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Disappeared [HINES]


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The military Junta rules the troubled country. Democracy is now history and political opponents start to disappear...

After the coup, the generals who comprised the new Junta made sure that the troublesome student agitators were quickly dealt with. The male prisoners were executed right away. But the more attractive female students were introduced to the rigors of intense questioning followed by more personal attention from their captors....


General Gonzalez was old and long-retired, but he still enjoyed being involved in military "activities". Having heard about the quality of these abducted leftist student agitators, he just had to come down to the detention barracks to see them for himself. And being so well-connected, he also had the right to choose a couple of them for his own use...

Many of the convicted traitors were kept at the infamous military officer's retreat known as "Miranga". The lucky putas who were chosen to serve there would be spared for the time being - as long as they continued to adequately provide their Superiors with the pleasures demanded from them.

Sometimes the girls' duties extended a bit beyond the normal fuck and suck routine. Sometimes one of them was required to exhibit a willingness to accept a little (or a lot of) pain in order to excite her Masters' libido.

Of course, all was not perfect - after all, these were girls who had shown a disturbing tendency to challenge, disobey or disrespect those institutions or elites who were deemed their Superiors. So it was up to Senora Guzman, the officers' hand-picked Mistress of Discipline, to deal with or adjust the attitudes of those ungrateful bitches who had the nerve to resist the rightful demands of their Superiors. The Senora had been granted the total right to decide upon the methods or the severity of the prisoners' punishment.

Some girls were deemed too defiant, unable to ever to trusted to be dedicated slaves. Those bitches were slowly dispatched in the most painful ways that Senora Guzman could think of at the moment or by her current whim. and having another slave-bitch witness the horrible fate of a sister prisoner usually worked wonders on adjusting her own outlook...

Maria had been a favourite at Miranga, but there was always a demand for new faces and fresh bodies there. But the Superiors there were not ungrateful concerning Maria's delicate and total sexual compliance; instead of being disposed in a mass grave, she would be spared.

Maria's new duties would be as a new addition to one of the whorehouses that paid kickbacks to the Military. Maria would be a popular piece of pussy, earning much money. And due to her previous service, Maria would only need a minimum of training, mostly done for the pure pleasure of it...


Posted May7th, 2004

Cpl. Pedrosa enjoyed this part of his job. Being chosen to be in charge of executing these leftist troublemakers was a great honor - and it also put a few extra pesos in his pocket.

But what really got him excited were the tears and the terror on the faces of the doomed female prisoners as he slowly fitted the noose around their pretty necks. And all the begging and pleading...

If you politely ask me to fuck you now, your life will be a bit longer. If you donТt, IТll fuck you anyway hung by the neck what you say?

Some of the convicted female agitators were lucky enough to spared from the death warrants and instead sentenced to long terms in the notorious Rosita Womens' Prison. The prison authorities there would make sure that the pretty ones, the tender ones, would get "special attention" while staying there.

A favorite ploy was to place an especially attractive and naive girl in a cell with the most hardened, aggressive lesbian prisoners.

This was to be the fate of 18 year-old Natalie, a petite blond university student from an upper-class background imprisoned for signing a petition demanding better treatment of peasant farmers. Her guard chuckled as he saw the shock on Natalie's bruised face as he introduced her to her new cellmate.

"This is Mamacita, girl. You'll belong to her now. Here, run your delicate hands over her big body. Si, look at those big tits and those big nipples! And look at that big cunt - it's already dripping wet, just waiting for you. I'd advise to do your best to please Mamacita, so she'll take care of you. If you stay on her good side, you can probably get through your time here in one piece. A pretty thing like you will be valuable to her; she can trade you off for use by the other bitches - you'll be worth cigarettes and homemade liquor in return for your tight little pussy and your eager tongue.."

And Natalie would realize just how fortunate she was to be cell-slave to Mamacita. Her sister, Margarita, whose looks were as fetching as Natalie's, had been so unwise as to resist being given to the bulldyke who had been selected for her. As punishment for her impertinence, Margarita was declared "open goods" - a girl who was totally unprotected and at the mercy and whim of any guard or prisoner who wanted to abuse or use her in any way they chose. Before she committed suicide, Margarita had been assigned to permanent duty as a 'toilet-girl'.

Is she taking it?

Not yet but sheТll do, no matter if I make her eat it from the floor

Mmmm yes make sure she chew on it for a while, will ya?

Some of the more attractive political prisoners would be also be pressed into service as objects of entertainment at parties hosted by the prison guards and their wives or girlfriends.

So this is number 3. My husband is very found of you he says you suck like a pro I wonder how good are you at cunt lapping

"Yeah finish the Colonel quickly and you come with us. We have a room ready for you. Nobody will interrupt us there the three of us sharing the same bed all night long...

Colonel Diaz had spotted Natalie in the prison yard and had taken a fancy to her right then and there. Mamacita had protested when Diaz had Natalie removed from her cell for his own use, but there was really nothing that she could do except hope that the Colonel would tire of that pretty little angel and eventually return her.

Diaz kept the pretty blonde confined to a small exterior cell located in a detached part of the prison, easily accessible at any time - for the Colonel would enjoy training this former malcontent in the ways of true service to one's superiors.

"You wanted to fuck our Holy Junta, didnТt you? Now itТs me who fucks your asshole. CТmon, bitch move that ass, squeeze me and donТt dare shitting on my prick this would cost you five or your nails"

There would still be more of those lovely, stupid and misguided students who would insist on defying the Junta and it's allies. So there would be a steady supply of more lovely female political prisoners to serve and service the appreciative officials, guards, wives and girlfriends at Rosinta Prison.

What the fuck! ArenТt you Laura Gomes, our neighbors daughter?

Sure she is, dear It was me who ordered her detention

Please Senora, I have done nothing wrong please tell your husband to freed me

Nothing wrong, little slut? You spent the weekends sun-tanning naked in the Garden provoking my husband and sons! Now youТll have the opportunity to apologize

Yeah weТll make you sorry, little cock teaser WeТll start whipping you hung by the wrists youТll dance sexily for us, youТll see but this time you wonТt just tease

Next to Laura and her neighbors...

Name, girl?




Ever sucked a cock before?

N never, Sir...

Ever got a fat cock up the ass?

W what I n... no... never....

YouТll be tonight, are you aware of it?

Please... Sir... donТt...

Oh yes, you will... among other pervert things that you canТt hardly imagine now...

Things were all going the Junta's way; their control of the South American country was brutal and unquestioned. The armed rebellion had been failed and the generals and the elite could now turn their attention to those pesky and ungrateful university students who had long been a thorn in their side.

The Junta specialized in the "Disappearing" of troublesome leftist agitators. The male students were simply murdered and buried. But the more attractive female students found themselves shuttled to one of the country's

Political Reeducation prisons, where they would be forced to serve the cause of the Junta and the Elite. At Miranda Women's' Prison, the newest shipment of young prisoners were greeted with the sight of one unfortunate inmate being burned alive in the courtyard.

"Do you see what happens to those who are difficult here?", laughed one of the female guards. "You leftist slime will either obey without question or else you will die a horrible death. Do you understand?"

Before being assigned to her cell, each new inmate was escorted to meet with Capataz Cruz, who would conduct his own special "interview" so that he might gauge whether she might be resistant to authority or how willing she would be to cooperating with the wants and needs to the staff.

This cute little sophomore student might have been a loud-mouthed, unruly protester on the university campus, but here in Cruz's office, she was at once cooperative and obedient. Just the right kind of girl. The Capataz liked her attitude so much that he would allow her the honor of sucking him to completion and swallowing his cum-load.

"Si, bonita, now open your pretty throat and drink your Capataz's sperm."

After her "interview" with the warden, each new inmate was given a ruthless internal examination by the female guards. The guards hands were enthusiastic in their duties and their hard hands penetrated and explored every opening. Deeply.

There was no need for interrogation of the prisoners; the Junta already pretty well knew all they needed to know. Capataz Cruz and the rest of Miranda's authorities were more interested in the training and re-orientation of the girls. Each girl was thoroughly stripped of her independence and self-esteem in order that she be better to service the desires of the Elite. Such a process called for a long and intense program of mental abuse and i punishment. And the program worked miracles in reducing those once-defiant troublemakers to quivering pieces of pussy-meat who now begged for the chance to dedicate themselves to the pleasure of their Masters.

Of course, not every inmate could be thoroughly broken. there was always the rare holdout who resisted all efforts to re-make her. Such malcontents soon were made to regret the errors of their ways; their screams serving to amuse their tormentors......

But not all things would be so uncomfortable for the prisoners. Most of those who had their attitudes readjusted in Miranda Prison would soon have the chance to redeem themselves in so many ways. One avenue of redemption was volunteering themselves into service of the League of Wives, a group consisting of the wives of some of the most powerful leaders of Junta and the Elite. Those girls who were lucky enough pass the audition of pussy-eating at the Wives Club might find themselves being relatively well -treated as lesbian sex slaves. It would be here that these inmates would discover that the females of the Elite class were every bit as perverted as their men.

Lecita, a pretty young lady of Indian descent, had been a superb student at the university. Her work in the classroom had made her stand out amongst all the professors and her sparkling personality had endeared her to her fellow students, who had elected her to serve as Student President. But her ceaseless public agitation for human rights and her constant calls improving the lives of the country's Indigenous population also made her a target of the Junta and their allies.

Now Lecita, battered and broken, was just another of the inmates who had been "graduated" from Miranda Women's prison. All of her will had been beaten out of her and she no longer resisted the whims of those who were her Superiors. She was such a perfect prize for Capataz Cruz; her dark, petite young body would earn him quite a bit of extra money on loan to Senora Gomez's brothel, located just down the road from the Prison.

"Ah, my little Puta", Cruz chuckled as Senora Gomez helped by guiding his cock to Lecita's anal opening. "I just have to have one last fuck before I leave you to your new life. You will come to fully accept being just a piece of fuck-meat for all the men who will pay to use you....."

The other veteran whores gather around to giggle and watch. "After the Senor is done, I'm going to get acquainted by shoving my fist up her little cunt - all the way to my elbow", said one.

"Not me," answered another whore. "I just want to take my paddle and spend an hour beating on her dark ass so that she learns quickly about where she will stand around here."

"Now, now, girls. Be patient," intoned Senora Gomez. "I'm first!"

Lecita first "customer" would be a brothel regular named Pedro. Pedro always arranged to be the first client to sample the new pussy that was made available there. It cost him a bit extra, of course, but he preferred the feeling of being the one who would officially introduce a fresh bitch into her new life as a fuck-toy. With his oversized dick, Pedro made sure that the girl would always remember him and the hard ramming that he gave her.

And Lecita was no different. She would always remember Pedro's rude, cruel fucking and the way he seemed to stay hard even after he shot and filled her insides with another hot load of his thick cum. And Pedro would always remember and savor Lecita's frantic and helpless begging and crying as he mounted all of her tight holes....

The Junta did have it's own sense of morality and it treasured it's ties to the Church. Of course, the Church had always used it's power and influence, in turn, to protect the interests of the Elite.

Blanca and Maria had been imprisoned for - among other things - writing dreadful articles attacking the Church for it's lack of concern for the poor. But the Miranda Prison staff had corrected their misguided thinking. It's amazing what a few months of hard and painful punishments can achieve in regards to changing a lady's mind.

The two young inmates had recanted; disavowing their previous blasphemies and swearing their allegiance to the Church.

Upon being informed of their reeducation, the ranking Sister Superior, Mother Dominica, arranged to have the two girls brought before her. " I have decided to give you the honor of serving the Church. To really show that you deserve being spared. Our sisters get so lonely in this place and they also have their needs - as do I. You are both so young and pretty; just the type of girls that we need to comfort us... You can leave now, officer, and leave us girls on our own..."

And there were so many pretty young prisoners at Miranda Prison who needed the firm and proper guidance in order that they could be allowed to atone for their previous displays of defiance. But the guards had a lot of extra time on their hands and they used it to do their part in this struggle against godless leftism.

Here, in the privacy of one of the "Interviewing Rooms", Sgt. Diaz was about to sample the extent of Inmate #22209's sincerity. She had pleaded for a chance to show that she was willing to change her ways. She had repeatedly begged to be allowed to serve the Junta in any way that was demanded of her. Hearing her tearful pleas, Diaz had granted her wish.

"Are you sure that you want to serve, prisoner", he asked as one of his crude fingers found and then jammed itself up her virgin anus. " Are you certain that you really want your Sgt. Diaz to use you as his whore so that he can be more happy with his work here? Mmmmm... your little asshole is so tight around my finger. It will feel even tighter around my big cock. I like to fuck a girl's asshole really hard and rough and hear her scream. I like it when she thinks that my shaft is going to tear her apart. I like to do it to her many times each day so that she stays raw and sore until she finally gets used to it.......You want that, bitch? Tell your Sgt. Diaz that you want him to use you like twat. Tell him......"

Other Miranda girls were interviewed by various high-ranking Junta elites and her allies in order to fill domestic slave positions inside their huge haciendas . Being responsible for the social, economic and political fate of a nation, even one as relatively small as this one, was a daunting and tiresome. The trappings of wealth, the wines, the parties, sometimes it just wasn't enough.....

These previously ungrateful and spiteful female inmates were now so eager to please and show that they were worthy enough to be spared, so it was only natural that they be allowed to repay their Superiors by dedicating themselves, body and soul, to servicing every their need .

General Estaban and his wife Glorita had stopped by Miranda prison for a day of interviews with potential domestic sex-slaves to do duty at their new seaside vacation villa. Senora Glorita has already decided upon an former University teaching assistant whose tongue seemed to be extremely talented. Furthermore, the girl had promised that she would not refuse toilet duties when Senora was in the mood....

"I will keep this one, husband. I don't think that I want you fucking her. Now don't get all upset and all - it's just that I'd like this sweetie to be solely for my own use. Tell you what, why don't you go and choose two other cunts to keep as your bitches. Take your time; me and my little honey-mouthed girl here are in no hurry. I have a feeling that she wants to show me just how much she appreciates me...."

There are so many individual stories within Miranda Prison. So many stories because there are always so many new arrivals of new fresh flesh to be used and abused. So many many naive and unrepentant student agitators and troublemakers to be broken of their mistaken ideas and re-shaped into grateful servants to the Elite. "Now said it again… The Junta is the best government ever. I like to fuck militaries, they're the greatest machos and they know how to make a woman feel like a woman!"

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

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Darkrule [HINES]


Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

Darkrule Ordinance No. 38441: On their eighteenth birthday, all subwhite females will report to their assigned Local Office of the Superior for the beginning of mandatory training and indoctrination. These females must be accompanied by their Mother or nearest female blood relative.

"Ah, I see we're right on time! Aren't we nice to bring you all the way here from your Slave Whore brothel so you can witness your precious daughter being broken in? And Mistress Yolanda there is really excited about having you watch her teach your little girl how to lick pussy! She says that she remembers how she taught you when you turned 18!"


Darkrule Ordinance No. 384003: The ranking Superior officials charged with authority over a community or Local Office will have absolute powers over any and all subwhite females in their areas of command. Their decisions are to be regarded as law and no appeals of said decisions will be considered or tolerated.

Area Superior Mayor Cunningham's cock was fully erect as he positioned the pretty, petite 19 year-old subwhite Donna on the musty, cum-stained couch in his office. He had fucked her yesterday and really enjoyed how her tight puusy hugged his dick as he rode her again and again. The little bitch was a damn good fucktoy and he was going to be using that cunt of hers for a long time...

"Just lay back and spread those legs, baby. Daddy here is gonna be puttin' the dick to ya all afternoon. But that's not all the reason I ordered ya to come back here, bitch. From now on, you gonna livin' in this special cage I got in my bedroom for sweet things like you. Gonna keep ya, girl. Make ya mine. You gonna be my personal little whore, house maid and if you please me, I just might let you go home to yo' mother....."


Darkrule Prime Ordinance No. 38889: All legal-aged subwhite female relatives of convicted white enemies of the Superior Peoples will be automatically be subjected to life-long sentences as Slave Whores, Pleasure Whores or sold on foreign Auction blocks.

"I'm warnin' ya. If you keep lookin' away, my wife there is gonna hang yo' no-good daughter up and whip her for an hour! Now watch, you bastard! Watch how our son is makin' yo' little bitch cry with that big dick of his? You gonna watch them every day until your execution, understand?"

And me and Ma is gettin' our piece of what yo' daughter gots to offer. Does what she's told; damn natural whore! Ain't that right, Ma?"

"Sure is, Pa. Little gal of his learnt to eat my pussy real good! I might even miss her when she gets sent down to South America to fuck the mine workers."

Darkrule Procedure:

Uncovered by any specific laws or formal procedure are the secret, confidential 'arrangements' and 'negociations' between the subwhite females and their Superiors. Having no power, the only thing that the poor subwhite girl has to bargain with is her body. To the black Superior, bargaining for the use of a white girl's body is unnecessary; after all, the Superior can sexually have any white female at any time - so the subwhite girl has to offer something extra, something more than just sex.

Subwhite Haillie whimpered in agony as the Superior Food Management Director forced his stout cock up her protesting asshole. The whipping that the Superior had been giving Haillie's pale body was bad enough; sometimes almost causing her to faint. But the pain being caused by the Director's huge shaft stretching Haillie's tight anus was overwhelming! But her mother and younger sister had had their monthly food ration cards stolen. It was up to Hailliet to 'persuade' the horny black man in charge of the local food program supply warehouse to show mercy and provide them with the food that would keep them from starving.

"God! God! Oh, Gooooodddd!" She cried as he began to pound her asshole with all 11 inches now. Harder, deeper and started to mix in more of those swift but painfull .flips with his bamboo switch that made her arms and buttocks feel raw.

"Yeahhhh...." the Superior grunted in his low voice as he rammed his cock up Haillie's ass so that his heavy black balls swung against her butt. "Remember our deal, ho'. You gonna meet me at my house tonight and every other night until I say otherwise, And you gonna do evertything I say, whenevery I say it. If you don't, it's gonna mean you and your family getting sent to the Artic work camps for the rest of your lives! Uh, Huh, hold that pretty ass up there, gal, so you take every inch of this badass cock of mine!"


Darkrule Ordinance No. 488976B:

It will be considered unlawful for a subwhite female of legal age to refuse to accept an invitation offered by a black Superior to any kind of social meeting, event or gathering of any purpose. Such a refusal is punished by a sentence of six months for the first offense and a sentence of three years at hard labor.

The authorities had moved subwhite Patricia in to a new shack located far from the area that she and her Mother had lived for so long. Neither of them knew anyone here in their new surroundings - but that didn't last too long because in the third day, the the Superior neighbors across the street came over and demanded that the both of them come for a visit to their place. As much as her mother worried, Patricia knew that the both of them had no choice but to go with the new neighbors.

For two days and nights, Patricia and her Mom were abused and punished by the mixed group of men and women Superiors. Both of them forced to engage in the most perverted acts, endure the most shameful humiliations and frightening sessions of painful bondage. But it was even worse on the third day when Patricia's Mom was nowhere to be seen And there was a completely new group of strangers in the house who locked Patricia's hands together.

"You're going on a very long journey," one of them, a big, dangerous-looking man told her, "but before, you're gonna use your pretty hands on my dick and I'll use my dick on your tight holes..."
"Don't know if your fat sausage fits in those, Mango. You're certainly gonna have to push hard!"


Darkrules Society:

Subwhite Patricia, depressed, frightened and having no word of the fate of her mother, could only mindessly obey the orders of the strange group of Superiors who bound her in the rear of a large truck filled with a couple other subwhite female captives and traveled with them to small and isolated shanty towns where they put Patricia to work as a whore servicing the sexual needs of the needy men and women who paid what little they could afford for the pleasures that Patricia and the two other subwhite girls could give them.

People from all over the nighborhood came around to look in on and listen to the sights and sounds that were coming from the run-down shack in which Patricia and another , an older, subwhite woman were being roughly used in every possible way by the excited black men and women. The screams and the crying done by the two subwhite females was working only to heighten the lust and make the mens' cock swell larger and stay hard longer....

"Here it comes, whore! Gettin' ready to bust a big load of my cream in that white cunt of yours," the muscled dark man grunted down at Patricia as he plowed her with his strong cock. Then when I come back for more, I'm gonna really bang yo' ass hard......!"

In the days of Dark Rule, the legal-aged white female relatives (and the more attractive wives ) of those whites deemed guilty of crimes against dark-skinned people before the "Revolution" were often herded up and shipped to the harsh colonies located in South America. There, out of sight of the rest of the world, these unfortunate white ladies were at the mercy of their new black and brown Masters, Mistresses and Owners.

Vanna Houston's father was one of worst of the white racist politicians who instigated the Racial Conflict. He had been executed months ago - but now it was all just beginning for Vanna....

"Ah, I here to welcome you to our little country", cooed Myranda as she dug her fists in Vanna's pussy and asshole. Myranda's pulse began to race from the excitement as seeing Vanna's pretty face grimace from the agony caused by the black woman's fists exploring so deep, so rudely....

"I gonna show you I boss, white girl. I gonna break you and get you ready to be whore for me.... Now say you’re gonna suck on momma's tongue!"


"Who this new one you have for us, Sholanda? She a cute little thing," Zamola asked as her daughter brought in the crying 18 year-old blonde white girl.

"This is Elaine. Her family really bad race criminals. They get shipped down here so bastard father watch her and her mother get breeded and have black babies before he executed. She stay with us and please us until she go to breeding chamber next week. Look, she a good girl. See how she sucks my fingers? Mmmmm..."

"Si, bring her over here. She needs to start learning fast and my twat needs a deep tongue wask!"


Sgt. Luis really liked the white slavegirl named Vanna's petite body and cute looks. It was a shame that tomorrow, this little jewel of a female would be given to that black monster, Carrebe, and his equally monster of a dick. Luis wondered how the white girl was going to be able take Carrebe's huge cock up that little pussy of hers. He knew that Carebe would not show her any mercy; he would force that oversized cock into her hard and make her take every one of his 15 inches of dark meat.

He was strictly forbidden to fuck Vanna; the rules were very clear. But all the women had talked about how obedient Vanna's pretty little mouth and lips were; how she did her best to keep them all satisfied... Luis's own big dick twitched at the thought of what Vanna's mouth could do. He leaned back in the chair as he pulled Vanna's head towards his waiting cock. Yes, she was so compliant.

"Lick my balls, bitch. Take your time, get them real wet. Luis got lot of cum in these balls. You gonna learn how to suck cock good and how to suck up every bit of cum I got.... Ahhhhhhh, such good lips you have! Keep licking all the way up...."


Henrietta Sontage and her daughter Denise had both been sentenced to a lifetime of being bred by the biggest-cocked black studs and forced to bear their half-black babies. Since Mr. Sontage had made a living out of being a producer of anti-black talk shows, the Dark Authorities thought it would be ironic justice that before he was executed, that Mr. Sontage be forced to watch freshly - arrived videos of his precious wife and daughter being pumped full of baby-making cum by big, black, uneducated monster dicks.

The huge black fieldworker named 'Master Mac' had been chosen to impregnate both the Sontage females - and to keep them pregnate for the rest of their lives. They would only be allowed two months between babies before Master Mac would be on them again, fucking them again and again and filling their protesting uteruses full of his virile black sperm.

Now, the guard Diaz was getting off by rubbing his erect cock between Denise Sontage's butt-cheeks while he pushed a thick finger slowly into her tight anus. "Master Mac and me is brothers. He say it okay for me to fuck you and your mother up your asses whenever he's not fucking you both. Feel my dick? Feel how it's gettin' all big? Don't worry, I won't push it in until I get three fingers in your ass and loosen it up, okay?"

" Look at your mother in the eyes, girl. And don't look away!

"She's pretty good-lookin' for her age. See how she's strokin' Mac's monster dick, makin' it as big as it can get? I'll start fuckin' your ass at the same time your mommy starts takin' all of his cock up her pussy. And you both better keep lookin' each other in the eyes while you're takin' our dicks or you'll both be punished!"


"Ughhhh...! Oh, my GODDddddd! Daddy....Mommy! Help! Make him Stopppp! I can't Take it!!!" Vanna's shrill voice filled the breeding chamber as her poor shallow pussy was being stretched and torn as the huge, thick black monster cock of Carribe started it's assault.

Vanna's father's face was red with shame as he was forced to watch his daughter being mounted by one of those inferior black men! But he couldn't look away - to do so would be that they would start to torture his little girl to death instead. And to make things worse, his dear wife Mildred was being groped and kissed by the black guard who brought them.

"C'mon, you criminal bitch", the guard laughed as he pulled Mildred to him and started to strip her of her clothes. " I think it'll be easier for you to watch your daughter if you're naked, don't you think? I want you to jerk me off while you're watchin'. Ol' Carribe will be fuckin' your girl for 'bout an hour before he shoots his wad in her. Then it'll be your turn. You ain't too old and you still kinda nice-lookin', so don't you worry, you gonna have one of Carribe's half-black babies movin' 'round in your tummy, too. Just like your cutle little daughter there!

"No use tryin' to resist, woman.....that's it, wrap your fingers 'round my dick...Yeahhhh, move it just like that..."

"You can cry and scream all you want, white girl," Carribe told Vanna as he kept forcing his monster cock steadily , deeply, up her cunt. "It ain't gonna help you none - and you only got half of it in ya! Gonna make you and your mother there have my babies. Gonna keeps the both of ya pregnant all the time...."


In the Latin Colonies, there were certain 'activities' taking place that could not be openly tolerated in the Dark States. Not that the authorities could not have halted these 'activities' if they really have wanted to...

The truth was that certain high ranking officials got bribed to look the other way or that they even got a piece of the profits.

One of these 'activities' was the so-called 'illegal' broadcasts featuring 'Senora Muerte', a sadistic black lesbian whose weekly 'Sex and Slaughter' were watched throughout the world by tens of millions of blood-lustful viewers. Paying viewers. Her shows, usually lasting two hours or so, were extreme. The viewers orgasmed behind their closed doors as they watched the dire fates of innocent white girls. Nameless girls who had been sold or just plain disappeared from the Dark States or other Western countries.

One these unfortunate ladies was Sharon. Sharon had never done anything wrong and had ever treated anyone badly. She was truely a good person who didn't deserve to suffer.... The kind of girl just right for Senora Muerte and her dedicated viewership.....

"It's coming now, sweet Sharon", the Senora whispered as she slobbered in the white slave's ear. Senora Muerte always indicated wha was going to happen because it made the girls start to exhibit the extreme and hopeless fear and terror that the viewers loved to see.

Sharon's body trembled and she began to whimper, " Oh, no! PLEASE!!! Nooooooo!!! OH, GOD! Don't! Please Don't!!!!"

Senora Muerte slowly reached back to grip her favorite small carving knife. " Baby", the Senora breathed in Sharon's ear. "Baby, it's going to be so horrible for you.... " The Senora's cunt juices dribbled down her leg, this was what she enjoyed. Enjoyed so much.

The fate of Condemned Prisoner Justine

Miss Moreno paused in her whipping of the condemned whitesub prisoner, Justine. Justine, convicted of being the daughter of a now-executed white criminal politician, could only manage a whimper after the latest session under Miss Moreno's whip.

"My, oh my! This little white girl suffers so well!" Miss Moreno chuckled to her fellow Death Mistresses who looked on with relish. "My arm's getting a bit tired - I think it's time to get on with the good part...."

Justine thrashed herself in her chains when she heard Miss Moreno's words. Oh, God! It was too late now!

She had been given the choice of willfully humiliating herself on her last night before execution - she had refused to spend her last night devoting herself to pleasuring a half-dozen chosen Death Mistresses; pleasuring each of them in whatever way they demanded. It was called the Last Surrender; the ultimate surrender - it was a sadistic lesbian ritual which was meant to transfer the life-force from the subgirl to the Mistress who would dispatch her. But Justine was too proud; she'd defied Miss Moreno's attentions and said that she'd prefer to die "the regular way". Only now did she realize what the "the regular way" of execution of condemned white women prisoners really was!

Death Mistress Moreno's eyes glistened with anticipation. "I mean, it's really been fun breaking this white gal's spirit and all, but if you ladies don't mind, I think it's roasting time!"

The condemned girl started to scream and struggle against her chains. It was no use.

"Yes, let me light that firewood," Miss Moreno said as she reached for one of the torch lighters. "It burns slow, this kind of wood. Our proud white girl is going to give us a few hours of the most delightful entertainment....."



The Last Surrender of Condemned Prisoner Marcia

It was so unfair. Marcia had committed no crime against the brown or black population, only her father did. But that was enough to save Marcia from being condemned anyway. She had no choice but to spend her last night giving in to the perverted sexual demands of the jaded group of death Mistresses who had been chosen to humiliate her. Otherwise, she would be tortured in the worst of ways. She had heard the awful screams heard from unfortunate white girls who made the wrong decision.....

Miss Veronica was the first Mistress with a turn to see what pretty Marcia could do to make her happy.

"You so beautiful, girl. You is gonna make us feel good, real good, ain't ya?"

"Too bad this your last night on earth," the big black woman said as she climbed unto the bed and laid her heavy dark body on top of Marcia. "But it was so good, baby. You done make me and the other black gals cum and cum all night. All fuckin' night. But now the sun's comin'up, so it's time for me to put you away with my own hands around your pretty throat. Here, let me take off that collar of yours.... And you better look me in the eyes while I do it. Understand? Say you understand and tell me you want it!"

" Yes, I understand, and I want it...." Marcia answered weakly, accepting her fate, her eyes tearing.

"Good girl, good girl.." Miss Veronica's big hands were so strong...


The Fate of the Ex-President's 18 Year-Old Twins

The ex-President had been executed three years ago. Now his two twin daughters had reached the age of eighteen and could now legally be sent to their fates.

They might have been condemned , but they were also cute, petite but with well-shaped, firm bodies that held promises of pleasure for whatever Mistress fortunate enough to chosen by the authorities to carry out their sentence. Mistress Gomez, the ex-President's old housekeeper had petitioned the authorities for the privilege.

"These two dears will be my pets in every way before their days are ended," Miss Gomez promised. "I will take them down to my little village. It is only fair that they pay for my having to put up with their father's rudeness and bad manners back when I had to work for him!"

And now it had been six months of training the two 18 year-olds to eat her old pussy and suck her needy asshole and to perform so many other nasty duties which Miss Gomez thought up. They pleased her old body so much that she hated when it all had to end - but the authorities were getting impatient now......

"Oh, sweet baby," Miss Gomez half-whispered as she pulled one twin's head toward her giant breasts. " I know you're sad because you have to die - but suck on this tit and it'll make you feel better. See how your sister is doin' her part on my clit? Soon as you both make me cum a last couple of times, it's going to be over with.

"I promise I'll make it quick - and one of you will get to watch me dispatch the other. Got a nice grave ready out in the back yard. It's okay for you to cry as long as you keep suckling my tits...."

The Compliant SubWhite Mother Louise

District Overseer, Master Smythe, was in charge of all the sub-whites who resided in his area. Since all sub-white males between 18 and 60 were kept in distant work-camps, this meant that a hefty percentage of Smythe's subjects were adult white females. And Mr. Smythe had almost absolute power.... power that he enjoyed using.

Over the past few months, Smythe had taken a particular interest in a still-young-looking sub-white mother named Louise. There were two reasons for his attention, the first being that although she was in her late 30's, Louise looked better than most of the young adult white women in the District.

He made her accept a 'position' in his office in return for food for her and her daughter and his protection against her having to submit to random abuse by any other blacks.

Louise's 'position' was usually on her back or on her knees; Smythe took great pleasure in tormenting and humiliating her a few times a day, sometimes in front of his giggling black staff.

And Louise had such a talented mouth! A talented, obedient mouth that could drain the cum from Master Smythe's balls whenever he shoved that huge cock of his between her lips.

The second reason for Smythe's interest was that Louise's daughter had just turned 18. As Overseer, Master Smythe had sexual first-rights to any adult white sub-female under his authority. And he was going to use that authority today.....

Master Smythe held subservient Louise by her hair as she began to finish off another cocksucking session by causing the jizzism to flow up from his heavy black balls.

"That's the way, bitch," Smythe grunted, tensing as the white slavewoman's mouth started to milk his cum down her throat. Thick, salty cum that overflowed from her mouth, dripping down her chin.

"Your precious daughter turned 18 this day, bitch. Did you bring her like I instructed?"

"Yes, Master, she's waiting in your private room just like you ordered," Louise managed to mumble while slurping and licking down every trace of Smythe's cum.

"Good. Goooddd! I'm gonna make my whore. Just like you........"


A SubWhite Mom is Forced to Give Away Her Daughter

"So today's your eighteenth birthday, huh? Well, then it's time that you finally get to know how to be a whore like your mother here," Master Smythe sneered as he pulled Lois to him. " Now don't worry about the little belt-whippin' I just gave ya - I promise you'll get used to it. Your daughter's gonna get used to it, won't she, Mom?"

The sub-white mother, Louise, could only stand there, tearful and humiliated, and reply, " Yes, Master, she'll get used to it."

"Please, please! Don't! I don't want to," young Lois cried.

"All the young gals say that at the beginning," Smythe laughed. "But they're all acting like total whores after a few days and nights of taking this big cock of mine. You will, too. After a while, you'll be fuckin' me smiling in front of your mother while she watches. And she'll teach you how to worship my cum just like she does...."

"Now lay on that bed, little bitch," Master Symthe ordered, grabbing Lois. "Your mother can wait here while I teach you how to take a big dick! We're gonna put up a good show for her, uh? Got 28 centimeters of black cock for you! Don't make me mad by givin' me a hard time, either! Now that you're 18, I'm gonna breed ya. You gonna have my black babies until you can't have no more children!"


Master Smythe Breeds SubWhite Lois Once Again

"Oh, please! Not again! I'm so sore!" Poor Lois's

voice was hoarse from screaming and crying from the first night of being rape-fucked by Master Smythe's giant shaft of hard meat.

But the Master's cock was hard again and his balls were again full of baby-making cum - and he was ready for more of the pleasure that Lois's tight pussy and asshole would give him.

" Hmmmm..." the Master's voice was low as he began slowly forcing the oversized head of his giant dick into the sub-white slave's still-snug cunt. " Hhhhhhh..."

" Owwwww....Aaiiieeee! Master, It hurts so bad! Pleaseeeeee !!!! "

" You mean it hurts so good! Say it! Tell me! " He grabbed her ankles, spreading her trim legs apart so as to give her opened pussy a really deep pounding.

" hurts so good, Master..."

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Condemned [HINES]


Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

It was a shock for any new convicted female arrivee at that isolated political prison located so deep in the tropical rainforest of colonized South America.

Still smarting from her mistreatment while first being put on trial for mostly false charges for political purposes, a new girl was immediately harassed, mishandled and humiliated by eagerly awaiting prison authorities and Party-affiliated civilians.

The reason for all this, of course, was for the purpose of putting the new gals firmly in their place and making it clear that they could not expect any rights, only mistreatment....

There were Ladies Club composed of women Party members who had first ownership rights to any new female prisoner – and they exercised those rights well.

Within minutes after being marched off the plane, the most attractive slavegirls would be picked and separated from the rest by these keen-eyed, experienced judges of young pussy and then the process of deciding who gets who would begin.

