Choke Chamber – Snapped

Choke Chamber – Snapped

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: This is one of Lolita’s finest choke performances with Chokechamber! This blonde bombshell plays an entitled, sophisticated , corporate, status climber who gets ahead in business using her impressive assets. After only three months working at her company, she gets promoted to VP, ahead of men who have devoted years. Lolita is thrilled with her new position, and saunters home to call her boyfriend, to break the good news. Moments later, her colleague knocks on the door, and confronts her. The aggravated co-worker has been passed up for the promotion after years of investing blood, sweat and tears to the company. To add insult to injury, Lolita reveals that her looks helped her the job, without really working that hard. The colleague is angry. But it isn’t until Lolita suggests he become her assistant, that the unappreciated employee loses all control. While Lolita is turned away, he grabs the phone cord, walks toward the beauty, and quickly wraps it over her neck. She is taken aback, and falls toward him. He pushes her down the couch, then drags her down the floor to her knees to choke her. His garrote is wound tightly around her soft, long neck. Her eyes are wide, and her tongue is out. She struggles, but his grasp is too strong. She kicks and tries to break free, but her efforts are futile. After a brief, but worthy fight, the bombshell expires. Now quiet, and still, the co-worker decides he is now the boss. He strips Lolita down, and plays with her sexy, elegant curves. He removes her pantyhose, and enjoys her beautiful feet. This is how she should be… dead and quiet. Now, the disgruntled employee feels less frustrated.

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