Choke Chamber – Live And Let Die


Choke Chamber – Live And Let Die

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

Mr. Blue, and Ms. Red have just received a confirmation to assassinate a deadly Chinese agent known as the Black Widow, and retrieve all data files, including hard copies pertaining to “Renegade”. Red and Blue arrive at the target’s location and quickly make their way into the house with weapons drawn. They split up, moving cautiously through the house. Agent Red moves to an office and, raffles through papers on the desk. Someone is in the house, moving stealthily down the hall to the office where she shoots Red in the back. Blue, down stairs, runs to his partner’s side, and comforts her. He hears something and goes to investigate. Black Widow hurries down the stairs until a bullet brings her down. Blue exacts his own revenge for Red. It’s not pretty.

Fetish Elements:

2 girls, shooting, erotic death stares, special bullet effects and muzzle flash, elegant business attire, stockings, high heel pumps, stilettos, eyes wide, body handling, drawn out deaths and agony, gasping, heavy breathing, Hollywood shooting special effects, multiple bullet wounds, blood, head shot, tough girl scene

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