Kathy was nervous as she tried to shield her nude body from the obvious staring of the older women, but it was no use.

“Look at that sweet thing over there," exclaimed a big black matronly woman indicating Kathy. “Hey, darlin’, I likes you! You is just the kinda gal made for someone like me. How old you is? ANSWER ME!!!!”

“I-I’m eighteen….” Kathy begin to answer just before the black woman slapped her hard across her face.

“You says ‘Mistress’ every time you addresses me, you bitch! Got it? You might’ve been all high mucky-muck back there, but you is just another piece of trash once you gets off that plane! I used to be just a housemaid before – but now I is ranking high over you and these other bitches."

“So you just better get used to the idea of you being nothin’ better than a little Ho from now on. In fact, I promise you is gonna be beggin’ and screamin’ in about a hour. Gonna be just beggin’ for me to let let you lick my big ol’ wet pussy. Which reminds me…..”

“Open your mouth, girl, WIDE!” Miss Estabon ordered Kathy as she back the frightened girl against the wall. “ Hmmmm, nice little tongue you has got there. Stick it out, show me. DON’T MAKE ME HAVE TO TELL YOU AGAIN!”

Trembling, Kathy obeyed, sticking her tongue out for the woman’s inspection.


Cecilia had waited a long time to get her revenge on Lia. Lia and Cecilia, both daughters of high-ranking Party official, had once been close friends. That was until Lia’s father had been elevated to a much higher party position. Once that happened, Lia promptly ceased her social contact with Cecilia, even going so far as to inform her former friend that it “would be wrong to be seen in the company of ‘regular’ people” now that she and her family had moved into the mansion in that complex reversed for the organization’s elite.

But what go up sometimes comes tumbling quickly down.

It was a huge scandal involving Lia’s father being accused of mishandling Party finances and her mother being attacked in the Party’s newspapers for lavish overspending in times of great economic strain. Then there was the widely-televised trial; Lia’s father’s strained face as they accused him and his family – including Lia – of setting bad examples for the Party.

Lia’s father had been promptly executed and Cecilia heard rumors that the mother had been sentenced to serve time in an inner-city whorehouse where she was getting her holes stretched throughout the day and night by an endless parade of working-class cocks.

And as for Cecila’s former close pal? In the Party’s thinking, the daughter was guilty for the sins of the parents, so it was soon known that Lia was returning to the area – this time as a political prisoner.

Cecilia had never partook of the lesbian services provided by the female prisoners in that big hulking monster of a place located at the far reach of the valley. She had heard giggling tales from her female friends who thought it was so nice to spend a few dollars to have their pussies and assholes massaged by the obedient tongues of the unhappy girl-slaves there throughout the day.

But now she had a very good reason to visit.

It was great for Cecilia to chuckle while her unfaithful friend was forced to eat her cunt. So great to pay for reserving Lia all day and night. Cecilia found that she liked using the whip to punish Lia, enjoyed looking Lia in the eyes while she peed in her mouth….

“Hmmmmm, I like that, bitch. I really do,” Cecilia purred as her former best friend began – once again – to lick out her needy asshole. “Just think, a few months ago you were a fuckin’ snob who that that you were too good to even speak to me. And now you’re just my whore who has to eat my ass."

“And you do such a good job, too. Now stick that tongue real deep in my ass and clean it out while I give you a couple of my farts….!”


“Owwww…..Oh, God! Help me! Please, no more! Pleassssssseeeeee….!” The blonde political prisoner, Georgia, tried in vain to avoid the hard, punishing whipping that was being put to her by the off-duty guard Tamara.

“Are you guilty?”



"Then I have to punish you!"


"NOOOOO... I'm not... AAAAAHHHHHH!!! I'm not guity!"

"You're lying to me!"



"OK, we'll resume the questioning later... Time to get a break; my arm aches and my pussy is soaked.... time for you to lick it dry again, little whore....

The slave auction proprietress looked with a smile as her guests showed their excitement at the show being put on by her two well-whipped slavegirls, Gloria and Yvette. The Proprietress did usually arrange for small private auctions like this, but she had always found it a bit unfair for the working-class village women in the area frequently were not afforded the chance to acquire some pretty female slaves for their own uses. Sure, many women with money crowded the various auction houses around the prison, some buying a half-dozen girls at one time.

These regular village women mostly worked inside the womenТs prison, doing thankless work and missed out on the wonderful, nasty pleasures that the more well-connected and well-heeled lesbian women enjoyed. They were surprised to be invited for an afternoon СAuction PartyТ at the lesbian auction house and were enjoying themselves.

The Proprietress tended to like whipping and paddling her soon-to-be-sold slavegirls more than most sellers Ц but that was one of the reasons why she was in the business; being able to mistreat the girls and make them cry and then being able to sell them for a tidy profit

CТmon, girl! Shake that sweet ass! ThatТs right, do that dance! The village women were not shy expressing themselves .

The petite Gloria, originally from the States, and the tall, trim French Yvette both showed the effects of the ProprietressТs spankings and floggings on their bodies, but that didnТt prevent the invited group of village women from getting excited as the two crying slavegirls danced in front of them.


Although Mistress Guzman was mostly ruthless and cruel in her dealings with those political sexslaves who were unfortunate enough to be place under her domination, there were times that she displayed a touch of tenderness Ц at least her own version of it. Guzman enjoyed nothing better than stringing up helpless young beauties after spending a weekТs time with them and extracting every last bit of pleasure that they could give her.

Their desperate attempts to stave off or avoid their fates made the prison girls the ideal sex prey; There was nothing that they denied Guzman and nothing that any of them would hesitate to do in order to perhaps survive another day or week.

Beautiful Wendy had managed to survive for almost two weeks. It had been rare for Mistress Guzman, with a reputation for enjoying putting her girl slaves to death within days of taking charge of them, to let one last this long Ц but Wendy had managed to keep GuzmanТs holes satisfied and ready for more. The Mistress had disposed of three other slavegirls within the time that Wendy had also spent with her. A wonderful example of WendyТs erotic talents.

But with Mistress Guzman, even the best things came to an end; Eventually Wendy had become just too familiar and too much a habit. Guzman was ready now to move on to sampling a new set of scared young things who had been shipped in. After all, she was rich ad could afford it

Mistress Guzman was pleased at how Wendy tearfully returned her wet, deep kisses. Too bad WendyТs time was finally up.

This is a nice way to end it, the Mistress breathed heavily in WendyТs face. LetТs keep on kissing like this and I promise to jerk the rope quickly instead of pulling you up slowly like the other girl, okay? Oh, yes, Wendy, youТve been such a pleaser! No need to make you suffer for very long.


Even though it was a prison was political prisoners, the authorities in charge of it saw nothing wrong in being open to all methods of adding all sorts of additional revenues in order to keep the place as self-contained financially as possible. Of course, there were the monies being earned by those willing to pay Ц and quite handsomely Ц for the services of the younger sexslaves and for the right to enjoy being their private executioners. There was also the booming slave auction section that supplied the many brothels, sex shows and private citizens wanting houseslaves of their own.

But one steady revenue-maker was the often overlooked in-prison industry commanded by Mistress Diaz, the wonderful old widow of one of the PartyТs founding fathers. Leave it to a smart old codger like Mistress Diaz to think of a way of having an uninterrupted stream of revenue while heartily enjoying doing it at the same time. Diaz had met her famous husband when they both served as torturers for a now-forgotten Latin American regime way back when. They had stuck together ever since, but there was no retirement funding when Senor Diaz had died and Mrs. Diaz had to think of some way to support herself. Leave it to her to come up with a serve the PartyТs prison system and provide herself with a comfortable living.

So many cute young girls, hundreds of thousands every year, moving through the PartyТs lethal female political prison system. So much need also for a disposal system.

And so СMs. DiazТ brand of soaps came into being. People marveled at the unique feel of the heavily perfumed soaps. Ms. Diaz would never reveal her secret recipe for making the soaps, only saying that the СfattyТ feel of the soaps were the reason for their popularity.

The prison authorities were happy that they no long had to spend valuable time and land in the disposing of political prisoners

Come now, dear, donТt turn away. This ball gag will prevent you from upsetting everyone with needless screaming! We donТt want that, do we? And donТt you worry, rubber and leather strap are especially made so that they wonТt dissolve. Does that make you feel better?

The ruling Party wasn’t always so inflexible when dealing with legal-aged political prisoners or the legal-aged offspring of political prisoners.

Some of them were very fortunate, indeed; instead of being shipped off the designated South American penal colonies, they were blessed by being chosen to serve in their respective countries. There were always duties which they could perform to show their reformed attitudes toward those in Authority and many ways that the Authorities could give them the chance.

The Party had decided that the particularly attractive young ladies would be afforded a one-time opportunity to serve as domestic sexslaves and in the many whorehouses that just happened to be owned and operated by Party officials and their cronies.

But first, those ladies had to be broken and trained in the proper ways of repentance and subservience. Those who showed any resistance would

immediately be separated and put on the penal planes to South America; there was no need to waste any time with a few when there was such a big choice of pretty girls so desperate to cooperate.

Judge Inbuti love sentencing those lovely girls, handing down terms that would allow them to make the lives of is fellow Party members and their friends more enjoyable with the use of their willing mouths and tight holes. The Judge also liked nothing better than making sure that the girls he sentenced had a chance to show their appreciation before they were taken off to the Training Centers. He and his Court Staff loved fucking those fine young things with their tight, shaven pussies and assholes.

The Judge wasn’t too pleased to find that his Court Sergeant-at-Arms had already began to fuck the prisoner whom he had sentenced just a short time ago. But, he’d let the girl make it up to him by giving up her asshole for his long, hard fucking when he got her in his private chambers. He stroked his big cock, thinking of what he was going to do to her.


The Training Center was where the girls just sentenced by the Court were brought to undergo a punishment, rape and humiliation program to determine whether they were fit to deserve being domestic or sex slaves. Those who showed the right traits were certain of an appreciative waiting clientele of Masters and Mistresses who would make good use of them in so many ways. In six months, these prisoners would be re-made and their attitudes readjusted; the Center’s administrators, trainers and guards would make sure of that.

Tanya sobbed with fear and distress as the guard named Ophilia dragged her into the Initiation Chamber for her first lessons. The Chamber was dank, humid and reeked with the smell of sex, pussy fluids and cum. Throughout the large dim chamber, Tanya could see the ongoing whippings and forced, perverted sex. She could see what was clearly in store for her.

“Come, girl, I want you to meet Officer Dermott,” Ophilia told her pretty prisoner. “He and I just love being the first ones here to welcome in a new thing like you. You can see by his cock that he’s glad to meet you also.”

“Mmmm, she’s a nice one, alright,” said Officer Dermott. “You want her first or can I go first?” His dick was throbbing, lengthening.

“I want her and to start getting to know each other first, if you don’t mind, honey,” Ophilia said.

She knew darn well that Dermott loved watching her expertly introduce a new girl to the arts of eating pussy and she enjoyed having him watch. A new girl usually took a long time in being able to bring her off, but Ophilia was a patient sort of woman who would let this frightened female captive know exactly what to do and how she wanted it done.

“You want that, don’t you, girl? You want to learn how to please my cunt with that pretty tongue of yours, don’t you?”

Tanya had no choice, no hope. “Yes, Miss Ophilia, please teach me.”

“I like this little gal,” Ophilia chuckled with pleasure. “ She’s not going to be hard to break, I think. Okay, let’s you and me and Officer Dermott here find a private room where I can start teaching you how to be my bitch. He’ll get off watching us. Then he will get his turn and give me a show.”


Aside from the whippings and beatings, one of the hardest things for a new Center prisoner to get used to was having to take the large cocks of the male guards and trainers. The Training Center chose it’s male staff especially for their cock sizes; only by getting used to dealing with such oversized dicks in the Center would these prisoners be prepared for the hard lives of being fucked continuously in the homes and sex trade destinations of their new owners.

It was not unusual for a prison girl to have to deal with four or five different ten-plus inch cocks in one dayand night. By the time they were finally released for service, these girls would be the perfect sexslaves.

Wanda had been fucked for hours by the sentencing judge and his court staff, but nothing had prepared her for the life of sex in the Center. Her pussy was still trying to adjust to being stretched by the huge dicks from the men there. They were so rough on her. So crude in the way they would turn her over on her stomach and jam their meaty shafts into her ass, making her cry as they pounded and rammed her.

From her dingy, foul-smelling cell, Wanda could hear the pitiful sounds coming from the many other cells around her. Sounds of girls crying and begging for mercy as the male Staffers made their rounds, taking their pick of which pretty prisoner to be their bitches fir the night. There were tears in Wanda’s eyes also. Her pussy and ass were so sore from the abuse from this guard named simply as “Grande”.

For some reason, Grande had decided to claim Wanda solely for himself.

At first Wanda was glad of that, thinking that it would be better than having to satisfy number of different rapists during the nights and days. But she soon learned that Grande liked to fuck at least a dozen times each day. He was so virile, so demanding. His eleven-inch dick stretched and hurt Wanda in her deepest places. She was fortunate that the Center fed her birth control pills because her cunt was constantly full with Grande’s thick cum; whenever she stood or walked, globs of his semen dripped from her pussy and oozed out of her hard-used asshole.

Wanda sobbed quietly because Grande had fucked her so hard only an hour ago and now he was back for more.

The guard didn’t talk much, but he said to Wanda in his gruff voice, “Been thinking about you. Missed you. Want to fuck you now.” He sat on top of Wanda, ordering her to stroke that monster of a dick of his. “Uhhh, yeah-h-h, that’s it. Keep strokin’ it with those soft fingers.”

Wanda felt the guard’s cock growing harder and longer as she obediently thrilled it with her obedient hands.

“Just a bit more, girl, and then I’m going to fuck you like you never been fucked before….”

The lesbian female Staffers at the Training Center were as dedicated as the men when it came to sexually preparing their girl prisoners for their sexslave futures; after all, there was an equal chance that these slaves would be servicing the needs of women Superiors as much as men.

These Staffers had a duty to make sure that all the beautiful lady prisoners had the necessary skills to bring pleasure to the most demanding Mistresses and whores. It was easy to please men who only needed to use their needy cocks; pleasing other female owners and Superiors sometimes called for a more detailed education.

An education that the Women Staffers at the Center were all too willing to spend long hours teaching.

The Center was a 24-hour operation and there was no time that it didn’t have a full complement of horny female Staffers roaming among the prisoner cells making their choices of the poor girls who would be spending time learning how to use their captive mouths, lips and tongues on their Staffers’ demanding pussies and assholes. The prison girls would have to learn that nothing less than totally satisfying a Mistress would be acceptable.

Betty was presently being taught that lesson down in the Female Staffers’ Chambers. Her mouth tasted of vaginal female juices and with a more musky aftertaste that came from digging her tongue inside the lesbians’ assholes. They made her practice again and again, until she began to pleasure them in the way they all wanted.

As word spread of her improving abilities, more and more Mistresses began flocking to the Chamber in order to test Wanda for themselves. Even the ugly, loud-talking cook, Latisha, came down for the chance to use Betty’s services.

“Goddamnit, I works hard up there in that hot kitchen,” Latisha complained. “ I deserves me some satisfaction!”

“Yeah, bitch, keep that tongue goin’! You almost got her ready to cum! Keep lickin’ that black pussy of hers until she starts juicin’ all over your pretty face! I know your tongue must be tired, but there’s no fuckin’ excuse for you not getting’ her off, you hear me? Then it’ll be my turn again, so you better hurry up!


The Training Center routine hardly ever varied. Girls were trained, some trained harder than other. But now as again, there was the prisoner who was just not measuring up to standards. These particular underachieving ladies were the unfortunate ones: What awaited them was the

Prospect of being sent to a more gruesome fate down in the penal colonies in South America where they treated women much less gently.

Hilary just wasn’t working out; the Staffers had concluded that she was holding back. Hilary just couldn’t seem to give in completely. There seemed to be a part of her that could accept being a slave, a slave whose life would be dedicated to pleasuring the cocks and pussies of her Superiors in any way they demanded of her. Yes, she did as she was told and instructed, but the Staffers were experienced experts at spotting when a slave prospect was failing to give up every bit of her soul. For Hilary ever to become an acceptable slave, she must be rid of every ounce of her identity and self-respect. Hilary seemed destined for failure and for South America.

Hilary panicked when informed that she had been marked for deportation. She begged and begged for a chance to redeem herself, to show that she was worthy of being a slave to any Party Superior or even for service in one of their whorehouses. Please, please. Give me one more chance, she begged the Centers Warden as she crawled on her belly across the office floor to his desk.

The Warden was touched by Hilary’s sincere pleadings and decided to give her one more chance.

“I’m going to see if you can convince me that you deserve to be a slave here and not be sent to that nasty place down in the colonies.” the Warden conceded. “Maybe your problem is that you need a bit more punishment training to make you into the nice little bitch we want you to be. Me and some friends I know will personally put in the time needed to break you completely. But I warn you that very few bitches have been able to withstand this process. It would be six months of nothing but pain and humiliation and afterwards you won’t even be able to remember your original name. You will be a complete slave and you’ll want nothing out of life other than pleasuring your Superiors. You’ll even be happy to be put to work as a whore on the street corners in the ghettos if we decide to send you there. I promise that you’ll have no dignity or self-worth left in you after we’re done. Are you sure about this? At times, you’ll wish for death.”

Hilary said yes, shakily begging that anything would be better than being sent to South America.

“Alright then,” smiled the Warden, his cock beginning to swell in his trousers at the thought of what was coming. “ You will be taken back to your cell now. I will make arrangements, then I will come down with my belt, which I’m so good at using on sweet girls like you.”

Later that night, Hilary was forced to act and beg like a lowly whore while the Warden started to ride her with his big cock. She cried at the thought of the coming six months of non-stop beatings and punishment. She begged the Warden just like she told to.

“Please fuck me, Master! Please beat me! Make me wish I had never been born! Please!” Hilary pleaded as she moved her hips to response to his brutal fucking.

“Beg me more, bitch! You gotta beg better than that! When I finished fucking you, I’m gonna be beating you all night!


Upon finishing their stints at the Training Center, the broken slaves were ready to be assigned and delivered to their various destinations. Some slaves were going into service as domestic house and sex slaves; other girls were destined to service endless cocks in the Party-owned brothels; others yet were bound to serve in the well-maintained lesbian whorehouses for Party women and their friends.

As usual, the Staffers were very proud of their work, glad that the girls that they had broken so well would be bringing so much pleasure into the lives of those whom would be using them. The Staff would need a few days of rest. So many cocks needed to recover from so much fucking; new supplies of cum needed to be generated by overworked testicles. And so many female Staffer pussies needed to rest from the rigors of having so many orgasms so many times during the days and nights. All that pleasure tended to exhaust the Staffers like any other hard work.

And there was yet another delivery of pretty young, unbroken, untrained girl prisoners arriving within a couple of days.

Over in the far corner, waiting for her new owner to pick her up, was that slave named “Monica”. They said that her original name was Hilary or something like that. No one was quite sure. All anyone was sure of was that ‘Monica’ was such a good fuck, one of the best they had experienced. Even the female Staffers were sorry to see her go; they loved how she would open her mouth wide after a long pussy-eating session, open her mouth so wide so that the Mistresses could easily piss down her throat, emptying their urine-filled bladders. ‘Monica’ accepted it all, her beautiful eyes wide as she swallowed it down and thanked them so sincerely. ‘Monica’ was perfect. She would be missed.

Monica was trussed and waiting to be picked up by her new owner, Miss Allie, the Madam of the infamous lesbian whorehouse that catered to more darker side of the lesbian sex trade. The rumor was that Monica was destined to be Miss Allie’s latest ‘Toilet Throat’ girl, an attraction that had her female clients literally lining up to take their part in…

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Broken In [HINES]


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An innocent girl always makes a good whore when she is properly and thoroughly broken in. Those delicious gals who disappear from their college campuses or vanish off the streets while shopping tend to make their new Masters and Mistresses lots of money when put to work in the various sextrade businesses. Therefore, a lot of care is taken when choosing the right 18 - 20 year-olds to snatch - and even more care is taken to use brutal abuse and punishment to shred them of their identity and dignity n order to re-make them into good little whores to serve in the numerous brothels, street corners and whorehouses.

Carolyn had been taken only a night before. The first night began with a couple hours of punishment with her captor's belt, followed by a never ending painful introduction of his hard cock in all her holes.

Now it is morning and after only a few minutes' sleep in an uncomfortable position, Carolyn hears his approach......

"Sniff it honey. Guess what is it? Yeah, you know, how could you forget? It's your trainer's shit-stained dick, the same that burst your asshole last night. Now you're gonna suck it clean, right?"

"Please... oh please... not again... have pity... no... noooooo..."

Damn, you were such a good fuck! Been thinkin' about how you can make me feel even better with that tight pussy and ass you got. But first, before I fuck your gullet raw, I'm gonna start things off with a good, hard beatin'. Just to get you into the right frame of mind..."


For Barb and her blond friend, Patty, the last three days and nights has been hell; LeRoy's long black dick and Miss Shana's unrelenting and heavy-handed whippings had made both white girls scream and beg for mercy for hours on end.

There were the numerous shockings, the near-suffocations applied with plastic bags, the burning cigarettes on the soles of their feet. Both Patty and Barb had screamed at the top of their lungs - but no sound had penetrated the thick walls of the abandoned warehouse that LeRoy and Miss Shana had carefully chosen for their task.

The only things that had penetrated was LeRoy's always-hard cock and Miss Shana's big fist that she used to shove almost elbow-deep up both girls' pussies and assholes.

Now Miss Shana stroked Barb's tear-streaked face. Miss Shana was sure that Barb was going to be her personal little bitch while Patty was going to bring in some good money when she was put to work down on the street corners where her blond looks would bring plenty of attention from all those big black cocks. That didn't meant that Barb was going to get off easier, though....

"Baby, you is just so cute! You gonna be my bitch, my own little girl. I'm gonna be treatin' ya real bad. So bad. You gonna be hollerin' and yellin' fo' a long time while I break you down totally. But then it gonna be so good fo' ya after you been made ready. Then all you gonna be doin' thrillin' my big black pussy and my dark asshole with that sweet little tongue of yours. All my girlfriends is gonna be so jealous...."


Allie, nineteen and naive, has ignore her late mothers' advice against ever having anything at all to do with Uncle Jake. Mom had not told her daughter why, but it had gone so far as forbidding Allie to even mention his name in the house.

When her mom had died, having no other living relatives, Allie had sought out Uncle Jake. Surely whatever grudge Allie's mother had held so long against her sister's husband couldn't have been that serious. Allie found Uncle Jake's telephone number and called. He was glad to hear from her. He invited her to visit. Allie had nowhere else to go; her uncle's invitation to stay at his place rent-free was too good to pass up.

But when Allie discovered the truth, it was already too late. The reason Allie's mom hated Uncle Jake was that he used to force her to fuck almost every night after her alcoholic sister had fallen asleep. Used to fuck her hard and brutal.

Now it was Allie's turn - and Uncle Jake had other plans for her, too. After he had broken Allie in over the next few months, he was going make Allie support him by being the cute little whore that he would rent out to his friends. Maybe even have her make porn movies....

"Uhhhhh....", Uncle Jake moaned with pleasure as he slammed his huge cock to the balls in Allie's ass. "Yeah, that's the way I want it, bitch! Uhhhhhhh...!"

Allie, cowed by two weeks of savage beatings and abuse, mindlessly kept her butt elevated to meet each of her uncle's full-weight thrusts.

"Yeahhhhh, hold that little ass right there! So tight, like your mother used to be! You gonna make me so much money, gonna be my little money-makin' whore! Now fuck me back. C’mon, whore, move that little white ass and fuck uncle Jack back. Gonna flush your guts in now time!"


Renee vanished off the streets of the big South American city; no longer a tourist, she was now a slave. A Western slave destined to be broken in, prepared for service in one of Senora Martina's village-based whorehouses. Renee's white skin and exotic Western appearance would attract much business; the brown and black-skinned customers would gladly pay a little extra for a chance to ride and abuse a spoiled Anglo girl.

The Senora would take care of Renee's training personally. While in the States, the Senora had broken in dozens of Anglo bitches for various brothel operations. She enjoyed how they resisted at first. Si, they resisted , not believing that this was really happening to them. But after many days and nights of Senora Martina's whips, paddles and ropes, they were whimpering, obedient, pathetic creatures who would do anything to make the pain stop. When she felt that they had show enough sincerity in their begging, sometimes she would wordlessly take down her panties and spread her ass cheeks. Almost all of them never hesitated to crawl over to the Senora's exposed and waiting asshole in order to lick, slurp and suck it with their thankful tongues...

"Your name is Renee at the moment, but soon you will not recognize that name," the Senora informed the Western girl. Jose here is going to take you into my little private room and prepare you for me. When I come in, I will stay for the day and night. I am going to hurt you bad, hurt you for long, long time. You can scream and cry but it will not help you. Nothing can help you now, Western girl. Only when you beg me every day to let you suck the shit from my asshole, will you begin to get an idea of the good girl that I want you to be. I like the feeling and the sound that a cute Anglo puta makes when she sucks my asshole...."


It was in another foreign country that Ruthie failed to make it back to her hotel. While her family and the authorities searched the island in vain, pretty well-bred Ruthie was enduring the rude treatment that her kidnappers has designed to put her in her place. There were no more demands that she be released, now. No more struggling. Ruthie's cute little bottom twitched under the wooden paddles and her lithe body jerked when they used their belts on her. She fainted many times - but they always woke her with cold water and started in on her again.

Then it was the bed for Ruthie. That dirty bed with the cum-stained sheets on which Ruthie cried as she was forced to spread her long legs in order that the big black men could cram their huge black dicks into her captive pussy. Their cocks were strong and thick and they hurt Ruthie as they battered the very back walls of her pussy, her aching pussy. Ruthie, a girl from a snobbish, rich family sobbed as she was forced to accept the black men' tongue in her mouth, to intertwine her tongue with theirs as they fucked her. By the third night, Ruthie had learned to suck the thick cum from a dark cock that had been just pulled from her ass; learned to swallow every drop, milking it all out with her obedient mouth, cleaning her own filth from the cock.

It was a few more weeks of training that they took Ruthie to the brothel where they intended to put her to work. But the black whores there were not satisfied that Ruthie was ready; they started their own punishment training for the white girl....

"Poor white girl. So tired and hurting. Tomorrow we all have party. A whipping party for you. All the girls want chance to whip you. You don't worry, you getting almost ready now. Soon you be ready to be whore."

"You cry. No need cry, white girl. Tonight you going share bed with me and Juanita here. Here, see? Juanita want you to suck her tits. You feel better sucking her tits. Then she let you lick her pussy. You don't think about tomorrow, you just lick our pussies tonight..."


Myra and Candice's sound-proofed basement served as the place where newly-captured girls were broken in and trained in the weeks before they were taken upstairs to begin their new lives as whores working in Myra's and Candice's Roadway brothel. Located along a heavily-traveled trucking route, the Roadway always had a steady clientele of horny truckers who demanded more young bodies and pretty faces. So the two madames were determined to provide new 18 and 19 year-olds to satisfy their customers' demands.

They had paid out a nifty thousand dollars for the three new arrivals who had been snatched from their camp site down by the recreational lake some fifty miles away - but they would make that back the first day they put the girls into service upstairs.

Luckily, Myra and Candice had brothers and other relatives who enjoyed being the ones in charge of getting new captives ready for service. And it looked like they were beginning to the training already....

The two madames saw that everything was coming along fine down the basement. Their brother Clevis was just beginning to use the little brunette, making her cry. Clevis had a eleven-inch monster of a cock, so it was no wonder that the girl spasmed as he started to pound that tight pussy of hers.

Cousins Randy and Brother Spiral were dragging the blond captive over to the bed in the corner for their fun session and Cousin Babs was getting into a rhythm with her trusty belt on the girl who was against the wall...

"We'll have to wait little one... can't you see the gentleman and the lady haven't finished yet? Now kiss me deep and dirty to build up some momentum... The three of us gonna have a lot of fun on that mattress.. "

"Yep, another couple weeks and we should have three mo' gals just ready and willin' to keep our customers happy," observed Candice.

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Bad Relatives [HINES]


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Uncle Boris Gets His Way.

Uncle Boris was a widower now; his dear beloved wife had died some months ago. She was a good woman who did what she was told and even in her advanced years, gave Boris all the sex he had demanded from her - even the hard, deep anal fucking that he enjoyed so much. Boris loved how his wife buried her face in the pillow to stifle her sobbing as he plowed her tortured asshole with his fat cock again and again throughout the night. Yes, she was a good woman and he missed her very much.

Luckily for Boris, they had taken in their niece Sonia some years ago and now she was a pretty grown-up twenty years - and Boris had made sure that she always obeyed their orders and kept the dank, cluttered and run-down apartment building that they owned clean and spotless and that she kept them happy by cooking a hefty meal.. Sonia was afraid of Boris, of how he stared at her so much while rubbing the bulge in his pants. But he was her uncle, so she thought that there was nothing to worry about, right?

But Boris was used to getting what he wanted. His wife and the sex she offered were gone; and Sonia was there, still so attractive and with such a great body....

Of course Sonia had thought the idea as horrible. She had tried to fight Uncle Boris off that first night - and he made her pay dearly. Hauling her down into their basement, he had whipped, slapped and beat Sonia before raping her. And now she had been kept down there for over a month; there at Boris' pleasure and his cruelty.

Sonia was a nice fuck, but Boris had begun to think of how he could have even more of what he enjoyed so much......

That night he came down to the cramped room where Sonia was kept, his wide, oversized cock erect and already oozing it's pre-cum. "Tell me, your younger sister Tania must be at least eighteen by now. She's out on her own now, isn't she? Working as some kind of clerk? "

Sonia's eyes widened as her evil uncle mentioned her sister's name. "NO! No! Not my sister! Please! Leave her alone! I'll do anything that you want, just not Tania....!

"You'll do anything I want anyway, bitch. You're going to call her and invited her over to visit us for the weekend"

"If you don't invite her, I'm going to snatch her and bring her here and then I'll fuck her and then I'll kill her right in front of you! Do you want that?"

"N-no! Please don't harm Tania. She's so innocent!"

"Then you better do a real convincing job when you call her and invite her over. That's if you want her to live."

"Please! I'll do what you say! Please!"

"I knew that you would. You've always been one to do what she's told. I'm going to train your sister to be my whore, just like you. Now turn around and bend over and ask me to fuck you up your ass......"

"Yes, Uncle Boris.... Please fuck me up my ass, sir....."

An Uncle Becomes A Daddy.

A sweet innocent 18 year-old Tania had been lured to her lusty Uncle Boris' house. A house in which Sonia, her older sister was already being held as a well-used sexslave down in the basement. Now Tania was also spending her days and nights in another section of that filthy basement; days and nights in which she could plainly hear the plaintive, pitiful cries of her sister and the wet, fap, fap, fap sounds of her being fucked.

"Uhhhhh, Sonia, my sweeeettt girl.... my sweetttt little girl! What a good ass you got.... so tight.. .makin' my cock stay so big...... keep it up like that, girl..... so tight.... so goooodddd...." fap...fap...fap "You love it, don't you? You love your dear uncle's cock fuckin' you in your ass..... don't you?"

"Y-yes, Uncle.... I love you fucking me in my ass..... please...."

Fap, fap, fap, fap, fap.....

"Move your butt around...... Yeahhh...... You're gonna make me cum, bitch..... It's comin'.... Get your throat ready, because I'm gonna my jerk my cock out of your asshole and stuff in your mouth so you can suck out all my cum and swallow it down..... Just like I taught you last night..... Here! Quick, get that mouth open for it...... Yeahhhh.... suck it all out, bitch..... Ohhhhhhhhhh...... Sooooo good..... keep milkin' it.... don't mind your shit on my dick, just suck it down with the cum........ yeahhhhh.... You're such a bitch, cleanin' my cock with those pretty lips...... Uhhhhhhh... Don't stop, bitch....."

And then, Tania knew it would only be a short time before before Uncle Boris would be coming in for her. He was so virile; it would only be a half-hour or so before his big balls filled up again with a fresh load of semen and his big cock ready for more fucking...

It was in fact only a short amount of time before Uncle Boris entered the room where Tania was. "Ahhh, my pretty little niece, looking so good and so ready for my cock. Turn over and get that ass up in the air. I'm gonna give you another hard whipping. You want that, don't you?"

"No! Noooo! I can't stand it! Please! Please not another whipping!"

"Then you rather have me fuck your asshole just like I did your sister? Huh?"

"Y-yes.... Please..."

"Then you better be ready to take down your throat when I pull it out your ass, just like your sister does! You're going to do that ? You gonna clean your shit off my dick with your mouth? Maybe you prefer me to whip your ass instead? That what you want?"

"Nooo! Please don't whip me! I'll do everything you want, Uncle Boris....!"

Uncle Boris' cock hurt Tania as he began forcing it into her ass. " You're gonna be just like your sister, both of you are gonna be my whores," he groaned as he began to pound her asshole hard.

"Don't call me 'Uncle' any more, understand? From now on, you're gonna call me 'Daddy'...."

Her Husband, the Pimp.

Maddie Stern was one who carried a grudge for a long time. Once Maddie was a well-bred upper middle class girl from a decent family who lived in the suburbs. But an early bout with drugs led to her abandoning her past life in exchange for one in which she found herself living on the street and hustling to afford the heroin that she needed so badly each day. For a white girl, it was especially bad, but Maddie had a determination - and a mean streak that allowed her to survive amongst the dangerous criminals and low-lifes all around her. Eventually Maddie managed to quit her habit and became the sidekick - and later the wife - of the notorious black pimp, Rollo. "I married that white gal because she's as mean as I am," Rollo was fond of saying. He knew that Maddie would be there to help oversee his stable of inner-city street whores and to watch his back in ant situation, no matter how dire. Maddie Stern and her knife and that little ..38 Caliber that she kept on her....

Maddie was totally adjusted to her new life and never looked back upon her previous life - except for one unpleasant memory that just would not go away. Something that happened way back in her early high school years. Erica Hamel, that was her name. The tart-tongued and bitchy class president of each class year. Erica Hamel, who always had made it a point to comment on Maddie's lack of good looks when she was within hearing distance....

"Bird Beak" had been Erica's favorite insult, and she used it often. Her tight group of friends all laughed and agreed.

Maddie's face would reddened and her eyes would tear up a bit, but she never gave them the pleasure of seeing her pain. Eventually Erica and her groupies forgot about Maddie and moved on to tormenting fresh new targets. But Maddie never forgot....

It was years later that Maddie happened to spot Erica Hamel shopping among the chic stores in the city. It all came flooding back..... It was enough to spur Maddie to make the decision to follow Erica to that posh brownstone apartment in which she lived and to make her plans to finally have the chance to right the past wrongs that had been done to her.

With Maddie's typical thorough planning, it was easy to arrange for a couple of Rollo's henchmen to abduct a tied and gagged Erica from her sleep. In her new ghetto surroundings, Erica Hamel was a crying, begging mess who was only further surprised when she recognized the smirking Maddie when she strode slowly into the room.

"Well, well, well, who do we have here?"

