Choke Chamber – Penetrate

Choke Chamber – Penetrate

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: The first video – Vena awakens, bound and tied against a bed post. She is frightened, and struggles to break free. Last thing she can recall is being at a party, and talking to a guy. Now, she’s held captive somewhere undisclosed. Moments later, in walks sexy, asian woman Michelle, dressed in tight, business casual attire. She taunts her prisoner with a long, sharp knife. The asian vixen caresses the half naked captive with her long, sharp knife, evoking more fear and panic. The vixen enjoys watching Vena squirm. Without further delay, she lifts the knife high above her head with both arms, and rams the weapon deep inside poor Vena’s tiny navel. She jerks upon impact, and bleeds out. The pain is agonizing, and slow. You can see Vena’s life slowly dissipate. Alas, she dies. Michelle exits, only to taunt her next victim. Second video- Jeneva and Lily just met for the first time, and already, they have an instant connection. Lily is immediately drawn to Jeneva’s curvaceous figure, and Jeneva in turn loves Lily’s long legs. They both agree to go to Lily’s for drink. What was meant to be a hot, raunchy afternoon of girl on girl lovemaking, turns into something unimaginable. Lily starts rambling on about a past flame, and displays psychotic behavior. Instantly, Jeneva becomes uncomfortable and attempts toleave. Suddenly, Lily stops her, and stabs her with a knife, hitting her right in the liver. Jeneva squirms in total pain, and confusion. She drops to the floor, and dies slowly. Upon her untimely demise, Lily decides to have a little fun with her new dead friend. She starts to undress her, and admire her voluptuous, bloody body.

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