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The Japanese officers' compound. set discreetly apart from the regular barracks of their soldiers, offered a welcome respite from the dreary effects of war. Here, the various upper-echelon officer corp. was able to enjoy their supply of fine saki, imported Japanese mistresses, native music and other privileges that were unavailable to the common infantrymen. Another spoil of war provided to those officers was a plentiful supply of white-skinned Western women prisoners who had been picked out from the rest of the female captives on the basis of their youth and good looks. Since these Western bitches were all considered as inferior anyway, it was only natural that they would be pressed into service as slave whores. That way, they could repay their Japanese Masters for the time, effort and food that was being so generously provided them.

At first, some of the white whores might have resisted - but a few public executions and torture sessions soon dissuaded any more ladies from being difficult.....

Colonel Tamai's hand reached out to test the firmness of the white Western bitch's breasts. "Hmmmm, not bad, not bad, " the Colonel muttered. "You white cunts have much bigger tits on you than our more dainty and refined Japanese women, but I like them big, sometimes.

Yes, you're quite passable. And I'm sure that the rest of your body will work hard to please your new Master unless you want more lessons from my riding crop. Your friend there seems to have gotten into the spirit of things. I'm sure you will be able to do the same...."

The vast green vistas of the surrounding tropical countryside never failed to inspire General Inoguchi with it's beauty. Every morning, without fail, Inoguchi made it a point to walk the steep incline to the top of the hill above his quarters in order to spend a half-hour or so just taking in the grand sweep of jungle and forest that stretched for tens of miles. The wonderful sights and crisp, tropical air worked to infuse the General with a fresh infusion of vigor and well-being. But Inoguchi had also discovered the advantage that came from having the pretty American prisoner named Alicia accompany him on his morning journey. This white captive nurse reminded him so much of that girl that he had dated back in his younger days as a visiting university student in America; the thick dark brown hair, those pretty, inviting pink lips... It was only natural that the General use Alicia's submissive mouth to further enliven the atmosphere as he surveyed the panoramic scenery around him.

"Yes, it's all so beautiful up here," General Inoguchi commented as he looked out over the surrounding valley. All made so much better by the tight warmness of his female prisoner's lips firmly and obediently stroking his hard cock, of course. A wonderful prisoner, this Western girl. So dedicated to fulfilling his needs. And she was doing such a good job, just as he expected and demanded.

"It is almost time," the General said. "Almost time for us to go, so you better move that mouth a bit faster. "

His lovely prisoner wet lips immediately began to work his member harder, faster, and it was only a minute or so before the General felt his balls starting to twitch......" Uhhhhhh, " the General grunted as he grasped the girl's head with both hands and began bucking his hips, beginning to empty his cum-stream into her mouth.

To solidify comradery and ensure fellowship amongst the officer ranks, there was nothing that worked better than evenings spent together in the officer's quarters taking turns with one of the Western female prisoners.. Many an argument was forgotten and many a relationship was solidified over these lust and sex-filled hours. The Yankee nurse Wiona might have resented her captivity and enslavement to her Japanese captors, but she was helpless to resist in any way if she wished to avoid a fate that would be very much more severe than the sexual abuse that she was being subjected to. But Wiona was forced to betray her nation and her cause by letting her mouth, ass and cunt be used for the benefit of the enemy. She realized that she was now considered nothing more than a lowly, inferior bit of white fuck-meat to these Japanese officers.

They treat her roughly and crudely, giving no attention to how much they hurt or abused her. The assaults upon her filled her with thick deposits of semen that continued to leak from her cunt and anus throughout the day and night. Wiona didn't know if she could survive the term of her enslavement, had doubts if she had the mental and physical capacity to endure the daily and nightly line up of hard and ready cocks..

It hurt Wiona as the young lieutenant slammed his cock hard up her ass one last time and began to shoot his load of cum deep within her tortured rectum. He had roughly assaulted her asshole for quite a while and now he was shuddering as he held on to Wiona tightly and made her his bitch by depositing his own gift of cum to intermingle with all that of the previous officers who had taken their turns riding her.

Sometimes an officer felt obligated to show his appreciation to someone from the lower ranks for some extraordinary feat or person service.

This was the case for General Abe, the overall prison camp commander who oversaw a sprawling complex that included over 500 Western female inmates. What Abe particularly appreciated was the covert services provided by Sergeant Matsuda in the way of choosing and separating the most attractive adult female prisoners from al the rest and making them available to the General and his closest associates. These frightened and broken white captives usually turned out to be very accommodating and compliant sexslaves, easily made to perform even the most deviant and perverted sexual acts. As participants in a war that was dirty and bloody, General Abe and his selected favourite staff officers felt a real need for female flesh and the relief that only a woman's tight pussy and ass could provide.

Sergeant Matsuda had made sure that the prisoners had been properly whipped and disciplined well before they were presented at one of the General's private orgies. By the orgy's end, these cowed prisoners had performed as well as the most seasoned whore, giving the General and his guests the most enjoyable of fuckings and making sure that everyone had been satisfied. For this, General Abe was indeed grateful to Sergeant Matsuda...

The Sergeant deserved a reward for his faithful services , General Abe had decided. Such a subordinate as Sergeant Matsuda would appreciate being given a nice Western bitch like Miss Sabler to keep as his own. After all, the General had over twenty Western females interned in his own private group of thatched huts, held there for his own use. He could well spare Miss Sabler.

"The Sergeant here will be your Master now," the General told Miss Stabler. "Now be still, the Sergeant is going to carve his initials on you in case there are any questions concerning his ownership..."

Even in the midst of war, love can sometimes blossom. This was the case with young Major Isi and the cute, freckle-faced redhead prisoner, Maddie Henshaw. Miss Henshaw, a pale-skinned, firm-bodied 18 year-old daughter of the former British Colonial Administrator and Major Isi, the hardened and much-decorated infantry officer, would seem to be unlikely lovers at first glance. After all, it was Major Isi who had personally beheaded Maddie's beloved father with his battle sword and who had dragged Maddie's screaming mother into a nearby shack in order to enjoy fucking the middle-aged woman for quite some time before giving her to his men for their enjoyment.

Yes, Major Isi and Maddie Henshaw were lovers - although she was his lover because she had no choice. Enthralled with Maddie's red hear and green eyes, the Major had informed her that wither she would belong to him or else he would turn he over to his men as he had done with her mother. Maddie had not seen her mother since Isi had finished with her - but she still heard her. Heard her crying and moaning throughout the night as Isi's men used her relentlessly.

Maddie, as Major Isi's personal sexslave, had no choice but to service his needs whenever he was back from one of his missions or patrols. To please him, she was forced to act as his lover and his devoted whore; arching her hips and bucking to meet his determined thrusts and obediently presenting her ass up as an offering for his lusting cock. As much as she hated it, she would entwined her tongue with his as he deep-kissed her while fucking her.

Betty Loomis had not been able to evacuate off the island as news of the Japanese invasion troops caused most of the small American

community to panic and flee in a hastily-assembled fleet of boats. She had heard the news too late, the word reaching her at her nature research encampment days after most of her Western compatriots had left. Try as she might, she was only able to elude the many patrols of Japanese soldiers for a few days before being captured and taken to meet the stern and imposing Colonel Shinzo at his headquarters cabin.

A deeply suspicious man, Colonel Shinzo immediately considered Betty Loomis to be a clever spy left behind to report on the activities of he and his men. This had happened to one of his now-disgraced fellow officers on another previously-held island some time ago and Shinzo was not prepared to take any chances with this seemingly innocent Yankee female. If she was indeed a spy, the Colonel would make sure that she would eventually confess everything to him.

Colonel Shinzo was gruff as he addressed the agonized bitch prisoner who trembled before in fear. "It is no use for you to try and deceive any longer with your lies. I am insulted that you think me such a fool to believe that you are just some innocent American who happens to be on this island studying plants! Why don't you just confess and tell me all about your mission and about those who sent you? If you do that, I'll bring an end to your pain by just having you shot as the spy that you are. Otherwise, the harsh treatment that you've gotten is nothing compared to what I'm going to do to you before you die......"

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

Myra Johanson, Salesclerk: Last Seen, April, Sweden. Destination: Hong Kong.

It had been almost two months since Myra had been kidnapped as she left work at the late-closing sexshop. She didn't particularly like working there but she really needed the job and the customers were easy to get along with - except that creepy old gentleman, Mr. Voss, who made it a point to drop in every day to "browse" the explicit magazines that lined the walls. He never bought anything - but who buys magazines nowadays?

It seemed that he was more interested in looking at Myra's shapely young form that anything else in the shop. Myra felt uncomfortable, knowing that he was constantly examining her from head to toe. Staring and smiling, as though considering some private joke.

"Don't worry," Myra's store manager assured her blandly. " Old Voss has been coming around here for years. He's weird, but harmless."

But he wasn't entirely harmless - as Myra learned when she exited the shop that night to confronted by a strange-faced Mr. Voss carrying that dangerous-looking pistol.

"You will come with me and you will make no noise! If you try to run away, I will shoot you."

"What do you want?"

"Only to fuck you, dear. I have a place all ready for you. You are my fourth girl; don't worry, I will take good care of you."

As Myra found out, by 'taking good care', Mr. Voss meant almost two months of days and nights of abuse and punishment. So much pleasure for Mr. Voss, so virile for any old man. So much pain and humiliation for Myra.

Then that day when he came in to bind Myra firmly to the wooden post. "Okay, girl, you have given me a lot of good fucking - but now I want to find a new girl. So now I have some friends who will look you over to see if you're good enough to buy. Miss Bennice and Miss Chen are good customers and they should approve of you for the price...."

"Hmmmm...., I see that you've broken this girl in pretty good, Mr. Voss. She's got the right attitude to serve in one of our establishments. Our customers in Hong Kong really like fair-haired Western girls, but they insist that they be obedient like this one. We'll buy her. When do you think you might have another slave for us...?"


Karen and Ginger, Sisters: Last Seen, November, New York . Destination: Turned Into Street Whores, New York.

Karen's mouth had trouble fitting around LeRoy's Huge dick at first, but she stretched her lips more when LeRoy growled, " You want some more of my belt on your ass, bitch? If not, you better take it deep in that throat of yours!"

Over on the floor in the corner, her younger 18 year-old sister Ginger was starting to whimper as big Tomas' cock began forcing it's way inside her young pussy yet again. " Yahhhhhh, girl, I'm gonna take me some mores of that! You gots some real tight pussy on ya, baby. And I goin' to fuck you 'til you can't take it any more! Ummmmmm.... You feelin' my big thang splittin' you apart? It hurtin' ya? Well, It sure feel good to me!

Giner tried to struggle, but Tomas' weight was too much and his dick was now impaling her and beginning to slam her up to the balls. This was her third rape-fuck by Tomas and she was already suffering as his huge meat was banging against the rear of her uterus.

As Ginger tried to cover her face in shame and humiliation, Tomas shifted her legs up over his shoulders so he now was able batter her hole at his will. "You mine now, girl. You mine! Your sister over there ain't gonna be able to see ya after tonight 'cause you gonna be Tomas' little whore from now on! Ain't gonna put ya on da street like ma other whores. All yo' holes gonna be full of my cock day and night!

While her sister was crying while being raped, Karen's forced blowjob was beginning to bring LeRoy's monster dick closer and closer to the edge of a big cum-eruption. She could feel it swelling and the taste of salty semen leaking out into her mouth. Then LeRoy hand pushed her head down as his hip bucked.

"Bitchhhhhhh! You doin' it! You doin' good - just like yo' pretty sista blowed me the first time after I slapped her to get her goin'! Must run in da family! Here it comes....... Ahhhhhh....!"


Mrs. Valerie Vandersnoot, Slumlord's Wife: Last Seen, March, Chicago. Destination (alleged): Big Mama's Whorhouse # 3, Atlanta, Georgia.

Valerie sought to keep her balance as Big Roy continued to slam his huge dick against her backsides. She sobbed, but sobbed quietly. They had warned her against making any more loud noises and she knew that doing so would bring more of the relentless belt-whippings that she had endured when they first snatched her out of her car and dragged her into the abandoned apartment building.

Valerie bit her lip in order to keep her silence; Big Roy's big meat was the sixth one to have fucked her so far and it was hitting hard against everything inside her hole. A spasm of pain came with every deep thrust that Big Roy put to her and she was so raw, so tender!

Where was her husband? What did these animals do to him? What had begun as a casual tour of the Vandersnoot slum properties had turned into a nightmare! Valerie was still a good-looking woman, but know she felt so ugly, so low-down.....

"Keep bending over, you pasty bitch!" Big Roy laughed. "Keep that position! That way, you can enjoy everything more, enjoy what Big Roy's got to give ya!"

"Uhhhhhh...." Valerie moaned as Big Roy's cock began hitting a particularly raw spot inside her. "Ohhhh.... Godddddd..."

"Hurry up, B.R.!" The other black hoodlum complained as he kept an armed watch over the two of them. " You been fuckin' dis bitch for almost a half-hour, man! I wants my turns on dat pussy before all dem other dudes get her and wants to jump on her! Hurry up, man!"

"Fuck you, Go-go! I'm gonna be puttin' ma rod to dis white whore until my balls are good and ready! You and all them can just wait 'til I is done!" Big Roy was not one to be hurried and Go-Go and the rest of the gang knew better than try. He started to increase the pace of his fucking now. Really piston-driving his dick and tormenting Valerie's pussy.

"You cryin', real estate lady? Big Roy's dick too big for ya? Too strong for ya? You better thank me - 'cause I gettin' you ready for what's comin', baby. You gots a lotta black dicks that gonna be fuckin' ya tonight. Then you probaby gonna be spending the rest of your days makin' us money in some whorehouse! Yeah, them days of bein' a rich bitch is over! You gonna be just another druggie white whore who fucks black dicks!"

Janice Clements, University Student: Last Seen, October, London. Destination: Central America.

"Please let me go," Janice had begged the two hooded men who had abducted her from her student dorm room that cool autumn night.

She had been studying alone, no one else on the floor. As always, the abductors had good advance intelligence; Janice beautiful looks, prim but shapely, full-breasted body fit the would-be buyer's requirements. It had taken a few days to take a good photo of her and show it to the buyer and get his final approval. The operation had been carried out without a problem; after all, these men knew their business. The strange-smelling rag that suddenly smothered her face from behind was the last thing Janice remembered......

But Janice would always remember the time when she came to and saw that big, swarthy man standing over her as she lay on that mattress. The room had walls of concrete. The man was naked. Janice was even more startled when she saw the size of his erection.

"Ah, been waiting for the chloroform to wear off. You can scream if you want, scream as loud as you can. Go ahead. No one will hear you. This place is where I do all my breaking in of the new girls before I send them off. You can call me Manuel," the man said with a decided Latin accent. "But in a few weeks, you'll be calling me 'Master' before we're done with each other...."

Janice did scream. She fought. She begged and cried. But Manuel knew how to apply pain; he was an expert at it. He also knew to punish-rape a proper English girl. He had broken so many tougher girls with that huge cock of his. After a while, Janice was just a whimpering, compliant piece of pussy-meat who now obediently spread her legs and humped her hips as best she could to please him. And called him 'Master'.

Janice was ready for the cargo plane that was scheduled to land on that private airstrip in Central America. And to Senora's 'Cabla Sex House No. 2 '.

Janice was special. The only the clients who were willing to pay twice the normal rate would be able to climb the stairs that led up to where Janice would be available to them and their eager cocks. Yes, a white beauty like Janice would last for almost year before she was used up and either put down with the regular whores or perhaps bought to serve as a wife to some village farm laborer who would use her womb to make babies...

But for now, Janice's duty was to show her devotion to the house madam, the Senora. The Senora would, in turn, show Janice exactly what would be required of her...

"Oh, my dear English girl, you know your place," giggled the Senora. "It looks like you and I are going to get along just fine, si? Come, get into bed with me. You must be so frightened and unsure and my pussy is so wet. You will feel better after you eat my cunt. Then maybe I might let you spend some time with the other girls...."


Rebecca Tortel, Socialite: Last Seen, April, Los Angeles. Destination: Detroit Ghetto.

Abdul was impatient. He yelled at Rebecca, "C'mon, baby, gets yo' ass over here! I done let yo' sleep for over an hour! Enough! I wanna fuck, girl. Look at this damn cock, see how it's all hard an' all?"

"But my arms are still tied behind my back, sir! It's hard for me to get off the bed. It's so hard to stand!" She tried to get off the bed; she feared he might hurt her again if she made him angry. But bound like she was, Rebecca tumbled, naked, to the filthy wooden floor.

"Clumsy white bitch," Abdul sneered. "Well, the floor is where you belongs anyway, right? Right, bitch?"

"Yessir," Rebecca sobbed as Abdul turned her over on her back.

He was massaging that hard and ready shaft of his. "Yeah, fuckin' you on the floor, that's gonna be good. Spread them legs, honey. Spread 'em wide for this dick," he ordered as he got on top of her.

"Aaaghh...," Rebecca groaned in pain as the huge cock forced it's way deep in her abused pussy. Her cunt was fucked raw. He fucked her so much, so often....

"That's right, bitch, give it to me. Give it up, bitch!" Abdul began to take her like he always did; rough and hard. Pretty soon he was was assaulting that white pussy with his rhythm. Fap, fap, fap, fap....

"Bitch! No-class bitch! Not so high and mighty now, are ya, cunt?" Fap, fap, fap,fap.......

So began another day of shame and humiliation for Rebecca Tortel, the daughter of a high-society billionaire and a well-publicized society girl.

But now instead of ritzy restaurants and fancy hotels, Rebecca's life consisted of a locked and boarded room in a derelict building deep in the Detroit ghetto. Instead of attentive waiters and valets, there was now Abdul's demanding eleven-inch black dick.

Abdul had been scouting good places to burglarize in the more posh Los Angeles areas when he had decided upon the Turtle Mansion. Lots of potential valuables, enough to pawn off and live on for some time. But to his surprise, there was this fine-lookin' gal asleep in that big bed upstairs..... plans change.

Well, fucking the white gal on the floor was nice, but Abdul was determined to take every bit of pride out of her - put her on an even level with the everyday ghetto sistas in the 'hood....

"Oh, no! Not that! Noo...," Rebecca protested as Abdul started to poke a finger up her anus.

"Shut up, girl. You gonna learn how to take a dick up that little ass of yours just like the regular bitches around here. Don't make me have to whip ya again! Ya know, we'll just sit in that chair so I can take my time teachin' ya...."

"Uggghhhhhhh.... Aaaaaaeeeee....!" Rebecca' s cries was shrill and she gritted her teeth in agony as Abdul forced her to move her ass up and down on his monster cock.

"So good, baby! So goooood! You ain't no debutante no more, bitch! You gonna learn to like my cock up your ass just like a whore on the street!"


Nitya Kanikynko, Aspiring Model: Last Seen, May, Bushuku Village. Destination: Moscow.

The police had put a general alert out for 19 year-old Nitya but so far, no reports of her whereabouts. Not a high priority, understand. Her parents were dead and her only living relative was an uncle in Moscow, almost 500 miles away. People said that she was determined to be a model and that she had bragged about moving to Moscow and staying with Uncle Boris, her late aunt's husband, so that she could take her time looking for that big break. No, the villagers shook their heads, you're too short. You're pretty enough but they want their models really tall and skinny. But Nitya wouldn't listen to that. she had saved up her money and boarded the bus to Moscow.

Only Uncle Boris claimed that Nitya never arrived. How strange, he said. Probably she just met someone on the bus and decided to go off with them, you know how young girls are....

But Nitya was closer than the police knew. In fact, she was chained to a wall of Uncle Boris' cellar. Built to withstand the bombings of WWll, it was more like a bunker; one hundred feet underground - and Boris had designed a special cell where he could visit his perky-looking female 'guest' as often as he wanted. No one knew of the cellar room and no sounds could escape it's thick walls.

Boris was a big man. In every way. Some friends joked that his late wife, Nitya's aunt, died from Boris' fucking. Supposedly, Mrs. Boris had whispered to her female friends about how difficult it was to take Boris' huge cock and how he fucked so hard and strong that it was difficult for her to walk afterwards. It was said that even the most veteran prostitutes turned Boris away...

But for Nitya, down in that cellar room, chained to the wall and being fucked yet again by Uncle Boris, there was no doubt.....

"Hhhhhhheeeee.....Please, Uncle! Pleaseeeeeeeee! Uhhhhhh...."

"Mmmm..., Nitya.... So tight....... My little fuck-toy........ You like your Uncle Boris' cock, da? Such a big cock I have....."

flap, flap, fap, flap, flap

"Uhhhhhhh...! It hurts! I can't take it! It's so big.....!"

"Da, it's so big....... You will learn to take it....... You're my woman now....... Your pussy belongs to me....... I take what I want....."

fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap

"Ohhhhhhhhhh......Uhhhhhhhhhh......ohhhhhhhhhhhhh......I can't-t-t-t-t........huhhhhhh....."

" Da.....Da....Give in....Daaaa.....Give Boris your pussy..... Gonna fuck you hard all night.... all day...... every day.... every night... Never gonna stop fucking you...."

fap, fap, fap fap, fap fap, fap

Harriet Is Welcomed to Her New Home:

Harriet Lawson cringed and cried as Nada Sukumu and her brother Akiro groped and pinched her while examining her every body parts. Meanwhile the seller, Miss Rey, looked on. It was hot and clammy here inside the dried-mud hut which the Sukumu had decided to keep their newly - purchased slave, far away from the cool, crisp climate of Northern England that Harriet had spent her life; a life in which 19 year-old Harriet had been very happy and content.

All of Harriet's plans had now been changed. The Sukumus had seen to that.

Among the elite ruling clans who ran the small African country of Tarmaninogo, the Sukumus wanted to be able to feel that they had something that would set them apart from the others of their ilk. Nothing better to brag about than having their very own little white English house and sex slave to make things interesting around the home....

"Look at this white slave very closely, now," cautioned the slave broker, Miss Rey. My reputation is that all my customers are satisfied with their purchases. "She's trained and broken. If you're not completely satisfied, please feel free to say so and I'll take her back and find someone else."

"No, Miss Rey, this one fits our needs most exactly," chuckled Akiro. "She looks just right. What do you say, sister?"

"She looks fine, brother. I say we made a good buy. Let's gonna put the white bitch into good use right now..."


The Biker's Prize:

Shadyman had spotted Anita Gordon while cruising down a country road on his monster of a motorcycle one warm afternoon. Anita had just gotten off work at the small country store at which she clerked part-time during the summer vacation from college.

The store wasn't far from her family's farm, just a half-mile's stroll up the quiet road. Safe to walk. Nothing bad happened in this rural community. Until Shadyman.

He had decided that Anita was just the kind of gal he wanted - tall, slim, young and blond; a change from the harden, low-life (like himself) motorcycle mamas that he and his fellow bikers usually hung around with.

Shadyman didn't snatch Anita right away. He was the cautious type, not one to make mistakes by doing things without thorough planning. When Anita disappeared two weeks later, it was without a trace. No one saw or heard anything. There were no leads or suspects.

Only Anita Gordon knew what was happening to her - and it was happening pretty often because Shadyman was one horny fellow. A doping, hard-drinking fellow who liked nothing better than coming back after a hard day of arranging dope deals and keeping his bikers in line and ravaging Anita's sore pussy or having her perform some nice girl-girl with one of his regular biker chicks.

Anita would never see her family again. She had a new family now....

"Oh, shit, bitch - here it cums," the biker leader barked out as he started to pump another load of his sperm deep inside Anita's pussy.

"Quit cryin' and just feel thankful that I'm fuckin' ya instead of beatin' on ya again! Arrrgggghhhh.... Damn, you really keep my cum comin'! Pretty soon you're gonna be puttin' out some babies for me!"


The Tourist Who Disappeared:

Diana Hispana was a Spanish university graduate student who liked nothing better than spending her summers traveling as a tourist in the quaint ( to her ) Latin American countries.

As a highly educated member of an upper-class family, she found the villages that dotted the more less-traveled and un-touristy areas of Latin America to be both a source of valuable artifacts and a source of amusement.

Those ignorant villagers so eager to sell her old family artifacts made of or that had elements of gold that Diana usually sneaked back home illegally to display in her family's already-huge collections or to sell to other collectors for large profits. Yes, Diana laughed at just how gullible those stupid villagers were.

Except this year, it was Diana who had been gullible. Gullible enough to believe the rural policewoman who had whispered to her that she knew of a cave deep in the rainforest that contained a hoard of valuable gold and silver artifacts from an ancient tribe.

She would lead Diana to the location on condition that Diana would share half the ill-gotten gains after smuggling the treasure out of the country. Of course, Diana quickly agreed, thinking this backcountry police woman to be as stupid as the rest of peasants that she had met.

Okay, Estella the policewoman told her, sneak out of your hotel at midnight and tell no one about any of this....

There was no treasure. Only a couple of Estella's male police friends who had been waiting.

Diana was going to provide them with a lot of pleasure before they sold her broken-in ass to one of the criminal gangs that dominated the sex trade in that part of Latin America.

"How's it goin', boys? You think this foreign bitch is gonna be able to handle being a whore if we sell her? She's been spoiled and pampered before now."

"Don't you worry, Estella. Me and Ramon is stretchin' all her holes with or cocks. Gettin' her used to how we fuck down here. After we're done with her, she'll be more than ready to work any whorehouse in the country!"

The Mysterious Disappearance of the American Newsgirl:

"She's all yours, girls," came the voice of the guard thru the viewing slot of the cell. " You ladies have been needing something to make life more exciting for you. Even lowly criminals like yourselves deserve the chance to enjoy a little white foreign pussy to your hearts' desire. This American reporter's name is Rene - but you can give her any name you want. She came to this country to stain the great reputation of our esteemed ruler and now she must pay for the rest of her life. We've had our fun with her, now it's your turn to do with her as you will."

"Ah, she's so cute!" laughed the big African prisoner who went by the name of Candera. "Come here, white girl, let me have a real good look at the goods you have to offer me and my friends! Don't be afraid, I may be in here for murder but I know how to treat a sweetie like you..."

"And so do I," added the older black inmate Dotuki as she rudely shoved her fingers inside a dispirited Rene's already sore pussy.

"Hmmm... Such a nice little cunt she has! Just right for my fist and forearm!

Rene voice was fearful and shaking, " No! Please! Please!"

"No need to struggle," Dotuki snickered. " We African gals know how to treat a spoiled American cunt. Pretty soon, we'll have you begging us for more! Open up so that I can push more of my hand in you and feel how deep your pussy is...."

"Yes, you're gonna be a perfect piece of pussy for us to use," Candera told the white prisoner as she started to pull her back to the dark interior of the cell. "You'll find us African ladies to be very good at teaching white troublemaking bitches like you how to show respect . Too bad your news reporting won't be able to tell about how you're gonna be spending the rest of your life eating black pussy..."


What Happened to the Missing Western aid Worker:

"Oh, God! Please stop! Please!" Nicole's voice was loud inside the dingy shack where she was being abused once again by Ajeed, the man she had thought to be so trustworthy. "Please let me go! I won't tell anyone, I promise!"

"Shut up, you foreign cunt," Ajeed ordered as he continued to hold Nicole by her blonde hair as he fucked her hard with his big cock. He was just beginning to take his pleasure in another one of his long, drawn-out rape sessions. Ajeed had plenty of stamina and it would be over a half-hour of relentless pounding of the Western girl's holes before he would even begin to tire. The same strength that make him so successful as a baggage-carrying guide for foreign aid workers like Nicole also served to make him a almost tireless rape-stud.

"Ughhh... So good.... Keep that white ass up or I'll whip you again! Do you want me to whip you?"

"N-Nooo.... No..."

"Then be quiet .... and move your ass around like you know I like it.... Yesss, like that.... Yesssssss.... I knew you were nothing but a whore. All Western women are whores, no matter what they say or do!"

Nicole neck strained with the way her head was pulled back, keeping her in the proper position on all fours. The proper position to take the deep pounding from Ajeed's cock.

"You belong to me, now," Ajeed told the Western woman as he continued to slam his dick into her from behind; the way all white women should be taken, he thought. "You think you're better than us but from now on you will be known only as Ajeed's foreign whore.

If you please me, I will keep you and let you bear my children until I tire of you. If you don't please me, I will sell you off after a few days....

"No need to cry, girl! Just keep that ass of your up so you can show me how much you want me to keep fucking you..!"


The Russian Would-be Model Begins Her Journey:

Mikela one one of the hundreds of aspiring models who had answered the false ad seeking attractive young models. Her answers on the resume that she had sent in made her perfect for what the so-called 'modeling company' had in mind; 19 years old with only an old grandmother as a family member, willing to travel on a moment's notice, unfamiliar with the outside world... Perfect for induction into the Balkan-based white slavery trade that victimized pretty Eastern European girls and made them into money-making sex-slaves exported to the sex dens and bordellos of Western Europe and the States.

It had been a month of training and rape and now Mikela found herself the property of an Albanian slave auctioneer who was enjoying the chance to sample her holes for a few nights before putting her up for sale. Mikela was one of the more attractive slaves that Runulskan had purchased in the last few years; he had no doubt that she would be re-sold for triple the price paid for her.

Such a pretty, tight ass. Yes, still tight......''

"Hmmmm....That's it, that's a nice girl. Lay just like that while I stick my cock in that little pucker of yours.... Like this..."


"Stay still! Don't make me mad, don't make me have to waste my time having to beat you......Hmmmm, you're pretty snug but you're goin to be able to take in the head of my dick without too much of a problem....See..?"

Mikela groaned in pain as Runulskan steadily pushed his meat into her asshole.....

"Don't worry, slave. You'll learn how to take all of this big cock of mine in your ass. It hurts, does it not? You'll learn to like it, I'm sure I'll be able to make you tell me you like before I'm done with you. Here.... let me give you a couple more inches to help you appreciate how I'm being so nice. Hmmmmmmm..... tell me how much you enjoy my cock in your ass.... Tell me how you want me to start fucking your ass harder and harder....Here, why don't I shove it in all the way so you can feel my balls against your butt. You want that, don't you? Ahhhhhhhh.... so tight! Just the way I like it....."

Ralph the Slumlord's Two Daughters:

"Daddy! Daddy-y-y-y!" Annette screamed as the big black thug named Demone continued splitting her open with his huge cock. " Daddy-y-y-y! Help me! Ohhhh, God! Make him stop....!"

But Annette's dad couldn't do anything to help either her or her sister Nancy who was being forcefully stripped of her own clothes by another of Demone's men.

Nancy could only cry helplessly as the gangster tore away the last bits of her blouse saying, "Damn, this is a real nice piece of meat here! Lucky we ain't in no hurry, 'cause I wanna take my time fuckin' this pussy!"

This was the price that Ralph the slumlord was finally paying after years of making good money off the backs of the helpless tenets of his many run-down and rat-infested ghetto apartments.

His paid-for friends up at City Hall wouldn't be able to save him now. In fact, they would never be able to find out whatever happened to Ralph and his two pretty college-enrolled daughters. Ralph would be buried deep in a vacant lot and both Annette and Nancy would spend the rest of their lives servicing countless ghetto cocks in dirty back alleyways and on inner-city street corners...

Annette's mouth opened wide with another scream as Demone rammed his cock in the the hilt.

"Ahhhhhhhhh....... Argghhhhhh..." Demone groaned as his balls began pumping loads of jizzism deep within Annette's belly. "Mmmmmm, baby! I'm gonna fill you up with my cum! Ahhhhhh....!"

"Noooooooo! Daddy-y-y-y! Helppppppp...!"


Fucked Into Submission:

Dolores shuddered as she felt LeRoy's cock began to swell in her cunt. She knew that he was getting ready to shoot another load of his thick baby-making semen deep inside her fertile pussy. She could never go back to her family, even if she somehow managed to escape this one-room ghetto prison that she had been held in since she was kidnapped tow weeks ago. Her mother and father considered blacks to be inferior; what would they think if they discovered that Dolores had birthed a black baby?! And that was what LeRoy had promised to do - to keep flooding her womb with his strong cum and make her produce his babies year after year....

