society; some arrived with their husbands or boyfriends; others came discreetly, ushered in through the back entrance so thoughtfully provided by the House's management. Most came not for sex, but to be able to gratify themselves from the infliction of pain and abuse on an especially selected Yankee slavewhore. The unfortunate girl chosen by one of these sadistic women tended to end up longing for the basic cruel fuckings meted out by the sweating, grunting male customers rather than the frequently unbearable agonies at the hands of their feminine visitors.

Marisol pushed yet another long pin slowly, ever so slowly, into the blond-haired Americana slavewhore's perfect tit. She let a hint of a grin show on her face as the slave's high-pitched scream filled the small room.

"Ah, you have such a pretty voice," Marisol said in a soft purr. " So pretty. And I like your breasts, too. I really love how their flesh yields and accepts my trusty pins when I push-h-h-h them in like this....... Ohhhh, there's that lovely voice again...."

She stepped back a bit to watch as the captive's suspended body thrashed and writhed yet another time. For Marisol, this was so much better than any sex. " And you dance so well, too. I think that I'm really going to enjoy this evening. Maybe you'll learn to enjoy it, also. After all, I have two hundred pins in the kit that I brought along...."

Sometimes the sex houses recruited regular prostitutes from the area to participate in sex shows requested by a certain guest or put on as a special mid-week attraction to bring in customers. Usually these hard-working street whores were indeed glad to earning some easy money and also having a particularly attractive white slavewhore working hard to satisfy their every demand. The pairing of hard-bitten, experienced and nasty street whores with their compliant, frightened slave counterparts always made for a good show for the rowdy and boisterous crowds of men who watched. Under the loud prompting from the crowd, the prostitutes were frequently urged on to subject their Yankee partners to the most extreme sexual acts; most shows usually ended with finales in which the slavewhores were compelled to swallow the prostitute's piss; and there was always one or two slaves who pleased the fans as they were forced to open their mouths to accept the turds from the asses of squatting prostitutes.

But not all the interaction between the slaves and their prostitute guests took place onstage. Often, in the few hours before the crowds arrived for the scheduled performances, the visiting prostitutes would arrange to spend time with the slavewhores that had been chosen to service them in the show. For the hardened streetwalkers, this was an opportunity to find out more about their show partners. To find out about the softness of their lips, the elasticity of their pussies and the suppleness of their tongues.

Presently, slave Tammy's tongue was passing the test; it was indeed supple and amenable as it obediently explored the funky recesses of prostitute Elenia asshole..... "Yeah… stick you pretty white face in my ass, gringa, and lick me deep…. Gonna fart on your face and shit on it too. You'll get the full treatment!"

Being the owner of a Sex House was not always an easy position. Besides all the paperwork and auditing that was regularly demanded by his Regime superiors, there was also the often exhausting trials and tribulations caused by the presence of so many delectable pieces of slave flesh. It was unfair, having to put up with all that. Some of the owners made a point to avoid the temptations of sexual overindulgence by spending as little time as possible in the establishments that they controlled - but even with the help of a reliable madam on the premises, that was not always a feasible option. Furthermore, a good sex house owner would be remiss in his duties if he neglected to confirm for himself just what a newly-attained slavewhore had to offer to his operation. After all, a smart business owner is obliged to acquire at least some knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of a new employee...

Senor Bernard and his wife were in the process of personally assessing one of the latest additions to their sexhouse. This slavewhore was named Maxine and she was outwardly easy on the eyes; a real looker. But the Senor and Senora needed to see for themselves just what talents Maxine had that would benefit the whorehouse and it's many customers. Well, no need to worry, it seemed. Slavewhore Maxine's pussy was still pretty tight and it hugged the girth of Senor Bernard's impressive cock as he started fucking her for the third time that night. The Senor grunted in approval as he noted how the slave's lithe body molded with his as he began to assault her hole in the rough, slamming style that he was so good at.

"Uhhhh....That's it, puta, cry. I like my girls to cry. It shows that they really appreciate the loving that their Senor is giving them....."

So another day and night would pass down in the Regime's colonial sexhouses and the hard-working men who enabled the Regime to survive and thrive would descend upon one of the few forms of entertainment and pleasure available to them. To some, the fates of the political slavewhores might seem especially cruel and hopeless; but others would see them as essential contributors to the welfare of the New Order. Rather than spending their time in ill-advised and antisocial activities against their government, they were now redeeming themselves with their captive pussies, asses and mouths; bringing pleasure to those with an urgent need for it.......

"My friends, we have just had a new shipment of girls come in a few days ago, " the sexhouse's female huckster called out as she went about her job of attracting customers off the street. "All are pretty Anglo college bitches, straight from El Norte! Bitches who will do everything you want and empty your balls and make you happy! These are real student troublemakers who have always been pampered and privileged and this will be your chance to show them how strong your brown cocks are! Come and line up......"

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Ghetto Slaves [HINES]


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One day, these poor white girls disappeared. No one suspects that they're very near... in the ghetto.

posted 04/19/2003

Miss Bess took her time appraising the three young slavegirls that she had just agreed to purchase from the two drug addicts who had abducted them. Not too bad, she thought; the older sister was a bit plain, but she had those beautiful round tits that the customers would go crazy over. The cheerleader, just turned 19, would be the big money-maker. Innocent looks. Lush body.

Yeah, and make her wear that cute cheerleader outfit - that would provide her users with an extra bit of kink.

"You said that there were a mother and three daughters," miss Bess snapped at the addict who nervously stood beside her. "So where is the mother? You told my assistant that she was a good-looker for her age."

"Uh, she's still all tied up in the trunk of the car outside. We didn't know if you'd be interested in her, also...."

"Of course I want her too! get her!" An older woman wouldn't bring in as much profit - but miss Bess had some other ideas on how to utilize the mother, but just for the pleasure of her torment as she was forced to watch her daughters sold off or whored...

The second-oldest daughter, Janice, was chosen to serve as a fuckslave in the upstairs whorehouse. But Janice had showed a few signs of willfullness and lots of defiance, so a week of punishment training had been ordered for her. Big Benny was put in charge of her re-education - and he wasted no time in his duties...

Miss Bess enjoyed the pitiful pleas and screams of the mother as she was forced to watch her oldest daughter being dragged away by the young black man who had bought her for 500 dollars. Bess's boyfriend laughed hard, thoroughly savoring the thought of the girl's fate.

"Your girl is going to be screaming much louder than you are. That's Artie, one of our steady customers. he's got some very strange ideas about how to enjoy sex. Take a last look at your daughter - ol' Artie might look like a geek, but he likes his sex a lot rougher than most men, if you get my meaning. He's always having to come back here to buy another girl, because his don't tend to last too long.

"But maybe your daughter will be the one who finally manages to give him what he's looking for... Ha! Ha! Ha!"

"Bess was right about how much of a turn-on you are, girl. I can see why she's decided to keep you as her personal slaveslut. And you should be honored that she chose to let me and my friends take part in your training. We're gonna show you just how important it is to always try your very best to please those who spend their time with you."

"I mean, your mother has turned out to be quite a surprise. oh, didn't I mention that we spent all of last night downstairs with her? Yes, your mother is quite the entertainer. and so eager to please!

"Now, let me show you something that I brought especially for you. Before my friends have their turn, you and I will get to know each other..."

posted 06/11/2003

chico was amazed at his girlfriend's penchant for cruelty. Maria had repeatedly hinted that she thought it would be really nice if he could acquire one of those beautiful American tourist girls as a slave. He had assumed that she wanted a sex slave, but it became immediately clear that Maria preferred to indulge herself in extracting every possible ounce of pain from her poor captive.