Erica's mouth fell open when Maddie's face registered in her memory. "Oh, my God! Maddie? Maddie Stern? But what - ?"

"Yeah, it's me, 'Bird Beak'. Isn't that what you liked to call me?" Maddie wasn't one to waste time as she reached for the handy leather whip that lay waiting on the table beside her. "I've never forgot about you, Erica. Not one day's gone past without me thinking about you and how kind you were to me all those times. So here you are and here I am. Your whole life is gonna change, bitch. Your attitude is gonna change and in a few weeks you're gonna be so sorry....."


"You gonna be real popular, gal. Drugged up, but still really popular.... All those black cocks are gonna want you a lot! But I'm not one to waste time - so let's get reacquainted , okay? See this little whip? I use it especially on my gals when I break them in and get them ready for the street. And they're usually tougher black gals from the 'hood, much tougher than you'll ever be. So it's gonna be so much fun to see how you're gonna hold up when I really get into my rythmn layin' leather on ya." Maddie raised the whip and began to swing hard and fast.......

"Ahhhggggghhh.....No! Maddie!" Erica's shrill screams brought big Rollo and almost all the whores running to see the source of all the noise.

Rollo grinned as he watched his wifes intense punishment of this new white girl that his boys had brought in for her. "So that's her, huh? You finally got her. Yeah, this is gonna be a lotta fun to watch!"

Maggie didn't break the rythmn of her whipping, standing over the naked Erica as she beat every part of the crying girl's body. "It's gonna be so much fun, baby," she said. "Then I gonna have even more fun watchin' you punish-fuck her and make her scream all fuckin' night. I want ya to give her your best, baby. I wanna watch you rapin' her all night long. I wanna watch this bitch being broken in by some good ol' ghetto fuckin'....!"

Rollo's huge cock twitched in his pants. Breakin' in girls with his dick was something he loved doing. And this one was one of those pampered white gals from a nice background....Yeahhhhhh...

It was quite a while before Maggie, sweating and puffing, began to tire of her whipping session of Erica.

"Rollo, baby, I see you got your pants off and your dick ready. So let's take this sweetie in our room so you can fuck her good and plenty! Break her, baby! Hurt her like you like to do! Show her how the rest of her life's gonna be like! I got things in mind for her, a lot of things...... But first I want you to knock her up. I want you to make her pop out a black baby every nine months for a few years and we'll sell 'em. Good market out there for half-back babies! Yeah, we're gonna keep her knocked up until her body's used up...!"

Rollo grabbed the crying Erica and started to drag her in the bedroom. "You heard the woman. C'mon, let's give her a real good show! You ain't never had no dick like Rollo's! Oh, you gonna struggle, huh? That's good - I like a gal with a bit of fight in her! Makes me fuck her mean! Yeahhhh, Rollo's gonna fuck ya mean with his big dick!"

Margie's Bad Surprise.

Margie Prentice, the youngest of the two Prentice daughters had been looking forward to her eighteenth birthday for a long, long time. Their parents had died in a tragic accident some ten years before; their will leaving the huge Prentice Family fortune to Margie and her older sister, Maddie.

Quiet , reserved, Maddie and the spoiled and loud Margie had never gotten along, in fact, they had nearly hated each other since they wore diapers. Now Margie gleefully awaited the day when she became of legal age and could claim her half of the Prentice fortune. She had long lost patience with this old and out-of-date estate with it's large staff of dark-skinned workers and maids; just being around them made her feel unclean somehow. Them and their foreign languages! They all needed to be sent back home!

Yes, she would force this moldy old place to be sold and then laugh in Maddie's face and tell her one last time what she thought of her and that stupid family trustee, Mr. Bevens. She had never liked Bevens either; he and Maddie had always seemed a bit too close, too chummy for Margie's taste...

But on her birthday, things had gone so wrong! Starting when Mr. Fernandez, the estate's longtime head gardener had lured her to the back of the mansion with some funny story about an injured cat. Then there was that strange-smelling cloth that he presses against her face just before everything faded...

Everything kept getting worse; her waking up only to realize that she was now constrained by a series of leather and iron bindings and chained to the wall of a stuffy storage room. From the letterings on the walls, Margie could tell that this place belonged to one of the many Prentice businesses.

Then she saw Mr. Fernandez. He was nearly naked! His cock was exposed, erect! So huge! He had a smirking grin on his brown face as he approached her with that belt in his hand...

Margie's eyes bulged with fear and confusion, but her breeding still allowed her to manage an indignant, " Mr. Fernandez, what the meaning of this, you dumb foreigner? What do you think you're - "

There was the first whack from that belt. The pain, then more and more pain...

"Owwwww! Nooooo! Please! Mr. Fernandez! Stop! Pleasssseeee...!"

For hours and hours.....

Later there would be a different kind of pain that jwould jolt her back to her senses. The sharp pain came from her virgin pussy being pried open by Mr. Fernandez big dick. Margie screamed, tried to resist, but she was bound in place....His big rough hands held her tightly, bending her forward, positioning her better to take the full power of his crude brand of fucking.

From somewhere there was the sound of female laughter. Familiar laughter.

But from above and behind her there was the harsh sound of Mr. Fernandez's voice. " Ugh, Ughhhhh! You're so tight! Damn, Puta! You little whore! Bitch! My little bitch!" His cock pounded deeper and deeper into Margie, making her feel as though her insides were being torn apart.

Then there was that final shove of his cock , impaling her at her deepest recesses.....Margie panicked even more as she knew what was coming. " No! Mr. Fernandez, don't....!" But it was too late as he gripped her hips , pulling back so that her pussy smacked back against his balls. Margie almost fainted from the pain of that huge meat filling every inch of her raw hole as he held her still, his rigid, hard dick pulsing, jerking, then flooding her captive uterus with what seemed like a never-ending stream of thick, heavy cum.

Then there was that laughter again. And Margie knew it was her sister's voice. Margie managed to look up and saw her sibling looking down at her from a slot in the room. She couldn't see all their faces, but she could see enough to realize that the other pair of amused eyes belonged their trustee, Mr. Bevens.

"Well, how do you like being eighteen, little sister? All you imagined? Antonio there has got one of the biggest cocks anyone's ever seen. Everyone knows how you detest black and brown-skinned people - but Antonio thinks that it's a shame what they're going to have to put you through in order to teach you how to appreciate and respect dark cocks and pussies - but I guess you'll just have to learn, huh?

"Did you know that Daddy financed Antonio's two sisters' chain of whorehouses back there? Very profitable, Mr. Bevens tells me. Interesting women; talked with them on the phone. They say they really like the idea of having a sweet-looking young blonde Gringa gal to take care of their needs. They've already told their whores about you, too - and they're absolutely wetting themselves just thinking about all the things they're going to teach you! " Maddie giggled between her words. It was a side that Margie had never seen before in her sister.

'Well, Mr. Bevens and I are going now. Lots of things we have to see to - you know, like telling everyone how you suddenly decided that you just had go on an extended tour of our South American properties to see for yourself how things were going. And later we'll report the mysterious disappearance of my beloved younger sister. Shame that they'll never find you! Oh, It looks like Mr. Fernandez might be getting hard again! Oh, goody! Such a beast, he is. You're so lucky, little sister! Mind if I watch him fuck you? I like to watch things like this, always have. Can't wait to fly down and see you entertaining all those Latin whores! Maybe I'll get myself off seeing it, I know Mr. Bevens here will. He's jacking off right now, heh-heh....Mr. Bevens! Naughty, naughty.....heh, heh, heh...."

"Don't worry, your sister doesn't want me to kill you," Mr. Fernandez laughed as he started to abuse Margie again. "She just doesn't want to share the estate with you. Gonna ship you down to my little village, break you in, train you to be a good girl. You'll love livin' in my sisters' whorehouse - they'll make you feel right at home!"

"Nooooooo..! No...!!!!"

"You're so fuckin' tight, Puta! You're makin' me cum too soon! Aggghhhhhhhhh...... gonna have to punish you for that!"

Margie's New Home

It had been a severe ardeal for Margie. Bound tightly, gagged and confined in a sealed wooden box while being transported naked on one of the family's cargo planes, she was a mess of aching bones and sore muscles when she finally arrived in South America. Her sister Maddie had personally overseen all the arrangements and made sure that Margie was delivered to her destination in the utmost security and secrecy.

Margie's destination was the No. 3 Perez Whorehouse located at the edge of the tiny town of Perez. Owned by sisters Celcia and Maria Fernandez, the Perez chains of brothels catered to a working-class clientele of miners, farm workers and others who made up the lower end of the area's society.

The deal was for a very large sum of money to be paid to keep Margie securely confined down in that large subterranean cell, the one with the soundproofed walls and the heavy metal locked door. It was a good deal and Maria and Celcia Fernandez were both looking forward to recieving the blond North American girl whom their brother had told them so much about. They had plans for her.

"Welcome, girl. I am Celcia and I have been looking forward to your arrival. This is my boyfriend Eduardo. As you can see, he is quite a man! I've heard you don't like darker-skinned people, but I'm sure that after a few weeks with Eduardo and all of us women here, you'll change your mind. Just look at that huge dick on Eduardo! He'll make you scream and beg at first, but then you start to love and worship him. Won't she, Eduardo?"

"Si, my love. She will be our little pet. Come in, girl. I'm going to give you my special kind of greetings!"

Margie Shows Her New Attitude

Maddie mad it a point to always fly down and personally present Margie with any legal papers that needed to be signed by her. She enjoyed witnessing for herself the perverse humiliations that Margie was enduring daily at the hands of her keepers, the two brothel Madams, Celcia and Maria Fernandez. A further thrill was seeing the obvious attitude-adjustment on Margie's part; she was no longer the proud, mean and arrogant little bitch who had made life so unpleasant for all those who had had to deal with her through the years. Now Margie was humble, obedient, pliable....The dusky whores who worked the whorehouse liked Margie's new personality. They liked how she paid attention to their tired pussies and readily licked their assholes without hesitation whenever asked. She had even become adept at sucking their toes and applying their makeup.

Margie was beginning to be the right kind of girl...

Maria, the tall and rotund co-owner of the Perez Whorehouses, had developed a deep affection for Margie and how she did her duties. In fact, Maria had begun to entertain thoughts of making Maria her very own property. She had quietly ordered the construction of a especially-designed dungeon under her seaside home, designed especially for keeping Margie. Yes, perhaps it might mean another year of the most intense and relentless regime of punishment and training for Margie - but in the end, Maria was sure, the blond girl would broken, ready for re-naming and even suitable, perhaps, to become Maria's sweet young wife...

At the moment, there was the matter of Margie having to put her signature to yet another paper that Maddie and Mr. Bevens needed signed for some business matter of the family estate and businesses. Maddie giggled again as Margie obeyed without hesitation. "Mmmmm, it's too bad that you're my sister, Margie. Otherwise..."

C> " Such a sweet girl, signing those papers just like you're told," Maria purred in her slave's ear as she dug her big fist deeper into the girl's agonized pussy. " I've told your sister about how you love taking my arm to the elbow - and she wants to see it. I told her how you love the pain and don't really mean it when you start crying and beg me to stop. Let's show her....."

"Oh, God! Oh, Godddd, Mistress....! Please...!"

"You know you love it.......You know you need it....!"

" Uhhhhhhhhh........ Ohhhhhhh....!"

Step-Dad Rules.

Netty was 18 now by three months. She had thought that she would be in the midst of packing her belongings and finally being able to move into the City and maybe find a job or something. Anything to be able to get away from the farm and away from her step-father Big Bob. She and Big Bob had a less-than-cordial relationship since the first day that Netty's mother had married him. He was a brute of a man and treated both Netty and her mom badly. Mom had died a year ago and since then Netty and Big bob had spoken to each other only when necessary and Netty was counting the days until she had made all the arrangements and could escape this run-down farm in the middle of nowhere and the man who she hated.

To make things worse, Netty had began to notice Big Bob looking at her and speaking to her in a different way every since her birthday. In a way that made her uncomfortable, that made her skin crawl....

"Hmmmm you sure done grown up, gal. Done filled out in all the right places....."

"You look a whole lot like yer mother. Got a cute ass just like her...."

Then there was that afternoon when Big Bob had come in from the field and announced, " Netty, I've decided you ain't goin' nowhere! You gonna stay right here and take care of things, take care of me!"

Netty had laughed, "Are you crazy? I don't know what my mother ever saw in you, but I've always thought you're nothing by a big, ignorant slob who I can't stand! Get out of my way! I'm packing my bags and getting out of here!"

Big Bob's slap had knocked Netty to the floor and before she could recover her senses, he was dragging her into the bedroom her had shared with her late mother.

"I meant it when I said you ain't goin' nowhere," he said as he began to slap Netty's face back and forth.

"Please! Don't hit me! Don't hurt me!"

"I'm gonna do more than hit you, you little bitch! Gonna show you how I kept yer mom in line. Gonna fuck you just like I used to fuck her....!"

"No! Stay away from me! NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

But Big Bob didn't stay away from Netty. In fact he spent the next few days enjoying the feeling that came from filling Netty's holes with his big, strong cock.

After that , Big Bob made it a habit of keeping Netty chained - and availble - in the small, smelly barn at the back of the main house. Nothing he liked better than taking a break from all his hard work aound the farm and having a frightened Netty arouse his huge dick with her obedient mouth before fucking her long and hard on the dirt and itchy straw on the barn floor.

"I love fuckin' ya even more than I liked fuckin' yer Ma," laughed Big Bob. "I ain't gonna be yer Step Dad after next week. The preacher's gonna be 'round and he's gonna marry us up! Til then, I'm keeping ya out here in the barn," he said as guided his giant cockhead against Netty's pucker.

"That hurt ya? Don't worry, you'll get used to it.......Now start movin' that ass real slow-like...."

Prentice's Devoted Aunties.

It had been quite a shock for Prentice, the sudden change in the behavior of her three aunties. with whom she shared the little two-acre farm. In none of the time which she had spent with them after the death of her mother, had any of them ever exhibited the slightest hit of any impropriety in action or thought toward her. In fact, it had only been a matter of days since Aunts, Millie, Mildred and Great Aunt Belinda had gotten together and thrown quite a hoop-de-do birthday party for Prentice. There were no expensive presents to be had, but the dresses they made for her were almost as good as store-bought and the hand-made ice cream was more delicious that any Prentice had tasted before.

The Aunties' farm was isolated and on poor land but the women were hard-working andf managed to grow enough vegetable crops to feed themselves in addition to being able to make a living with what they sold to the grocery stores in the distant towns around them. Life was hard, but they had managed to get along by themselves, without any menfolk around.

Prentice had enjoyed staying with her Aunties, but she was of legal age now and had the normal teenager's urge to move out and experience what was out there in the world.... That was the beginning of things going wrong.

It was the actions of Auntie Mildred that started things; the big-bodied woman had grabbed Prentice by her arms, declaring, " Ain't you the most ungrateful, selfish gal! What do you mean, you just gonna pack up and leave us here? This is how you repay us for all we done to give you food and a roof over your head?"

Prentice was stunned. " I don't know what you -"

But Auntie Mildred was not one to argue. Her strong-armed punches reduced her niece to a wilted lump on the floor. When Prentice recovered her senses, she was being pushed naked into the living room. Oh, my God! They were all naked!

"We were counting on you wantin' to stay here with us on your own accord, niece," Aunt Millie told her sternly. " But it seems we're just gonna have to make sure that you stay here and keep us company. Lots of duties we had in mind for you to take care of. No men around, no need for 'em. Especially with a cute gal like you bein' here."

"What are you talking about? I don't understand!"

"Oh, child, you're a woman now - so quit pretendin' you ain't never heard of eatin' pussy. Mildred, it looks like we're gonna be spendin' the next few days teachin' our niece here the facts of life. Why don't you go and get that giant strap-on thing you use on gals who get stubborn, like I think this one's gonna be......"

"What the hell's all this noise out here?"

"Sorry, Great Auntie. Our niece here has told us she wants to leave us and go out on her own."

Well, we can't have that, can we? I've been lookin' forward to havin' her lick my old pussy to keep me warm at night! You and Mildred get to work breakin' her down like you did all them other girls we got buried out back. Then you come and get me when she's ready and in the mood. I wanna be first, understand?"

Forced Into the Family.

Anna had always wanted to be fully accepted by her Step-Aunt Dorthy and her two daughters. In the four years that she had lived with them, it seemed as though she was still considered an outsider, no matter how much she tried to earn their respect and affection. The two daughters, Emily and Tonia, were just as distant now towards Anna as they had been when she first arrived. Dorthy was only slightly better in her treatment of her step-niece; being more concerned about how much work that she could put in during the day - in contrast to her two cousins, who tended to spend much of their time chasing boys and raiding the refrigerator. The rural trailer park that Dorthy owned was in constant need of sweep, repairs and other work, so it seemed that for Anna, the chores never seemed to end.

Finally Anna decided, enough was enough. Being eighteen, she had other things in life to explore and her dreams of being part of that family were not going to be realized - so why stick around?

Anna's mistake was announcing her intention to leave Aunt Dorthy and her two selfish daughters behind. Aunt Dorthy had grown to rely on having all the hard work done by her niece and these new plans were a definite drawback. They beat Anna daily and kept her gagged and locked in the rear trailer at the back of the property.

"You know," Aunt Dorthy said thoughtfully to her daughters, " maybe that little bitch can still be some use to us after all. " I mean, she's got some good looks on her. I betcha it woundn't be a problem setting her up back there for paying customers. Nearest whorehouse is over at that truck station and that's twenty miles or so. We keep her back there, charge ten bucks or so and we might make a nice little bit of change off her pretty ass."

"That's a great idea, Ma! After we make a whore out of her, can she lick our pussies?"

"Of course, dear. I mean, whores do everything, right?"'

Emily had an idea. " You know, Cousin Willard's supposed to be comin' by tomorrow. Why don't we have him break her in? He used to keep the girls in line over at the truckstop..."

Cousin Willard was the perfect choice to break an unwilling Anna in and prepare her for her new duties as a whore. Nothing Willard liked better than raping and riding a pretty and crying girl...

"Fuck! This gal learns quick! Damn nice cocksucker! Here comes, bitch! Lookit all my cum runnin' out! Lick it all up, bitch!"

"You heard your cousin! Get to work and lick up every damn bit of that jizz, you hear?"

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Assylum Diablo [HINES]


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December 28th, 2004

All characters are 18 years old or older

The panicked 18 year-old shook and trembled in fear and confusion...

"Please, let me go! What have I done? Why am I here?"

"Ah, my sweet little one, so many questions! Well, I'll be nice and tell you why you and your friends were plucked from your comfortable lives and brought here."

"You are here at the Asylum Diablo simply because we wanted you here! And it will be your fate to serve in this place in any way that that this institution wants you to serve! You will never see your homes again. You will never again talk to your friends. In time you won't even be able to remember them."

"Mmmmmmm..., Yes, that's it - cry, lovely girl. I do so much like to see the tears of those who realize their fates. And so does Nurse Morta, here. Now Nurse Morta will escort you up to the Examination Room, where everything will begin for you. Don't worry, love, I like your cutesy looks - so I promise you that I will visit you tonight and get to know you better."

"I know that you will get to like me, too. In fact, I promise that, before long, you will need me. And I'll be there with you and you'll be screaming my name at the top of your voice..."

In the hallway that fronted the Examination Room, ranking Nurses Kruet and Sagg exercised their privilege of Choice and snatched one pretty captive from the line of new arrivals and walked her over to a nearby corner where Nurse Kruet could begin to practice her needlework.

Of course, the unfortunate captive's screams further terrified the rest of the waiting females - which was the point of it all.

Terror was an emotion that was central to the existence of the Asylum Diablo; it's food and sustenance. As all the these new girls would learn....

"Ooooooo...Your cries are so sweet to my ears. You make your dear Nurse so wet!"

"Hold her now, Nurse Sagg, because I am going to see how many holes I can make in this girl's lovely face."


"Nooooooooooo...! Ahhhhhhh......!"

"That wasn't so bad, was it? Here, let's try this spot under your cheekbone. Lots of meat there..."

"Oh God! Oohhh, Goddddddd...Aaaeeeeee!"

"....Now if I move it around a little.... scrape that cheekbone....!"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...! "

That's it, pretty girl! Make me happy! Scream.... Scream for your beloved Nurse Kruet!"


The Institution's resident doctor, Dr. Menle, was careful as to give each new inmate the most thorough of physical examinations. His large fist missed nothing. According to Dr. Menle's procedures, each female inmate/patient would need a once-a-week examination in order to stay on top of things...

The Order of Raptured Nuns were the ones who were in overall charge of the asylum. It was they who decided upon the best ways to deal with the many symptoms of defiance and non-conformity that tended to surface in the new inmates. They were understanding of the inmates' problems stemming from the sudden abductions and relocations - but they had a duty to keep order and control within the institution. And that usually was easily achieved by the firm application of the nuns' experienced whips and paddle.

"This one will shows great promise. I think that she only needs a few hard sessions to make her suitable for training and relocation to upper suites. So let's have at her for a couple of hours and then see how she handles it."

"I agree that there's something about her....But let's play it safe and punish her throughout the night. Then if she is how we want her to be, we can take her to our quarters and see if she has the right kind of attitude. And if she is acceptable and meets our expectations, perhaps we should consider introducing her to the Mother Superior. She is in need of a young pretty like this one ..."

"Mmm, a nice thought. She would love to share her bed with a girl who could truly appreciate and serve her."

It had taken the new girl quite some time to heal ; the marks were barely visible when she was escorted into the Mother Superior's chambers. The Mother Superior had been told so many good thinks about this new captive, but she would have to see for herself if this was the kind of girl that she had been missing for so long.

She had been disappointed so many times.......

But at the first swing of her whip, she knew.


"I love you, Mother Superior!"


"I'll be your devoted servant, Mother Superior!"


"I love you!'



"Love you! Please don't...! Please!'

"Yes, darling! Yes, my little whore! That's the way, dear girl - cry your loudest! Tell me how much you love me! Tell me how much you need me! Scream as much as you need to! It will help you to withstand all that your loving Mother will be giving you throughout this night.

"Yes, child. Love me. Love me!"



Dr. Menle had discovered that leaving a new female inmate in a straight jacket for overnight use in the Mens' Section served to release tensions and also induce a calming effect on some of the normally difficult and deranged male patients.

The ready availability of the girls' warm pussies, assholes and mouths made a welcome respite for those mentally challenged inmates whose day-to-day existence there was boring and hellish.

And there was also the fact that Dr. Menle loved to watch.

Was it his imagination or was it true that the more insane the man was, the more virile he seemed to be?

He would have to experiment with this question. There was no shortage of females for use...

Poor Penelope screams would do her no good - in fact, her frightened sounds only served to heighten the excitement level of the advancing group of insane male occupants of the dark, dank Cell No. 42 into which she had been shoved into.

"Girl....pretty...fuck her...fuck..."

"Yes, fuck her. Then kill her....Heh, heh.."

Cell No. 56 was one of the larger cells in the Asylum, just the right size to accommodate the small crowd that gathered to attend a surprise birthday celebration for Nurse Deary. At the age of 85, nurse Deary was the oldest staff member of the institution. She loved her work - especially those duties which called for intimate contact with the prettiest girls who had been captured and interned there. Nurse Deary was such a joy to observe as she administered out pain to her charges while cooing and reassuring them in that pleasant, motherly manner that she had perfected over the many years.

Now Nurse Deary entertained her fellow staffers by showing her appreciation and rapt approval of their birthday present to her. The gift was of a beautiful 19 year-old French slave who had been delivered to the Asylum only a few days before. Nurse Deary cackled mightily as the slavegirl's supple body quivered and jerked in painful distress as the Nurse's fist worked it's way even deeper into that overstretched anus.

This French girl was Deary's present to do with as she pleased. The old woman jammed her fist further now, past her elbow. So warm and tight; the spasms coming faster now......The girl's screams filling the room and thrilling the audience....

"That's such a wonderful song you sing, child! Sing more for me..."

Cell No. 117 was small; well suited for the closeness of what took place there. The activity here was of a more intimate, one-to-one nature. Separated and isolated after being broken in, Tara was now being sexually trained for her duties as Pleasure Slave for the more important financial donors and visiting dignitaries who were always being feted at the Asylum.

Mister Gastineo, as a senior counselor, had been assigned the task of making sure that Tara be taught how to entertain her 'guests' in the right way. Tara soon learned that her studs would likely begin things with a light, preliminary beating before settling into a night of rough, crude fucking. Mister Gastineo liked to ram a slave's tight pussy, then pause for a few minutes of hard slapping of her face before going back to riding her until the finish. Tara's face stung and her vision was blurry from Gastineo's brutal slaps and she could only moan feebly as he ended this first half-hour of fucking by slamming his thick cock all the way to the balls and filling her submissive cunt with his sperm-load....


Mister Gastineo enjoyed how Tara sobbed hopelessly as he lay heavily on top of her, his dick still leaking cum inside her.

"Now I'll show you how I get my cock hard real fast so that we can start fucking again," he said..

His first slap caught her by surprise. Then the blows came faster......

The action in Cell No.12 was impersonal and more academic in nature. It was here that randomly chosen slave inmates were brought to serve as living test subjects for the newer Asylum interns who needed to practice their

cutting and slicing skills.

In cell No. 507, the cutting was done expertly by thoroughly experienced hands. Here, Nurse Gonzales liked to enjoy her off-duty hours by indulging herself in the art of disembowelment, a tradition long established within the Gonzales family. A big, towering woman, Nurse Gonzales possessed a deft touch that allowed her to slice a slave's belly open with a single, neat cut. And the Nurse was not like so many others who tended to then ruin things by crudely ripping out the slave's organs. No, Nurse Gonzales knew that it was much more rewarding to burrow her hand inside the slave and slowly - lovingly - grab and squeeze the different organs while watching the facial agonies of the victim. So intimate, so soothing. So exciting to see the life drain from her victim's bulging eyes......

And it was at this moment that Nurse Gonzales needed the pleasing tongue of another slave - a tongue jammed deeply and thrashing inside Gonzales' pulsing asshole - to bring her to a most delicious, overwhelming orgasm.

Cell No. 01 was a private cell reserved strictly for the use of Mister and Missus Van Grenely, two major and longtime financial underwriters to the Asylum Diablo. And cutting was also a theme that played a major part in the Van Grenelys' leisure-time activities when they made their weekly visits.

While both of them liked the pleasures that came from raping a new slave inmate, they had developed a definite taste for the perverse thrill that came from observing the added hopelessness and loss of will that always resulted when their chosen slave was forced to undergo amputation of her legs.

It was so much a pleasure to use a pretty slave who no longer had any will or spirit...

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3th W Prisons [HINES]


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Jane was an idealistic journalist, fresh out of college - she hadn't been prepared for this. Their male counterparts had been shot while "resisting" arrest and the women had been tried in a secret military court and given life sentences for the false charge of aiding 'terrorists'. In reality Jane and her fellow band of journalists, human rights activists and students, had illegally crossed the border into this central Asian country to find the truth behind the various reports of severe human rights abuses by the government.

Too late, they knew that it was all too true......

Jane had resisted the first advances of Sgt. Kalzinal in her first hours of captivity. And had paid the painful price.

Now she meekly complied when she was escorted to his small, hot and humid office each morning. First there would be the savage strapping, then the long hour of rough, brutal fucking...

Menavava was the prison warden and immediately set about to let this group of troublemakers know their proper place and duty within her institution. This was not the West. No coddling here; these young bitches would do what they were told - without hesitation. Anything and everything. She had given her female guards absolute right of ownership over these little pale, foreign bitches...

Nothing better to spice up a late afternoon guards' party than bringing in a few of those exotic foreign creatures to provide a bit of entertainment.....

"Hurry, western cunts! It's getting late and you have to get this wood back to the prison. The warden will be extremely upset if there isn't enough to keep her fireplace going all night! I hope that I don't have to another of you against the tree to join your lazy friend. She's gong to lose most of the skin of her back for her lack of dedication."

The approach of the evening hours always signaled a heightening of activity in the prison. The guards were used to the nightly orgies and mild torture parties. And the addition of this new group of outsiders made it even more fun....

The British prisoner, Fannie, was chosen randomly from her peers to be inserted in the "ripener", a age-old method of torture and discipline throughout Central Asia. The steel bell-shaped device gradually brought on cramping throughout the body - and that was just the beginning.... - but the jailers didn't want to kill or permanently cripple Fannie; they would amuse themselves with merely keeping her confined in the ripener overnight, each night for a week.

After the ordeals, Fannie crawled to her jailers, begging to become their whore, willing to do anything if only they would not place her in the device again....


A Western girl newly sentenced to a long term in a Third World prison usually has no one nearby to lend her moral or legal support. Her white skin and foreign manners set her apart from the rest of the women inmates. She being alone and out of her element, is a prime target of sexual abuse by the other prisoners and the guards. She will try to resist at first, but she soon learns that will only result in a lot of pain or worse. She is helpless. There is only the option of submitting. Of accepting her lowly status and any humiliations that she is forced to endure.

3rd-World-Prisons31.jpg (147980 bytes)

Rented out

19 year-old Sherry was caught while trying to help her boyfriend report on human rights conditions. Sentenced to 10 years, she was immediately taught how to earn her keep while serving her time.

Prison commodities

Americans Marcia and Susette had made the mistake of purchasing illegal drugs while on on their Asia vacation. In the face of the evidence, neither their lawyers nor their relatives could prevent them from being given long sentences at the notorious Tung-Tsing Women's Institution, known for the violence amongst it's inmates and the sad state of it's living conditions. The interior was always hot, sticky and humid, so much so that many of the women chose not to wear clothes during the day. Down within the dark cellblocks, Susette and Marcia soon learned that their strange pale skins and their exotic Western ways made them attractive commodities to their more hardened fellow inmates. Commodities to be traded and pimped out to other hungry women who lusted after them for the pleasures that they could - and would - provide with their captive tongues and bodies.

3rd-World-Prisons33.jpg (155750 bytes)

Broke in

In the Vennusima Prison for Women, located just outside Calcutta, another American girl would also find herself serving her time while servicing the more dominant members of her cellblock. The dusky, stronger Indian dykes enjoyed the American's petite, lean body and the way she accepted her position of servitude. So soft and giving. Of course she had been reluctant to submit at first, but she had quickly submitted after being subjected to a night of whipping, spanking and being fucked with the women's long, greased homemade bamboo strap-ons.

Auctioned off for the week

The Central Caribbean Women's Prison didn't get a lot of white girls within the ranks of it's inmate population. So when poor Katie was sentenced to a 50-yeat term for her part in a drug import scheme, her pale skin and American ways made her a very popular girl indeed. No one took more of an interest in Katie than Sgt. McBrye.

He knew that this new white girl would command a high price for her services at his weekly auction. The island's pimp and brothel owners would bid against each other mightily in order to rent Katie for their flesh-peddling operations.

"This white bitch is strong enough to work 24 hours per day. You can make a fortune out of her in just a week. Make your numbers, gentlemen, get this piece of white ass and get rich!

A crowded prison cell in Africa...

"Ah, here she is! Yabimi, carry her over here where we can all get a good look at her!

"You white girls are so difficult and selfish at first, but you'll soon learn to appreciate the taste of African pussy and asshole. See how your friend has decided to cooperate? See how she is letting my friend Sisi explore her?

I'm going to explore your sweet white pussy the same way! Explore you deep, right up to my elbow! I like how you white gals scream and cry....."

Bobbi and her blond travel mate, Karen, had made quite a scene after their long prison sentences were announced in the packed Southeast Asia courtroom. They had protested their innocence and yelled insults at the judge and the court officials. And now, deep in the bowels of the dank Asian prison, they would pay an additional price for their rude, Western ways....

Prisoner Bobbi had been the louder and more defiant, so even after enduring her punishment sessions along with her friend Karen; she would be the recipient of a more specialized program of attitude adjustment. Eventually Bobbi would be transformed in a model prisoner; one with whom the guards would be spending a lot of time with...

"Give her another one on the tits before hitting the box again with the iron bar…"

"Why don't we fuck her now?"

"You want to fuck a dumb cunt? Better break her in completely and we start on her when she recovers. Be sure she'll be the best fuck you ever had..."

Being a guard in a Third World women' prison might not provide a large paycheck, but there were always the other added benefits. Especially when he had access to one of the Western females who occasionally was put into one of the cellblocks that he patrolled. Those girls, far from home and usually broken and dispirited, were more easily coerced when separated and so much more servile. So much more submissive when giving their Guard - Master his demanded due with their cum-sucking mouths and their pleasure-giving pussies.

"Yup… that was nice, girl… now you stop sucking and tonguing just the knob and go for the real business… I wanna feel your chin in my big balls… C'mon, whore, swallow it all, and show me what a white slut can to do with a prick like this one!"

Karen was now a very cooperative and obedient prisoner, not like some of the other Western inmates who still found themselves suffering for their occasional displays of arrogance towards the guards and fellow prisoners.

So it was only natural for her to agree to sign her name to a formal letter of apology to the judge for her courtroom outbursts when she and her friend were originally sentenced. The ranking female guard, Miss Tunnevang, had personally dictated the letter and now she guided Karen's shaking hand to the place where she would write her signature...

"Yes, sweet child, you sign here, yes? You sign. You sign and Miss Tunnevang so happy with you and take you to her room and make you her girl. Yes, that is good that you have signed. Make judge so happy with you. And I happy with you now. You want Miss Tunnevang happy with you, yes?"

"Yes, Miss Tunnevang...."

"Good girl. You good girl. And I make you my special girl, huh? You white girls like eat pussy, yes? My pussy so hot for you. Your mouth so pretty. Will do good job on my pussy, huh? Miss Tunnevang teach you all kinds nasty things. I know you like nasty stuff, yes? I pee in your mouth, yes? You stick tongue up my asshole and clean it, yes? Yah, you be good girl and I treat you right..."

Every Third World women' prison has it's share of male and female guards who indulge their sexual appetites with their helpless inmates. The arrival of Western females only serves to add an exotic flavor to an already - savory menu of available young pussies and mouths ready to be used whenever the urge demands it.

Belinda, falsely convicted along with her two girlfriends of the crime of smuggling, was now beginning to realize the utter hopelessness of her situation there in the ancient, crumbling South American women's prison.

The first few hours of abuse that she and her friends had endured in the secluded Guards' Quarters had shown her that it would get only worse for her if she showed any resistance to the guards' demands. She had clearly indicated that she would give them anything that they desired from her. So while her two friends were destined for more hours of rough rape-fucking and pain lessons, Belinda was led away; led further back to the more private rooms. Where she would give them all anything that they wanted...

"Come, little one… My friends and I wanna know you better. Aunt Rosita will keep you safe from these bastards. No dirty dicks for you but nice, smelly wet, big pussies for your pretty face. You'll have your fun too… we'll make you cum more than what you have ever dreamt of. We work 12 hours sifts here, but yours is 24 hours… Plenty of cunt juice for you baby…"

"UHhhhhh....." Corporal Mobuku grunted as he stiffened and shot a long, warm cum-load deep inside Yevette.

"Hurry up! Get off her so that I can have my turn," another African guard said. He had been standing there watching Mobuku fuck the crying blond French girl for over twenty minutes! He was horny and impatient to get his own hard cock up in that shaven white cunt.

