Choke Chamber – Despicable Wife

Choke Chamber – Despicable Wife

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Athena’s husband is going away on a business trip, and has the house to herself for the weekend. Excited about the newfound freedom, she immediately contacts her lover, and seductively invites him over for a little “private play.” She teases, and flirts excessively throughout the call. He comes over, and they fool around. Little does the busty cheater realize that her husband is aware of her torrid affair. Alas, hubby can no longer contain his rage, he breaks into the room, and confronts his unfaithful wife. She leaps up from surprise, and tries to defend herself. She makes every futile attempt to lie. Finally, the hubby loses all patience, and charges for her throat. He climbs on top, and forcibly squeezes her neck until the veins pop up, and raises her off the ground. She struggles to break free, but his anger fuels his power over her. Within minutes, the curvy beauty expires. Her death does not satiate his need for vengeance. But strangely, he is aroused by his wife’s silence. He starts to play with her still body. He strips her, and enjoys her sumptuous body. Much to his surprise, she’s more fun post-mortem!

Despicable wife
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