The slumlord's spoiled daughter had been such a crass thing, a absolute little bitch. But with her ruthless father now dead at the hands of a group of his downtrodden tenants, she had instantly become totally powerless and helpless. Ernesto had asked her nicely for a leisurely fuck, but she had replied with a curse.

That had been a little over an hour ago. amazing how a bit of whipping and the teasingly slow application of a cigarette can work to change a rich girl's attitude. Ernesto now enjoyed the sweet sound of her voice begging him to fuck her...

Say it again, bitch!”

Yes… please… fuck me, Ernesto… I really want it, yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee!!!

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Gang Business [HINES]


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When the black gang had broken into the white family's big, expensive home , the original intention was to just to rough up the father in order to find out where safe was hidden. But after they took a look at his two beautiful daughters, their plans changed quickly. A couple of days earlier, the gang's leader had been talking about going into the white-slave business; there was big money to be made from selling them in the underground slave market.

Now, Tall - Ray, the ranking member of this break-in group, was enjoying the feel of Anna's horrified stroking of his black cock. Soft hands; just perfect for stroking his dick to it's full 11 inches.

Margo was auditioned by a prospective Owner before being put out for auction. She had been somewhat defiant in the beginning and as a result, had suffered a more severe regimen of rough punishment. But now Margo had realized the error of her ways and had become quite a sweet little thing. Her sister Anna had been sold off to work in an China Town whorehouse.

Margo's blond looks, tight body and thoroughly agreeable nature impressed her Buyer and she, good girl as she was, showed her gratefulness for being purchased by a long, wet sucking of His cock.


May 13th, 2005

For the members of this gang, the 'White Slavery' business was turning out to be far more lucrative than they had ever dared to hope. And the demand for fresh white slavegirls was becoming so great that the gang's members found themselves engaged day and night in task of the choosing, planning and kidnapping of the most attractive and well-bred white females available. It was difficult and time-consuming, but somehow the black gangsters managed to rise to the occasion.

This time, the abducted human cargo was a half-dozen or so college cheerleaders who had been snatch off the street in front of the hotel they all had been staying at while attending a cheerleading conference. Just the right type. Perky, pretty and in fine physical condition. Their strong and limber bodies would serve to make them prime pieces of fuck-meat, able to hold up under all the relentless forced sex that they would be enduring in their new lives as streetwhores and brothel slaves. The word had already gone out about this latest group of slavebitches; the prospective buyers had begun to call, wanting appointments in order to examine and make bids. But in the meantime, a couple of the gangsters just had to try out some of that wonderful-looking pussy for themselves. The tall, lean senior cheerleader named Bianca screamed in vain as they started to rip off her cute outfit and push her toward a much-used bed. There on the dirty mattress, Bianca would be the first of her group to be forced to give it up; to learn to obey all those shouted commands; to move and buck those strong hips up against those brutal black cocks...

While the gang was comprised predominately of men, there was a sizeable number of female members. Girls and women who were just as tough, as ruthless and as dangerous as their male counterparts. And the gang leader granted them the privilege of being the ones who did most of the actual punishment and disciplining of the slaves in order to instill the right kind of attitude before they were put on display or put to work. It was an assignment that most of the black female member relished and really enjoyed as they used their fists, whips and straps to firmly put those white slaves in their place.

Sholanda was tall, lean and mean. Tonight she was working herself into a sweat as she flayed the now-tender and reddened body of blond Becky. Becky had exhibited only the slightest trace of defiance at first, but that was enough to bring Sholanda's aggressive nature to the fore. Now after a half-hour of agony under Sholanda's merciless attentions, poor Becky was now just a trembling mess, only weakly moving when the black woman's leather whiplet landed on her back, legs and shoulders. Sholanda recognized the sure signs of a natural submissive; this white girl would be so giving...

"Do you want me to stop beating you? Do you want that, girl?"

"...Y- y- yes...please...please...."

Sholanda's black pussy was beginning to wet..... "That's my girl. that's the way I like to hear ya talk." She softly stroked Becky's sobbing face.

Becky had been repeatedly used as Sholanda's chief pussyeater until the time came for her to be put in one of the display areas to be considered for sale. Her virgin pussy and asshole was a great selling point, one which certainly enhanced her chances at being bought by Big Ray, one of the more powerful pimps in the area. Becky's price was somewhat steep, causing Big Ray to hesitate until his main woman Violet lean in to say, "You a fool if you don't take this one, Ray. This here little piece is one of them that you can charge some big-time rates for. We can set her up in one of the rooms instead of puttin' her out on the street. That way we keep her cunt and ass tight and the dudes is just gonna pay extra to dip their dicks in her."

Over in another corner, a drug dealer called Dangerous had just chosen and paid cash money for the 20 year-old cheerleader, Erica. Dangerous had been turned on from the moment her had spotted Erica and there was no way that he was going to wait any longer than necessary to spread those long legs of hers and shove in his dick. In fact, he wasn't even going to wait until after he had taken her home. Right there, Dangerous unfastened his pants and move in close against Erica, his tongue forcing it's way into her yielding mouth. He placed her shaky hands on his cock, having her start to stroke him. Erica knowing that her buyer was going to fuck her right there, in front of everybody, could only comply by spreading her legs. An involuntary sob escaped from her throat as her ten fingers could barely wrap around his giant shaft.....

Colleen had just been captured less than three days before. She being the proud debutant that she was, had decided try to fight and escape the strange big black man who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere as she was walking to her car after a long evening of reverie at her favorite exclusive nightclub. Colleen's resistance had not lasted very long; she had been pummeled quickly and severely and then tossed into the trunk of a waiting car. Taken to her place of captivity, she had endured a night of further attitude readjustment in the form gang-rape and the repeated application of the belt. Now Colleen had seen the light and had realized the errors of her ways. She would now seek to demonstrate her willingness to cooperate by obediently trying to give the very best of blowjobs to the long gangster cock being dangled in front of her face. And Colleen would do such a good job of it, too; sucking that thug dick to a wet, creamy cum and swallowing every salty drop ...

These thugs might have been low-life criminals, but one thing they did appreciate, when they found it, was real talent. Colleen, it so happen, had a real talent for sucking cocks. So it was in short order that she was given the position as the whorehouse's cocksucking specialist. Word traveled fast, and Colleen accomplished mouth and slavish lips and tongue was soon servicing and milking the sperm up from the ballsacs and out of the cocks of happy, demanding customers much as 18 hours a day, 7 days a week.....

Word traveled fast, and Colleen accomplished mouth and slavish lips and tongue was soon servicing and milking the sperm up from the ballsacs and out of the cocks of happy, demanding customers much as 18 hours a day, 7 days a week.....

When he first started doing his illegal drug business with the black and Latin gangs, Nick McMann was waned against ever entertaining any thoughts of double-crossing them. "Those guys are dangerous as hell and they won't stop until they get their revenge on you if they think that you've betrayed them" was the common advice from some of his drinking pals. But McMann was a man who had long-term connections to some of the highest elected and appointed officials in his city. Surely, he thought, his connections would serve to protect him in the event that he had trouble with these lowly suppliers of drugs and other shady enterprises.

But Nick McMann soon found out that he had been wrong, very wrong. McMann had decided to do a rip-off; selling the drugs that the gangs had supplied him and then keeping all the money for himself. And he soon discovered that his 'friends' and 'connections' were not going to come to his aid at all. Knowing now that his life was in extreme peril, Nick McMann packed his bags and fled his big, expensive home, telling his wife and children that he was leaving for their own protection. "These men are after me, not you. all you have to do is keep a low profile until all this mess has a chance to blow over", he told them.

