Choke Chamber – Seven Deadly Sins

Choke Chamber – Seven Deadly Sins

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: After months of investigating a highly respected, well-known priest for embezzling church donations for personal exploits, a sexy undercover cop posing as a prostitute collects the final bit of evidence necessary to lock up the corrupt father for good. The priest visits the brunette vixen at her home, thinking she’s a paid escort. Little does he expect she’s law enforcement wearing a wire. When the priest finally verbalizes his intentions… to “pay for sex” Chelsie instantly pulls out her gun, and tells him he’s under arrest. The father doesn’t concede easily. He pushes her off, and makes a run for it. She shoots a few rounds, and chases after him. Being a crooked priest, he keeps a gun handy. He grabs his weapon and starts a shooting match with the beauty. They shoot back and forth until the priest decides to “give-up.” He relinquishes his weapon, giving Chelsie a false sense of security. Almost immediately, he pulls his hidden gun out and shoots a couple slugs in his target. She gasps in shock, but maintains her composure. He shoots her again, taking her down. She writhes in agonizing pain. Within minutes, she dies. The priest collects his cash, gives his blessing, and walks away.

Seven deadly sins
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