LeRoy dug his strong fingers into Dolores' flesh as he increased his fuck-rhythm, his big dick punishing her raw pussy. " Yeah," LeRoy muttered sternly. "Yeahhhhhhh....."

"Uhhhhhh..." Dolores moaned involuntarily. She had tried to not show any reaction to his pounding- but LeRoy's cock was so big, so hard...His fucking was so masterly.... she had tried to twist away from his battering, but his dick filled every corner of her insides.

"Ohhhhhhh...." His cock hurt her as he continued to fuck her. Would he ever tire of fucking her?

"My woman, you my woman...."

"No-o-o.....I'm n-not...Uhhhhh...N-nooo...Uh, uh, uhhhhhhh...."

Dolores' body betrayed her. How could she find herself feeling some hint of pleasure from being abused so brutally by LeRoy's rock-hard cock?

"Ohhhhhh, baby....Here it cums.....I'm cummmmin'," LeRoy grunted in her ear as he pulled her tight.


Getting Them Ready For the Streets:

Sholonda was the ghetto gangs' main trainer of the white girls who had been bought from various sources and who were destined to serve out the rest of their lives as prostitutes on the streets. Sholonda had a knack of whipping any hope or pride out of these fresh-faced, pampered white girls who were handed over to her. And she liked her work, liked it a lot.

These white girls needed to be totally re-made, to be totally stripped of their self-respect and to made to think of their past lives as vague, distant memories. Yes, usually averaging two months of night-and-day attention to each slave, Sholonda took more time at her training, but the results were well worth the time - and when she finally handed over a girl to her Masters, that girl would never resist following any order and wouldn't try to escape even if left unguarded. Sholonda was very good at her work .

Of course, the money was good - but Sholonda also enjoyed the other perks that came with her job. Every slavegirl-in-training found herself yearning to spend her allotted time with Mistress Sholonda, in her big bed. Licking Sholonda's huge black clit and sucking on her puckered black asshole, showing their devotion; trying to prove their love for her. Sometimes she would honor one of them by pissing down their throats after enjoying one of her orgasms.

Right now, Sholonda had decided to concentrate her attention on the tall, pale ex-cheerleader, Christine. It had been a month now for Christine and she was almost ready. All it would take now would perhaps one or two intense days and nights of Sholonda's most heavy-armed punishment to send Christine over the final edge, from which she would never return.....

"Yes, baby, yes.... Scream for Mama..... It's okay if you scream - because I'm gonna whip you until you faint. Then I'm gonna wake you up and whip you 'til you faint again! I know you want that. I know that you need it. You're not gonna try to pull away from my little whippin' stick, are you, baby? You're gonna stand right there and take it, ain't ya? Yeahhhh, just like that...such a sweet girl...!"

The Midnight Visitor:

Maurice made his money scouting and obtaining new white flesh to sell to the always-interested ghetto sex trade operators. He spend weeks deciding on which beautiful girl to snatch and eventually sell. By the time he made his move, Maurice would know in minute detail the girl's travel routes, her work habits, where she shopped and how often she slept. He also took great care to log the same information about her family; no need to take any chances or to make any mistakes. When Maurice took a gal, there were no clues as to what had happened to her or who had taken her.

Maurice knew that 18 year-old Tanya would bring him at least five thousand bucks at sale. After following her around for a week or so, he concluded that the best way to abduct her was from her own bedroom. From his observations and a little additional research, Maurice knew that Tanya lived with her divorced father, a man who drank heavily almost every night when he returned from work. A drunk man usually didn't wake easily, even if there was some noises coming from the other bedroom located at the other end of the house....

Maurice liked the idea of taking his time when taking a girl from her own bedroom, he got off on being able to spend some time fucking his victim before binding and gagging her and taking her from the home.

And Tanya looked so good....

"Now, before I take ya outta here, I think me and you is gonna spend a few hours fuckin' right here in your bed," Maurice told Tanya as he showed her his big hunting knife. " Yo' daddy's sleepin' real hard in his room. But if he does wake up, I'm gonna have to do some bad things to the both of ya, understand?"

"P-Please, please don't hurt me! Please...!"

Maurice began shifting Tanya in the bed, getting her ready for his big cock. "Don't worry. The only thing that's gonna be hurtin' ya is this big dick of mine..."


Showing Homage to Their Ghetto Mama:

Sarah and Debora were two sisters who had been kidnapped from their college dorm some days ago. Sweet, good-looking white girls like them would bring in a lot more money for Mama Maybelle's inner-city whorehouse. Mama had paid out so good money to get these two and she wasn't the type to have a lot of patience when it came to getting a return on her investments.

" The both of you is gonna do what you is told or I'm gonna take the belt to you again and this time it will be real bad for ya , I promise! I don't wanna hear no more cryin' and complainin' 'bout your families or how bad you is feelin'. From now on, you is nothing but my whores. Just 'cause you is white gals don't mean you get any better treatment than my regular girls who been workin' here a long, long time!"

The other black and brown whore were having a good time looking in on the sight of Mama and the two white slavegirls. They giggled, knowing that Mama soon would be testing both of them by ordering each to start licking her old black pussy. Some of them wagered that Mama would have to subject them to another one of her heavy-handed session with the wide leather belt strap that she liked to use for discipline before the two sisters would finally begin to realize that this was indeed a serious situation. Then Debora and Sarah would spend the night eating Mama's experienced old cunt and ass before the whores would get their turns with these newcomers. Yes, these two white girls would be spending a lot of time getting to know how things worked down in the ghetto....

"Mmmmm....That's right, just keep on suckin' on my titties," Mama Maybelle sternly told Sarah and Debora.

"You two is sisters...I ain't never had two sisters lickin' my holes before," Mama added as she began fingering her old clit as the two slavegirls continued to thrill her body more and more as they suckled her big nipples. " One of you is gonna be eating my pussy real good while the other one is sucking all nice on my asshole. I'll teach ya both how to do it just right...."

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Training Center [HINES]


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Jenny's First Day Begins: Miss Danvoksi, the very efficient Assistant for Arrivals at the Training Center, watched as Maid 23 prepared to march Jenny off to her assigned cell. Of course Maid 23 just had to add her own punishment to that that had already been applied to the new girl.

Once a new girl arrived, her tender, untried body would be constantly whipped, paddled and caned by all the Maids and Mistresses at the Center; that was the best way to rid them of any hope and to rip away their spirits.

The Center's Mistresses and Maids were experts at the art of inflicting extensive punishments without leaving any permanent markings. The Training Center specialized in the preparation of innocent young maidens for a life of slavery. The moneyed interests who were the customers demanded the slaves be thoroughly broken - but without markings or scarrings of any kind.

The Experienced ladies who wielded the leather and the wood were among the best at what they did.

Jenny was being taken to her cell where Maiden 23 would immediately begin her sessions of hard, merciless beatings and humiliation; hours of it.

Things would only calm down when the Maiden would tire from her efforts and allow Jenny tongue to make things feel all better...

Miss Donvoksi fingered her wet pussy at the thought of her upcoming visit to Jenny's cell that night. Jenny would be frightened and weeping after all she would have gone through in the next twelve hours or so. Miss Donvoksi would provide Jenny with the comfort of her needy, shaven cunt for Jenny to lick and worship.

A new girl was always willing to do the nastiest kinds of pussy eating, just as she was instructed.

УYouТll be a good little obedient cunt, wonТt you Jenny? We and I gonna spend some quality time togetherЕ. ItТs gonna be a long, wet night for you. Mostly for your faceЕ gonna teach you a lot of tricks youТve never heard of before. You wonТt like any of themЕ but IТm a very patient trainer. And like them or not, youТll end up mastering all of themЕФ


Mistress Anna Makes an Advanced Sale: Mistress Anna Ranski was one of the three Ranski sisters who had long owned the Training Center and who oversaw every detail of it's daily operations.

Known as very serious owners with very serious and dangerous friends, the Ranskis has run their business since they were in their 20's, in their Eastern Europe beginnings. Now they had relocated to another locale entirely, a place that afforded them protection and access to transportation links that helped in the logistics of moving slaves.

The usual way of the Center was for sales of broken slaves to be held once a month. That was when the hoard of anxious, eager customers arrived and bid against each other for the slaves who had been prepared just for them.

But there were some exceptions, of course; like now, when Mrs. Nordal had arrived early with an offer of a payment in vintage gold coins for the privilege of being able to make an advance bid on a certain slave. Anna Ranski was always willing to make a good deal...

"So this one is the girl that you're so interested in buying for yourself?" Mistress Anna eyed the small bag of clinking gold coins in Mrs. Nordal's hands.

"Yes. I couldn't take the chance of anyone else being able to buy her. Can we make a deal for her?"

"Of course. It depends on just what your bid is."

"My bid is two hundred thousand, U.S. Is that alright with you?"

Mistress Ranksi was somewhat taken aback by Mrs. Nordal's offer. "It's more than alright. One which I cannot refuse!"

"May I ask why you are willing to pay so much for this slave?" Mistress Ranski was curious. УIt's simple. She's my niece. I hated her no-good father and mother. I want her to spend the rest of her life eating and licking all my holes...."


Jenny's Second Day of Suffering: it was only her second day of captivity but Jenny was already thinking about the 'whys' and "'hows' of her circumstances less and less each hour.

More and more, the only thing that managed to stay on her mind was the pain that came constantly, almost non-stop, from the relentless whippings at the hands of the Maidens.

The Maidens, confirmed lesbian sadists that they were, had chosen Jenny as their favored target among all the other captives. Jenny had long gone past the begging and crying; her mind was numbing now, getting less and less aware of anything other than the hurtful impact of each Maid-inflicted blow.

"Ohhhhhhh......," Jenny's voice was now hoarse from all the screaming. She was becoming less aware of her surroundings now...

"Be careful," Maiden 27 warned the two others who were joining in this session on Jenny. "I can see a couple of purple marks on her. Gotta be more careful....!"

Maiden 35 scoffed mightily. "Speak for yourself! My whipping doesn't even make red marks, only a lot of pink that fades after an hour!"

"Same here, No.27," Maiden 15 put in. "I've been doing this since 1998 and none of my bitches have had any permanent marks!"

"Okay, okay," No. 27 conceded, not wanting an argument. "I just saying that if those purple marks get any darker on this one, we're all going to be in a lot of trouble! The Ranski Sisters will deduct her value out of our own payments if they think she's too damaged!"

" Anyway we can finish whipping this one after a few more minutes. My arm hurts, IТm starting to feel tiredЕ" said Maiden 15.

"Okay, just a few more," agreed Maiden 27. "Then I going to have fun breaking her cherry with my trusty, industrial-strength strapon!"

A Double Strap-on Penetration

Jenny felt as if she was being split apart as the two visiting dykes shared her between their oversized strap-ons. She had ungone many strap-on fucks from her Maiden Trainers over the past couple of weeks, but never had she been subjected to a double penetration fucking! Jenny wanted to scream but the pain was so intense that it was all she could do to manage breathing as the two long dildoes screwed her two aching holes.

"Hold her still! In position! Yeah-h-h-h...Just like that!"

Mistress 145's voice was gruff as she pushed her strapon even further up poor Jenny's ass. Mistress 145 loved teaming with her lesbian buddy, Mistress 78, in double-fucking a slave before she was thoroughly broken in. Nothing like seeing and hearing the torment in a young slave girl as their two artificial cocks pounded her. Sometimes they got too rough and injured the slave and had to pay whatever the Ranski Sisters demanded for their loss - but 145 and 78 could well afford it; they both looked forward to their monthly fuck-journeys to the Center.

"What's the matter, girlie? Can't you take it? You know you can! You just have to get used to it," Mistress 78 half-cooed to the distressed Jenny, who she held firmly in place as Mistress 145 began slamming Jenny's asshole with her big strap-on.

"Ahhhhh...! Ahhhhhhh....!!!" Jenny's eyes were unfocused now from her agony. Mistress 145 started to also whack Jenny's butt while she slammed her asshole with her big strap-on. "Yeah, sweetie, we're going to drive you crazy tonight! After taking it from the both of us, you'll hate to do it with any man!"


Jenny's Turn for Toilet Duty

Jenny had undergone through so much pain and punishment over the past three months!

She was almost ready to be declared as 'Broken', therefore eligible for being put up for sale. But there were other standards, some say much more important standards that Jenny -now known only as 'No. 35'- had to be judged on before being granted the honor of being a slave.

Jenny (No. 35) had not been beaten or dyke-fucked for three days. She now missed the pain. She wondered if perhaps she had done something wrong, if she had somehow did something to displease one of her lesbian Trainers or Mistresses and if they were preparing something even worse -and final- for her.

But she needn't had worried. For No. 35, it was merely time for her to enter another phase of her Training: Acceptance and Humility. She had learned to endure whatever pain inflicted on her without complaint. Now she was to be trained in the joys of humiliation. No. 35 must not only accept humiliation, she must be taught to need to be humiliation. Her future Masters or Mistresses would have so many shameful, disgusting and humiliating things for her to do.

She only began to understand the true depths of the humiliation in store for her when she was taken to meet Maiden ShoRhonda down in the Toilets. Maiden ShoRhonda was so glad to meet her...

"So this is my new little student," Maiden ShoRhonda said as she drew Slave No. 35 close to her. "Kiss me, honey, you're so pretty!. After my other student here gets through cleaning out my asshole, you'll take over her duties. I just know you'll do a good job!"


Slave No 35 is Judged To Be Worthy

It had been along 6 months of captivity for Slave 35; so many things had happened ; so many things had been done to her. She now couldn't remember her original name, only the 'Slave 35' name that they had given her. Her owner would name her as he or she pleased. T he word around the Center was that Slave 35 was such a darling girl, one who would endure whatever pain given to her, someone who would willingly follow the nastiest, most shaming orders without hesitation.

Even the Ranski Sisters themselves had heard of this slave girl, Slave 35.

Slave 35 trembled as Riann Ranski entered the chamber where she had waited kneeling on the rough concrete floor.

"Ahhhh, so this is her," Mistress Ranski observed cheerfully. "Don't look so worried, my pretty little slave. I've heard only great things about you! In fact, if everything I've heard about you is true, I have better things in mind for you than just putting you up on the auction block. Would you like that?"

The terrified slave kept her eyes cast downward as she dully answered," Yes, Mistress. Whatever your wish."

"Such a good girl. Just the kind me and my sisters like the best. I hear you do the really nasty things that we women like a slavegirl to do. Even Maid ShoRhonda talks about how good you were when you served as her Toilet Girl! ShoRhonda is very hard to please."

Mistress Ranski stepped closer, her swollen clit nearer to Slave 35's face.

"I'm going to keep you as our special girl. Just for me and my sisters. We have many women friends and special parties where they would enjoy a good girl like you. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Yes Mistress..."

"Then lick my pussy, slave. Show me how thankful you are."

Mistress Ranski's big clit began to pulse as the slavegirl continued to lick it with her obedient tongue. "Yes, we won't sell you. You eat pussy too damn good. My sisters and I are going to keep you really busy.... Now keep ready for a massive cum shower, I'm a hell of a good cummer and I want you to swallow every single drop!"

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Slave Trade [HINES]


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Unseen and sometimes unnoticed, the business of trading in slaves goes on. It’s a well-organized business with clear methods and goals. The traders need slaves on an ongoing basis and there are experienced people in the specialty of obtaining new slave girls to fill the constant demand for fresh meat down at the slave auction houses and by rich individuals who can afford them.

One inner-city group of gangsters specialized in supplying new slavegirls by doing home invasions in the more well-off suburbs. After doing good scouting work or by paying for tips of potential victim, this gang tended to strike fast and efficiently in the late night hours. They were thugs who enjoyed their business, so sometimes they liked to take their time and stay a while…

The gang had long had a grudge against the corrupt County Sheriff, Lucas Bennett. He used to have an arrangement with the gang, taking a percentage of their drug profits in return for ignoring the numerous trafficking and street-corner selling of the illegal substances. But the Sheriff had then reneged on his deal and made a number of high-profile arrests of the gang’s members in order to improve his political prospects. The gang never forgave him.

Sheriff Bennett was now shaking with fear, rage and humiliation as the gang squad was just beginning to enjoy themselves with his two lovely daughters. Before they disposed of him, they would make him watch and listen to his daughters’ screams and moans as their pussies and asses were fucked by those big, dark cocks.

"D-Daddyyyyyyy! Please make him stop!" the Sheriff’s daughter sobbed as she was being mounted by one home invader. "Oh, Daddy! It hurts!"

But with the gun at his head, there was nothing the Sheriff could do.

"Damn, Sheriff, yo’ daughtar’s sure got a nice pussy! So tight! Don’t you look away, now. Want ya to get one last look at how yo’ spoiled little gal is gonna be treated after we sell her back in the city," the big thug laughed as he kept up his fucking of the sweet 19 year-old. "Ugggg….yo’ daughta is makin’ me cum fast, Sheriff! Gonna fill her up with my spunk! Here it cums! Ahhhhhhhh…!"


Stripped naked, Monique Bennett trembled as one of the gang invaders marched her into her upstairs bedroom. Monique could still hear the pitiful sounds of her younger sister being raped downstairs in the living room. Almost as anguished was the loud crying that came from their father as he was forced to watch it all.

From behind her, the tall black gangster whispered, "Yo’ sure is some kind nice-lookin’ bitch, girl. Real nice. My boy Raymond is havin’ fun puttin’ his dick to your sister downstairs, so it’s just gonna be me and you getting’ together up here." Monique flinched as the ganger’s hand touched her buttocks. "Yeah, yo’ got a nice little ass on ya, girl. They’s gonna pay some good prices on ya when yo’ gets opn the auction block back in the city."

"Please don’t hurt me! Please let me go!"

"Can’t do that girl. This is business – well, not all business. Gonna get me some pleasure too…Bend over a little bit, bitch. Don’t make me tell ya again."

Monique gasped as she looked back and saw that the thug had dropped his pants and was stroking his cock. A huge cock.

"Bend over, girl," the home invader ordered Monique. "Yo’ is got a sweet-lookin’ little asshole that’s just beggin’ for a big dick like mine to stretch it open! Here, let me help ya by shovin’ a couple my fingers in that pucker to loosin’ ya up a little bit."

His cock was hardening almost to it’s full 11 inches now.

"All white gals scream a little when theys first gets an ass-fuckin’ – but yo’ is gonna get used to it, I promises you."


Their captors already had a ready and willing buyer for freshly-kidnapped sisters Daria and Monique. Located deep inside the inner city, where even the most hardened gangs dare not invade, was the decades-old slave auction operation R.I.P. Sales. R.I.P. was run by a relocated hillbilly family, the Hathcourts, headed by a group of elderly sisters. Backed up by their fearless and ruthless country-bred menfolk, the Hathcourt white slavery organization did business with all and was challenged by none.

R.I.P. bought new girls, broke them down over a period of a few months, then put them up for auction. Bids usually started at $10,000, so it was safe to say that this family-run business turned a tidy profit even after all the payoffs to crooked politicians and cops to make sure that there were no unforeseen problems.

When Mina Hathcourt opened the door to admit the newest slave delivery, she was pleasently surprised; Monique and Daria were definitely above-average in looks and their ages of 18 and 19 would bring in really high bids at auction. And not only that, but they both made Mina's pussy start to wet right then and there. She was one who happened to believe in mixing her pleasure with business..

"Well, well, well....Just lookee what we got here. Two sweet-lookin' little gals if I do say so myself," Mina cackled " You won't have to bargain with me for the price of these two," she told the girls' black kidnappers. Bring them right in. You just earned yourselves top dollar."

Belinda was one of the Hathcourts' most reliable female clients. She considered herself a re-seller of attractive girl slaves; buying them, then keeping them for a couple of months in order to refine their talents, she had a waiting list of anxious ladies - most of them brothel Madams - just waiting to see what fine piece of white pussy she had for their inspections.

Belinda paid good money for Daria without any hesitation. She knew that after she was through with her particular brand of training, she would still easily get at least double the profit.

Daria was physically and emotionally broken. She had recently seen her beloved older sister Monique claimed as permanent property by one of the older Hathcourt sisters. Instead of being sold at auction like Daria, Monique would spend the rest of her life being the person slave to an ugly old hag named Rona.

They didn't even allow Daria to say goodbye to her sister; they just laughed and said, "Your sister's too busy eating old Rona's cunt right now to say anything to you. If you listen hard, though, you can hear Rona gruntin' and moanin'. That's because your sister's doin' such a good job."

"You is cryin' 'cause you ain't gonna see yo' sister no mo'," Belinda said as she selected a paddle to begin her training of Daria. "But you ain't gonna be rememberin' anything 'bout her in another week or so. All you is gonna be able to think about is pleasin' me. "Cause pleasin' me is the only way you is gonna be able to keep me from usin' this wood paddle of mine on ya."

"Let me lick all them tears from yo' face, girl. You is cryin' 'cause you never is gonna see yo' sister again. But don't you worry none - this paddle is gonna makes ya forget about everything 'cept eatin' my black pussy time and time again..."


It was three weeks of constant punishment and sexual training before Belinda decided to give Daria a little test in order to see if she had truely began to learn her lessons.

Daria seemed to have been making great progress in becoming a completely compliant and obedient sexual toy. Especially last night when she had opened her mouth wide as Belinda squated over her and used her as a toilet. But tonight Belinda would give her slave trainee a chance to show how she could please one of Belinda's oldest customers, Senora Trecado.

Senora Trecado ran a string of lesbian bordellos in Central America, catering to the morbid sexual fetishes of those in the highest ranks of the hidden lesbian society. Those ladies had tastes that could only be addressed by someone like Senora Trecado. The Senora was understanding; she didn't judge, she just got them the pretty Anglo girls that they wanted and sometime took came of disposing of any evidence. And like Belinda, the Senora liked her business very much and made sure to have her old ancient pussy kept pleasured as well.

"So this is the Anglo girl you have told me so much about, the one who swallows you piss and eats from your ass," Senora Trecado observed as she began removing her clothes. "I'm sure that after she's finished pleasuring me, she will eat from my ass as well, no?"

"Of course she will, Senora. she's a sweet girl, a good girl. She's gonna show you what a good buy she'd be. Yeah, Daria here would be real popular with your clients, I promise you."

"Come here, Anglo girl," Senora Trecado ordered. " It is time to show me how good a girl you are. And if you're really good, I'll reward you by letting you eat out of my nasty old hairy ass."


Monique now had no one left in the world. There now was only the old wrinkled woman who owned her. Rona Hathcourt had put in her person money to defray the losses that the family would otherwise have taken because of Monique's not going up on the auction block. But to Rona, having Monique's lovely tongue for her personal use and to be able to fuck Monique's tight pussy with her big fist would make it worth it all.

But Rona knew that preparing Monique for her role as a life-long slave would require a lot of effort, but that was something that Rona didn't mind spending time with. Maybe a year, an entire year of training before Monique would be so broken in that she could be given another name and taken into marriage as Rona's young, obedient lesbian bride.

Rona started things off easy at first, subjecting Monique to long sessions of hand-spanking and belt-whipping. Of sourse, there were many breaks in which Roan allowed the grateful slave the opportunity to lick her old pussy. Rona's experienced cunt leaked thick, foul-tasting juices, but Monique found herself getting used to it. Monique had even tasted old Rona's brown asshole without complaint.

She had tried to retain some of her self-worth and dignity but the punishments had begun to make into the nasty little slut slave that Rona wanted her to become.

"Now we're gonna put on a nice show for my sister," old Rona informed her slave. " I'm gonna whip you until you faint, then I'm gonna revive you and then I'm gonna start all over again. You're gonna scream and cry and my sister there is gonna love it. But it's gonna be one of the worst nights of your life, dear, I promise..."


Another Slut is Acquired. There was a big demand for pretty white girls by the slave-sellers in the inner city. The pimps, sexshow operaters and brothel keepers needed new flesh and needed it bad. Lots of money to be made. Lots of horny, dark cocks just wanting to have a chance at one of those strange, exotic white gals from the surburbs.

Big Ben was one of the biggest and baddest slavesellers in the area. He run a operation that used enslaved white girls as sex hostesses and strippers in his private clubs before he actually sold them on the auction block. Big Ben always had the word out that he was wlling to pay some good prices for young, good-looking white gals between 18 and 21. Real good money. Just the kind of good money that Jethro was going to get by selling Veronica.

Veronica had been a prancing, carefree college cheerleader until last night. Now she was getting fucked over and over again before Jethro was ready to take down to Big Ben's to sell her for some quick cash.

"You ain't gonna be cheerleadin ' at that college no more, bitch," Jethro grunted as he rammed his dick into Veronica. " Now on, you just gonna be another whore earnin' money for who is ownin' ya.


Veronica Arrives At Her New Home. The regular whores who worked at Big Ben's central city brothel were so happy to welcome the new white girl named Veronica. The past few days hadn't been good for Veronica and things look as though they were only going to get worse for her.

Big Ben's wife Orlena had paid out the money, but she knew her husband would approve. This crying, depressed white girl was just the type who would earn them a nice little pile of cash before they finally sold her off to an interested customer.

In the meanwhile, Orlena and the whores would keep Veronica company and make sure that she had the right attitude before meeting Big Ben when he returned from a very busy business trip. Big Ben didn't like to waste time on a slave; he wanted her ready to do what she was told and start making him money right away. Veronica would need a bit of training before he returned and had his first look at her.

Orlenaknew it was up to her to make sure that Veronica was taught thecorrect ways of a sex slave and how to become one. It would be so much fun for Orlena and the whores to personally teach her....

"No need for all them dears, white girl. Me and all these other bitches is gonna make sure that you gets trained to be a real proper slave. We is gonna hurt you a lot, but you'll start to like it. I promise."


Ben Ben's Slave Hostesses Bring in the Bucks. Big Ben, being a step above the average inner city pimp and slave trader, had a winning formula of making his newly-broken slave bitches earn him big amounts of cash by being sex hostesses in his string of heavily-guarded private sex clubs.

There, compliant white slavegirls danced nude on stage when not entertaining various Masters and Mistresses in their assigned booths. The customers flocked in large numbers to Big Ben's clubs for the chance to be able to fuck submissive hostesses right in their booths while ordering Big Ben's overpriced wines and champagnes.

His clubs all had the atmosphere of public orgies. Both rich and the very poor visited and spent their money.

Athough the cheap fabric that covered the seating was frayed, stained and smell heavily of spent semen, the young and obedient slave hostesses could be ordered to suck customers' cocks and then laid on their backs and ravaged right then and there in the booths. Before they were put up for sale at auction, quite a few of the slave hostesses were bought right at the club. Sometimes there was nothing better than fucking a sweet slave's tight pussy to inspire a customer to put up the money in order to take her home with him.

It was not unusual for the aging, druggie whore Annie and her long-time pimp boyfriend to visit Big Ben's clubs in order to scout out fresh potential talent for their thriving street prostitution business. It was Annie who would spot a slave that she liked and recommend that her pimp make the purchase.

Annie liked having the power to pick a slave who would suffer a hopeless fate selling her body and getting fucked on filthy mattresses in dirty back alleyways. At the moment, Annie was in the process of choosing a pretty 19 year-old slave who she knew would lure the eager, ready-to-pay street thugs and bums and their leaking cocks.

"Yeah, girl, you need to use both hands to jerk off my pimp's big dick. He's also gonna be your pimp pretty soon 'cause he's gonna buy you and put you to work on the street....."

Slave Hostess Vera Gets Used. Killa was immediately interested in having young Vera serve as his Hostess when he saw how she looked in the microskirt that was the standard Hostess uniform of the slavegirls who worked Big Ben's clubs. Killa's huge dick - and it was huge - twitched in his pants as Vera walked by wearing that little whorish micro skirt that showed her bare ass and shaved cunt. He paid the twenty dollars fee and also ordered the hundred-dollar bottle of champagne to be brought to their reserved booth.

Killa wasn't one to waste time. He had made up his mind to spend a lot of his precious money and buy Vera to serve as his domestic slave back at his shabby one-bedroom basement home in the far end of the ghetto. And he would show Vera how lucky she was going to be by being owned by a Master who would keeping her for himself instead of putting her to work as a prostitute.

But Vera didn't feel lucky as Killa pushed her back on the tattered seat of their booth and pulled out that monster cock of his.

"Please-no!" Vera's eyes widened in shock as she saw the size of his dick.

Killa slapped her hard and she went quiet and stayed down as he spread her thighs. He really liked how she looked in that microskirt.

"Whore, you little whore," Killa said as he crudely shoved his dick into her. He wasn't gentle, hurting her as her unprepared cunt struggled to stretch around that big dark meat of his. "Stay down there and take all this cock I'm givin' you!"

"You havin' trouble takin' all this dick, ain't ya? Quit cryin', you whore! You only got half of it in ya!" Killa laughed as he forced more inches of his monster cock up the slave's pussy. " Move your hips, baby. Work it in all the way up to my balls, you whore!"


Big Ben Chooses a Personal Slave. Big Ben usually didn't form any personal relationships with the slavegirls who worked his clubs and who he then sold at generous price to a never-ending stable of eager customers. Pussy was pussy and money was money. But when Ellen was offered to him, something made him decline to put her to work in his club or even consider selling her on the open market.

Ellen was a slender, lithe 19 year-old captive who had been studying to be a ballet dancer. Big Ben practically drooled when he first saw her; she was going to be his exclusive property, he decided.

He really liked having her dance like a whore for him down in the secured basement room of his club. He made her wear one of the microskirts that he liked his slave hostesses to wear along with ankle stockings and big-heeled clog shoes. Ellen might have wanted to be a ballerina, but now she was forced to dance like a whore stripper while Big Ben stroked his huge black cock watching her.

He would command Ellen to bump and grind, sticking her tight, well-shaped ass out from under that little skirt. Then, as always, Big Ben and his big meat couldn't take it any more and he would grab her from behind and start digging a big finger in Ellen's pucker, getting her ready...

Ellen would know what was coming. " Uhhhhh....Ohhhhh Godddd....Nooooooo...." she would plead. Then she would feel the head of his cock against her anus, then the overwhelming pain as Big Ben slowly began to pressin the rest of his hard meat. She had no choice but to give in and accept the torture that was the twice-a-day ass-fucking that Big Ben liked to give her.

Big Ben liked the way Ellen screamed as he fucked her tight asshole hard. Sometimes she almost fainted from the agony. He gripped her by her waist while he starting setting his rythmn, slamming his big cock deep inside her protesting rectum.

"You mine bitch! That sweet ass is mine!"


The Gangster Buys a Mother and her Daughters. Wes had been waiting for a long time for a mother and daughter slave sale, had been saving his money for the occeassion for a long, long time. He knew that Big Ben would charge a steep pricebut he was more than willing to pay it.

Mira Miller was a still-attractive 40 years of age; her two daughters, Bonnie and Mildred, were 18 and 21 years respectively. Mira's late husband was a big-time drug dealer who had tried to cheat the wrong type of people. The media was full of stories speculating about the Miller females' disappearance but no one had a clue to their real fate.

The mother and daughters had been especially broken and trained - but not pussy-fucked - by Big Ben and his whores, making their value even higher. Especially for Wes. With the fifty thousand dollars in cash paid to Big Ben, Wes visited Mrs. Miller and her two lovely girls in their exhibition cell before he arranged to transport them to the especially-built cells that he had constructed in the basement of the big, isolated house that he owned.

"Let's see if your little bitch daughters know how to suck cock," he told Mrs. Miller. "If they don't do a good job, it's gonna get you all a real bad beatin' when I get ya home, understand?"

They understood and the daughters took turns pleasuring Wes's throbbing dick with their obedient mouths until Wes could feel the jizism start to churn in his low-hanging balls.

"Keep goin', the both of ya," Wes commanded the daughters as he pulled the subbing Mrs. Miller against him. "C'mon, show how good a mom you are and give me some real good kissin' while your daughters are worshipping my cock."

Mrs. Miller showed her submissiveness by trading deep wet tongue kisses with Master Wes while her two well-trained daughters sucked his big cock until he rewarded them by filling both their mouths with his thick cum. "That's it, milk it, swallow it," Wes ordered.

"I'm gonna breed you and your daughters day and night. All three of ya are gonna belong to me for the rest of your lives. From now on, your duty is gonna be suckin' my cock to get it hard to fuck your girls in front of ya. Gonna be keepin' all three of ya pregnant with my black babies. You want that, don't ya, bitch?"