Again, McMann was wrong. Maybe the gang didn't yet know where Nick had gone, but they knew where his family was. The police had advised Mrs. McMann that it might be a good idea for her and her three college-aged daughters to perhaps find another place to stay for a while. They didn't have to suggest it twice; Alice McMann and family promptly vacated the house, each of them finding different lodgings. And to further play it safe, only their close relatives knew their new locations.

But the gangsters were determined to extract their vengeance. Big Ed, the leader of the black gang told his thoughts to Ramos, the local representative of the Latin drug importing operation, " If we can't find that Nick bastard, then I'm gonna hunt down as many of the bitches in his family as I can. Doesn't matter if they're daughters, sisters, cousins or whatever - we'll make our money back from using or selling their asses!" Ramos, seeing the possibilities, liked this idea and agreed to it.

Big Ed's thugs moved fast and their first capture was a 20 year-old niece of McMann named Fran. Fran was taken from her apartment in the middle of the day. Her first night was not pleasant; after being whipped and beaten, she was duct-taped to a pipe in a standing position throughout the night. Her legs and arms were in agony. And this was only the beginning.

Elvira's plans for Fran started promptly at 8am. That's when one of the prostitutes cut Fran loose from her tape bindings and escorted her in a small damp room with only a bed. There Fran was collared and chained.

At 8:15 am, the first black stud walked in, undressed and immediately proceeded to begin jamming his huge cock in Fran's virgin asshole.

"Don't fight it, baby. You fight it and I get to beat on ya and still fuck ya."

Fran gasped in pain as the thug's shaft kept forcing it's way inside, stretching the walls of her protesting anus.

"Uhhhhhhh....So tight, baby, so damn tight...." His strong fingers dug into her shoulders as he slammed his entire length up her ass.

"Oh, Jesus! It hurts! You're killing me! AAAEEEeeeeeeee!"

"Now don't be that way, bitch.....I'm just puttin' some lovin' on ya. ...." He was strong and virile and he was just getting started.

Outside the room, three other big thugs, all chosen by Elvira for their cock size and stamina, waited their turn...

Fran's rape session ended at 11am. Trembling and barely able to walk, she was then taken to the next room, where she prepared for Elvira's personal attentions. Elvira started out by subjecting Fran to a merciless belt-flogging, flailing away at full-strength, holding nothing back. The white girl's screams filled the entire basement complex; screams made at the top of her voice; animalistic screams, desperate screams....

Elvira whipped away at her captive until she gauged that the time was right to begin with her next and most effective application of well-planned abuse. Elvira not only enjoyed this kind of wirk, she was also very good at it, and studied it and had practiced it until it had become an art. Many men and women - most of whom were far tougher than Fran - had been broken by Elvira's methods....

Now Fran torment was at a zenith as Elvira began apply the end of her burning cigarette to Fran's breasts.

"Now Fran, baby.....tell me how this feels..."


"Ohhhhh, I can see that you want more,,,,,Here, let me give you a little touch to that nipple....Mmmmmm, such a cute little nipple you got there, all pink and all..."


"Now, sweetie, I just know that you want to tell be about your cousins and all the other females relatives that you have... Wait a minute, let me try that other nipple before you answer....Here...."

"Yaaaaaaa..! Eeeeeeeeee....!"

"Tell me all about where they live.....Their addresses, telephone numbers...Everything...."

Fran had told all that she could think to tell. And now Big Ed had information on where he could find not only nock McMann's wife and daughters, but also where he could pick up at least a dozen additional female relatives. Fran had so obligingly provided Elvira with the descriptions of each relative, so Ed was able to make choices of which ones he wanted to take.

With the information in hand, Big Ed's henchmen fanned out throughout the city, beginning their hunting spree. "Be smart and quick about it", Big Ed had instructed them. "I want it done fast, before they know what's happening to each other, before they can warn each other or notify the cops".

The gang's hunters were good. Almost every targeted female was successfully snatched away from their homes or off the streets. One of the first ones to be kidnapped was Fran's 18 year-old sister, Natalie. Natalie

had no idea that anyone was in her apartment as she came home from her store clerk job. Only when a deep voice spoke from behind and a large blade was held at her throat did she realize her peril.

The plan was for each captive to be taken to a separate location where she would be immediately subjected to a intense breaking-down and breaking-in regimen administered by a cadre of whores and street prostitutes especially chosen by Elvira for their dependability and their sadistic tendencies.

Natalie was brought to Regina and Emerald's place. Without a word, Regina tore off Natalie's clothes and attached her ankles to chains that hung from the ceiling. Natalie's peaches-and-cream ass was perfectly positioned and exposed. As she saw Emerald approach her with a leather strap, Natalie's eyes widened with fear and shock.

"Please! No! Why are you doing this? Why am I here? Please don't hurt me!"

Emerald snorted and then gave Natalie a hard blow that landed on the white girl's thigh, causing her to yelp and causing angry red mark . "Now look here, girl. I don't want to hear any fuckin' word from that mouth of yours, you hear me? Ain't nothin' you gotta say that we wanna hear until we tell ya it's okay to talk. You our bitch now and you gonna learn how to act.

"I'm gonna hurt ya, bitch. I'm gonna whip ya real good. I gonna whip the shit outta ya. Now, if you just be my bitch and take what I'm gonna give ya, I'll let up on ya after a while and let ya eat me and Regina's pussy. But if you yell and make a fuss, if you even say one more word until we tell ya it's okay to talk, we're gonna gag ya and then the both of us is gonna take turns beatin' every damn inch of your body all fuckin' night! It's up to you how you want it. Now I'm gonna start on ya now. All I wanna hear is you crying' real soft - I like to see a sweet white girl cry. But it better not be any that loud kind of cryin'! Here goes, bitch...."

whack whack whack whack

"Oh yeahhhhhh, you is so pretty when you pretty...Ain't she pretty, Regina?"

"Yeah, sure is. Can't wait for my turn. Hear that, girl? I'm gonna show ya how a real black dyke can whip on the cute ass of yours. I got me a plain ol' wooden ruler that's gonna make you feel like you ain't never felt before. You gonna earn the right to eat my cunt."

Elvira got a telephone report from Regina; Fran's sister Natalie was in the midst of cleaning out Emerald's asshole with her tongue.

"That girl, she learnin' fast. She gonna be a money-maker if you decide on keepin' her. Shit, if I had the bread, I'd buy her in a minute! She gonna make a real good ho'."

"Glad to hear that, Regina. Okay, you two can use her as much as you want before we send someone over to pick her up. You can whip on her a bit more, but don't damage her. I want her broken in, but she's gotta be lookin' okay, understand?"

After the call, Elvira smiled and returned to the big room in which she had left Fran sitting on the bed. Surrounding the captive girl was a half dozen of Big Ed's thugs.

"Okay, boys, she's all yours. Big Ed wants her turned into a complete whore before we put her to work out on the streets. We got birth control pills for her, so you all can shoot your loads in her all you want. You can treat her as rough as you want - after all she a girl who turned in her own sister. She's nothin' but a ho' now.

Elvira left the room. She would bring in another group of fresh, eager cocks to have their turns fucking Fran. She figured that it would require a week of non-stop rape sessions to make Fran into a street whore who would be obediently spreading her legs in the alleys and behind the trash bins, earning money for her new Masters. Elvira thought about the other girls who were destined to be Big Ed's new and unwilling guests.

Yes, Nick McMann might have escaped the gang - but his daughters and female relatives would be here, taking his place.....

This was going to be fun.

Big Ed's gang had now kidnapped or abducted almost every adult female relative of Nick McMann who lived in the area. Even third and fourth cousins were snatched up in the sometimes brazen raids carried out by Big Ed's men. The breaking-in process of turning these captives into slaves was in full motion and some of them were already being put to work out on the streets and I a number of Big Ed's inner-city whorehouses; their white bodies being used to begin earning back some of the money that Nick McMann had cost the Gang when he cheated them and escaped.

