Choke Chamber – Sheriff mr. johnson

Choke Chamber – Sheriff mr. johnson

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Young realtor, a girl from big city (Angelina), came to this town for houses assortment. She had a meeting with Mr Jonson, a seller. But Angelina got lost and went to the wrong house. Jim saw her – young, sexy, groomed city bitch. He had never seen such girls before. She was calling Mr Jonson. Jim said that he was Mr Jonson and suddenly attacked her. Angelina fought as desperately as she could , but redneck was much more stronger that city gal, so – he killed her. She was lying on the ground, long leggy with black nylon, in short office skirt and shirt, with her tongue out. Jim decided to play with the dead doll but heard police noises. He hid the body… Police girl, the daughter of sheriff and sheriff assistant came to him. She thought it was a simple case about the eviction of the homeless, but stupid young cop didn’t know it was her last case. New «Mr Jonson» attacked her, drew her pistol and… shot her to the head. Attention – it was very fruity long headshot scene. Poor cop died not so quickly as we used to seeing before in movies or clips. She was standing with a bullet in her head, with freeze-look and after her last moments, she died in ultra sexy pose. Maniac takes off her dress, touches her fresh body and takes her hat. Now he is a sheriff! A girl (Luiza) who bought a house in this places was just walking when she met crazy sheriff. He shot her three times – in her stomach, in her chest. She died slowly. He put three dead girl to the house and made a terrible tea break with three nude dead dolls! THREE GIRLS ARE SITTING NUDE TOGETHER

CRIME HOUSE PRODUCTION: This erotic horror film made in classic slasher-movie style.
Fetish Elements:

3 girls killed in different ways, choking, strangulation, legs kicking, black stockings, office style, long headshot, police fetish uniform, surprised face before death, freeze look, shooting in the stomach, shooting in the heart, agony, stripping.

Sheriff mr. johnson
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