"Yes, Master."

Showing Their Sincerity: The two pretty blondes, Rachelle and Mandy, had both been captured about the same time and both had undergone the same relentless, hard training that had stripped them of their identity and self-worth. The merciless whippings and seemingly endless spankings from hands, belts and leather flogs had made sure that Mandy and Rachelle were no longer the defiant, resistant upper class college girls who had been dragged in, kicking and screaming. Now they were thoroughly broken in and ready to be shown to the crowd of eager, would-be buyers who would be arriving in the morning.

The captured pair had shivered when their main trainer had mentioned that maybe they both needed to be subjected to one more night of really hard punishment in order to be sure that they were indeed worthy of being sold. Just the thought of that was enough to cause them to panic and cry. Their begging was enough to convince the Trainer to give them the chance to prove that they were sincere in their determination to serve and service whoever they were honored to be bought by.

Mandy teased the Trainer’s big cock with her soft lips while Rachelle gently sucked his balls. The Trainer’s dick started to grow hard and lengthen in size.

“You two little bitches just might worth sellin’ after all. You both keep on doin’ what you’re doin’ and I’ll fuck ya both instead of spending the night whippin’ ya.”


A Family Matter: Miss Martenez ran a white slave-selling operation that specialized in selling slaves who were somehow connected to the illegal drug trade. This made things easier for Miss Martenez because those type of girls were rarely reported missing and when they were, it was naturally assumed that they were dead. They would be written off by authorities and relatives as most likely done away with by drug organization-connected killers and therefore not searched for as rigorously.

Miss Martenez didn’t sell any girls who took drugs or sold drugs; she preferred those who were unfortunate enough to be the girlfriends or relatives of drug-connected individuals. Some were taken as payment for unpaid debts, others were betrayed by jealous wives or lovers.

The most sought-after slave options were the surviving female family members of a recently-slain drug dealer. Frequently the dealer’s remains simply ‘disappeared’ after being killed, along with those of his family. At least that was the prevailing thought – except for the fact that sometimes the surviving legal-aged females of the family often ended up being sold by Miss Martenez.

Miss Martenez especially enjoyed the selling of a deceased drug-dealer’s surviving female family members. They brought a premium price when all sold together. And Miss Martenez loved all the drama that came with it.

Right now, it was a still-attractive mother and her two pretty daughters. Mr. Fernandez had just bought the three of them and they would spend the rest of their lives satisfying him together…..


Granny Comforts Her Sweet 19 Year-old Slave: Granny Merriweld lived, tucked way, in her old, run-down mansion that was situated in the middle of her vast, isolated property that was located far from the nearest town or city. Mrs. Merriweld might be alone except for the fact that her land was patrolled by many armed guards and usually there was a pretty young slavegirl locked away in one of the many rooms of Merriweld’s mansion. Locked away for the sole pleasure of Granny Merriweld.

For a rich old crone like Granny, there was nothing better than having a beautiful young girl to keep her ancient pussy all warm and satisfied. And Granny could afford the high cost of trading in and buying a new slave every year or so; after all, variety helped keep Granny Merriweld interested and looking forward to new experiences.

Marian was 19 and well-trained, freshly purchased by Granny within the last couple of days. A cute girl. Broken, but still missing her former friends and family. Granny would take her time with Marian. Torment and whip her a few times before teaching her just how Granny preferred having her pussy eaten.

The new slavegirl was all distressed and needed a little comforting before being started on her lessons. Granny knew just how to make her new slave relax a bit more…...

“Come here, girl. Put your sweet mouth around my big old nipples and suckle them. You’ll feel all better…..”

The Domestic SlaveТs Duty: Make sure that every dish is absolutely clean and sparkling, Mr. Pauley insisted as he nuzzled his pretty slaveТs bare shoulder with his stubbled chin. We want everything to be perfect here, donТt we? After youТre done here in the kitchen, thereТs plenty of work to be done getting the rest of the house in order. WeТve got company tonight. Some very old friends of mine that IТm inviting over to meet you. TheyТre anxious to see the new slave that IТve paid so much for. Maybe IТll let them sample you and see for themselves how good a piece of pussy you can put out. YouТd like that, wouldnТt you?

18 year-old Fiona paused just a bit in her wiping of the dish she was holding. Yes, Sir. Whatever you wish, Sir. There was no hope for her now, she knew that. There was only her duty to satisfy her Owner.

Mr. Pauley was pleased with FionaТs servile attitude. He nudged close behind her now, his hardening cock touching her. YouТre a good bitch. All sweet and obedient. Maybe I wonТt use my belt on you today. Maybe youТd rather I fuck you a lot instead. Would you like that? He was beginning to feel more and more horny. I think youТd like that. You want to please me, donТt you?

Yes, Master. I want to please you.

Yeah, youТre such a good slave. Worth the price I paid, Mr. Pauley grunted as he guided his cock to FionaТs asshole. You just keep on working while I enjoy fuckinТ your ass.

Ohhhh. Fiona clinched her teeth as Mr. PauleyТs big cock forced itТs way inside her hurting rectum. Uhhhh.Ohhhhhh


Slave Cecile Meets Her Asian Owners: Mr. Watanabe was proud of his latest slave purchase. He was a very fussy buyer and he had spent quite a few weeks on his last European trip searching for just the right slave to buy for his demanding wife and her sister. The French girl,19 year-old Fiona, had been the daughter of a recently deceased French industrialist. A girl who had been a socialite and who had been well-known in the closed circles of the upperclass elite. Just the right kind of girl for being a life-slave to service Mrs. Watanabe and her horny sister, Iko. And it didnТt hurt that Fiona would be available as a fucktoy for Mr. Watanabe whenever he had the urge.

For a previously sheltered and spoiled girl like Fiona, the last few days had disorienting and practically imaginable. The strange men who had kidnapped her had been so mean and had hurt her so much when she had not followed their orders promptly enough. She had soon learned to respond to her rapists like a well-trained street whore; otherwise there would be those painful punishments.

And then the strange Asia man had come and taken her; shipped her in a crate on his private plane.

Mrs. Watanabe was pleased with the new slave that her husband had brought, although she was careful not to show it too much.

You are sure that this white girl is the kind who will attend to her duties? I donТt want to waste too much time having to whip her into line, Mrs. Watanabe sternly told her husband as she and her ever-present sister, Iko, had their first look at Fiona.

You donТt have to worry about this one, Mr. Watanabe told his wife. She comes from a upper-class background and understands what it means to service oneТs Superiors. SheТll do a good job of keeping you and your sister satisfied.

Good. That means weТll only have to punish her for the fun of it.


Ivana Is The Property Of An Arab Master: It was a long way from her native Russia and it was not the fate that Ivana had in mind when she had interviewed for the modeling position advertised in the ad. The ad had promised great pay for beautiful blonde models and travel to exotic locales around the world. Ivana had been surprised and confused when the modeling job was replaced by the job that the big, rough men had in mind when they had her out of the country.

Through months of nothing but rapes and beatings, Ivana learned that her new job would be as an obedient fuck-whore whose duty was to please any cock that used her. In whatever way it used her. Failing to please meant immediate and very painful punishment; even more painful than being fucked hard repeatedly in her well-shaped ass. Soon, for Ivana, her dreams and family were nothing but distant memories. She was now ready for her final destination, the Middle East.

Master Abu catered to a clientele of middle-class merchants and businessmen who particularly liked to be able to fuck young, pretty Western blondes. Ivana was his newest purchase. Abu would put her with the rest of the Western slaves - after he was done using her himself. He was of the opinion that if a slavegirl could get used to taking his big cock, she would have no trouble servicing those of his many customers.

She had such a hard time taking AbuТs giant dick and the way he fucked her. Even all the brutal rapes she had previously endured had not prepared her enough for what Abu had to offer her.

Are you sure she can handle another fucking from your cock? Master AbuТs assistant was worried. She looks like she canТt take any more of you, Master.

Master Abu laughed. Of course sheТll take it! SheТll take all the cock that I put to her! ThatТs how I break them in! Climb onto AbuТs cock, Western girl, and ride until you faint again!

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Slave City [HINES]


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The walled-in "Slave City" section of the city was located in the more unsavory part of town. The law and the authorities didn't go there or do anything that might interfere with the blatantly immoral and illegal operations that were a normal facet of life there. After all, even the politicians and the judges needed an established, reliable vendor of slavegirls from time to time. Better to be able to purchase a nice piece of slave-flesh from someone you're familiar with rather than relying on some unknown foreign-based entity.

Slave City's merchants were known for their wide array of offerings of female slaves. Drugs and other criminal activities were discouraged (strongly) there; the preferred activity of Slave City was white slavery. The merchants there prided themselves on their dedication and devotion to the best service when it came to providing prospective slave owners with quality captive pussy. Beautiful, healthy, prime pussy-meat and plenty of it. Brought in from all corners of the country by wide assortment of various Slave Hunters lured by the hefty bounties paid for their captured prey.

Slave Hunters came in all sizes, backgrounds and were both male and female. One of the best female Hunters was Big Irma, whose huge size was only matched by the large sexual appetite she exhibited for some of the pretty slaves in her custody while in route yet another handsome profit from her wholesale buyers at Slave City. More than a few times, Irma ended up pocketing less cash than originally intended because of a last-minute reluctance to part with a particular slave that she had become particularly fond of while transporting her to a waiting buyer. Rumor had it that Big Irma's secluded country home was equipped a vast underground warehouse stocked full of pretty, obedient slavegirls whose only purpose was to tend to their Mistress's very substantial needs....

Prolific Slave Hunter Big Irma was a familiar visitor to the single nondescript door at the rear wall of Slave City. Only through this door, always tended by the affable Miss Sarah, were new slaves delivered by their various Hunters. Usually accompanied by a chattering gaggle of the female midgets referred to as 'Littles', the smiling Miss Sarah would pass the visiting Hunters and their latest human cargo by the serious, ever-ready armed guards who stood just inside the entrance.

Today Irma came flush with nearly a dozen freshly-abducted slaves in tow. "Hmmmm, now Irma, I see you've done got us some really fine pieces of stuff there," Miss Sarah observed, casting an approving eye especially on the tall blonde shackled directly behind the big Huntress. "Are you gonna be sellin' all of 'em or you gonna keep one or two for yourself again?"

A place like Slave City could not exist without at least the tacit consent of the larger city's governing elite. And the elite's cadre of politicians, law enforcement officials, business interests and media all turned a blind eye to the ongoing slave-trade that flourished within the walls there. But not a totally blind eye. of course: Each week more than a quarter million dollars in bribe money found it's way into the hands and pockets of city and regional officials in return for their inability to recognize what everyone knew was happening down in Slave City.

Making things even more interesting was the fact that quite a few of the city elite not only tolerated the various sordid activities that characterized Slave City, but also were participated in them. Unseen and unacknowledged to others, many of the stately manors and assorted elite private clubs, on close examination, contained well-hidden, sound-proof dungeons stocked with comely slave maidens who tended to every vulgar, base need.

Tossing aside their cloaks of respectability, some of those proper citizens occasionally used the services of the various slave merchants to solve personal 'problems or settle old scores. One example was the Mayor's wife, Mrs. Nanering, a outwardly proper and staid matron of the city's social upper-crust.

Mrs. Nanering had long been enraged by the rather aggressive reporting by a certain young writer for the local newspaper; a series of articles hinting of possible backroom deals by Mayor Nanering with some of the city's real estate developers. The Mayor, secure in his power and connections, laughed off the reports but his wife was one who carried a grudge. And it was one of the slavers in Slave City to which she turned to in order to exact her revenge.

The crusading reporter, Shelly Flynn, along with her unfortunate female roommate, Diane, disappeared from their apartment one night. The three kidnappers were silent and efficient, like they'd done something like this many times before. The pain caused Miss Flynn to regain consciousness. She was being flogged by a strange black man in this large, rather dingy room. Facing her was a small party of people. Miss Flynn was startled even more to see that leading the pack was the Mayor's portly wife. Something was different about Mrs. Nanering now. Maybe it was how she had her dress pulled down, exposing her big breasts. Maybe it was how she had her legs spread wide so that Shelly's friend, Diane, could continue eating her pussy....

"I've never been a person who could forgive a slight easily, my dear," Mrs. Nanering told Shelly. "It's too bad that your pretty little friend here got caught up in all this, but it's your fault. But I'm not a heartless woman - since she's really trying her best with that tongue of hers, I'm considering keeping her. My husband and I have the most darling little cell built in the basement of our home. "

"But you, you meddling bitch, are going to spend the rest of your miserable life working in a whorehouse down here. Our dark friend here is going to keep whipping you until you're ready to beg me to let you stick your tongue up my ass while I pass some shit. Then we're all going to spend some real quality time letting you show us how sorry you are before we watch you get dragged off to your new life...."

Within the slave commercialism of Slave City, the female midgets that people referred to as 'Littles', were everywhere. Almost every slave merchant's operation had 'Littles' on their remises; roaming freely, mostly naked, their food and lodging provided to them. Legend had it that they were good luck for any merchant that sheltered and pampered them.

But the Littles also provided a real service to the slave sellers that catered to them. These small ladies were mostly the ones who helped deliver the slaves' food; who assisted with punishment and bathing; who were the slave-sellers' ever-present eyes and ears within their large slave-holding areas, reporting back on any possible escape plots or other potential troubles. And although their physical statures might have been on the smaller side, their sexual urges toward the many nubile slave maidens with whom they spent so much time. Some Littles boldly approached their targeted slavegirls, threatening to make trouble for them if they refused to cooperate; others took advantage of the slaves' despairing loneliness and hopelessness, offering false sympathy and comfort in return for a sexual relationship. It was said that few of the most lusty slave-buyers could match a 'Little' in regards of getting their sexual satisfaction. It was quite common for a Little to receive as many as a dozen orgasms a day from a multitude of captive slave tongues. After all, it was so easy for one of them to straddle her slave's face, offering a small, available pussy for servicing. So easy to eventually shift that small asshole forward in order to impale it on the slave's tongue....

Little Rhia always prowled her Master's collection of slave holding-cells in search of a new captive who appealed to her. Tonight it was the frightened new blond arrival named Marian who caused Rhia's nipples to harden; perhaps it was those bright green eyes, so wide with fear, so filled with tears....

"Ohhhhh, you poor, poor girl," Rhia whispered in her most soothing of voices. "So scared, I know how you must feel. And I see that those mean men have abused you. I'm so sorry that they hurt you. Look, I'll talk to them and tell them to be nicer to you, okay? Wouldn't you like that? I'll tell them that we're close friends and that we're in love, okay? Oh, you can't talk with that horrible gag, can you? Tell you what, I'll take it off so you and I can kiss. Here, why don't I scoot you down a bit so that you can be more comfortable on your back.....?"

The midget maidens were always quick to recognize a particularly vulnerable slavegirl and then arrange for her to be removed from the main group of prisoners. The targeted girl was usually much more servile and cooperative once she was isolated with only the Littles being her only human contact. The slave merchants tolerated this; one or two slaves would not be missed from the large number they dealt with. As a rule, chosen slave would most likely be taken to her tiny hosts' living quarters and kept there, locked in one of the special cells created for just such a purpose. There, if she was smart, she would entertain one Little Mistress after another. She would soon realize just how all-encompassing her duties were, how difficult it would be to be forced to fully satisfy every gentle demand made by as many as a dozen little resident pussies and assholes. It would sometimes be almost impossible for her to sleep more than an hour at time before being awakened by a miniature cunt being pushed against her face or a little fist being inserted deep in her cunt...

Slave Marian had been the chosen one this time. Securely kept in the midget women's' so-called 'orgy room', Marian was trying her best to keep them happy through her oral efforts. But it was becoming harder and harder to keep up with their many demands on her time and her tongue; a tongue that was now sore and felt raw from hours upon hours of licking, sucking and kissing a seemingly endless line of midget cunts, anuses, toes and even underarms. Furthermore, much to her surprise, there was also painful punishment - although it was given under the guise of it being a just another part of sex. But the paddles favored by her small hostesses did hurt; a few times she passed out from the agony inflicted by those full-weight swings administered by competing paddlers. They were always so sorry when Marian came to; soothing and comforting her by guiding her pretty, flushed face to their pussies. "Poor girl," one would say. "Here, eat my cunt and make yourself feel better...."

Slave Marian was a keeper, her Little Mistresses decided. She always tried so hard to please and was now compliant, so open to whatever sexual demand made upon her, no matter how perverse. Yes, Marian was a ' house slave' to be proud of - so much so that they frequently invited ladies from other Little Mistress groups over to experience Marian for themselves.

Even the visiting Little Miss Juanita, known for her rather bitchy and demanding attitude when it came to sex, was impressed with this Slave Marian. Especially impressed at how Marian pushed and rimmed that talented tongue of hers around and inside Miss Jaunita's anus.

"God! She's so good!" Juanita exclaimed, her pussy and asshole still twitching from her second orgasm......

Slave-selling was not only commerce in Slave City. The abundance of attractive female chattel also provided a ready and cheap source for staffing the many sex clubs populating the area. It was said that in Slave City, one could easily find fashion-model quality slaves serving in even the most dingy and squalid of clubs; that for a few dollars, one could subject a nineteen year-old slave with Miss Universe looks to the most degrading of sex. Indeed, the Slave City strip clubs, sex bars and whorehouses were known for the beauty of the captured and collared slavegirls who worked there; so much so that they attracted cusomers from across the state.

Not only did the various clubs cater to the expected influx of male customers, there also existed quite a number of sex establishment catering to female clients. The lesbian Club Matrixia For Women, for example, was a large establishment divided into four main 'lounges' in the front, with each lounge containing a score of 'private' rooms conveniently located to it's rear. The typical Club Matixia customer was an mature female executive or businesswoman, although there women who hailed from all walks of life.

She came to experience a leisurely period of time with the slavehost of her choice and to have herself serviced and pleased in any manner that she might dictate. The rates were not cheap but there was rarely a complaint about that; after all, that young slavehostess was invariably beautiful of face and body and subservient. No sexual demand would be refused and the slavehostess knew better than to leave her customer unsatisfied. Some ladies came to stay any hour or so, quite a few other paid for overnight or weekend privileges. One could choose a slavehostess strictly for sex or pain or both (the Club retained a wide variety of whips, paddles and straps for rent).

As in most of Slave City's sex bars and clubs, the main attraction at Club Matixia for Women was definitely the rather plain, aging decor (although it was kept extremely clean). It's lesbian client's chief concern was the quality of the Club's impressive offering of SlaveHostesses; literal prisoners-of-love whose only duty was the pleasuring of the women who picked them from from the large photo book at the front bar.

Miss Abrams was very taken with her chosen slavehostess, Marian. She had instantly sensed this girl's almost innate submissive nature. " I'm a very successful woman, my dear," Miss Abrams told the girl as she explored her pussy with her strong, experienced fingers. Hmmm, nice and tight. " I have so many pressures, so many responsibilities and I need a sweet girl like you to relax me by giving me the satisfaction that I deserve. You'll do that, won't you, darling? Yes, I just know you're going to do your best to show me that I was right in choosing you...."

The Slave City whorehouses tended be a bit more on the sleazy side, if even that. But that didn't mean that the ladies forced the slavery of whoredom were lacking any more in the quality of their looks and pedigree than those who served in the more high-end clubs. Sometimes where a slave ended up was a mere result of a special sale price at the wholesale level or the consequence of a complaint from a customer. The only difference concerning the whorehouse slavegirls was that they usually began to lose their looks and spirit more quickly because of the rougher nature of treatment and a much higher use by their male visitors.

Sheryl hadn't been used up yet. being that she had been purchased from her slave seller only a couple days before. The whorehouse owner known as Greaser liked Sheryl's pretty girl-next-door face and her trim, twenty year-old body with those perky tits. He had over thirty slavewhores making him steady money on their backs, so it wasn't as if he was in any big hurry to rush this new girl into service. What's the use of having all a sweet little package of fuckmeat around if you can't enjoy it yourself, Greaser was fond of saying. And this one, a daughter of a cop, wasn't she? That made it so much better! So much better as she begged him as he and his house bodyguard walked her into the back room....

Sheryl cringed in pain as her new owner spread her legs and roughly started to force his impressive cock in her tight pussy. Greaser laughed at her distress and plunged himself all the way to the hilt.

"Just think of it, your ol' cop dad's probably runnin' around all crazy lookin' for his darlin' girl! Wonder what he'd say if he knew that his sweet gal was gettin' her cunt all fulled up with ol' Greaser's big dick, huh? Wonder how he'd say if he could see ya in a couple hours when me and my buddy here have ya movin' and fuckin' like a damn streetwhore?"

Although it was difficult for a Slave City Slave Wholesaler to end up losing money, the Tennet Brothers managed to do just that. The two siblings, Mitch and Madison, typified the ways to not operate a slave-selling business. It seemed that a Tennet slavegirl always carried permanent scarrings or marks on her body and she would most likely be too mentally damaged to be trained to serve at anything other than the most menial labors and be used as anything other than a low-status fuck-whore. A buyer could purchase a slave from the Tennet Brothers Slavery Co. at roughly half the price of one bought from the other sellers - but you get what you pay for. The area's back-alley whorehouses were packed with Tennet slaves; broken, limp girls who listlessly serviced those street tramps, drug addicts and blue-collar losers who frequented them because that was all they could afford. These poor girls were disposable and usually only lasted a few months before they had to be dispatched and sold as dog food....

The reason for the Tennets' sorry state of affairs was simple: Both were sadists who had gotten into the slave-selling as a way to be able to indulge their vicious urges rather than as treating it as a business. And being not too bright, they usually were barely able to make ends meet after paying for new slaves, the slave-holding facilities and the hired help.

Once again the Tennet Brothers were in the process of losing money as they allowed good buddy Harold to spend time with just-purchased Bernice. Ol' Harold liked to apply the hot iron to a slaves body over a period of hours. He loved the screams. Madison and Mitch liked hearing it also. Harold could only afford a few dollars for ruining a potentially profitable slave - but what the hell, he was an old friend from way back....

The slavers sold their human stock to both the usually affluent outsiders and to the usually less-than-affluent citizens who resided within the Slave City section. In fact, almost half the regular adult residents of Slave City were owners of one or more slavegirls. These people might have to save up a bit more in order to purchase a comely piece of slavepussy, but that never seemed to be a problem. Besides the increased sales, there was also an additional advantage of the "City's" common citizens being slaveholders; having experienced all the pleasures that went with owning a slavegirl in their homes, these citizens weren't likely to tolerate much in the way of anti-slavery agitation or to cooperate with any outside political concerns or law enforcement agencies bent on undermining their way of life.

Slave-owning crossed all social and economic barriers within the "City" and spurred on by the addition lure of a special 'Slave City Resident Discount', groups of women were just as likely as men to be found strolling amongst the many slave retailing stalls located in the central commercial area. Fully a half-dozen slave shops were owned by women slave sellers, some of them specializing in selling slave to women only. Dora's Slave Shoppe, owned by ex-judge Dora Walcott, catered only to female customers. Dora didn't spend much on the interior design or advertising of her modest operation. In fact, thee was no large outside street sign signifying her business; only a small handwritten placard stating "Dora's" on the simple metal door. But Dora had earned a reputation for offering a selection of only the most beautiful and compliant slavegirls between the ages of 19 and 22, with firm, unmarked bodies: girls from upper and upper middle-class backgrounds. Slavegirls perfect for providing both pleasure and for doing house labor.

Slave Paula was typical of the kind of slave available to the ladies who shopped at Dora's Slave Shoppe. An aspiring model and college student before she was kidnapped into bondage, Paula's haughty, Nordic looks had attracted most of the attention from the early female shoppers who cruised the various slave pens that filled the interior of the business. Paula's bidding price had peaked at fourteen thousand dollars, the winning bid put forward by the black wife of a local used car dealer, Pearl and her younger sister, Maybell. This was Pearl's third slave purchased at Dora's; word had it that Pearl and Maybell were ladies with unusually large sexual appetites. Whatever the reasons, here they were again.

"Damn, girl, you a fine, fine piece of tail!" Pearl intent of taking her time examining her latest buy. "Don't you think so, Maybell? Think this here gal is just the cutest little thing?"

"Yeah, she sweet, alright. Gonna need a lotta educatin' in how we want things done, though. I can tell she still got some ways to go in order to keep my hips movin', know what I mean?"

"Oh, get off it, Maybell. You was sayin' the same damn thing 'bout them other two bitches when we got 'em - and all them moans you was makin' last night sure didn't sound like you was complainin' in any way!"

Miss Ida and her Ma didn't make much money in their various house-cleaning jobs, but the thoughtful Resident Discount allowed for them to be able to afford to buy just the sweetest little nineteen year-old white gal the other week. Yep, a pretty, perky petite ex-cheerleader named Janet. Janet was yellin' and jumpin' up and down, cheerin' on her college football team a couple months ago. Now Janet's world was a completely different one; the squat, rotund black woman who cleaned floors and scrubbed toilets for a living was now the one who liked nothin' better than straddling Janet's chest in order that Janet mouth could do some intense cleanin' of that ol' black pussy. It seemed that in this tiny, substandard ghetto apartment, all life for Janet consisted of scrubbin', cookin' and pleasurin' Miss Ida and Ma.

Ma must have been in her late 80s or early 90s, but that didn't stop her from havin' Janet down on her knees eatin' Ma's old wrinkled cunt or suckin' at Ma's smelly asshole three or four times a day. Janet accepted her fate as a slave to these two old sistas, but it was still hard for her to get used to being regularly bent over by and paddled Miss Ida each day. It was so painful and Miss Ida always insisted that Janet thank her after each heavy stroke of that rough wooden instrument. Miss Ida keep tellin' Janet that she'd get used to it...

Miss Ida's usual daily routine with slave Janet was the dozen or so hard whacks with the paddle immediately upon arriving home for work. Then the fat old black woman would toss the slavegirl unto the bed for a session of face-riding Janet's cute pink lips for the first orgasm of the evening - as far as Miss Ida was concerned, that is; Ma's ancient pussy had usually had a lot of attention from Janet throughout the day.

Miss Ida's solid frame would shift it's crushing weight on slave Janet's as the captive girl licked and suckled on that thick black clit. "Um-Hum', yas, yas! Dat's the way, girl, dat's the way eat pussy! You keeps on goin' now, don't you stop. Your Miss Ida, she's gettin' ready to cum in yo' face! Yas, she gonna feed ya all kinds of pussy juice, have ya lap it all up....!"

One thing about Slave City: It sure did encourage entrepreneurship of behalf of it's citizens. Miss Ida, for example, finally realized that not only could her pretty white slave Janet be a source of much pleasure at home, she could also be a source of some much-needed supplemental cash when put to work out on the street. After arranging for a corner space in front of a grocery in return for a small daily fee, Miss Ida, with only a large window sign, an old armchair and a beat-up mattress, was ready for business. And to Miss Ida's delight, business was good. Nothing like an opportunity to fuck a cute piece of ass to make an afternoon stroll worthwhile. Convenient too. In her first two hours on the corner, slave Janet had fucked three customers, sucked off two others and had licked two cunts. Not bad. Already Miss Ida had begun to calculate how much of Janet's earnings could be set aside for the purchase of another slavegirl to work alongside her. Also, perhaps it might be a good idea to rent a larger apartment or a small house in order that she might set herself up as a madam with her own small stable of slave whores. Out such simple beginnings are fortunes sometimes made....

Miss Ida's first day as a street-corner vendor of slave pussy was coming to an end. Her pretty white slave, Janet, had attracted a surprisingly large number of customers who gladly paid the modest fee to sample what she had. Slave Janet's lips were sore from sucking all those cocks and clits, her mouth and throat tasted of putrid cum and cunt juices and her pussy was so raw that she cried and wrenched in pain as she took the cock of the last customer of the evening.

"C'mon, girl, sit yourself down on our nice gentleman's dick. Hurry up, gal, don't keep him waitin'! You don't wanna make me look bad in front of these other peoples, do ya?"

Janet groan was shrill as she impaled herself. It hurt something awful as she obediently began to move and grind her hips, thrilling the customer with her fucking.....

Lonnie had bought freckled-faced Claudette only a day before and he had already rode her with his big dick at least a dozen times. He didn't know what it was about her that made his cock instantly get hard and twitching, but whatever it was, she had it. Lonnie lived with his main woman, Scarlett, and although she had not hesitated in the least when it can to using slave Claudette to satisfy her own needs, Scarlett still was having a jealously problem. Damn, she thought, he's addicted to that bitch's pale pussy; every time I look, he's on top of her. It wasn't a case of Lonnie having ignored Scarlett. She still got her share of that hard fuckin' - it just wasn't as often as that new slave bitch was gettin' hers. Already, very tentative thoughts, tentative but dark, had begun flirting around in Scarlett's brain. Thoughts of perhaps poison or some kind of 'arranged' accident that would result on slave Janet no longer being around.....

Lonnie made his money in the City's shady underworld. Scarlett and he never discussed his 'work' - and she knew better than to ask. Lonnie could be quite dangerous if irritated in the slightest, so whatever Scarlett might consider in the way of ridding herself of this pesky slave would have to be done with great caution on her part.

Scarlett would have to hold her tongue and conceal her hostility toward this new slavegirl and all the attention being given her by Lonnie. Maybe, just maybe, Lonnie would actually injure the bitch by fucking her so damn often. Just like now: Lonnie had only been away for a little over an hour's time and it looked like he was getting ready to fuck slave Janet after having just returned to the house. Yes, Scarlett noticed the large bulging in his pants as he went over to the cringing captive and pulled her to him.

"You know, bitch, all I was thinkin' about was gettin' back home and fuckin' the shit outta ya," Lonnie told the slave. " C'mere, honey, give yo' Lonnie-man some more of those lovin' little kisses dat you do so well. Here, put yo' hand down here and feel how hard my dick is. Yeahhhh.....Big, ain't it? Shit, let's go inna bedroom now. I'm gonna fuck ya in the ass because I'm feelin' all randy-like, know what I'm sayin'?

"Scarlett, why don't ya come in with us? Got an idea, after I'm done fuckin' this bitch, why don't you go an' put on that big ol' strapon ya got and then you take your turn at drilling her in her ass while I watch? Yeah, I'd like to see that....."

Lonnie's big weakness was his gambling habit. Being young and somewhat overconfident, he was frequently easy pickings for the older, more experienced players who populated the card tables which he habitually sought out. it seems like Lonnie was always one winning card short of winning. Then one night he lost quite a lot to Big Benny, lost more money than he could get his hands on within the week. And Big Benny was definitely not the type of person who tolerated not being paid what he was owed. Lonnie, besides the bit of cash and car that he gave Big Benny to satisfy part of his debt, could offer only one other thing that might save his health and life prospects. And Big Benny took one look at slave Janet and decided to accept her as the remaining settlement to the debt owed to him.

Lonnie's cock had been large, but slave Janet soon discovered that Big Benny wasn't called that because of his height or weight! His hugeness stretched Janet's pussy and caused her to cry out in agony as he slam-fucked in that brutal way that he like so well. Her cries and screams were even louder when he turned her over on her stomach so that he shove that humongous shaft up her protesting rectum. She hoped that she might somehow stretch enough so that some of the distress might lessen - but he was just too big.....

"Uhhhhhh, here it comes, baby," Big Benny grunted as he once again began to crudely forced his monstrous cock into slave Janet's sore pussy. " Goddamn, gal, you is still tight! I ain't complainin' , though - I love feelin' my dick pryin' you open as it works it's way in....."

Janet head jerked from side to side and a hoarse gasp came from her cum-tasting throat as the head of Big Benny's thirteen inch shaft rammed against the rear of her uterine wall. "Hhhhhhhhuggggghhhhh....!" She felt as though she was being split apart.....

"Oh, yeah.... yeahhhhh. So good, baby... so goooooddddd...!"

