Agasverus – Bullets for Hass – #03002

Agasverus – Bullets for Hass – #03002

Categories: Shooting, Strangle, Suffocation, Stabbing, Non Sex, Death Fetish

Description: FETISH ELEMENTS: shots in the navel and in the breasts, pantyhose, heels.

SYNOPSIS: A stranger plans to commit murder of a girl. At first he imagines this murder in his fantasies. He does it when she sleeps by three shots – one in the navel and twice in the breast. And then he does it for real. He takes a gun with a silencer and comes to her home. He puts 5 bullets into the girl. When she falls on the floor he places his shoe under her body and flips her over onto the back. He shoots point blank three times in her navel. Then he ties pantyhose around her neck, grabs her legs and drags the body to the door and leaves her hang there.

Bullets for Hass screen
Bullets for Hass.wmv

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