Choke Chamber – Neighbor


Choke Chamber – Neighbor

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

GORY BLOODY SUPER SEXY SLASHER A woman and her friend have a party at her apartment. After getting drunk the girls feel sexual attraction to each other. Music, dancing, lesbo petting, heel trampling. Their neighbor downstairs doesn’t like noises and party at night. He calls them on phone and asks them to be more quiet, very politely. But the drunk girls are in no mood to comply and say «Fuck you». Big mistake. The neighbor iss Capitan Eggmass – a very polite but very angry man. He goes to their place with a knife hidden in his cane. Massacre begins. First he stabs through young girl in white dress in her stomach. Woman tries to run away but he shoots her by a revolver in her back. Dying and bleeding females are kicking in agony and he cuts their throats very slowly, brutally and bloody. During their last agony he is smearing blood over their bodies. He leaves a great bodypile in blood. He cut them like animals!

Fetish Elements:

Sexy clothes, black stockings, stabbing in the stomach, long agony, shooting in the back, cut throat, much blood, gore, death stares, scream, slasher, bodypile


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