Ronald Williams was one of the mid-sized Slave retailers who plied their trade in the seedy environs of Slave City. 'Ron's Slave Sales', while not as large an operations as some of the others, was still well-regarded for the quality of the slavegirls that populated it's stalls. Ron was a person who got in this rather unsavory field simply because he enjoyed having access to scores of pretty girls who couldn't say 'no' when he wanted his pleasures. Ron Williams had always had a big problem getting laid in his earlier days - the reason being that huge dick of his; the womenfolk tended to flee when they got a look at the size of it. There had also been many instances in which a woman had begged off after just a few minutes of having her insides battered by Ron's monster of a cock. For them, what Ron had for a cock was just a bit too much.

But the slavegirls that found themselves prisoners of Ron's Slave Sales could not say 'no' to the man who now was in complete control of them. They could only gag from trying to fit their captive mouths over that giant cock's width or whimper as it stretched their suffering pussies and assholes so much that it felt that their flesh would tear or rip. Out of each shipment of new slave meat, Master Ron would select two or three captives that especially appealed to him and keep them in a separate area to await his visits....

One of Master Ron's current choices for his personal attentions was a pretty 21 year-old filly named Anita. Anita had been previously engaged to a successful young man and had been looking forward to a wonderful life full of promise and contentment. Now all that was behind her as she gasped while obeying Master Ron's instruction to hold his cock in her dainty hands and admire it.

"It's all yours, gal," Ron whispered as he held Anita close to him. The slavegirl's fingers felt so good as they tried to wrap themselves around his huge meat. "Not many bitches get a chance to experience a superior dick like this one, so you should consider yourself real lucky."

Slave Anita suffered as Master Ron impaled her protesting pussy with his hard, huge pole. Ron liked to make his girls scream and squirm in their discomfort; it make him feel like a real macho man when they begged him to 'please stop, you're hurting me'. That only served to excite him more and keep his shaft hard as he ratcheted up the intensity of his sexual assault on their holes. He was assaulting Anita in one of the stall set aside for his 'personal-use' slavegirls while another chosen slavegirl looked one in horror in the knowledge that she would soon be subjected to the same treatment before the day was over. Ron always made sure that the other slaves who he had selected for himself would be able to look on or listen to the cries and moans of the bitch that he was raping; it thrilled him to know that they were trembling at the thought that they would have to experience the same terrible fate, that it would eventually be their turn. That made them sob and whimper in panic as he approached them with that grossly oversized, muscular cock fully erect and ready to do it's damage. He really enjoy that, making them cry even before he had started to press his big meat-weapon into their warm, yielding flesh.

Making it even more enjoyable at the moment was the presence of one of the midget maidens, Little Kari. Little Kari, ever the impertinent and irreverent sort, liked to closely observe Master Ron's rapes, making lewdly and sometime hilarious comments and even injecting herself into the action; licking Ron's balls or ass while he fucked or lending a small fist to whatever hole Ron's cock was not pummeling at the moment....

"Oh, fuckit, girl - you're acting like you haven't had a cock in ya before," chortled Little Kari as she watched slave Anita squirm and whine as Master Ron began to open up her cunt with his big dick. " Godamnit, Master, these young girls today just don't appreciate good lovin'! But she'll learn, she'll learn to appreciate it just like this other slavegal is appreciatin' how good my asshole tastes on her tongue."

Little Kari stretched out and pulled slave Anita's face toward hers. "Here, gimme that cute mouth of yours, girl - give your Little Kari some wet kisses while the Master fucks you...."

Miss Venus had just made her choice after careful consideration of all the new slave meat on display at Ron's Slave Sales. The petite slave Mary would suit her purposes just fine. The pale slave's next-door looks would be very popular as she was paired with some of the hardened bull-dyke and street ho performers in one of the popular lesbian sex shows that Miss Venus was known for putting on at her Venus Lesbian Palace. Her shows were usually old out in advance, the capacity audiences eager to watch as innocent slavegirls were put through their paces by the older veteran lesbian bitches that Miss Venus chose especially for their big clits and dominant sexual ways. The audiences loved seeing frightened and subservient slaves eating dome pussy and ass, painfully taking brutal fists and drinking quarts of dome piss. They howled with pleasure as the slavegirls screamed in pain as their dome partners flogged their tender bodies with an assortment of straps, belts, canes and paddles.

This slave Mary would be a perfect partner to endure the onstage attentions of Miss Bertha, a particular brutal and beefy street-whore who was a favorite performer of Miss Venus. Miss Venus would have to caution Betha, of course; Miss Bertha sometimes tended to get carried away and might damage this fragile little bitch if not properly -and repeatedly cautioned. But first, Miss Venus would keep Mary caged in her person quarters over the next week or so in order that she have the chance to show her new Mistress-owner the proper appreciation of being purchased.

Newly-bought slave Mary could only repress her urge to gag as she obediently open her mouth wide to accept the drooled spit offered her by her new Mistress-owner, Miss Venus.

"Ahhh, that's a sweet girl," Miss Venus said as her saliva trailed down to coat her new slave's submissive tongue. A cute, appealing tongue; so suitable for exploring all the dark, wet places that the Mistress had in mind for it. "Now taste it thoroughly before you swallow it. Mmmm, you like it, don't you...?

For a pair of mature, hard-edged dome dykes like Shona and Ginger, being featured performers at the Venus Lesbian Palace was a very pleasant situation in which they essentially got paid for indulging themselves to their heart's content. Both had deeply-ingrained traits of dominant/sadism and a definite liking for getting their pleasures from the rough use of their subservient slavegirl stage partners. Ginger was a good ol' country gal, a former biker mama and barfly. She had come to especially enjoy using the compact whip taken off the dead body of another rival domme in a fight over a young female captive that they had both claimed. That had been a decade ago, but Ginger had shown no signs of mellowing as she approached her middle 50s. Shona was a black former streetwalker and brothel whore, a real tough old sista who once took possession of a cute little blond gal from a particular tough pimp and his number-one ho by cutting their throats as they slept. She was too old to work the street corners now, but no matter as she had become an audience favorite at the Lesbian Palace with her sometimes savage ways in taking her pleasure.

These two hard-assed bitches had formed an unlikely friendship in the early days of their employment at the Palace that was first based on each admiring the other's work onstage. Now roommates in their moderate quarters located on an upper floor in the building that housed the Palace, Ginger and Shona were the types who sometimes tool their work home with them. Today their 'work' was poor slave Patty, a delectable piece of pussymeat who had been forced to serve as Shona's submissive partner in her time onstage. Only last night had slave Patty caused audience cocks to harden and audience pussies to moisten as she dutifully closed out their act by tearfully gulping down the foul lumps of turd that a squatting, sexually satiated Shona had grunted out of her ass. A standing ovation for Shona and her latest little bitch.

Miss Venus, ever so eager to keep one of her top performer domes happy and in the fold, had agreed to Shona's request to buy slave Patty for discounted sum. Patty would be replaced onstage by yet another slavegirl who would thrilled the onlookers by doing whatever Shona wanted her to; slave Patty's new mission in life would be as a live-in slave to her Mistresses Ginger and Shona.

Ginger patiently waited her turn with their new slavemeat, watching intently as her girlfriend Shona played tongue-tag with slavemeat Patty on the bed. Ginger noticed that Shona was in heat now, her dark skin glistening with a thin coat of sweat as she began working her hard, experienced fist into Patty's protesting asshole and she knew what was coming. What was coming was so much shrill screaming and shrieking from slavemeat Patty as Shona's black fist dug it's way ever so much deeper up Patty's rectum. Shona knew just how to inflict so much delicious agony without causing injury and everyone else on their floor would hear the slave's loud, pitiful cries as her dome Shona finally cored her relentless arm in up to the elbow.

Yes, Ginger had to wait for her chance to introduce herself and her whip to this new slavebitch, but in the meantime it was going to be quite a show.....

Of course the majority of lesbian purchases of slavegirls were for strictly non-commercial purposes. The ladies of the 12th Street Social Circle had pooled their monies to buy a fresh-faced virgin, a very expensive proposition indeed. Virgins of legal age were rare nowadays, so this had been no bargain. Fifty thousand was the non-negotiable price for the blond-tressed 23 year-old virgin former school teacher named Dianne. But the Circle ladies had wanted a beauty unspoilt by the cocks of men, someone of beauty and able to wet the panties of the members when they thought of their time with her.

Dianne had not been broken or trained like the majority of slavegirls purchased; the ladies of the Circle thought that it would be so much better to be able to themselves make her into the dutiful sexual slave maiden that they wanted her to be. This was slave Dianne's first night of enslavement at the Circles basement facility that they had set aside for her. Her first protests were discouraged by the whips that had been handed out to the first grouping of lust-eyed women who came to visit her and get acquainted. Miss Emma had drawn the first straw; she would have the honor of being the first to show slave Dianna how to eat a woman's pussy.

The slavegirl, a product of a religious upbringing, whetted the ladies' appetites with her pleadings as Miss Emma pulled her gently but firmly to the bed in which she would be performing her subservient duties to her Mistresses for the many years to come.

"Come, darling, climb on the bed with me so I can begin teaching you how to satisfy an experienced woman," Miss Emma insisted with an urgency resulting from a pussy twitching from anticipation.

"Oh, please! Please don't...." The slave's words were cut short by a half-dozen strokes of another lady's whiplet.

"Get your pitiful ass on the bed, you fucking thankless bitch," the other lady yelled at Dianne as she raised her arm to deliver another stinging blow.

"Now, now, no need for that, is there, dear? See, our sweetie was just a little shy, that's all. Here, my girl, suck on this tit. It will make you feel better...."

But even with the lesbian-oriented share of the slavery business, two-thirds of the retail buying market in Slave City still composed of men. Men, with their sometimes irrational sexual drives; men who felt the need to satisfy the urges that built up in their cocks, cocks that bulged and throbbed beneath all those trousers and jeans. The males just had to have it, just had to have that hard, snug feeling that came from having their dicks deep inside a slavegirl's pussy, mouth and ass.

These men made the slave-hunters, the slave wholesalers and retailers rich - or at the least, financially comfortable. Lust, pure and simple, was the name of the game. The captured slavegirls, from all walks of life and from all parts of the nation, were the living, human, chattel in this game, this business. They had no rights, no way of protest or resistance. They could only serve, to obey, to satisfy the needs of those who purchased their bodies.

So it still was back at Ron's Slave Sales as Master Ron enjoyed the supple body of yet another captured slavebitch who had caught his fancy. Her sale price, based on the fact that she had be so brutally used since she was bought wholesale, would be lower - but not so much as one would think. There were buyers who preferred bitches who had been sexually broken down by a crude stud like Master Ron; these slaves would feel a relief at servicing normal cocks and satisfying normal desires in contrast to what they had endured from his too-big shaft and his sometimes hour-long fuckings.

Ron's voice was guttural and hoarse as he grunted out orders to the slavemeat who sat astride him, her aching asshole impaled on his rock-hard shaft. " Work it, cunt. Work that ass. Keep it movin' ! Yeah, like that! Keep that butt movin! Faster!"

The slavegirl bounced her ass faster, up and down on that huge dick that felt like it would tear at her innards. The pain was so was overwhelming - but she had no choice but to give her Master what he wanted. Give him everything he wanted...

Although white slavery could be quite an uncomfortable experience for the slavegirls involved, there were instances of tenderness and consideration within the sales stalls within Slave City. Girls who, in normal circumstances, would have lived their lives confined strictly within a certain social strata, would now have the opportunity to meet and mix with new people and surroundings. So in a way, the slave retailers of Slave City were performing a valuable social service by bringing together people of different economic backgrounds and outlooks. Take slave Tammy, for example: If Tammy had not been abducted just two days before her wedding, she would probably would have spent most of her life in a dreary routine of upper-class pursuits and submitting to her dull financier husband's small cock. Now Tammy would be saved from all that, now she would be able to experience a almost radical change of scenery and living conditions...

The Ralston family had traveled hundreds of miles from their back-country farm to select a suitable life-slave to join and serve them. They were not rich by any means, having had to save money for years in order to be able to afford buying a slavebitch like Tammy. And yes, the Ralstons did like Tammy, liked her a lot. Such a nice girl, such pretty hair, such a wonderful body..... Mama and Grandma Ralston thought of how slave Tammy would be able to help out on the homestead by doing the cooking, housecleaning, farm labor - and Tammy's tongue would be used to satisfy their neglected pussies and assholes at night. Pa Ralston's thoughts were mostly of how he would be able to ram Tammy's holes whenever the urge prompted him - and he knew that those urges would be coming frequently...

"Yes, girl," Ma Ralston breathed into slave Tammy's ear along with a wet, appreciative tongue, "we're gonna take such good care of you. And I know you're gonna do your very best to take care of us, mmmmm? We know you are gonna enjoy your new life back at our place. It's kinda run down, but you'll be able to help tidy things up...."

While slave Tammy was only one girl and there was only so much that she could do, like any good slave, she did her best. Life on the Ralston homestead was somewhat difficult, but Tammy's efforts did manage to win over the approval of her new owners. As country people, the Ralston clan appreciated hard work when they saw it and they never hesitated to reward it. A good girl like Tammy, they all decided, deserved to be spared the pangs of loneliness when not hard at work cleaning up the barn or helping haul firewood or fetching water from the well... Pa Ralston made it his duty to visit slave Tammy a couple times during the day; her available pussy was always snug around his cock and she never failed to move and rotate her hips in the way that Pa liked.

But Ma, Pa and Grandma Raltson also shared Tammy with Cousin Roy. Cousin Roy was the one who helped things greatly around the farm with his truck and strong arms. It was only fair that Ray also be allowed privileges with cute, compliant Tammy. And it was also a chance for Tammy to have special time with someone closer to her own age.

Cousin Roy Raltson wasn't a greedy person; he didn't push for more time with Tammy, he was a patient and understanding young man. He always waited until slave Tammy had attended to the needs of the elder relatives' needs before dragging her into the spare bedroom in order to take what he wanted.

Roy liked fucking Tammy's tight ass, enjoyed ramming his hard dick hard and deep. Tammy's moans were so sweet to his ears.....

While some slaves like Tammy did travel far from the environs of Slave City to do their service for their new owners, others like slave Paula and slave Mildred, were slated to begin their new lives of servitude at locations only a few city blocks or so from the slave retail stalls from which they were purchased.

Madam Carla was an owner of a small but well-attended whorehouse situated on a trash-laden back street frequented by the lower strata of Slave City citizenry. But while Madam Carla might have catered to a sleazier clientele, that didn't mean that she wasn't dedicated to providing them with the best servicing from the mouths, asses and cunts of her small stable of slave-whores. Not many a customer stumbled from Carla's establishment without having his semen drained from his balls by the holes of her obedient slaves. Their total satisfaction kept them coming back, leaving their hard-earned money and having no complaints about leaving it.

Slaves Mildred and Paula's first hours of whorehouse work would be closely watched and supervised by Madam Carla to make sure that they displayed the proper positive attitude and learning abilities towards their new duties. The Madam had a sharp eye and was never hesitant to intervene in order correct a novice slave-whore; some of them would always need special instruction or guidance concerning their techniques or mental approach to the work that they were now obliged to do.

But the Madame was grudgingly pleased by how these two novices were performing. While slave Mildred was being approached by a customer who was telling her to bend over so he could push his dick up her ass, slave Paula was busy trying to stretch her mouth over and take in as much of an old black tramp's big cock down her throat as possible...

"They look like they're going to be good girls," the Madame said to herself. "Good girls, indeed...."

Within the slave value system, virgin slaves were held to be the most sought-after. A true, verified virgin's price could be two to three times the price of an non-virgin girl of equal looks and stature. There was quite a large waiting list ('special order') of well-heeled clients who were willing to pay the steeper price for the privilege of deflowering an innocent and previously - unfucked girl of 18 - 21. The slavers were constantly pressuring their contracted bounty hunters to find and bring in those legal-aged virgin damsels who were beautiful of face and firm of body. And although the hunters ranged far and wide in their searches, the retailers of Slave City were lucky to obtain more than a few such slavegirls each month.

Virgin slave-bitches not only served to fetch higher prices, they were also used as additional element to cement deals and political alliances. Many a corrupt official or law agent would demand that a virgin slavegirl be thrown in as an sweetener along with the usual wads of cash bribes. Although they needed the protection that the bribed officials provided them, the slavers were no fools and it was rare that they would consent to parting freely with such a prize. No, the slavers were hard bargainers: The official might be able to have a virgin - but only at a discounted price. After having to pay a bounty hunter up to twenty thousand dollars for a captured virgin, the usual bribery discount was one-half to one-third off the retail price.

Bonnie was the prize that closed the 'protection' deal between her slaver and the state's highest-ranking law enforcement officer. After the arrangement (renewed for the third consecutive year) was agreed upon, slave Bonnie, a 20 year-old virgin daughter of a minister, was allowed to be purchased by the official for the 30% discounted price of $50,000.00 - a sum deducted from the sum being paid for the protection agreement covering the upcoming fiscal year.

Bonnie would go on be a big hit at the official's secret sex parties. That's after she had been so brutally and repeatedly stripped of her innocence in that small cell that he kept her in. He had enjoyed the many nights, the many sweat-filled hours he had spent fucking her in the most perverted manner, gradually transforming slave Bonnie into the whore that he knew she could be...

The slave stalls were filled with beautiful slave bitches who had so abruptly been snatched away form their previous lives. At the beginning of their incarceration, there were so many tales of woe, so many tearful entreaties for mercy or relief from the trembling lips of pretty novices unsure of what the future held for them. They shrank back as the slavers and potential owners squeezed and pinched their breasts and nipples, testing their firmness. They shrieked as the leather whips, crops and wooden paddles impacted their bodies in the first sessions of discipline and training...

But these slaves weren't be honest, not really. They really wanted this; they just were not aware that they did. Under their veneers of innocence, they were all whores, were they not? Deep down, didn't these bitches really yearn to exist without the responsibilities of choice and decision? Didn't they really not want to have the honor of satisfying rather than being satisfied? Yes, they wanted this. They needed this....

And customers like Mrs. Lucile Feingold knew it.

Mrs. Feingold's beauty queen looks had long faded - helped along by her hard-living ways and the always-handy alcohol and drugs that were a part of her globe trotting lifestyle. Her visit, along with her sister and indulgent husband Hank, was her fourth at the crowded slave stables of Beech Street Slavers within the year. Those other girls that she had chosen had worked out well, but for someone as jaded as Mrs. Feingold, the attractiveness of a slavegirl tended to wear off quickly after so many weeks of use. Having tired of that particular girl, she would find herself again cruising the slave stalls for someone new. Hubby Hank had no problems with this; his wife's throw-offs made for good fun down in the special torture chamber that he kept stocked.

Mrs. Feingold knew how these slaves really were; she knew that deep down, these bitches really wanted to be of service to someone as famous and well-known as she. Like this slave bitch named Martha . Martha didn't fool her with that woe-is-me face and sorrowful eyes, didn't fool her at all. Mrs. Feingold knew that bitches like Martha pretended that they didn't want to be treated like common whores - but they really did. They just wouldn't admit it, that's all.....

Mrs. Feingold's face was hard while looking down into slave Martha's wide eyes as the girl labored so earnestly at eating her experienced pussy. "Keep on, you little whore, keep on lapping away with that tongue of yours. Stop acting like this is new to you. You know that this is what you wanted to do as soon as I walked in here. Even before I bought your sorry ass. So keep at it. Show me what a nasty, naughty little pervert you really are...."

Yes, these slaves all wanted it; they wanted to be treated like pieces of meat. They just didn't realize it, that's all. But eventually their new owners would make them realize it. That's why their Superiors used the hard and harsh whippings and beatings - to make these stubborn slave-bitches admit that this was the life that they were made for. To force them to acknowledge that they deserved to be owned and used. It was just unfortunate that their respective Masters and Mistresses were unable to help these slaves find their true inner selves without having to resort to intense physical punishment; but they had to do it. The average slave slut was always reluctant to admit that they were most happy when

seeing to the needs of their owners, whether it was taking His big cock up her ass or using a tongue to clean out Her rectum. So the slave might have cried out from the pain inflicted upon her by her Superior, but we all know that in some hidden recess of her mind, she knew that it was all for her own good.

"Uhhhhhh...please! Not again! It hurts...!" Newly - purchased slave Cindy pleaded as Master Herb forced his eager cock into her sore pussy for the third time that night. "Nooooooo.....owwwww...!"

But Master Herb knew that Cindy really didn't want him to stop. She might have thought that she did, but Herb knew that deep inside, she really wanted him to fuck her, use her, humiliate her again and again. And Herb, being the considerate, caring Master that he was, intended to show his new slavegirl the joys that came with recognizing her true submissive nature. "Shut the fuck up, bitch. You want me to put the belt to you again? Do you?"

Cindy immediately quieted. Only soft sobs now as she obediently arched her hips up to meet the full force of Master Herb's slamming thrusts.

"See, I knew you liked it," Herb grunted in her ear as his dick attacked her cunt harder, shaking her body. Yeah, he knew that Cindy loved it. They all did....

one of the more unique services available in Slave City was offered up by a secretive society of urban witches called the Sisters of Wraith. No one really knew just how many members the group had, but it was rumored to number in the hundreds and that some of the country's most powerful women were included in its rolls. Whatever the reason, this society had existed for a century and showed signs of expanding it's reach into all areas of the nation. But here in Slave City, it's main outlet to the outside world consisted of it's slave re-sale and slave disposal services. The disposal of slavegirls was an especially - needed service; how did one safely and conveniently rid one's self of a slave when one wanted to replace her or if she was no longer desirable to keep, either for reasons of finance or her not living up to expectations. The authorities tended to react badly to finding bodies of slaves randomly dumped in the countryside or floating in rivers, so some safe method of getting rid of used slaves was solely needed. Hence the Sisters of Wraith, who paid a slight price for your slavegirl and took all responsibility off your hands.

The Sisters of Wraith believed that their witches would gain the life forces of the slaves that they tortured and finally put to death, that in the moment of a slave's most intense agonies, that slave emitted a part of their essence that could be absorbed by whatever witch-bitch who had inflicted all the pain and torment. An even more powerful life-energy could be yielded up by the slave in her last moments of life - her very soul draining from her dying body and absorbed by her Wraith. No one could attest to the accuracy of these beliefs, of course, but it was a fact that members of the society seemed to enjoy a robust health and most appeared to look at least a decade younger than their actual ages.

Although the Wraiths advertised a 're-sale' service, no one could ever recall any such transactions. Maybe they did do some re-sales of their slaves, but so far it seemed a case of whatever slaves were taken in by the Wraiths never left alive....

Manuela and her husband had enjoyed the past six months of the pleasures that slave Joyce had provided them. Such an obedient and sincere slave. It was not a matter of their being displease with slave Joyce; it was only that both Manuela and her beau were tired of her and intended to replace her with new meat. So it was convenient for Manuela to have the Sisters of Wraith to take her slave off her hands - and also make a little cash in the process. Manuela was disappointed in the small price she got, but it was a case of being able to rid herself of the slave and moving on....

"See how good this puta licks your pussy," Manuela told the Wraith with whom she bargained. " I tell you, she's got a tongue that will make all of you quiver throughout the night! She's well worth over three hundred dollars! How about two for her?"

The Wraith representative chuckled as she felt the slave's wet and earnest tongue on her clit. " Oh, all the slaves get to be very good at eating cunt here - they have to. No big deal. But two hundred's a good price......"

The day's new purchases were reviewed at the end of each day. It was then time for the somewhat involved process of deciding which slave would be given to what witch to serve out her last days. The Wraiths had a fair system to determine all this: It was a simple case of the next Wraith Witch on the list. That way, conflicts and any possible accusations of favoritism were neatly avoided - and besides, the steady volume of incoming slaves was such that any witch who wanted it could have a fresh slavegirl to do with as she wished in the usual timeframe of every two weeks. Wraith Charlotte was the witch who usually oversaw the list of assignments. After spending an hour or so directing the usual get-acquainted sex-and-punishment sessions, she was ready to get on with her duties. Although it would be easy to just randomly give any slave to any witch, Charlotte was one who exercised a diligence that made her very popular for her position as assignor. For instance, the new slave Beth had the willowy, lithe stature that would especially appeal to Wraith Eunice while the crying, trembling slave Maria had the short hair and more sturdy physique that would appeal to the old witch called Theresa. Both Theresa and Eunice were next on the list for assignments and each would surely enjoy their time with their newest victims and exact every last ounce of pleasure and life-force that could be had from them.

"Sister Ann, would you please summon Sisters Eunice and Theresa in from the Waiting Room? Tell them that their new girls are ready and so eager to serve them. Tell them that we can attest to these sweet bitches' cunt-eating abilities and that both show great promise."

The first few minutes of meeting her assigned Wraith Witch was usually a shocking experience for a new slave-victim.

There was always something a bit unnerving about the eyes and manner of the Wraith and the way in which the Wraith examined her body and probed her holes with ruthless and rude fingers. Although the slavegirl usually had no idea of the purpose of the Society, it soon became clear that something here was very usual and very wrong. Perhaps it was the distant and muffled screams and pleadings that somehow managed to escape from all those closed doors down that wide, dank hallway. Full-throated screams that were more intense that any screams that the slaves had emitted throughout all their term of slavery to their former owners. Perhaps it was the faint, pungent odor that somehow managed to defy all the applications of disinfectants and cleaning agents. Whatever the reasons, the new slaves' depression and apprehensions were almost always rapidly replaced by a dreadful fear previously unknown to them.

It was only 15 minutes into her first meeting with her assigned Wraith, Marbela - but slave Rhonda was already in a state of dread. Her pretty face had already been reddened and bloodied by the powerful series of slaps from Marbela's hand. "This is to get our relationship off the proper start," Marbela had stated. " This is to let you know that you will experience so many different things in the time we will spend together."

Marbela's mate, Sonia was there also. Tall, with those frightful and deranged eyes. " You will service Sonia as well as you service me," Marbela instructed. " We do everything together..."

"Now, slave, give your newest and final owners kisses from your sweet mouth. Open wide, girl, and give our tongues your greetings...." Rhonda's eyes teared even more as she did her best to answer her owners' probing and aggressive tongues with her own.

In the dungeon room designated as No. 4, the exchange of life forces was strong. After three days of the most delicious torture of her assigned sacrificial slave, the fat witch known only as 'Big Emma' had decided that it was finally time for her to take everything that the slave had left to offer her. Holding the sword that she had inherited from her 200 year-old Wraith mother, Big Emma had positioned her slave on the concrete floor. The eons-old chants that Big Emma had uttered lasted only a few minutes and then it was time for the strong-armed swing of the sharp sword. It took two blows to completely sever the slave's pretty head, but it was so much worth it as Big Emma's rounded body quivered wildly as her victim's last bit of soul-energy rushed out and was captured.

"Uggggghhhhhh....Ohhhhhhh...." Big Emma's voice was guttural and throaty as she threw back her head, accepting the gift of the slave's tortured soul flooding into her. The other witches in the room all turned to watch as Big Emma's eyes bulged and her big body shook in a minutes-long orgasm....

But over in the another corner of the room, a new voice joined in the chorus as the slave named Dianna screamed at the top of her lungs as Wraith Lucida began to slowly, every so slowly, cut out one of her eyes with that dull knife....

"Noooooo! NOOOoooo! Oh, God!" The slave's screams intensified as the Witch Lucida knife dug into her eye.

Lucida thrilled at the energy that was being generated by the slave's terror and excruciation began to flow into her own body. " Oh, yes, my girl. Such pretty blue eyes you have. I must have them both for my collection, my darling. Give them to me...."

"Godddd! Help me! Aaaiiiieeeee....!"

" it comes. Just a little more and then we'll stop the bleeding before we move on to the other one, okay?"

There were some very ironic and poignant moments that occurred over the years at the Sisters of Wraith compound. Life tends to sometimes offer revenge against those who flaunt their own petty cruelties towards others, being crueler than those offenders could ever imagine. So it was with slave Harriet, that former college cheerleader who had finally began to bore her slave-owner and then had been sold to the Wraiths for the sum of one hundred dollars.

It was so ironic that she had been assigned to the young Wraith Witch named Beanice. Beanice, who had gone to high school with Harriet. The Beanice whom Harriet and her friends had nicknamed "Goofy Face" and had endured their taunts and bullying throughout those school years. Beanice, who had never complained about her treatment. Beanice, who had never forgot.

"Oh, I remember you," the astonished Beanice had exclaimed. "I remember you so well! And here you are! All those incantations that I've uttered over all the years - and I had come to believe that nothing would come of them. But here you are! Yes, you do remember me, I can tell from the look on your face. Well, I just want you to know that I hold no grudges against you now - but I'm so happy to be the one to help you atone for your bad behavior toward those less fortunate than you. I'm not like the other witches here; I don't get off from causing needless suffering. No, my pretty Harriet - I get my life-energy jolts in the course of doing a good deed. As you can probably see, I've been a nurse for some time, serving down in the most neglected inner-city areas. I specialize in finding badly-needed organs for transplanting into very poor and very needy patients in my hospital...."

Slave Harriet's eyes widened and her complexion paled as she began to realize the implications of Beanice's words.

And Beanice laughed softly as she saw the look on Harriet's face. " Yes, Harriet, my patients need a steady supply of fresh organs to keep them alive. The fresher the better....."

Beanice's face practically beamed from behind her large glasses as she began to pull on a surgical glove. " I don't mind all the blood, you understand," she told her terrified victim. " But a lady just has to protect her nails, don't you agree? Now, I can see that you're going to be a good organ donor. I hope you don't get upset just because I don't have anything to give you for the pain while I'm working on you. Don't worry, I won't mind if you carry on a bit as I operate.

"First I'll remove your kidney, then your liver - got a rush order on those, okay? After that, it'll just be us having fun as I cut you open and explore around inside you for a bit before you finally die on me. Hope you don't mind if I cut out your heart and take it home. I have an idea of making the most wonderful broth...."

A sacrificial slave's anticipation of her own horrible death is such a powerful thing. The energy that is generated has more force than the finest aphrodisiac to a Wraith Witch. So it was with the Witch Eunice as she soaked in the panicked terror given off by the newest slave, Beth, as the terrified girl cowered in the corner of the small execution room.

"Oh, please! No! Please! I don't want to die! Please don't kill me!"

Eunice's old pussy was beginning to leak its juices as her victims' anguished cries grew more and more pitiful. The slave had spent the previous night thrilling Eunice's pussy and asshole with her tongue, had did everything in the hopes of being spared. So much energy for Eunice to soak in, to absorb.....

"There, there, my child. Don't be so negative after all the good times you've given me. My daughter Nina here is so good with her little ax. See how cleanly your friend's neck was chopped yesterday? That's how she's going to do yours. Come here, my young darling. Come into my arms so I can give you the last kisses that you will have in life. Don't fight it, sweetie. Give me your soul and your pretty head. All my friends will forever remember and appreciate your beauty when they visit my home and see your head mounted with all the others on my wall.....

"Yes, dear. That's the way. Let me embrace you. Mmmmmmm..... Now accept my tongue and my spit down your pretty throat........ Such a pretty throat..."

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Sex Hostages [HINES]


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It would take some time for Cindy Ellen's family to put together the huge ransom that Cindy's captors had demanded for her and her sisters' safe return. But the mobsters weren't worrying; they knew that the Ellen family had millions in assets and they also knew that the Ellen clan adored their young daughters. Yes, the family already had their minions busy choosing which real estate assets, treasury bonds, etc. to liquidate in order to present the twelve million dollars in cash.

In the meanwhile, Cindy would be providing some much-appreciated relief and relaxation to her captors. Of course, this was only after she had undergone a few hours of punishment. Amazing how a little bit of paddling and strap can change a 19 year-old girl's mind when it comes to giving up all the pleasures that her body is capable of.

"C'mere, you sweet little white bitch," one of the mobster's girlfriend demanded loudly as she snatched Cindy by the arm. "My boyfriend says you got some good pussy, so I gonna find out how good you can be at makin' me feel good! These other ho's just gonna have to wait 'til me and you is done doing our thing, right?"

Big Mack's big cock hurt so much as it started stretching open Monique's Ellen's virgin asshole.

"I don't care if yo' daddy buys you back or not", Big Mack chuckled as his peckerhead pushed its way deeper into the captive's anus.

"Either way, you is gonna make me some good money, whether it's yo' daddy's cash or if you ends up sellin' your pussy on the street fo' me. Yeahhhh, either way - you is gonna make Big Mack happy!"

