Choke Chamber – Blonde And Armed

Choke Chamber – Blonde And Armed

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Loan shark, and mob boss Frankie is on the phone, aggressively collecting money owed to him by defaulting borrower. “If I don’t get my twenty grand by five pm today, somebody’s gonna die.” He threatens. After the call, in through the front door walks his insurance policy; a lovely, blonde woman in a short, leather mini, armed and dangerous. She sits across the table from Frankie, and starts casual conversation. After a few minutes of “small talk,” he slides over a small white envelope. She receives the gift, smiles, and says she’ll take the job. The only stipulation is that she has to take pictures after the job is done. She exits. The next scene takes us to the target’s hotel room. He’s packing his things in a panic, ready to flee the state. As he prepares to carry out his bag, the hitwoman kicks down the front door, rushes toward him, and aims a loaded weapon against his head. She smiles, and orders him to walk toward the living room where she can see him. She kicks him down, and taunts him a little. She pulls him up, punches him on the stomach, and throws him against the wall. As per her employer’s request, she’s teaching him a lesson, he won’t soon forget. The target fights back, slaps her across the face, and darts to the bedroom to grab his gun. He opens fire,. She ducks for cover. They immediately start to fire back and forth. Moments later, the target cries in pain. He’s been hit! Now letting her guard down, she approaches the room to finish the job…fatal mistake! Her ego has got the best of her! Without further hesitation, the target pops up, and shoots blondie 5 times on the body. She is taken aback, and paralyzed with shock. Immediately, the bullets that pierced her body now ooze blood. She falls on the floor, and cries in agonizing pain. The target smiles in relief, and self-satisfaction. The blonde beauty moans and groans, until she expires. The target flees, and the mission is incomplete. On to the next hitwoman…
Blonde and armed
Blonde and armed.mp4

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