Choke Chamber – Hackers

Choke Chamber – Hackers

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: GIRL VS. GIRL EROTIC STRANGLE STARRING A NEW CHOKECHAMBER PLAYBOY MODEL! Playboy model Leia Christiana makes her Chokechamber debut alongside the ever-alluring, and provocative asian vixen Michelle Lee, as a gifted computer hacker who gets betrayed by her partner in crime. After the two beauties break into the highly secured NSA files, a million dollar sale is within their reach. Leia assumes an even 50/50 split would suffice, but unfortunately for the olive-skinned beauty, her counterpart disagrees. Michelle hires an assassin to take her partner out. Plans don’t necessary happen as expected. After a brief shootout between the hired gun, and Leia, Michelle steps in and hits her friend over the head with a hammer. Assuming her former partner is dead, Michelle argues with her hit man on how to dispose of the body. To their surprise, Leia comes to, overhears Michelle’s incriminating conversation, and tries to escape. Immediately Michelle and the hit man grab Leia, hold her down, and strangle her to death. She fights for dear life, but Michelle is persistent. Within moments, Leia expires. After death, Michelle strips her friend of all of her clothing, reclaiming what’s hers, and even puts on her victim’s boots. After all, she won’t be needing them anymore. Michelle is now $800K richer, and with better footwear.


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