Choke Chamber – Model Murders

Choke Chamber – Model Murders

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: After hours and hours of waiting for his two models to show up, in-walk two giggly, rowdy, blonde females. The photographer Sledge is extremely aggravated at this point, but nevertheless, the show must still go on. The girls settle in, sit on the couch and carry on, laughing, and giggling, oblivious to the fact that they’re on the clock, and their photographer is anxious to start work. Finally, the two girls get up and start modeling. Sledge takes photos of the two girls, and they pose like pros. When he singles out one of the blondes to handle a solo shoot, the other girl enters a jealous rage, and picks a fight. The two girls go head to head, and start fighting. Alas the angry photographer has finally had it. He grabs the two quirky models by the hair, and knocks them by the heads. They both pass out, and fall on the floor. Unconscious, Sledge takes this as an opportunity to get the kind of pictures he’s always wanted. One by one, he carries the girls to the other room, and gently lays them on the bed. As he is about to start taking pictures, one of the girls awakens prematurely. He immediately rushes behind her, grabs a rope, and wraps it tightly around her neck. She struggles to break free, kicking and fighting. He squeezes the noose tighter. Her fight is weakening. Alas, the beauty expires. Within moments, the other model starts to come to. He jumps behind her and starts to strangle her. She panics and tries to break free. He chokes her harder. Within minutes, she dies. Now that the two models are quiet, and behaved, he starts taking his pictures. He starts to strip them of their clothing to get a more intimate look, and takes more pictures. He plays with their bodies, admires their beautiful feet, and re-positions their lifeless bodies. This is the way all models should work.
Model murders
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