Choke Chamber – Shooting In The Office

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Choke Chamber – Shooting In The Office

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Killer enters the company with sole purpose to kill the manager because of a wrong contract issue. He worked in this firm before and was fired. He is crazy so he isn’t afraid of police and punishment. He enters the office where 3 young women are working – Senior manager, Finance manager and young secretary. He shouts that he need his contract and then he orders the women to stand near the wall and shoots them – one in the stomach, another to the head and last girl in her heart. You will listen their panic and begging, crying, their pain and fear. When they all are dead he strips the bodies and put them into a body pile. He then takes the contract and tears it to pieces over their dead bodies. It’s an interesting and realistic shooting movie in classic style with real office atmosphere.

Fetish Elements:

Office clothes, short skirts, high heels, white shirts, blood, headshot, trying to escape, begging for life, death stares, shooting in the heart, shooting in the stomach, three dead office girls, mass massacre.

Shooting In The Office
Shooting In The Office.mp4

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