Choke Chamber – Jealous Craze

Choke Chamber – Jealous Craze

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Kymberly has suspected for a long time that her man is having an affair. One day she finds a woman’s bra under her own bed. It is NOT hers. Always unbalanced, she mentally snaps. She is aware of his old girlfriends and invites his most recent of his ex-girl friends to meet up with their “old” boyfriend at her new address, giving them each separate arrival times. She is determined that at least one of them is his secret lover, so they can all die so she won’t miss the guilty one. The girls don’t even know each other—but Kymberly long ago found her man’s “little black book” of past relationships—so she makes typed letters, forges her man’s signature to invite them to renew their “acquaintances.” This way she doesn’t have to search them out—they will come to right to her to be murdered. Each girl comes dressed up, toes polished red, bare legs, and no one wears undergarments—after all they are expecting to renew a sexy encounter. All the girls are stunned first by a stun gun— then each one is strangled via nylon around neck. The girls arrive separately in the scenes. They sit down on a couch or easy chair arranged in the center of the area or at least with space behind it for the killer to hide. Each girl sits down and tries to look as sexy as possible waiting for the “lover” to show up. Soon each looks around baffled while Kymberly is hiding, hopefully behind them, and she uses a hand held stun weapon to stun them. Helpless now, dazed if not unconscious—the girls are strangled to death one by one by Kymberly in her anger. The girls struggle weakly as they understand what is happening–but she is strong—and they all die in short order—eyes open, tongue extended. Kymberly takes pictures of the dead bodies. As she finishes the last pose, her man comes in sees that she has killed his secret lover. So, enraged, he picks up and zaps Kymberly with her own stun weapon—and she falls helpless to a kneeling position—eyes rolling back. He grabs the same nylon she used on the others and as she dizzily sways, he lifts her head and puts the nylon around her neck. He is so angry that Kymberly is soon dead—eyes open—tongue extended. She is Slowly stripped of her clothes—Kymberly then joins the body pile. The boyfriend now re-arranges the girls a few times, and snaps off a few more pics and leaves the bodies piled up.

Jealous craze
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