Choke Chamber – Job For Killer


Choke Chamber – Job For Killer

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

Luiza is a sexy young rich wife. She wants to divorce her husband. To feel safe, even from her husband, she hires bodyguards – sexy girls from VIP guard-agency. Her husband orders a contract killer to get his wife killed. Killer shoots the lock gate, enters the territory of mansion. He takes a position. He sees Guard 1 at the garden bridge. He shoots her to her breasts. Young girl is shocked. She thought it was a simple job for big money but not a deadly job. She gets another bullet and after panic and agony she dies in a sexy pose in the bridge. We see another of her sexy pose after killer checks her pulse. He moves to the garden. He shoots Guard 2 to her back, then to her breasts. Poor woman dies on her back. Killer checks her pulse and goes for Luiza. Luiza is drinking wine in the garden. Suddenly she sees the killer. She stands up in shock, the killer shot. The bullet flies (in slow motion) right to her head. She stands with a bullet in her head, in shock, with eyes full of surprise and fear, she drops her glass of wine to the ground (in slow motion), falls on the swing. Her dead body is swaying in the wind. Killer carries all 3 corpses to the house, puts them in the sexy poise, strips one of the guards and meets his boss for money.

Two female sexy guards and rich lady are shot by killer with silencer-gun
Fetish Elements:

Sexy guards in white blouses and mini-skirts, Guards are shot by 2-3 bullets each one (in the breasts), Long dying agonies and death in sexy poses, Good bullets and wounds effects, Lady is shot by headshot, Long sexy headshot with bullet effect and slow-motion Body carrying, pulse checking, Bodypile

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