Choke Chamber – Cleaning Service


Choke Chamber – Cleaning Service

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

Two crazy bastards attack the rich cottage and its territory. Juliana sees them near gates, shouts, tries to escape but they shoot her in her chest. She falls to the ground, in agony and dies. They run to the balcony where poor Mary was relaxing. They shoot her to her heart. They go to the yard and see Luiza in the dining-room from the street. They shoot through the window, break it, Luiza gets the bullet to her head. She slowly dies from headshot. They shoot from below Pola standing at the balcony killing her to the neck, then they enter the building, catch Angelina to her head (sexy view). They carry all bodies to the second floor, strip them and sit at the table waiting for house owner – Hass. She sees the horror picture of 5 naked dead friends, cries and gets the bullet to her head, falls to the ground. They strip her too and leave 6 naked dead dolls lie together at this horror summer night.

Two crazy bastards attack a cottage, kill 6 girls and make huge full naked bodypile in the hall.
Fetish Elements:

Dynamic shooting murders with realistic well-played falls, 6 deaths with blood and blood to the camera, Shooting throw the window, window was broken,Shooting from below,Loud shot crying before deaths,Excellent decorations and FX effects

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