Choke Chamber – Happy halloween

Choke Chamber – Happy halloween

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging


VERY GORY! VERY SEXY! VERY INTERESTING! Gory erotic lawlessness! 4 pretty girls enjoy lesbian party in private cottage a day before Halloween. They caress each other and are ready for big orgy. But they don’t know that a crazy clown-misogynist is near. He has a terrific gift for them –a grenade F1! He enters the house and throws the grenade. They panic and then … BOOM! The explosion throws bloody girls’ bodies around the room. And then the clown decides to have some fun. He has nylons and stockings fetish and he clothes corpses in stockings. He plays with bodies, carries them and makes a great 4 bloody dead chicks body pile! Hah!

Mad Clown with stockings death fetish throws F1 grenade to 4 girls and plays with their dead bodies making great bodypile.
Fetish Elements:

Very gory content, blood, first time in death fetish industry: explanation, 4 dead girls, playing with bodies, jeans, beautiful sexy death poses, death stares, stockings, putting stockings to the dead girl’s legs, legs, bodypile, different poses in bodypiles, postmortem.

Happy halloween
Happy halloween.mp4

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