Choke Chamber – Spyware

Choke Chamber – Spyware

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Wealthy corporate tycoon Todd Shaw is anxious to take his gorgeous, Playboy model wife out on their honeymoon. The beautiful strawberry blonde is just as excited, and extremely accommodating when it comes to accepting her husband’s very generous gifts. Hubby discovers a nasty little secret about his not -so-trustworthy wife after installing some spyware in her cellphone. The curvy beauty has taken on a new love, and has secretly been having an illicit affair with a person named “Chris.” Anxious to get to the bottom of it, he attempts to catch his scheming wife redhanded. Much to his surprise, the cheating partner is also another woman! The mere humiliation of it all leaves Todd blinded with fury. He doesn’t’ take his anger lightly. Immediately he confronts his wife, and without any hesitation, punches the lying bitch in the face. She’s knocked out unconscious. Then, he lunges toward Erika’s lover Chris, a female, and chokes her until furiously. Only by ending her very existence, by choking her until her last dying breath will he take any comfort. Upon the lover’s demise, he carries the two bodies onto the bed, and strangles his wife next. She struggles, but her fight is futile. After a couple of failed attempts at escape, Erika expires. He strips her to the bare, then lays the two cold, beautiful corpses to lay next to each other.


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