Black Nylons – Revenge Served Red

Black Nylons – Revenge Served Red

Categories: Snuff Play, Death Fetish, Shooting, Bloody, Lesbian, Naked Slut, Stabbing

Description: Starring Savannah Costello as Nikki

Savannah stars in another custom story! OneMkeGuy posted it in the “Pulped Fiction” section of the FF Board. It is fun to read! Nikki is a beautiiful, sexy business woman, a financial whiz who stepped in to save my company from financial ruin. Looking back, I realized how clever she was, slowly dragging me in to a lust for her that I could not resist. And then the early sex turned into light bondage as we experimented with other sensations and desires.

But it did not make sense. Despite Nikki doing sophisticated financial work, the company never seemed to get ahead in its cash flow… Finally, I started to wonder…. what has she really been doing? When I finally had the truth, my ***** boiled with the need for revenge for what she had done to me, for her betrayal…. I enjoyed every second of her agony as I pumped .22 bullets into her belly, and then her breast, and finally her head. She would never do this to anyone else…

Fetish elements: belly shots, breast shots, headshot, clothed, nude, *****, realistic wounds, death agony, death stares, large breasts, feet views, guns, shooting, mature women, bad *****, extended death scenes, undressing, nylons, struggling, tight clothes, elegant clothes, light bondage, blindfold,


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