Choke Chamber – Informant sequel

Choke Chamber – Informant sequel

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging


When an undercover cop pretending to be a prostitute in order to infiltrate a big pimp and his operation has her identity revealed, she loses more than just her cover. In an attempt to take her out, her pimp calls her and submits her for a job. The “John” is given specific instructions to get rid of her completely. The kill has to be quiet and discreet. Instead of a loud gun, the hitman posing as a john decides to use a poison that is virtually unnoticeable once absorbed in the body. He instructs the agent to dance for him, and she complies seductively. When she isn’t looking, he takes a dart, and shoots it straight to her belly. The poison stings, and the pain horrible. She writhes in sensual agony, asking for the antidote. Within moments, the beautiful cop expires. Liability eliminated.

Fetish Elements:

Super sexy death stares, erotic belly fetish, seductive belly roll, nudity, back arching, moaning and groaning, breast clutching, spread eagle, submission and domination, eyes wide, tongue out, poisoned dart, belly button pressing, high heel boots, sexy lap dance

Informant sequel
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