In the 83rd Street whorehouse operation, McMann nieces Audrey and Ruth Lugran were experiencing their first hours of the new life that was being forced upon them. Audrey 's crying was being muffled by the large black cock that was roughly fucking her mouth and causing her to gag as it started filling her throat. This was Audrey's first customer of the day; there would be 20 more men who would sample her cute mouth and pretty holes before her shift was over.

A mile away, Carrie another McMann relative, was having her own initial meeting with the Madam Joanna, the woman in charge of the brothel in which she would be serving. Carrie's very first experience at eating pussy had been a week ago when she had endured the harsh training melt out by Regina and Emerald. During her stay with those two, she had been taught the fine art of using her tongue to please and now she was again demonstrating her talent on the rather oversized clit and misting cunt of this new madam, a woman whom it would be very wise to please.

Although Big Ed's capturing of the McMann women was mostly a matter of business, some of it was also a matter of revenge. Revenge on the man whom he had trusted and who had embarrassed him by cheating him out of a lot of money. Nick McMann's female relatives would be forced to use their bodies to recoup the amount that he had taken from the Gang, Big Ed would see to that.

But Big Ed would also have a more personal, a more satisfying revenge. In the large, fortress-like warehouse that served a both his headquarters and residence, he was now keeping the Nick's lovely wife, Dora, along with her daughter Natalie. Big Ed really enjoyed the thought that as Nick McMann would spend the short time that he had left to live running from place to place, his beloved wife and youngest daughter would spend the rest of their days - and nights - serving as Big Ed's personal concubine slaves. And he would make sure that before Nick McMann died, that he would know

Dora now knew just how Big Ed preferred to fuck her. Up her ass. And he liked to fuck her often. And he always fucked her in front of her daughter. Dora had resisted this at first; but after the painful punishment she had received for even the slightest defiance, she now was obedient and gave it to Big Ed like he wanted it.

Big Ed was gradually fucking the dignity out her with that huge cock of his and the way that he used it. And she was secretly alarmed that the painful ramming of his cock was now bringing some kind of involuntary response from her body....

"You ready for more of your Master's cock, baby? Tell me, baby."

"Yes, Master, please."

"Beg me to fuck ya. And tell me in front of your cute daughter that you're my bitch. Tell me."

"I'm your bitch, Master. And please fuck me. Please let me give it to you anyway that you want to take it. Please fuck my ass hard." Dora's face reddened in shame as she told him what he wanted to hear.

Big Ed smiled as he stroked his cock. " Now, bitch, tell me in front of your daughter that you give her to me. Tell me that as her mother, you give her to me forever."

Dora's eyes moistened as she obeyed her Master and told him what he wanted to hear.

"Yes, Master, Natalie is yours. I give her to you to keep..."

"Ahhhhh, you're a good mother," Big Ed said as he put Dora in position to fuck her. " You've earned your fuck. Stick that sweet ass up to take it like the good bitch that you are. And tell your daughter that she better watch or else she'll get another hard whipping. I want her to watch her mother and see and learn how to be a good whore to her Master...."

Dora had pleased Big Ed with the way that she moved her ass to his cock and with her distressed moans and whimpering from his anal attacks. She had taken three of his cumloads up her ass and now lay chained back in her own special cell in the warehouse basement. She needn't worry about being neglected long, though; Dora knew that her Master would be back tonight, wanting and taking more of what she had to offer him.

But now Big Ed was ready for more. His balls were filling up again with semen and his cock was already beginning to harden again as he carried Natalie upstairs to his bedroom.

Big Ed wasn't bragging; he had a lot of experience at fucking a bitch into submission. And Natalie would be a special project with him. An most enjoyable project. In a year from now, she - and her mother - would be totally his. He might even give them new names to go along with their new personalities. What a sweet revenge on Nick McMann.......

While Big Ed was attending to his own personal pleasures, another facet of his revenge against Nick McMann was in progress. Big Ed's Latin crime associates were also due to profit from the taking of McMann's

female relatives as slaves. In a way, dealing a lot of the McMann slaves off the Latins was a better and safer proposition to Big Ed; first, the Latin cartel was willing to throw some extra supplies of drugs Big Ed's way as a gift in exchange for the slaves. Secondly, the slaves being transported to South America would ensure that they would, in effect, disappear, making it less likely that any slave would eventually end up being capable of making trouble for Big Ed.

The Latin cartel had sent one of it's most trusted brothel madams to take a look at the dozen or so McMann captives that Big Ed's gang had offered to make available to them. She had a good eye for female flesh and she would make the final decisions concerning which girls her organization would take.

Doritha Ramos stare was hard as she looked over the two McMann girls who cowered in the small closet that had served as their cell for the past few weeks. Doritha pinched and massaged her erect clit as she mentally appraised the two girls. Yes, eighteen and twenty-three years old, pretty and already broken in. Perfect.

But Doritha also had to know how compatible these girls would be on a personal level. She always needed to know if these slaves had the aptitude to make her feel comfortable. The many men who patronized the brothels that she oversaw had simple needs and most were easily satisfied. But Doritha also made personnel decisions on the basis of which of these Gringo girls would get along better with the regular Latin whores who staffed the different brothels. She knew how to make her judgments... how to audition prospective girls...

In the beginning, some slaves, although treated with admirable restraint by their captors, just couldn't seem to be able to bring themselves to accept their new status in life. Coming from a background of relative comfort and privilege, the idea of spending the rest of their lives as lowly brothel or street whores was almost too much for them to absorb. Sometimes, the gangsters would solve this problem by a good dose of brutal punishment or perhaps a week of non-stop rape. But sometimes Big Ed would chose instead to impress their new fate upon them in other ways.

One method for bring a reluctant bitch to her senses was to merely take her out and leave her restrained in a back alley at night. There she would spend the entire night, naked, exposed and available to any passing dude who happened by and wanted a little taste of what this helpless white girl had to offer. And in this urban, inner city neighborhood, the sort of men who prowled the streets and back alleys were not the kid that one normally would enjoy meeting. But they enjoyed meeting these white girls very much and they would show it by using those captive pussies and assholes over and over again in the most crude and degrading ways....

Alfonso had been just cruising this alley in search of perhaps some prey to rob for some much-needed cash. But instead he happened upon a very frightened blonde named Lisa, who was tied and awaiting his inspection and his cock.

In this gang's structure and method of operations, the women members, it's associated street prostitutes and brothel whores played a big part in the breaking-in of new slavemeat. For these hardened women, it was a particularly pleasurable duty when it came to getting a young white slave thoroughly acquainted with the ways of a whore.

Marsha and Shona, as a rule, preferred to slowly introduce themselves to an already broken-in girl; sometimes spending days with their routine of sexual humiliation and instruction. Tonight they had been handed a cute little 18 year-old Tanya, who had just emerged from two weeks of whipping and rape from her male gang kidnappers. Now she was chastened, submissive and ready to be schooled in the proper ways of giving pleasure.

Shona started things off with a deep inspection of Tanya's sore pussy. Her fingers were strong and hard as they dug into Tanya's cunt, digging. Exploring.

"Now, girl, your Shona's gonna start showin' you what a ho' you is gonna be. You is gonna be puttin' out for a lotta men and they is gonna be fuckin' all them holes of yours. But me and Marsha here is gonna be teachin' you how to be pleasin' all us other ho's when you ain't workin'. Oh, feelin' that, baby? I'm gonna show you how a fist can fill you up better than any of them big cocks you is gonna be takin'......"

