Black Nylons – The Madam

Black Nylons – The Madam

Categories: Snuff Play, Death Fetish, Shooting, Bloody, Lesbian, Naked Slut, Stabbing

Description: Bonita is a Madam with management problems. She decides to evaluate her staff and decides that Cali Jane has to go. Not quite the image she wants. Unfortunately, when confronted, Cali doesn’t accept her fate gracefully. Then she makes the unpardonable mistake. She threatens Bonita, says that “she’ll talk.” Bonita warns her that that would be very dangerous. Cali doesn’t seem convinced. Bonita is faced with a decision, and she makes it. Cali can’t be left alive.

Cali gets shot four times in brutal fashion. The belly. It doubles her over in pain. Then in the breast. Then under the breast. The bullets spin her back and forth, and finally around into the wall. A fourth shot catches her in the back and she slowly slumps to the floor. Bonita comes over and puts a fifth bullet into Cali’s breast just to make a quick end of the moaning girl. Then she cuts off Cali’s dress and admires the wounds… Nice job!

But what Bonita doesn’t know is that the big boss, Luigi, has made a similar decision, and figures that Bonita knows too much to live. So when Bonita heads for home and a hot bath to celebrate her tough action on a wayward employee, she is shocked to find Velma walking into her bathroom. Velma doesn’t bother talking very much. She plugs Bonita over and over again. Bonita bleeds from her wounds into the bathwater and finally slides down in death. Great stare…!

And please, write me and tell me what you think about these shooting videos. Or post something on one of the boards. It’s critical to my decision whether to continue producing. Thanks!

fetish elements: belly shots, breast shots, multiple deaths, multiple wounds, elegant dresses, party dresses, blood, realistic wounds, agony, mouth blood, stretched out legs, pussy views, feet view, leg views, nude bodies.


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