Choke Chamber – Claustrophobia

Choke Chamber – Claustrophobia

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: In a cold, dark, and barren room lies a beautiful blonde beauty on the floor. She awakens from her slumber, only to find herself trapped, and alone in a room with no windows, just four walls. She is frightened! She tries to escape to no avail. After three days in the room with no food, water, or human contact, the scared beauty is suddenly visited by the man responsible for her entrapment. He grabs her from behind and throws her against the room. He goes for her throat, then chokes her until she loses consciousness. After taking her down, he starts to disrobe her. Turns out, he was her contractor… he’s had a crush on her all this time. After some stripping, and heavy petting, she awakens only to be finished off mercilessly. Now that she’s dead, he proceeds to stripping her until she is completely stark naked. He fondles her body, plays with her breasts, and pinches her nipples. Then he takes it a step further and inserts his finger inside her. He violates her dead corpse sexually with his hands. Once he’s had his fill, he leaves her naked, manipulated body in the cold, dark, barren room for the rats to finish off.


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