Tanya moaned in distress as Shona's five fingers were replaced by her entire fist slowly stretching her protesting cunt.

"Hurts a bit, don't it, girl? Well, don't worry, baby, you is gonna learn to love it. The sistas is gonna be arm-fuckin' you a lot when they first gets to be with you. I promise you that you are gonna end up just beggin' for it after a while. So it's very important that you become acquainted with the feelin' of it all!"

With said, Shona adjusted her leverage and steadily began working her fist even deeper now, watching Tanya's contorted face and listening to her groans.

"Tell me, sweetie. Tell me that you want me to make you my little bitch. Tell me that your pussy belongs to me..."

And Tanya, so servile, so without hope, told Shona everything that she had demanded to hear.....

Shona liked this girl. Tanya was going to be everything that they wanted her to be. Shona's cunt was dripping wet now, anticipating all the pleasures that this submissive cutie was going to provide her and her partner over the next few days - perhaps weeks.

Shona shoved her fist almost up to her elbow, impaling Tanya with her arm. Tanya's scream was as full as her pussy...

And while pleasure was surely a big part of the Gang's white slave trade, the moving force was always pure business. These slaves either worked in the Gang's streets, whorehouses or were put on the auction block for sale to the myriad of various buyers who were always in need of captive flesh. The trade was very profitable, so the Gang's turnover rate was brisk.

While a slave would surely sell when taken out to Auction, there was never a guarantee concerning the price that she would command from the assembled buyers. Her looks, attitude and general health were always major considerations in how much money would be paid for her, but there were also other factors that came into play. The various needs and motivations of the buyers also effected the prices offered.

The portly man named "Tub" was a frequently attendee at the Gang's Auctions, always bringing his wife Hattie and daughter Jennine with him as equal partners in the inspection and purchasing of any flesh that caught their eye. At today's Auction, a pretty blond and shaven Maureen had indeed captured their collective eye and interest. "Tub" and family were successful, long-time drug distributors whose interest in slaves was driven by pleasure, not business. And they were in a position to afford their pleasures.

"What do you think, child?", Tub asked his daughter. "You think this one is one that we should get?" Tub knew that she probably would be; she seemed to share his taste in women. And this slave Maureen appealed to him; his cock was already hardening in his pants from the thought of how he would be spending long periods plowing that shaven pussy....

Jennine nodded. "Yeah, she looks pretty fine to me", she said, her thoughts already anticipating how this slave's pink lips as they sucked wetly on her anus and that tongue would be feel as it thrashed around inside her asshole.

Tub's wife, Hattie's thoughts were a bit darker as she appraised Maureen's good looks and her shapely pale body. She was thinking how this girl would first be squirming as she applied her red-hot needles to those lovely breasts and pussy lips down in their sound-proofed basement and then how she would be screaming at the very top of her voice as Hattie would slowly finish her off over a period of a week with the most cruel use of her assortment of knives and that little blow torch that she used to burn off every inch of a slaves skin.....

The Salvadors was another family that regular used the Gang's slave-auction services to procure fresh girls. Ernesto Salvador and his two sisters, Regina and Nester, were owners of a flourishing underground sex and pain video operation that furnished certain South American interests with the most discerning and sadistic of porn.

Ernesto always used one of the Gang's cellar rooms to try out a just-bought slavegirl. He always enjoyed the slave's shaking trepidation the face of her new Master and Mistresses and at the thought of her fate when he would gleefully inform her of her new owners' plans for her.

Sharon was the slave who was trembling now. She trembled as Ernesto ran his hands over her smooth by still-aching skin as he said, " We're going to give you a chance to get to know us before we take you to our place, eh? You're also are going to work hard to let us all get to know you, too. You're going to love how I'm going fuck you, my little puta. My cock is so big and I know that you will love it when I ram it up your ass. And I know that you will love it when I pull my cock out of your ass and jam it down your throat so you can suck all the cum out as I empty my balls, eh? Si, I know you will love doing everything that we want you to do here and I know that you will love working in our films. You will love thrilling our fans as they watch you as you will do everything that we want you to do. You will love how I will hurt you while I fuck you and how my sisters will hurt you and make you cry and scream. And we will love how you will be begging us for mercy in your final moments...."

"Enough of this," interrupted Nester as she started to remove her clothes. "You listen to me , puta. You're gonna to make us a lot of money and then you're gonna to die! And before you die, you're gonna be spending all your time pleasing me, my sister and my brother - and you better do it well, you hear me? You've already caused my nipples to get hard and my cunt to wet up, so I'm gonna make you pay, you fuckin', low-life! How dare you make me get all horny! Forget about my brother, puta - get down on your knees and crawl over here and kiss my feet before I let you eat my pussy! and you better make me cum real good before I piss in your mouth, understand!"

"And then, me and my sister here, we're gonna whip the shit out you! All the punishment that you've had ain't nothing compared to how we're gonna hurt you tonight! You're gonna beg for my brother is fuck you before we girls are done with you! And I promise you that when we start filming you, we will be hurting you so much more, that you will again be begging - this time, begging us to let you die!"

"Si," chuckled Regina. " I will kill you myself. I will love it when I gouge out your eyes while our cameras film it for our customers. And I will enjoy it so much when I slowly take my time choking the life out of you by squeezing your little neck with my strong hands..."

The Salvadors were not the only Latin interests that dealt with the Gang slave-auctioning services. Uncle Tito frequently shopped there for comely candidates to purchase for shipping out to his clients in South America. He always searched for a particular type of slave; young, with fresh, innocent looks. That was the type favored by the people that he did business with; powerful members of the Latin American elite and criminal leadership. These clients didn't want girls for use in brothels, etc. Rather the people who uses Uncle Tito's services tended to keep slaves for purposes of pleasure. Some of them even kept entire harems of slavegirls for their personal enjoyment.

Uncle Tito looked on as a newly-purchased Dorothy was escorted into the back of his truck for prompt transportation to the docks and shipping off to South American to a certain moneyed industrialist who had placed an order for an unbroken, innocent-looking American girl from the Midwestern section.

Dorothy had all the attributes that the client wanted. A college sophomore who had just been kidnapped while heading back to visit her parents on their farm, Dorothy had not been raped or beaten. That would be the sole privilege of her new owner, a man who took great pleasure in breaking in a scared young slave with his brutal cock and collection of restraints and whips.

The Gang's White Slavery operation was going well; the demand for new slaves was growing. And growing so fast that the Gang's leader, Big Ed, had decided to streamline things by adapting the method of auctioneering. After all, having the buyers bid against each other for the best slave flesh always worked to bring in better prices. Of course, this increased level of sales also mandated a more aggressive and far-flung effort by the Gang in terms of the areas in which they kidnapped new girls. But the Gang's contacts were wide and soon more slaves than ever were being transported to the Gang's central location to be processed and readied for the auction block.

"This looks like a good batch," commented Shag as a new trio of captives were marched into the warehouse.

Shag loved his work; loved it so much that he kept his fly unzipped and his cock hanging out.

"Hey, I really like the look of the last one. Stop marching, bitches! You in the rear, get on your knees right now! I want ya to suck my dick... you gonna have your pretty face well fucked!"

To put it mildly, working the slave trade did have it's advantages. The hours might have been long, but a lot of those hours involved the taking one's pleasure from the captive and submissive female bodies that were available to their use.

Isaac hadn't had any pussy for over three hours and he was very horny by the time he had spotted the petite Anita cowering at the rear of her cell. Anita had been brought in the night before and had yet to undergo the usual initiation of intense paddling and whipping that would signal the beginning of her training. Isaac's practiced eye immediately saw that Anita was the type that would be trained easily; she would provide little resistance to being transformed into a servile little whore. He decided right then to give her an advance lesson in what her new life would require of her.

