Choke Chamber – Dreamscape Continues

Choke Chamber – Dreamscape Continues

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: The erotic taboo fantasies of deadly spy assassin scenarios continue to overcome the two gorgeous vixens. The next dream opens in a living room. Lara and Suzy wear tight-fitting short black dress, black fishnet stockings, and heels. Suzy has dark-rimmed eyeglasses. They sit next to each other on the couch. “So,” Lara asks. “Did you get the files?” “Right here,” Suzy shows Lara a flash drive before tucking it safely away in her stocking. She crosses her legs. Lara smiles seductively as she moves in close to gently stroke Suzy’s face and neck. “Good work,” Lara remarks. She embraces her partner, preoccupying her with gentle kisses while deftly obtaining a hidden syringe. Silently, Lara presses the needle into Suzy’s thigh. Suzy’s eyes widen in surprise, but she is unable to speak. She stares incredulously at Lara, who continues to return soft kisses and caress her face. Suzy’s eyes blink as they lose focus and then slowly drift closed as she slumps limply into Lara’s arms. Lara removes the needle and tips Suzy’s head back. She plants more gentle kisses and then drapes the sleeping spy across the couch. She sits her up in her lap, removes her dress, and recovers the flash drive from her stocking. She secures it in her bra. “What’s going on here?” Vivo asks, entering the room. Lara’s expression darkens. She draws a pistol from her dress and takes aim at Vivo. Little does Lara anticipate that her sleeping nemesis had awakened, with a vengeance. She finds a garrote around her neck, and her life prematurely taken from her. But not long after Lara’s expiration does Suzy’s follow. With the aid of a cold silencer pistol, Suzy meets her untimely demise. Shot in the belly, Suzy dies in agonizing pain, and falls on her enemy’s lifeless corpse on the couch. Two agents down

Dreamscape continues
Dreamscape continues.mp4

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