Choke Chamber – Bad Credit

Choke Chamber – Bad Credit

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Our gorgeous new addition, Athena X makes her Chokechamber debut in this erotic, asphyxia project as a ball busting, bossy, rich bitch landlord who gets a permanent attitude adjustment by a prospective tenant. After rudely dismissing the potential renter, he decides to teach her a lesson she won’t soon forget. He finds a rope in tool chest outside left by contractors, and sneaks in to the property while the busty brunette is turned away. He creeps behind her, and without a moment’s hesitation pulls her by the neck. He drags her by the throat with the rope, fighting and kicking. Athena struggles, but the angry man’s hold is too powerful. She is rendered immobile, and struggling for air. The fight continues with multiple camera angles highlighting Athena’s beautiful, pain-stricken, sensually agonizing experience. Minutes later, she expires. Now asleep, the renter decides to check out the goods. He could tell first hand that the beauty had a great figure, so he wanted to see it in the flesh. He strips her of her clothing and fondles her big, supple breasts. He plays with her firm backside, and sexy feet. He enjoys the warm sleeping beauty until his heart’s delight.

Bad credit
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