Choke Chamber – Clone Murders

Choke Chamber – Clone Murders

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Sexy assassin Kymberly Jane is given a mission via mail. Reading aloud, she learns that this mission will prove that she is ready to be promoted. The mission’s details involve her killing three clones of the same woman (all played by Shiva). The instructions end on the ominous note “we are watching,” but the message is clear. Failure means her immediate termination. As a gesture of her employer’s confidence in her, they’ve added a challenge; kill the clones in three different ways, and earn triple the contract’s worth. She enters the complex and comes upon the first clone, unaware of her presence. Quickly and quietly she covers the clone’s mouth, and stabs her in the back. This first kill is all business, ruthless and systematic. The clone’s moans muffled by her hand, the assassin stabs her several more times, and then slits her throat. With clone one silenced, she moves upstairs to find the second clone asleep. Realizing that she is alone Kym takes her cord out, straddles her victim, then quickly begins to strangle her. Enjoying every moment of the clone’s struggle, the assassin finds herself aroused . She begins to kiss her helpless target, eventually progressing down to her neck. When the clone finally dies, she strips her of her top and bra, and after a brief diversion playing with her breasts, she sets out to kill the third clone. This time the tables are turned, and the clone gets the drop on the assassin, ambushing her! The assassin’s main gun jams and she is forced to use her second one, hidden on her leggings. Using all three bullets she shoots the third clone fatally in the navel, and breast, both shots coming after a well placed shot to the leg. Once again taking the time to admire her hit, she taunts the last clone, the decides to kiss her goodbye. Wiping the blood off her lips and smearing over the dying clone’s, she further humiliates her by slowly striping her down as she is helpless and moaning. When she finals does die, she is topless, and down to her panties, and forced to watch her killer mock her. Her job done, and a nice bonus awaiting her, the assassin takes her mark’s dropped gun, and leaves the site.

Clone murders
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