Choke Chamber – Blood Thicker Than Water

Choke Chamber – Blood Thicker Than Water

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

William is a scumbag. A deceptive, self-centered man, on a mission to separate two sisters from their money. After marrying Jackie, he devises a plan, convincing both sisters, that the other, is out to steal the family fortune. The sister’s sadness soon turns to anger, then rage. Both sisters, fearing for their lives, arm themselves with a pistol. They soon meet in the living room, and all the sisterly problems from their past, rise to the surface in explosion of emotions. Finally, they level their hand guns at one another, and open fire. Both go down, writhing in pain. William, armed, moves into the room, gloating. They curse him, and he return the favor by shooting them in a barrage of gun fire to their stomachs. One guess…blood is not thicker than water. Shooting videos

Fetish Elements:

Super sultry death stares, exciting shoot out, 2 girls, pantyhose, blood, high heel pumps, special CGI style shooting bullet effects, muzzle flash, shoot out, body writhing and pain, agony, belly clutching, crawling, gasping, heavy breathing, body crawling, 2 victims, moaning groaning, multiple bullet wounds, shootout, point blank shooting, body pile, body handling and manipulating, outtake

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