"Don't be in such a damn hurry, Private. We've got the rest of the evening and all night to ride this fine piece of pussy. She's quite a fuck, once you make her get going....."

Yevette could not control her sobbing. This was only her first day here after being sentenced to twenty years. And there was no hope of parole, no hope of early release. There was only the realization that every day and night would be filled with these rude, lawless guards and their big cocks......

Janey and her group visiting teacher-exchange group been naive about the political realities concerning the way things really worked in the oil-rich Middle Kingdom. They had seen injustices all around them and had decided to perhaps help things by passing out some pamphlets they had written and had printed out themselves. After all, this country was one of those that enjoyed close relations with the West and welcomed Western tourists and politicians.

Their Western country's government said little and did nothing when Janey and the other s were arrested on charges of sedition; the oil was too important, so they would be sacrificed.

Despite Janey's earnest attempts to explain her innocent actions and her 'not guilty' plea, she was sentenced to life in an all-female prison located far out in an isolated area of the host country's vast desert.

The dusky guard Latiba was assigned to oversee Janey's incarceration and make sure that the Western girl didn’t cause problems by trying to spread her political ideas. Janey would be kept in an isolated cell with only Latiba to visit her….

Latiba had to live in this out-of-the way prison, so she sometimes considered herself as much a prisoner as the inmates she guarded. No entertainment, bad food, no men. In Latiba’s eyes, the pretty pale Janey would be her only entertainment….

"It will be only you and I together here – so I will make you belong to me and only me," the guard told Janey as she continued to flog Janey’s tender buttocks mercilessly . "Soon you will


The innocent group of Western teachers were now learning how things were done in this mostly-closed desert Kingdom. It did not matter if you were actually guilty; it only mattered concerning what the Authorities had already decided to do to you. In this case, the Kingdom knew that the teachers’ varied Western home countries were so anxious about doing anything that might jeopardize their flow of oil; the Kingdom had carte-blanche to do with the teachers as the will.

The teachers were destined to be released only after many decades; old and thoroughly broken. Right now, the teachers were young, firm-bodied, attractive females who were ripe for fucking and pain. Just the kind of girls that the male and female prison guards appreciated. Mostly drawn from the ranks of poor villages in the countryside, the guards and staff was fascinated with these new inmates’ pale skin, light-colored hair and their firm, pampered bodies.

"These foreign girls have to be shown what they’ve been missing," laughed one of the female guards. "They need to learn how to properly eat dark pussy and please big, dark cocks."

It was only right to initiate the teachers right away, the prison staff decided. They needed to know what would be expected of them and the price of not meeting those expectations. They would repay the charity of her prison Masters and Mistresses by the full use of their captive bodies. In any and in all ways demanded of them.

The head female guard had smirked, "I hear the white-skinned girls are forbidden to have sex with blacks when they are in their Western countries. Why don’t we give them the chance to experience the biggest cocks among our black guards? We all know just how rough and deep our blacks like to fuck – so it will be our way of preparing these foreigners for the life ahead of them."

The female guards had arranged for these new Western white girls to become acquainted with the huge cocks of some of their black male guards. The orgies of forced-sex and crying white girls would provide much talked-about entertainment.


In Mumgambi; it was only right that they should be put firmly in their place.

Monica Evertt was another wrongly-convicted Western girl, falsely charged solely on the basis of her native boyfriend being accused of being a terrorist.

Whether she truly was or not was unimportant to those in authority and so was Monica’s guilt. The corrupt, politically-based courts had judged Miss Evertt guilty of knowingly keeping company with a dangerous terrorist and there were no appeals to the life sentence that had been given her.

Monica had personally appealed to one of the highest-ranking judges in the case, meeting him in his private chambers, even stripping naked and getting to her knees to suck his cock as ordered. His shaft now hard and at full length, the corrupt judge had marched Monica over to the big couch where she was subjected to an hour or so of painful fucking that ended with the judge grunting loudly as he shoot his loud deep in Monica’s tortured ass.

But it still didn’t help Monica’s case; the judge had only laughed and called Monica a cheap, foreign, terrorist-loving whore who deserved her sentence.

Monica had lost all hope. The Mumgambi male and female guards and staff had beaten and used her in almost every way in the week before she was finally put in with the rest of the female inmates. In the dirty, humid and smelly cellblocks, there were so many lesbian dykes who wanted Monica, but it was the big, tough and connected murderess Latha who put out the word that this new white girl belonged to her. Latha, along with her younger sister Seema, practically ruled the other inmates in Mumgambi and it was their cell that Monica was taken to - to serve and to service.

There was nothing for Monica except to satisfy the ever-needy and demanding Latha and Seema. Having no choice, the hopeless Western girl dedicated her mouth and tongue to servicing her two cell Mistresses’ clits and assholes and offering her own holes up for the painful agonies of the sisters’ deep-plunging fists. She was humble now, humble and subservient. Just the way Latha and Seema demanded that she be.

There was nothing Latha enjoyed more than humbling her Western cell slave by pissing in the girl’s wide-opened mouth, stripping her of any pride.

"That’s it, you sweet little foreign bitch, swallow my wonderful pee. Show my sister here how much you love the taste! From now on, you’ll be our personal urinal!"
Nancy Brennan had been framed. She had been totally innocent of the charge of trying to smuggle a much-wanted political dissident out of the military-ruled Asian country but that particular hard-line government prosecutor had personally arranged for her to be subjected to weeks of whippings, sexual assaults, rope suspensions and other punishments until Nancy could take no more of it and had tearfully signed the confession that had been prepared for her. The Prosecutor, Miss Sunsi, was there to watch as Nancy signed.

Nancy sobbed as she asked the smiling Miss Sunsi, " Why have you done this to me? Why have you treated me like this?"

"Because you deserve it," Miss Sunsi replied. "Coming into our country with your Western ways, sowing discontent. You say that you were only a tourist but IТve read articles that you wrote back in your country about my nation, about how bad we are on human-rights, about how backwards our esteemed government is. And then you have the nerve to come here disguised as a tourist! You shouldnТt have never have come here. And your twenty-year conviction will make other potential troublemakers think twice before coming here."

"But I didnТt try to contact anyone here like you accused! I only came here to see things for myself."

"Well now youТll have a long time to see for yourself just how things are." Miss Sunsi long fingers were lightly touching her own well-suited breasts, savoring some thoughts. "In fact, I and a few very like-minded friends will be taking a particular interest in your progress in our wonderful prison. WeТve arranged for a special cell for you, far from the other prisoners. A place where youТll be able to be convinced of the errors of your ways, your thinking. We women are better suited to show you the proper way to behave and show respect." She chuckled as she summoned a burly female guard to take Nancy away.

"I will be visiting you tonight along with a friend of mine who thinks youТre cute. SheТs the wife of one of our most powerful Generals, so you should be very honored that she wants to meet you so much. You will already have had a bit of paddling by the time I arrive, so IТm sure youТll be readyЕ..

The Prosecutor, Miss Sunsi, arrived to make an intimate visit with the foreign inmate, Nancy, in the special isolation cell.

"IТve brought my friend, Asha, to meet you also. I can see she likes you a lot. Here, suck on the dirty heel of my bootЕ..Yes, yes, take it deep in your pretty white mouthЕ.Ummmm, youТre going to be a good girl, I can tellЕЕ


Colonel Toyas was getting a definite double-pleasure from watching his girlfriend Amelia break in the busy mouths and tongues of the two blond-haired Yanqui sisters; Toyas always enjoyed seeing her really getting into the heavy lesbian mistreatment and humiliation of new female prisoners here at the countryТs largest womenТs prison. Amelia had a nasty disposition and an even nastier sexual appetite for the young, frightened new inmates that he frequently provided her with. He liked the idea of Amelia sexually training the more naпve and beautiful newcomers for a week or so before he transferred them into the general prison population. In a way, he was actually helping these girls because after learning to service Amelia, they would be thoroughly prepared for the lusting bulldykes who awaited them in the dank cellblocks.

And not only was the Colonel feasting on the sight of his Amelia getting her hairy dark pussy licked while having her ample ass eaten at the same time, but he was also enjoying the sensations provided by the Yanqui girlsТ young aunt as she obediently used her pretty lips on his throbbing cock. Toyas guided her sucking with a firm hand on her head, making sure that the young lady did not bring to orgasm too quickly. He preferred to wait until Amelia would start to tremble with satisfaction; then he would guide his prisonerТs mouth faster and faster until he finally shot his load of thick jism down her throat.

These three North Americanos still proclaimed their innocence of the drug charges against them. Colonel Toyas would make sure that they all would soon be signing the full confessions that he had already had printed up for them. The trio had already be sentenced to at least fifty years of imprisonment; the signed confessions would allow the authorities to use them as examples against foreigners getting involved with illegal drugs in their country. Yes, a few more days and nights of almost nonstop humiliation and punishment from AmeliaТs trusty whip and these spoiled Yanqui bitches would be ready to sign anything.

The thought came to Colonel Toyas that perhaps he might not put these three foreign girls in with the other female prisoners. Maybe they should be keep strictly for his own use. There were so many special parties at which he could have them perform and provide entertainment for his close circle of friends; friends who would get their thrills watching Amelia and her prostitute buddies debasing three pretty Anglo slavesЕ.Not a bad idea, indeed.

Colonel Toyas saw that his girlfriend was getting closer to cumming from the combined attentions of the two foreign prisoners. He started pushing the head of their young Yanqui aunt, having her suck his dick faster, deeper. He could feel the semen starting to pulse up from his balls.


Captain SungТs took pride in the length and thickness of his cock. Among the many women prisoners here at the Waigun Detention Center, there was a fear of having the Captain making one of his Сmidnight visitsТ. Nightly, it was an easy task to locate the whereabouts of Captain Sung; one had only to follow the pitiful cries and screams of the unlucky female who happened to be the object of his lustful attentions.

The Captain, being well-connected and in effect the absolute ruler of Waigun, run the prison like it was his own personal harem. He had no need for a wife and girlfriends; he had all the pussy a man, even a dozen men, could use. Always looking out for new flesh, Sung was very excited when his governmental superiors informed him to be ready for the arrival of a new prisoner, a newly-convicted English woman named Ruth Thomas. He had been aware of Miss Thomas; her show trial, so well-orchestrated, had been featured on all the government- controlled television and radio outlets. She had been declared guilty of being a being a foreign agent who had entered the country illegally in order to foment revolution and undermine the authority of the State.

The courtТs sentence was life imprisonment the notorious Waigun Detention Center, a place from which very few women inmates emerged intact. In reality, Ruth Thomas, an avid amateur explorer, had been guilty of innocently straying across the ill-defined border of this paranoid, dictatorial country Ц but she had been used as a tool of propaganda created to justify the many human-rights violations committed by the closed circle of corrupt Generals who oversaw the country. Now it was Captain SungТs turn to use her , use her to fulfill his own needs.

Sung had never had a chance at a Western girl and he was so looking forward to sexually subjugating this twenty three year-old blonde Englander. He was under orders to force her to memorize and sign a series of false, detailed confessions that effectively framed and accused many of the governmentТs internal dissidents of treason and of working for Western intelligence agencies. His superiors knew of SungТs tendencies and reputation (many of them having been sexually supplied with compliant girls especially chosen for them from SungТs prison). They had faith that he would achieve their goals.

Ruth had been under Captain SungТs command for only a few days and Sung was already seeing that she was nearing the point of where she needed to be. He had stopped his usual СvisitsТ with other female prisoners and concentrated on Ruth, giving her the full attention of his battering cock and hard fucking. Ruth was a typically soft Western girl, not able to withstand SungТs continued assaults and punishments as much as the native girls that he usually dealt with.

On her fourth night, Ruth was already moving her hips and grinding back toward his slamming thrusts just like the little whore he was training her to be. Tomorrow, he would begin to acquaint her with what she needed to say and sign to make the Superiors happy. But at the moment, Sung was concerned only with his own happiness, having Ruth plunge up and down on his weapon of a cock like the good girl she was. SungТs handy bamboo rod applied to RuthТs back and buttocks only added to her distress .

Captain Sung started to dig a finger into RuthТs already-sore butthole, giving his captive an advance notice of his intentions.

"Keep it up, you English whore! Better keep that rhythm or else itТs only gonna be hard whipping for you for the rest of the day!"

Hopeless Submissions

Sometimes for Western girls doomed to serve long sentences in those foreign women’s prisons of the Third World, it becomes clear that there is no use to resist. Resistance can only bring with it more pain and suffering and perhaps those daily doses of shame and humiliation can be more preferable than the whippings, beatings and strict bindings.

Rebecca was one of those who had come to that conclusion after a few days and nights of punishment at the hands of Miss Tikanu, the elder female guard, and her group of younger female guards at Butasaki Women’s Prison. Miss Tikanu was deft to Rebecca’s pitiful pleas of her innocence of the charges of drug smuggling to which the court had sentenced her to a fifty-year, no-appeal term. In fact, Rebecca had been innocent; it had all been the work of her slimy boyfriend who had escaped through a series of bribes to the police, leaving Rebecca to face the ordeal by herself.

Miss Tikanu was only interested in making sure that this spoiled white girl be taught right away that, for her, there was only submission and obedience to Miss Tikanu’s will. Under her close supervision, her guards had spent hours spanking the Western girl with their paddles and applying painful whippings to the girl’s fragile skin. And as Miss Tikanu fully expected, it was only a short time before Rebecca was admitting to everything that she had been charged with and even more crimes to which Miss Tikanu had made up just for the fun of it.

It was now time for Rebecca to prove worthy of better treatment….

Miss Tikanu’s eldest son, the big, hulking guard named Moki, worked over at the male prison a few miles away. She was so aware of his need for a nice, pretty and thoroughly submissive gal who could be his mate and be able to tolerate the rough loving that he liked to subject his women to with that truly huge cock of his. Rebecca would be a perfect young pussy for her frustrated son to use after a long day of work. Either the white would be Moki’s private fuck-toy or there would be non-stop punishment at the hands of Miss Tikanu and her fellow guards; lots of it. It didn’t matter that Rebecca was repulsed by Moki’s hugeness and the thought of how he was going to use her over and over. It only mattered that Moki’s big cock visibly started to bulge against his trousers when his mother first introduced him to the beautiful Western girl who would be his from now on.

"Do you like the white bitch, Moki?"

"Yes mom, her hands are soft... but mom, I want to fuck her asshole, I saw it in a porn movie,"

"No need to rush, son. The bitch is yours for fifty years. You have all the time to do with her whatever you want!"

"That’s it," Miss Tikanu added sternly. "Keeping jerking my son’s pole with your soft hands. Make him bigger before he fucks you while we watch. If you keep pleasing him, I may allow you to bear me a couple of grandchildren!"


Nancy Quinlen’s trial in the hostile foreign court had been a sordid affair orchestrated by the authoritarian government determined to show the West that it would not tolerate interference in it’s territory by non-sanctioned foreign activists, no matter well-known they happened to be.

Miss Quinlen had been well-known and toasted in the West for her earnest travels to third World countries on missions to publicize human-rights violations and political repression of their citizens. But the small new, isolated country of Moldivia had defied outside pressure from the time of it’s formation and it wasn’t about to change it’s ways now.

Nancy’s relative celebrity did not save her from prompt arrest and being convicted of trumped-up charges of spying for the West. Of course there was a strong reaction in the West against her fate, but Moldivia had support from other like-minded authoritarian nations, a large, well-equipped army and biological weapons and a verified willingness to use them if attacked.

Poor Nancy Quinlen was on her own and at the mercy of the dictators who she had come to agitate against.

Nancy’s treatment inside the bowels of the political prison was harsh and designed to break her down so that she would eventually admit to the false charges against her. The guards and interrogators put in charge of her were people expert at getting what they wanted from the most hardened prisoners and Nancy, although being very dedicated to her principles, was no match for the hard, brutal treatment that these tormenters subjected her to.

Corporal Chu was one who took a special interest in Nancy and who made sure that she not only pleased him with her suffering at his hands but also suffered from the hard attentions of his cock. A single man who had no outside relations with women, Chu had decided to honor Nancy with all the sex that he could give her.

Now that she no longer resisted the whims and will of her captors in any way, Nancy was perfect for giving Corp. Chu the sexual thrills that he was entitled to.

Corporal Chu grunted as he guided Nancy’s tight ass up and down on his rigid cock.

"Yes, yes, Western bitch! Keep it up! I’m almost ready to shoot my load up your ass! Then I’m going to go back to whipping on you with the new bamboo rod I just ordered!"


Valerie was not a tough woman. Raised as a daughter of privilege, she had never had to endure bad times or circumstances. She had been arrested and accused of being complicit in her family’s ignoring the safety standards of their huge Third World chemical factory that had resulted in hundreds of deaths of grossly underpaid workers.

Valerie had been aware of the bad conditions and noncompliance of safety rules, clashing repeatedly with her family in hopes of convincing them to change their ways. But now it was too late.

Being the dishonest people that they were, Valerie’s family denied any responsibility and refused to make any financial payments either to the government or the families of the those who had died in the explosion – leaving Valerie as the scapegoat to face the full fury of that country’s leadership.

There was very little sympathy for Valerie, either from her own or other Western governments, and there was no help from her family who refused to offer help with legal representation; they had long decided to sacrifice her in order to distance themselves as far as possible from responsibility for the disaster that they had caused. For Valerie, it was a sentence of life in the harsh Yanadu Women’s Prison.

Valerie was petite, white and soft. That made her the center of attention of both the criminal female inmates and the dyke-oriented guards there. It was only an hour after her arrival at Yanadu that Valerie was taken down into a basement cell and whipped throughout the night by a secession of female guards determined to show this notorious Western prisoner just how low her status would be inside this dank and forbidding place. Valerie’s cries and quick acceptance of her circumstances made her even more of a prize for the lusting lesbian-oriented female guards; guards who decided that Valerie was just too good a prospective sexslave to be shared with the common inmates.

The big, tough guard Taymara and her girlfriend Rivi claimed first rights to Valerie.

"I’ll share the white girl with you," Taymara told the other female guards. "But keep in mind that she belongs to me and Rivi first and we’ll decide who gets use of her besides us and when and how often. And you know how I’ll deal with any of you who dares trying anything with her without my permission."

And since Taymara had been the prime suspect in several unsolved murders of both Yanadu inmates and other guards over the past years, they were no challengers.

Valerie was now the property of Taymara and Rivi, living with them in their large room in the female guards’ quarters…

The guard Taymara heavy hand-spanking of the Western girl’s tender young cheeks was the signal that Taymara was ready to have her wet pussy eaten again.

"Good news for you, terrorist! We're going to keep you here in a private cell all for yourself. Chained, of course, severely gagged and with your fuckholes plugged waiting for us to visit you. Are you saying to say thanks you spoiled little brat?"

"Please.... oh please, Miss... you... you're scaring me... and you're hurting me.... please... leave me alone..."

"Shut up and get ready to lick our cunts now, and then eat out our assholes!!! Spanking you is getting me excited and I know you want to please me...."

The two foreign-aid workers had be accused of nothing when first arrested. No explanations were given as they were handcuffed and taken to the war-torn countryТs prison located at the far reaches of the desert nation. The pair, Marlette from France and Sharlene from the States, had come to the country in order to coordinate aid shipments to starving sections of the country that had been cut off from much-needed food and water.

To put it mildly, the host country was not pleased to have Western aid coming in; it had long tried to use the deplorable conditions endured by the population as yet another weapon against the rebels who were fighting the government forces. Helping to feed the hungry was also helping to feed the rebels; that was the way the authorities saw it. But they could not afford to openly antagonize the West; they could only resort to more subtle methodsЕ

"Why have you brought us here? What have we done?" Marlette could only speak those two sentences before one of the prison guards slapped her to the floor.

"Shut up, you foreign whore," the guard yelled. "Both of you are nothing but rebel-loving Western spies sent here to work against my government! Well, weТre going to show you that weТre not going to just stand by while you interfere in our country," he added as he pulled Marlette to her feet and started to tear away her clothes. Marlette screamed but couldnТt do little else as she was eventually stripped nude. Her screams got louder as the guard began beating her with his belt.

"Go ahead, scream! The louder you scream, the harder IТm going to whip you!" At that, Marlette stopped her screaming, giving out only soft moans as she endured the painful belt flogging all over her tender body.

The guard was pleased with MarletteТs obvious submission, saying "I thought youТd get the point! You Western women just need someone to put you in your place! Look at your pretty friend over there; my buddyТs whipping her too!" He laughed as he made Marlette look over to where the other guard had forced Sharlene to strip naked before he began to use his own belt on her. Sharlene whimpered as she suffered from the belt-whipping that was put top her so brutally.

MarletteТs guard dragged her by the hair over to a dirty prison cot. "Get down on your hands and knees, bitch! IТm going to show you what you Western women have been missing! Get down or IТll use my belt on you really hard!"

Marlette obeyed, getting on the cot. The guard positioned her, breathing heavily now. Then Marlette felt the touch of his cockhead against her pussy, then that particular pain as his dick started to push its way inside her. He was big, very big. He kept her in position as he started to pound her servile pussy in the way men fucked women in his country.

Marlette could only moan in distress as the guard slammed her harder and deeper, his balls swinging as he attacked her.

"UhhhhhhЕ" the guard started to grunt as his sweating body clashed against MarletteТs as he continued to fuck her hard. "UhhhhhhЕ. AhhhhhhЕЕ! You sweet little Western bitch! Gonna hurt you with my cock, gonna make you beg!"

"Look how your friend is getting fucked over there," the prison guard chuckled to Sharlene as he started to drag her toward the empty cot. His long, thick cock dangled from his unzipped pants. "I think itТs time you learn how itТs like to get your cunt fucked real hard by a real man like me! Gonna make you cry just like you friend is crying over there!"


Miss Mi-Leng, the Supervisor of Guards at Nunphung WomenТs Prison, was a stern taskmaster to tolerated no disobedience to her authority Ц especially from a spoiled white English girl just convicted sedition against Mi-LengТs beloved PeopleТs Republic.

Perhaps this troublemaker named Victoria Wimington had thought that she could just illegally enter the Republic in order to interview various dissidents for that pitiful little British political cable television program of hers but she was so wrong if she thought that she could get away with it. Mi-LengТs country might have been small in comparison to the other Asian countries in the area, but it had a very efficient intelligent service that tracked Miss Wimington from the time she crossed their border. They had Victoria in custody quickly and quietly.

There was much outcry about VictoriaТs disappearance but no one could account for her whereabouts. The leaders of the Republic claimed not to have any idea of what could have happened to Victoria Wimington. There was no record of her having entered the country via any of their airports, harbors or monitored roads. Perhaps, the RepublicТs authorities said, Miss Wimington had been unfortunately captured or killed by one of the many lawless bandit groups that infested the thick jungles that characterized much of the countryЕ..

But deep within the damp, dingy depths of Nunphung Prison, known only as СPrisoner No. 115Т Ц and even that by only a small, trusted group of the RepublicТs most loyal guards Ц Victoria Wimington was being subjected to unending sessions of painful beatings, floggings and suspension punishments. Miss Mi-Leng personally oversaw all the sessions, making sure that Victoria was being properly prepared what all that Mi-Leng had planned for her in the near future.

The time came when a broken Victoria was finally escorted to Mi-Lengs private quarters. Miss Mi-Leng, naked except for a support bra to help control her massive breasts, told the Western girl of what was in store for her.

"The outside world thinks that youТre probably dead," Mi-Leng smirked. "They will never find you and you will never leave this prison." Mi-LengТ pinched her own hardening nipples and rubbed her swelling clit as she said "You have only a choice of spending the rest of your life being tortured with hot irons and coals before finally being burnt alive or spending the rest of your life here in this place as my own little sex slave and keeping me pleased and happy.

"But it will not be enough for you to lick all my holes and suck my toes; youТll also have to drink my pee instead of water. And after each time, you will have to ask me to whip you if I want to. Tell me your choice now, English girlЕ"

Prison Mistress Mi-LengТs cunt-juice began to leak as she looked forward to what the blond English prison slave would be doing with her tongue.

"Yes, English girl, keep kissing my hand and begging for me to whip you before I let you eat my glorious pussyЕ"


Mr. Imtuku was a faithful member of the Party that controlled all facets of live in the tiny African country of Ugubu.

Imtuku, a former military officer like the majority of the men who governed Ugubu with an iron fist, had been appointed to oversee the countryТs notorious prison system that had long been condemned as cruel and inhuman by almost all the civilized countries of the world. The ruling Generals had noted ImtukuТs talent for cruelty and torture when chasing down, interrogating and eliminating their various enemies; he was given much of the credit for making it practically impossible for any internal rivals to function within Ugubu.

He had been listed high among those that the Party had considered for future elevation in itТs ranks.

The Generals tended to be older and it was only a matter of time before the Party would need to replace them with younger men. Imtuku was content to await his turn; the Party valued patience and respect for itТs elders. Besides, his appointment as Governor of the prison system was a prize in itself. So many pretty young women interned in the female prisons; so many girls from which he could choose to satisfy his ever-growing sexual needs.

Imtuku day was made when he received the top-secret wire from Party Headquarters informing him to be on alert for the arrival of two Western females who had been captured within UgubuТs Eastern border region.

ImtukuТs big dick twitched within his pants; he had seen the photos of Marie Higgins and Deborah Rohr published in the Western and African newspapers along with reports of their being last seen while searching for ancient artifacts of the bordering African nation of Amraki.

Both were American college graduate students in their mid-20s, very attractive white girls. Imtuku had quietly suspected that UgubuТs enemies may have been indeed correct when they publicly voiced suspicions that Ugubu might have had a hand in the two womenТs disappearance.

The wire instructed to intern the two Americans in total secrecy and do whatever he chose to do in order to get their signed confessions stating that both of them had intentionally crossed into Ugubu on a mission to spy for the West. After getting their false confessions, Mr. Imtuku was further instructed to СprepareТ Misses Rohr and Higgins so that they would be ideal, obedient Сshow prisonersТ in front of hand-picked foreign media when the time came.

Imtuku had happily looked forward to the task ahead.

With ImtukuТs close guidance, both Marie and Deborah suffered through days and nights of delicious punishment and pain. Imtuku enjoyed watching the girlsТ initial stubbornness and resistance; he knew that within a few more days of even heavier mistreatment, both of them would be begging to be allowed to sign whatever was presented to them. Then ImtukuТs real fun would beginЕ.

True to Mr. ImtukuТs prediction, Deborah and Marie had been broken by the fourth day of their agonized punishments. He first escorted Marie into the commandeered Prison WardenТs chamber where the СconfessionТ paper awaited her signature. Dropping his pants while she signed the paper, Imtuku pushed Marie down on a nearby bed and there he spent almost an hour riding the crying white girl until he finally finished things off with his pumping her insides full of his thick, warm African semen.

Then it was time for Deborah. She had heard MarieТs cries and screams through the closed chamber door Ц but she was still shocked to see the sorry state of her friend as she lay on the cum-stained bed.

"Sign the paper," Imtuku growled at Deborah as he pushed her forward. "Sign it now! Or else worse things are going to get worse for you! Much worse!"

As the frightened girl put her signature to the blank СconfessionТ, she could feel Mr. ImtukuТs foul breath on her shoulder. And she could feel something else Ц the feeling of ImtukuТs hard dick touching against her rear.

"Surprised that IТm already hard again? Well, IТm sure that youТll help to do something about it, huh?"

Deborah couldnТt help but sob as Mr. Imtuku started to bend her forward while he rubbed his huge, throbbing cock between her punished asscheeks.

"YouТve been a good girl, signing that confession. Now bend over while I shoving my dick up your ass. Before IТm done, the both of you white bitches are going to be my whores."

Down in the prison's Guard Quarters, Saad hugged Monica close against him as his cock started to respond to the tugging from her soft, trembling hands.

"Ummm, that's so good, the way you are doing that," Saad grunted. "Very soon you will have me as big and long as I can get. So just keep on moving your fingers like you're doing and you will be getting Saad's shaft up your white cunt - real deep and real hard. You American girls all pretend that you hate being forced to give up your pussies, but you know that you really want it! You all like being treated like whores, don't you? Just listen to your friend back there. She's your so-called 'aunt', isn't she? Well, your Aunt Susan is going to be turned into a whore by Judge Madulla there.

The Judge will have her broken in a couple of days and after he's done using her, your Aunt Susan will be sold to one of the whorehouses in the city. She'll be listed as a prisoner here, but she'll really be fucking dozens of camel drivers and low-class laborers every day!"

Saad paused as his snake-like cock pulsed from the massaging of Monica's hands. He started to ease Monica toward his private little room. His bed was't more than a dirty cot, but it would be enough to hold Monica's trim body as he rode her.

Saad caused the American girl to shudder when he asked her, "Do you want to be sold like your aunt? I can arrange it, if you do..."

Nooooo, Please! Please don't sell me! I'll do whatever you want! Please...!"

Saad was ready to fuck now. "Come with me, American girl. We'll go to my room where we can be alone. There you can show me how deep my cock can pound your holes."


Another American female prisoner, just a day after her conviction, was learning her place in the Arab nation's largest female prison. Tiffany wasn't the kind of girl who would even think of having lesbian sex in any way. That was if she was in any sort of normal situation where she had a choice. But as a pale-skinned Western girl, Tiffany had attracted the attention of almost every native dyke who saw or heard of her arrival at the prison.

The big Arab female guard had laughed when she noted Tiffany's frightened reaction to the chorus of sexual comments and catcalls aimed at her as she was escorted down the cellblock hall towards her assigned cell. "Don't worry, American, they can't all get at you at once - just the gals in your cell, jus the two of them. They're two tough women, both of them are in for murder; so I suggest you learn how to be nice to them, real nice!

Utema and Faqleti were the two dangerous women who welcomed Tiffany as the guard shoved her into their cell. Not ones to waste any time, the two Arab dykes immediately demanded that she get down on her knees and started licking their needy cunts

"You're going to have to prove yourself to us by doing a lot of pussyeating if know what's good for you," Faqleti warned. "If not, it's going to be bad for you."

Tiffany, although plainly scared, replied,"No! That's unnatural and perverted! I'll never do such a thing!"

Tiffany had barely spoken the words before Utema's big hand slapped her hard across her face, dropping her to the floor. "I'm glad you a stubborn American bitch! It's all the excuse I need to show you what happens to a foreign girl who refuses to do what she's told in this prison!" Utema snarled as she slapped Tiffany's face again.

Utema straddled American girl's chest as she prepared to enjoy the beating she was about to start giving her.

"It won't do you any good to scream or resist. It will just make us hurt you worse! You're going to be our good little girl after we're both finished slapping you around real hard."


Just sentenced to serve a long term in the local African women's prison, American Emily Price was a strong young girl, still refusing to accept the injustice of what had happened to her. Emily had also refused to accept the female guards' blatant offer to "take care of her" and have her serve as the guard's own 'private girl'; confined in a small closet-like cell inside the Guard's Room.

"If you stay with us guards, you can just spend your time pleasing us instead of having to be eating all those black pussies and asshole of the women back there in the cellblocks," the female guards' Captain told Emily as she pinched Emily's nipple and twisted it. Emily, being the proud girl that she was, slapped the Captain's hand away - a mistake; a mistake that she would pay for throughout the night as she was whipped by one guard after another.

The new American prison had needed a lesson on being a 'good girl' and her punishment sessions had begun to strip her of her previous willful and uncooperative nature. When they had finally ceased to flog Emily, the Captain stepped up to her and started to once again pinch and twist Emily's nipples, much harder than she had first done. This time Emily eyes started tearing again - but she stood rigidly still as the female Guard Captain continued to torture her breasts with her strong fingers.

"Hmmmm... Yes.... Maybe you'll do. Maybe you might do, indeed," the Captain chuckled. "Now, if you can pass the next little test tonight, maybe me and my girlfriends just might let you be our little girl....."

The trussed-up Emily's screams filled the corner of the Guards' Room as the Captain of the Guards was the first to take her turn, shoving her big, hard fist deep into Emily's exposed pussy. The African guard was an expert at it, knowing just what areas to grab inside the American girl without causing any permanent injury - only agonizing pain.

"That's it, scream for me, American bitch! You're going to scream even louder when I work my arm in up to my elbow!"

In an isolated, heavily-guarded Women's Prison somewhere in the back jungles of South East Asia, American Nellie Armstrong could not claim to be innocent, being cought while photographing many of the Asian country's sensitive military installations while passing as a magazine writer.

Nellie had been discovered within a week after first entering the country and had confessed to being on American spy mission within a couple of weeks of being subjected to the most intense mistreatment at the hands of the experienced interrogator, Feng-Li.

Nellie had undergone rigorous training to prepare her in case she would ever be caught and tortured - but nothing could have prepared her for the devious and evil methods of physical and mental tortured employed by Feng-Li and her tight group of like-minded cohorts.

Nellie could only feel a deep shame as she signed the various typed confessions and cooperated in giving vital information concerning her American employers; Feng-Li had broken her thoroughly.

Now that Nellie had been sentenced to twenty years in the Women' Prison, Feng-Li saw a chance to deepen the young American female's subservience and submission. For Feng-Li, this was now solely a matter of the perverse pleasure that she would extract from stripping away the last of Nellie's pride.....

"Don't look away, Nellie," Miss Feng-Li cooed softly as she lowered her hungry, smelly wet pussy toward Nellie's face. "Keep your eyes on mine while you lick my cunt and clit with your pretty American tongue. Show my friends how much you're going to belong to me."

"Mmmm, so good, Nellie. Keep it up and I'll move up a bit so you can lick my other hole, okay....?"


Muhadmud was an expert at taking care of some of the Sheikdom's more delicate problems. The ruler of the rich Gulf Nation's restive but thoroughly controlled population was extremely sensitive to any form of bad publicity and had employed Muhadmud's 'special' services to keep secret things secret.

Selma Madson, an independent-thinking teacher imported from the States, was the Sheik's latest problem that needed to be taken care of. The Sheik had badly misjudged Selma's cheery, cooperative nature as a sign that she would comply if summoned to his chamber bed. Miss Madson had been outraged and not very diplomatic while giving the Sheik one hell of smack to the mouth. Further, Selma had made it clear that she would be contacting every American newspaper editor that she could think of after she returned to her teacher's compound.

A hurried called from the Sheik to his trustworthy Muhadmud made sure that Selma never arrived at her destination.

Muhadmud had a special dungeon constructed under his modest but secure concrete home. That dungeon had seen many victims; from disgraced diplomats to traitorous relatives to foreign spies; all of whom suffered under the torturous methods applied by Muhadmud.

Now it was Selma's time.

The government-controlled media had already started reporting about the strange disappearance of the American schoolteacher. Kidnapped by slavers or a victim of a botched robbery?

Muhadmud had decided to indulge himself by using his electrical skills on Selma's whipped body. Since the American teacher had been classed as missing, he could take his time with this tall, blond girl.

Do anything he wished.

Maybe even totally break her; maybe even make her into a permanent slave to be kept down in this dungeon....

"Yyyyiiiiieeee...!" Impaled on the electric metal stake and wired to Muhadmud's hand-held gearbox, Selma could only scream unintelligible sounds as the voltages streamed through her.

"Not so proud now, are you, my pretty American? Maybe if you beg me to let you be my slave...," Muhadmud hummed as his experienced fingers played with the controls of the electric gearbox.


