Choke Chamber – Crime and punishment

Choke Chamber – Crime and punishment

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A poor student rents a room in At Petersburg. It’s payday but he has no money. He reads «Crime and Punishment» by Fedor Dostoevsky and finds himself like Raskolnikov. When he reads about murdering of flat-owner and Liza, he is exited. He decides to repeat a tragic story. But the room’s owner isn’t an old lady at all! Young, success businesswoman and her pretty young long-leggy daughter came to his place for their money. But instead money they find nothing but death! The student takes a gun and shoots the woman to her chest. Mother surprises and dies in quick death agony. Her daughter in the shock and we can understand her – mother she loved so much now is dead with a bullet in her body. Young girl rushes to mummy’s corpse, seats on her knees and cries: – Oh, no, mummy, dear, no! Bastard, what have you done? The student finds the scene of this tragedy is very exiting. He feels himself like «Overman» in Dostoevsky’s and Nietzsche’s proceedings. The girl is so pretty in panic. Her short skirt is up, she touches her dead mother in hope that she can help her. But she can not. The student transforms to cruel monster and makes her to play a sexy game with her dead mother, to touch her hair, tits, to put off jewels from her neck. Young babe wants to live so much, that’s why she does all he says. But he isn’t going to stop. The next his order is to take off her clothes. The daughter takes off her shirt and skirt shyly, and then she takes off tights. -Play with her body! – he orders again. The girl touches mummy’s still warm corpse, but she can’t stand so cruelty any more, she gets panic. -I won’t do it any more- she cries desperately. – Stop it now, bastard! This is her last words. He shoots her to stomach. It pains. This girl didn’t know what is pain. But now she does, she knows this shocking terrible feeling of fear, pain and death coming. She is looking at him confused and he shoots again, now in her chest. Deadly point! She falls on her mum’s body smoothly and gracefully. Two dead girls lying in a body pile. Mothers has a calm face with clothed eyes. Seems she is just sleeping but bloody wound says about she is dead. Daughter has a opened-eyes death stare. Her eyes look like they made of glass. The student comes to the bodies and starts playing with them. He takes off bra from young girl’s big boobs and touches them, smashing spreading blood. He plays with girls, like with dolls made of real girls. Then she seats them is dead-dolls poses, seats near and continues to read Dostoevsky. He touches their faces. He is reading all the evening and when he reads about Raskolnikov’s atonement his courage with «Overman» idea failed.

Mum and daughter are executed together by crazy guy. Then he plays with their dead bodies.
Fetish Elements:

Mother-daughter victims, shooting, blood, forced stripping, surprised faces, body pile with two girls, stockings, playing with dead bodies, much of different dead playing, interesting plot

Crime and punishment
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