Choke Chamber – First Call Girl

Choke Chamber – First Call Girl

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Something’s been eating Henry Howard. What could it be? He has a successful business, a beautiful blonde wife at home, 3 kids, and a gorgeous mansion by the beach. Why does he feel so bored? Some men find contentment mundane, and that in itself can create discontent.One fine morning during his downtime, while on a company trip, Henry decides to take the advice of a colleague, and contact a local escort agency to help him pass the time. What starts off as a curious experiment, turns into a satisfying, need quenching, hobby! Within half and hour, a sexy, busty blonde dressed in a tight, short black dress, and high heel pumps pulls up. She walks toward his condo. Henry opens the door, and invites the vixen in. She introduces herself as “Shiva” and enters. He checks her out, admiring her luscious curves, and smooth thighs, perfectly accented with nude pantyhose. He politely instructs her to entertain him with a seductive dance. Being the pro that she is, Shiva smiles provocatively, then starts to move her hips with perfect eroticism. She undresses, as she sways, enticing Henry. Within moments, dressed in nothing but her hose, panties, and heels, she sits delicately next to her admirer. She asks him to give her a back rub. Henry plays along for a moment. He then pulls out a long knife, hoists it up in the air, then jams it deep in the blonde’s soft belly. Shiva cries out in agonizing horror! He pushes it in deep, forcing her to squirm in pain. He keeps the blade in and revels in her misery. He then pulls the blade out. Soon, the busty blonde dies. Seems this new source of entertainment requires an encore performance. This time, perhaps with a brunette!

First call girl
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