Choke Chamber – Locksmith 2

Choke Chamber – Locksmith 2

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Detective Kayla Ann has been the lead agent, on a major murder case for the past two years. The Locksmith serial killer has been an unresolved story for quite some time, with no key suspects. One late evening, Kayla works in the office, hoping to discover something groundbreaking, when alas, a huge piece of the puzzle dawns on her! Finally, after all those years, they have a viable lead! She contacts her partner right away, and emails her findings. She packs up, and heads home, self-satisfied with her discovery. Since it’s been a long, tiresome night, she walks in to her studio apartment, drops her things, heads to the closet to hang her coat, and walks to the bathroom to prep for bed, It is 4 am after all. While freshening up, someone starts tampering with the lock on her front door. Could it be? The same culprit she’s been hunting all these years, has now made his way onto her doorstep? The intruder successfully picks the lock, and hides underneath the bed. Kayla, oblivious to her uninvited guest, sits on the bed and starts removing her boots, and stretching her neck. Slowly, the intruder rises from behind the bed and pulls out a long garrote. He preps the rope, and tightens it around his hands. Then, without further delay, he wraps it around the blonde beauty, and pulls the noose hard! He chokes her furiously! She struggle , but her fight is futile. He keeps the hold tight around her soft throat until her last dying breath. With Kayla out of the picture, the locksmith serial killer can go on with his business. Now, for some fun with the blonde beauty…
Locksmith 2
Locksmith 2.mp4

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