Choke Chamber – Hunting Ossy And Portia

Choke Chamber – Hunting Ossy And Portia

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Playboy model, and blonde, busty bombshell “Ossy S” and gorgeous, provocative, Anne Hathaway body double “PORTIA CRUZ” What happens when you fail the mob? Not only do YOU pay for your mistake, but everyone else you’re associated with suffers too. After a botched assassination authorized by a notorious crime lord, a fatal example is made. The “Godfather” authorizes another hit… this time, the target, or in this case, the targets involve all the assassins affiliated with the “hitwoman” who didn’t complete her mission.One by one, these lady killers are offed. Each assassin, riddled with bullets on the chest, and body are taken out without mercy. Ossy and Portia, the last two remaining hit women left standing, try to defend themselves. They try to hunt the hunters, and take offense by attacking first. Ossy and Portia both ambush the crime lord’s home and attempt to kill him. They manage to fight back, by killing their hunters, and hold their ground, but sadly, they too follow the same fate as their crew.

Hunting ossy and portia
Hunting ossy and portia.mp4

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