Choke Chamber – Left For Dead

Choke Chamber – Left For Dead

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: After the murder of his brother and several respectable colleagues, Tony and his henchman have decided to take out the culprit… a female hit woman known to the industry as Lady Lee. After months of pursuing her to no avail, Tony one day gets a call from a reliable source, telling him where she can be found. Anxious to avenge the death of his crew, he rushes to her location. Next scene, we see Michelle walking toward a tunnel wearing a tight white tank, and form fitting leather pants, with sexy thigh high black boots. Her wardrobe is nothing short of erotic, and deadly. Tony and his lackey spot the exotic vixen, and follow her down the tunnel. Immediately she takes notice, and hides discretely. The two men are outwitted, and confused. They search for Lady Lee, and head toward forest, to find her, and are separated. Now that she has the men where she wants them, Lady Lee comes to view, creeps up behind Tony, then punches him in the face. They start to fight. Her martial arts skills exceed his, and he falls to the floor. His patience grows thin, so he pulls out a gun. But before he can use it, he is accidentally shot in the butt by his henchman. Angry, and immobile, he orders his guy to pursue Lee who has now run away. He follows the asian beauty. She hides behind a tree, awaiting the perfect moment to attack. However, the thug spots her from afar, and creeps toward her. Before she can react, he pulls the gun at her, then shoots her right on the belly button. She is taken aback by the bullet, and immediately cradles her stomach. She is deeply wounded, but remains standing, pushing her weight against a tree to hold her ground. The thug then shoots her 4 more times. Despite her best efforts, the wounds have punctured major arteries, and she slides to the floor, and dies. Unfortunately for Tony he dies from his injuries as well. I guess Lee still has the last laugh.

Left for dead
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