Ginger would serve as an example to all the other female inmates at Abutun Munta Prison for Women; serve as an example that even white-skinned American girls could not expect to defy the will of the prison authorities or the guards who ruled over them daily. An attractive new arrival at Abutun Muntu was expected to follow every order given to her, no matter how unreasonable that order might be.

Usually a female guard's very first order given to an already-inspected and examined new inmate at Abutun was to "Bend over and show me your pussy". The second order was usually to "Spread your cheeks and show me your asshole". And the third order was usually to "Eat my pussy". Ginger had loudly refused the third order. That was something that could not be overlooked or tolerated - especially by a foreigner.

Ginger had been innocent of the charges against her. But she was very guilty of refusing a guard's lawful order to eat her pussy. Inmates in Abutun Munta, especially the attractive ones, were expected to provide their guards with the pleasure they needed to help them cope with the pressures of their work. It had long been recognized that one of the best female guard recruiting tools was the availability of so many captive female mouths and tongues that could be used at any time and as many times that a guard wished. The rumor was that there were thousands of applications for the female guard positions at Abutun. It seemed like word had gotten around.

Now the word throughout the prison was that the white American girl named Ginger had suffered mightily for her insolence and inability to accept her inferior position. It was all true: Ginger would never disobey any guard's order again. In fact, for the rest of her time at Abutun, Ginger would be known as the 'Guards' American Whore'....

C> "Should take the American girl down, Sergeant? I see that Corporal Imeki and some of the others are really anxious to start using her back in the 'Sex Room'. They really want to begin teaching her lessons."

"No, why don't we leave her up there for the night, just to have her suffer a bit more. They can break her in tomorrow morning."

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The Barbarian Prince [AGNES]

The Barbarian Prince

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Act 1, scene 1 - Dona Ziani’s Palace.

A masked Ball in honour of Prince Morozov is just ending. He joins his hostess on the balcony overlooking the Grand Canal. He presents her with a glass of Crimean wine.

Eleonora: (with an ironic smile) One of your country’s wines? I don’t wish to be rude but surely no-one other than an animal could prefer Russian wine to ours?

The Prince: Dona Ziani, in my country even the bears appreciate its effects. It is good for hunting, for making one vigorous. It gives one a wonderful the kiss of a whip. (He lifts her hand) In my country we also appreciate a woman who chooses to wear a collar and bracelets on her wrists as you do. But doubtless you will think that is nothing but a crude barbarian view also.

Women, from servants to ladies of quality, wear such things to show that they have accepted servitude voluntarily.

For me there is a special pleasure in holding the leash that is attached to a collar round the neck of a beautiful young lady such as yourself. Then, making her submit... until she kneels before me.

Eleonora: How dreadful! This is slavery we are talking about!

The Prince: That is so my lady. But when consent is freely given such slavery opens the door to sexual torments and pleasures of exquisite intensity.

Eleonora: (unsettled) You amuse me Prince, and intrigue me as well. Please, if you will pardon my forwardness, may I ask you to visit me again a little later tonight? You must wear the same costume too.

The Prince: Your wish is my command Dona Ziani. You will find me an excellent teacher. I have no doubt you will enjoy the experience of being under the control of a true Master. Now, for the moment, do I have my lady’s permission to withdraw?

Eleonora: I grant you permission to leave. But return quickly.

The Prince: You have my word. I bid you good night, Dona Ziani

Eleonora: (insisting on her first name) Eleonora, Dona Eleonora Ziani. Goodnight, your Highness.

Act 1 scene 2 - Dona Ziani’s palace. The entrance from the Grand Canal

Eleonora: You are welcome again, your Highness. And what do you have in that large bag? More Crimean wine?

The Prince: No, Dona Eleonora. I have merely brought a few implements to allow you to experience those intimate pleasures we talked of earlier this evening. I’m pleased to hear that you continue to mock your guests. It will give me even greater pleasure to punish you for such impertinence.

Eleonora: You rouse my curiosity, and make me even more impatient to begin. Give your bags to my maid; she will take them to my apartments where we will have dinner.

Unless that will embarrass you?

The Prince: By no means. An invitation to dinner is an excellent opportunity to begin the lesson I promised.

The Prince: The apprenticeship begins, training is the same for any creature, a bear or a dog – one starts with obedience.

You will undress. Undo do those laces and ribbons.

Eleonora: Yes, your Highness. I will obey you. But may I plead with you...?

The Prince: I’m listening...

Eleonora: I implore you not to be too harsh with me. Have mercy, I am a novice.

The Prince: Agreed. Now obey your Prince’s orders.

Present yourself naked in front of your Master.

Eleonora: I am here as my Master commands. Is it your wish that I remove my stockings?

The Prince: No, come closer. Kneel so I may tie your hands behind you. This collar is for you. Now these bracelets for your ankles.

Eleonora: Yes master.

The Prince: You are an apt pupil. Can you feel the gentle pressure of the collar encircling your neck? That is the symbol of your submission.

Come! Kneel up straight, offer yourself to me.

This riding crop is your reward. Do you shiver as you feel the leather tip caressing your breasts?

They shall both receive equal punishment.

Like this...

A Master has a duty to punish a slave for every small mistake.

The severity of the punishment reflects the importance of the error.

Eleonora: Th-thank you Master for showing me the error of my ways.

The Prince: Slave Eleonora such exemplary conduct should be further rewarded.

Let me fasten your ankle bracelets so your legs are held apart so....

Now you are ready for your Master’s pleasure.

Ah so ready, so wet and feel the size and virility of your Master’s manhood.

Some while later...

Eleonora: (murmuring softly) Thank you your Highness. I love the exquisite pleasure you have given me as your slave. Thank you for being my teacher in the arts of love...

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Venice: Signor Fradentelli signs the warrant for the arrest of Eleonora.

Act 2, scene 1 - Dona Ziani’s Palace.

It is late at night. Dona Eleonora is alone when the Doge’s guards burst into her room.

First Guard: Lady Eleonora Ziani. You are herby under arrest by order of the Doge. The charge is High Treason. Your property and possessions are forfeit to the officers of the Serene Republic. You will appear before the Grand Tribunal but first you will be taken to the Prison of the Republic and tortured until you confess your crimes.

Second Guard: Stand up traitor, hands behind you so I can tie them.

Eleonora: (who doesn’t fully understand what is happening) No! It’s a lie, a foul slander.

First Guard: Such a garment is too good for scum like you... rags are all you deserve.

Second Guard: Open your mouth, kitten. We don't want every one to hear. This wooden pear will keep you quiet.

Second Guard: An iron mask, a nice gag and a rope round the neck... that's how we deal with traitors in Venice...

First Guard: Ah... you find my little saddle cord uncomfortable. Don't complain, it's nothing to the pain you will feel in prison...

First Guard: Hey, Pietro! Whet do you think of our gondola's new figurehead?

Posted August 17th, 2003

Act 2, scene 2 - The main torture chamber in the infamous Doge’s Prison.

Master Giaccomo: (very obsequious) What a great honor to welcome you on your first visit to my humble prison, Lady Ziani. I have had your rooms prepared specially. I will escort you there without delay.

Oh but first, your clothes... we don’t allow clothes for TRAITORS! (yells)

On your knees, whore!

Sergeant, stretch her neck until she's on tiptoe... while I whip these rags from her body.

Master Giaccomo: Watch carefully my friends... you will not see such skill with a whip often!

Master Giaccomo: Girls are like mares. They need a good blacksmith to add that special touch... There, nearly finished. A pretty pair of manacles for your wrists. Now, just the waist belt and neck band to complete your prison jewellery.

Master Giaccomo: Let me give you a short tour, you will find it interesting. This girl is a witch. She is riding our 'pony' so she will confess before her trial starts. Just like you. Here, I do not bother with truth. I make people suffer and provide a little glimpse of Hell. If they are foolish enough to tell the judges they are innocent... then they are returned to Hell until they change their mind.

Master Giaccomo: These are the ancient reservoirs for the city. They run below the prison, now we keep them for the most obstinate and special prisoners. Or the more desirable... I'm sure you will find them charming and refreshing. Oh yes, I did leave out one little detail. The tide comes in twice a day. And when the water rises...

Master Giaccomo: The dungeons, the first two are in use but I have reserved number 3 for you. Ah yes, a pleasant looking young man. A poet, he was foolish enough to publish some verses that mocked the Grand Council. His tongue's been cut out and he's been castrated. He's been less talkative since then.

Master Giaccomo: This is an interesting device, don't you think? The body of the criminal can be secured and fully exposed for questioning. Like this... A useful device to use with lovely young ladies like you...

Eleonora: Oh please sir, please let me go...

Master Giaccomo: Release you, that's a joke! Come now we haven't even finished preparing you yet. I'll just shave your cunt. Later Paolo can be your hairdresser and cut that blonde hair short so you don't get cold in the dungeon.

Eleonora: Oh God, have pity... plea... (Her words are stifled as Paolo forced the head of his cock between her lips)

Master Giaccomo: Don't resist. Open wide and use your tongue. Show Paolo how skilled you are. Swallow the refreshment he's giving you... Such soft smooth skin... (Eleonora writhes in pain as they twist her nipples and whip her breasts) There is one more hole to fill. Aah... yes, a true aristocrat, you can always tell, smooth as warm silk.

Master Giaccomo: A fine whore. As payment for your services I shall flog you tonight. Now it is time for you to rest for a little while.

Master Giaccomo: Here we are. Turn round so we can attached the hook to your waist belt. Then it's down you go... Getting up is a more delicate matter... it depends on how I feel. It's up to your torturer to decide.

Eleonora: (sobbing) Oh please, please I implore you...

Master Giaccomo: Shall I whip you now, kitten?

Eleonora: No, Sir.

Master Giaccomo: Then be silent. (he turns and speaks to Paolo) Lower her... slowly...

Master Giaccomo: Good night, harlot. Give my regards to the rats... (the rest of his words are cut off as the trapdoor slams shut)


A pale glimmer of light seeps into the dungeon. A glimmer that slowly dwindles and fades leaving Eleonora dangling in the blackness of anguish and despair.

Posted August 29th, 2003

Act 2, scene 3 - The Grand Torture Chambers beneath the Doge of Venice's Palace. Dona Ziani's dungeon cell.

Master Giaccomo: Hoist the traitoress up. I suggest you hold onto the chain as you come up. We have a long day ahead.

Eleaonora: (gasping and pleading) Gaaah! You’re strangling me!

Master Giaccomo: Of course. But don’t worry; we won’t let you die... yet. Do as you’re told and we’ll let you down. There, like a turkey plucked and trussed for the table.

Master Giaccomo: Ah, a delightful and stimulating view, don’t you agree Paolo?

Paolo: As you say Master Giaccomo. Plucked and ready for stuffing.

Master Giaccomo: Her arse is tight as a fist. But we’ll soon loosen her up. You have a certain cure for that don’t you...

Paolo: I’ll hold you by the neck and you can wriggle your arse down onto my cock. That’s right. My old mother (God bless her) said dwarves were always particularly well endowed and virile, Nature’s way of compensating, she said. Don’t you agree, whore?

Master Giaccomo: There now, you’ve made my cock all slimy and ready for you to clean. Suck it carefully. You won’t get anything else to eat and if you don’t satisfy me it will cost you an extra 20 strokes of the whip.

Go on...attend to your task. This is something you will be doing every day until your trial is over. If you’re lucky you’ll be here for weeks... if not, it could be months.

Every morning the prisoners are taken from their cells ... The women are raped and whipped... for our own pleasure and amusement and then the men are made to fuck the women.

The prisoners always make sure that they suck every drop of semen from our cocks... after all they get nothing else to eat.

Aaah, no, no don’t stop my kitten. I can feel more sap rising in my balls.

After the fucking comes the whipping.

(He grunts with excitement) Aaaah, yes...yes the torture and pain of the morning whipping...

The long bullwhip is our favourite toy. We encourage each prisoner to sing out in turn... while the others are hung up, dangling like smoked hams, to await our pleasure.

Listen well, being raped and whipped in the morning might save you from being raped and whipped in the even...

(He cackles with mirth) ...some hope!

Aaaaah! Oh yes, yes, faster... I’m coming....I’m coming! Yesssss!

Yes, you whore, swallow it. Swallow it all... that’s your meal for today.

Ah-hah, I see you were hungry.

Not too bad for a first time as a newcomer.

Master Giaccomo: She makes a pretty hanging toy. Something for you to play with, Paolo

Paolo: Let’s watch her dance as I teach her the song of the whip. There Master, just a few strokes and she’s wriggling her bottom and making those nipples bounce wildly for us.

Master Giaccomo: (ironically) Truly a dance of excitement. She’s wriggling and squealing like a stuck pig. But our guest’s little diversion is over. It is time for her to begin to pay the penalty for her crimes.

Time for the cross, kitten.

Eleonora: The cross? No, no please...I’m innocent, innocent of everything. Please have pity Master, I’ve done nothing to deserve this.

Master Giaccomo: (he slaps her face) Silence, you whore!

Who gave you permission to speak? I am Master here. Your body is mine to do with as I wish. Of course you may scream and groan as you wish as each torture increases. Eventually you will tell me all I wish to know... you will plead to be allowed to confess, to say anything I wish you to.

Eleonora: Never! Torture me as you wish. But I will never give in, whatever obscenities you subject me to I will not sully the honour of my name!

Master Giaccomo: Your honour? You just don’t understand do you? Behind these prison bars you are no better that the cheapest prostitute. You are a filthy whore with no rights on honour to protect,

Paolo, a rope. Twist it tight round her neck and stop the bitch’s tongue wagging.

Master Giaccomo: Tighter, her mouth is still open. That’s it, relax a little, Paolo.

Do you understand now, kitten?

Will you obey me?

Eleonora: (Unable to speak, she nods desperately)

Master Giaccomo: Very well.

Paolo, tie her elbows together...very tightly. Yes, like that.

Listen, my pretty lady, my pretty little whore...

However much you wriggle and kick you are quite helpless. I will control your tongue from now on.

Very soon we will clamp the lead weights onto your tongue, your nipples and your labia.

Then, after the crucifixion, for some extra entertainment we will pierce you in those places before hanging the weights from the holes.

Posted September 12th, 2003
Master Giaccomo: Gently Paolo. Let her slide down onto your shaft. her ladyship can enjoy the pleasure of two cocks fucking her at once...

Paolo: Where are the clamps I want?

Eleonora: (in an agonised whisper) Pity, have pity.

Master Giaccomo: There, good thing you've got a nice long tongue; the weight will swing nicely.

Master Giaccomo: What do you think of the nipple weights... are they tugging yet?

Master Giaccomo: There...that should keep you busy...stop you relaxing too much. Now, if you will excuse me there is a stubborn young sorceress who needs my special attention. Some extra chastisement to loosen her tongue.

Master Giaccomo: (a little while later) I apologise for the delay. Ah, I see you are making use of the wooden wedge. The more you sit on it...the harder it gnaws and scrapes at your cunt. How do you like the feel of this whip. It's one the Turk's use for teaching their women obedience...see!

Dona Ziani screams and writhes at the searing, hot kiss of the lash. But, eventually, even a master like Giaccomo is forced to halt as she slumps unconscious against her bonds. Night falls and the torture chamber is silent apart from the sobs and tormented groans of the victims. From time to time, Eleonora, left high on her cross of pain, struggles back to consciousness, but the pain of her crucifixion is almost unbearable. The lead weights clamped on her tongue; her nipples and her labia, sway gently with every little movement. Each time the do, they stretch and twist the delicate flesh with stabbing agony. The rough wooden wedge of the sedulum presses deep into her cunt, a splintery saddle that rubs her most sensitive place into raw, burning agony. Eleonora hangs alone in the darkness, every muscle a blazing sea of unending pain...

Act 2, scene 4 - The Grand Torture Chambers beneath the Doge of Venice's Palace. The following morning.

Master Giaccomo: The stench is repulsive. She’s dribbled and pissed as well as soiling herself. Well, well our poet’s cock is hard.

Let him fuck her then put her in the cage. She can join the navy at sea for the day. This evening she can have my full attention..

But, at the moment, I must attend to this young sorceress.

Paolo: Come on, you rutting pig, mount the sow!

The Poet: Your pardon, my lady. I have no choice in these degrading antics

Eleonora: (She says nothing but closes her eyes)

Master Giaccomo: (talking to the naked figure of the young sorceress dangling upside down behind Eleanora) Ah, ready for me again? My little cat will warm you up in a moment. Now, kiss the tails nicely before I start...

Paolo: This ankle spreader will hold your arse and cunt wide open so they get well washed.

Undo the mooring lines! Enjoy your trip in our gondola... and the bath!

Paolo: I hope you don’t have any bread with you in the cage. The rats are always hungry and they’ll nibble at anything.

Until later, kitten. Tonight we will have some special games to entertain you.

Hah... hah... hah (he giggles obscenely)


Posted August 21st, 2003

Act 2, scene 5

Paolo: I hope you’re clean, bitch! Let me check… Eh, eh. Getting cold while I handle you? I’d gladly warm you up, but today others will take care of you…

Oh! There she is fainting… I’ll have to carry you to the examination machine. You’ll have to pay for this!

Master Giaccomo: Witch! Paint her up like a whore. Eyes and mouth. Tits and cunt. And the ass, too. I want her to look bitchy, to be a tease in the most whorish way. And don’ t forget to shave this hair she’s still got down there.

Master Giaccomo: You look beautiful this way. You’ll be a nice slave when I sell you to the Barbarians.

Paolo: Let’s see that cunt. Her slit is like a target waiting for the arrow that will pierce it. The witch did well.

Master Giaccomo: Such a good job should be rewarded. I’m going to make her squeal. Bend forward, bitch, right over the machine.

Paolo: Here comes the slave, Master, wrapped in her fish net. Just like a fish, fresh off the sea.

Master Giaccomo: Nice catch, Paolo. I hope we’ll get a good price for her! Is the standing-stock ready upstairs?

Paolo: Yes Master. And ideally located so that everyone can fully enjoy the show.

Master Giaccomo: I’ll take the harem slave-to-be with me. Blindfold her while I’m getting ready. She dances better when blind (smiling).

Master Giaccomo: Walk away, slave. Tonight you’ll be a whore for the soldiers. I hope you’ll do well and bring me a small fortune!

Posted September 7th, 2003

Master Giaccomo: Here my 'Lords' we have a true harem slave. She was once a noble lady but she betrayed our glorious Republic. For her crimes she will be sold as slave-flesh to the Turks. But it is a pity to let such beauty go to waste and it is only fair that you should be able to sample her charms first. Look at her smooth skin; note her aristocratic bearing and those firm, full breasts. And there's more... I can see you're desirous of seeing more. She will be your toy, your plaything for you to use as you will. All that is asked is few small coins for each hole you use to take your pleasure. First, to whet your appetite, she will dance for you... See, see how she responds to the whip. Such a delightful and stimulating show.

Master Giaccomo: Did her dance arouse you, make you hot and hard? Now, my Lords let me unveil the body that awaits your virility

Eleonora: Please, please my Lord... have mercy...

Master Giaccomo: (Enjoying his role as market seller and ignoring her protests) Open those thighs wide, slave. Show the gentlemen the hidden delights that await them. Observe my Lords, the sweet, moist flesh... those full cunt lips like a juicy pear awaiting that first luscious bite. A ripe and juicy pleasure-fruit indeed, my Lords.

Master Giaccomo: Patience, my Lords, patience. First let me arrange her posture for your complete convenience... there, the stance of a slave in heat.

Master Giaccomo: There, my Lords. Ready and prepared... held open for you so she is unable to resist your virile attentions (He whispers to Eleonora alone) As for you, bitch, arch your back and push your arse out... and your tongue too! Unless you want me to use these pincers on your teats?

Eleonora: No, no Master, please have mercy...

Master Giaccomo: Don't forget top drop a few coins in the cup she holds my lords... fill the cup... and fill her too. Fill her till she dribbles seed from every opening. (The grinning guards all roar with laughter at the jest.)

For long hours the guards abuse Eleonora's pinioned body. Each takes advantage of her again and again, in the cunt, the anus or in her mouth.

At times she is fucked at each end simultaneously. And with each fresh impalement another insulting coin chinks into the cup gripped tightly in her hand. She knows not to let it fall now. She did once, when the first man rammed himself into the tight, virgin hole of her anus and she screamed in pain.

The penalty for that lapse was a vicious thrashing from Master Giaccomo... so now she holds the cup tightly, another lesson learned.

The drunken guards took her without respite, slobbering foul wine-sodden kisses on her face before forcing her to suck another thick, smelly penis until her mouth filled with semen once again. And when they were spent they used the things that lay around, a bottle or the rasping hilt of a sword, to continue their foul assaults... Eleonora never knew exactly what it was they thrust into her cunt.

One thug even used the fire tongs from the grate, crude pincers of rough metal, to twist and pinch her breasts and pull her tongue so she feared it would be ripped from her by the roots. Then, without warning, everything stopped.

Master Giaccomo released her and she staggered forwards, her thighs and chin glazed and dripping with sticky trails of semen. He wrenched her arms behind her, cinching her wrists together with metal cuffs before throwing a coarse fisherman's net over her head. This time there was nothing to conceal her nudity... or the marks of her recent abuse.

He clipped the leash to her hated collar and led her back towards the great Torture Chamber. Every step filled Eleonora's soul with total despair... when would this torment cease?

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Posted October 29th, 2003

Act 2, scene 6

Paolo: Did she serve them well, master?

Master Giaccomo: Oh yes, quite well... and my purse is fat with the profit of her labours. See, she is an excellent working slut.

Aren’t you, my pretty bitch?

Enough of this idle chat though. She must be made ready for her trial... it starts on the morrow. Take her down to the caves, a good overnight soaking will work wonders.

Eleonora: Oh God, please, please Master, not the cage! I will not survive that again. Please, I’ll do anything you want... but don’t put me in the cage... please!

Master Giaccomo:
Well, well, this is new... our little aristocrat is suddenly co-operative ...
And what exactly would you do for me, slut?

Eleonora (whispering):
I-I-I w-would b-beg you, M-Master, t-to use my m-mouth for your p-pleasure...

Master Giaccomo:
Well how kind... but do you think I would want to be tongued by someone so filthy... i
t would be like dipping my cock in a sewer...
But I am a generous man and I will grant your request...
we shall find another way to cleanse you properly.
Paolo will take you to the Chair...
among its many uses it allows us to clean our guest most thoroughly.
Ha-ha-ha (he laughs aloud at his own wit and grins sadistically at the shivering girl)
Let me remove my official garments and I’ll be back to witness the cleansing of Donna Ziani.

(Master Giaccomo strides off still chuckling while Paolo, tugging on the leash, forces Eleonora towards a small, dimly lit room opening off the main torture chamber)

Eleonora: (as she catches sight of the grim apparatus in the room) Ah no! No, not the iron horse!

Master Giaccomo: (having changed robes and smiling unpleasantly) Not exactly the traditional ‘iron horse’. This one is much more... versatile... as you will discover. You see this extra apparatus here, the tubes, jugs and funnels? You will mount as usual to be saddled on this iron ridge. This leather cock will keep your anus well stretched and filled whilst the spikes on the sides of the horse and the backboard will provide a continuous reminder of your plight.

Oh yes, the phallus is hollow and connected to this tank up here... and the other section, here connects to your mouth thus holding your jaws wide apart.

These taps allow me to control the flow... from a single drop to a gushing stream. We are going to fill you from the inside this time... a powerful jet into your rectum and a slow, constant drip into your mouth.

Eleonora: Noooooooooooo!

Master Giaccomo: You begged and I listened, how can you complain?

And when you are bloated like a drinking bladder we will hang you up with your peephole and anus well stoppered. You will wait until I say you may relieve yourself. After all, we don’t want you pissing until you’ve swallowed the full ten pints of water.

Master Giaccomo: Here is the hollow shaft that will stretch your anus so we can fill it with the other ten pints that Paolo is preparing. See how hard it gushes...

Up the arse and down the throat... equal amounts... Ha Ha Ha

Paolo: The jars are full, master.

Master Giaccomo: (to Eleonora) Take it all the way down your throat, lick it until it’s wet and shiny... you want to make sure it will slide up into your arse nice and easily don’t you?

Master Giaccomo: Hurry, step up and onto the stools... sit down!

Hurry up, or shall I use the crop on your arse as well? That’s right... finally you’re doing as you’re told.

Master Giaccomo: There, all ready... cunt closed, mouth and anus stretched open.

You’re quivering with anticipation, aren’t you?

Are you impatient to begin... i n a hurry to be filled to the brim?

Master Giaccomo: Let us not keep our guest waiting... open the taps Paolo!

Master Giaccomo: Aaah, yes... you have that growing sense of fullness, distension? Disturbing isn’t it.

This is but the beginning... once you hold the full twenty pints you will understand what true suffering is.

Master Giaccomo: There, your guts are distended like a sow’s belly. The rest you’ll swallow... drop by agonising drop.

Master Giaccomo: The sow is near overflowing. Stop a moment Paolo, turn off the tap. Leave her to relish the growing agony of her plight for a little while.

Finally, Eleonora faints from the horrible pressure pain of the water in her bladder and rectum. Some time later Master Giaccomo and Paolo return and take her off the iron horse

Eleonora: Arrrrh, I can’t h-hold it please, please let me relieve myself!

Master Giaccomo: Relieve yourself? You jest... this sport has barely begun. You will stay like that, bloated for your foul crimes for a good long time yet.

Did I not tell you the water stays until I decide to allow you to release all you have taken in. And just to make sure we have some cleverly designed stoppers. Look, see how ingenious it is... just a little twist of this knob and it widens out as much as you desire. This one is for your mouth... and its companion will keep your anus tightly plugged.

Go on Paolo, ram it right up... her arse has been well stretched already.

There, that’s all done...

Master Giaccomo: Go on, hobble back in there... and don’t you dare leave any crap on the floor... hold it in good and tight or else...

Master Giaccomo: You will hold the water until noon. These spreader bars will keep you open. Remember, you may not relieve yourself until I tell you at noon.

Paolo: Master, look, the filthy sow has soiled the floor!

Master Giaccomo:
Despite the clearest instructions you choose to disobey already,
you foul, disgusting whore!
I’ll punish you myself for this...
That offence demands at least thirty lashes across that swollen bellyful of piss and cum.
Scream and wail all you want...
but leak another drop and I’ll flay the skin from your body with the Turkish whip.
Paolo, take the other crop and join me.

Master Giaccomo:
We will be back to see you later, whore.
Oh, yes, I almost forgot...
this afternoon you face the High Court of the Republic...
Rest well!

When the water had first gushed into her rectum, Eleonora had bucked in spasms, her body fighting the restraints as she screamed in pain. But as she rode the iron blade of the horse, ramming the hollow probe even deeper into her anus while the cruel metal clamp twisted and pinched her cunt lips, her screams died to no more than a bubbling whimper. A second stream trickled into her open mouth, forcing her to gulp and swallow continuously to avoid choking.

Eleonora could feel the pressure growing in both her belly and her rectum as the water continued to flow, swelling her body beyond endurance. Even when the first jug was empty and no more water surged into her distended rectum, the endless drops still filled her mouth. Each drop swallowed bringing another tiny increment of agony.

Her eyes rolled back until only the whites showed between slitted lids as her throat worked and worked, each convulsive movement adding to her own self-torture as her distended body became a single bloated sack of pain

A long time later, after they had taken from the horse, there was further agony as cruelly shaped plugs sealed her mouth and anus, each one slowly expanded so they stretched her flesh while their spiked surfaces scraped and scratched the most tender membranes inside her body.

They took her to a rack to be hung spread-eagled, with iron bars keeping her splayed open.

Of course, as they well knew, it was impossible that such an overfilled container would not leak... and leak she did, a foul mixture of saliva, bile excrement and urine that dribbled and trickled from every orifice to form a stinking puddle on the stone flags.

And for that transgression she had been punished. Two grown men enjoying their work, their strong arms wielding crop and cane with practiced, diabolical skill so the strokes seared bars of pain across the swollen mound of her belly. Stroke after blazing stroke of pure, white hot agony until consciousness seeped away and the welcome darkness closed her mind to horror.

Dimly she heard them talking about her trial... let it happen, she screamed silently in the agony of her mind. Whatever the verdict, whatever the judgement... let this hell come to an end...

Act 3, scene 1

Master Giaccomo: It is time the bloated sow was drained. Hold your arse over the bucket!
Paolo, take the plugs out...

Master Giaccomo: Now you are drained you will wipe the floor and clean up this filthy mess!

Master Giaccomo: Now for your turn, a quick wash to make you presentable to the Judges.

Paolo: Bend over bitch, so I can wipe your arse!
Mmmmm, clean as a whistle, my finger slides all the way in...I feel like fucking her up there right now.

Master Giaccomo: Enough, Paolo, stick your cock in one of the others if you’re desperate but she’s got to be presentable for the Judges.

Master Giaccomo: We won’t need a collar. Just a halter round the neck and a robe, not forgetting the leg irons, the manacles and the waist chain.
By the pox, Paolo, watch what you’re doing! The robe’s trailing in that liquid shit!

Paolo: I’m sorry, master. A thousand apologies, my lady but your fine gown is somewhat soiled.

Master Giaccomo: Ah well that’s the prisoner’s uniform. Looks dreadful and sackcloth is so harsh...but who cares? Such rags for a harlot are quite good enough.

Master Giaccomo: Put the noose round her neck, it’s time.
Walk before us,’s time to hear the charges

Act 3, scene 2

First Judge: At last, the prisoner we’ve been awaiting. Court will come to order. Read the indictment.

Eleonora: This is monstrous, an outrage! My Lords, I swear by Almighty God that I am falsely accused and that I...

First Judge: Silence! The prisoner will remain silent or her tongue will be ripped out and she will be branded here and now! You will speak only when ordered...
Just in case, Master Giaccomo...heat the irons!

First Judge: Tighten that noose round her neck a little...trying to avoid slow strangulation should keep her silent for a while.

Posted December 6th, 2003

First Judge:

Let it be known that in this Year of Grace 1788 the Most High and Serene Republic of Venice doth charge one Dona Eleonora Ziani with High Treason.

The evidence of these foul crimes is overwhelming, being attested to by loyal and diligent servants of the Republic. In regard of the high esteem and confidence reposed in these aforesaid servants their depositions in this matter shall be taken as true and therefore not subject to question or enquiry. The Court therefore....

Second Judge:

(Talking quietly to Master Giaccomo while his colleague drones on) This is delightful...somewhat unsettling, perhaps for my lady’s more private places. Although I am told that some ladies actually find such treatment arousing. A few men too, it is rumoured. Ah, my thanks, Master Giaccomo. (He takes a thick leather glove, slips his hand into it before taking the white-hot iron.)

Listen carefully, my lady. You have a choice. Either do exactly as you are told, or I will roast your flesh with this rod.

Remove the irons and strip her!

What an exquisite specimen...such firm, tender flesh (the judge uses his other hand to maul and pinch Eleonora’s breasts. She can do nothing to prevent him.)

And she even smells like a fragrant rose...a delicate bloom marked by the kiss of the whip.

Look hard at the iron, my lady...can you feel the heat on your flesh?

Now...what will it be, obedience or burn?

Eleonora: (panting with terror) I will obey you Your Honour...and remain still and silent as you command.

Second Judge: Excellent, Oh yes we will listen to you singing in a little while but for now the court has no desire to hear you. Master Giaccomo, I perceive that my learned friend has finished reading the indictment. You may proceed to make the prisoner ready for the Question.

Master Giaccomo: Come here slut. Step up and stand astride. Hold the pole behind you while I tie your ankles.
Good, all secure
Now, kneel down. Just like a prayer bench isn’t it. You’ll be praying hard in a few minutes...praying to talk that is ...

Second Judge: Master Giaccomo. Be so good as to explain the working of this new device.

Posted December 18th, 2003

Master Giaccomo: (Still busy lashing Eleonora down to the restraints on the torture platform). My pleasure, your Honour. As you can see she is tied at ankles, wrists, waist and neck and kneeling spread legged on this hinged frame. That’s locked into place with this wedge, here. The device holds the victim splayed open so her cunt is in exactly the right position for the insertion of this serrated and spiked metal stake. Naturally the position of the stake can be adjusted so it can be inserted into the anus if preferred...
Now, when I remove the wedge...the platform swings forward and the prisoner slowly slides onto the stake.

Second Judge: What an interesting invention. The effect on the victim must be exquisitely painful...

Master Giaccomo: (chuckling) Agonising, my Lord. Oh yes, don’t forget the noose that tightens slowly to strangle the victim as well. But, my Lord, here is the really interesting part.
Observe the ingenuous mechanism, these ropes and pulleys. Without effort I can drive the metal stake deeper and deeper...all the way until they are riding that ring of spikes if the victim should prove reluctant to confess. In truth such pressure is rarely needed. The agony is quite unbearable anyway. (He laughs aloud) You can rip her cunt open and crush her neck at the same time with almost no effort at all!

Second Judge: Marvellous. Such skill and expertise...any prisoner should feel proud to be put to the Question by such a Master Interrogator.

First Judge: (approaching the group) Is the prisoner in position?

Master Giaccomo: Yes, Your Honour.

First Judge: Prisoner Ziani, you will now be put to the Question. You will be tortured until you confess to the crime of High Treason of which you have been accused. Do you understand Prisoner Ziani?
You may reply

Eleonora: (trembling with terror) Yes, Your Honour.

First Judge: Very well, let us begin. Do your duty Master Bourreau!

First Judge: Confess, woman!

Eleonora: (barely able to speak) N-no, no..aaahh.

First Judge: Force the stake a little deeper Master Bourreau.

Eleonora gives a strangled gasp of agony as the dreadful device forces the tapered metal shaft even deeper into her cunt, stretching the delicate inner flesh to the limit whilst at the same time the noose tightens slowly round her neck.

Second Judge: (whipping the outthrust peaks of Eleonora’s breasts with a short leather quirt.) Will you not confess your crimes?

First Judge: Enough for the moment, release the pressure a little, Master Torturer, so she may have a chance to speak.

Eleonora: I...I...c-c-c-confess.

First Judge: Speak them, we are listening.

Eleonora: I will say whatever you wish, confess to whatever you want bu....

First Judge: No stamina at all...she’s passed out. Undo the noose and revive her...we must have that confession in her own words.

Eleonora: (coming round) I confess that I have betrayed the Most Serene Republic...that I am guild of lewd and immoral behaviour... that I have...

First Judge: ...Enough, we have heard enough! The court is convinced of your guilt. Unstrap her and bring her here that she may hear her sentence pronounced.

First Judge: (pronouncing sentence) The prisoner will kneel before the court. Dona Eleonora Ziani, you have been found guilty upon your own confession of the crime of High Treason. Your sentence reflects the dreadful nature of the crime you have committed.
You are hereby stripped of name, rank and title and your rights as a citizen. Your goods, lands and properties are forfeit to the Republic you have so wantonly betrayed.
You will be taken from this place to the scaffold in Saint Mark’s Square where all may see and learn from your disgrace.
Your nose will be pierced and ringed
You will have all the hair shaved from your head and body before being whipped, naked before the assembled crowd. The sentence is forty lashes from a cattle whip.
Finally this court sentences you to be branded as a harlot...the letter P to show you are nothing but a common prostitute, a mark you will carry for the remainder of your life.
After that, since you are no longer a citizen of the Republic, you will be sold as a common slave to the Turks...or any other stranger who may bid for your carcass.
The sentence is to be carried out without delay.
Guards, take her away...and give the bitch some clothing.


