Black Nylons – Killing Pet

Black Nylons – Killing Pet

Categories: Snuff Play, Death Fetish, Shooting, Bloody, Lesbian, Naked Slut, Stabbing

Description: Penthouse Playmate Pet has had a good day. She swishing her satin dress sexily, hopping on the kitchen counter and letting warm water flow over her stocking legs and feet, just enjoying the feelings. But it’s about to end. In two separate vignettes, Pet is accosted in her kitchen by a killer with a knife and she slumps to the floor with two vicious stabs, exposing her panty-less crotch as she bleeds from the wounds an dies.

Then, her ex-husband finds her in the bathroom in a white dress, pushing her full breasts out in terror as he points his silenced pistol at her. He shoots, and again and again as she slumps against the bathroom fixtures and winds up propped slightly against the bathtub. Her full breasts have such dramatic holes in them…


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