Choke Chamber – Grandpa Killer

Choke Chamber – Grandpa Killer

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Just out of college, Bordeaux is now expected to fend for herself, and start paying her own way. Dreading the workplace, she thinks of alternative methods to make money. She’s young, hot, smart… what can she do to get her hands on some cash with minimal effort? Even getting a sugar daddy requires work. Bordeaux then remembers that she is entitled to a very hefty inheritance once her grandfather passes. Unfortunately for the calloused, lazy, gold-digging blonde, that could be years! She decides to expedite that timeframe with the help of something she learned in chemistry class. A simple mixture of ingredients found in her kitchen cleaning agents creates a deadly, virtually undetectable chemical cocktail that will ensure her financial security almost instantaneously. She decides to mix in the poison in a glass of wine which she serves her grandfather. Little does she realize, old grandpa isn’t as unsuspecting as she thinks. He catches her mix in the lethal brew in his beverage. Angered by her actions, he switches the drinks. Bordeaux literally gets a taste of her own medicine. Once she consumes the poisoned drink, she starts to convulse uncontrollably and fall to the floor. She chokes in agonizing pain. Within minutes, her body experiences anaphylactic shock, and then she foams in the mouth. She dies moments later. The grandfather strips her, wraps her in a plastic bag and disposes the body. The world has one less spoiled brat infesting the place.

Grandpa killer
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