Kept informed of the situation by one of Eleonora’s loyal servants, Prince Morozov seeks audience with the authorities and demands Eleonora’s immediate release. His request is met with harsh refusal on the grounds that the trials is complete, the prisoner has confessed and sentence is about to be carried out. Mad with rage, Prince Morozov breaks off the treaty negotiations and leaves his palace in haste, desperately trying to think of a way to save the woman he loves.

Act 3, scene 3

Master Giaccomo: Mouth open and keep on sucking the Lieutenant’s cock while I fasten this collar, you bitch.

Master Giaccomo: Go on, walk to the steps you traitorous cow

The crowd is yelling:
Death to the traitor!
Death to the filthy rich whore!
Kill her!

Master Giaccomo: Fellow citizens, hear me! This woman has betrayed our great and glorious republic. For this terrible crime she is condemned to be sold into Turkish slavery. But before then an example must be made. She is to be pierced, whipped and branded as a whore. Be assured, the bitch will scream for your enjoyment, citizens.

Master Giaccomo: Hold still, the more I stretch your nose the easier it make the job of pushing the skewer through!

Master Giaccomo: There’s a fetching piece of jewellery. Ringed like a farm beast you’re marked as a slave now.

Master Giaccomo: Stop moving your head your stupid’re messing up my work.

Master Giaccomo: No, wait Paolo, branding after the hurts more that way! Then the burning pain will keep the bitch awake so she feel it more.

Master Giaccomo:
Citizen of Venice, gather round for this is the part you’ve been waiting for...
the scourging of the whore! And the sentence is....40 strokes!

(The crowd yells in approval and eager excitement)

Master Giaccomo:
(counting each stroke with slow deliberate care)


Thirty one... thirty two....thirty three...

Master Giaccomo:
Very well Paolo, get your iron... you can brand the traitorous bitch now.

Act 3, scene 4

The Prince: (leaping onto the scaffold, he swings his sword in a slashing cut that slices Paolo’s hand at the wrist. The point threatens Master Giaccomo.) Release her at once you sadistic animal!

The Prince: (addressing the crowd) This fair lady, so brutally punished before you has been falsely accused. All you have been told is a foul lie! So she is condemned to be sold into slavery?
Then let me buy her! I offer a thousand gold ducats. A high price for such an abused lady I hear you say?
It is a price I pay willingly...but not to the scheming, evil sadists who sought to disgrace Dona Eleonora Ziani. No, I pay my gold to you, the good people of Venice.

(He throws handfuls of gold coins into the crowd who surge forwards screaming with excitement.)

In the confusion, Prince Morozov frees Eleonora, throws her onto his horse and leaps up into the saddle behind her. Together they gallop towards the frontier and safety..

The Prince: Oh my darling, what have they done to you? That horrible ring, your hair and those weals across your flesh...Venice will pay dearly for this outrage, my Lady.

Eleonora: My Lord, I am so ashamed that you see me like this. They have broken my spirit as well as scarring my flesh...I will take time to heal so be patient with me... I owe you my life and honour...Master. I shall be your slave forever. (for the first time in many days, Eleonora smiles)
But give your humble slave the time to heal, Master...thin I shall be fully yours, I promise.

The Prince: Have no fear my darling Eleonora. You will have all the time you need. But for now we must free you from those shackles and find someone to remove that ring. Once we cross the border I know where there is a blacksmith who can release you. And after that...why a hot bath to cleanse the stink of that place from your body (He grins at her). My new slave has a somewhat ripe odour I fear!

Eleonora: (rapidly recovering her spirits now she is free of the nightmare) And yet you knew that when you bid for the goods my Lord.

A month later the lovers finish the long journey to Saint Petersburg. Eleonora gradually forgets the pain and humiliation of her arrest and her torture and ill-treatment in the Venetian prison. Steadily, coaxed by the gentle and experienced ministrations of her master, she learns with increasing passion to experience the ecstasy of making love once again. Prince Morozov shows her the sights and delights of her new home, an attentive guide to the beauties of the Russian capital.

The Prince: Lady, I offer you my city, my name...and my heart. Will you accept my gifts?

Eleonora: (smiling) How can your slave possibly refuse, my Lord.

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The prison at the Palacio Zorilla was a squat building of two storeys surrounded by a high, spike-edged wall. But that part above ground was mostly admin and staff accommodation. The main work of the prison was carried on below, in a vast underground network, dynamite blasted out of the hard rock that Veragonza was built on.

Guardнa Tabora had never visited all of the prison. Some parts were out of bounds to junior staff.

In any case, blindfolded, led through the twists and turns of the corridors, pushed into an elevator to descend many floors, she soon lost track of where she was in the prison.

Only when they stopped and she heard one of her captor bang on a steel door, did she know she'd arrived. She heard the door open. Dread froze her stomach. For a moment she stubbornly refused to enter. But she was dragged in.

The steel door slammed.

Blindfolded, she could see nothing. She heard voices and laughter. She turned her head this way and that, trying to make out who was were.

She heard a chain rattle. She felt cold metal links encircle her neck. The chain rattled again. The links tightened, closing around her throat. Tabor began to panic.

How many times had she seen this happen to prisoners? How many times had steel chains tightened around slender throats, and young girls been drawn up until they stood on the tips of their toes? And how many times had she, Tabora, watched with tightening nipples and a pleasant tingle between her legs, drawing the leather whip through her fingers in readiness for whipping soft flesh.

And now...

Her hands were unbound. "Don't touch the blindfold. Just strip!"

It was a woman's voice, and even in those few words she recognized Capitana Ana.

"Please," she wanted to say, "please don't humiliate me. Please don't hurt me. I'm a guardia."

But she was gagged, and the words were just squeaks and made the other people in the room laugh: men's laughter and women's laughter.

Something like fire encircled her thighs just below her skirt. Someone had struck her. She heard the hiss of the whip again and reached out her hands to fend the blow off. Again that circle of fire around her thighs.

"Strip, slut!" Capitana Ana's voice sounded impatient.

Tabora held out her hands imploringly, shaking her head.

"Give me that cane."

Tabora, half-choking with fear, unable to move from the spot, unable to see or to speak, heard the swish of the instrument through the air. She tried to jump away, but between the constriction of her neck-chain and the tips of her toes she couldn't move far. The cane caught her squarely across the front of her thighs. Almost before she had time to squeal, she felt the sting of it across the back of her thighs.

Then she squealed as loud as the heavy gag would permit. Which was surprisingly loud. But then Capitana Ana's arm was surprisingly strong.

Tabora's hands flew to the fastening of her skirt. In moments she had unzipped it and pushed it down her legs. She fumbled with the buttons of her tunic-shirt, at last ripping them in her haste to get the garment off.

All the time the cane sang through the air, and smacked home somewhere on Tabora's bare skin. The more she exposed her body the more targets it seemed to find. Common sense told her that the more she stripped the worse things would get for her. But in the face of Capitana Ana's anger, she could do nothing. She unclipped her bra and dropped it to the floor. In the same instant the cane whacked home across the fullest part of her breasts, almost beating the breath from her body.

In the hope that this torment would stop, if only for a moment, she pushed her panties down, sliding them as far as she could down her thighs, and then working them down with alternate shimmying movements of her legs until they dangled over the chain between her ankles.

That brought a round of applause from the others in the room.

But no respite from Capitana Ana. Six more times that cane sang. Six more times she was struck on some vulnerable, soft part of her body. Tears flowed from her eyes under the pads of that blindfold.

And then she remembered. The cap. Even her cap with the badge of her beloved guardia unit at the front, even that had to come off. She flicked it off, throwing it aside in a desperate gesture to make her officer stop.

And so she did.

She felt someone's hands at the back of her head. The blindfold came off. She could see where she was.

And she wished she wasn't there...

"What are you going to do," Angelita asked. She was shaking.

"Did you not see that group of men working beside the road back there. Prisoners, I think, out on a working party. Fine beefy men, they looked. But the poor fellows haven't had the opportunity to fuck a woman for months, years probably. They should be just in the mood for a little convent-reared virgin, don't you think?"

"You can't mean this!"

"Oh but I do. A first fuck is very important for a girl. You will remember this one, I'm sure. Get yourself ready. Take your panties off for a start. I suppose convent girls wear panties?"

The guardia laughed. The driver had halted the limousine, and was backing it slowly to turn it round. Angelita dived for the door and pulled the handle. She wasn't staying with these women a moment longer.

Of course the door was locked.

The guardia seized her and pushed her roughly back to her seat. The woman's eyes were gleaming with excitement. She was remarkable strong, and in the scuffle Angelita noticed for the first time that she carried a coiled whip at her belt.

"Now, take those panties off. Do it, or the guardia will do it for you."

Angelita had no doubt that the woman would. But she said, as defiantly as she could, "No. Leave me alone. If my father hears of this--"

"Your father, little slut, has disowned his daughters to save his own neck. You are ours now. Ours to do what we want with you. And I--" her voice was little more than a hiss "--I want to see you fucked. We're nearly there. So get those panties off and hitch up your skirt."


Guardia Isabella reached forward and flicked up Angelita's skirt. Angelita pushed her away, curling up on the mauve seat cushions and holding her skirt down.

Comandanta Melosa clucked her tongue. "Tie her hands, Guardia. Such disobedience! I'm sure Mother superior wouldn't have tolerated it."

The guardia grasped Angelita's arm and dragged her forward to twist her round. Angelita fought back, pushing the woman away. "Leave me alo-o-ne," she wailed. She felt her arm being twisted painfully and her other arm was seized. In spite of her efforts she was forced face down to the floor of the limo. Melosa's boot came down on her neck, pressing her face to the mauve and pink carpet. In a moment Guardia Isabella had produced cord and crossed Angelita's wrists and tied them tightly behind her back. More cord pulled her arms high up her back and was looped around her throat three times before being knotted off. It took several more pieces of rope before the guardia was satisfied that she was secured. All the time Angelita lay screaming and sobbing into the hideous carpet.

"Get those panties off her. Mustn't keep those men waiting."

Angelita realised the limo was slowing down. At the same time she felt her skirt jerked up and a hand reaching under it to grasp the waistband of her panties. She wriggled and squirmed and tried kicking back with her legs, but nothing helped. Her panties were drawn briskly down her legs, tangled with her shoes for a moment, and then were gone. The comandanta lifted her boot from the back of her neck.

With difficulty she twisted herself round to glare up at the two women. "You pigs," she screeched. "Stop it. I don't want to go with any men. I won't go with them!"

"You will do just what you are told."

"Pigs! Leave me alone. Pigs -- ow!"

Melosa Sandoval had slapped her face. She looked in shocked amazement at the comandanta. No one had ever done that to her before. Not even the most bitchy of the nuns.

Melosa pulled her up into a sitting position and slapped her again, harder than before. "Listen, slut," she hissed, you do not call Comandanta Melosa Sandoval a pig." She slapped the girl again, and then once more. "Gag her. Use her own panties, and stuff them well in."

"No-o-o, umph!!" The guardia was very skilled in her work, cramming the really quite ample white cotton garment -- trimmed with non-regulation lace -- between Angelita's jaws and fastening it in place with a band of leather buckled tightly at the side of her head. It hurt.

A moment later Angelita found herself back in her seat. She had lost her hat, her convent blazer was half off her shoulder, her skirt rucked up. Melosa brushed her hair loosely back in place with her hand. "Must have you looking good for these men," she said, and ripped apart the girl's white blouse, revealing her bra-less breasts. Her eyes opened wide with admiration. "Such sweet nubs, my dear. Such a sweet morsel for those unfortunate men." She stroked the tears from Angelita's cheeks. "Think of it as charity, Angelita querida. Didn't the nuns teach you about charity? Your good deed for the day."

Angelita shook her head, her eyes begging the woman to stop this game. But already the limo was drawing to a halt and Guardia Isabella was opening the door.

Angelita shook her head violently and screeched "NO-O-O!" through her panty-gag. The sound was so muffled and her trammeled movements so comical that the men laughed. But there was a nervous, excited expectation in their laugh. Did this woman mean them to fuck the little girl?

"Now I can't promise to shorten your sentences, but I can promise to lengthen them if you don't perform energetically enough."

The sergente protested, "But Seсora -- Comandanta -- these men, they are animals, beasts. The poor girl, you can't mean..."

"Just obey orders, Sergento. Just obey orders. You wouldn't want any trouble, would you?"

The sergento bowed his head. "No, ma'am." He knew better than to get into trouble with the Sandovals.

"Good. Does anyone else have any objections?" Clearly, judging by the rampant bulges in the men's ragged trousers, they did not. But poor Angelita tried to twist away. She was convinced now that the woman meant to carry this charade through. Melosa turned and stroked her cheek. "Not you, querida, not you. We know what you think about it all. But that's part of the fun, isn't it, men?"

"Let's have her!"

"I'm first."

"I'm first. I'm first in the chain!"

"I should be first. I've been in jail the longest. I haven't had a woman for longer than any of you."

"Don't quarrel, men. You'll all have your chance. This little bitch needs a thorough fucking. One she'll never forget. Guarda, tie her to that derrick. Legs apart. Wide apart. I can see these men are going to need plenty of room between her thighs!"

Melosa stopped at last. Glanced briefly at the livid blue-black stripes down the girl's pale thighs. Then she pressed the tip of her middle finger against Angelita's crinkle-tightened ass-hole, and pushed the finger slowly inside as far as the knuckle. "Just here, prisoner. Fuck her here."

Angelita's shrieks began again. She knew now what was coming next.

And it wasn't long in coming. The chained prisoners closed in on her, and the tall, thin one laid the tip of his long, thin cock against the girl's finger-violated ass-hole, and forced it inside her. She tightened herself as hard as she could, fighting its entry all the way. But first the tip disappeared inside, then, grinning with a less sardonic pleasure, the man eased himself into her inch by so slow inch. He held her ass cheeks roughly apart, letting everyone see the depth of his penetration.

Long his cock may have been, but this little convent girl, this little innocent, took it all, every inch and millimeter until his hips were hard against her buns and his balls rested on the opened slit of her cunt. And thin it might have been, but not so thin that her tiny rosebud was not stretched to its limit. Indeed, the longer the man stayed deep inside her the more it seemed to thicken, so that when he began to make his move, to slide in and out, to pump into her, she felt almost torn apart. There was nothing she could do about it, her ass-hole was locked around his cock, she could not move, so firmly was she bound, and must endure him pistoning into her, pounding her soft buns so hard that one of the other prisoners said, "Hey, guys, we don't need this pile driver. We'll get this guy to drive the posts into the ground with his cock!"

At last, not even this man could prevent himself from coming. With his hands on her hips, holding her body in the best position for him he rammed hard into her, pulled almost totally out, then pounded into her, battering her buttocks in a frenzy of violent jerks, and exploded inside her.

What had happened to Dulce Cardenas had been a bit upsetting, but if that was the worst that could happen, then she, a true Monterey, could cope. She fervently hoped that that was the worst thing.

McTeague stepped out into the corridor at the sound of their approach.

Cuca almost fainted. She had never in her twenty years seen anything like him. He was stark naked, his body was knotted with muscles so pronounced he looked like an illustration in an anatomy textbook. He was big, and ugly. His head was shaved, his eyes were the eyes of a predator, almost reptilian, and his mouth was set in a smile half mocking and half menacing.

And he carried a heavy, many-fronded whip.

But that was not where her gaze was transfixed. It was his cock. Cuca had seen men's private parts before: her brothers, one or two boyfriends. But this was surely different from the appendages of young men. It stood almost vertical, fully erect -- she hoped it was fully erect -- rearing from above a ballsack that would have not looked out of place on a horse. And it was ringed; all down the underside gold rings had been inserted. But the upper side was worse. It glinted with jewels: the whole length was studded with rows of sharp cut diamonds.


McTeague knew all about Rosinante, knew how to humor her. He gave her a mock bow, and said, "SEСORA ROSAMUNDA HAS ALL THE WIT, BUT CUCA WONDERS WHICH HOLE IT WILL FIT".

Rosinante's coarse laugh filled the corridor, and McTeague took the snatch-stick from Fabio and drew the wide-eyed girl into his lair. Rosinante made one last lunge at Cuca's plump bottom with her steel-pointed wand, and turned away.

McTeague shut the door and Cuca stared around. She was shaking. Glad to be rid of the old woman, she was terrified of being in the same closed room as this fearsome figure of a man.

He waved his whip in front of her. "So come on, get on your knees, and get those lovely lips around McTeague's mighty member."

Cuca looked at the whip. She rolled her eyes and got to her knees. The sight of McTeague's cock in close up was much worse than from a distance. It was big, too big to go in her mouth, she thought -- and much to big to go anywhere else! And those rings and studs!

She closed her eyes, but when she felt the fronds of the whip brushing over her breasts, tickling her nipples, she opened her mouth a little. Even so she knew she couldn't do it. "Please don't make me do that, senor," she begged.

For answer McTeague grasped a thick bunch of her hair, pushed her head forward, and guided the tip of his cock into her mouth.

And then she found that she could do it. The massive ogive of his cock slid into her mouth, forcing it wider and cramming itself right up to her throat. Her tongue was pressed down, and her cheeks puffed out. His grip on her head was so powerful she couldn't get away from it. And the worse thing was, it was not like anything she could ever have imagined. It was alive! She could feel it throbbing, it was like an animal burrowing itself down her throat.

She was gurgling her protests: Stop it! Stop it! she wanted to say. But the words could not be spoken. Her mouth was invaded by an alien being.

She opened her eyes and saw that 101 was kneeling beside her. Her chained hands were at work on the gnarled shaft, forcing the head deeper into her mouth and pumping ardently. There was a gleam of malicious amusement in her eyes, as if she wanted to punish this newcomer for being the same kind of fool that she had been.

But that wasn't true. That was something McTeague had made up about her family disowning her. They would never do that. And in any case, right now she was terrified that the horrible man would come in her mouth, and that she couldn't stand.

But he didn't do that. Instead he slid his cock out of her mouth and 101, without being told, simply continued pumping, all the time carefully aiming the tip directly at Cuca's face.

Even so, when it came Cuca was quite unprepared for what happened. The stream of white cum splattered hotly between her eyes. It cascaded over her nose and down her cheeks, it splashed up into her hair, and some dripped down into her mouth, over her chin and onto her breasts.

Cuca was horrified. 101 was highly amused. McTeague shook his head.

"You got a lot to learn, baby. A long way to go. That was real bad."

He dragged her to her feet. She stared at him uncomprehendingly. She'd sucked his cock, he'd come, grotesquely all over her face -- would no one wipe it off? -- he'd had his pleasure, what more did he want?

A lot more, dear innocent Cuca. A lot more, as she will surely find out.

Tabora's stomach knotted with fear. And with good reason. The next thing Sandoval did was to hold up in front of her a pin. Not quite an ordinary pin. It had a broad head, it was about three inches long, and the first half-inch was thin and pin-like with a sharply pointed end. But the rest of the length of the pin to the head thickened until the last inch or so was about five millimeters thick.

Sandoval tucked the bar under his arm and gripped Tabora's right breast tightly -- tight enough to hurt even if she hadn't been so thoroughly whipped. Then he jabbed the point of the pin into the side of her dark nipple, just at the base where it rose from the dark surround of her areola.

McTeague swung his right arm experimentally a couple of times, then lashed the whip across Cuca's body with what seemed to her like the full force of his muscular arm.

She'd never been struck before by anyone. And certainly not whipped. Was McTeague really such a kindly guy if he could do this to the soft, yielding body of a completely innocent and inexperienced young girl?

Because as soon as the whip contacted Cuca's body -- which was covered in a thin layer of perspiration as a result of her over-stretched ordeal -- a blue spark shot from the tip of the whip and blitzed into Cuca's flesh.

The whip itself, with its metal tip, would have hurt, but the electric pulse along its length was sheer agony. The charge shot through her body from tongue to belly, and she screamed a low-pitched, unearthly scream.

Kindly guy McTeague grimaced and said, "Turn it up, 101. Half way. The two hundred mark. That just tickled her."

Tickled! thought Cuca. That was hideous. She was shaking, trembling all over. That mustn't happen again. Ple-e-ease!

But she could see from the corner of her eyes the muzzled head of Prisoner 101 bending over the black box. She could see her long fingers manipulating the dial. She saw her turn and watch, opening her legs as far as the ankle chain would allow, reaching behind the steel ring between her thighs, and parting the lips of her cunt.

The whip struck again, straight across her breasts, digging deep into the tender flesh. The electric jolt jabbed through her nipples, rushed through her body. She jumped, her toes leaving the ground, the neck chain choking her, the tongue rope tightening still further.

How long could this go before she died? Cuca knew he was going to kill her, that was the only possible end to this.

McTeague had turned her over, put his thick finger into her ass-hole. Begrudgingly he said, "Honey, I know you're longing for my cock up your ass, but I can't oblige. You're much too small. And I don't reckon on damaging my dick on some tart's ass-hole. We'll just have to try opening it up."

And with that he took his whip and pressed the end of the handle against her tiny rosebud. And pushed.

Now this handle had a more or less pointed end, and that slid easily in. But the handle itself was broad, bigger even than McTeague's vast cock. Cuca's ass was stretched, and stretched some more. The handle was ringed with ridges to give a better grip, and ridge after ridge slid into her, opening her up still further. Inch by broad inch its unrelenting form entered her, until even McTeague could get no more inside her.

He tested it, tugging it. It didn't move. "Well, honey," he said, "you're going to need help getting that thing back out of you. I guess it can stay in for now. Hey, a few days with that up your ass and you'll take McTeague's dick as easy as candy."

The guardia pushed her into a cell. Its only occupant was another girl, naked, of course, and chained to the wall of the cell in a broad 'X'. The guardia picked up another snatch stick, made Cuca walk over to the girl, then snapped the extra snatch-stick around Cuca's calf and jerked her leg away.

Cuca tumbled heavily to the ground. She looked up and saw the wide-open legs of the chained prisoner above her. The guardia pulled on the snatch sticks until she had dragged Cuca just where she wanted her. "Senor McTeague has ordered your face to be washed, slut," she announced, and nodded to the suspended girl.

The prisoner was fair-haired, with the features of a gringita. How long had she been here, Cuca wondered. She looked healthy and fit, like some kind of Hollywood starlet.

But Cuca didn't think much more. She was choking and spluttering from a shower of hot piss that struck her accurately in the face, sluicing of McTeague's cum, some onto the ground, a lot down her throat. It poured over her hair, soaking her, and splashed over her bruised breasts, and seemed to go on and on.

How much more of this treatment could she stand?

Much more, dear Cuca. Much more. You don't have any choice.

It was not long before Angelita's ass left the floor, and then her shoulders, and then her head. Upside down she was lifted higher and higher, until her long hair ceased to brush the ground, until her eyes were at knee height to the Generalнsimo, until her lips were at crotch height to the Generalнsimo, until a pair of female hands held her head and thrust it forward, until another pair of female hands -- Melosa's! -- fed the presidential member deep into her mouth.

She wanted to be sick.

She wanted to will her body to vomit this intruder out. But as always her body disobeyed her will, and she could only see herself compliantly being used. Sandoval's cock slid easily in and out of her mouth, the tip encountering the back of her throat, then, when the female hands of the guardia held her head firmly in position, sliding down into her throat, the massive cock disappearing completely inside her mouth, the Generalisimo's balls banging against Angelita's nose.

Could anything worse happen to an innocent young girl?

This was Sandoval country, so the answer was obvious.

As the Generalнsimo caught his rhythm, Melosa released her grip on his prick. Her skirt and legs disappeared from Angelita's view. Angelita's whole attention was taken up by the fat cock sliding down her helpless throat, by the ramming of the man's hips against her sweet face.

And then it was divided. At every thrust of his body she felt the stinging agony of a whip harsh and malicious down the furrow of her cunt. Melosa was whipping her, deliberately hurting her as if every stroke of her riding crop could embody the malice she felt for this aristocratic little bitch who was giving pleasure to her father.

It didn't make any difference that Angelita would have given the world to escape this task. That the last thing she wanted was this intrusion into her very self. To have admitted that would have raised Melosa's ire to the highest degree. No-one dare refuse her father!

So it went on. The Presidente took his time. He may not have had youth on his side, but he had stamina, he had experience, he had control of his own body. He would come when the moment pleased him. He was the Generalнsimo, the Jefe. No one made him do what he did not want to do.

But a poor little prisoner like Angelita, she was made to do what others wanted. And at this moment she was torn between two wills, between a woman who wanted only to hurt her there, at the point of her femininity, and a man who desired only to use that femininity for his own pleasure.

The rhythm of the man's thrust became ever more urgent, just as the whip struck ever more frequently. Angelita wanted to scream, but how could she? Her mouth was blocked. She could scarcely breath. She wanted it only to be all over.

And then it was.

And she wished it wasn't. The Generalisimo's hands clasped her head holding her against his crotch. She could feel the pulsing of his cock, the bulbous tip filling her throat. She couldn't breath. She could only suffer and suffocate while jet after jet of hot creamy liquid squirted far down her throat.

And still he held he there, held her until every tiny drop had gone, and his cock began to soften, and everything had gone down her gullet.

Like all dictators, the Generalнsimo didn't know where to stop. He had no bounds to his lusts because no one could stop him. He had stipulated just how many blondes, how many brunettes and redheads there should be, how many black women and how many Latinas. It was true he had Latinas in plenty in Paramundo, but Sandoval had a bee in his bonnet about "repatriating" them from abroad.

While he was thus musing, two of his private slaves entered, bringing coffee, spirits, and choice Paramundan El Condor cigars. Randy Ronnie gazed at the slaves in appreciation. Tall in their high high-heels, wearing short tight black skirts that rode up and revealed their naked asses when they bent over, and a hard leather bodice that revealed more than concealed their breasts and left their midriffs bare, the women were marvellously shaped, and their thick massy tresses fell in waves over their bare shoulders. Of their faces he could see little except their dark eloquent eyes. The lower half was obscured by a snout-like muzzle of hard shiny leather with silver mounts, all held in place by straps that disappeared under the raven hair.

Ronnie reached out and slid his hand up the thigh of the nearest woman as she stood beside him. She did not flinch or move away, even when he reached the bare, pantiless lips of her cunt and began to explore between the cheeks of her ass. "I sure admire the uniform of your domestics," he said.

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!



by Stig

The crop in the fields was badly damaged by early storms, and Jan Fohlstrom worked long hours in the fields to save whatever remained undamaged before the next storm would finish off the rest of the harvest. Jan Fohlstrom was a poor but proud farmer. Ever since they moved out to these domains in 1898 he had somehow succeeded to provide for his family. He looked at his wife and firstborn daughter, Anita, who was already in her upper teens, helping him on the field.

"Anita, could you please fetch us some water I think we should finish this part of the fields today and it will be late before we can have any supper," he said to his daughter who was working right beside him.

"Yes of course, father." Anita walked the half mile to the spring water well feeling quite thirsty herself too. As she had left her parents at the far end of the fields, Jan Fohlstrom had looked at his daughter when she walked away, seeing how gracefully she moved across the rough land, the soft, round contours of her hips moving gently back and forth under the gray cotton skirt.

"Yes she had sure grown up to be a real beauty,Ф he thought with warmth in his heart as he turned to continue his work.

Anita had really become quite beautiful and grown-up during the past two years. The farmers daughter had become a young woman, a woman the hard work at the farm had moulded into a strong and well fit, healthy girl. Her blonde, long hair was tied with a ribbon at her neck and she held her head high, breathing in the cool, fresh evening breeze. She had worked hard that afternoon, and feeling quite warm she opened the three top buttons of her blouse to allow the breeze cool down her warm skin.

She was lowering the bucket into the well when she suddenly heard someone approaching on horseback.

"Hello, Anita the storm did quite a damage to your crop too I heard hey, let me help you with that ! The handsome young man jumped off his horse and hoisted up the heavy water filled bucket.

"Here you are...!

"Thank you, Peter " Anita said looking at the most handsome boy smiling at her. This was in fact the first time she had been so close to Peter Crawford, the son of the richest man in the territory.

Although being neighbors, they knew each other by name only, not socially. In those days the wide social gap between the families prevented this - the landlords and the peasants did not have much in common. Anita suddenly realized that the top buttons of her blouse was open, showing slightly the forms of her deliciously rounded bosom.

It was Peters eyes that made her suddenly realize the disorder in her outfit, and feeling suddenly most embarrassed she covered herself with her left arm.

The young, handsome man mounted his horse and waving his hand he rode off just as quickly as he had appeared. Anita watched him disappear and realized that she was blushing and that her heart was beating faster than normally. All the way back across the fields she could think of nothing else but Peter Crawford, her sparkling blue eyes shining bright in the evening sun. Anita Fohlstrom had fallen secretly in love.

The days and weeks passed and Anita had turned 18, when her father announced that during the day he had worked for the Crawford estate, the Baron had promised Anita a position as a maid -if she accepted. The pay would be modest, but in spite of that, this was something her parents had been hoping for. It is easy to bring up children when they are small, but what to do when they become of age? Poor people does not have many options.

Anita wanted to jump into the air, filled with joy over the news. Neither her father nor her mother knew anything about her short meeting with Peter Crawford at the well a few months ago. She had not been near him since, but the afternoons were countless when she had leaned against the fence nearby the Crawfords house - well hidden behind some bushes - hoping to catch a glimpse of Peter. When he sometimes finally showed up, AnitaТs heartbeat became faster and an unexplainable urge of heat in her young body caused her nipples to grow until they were real hard, standing out like ripe, pink berries beneath the rough cotton blouse, whilst the sensational moist feeling between her legs made her cross her thighs and a pulsating restlessness crawl up inside her.

But Anita Fohlstrom knew how to deal with this. Leaning against the sturdy wooden stake of the fence she opened up the top button of her skirt, just enough for her hand to slip underneath her garments and down over the warm skin of her belly, and when her finger finally reached the wetness of her sex she started to shake and sob uncontrollably. Afterwards she felt relieved but at the same time somehow caught eating from the forbidden tree like Eve.

But now she was suddenly given the chance to be close to Peter. She was to report at the estate next Monday morning at eight o'clock sharp, that was the arrangement.

"As she is still under age, under 21 that is, you must as her legal guardian sign this contract, Mr Fohlstrom, which places her completely in our charge for the year the contract is valid. If she proves to be a good maid, the contract can be prolonged for one year at the time until she reaches the age of 21 and can thereafter naturally sign for herself if the contract is to be prolonged after that period. Is this clear and all right with you, Mr. Fohlstrom?"

"Yes, of course, thank you Sir where do I sign, here?"

"Yes... thank you Mr. Fohlstrom", said the Baron, and placed the signed contract in a drawer in his desk. Anita stood behind her father, dressed in her very best clothes, feeling slightly nervous in the expensively furnished, luxurious study of old Baron Crawford.

The total amount of money for the first year of service was given to Jan Fohlstrom, because, as the Baron said, she would not be needing any money there. Everything she personally would be needing could be provided at the estate. And she could always visit her home at her spare time if she wanted to.

"Are you sure you don't want a part of this for yourself?" Her father asked her, ready to give her a part of the money.

"No, father, as the Baron said, I will have everything I need here, you keep it all, please", Anita said. Anita had never had any money of her own and would very much have wanted some, just to have some real money of her own, but she did not want to give the Baron the picture of a greedy and selfish girl, at least not now during their very first meeting.

"You do your very best now, girl..." Jan Fohlstrom said before he left, leaving Anita standing there with her heart beating.

The Baron sat silent behind his desk for a moment and then looked up at her.

"You know, my can consider yourself a gift a gift to my son Peter because it was he who insisted to have you employed as a maid... even if we don't really need any more maids at the estate this time of the year..." he said.

"Oh!" This was the only thing Anita could say, feeling very confused and quite humiliated by the Barons words. She had never thought about herself as! The more she thought about the Barons words, the more humiliated she felt. She was not someoneТs property she was a human being, a fine, young woman! She could feel the heat burning her ears and her face turned slowly scarlet.

"Sir what do you mean by me being a gift to your son?"

"Just what I said, girl...but I also wanted to help your father, who is a good craftsman and a good neighbor, but don't think this is charity from my side, we Crawfords have not become rich by giving our money away to everyone in need, you really have to earn the money, girl! Now go and report to the housekeeper, she is expecting you!"

The happiness and joy Anita Fohlstrom had felt when she arrived to the Crawford Mansion in the morning with her father did slowly turn into a feeling of unrestfulness. In her girlish dreams she had expected to be welcomed by the Crawfords and specially by Peter in a polite and neighborly manner, but she had found out that young master Crawford had gone to the city early in the morning and was not expected back for some days. She had also learned in a crude way the difference between the rich and the poor, the masters and the servants - the facts of life a 18-year old girl like Anita had known nothing about living the sheltered life at the farm and under the loving care of her parents.

The housekeeper, Mrs Brunell, who was a rather fat woman in her late forties, had provided her with a maids uniform, into which Anita had to change in front of her in the small linen room behind the kitchen.

"Don't tell me you are shy!" Anita had an exceptionally well proportioned feminine body she could be proud of, but to undress herself in front of a strange woman made her embarrassed and she was trying to cover herself as well as she could between the shelves in the linen room.

"Well, at least you have a strong, mature body for a 18-year old, ...I am sure young master Crawford will enjoy that! Be sure you fuck him good, because I don't want to break in new girls every second fortnight!"

The absurdity of her words made Anita stop dressing and she stared at the fat, greasy looking woman with disbelief in her wide open blue and with her ears burning hot.

"Madame what do you mean by...that ?"

"You heard me the first time! Don't give me that innocent look and tell me you didn't know! Everyone knows that Peter likes his girls young and fresh and if I am correctly informed, it was he who asked his father to have you here to enjoy. The Baron approves fully because it is much cheaper this way than if Peter would spend their family fortune on the harlots of the town! If you play your cards right you have the possibility to benefit from the situationЕ at least you have the figure for it..."

The words made Anita feel that her value as a human being was even cheaper than a whore's, and found it hard to suppress the growing anger and the extreme humiliation that was building up inside her.

УI am toЕ I was hired to work as a maid! ...Nothing else!" Anita whispered in a hoarse voice, her face turning slowly from pink to red. All this time she had been daydreaming of a romance with the handsome Peter Crawford, where she would surely and willingly submit herself to him when and if he asked her to marry him... but never like this! Not just to be shamefully used! Not the way the housekeeper indicated!

Suddenly she got the feeling that Mrs Brunell was just testing her, testing her morals.

She somehow thought that it was the housekeeperТs duty - being in charge of all the maids and everything - to ensure herself that all servants of the Mansion were both morally and otherwise fit to serve a highly respected household like the Crawfords.

"Mrs Brunell, let me assure you that I am a decent, modest person, and I will serve as a maid to my best ability, and I hope you will be pleased with my work " Anita said, looking the housekeeper straight in the eyes.

