Choke Chamber – Night Terror

Choke Chamber – Night Terror

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Three roommates notice weird events at night. Seems there is something in the house with them… an inexplicable feeling or presence. One sleepless night, the girls gather in the kitchen to talk about their disturbing dreams. However, Victoria isn’t acting like her usual self. Little do the other two friends realize that their roommate isn’t their roommate anymore. Chelsie and Ali are at a loss, and as Ali gets closer to see if she can help, Victoria pounces on her. Victoria starts to choke Ali with her bare hands, lifting her by the throat effortlessly. They two grow in a panic. Chelsie keeps a gun near by. As Chelsie goes to get her weapon, Ali tries to break from Victoria’s unnatural grip, but to no avail. As time runs short for Ali, Chelsie Shoots Victoria in the chest, but with no effect. Chelsie shoots her again in the bust, this time dropping her. Ali tries to recover and Chelsie strips Victoria of her top and tries to help. Ali collects herself and goes to call the police. After Ali leaves the room Chelsie declares Victoria dead, and turns her back to her. As Ali tries the dead line, Victoria silently gets up, and attacks some more. Chelsie drops the gun, which Victoria knocks away before trying to stab her roommate. Chelsie screams alerting Ali, But she is stabbed in her chest and belly just as Ali gets to the room. Ali picks up Chelsie’s gun and manages to Shoot Victoria, this time dropping her with on shot. Ali goes over to a dying Chelsie. Knife still stuck in her chest, Chelsie doesn’t last long, and Ali goes to leave. Ali soon finds all of the doors stuck, or barred. So she decided to change before making her next move. As soon as Ali is topless, Chelsie rushes her with the knife used to kill her. Chelsie manages to cut Ali in the belly and side, but is eventually disarmed by Ali. Ali then uses her own Top to garrote Chelsie. After a Struggle Chelsie is dead… again. A topless Ali leaves her room only to be shot in the belly and several times in the bust by Victoria. Ali hits the wall and slides down. As she’s coughing up blood Ali sees Victoria come in closer and closer, before she’s finished with a final, fatal shot between her breasts. Scene goes black.

Night terror
Night terror.mp4

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