Choke Chamber – Mushrooms

Choke Chamber – Mushrooms

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging


A CRIME HOUSE PRODUCTION: Two country girls are walking in the forest and picking mushrooms and berries. It’s a good sunny day. But the crazy mushroom has also mushrooms hunt in these places. He hears laughing girls. He spots his victims with binoculars and decides to make his walking more fun. When girls missed he attached his first victim and stabbed her twice to the stomach. After shock-reaction and pain-agony she fall dead with wonderful death stare deadly looking to the sky. It’s very realistic scene! When her friend found her corpse and started crying for help, he attacked his second victim from behind and cut her throat. It’s the most gory and bloody scene in Crime House history! While poor dying girl is kicking and shaking and doing throaty gurgling sounds and wheezing he is pawing her big breasts all in blood. He is playing with her dying body salaciously, it looks like a sex-scene. When she’s dead he throws her bloodied body on her friend’s corpse. Two dead girls are in vulgar sexy poses with up skirted in the forest full of flies and mosquitoes. Basket with mushrooms innocently lies next to the corpses

It’s very sexy gory clip with stabbing and cut-throat.
Fetish Elements:

Two girls stabbed, stabbing, miniskirt, up skirt, breasts, blood, gore, agony, death stare, super natural death reaction, gagging, kicking, bodypile, knife.


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