"Of course you must carry out the maids duties too, and it is my job to see that you do so I am just telling you that your body is better than many of the previous girls we have had here and that young master Crawford will be very pleased to see that lustful body of yours and hopefully also pleased with your services as a maid. I am just telling you what the future holds in store for you, young lady, and I am also telling you that it is no use to resist the young master, because then you'll just be taken upstairs and punished! And I know that young master Crawford enjoys to tame girlies like you -he even has a room at the attic for this purpose."

Anita swallowed. Mrs Brunell was not testing her. She was simply telling her what she had to prepare herself for! However, the mere thought that if she refused Peter to take liberties with her she would end up in a room in the attic and punished!

Anita found the whole situation so absurd and humiliating that she did not know what to say, and a suppressed laugh filled with shame beyond belief escaped her lips.

"He can't punish me. I am a free woman, it is not right!"

"Your father signed the contract, didn't he? That means that the Crawfords can do anything to you so there is no use to pout your lower lip, girl and take my advise handle your cards right and benefit from it! Now get dressed!"

AnitaТs first days at the Crawford estate were filled with learning a number of work routines and different tasks she had to master if she desired to be a good maid. Beside her work duties she also learned to know the other servants of the Mansion, 14 in all.

She learned quickly - bright in her head as she was -but she did miss a few details here and there mainly because her mind was puzzled with questions and thoughts.

The housekeeper had certainly succeeded in causing her mind a restlessness which was hard to define, and the thoughts about her forthcoming destiny caused her many sleepless hours. She really wanted to ask some of the other maids if these matters told about Peter were true, but she was too ashamed to raise the questions.

The day Peter Crawford was expected home Anita felt restless.

"Why are your hands trembling?" one of the other maids had asked her during the breakfast. Anita did not answer her, because at that moment Peter entered the servants quarters while they were still having their meal. Everyone stood up when he came in. That was the way the servants showed courtesy to the masters of the house. That had always been the way at the Crawford Mansion. As Anita looked at Peter at this close distance he looked even more handsome in his well fitting grey suit than she had remembered. A thousand memories rushed through her head - her secret moments behind the bushes of the fence, her young, hot blood pulsating in her veins -the warnings Mrs Brunell had given her- everything she sensed confused her and she had to take in a deep breath to stay calm.

The fact that every servant, young and old, had stood up as he came in did naturally add something to his authority, and Anita knew that he would not take a "no" for an answer if he gave an order to some of the servants.

"Mrs Brunell, I would like to have a very early breakfast tomorrow, around 6.30..."

"Of course, Master Peter, 6.30 it shall be and do you perhaps like the new maid to bring it up to you?" she added, knowing Peter all too well. She knew for certain that he had not came to the servants quarters just to ask for an early breakfast, he had come to see his new toy, Anita.

Peter gave Mrs Brunell a look, smiling, because he too knew that she had seen him through, knowing all his manners, both good and bad. She always had, ever since he had been a small boy. Despite her fatty and greasy outer appearance he somehow liked the woman, because she did not disapprove with his sometimes questionable habits with the girls at the estate, nor did she ever let him down in tight situations. Peter assumed that Mrs Brunells loyalty was partly based on her calculation that the Baron would soon be gone and he would then be the head of the Crawford family, making all the decisions -also regarding the personnel, but there was also something else...

"Ah, yes the new maid!" Peter said looking at Anita, approaching her. Anita did not know what to do, where to look, she just realized to her embarrassment that she was starting to blush.

"You are Anita -Jan Fohlstroms daughter, right?" he said, as if he did not know.

УYes." Her answer escaped her like a whisper.

"You address him as Master Peter or Sir", said Mrs Brunell.

Anita cleared her throat.

"Yes, Master Peter," she said while her fingers fumbled at the gray cotton material of the side seams of her skirt.

"Ah I remember we have met before and I must really get to know you better. Could you come to the library in 30 minutes so we could have a talk, eh?"

"Yes, Master Peter ", Anita said. She did not dare to look straight at him and her eyes wandered all over the room and the floor.

"Very good ", Peter said and left

AnitaТs hands trembled nervously as she precisely 30 minutes later knocked on the door to the library. During this passed half hour she had stayed in her room, because she was too tense and also too excited to handle any tasks. She had brushed her hair at least three times, wanting to look her very best when she met Peter, on the other hand she walked forward and back in her small room like a captured animal, biting her finger nails. The suspense was almost unbearable...she was soon to be alone with Peter Crawford...

"Come in!" As expected, Peter was alone in the library.

"Ah Anita Fohlstrom come over here let me look at you," he said and pointed at a spot in the floor right in front of him.

Anita did as she was told and walked up in front of him. She did not dare to look him in the eyes. They both stood there in silence for a few seconds before Peter went to the library door and locked it.

"We don't want to be disturbed, do we?" He said with a salacious grin, placing the key into the pocket of his west.

"You are quite a good looking girl, Anita it is all right if I just call you Anita, isn't it?" He said and seated himself in a huge armchair right in front of her.

"Yes it is all right...Sir..." Anita said and swallowed.

She had never felt as nervous as she did now, all her senses tingling alert while Peter eyed her all over as she stood there right in front of him.

"Do you have any boyfriends a fiancй' or something?" He asked suddenly.

"No Sir."

"Then I suppose you have never been naked in front of a young man, have you, Anita?"

"Oh Sir!" Anita wanted to sink down trough the floor or disappear into thin air. She could feel her heart start to beat faster and she could not prevent her face turning scarlet. She finally realized that everything she had been told about Peter could be true, and even if she felt trapped, she could feel sensational shivers running down her spine, feelings that she could not explain...

"As I told you, you are a good looking girl and I want to see you not like this, but in the nude! That's why I locked the door so we can have the privacy. So Anita, please take off your clothes, now!" Peter said slowly, feasting his eyes on the lustful forms of the beautiful girl in front of him.

Anita swallowed and felt a desperate need to escape.

"No...Sir...I cannot bare myself here not in front of you! ItЕ it is not decentЕ it is not right!" AnitaТs voice was trembling.

"If your Master tells you to strip your clothes off, you strip your clothes off, Anita! I hope I have made myself clear!" Peter said with a dark voice

Anita did not move. She just stood there like frozen to the spot, her cheeks turning more and more crimson.

"...I will not strip in front of you " she whispered with a panic-stricken voice.

Peter raised himself up from the chair and approached her.

"You either do as I say or you leave this house now! Tell your father to return the payment he received by tomorrow at nine o'clock in the morning!" There was a moment of silence.

"Please Sir I I can't..." Anita whispered.

"Can't make up your mind, eh?" Peter said and opened the door to the library.

"Get out!"

Anita had flung herself face down on her bed in her room, her eyes filled with tears.

In her troubled mind she knew that her situation was impossible. She knew that her father could not return the money because they had agreed before she left home that he would immediately use her salary advance to pay off the due debts at the local merchant, who had given them extended credit for quite some time.

And Jan Fohlstrom had paid the debts already the same day Anita entered her position at the Crawford Mansion. If she went home now...she knew that her parents would fully accept her decision as soon they learned the reason, but at the same time she would put her father in a terrible situation with the Baron he could even be put in jail! Who would then provide for the whole family? And all only because she refused to remove some garments in her girlish embarrassing modesty !?

Mrs Brunell had just gone to bed when she heard the knock on her door. Irritated by this disturbance at the late hour she wrapped herself in a blanket and opened the door.

"Anita! You look terrible! Have you been crying?"

"Madame please...can I come in?" When Anita had told her story, Mrs Brunell raised from her chair.

"Well in that case I think I must dress and go Peter and tell him about your decision.

That is the only way you may keep your position here, my girl. But he may not want you any more...the Crawfords are not usually changing their minds after a decision has been made" Mrs Brunell told Anita to wait just where she was and went to see Peter Crawford, hoping he still was awake.

AnitaТs face was crimson as she stood stark naked near the corner in the punishment room upstairs. She tried in her desperate embarrassment to cover her breasts and the hairy triangle shaped bush with her hands as well as she could.

After she was ordered to strip herself completely nude in front of Peter and Mrs Brunell she had not been allowed to keep a single thread to cover up her nudity except her knee high stockings and the ankle high laced shoes. From knees up Anita Fohlstrom was bare, showing her young, tall and deliciously rounded body to Peter. The young man eyed her, amused about her visible shyness and modest gestures to cover her trembling white flesh from his lustful gaze.

"So you accept the punishment for disobedience?"

"Yes Sir " Anita whispered, holding her head lowered in submission and her ears burning of shame.

"For a young girl like you it will be the birch rod...just one single rod."

"Yes...Sir "

"Madame please lower the restraint bar," Peter said, and Mrs Brunell released a rope which was attached to a metal pipe hoisted up under the ceiling. The bar came down, hanging from a sturdy metal hinge fastened to the ceiling. The lower end of the pipe was hanging freely at the level of their faces. This lower end had a collar strap and a short crossbar attached to it, like a big T-letter turned upside down.

Mrs Brunell took a ladder and made some additional ceiling fastenings to the hanging pipe, making it stabile.

"Fasten her," Peter said when the ladder was removed.

Anita had with a glimpse of panic in her eyes watched the preparations with the pipe and the leather collar. They were going to tie her up...restrain her so she could not escape the punishment!

"Come on, girl or do you want to change your mind once again eh?" Mrs Brunell said, taking a firm grip at AnitaТs upper arm and dragging the desperate, naked girl to the pipe.

Standing naked in the middle of the room Anita's head was pushed against the sturdy, vertical pipe and the leather collar placed around her neck. It was a wide collar made of thick leather with three small buckles. During the time it took for Mrs Brunell to fasten the collar properly, Anita continued her desperate efforts to cover her embarrassing nudity with her hands because Peter stood right in front of her.

"Do you think Master Peter have not seen a naked girl before?" Mrs Brunell smirked at her when she went to a cupboard and took out a screwdriver.

"Now you do exactly as I tell you, Anita, or you'll be sorry! At the back of the pipe, right behind your head, there are two small holes, two metal thumb cuffs...lift your arms and place your thumbs into the holes do you understand? Put your hands behind your head! Now!"

AnitaТs red-hot face grew even more crimson.

"Madame...please..." she whimpered, pressing her hands tightly against her bare breasts and the pubis hairs. From the corner of her eye she could see Peter smiling.

"I said NOW!" Mrs Brunell said, now more loudly and with quite some authority in her voice.

Anita closed her eyes and lifted her trembling hands towards her face, then backwards until she felt the metal pipe, hiding her burning, hot cheeks between her upper arms.

"Wrong! You know there is a crossbar at the back of your head, don't you? You raise your arms first sideways so that your elbows goes b e h i n d the bar, then you move your hands behind the pipe! Do you understand now?"

Anita did as she was told. With her neck fastened in the heavy collar, she had to arch her back and push her chest forward stretching her arms way back behind the crossbar. In this position her young, firm breasts were jutted out into full exposure. Anita had big, pink nipples, now standing vigorously out in full erection, partly because of the cold air in the room but mostly because she was every second that passed fully aware that Peter stood right in front of her, looking and her nude body. She could see his eager eyes wandering downwards below her waist, but since she did not dare to lower her hand for protection, she crossed one thigh over the other in a modest but futile attempt to hide her maiden pubis hairs. Crossing her thighs close together she realized that her inner thighs were slippery from the increasing moisture in her crotch. Anita's red-hot blushing spread way down to her upper chest.

" " she moaned and tried to turn her face aside, but the heavy collar prevented her from this relief too.

With a slightly forceful assistance of Mrs Brunell Anita's thumbs were fully inserted into the two small metal holes with a screw mechanism.

"Now hold your hands still!" she said, taking the screwdriver, and the metal rings closed tightly and slowly around AnitaТs upper thumbs until she had no chance to free herself.


"Thank you, the way, did you bring the birch rod?" Peter asked.

"Yes, Sir...I put it in water right here behind the cupboard" Mrs Brunell said, bringing it to Peter. It was a long, freshly cut rod from a young birch tree, halfway thick as a finger and very sturdy, narrowing towards the flexible, tiny tip.

"Thank you...well, it is late, so you can leave us now, Madame, and have your well deserved rest. I can personally deal with the girl quite well."

"Very well, Master Peter good night!" Mrs Brunell said casting a last glance at the voluptuously rounded naked young girl standing helplessly restrained in the middle of the room, she left, closing the door behind her.

"She has quite a well sized ass like a grown up lady...he would have been most disappointed if she really would have left," Mrs Brunell thought as she walked down the stairs to her bedroom.

The darkness of the night covered the Crawford Mansion in its veil except for a tiny beam of light zipping through the curtains from one of the small windows in the attic. Peter had turned on every gaslight in the punishment room to have a better look at Anita.

"You said you would take any punishment from me -or whatever I decide to do to you if you will be allowed to stay, didn't you, Anita?" Peter walked slowly around the naked girl, enjoying the lush, feminine contours of her healthy, young body. The breasts stood firmly and lustfully out with the nipples erecting hard in full size, the white bare flesh of her belly moving with every breath. AnitaТs narrow waist widening downwards into the broadening hips and full sized buttocks certified that she had long ago transformed from a young girl into full womanhood.

"Well, didn't you?" asked Peter again, now standing close in front of her.

"Yesss...ssSirЕ" Anita hissed, her heart beating fast.

When Peter had switched on all the bright lights in the room after Mrs Brunell had gone, displaying her nakedness in full, the embarrassment had caused her goose skin all over her body. And worse, she felt the tingling heat building up between her legs increase when she almost felt Peters eyes focusing on that particular part of her body. She could feel her moisture smearing her inner thighs all the way down to her knees.

Even if Anita had closed her eyes she knew that Peter had moved behind her. The strap around her heck prevented her from twisting her head and look back, but her senses were alert when she suddenly felt Peter touching the bare skin of her waist. A nervous quiver followed by an immediate rising of goose skin soon covering her entire body, she sighed loudly with a hissing sound.

"Anita, ever since I saw you at the water well I have thought about you quite often," Peter confessed while he was moving his hands upwards to AnitaТs chest.

Her reaction was spontaneous, but her desperate effort to escape his obvious intension to touch her bared breasts was useless. Anita tried to free her hands, writhing her upper body like an eel, but she only hurt her thumbs. Realizing that she was not able to prevent him from touching her bared breasts, a series of cold shivers run down her spine and her nipples grew hard as raw, big berries.

"HHHHH...hhhЕ PleaseЕ no SirЕ nooЕ", Anita whispered as his hands cupped her firm breasts, exploring, caressing her gently.

When he started to roll her hard nipples between his forefingers and thumbs, Anita begun to squirm and her fast breathing hissed through her nostrils.

"HHHhhhhiiiiiЕ hhhhhiiЕ" she hissed. Anita had never been touched like that by any boy before, and the deep crimson color in her face showed that in normal circumstances she would never have allowed any boy to fondle her tits the way Peter did now. Anita considered her breasts as a very intimate and sensitive part of her body, but there was nothing she could do to prevent this. In spite of the humiliation and shame to be treated like this, she also realised that other feelings were about to take over. When she squirmed and rugged her thighs together, she could feel the lubrication of her slippery moisture running down her inner thighs, but there was nothing she could do about that either.

"HHHHHH hhhh ЕPlease... nooo " Anita had kept her eyes closed during her ordeal, but now her eyes suddenly opened wide up and her face got an expression of panic as she could feel PeterТs hand traveling gently downwards over her naked skin. She begun to twist and wriggle her body in all directions, crossing and clamping her thighs tightly together when Peter had moved his right hand down over her belly and was touching the harsh, curly pubis hairs. Her legs started to shake when he forced one finger deeper down and felt the pulsating moisture in her clit. In desperation Anita tried once more to free her hands from the restraints when Peter pinched her left nipple with his other hand but there was no escape.

"HhhhhhhoooЕ hhhhhЕ" She panted again when she could feel his finger move inside her slippery, wet clit and all muscles in her body, from her toes to her fingertips, strained into a trembling mass of white flesh. The sensational feeling -a mixture of the ultimate humiliation and the tingling heat between her legs- caused her involuntary memories of the times she had been masturbating behind the fence to the Crawford estate, and those flashbacks of memories just made her juices in her young pussy increase to the point from where there was no return. Peter continued to move his finger inside her, and she could not prevent her thighs from rubbing and pressing together in a most exiting manner.

"Hhhhhhhhhh...hhhhhhЕ", she uttered, feeling the broad leather collar forcing her to keep her head up. With her arms and hands immobilized, Anita's naked body was totally displayed for PeterТs exploring hands, and at the very slightest movement of his finger, long quivering spasms and shivers run constantly through her young flesh.

When Peter suddenly withdrew his finger, letting it glide along the hardened clitoris, AnitaТs whole body started to vibrate uncontrollably. The blood pulsated hot through her veins, and she knew that if Peter would continue to finger her dripping clit, she would have an orgasm within seconds. But he removed his finger.

Oooh, my God...don't stop n o w !, she wanted to cry out in her state of heat as the spasms of her young, hot urge made her flesh writhe within the bonds.

"Hhhhhhhhh...hhhhhhhhhh..." Anita panted, biting her lover lip.

" are quite a hot and wet one, you slut! But I like it", Peter said smiling.

"But you are not here in this room for pleasure, you are here to be punished for disobedience!"

"Hhhhh hhhhЕ", Anita still gasped, left there in a turmoil state of mind on the border zone of a rising orgasm that never was to be culminated.

"I think I must tie you legs so you don't kick me,", Peter said picking up a strap with a buckle. Kneeling down, he passed it twice around AnitaТs ankles, around the high heeled boots she still was wearing. Then Peter rolled down her stockings all the way down to her ankles caressing her long, shapely legsЕ

"Real nice, strong legs you got, girl."

Anita breathed heavily when Peter took the long, flexible birch twig and took position behind her at her right. He stared with fascination at the well proportioned forms of her milk-white buttocks, swelling lustfully out from the small of her back. He noticed that her flesh quivered nervously, and that her buttocks did their best to contract from his gaze. As he had tied her ankles, he had forced her legs slightly backwards and fastened them to a ring in the floor, making her arch her back and present her feminine behind in a most efficient tip-toe position for the rod.

"So, now you will taste a little of the Crawford discipline, which you certainly will be remembering for some time", Peter smirked and raised the rod.

The muscles in AnitaТs calves and thighs tightened and her buttocks vibrated visibly when the rod came whizzing down across her white, unprotected flesh, making a cracking sound.

There was a short smothered gasp of agony as the stinging pain of the lash reached her brain, then her hips suddenly twisted and turned in a violent movement left and right while her buttocks started to quiver, clasping, and open up and closing again under the surprising hard, stinging agony.

"sssSSSS...hhhoooooo...ooh nooo..." she gasped, her eyes wide open, almost choking herself on the collar that held her firmly in position. Anita had never been whipped before.

And is was more terrifying than she ever could have imagined. Her parents had never chastised their children physically, so her white, soft bare skin was virginally tender. A red stripe with a slight swelling lined the white milky flesh of her trembling buttocks.

"No please nooЕ not again", Anita pleaded in a hoarse, whispering voice as she had to thrust her hips backwards again in the tip-toe position in order to avoid the choking effect of the tight collar around her neck. From the corner of her eye she could see Peter raise the rod again, and in despair she shifted her weight from one toe to the other, the white flesh of her violently quivering buttocks pouting out in a perfect position to receive the next swishing sting of the lash.

The whippy, thin rod whistled and landed across the quivering flesh, just below the first, red line.

"AAAAhhhhoooooo ooooooooo noooo!!!Ф

The terrible pain made Anita to once more wriggle and twist her body in all directions and her stinging buttocks bouncing wildly around, she tried in desperation to free her thumbs once more, her elbows drumming onto the cross pipe that held them back and her breasts jutting madly in the air. But soon she realised she was unable to breathe and that her thumbs hurt quite badly, she had to resume her degrading tiptoed position and present her trembling, bare buttocks for the cruel rod.

Peter smirked. Anita would certainly be brought to her knees and submit herself to all his wishes. When he raised the rod again he could see the flesh of her buttocks starting to vibrate in a most uncontrollable manner. He held back the rod to watch the trembling vibration increase and spread all over her body. As Anita suddenly realized that he did not bring down the rod, the shaking stopped and her buttock halves opened suddenly wide up from their hard, contracted condition. Then Peter lashed down the rod ...and watching her reaction made the bulk in his trousers grow bigger.

It was half past two in the morning Anita was lying face down sobbing on her bed in her room. She had rubbed the lineament Peter had given her into her sore, swollen red buttocks.

Her thumbs were swollen too, but the physical discomfort was nothing compared with the degrading humiliation and mental stress she was going through. Her embarrassment and shame during the ordeal had been worse than she could have imagined, and another burst of tears wetted her pillow and her blushing cheeks. How she had wriggled and squirmed her naked body in front of Peter! And he had touched her right there! Anita could not resist to move her hand down to her still hot and juicy, pulsating sex and touch herself where Peter had touched her, and in a few seconds a violent orgasm took all remaining strength out of her body. Still sobbing, Anita fell asleep, lying face down with her hand beneath her and her finger still inside her

She woke up a little bit too late, and rushed down to the kitchen in a hurry. She knew that Mrs Brunell was very strict concerning the working hours for the staff. The other maids were already on duty, and Anita could immediately see their glances and hear their giggling when she entered. In seconds AnitaТs face turned scarlet. News seemed to travel fast in this household. She wanted to sink through the floor and disappear into thin air when Mrs Brunell told her to take her well whipped ass into the linen room and start her work.

The liniment she had got from Peter seemed to work amazingly fast, and in two days the last marks on AnitaТs buttocks disappeared.

"Don't bother yourself to listen to all gossip and giggling, all of the maids have gone through the same as you, and many of them more than once!" Mrs Brunell told her when she found Anita crying in the linen room. Her words did help, and soon she was able to look the staff in the eyes again.

Anita had just accepted her fate and tried to forget her humiliating ordeal, she was even able to serve dinner in front of the Crawfords without turning pining red in her face when she saw Peter. This evening the Crawfords had a guest at the dinner table, a young lady, Miss Hazel Devon.

Miss Devon was the daughter of a wealthy politician, and there had been some talks within the families about a possible marriage between Hazel and Peter. This idea of marriage was brought forward more from Hazels side of the family, and also by Hazel herself - but as Peter did not particularly like the rich, spoiled lady - no date for any marriage had been set.

During her stay at the Crawford estate, while questioning one of the maids about Peter, Hazels suspicion was raised that Peter fancied one of the servant girls, Anita Fohlstrom.

Filled with suppressed rage, she came to the conclusion that this particular little bitch was nothing but a fortune-hunter of easy virtue, a common whore who did not know her place in society! She also came to the conclusion that this peasant concubine was the reason for Peters lack of interest in her! And that she -Miss Hazel Devon - had a rival, and more so, a common service girl - made her furious. She decided to certainly do something about it!

It did take some planning, but Hazel succeeded in convincing the Baron -and Peter- to order Anita Fohlstrom to accompany her to the city, where she was to serve as a maid in the Devon household for some time, because they had just "lost" a maid, and "good maids are so hard to find now-a-days", at least until they found a replacement. Hazel Devon promised that Anita would be back at the Crawford estate in two or three weeks - and she offered a handsome amount of money to the Baron for this kind assistance. And the Crawfords were more than happy to help her, business-minded as they were.

Two days later Hazel Devon was having tea with one of her father's layers, a man whose reputation among the attorneys in the city was at least questionable because of his shrewdness and tendency for operating behind the scene of the law. A lawyer politicians sometimes need for their dirty work.

"So you need this maid to be trapped into some criminal act and sentenced to a correctional institution? Is that what you are saying?" the lawyer asked her.

"Yes. I want this bitch to the very worst kind of penitentiary ! Don't ask me why, it is a personal matter", Hazel said. "And you will naturally be rewarded above the normal fee ".

УAll right as a favor to you, my dear ".

Anita had never been in the big city before, and she enjoyed the streets, the shops and all the people with all her senses alert as she walked down the narrowing street in her new, beautiful dress Hazel had bought her on their day of arrival. The blue satin dress with all the ribbons and frills made her really feel like a lady. The dress was somehow a little too short and revealing in her opinion, but she was told that it was the latest fashion and it made her look very beautiful, and that she certainly had the figure for it.

She looked once again for the address written on the envelope she was supposed to deliver, and found it Hotel Belinda

"There she go!" the lawyer said to two detectives who had been waiting in a carriage on the other side of the street.

Hotel Belinda, well known as a local brothel, was raided now and then by the police, and all the girls arrested for their unlawful conducts. Anita did not really know what was happening, but a few minutes after she had entered the hotel, she found herself forcefully pushed into a barred police carriage together with a number of other women. Some minutes later they were all thrown into the cells of the police station. There, imprisoned together with a number of other young women Anita Fohlstrom finally learned that she had been arrested for prostitution!

"The Judge will just make you pay the fine, and off you go", the other girls enlightened her "pretty dress you got there around here, eh?"

The next morning when all the girls were lined up in the court room listening to the Judge scolding them for their conduct of behavior, Anita was given no chance to explain herself, and without any further examination, because prostitution was just a trivial offence, all the girls were sentenced to pay a fine. Some of the girls paid the fine almost cheerfully, smiling invitingly at the court clerk before they left the court room one by one. But Anita Fohlstrom had no money.

The Judge just smirked at her when she tried to convince him that she was absolutely no girl of "easy virtue" and that her arrest had been a mistake , an unfortunate coincident

The Judge sighed he had heard it all before

"Look, young lady decent young woman wears a dress like that unless her intensions are to lure gentlemen into it. I will have no more of that if you don't pay the fine in full here and now it will be the House of Correction, it is as simple as that, Miss Virtue!"

A lawyer among the crowd in the court room smiled. His task was done.

The woman in the cell was older than Anita, 28 in fact, and she stood there motionless with her forehead resting against the cold bars of the cell. She was a very beautiful lady, fairy tall and exquisitely made. She had the most beautiful, candid eyes of a deep azure blue that Anita had ever seen. They seemed to portray a great depth of character and also a sweet, refined and gentle disposition. Her nose was aquiline and her features delicately chillesed, an attribute which also applied to her ankles, feet, wrists and hands, which were thin, fragile and of aristocratic appearance. By way of contrast, it needed only a casual glance to discern the opulent voluptuous swellings of her exceptionally well-developed bosom and hips beneath the black satin gown that she was wearing.

Anita did not say anything, she just sat down on the wooden bench in the cell and glanced at the woman who seemed to stare into the emptiness of the square, adjoining room. After a moment of total quietness, the young woman seemed to lift her face upwards and closing her eyes she gripped the iron bars with such force that her knuckles whitened.

"They can't...they just can't!" Anita heard her whisper, when the door to the adjoining, main room opened and a tall, sturdy guard came in. The woman in the cell took a few steps back from the bars and glanced at Anita for the first time when he approached them.

"Ah not bad not bad...two of you tonight...and such pretty ones!"

He smirked as he eyed the women from top to toe.

The woman in the black dress lifted her hand and looked at the tall guard grinning behind the bars.

"Please...Sir listen to me I am Pamela Wright and must see the Judge or the Magistrate please...ask someone with authority to see me, and I will reward you please", she said, opening her hand and showing him a golden coin while looking at him with her sparkling, blue eyes, trying to produce a pleading smile.

"A bribe, eh look, Lady...I heard that the Magistrate refused your plea in court to pay any fines...but no money could help you then, eh? And not will it help you now! Someone really wants you birched on your bared ass maybe someone of the four gentlemen that will be attending and witnessing your punishment", the guard grinned and turned away.

Pamela Wrights cheeks turned slowly scarlet and with an absent expression in her face she sat down beside Anita on the rough wooden bench in the cell.

"ThisЕ this is obscene...!" she sighted with an ironic smile on her lips which more revealed her feelings of shame, embarrassment and degradation beyond belief than any joyfulness.

More or less nervous outburst of numerous women had many times taken place in the waiting cell of the adjoining punishment room, and just as often the women had seek ease and comfort to their troubled minds by sharing thoughts and supporting each other.

During the waiting hours in the cell Anita learned that Pamela Wright was born and brought up as a lady, being one of the most attractive and wanted young ladies of the society, until the misfortune of her fathers business and his sudden death. As the sole heir, Pamela found herself in great debt to one of the rich, young men that had fancied her for quite some time.

Unable to pay off her debts, this man, George Phillips, had the nerve to suggest that Pamela could pay him little by little by submitting herself to his most indecent, personal desires. Filled with outrage, Pamela had slapped his face as hard as she could...and now, two weeks later, she was arrested for assaulting a gentleman! A gentleman indeed!

But George Phillips had the best lawyers and all the bribe money needed to have Pamela Wright sentenced to the House of Correction for Women! There was no place on earth women dreaded more than this institution, and the rumors about the punishments inflicted upon the convicted females made many young ladies turn scarlet of shame.

Anita could see PamelaТs hands shaking and did almost forget her own situation as the time for their forthcoming ordeal approached. And they did not have to wait long, because the guard with the grin on his face stepped into the big square room, carrying a heavy leather clad punishment block. He placed it in the middle of the room where the floor had fitted in bolts for the base of the block.

"Oh no ", Pamela sighed, looking through the bars when the guard fastened the block to the floor.

The block consisted of a heavy round piece of timber, padded and covered with black leather and held upright by two square, wooden pillars from the middle of the wide, thick base board.

Both Anita and Pamela stared in dread at the preparations, and PamelaТs face turned crimson once more when the guard brought in four easy chairs, placing them in a half circle around the block at a very close distance. Then four buckets with freshly cut and bundled birches were brought in, well covered with water to keep the twigs supple and fresh. The both young women were standing behind the bars, quiet and in a turmoil state of mind.

"Well, my ladies, we are all set I will inform the bailiff so you don't have to wait any longer", the guard grinned at them and left the room.

The Bailiff, two guards and a clerk boy entered and the iron barred door to the adjoining cell was unlocked and opened. Both Pamela and Anita had moved backwards and stood now panic-stricken and pressing themselves against the back stone wall of their cell when the Bailiff looked over his papers.

"Miss Pamela Wright, step forward!" A hissing sound was heard when Pamela cached her breathe and tried to step forward, looking in panic around her. The Bailiff looked at the two guards, who immediately came forward and gripped the pretty woman roughly, pushing her forcefully before them into the punishment room. The young clerk, probably in the same age as Anita, closed and locked the door to the cell, glancing at Anita with such lustful, eager eyes that it made her want to give him a slap in his face.

In the punishment room Pamela was made to hold out her wrists in front of her while the guard buckled the leather restraints which held her wrists together. Two other leather cuffs were then brought forward, one to each ankle. Held upright by the other guard, Miss Pamela Wright found any physical resistance useless.

The Bailiff eyed the voluptuous forms of the strikingly beautiful woman in front of him and licked his lips.

"Place her in position!" he said to the guards, and Pamela was roughly brought forward to the punishment bock until her front thighs pressed against the round, horizontal piece of the block.

"Now bend over, Miss Wright!" the Bailiff said, and Pamela looked at him with despair and panic in her eyes, but she did obey.

The black satin material of her dress tightened visibly over her widening posterior as she bent over the padded piece of wood, and a suppressed gasp of humiliation left her lips when one of the guards grabbed her wrists forced her further down to secure her wrists to a ring in the base of the punishment block. With her hips held considerably higher than her head, the bent over position was most degrading for any lady, and certainly for a Lady of Quality. The Bailiff however did not take any notice that this young woman was a well educated and upper class Lady, and he added her humiliation by asking the guards to fasten her elbows to the base, which meant that PamelaТs head and shoulders were drawn even lower and her bottom thus forced higher up on the block in an even more shameful manner.

"You can ask the gentlemen waiting in my office to enter now", the Bailiff said to the clerk boy.

"Yes, Sir."

"Oh no Sir please have mercy...whip me if you must but spare me the shame of doing it in front ofЕ of those men", Pamela pleaded in a trembling, hoarse voice, lifting her beautiful face from her degrading position.

The Bailiff did not answer her. He just went to the door and opened it.

"Gentlemen, come in!" H e said a moment later. Pamela seemed to panic, tearing hysterically at the bonds that held her wrists and elbows secured to the base of the block. She hide her flushing, scarlet face between her stretched arms and a few suppressed, hysterical laughs left her lips. For a lady of her rank age and social class it was extremely humiliating to be presented with her posterior held high in the air over the block, ready to be whipped as a common harlot.

In the company of George Phillips three other young men entered the punishment room. Pamela knew all of them from numerous former occasions, and especially one of the men, Mark Fallon, made her knees tremble and her buttocks to cling together in a manner that was clearly visible beneath the tight satin dress.

No-one knew that the reason why Pamela had never married was Mark Fallon, the handsome gentleman she had fallen for in her late teens. The same young man that had occupied her daydreams as well as her fantasies late at nights but the one who had never asked her to marry him. Pamela could not prevent another series of some short, suppressed laughs brought forward in a nervous, hysterical outburst.

"Gentlemen, have a seat...we have arranged all the comfort of the house as you can see," the Bailiff said.

The half circle of chairs were set up behind the punishment block, providing an excellent view over the lustfully swelling bottom forced high up in the air and the long beautifully formed legs beneath the hem of the black dress. The dark silk stockings formed a beautiful harmony with the black dress, bringing forward the muscles in her calves in a most exiting manner.

"Good evening, Miss Wright " George Phillips said with a sarcastic tone in his voice and nodded to the Bailiff to proceed.

"Gentlemen, there is no more effective punishment for a naughty lady than a good sound whipping. Tonight, as you will witness, Miss Pamela Wright shall receive 30 strokes with the birch. The birch will be given - as always - across the bared buttocks of the culprit. Guards, prepare Miss Wright for the birch!"

"Hhhhhh..." Pamela hissed when she felt the hem of her dress lifted, baring her legs and the milk-white skin of her thighs above the stocking tops. The shameful ordeal of being stripped in this manner made the muscles in her legs tighten, especially when the guard had to force the tight satin material higher up over her widened bottom and hips, which took a considerable time to do. But the guard took the time needed, and shortly PamelaТs dress and chemise was neatly rolled down to her armpits and secured there with some needles.

PamelaТs swelling buttocks filled tightly the white batiste knickers which were quite small for a lady of her age. They were high fashion from Paris with rose colored ribbons and strings around the waist and the thighs. When the guard started to undo the strings, the flesh beneath the thin material seemed to come alive in a very curious way and PamelaТs scarlet face flung up, her desperate eyes looking for the Bailiff.

"Please, in the name of decency not...this oh Sir not with the men looking oh... noo!" Pamela was trembling from head to foot when her bottom was bared. The white flesh of her buttocks were quivering involuntarily, and the mere thought that she was now shamefully exposed in front of Mark Fallon and the other men sitting right behind her, made her well spread and swelling buttock cheeks clench violently. The guard removed her knickers completely.

"What a magnificent arse!" In her turmoil state of mind Pamela could hear the comments from the men, and some additional, violent clenching movements of her bared buttocks made the men laugh.

"Oohh it quickly...I cannot bear this shame!" Pamela whined in her desperation.

Meanwhile the guards had fastened the ropes to her ankle straps, one to each ankle.

The base of the block had two iron rings in each corner, and Pamela was to be birched with her legs drawn wide apart so that the sting of the birch twigs could freely bite into the most sensitive areas of a womanТs anatomy. This was the way women were punished by the birch in the House of Corrections.