Leading the scared, compliant Anita to one of the small fucking mattresses, Isaac climbed on top of her, saying " You're gonna give it all up to me, baby. I'm gonna show ya what a big cock can do.

Just for fun, he held his big knife in front of her face. Her big, frightened eyes and her tearful whimper was just what he wanted, turning him on further as he pressed his shaft into her tight cunt.

"Please don't hurt me," she begged. " Please......"

The action never ceased in the Gang's headquarters. At any hour, somewhere within the sprawling building or in the vast underground complex of tunnels and basement rooms below it, the sounds of flogging against yielding skin, sweating bodies slapping against each other, of pitiful moans and screams were always in evidence. The business of punishment and the pleasures of violent sex mixed together well here.

Sadie had just finished giving Ann her first dose of discipline; nothing heavy, just short, ten - minute caning that had quickly reduced the slave to tears and left her shaking all over. Sadie had her own way of breaking her captives in.

After this short break, the next session would last twenty minutes and after that each one would last a full thirty minutes. At the end of the first 24 hours of Sadie's expert applications of her bamboo cane, a slave would usually be quivering, jellied mess. and cringing at the knowledge that the next 24 hours would bring more of the same. No slave could bear up under such a drawn-out program of punishment for very long...

And between each session of pain, Sadie would position her pussy in front of the slave's face, with the instruction to eat that pussy real good and make it cum. That was what cute, beaten Ann was doing right now - frantically using her mouth and tongue on the stern and unsmiling Sadie's offered cunt and clit. Trying so hard to please....

Meanwhile, Isaac had not forgotten about the lovely little Anita; returning to visit her a few days into her training. He particularly liked how her small pussy strained to accommodate his huge member, how she always gritted her teeth when rammed all of himself deep inside her. Yeah, he wanted more. So Anita was spared some time away from those paddles and whips - so that Isaac could enjoy inflicting his own type of pain....

"I know you missed me, didn't ya? I know you couldn't wait for your big, bad Isaac with his big, bad cock," Isaac gloated as he began to roughly fuck Anita from behind. " Ummmm...Baby, that cunt feels so good! So damn good!"

Miss Dolly was the mother of Big Ed, the Gang's undisputed leader. And in that capacity, she commanded great respect. Miss Dolly was a big woman, a tough woman - and a woman who had big needs of her own. Because of those needs, she was a familiar figure around the gang headquarters; usually with her own tightly-knit entourage travelling in her wide wake. Miss Dolly had tits the size and weight of rice sacks and a clit that some said was the length and width of a child's thumb. With very few responsibilities and a lot of idle time, it was only natural that she tended to find her daily amusements by making use of all those easily available white cunts at her disposal
"Ummmm… a new cunt… come here, little one… you gonna eat my shit and lick my craphole clean after"

Every once in a while, there was sure to be one or two slaves who tended to be particularly difficult and resisted even in the face of the most heavily - applied abuse. The Gang had long since decided against investing a heavier-than-usual training program on these types in the hopes of bringing them around; such traits made them highly suspect as slave material, anyway. Instead, these troublesome malcontents were quickly separated from the other slaves in order that they be put to use as S&M 'toys'.

Vivian's deeply defiant personality had clearly marked her as one who was definitely not good slave material. No matter how intense and severe her training, she could never be trusted.

No matter, Vivian would instead serve her captors in another way. She would instead give them the enjoyment of her prolonged suffering and death.

The prostitute named "Willow" had been granted torture rights to Vivian and she was determined to extract every bit of pain and self-worth from her over the week's time. She was one who liked to take her time, and she started things off mildly; a half-day of electrified needles in Vivian's flesh would begin to get this slave in the proper frame of mind of what was to follow. Next, it would be an electric plug up her rectum and another in her pussy. Then would follow the hammer-smashing of Vivian's fingers and toes. And that was only the plans for the first day. Willow would not peel off Vivian's skin until the seventh day....

"Lucky me you are such a stupid girl… you can't imagine how I like doing this to you!"

The Gronsky Gang's main source of income was the 'white slave' trade. It's ability to kidnap and prepare attractive young ladies for auctioning and transport to ever-willing buyers in Eastern Europe and the Balkans had resulted in great amounts of cash.

Marina was one of the Gronsky Gang's latest acquisitions. Only a day ago, she was attending her night class for cosmetology. Then came the quick abduction from the parking lot and the binding and gagging. Now Marina sat trembling alone in this dark basement, awaiting her new fate...

The senior captains of the Gronsky Gang enjoyed exercising their privileges when it came to being the first to inspect and assess the new slave talent. Their wives and girlfriends, often fully involved in the Gang's slave-trade activities, also tended to indulge themselves in these initiations. The new slaves would have their first example of what would be expected of them...

"This one's name is Inna. Isn't she a treasure, boys? A nice and delicious 19 years of tight pussy, just ready to be used and taught. Isn't that right, girl? Now don't you worry, sweetie, your Viktoriya is going to make sure that you get the proper attention and instruction that you deserve. The boys are going to have at you first. I advise you to try and obey and do your very best to please them - because they can get very unpleasant if you fail to make them happy.

"Then after the men folk are done with you, we ladies will get together with you and teach you just how to show your appreciation to us in ways that only a woman can..."

Sometimes the Gang would make an example of a particularly resistant slave. After all, theirs was a business that depended on the quick preparation of their slaves to make them ready for sale. A difficult slavegirl slowed up the operation and also posed a danger in that her 'bad attitude' might embolden the other slaves.

The Gang example was brutal and very effective. The difficult slave was simply dragged down into the boiler room and hung. Then the other slaves would be taken in to see for themselves the results of a 'bad attitude'. Such a lesson always worked to bring the girls into line.

"Do you see what being a bad girl will get you," Svetlana purred softly in Yulia's ear. '' Such a waste of a sweet girl. She was your friend , wasn't she? You don't want this to happen to you, do you? do you?

Yulia could barely bring herself to speak as Svetlana's hand fondled and squeezed her breasts. "N - N - No. No . Please..."

"Mmmm....Good girl, very good." Svetlana's tongue probed wetly into the slave's ear as she whispered, "Come now, let's go back to my room so that you can prove to me and my boyfriend just how good a girl that you are going to be. He like earnest girls who really want to please in every way. And so do I.."

Yana and Nadya had been captured only a few hours before and already they were being greeted by the Gang's stern and experienced Sofia. Sofia's sharp eye for the most promising talent had immediately drawn her to Nadya. Nadya's beautiful face and almost flawless body would cause Sofia to recommend that she be separated from the other slaves and be given special training; a girl with her attributes would fetch two to three times the usual price if she was prepared to serve and for service as a pampered slave-bride to some powerful industrialist or crime lord.

"I like your tits, slave. Full, but not saggy. Nice and suckable. You're gonna make some buyer real happy... and you'll certainly suffer for having such a cute pair, customers buy such tits to suck and fuck but also to pinch, twist and slap and other more painful things you can't ever imagineЕЕ"

It was only a week until the time that the new slaves would be going to Auction. And the Gang's ladies always made it a point to have one all-female 'Going-away' party with the slavegirls to celebrate their approaching lifestyle change. One last chance to for the captives to spend time servicing hot clits and pussies before entering a life that more likely consist of the rough hands and hard cocks of countless demanding and cruel men.

"Here, Ivani, why don't you let this cute little bitch have a go at eating your cunt. She's gotten very good at it and she's especially adept after being whipped on a bit... I can tell for sureЕ we spent the night together and she gave me a great time, didn't you, bitch?"