"Oh, Godddd...... NO!" Sweet Monique's cute mouth screamed a cry of anguish as Mack's black dick now was working it's way up her ass, now almost up to the hilt.

"Ughhhhhh..... Ughhhh-h-h-h," Monique's head rolled side to side as Mack began pounding her close-in, pinning her back up against the rusted metal door of the dank concrete bunker.

"Don't fight it, bitch. Give in to it. Take all of it! Give up every inch of that asshole, Bitch! Give it up!"

Myra Ellen cried both from pain and shame as her trim, elegant body tried it's best to move in rhythm with that of her captor Jason. Her cunt was totally filled with Jason's wide and long cock as he began to yet another rape-fuck of her once-proud body. As the eldest Ellen sister, 25 year-old Myra was used to looked up to by her two younger siblings. But she was so thankful that neither of them could see her now as she was forced to rotate and buck her hips like one common street whore.

"Yeah, gal....yeah-h-h-h....." Jason groaned as Myra lifted her hips, lifted them just right to meet one of his jackhammer thrusts. "Yeahhhhh....just like dat," he whispered in her ear as she obediently grinded her pussy against his cock. "Just like a ho'...." He put his weight on her now; began fucking her like the black men fucked black women down in the ghetto....

Myra's cunt was tormented by the power of her captor's long cock as he began again breaking her down with his cruel fucking. Her insides had spasms of pain as his big cockhead slammed hard against the deepest walls.

"Mmmmmm...You a much better fuck than yo' sisters, bitch! After we get through, I'm gonna paddle ya until I know you gonna be real ready to put on a show for your sisters. They gonna watch ya as you shows them how to be a real ho.........."

LeRoy was taking it easy after engaging in yet another rape session of Doreen, his hostage of two days. By now, they would have discovered the note he left for her drug - dealing father to find. And her father knew that he was in no position to call the police to assist in finding Doreen. Of course, Doreen's dad had a lot of power and muscle on his side - but LeRoy also had a lot of fellow crazy gangbangers who weren't afraid of anybody. So right now, the only thing that had his attention was this gorgeous piece of white pussy laying beside him.

This pretty bitch was drivin' him crazy. His huge cock was beginning to throb again, starting to swell up in size. Pre-cum forming at the head. LeRoy didn't say anything but Doreen noticed it and pleaded, " Please, please don't! I'm so sore.......!"

LeRoy didn't speak, but it was clear what he had in mind as he slowly but aggressively dug a finger, then two fingers in Doreen's asshole.

His victim quivered with the dreadful knowledge of what was coming and that she could do nothing to stop him from doing what he wanted.

"Oh, no....No-o-o..! Please don't........please!" His fingers were digging deeper now, hurting her more....

LeRoy's voice was hoarse. His dick was swelling to an almost monstrous length. "Turn over, baby. I'm gonna break you in real good...gonna teach ya to like it!"

Some women weren't abducted for money, only for the unrestricted sex that they could provided their captors.

That was the case with Carolynn and Gloria, two college girls who got lost while exploring the Big City and made the mistake of accepting a ride from the wrong people.

They initially resisted, of course, but it only took a few hours of 'attitude adjustment' to make them both servile and compliant. These gang members were not patient; they wanted to fuck some white pussy and that was that.

Back at the gang's hangout, the two captured girls learned how sex was practiced in the 'hood. It would be almost a month before they were totally broken and put to work making money for the gang as drug-addicted, back-alley prostitutes. Never to again see their families or the people they were raised with...

Carolynn and Gloria were forced to put on quite a show back at the gang's headquarters; the first of many such sex-shows for the amusement of their gang captors.

Gloria pretty mouth was thrilling to Bobo as she learned how to suck his black cock; managing to cause his nuts to push their supply of heavy cum up the long length of his shaft and flood into her waiting throat. Bobo threatened " You better not spill a drop! Swallow it all!"

Carolynn was also learning to take orders and do what she was told, no matter what. And it hurt her a lot as one of the gang's females forced her to lower her asshole and impale herself on a gang thug's thick dick. The pain was overwhelming, but it was a way of teaching Carolynn to fuck no matter how much it hurt. She also learned the basic fact that gangsters liked to fuck girl up the ass......

Anna Peoria was a 19 year-old tourist who came to the States and was captured one night and never found. No one could discover what had become of this beautiful young from a foreign upper-class upbringing who arrived one day to visit and had simply disappeared....

What they could discover was that Anna had been a 'Special Order' kidnap victim; the kidnappers had spotted her as she left her hotel; saw that she almost perfectly fit the specifications put out by a powerful inner-city brothel Madam named Mama Malene. Mama Malene was tired of all those tough black gals she had been involved with over the years - " I want one of them cute white gals with blonde hair," the Madam had decreed. "And she gotta have a real nice tongue that can lick all my holes and make me feel good all over!"

Amazing what fifty thousand dollars can buy when the right people are contacted.

Mama had a nice little room waiting down in that big cellar of her house. Soundproof. Locked metal door. Air conditioned...

"You mine now," Big Black Mama Malene told her thoroughly frightened slave. "I is gonna keep you until the end of my days. And if you want to live, then you is gonna have to please me every time I comes down here to visit you. I knows you hurtin' from me punishin' you. But if you do a good job of pleasin' all my holes, I is gonna treat you real nice, understand? If you dares to disobey me even once, real bad things is gonna happen to ya. Real bad things!"

Anna could only cry as Mama lowered her big body down on top of hers.

"Give Mama a good kiss, sweetie. Show me how much you belongs to me...."

Mama's thick tongue was wet and dripped thick saliva as it found Anna's repulsed mouth .....

Betty and Beatrice's drug-dealing father had thought that he could yet again talk his Asian suppliers into extending his repayment deadline. After all, they had done so the four previous times when it came to paying up for the high-quality heroin that sold so well on the streets. The trouble was that he had gotten into the habit of snorting half the supply up his own nose. His wife and two daughters had no idea of their dad's true profession; he had always described his business as "import-export". But now there would be no further doubts left about daddy's business - and it's unpleasant consequences upon them.

The Asian druglords had made it very clear that Dad and his entire family were going to be killed unless he had some way of coming up with the money. Dad had begged and pleaded for the lives of his wife and two daughters to be spared. No, he only could repay a half of what he owed. Could something be worked out?

Well, after looking over his beautiful cowering wife and equally attractive daughters, 18 year-old Beatrice and 20 year-old Betty, the gangsters decided something indeed could be worked out....

Betty and Beatrice and their Mom had no choice: Work off their father's drug debt or be killed along with the rest of their family. For the next six months, the three women would serve as well-used whores for the Asian gang's senior members who had relocated to the States. Any resistance or failure to obey would result in their 'permanent disappearances'.

But so far, their Asian captors were pleased with the deal they had made. At the moment, Mr. Hiyashi was especially pleased as Beatrice's pretty mouth teased the last of his cum from his cock. Mr. Hiyashi loved how these American bitches submitted to his frequent whippings in order for him to get his dick hard. After a rest, he would come back start again by rolling the beautiful mother on her back and fucking her while her two daughters were forced to watch and learn....

Cathy was crying and wilting under the repeated abuse of Senor Martinez and his wife. She had no idea of where she was - only that it was a small shack somewhere south of the border, in a place where they spoke mostly Spanish. And she also knew that it was her own father who had peddled her off in order to save his own life. The Latin drug cartel were not known for their forgiveness of monies owed to them, so Cathy's father had made a deal. He agreed to say anything when they came to take his very attractive daughter and would plead ignorance when the authorities came to investigate her disappearance.

Senor Martinez had farmed his cocoa crops for the Cartel for many years. It was hard work, but the pay made it all worthwhile. In spite of his peasant appearance, Senor Martinez had quite a bit of money stashed away in tax-haven accounts. Yes, the money was good. And so was the Cartel's gift of this pretty Anglo bitch for whatever use he might see fit. He was thrilled and so was Senora Martinez, who looked forward to all the pleasures that Cathy would be providing to her long-neglected old pussy.....

It was only the second night of captivity for Cathy but it had already seemed like months. And it would only get worse. Senor and Senora Martinez would keep Cathy bond and beaten for at least 6 months before they relented even a little .....

"Si, you're getting better at your begging. I like that. My wife likes it too, I can see. But it does not matter. We will punish you for months and months before we let you have the chance to show us how grateful you are. Si, go ahead and cry all you want because it is only just beginning for you. Things are going to get worse for you here. So much worse!"

"Oh, please! Mercy!"

"No, girl. There will be no mercy for you yet. Be patient! There will a day when you will not remember even your name and you be so happy to work hard in the fields and so anxious to service the both of us in bed..."

Milo and his partner had purposely let the dance club owner get behind in his payments for all the heroin that he had been putting up his nose. Milo knew that the club owner, a man named Damon Clives, was weak-willed and didn't have a brave bone in his body. What Clives did have, however, was a beautiful, young - looking wife (37 years but could pass for 25) and an attractive, trim-bodied 18 year-old daughter, Vickie .. Milo had decided he wanted the two of them the first time he had visited the Clives' home. Mrs. Clives had been made uncomfortable by the way he stared at her and by the very visible hard-on in his pants as he was already thinking about how he wanted to fuck her.

"Make a choice right now, Clives," Milo had said while holding his pistol to Damon Clives' head. "Either you phone your wife and daughter to get their asses over here pronto or else I am gonna put a bullet in your head. Make up any story you have to get them both to come over, but get them over here! If they're not here within an hour, you're dead and we'll still grab them, fuck them and dispose of them when we're done with them. If you get them here, you're gonna walk your sorry ass out the door and you won't say a word to anybody about this. If you do, you know what will happen to all of you, understand? Me and my buddy here are gonna enjoy fuckin' your wife and little girl for a couple of weeks, then we'll give them back to you...."

Clives gulped and made the call.

Mrs. Gwen Clives looked even better without clothes than with them on. And she was so spirited, too. Milo loved how she fought him when she realized what her weakling of a spouse had done to her and her beloved daughter. Only a series of hard slaps that rocked her face from side to side and the threat of seeing her daughter killed had subdued Mrs. Clives. Milo liked how humiliated Gwen was as she was forced to return his deep tongue kissing and when she had to open her legs wide as Milo fed his huge, thick cock into her tight pussy....

"Take my cock like you're some whore, understand? Show your daughter over there how to fuck like the bitch you are." He liked how she sobbed silently as he pounded her pussy and heard Milo's partner having his fun fucking her daughter.

"Mom...! Oh, Mommy...!" Daughter Vickie's voice was shrill as she was forced to give it up over there on the couch....

Milo held the captive wife's ass steady as his cock slowly began to stretch her tiny pucker. She started to scream but muted when Milo growled, "Be quiet, bitch or I'll go over there and slit your daughter's throat." He had already fucked Gwen a half-dozen times and had made her watch as he had also put the dick to her daughter. Now it was time use that nice bubble-butt ass of hers. So inviting as he had bent her over the back of the loveseat.

Gwen could only clench her teeth as Milo started fucking her asshole. She tried to tune out the sounds of Milo's buddy teaching her daughter to the painful joys that came from paling her own asshole down on an eager cock.

It had been three weeks of captivity for Gwen Clives and her daughter. Three weeks of suffering from belt-whippings and all the fucking of their holes by the sex-mad Milo and a few other trusted thug friends who got share in the rape-fuckings of daughter Vickie. Milo didn't share Gwen; Gwen was for himself and no others.

He had gotten birth-control pills for Gwen to take; the way he was fucking her over and over and the way he was always shooting big, thick cum-loads deep in her cunt, she was sure to get pregnant if not given the pills.

She was such a good fuck now, a great fuck. Now she was so obedient, knowing how to give it to Milo just like he wanted it. She knew how to raise and gyrate her butt to meet the brutal thrusts of his oversized cock up he ass. She knew how to eat his asshole while her daughter dutifully sucked his dick and she forced herself to over come the humiliation of being forced to kneel beside her daughter and share with her the thick cum that he jacked from his spasming cock. She began to wonder when he intended to let her and her daughter go as he had said he would....

"Please, Master, you promised that you would set me and my daughter free. Please tell me when you're going to let us go," Gwen asked pleadingly.

"Hmmm, your daughter just asked the same question last night. Did you forget that she turned 19 yesterday? 19 and such a good little whore, wrapping her legs around me when I emptied my nuts in that shallow pussy of hers. No more pills for her - or you. You're both gonna give me a lot of babies...."

"No! Noooooo! You promised! You promised my husband...!"

Milo laughed, " Ohhh, didn't I tell you? Your husband's dead." He was real horny now. " Now massage my dick with those soft hands of yours the way I like it and spread those legs. It's time you start makin' babies...."

It was confirmed now. Both Gwen Clives and her daughter Vickie Clives were now pregnant with Milo's babies.

To celebrate, Milo invited his brother over for an "anal party". Lots of cheap wine and lots of fucking the two kidnapped females in the ass.

Milo's bother was so impressed at how well-trained Gwen and Vickie were. So good at following every order....

"I gotta tell ya, Milo. I'm impressed. Really, really impressed," Milo's brother said. "Never saw a guy fuck a gal in the ass and then pull it out and cum in her mouth like you just did. God, she almost managed to swallow it all, too!"

"I told ya she was a bitch who does what she's told to do. She could have swallowed everything if her mouth was a little bigger."

"Well, my cock's not a monster like yours. Mind if I fuck her ass and then see if she can gulp down all of my cum?"

"Sure, after all you're my only brother. Share and share alike..."

There are always debts to pay and many times it is left up to the innocent to repay them. That these innocent girls may have had nothing to do with running up those debts - or may not have even met the debtors is frequently besides the point.

That was the case of the 19 year-old college sophomore Janice. Janice had only met the guy named Preston once while attending an off-campus party. She had spent perhaps a total of 15 minutes in flirtatious conversation, felt a non-connection and moved on. But that was enough time for an onlooking contact for 'Preston's' drug suppliers to form an erroneous conclusion. Reporting back to Preston's inner-city debtors, Janice had been mistakenly described as Preston's girlfriend.

Therefore when Preston barely managed to escape the drug debtors, it was only natural that they refocused their attention unto his supposed 'girlfriend'.

When they kidnapped her, no one believed Janice's terrified denials of any relationship with Preston or of any knowledge of his whereabouts. But no worry, the drug gang decided. Janice had a beautiful face and a very nice body. She would more than earn back their money by being put to work in one of their inner-city brothels.

The kidnapped Janice was disoriented and confused at the fate that had befallen her. A case of mistaken identity had resulted in her now being forced into prostitution in order to repay a drug debt. Her parents, friends and the authorities would never find her.

The tall dusky brothel madam Leticia would be in charge of breaking Janice down in order to make her a more compliant fuck for the establishment's ghetto clientele. Leticia was an expert at preparing slavegirls and she was wasting no time getting the new white girl started out on the road to total readjustment. to her new life.

"C'mon, baby. Be still and take all this nice whippin' that yo' Aunt Leticia is layin' on ya. Just hold on to Aunt Margie there. That's the girl. Give into it, baby. Let yo' Aunt Leticia teach you to take the pain.... then ya say thank you likin' her mucky pussy and grubby craphole!"

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Sapphosade [HINES]


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A new slave is always examined and scrutinized by her potential Mistresses. After all, the slavegirl might not be what the Mistress is looking for - and it is imperative that a Mistress gets what she wants. In this case, Mistress Superb had met slave Marian for the first time just a day ago; a day (and night) in which the Mistress thoroughly tested Marian's firm 19 year-old flesh with a firmly-wielded leather whip.....

Mistress Superb had decided that slave Marian was a worthy piece of pussy that she would keep. The slavegirl's eyes had teared as her Mistress daintily carved her mark on her new property before readying for transport to her new home.

“Now, now, girl. There's no need for you to cry anymore. Your Mistress is going to take very good care of you - for the rest of your life.... Now just like her middle finger and let her know what you’re gonna do for her fat clit tonight… uh?"

Some might think of it as cruel to immediately subject a new, naive slavegirl to pain and agony within a few days of her capture and processing - but it really is a necessary element of helping her adjust to her new situation in life. A way of shocking her out of her old ways and making her more amenable to the many changes that she will be experiencing over the next few months or so. A slavegirl must be completely stripped of her former identity and re-made and reeducated in order that she is transformed in to the loving gal from whom her Mistress gets satisfaction...

"That's it, run your fingers along the cane, dear," Mistress Vivian instructed the slavegirl, guiding the sobbing girl's hand on the cane offered by Mistress Raven. " Do it slowly, feel the smooth texture. Such a marvellous instrument; made of the finest cut of bamboo. Mistress Raven has used it on so many deserving girls - girls like you, my love....."

“And feel my paddle," Mistress Bruna interjected from behind the cowering slave. " I had it especially cut and formed for me many years ago. So balanced and easy to swing. You'll faint a few times from it tonight, sweetie, but don't worry about it. I'm so ready for you, so ready to see how much more I can make you take...."

There are no barriers of age or physical appearances when it comes to a slavegirl's Mistresses. All that a slave needs to know is what her Mistress wants and how best to service her needs. The slave novice Carla, just freshly plucked out of her former college debutante existance, was learning just that. That her duty wuld be to serve and service not only middle-aged sisters Sandra and Rhonda, but also their mother. Nelly might be an old grandmother, but she was still the senior Mistress of her family group. She and her two daughters were now slaveCarla's Mistresses and they would all share the joys of Carla's labors on their behalf.

Mistress Rhonda rubbed herself as she watched her mother preparing to be the first to introduce their new slavegirl to the touch of leather. Mistress Sandra,

the elder sister would be next to spend time with their new property. Rhonda didn't mind being last; watching was always exciting and they had all the time they needed to familiarize themselves with Carla. Yes, mom would be first. Age, even old age, had it's privileges.

"Don't fear, my pretty," Mistress Nelly told a frightened Carla as she pushed the girl's head downward toward her ancient crouch. " My pussy might be old, but it still needs a young tongue like yours to set it tingling again. Lick it, make it happy. That will show me just how much of my strap I'll need to put to you..."

By it's very nature, the sometimes random bringing together of Mistresses and slavecunts tends to be fraught with irony and uncertainty. But unlike pairing male Masters and their slavegirl victims, the pairing of a Dominant Mistress and her female slave most often is aimed more toward acquiring subservient love rather than simply inflicting pain or distress. Indeed, there are pain-oriented Dommes but the majority are not. Miss Ellen was a Mistress of rank in both her public persona and her hidden lesbian Mistress orientation. She always got what she wanted. The two 18 year-old apprentice nuns Sonia and Doreen had very much appealed to Miss Ellen at that charity event some months ago. Two soft, sweet, innocent virgin nuns - just the right type that Miss Ellen had been seeking to be her pussy-eating, ass-licking and house-cleaning girls . The kind of girls that Miss Ellen would share with her girlfriend Miss Kira: Miss Kira who loved to watch and be watched....

The kind of girls who Miss Ellen would pay a large amount of money to have snatched and delivered....

It was the very scared and confused apprentice nun named Sonia whom the Mistress, Miss Ellen wanted the most. The other nun, the equally frightened Doreen, would be shared with Miss Kira. Miss Kira, who was so intense and so inventive. There would be so much pleasure to be often....

Miss Ellen's voice was firm and demanding as she told the nun, " Here, feel my pussy. Don't pay any attention to your friend; Miss Kira's gonna keep her busy. Do as I say and I won't hurt you! See how wet it is? I'm going to teach you to take care of it."

And Miss Ellen's strong and demanding fingers determinedly dug at the nun's cringing pussy as the Mistress told her, " Yes, girl, soon I'm going to be the only one you'll worship..."

The novice slavegirl Carrie was a most attractive prize for any of the many Mistresses who had the resources to acquire her. Carrie was tall and beutiful , from a

wealthy, socially-established family. The future was supposed bright and with almost limitless potential: Grand parties, world travel, exciting friends and adventure. All the things that a well-bred society girl like Carrie expected to experience and enjoy.

Carrie didn't expect to be kidnapped two weeks ago. Didn't expect to be trussed and spirited off her property like large sack of groceries.

Now Carrie's world was entirely different. The wrinkled old dowager Miss Von Hampton owned her now. Miss Von Hampton might be aged and creaky, but the underlings who staffed her disheveled mansion had no trouble enforcing their Mistress's orders when it came to punishing slaveCarrie for the slightest hesitation or disobedience...

Oh, God! She's back for more! Carrie sobbed as the ugly form of Miss Von Hampton once again was on the big bed with her.

" did such a good job of licking my cunt last time that I just had to have you do it again. I knew that you'd be the one to make this old woman feel good. I’ve got some new ideas for that tongue of yours this time - things I just know that you're going to do really, really well." Her gnarled fingers squeezed and pulled at Carrie's breasts as she started pushing the girl down on the bed.

The real test for any slavecunt is just how much sexual satisfaction they are able to give her Mistress. Any lesbian Mistress worthy of the title will demand much, much more pleasuring than the average woman. After all, was this a major part of the reason of their becoming Mistresses in the first place? To be pleased and pleasured? Her slave was there to provide her with as many orgasms a day as she wanted. And the more orgasms a Mistress experienced, the more orgasms she needed to keep her content.

Sweet, petite slaveNancy was learning that now. The more she managed to pleasure Miss Amy, the more pleasure Miss Amy demanded from her. Nancy's mouth, lips and tongue were what Miss Amy kept busy. The slave's mouth tasted of the Mistress's pussy juices. It also hinted of other flavors; darker, more unpleasant ones. But slaveNancy did what was demanded of her; otherwise she would again be screaming, crying and begging from the severe punishment that would be handed out.

Miss Amy's stout frame quivered from the remains of her latest orgasm, the third one that her bound slavegirl had managed to give her within this last hour. Maybe she wouldn't beat Nancy after all; the girl had gotten better and better each time Miss Amy rode her face with her leaking, fat cunt. Good.

So good. Miss Amy lifted that leaking, fat cunt off Nancy's tired mouth and shifted herself forward just a bit.

"That's the way I want to be satisfied every time, slave," Miss Amy groaned as she spread her asscheeks. " And this is your reward, sweetheart. Make sure you thank me real good by rimming me out deep and strong, the way you know I like it. Ahhhhhhhhh....." Miss Amy's voice was hoarse . The slavegirl's captive tongue was thrillingly wet as it probed and thrashed around Miss Amy's lowered asshole.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh...! Damnnnnnnnn...! You filthy little bitch," Miss Amy muttered as she started rotate her big ass.

Mistress Tyra gave a soft grunt that sharply contrasted with the full-throat cry of agony that came from the tall blond slavegirl whose pussy was being impaled by Tyra's clenched fist.

"Oh, yeah, baby..... yeahhhhhhhhh!" the Mistress teased in her low voice. "Yeah, baby, give it up to me, give it up to me, girl! Move those hips. Move that cute pussy around on my fist!"

Mistress Tyra gave a hard push of her fist, burrowing it to the back of the slave's tortured uterus, causing a visible ripple of pain and discomfort to run the length of her body.

The blonde's scream was high-pitched. "Aaaaaaiiiieeee....! God! Noooooo! Uhhhhhhh..."

The Mistress started rotating her fist, sometimes grabbing and tugging on one of those special places inside of the slave's cunt. Places that only another woman could know about and exploit to her advantage. She was mildly aware of her girlfriend's involvement with the other slavegirl beside them. She could hear "....Ohhhh, nice, nice! Suck that tit good, bitch......get me wet...."

This was going to be a good night. Lots of orgasms and satisfaction ahead.....

"Mistress Tyra's sharp nails scraped the rear wall of her slave's cunt and was rewarded with another loud cry of, "Noooooo! Please! It hurts!"

Strange, the Mistress thought, that such a tall, willowy bitch had such a shallow pussy. Well, she'd just exercise self-control as her fist and fingers rudely explored this slave's captive cunt. Tyra was an expert at this; soon she'd have half her other arm jammed up the girl's asshole. Then the fun would really start.......

"Feel my nails, dear? Better the loving hand of another woman than the rough dick of an old bastard for a virgin’s first time, don’t you think? Gonna do your asshole later, buy first lets gonna have some fun with that tight pussy of yours, OK?"

Miss Zywosinski and her lesbian partner Eva had long used the services of Madame Yovonsky's far-flung kidnapping network. The Madame was reliable and diligent in her efforts on Zywosinski's behalf. She knew exactly what kind of girl her rich, jaded customer preferred and always made sure to get her what she wanted. Miss Zywosinski liked innocent, perky-faced blond English gals between 18 and 20, no taller than 5', 3", with a petite frame and hailing from an upper-class background. Yes, very exacting in her tastes, but always willing to pay a grand price - and always back for more within a few months. The Madame had no idea of whatever fates awaited the young slaves that she obtained for the old dowager - and she didn't care. Business was business...

"This one's a real cutie," Miss Zywosinski told the Madame as she examined the cowering English literature student who had been the latest piece of pretty flesh snatched for her. "You've outdone yourself this time, Madame. I'm giving you a bonus for this one."

And then to her partner, Zywosinski said, "How about it, Eva? Isn't this one sweet little thing?"

"Well, she's a looker, I'll give you that. Depends if she can do everything I want her to do and do it real good."

"Oh, Eva, you always say that. You know that you'll be riding her face with that stinky cunt of yours every other hour until she's an expert! Every one of the Madame's finds have kept us happy and satisfied, no?"

"It's quite possible that we might end up keeping this one instead of what we normally go with the bitches that we buy from you," Miss Zywosinski told the Madame. "That's if she's as good at learning to lick cunt as she is beautiful. I've always wanted a really good-looking gal like this one to serve out the rest of her years being my personal toilet. Why don't I just go ahead and put in another order with you for another slave. That way, we can take our time teaching this little bitch to like drinking our piss and eating our shit...."

The Madame smiled back impishly. "Of course, Miss Zywosinski. Always ready to find you another one. In fact, I already have some good prospects in mind for you. Especially a very, very attactive 19 year-old daughter of English land baron. Just the kind you like...."

A properly horny lesbian Mistress always appreciates the opportunity to sample and experience younger, innocent flesh. This cute little foreign college student named Wendy was just the type that Ms. Yvenska and her cadre of like-minded Mistresses appreciated indeed. Luckily for these mature bon vivants of pussy, there were so many naive young Western female students backpacking the rural countrysides of Eastern Europe. Pretty, joyful and uncareful ladies just begging to be plucked off the numerous back roads or unsecured hostels. Their distressed parents back home would never have be able to find out whatever happened to their loved ones, no matter how much publicity or pressure that they exerted on the local authorities; local corrupt authorities. Wendy was only the latest - and she would not be the last...

And properly horny, Ms. Yvenska could barely contain herself from the thoughts of the many pleasures that Wendy would be providing her and her friends in the weeks ahead. Of course, these first few days would have to be spent getting Wendy into the right frame of mind; adjusting her attitude by way of pain and agony. But that would not be a problem - in fact it would be most enjoyable.

Wendy had the smallish, firm breasts the Ms. Yvenska liked on a girl. And such nice pink nipples; just right for Ms. Yvenska to suckle and bite while laying on top of Wendy on all those long, sweaty nights. She couldn't resist pinching one of those nipples between her strong fingers, giving them a sharp twist in the process.

"Ooooww....! Please!" Wendy's voice rose in discomfort.

"Now, don't you worry, my young darling," Ms. Yvenska chuckled soothingly. " I'm just testing the merchandise. We're all going to take turns putting the whip to that nice, smooth body of yours. You'll wiggle around and make all sorts of noise, but in the end you're going to be just fine...."

Having too many young girl slaves can be nice problem to have - it opened up so many wonderful possibilities for the Mistresses who enslaved them. There were so many available, hidden places for disposal in the dark, isolated Eastern European countrysides. It was a simple matter to arrange the discreet digging of a large grave to at night in the middle of one of the vast, abandoned farming estates. A grave big enough to hold a half-dozen female bodies. Especially now that it was summer, the time of year that hordes of more Western female students were again arriving in the area in search of adventure. Already the Mistresses were taking delivery of additional terrified so-to-be-slavegirls. The holding cells were beginning to full up again and the Mistresses were in the midst of extracting all sorts of new thrills from new mouths and pussies. So room had to be made....

Not the the present slaves were not appreciated for all the orgasms that they had worked so hard to give their Mistresses over the long months before. Many a Mistress would, in some moment or other, fondly remember a past slave's particular way of working her tongue across her Superior's clit or up her anus. Yes, such sweet memories. But there were so many slaves arriving who would be contributing fresh, newer memories of the nastiest kind.

Slave Dianna had not realized her fate until she was walked into that room at the end of the cellblock, the same room that her fellow cellmate Rhonda had been taken when the Mistresses had first come visiting that morning. Dianna had no idea what was happened behind the closed door at the end of the hallway. All she could hear was her cellmate's muffled screams over a period of a half-hour or so and then silence. Then they had returned to take Dianna. They laughed when Dianna saw Rhonda's dead body hanging at the end of the rope.

"Mmmmm....let me have a lick of those tasty tits of yours while Mistress Ivana ties your hands," said the fat Mistress Katia. " We want to give you a proper send-off by doing a little caning session on you before we string you up. Then you can join your lovely friend there..."

At Betaura Castle, Ms. Kalanski was very pleased with the size of the buying audience for her monthly slave auction. Her lesbian clientele, ladies of means that they all were, were excited at the prospect of being able to bid on the latest batch of female slave bitches that had been delivered up for sale. Like the other Lesbian Mistress societies that operated underground all throughout Eastern Europe, the Betaura Society specialized in arranging the capture and enslavement of pretty ladies. But unlike the rest, this particular society of lesbian Superiors acquired it's girls from all parts of the world. This month had been very good; a slew of twenty-six attractive captives had been turned over for sale. Ms. Kalanski always forked over a steep bit of cash when she took delivery of her human cargo, but she knew that she would make two to three times that in profit. The Mistresses were never shy about bidding against each other for the morsel that caught their eye and got them wet with anticipation. And their continued and unabated enthusiasm for new slaves had made it possible for Ms. Kalanski to completely restore and maintain Betaura Castle, a place that had been the property of the Kalanski family for centuries.

There was a murmur of excitement as Ms. Kalanski brought out the first slave to that night's auction. Yvette was a tall, well-formed and very pretty French brunette . Kalanski knew that the bidding for this one would be carried out with plenty of fervor.

"Sisters, you can clearly see that this is one sweet bitch. Look at this body - so shapely, yet strong enough to withstand all the physical punishment that you'll be subjecting her to while training her. There will many wonderful nights with this one, nights of joy and satisfaction!" Ms.Kalanski was beginning to work her audience.

"That's right, feel free to touch that smooth skin. Examine her nice pussy up close! So what am I bid to start off? Say, twenty thousand? Yes, Ms. Volga goes twenty! Do I see twenty-five...."

A slavegirl bought is a slavegirl used. Ms. Petrovani's bid of thirty-seven thousand had bought this demur 18 year-old American girl, Evelyn. They had only had a few hours together before it was time for bed. Ms. Petrovani had spent that time teaching Evelyn that proper way to say, " thank you, Mistress" after each swing of the paddle. To the Mistress, the days spent breaking in a girl were almost as enjoyable as the sexual pleasures that girl would be providing her in the many months to come.

Most definitely, Evelyn had great potential to be a source of satifaction for both Ms. Petrovani and her close circle of like-mind female friends.

When Evelyn was trotted out to the auction stage, Ms. Petrovani just had to have her. Evelyn was so short, petite and yet had a nice shape to her. Four feet, 10 inches of young womanhood with perfect, jutting tits..... And Ms. Petrovani was so big and thick; six feet, three inches of big-titted and wide-bodied Lesbian. A big, tough woman who had come up the hard way. An experienced, mature woman who could now buy almost anything she really wanted....

Evelyn's new home might be a spare, stone-wall underground cell, but the bed in it was comfortable and oversized. Just right for the two of them.

“I'm a firm believer in going to bed early," Ms. Petrovani said as she slowly settled her gross weight down on the compact form of the slavegirl under her. " The more time spent in bed, the better. Don't you agree?"

When the frightened Evelyn was slow to reply, one of her Superior's large, strong hands was quick to rock the slave's pretty face with a hard slap.

"Yyyyyes....Mistress, I agree..."

