Choke Chamber – Dirty Laundry

Choke Chamber – Dirty Laundry

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Scene opens with beautiful Goldie, tied up and mouth taped, in what appears to be a dark, laundry room. As a government spy, training has enabled her to stay calm and collected. She assesses the situation. Within moments upon her waking, she hears two male voices approaching. The men enter. They taunt and tease Goldie. They harass her, molest her. They unzip her tight, provocative leather jacket and release her large, milky double D endowments. They begin to fondle her bare naked breasts. She tries to pull away, but the two men are persistent, and cruel. Apparently, Goldie has uncovered their “dirty laundry” (money laundering) and must now be disposed of. One of the men takes an interest in Goldie’s beautiful neck, and without hestitation, starts to choke her furiously. She passes out. While unconscious, the two men leave her locked in the room, only to meet her inevitable fate… a long, painful, miserable death with the GAS CHAMBER!

Dirty laundry
Dirty laundry.mp4

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