Choke Chamber – Contract Killer

Choke Chamber – Contract Killer

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Bree plays a gold-digging bitch out to screw her husband out of everything he has. Hubby has just about had enough, and is on a rampage quarreling with his lawyer regarding division of assets. Bree opens the scene, on the phone openly ridiculing her future ex, and boasting about how much she’ll win from this lucrative divorce…(The house in the Hamptons, the Aspen lodge, the home in Milan, etc.) For a final meeting, Bree and hubby Winston agree to meet at his LA home with the hopes of coming to a civil arrangement. Much to Winston’s expectation, and unfortunate circumstance, Bree takes no deal. In fact, she rubs it in his face that she’s taking everything. Winston at this point has lost all patience. After realizing there is no reasoning with the 22 year old gold digger, in walks a beautiful, sultry, raven-haired vixen in a short skirt with high-boots. At first Bree thinks it’s her ex’s new girl friday, but her demeanor seemed too cold to be a lover. Winston invites the asian beauty to meet his wife, and politely excuses himself from the room. The exotic beauty wore a hat, and large shades which drew more attention to her red, plump lips. Bree tries to talk to the new girl, but she remains silent. Instead, the mysterious woman pulls a rope from her pocket, and tightens it to form a garrote. Bree looks at her strangely, and makes an attempt to exit, when suddenly the garrote pulls her from behind, and firmly wraps around her neck. The mystery woman is now choking Bree fiercely. Bree panics and tries to escape, but her assailant is an expert, and maintains her hold steadfastly. The lady killer is calm and collected, as she strangles the life out of Bree. Within moments, Bree’s life expires. The lovely murderess, hired by Winston to kill his wife has completed her mission successfully. As an added bonus, she takes Bree’s dress and shoes with her. After all, professional hitman or not, she can still sport designer.
Contract killer
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