" Good. That's what I like to hear, American girl. The Mistress really liked American girls. So proud at first - but broken and trained so easily....

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Sanchez Cartel [HINES]


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The majority of the group of college cheerleading finalists were still partying in one of the hotel suites when the two masked intruders knocked on the door. With Miss Thomas, the group's chaperone, firmly in their grip, they pushed they pushed their way inside before any of the girls had a chance to react.

"Okay ladies," one of the intruders warned them. "You're all so pretty; I hope none of you is going to be dumb enough to scream out or make any noise to warn the others. I'd really hate to have to shoot a couple of you along with your Miss Thomas here. After all, we don't want you dead. We just want you."

"Yeah," echoed his masked partner. "If you all are quiet and cooperate, everything's gonna be real fine and you'll might even enjoy the little trip we got planned for you."

The two intruders swiftly worked to get their intimidated captives gagged, handcuffed and ready to transport. A signal was sent to the big van that would be arriving at the rear of the hotel in a few minutes. Everything had been thoroughly arranged and going according to plan. The hotel's security had been bribed and the kidnapping of over a dozen cheerleaders would remain a mystery. And while waiting, one of the kidnappers decided to relieve some of his built-up tension by having a fun with Miss Thomas. The orders had been for delivering the cheerleaders fully clothed and unmolested. But no such restrictions had been set for the girls' older chaperone....

"Uhhhhh....that's it, bitch. Be quiet ,now. Just stand still and take this here cock in that pretty ass of yours. That's it, that's a good gal......just like that....uhhhhhh..."

"Ohhh...please...don't...It hurts so much..."

"Shhhhh....I told you to keep quiet. Don't make me have to kill you. Ahhh...feels real snug. I think you're gonna be a natural ass-fuck. That's gonna make you real popular, where you're goin'... Ahhhhhhhh....."

Used Innocence 8.jpg (148842 bytes)

After a hundred-mile trip in the kidnapper's van, the cheerleaders and their already-fucked chaperone finally arrived at the warehouse that would serve as their holding location until the special storage truck came to haul them across the border and on to their South American destination. Of course, as college cheerleaders, some of them tended to become somewhat vociferous in their fear and panic. But their captors were part of an organization that had a lot of experience in dealing with reluctant female cargo, so a session of hard whipping to those fine thighs and buttocks soon worked to calm things down.

In their cute, spiffy outfits, the captive cheerleaders were an instant hit with those various warehouse staffers who were there to help keep things running smoothly.

A few of them would have surely been tempted to try and drag off a particular captive but for the presence of Senora Tinsely. Senora Tinsely was the organization's overseer of White Slavery operations and she took a dim view of any activities that might result in damaged goods. And anyone who dared go against her orders would surely find themselves at the bottom the nearby lake. But the Senora didn't object to trotting out a couple of her cheerleading slaves for the enjoyment of her crew.

The Senora picked a crying and chastised Monique and Charlotte to be escorted out of their respective small cells and brought before her leering compatriots.

"Okay, you two are used to entertaining a crowd," she told them. " So entertain! Bend over and spread those cheeks! Show us what you got , babes! Spread 'em and show us those pink, college pussies and assholes...! Do it now!!"

Their faces red with shame, Monique and Charlotte did as ordered. Senora Tinsely's crew appreciated the sight, making many rude and degrading comments and suggestions.

One of the Senora's female assistants, her lust inflamed by the sight of what the captives had to offer, could not resist trying to make a deal for Monique. "Please, Senora! Let me buy that one! I'll pay you two thousand dollars for her right now"

"Now, now, you know better that that. Each one of these girls is already spoken for and there would be big trouble if one of them did not arrive to their buyer. And besides, the price of each one is many times more than what you can afford."

The truck that came to fetch the slaves had been especially equipped with oversized fuel tanks so that it's hauling of it's valuable cargo from the warehouse to the final destination would be a non-stop trip. Escorted by two additional cars filled with armed guards, the truck's driver and assistants had very little to worry about. But the girls were very worried indeed; they had no idea of what was in store for them....

The two burly guards looked over the next cheerleader in line to be put in the storage truck. "Now climb in. You can manage that, right? Or else we'll be happy to just toss you in. Sorry that we're going to have to gag you, it being a long trip and all. But look, you'll have all your friends as company. And even your trusty chaperone is coming along for the ride..."

After a long and very uncomfortable trip, the captives found themselves in a strange locale. In a different country. Being immediately separated from each other by strangers. being told nothing as to why they had be taken, why they were now here. In fact, one of the few things that they were told was, " Do not ask questions. Do not speak unless spoken to.

At this place, a certain Senora Veron seemed to be in charge of day-to-day operations. What she wanted done, it was done. There was no doubt on the part of the others who worked under her that Senora Veron had the confidence of and spoke for the Cartel, a very powerful and dangerous group of people.

And what Senora Veron wanted now was one of these new arrivals, one of these cute cheerleaders.....

"Get down on your knees, girl," Senora Veron ordered the blond cheerleader. " Don't pay any attention to my friend Pablo here. He will only watch us and maybe jack off a bit. Now look up at me and tell me your name."

"Laurie. My name is Laurie."

"Laurie. That's a nice name. I like it, it fits you. So I'll let you keep your name, Laurie."

With that, the Senora suddenly slapped Laurie hard across her face. Laurie yelped and fell back, but the older woman caught her by the hair and yanked her back. " You will always address me by 'Senora' or 'Mistress' whenever you speak to me. From now on, you will be punished severely any time that you fail to do this. Tell me you understand this."

Laurie's eyes were wet with tears now. She was so helpless and so afraid. " Yes, Mistress, I understand."

"Bueno, my sweet Laurie. I picked you out because you are so beautiful. You are so lucky that I chose you, that I have decided to give you the honor of serving me. Tell me - and be truthful, because I'll be able to tell if you lie to me. Have you ever been with a woman?"

"No, Mistress."

"Mmmm, bueno. I always like to be the one who teaches and trains" Senora Veron gently

pulled Laurie's head forward. " Now you will kiss and lick my body. It is always good that a girl like you first learns to worship her Superior, to show that she is grateful and is giving me the respect that I naturally deserve.

"Then I will teach you the proper ways of eating my esteemed pussy..."

Senora Veron didn't consider herself a cruel woman. It was just that when dealing with slaves, one usually had to do cruel things. A new captive mind had to be shocked out of it's stubborn thoughts of freedom and independence. The pain and punishment that was administered so harshly to a slave was actually for her own good. The sooner that she was desperate to avoid the overwhelming agony and pain that resulted from her lack of obedience, the sooner that she could start to be trained in the proper thought processes to accompany her new behavior. It was all so simple. A simple way of conducting business.

Senora Veron's interest in Laurie was not related to her business interests. While the other slaves would be prepared to give their bodies for the use and financial benefit of the Cartel, Laurie would be prepared to give herself totally, body and soul, to the Senora. The Senora had grown tired of having a different , forgettable slavegirl every other night. No, this would not be the way with Laurie. She would train Laurie. She would keep Laurie.

So it was not cruel to have arranged for Laurie to be screaming, begging and pleading for mercy while suffering under the strict attention of Rosita's thin cane. The Senora had used Rosita's talents many times before, many because the woman, one of the Senora's long-time brothel whores, was expert in applying long and severe canings without leaving any permanent markings or scarings on her victim's body.

Rosita liked her work and she was doing such an intensely good job on Laurie now. Laurie would suffer for four hours each day for two weeks. When Rosita had finally finished with her, Laurie would be a trembling, traumatized piece of human meat - ready then for the permanent mental re-working that Senora Veron had in mind for her.....

For many deviants, the lure of being able to corrupt and abuse an more innocent, sweet sort of lady beats all others when it comes to pleasure. Nothing like a naive eighteen year-old girl when it comes to providing the thrill of being able to break her in and train her properly. At least this was the thinking of Uncle Mortie when his eighteen year-old niece Kathy asked if she might be able to stay at his place while she searched for employment. This was Kathy's first visit to the Big City; so very different from the serene, rather isolated country farm on which she had been raised by her dowdy, overbearing parents. Kathy wanted to experience the excitement of the city - and dear old Uncle Mortie was all too willing to help her. He would show his niece all the excitement that she could ever imagine.

Uncle Mortie was a crude man. Making his living working for a variety of bookmakers, tended to handle things rather roughly. And at this moment, he was also roughly handling his niece Kathy.

"Damn, my dumb sister sure had herself a sweet little pussy of a daughter. Never thought a bitch as ugly as her could ever have offspring as good -lookin' as you," Mortie grunted to his frightened niece as he continued to explore her body with his hard hands.

"Ow! Stop! Please, Uncle Mortie, let me go! You're hurting me! Qw..." Kathy grimaced from the pain as her uncle grabbed a breast, squeezing. pulling and twisting it.

"Shut up, bitch! You're not back on the farm. This is my place and I'll do what I like with ya! " Uncle Mortie twisted Kathy's other breast now, hurting it also. From behind Mortie, a tall, hard-faced woman looked on, fidgeting with the slim-bladed knife that she held in her hand.

"C'mon, Mortie. Tell her what we got planned for her." The woman was anxious, impatient.

"Ha! You always was in a hurry about somethin' or the other, Bebe! Alright, I'll let her know what's gonna be happenin' 'round here."

Uncle Mortie grabbed Kathy by her throat and told her, " Ain't nothin' free here in the city, gal. You're gonna find that out quick. First, me and Bebe is gonna spend a few days teachin' you what fuckin' is all about. And you better learn fast, if you know what's good for ya. Then you're gonna start earnin' your keep 'round here. We got a lot of friends who'll pay some good money for the chance to stick their dicks in ya. And don't even think about tryin' to get away! We're gonna give ya a little bit of beatin' with the belt- just to give ya a hint of how hard it'll be on ya if you don't toe the line..."

"Mortie, don't forget...," Bebe started to inject.

Uncle Mortie chuckled. "Oh yeah, almost forgot. Bebe here has always wanted her own personal pussy slave. Don't worry, she's real determined that you'll eventually get to like everything that she has in mind for ya. See that switchblade that she's holdin' ? She's real good with it and she's gonna carve her initials in one of your tits so's everyone knows that you and her are an item. Welcome to the big city, girl."

Uncle Ralph intended to get to know his niece Georgette a lot better. Really better. Geaorgette was only nineteen and still a virgin. So were her two friends, Sara and Betty. Ralph remembered how it was growing up in the religious community that these girls had just recently left. He wasn't a good fit there and to everyone's great relief back then, he had decided to move away.

The three girls had heard vague rumors about Ralph and some of the things he had done, but they had discounted most of it as the old-fashioned kind of gossip that was all too typical in that uptight community.
But now they knew that Uncle Ralph was much worse than all that they had heard. Now Niece Georgette and her two close girlfriends were finding out exactly the kind of person Ralph had become....

"Well, niece, since you're family, I'll take you first. Since you ain't never had a cock put to you before, I promise that I'm gonna take my time breakin' that little pussy in. But you can struggle if you want; I like it when a gal puts up a fight - then I can really get rough and enjoy it like I want. Now c'mon. Let's see how good a ride you can give me. And you two girls - don't worry, there's gonna be plenty of time for me to get acquainted with the both of you after I get through samplin' Georgette here...."

Niece Tammi's first visit to the City was also a first meeting with Uncle Jake and Aunt Beth, both of whom were long-time estranged family. Tammi was a pretty, sweet-faced blond and just turned eighteen . She was sure that she could move to the city and get into movies. Maybe become a star. She had packed up and sneaked away from her straight-laced parents in the middle of the night; They would never had approved of what she had in mind. And the secret phone calls to Uncle Jake and his wife Beth had resulted in a wonderful offer of free room and board at their place while she pursued her dream.

"Sure, come on down here, " Uncle Jake had urged her. "We'll take care of ya. In fact, I think that I can get ya a part in a couple of movies. I've got some friends who make films and they're always lookin' for new talent."

"What are you cryin' about, girl? Damn if you ain't one unthankful girl," complained Uncle Jake as he observed Tammi's tearful face. " Here I am takin' the time to throw ya your own little birthday party because your own parents were too cheap to give ya one - and this is the thanks I get? And old Mister Hillebrand here is gonna be filmin' us again tonight. He thinks that you're gonna be real popular in the videos that he'll be sellin' all over the place. So stop that snifflin' and get ready to take this bitch's place. She's almost sucked me to where I'm ready to cum, but I'll let you finish me off and swallow it down. Then your Aunt Beth here is gonna show you some things that she thinks you'll learn to get good at..."

Amelia's innocence was about to end - and end much differently than she had ever imagined that it would. Amelia had been saving herself for the one man who would bring love into her young life. She had turned twenty just a few weeks ago; her virginity still intact. It had been difficult for her to maintain her innocence through all the pressures from all those past boyfriends and others who had tried so hard to deflower her. But Amelia had been strong and resolute in her convictions; her hymen and her vow was still unbroken.

But that was before Uncle Alan had invited her to spend her much - anticipated vacation with him at his country villa. Uncle Alan, with his cheery and benign manner. Uncle Alan, who had changed so completely once she had arrived and they were alone....

Uncle Alan paused at the doorway of the small room in which his niece Amelia was bound and awaiting his return. She was blindfolded and gagged, but that was merely for his pleasure; the room was located deep below the main floor of his vacation villa. Built to his specifications, no sounds from this room would ever reach unwitting ears.

"Ah, your dear old Uncle Alan has returned to take up where we left off. But, don't worry, I'm done with the belt for the time being. Now I'm ready break in that tight little cunt of yours and show you what you've been missing. ....."

Bette was beautiful, intelligent and just finishing her second year of college. Bette had always been a 'good girl' and that had served her well through her young life. But now it was clear that her days of virtue were almost over. Her world had changed abruptly a few nights ago when she had been snatched and abducted off her university campus by people who thought that her blond, perky looks would be very popular with their discerning clientele...

Bette's values and faith had helped her to resist the demands of her captors. No, she would never become a whore. She would rather die first. But that was before they began the sessions of whippings and painful bondage. Her kidnappers were professionals who had a good deal of experience in the breaking of difficult slaves-to-be.

Bette's innocence had been brutally stripped from her over the days and nights after her training had finally ceased - at least for the time being. They had physically abused her until she had actually renounced her adherence to practically every value that she had be raised to believe in. In the end, she had begged them to let her serve them by being the lowest sort of whore to those who would be paying to use her. The punishments had been too much for Bette to withstand.

Miss Hansen was the madam who oversaw the day-to-day workings of the exclusive brothel in which Bette, like so many other slaves, would be forced to serve. Miss Hansen had orchestrated the intense program of rape and degradation to which Bette had be subjected when the punishment had ended. Yes, the girl would be very popular, Miss Hansen thought....

Bette would not be put to work in the brothel until all of the bruises and markings from her training had faded. But Miss Hansen would make sure that Bette's education would still continue in the meantime. After all, as the brothel's madam, the old woman did feel an obligation to keep this new slave in the proper frame of mind.....

"Now don't try to pull away from it, dearie - that will just force me to start really hurt that pretty cunt of yours. Mmmmm....nothing like a nice fist to explore a young pussy like yours. Cocks might be nice, but nothing can compare to an experienced woman's fist and forearm. And I'm very experienced, my little cutie-pie....."

Senora Veron had worked with the Salazar Cartel for quite some time. It helped that she had also become close friends with Lotti Salazar, the oldest daughter of Manuel Salazar. Manuel was the first-among-equals of the Salazar men who ruled the Cartel. Lotti Salazar was a big, fat woman who had nothing to do but indulge herself with the many beautiful young slavegirls who constantly being shuttled through the Cartel's brothel and porn film operations.

Upon hearing rumors that Senora Veron had chosen and begun training a personal slave, Lotti couldn't help but rush down to see for herself. And Senora Veron was very glad to show off her new slave; she was quite proud of the girl's beauty and attitude.

"You're right, she is a delicious-looking little morsel. Ummm...I could eat her alive. Or better yet, she could eat me anytime."

"Sorry, Lotti, but this one's is one that I'm gonna keep strictly for myself. This is my own personal 'pleasure girl'.

Miss Thomas had long since been separated from the cheerleaders whom she had been chaperoning. She didn't quite fit in with the plans that the Cartel had made for the cheerleaders. Although Miss Thomas was indeed a good-looking woman with a great body on her, it was decided that her assigned duties would be as a pain whore rather than being put to work as a regular piece of fuck-meat. She had been already put through a tough regimen of punishment and fucking, but there was an even more intense niche of service that had been planned for her use. According to orders, her pussy was padlocked to prevent overuse. From now on, Miss Thomas's cunt would be reserved for the sole use of those customers who like a bit of sex after having had their sadistic fun....

"Now don't you get all impatient on us, bitch. You'll be able to spread for a cock real soon. In fact, your first customer is coming tonight. You'll like him. He's really enjoys making a white girl scream.."

Miss Thomas had been re-named "Cunt 1" by her owners. ' Cunt 1' was available for the most savage abuse. Her blonde hair had been shaven and ring hoops dug randomly into skin on her face and nipples.

Her first customer was Benito, one of the Cartel's enforcers. Benito's idea of a good time was inflicting pain - and with his girlfriend Gloria also taking part, Benito was having a hell of a good time.

"C'mon, you worthless piece of Yankee shit! You better kiss me better than that! I want that tongue-playin' with mine. I want you to get me all ready for another go at those tits of yours with my belt. You like that, don't you, bitch? I tell ya what, I'm gonna whip them tits until they're all purple, then I'm sit back and watch Gloria here have her fun breakin' a few of your fingers and toes with the little hammer that she keeps in her purse. I know that it's gonna cost me extra, but it'll be worth it."

The cheerleaders who had been selected to serve in the Cartel's brothels were now being introduced to the brothel staffs. It was important that these new slaves learn their place in the order of things - and that place, of course, was at the very bottom. At the moment, Amy's bottom was getting a rude lesson, courtesy of Jorge's thick cock. Another cheerleader was getting looked over on the couch by two more brothel staffers. They enjoy making her watch Jorge plough Amy's protesting anus and making her cry and beg for mercy. Then it would be the other girl's turn...

"Look how your friend is having trouble taking Jorge's cock. She's really suffering, that's for sure. He's gonna fuck her for a long time and after he gets through, you can watch me take my turn.

Then it's gonna be you down there on your hands and knees. See how she's cryin' now? That's gonna be you cryin' the same way when me and the guys start rammin' at your tight little ass..."

While Jorge and the others were breaking in Amy and her friend, slave Trish was also experiencing the agonies of her first anal intercourse. But Pepe was not like those others who enjoyed fucking their slaves in front of others. Pepe preferred to introduce his shaft to Trish's asshole in private. He could concentrate so much better with her that way. Concentrate on moving Trish's body up and down on that long dick of his; guiding that captive bunghole to just the right angles to hit her anal walls and drive her crazy; to force her ass down all the way to his balls.....

Pepe has stopped himself from cumming three or four times as he continued to brutally slam Trish's asshole down over his cock. Her trembling and sobbing only worked to turn him on more.

The little bitch was seeing now that she was gong to be nothing but a hard-fucked and lowly whore - even lower than any of the regular whores there.

Now Pepe was beginning to feel it........feel the pressure in his balls, feel his dick swell.....

"Uhhhhhhh......" Pepe moaned as he stiffened and his semen began shooting deep inside Trish's ass. "Uhhhh, bitch....Uhhhhh"

Lotti Salazar had been rejected and ridiculed because of her weight as a teen - but now she more than made up for all that ; The supply of available slavegirls were almost without end and none of them could ever say 'no' to even the most perverted of her demands. Her sexual appetite was in proportion to her body - in other words, her sexual appetite was huge - and she was not shy about picking out any slave who appealed to her and taking the poor girl back to her bed. Lotti could do as she pleased; no one dared to complain to her fathers or uncles about her sometimes over-use of the slaves. Lotti wanted what she wanted and when she wanted it. And the slave could not complain of Lotti's perpetual bad breath and the heavy stink of her pussy...

Lotti preferred blondes and she had spotted just the right blonde for tonight. May Senora Veron was right; maybe it would be better to choose one girl to be her personal slave . One girl to worship her, suck her toes, eat her pussy, suck her asshole. One girl to be there to constantly tell Lotti how beautiful and desirable she was.

This blonde slave's name was Irene and she screamed with panic as Lotti Salazar dragged her out of her bed and across the floor.

"Say goodnight to your buddies , girl. You won't be seeing them for the rest of the night. In fact, you might not be seeing them again at all..."

It was only natural that the veteran whores in the Cartel's brothels would initially resent the new Gringo slaves and all the attention that was being given to them. Some of the whores thought that these pale newcomers might actually cause them to lose money or worse yet, even lose their jobs. So when given the chance to be alone with the white slaves, many of the whores went out of their way to make sure that the slaves knew their proper place in the brothels' social pecking order.

The management, seeing the advantages of this, did nothing to interfere as long as the slaves were not hurt or damaged.

Vera was a long-time whore in this brothel and she didn't like Dorthy, the American blond slave, from the very beginning.

"That bitch has probably been pampered her entire life," Vera would tell the other whores.

"And now they're gonna set her up in here like some kind of little white queen, taking the best-paying customers away form us! I'd like to really cut on her ass, but the bosses say we can't. But I think that we gotta show that cunt that she's like dirt on our shoes."

The other whores agreed and they made sure that Dorthy immediately got put in her place. They denied her the right to eat regular meals. Instead, the only food she got was that which was regurgitated back up by the whores. Dorthy had tried to resist, but a couple of hard beatings - administered in a way that wouldn't show too much bruising - quickly changed her mind.

"Here's your dinner, bitch," Vera said as she held Dorthy's head in position. "I sure enjoyed eating tonight and now here's your turn to sample it. Open that mouth and keep it open! I sure hope you're hungry, because my friend Mara here really ate herself a big meal."

Dorthy could only hold her head back and open her mouth as Vera gagged herself to bring her vomit up. It was with the greatest humiliation that Dorthy forced herself to accept and swallow the vile puke from Vera's stomach. And behind her, Mara was getting ready to add her vomit to Dorthy's throat. The two whores' vomit was thick and there was a lot of it and quite a bit of it spilled off of Dorthy's face unto the floor. But not to worry, they would make sure that she licked it all up. Waste not, want not....

But if Dorthy was not liked by the brothel's ranking whores, she was certainly liked by Alfredo, one of the establishment's resident managers. Dorthy's lithe, creamy white body and her pretty face always made his dick twitch in his pants and he would be forced to drag her to his room so that he could release the tension that she caused in him.

Dorthy could only sob gently as Alfredo fucked her against the wall. He was a hard, strong man and he liked to fuck that way.

"Ugghhhh...." Alfredo grunted as he slammed himself in that pussy to the hilt and then started pump his semen inside her. " You puta, you bitch! Uggghhh...."

Dorthy was quickly becoming one of Alfredo's favorites and although it was discouraged, he made it a point to seek her out whenever he had a free moment. She was now becoming familiar with what were his particular likes and dislikes; the things that would make him cum fast, the things that tended to delay his cumming. Alfredo was always more pleased when it took him more time to build up one of his heavy orgasms. The more time it took, the more intense his cumming would be. The stronger and thicker the jism that his balls would pump up through that big cock; the more force with which it would spew into the back of Dorthy's throat or deep in her pussy or asshole. And the more pleased with her that he was, the more he would keep her isolated away from the even harder chores that the whores tended to have for her.

But Alfredo was also quite the sensitive type. He didn't want Dorthy to miss out on having female companionship, so out of the goodness of his heart, he also requisitioned the services of another American slave, the 18 year-old Annette. After all, it was the least such a sensitive and caring man like Alfredo could do.

Together, Annette and Dorthy were the perfect team at teasing Alfredo's cock with their obedient tongues. Such a good job they did; worshiping that shaft, licking it wet, causing it to swell to it's maximum potential, ready to be either sucked to completion or to be rammed into whatever hole he preferred.

Who's gonna get the load? Any volunteers? One gets it down her throat, the other gets her asshole fucked…

The whores were patient; Alfredo couldn't keep Dorthy away from them forever. They knew that he had to sleep or leave the premises sometime - and then that American cunt would belong to them. They had so many things in store for Dorthy, so many new and nasty things that they had thought up between them. So many extremely nasty and humiliating things that would reduce Dorthy's self-worth and make her accept the role that they had reserved for her in this brothel; that of the very lowest whore, the one who would forever be their resident shoe-licker and shit-eater. She might end up being popular with the clientele, but when the customers left, her status would revert to being that of less that the mangy mongrel dog that ate the food scraps from the floor.

"'re such a fine little slut," Alfredo grunted to Dorthy as he began to settle into a hard rhythm, jolting her body with his powerful fucking. It was the third time he rode her that night and her cunt was raw and sore from all that attention. But Dorthy was also aware of the attention that she felt from the whores who observed Alfred and her from the doorway. They had promised to show her "something unforgettable" the next time that they had a chance at her and she shuddered at the thought of whatever that might be.

"Si, that's it, bitch! Keep moving those hips like that!" Alfredo loved the way Dorthy was doing her best to make him happy. " Si, si, you little whore. Give it all to your Alfredo! You love it, don't you?"

"Uhhhh.....yes, Senor." Her pussy twitched from the pain and abuse. "Yes, yes. Please fuck me, Senor..."

Although Dorthy had truly tried to show the extent of her submissiveness, she was still chosen to undergo more training. As much as she thought that she was giving them everything that they demanded, it was still a matter of truly transforming her mentally into the absolute slave that they wanted her to be. Alfredo's sexual wants would just have to wait for a few weeks. First there would be two weeks of the most brutal and relentless abuse, then there would be the week's time, at least that it would take for Dorthy's punished body to recover to the point that it could tolerate even being touched again. The Cartel was good, very good, at ensuring that their slaves were completely subjugated in both mind and body. This would be practically period of living hell for Dorthy, but it was for her own good.....

Dorthy was crying as Garcia hug her body up to the starting position that he wanted for her. She was crying even more as he introduced himself with a couple minute's worth of hard swatting with his handy little ruler.

"You're going to get used to it, " Garcia cooed to her as he explored her body with a rough hand. " Or maybe not. But whatever it seems like now, it will only get much, much, much worse - I promise. You will scream and beg, I understand that. But it will do you no good, chica. Nothing will help. Nothing will save you from what is to come.

"And afterwards, you will be on your way to being the worthless slave that we want you to be. I, Garcia promise that you will be perfect...."

It would be a full month later that Dorthy would be have recovered enough to be allowed to demonstrate the success of her training. Her previous effort at complete obedience was now replaced by a mindless devotion and acceptance of her fate.

The name 'Dorthy' was now a dim memory; the name sounded somewhat familiar to her, but she couldn't quite grasp its relevance at the moment. The new name of ' Putcita' was the one that she answered to now. Was that the name that she always had? She couldn't remember. All that she really knew now was that her mouth, pussy and ass existed solely for the use and pleasure of others. She knew and accepted now that there was no other purpose in life but to serve those who demanded everything from her...

As was his right as her trainer, Garcia was the first to sample all that 'Putcita' had to offer - he was not disappointed. The slave Putcita automatically acquiesced to his every wish, satisfied him in every way that he wanted. Her lovely blue eyes teared from the pain as she moved her tight asshole up and down on his huge cock, but she never hesitated either in the frequency or the force of her self-impalement. Garcia could only moan in ecstasy as Putcita hard-slammed her anus down over his dick to the hilt.

"Argggghhhhh.... Garcia bellowed loudly as he started emptying his gonads of their cum-loads, sending it spurting up into the inner reaches of Putcita's rectum.

"Master, master", the blond Putcita muttered dully as she now began revolving her hips; moving that asshole hard against his balls in order to milk out every last trace of semen.

Garcia had invited one of the whores in to watch this triumph. The whore was impressed. She would inform the others that Putcita was ready now to start fulfilling the role that they had planned for her. The whore moved her hand to Putcita's clitoris, then started to pinch and twist it. Putcita only uttered a soft, "Ohhhh' from the added pain.

Yes, the whores would drag Putcita way before Alfredo returned to again monopolize her time. It would be her first night of service in the whores' toilet. Putcita had a pretty mouth; a perfect mouth for the toilet duties that the whores had reserved for her....

“Yeah... sqeeze your crapper, little puta... milk the man’s balls... make him happy... this’ your duty as a fuck-slut!”

The Sanchez and Salazar Cartels had long since agreed to avoid any violence when it came to their competing interests in the areas of prostitution, white slavery and the underground pornography market. After all, there were still plenty of slave girls, both local and from the States, to fulfil the ever-increasing demand for firm, young flesh. In fact, although in a very limited way, that Sanchez/ Salazar competition was gradually beginning to evolve into one of cooperation on some levels.

A few years ago, it would have been unthinkable for Sophia Salazar and Miguel Sanchez to even be in each's presence, much less getting together socially now to share and party with favorite slaves from their respective operations. Such a break-through in relations was an inspiring example of the possibilities that could come from a sharing of mutual interests. Sophia loved nothing better than spending a night enjoying a pretty Gringa with her handsome and virile friend; not only did Miguel always do a good job at giving Sophie the pleasures that she needed, he also never failed to provide her with the thrill of putting one a good show while sexually tormenting and abusing whatever slave or slaves that either of them had brought to their rendezvous.

This evening would be yet another memorable experience for Miguel and Sophia; Miguel was feeling particularly randy and aggressive after having an intense week attending to the business of eliminating a informant who had infiltrated his Cartel ; Sophia had endured a stressful week brought about by the incessant demands of her always attention-needy mother. Both of them badly needed to release some pent-up anger and tension. Luckily, Sophia had spied this newly-arrived slave. The girl was just the kind that Sophia preferred; full-bodied, privileged, young and relatively unspoiled. She had known that Miguel would enjoy this blond bitch as much as she.

"What do you think of her? Isn't she delectable?" Sophia smiled inwardly at the interested glint in Miguel's eyes. "Her name is Denise. Just turned nineteen. Comes from a rich family! And guess what - the people who snatched her told us that she considers Latins to be scum!"

The look in Miguel's eyes hardened a bit at that description, just as Sophia hoped. " Hmm, is that so? Well, that's probably because she's never had the chance to really get to know us, don't you think? It's the least we can do tonight is to show her the error of her ways. Show her how much she's been missing...."

Sophia snorted. Yes, Miguel would be providing her with a nice spectacle tonight. She was already moistening at the thought of how would be using that strong cock of his as a weapon of torture on Denise. Poor, unfortunate Denise. Perhaps she might forgo her own time with the girl, just lie back and enjoy watching Miguel do his work.

"You know, I don't have to return her", Sophia added slyly, licking her lips. " I mean if she's too battered and damaged......" She left the sentence unfinished, but her meaning was clear.

Miguel's performance with Denise did not disappoint. But he was not about to accede to Sophia's implied wish for him to end it all with the white girl's death. As much as he liked Sophia, he was still sensible; his sadistic instincts would never overcome his inherent business instincts. Of course, he would enjoy abusing this slave, but to take her life was a complete waste in light of what she would clearly earn him when she recovered from tonight. He would beat her and fuck her badly - and then he'd take her back with him to eventually be put to work in one of his brothels or sex shows. Sophia would surely get mad and raise all kinds of hell, but he knew she couldn't go for long without that great dick of his. She'd get over it.

Denise could only slightly lift her head and let out a dull groan as Miguel brutally began forcing his hard shaft in her asshole. With her body raw with pain from Miguel's belt and his lips and face swollen from his fists, the hurt now occurring in her ass was just the latest agony inflicted upon her. And the night was just beginning.....

How do you like this, puta? Tell me you like your crap-hole fucked by a real man, by a Macho!

Senor Rupon, one of the many Sanchez relatives, had been a widower for almost a year. He had spied the slim and trim blonde slave named Candice as she was first being trained and processed for servicing the Cartel's higher-class clients who visited the establishment that he managed. As overseer, he had use of any slave under his employ, but he had long tired of that. Senor Rupon was at the stage now that he preferred to have another wife. Candice, to his judgment, was just right. After her hard training and attitude adjustments, Candice would be the ideal wife; obedient, servile and totally dedicated to his pleasure in any way that he saw fit. Maybe there would be no need to dispose of her like those seven previous ungrateful and disappointing wives....