The fact that when the thighs were parted wide open, the woman had no chance to cover or protect herself against the eager eyes behind her as the most intimate parts were shamelessly exposed in a most indecent manner in front of everyone. Pamela Wright was a tall and strong woman who tried to avoid this ultimate humiliation by clinging and crossing her thighs together in an inhuman effort and state of panic, when she suddenly realized that they were going to spread her legs open.

Even if the guards were strong, they had to use considerable force to have PamelaТs legs parted and her ankles secured to the iron rings.

"HiiiiЕ hhhhiiiii...",Pamela breathed heavily as the muscles in her thighs and calves trembled and twisted in her futile attempts to break loose and hide herself from this ultimate indecency. Despite her almost inhuman efforts to prevent this Pamela's thigh were opened, exposing a very wet clit with the tiny hairs before the eyes of the flush faced spectators. As the ankle ropes were tightened also her tight pussy lips opened up and revealed a rosy and moist portion of a most female, intimate anatomy. In her turmoil state of mind Pamela Wrigth could almost feel Mark Fallon's eyes on her wide open pussy, a fact which made her clitoris to stand vigorously out like a hard pearl and some hysterical, short laughter escaped her lips.

The Bailiff took his time and let the men enjoy the scene, the jutting and quivering bared flesh of the beautiful, lustful woman with her buttocks held high over the punishment block and her long, beautifully shaped legs straddling wide open.

The men were all sitting there staring at the spectacle when the Bailiff gave one of the guards the order to fetch the birch.

In the bucket was several birches, seven or eight long, well selected switches tied together in bundles. The guard selected one of the bundle, an excellently prepared, long swishy birch.

Pamela had from her degrading, frustrating position seen the guard select the birch, and when he approached her, the trembling in her body increased. The trembling in turn affected the inner parts of her thighs, which were slightly fat and as tender as the skin of a baby, for they were quivering involuntarily, the flesh actually shaking like jellies.

Whether it was due to the acute feminine realization of how keenly she would soon feel the sting of the birch or the long period of awaiting in this humiliating position, or her attempts to minimize her position, the men sitting closely behind her could not tell.

However, as the guard swished the long birch-rods through the air, the lady made great effort to squeeze the cheeks of her large well rounded bottom together. She could not, however, succeed very well, held tight and bent over the block, and the great nervous expenditure involved caused her bottom to visible quiver and tremble in a most delicate manner.

"Miss Wright, you will now be birched...Guard, proceed!",
the Bailiff said and stepped aside to give room for the swing of the birch.

The guard raised his birch and brought it down with considerable force. There was a vicious hiss, and the men sitting behind her saw the twigs bite into the delicate white flesh which yielded like melted butter, and follow the voluptuous curves of PamelaТs bottom from hip to hip with a report like a hail-storm.

Stung to the very core of her being, Pamela leaped within her bonds with tremendous energy for such a delicately made woman. Her fingers clawed in the air and her high heeled shoes beat a sort of tattoo against the wooden base of the block. There was no cry of pain except a curious low whistling sound which escaped through her clenched teeth.

The guard adjusted his position somewhat, and gave her a master cut which curled around the base of her posterior. Pamela twisted her hips from side to side and uttered a short little scream then continued to utter three or four suppressed squeals for about fifteen seconds or so.

Her efforts to escape the position over the punishment bock caused her to vigorously raise her bottom up and down, while the deep plump hemispheres opened wide only to sharply knock against each other, which caused the whole of the supple flesh to waggle about in a most exiting manner.

"Perhaps this will teach you to be less arrogant against young gentlemen in the future, Miss Wright", the Bailiff said, and saw that the flush faced, highly exited men silently agreed. One of the chuckled nervously with a curious throat sound. To see Pamela wriggle and bounce her fleshy, bared and jutting buttocks in this most exiting manner had caused all of them strong erections.

"A good sound whipping on a woman's bare bottom is something they usually understand", the Bailiff said and nodded to continue.


Again the birch cut deeply into the soft flesh and made Pamela writhe.

"Ee--ee--ee ", she screamed shrilly. She lifted her body up on tip-toe only to throw herself heavily down over the hump again. Maddened with pain, she tried once again to brake loose from the bonds that held her, twisting her hips violently from side to side, rocking at the round leather clad piece like she was trying to tear it out from the base that held it upright.

She made supreme efforts to stiffen the whole of her muscles to counter the next stroke. Her feet knocked violently against the wooden base and caused the masses of the white flesh constituting her thighs quiver lecherously.

In vain she tried to harden her frail posterior muscles. It was quite a waste of time and effort, for the birch cut deeply into the woman's flesh a forth time. She regained her breath before shrieking with all the power of her melodious voice which made the men laugh.

All this time Anita had stood like frozen against the bars in the waiting cell looking at PamelaТs humiliating ordeal in the punishment room, her face changing colour from pink to crimson, but now, when she heard PamelaТs agonized scream, she turned white.

"Ehr-r-r-r-r-r-r-r- ...Ehr-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-!", she heard her scream and saw Pamela writhing furiously her bared ass like a maniac on the block. Anita also saw the men and how their faces glowed lustfully watching the bizarre scene in front of them.

The stroke had landed with considerable force on the lower parts of her buttocks, and two or three twigs of the swishy thin birch had curved in between her well spread thighs, biting the most sensitive parts of her sex and the inside of her white, trembling soft thighs.

The guard examined the birch and went to the bucket to select a fresh one whilst Pamela wined and continued to clench her well spread, burning red-hot bottom.

"A birch gets a bit frayed at the end during a whipping, loosing the best part of the stinging effect, so we usually change into a fresh one after four or five lashes", the Bailiff informed the men, "and it is our intension to flog this woman soundly", he continued.

Pamela Wright twisted her neck, her beautiful deep blue eyes welling with tears, her sensual mouth wide open in which one could see her even white teeth.

"Stop No more I can't stand any more " she howled loudly.

"Mercy Have Mercy!"...

"Ah Miss you are starting to learn the efficiency of the birch that's good...but I can see that you are pleading for mercy just to get off easy. But that does not work here, lady, there is still a good way to go before we are through with you, my lady!" In desperation Pamela twisted her neck in the other direction, just in time to see the terrible, fresh birch rising.


The new swishy rods caught her at precisely the moment that her dancing buttocks rose in the air, smiting the flesh about an inch below the last stroke. The traces left by the rod were marked hither and thither in fan-like outspreading thin weals, interspersed with violet notches and tiny white spots where the birch rods had blistered the flesh, but so far not a trace of blood.

For fully five seconds the whipped woman remained mute, then she let forth a high pitched jarring howl that resembled nothing human.

The guard was quite calmly measuring his distance for the next stroke, calculating with precision the leaps of the violently dancing posteriors, so as to bring each stroke well on the target.

"Can't hold your big bottom still, can you, Miss Wright? But I am sure the gentlemen appreciates to see such a lively performance, eh?" the Bailiff said mockingly.


"Eeee Eee !! Oh My God...Ah...rrrr I can't bear it

УPlease stop please...please...!"


Her mouth wide open gasping for breath, her fingers clawing in the air and every muscle in her body strained, Pamela felt the unbearable pain across the back of her most sensitive upper thighs were the birch-rods had been applied.

"Ahr...rrrr rrrrrr rrrr !" The white flesh in her thighs vibrated violently and her feet beat the base in a furious tattoo-like manner, the big white buttocks clenching madly, one moment just to spread themselves up into their full size and exposure before the next trembling contraction.

" My God...oh nooo !" Pamela howled.

Even if the pain tormented her body as well as her mind, she was well aware of the fact that her buttocks clenched and opened shamefully in a continuous, slow rhythm, but there was nothing she could do about it. During the whole ordeal she had not for a split second forgot that Mark Fallon was sitting there watching her shame, a fact that only added the involuntary trembling running through her body without any control whatsoever.


"Y ar rr oooooooooo...hh Ahrr rrrr.rrr !" One again Pamela plunged within her bonds with the desperate strength of a maniac. It was indeed a wonder that the straps held firm on account of the heavy strain put upon them.

Anita laid face down weeping on the wooden bench in the cell. The Bailiff had informed her that she would taste the birch later this same night, and his words had caused cold shivers run down her spine.

After Pamela had been released from the punishment block, the guards had taken her to another part of the prison, and Anita was left all alone in the cell with her agonizing fear to the forthcoming punishment. Her brain could not turn off the images of PamelaТs ordeal...and at the end, when she was still restrained on the block, the men had been allowed to examine her striped flesh. Their fondling fingers had examined much more than just her buttocks...

When a man they called Mark had fingered her, Pamela had started to tremble and twist her hips against the block in such a shameful manner that Anita had turned her crimson face against the wall. She had heard Pamela breathing fast and sigh heavily just before some suppressed shrilly short screams mixed with some curious groans had left her throat, making the men laugh...

From time to time Anita looked in dread into the punishment room where they had left the terrifying birching block waiting. AnitaТs unfair destiny tortured her mind and was hard to bear, and her mood changed rapidly forth and back from furious anger to self-pity and repeated outbursts into tears.

The two guards and the clerk boy suddenly entered, and Anita jumped up from the bench with all her senses alert she stepped back against the wall. The door was unlocked and she was ordered out, where the pimple faced young clerk licked his thick lips while he was eyeing Anita with his lustful eyes and with an eager expression in his face, walking forward and back and around her, touching her occasionally in a most irritating way while the two guards remained in the background.

"Please...stop that!" Anita burst out. She was not used to having a young boy who was hardly her own age agitating her in such an indecent manner.

The boy smiled and turned towards the guards.

"Tell her " "Miss, the Bailiff will be occupied elsewhere tonight, so he gave Frankie here the permission to deal with you... he is a trainee here so to speak", the guards coldly told her while the smile on the boys face widened.

"I am going to whip you personally", the boy told her, still smiling..." in a manner that whores are whipped " AnitaТs face had turned scarlet by the mere thought that this boy was given the legal right to chastise her personally. It seemed so very wrong, so unfair and improper that she wanted to scream.

"I whore!" she said as calmly as she could with an anger caused by an extreme feeling of humiliation building up inside her.

"I want to see you naked take your clothes off... everything...!" the boy said.

Anita looked with a kind of defiant stoicism right into his eyes, but seeing him just stand there with his lustful grin on his face she turned towards the guards in a silent call of a chivalrous rescue from their side. But there was none.

"Hold her!" the boy said.

As Anita was gripped firmly by her arms she tried to rip herself loose in rage, but was held steady and pushed forward in front of the grinning boy. He touched her blue dress, letting his hand move up over her breasts in a most humiliating manner.

AnitaТs efforts to free her hands and prevent the boy from touching her just resulted in a tighter grip and her arms were drawn further out.

"Nice tits..." the boy grinned as he started to unbutton her dress slowly, clearly enjoying himself. AnitaТs ears burned red hot and she turned her face away, breathing heavily through her nostrils when her dress was drawn aside in the front and her young, firm breasts with the erecting pink nipples was bared, quivering unprotected in the cold air of the punishment room.

The pimple faced boy licked his lips and his grin widened as he continued to unlace the garments of the young, beautiful girl held in front of him...

Miss Hazel Devon was quite satisfied and lifted her glass with a double portion of sherry with a diabolic look in her eyes.

"Now that little bitch will get what she deserves. I have heard that women prisoners in the House of Correction who are sentenced there on a prostitution charge are flogged in a manner that will keep them from the streets for must certainly be a dreadful place!" "I am pleased to hear that you appreciate my services, Miss Devon", said the lawyer, "and as far as I know, Miss Fohlstrom will not be spared any punishments, because the charge w a s prostitution the plan worked perfectly".

Hazel Devon giggled, visibly effected by the wine and sherry she had been enjoying.

"Is it true that they whip whoresЕdirectly on...their...source of income, so to speak?" she asked, still giggling and sipping more sherry from her glass.


"How awful and it must be very embarrassing heh heh heh glp rr.rrr!"

"Miss Devon, perhaps you'll better leave the wine now and go to is quite late", the lawyer said, anxious to stop the conversation. From his previous experiences Hazel could suddenly get the most crazy ideas when she was drunk, and he felt a strong need to stop whatever could happen before the situation ran out of hands.

"To bed?...All alone?" Hazel pouted her lip and tried to look charming, imitating and attractive. In her condition all men started to look interesting, presenting objects to be conquered.

"Yes, Miss Devon alone it really is for the best"...

"Eeeee oooo noo not there!...Mercy!...I am no whore!" Anita screamed as the unbearable sting of the small leather thong made her plunge within her bonds in her furious attempts to escape the next lash.

The flesh of her inner thighs trembling violently and her breasts bouncing madly in all directions while her uncontrolled screams echoed within the walls of the sparely furnished room. Her entire body was sweating and the white flesh writhed glowing in the bright gaslights of the punishment chamber as the small drops of sweat plunged out of the pores of her skin.


"Eeeeeooooo oh noo...please not any more not like this Mercy!" Anita Fohlstrom was whipped on her pussy by the pimple faced clerk boy, fastened to the punishment block in a manner that had made many harlots blush of shame. She was bent backwards over the padded round bock, her hips and naked cunt held shamelessly high above the floor. Her legs were drawn as far apart as the fastenings allowed, and her wrists were secured on the other side of the block. The wide spread of the thighs had opened her pussylips wide, displaying her young female genitals in a most crude manner. Her rosy pussylips were slightly swollen and the clitoris plunged out hard and shiny in the middle of the moist, pink flesh of her female sex organ.


The single leather thong had whined down again and stung Anita to the very core of her being, biting into the moist, tender flesh between her legs. She had seen the lash coming and the muscles in her widely spread thighs had immediately started to tremble vigorously, but the restraints were tight and there was no escape.

УArrrr rrrrr eeeoooooooo...rrr...noo more no more!!!!"

The shock of the biting whiplash along the crack of her pussy rushed through her body, making her tits jutting violently in a manner that exited the boy to that extent that he went around the punishment block and gave her several master cuts with the thong across her madly bouncing breasts and nipples.

"Whore !" he said, and went back to his position behind the block.

Anita started to cry soundly, like a baby. With tears running all over her face she knew that she could not take any more.

Many girls would have fainted after the first two or three lashes, but Anita was a strong and healthy country girl and able to take more pain than many others without loosing consciousness. But there is a limit even for a strong and and well fit girl - for Anita it had been 18 stinging lashes right along her opened pussyclit, given with a cruel, short one-thonged whip with a wooden handle. Her tear-filled eyes did not see the next lash, she could only feel the extreme biting pain when the tip of the round leather thong lashed into her clitoris and made everything suddenly disappear into darkness. She had been whipped like a whore...something many of the harlots on the street had experienced as freshies in the trade and something they swore never to experience again. Most of them did not ever practice their trade in the neighborhood of the House of Correction because the whole place caused them cold shivers.

Only a few former inmates with specific, masochistic sexual tendencies felt a certain glow inside them every time they walked by the stony walls of the institution.

УWell, how nice to see you, Baron Crawford, please come in!" said Hazel Devon to the unannounced guest.

"Good morning, Hazel, is your father, the Minister in?"

"Yes...I shall tell him you are here. He will certainly be pleased to see you would you care for a cup of tea or some sherry meanwhile?"

"A cup of tea, thank you...and you can ask Anita to bring it in, I am sure she will be surprised to see me here, she has been here almost a month by now", the Baron said cheerfully.

"Well, Baron, there is...a problem. Anita is not here...she...I heard she was arrested some time ago for...prostitution you know how these peasant girls can be ", said Hazel, trying to sound careless but well aware that she was in a serious danger zone.

"Prostitution?! Never! I know that girl, I know her father and her family decent people...I can't believe it I must speak to your father about this, immediately! My God, why didnТt you inform us?!

Hazel was pale in her face when she tried to listen through the living room door. Her father, the Minister, had insisted she told where this information about Anita came from, and she had no choice but to give him the name of the lawyer. Now these three men were all gathered in in the living room and Hazel could hear that there was some angry shouting going on. When the door suddenly opened, her father gave her an icy look and all three men walked right out to the Ministers carriage.

"I had to tell them", the lawyer said before they left and left Hazel standing in the hallway with her face turning pale.

Minister Devon and Baron Crawford had the Magistrate office standing on their toes in no time, and the clearly upset Magistrate Chief rushed to their assistance. They found Anita Fohlstrom in less than an hour in one of the dungeon cells beneath the main building of the Correctional Institution. The girl was laying face down on the narrow bench with her skirts folded up over her back and her bottom bared and marked all over hundreds tiny red swellings.

Anita had turned her head towards the door when it opened but did not make a move to cover herself, neither did she close her eyes or react in any way.

"Oh my God !" said the Baron.

"The prisoner was birched on the flogging bench this morning ", the guard said.

The Baron went over to the bench and covered Anita's nakedness with a soft blanket, and striking gently her hair he felt a strong compassion and warmth for the poor girl.

"Anita...this is Baron Crawford I have come to take you home " he said kneeling down beside her and touched her cheeks in a gentle, fatherly way.

Anita looked at him. At first, it seemed that she looked into an endless emptiness but suddenly there was a reaction. Her eyes started to wet when the first teardrops filled the corners of her eyes.

"BaronЕ" she whispered

The whole plot was slowly unfolding.

"My God, Baron, you cannot have my daughter arrested! The family name, and my whole life work will be ruined and the Cabinet will truly feast on this matter!" the Minister said in despair.

"We have been friends for a very, very long time...can't we find a solution to have justice done without having it done in public?"

"Like what?"

"What Hazel did to that young woman cannot be ignored, and I admit that she is a spoiled young lady, but...there must be another way to have her pay for what she has done..." And a way was found.

"No! No! Never! I will never you hear me, father, I will n e v e r accept that! I know I have done wrong and I am sorry, but what you are suggesting is totally out of question!" Hazel raged, standing flush faced in front of him.

"Either that or the even worse alternative, the House of Correction , and believe me, you are getting easy off even if you also have spoiled your chances for a good marriage!" the Minister said.

"I kill myself first you'll see ", Hazel said and left the room.

One hour later she sneaked out of the house, planning to run away, but soon enough she realized that her father had closed down all her accounts and personal assets, and without any money, she was totally stranded.

However, headstrong as she was, Hazel spent two days and two nights in the streets, hungry, thirsty and cold. The third day she came home.

"Father you cannot do this to me ", she pleaded.

The recovery from the physical ordeals Anita Fohlstrom had suffered during the month in the House of Correction took weeks, and the Crawfords had allowed her to stay home with her parents at the farm house for the first two weeks. The mental damage however was so deeply impressed to her mind that her girlish, joyful personality had changed into a somewhat reserved and reticent behavior, polite and normal on the surface but she was definitively not the same Anita that they had seen before. Her parents also noticed that she had nightmares, and clearly worried about her state of mind they tried to question her about the recent past, but Anita did not tell them anything. She had also asked the Baron and Peter not to reveal anything to her parents or anyone else about her experiences in the city.

As she regained her position as a maid at the Crawfords after the short leave, Mrs Brunell as well as the staff could also sense the change in her.

"They think she is better than us now when she has been working in the city", one of the maids said jealously when the Baron had upgraded Anita to his personal maid, a honor usually given only to the girl with the longest service.

"If you were as beautiful and...well equipped as she you would perhaps be married by now", another girl smirked at the jealous spinster.

The lights had gone out for the night when Peter Crawford heard the soft knock on his bedroom door.

"Anita, what? Come inЕ" he said, when he found her behind his door in her small nightie. She looked ravishingly beautiful, smelling fresh and soft.

"I...cannot sleep...Sir ", she whispered, and her moist, blue eyes told Peter she really needed someone.

He took Anita in his arms, feeling the warmth of her soft, warm skin through the thin nightgown. Anita responded to his kiss in a way Peter had never experienced before, clinging herself onto him in a manner that gave him an immediate erection.

When he lowered her onto his bed, he did not know if it was he or she who took the initiative. One thing was clear though, Anita needed a fuck and she needed it badly. And, after all, she was not a virgin any more. No young women who was released from the House of Correction was a virgin any more. For the unwilling and especially for some young suffragettes with an "attitude" they had that humiliating fucking trestle with the adjustable restraintsЕ With her nightgown removed from her voluptuous beautiful body she reached out for Peter in a state of hunger and a pulsating urge for love and relief. Her trembling fingers clawed into his neck drawing him closer. However, she still felt that something was missing.

"I need to be tied " she whispered, biting her lower lip, surprising Peter totally in a way he had not expected. He had been ready to enter her right there and then, but when his dizzy brain finally comprehended her words his first reaction was the disappointment for the interruption but immediately after that his dominant tendencies in his sex life caused his erecting member to swell out into maximum size.

"I don't have any ropes in here " he groaned in despair.

"I left some in the drawer of your night table when I cleaned the room today ", Anita whispered in a state of heat, turning her reddening face away.

This was the first time she could feel her emotions alive in weeks, a good sign of recovery in itself, but the strong need to be restrained in order to have her sexual urges satisfied was something new, something she could not comprehend herself. To be held in a place like the House of Correction can do things to a girl... open up those secret gates into the hidden dark passages of the mind...

Peter had tied her wrists together to the head side of the bed and her ankles to the two bedposts. Doing this, Anita had to spread her legs wide open, exposing her dripping wet slit into full display. Even if she knew she wanted this, she felt suddenly so terribly ashamed that her pink face turned scarlet.

The flesh of her inner thighs quivered as Peter mounted her. He did hold back for some while and kissed her hard, erecting nipples, sucking slowly but hard. AnitaТs soft, trembling thighs clasped against his hips with small smacking sounds of flesh to flesh as much as the loose ropes allowed.

"Hhhhhhhhhhh ..." she moaned.

Then he entered her. They were both more than ready.

Anita was fucked by Peter Crawford in a way she had never experienced. His long fully erecting cock rubbed against her hardened clitoris with every withdrawal and made her pant in a state of ecstasy, twisting and arching her body within the bonds that held her. Without the ropes her nails would have clawed into Peter like a tigress, now she could only thrust her hips violently upwards hoping to receive his wonderful manhood fully and completely in her burning female, young ecstasy.

"Yes...yes...yesss aaaaaa ssssss!Ф

Anita had no control over her body, and the wild orgasm spread with a long tingling sensation through every nerve within her, made her squirm and bounce in the bed like a maniac, hitting her thighs against Peters with smacking sounds.

"Aaaahh aaaaaaahhhh...hhhh...hhh oh Peter...hhh!" she panted, tugging at the ropes that held her pinned down.

Peter was still inside her. He was not finished yet, but he granted Anita the time she needed to calm down.

"I love you", she heard herself saying. Something from her sub consciousness, something from long, long ago made her say those words, and flashbacks from her past, her wet girlish secrets rushed through her mind. In fact, it had not been so long ago...

Her body reacted with a quiver when Peter withdraw his still erecting penis, rubbing it against her clitoris - just to thrust it in again in its full length.

"HhhhhhhhЕ hhhЕ", Anita panted, clamping her quivering thighs against him again, her body shining and slippery of sweat.

She had needed a fuck and she was getting more than bargained for...In the midst of her new, rising orgasm. Peter whispered into her ear.

"Anita, will you marry me?" She was unable to answer him, because her immediate orgasm was so violent, so breathtaking, so wonderful that the only thing she was capable of was to let it out in full...the endless long shivers that never seemed to stop...

"I am waiting for an answer", Peter whispered in her ear when she somehow had regained control over herself.

"YES Peter YES!!!!!" was the only thing she could say, the only thing she wanted to say.

"Well... in that case we can discuss it later", said Peter, still inside her.

"Oh noo!" Anita panted when she felt Peter's member enter her deeper again.

"Oh, yes...", Peter hissed as his hips started to move in a fast, violent manner, feeling his orgasm rising. However, before he came, Anita had her third orgasm, but this time Peter did not stop.

In a life filled with miseries, it can sometimes be so wonderful to be young

Peter did not release her from the ropes afterwards. Anita's position at the bed was quite similar to the fucking trestle at the House of Correction except the adjustable knee straps and the leather pillow under the ass. Peter wanted to enjoy AnitaТs voluptuous, naked feminine forms while he was gently wiping off the sweat off her body with a wetted towel. Working downwards from her neck, over her breasts the wet towel made AnitaТs nipples all erect again, and when he moved downwards over her belly she was biting her lip and turned her face away. At the first touch on her still pulsating clit the muscles in her inner thighs suddenly started to vibrate and she came for the forth time. She simply could not help it but she did not care. She was his, fully and completely.

"My best congratulations to both of you!" the Baron said and meant it. Normally a marriage among people from differing social backgrounds was considered as a violation against the unwritten rules of the community, but in this case it was widely accepted. It was high time for Peter to settle down and it also gave the Baron a kind of satisfaction to see Anita compensated for all the suffering she had gone through. And Anita was very beautiful, a real asset to the family also from that point of view. The glow in her face made her even more beautiful, and he could tell that she was in love and very much so, the way her eyes sparkled as she looked at Peter. In fact, Peter had no other suitable bride in sight at the moment after the incident with Hazel Devon.

Hazel Devon had lost her chance, her freedom and, at the moment, her clothes.

Humiliated deep down to her very soul she stood stark naked in Peters punishment room on the attic of the Crawford house, alone, scared and shamed beyond belief.

Mrs Brunell had had the nerve to use the help of two stable hands, two young lads, to have Miss Hazel Devon stripped stark naked and fastened to a whipping post. Hazel was 23, and certainly a quite beautiful woman, and the young boys had truly feasted their eyes upon her white, female flesh as they bared her bit by bit and her garments came off. She had put on quite a fight, screaming and raging like a maniac, but she had not been a match for the strong, flush faced youths.

Totally nude she was handcuffed with her arse out to a vertical, metal post standing up from a wooden knee high base.

The wood in the base was carved to fit and restrain the legs of the culprit with an additional strap at the back of the knees to hold the legs firmly in place. Hazel could not even cross her thighs to hide her big bush of pubis hairs when the grinning youths focused their eyes on her crotch.

She started to laugh hysterically at the post when a second strap went around her waist, pulling the small of her back against the post and forcing her to thrust her big bottom backwards. When the waist strap was tightened, Hazels fleshy and milk-white buttock globes was separated and swelled out into their enormous size.

Hazel knew all to well that she had broad hips and that her posterior had been oversized since her early puberty years. During the last years of matureness her buttocks had still largened into a quivering mass of flesh which she had tried to conceal by using very tight corsets and garments fitting her well. Everything she had tried to conceal was now displayed in a most crude, shameful manner and her hysterical laughter continued while her crimson blushing spread slowly down to her breasts.

"The celebrations are still going on downstairs, but later tonight Peter and Anita will attend to you, Miss Devon, you just wait where you are a sound whipping across your big bottom is what you need, My Lady", Mrs Brunell told her before they left her there.

More than two hours had passed and Hazel had to stand there waiting, waiting.

Whenever a small sound was heard, her heart leaped and she strained herself against the whipping post with big buttocks clenching violently as she tried to close the shamefully opened crack between her trembling buttock cheeks. But it was always false alarm and Miss Hazel Devon was really getting agitated.

Another hour passed. Her restlessness was not caused only by the fact that Peter would see her in her shame, she feared Anita much more.

"She will do to you what they did to her in the House of Correction", her father had told her "and she has all the right to do so!".

Hazel trembled as she thought of the things those bastards at the institution was doing to all those young women there. She knew that they had whipped Anita between her legs...

Peter and Anita had forgot all about Hazel because they were having a violent private orgy in Peters bedroom. Anita had been so beautiful in her expensive, new evening dress the Baron had bought for her, her glittering diamond earrings framing her sensual face and her golden hair made up in a manner that Peter simply could not resist to suggest a moment alone with her as soon as the guests had left the party.

Well inside his bedroom Anita gave Peter a smile and went straight to his night table.

With a tempting, leading on expression in her face she took out three ropes. Sitting down on the bed she tied the ropes to her ankles, one rope to each, looking at Peter from time to time with that same, tempting smile on her face.

Anita had white, high heeled laced boots and gray silk stockings of the latest fashion.

She had really dressed up for the celebration.

Standing up and turning away from him with a gesture of modesty, she unlaced her knickers from under her evening gown and let them fall.

Peter just stood there, randy and ready, watching Anita gather all the pillows in the room into a high pile in the middle of the bed. Then she approached him with the third rope. Giving it to him she turned and crossed her wrists behind her. She did not have to say anything, and a moment later her hands were corded tightly together.

Anita lowered herself face down with her hips resting on the high pile of pillows with her hands tied behind her back, bending herself crosswise over the bed which left much space at her right as well as at her left. Her hips and bottom raising high in the air she spread her legs as far apart as she could. This made the hem of her pretty dress glide upwards, baring her white, tapering thighs.

"Peter I need to be tied ", Anita whispered, but he was already fastening the ankle ropes to the far bed posts, forcing her straddling legs even further apart until her knees lost the touch and support of the bed.

Peter folded her dress neatly up over her beautifully rounded bare buttocks and could not stop to admire AnitaТs well proportioned, exiting body. Her muscular thighs and calves straining in the widely spread position making her white buttocks move from side to side as he undid her garters and rolled her stockings down. When his hand cupped her sex from behind, he could hear her taking in breathe and the fingers of her tied hands straighten out in a trembling emotional strain. He could see her bite her lip when his hand felt her wide open clit and the hardness of her bared clitoris.

"Hhhhhhh...Peter...the hh drawer..." Anita panted. "The drawer in your night tableЕthere is aЕ" Peter had already looked into the drawer, seeing a small single twig of a young, fresh birch, a tiny rod with a swishy sting.

"So you have been doing my room again, have you?" AnitaТs buttocks started to clench, open up and contract.

The clenching increased and the flesh in her thighs quivered when Peter went behind her, testing the efficient sting of the rod against his palm.

"You have not done my room properly when I find things like this laying around, have you?" Peter asked with a smile on his face and the bulk in his trousers screaming to be released.

Anita buried her face into the linen of the bed, not knowing when and where the rod would make her perform the ass dance of her life in front of her husband to be. "Play your cards right, girl " Mrs Brunells voice echoed in her brain followed by a terrible sting diagonally across her right buttock cheek, making the bedposts squeak as she tried to close her legs but only resulting in that her quivering buttocks bouncing high up in the air when the muscles in her widely straddling legs tightened like strained bows.

The position was perfect for the next stinging lash of the tiny rod.

Her hips leaped upwards again with an indescribable energy by arching her back, and Peter could see her wide open dripping wet clit dancing in front of his eyes.

Anita had not seen Peter remove his trousers and that he had moved closely up behind her with his erecting cock almost touching her moist rosy clit bouncing up and down over the stack of pillows. He gave her a biting sting of the rod across her shapely bottom cheeks at the same time he moved closer to her. AnitaТs wide open clit squirmed suddenly right against his hardened penis and twisting her head back by the surprise she realized what it was.

"Yes PeterЕ. YessssЕ. " she moaned in heat.

But Peter was not willing to give it to her yet even if she tried to thrust her hips backwards in hope for him to enter her. Instead, he gave her another flick with the tiny rod which made her bottom twist in a wild dance and her dripping hot pussy rub against Peter with increased intensity. Teasingly he kept the distance, giving Anita only the tickling sensation of the touch but nothing more.

How she wanted him! How she needed him! being so close so very close, Peter made her wild of desire, burning in heat.

And Anita did perform that ass dance of her life that night. Her shrilly scream of pure sexual desire and joy when Peter finally entered her from behind echoed in the room and caused Mrs Brunell to raise an eyebrow as she happened to pass the bedroom door.

Two hours later they laid on Peters bed, both naked, satisfied and happy. AnitaТs head resting on Peters chest, her beautiful corn colored hair all spread out, her hand caressing the skin of his belly, moving her fingers slowly further down to his softened cock. Rolling his member between her fingers Peters manhood regained some signs of resurrection, just enough for her to move her head towards it.

Anita closed her red, hot lips around his penis, taking it wholly into the wetness of her mouth. She could feel it growing slowly, filling her. Letting it our, her nails caressed the sensitive nerves of his organ until it erected almost into full size. Changing her position and pushing gently Peters thighs far apart, she lowered her face and took the swelling cock into her mouth...

Peter had just given her three wonderful orgasm, and she wanted to give him at least a second one. And she did. She did not let him go even when his hot sperm shot into her mouth, she swallowed it all and continued to suck him until the very last drop. That was the way Anita had learned to do it in the House of Correction...the pimple faced clerk boy being her first teacher...

УHazel !", Anita said one and a half hour later, just waking suddenly up. It was half past three in the morning.

"Mmmm...what?" Peter asked, half asleep.

"We forgot about Hazel she is still up there, is she?"

"That's right...Anita, just tell Mrs Brunell to take her down, we deal with her tomorrow, I'm too tired now

Hazel Devons buttocks quivered uncontrollably when the door was opened. She was crying. She had had a lot of time to think about what they would do to her. She had also pissed, trying at first not to embarrass herself in this way too, but after three hours of agonizing trying it just happened. The evidence was visible on the floor. Not a very suitable thing to happen to a Lady of Quality.

"What a mess I'll take you down now...they didn't have time to deal with you tonight, but tomorrow night they will whip the arrogance out of you, believe me", Mrs Brunell said.

Hazels sobbing cries shifted suddenly to a hysterical laughter when she dressed herself.

"Before we go you clean up that mess of yours! Mrs.Brunell said while she was opening the heavy door to the adjoining prison chamber where Hazel would spend the next two months...

The next evening the two stable hands had stripped her again and attached her nude to the whipping post. This time both Peter and Anita came to see their flush faced prisoner. Anita had a swishy whip in her hand. Hazel clinged herself against the post in utter humiliation.

This was the very first time Peter had seen her naked.

"Peter, could you call for the stable boysЕ I want Miss Devon on the table on her back with her thighs spread wide open as wide as possible so that her pussylips opens. I want to give her a taste of what is it like to be a prisoner in the House of Correction." Anita said and put the switch away. From a drawer in the cupboard she took out a short, single thonged whip that she had prepared for the occasion and a smile of revenge covered her face.

Half an hour later a very crimson Miss Hazel Devon was firmly restrained on her back to the table her thighs were drawn straight outwards and buckled with heavy straps to the table edges. A pillow had been placed under her ass to force her milky white inner thighs and widely open pussy upwards into full exposure.

Anita smiled when Hazel's loud hissings turned into hysterical small laughter. She could see the violent trembling along her inner thighs when Peter tickled her hardened clitoris with a feather. Anita wanted her to be in a state of heat before she applied the stinging thong along the rosy wetness of her most intimate and sensitive anatomy. That was another thing Anita had learned in the Prison. She had seen her former cellmate Pamela Wright's violent reactions when she was straddled on the fucking table and Mark Fallon tickled her pussy and clitoris with a feather prior to her pussy-whippingЕNow she could see those same, hysterical reactions in Hazel Devon.

"Now Peter, I think she is ready. If you don't mind I would like to punish her in private", Anita said.

Peter smiled and nodded.

"Of course she is your prisoner " When the door closed Anita grabbed the thong whip and approached the young panic-stricken woman who laid her so perfectly opened for a pussy-whipping, her pulsating clitoris sticking out like a white pearlЕ. It was payback timeЕ zzzZZZZZZIIIPPP!!!


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