Olga's going-away party was a bit brutal and intense. Olga, not being as attractive as most of the other slaves, would likely be sending the rest of her days being put to work in low-class brothels or on the streets of some foreign industrial Balkan city.

Hers would be the life of a hard-fucked, hard-handled and drug-addicted whore - so the Gang guys made it a point to help Olga get herself ready for the tough times ahead.

Olga flinched and let out a cry as Georgi rudely pressed his big cock deep into her sore cunt. Her pained twitching also caused her anus to convulse and squeeze tight around the embedded shaft of Andrei, almost bring him to a premature orgasm.

"Don't move so much, bitch," Andrei growled at her from below. "I don't want to cum yet! You make me cum too fast and I'm gonna get mad!.

The slave whimpered as she tried to hold her body in place, but it was becoming more difficult because Georgi was now beginning to slam her offered pussy harder and harder.

Yes, this was good training,

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The military Junta rules the troubled country. Democracy is now history and political opponents start to disappear...

After the coup, the generals who comprised the new Junta made sure that the troublesome student agitators were quickly dealt with. The male prisoners were executed right away. But the more attractive female students were introduced to the rigors of intense questioning followed by more personal attention from their captors....


General Gonzalez was old and long-retired, but he still enjoyed being involved in military "activities". Having heard about the quality of these abducted leftist student agitators, he just had to come down to the detention barracks to see them for himself. And being so well-connected, he also had the right to choose a couple of them for his own use...

Many of the convicted traitors were kept at the infamous military officer's retreat known as "Miranga". The lucky putas who were chosen to serve there would be spared for the time being - as long as they continued to adequately provide their Superiors with the pleasures demanded from them.

Sometimes the girls' duties extended a bit beyond the normal fuck and suck routine. Sometimes one of them was required to exhibit a willingness to accept a little (or a lot of) pain in order to excite her Masters' libido.

Of course, all was not perfect - after all, these were girls who had shown a disturbing tendency to challenge, disobey or disrespect those institutions or elites who were deemed their Superiors. So it was up to Senora Guzman, the officers' hand-picked Mistress of Discipline, to deal with or adjust the attitudes of those ungrateful bitches who had the nerve to resist the rightful demands of their Superiors. The Senora had been granted the total right to decide upon the methods or the severity of the prisoners' punishment.

Some girls were deemed too defiant, unable to ever to trusted to be dedicated slaves. Those bitches were slowly dispatched in the most painful ways that Senora Guzman could think of at the moment or by her current whim. and having another slave-bitch witness the horrible fate of a sister prisoner usually worked wonders on adjusting her own outlook...

Maria had been a favourite at Miranga, but there was always a demand for new faces and fresh bodies there. But the Superiors there were not ungrateful concerning Maria's delicate and total sexual compliance; instead of being disposed in a mass grave, she would be spared.

Maria's new duties would be as a new addition to one of the whorehouses that paid kickbacks to the Military. Maria would be a popular piece of pussy, earning much money. And due to her previous service, Maria would only need a minimum of training, mostly done for the pure pleasure of it...


Posted May7th, 2004

Cpl. Pedrosa enjoyed this part of his job. Being chosen to be in charge of executing these leftist troublemakers was a great honor - and it also put a few extra pesos in his pocket.

But what really got him excited were the tears and the terror on the faces of the doomed female prisoners as he slowly fitted the noose around their pretty necks. And all the begging and pleading...

If you politely ask me to fuck you now, your life will be a bit longer. If you donТt, IТll fuck you anyway hung by the neck what you say?

Some of the convicted female agitators were lucky enough to spared from the death warrants and instead sentenced to long terms in the notorious Rosita Womens' Prison. The prison authorities there would make sure that the pretty ones, the tender ones, would get "special attention" while staying there.

A favorite ploy was to place an especially attractive and naive girl in a cell with the most hardened, aggressive lesbian prisoners.

This was to be the fate of 18 year-old Natalie, a petite blond university student from an upper-class background imprisoned for signing a petition demanding better treatment of peasant farmers. Her guard chuckled as he saw the shock on Natalie's bruised face as he introduced her to her new cellmate.

"This is Mamacita, girl. You'll belong to her now. Here, run your delicate hands over her big body. Si, look at those big tits and those big nipples! And look at that big cunt - it's already dripping wet, just waiting for you. I'd advise to do your best to please Mamacita, so she'll take care of you. If you stay on her good side, you can probably get through your time here in one piece. A pretty thing like you will be valuable to her; she can trade you off for use by the other bitches - you'll be worth cigarettes and homemade liquor in return for your tight little pussy and your eager tongue.."

And Natalie would realize just how fortunate she was to be cell-slave to Mamacita. Her sister, Margarita, whose looks were as fetching as Natalie's, had been so unwise as to resist being given to the bulldyke who had been selected for her. As punishment for her impertinence, Margarita was declared "open goods" - a girl who was totally unprotected and at the mercy and whim of any guard or prisoner who wanted to abuse or use her in any way they chose. Before she committed suicide, Margarita had been assigned to permanent duty as a 'toilet-girl'.

Is she taking it?

Not yet but sheТll do, no matter if I make her eat it from the floor

Mmmm yes make sure she chew on it for a while, will ya?

Some of the more attractive political prisoners would be also be pressed into service as objects of entertainment at parties hosted by the prison guards and their wives or girlfriends.

So this is number 3. My husband is very found of you he says you suck like a pro I wonder how good are you at cunt lapping

"Yeah finish the Colonel quickly and you come with us. We have a room ready for you. Nobody will interrupt us there the three of us sharing the same bed all night long...

Colonel Diaz had spotted Natalie in the prison yard and had taken a fancy to her right then and there. Mamacita had protested when Diaz had Natalie removed from her cell for his own use, but there was really nothing that she could do except hope that the Colonel would tire of that pretty little angel and eventually return her.

Diaz kept the pretty blonde confined to a small exterior cell located in a detached part of the prison, easily accessible at any time - for the Colonel would enjoy training this former malcontent in the ways of true service to one's superiors.

"You wanted to fuck our Holy Junta, didnТt you? Now itТs me who fucks your asshole. CТmon, bitch move that ass, squeeze me and donТt dare shitting on my prick this would cost you five or your nails"

There would still be more of those lovely, stupid and misguided students who would insist on defying the Junta and it's allies. So there would be a steady supply of more lovely female political prisoners to serve and service the appreciative officials, guards, wives and girlfriends at Rosinta Prison.

What the fuck! ArenТt you Laura Gomes, our neighbors daughter?

Sure she is, dear It was me who ordered her detention

Please Senora, I have done nothing wrong please tell your husband to freed me

Nothing wrong, little slut? You spent the weekends sun-tanning naked in the Garden provoking my husband and sons! Now youТll have the opportunity to apologize

Yeah weТll make you sorry, little cock teaser WeТll start whipping you hung by the wrists youТll dance sexily for us, youТll see but this time you wonТt just tease

Next to Laura and her neighbors...

Name, girl?




Ever sucked a cock before?

N never, Sir...

Ever got a fat cock up the ass?

W what I n... no... never....

YouТll be tonight, are you aware of it?

Please... Sir... donТt...

Oh yes, you will... among other pervert things that you canТt hardly imagine now...

Things were all going the Junta's way; their control of the South American country was brutal and unquestioned. The armed rebellion had been failed and the generals and the elite could now turn their attention to those pesky and ungrateful university students who had long been a thorn in their side.

The Junta specialized in the "Disappearing" of troublesome leftist agitators. The male students were simply murdered and buried. But the more attractive female students found themselves shuttled to one of the country's

Political Reeducation prisons, where they would be forced to serve the cause of the Junta and the Elite. At Miranda Women's' Prison, the newest shipment of young prisoners were greeted with the sight of one unfortunate inmate being burned alive in the courtyard.