"Tomorrow you will have the honor of becoming my wife," Senor Rupon informed slave Candice. " I know that you will do everything you can to keep me happy. If you show me that you are a worthy spouse, perhaps I will let you have my children.

"That's it, part those pretty lips of yours. Let's see how much that mouth can stretch. Hmmm....good. That's good. You'll need to be able to swallow my cock up to the balls - because that's how I like to empty my cum down a bitch's throat, so that she swallows down every last drop. And I hate it if a bitch throws up.

It was her first day of service in the Sanchez's midtown whorehouse and ex-cheerleader Jeannette's very first customer. A little over a month ago, Jeannette had been thrilling thousands of onlookers as she helped cheer on the team from Texas North State. Now she was doing her best to thrill the cock of dark-skinned postal worker. Her Masters had instructed her to move those hips and thrash that pussy around in order to make her customers cum fast, to satisfy them quickly so that more clients could take their turns.

Jeannette was doing as she was told; the young customer, vigorously meeting her gyrating cunt with his own powerful cock-thrusts, could last for more than ten minutes before cumming.

"Aarrgghhhh....!" His fingers dug into her shoulder as he tensed and bucked, shooting his thick load up into Jeannette's innards. The first satisfied customer of the day. There would be twenty more before she would be put away for the night.

Jeannette eyes teared. This was the rest of her life. In fact, it would only get worse.....

The Sanchez operation was based on brutality - after all, a successful enterprise such as theirs could not survive and prosper otherwise. So it was only natural that some of their ideas and preferences concerning entertainment might contain an element or two of sadism. To them there was nothing more natural than perhaps including a little torture show to spice up one of their frequent social gatherings. There was always an abundance of slaves who could be chosen to provide some interesting moments with their cries and screams as they underwent their first experiences as paintoys. For reasons of security and privacy, these gatherings - along with their various entertainments - were usually held in one of the group's many underground chambers that were especially suited for such matters. No noises would reach the ears of anyone outside those thick-walled rooms; the sounds of all the fun would be contained within, for the enjoyment of the invited guests.

Pauline had one of those voices that were perfect for these sorts of occasions. Her vocalizations were almost melodic in their pitch; her words were so sincere in their pleas for mercy.

"God, no! Aaiiieeee! It hurts! Please! Please stop! Noooooooo! Aghhhhh...!"

The partygoers knew that Pauline would put on a good show for them, as her torment was only just beginning...

Some of the Gringa slaves were more fortunate than others. Sometimes, through a combination of luck or by result of some personal attraction on the part of a certain Cartel member, a particular slavegirl would be spared some of the more abusive aspects of brothel life. Eighteen year-old Megan was one of those who had appealed to the wife of one of a Cartel lieutenant. The spouse, a rather assertive and pugnacious Mamacita named Pipi, had immediately demanded that her husband get permission to claim Megan. " I really want that pretty little bitch," Pipi had said. " I don't care what you have to do to get her - just get her for me!"

Of course, her husband, a man who valued his sanity and his wife's good will, did as she asked.

Megan was taken in as Pipi's 'special girlfriend', her duties were simple - to keep her Mistress happy. That was not so easy, being that Pipi was one of those who needed and demanded constant attention and pleasuring on Megan's part. Pipi needed her orgasms at least a half-dozen times a day and could be extremely unpleasant if she was deprived. Her new Gringa slavegirl, although somewhat on the fragile and delicate side, was managing to keep Pipi happy - so far.

It wasn't as though slave Megan had to guess at Pipi's mood; her Mistress was one who tended to be very clear as to what she wanted and when. This evening, Megan, her mouth still tasting of Pipi's pussy and asshole from just an hour or so before, was being alerted to yet another command performance. Beginning to finger her clit and pussy in an ever-increasing intensity, Pipi was letting out those throaty groans as she called to her slavegirl. " Oh, shit! Oh, damn! Come over here, sweetie. Don't you see how your Pipi needs that cute little tongue of yours?

"Yeah, just like that. Get down there close while I work it up a bit. Mmmm...see those juices? I know that you're gonna do a good job. I know you ain't gonna disappoint me...."

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San Dominos [HINES]


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When the corrupt government of the Caribbean island of San Dominos finally fell, it fell hard and fast. Most of the ruling elite class had hastily packed their bags of ill-gotten wealth, made their bank transfers and climbed aboard every available departing plane; the military and police had either run for their lives or transferred their loyalties to the rampaging mobs and joined in the looting and bloodletting.

The former regime's Western backers were scrambling to disassociate themselves from the now-apparent records of their former client's systemic program of killings, rigged courts and other human rights abuses.

Any talk of sending in peacekeeping troops was, for the moment, thoroughly out of the question. That meant that those elites who had been unable to escape the country were now at the mercy of an enraged and impoverished populace that was intent on extracting it's overdue revenge.

But the Island's former upper crust was not the only group to suffer from the effects of this upheaval. Also caught up in the chaos and carnage of the moment was the large number of tourists who had been guests of San Dominos' many posh hotels and resorts. Chased from their burning hotels, fleeing blindly through the streets, they were easy targets for those bloodthirsty islanders who hunted them down.

Mira, Harriet and their father had escaped their burning posh resort suite just ahead of a mob. Their father had pushed them into a rental car and had driven wildly through the frenzied streets - only to become lost and ending up right in the midst of one of the island's worst slums.

Needless to say, they were soon stopped and surrounded by a gang of thugs who promptly shot the father dead and dragged his two terrified daughters into an alley .

There, Harriet and Mira became yet another pair of Western girls who fell victim to the strong cock abuse from their Island hosts.

In the distance, there was the constant noise of explosions and guns. But here in this slum alley, there was only the quiet and hopeless sobbing from Harriet as the thug named Mingo rocked her sore body back and forth with his powerful fucking. And the equally soft sobbing from Mira as she was forced to watch her older sister obediently buck her hips up to meet Mingo's thrusts.

Then there was a louder noise - as Mingo let out a loud "Uhhhhhh..!" And this explosion was from Mingo's big dick as it slammed hard in Harriet's pussy and spurted a thick cum load deep within her, mixing with the semen of the eight previous guys who had their turn...

In another section of the slum, Diaz and his main woman, Edwina had plucked another fleeing female tourist off the street as she sought to escape an oncoming mob. Peggy had thought herself to be fortunate when the black couple had pulled her into their derelict shack just in time for her to escape her pursuers. Even though, at first glance, Diaz appeared somewhat dangerous-looking and Edwina had a menacing presence, Peggy had thanked them profusely for their help.

But there was no need for her to thank them, as it soon became apparent - because her hosts had their own ideas and plans for exactly how Peggy would repay them. Of course, Peggy had objected at first, but Edwina had used her belt strongly and to good effect for a half hour; after that, there was resistance from Peggy to whatever the couple might have in mind.

Elsewhere, things were not going well for the captured daughter of an former landowner. Her class pride had compelled her to refuse to willingly part her legs in order to keep her abductors happy. So they had taken it upon themselves to spread her legs for her and after being forced to accommodate the cocks of over twenty men, she had been taken to a tall and sturdy tree in order to provide one last bit of entertainment as she kicked frantically as the end of a rope.

But not all was chaotic on San Dominos. In certain criminal quarters of the island, some had realized that the current unsettled state of things also presented for good business opportunities.

The surplus of stranded young and attractive Western female tourists along with those captured females from the former island elite was a natural supply for those who might wish to indulge in White Slavery.

A ruthless alliance of pimps. madams, former policemen, street thugs and other common criminals was hastily assembled with the purpose of acquiring as many of the available female captives as possible for auctioning off to the highest bidders.

There would be no problem in finding prospective buyers - as a parade of enthusiastic responses from varied interested individuals and other criminal organizations from the South American mainland soon confirmed.

The honor of being the first captive to be chosen for the Auction was 19 year-old Angela. Angela had been visiting friends on the island when the revolution had come so suddenly. Grabbed on her way to the airport, Angela was now meeting a group of people who all wanted to be her new 'friend'.

Word quickly spread throughout the Island that a nice amount of cash would be paid for attractive Western or Elitist females. Some of those who had such ladies in their possession were thoroughly enjoying themselves; having a pretty sex slave for one's personal use was very enjoyable, indeed. But it didn't help to buy food or gas or water, especially with how the recent chaos had made those things even harder to obtain than before.

So it was not a difficult decision for Fanita to order her son, Juan to trade the ready, wonderful sex that he enjoyed from his captive Katrina for a fistful of hard cash. Fanita had to admit that she had started to enjoy having the girl's labor for cooking and cleaning their dusty shack - and also Katrina's compliant pussy and asshole-eating whenever Juan was away.

The first Auction would be in the morning, and to there was only fear and despair in Ineza as she found herself awaiting an unknown fate in this dark, musty room in which she would stay until called out in order to climb up onto that small stage to be bid on like a piece of meat.

The worst thing about her being here right now is that she was betrayed and brought here by a person that she had thoroughly trusted. The older black woman named Henrietta had been her personal maid since Ineza was an infant. Of course, Ineza had been difficult at times - and perhaps somewhat tactless with Henrietta over the years, but the maid had never shown the slightest bit of resentment or peeve at any of her young Senorita's actions. After all, hadn't Henrietta always been given the best leftovers from the family meals? And wasn't she always the first one to be given the pick of any cast-off clothes? Henrietta had always been a smiling and reassuring presence around Ineza and her wealthy family.

Henrietta had promised to take her to a secret location where she would arrange for a boat to spirit the both of them safely from San Dominos and to freedom. And so Ineza was shocked speechless when Henrietta ushered her into a derelict house at the edge of the city - and right into the custody of the organization that was in charge of the White Slave Auction scheme.

"Here she is," Henrietta had said as she shoved a surprised Ineza into the arms of one of the strange men who awaited them in the main room. "This is the puta that I told you about. I know this one well, so I tell you that it's best that someone start using a belt on her right away. She's soft and spoiled nineteen years and after you show her who's boss, she won't give you any trouble." And they had promptly followed the old maid's advice.

And now, as Ineza continued to cry and pray, Henrietta surprised her again by entering the room.

"I just came to witness your pain. And do you know that my son is the head of this operation? Yes, I'm so proud of him! But what I'm really going to enjoy is watching you get sold tomorrow. I'm going to laugh as your new Master drags you away. You'll scream and cry, I know you will. It will give me so much pleasure to see it all......"

"........and speaking of pleasure, there is another pleasure that you will give me tonight - and if you even hesitate or give me the slightest bit of trouble, my son has instructed his men to come in here and gouge your eyes out!"

Henrietta let out a soft groan as she pressed Ineza against the wall and explored her white pussy with her fingers.

"Still got a tight cunt on you, well isn't that a surprise! Well, I'm sure that they'll soon have it stretched wide as hell after they put you to work. ..."

The island's religious establishment had always supported the former ruling elite; so when the elites fled the place, the religious leaders left with them. The Church's lower ranking administers and it's many regular nuns, however, were left behind to face the full wrath of the vengeful populace. The thugs and slavers were especially interested in the stranded younger nuns and apprentice nuns - both in terms of the use of their innocent bodies and in the certain higher selling prices that they would get for them from the slave auctioneers. So a raid on the island's nunnery was soon in coming. The raiders were forceful and brash as they broke down the nunnery's doors and streamed inside, grabbing every pretty nun that they came upon.

Needless to say, it was a trying time for the young nuns as they were stripped of their modesty and forcefully introduced to one hard cock after another. The nunnery interior was filled with the cries and screams of the nuns as their tender and previously unused pussies and assholes were filled and stretched by big, rock-hard black and brown dick shafts. "Damn, these bitches make you cum real fast with those tight cunts squeezing your cock like they do," observed one horny thug as he prepared to mount his third nun.

The tall German apprentice nun's name was Hilda and her strong, lithe frame was beginning to get bruised from the rough treatment from the first six men who raped her. But her pussy was even more bruised and sore - and no even all that semen that filled it was enough to lessen the sharp pain that racked her body from the huge dark cocks that rammed against her now-raw cunt walls.

"Please, please! Stop! I am so sore! I think I'm bleeding," Hilda begged her captors in a plaintive voice. " I don't think that I can take any more!"

But big, black Eduardo's turn was next and he wasn't about to let Hilda dissuade him from his pleasure. One slap from his big hand sent her to the floor.

"Shut up, puta! You white girls are always complaining about something!" He grabbed Hilda and dragged her over to a bed in the corner. "Now bend over and stick that ass up! Now!"

Hilda cried as she bent obeyed and bent over. She heard the rustle of Eduardo's pants falling to the floor and then felt a further panic as she felt a pressure against her asshole and realized just what he intended to do.

"Goddamn complaining' foreign puta! You don't want me in that cunt of yours. Well, okay........."

Eduardo was horny and his balls were full of cum and he needed his pleasure Now. Hilda let out a long, high-pitched scream as he rudely forced the big, bulbous head of his cock into her twitching rectum and then slammed all of his 11 inches inside until his heavy balls flapped against her butt cheeks.

"MMMmmmmmm....So warm......So tight..."

"Yyyyiiiiii..! Aaaiiieeeeee.....!"

Eduardo had really enjoyed himself in the time that he had spent with his friends at the nunnery. Two days and nights of fucking all those cringing white do-gooder cunts and asses would have left most men totally spent and drained - but not Eduardo. Within a few hours after leaving the nunnery, his big cock was twitching and his testicles were hanging heavy with more cum. Eduardo needed more pussy. But there wouldn't be a problem now - because he had dragged a cute 19-year apprentice nun out with him. She would be kept at his shack solely for his own use. A little swiftly administered abuse taught her about the proper attitude that was expected of her, so now she was ready for her first lesson on how to please her new Master.

And she immediately showed what a natural little slavecunt she was going to be. Her nun's training had emphasized submission, worship and service and now she was on her knees, worshiping Eduardo's black cock with her captive mouth. Holding its weight in her hands. Feeling it harden and seeing it begin to swell to its monstrous size as she obediently licked its length with her wet tongue.

By the fourth day, all the former nuns had been distributed throughout San Dominos, often being traded and bartered for just like any other - very popular - commodity.

A half-dozen or so of the captive nuns eventually ended up in brothel of Senora Guzman, who was always interested in procuring fresh female flesh. The Senora was a good enough judge of human nature to know instinctively that the prospect of being able to fuck a former nun -and a pretty one at that - would be yet another incentive for her clientele. The young nuns would join the dozen or so captured female tourists who were already earning big money. Senora Guzman had limited access to her first batch of white slaves to 10 hours a day in order that they not get used up too fast. She had decided that, after their training, the nuns would be available only 6 hours a day in order that the demand for them (and therefore, their rates) be kept high.

Nativa, a big, strong and somewhat hasty woman, was Guzman's Brothel matron; her duties being the maintaining of order and discipline amongst the many hard-nosed regular whores who worked there. Her aggressive nature and her experience as a former interrogator of political prisoners made her the ideal choice to be the one who oversaw the mental and physical training of the newly arrived slaves. It was a task that Nativa took seriously and also enjoyed. The nun slaves, Keira and Sasha, soon learned of Nativa's way of doing things upon their being delivered to the brothel. Both were immediately confronted by the large Nativa, who shoved each of them unceremoniously into a small, barred wooden cage.

Laughing as she put them into their respective cramped enclosures, she shook them up even further by telling them in advance that she intended to regularly brutalize each one of them until she was sure of their total mental readjustment into submission and subservience.

Life was almost unbearable for Keira. First there had been the days and nights of brutal rape in the nunnery and now it had been three nights of pain and agony at the hands of Nativa. Nativa's whip. Nativa's paddle. Nativa's big hands slapping her face. Native's big fist stretching her ass.

And the knowledge that eventually she would also soon be a whore, servicing hordes of crude, unwashed men. A whore.

A whore just like the skinny whore called Rauncha who had come each day to take Keira from her cage. Rauncha, who had threatened to inform Nativa if Keira ever refused a request to eat Rauncha's smelly pussy. Rauncha, who had also invited the other whores in so that Keira could lick their pussies as well....

Even though holding a slave auction was very serious business, that didn't prevent the auctioneers from exhibiting a bit of home-spun humor concerning the subject. Indeed, one former English tourist named Janice served as a literal exhibition herself as she was placed out front of the auction house as a rather fetching and attention-getting business display. No guessing would be needed as to what was going on inside. Furthermore, Janice turned out to be a profitable display, bringing in twice the minimum bidding price that was placed on her.

The auctioneers preferred to keep things on a low-keyed basis rather than to hold their slave sales on a large scale. They limited the auction sessions to accommodating no more than a half-dozen bidders at a time. That made for a more intimate and relaxing business atmosphere in which the buyers could get close and inspect the merchandise at their leisure. The sellers knew that a buyer who had carefully considered his purchase would more likely to be satisfied with his choice later on - making it less likely that he or she would have second thoughts and perhaps make a fuss sometime later.

The first-scheduled auction session of the day was attended by Senores Mata and Manual, appointed as buyers for the Mexican organizations and Senoras Elaina and Dias, representing a myriad of Columbia-based operations. All of them were experienced appraisers of the flesh. But the auctioneer soon sensed that the Mexicans had been sent with instructions to buy cautiously and to limit themselves within a specified budget, whereas the Columbians had obviously been given a wide latitude in terms of the range and price of the products.

Right now, it was the novice nun Gina who was on the block. Senor Mata had hesitantly made a bid of two thousand dollars, stating that "She isn't really as pretty as most of the others; kinda plain-looking..." But Senora Elaina had gently tapped Dias, indicating that she thought that they should bid up on Gina for themselves.

Of course, even though this was strictly business, some of the buyers couldn't resist taking the opportunity to test the merchandise right after they had bought it. Such a waste to not see exactly what a pretty slave's mouth or pussy could do. And this was actually something that could be considered as absolutely necessary by a buyer - to see just what the slave needed in terms of training and instruction.

Lynda and Beatrice, for instance, seemed to show a distinct ability to learn fast when their buyers put them on their knees in order that they had the chance to show what they would do and could do when presented with their superiors' cocks in front of their faces. And they both exhibited a genuine desire to serve (and avoid punishment) by their obedient following of orders and instructions in the art of sucking cock. It was apparent that they both needed a lot more experience and guidance, but they managed to please their Masters with their efforts,

Meanwhile, in other parts of San Dominos, the interaction between the white slaves and their various captors was beginning to evolve into a more settled phase. The chaos was less, now. Now the ownerships and the enslavements were being refined; the Masters and Mistresses were laying down the rules and expectations of what pleasures were due them; the white slavegirls were beginning to realize and more fully accept their situation - hoping, of course, that they would eventually be rescued from this terrible fate, but also knowing that they had no choice other than to completely submit and serve in order to stay alive. Throughout the island, there were the constant sights and sounds coming from inside derelict shacks and shanties; sounds of female holes being used hard and frequent; the slapping of sweating balls against spread thighs and offered buttocks, of hopeless moans and selfish groans....

And there were also the case of the many small neighborhood whorehouses, often no more than a small, two-room shanty. The island whores who worked these rather run-down fuck-rooms had at first resented how their businesses had been so adversely affected by the influx and oversupply brought on by all those new white slave-pussies that seemed to be occupying some many local cocks.

Predictably, business had plunged ; their usual customers had been using all that free foreign pussy. But the local whores were adaptive and some of them seized upon the idea of staffing their little cathouses with some of these new white cunts; after all, it was easy to acquire them through trading for drugs and with pooled monies from the whores. It worked well; now the whores had become pimps and madams as they charged a horny clientele the equivalent of five cents for ten minutes of fucking the white slaves.

Of course, the customers were a rougher sort and they tended to use the slaves that way. But the whores did intervene as best they could in order to keep the white girls from being hurt so much that they would be unable to keep earning money. And in keeping with the more casual island lifestyle, the whores showed their consideration by taking the unusual step of closing down operations on Sundays.

Sundays would be the day for the slaves to get a chance to recover (somewhat) from all the fucking and sucking of all those smelly, brutal and demanding men. Sunday was the day for showing their island whore-Mistresses their appreciation by eating and sucking on their black and brown pussies and anuses. All day.

The two white 18 year-old twins from North American had become good money-earners for the whore Earnesta and her partners, Yvette and Tigi. And on their day off, they continued to endear themselves to their Mistresses by spending at least part of each hour using their submissive mouths and tongues to provide the pleasure that was needed and demanded so much.

Earnesta, ever the bitch that she was, had taken to teaching one twin a unique way to demonstrate her complete compliance in the drinking of Earnesta's golden showers. Earnesta had trained the twin to keep her mouth firmly against Earnesta's black pussy and swallow the pee directly. Earnesta loved how the girl had to learn to leave her throat wide open in order to be able to gulp every drop of the river of piss without letting any drip out. There was a bad whipping in store if any of Earnesta's precious urine was wasted.

On San Dominos, there were so many tourist ladies to be used. And some many Islanders to use them. There was very little to do there except fuck; so little else to enjoy besides sex. The days and nights would be hot and humid, the society in shambles and the future uncertain.

So perhaps the white slaves served an even bigger purpose; the opportunity for the Islanders to temporarily escape all the emotional turmoil by being escape into a world of unrestrained, physical pleasure.

Pleasure like that provided by Claudette. A week ago, Claudette, a college junior, had arrived on San Dominos to experience a pampered stay at one of the most exclusive and upscale resorts - a trip arranged and paid for by her well-off parents. Now Claudette was striving to properly pamper the huge cock of a beach thug called Bamboo, making it wet and hard with her mouth as she had been taught. She did not know where on the island she was,just that this shack was small, smelly and had one rather soiled mattress. A thin mattress on which she tended to whimper as she was constantly fucked by a dick that hurt......

Marguerita had made good use of the Gringa slave that she had captured on the beach during the frantic early hours of the revolution. Once proud and very spoiled, this girl previously called "Carol" was now a very tamed and compliant little bitch re-named "Puticia". Puticia's former background as a very promising young corporate lawyer was now a distance memory, beaten from her over the three weeks of Marguerita's almost non-stop abuse and forced sex with Marguerita and her large litany of male friends and customers. Puticia now exhibited absolutely no pride and self - esteem, only a desire to avoid the severe pain punishment that would surely come at even the slightest hesitation or hint of individualism or self-will.

Puticia had earned her Mistress a good wad of money in these troubled times: so much so that Marguerita now could afford to leave this Island and even invest in a nice little brothel operation somewhere on the South American mainland. The Mistress had learned of the good prices being paid for Western girls down at the old and now-deserted women's prison and had seen the chance to add yet another profit from Puticia's captive body and soul. She knew that the more broken and obedient an attractive young blond Gringa was, the better the money that she would bring. So for a few days before being taken to the prison for purchasing, Puticia was put through an intensive refresher course in the art of total submission.

Puticia had done so much and had pleased so much during this course. And in the end, Marguerita smiled as she had her little bitch perform one last chore for her. Marguerita's neighborhood brothel owner had been complaining lately about how filthy his ungrateful and uncouth customers had been leaving his new toilet commode after using it and how unpleasant it was to constantly cleaning it.

So as a favor, the Mistress had her slavegirl do the honors - with her now-educated little tongue.

At the former prison, Puticia did sell as quickly as Marguerita had hoped. And the price that she brought made her Mistress very happy. The buyers who represented the varied South American interests were experienced in spotting good slave stock; Puticia's new nature made her a guaranteed pleaser for those who would first meet and appraise her when she was shipped to her destination. The buyers had been so impressed with Mistress Marguerita's work, in fact, that they had inquired as to whether she might be interested in handling all the indoctrination and training of the organizations' newly-acquired slaves. It was an offer that she would consider carefully.

Puticia's stay at the prison location would be for four days and nights; when the organizations' next ship was scheduled to dock and take on it's latest human cargo. In that time, her purchasers made sure that they acquainted themselves with her mouth, pussy and ass. Her good looks and compliant manner ensured that she got as much attention as she could handle - in fact, even more attention than she could handle. Puticia had been locked in a cell with Marcita, one of the older daughters of a ranking elite island family. Together, they found themselves destined to entertain the dozen or so brown hard cocks that sought the tight warmth of their holes......

The other blond slaves awaiting transport were also being giving a lot of attention. Unfortunately, they hadn't had such a thorough training program as Puticia, so the buyers frequently were forced to apply attitude-correction measure of their own. They weren't experts, of course, but they knew enough about what works. Their methods were rather amateurish, but it was enough to get the point across that defiance and insolence would always result in unpleasant consequences. These captives soon came to prefer taking on even the most roughest and brutal of cocks rather than enduring the agonies of the whip, belt or rope. A more effective training awaited them when they arrived on the Mainland - but here and now, this abuse was enough to put them in line....

Barbi pleasured Manuel one last time just as the dawn arrived and he would leave to get some much-needed sleep before reassuming his duties. But there would be little additional rest for Barbi; the other men would be constantly visiting her in her cell in order to give her the chance to demonstrate just how much her outlook had improved. But before leaving her, Manuel just had to empty his balls of the little cum that he had left. Barbi took care of that with her dutiful mouth, sucking him off to a noisy orgasm. And Manuel, a man who did not believe in waste, let Barbi slurp and lick off the very last vestiges of semen that he could jack out of his now-exhausted shaft.

"You're going to make a real nice whore," Manuel said as Barbi swallowed the last of his salty cum. " If you keep on trying to please us here, it's going to be easier for you when you get to where you're going. Now my buddies are going to be coming in to have a go at you during the day. I'll be back to spend the night - and it will be very bad for you if I hear that you've failed to please any of them in any way, understand? Tell me that you understand."

And Barbi did understand and told him so.

She would go on to do her best to give all of them what they wanted and demanded from her. Throughout the day, she would give it up, give all that she could, in the way that they liked it. And Manuel did return to spend the night again, his cock as hard as ever and his balls hanging low with another fresh load of cum. But he would not being ramming her cunt tonight. Tonight Manuel would concentrate on seeing how much Barbi's still-tight anus could take.....

There were many other stories also being played out at this former women's' prison as the captives, bought and sold, awaited the next part of their journey into slavery. Most of them were in an almost catatonic mental state; mindlessly following orders; trying to adjust to the pain and abuse from their keepers; not even daring to think about what fate might eventually be in store for them. They numbly opened their holes for use from their group of overseers, dully obeying whatever demands were put to them.

The slaves' compliance bode well for the buyers and their assistants. Their criminal bosses would most likely demonstrate their appreciation by awarding large bonuses and would probably ask them to stay on at their jobs as long as there were more females available for purchase and shipping. It was quite an enjoyable assignment in almost every way. It was a chance to indulge themselves sexually and to be able to act out many of their sadistic impulses.

Evelyn Meyer's crying and wails of despair were to no avail as Ricardo began to tear off her tattered dress while steering her towards the stairway that led down to the prison's basement-level cellblock. Her plaintive distress only served to excite Ricardo even more and cause his cock to strain against his pants. Evelyn's screaming and pleas for mercy were not due to the prospect of her being forced down into one of those small, cramped cell where she would be first stripped naked and fucked by the increasingly horny Ricardo. The cause of her desperate shrieking was the scene taking place before them. Her two daughters, nineteen year-old Amy and eighteen year - old Rhonda, were now being introduced to Senor Garcia. Garcia and his girlfriend Vincenta had just arrived on the tramp steamer leased by the organizations to carry this latest batch of slave flesh back to the Mainland. Senor Garcia's job was to carry out a final inspection of these new slavecunts and see to it that everything ran smoothly.

Just an hour before Garcia's arrival at the prison, the Meyer family's original captor had brought them in and offered them all for possible purchase. The buyers liked Rhonda and Amy's innocent looks and their petite, yet shapely bodies and immediately offered a nice price for them, but they were not interested in their mother; too old and not pretty enough. But their captor had said, ' The hell with her. I'm tired of fucking her and my place is a bit small. Tell ya what, you take her off my hands and you can have her for free." Ricardo had volunteered to take custody of Evelyn. After all, he had commented, pussy is pussy. And besides that, she would make a convenient pain slave in times of boredom.

Senor Garcia had witnessed and approved this last - minute purchase. "Bring them over there and put them on their knees so that they can both show me that they are worthy of the money that we have just spent on them. And Evelyn had been forced to watch as her two daughters, knowing that any refusal would bring on very severe punishment, knelt before Garcia and took turns sucking on his ample cock until it began to pulse out a thick stream of white cum - which they both shared.

Being inducted into service in one of the San Dominos brothels or whorehouses was a rather programmed process for a new white slavegirl. One thing that had to be immediately impressed upon her was not only her duties concerning the pleasuring of the establishment's many paying customers, but also showing her her place in the order of things. A girl had to be shown, and shown in no uncertain terms, that she had no rights and no choice in any matters whatsoever. Even the ugliest and lowest of the regular whores was her Mistress and even the janitor who cleaned the toilets was her Master. Her duty was to do as she was told and to do it without question; whether that meant licking a customer's cum off the floor or licking dirt from the soles of another whore's feet.

Although almost all the incoming slaves had been broken and trained before being arriving to work at the brothel, it was considered an established procedure to put her in her place as soon as she stepped foot in her new place of service. Today poor Sophie, a French girl fresh from the auction block, was meet just inside the entrance of the 'Tia-Mia' brothel by Estaban, the establishment's manager-bouncer. Estaban grabbed Sophie and slammed her against the wall.

"Put your hands against the walll, bitch," Estaban commanded. "And stick that ass out for me and keep it out!"

And as Sophie tearfully braced herself as instructed, the burly Estaban let down his pants and stepped up behind her, his cock swollen and rigid. Roughly, he grasped Sophie from behind, holding her tightly as he found the door to her little anus with the tip of his cockhead. Sophie let out a faint whimper as Estaban brutally began forcing his dick up her ass.

"You're mine, you spoiled cunt. This is all you're good for." Estaban was a real fuck-man; plenty soon he was slamming the slave with his full weight behind that shaft of his. Now Sophie could not keep from groaning loudly as the man's big balls were now slapping against her buttocks.

"I know you love it, girl. You love the hurt, don't you? You dirty, worthless, low-down bitch....."

The female brothel operators were no less firm or severe when ' welcoming ' a new slave into the household. Senora Phata had personally overseen the selection and purchase of 20 year-old Robin as a special 'added attraction' to her whorehouse. She liked the blond slave's slim, good looks and slight hint of a haughty background that would be a sure attraction to the establishment's blue-collar clientele, making them want to pay a higher rate to fuck her.

Senora Phata was a big, rough woman who tolerated no defiance of any sort and she made sure that Sophie promptly got the message in a swift and no-nonsense manner. The Senora's first blow was a hard slap; her second was a expertly applied punch to Sophie's stomach. That was followed by a intense pounding that left Sophie begging for mercy and pledging her total slave loyalty to her new Mistress.

"Mmmm, my sweet little girl," purred the Senora. "Now let's celebrate your devotion to me and my place, hmm? Here, my nipples are so swollen from thinking of what we are going to do together tonight. Come, darling, suck on my tits for a while and then, if you do a good job on them, I'll let you eat out my pussy..."

Other new whorehouse slaves had their low status shown to them in more subtle ways. At the 'Angel's' brothel located deep within the inner slum district of the Island capital, both the customers and the whores who serviced them were generally of the rougher sort. Given that situation, the addition of petite, white Dorthy was a particularly alluring move. Dorthy's availability to her customers would have to be carefully managed in order to avoid her being used up too quickly. The fucking done within the shabby walls of this brothel was long and hard; little finesse shown here; here the whore's pussies and assholes were constantly sore from the brutal ramming and slamming style of the hard men who frequented them.

For Dorthy, it was a case of being subjected not only to a program of shocking abuse, but also being the object of good old-fashioned humiliation. The "Angel's" veteran Island whores had a natural resentment of Dorthy; of the attention accorded her; against the 'special' place that she would occupy in the establishment's plans. They went out of their way to make it clear to Dorthy that regardless of her entertainment value there, that they regarded her as the lowest in rank and in esteem. And the brothel's owners were wise enough not to interfere ....

Tall, lanky Glorina was the oldest and toughest of the whores. It was she who tended to think of and implement all the various schemes of Dorthy's torment. Jealous of Dorthy to a fault, Glorina liked nothing better than seeing the white girl humbled by the embarrassment and shame of being forced to serve as the house's toilet slave during it's non-working hours.

