Choke Chamber – Beach Shot Dead Cocktail

Beach Shot Dead Cocktail.0023

Choke Chamber – Beach Shot Dead Cocktail

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INTRODUCING NEW MODEL – NATA. RETURNING OUR MODEL – SEXY BLONDE ANNA! SHOT DEAD COCKTAIL is mix of shooting videos with no blood effects. This one is especial. FIRST TIME at CRIME HOUSE there are silencer shootings with very realistic silencer gun effects. FIRST TIME at CRIME HOUSE there are revolver shooting effects. Compositions: Babes of oligarchs are killed at resort by contract killer with silencer gun (many variants), Nude girls at the beach are shot by maniac with revolver, Asian Harem are shot by sheikh, Sexy-Dressed girls are shot at the beach. 3 Girls die are killed together many times. Body touching with gun, ass views, vagina views, different poses, different dead faces. Rich location and many murder scenes with very sexy reactions, death stares. Much nude content. Beach theme, bungalow theme, jungle theme, Asian theme. Professional operator work by DarkRooms production, special sounds effects, clear sound. 20 minutes only deaths, deaths, deaths, body touching, playing with bodies, POV shooting, sexy poses.

Fetish Elements:

12 compositions, many deaths, quick deaths, slow deaths, head shots, girls’ Mexican roulette, shots in the back, shots in the hearts, open eyes death stare, closed eyes death stare, death stares with open mouth, agony, surprises before death, exotic nude poses.

Beach Shot Dead Cocktail
Beach Shot Dead Cocktail.mp4

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