"Do you see what happens to those who are difficult here?", laughed one of the female guards. "You leftist slime will either obey without question or else you will die a horrible death. Do you understand?"

Before being assigned to her cell, each new inmate was escorted to meet with Capataz Cruz, who would conduct his own special "interview" so that he might gauge whether she might be resistant to authority or how willing she would be to cooperating with the wants and needs to the staff.

This cute little sophomore student might have been a loud-mouthed, unruly protester on the university campus, but here in Cruz's office, she was at once cooperative and obedient. Just the right kind of girl. The Capataz liked her attitude so much that he would allow her the honor of sucking him to completion and swallowing his cum-load.

"Si, bonita, now open your pretty throat and drink your Capataz's sperm."

After her "interview" with the warden, each new inmate was given a ruthless internal examination by the female guards. The guards hands were enthusiastic in their duties and their hard hands penetrated and explored every opening. Deeply.

There was no need for interrogation of the prisoners; the Junta already pretty well knew all they needed to know. Capataz Cruz and the rest of Miranda's authorities were more interested in the training and re-orientation of the girls. Each girl was thoroughly stripped of her independence and self-esteem in order that she be better to service the desires of the Elite. Such a process called for a long and intense program of mental abuse and i punishment. And the program worked miracles in reducing those once-defiant troublemakers to quivering pieces of pussy-meat who now begged for the chance to dedicate themselves to the pleasure of their Masters.

Of course, not every inmate could be thoroughly broken. there was always the rare holdout who resisted all efforts to re-make her. Such malcontents soon were made to regret the errors of their ways; their screams serving to amuse their tormentors......

But not all things would be so uncomfortable for the prisoners. Most of those who had their attitudes readjusted in Miranda Prison would soon have the chance to redeem themselves in so many ways. One avenue of redemption was volunteering themselves into service of the League of Wives, a group consisting of the wives of some of the most powerful leaders of Junta and the Elite. Those girls who were lucky enough pass the audition of pussy-eating at the Wives Club might find themselves being relatively well -treated as lesbian sex slaves. It would be here that these inmates would discover that the females of the Elite class were every bit as perverted as their men.

Lecita, a pretty young lady of Indian descent, had been a superb student at the university. Her work in the classroom had made her stand out amongst all the professors and her sparkling personality had endeared her to her fellow students, who had elected her to serve as Student President. But her ceaseless public agitation for human rights and her constant calls improving the lives of the country's Indigenous population also made her a target of the Junta and their allies.

Now Lecita, battered and broken, was just another of the inmates who had been "graduated" from Miranda Women's prison. All of her will had been beaten out of her and she no longer resisted the whims of those who were her Superiors. She was such a perfect prize for Capataz Cruz; her dark, petite young body would earn him quite a bit of extra money on loan to Senora Gomez's brothel, located just down the road from the Prison.

"Ah, my little Puta", Cruz chuckled as Senora Gomez helped by guiding his cock to Lecita's anal opening. "I just have to have one last fuck before I leave you to your new life. You will come to fully accept being just a piece of fuck-meat for all the men who will pay to use you....."

The other veteran whores gather around to giggle and watch. "After the Senor is done, I'm going to get acquainted by shoving my fist up her little cunt - all the way to my elbow", said one.

"Not me," answered another whore. "I just want to take my paddle and spend an hour beating on her dark ass so that she learns quickly about where she will stand around here."

"Now, now, girls. Be patient," intoned Senora Gomez. "I'm first!"

Lecita first "customer" would be a brothel regular named Pedro. Pedro always arranged to be the first client to sample the new pussy that was made available there. It cost him a bit extra, of course, but he preferred the feeling of being the one who would officially introduce a fresh bitch into her new life as a fuck-toy. With his oversized dick, Pedro made sure that the girl would always remember him and the hard ramming that he gave her.

And Lecita was no different. She would always remember Pedro's rude, cruel fucking and the way he seemed to stay hard even after he shot and filled her insides with another hot load of his thick cum. And Pedro would always remember and savor Lecita's frantic and helpless begging and crying as he mounted all of her tight holes....

The Junta did have it's own sense of morality and it treasured it's ties to the Church. Of course, the Church had always used it's power and influence, in turn, to protect the interests of the Elite.

Blanca and Maria had been imprisoned for - among other things - writing dreadful articles attacking the Church for it's lack of concern for the poor. But the Miranda Prison staff had corrected their misguided thinking. It's amazing what a few months of hard and painful punishments can achieve in regards to changing a lady's mind.

The two young inmates had recanted; disavowing their previous blasphemies and swearing their allegiance to the Church.

Upon being informed of their reeducation, the ranking Sister Superior, Mother Dominica, arranged to have the two girls brought before her. " I have decided to give you the honor of serving the Church. To really show that you deserve being spared. Our sisters get so lonely in this place and they also have their needs - as do I. You are both so young and pretty; just the type of girls that we need to comfort us... You can leave now, officer, and leave us girls on our own..."

And there were so many pretty young prisoners at Miranda Prison who needed the firm and proper guidance in order that they could be allowed to atone for their previous displays of defiance. But the guards had a lot of extra time on their hands and they used it to do their part in this struggle against godless leftism.

Here, in the privacy of one of the "Interviewing Rooms", Sgt. Diaz was about to sample the extent of Inmate #22209's sincerity. She had pleaded for a chance to show that she was willing to change her ways. She had repeatedly begged to be allowed to serve the Junta in any way that was demanded of her. Hearing her tearful pleas, Diaz had granted her wish.

"Are you sure that you want to serve, prisoner", he asked as one of his crude fingers found and then jammed itself up her virgin anus. " Are you certain that you really want your Sgt. Diaz to use you as his whore so that he can be more happy with his work here? Mmmmm... your little asshole is so tight around my finger. It will feel even tighter around my big cock. I like to fuck a girl's asshole really hard and rough and hear her scream. I like it when she thinks that my shaft is going to tear her apart. I like to do it to her many times each day so that she stays raw and sore until she finally gets used to it.......You want that, bitch? Tell your Sgt. Diaz that you want him to use you like twat. Tell him......"

Other Miranda girls were interviewed by various high-ranking Junta elites and her allies in order to fill domestic slave positions inside their huge haciendas . Being responsible for the social, economic and political fate of a nation, even one as relatively small as this one, was a daunting and tiresome. The trappings of wealth, the wines, the parties, sometimes it just wasn't enough.....

These previously ungrateful and spiteful female inmates were now so eager to please and show that they were worthy enough to be spared, so it was only natural that they be allowed to repay their Superiors by dedicating themselves, body and soul, to servicing every their need .

General Estaban and his wife Glorita had stopped by Miranda prison for a day of interviews with potential domestic sex-slaves to do duty at their new seaside vacation villa. Senora Glorita has already decided upon an former University teaching assistant whose tongue seemed to be extremely talented. Furthermore, the girl had promised that she would not refuse toilet duties when Senora was in the mood....

"I will keep this one, husband. I don't think that I want you fucking her. Now don't get all upset and all - it's just that I'd like this sweetie to be solely for my own use. Tell you what, why don't you go and choose two other cunts to keep as your bitches. Take your time; me and my little honey-mouthed girl here are in no hurry. I have a feeling that she wants to show me just how much she appreciates me...."

There are so many individual stories within Miranda Prison. So many stories because there are always so many new arrivals of new fresh flesh to be used and abused. So many many naive and unrepentant student agitators and troublemakers to be broken of their mistaken ideas and re-shaped into grateful servants to the Elite. "Now said it again… The Junta is the best government ever. I like to fuck militaries, they're the greatest machos and they know how to make a woman feel like a woman!"

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