Choke Chamber – Legend Of Jack: Hell – Part 2

Legend Of Jack Hell - Part 2.0024

Choke Chamber – Legend Of Jack: Hell – Part 2

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging


In the hell Jack was met by Devil and three sexy Demons-girls. They keep him out according the deal with Devil and Jack has more fantasies about killing girls. The main Devil girl strangles her helpers who try to let Jack go to the Hell. After it Jack killes her. He playes with their bodies when Devil wakes him. The Devil and Demons give him pumpkin lantern and let him go forever in the night… It’s not usual clip. It is a movie with 5000 $ budget, special effects, professional camera crew, makeup artist from central television, real weapon. The shooting was 3 days long, great postproduction. We don’t hope to have profit from movie, it is like a present to Halloween. Sorry for high price, we need to back part of the cost… HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Fetish Elements:

Sexy demons, strangulation, girl strangles girl mass strangulation, dead sexy demons bodypile, strangled demons, stockings, legs, death stares, playing with bodies, choking reactions, great Halloween atmosphere.

Legend Of Jack Hell - Part 2
Legend Of Jack Hell – Part 2.mp4

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