Choke Chamber – Sitter Killer

Choke Chamber – Sitter Killer

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: We’re pleased to introduce a new, talented, ever-so-beautiful addition to the Chokechamber studio… Playboy Model Dany! This ingenue plays an entitled, spoiled, lazy girl who finally gets disciplinary action she won’t ever forget. After reluctantly accepting a babysitting position provided by her frustrated mom, she meets a seemingly nice older gentleman seeking the services of a nanny for his son. Although normal at first, the situation quickly turns awkward and strange after her sitter interview. Instincts warn the busty, exotic beauty to leave immediately, the promise of more money encourages her to stay, and ultimately introduces her to her untimely doom. She follows her soon to be killer to the nursery only to find what the inevitable… no baby. The man grabs her before she could question him, pushes her down the bed, forces her to remain quiet. Fearful of her life, and totally under his control, she submits to his every whim. With her fate in his bare hands, he relishes every moment. He caresses her body , plays with her, until he decides to end her permanently. With his handily necktie, the tanned, Playboy Model meets her maker. Upon her death, the killer picks up the phone, and calls the babysitter agency for another prospect.

Sitter killer
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