Choke Chamber – Power Yoga

Choke Chamber – Power Yoga

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: After finally hitting it big on the silver screen, Erika Jordan has changed her attitude about who she can or can’t be seen with in public. Realizing that as a big time movie star, she needs to only associate with celebs of similar caliber, she meets with her current lover/yoga instructor to end their romantic relationship. Arrogant to the bone, and callous at heart, she dismisses her beau, and tells him to leave. She pulls out a gun, and forces him to exit. Angered by her rude attitude, he grabs the gun, and takes it from her grasp. Cocky, she pushes him away, and says, “What are you gonna do?Shoot a huge movie star? The cops would be all over you. ” The yoga instructor calls her bluff, and immediately shoots her right on the chest. She is taken aback, and writhes in agonizing pain. At first she maintains composure, and attempts to call the cops, but then he shoots her again. She wails in pain. Now the tables have turned. The instructor now taunts and teases his target. He shoots her twice more, one slug right on the breast, and another on the navel. She squirms, and groans, until alas, the pain is just too much to bear… she expires. Now dead, and spread eagle against some steps, the instructor takes a few photos. He remarks, “Here’s a pic I’ll send to TMZ. This will make ME famous!” Then he exits.

Power yoga
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