Black Nylons – Tender Prey 1

Black Nylons – Tender Prey 1

Categories: Snuff Play, Death Fetish, Shooting, Bloody, Lesbian, Naked Slut, Stabbing

Description: The crossbow hunter is out for beautiful game, and this time he finds Belle Fatale and Hannah Perez at home, looking beautiful in their evening dresses… Belle takes a couple of crossbow bolts in her belly and chest as she stands in the kitchen, and then does a dying job that is second to none… She’s one of the best actresses in the business, and you believe every moan and sob!

Then Hannah comes in and is surprised to find a guy she knows in her house. He wastes no time and plugs the voluptuous Hannah twice as well. Hannah forgot to wear her panties, and as she bleeds out and dies, the scenery gets better and better.


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