Glorina shuddered as Dorthy's wet and compliant tongue thrashed around against the inside of her asshole.

"You little bitch! You're just supposed to lick any leftover shit out of my ass, not try and please me! You're so damn sneaky, tryin' to make me like ya and hopin' that I'll treat ya like some little queenie. Well, it won't work! Just for tryin' to make me feel good, I'm gonna take you in my room and whip that ass of yours raw with my strap!"

Bennie and his wife were novices to the whorehouse business. In fact, they had just one girl who'd they'd be featuring in their small shack/brothel. This little blond vacationing college student that they had snatched off the beach a week ago had done a great job of providing Bennie and his spouse with all the pleasure that they had wanted form her. Now it was time for her to start bringing in some badly-needed funds for them.

The slavegirl didn't have a say in this decision, of course, but just to make sure that she wouldn't be tempted to get any ideas of her own concerning her newly-imposed career, her Master Bennie made it a point to use his trust belt to clear her mind....

Michele's assigned duty at her new whorehouse had been decided upon at the time of her purchase. Her owners knew that the novelty of their customers being able to look Michele in her deep blue eyes as they mouth-fucked her would be a great selling gimmick; one which would allow them to be able to charge an additional surcharge to their regular fee.

It would also especially please her clients to have her mouth totally captive, so as to facilitate their freedom to fuck her mouth as hard and as deeply as they wanted and to be able to shoot their loads of semen down her throat. The last thing they wanted was for Michele to dampen her customers' enthusiasm by gagging, so a little mechanical assistance was called for. After her morning meal, a couple of the other whores would help to prepare Michele's mouth for her day's work....

But no matter how the all these slaves were introduced to their new whorehouse environments, the main fact was that their real submission would be to the many customers whom they would serve almost each day for the rest of their lives. Their was very little that could be done to prepare them for sheer scope of the degradation and debasement that they would be subjected to. It was such a long journey from their relatively privileged backgrounds to this life of total catering to even the most sordid desires of these hordes of smelly, unwashed men.

The rebellion and chaos that had taken place on San Dominos had worked to bring together people from wholly different worlds. In this particular wooden shack, former New York socialite Diane Von Bercas was coming to together with Manny Telcote. Manny was a field worker who had never attended school or visited New York. Just a few weeks ago, Diane had been issuing stern orders to her servant and maids; now, here in this shack on San Dominos, it was Diane who was trying her best to comply with the sexual demands of Manny Telcote.

This was the fifth hour of Diane's assigned shift and her pussy was already fucked raw and sore. Each new deep thrust inside of Diane caused her to winch from the pain, but that was not Manny's concern. Manny had paid money, a very rare commodity for Manny, to spend some time dipping his dick in this pretty Western bitch - and he was determined to get his money's worth. Luckily for him, there was no limit on the amount of time or the number of times that the girls could be fucked. Manny was strong and virile and his cock was in the oversized category, so his sessions with Diane sweaty and prolonged...

As the new rebel government of San Dominos began to take power, there was a stir amongst those in the population who had developed a fondness for the pleasures that came from holding and using all those Western slave girls who had been captured during the first chaotic days and nights of the revolution.

Never mind the potential loss of all that submissive white flesh that could be used and abused to one's absolute content; there was also the prospect of the captives' respective Western governments demanding their safe return. Then everyone knew that the new San Dominos leaders would be forced to account for the fate of the captives and also bring all those who had used the slaves to justice.

Some panic began to surface in certain quarters, but then, again, the Island's people had always been an industrious and resourceful lot, and the way to rid themselves of a problem like this was soon apparent. Rather than killing and disposing of the slaves, why not simply sell them off to those many 'business people' who had come to the Island just for the purpose of buying slave flesh for their various enterprises located on the South American Mainland?

The former police and prison guards who had served in the disposed island regime were still around and still organized in order to make some of the little money to be had. Their expertise made them ideally suited to act as the middlemen and the salesmen in the selling off of the many white slave girls brought to them by anxious owners.

The former Tangoon Institute served as a high-security prison for the old regime's many political prisoners. Now it was teeming with scared, sweating Western slaves who were now wondering what would befall them next. They would soon find out; the buying and selling had begun and business was being carried on at a frantic pace.

The guards organized their slave product by attractiveness; those who were deemed to be the most appealing were grouped together for inspection or further training. Even though their former owners had used most of them extensively, it was still a good idea to apply a bit more discipline in order to avoid any rebellious thinking brought about by their new circumstances.

In the first days of the rebellion, most of the prisoners of the Tangoon Institute had been freed to go home to their families. But some the female prisoners felt-rightly-that given the rampaging lawlessness and pandemonium that was going on outside, that it might be a safer to remain inside the walls of the prison. After all there was still some food in the pantry and there were plenty of sleeping accommodations. And now there was an added treat. Since the former guards had retaken control of the place in order to conduct their slave-sale business, the ex-prisoners were given almost unlimited access to the seemingly unlimited supply of white slaves.

Tina and Babette were glad that they had decided to stay at Tangoon. Especially when one of the guards brought along a tasty little American treat named Karen. Karen had been an upcoming swimsuit model, destined for fame when she had accepted a wonderful photo assignment on the island of San Dominos. That was three weeks ago. Now Karen had been shoved into a cell with dusky Babette and Tina and destined to spend a night of sexual servitude...

In another cell, the big dyke guard named Lalo had shed her clothes as she prepared to spend some time with a blond slave who had caught her eye in the day's line-up. Lalo wasn't a mean sort, just stern and demanding. Her demands of this sweet-faced blond would not be too outrageous. A bit of ass-licking, a lot of pussyeating....

Patty had made the mistake of initially resisting the advances of a guard when he had become interested in her rather innocent, girl-next-door looks. She had quickly relalized her mistake, but it was too late. After having her pale ass flogged until she started to beg in just the right manner, Patty ass was destined for further abuse by almost a dozen guard cocks. The guards laughed as they rode her ass deep and rough, and by the time the 8th guard took his place behind her, she could barely stand. No matter, another helpful guard bent Patty over a desk and held her tightly in place while the 8th guard took her turn at her.

The buyers who came to Tangoon were very discerning and exacting when it came to which slaves they would purchase. Different buyers had different needs and sometimes it was rather hard to make final choices as to which girl to take and how many girls to take. Most of the potential buyers made their choices with business in mind; in fact the majority of the slaves wee purchased by people who had some involvement with Latin American whorehouses or upscale sex escort rings operating in the U.S.

But there were some exceptions. Pepe Filipas had come to Tangoon to buy a slave wife. Pepe's lifestyle as a major narcotics smuggler didn't leave for a lot of time in the seeking out of the right kind of girl to make his wife. And frankly, his rather uncouth looks and boorish manner tended to make him very unattractive to even the most open-minded females. And his almost 12 inches of cock and the fact that he preferred hard anal ramming made him an unpopular customer at the whorehouses and bordellos. So when Pepe arrived on San Dominos, his interest was personal, not business.

He had immediately been attracted to the 20 year-old French slave named Claudette. Her strong, yet very curvy body meant as much to him as her beautiful, full-lipped face. Pepe hadn't haggled with the guards over her price; he paid it without protest. There was just one more thing: Pepe didn't want to wait until he had her on his plane or back at his residence to fuck her. He paid the astonished guards for the use of an empty storeroom. He didn't want to wait. He wanted to fuck Claudette now.

"Uhhhhhh....Oh, God......Uhhhhhhh...." Claudette normally beautiful face contorted from the pain as Pepe, once again, forced the head of his huge cock into her anus. Pepe was a crude man and his only concern was for his own pleasure; the pleasure that was already coming from the snug fit of Claudette's rectum walls around his wide shaft. And the pleasure that also derived from owning this lovely slave, of knowing that he was free to take whatever he wanted from her. Pepe had a sadistic aspect of his personality, but he would not exhibit it from any spanking or whipping of this new slave. Instead, it was the pain and punishment that would be meted out from Pepe's foot-long dick that would make Claudette suffer.

Gripping her tightly by her hair, Pepe held her in place as he rudely drove his cock in all the way to the balls. Claudette's body winched in agony, further thrilling him as he started to settle into yet another of his patented pile-driving fuckings of her asshole. Cruel, merciless, full-throttle half-hour poundings ....

"Ohhhh! Please! Master, please! Nooooo...NOOOOOOOOOOOO,,,!"

Claudette's pitiful pleadings would again be answered by Pepe's deep grunts - and even heavier slamming as he pulled her head back by her hair and kept her even more firmly in position to take the full impact of his anal attack.

"Si, right there. Keep it right there! Mmmm, si! Si! Give it to Pepe! Give it ALL to your Pepe...!"

The business was going well. The slaves were being sold at a much faster pace than anyone had anticipated. And it looked as though the new government of San Dominos was not going to be as aggressive in its efforts to recover the Western slaves as they had first indicated. So there was some room to relax a bit. Maybe to spend a bit more time enjoying what those white slaves had to offer before selling them off.

Virginia was due to be exhibited for sale in a few days. She would no doubt be sold quickly and bring in a good price. But the guards had been working so hard and needed a little time for fun and relaxation. Virginia would be taken out of Tangoon to spend some time in a more informal setting in which she would have the opportunity to further serve her jailers before being put on the auction block.

The guards also had friends who would be joining in the fun. Yes, Virginia would never forget her last few days on San Domina.......

The girls who had been transferred from the prison were initially put into a temporary holding area, where they were all subjected to yet another 'refresher' session to assure their continued compliance and proper attitudes. Combined with a medium-level application of punishment measures, the practice of a good week of sustained discomfort always seems to yield the desired effects on these new arrivals.

There was a general lack of sound in the Holding Area, broken only by the occasional soft sob or mostly involuntary shift of a slave's body... All vestiges of resistance or hopefulness were fading away slowly as the pain in their joints and aching muscles took their toll...

On her first trip up to the main bordello area, the American girl, Jeannette, was immediately welcomed by the regular whores who were anxious to initiate Jeannette into heir tight society. Jeanette had never sexually been with another woman, but that would all change tonight. And for countless nights afterwards....

"What a dainty little tongue you have", remarked Rica as she took her place as the first in line. " Now flick it out gently and let it touch mine. I'm gonna teach you how to kiss a woman properly, so that she appreciates it and wants more..."

Senor Mercedes was a brothel owner who ran his business with a tight hand. His regular whores were well mannered, didn't steal and were always most respectful to their customers. The Senor tolerated very little back talk or trouble at his place, so it was only natural for a man of his temperament and inclination for perfection and obedience to take a personal interest in assuring that these two new American slave-whores named Jeannette and Amanda would adhere to his strict workplace demands. Still not trusting the effectiveness of their previous training, Senor Mercedes decided to take it upon himself to make sure that they fully understood the firm standards of decorum that guided the everyday behavior of his establishment.

"Just because you both happen to be blond and American won't cut you any slack with me at my place!" The Senor drew back his arm to apply yet another round of hard flogs to the exposed backs of Amanda and Jeanette. Mercedes was an expert with his short whips; he had long perfected the ability to inflict great pain or extended amounts of time without permanently marking whatever flesh her happen to be working on. Marked girls couldn't command as much money from his clientele. But the two slaves felt as if the Senor was whipping every bit of skin off their suffering bodies.

Then the Senor would take each separately into another room where he would give them to his brothel's thuggish, twin-brother guards in order to further reinforce their understanding of their lowly positions. Nothing like a bit of rough rape and a good beating to put a new girl in her place...

Rollo had greeted Jeannette with a thorough session of hard punching and slapping to set the tone of how the rest of there shared evening was going to run its course. With his sadistic desires now somewhat replaced by the desire to fuck, Rolla now dragged Jeannette over to the bed to let her use her sweet mouth on his monstrous dick before getting down to the business of tearing her white pussy apart with it....

Rollo chuckled to himself as he observed Jeannette's look of astonishment and dread when his huge cock came into view. The girls always had that reaction when they first saw that thing of his; other than his twin brother, few men in the world possessed a shaft as big as Rollo. At one time he and his brother had been featured in sex shows where the tourists had flocked in to watch in awe and wonder as they both used their oversized shafts to ravaged whatever willing or unwilling girl unfortunate to be paired with them. But that had been before the one girl had died from the injuries that she had endured form their cock's pummelling...

"Si, good, good! That's way! Lick it slow and wet. All the way up and down and make sure that it's hard as a rock so that I can show ya how a nasty, worthless little whore like ya deserves to be fucked. Too bad the Senor won't let me fuck ya as hard as I want - but don't worry, I promise that everyone's gonna hear ya yellin' and screamin' when I go to work on that ittle cunt of yours..."

While Rollo was having his time with Jeannette, his twin brother Marcus was introducing himself to Amanda. Marcus has his particular preferences for getting himself ready for a good night of hard fucking and he was now guiding Amanda through the first phase of working him up to do her properly.

"Mmmmmmm...keep it up, bitch. Keep that tongue workin' on my asshole. That's right, ya got my balls twitchin' now, got 'em churnin' up some good, thick cum. Pretty soon 'ol Marcus is gonna put ya on your back..."

Jeannette and Amanda had learned their lessons - and their place - well. Not only were they a hit with the brothel's many customers; they were also an added asset to Senor Mercedes' operation as featured sex show performers. The Senor had heard their sounds while being fucked by Marcus and Rollo and had noticed the reaction of the other brothel whores and customers who also had been listening in. Ever the astute businessman and promoter, the Senor knew a good attraction when he heard one; within days, he had started planning for twice-weekly sex shows at his place featuring the two American girls and Rollo and Marcus.

"I want you to fuck them real good and make them suffer; that'll be great for the customers", the Senor had informed Rollo and his brother. "But you both are going to have to control your fuckin, understand? These two bitches cost me money and they're no use to me dead or injured so much that they can't work the regular customers!"

Practice makes perfect and before they were put on stage for their sex shows, Amanda and Jeanette were required to engage in a series of rehearsals to make sure that they knew exactly what to do. The Senor had determined that aside from the hard fucking that they would endure, that the two slave-whores might further thrill the audiences with displays of particularly nasty cocksucking and cum-swallowing. Under the supervision and advice from the regular whores, the two white slaves were coached in the art of milking every bit of semen from those huge cocks, then further entertaining everyone by exchanging the globs of thick cum with each other before gulping and slurping it down...

Don't get wise with me, bitches… any drop on the floor means you licking it and ten of the medium rod. So better lick each other those damp chins of yours thoroughly…

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Rich Girls [HINES]


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The group of masked men had done their homework in advance, knowing just which homes were populated by attractive females, what times they would most likely to be there and which ones would be the easier targets.

These were not the homes of ordinary families, but rather all the houses that were on the gang's list were large and expensive; quite a few of them were mansions. Because this gang was interested in kidnapping the more better - looking women for sale to the underground slave market that held it's well-attended auctions of the finer pieces of flesh on a regular basis.

Big money to be made.

This first home contained a still-attractive mother, a Mrs Morrison, and her two daughters. The invaders knew that the men were away on trips and the females were there alone, so there was no need to hurry. The gang took their time, indulging themselves sexually with their new prizes before departing with them.

Pleasure with business is always the best kind....

After transporting their prey to the pre-arranged location at which they would be examined and turned over to the slavers, the kidnappers couldn't resist having one more turn at Mrs. Morrison's cunt. The daughters shouldn't be abused too much before the buyer's arrival. That might affect the paying price. But they knew that the mother wouldn't be as much in value - the older females were usually destined to be painsluts or deathsluts.

"Damn, you know you're a pretty good fuck for an older bitch. We're gonna make sure that you remember us real well! After all, we're the one who took you away from that boring life you've been livin'. It's gonna be real excitin', where you and your girls are goin'!"

Mrs. Morrison tried to act brave for her daughters - soon she started to moan from the relentless, pounding fucking from her captors as each one took his turn.....

This latest auction would be another success; every one of these new captives was from an upper -crust, rich family- which was the secret of their attraction to the potential buyers. Very few of these sluts would be for re-sale; no, most of them would be solely for the sexual use and abuse by their Masters and Mistresses.

Since most of the buyers hailed from the lower and poorer rungs of society, the allure of having a previously spoiled and pampered slaveslut to use as one wished was the essential ingredient of the pleasure of it all.

One of the many other kidnapped debutants named Linda had been purchased at auction by a Ms. Bee. Ms. Bee had been attracted by the girl's rather haughty demeanour, which had survived slave-training process. Ms. Bee preferred to buy girls who had spirit - it made it so much more fun to break their will, to change them slowly. So pleasurable to watch.....

First, she would hand the girl over to her good friend, Mr. Smith, for some preliminary working-over. Mr. Smith's speciality was electricity. He knew just what Ms. Bee liked to see and he started off the shock sessions somewhat mildly, although Linda started to scream and beg almost immediately...

Mrs. R was frequently awed by her husband's potency. Horace may not have looked it, but he was as virile as a young man. And these newest bitches were finding that out. Horace might be emptying his semen down their throats now, but within the hour he would be ready again; ready to fuck the both of them with a hard dick and a full load of cum in his balls.

Yes, regularly acquiring new whoremeat was the secret to keeping him happy. It was definitely much more enjoyable than the dull retirement from his janitorial job. And being able to fuck girls who most probably had been snobs and who would have looked down upon him in their previous lives really added to the thrill.

Of course, Mrs. R liked it too. Liked it a lot. Not only the sexual pleasure that the various slavegirls gave her - but also the pleasure she derived from disposing of them when Horace tired of them and was ready to buy new slave pussy to replace them.

Don't swallow it yet, you slaves. I wanna both of you kissing each other deep and hot, sharing my husband cum till I tell you can swallow it…

The only daughter of a multimillionaire industrialist, Marla had been pampered and catered to.

But now Marla was the one who would learn to cater to another.

Mistress Saline was an owner who needed and demanded the most perverse of pleasures. Marla would be obediently giving up any pride or stubbornness that she might still possess.

"Oh, my dear angel, your Mistress is shitting faster than you can manage to eat. But that's okay, love. Just swallow down as much as you can. You'll lick the rest from the floor…"

Armando watched as his wife Maria started to remove the rest of Jamie's tattered clothes. He knew that Maria was enjoying the captive's panicked distress as much as he was; and that she was taking her time in order to get herself more and more excited. After all, this new girl wasn't like the previous Gringas that they had purchased from the slave auctioneers; this was one of those top-notch selections from that long-awaited, imported "special-order" batch of slavegirls that were all from the higher echelons of Western society. This made them much more of an attraction for their brothel's clients and customers. They would pay twice the regular rate for a chance at fucking one of these spoiled, high-class sluts who had been so pampered and catered to in their very recent previous lives. There had been over a dozen to choose from; Armando had bid a high price to get her.

Jamie was crying and her body trembled as Maira slowly pulled down her panties. She could not help but cringe when her new Mistress let out a low moan of lustful appreciation as she stroked Jamie's smooth skin, then rudely pushed a finger inside the girl's young pussy.

"Let's she what we got here… Humm, nice smell! She's not a virgin, but her cunt hasn't been used very much at all... Still very tight."

Of course, after an intense application of the belt, Armando had to assert his owner's right of first fuck of his newest slaveslut. He would ride her hard throughout the night, using every one of her holes many times over. Jamie had had a boyfriend, but he had never used her like this; her new Master's cock was big and never seemed to soften. She had lost count of how many times he had come back for more of her captive pussy and asshole.

And now Armando was nearing the end of yet another fuck session. The girl was keeping his virility high with her sweet pleadings and her wet tears as her battered body shook beneath his shaft's relentless ramming. Now he could not resist another big orgasm; he buried his dick in to the hilt, his balls slapping against her buttocks.

"Uhhhhh...! Si, puta!", he groaned as his cocked swelled, then pulsed, shooting another warm cum-load deep inside Jamie's flooded twat. He would train her over the next few weeks, until he tired of the novelty of having a rich Gringa as a fucktoy and put her to work.

Just before Jamie was due to be made available to the brothel's clientele, Armando was tendered an offer of a very good sum of money for her. His brother Marcos needed a wife. A pretty, well-trained wife who knew her place and who would submit to his every need. Someone like Jamie.

Well, Marcos was his favorite brother - and he had offered twice the sum that Armando had paid for her, so Armando would sacrifice future profits in order to make his brother happy.

"Okay, Marcos, she's yours now. Remember that if she fails to please you, don't hesitate to bring her back. I'll give you a discount rate for her, of course."

In the meanwhile, he would see if another shipment was due to arrive. After all, now he could bid an even higher price for another Gringa slave.

In the basement of one of Armando's rival brothels, two of the more experienced whores, Darlena and Niki, were getting to know a couple of the newest additions to the operation. Life was so hard for a brothel whore, and they needed the release of pleasure. These new Gringas were so tender, so helpless in their new surroundings. They needed the direction and guidance the older whores could give them. And Niki and Darlena would insist on teaching them.

In the far corner, Niki had quieted the sounds of one girl. The only sounds now were from Niki; muted groans as her aggressive tongue probed the insides of the Gringa's mouth.

"Kiss me back! Give me that sweet little tongue! Don't make me have to hurt you, bitch!"

Then wetter sounds as the frightened girl's tongue started to intertwine with Niki's and her delicate throat opened to accept Niki's tobacco - flavored saliva...

Across the room, Darlena was caressing the smooth pale skin of the second slave, a dispirited former debutant named Kelly. There was no resistance in Kelly. No resistance at all. Darlena instinctly knew that this young slave would be so easy to train as a pleasure girl for the other whores. She would be the one who would most likely satisfy the whores after a long day and night of brothel work. Her tongue would be one that the older women would use to wiggle against their clits and deep inside their assholes.

"You must understand now that there is no hope for you, my cute girl. No hope at all. All you can do now is to please the owner by fucking and making him lots of money. Do you understand? No one knows where you are and no one will ever rescue you. You belong to this whorehouse now. Your other life of riches is over and now all you will ever have is cocks in your holes and cum down your throat."

As Darlena expected, her words made Kelly break down into tears. Si, this one would be so special. She pulled the girl close against her, rubbing her ample tits against Kelly's ....

"And now I also want you to understand that you are going to belong to me and the other bitches who work here. If you don't do what we want, we're going to hurt you very bad. You don't want that, do you? Good. Now, little Gringa, I'm going to take you into the other room and I'm going to spend some time slapping you around a little so you know your place. Then you're going to get on your knees and beg to eat my pussy. Don't worry, I'm going to teach you everything. And you'll get to know just how each of us wants it done and what other things we like. Now for me, after a girl makes me cum, I always have to pee. So I will be pissing down your throat a few times tonight. Now kiss me and then we'll start .....Si, that's it sweetheart....Mmmmmm.....Such a good little girl.....Mmmmmmmmm...."

Upstairs in the brothel's fuck rooms, the other Western girls were proving to be well worth the prices they had commanded at auction. The customers really liked how these strange new sluts followed orders and how they tried so hard to please. The rates might have been a bit higher, but these girls were worth it. Unlike the regular whores, these bitches had shallow cunts and tight assholes. And they didn't resist being fucked really hard. Nothing better than to be have the freedom to fuck one of these crying Gringas in as roughly and as brutally as you wanted and then empty your nuts insides her!

Yes, these cunts would be used up quickly. The owners knew this and had already planned for getting the last usage out of them by selling them as pain-whores.

But in every batch of slaves there was always one who just wouldn't accept her fate as a sex-whore. Beatrice was one of those un-trainables - and now she would be paying the price for her stubbornness and refusal to submit.

But it was not a total loss for the owner. He liked how Beatrice struggled and fought while being fucked; it made it so much more satisfying. After thoroughly busting his nuts in her for a week, it was time to dispose of the problem.

And he really liked watching her demise. At the end, she finally begged - but it was now too late....

“OK, my pretty... JUMP!”

Not all of the many abducted rich girls who "disappeared" ended up in low-class brothels or inner-city basements. There was an even more secretive and long-established network of users and enslavers of rich girls - a worldwide group comprised of people who were, themselves, members from the wealthier echelons of society. The families of the kidnapped females never suspected that their missing wives and daughters might have been captured into slavery for service to some of their neighbors and social acquaintances.

For instance, 19 year-old debutant Carrie's abduction had been requested by her wealthy uncle as a gift to his ex-stripper and ex-porn star Mistress, 'Chantel'. Chantel would never be introduced into her sugar-daddy's High Society circles, but now she would have a sort of consolation from the fact that she now would have his pampered niece as her personal property. To do with as she pleased.

Chantel had experience in being aggressive and hard, so it had been easy to put Carrie in her place ; a soft rich girl soon succumbed under the relentless application of the whip. And Carrie's jaded Mistress was determined that this now-subservient slavecunt would forever be totally obedient to every command and desire, no matter how perverted....

"Yes, my doggie bitch, that's it - sit up and beg for another piece of Mistress Chantel's tasty shit! Now eat it fast - 'cause I'm digging another bunch of my wonderful turd-load out of my wonder asshole...!"

Madam Bulcherwicz had been a widow for over a decade. Her friends were constantly telling her to be more social, perhaps to find another husband or take some handsome young man as a lover. She would always smile politely and reply that she was happy with things just like they were.

Her friends needn't have worried about Madam Bulcherwicz's social and emotional life. Madam Bulcherwicz was enjoying a sex like that surpassed anything that they would have normally imagined. Every day and night, the widow was enjoying a constant wave of the most wonderful orgasms - courtesy of two now-accomplished sisters who had been kidnapped from their industrialist father's estate.

Such a smart purchase on her part, these girls were. Damn good pussy-eaters. Tight pussies. Strong tongues....

Mrs. Knowles' millions allowed her to live the wonderful life of a Slave Mistress and chief organizer of a wealthy white slavery group that specialized in the use of the most beautiful young females kidnapped from the ranks of High Society worldwide. With her large and trusted staff of butlers and maids also serving as her Slave Overseers, Mrs. Knowles presided over an ongoing system of orgies, slave auctions, sex shows and sacrifices that thrilled her tight group of jaded fellow patrons who, like her, hailed from the uppermost ranks of the Global Elite.

Life on the Knowles estate was never dull for it's owner. Mrs. Knowles always had a wide choice of erotic activities to either indulge in as a participant or as a voyeur.... She loved to venture around all the different areas of her huge mansion in order to witness the many and varied ongoing scenarios that were all a part of the daily routine resulting from her slave operation there.

A favorite destination was the quarters of her big Jamaican maid, Irma. Irma had a big lesbian appetite, and she loved to exercise her rights to the many delectable slavegirls available to her. Stern and imposing, Irma never had a problem with making a chosen slave do exactly as she commanded.

At this moment, Mrs. Knowles knew that another good show was about to begin as she watched Irma begin her patented style of sexual training on a new arrival named Monica. A week ago, Monica had been enjoying her wonderful rich life of luxury. Now, with her body sore and aching from her initiation floggings and whippings and her once high spirits now broken, Monica was about to be taught the finer points of pleasuring Jamaican pussy and rimming Jamaican asshole...

"Here, darlin', part those pretty lips of yours. Hmmm, yas, girl, take it in slowly now. Don't your Ol' Irma's finger taste real good? Now wet it a bit more with that tongue....not too much now......Yas, girlie, good girlie......"

Irma would have Monica first use this method of lipping and tonguing on Irma's big nipples and then her toes. Then Monica would practice it on Irma's big clit....

...And after a few nights with Irma, poor Monica was taken out to Mrs. Knowles' horse stables where Mr. Smithe would help himself to all of Monica's holes in a most rude and rough manner. Mr. Smithe was a trainer of fine horses and he also had a real talent for the cocktraining of young human mares.

Monica was learning all about Mr. Smithe's ten inches of talent as it relentlessly attacked her raw asshole. Her body shuddered and her moans were fevered from the pain, this strange pain. She had lost track of how many times he had turned her over on her stomach and propped up her ass for yet another long anal raping.

"Uh, uh, uh.....take it, bitch....keep on cryin'...keep on beggin'... tight....Gonna fuck that asshole all fuckin' night...."

Mrs. Knowles was preparing for the arrival of some of her more favored guests and she knew that they would be very pleased to be amongst the first to sample the assortment of fine flesh that she had just purchased from her
Eastern European contacts. These newest girls had been snatched from their Baltic summer vacation estates and villas. Ranging from 18 to 23 years, all of them hailed from the ranks of Eastern European wealth. And they would never be heard from again...

Two of them, Ivana, Pretrina and Betrska, petite and now broken in by the staff, were brought up from their holding cells to be exhibited to Mrs. Knowles' first two arriving guests, Count and Countess Quisling. Some of Mrs. Knowles' staff gathered to watch ; they always enjoyed noting the reactions between the newest slaves and those guest who were looking upon them for the first time.

Now it was so interesting to observe the objective, appraising eyes of Count Quisling as he examined the girls. And so much more interesting to observe the much colder eyes of the Countess. They all knew of her sadistic nature; of how she would surely end up killing whatever girl that she happened to choose. Although her face was blank, they suspected that she had already made up her mind as to who the unfortunate girl would be and how she would suffer......

Being a second-generation oil tycoon, Mr. Robb was used to having things his own way and getting what he wanted. And it was no different on this night. He had wanted the beautiful 18 year-old Tanya, the spoiled and rather haughty daughter of his most bitter business rival. Wanted her in the worst way. And after making arrangements to have her abducted off her college campus, he now had her

He had made up his mind that he would keep Tanya as his private slavewhore for the rest of his life - or at least, the rest of her life...... Right now, it was so much fun to observe his new property's slow-paced initiation into pain and humiliation. He was in no hurry; he wanted to take his time with her, savoring every moment of her fear and discomfort.

"I'll ask you again, slave… what do you prefer? A whipping on those fine tits of yours or some shit for lunch? C'mon, make up your mind, we don't have all day. I have business to attend!"

Mr. and Mrs. Tavinsky's treatment of their two latest debutants-turned -slaves was laced with humor and irony....and a lot of sex, of course. No need to let a pretty slavegirl's time go to waste while her companion was getting all the attention. The Tavinskys were ones who believed idle time was a bad habit, so if one slave was not being used, it would be her task to serve in yet another mainly utilitarian manner.

"Honey, when you finish with this little bitch I'll put her to work in the toilet. I' have some pretty nice ideas on how she'll serve her mistress there…"

Flora Harriston had always been considered a somewhat malicious gossip in her circle of high society. her mouth was feared for the trouble that it could frequently stir up among both her friends and enemies. But now Flora's mouth was being used in a much more pleasure-giving way as it was becoming more and more expert at deep-throating and milking almost every trace of cum from her new Master's cock and balls.

"The load is coming, slave… Open you throat and swallow your Master prick, this time you'll get it straight to your stomach…"

Sonni Reikenberg's billionaire family and her exalted social life were now becoming more and more distant in her consciousness with the passage of each day spent here in Mr. Boyles' dungeon. Mr. Boyles had been bad enough with his constant sexual demands and his rough ways, but now things were entering a much more terrifying stage as Master Boyes' wife and mistress found discovered the joys of using the strap on Sonni's soft, yielding body.

"You ladies can go ahead and keep whipping her until she's almost dead. But don't kill her, understand? I want her all cut up and bloody and barely alive - then you two will watch me as I fuck what life she has left right out of her."

Yvette and Roberta Neys had not seen the other girls who had been kidnapped along with them from the country club since arriving at their captor's secluded estate. The two sisters had been isolated from the rest, their only contact being the big female guard who brought them food and water and had made them both become very proficient pussy-eaters.

Tonight they were brought upstairs for a reunion of sorts with their captive friends

"Remember, my little bitches, you better be at your very best and show your hosts just how much you are willing to please them. Things will get extremely unpleasant for any of you who fails to entertain or satisfy your Superiors. If you two and your friends make your new masters and Mistresses feel as good as you've made my pussy feel, you'll not going to have any problems."

"Now let's try it again, slut. You're no longer strutting around like a little princess in your big mansion and lording it over everyone because of your family name. Your daddy's money can't help you now!

"So let's hear you beg a lot better than you've been doing. We're not pleased! The screams need to be a lot more musical! I want to hear them almost form a song! Okay, bitch, here we go....."

"NOOOOOOO!!!! NOOOoooooo! Yiiiiiiieeeee! PLEASE! Aaaeeeeeeee!"

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