Choke Chamber – Camera Corpse

Choke Chamber – Camera Corpse

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: After whetting his appetite with his first kill, famous photographer Lucas has decided he’s hungry for another exciting, model murder. Naturally, a worthy victim would have to be a woman much like his previous experiment… a vixen of poor work ethic, and questionable moral standards. Gorgeous, blonde bombshell Ossy, saunters into the studio dressed in a provocative, tight fitting short dress, accented by a nude pair of pantyhose, and high heel pumps. Michelle, Lucas’ assistant welcomes the diva, despite her rude candor, and directs her to the set. Ossy performs as expected, gracefully. But within 20 minutes, she insists on taking a break even though she arrives 2 hours past her call time. Lucas’ desire is growing. However, it isn’t until the Playboy vixen discovers fresh human remains in the fridge does he officially decide that she’s the one. After all, he needs to silence her indefinitely. Ossy runs frantically away from the photographer. He enjoys the cat and mouse play, but quickly puts an end to her futile attempt to escape by knocking her down. She falls like a ton of bricks . While asleep, he takes her by the wrists, and drags her to the living room where he can inspect, and finish her off in peace. He admires her curvaceous, smooth body. Then suddenly she awakens, but not before he is able to wrap a rope around her soft, long neck. He squeezes the garrote furiously, forcing her to panic, and move in a frenzy. He increases his hold even tighter, until the strangled beauty expires. Alas, the bitchy model is dead. Her eyes remain wide open, and her tongue out. He admires her warm, supple body. He decides to enjoy her now that she’s quiet. He first strips her, then removes her pantyhose, and plays with her beautiful feet. He flops her around, smacks her round ass, and caresses her smooth, silky, buxom body. After he’s had his fill, he drags her away to dispose of the body. On to the next model…

Camera corpse
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