Choke Chamber – Stabbing Party (5 Girls Killed)

Choke Chamber – Stabbing Party (5 Girls Killed)

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Christine plays a criminal lesbian at large who enjoys the seduction, and sadistic murder of hot blonde girls. After years of practice, the exotic beauty discovers a a drug that transforms the beauties into horny, belly button sex fiends. Christine is not only excited by the submission of her projects, she stabs her victims in the navel, and gets aroused by the penetration, the blood, and pain it inflicts. Her first victim is Kymberly, a girl she picks up at a bar. At first, Kymberly acts coy, and insists she isn’t into girls. Calm, yet assertive, Christine offers Kym a drink. Little does the busty beauty realize that her beverage is served with an usual concoction. She drinks vigorously. Moments later, she starts to feel warm, and seductive. Kym begins to rub her breasts, and take off her clothes. She doesn’t understand why she can’t stop playing with herself. Suddenly she starts fingering her pussy, and then playing with her bellybutton, getting even more turned on. After orgasming, she asks Christine to penetrate her deeper. Christine then takes a knife, and hands it to Kym. She takes the knife, rubs it over her breasts, raises it high, then stabs herself deeply in the navel. Both girls cry in pain and excitement. Blood oozes out, as Kymberly continues to stab herself. Christine joins in, and reams the blade in deeper. Within moments, Kymberly expires, then the doorbell rings. Christine collects herself, then approaches the door where she is greeted by a beautiful, blonde beauty… her next victim! Britt, the blonde is invited inside, and offered the same beverage. Oblivious to any foul play, Britt accepts the offer. Immediately, it’s intoxicating nature takes into effect. Britt starts to strip seductively, and the two girls start to play with each other. Christine plays with Britt’s navel, before ending her the same way Kym is killed. A fatal, but arousing stabbing clear on the bellybutton. Just when Christine is about to indulge in her two dead victims, the door slams open, and two hot blondes, armed storm in. It’s Randy Moore, and Lolita! Randy is the sister of the recently departed Britt, and is anxious to avenge her younger sibling’s death. Randy orders Christine to strip, and then shoots her in the navel. The asian vixen falls to floor, writhing in pain. Randy decides to put her out of her misery, grabs the knife and stabs her in the bellybutton until she dies. Now in shock, the two girls left standing decide to take a drink, before calling the police. Unfortunately for them, they ingest the mystical poison left by the sadistic Christine. The two start to get hot and heavy, and undress each other. The desire to get penetrated deep overwhelms them. Randy grabs the blood stained knife, raises it high above her head, and reams it deep in Lolita’s belly. The two exchange blows, until they both die horrible, slow, painful, bloody deaths. Alas, the room is now silent. All you see are 5 naked, dead bodies… bloodied, and gruesome.
Stabbing party
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